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Orci: Star Trek Almost Done September 17, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fringe,Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

In a new interview Star Trek co-writer and exec producer Roberto Orci says that JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie is almost finished and he also talked about how this new Star Trek is two movies in one. More details below.



In the past Star Trek producers JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof have stated that they hope to stick to their original schedule (set before the film was moved to May) and have Star Trek finished by Christmas. And according to Orci they seem on track or even possibly ahead of schedule. 

[We’re] so close to being done, and we’ve almost … finished the bomb shelter where we’re going to hide the movie.

It isn’t clear how ‘done’ he means. Some sources have recently told TrekMovie that Abrams is close to having his final editing cut done, but there are still visual and sound effects along with music to be dropped in. Regardless it is clear the film will be done well before the May release date so Paramount just might need that secure undisclosed location to hide it if they want to keep this ultra secret project from springing a leak.

Orci also talked to SciFi Wire about how Star Trek appeals to both general film fans and hardcore Star Trek fans (like himself). He even used a word beginning with ‘re’…

If you’re a fan, it’s a re-introduction to Star Trek, and if you’re not, it’s an introduction. And the idea of sort of doing two movies in one is tricky, because you don’t want to somehow dilute it, but again, since this is not a story that’s ever been covered in the Trek canon, in terms of the film or the series, it’s an old and a new story

More from Orci on Trek at SciFi Wire.

More from Orci and Kurtzman on Transformers 2 and Fringe
SciFiWire also talked to Orci and his writing partner Alex Kurtzman about their other summer 2008 movie, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, and even though they were just talking about Star Trek II, they apparently are looking at other ‘second movie’ for inspiration for the Transformers sequel, Kurtzman noted:

We loved Superman II, we loved Empire [Strikes Back], we loved Aliens. And those were all movies that felt like they truly stood apart from what had come before them in great, great ways.

And on the Fringe front, Orci and Kurtzman are now doing a new podcast for their Fox show Fringe. The pair answer questions fans from fansites and the Fox message board. You can listen to the first episode at the Fox Fringe Blog

There is also a good Fringe interview with the pair at Deadbolt.


1. Sean4000 v8.04 "Hardy Heron" - September 17, 2008

They had better find a REALLY REALLY safe place to hide it. lol

Good luck on that one nowadays.

2. Sci-Fi Bri - September 17, 2008


i watched fringe episode 1… i’m hoping that they do a Lost tie in by the end of the series.

3. Section31 - September 17, 2008

So it’s time for the trailer.

4. Irishtrekkie - September 17, 2008

“just might need that secure undisclosed location to hide it if they want to keep this ultra secret project from springing a leak.”

where to hide the movie ?

idea 1 : Talos IV (as its under General Order 7 , so no body is going there)
idea 2 : The mirror universe ( but it might come back with a goatee)
idea 3: William Shatners house ( XD Its the last place people will look)
idea 4: deep under Cheyenne Mountain ( dam i ran out of star trek bad jokes and had to move to another show)

anybody else have some ideas ?

5. Stef* - September 17, 2008

well it’s digital, or not?

It’s perhaps not even a hard copy – but datas and files.

That simplifies it.

Buy a tribble, no! Buy 1000 Tribbles, copy all on an usb-stick and put it in only one little furry creature ;) … then drape it among the other 999 in the room of your children – nobody will find this tribble ever again.

*cannot wait, cannot wait … purrrrrr*

6. CanuckLou - September 17, 2008

It would seem most logical that JJ is almost done the editing of the live action sequences. SFX sequences and music scoring are highly unlikely to be in the same state at this point in time.

Still its excellent to hear that the creative powers are chugging along as per their original schedule.

…and the adventure continues…

7. Will H. - September 17, 2008

I still think its dumb to have it done now yet wait till next summer to put it out. Now that harry potter’s been pulled i think its perfect for winter.

8. commander K, USS Sovereign - September 17, 2008

As much as they deny it, it won’t do as well as it would have done, had it been released this winter.

Let’s hope they can pull it off, because if this bombs in the box office (or does better than the previous movies but still fails to make at least twice what its budget was), then it’ll all come back down to when it should have been released.

The wait continues..

9. Rod Of Rassilon - September 17, 2008


my fekkin time machine has bust a cog!!!

{russin fussin} now I’ll have to WAIT with everyone else!

its gonna put me “outta my vulcan mind!”

10. Mr Lerpa - September 17, 2008

one word: trailer!

11. CAPT. GERICO - September 17, 2008


CAPT GERICO ….. OUT!!!!!!!

12. ajd - September 17, 2008

After watching the first two episodes of Fringe, I am soooo excited about Star Trek! Great stuff!

13. Holger - September 17, 2008

Sigh! So now it’s not only a re-invigoration, it’s a re-introduction. But at the same time it’s an introduction. And it’s an old as well as a new story. Fascinating!
And maybe it is going to be a good movie and at the same time it isn’t.
And maybe the bomb shelter is not just for the movie but also for its makers for the time after the premiere…

14. Ian - September 17, 2008

All the signs are, in my humble opinion, that it is going to be set in an alternate timeline… or the events of the movie will eventually lead in to an alternate timeline for future movies.That way they don’t mess with official cannon, plus they will have ample room to play around with plot and the general trek universe next time round.

15. RuFFeD_UP - September 17, 2008

I’m going to scour the entire world looking for the roll of film that is the new STAR TREK!!!! Let us all join in the glorious hunt/search :P

16. krikzil - September 17, 2008

My house is really safe. I have a monitored alarm and security doors.

17. Driver - September 17, 2008

Anyone know if the film will be 2.35 to 1 or 1.85 to 1 ratio? Hoping for 2.35 to 1.

18. Miles R. Seppelt - September 17, 2008

# 4

Idea # 5 Hide it back in time.
Idea # 6 Hide it in the Delta Quadrant
Idea # 7 Hide it on the other side of the wormhole
Idea # 8 Give it to the Borg for safe keeping
Idea # 9 Hide it under the snows of Rura Penthe (with the beaming shield in place too…)
Idea # 10 Hide it on the holodeck

Just some addional thoughts on where to hide the completed movie…

19. SpikedCanon - September 17, 2008

anyone know where this pic came from?


20. montreal paul - September 17, 2008

ENOUGH about the trailer!! You will get a trailer in due time. Patience little boys, patience.

I am just sick of every thread coming up with people saying “give me a trailer already. we want a trailer.” It is so annoying… almost as annoying as people saying… “First!”

21. SpikedCanon - September 17, 2008

#4 They can just give the movie to Rick Berman because he wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway

22. Brett Campbell - September 17, 2008

#19 – I was just about to post the same link. Is that a long-awaited photo of the Trek XI Enterprise? Looks kinda ugly if you ask me.

23. Brett Campbell - September 17, 2008

21 – Funny one! You started my morning with a good and much-needed laugh! Thank you!

24. Brett Campbell - September 17, 2008

19 – It looks like the photo is attributed to the UK paper “Coventry Telegraph.” It looks pretty similar to the one under construction in the trailer, so maybe, just maybe, this is an actual leaked photo. Of course, there are a growing number of fans who make pretty good fakes. If it is the real deal, however, won’t Paramount be pissed?!

25. The Insider - September 17, 2008

Trailer…. PLEASE!!!

Give us a 5min trailer like the new The Day The Earth Stood Still!!!


26. BaronByng - September 17, 2008

19, that image has been around for over a year now. It’s a rendering done by Gabe Koerner, seen in the documentary Trekkies as the budding teenage FX artist, who now actually is a professional VFX guy; he does work on BSG as well as many other shows. It was his own “re-imagining” of what the Enterprise might look like, and not an official Paramount project.


27. Robyn - September 17, 2008

If I recall correctly, the only Trek movie to be released during the summer months was STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER.

I’m just sayin’…

28. Biodredd - September 17, 2008

#27 – Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan was a June release when it premiered in theaters.

29. Brett Campbell - September 17, 2008

26- Thank you for clearing that up for us.

30. zirclet - September 17, 2008

#s. 4 and 18:

All effective places to hide it, but I’d say give it to V’ger. By the time it takes us all to drift through his outer cloud the film will have come and gone from theaters anyway.

31. Mike T. - September 17, 2008

#4 They can put it in the same warehouse that the Ark was taken to in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” No one will find it in there.

Also, if no trailer, at least throw us a few official photos.

32. steve - September 17, 2008

Where to hide the film?

-Give it to the Horta for safe keeping.

33. Dennis Bailey - September 17, 2008

“If I recall correctly, the only Trek movie to be released during the summer months was STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER.”

And ST:II.


34. Dennis Bailey - September 17, 2008

The image in the article is Koener’s Enterprise.

35. Buckaroohawk - September 17, 2008

“If you’re a fan, it’s a re-introduction to Star Trek, and if you’re not, it’s an introduction.”


Now there’s a “re” word I have no trouble accepting at all! Mr. Orci, thank you for that wonderful turn of phrase! I’m not so naive to think this will put the debate completely to rest on this issue, but it has for me, at least. I’ve been searching for something that will explain this new movie to my non-Trek fan friends, and this word is perfect. Hopefully, this will ease some of the anxieties over what this new movie is supposed to be.

Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

36. Joe Schmoe - September 17, 2008

#27, regarding STV being released in the summer:

STV got lost in the midst of Indiana Jones 3, Ghostbusters 2, the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and Dead Poets Society.

Plus the movie wasn’t very good. I went to the theaters to see STIV three times, but only once for STV. A lot of the money made by Star Trek films is from repeat business from the hardcore fans.

After watching STV, I walked out of the movie theater thinking, “Dang, this is not how I felt walking out of the theater after the last two movies.”

37. Capt Mike Of the Terran Empire - September 17, 2008

#21. That was Very Funny. He would not know what to do. But Wait. He might mess with it and make it bad. So ,maybe not such a good idea. Well Give it to me and Ill take it to the I.S.S Enterprise an Ill make sure that if anyone touches it they will spen a great deal of time in the aganiser booth. Long Live The Terran Empire.

38. JimJ - September 17, 2008

I bid 1,000 quatloos on the newcomers!

39. Trekkie16 - September 17, 2008

Hmmmm where to hide the ST movie *scratches head and thinks*

I know a good hiding place; in my DVD player at home. It will fit very nicely and I promise not to tell.

Pssss – Don’t let JJ know but I am having an “xmas party” at my house to show everyone a new movie I got. :-)

40. Marcellus - September 17, 2008

18. Miles R. Seppelt

“Idea # 5 Hide it back in time.”
Better yet: send it into the future, to its planned release date. That way, it won’t even exist in the timeline until May 8, 2009, so it’s protected from getting leaked…

41. Capt Mike Of the Terran Empire - September 17, 2008

Ok. Here is the best Idea to hide the Movie. Or the best i can think of. take it to the Alternate Universe and take it to The Emperiors private room. Once there it can be placed in a special room. With out the proper code anyone who even tries to touch it will be Vaperised with the tantalus field.

42. robertxgillis - September 17, 2008

All — the final cut of the film will be in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’.” Room 42. :)

43. Jake - September 17, 2008

I say put in Jeremy Bentham’s coffin.

44. Dom - September 17, 2008

Talos IV would be ideal. People would keep on thinking they’ve stolen it but actually haven’t!

45. Green-Blooded-Bastard - September 17, 2008

What movie are they attaching the trailer to?

46. Capt Mike Of the Terran Empire - September 17, 2008

Ok. Give it to Q. He will know what to do. If you try and steal it he will put you on trial for crimes of Humanity.

47. falcon - September 17, 2008

If it’s “almost finished” that leaves too much time for other people to go messin’ around with it. Once the final, final cut is done (including SFX and music) then it needs to go in a secure vault, along with all reels of original film, any edit decision lists, the editor, and a six-month supply of Cheetos and Dr Pepper. Nobody sees it (or him) until a week before the release date. That way, no leaks. And nobody can make changes to the final product based on ego, either.

And if the Cheetos aren’t enough, throw in a bag of M&Ms, too.

48. ensign joe - September 17, 2008

Can’t say that I’m encouraged after watching the Fringe pilot.. Not really any room for growing pains (plenty of room with me) with a Trek reboot / reinvention..

49. steve - September 17, 2008

and a six-month supply of Cheetos and Dr Pepper.

And when we do see it in May it will have dusty orange fingerprints on it. Or, that could be a special FX?

50. Izbot - September 17, 2008

This week I started watching Lost for the first time as it has started airing on ScFi and, of course, Fringe. I’ve never watched Lost before but was pleased to find that I got sucked in pretty quickly. Can’t say I *love* either show yet, that comes over time, but I am certainly entertained and wantt to see more. Lost especially has impressed me. I love how all the misdirection and storytelling-sleight-of-hand keeps me on my toes and constantly guessing. The non-linear nature of the show is also refreshing. Gotta say that with both shows I am particularly impressed with the casting decisions so any doubts I may have had about Star Trek have disappated. Giacinno’s scores are also quite good. The scene in the episode covering Terry O’Quinn’s Mr. Locke’s origins had some wonderfully emotional music cues — effective stuff.

Fringe really puts a smile on my face as I’m interested in futurism and what science is working on currently. Last night I watched NextWorld on the Science Channel before watching Fringe and the two episodes covered much of the same ground concerning science’s advances in practical immortality (btw, I strongly endorse NextWorld as the perfect supplement to Fringe). If the Trek ‘supreme court’ is following actual advances in the field of science as Fringe demonstrates, I can’t wait to see what surprising updates to Trek technology they bring us.

51. The Last Maquis - September 17, 2008

The Badlands?

52. Decker's Stubble - September 17, 2008

Just put in a case marked “Babylon AD”. I promise you no one will go near it.

53. Dr. Image - September 17, 2008

52- Don’t you mean, “Babylon 5?” ;)

Fringe. Ep.2.
Eh. Pfff. STILL can’t get into it, though John Noble rocks.

54. blake powers - September 17, 2008

Better lock that movie up tight. This is my formal announcement that I’m looking for that movie in every bunker I see. Hey Bob Orci you can Hide the movie at my house!!! Can we get a still of the enterprise yet?

55. jr - September 17, 2008

Did I miss somthing? “…their other summer 2008 movie, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen…” Did this movie come out this summer????

56. Alec - September 17, 2008

I really hope that the Trek team manages to respect TOS (my biggest concern); but, at the same time, this film needs to look very futuristic. This has me worried. The original ship, bridge, props, uniforms, etc., all seem very dated. Watching this film, I need to be convinced that this is the 23rd century (or the 24th century…). Whilst the nostalgia in seeing a very 1960s Trek might bring a few people to see this film, it will be derided by many, many others. In my view, the characters, character dynamics, and essence of Star Trek are sacred: they should not, and need not, be altered. However, aesthetically, the show needs a major revamp. I don’t see why the bridge, for example, should not stay the same in terms of layout; however, the stations, captain’s chair, screens, etc., must look much better; i.e., more modern. I would just look to later Star Trek for inspiration. SOMETHING like the TNG captain’s chair and touch-screen monitors would be fine…just not the huge block-like chair and those flashing, protruding dials and knobs. Ahhhh…my eyes!

57. Trek Nerd Central - September 17, 2008

My closet would be a good place: cavernous, dark, forbidding. A black hole, really.

I’d be happy to hold it for safekeeping. Plus, I’m highly trustworthy. Scouts honor. I mean that. Truly.

58. Thomas - September 17, 2008

I would think that JJ himself would hang onto it. He is the director, after all. And, even if he did make the monumental mistake of hiding it at a Trekkie’s house, JJ would have said Trekkie locked in a cage on an isolated island. You know, for safekeeping.

59. CAPT. GERICO - September 17, 2008





CAPT GERICO ……OUT!!!!!!!!!!

60. Joe Schmoe - September 17, 2008

Ideas for hiding the new Star Trek movie:

Put the movie in a box designated “Sarah Palin Fan Club Materials” and send it to your favorite liberal feminist.

Or, put it in a box marked “Holy Bible” and send it to Barack Obama.

Or, put it in a box marked “Marriage Faithfulness Seminar Materials” and send it to John McCain.

Don’t send it to Joe Biden, because he’ll scribble down the script and use it in one of his speeches.

(OK, I slammed all four of them, don’t get all hostile because I attacked your candidate, LOL)

61. Maurício - September 17, 2008

I wouldn’t mind if JJ decide to hide the film in my place…..

62. Daoud - September 17, 2008

Give it to Bob Barr! He’ll roll it and smoke it. ;)

Give it Ralph Nader, he’ll have it run as his Vice Presidential candidate.

Give it to Cynthia McKinney, and she’ll beat the crap out of it!

Just slamming some other candidates too, ya know. No reason to stick with Demopublicans and Republicrats only!

63. Juan Martinez - September 17, 2008

Hell, I kind of hope it leaks, payback for pushing back the release.

64. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - September 17, 2008

#59 You are correct. Long Live the Empire. Give us the Movie and if anyone tries to touch it. The agoniser booth you will go.!

65. Crusade2267 - September 17, 2008

Send it to Melvar’s Planet. He’ll watch it so many times that nobody else will be able to get it away from him.

Especially if it has Energy beings in it.

66. Commodore Redshirt - September 17, 2008

There has been more than a little construction here in Seattle, some of it right next to the SPACE NEEDLE, so my guess is Paul Allen has a super high-tech vault there and THAT would be the perfect hiding place.

67. Izzy_Ryder - September 17, 2008

arent most movies leaked when theyre sent off to get a rating? DVDs go missing and whatnot, they get copied onto the net etc…

that, or theyre recorded at the cinema, or preview showing, if the movie doesnt get sent off to be rated then in theory, there shouldnt be as high a chance of it being leaked as people say…..unless someone on the inside purposely leaks it to the net (i believe Gene Roddenberry himself was found guilty of giving out spoilers anonymously, but i might be thinking of George Lucas)

wouldnt it be an irony that in the 5 or 6 months that it sits on the shelf untouched something happens to it and it never actually sees the light of day…

68. beemeup - September 17, 2008

Cant we just beam in and grab the copy to view it and then beam it back ?

69. ByGeorge - September 17, 2008

Give it to Osama Bin Laden – we’ll never find it.

70. montreal paul - September 17, 2008


Chill with the caps lock… it’s as annoying as asking for the trailer over and over and over and over and over… we get the idea! You want a trailer.

71. Trek Nerd Central - September 17, 2008

#60. Oh, fercryinoutloud. Did someone just get partisan in this (of all) threads?

I vote for laying off the politics.

72. Trek Nerd Central - September 17, 2008

#71. Correction: Joe Schmoe’s post in #60 is in fact bi-partisan. But I still vote for keeping politics off the board.

73. jetflock - September 17, 2008

A retro modern look would make this movie popular. Making a fashion statement/throwback to the 60’s in terms of costumes and sets would set this movie apart from all the other sci-fi productions. I think it would add an element of fun- as the actors are playing the parts str8. Thats what the movie needs, too much “modern” and its like any other space movie.

74. ensign joe - September 17, 2008

Put it in the TrekInc talkback.. no one will find it there :P


75. Trekkie16 - September 17, 2008

Well we need to start looking for newly constructed bomb shelters. Anyone connected to the NSA or CIA that has access to those cool satellite cameras that can zoom in on anything?

76. Lyle - September 17, 2008

JJ should give the movie to The Old Man From Scene 24:

STOP! Whoever wants this film must answer me these questions three… ere the completed film ye see!

WHAT is your name?

WHAT is your quest?

WHAT is the code used by Data to lock everyone else out of the Enterprise-D’s computer in the episode “Brothers”?

77. Mee - September 17, 2008

Oh COME ON people be realistic…We cant put it in an alternate reality, or in the future, or in the past…blah blah blah!!!

I cant believe you all missed the most secret location anyone could use. You COULD…uhh…Put it on one of those WIlliam Shatner/Leonard Nimoy creepy singing albums from the 70’s. NO ONE would look there…

I’m ashamed of you all!!!

Kidding! :0)

78. Anthony Pascale - September 17, 2008

OK lets lay off the politics

and Ensign Joe, that was uncalled for…Comics have their fans and our comics editor puts work into those things…think before you type

79. Jay - September 17, 2008

Why not hide it in a fan’s house, I’m willing to lease out part of my attic to the good folks at Paramount for free! Actually I’ll pay them to hide it.

80. Q - September 17, 2008

Please hurry up and get here, May 2009… *Squeals*

81. SpikedCanon - September 17, 2008

63 and 69….very nice

82. Charles H. Root, III - September 17, 2008

I run Oculente, Ltd., an information technology, security and privacy consulting firm. We do classic IT consulting with a slant on data security and compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and DOD regulations and mandates associated with organizations in the health, financial and government sectors.

Based on my experience, maintaining security and confidentiality is a challenge, but far from impossible. With the proper protocols, oversight, segregation of duties and responsibilities, as well as need-to-know only physical and virtual access, I have no doubt they can keep the digitized version of the film under wraps.

83. Charles H. Root, III - September 17, 2008

The other thing to keep in mind with data security of a project like this is that the data files are too large to fit on a DVD-R or thumb drive. This means the multimedia media files are often stored on servers, Storage Are Network (SAN), or Network Attached Storage (NAS) units.

In the multimedia world this is generally done with MAC, SUN or UNIX/Linux systems. Their security is far more robust than Windows and you get a bigger bang for your buck on the hardware performance side.

With DriveLock technology, or whole disk encryption from TrueCrypt or PGP, it is possible to encrypt and/or lock the contents of hard drives. Even if the drives are physically stolen, the data is secure.

If you haven’t looked into encrypting your hard drive, take a look at TrueCrypt.

84. Fred - September 17, 2008

I just re-discovered that when Gene was planning to make a made-for-tv movie back in the mid-70’s, he was going to tell the story of how the crew met and came together. That fell by the wayside, but now it seems the story will finally get told.

The statement is in an old article, which I posted on my blog:


It’s interesting to look back and see what he wanted to do. Too bad he’s not here to see it come to pass!

85. The Enterprise - September 17, 2008

I hope there’s some cool viral games and stuff. Like say someone came back in time and spread a whole bunch of info about the crew on different websites, etc. Maybe have some ship plans, etc around the net for people to search for? Maybe even a Starfleet Academy website?

86. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 17, 2008

Why did I get deleted? I wasn’t saying anything political.

87. BaronByng - September 17, 2008

56 – I think that is exactly what we’re getting. Something that’s recognizable as Treknology (key color schemes and perhaps textures kept), but updated for the audience of 2008.


88. Lurker - September 17, 2008

[[Laughs]] You guys are hilarious with your pontifications of how the Star Trek film date will be stored, and its potential for “leaking”… it’s almost like you’re expecting it to be leaked, and all that’s left is trying to decipher how it’s going to be done…

The Hollywood folks are getting better and better these days with methods to keep things secret…look at The Dark Knight, can you believe no one got a hold of that script?

If I were Paramount, once Trek is burned and ready to go, I would throw away any spare copies, and lock that baby away in Brad Grey’s office, in a safe with a combination that only Abrams knows…

89. 232 more to go - September 17, 2008

If they really want the movie hidden until next year hand it over to Bin Laden.

If they can find him.

If they do find him, then maybe he isn’t the right one to look after the film in the first place.

Nevermind. Just show the movie before the pirates do.

90. Stanky McFibberich - September 17, 2008

Hopefully they can hide it in a place where not even they can find it.

91. Tony Whitehead - September 17, 2008

84. Fred.
Thanks for posting those articles on your website. You have some interesting memorabilia there.

92. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - September 17, 2008

Ok. Just show me a trailer and We in the Alternate realty will not try and fine it. But you had better Hurry.

93. Tog - September 17, 2008

When the movie is complete, let’s Kidnap J.J. and hold him ransom for the original Dec. release – Then while in the BIG HOUSE we call watch Trek re-runs… Besides it would be great publicity for the flick. I suggest we keep JJ at our web masters den!!!

94. Tog - September 17, 2008

Hide the movie in the Jefferies Tube – the one marked “Top Secret”, no one will look there!

95. Mark T. - September 17, 2008

Just put the title “Speed Racer” on it and no one will look at it twice.

96. fred - September 17, 2008

#91… thanks for the kind comment! I’d rather scan and post them to share with interested fans like myself than leave them there to keep yellowing.

It’s fun looking back and remembering those “good ol’ days” but that 10 years between Treks was a long dry spell, during which I had only those articles to keep me going.

97. Xai - September 17, 2008

#90 Stanky…. scared someone may make you go??

98. brant hodge - September 17, 2008

Don’t get me wrong- I look forward to this movie and really want it to succeed–but as time has went by it is now obvious that the movie involves Spock from our canon going into an alternate timeline ala Back to the Future II and meeting younger versions(that dont necessarily look like the people we know)of his old crew—so ultimately no matter what happens the crew from the new movie wont have anything to do with the characters we have cared about for so long–I think up until recently most people thought these were supposed to be the exact same characters from the orignal show but now knowing that its not takes some of the luster away for me..

99. Leonel - September 17, 2008

How about giving the movie to Section 31 or to the Ba’ku for safe keeping..

100. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 17, 2008

I have to say my confidence level in this movie has bottomed out..

101. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 17, 2008

Where can I donate to New Voyages.

102. Jim Nightshade - September 17, 2008

I think JJ SHOULD hide the movie at STAR TREK THE EXPERIENCE in VEGAS! Its closed down now….Buy the space from the HILTON, and SURPRISE everyone by premiering the movie at the new old now open again STAR TREK THE EXPERIENCE and rehire all the wonderful employees there and upgrade the simulator so its TOS and matches the new movie and remodel update the place….and fill up quarks with romulan Ale and Warp Cores! With the same awesome bartenders!

Everyone goes nuts over the new movie and new Experience at the experience, the stores are full of new Star Trek Souvenirs and all us fans come rushing back to VEGAS to Save Hollywood and Vegas by throwing all our money at them!!! With Trek fans from around the world Marveling at the new/old STAR TREK EXPERIENCE for ever and ever….

I can dream!

103. Lostrod - September 17, 2008


Charles, you by any chance be a CISSP, would you?


104. T Negative - September 17, 2008

#84 Fred,

I enjoyed reading those old articles in your Blog. Thanks for posting!!

I was only 8 when ST: TMP came out so the wait was much shorter for me. Those 10 years must have seemed like forever.

105. Stanky McFibberich - September 17, 2008

re: 97 Xai
“#90 Stanky…. scared someone may make you go??”

No, no, no, no, no….I can’t wait for the fakedom to begin.

106. Toddk - September 18, 2008

Please Page senator Vreenak to verify that the ship pictured in the article is indeed a fake. I think the ship featured is ugly and it suffers from the “enterprise syndrome” The ship pictured dosent look like it’s from the TOS era..Looks more like enterprise C… It looks pimped out..

107. Dyson Sphere - September 18, 2008

If they can hack Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account, they can get at the computer with the movie final print, eh? ;)

108. Doug from Afghanistan - September 18, 2008

#37: it’s be be perfect for winter.”

Oh no it wouldn’t!!!

I don’t get back to the states until next March (yes, that is very self centered wish for the movie not to be out until I get home). sue me (grin)

109. Doug from Afghanistan - September 18, 2008

They could always ship it over here for safekeeping.

I mean, actually it’d be nice to treat us troops to the movie beforehand as reward for serving here.

And if anything there are about 800 of us here at Camp Eggers, all of us with guns who could protect it from being hijacked by interlopers, rabid fans and hackers.

All kidding aside, I cannot wait to see this movie!

110. AdamTrek - September 18, 2008

I think they’ll keep it in their safe 5.25″ floppy disks saved on the Commodore 64 they have in the super-secret computer clean room.
That way, no one will be able to steal the massive amount of boxes needed to store said floppies and if someone does take said floppy disks, they would need the old computer on hand, not to mention a way to convert the 1Mbyte of info on each floppy, which probably amounts to a fraction of a second of footage.

Only Paramount has the programming capable of converting the old floppy data back to a workable digital copy for transfer to film.

And in case the data storage fails, the have reduntant back-ups in 11 other major ciites throughout the country.

I’ve put way too much thought into this.

Boborci, can you confirm?

111. That person in the background of star trek V - September 18, 2008

The soonier the movie details get leaked the better.

I swear this feels like Superman Returns all over again :(


Bryan Singer—Quasi Sequel to superman 2

Its either a remake, sequel, or prequel sorry but cant be anything else.

112. AJ - September 18, 2008



(AP) JJ Abrams Ships Completed “Star Trek” Film to Afghanistan for Safekeeping.

Noted producer, writer and director JJ Abrams has airlifted his now completed “Star Trek” film to Afghanistan so that no one will have access to the completed product until its May 2009 release date.

When asked to whom he has entrusted the film, he answered, “Doug. Doug from Afghanistan.”

While many in Hollywood think this is another of JJ Abrams’ viral marketing schemes, we did actually find Doug, who is in fact bravely serving his country in Afghanistan. He released this statement:

“And if anything there are about 800 of us here at Camp Eggers, all of us with guns who could protect it from being hijacked by interlopers, rabid fans and hackers.”

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron and Ridley Scott are now also reported to be in negotiations with Doug.

113. AJ - September 18, 2008

111. that person:

I would be patient.

Superman Returns had loads of info on the web during its production process. We got to see Superman early on, and things seemed OK. What we got was another Lex Luthor real estate grab and a bit too much tribute to the Dick Donner films. All downhill after the plane scene.

The Trek XI team has said nothing deceptive. It’s a prequel to TOS with new actors and a visit from Nimoy’s future Spock. We’ve got a big budget and an ambitious team behind it who is so conscious that they should make a film they themselves would love to watch. I am optimistic.

114. Xai - September 18, 2008

106. Toddk – September 18, 2008
“Please Page senator Vreenak to verify that the ship pictured in the article is indeed a fake. ”

Your answer was posted on #26. It’s a not this Enterprise.

115. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 18, 2008

Just label the film reel as “GENERATIONS”

That should hide it just fine.

116. That person in the background of star trek V - September 18, 2008

LOL 115.. Is guynin in it?

117. AJ - September 18, 2008


Good call, LOL.

Or “MI3″ (ducks)

118. Leonel - September 18, 2008



119. DJT - September 19, 2008

You know what would be cool?

If ILM could re-do TOS FX after they they are done with JJ’s movie. But really knock it out of the park.

Know what I mean?

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