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Kevin Smith: Star Trek (Almost) As Good As Dark Knight September 19, 2008

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As we reported a few weeks ago, Kevin Smith got an early preview of a rough cut of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek and gave it a good review (twice). Now in a new interview, the Clerks director compares this year’s mega-hit The Dark Knight to Star Trek and Watchmen (which he has also seen months ahead of the rest of the world).


First Showing asked Kevin smith to pick between Dark Knight, Trek and Watchmen. Smith said that they were all "amazing" but he would have to give the edge to The Dark Knight (which is currently the top grossing film of the year). He went on to say it was a close call.

But man, those other two, Watchmen and Star Trek, come close. I mean, I’m not a huge Trekkie, so I’m not like, oh man, you must see this before you die. But for what it is, in terms of a reboot, [Abrams] did a fantastic job with it. Because it sounded like, when they announced it, ‘why do you want to go back and do little Kirk and little Spock?’ But man he did it and it made it viable and it doesn’t get rid of anything that it had before, it kind of makes way for the continuity, so it all fits in that world still. It doesn’t negate the series, the series of movies, anything, it’s all part and parcel with it.

Of course Smith is comparing rough cuts of Trek and Watchmen to the final product of The Dark Knight, but it is still good company to be in.

More from Smith at First Showing.


1. TimyJ - September 19, 2008

Wow…all that from a rough cut! This movie may be better than we thought. I cant wait to see it…

2. Darklighter - September 19, 2008

Sounds about right! Continuity intact while keeping it fresh and new. Bring on May ’09!

3. Jim - September 19, 2008

I am very envious of him

4. Jon - September 19, 2008

It’s certainly good to hear, from an independent and usually quite stinging source.

5. Make it so! - September 19, 2008

I wasn’t that impressed with The Dark Knight, I think Star Trek will be better. Just hoping it’s not going to be another Phantom Menace.

6. Energize - September 19, 2008

This coming from the director of Mallrats – scary.

7. Capitaine Picard Jr - September 19, 2008

I love the ‘it kind of makes way for the continuity’… can we start dreaming of more Trek after this movie?
Merde j’en rêve,
Make it so !

8. Horatio - September 19, 2008

Well, I thought The Dark Knight was incredibly overrated and overhyped so this comparison doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies at all…

9. Tony Whitehead - September 19, 2008

If the public agrees with Kevin, this bodes well for the future of the franchise.

10. The sweet and sour sauce package from mcdonalds - September 19, 2008

Sorry but I dont think Star Trek is going to do Dark Knight numbers at the box office, love Kevin Smith but dont agree with him. If this film does a total of 150 million it will be lucky. I just dont see the average fan NOT STAR TREK FAN, but average joe schmo going to see this past opening weekend.

11. Energize - September 19, 2008

Trek will do 200 mil at best. Same with Watchmen.

12. Devon - September 19, 2008

#9 – Where did he talk about box office numbers? You’re commenting on something he didn’t even talk about and making it seem like he did. And have a little faith will ya ;)

13. The Underpants Monster - September 19, 2008

Is he wearing some kind of prayer shawl in that picture, or just something with an ill-fitting stripey collar?

14. SpikedCanon - September 19, 2008

7 and 9 are right on the money

15. The sweet and sour sauce package from mcdonalds - September 19, 2008

number 11, so Chris pine will have a great performance as heath ledger? I dont see it…More I see people asking themselves who is Chris Pine?

16. Horatio - September 19, 2008

#9, #10 – Why is it that so many Trek fans have so little faith in the very thing they love? Perhaps one of the reasons Trek is in the near coma state its in is because some fans talk it down. I just don’t get it..


17. Joel - September 19, 2008

Seriously, who cannot freaking wait until May? This is exactly what Trek needed.

18. RM10019 - September 19, 2008

I agree that a big budget action adventure with a fresh look is what Trek needs. Can’t wait to see it, and I can’t wait until Trailer #2 is released!

19. star trackie - September 19, 2008

The more you build up something the harder it is to live up to those expecations. With 8 months to go, I think they would be well served to advise their friends, like Smith, to pullback some on the comments. While I was TOTALLY underwhelmed by The Dark Knight and the morbid curiosity factor of Ledger’s death, many do have the perception that it is the greatest movie ever made. They would be wrong, but never the less, the perception is there. To compare to that might be writing a check that the studio can’t cash.

20. ShrekMadeMeWonder - September 19, 2008

Kevin’s guys ego is getting to be larger than Shatner’s.
Dark knight really did kinda suck. I saw it twice, just to make sure.

Please, no more comments from this, self admitted, non-trek fan.

21. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 19, 2008

Darn it,

That last post should have been mine TrekMadeMeWonder.

Sorry, my daughter is taking an interest in Trek and I missed changing the screen name in my last post.

22. Energize - September 19, 2008

Wow, if you guys think The Dark Knight sucked, I hate to think what you think is a good movie.

23. konar - September 19, 2008

IMO cartoonish performances and retread, vainglorious overly melodramatic stories are what kept star trek small. A hefty dose of realism, and performances by actors who didn’t decide their line readings decades ago, could potentially bring a new audience.

24. AJ - September 19, 2008


Horatio, it’s because Star Trek, as a corporate property, has only rarely received its due from TPTB.

What a run, from 1987 until 2005, but the run was f*cked up by lack of ability to understand where the market was going. Even Ronald Moore, one of the more gifted recent Trek writers, bemoaned recently the difficulty presented by Canon.

It’s still a product which makes money for CBS/PP, and our faith must be in those who run the franchise, not the franchise itself. JJ Abrams does not run it. No one does, except the corporation. It’d be nice to peg a Rick Berman or a Gene Roddenberry with whom we could all speak online. Right now, it’s impossible.

25. D. McCoy - September 19, 2008

You know, its amazing how I find myself glossing over the REALLY bad episodes of TOS. And the bad movies. Its almost as if they didn’t exist. I still have the great episodes in my soul. Maybe it’s related to how old I was when I first saw them? Maybe the acting? (I have convenietly deleted Superman 4, Superman Returns, Octopussy and the Joel Schumaker Batmans too, lol).

I’m sure that no matter what happens, it will not be the end of Star Trek for us.

26. Eric Cheung - September 19, 2008

The key here is that he’s not much of a Trek fan. I think that’s important because on some level it suggests that this will at least translate to a general audience. To be optimistic, that suggests more Trek and a popularity it hasn’t had in some time. He suggests a middle ground between the Trekkie and the general audience because he has geek cred for his fandom of, and experience with, other franchises, but as someone who’s not especially a Trek fan, he represents some of the more skeptical movie-going public.

But above all he’s seen it and we haven’t. More importantly, everyone who has seen it, including those for whom it would be in their best interests to speak honestly, have raved about it.

I can’t wait.

27. DJ Neelix - September 19, 2008

@3 Jim
Really? Personally I wouldn’t want my first experience of the film to be a rough cut without the visual effects put in. I’d much rather wait to may for the full experience.

28. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 19, 2008


Batman Begins was great. minus a couple flaws.
The suit sucked there too.

Dark Knight was OK, But still missed the mark for me.

To many wild weird plot-lines for me. a few of the ideas that ruined it for me were; the bat suit (again) sucked, the foreign abduction, no batcave, no katie, out of control batman surveillance, the Joker’s final scheme (which really trew the movie’s pacing for me,) too many characters to give a damn, that absurd camera- turning shot of the Joker at the end, no real two-face resolution. the Bat-cycle’s appearance was a joke to me, and looked like it’s top speed was about 15 mph (and the lousy special wall-turn-around effect – Yikes!) and the movie was way too dark and booding for my taste. Dark and brooding is not a bad idea for a Dark Knight movie, but c’mon.

I could go on, and on about Dark Knight, but sorry, it did not comepletely work for me. Sorry.

Yes, given the budget, I think I could do much better.

29. Sarah - September 19, 2008

I hated Dark Night…

30. Sarah - September 19, 2008

that should have been Dark Knight of course

31. Kendra Shaw Redux - September 19, 2008


Excellent analysis. As a longtime Star Trek fan (Trekkie, Trekkier, whatever), general interest is the key to our survival. I’ve been longing for a more accessible Trek. For example, we really need a Broadway musical. Joking.

32. Energize - September 19, 2008

I loved TDK. I saw it three times. Once in IMAX and twice at a regular theater. The story, action, and characters are excellent and treated very seriously. The movie is 2 and a half hours long but it feels shorter than most movies. I can’t wait to get the DVD. Heath Ledger was brilliant, but so was Aaron Eckhart and even Christian Bale. If you thought TDK was boring, or too long, well, that’s just too darn bad.

33. Kendra Shaw Redux - September 19, 2008

…joking, but not about the general interest part. We need it.

34. Dr. Image - September 19, 2008

It’s going to do better than Watchmen. Just watch.
Can’t wait.

Speaking of Superman Returns, I was thinking, IF they had put Routh in the SAME costume as Reeve wore, I think it really might have helped the movie. (But then again, he was nowhere near as pumped up as Reeve, so maybe they couldn’t.) Even with the crappy script and writing, the character would have had much greater connection and continuity with the first movie- which is what Singer was trying to achieve anyhow.
Oh well… time for a REBOOT!

35. Lyle - September 19, 2008

I thought Dark Knight was pretty good – not perfect by any stretch but I definitely enjoyed sitting through it in the theater, and I may get it when it comes out on DVD.

Now my real question – how does Kevin Smith rate getting to see Star Trek so far ahead of time? I personally enjoy his movies, but I’m really curious about this.

36. Denise de Arman - September 19, 2008

I would be interested in knowing exactly what KS saw. Was it only dialogue sequences? Dialogue with some effects? Dialogue with some score? Dialogue with some of both? I appreciate his opinion; however, with this movie the special effects and score are going to contribute tremendously, and JJ has reported a few more weeks to go on the final cut.

37. Charles H. Root, III - September 19, 2008

Almost as good as The Dark Knight, which wasn’t nearly as good as Batman Begins?


I agree that TDK has been over hyped and over rated. Just like Fringe.

I’m really happy to hear that Kevin enjoyed it though.

38. The Enterprise - September 19, 2008

I think this new Trek movie has been over hyped and overrated and it’s still a year a way from release.

39. Izbot - September 19, 2008

6. Energize –
“This coming from the director of Mallrats – scary.”

I’ll admit I *hate* Kevin Smith’s movies (though I enjoyed Clerks when it first came out) and Mallrats especially…no, I think I hated Dogma more…whatever. But he does has impeccable tastes in other people’s projects so I’m not worried by his endorsement at all. He is, first and foremost, a lifelong genre fan. He just happens to also make shitty movies in his spare time.

40. bdrcarter - September 19, 2008

Gotta jump in. Dark Knight was brilliant! Not perfect but darn close.

It took a comic-book conceit and turned it into a “real” thriller in a “real” world….Chicago versus the surreal Tim Burton vision of Gotham City. The stakes have never been higher or a villain more difficult to defeat. (He’s simply crazy…smart…but crazy. I loved that his scar story kept changing. He doesn’t have some troubled past driving his actions. He’s just nuts!) Great acting all around. And the hero of the movie is a vigilante that happens to wear a batsuit. Other than that…they weren’t asking the audience to suspend much belief.

And $500mm in ticket sales (and counting) suggests to me that fantasy figures/themes can find a mainstream audience. It’s going to have to come across as “real” as possible for the genre…or we’ll get another $80-$90mm in Box Office and Trek is finished on the big screen. JJ and company seem to be saying and doing the right things so far.

Go get ’em fellas. We’re all counting on you.

(Star Trek should be so lucky to have the vision and care put into it as the cast and crew of Dark Knight…not to mention the crossover appeal box office.)

41. Izbot - September 19, 2008

36. Denise de Arman –
“I would be interested in knowing exactly what KS saw. Was it only dialogue sequences? Dialogue with some effects? Dialogue with some score? Dialogue with some of both? I appreciate his opinion; however, with this movie the special effects and score are going to contribute tremendously, and JJ has reported a few more weeks to go on the final cut.”

I wasn’t there so I can’t say for sure but I know enough about filmmaking to assume he probably saw all the live action stuff (with bits and pieces of blank green-screen) and some temp cards reading “FX to come”. Most likely no music as that is one of the very last things to be made (I bet Giaccino hasn’t got in the recording studio yet). *Maybe* some rough fx or more likely some animatics (basically thumbnail animation mapping out the fx shots).

42. The Enterprise - September 19, 2008

I admire Kevin Smith as a blog writer and speaker, but his movies are just awful. Yeah, I’ve tried to watch them, but I just can’t finish them.

43. Cygnus-X1 - September 19, 2008

Golly, I would hope that Star Trek is better than The Dark Knight.

I would hope that it’s a movie with a good balance of drama and action that is intended for the enjoyment of people who appreciate dramatic scenes that don’t have a cut every five seconds serving as bookends for obligatory, soporific action sequences that feel meaningless without the establishment of conflict and themes that would have invested the audience in the outcome of the action.

I would hope that Star Trek is a movie that will be enjoyed by thoughtful people with attention spans outlasting that of a goldfish.

44. Horatio - September 19, 2008

#40 – I just don’t get the batgasms people seemed to have over The Dark Knight. I thought it was OK, but couldn’t see what everyone was going so gaga over. 25% of the dialogue seemed to be drowned out by the soundtrack . Everything was so dark I probably missed 25% of the action as well.

Heath Ledger was good as the Joker, but when I read a review that proclaimed his performance a work of art on par with DeVinci, well, that was just plain stupid.

I actually liked Batman Begins MUCH better. And I thought Superman Returns was wonderful. So what does all this have to do with Star Trek????? Hmmmm…. nothing really. But as I always like to say.. IDIC.

45. The Enterprise - September 19, 2008

SR was good, but the ending with Supes dying and coming back was E.T. rip off. Come on.

46. DirectorVFX - September 19, 2008

wow people who think the DarkKnight was OK seriously need to review the last 10 years in cinema, compared to anything else we had be it a superhero or not, DarkKnight comes close to perfection for entertainment, comicbook to movie translation, drama, thriller & action better than anything I have seen for a LONG time. Seriously, what do would you consider a GOOD movie then??????

47. Cygnus-X1 - September 19, 2008

Actually, you know what….

Would someone please ask JJ Abrams if he considers The Dark Knight to be the new standard in action/sci-fi movies?

If he does, and has aspired to make Star Trek as “good” as The Dark Knight, then I would like to know now so that I may diminish my expectations back down to an appropriate level and not walk out of the theater next May with my head hung in depression at what our cinematic culture has become, how much worse it will become as it continues on its present trajectory, and what this implies of our society as a whole.

So, please, I’m dead serious, Anthony or someone ask JJ if he considers The Dark Knight an exemplar of any kind other than profitability.

Spare me the heartache now.

48. Julio E. - September 19, 2008

Let’s hope that it hits the young teens and child. We know that the trek fans will answer.

49. Izbot - September 19, 2008

43. Cygnus-X1 –
“Golly, I would hope that Star Trek is better than The Dark Knight.”

Also have to take in consideration a.) Kevin Smith is a lifelong comic book fan and has written several comics (Spider-Man, Green Arrow) and b.) he has never been (by his admission) a Star Trek fan.

So yes, he’s gonna like Dark Knight better than Star Trek. He’s been waiting for a movie like Dark Knight to come along his whole life. *WE* have been waiting for the equivilant in terms of Star Trek movies for many years. I think this is good news.

50. Daoud - September 19, 2008

Let us hope that JJ and the Court ask for opinions on the film as they show it to these Illuminati… and *make adjustments and edits* to improve it even more!

I mean, imagine if George Lucas had done the same for The Phantom Menace. 6 months really could have helped. OK, maybe not. But still, it would have been enough time to re-record Jar Jar Binks in a normal voice, and lose a lot of the stupid Goofy act. Can’t go to the well once more after Yoda and Chewie.

And to loop Jake Lloyd’s voice with that of an actor a bit more convincing. If only he’d already had Hayden hired… a bit of electronic adjustment…. voila.

51. Horatio - September 19, 2008

45 & 46 – Sure, you knew that Superman wasn’t really dead just in the same way that you knew in the TDK that the Joker would lose and Batman would win. But to say TDK was close to perfection – geez ,i’d like to know what your criteria for perfection is. In my opinion (admittedly, i’m in the minority here) it was just another over amped superhero movie on steroids that was elevated to cult status by the untimely death of Heath Ledger.

Again, just my opinion. I don’t claim to be correct. Only correct in my universe ;)

Honestly, there aren’t many films that have knocked my socks off in years.

52. Cygnus-X1 - September 19, 2008

#46 DirectorVFX – September 19, 2008

” Seriously, what do would you consider a GOOD movie then?????? ”

In the sci-fi/action genre:

The Wrath of Khan.

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Alien & Aliens.

The Terminator.

Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back.

Blade Runner.



… just off the top of my head.

(I love ST IV, but it’s really in a different category. ST III & VI are enjoyable, but not exemplary.)

“seriously need to review the last 10 years in cinema, compared to anything else we had be it a superhero or not, DarkKnight comes close to perfection for entertainment,”

This is what’s so depressing. That compared to the last 10 years of action/sci-fi movies, The Dark Knight is considered to be outstanding.

53. Papa Jim - September 19, 2008

Remember he is comparing The Dark Knight to a ROUGH CUT of Star Trek. If the rough cut is close wouldn’t you think the final cut might be even better?

54. The Enterprise - September 19, 2008

Blade Runner is overrated. What a boring movie. Zero characters, and flashing neon lights for 2 hours. I thought I was back in Tim Burton world.

55. Izbot - September 19, 2008

And to weigh in on the Dark Knight/Batman Begins debate…

I am, like Kevin Smith, a longtime comic book fan (it predates my love of Star Trek!). But I was fairly indifferent to Batman Begins and have yet to see Dark Knight. Kev is of the school of thought that Frank Miller’s reinterpretation of Batman in “The Dark Knight Returns” (1985) is the measuring stick by which all Batman movies, comics, etc should be measured (and the last 2 Batman movies are in this vein). I am not. I feel Denny O’Neill and Neal Adams’ Batman comics (circa 1970) are the definitive version. Batman Begins was, to me, too rooted in the banality of real life. I actually preferred Tim Burton’s Batman because it had more of that fantasy element — his Gotham City was more psychological landscape than real, solid geological location. Seeing Batman do his think in Chicago or Detroit holds little interest to me.

And that’s my opinion — as if it matters.

56. Kev-1 - September 19, 2008

I wish we could get some photos and/or footage to judge for ourselves. My guess is that besides a new trailer, any additional material will be moot. They’ll probably do nothing until just before the film opens.

57. The Enterprise - September 19, 2008

I think The Dark Knight Returns comic is awful. The story, if there was one, was so all over the place and the art was terrible.

58. Sandra - September 19, 2008

I am not exactly sure why the Dark Knight got such raves. I actually fell asleep on parts. Anyway, is it just me, or does anyone else want to see new foes for Batman, even Superman for that matter (even though Superman Returns did have some nice touches, the piano scene was worth the price of admission). Why have the same villains as in the old movies being redone over and over. I want to see something fresh and different, if there is anything different. Holy Batman, the Penguin and Riddler for the next movie? Been there, done that. I am truly hoping that the new Star Trek movie is worthy of my $13.00. I like going to the Directors hall at the Bridge Cinema Delux in West Los Angeles, with its’ plush leather seats and gormet food service. It is worth the $13.00 as the Directors come and talk to the audience before the movie.

59. Horatio - September 19, 2008

I’m just really tired of the tortured hero and the tortured villain. I want my hero’s to be that way because, damnit, its the right thing to do. And I want my villains to be evil because they like it that way -not because a parent dropped a toaster on their head when they were 8.

60. Gary - September 19, 2008

It does not

61. montreal paul - September 19, 2008

The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.. and all the Batman movies sucked! The only true Batman is Adam West. He should have been asked to play Batman in The Dark Knight. Without him in the movie, it will be a joke. Nolan raped my childhood! JUST kidding!! LOL.

sound familiar?

I actually preferred TDK and BB better that all those horrible batman movie.. except the first one with Michael Keaton.

When JJ talked about keeping Trek from being a parody of himself.. it brought to mind how the Batman movies became before Batman Begins.

Most of the Trek movies like Insurrection and Nemesis got caught up in the mythology of itself and the story got lost. the premises were great… but the film got too convaluted. Don’t get me wrong… i am a true Trek fan… i love everything from TOS to ENT and I have all the movies on DVD. Some I like more than others. But I just feel that it lost what was truly Trek. I think that JJ and company will bring it back to where it was supposed to be.

I will see this.. at least twice at the theatres… I am really excited about the prospect of this story being told.. a story we all wondered about… how all these people came to be. This will be the Start of the Human Adventure. I will not judge this movie on rumors or leaked stuff. I will wait until i am sitting in that theatre and the credits are rolling. Kind of like innocent until proven guilty. :)

62. The Enterprise - September 19, 2008

All the Batman movies suffer but the majority of them are decent to watch. It’s funny how they went from serious to kids movies to serious again.

63. Eric Cheung - September 19, 2008

I think The Dark Knight was an amazing film. It reminded me of the ethical relativism in DS9 and nuBSG. It was a movie about shades of grey and filled with great performances and gorgeously shot. The Joker was simultaneously chilling, funny, sick, twisted, brutal, and deliciously evil. Harvey Dent was a such a tragic figure instead of the camp of the Tommy Lee Jones version or the somewhat more moderate TAS version. There were no easy choices, there was a sense that every choice had an end result of collateral damage and sacrifice.

But what I hope the Star Trek movie has over TDK is fun. Both Batman Begins were good movies filled with angst and complexity but they weren’t quite as escapist as I’d hope Star Trek to be. That isn’t to say that I don’t want some social commentary or complexity from Trek, just that it shouldn’t bog the film down as Nolan’s Batman films were on the verge of doing–though part of the appeal of those films were the tension derived from the dangerous and kinetic fence-skating they did.

64. Izbot - September 19, 2008

I read comics avidly from the mid-70s to 1995 — mostly DCs which were, in some ways, as sunny and optimistic as Roddenberry’s TOS and TNG. By 1995 Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin, Dan Jurgens and others had foisted their own “re-interpretations” on the world and comics have gone down that dark road ever since. It’s those kind of reboots — the type that lean heavily on amped-up violence, darker ‘realism’ and show little respect for the source material that I don’t care for. The current Batman is just your basic cable cop show — FX’s ‘The Shield’ in a rubber suit. I don’t care for CSI or Law & Order or cop shows. I like traditional super-heroes. They don’t make those any more so I just revisit my old comic collection when I need to.

Yes, some comments have been made by JJ’s team that Batman Begins has reinvigorated that franchise and similarly they wish to do the same with ST. I don’t think that means they are doing what was done in Batman Begins. From what I’ve read and heard over the past year or so with regard to JJ Abrams Star Trek I have a good chance at seeing Star Trek continue without it ‘going dark’ and being ‘reinvented’ or whatever (read: tossing the baby out with the bathwater in favor of edgy, gritty, pedestrian ‘realism’). My hope is that I’ll have more Trek adventures to look forward to and not just revisiting my DVD collection to get my fix.

65. Izbot - September 19, 2008

63. Eric Cheung –
“But what I hope the Star Trek movie has over TDK is fun.”

You nailed it. That whole last paragraph says it all. I just didn’t *enjoy* Batman Begins. It was not escapism at all — it was too grounded in reality…and reality, often, sucks.

66. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 19, 2008

46. DirectorVFX

Spider-Man II – All Time Best Movie

67. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - September 19, 2008

The Dark Knight was a fantastic Movie. it was entertaining and very enjoyable. The 2 and a half hours I was watching the movie went by pretty fast. For Trek to be compared to the Night. Way Kool!!!!!!!

68. Bill Peters - September 19, 2008

Great if He likes the New Trek Flim I think most Star Trek fans will love it. and my Girlfrieind who isn’t a trekie will like it :) ..expect those who hold hard to cannon and don’t like getting Matiral from non cannon sources!

69. TK - September 19, 2008

I think the Dark Knight took itself too seriously…too dark….. i hope ST XI doesn’t go too much into that direction….

70. MORN SPEAKS - September 19, 2008

I think Kevin Smith is overrated, but he is a sensible guy. Anything that comes close to The Dark Knight should be an amazing film.

71. Sam Belil - September 19, 2008

Wow — such cynism. I saw Dark Knight, and as much as I LOVED IRON MAN — and thought Downey was AMAZING, I felt Dark Knight was a much superior film to Iron Man. As a LIFELONG Star Trek fan, I will say this — if this movie is half as good as Dark Knight, we’re in for a major treat!!!!!!

72. Eric Cheung - September 19, 2008

66. Yeah, something evocative of Spider-man 2 would be a good balance. If it can evoke a similar tone, yet be this epic, centuries-spanning thing that it supposedly is, then I’d be very pleased.

73. Jeffries Tuber - September 19, 2008

Reality check: Kevin Smith sucks.

74. The Underpants Monster - September 19, 2008

I actually fell asleep twice during Batman Begins. I can only think of a handful of duller movies I’ve ever seen in my life.

75. The Enterprise - September 19, 2008

Well, I can thank Kevin Smith for helping me save money on his pitiful line of movies.

76. Cygnus-X1 - September 19, 2008

I nodded off during some of the action scenes in Dark Knight.

And, apart from when Heath Ledger was on screen, I didn’t much care what happened to anyone or anything in the film.

77. beemeup - September 19, 2008

oh boy.. batman better than star trek? Then the new star trek film

is going to be crap!

But somehow I knew it would be crap…. just like vista was crap after XP.

78. Papa Jim - September 19, 2008

Cygnus-X1 I could not agree more. If Heath Ledger hadn’t died I think Dark Knight would have just been a blip on the radar

79. The Last Maquis - September 19, 2008

Making way for the continuity, well In that case it makes a lot more sense, I’m not as worried. Hey where’s “1701 over Gotham”??
Oh and I want to see “Captain Robert April” say, “Show us the Damn Ship already!!” It’s Just hilarious.

80. Jabob Slatter - September 19, 2008

I don’t put much stock in Kevin Smith’s opinions. But I’m not stupid enough to say it’s going to be stupid or bad when I’ve seen nothing of it. I’m quite optimistic, actually.

81. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 19, 2008

Another no win situation here.

A guy like Smith gets to see everything, and the core fans who really make up the Trek universe get this article.

C’mon… Show us the ship already

82. Charles H. Root, III - September 19, 2008

@ 61. montreal paul: Loved the first paragraph of your post. Very funny, but I still want Mr. Shatner for my Sweded version of ST:XI.

We’ll all have to wait and see if, as you say, “JJ and company will bring it back to where it was supposed to be.” For the sake of the franchise I hope you’re right.

83. The Enterprise - September 19, 2008

Trek will be lucky to make even half of what TDK did.

84. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 19, 2008

83. The Enterprise

STXI will make triple what DK made.

Granted tickets will probably cost $30 by then.
But statistically, it will make more.

85. VOODOO - September 19, 2008

The Dark Knight was very good, but it was overrated.

86. Charlie in Colorado - September 19, 2008

For what it’s worth…. I’m 42 years old. I’ve gone back to school full time to finish getting my degree, which means I get to hang out with a bunch of “kids” half my age and younger five days a week.

When I’ve mentioned in casual convo with people I’ve met at school that I’m a Trekker, I’m noticing a lot of the young’uns — 18 to 24’s — saying they are as well. I have to admit I’ve found this surprising, maybe it’s a case of my needing to get out a little more to find out what the hell’s going on around me (lol). In any event, it would seem “The Buzz” for Trek and this new film is very much alive and well here in the Rocky Mountain West.

87. Jim Nightshade - September 20, 2008

awww cmon people! Those who did not think Dark Knight was very good! It was the Best Batman for many reasons. Keith Ledgers Joker was brilliant! Crazy! And his lines with batman about how they need each other and are the same…classic….jokers complex plots…giving a prisioner ferry and a normal people ferry, each control over blowing up the other, and the fear and self examination strengh and weakness of modern man coming out! Excellent! The gritty dark reality instead of dark fantasy…Two faces descent from good man to crazy with sadness and rage also excellently acted…Batman himself….soso….batcycle yawn just gadgets…but they didnt really matter in this excellent story….

Kevin Smith…Dogma was pretty good….and teh most watchable…had some great dialogue and lines about humanity and souls….and the ending with the cut and bloody feathers..very visual visceral….dark attempt at dark or black comedy not totally sucessful but damned interesting to watch anyway….

Superman Returns less said the better….I couldnt believe that Marc Singer was involved..He should have just done the last X-Men movie so all three movies would have been equally good. Superman Returns…Relied WAY TOO HEAVILY on paying homage to the first Superman movie….and all it succeeded in doing was reminding you over and over how much better the first movie was to this movie….Reusing lines from the first movie….THINK UP YOUR OWN GOOD LINES! Images from the first Movie..same thing….The cast wasnt even close to being as good as the original movie….Kevin Spacey is not Lex Luthor….the story was rather strange and silly and too much a copy of the first one only again not nearly as good….Special effex were better but so what….the one entertaining subplot was Superman being a daddy and that the son somehow could inherit some or all of supes powers….Really those were about the only intersting things in the whole movie….They should not have done Lex again….a different villain….maybe brainiac….it needed to be different yet heroic and fun like the first movie….but it wasnt…..and superman AGAIN being beaten to a bloody pulp….was done better in superman ii but it still hurt like hell and was wrong…and here they are doing it again in superman returns…why…like you guys mentioned we all knew Superman would recover…oh yah that was another good scene…when he flew up close to the sun and got stronger and his hand went into a fist! Now that was cool and awesome and almost the only original awesome moment in that whole movie….it needed lots more imagery like that…

I hope Star Trek will be almost as good as Dark Knight….for kevin to say that at a rough cut makes me think it might be almost as good….it would be awesome for a star trek movie to pull in 600 million..we can dream…then they would probably reopen the experience…..PLEASE!

88. Jim Nightshade - September 20, 2008

OPPS ME BAD I Mean Bryan Singer not Marc Singer haahah oh well you guys knew who I meant hahah Sheeesh…..Wasnt marc singer the beast master or something hahah

89. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 20, 2008

Are their any robots on the ship yet?

Unleash the Special Effects!

90. Anthony Thompson - September 20, 2008

TDK could have been great (based mostly on Ledger’s performance) but it badly needed some editing! Some scenes lasted too long; others were unnecessary.

91. Andy Patterson - September 20, 2008

I think we, or the studio needs to quit letting Kevin Smith be a mouthpiece for the movie. Who’s making that decision? I really ‘like, oh man,’ don’t care for much he has to say. And his statement comparing it to Dark Knight, or not quite as good as, especially doesn’t say much to me. I guess I’m the only one who didn’t care for that movie.

92. David P - September 20, 2008

re: Mallrats
i think it is underrated

93. Florian - September 20, 2008

I didn’t like dark knight. It was kind of boring

94. Holger - September 20, 2008

Sounds very promising, what Kevin Smith has to say. But why do they have to throw in those ugly R-words all the time? Kinda spoils the fun for me.

The Dark Knight was, well… very dark. This befits a Batman movie (particularly so when you grew up with the Neil Adams version of the comic) and it was sort of announced in the title. But the “darkness” in the movie was absolutely at the threshold of what I can still enjoy watching. Overall, I think Hollywood could start cutting back on nihilistic the-world-is-evil movies. I hope Star Trek will bring some color and some positive spirit back to the silver screen.

95. MORN SPEAKS - September 20, 2008

The Dark Knight was an AMAZING film! The cinematography, acting, music, action, special effects, and story were top notch. Not to mention it was very philosophical and sociological about notions of good vs evil, right vs wrong, chaos vs order. This movie is my favorite of the year and vying for my favorite of all time.

For Star Trek to be uttered with this movie in the same sentence is a high complement indeed. I can’t believe some are bored or think it’s overrated?!?!?!?!

96. Redjac - September 20, 2008

Mallrats is a hilarious movie. But this is just one man’s opinion.

I like of of Kevin’s films actually…they are all great for what they are.

97. Izbot - September 20, 2008

77. beemeup –
“oh boy.. batman better than star trek? Then the new star trek film
is going to be crap!”

Kevin Smith is a lifelong Batman fan and he even says in this article he has never been into Star Trek. Of course he’s going to like Dark Knight more. But the fact that he, as a non-Trekfan, thinks the new film is amazing — that’s a good thing.

And even if Dark Knight is the ‘best movie of all time’ or whatever, why would comparing Star Trek to it (and saying DK is better) make ST crap? That makes zero sense. Zero.

98. Kuvagh - September 20, 2008

I hope the new Star Trek manages to be at least a little bit thought-provoking. In my opinion, Trek is at its best when it manages to mix approachable adventure with a just a dash of intellectual exploration. The Trek universe isn’t serious enough to be hard science fiction, but it should be deeper than space opera. I’d like to see something which gently opens people’s eyes to new scientific or social ideas while remaining playful and entertaining.

Obviously, it’s easier to go for ideas in episodic Trek, but there are ways to hit on things in the theater, too. I wonder how David Marcus’ little remark about militarism corrupting science would go over in today’s sociopolitical climate. How about McCoy’s “according to myth” while discussing Genesis?

I’d be delighted if one of the creatives involved in this picture could tell me that there are some nuggets of food for thought in this movie. Astronomy, biology, allegory… anything!

Roberto? :)

99. Trek Fan - September 20, 2008

Frankly, I don’t care about what Kevin Smith thinks!

Let’s see…our heroes used to shaped by extraordinary events and became great men. Seriously, look at those men who landed on the beaches of Normandy, fought at Iwo Jima, Chosin Reservoir or Fallujah. Fast forward to 2008 and little Jimmy Kirk has to worry about his alcoholic uncle. Be real, folks Star Trek is make believe, let’s at least make our heroes out of ordinary men who risked it all.

Look at those firefighters, cops and emergency personnel who died on 09/11. Trek is world of make believe, let’s not make fake heroes from fake abusive childhoods.

100. Closettrekker - September 20, 2008

This is the most important statement to me:

“It doesn’t negate the series, the series of movies, anything, it’s all part and parcel with it.”

I don’t know how this thread turned into a discussion over whether a movie that has grossed close to a billion dollars (without a single dvd sale) is good or not. ‘The Dark Knight’ has proven its entertainment value to the World. It certainly does not require further validation here.

It’s not my favorite movie of all time (The Godfather, Part II), but that’s irrelevant. I certainly did not feel disappointed or that I wanted my money back. I know people who have seen it 3 and 4 times in the theaters.

If Star Trek XI does little more than a third of the box-office take that ‘The Dark Knight’ has received, there will be a Roman-style “Triumph” held in Hollywood for JJ Abrams, at least two more sequels, and certain serious talk of new Trek on television with A-list production teams at the helm (possibly even Bad Robot).

Kevin Smith’s opinion means very little to me, but the fact that someone disconnected from the project has seen it and been thoroughly impressed is certainly not a negative sign, even if it does not have me placing bets in Vegas on next year’s Academy Awards.

101. Closettrekker - September 20, 2008

#99—-My heroes are my fellow Marines, not fictional characters. However, that doesn’t mean I do not want my fictional characters to be written with realistic backgrounds that the audiences can identify with.

Many of those “actual heroes” you described come/came from similar backgrounds or worse. As someone who is a combat veteran Marine myself, I know/knew plenty of them.

If you do not want to see a degree of realism never before seen in Star Trek, you probably shouldn’t watch this movie, since that is one of the stated aims of the creative team behind it. Personally, I think that bringing Trek into a 21st Century style of storytelling is the only way to infuse new blood in ther fanbase. Why should these wonderful characters be withheld from my kids and their peers–to protect the sanctity of mid 20th Century “everyone has a hunky dory family” make-believe values? Yeah, that will play well with today’s average moviegoer…

102. Redjac - September 20, 2008

#99, 101 — All great points and I agree with you 200%!!!

103. Alec - September 20, 2008

Given that this film, should it fail, is perhaps the last opportunity, or the last opportunity for a long time, to have Star Trek on the big screen, it will be given every chance of succeeding. What I mean is that the studio will very much be targeting the mainstream audience. The studio has put a huge sum of money into this film, far, far more than for any other Trek film, with the intention of re-energising the franchise. In short, it has to look fantastic and debunk the preconceived notions non-fans may have of Star Trek. A cerebral script will not help. We require loads of action and a visual feast—bound together by great acting and storytelling. Perhaps when this reviewer, KS, has seen the final product, i.e. with all the special effects, he might change his mind…

104. TJ Trek - September 20, 2008

To the guy who says that Star Trek ain’t going to do the numbers like DARK KNIGHT.

of course not. Look at the pool of people who love batman, and look at the pool of people who love star trek. I think the batman pool might be a bit bigger. Plus the DARK KNIGHT is riding off the success of it’s last movie BATMAN BEGINS. Star trek is riding off of… not much with NEMESIS. while a good movie, didn’t do much in the box office. So what I say is if STAR TREK 11 can do pretty well despite everything going against it, then that’s fantastic.

105. DATA_KILLED_SPOT! - September 20, 2008

I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Star Trek XI trailer, youtube:

@ 0:30, they are standing on top of one of the nacelles! BRILLIANT!!!
Wow, it took me 8 months to figure it out!

106. AJ - September 20, 2008


All fiction is fake. Giving “Little Jimmy Kirk” a compelling backstory would add quite a bit to his character.

What little we saw of Spock’s upbringing in TAS goes a long way in explaining his inner conflict. His father was brilliant, but emotionally abusive, and his mother was muffled, loving and conflicted. Spock as a character became more real because of it.

Kirk is more of a cartoon character, and some history will do him good.

107. AJ - September 20, 2008


Star Trek XI needs to develop a truly international word-of-mouth beyond anything the show ever did: Trek has always been somewhat of an American phenomenon, with selected other markets (Germany, for example), where it’s done well.

Trek must be redefined as a brand for a new global audience in order to hit the big numbers.

108. King Anthony - September 20, 2008

Oh, that’s too much. Trek’s always been, is now, and always will be a phenomenon for a niche within a niche market. No matter how good it is, it’ll never be a mainstream success in terms of box office draw in the same vein as Dark Knight or Indiana Jones for the reason stated above.

Prediction: $150-170 million Box Office for Trek, tops.

Case closed.

109. Alex Rosenzweig - September 20, 2008

#100- I agree regarding the most important statement. It does seem to provide the answer I’ve been seeking from the team, and it gives me the answer I want to read, too. Guess I have to go back to planning to drop a couple of C-notes on this film. ;)

‘Course, I don’t have any problem with someone like Kevin Smith saying it’s an excellent movie, too! There will, of course, be folks who agree and disagree with him, but until we actually see the film, I doubt any of us can be sure upon which side of the line we’ll each fall.

I also don’t have any problem with giving a perspective of 21st Century realism on the iconic Trek characters. The idea that their world was perfect, or nearly so, wasn’t part of TOS, anyway, and indeed became one of the weakest parts of TNG. TOS suggested that they live in a better world, one that’s overcome a lot of today’s societal ills, but it did not ever say that human beings were perfect or without flaw. If the new film captures that spirit of TOS, “better” humans but not “perfect” humans, I’m fine with that, too.

110. Xai - September 20, 2008

108. King Anthony – September 20, 2008
“Oh, that’s too much. Trek’s always been, is now, and always will be a phenomenon for a niche within a niche market. No matter how good it is, it’ll never be a mainstream success in terms of box office draw in the same vein as Dark Knight or Indiana Jones for the reason stated above.

Prediction: $150-170 million Box Office for Trek, tops.

Case closed.”

I’ll alert the media of your prediction. I am sure JJ will want to get his resume together and be seeking employ in the fast-food industry before the premiere.
A billionaire vigilante wearing a bat costume fighting a psycho in clown makeup is “mainstream”?
The critics that get paid, usually wait to write the critique after viewing.

Sorry, case as yet, unresolved.

111. Will.I.Am - September 20, 2008

Even if it is as good, it might pull a “Batman Begins” on us.

Batman Begins- OK at box office, starts up a new craze. New movie made.

Dark Knight- Shatters the box office, everyone falls in love with Heath, new movie considered.

So, anyone think we might see a similar situation with Trek?

112. Eric Cheung - September 20, 2008

99. “Look at those firefighters, cops and emergency personnel who died on 09/11. Trek is world of make believe, let’s not make fake heroes from fake abusive childhoods.”

How about making real heroes out of the firefighters, and soldiers who really did have abusive uncles? Because I’m sure there are many who did, just as there are many people in real life who have to deal with abusive family members. If your issue is that it lacks realism to add that wrinkle to Kirk’s backstory, or that it somehow weakens him in your mind, then read some case studies on abuse victims who became heroes.

113. Closettrekker - September 20, 2008

#51—“In my opinion (admittedly, i’m in the minority here) it was just another over amped superhero movie on steroids that was elevated to cult status by the untimely death of Heath Ledger.”

Honestly, I had that feeling before I actually saw it. I was very pleasantly surprised, and thoroughly entertained.

#52—Pretty good list, but I’d put TDK above the last three of those movies. On the other hand, I’d put Superman: The Movie, Superman II, TMP, Gladiator, the first X-Men, the LOTR trilogy, and Jaws above TDK, aside from the ones you named in the combined sci-fi/action category (in which we are apparently lumping comic book hero films and fantasy in as well). It was a very good movie, though, IMO.

The great thing about something like this is—no one is right or wrong. People will choose to like different things for different reasons.

I cannot stay awake in 2001:ASO, and haven’t since the first time I saw it. It bores me to death every time. I don’t get the attraction, and never have. On the other hand, I think TMP is the second best Star Trek film of all time, and the best “sci-fi” story in Star Trek movie history. It’s all subjective. To each his own.

114. AJ - September 20, 2008


Those would be horrid numbers. Batman and this ilk of super blockbusters gross a billion dollars after all is said and done, and PP clearly has its eyes on a repeat of this summer (Iron Man, Indy4).

And I think Trek is bigger than a niche of a niche. Trek first run was on TV in North America, at least, for over 20 years, and spawned 10 films. Someone other than the lunatic fringe must have been watching.

115. Closettrekker - September 20, 2008

#114—I agree. However, I do think “niche of a niche” is somewhat aptly descriptive of Trek in the last 10 years or so.
I think the only time it has been consistently good in that time has been the last season of ENT, and by then, no one was watching anymore (if it were even available to them to begin with).

With that said, I believe that once people in the mainsteam see that this is a 21st Century style look at the Star Trek characters they remember fondly, and that it is being done by some pretty currently popular creative minds in Hollywood, it will have more positive appeal than many are giving it credit for. I also think that when word of the effects and action sequences gets out, alot of young people will flock to satisfy their curiosity.

It will be well marketed by Paramount in the months leading up to its release, and I have no doubt that it will do financially well on opening weekend. Nearly a billion dollars? No, but that has only been done once in all of cinematic history. That would be an absurd standard.

116. JWM - September 20, 2008

Anyone who thinks that:

1. The new Trek has not been reviewed enough yet by Kevin Smith or
2. We haven’t heard enough from him

is considerably insane.

117. JWM - September 20, 2008

‘I wasn’t that impressed with The Dark Knight, I think Star Trek will be better. Just hoping it’s not going to be another Phantom Menace.’

I want to transport the two halves of your body into different places.

118. BK613 - September 20, 2008

agreed. I found TDK a very predictable movie. I thought the cops were dumber than they had to be to make the Batman look good, I think that Tommy Lee Jones did a better Two-Face, and I felt they reduced the Joker to an average bomb-wielding sociopath in grease paint. I wish I had me contribution to its financial success back…

As for best film in the last ten years, I’d pick any of the LOTR movies over this one. Heck, I’d pick Finding Nemo over TDK.
But that’s just my opinion.

119. John Pemble - September 20, 2008

Well I saw Dark Knight 3 times and liked it a lot. Saw Kevin on a few Comic Con panels this summer and he will tell you if he thinks something blows. Good sign for Trek movie

120. Mr. Bob Dobalina - September 21, 2008

# “Why should these wonderful characters be withheld from my kids and their peers–to protect the sanctity of mid 20th Century “everyone has a hunky dory family” make-believe values?”

Conversely, why should Star Trek change it’s stripes to suit your kids?

121. Mr. Bob Dobalina - September 21, 2008

Dark Knight was pretty much a decent action movie. But it was nothing close to genius or perfection. Batman’s gravely voice, spit out of a mouth that was all puffed up due to a mask that fit too tight was hardly genius or intimidating. In fact, bordered on being comical. Ledger was good at playing crazy, but that’s no huge feat. People play good crazys in the film all the time. The lighting was horrible, way too often, when Batman shouldve been kept in the shadows, he was fully lit, making his plastic mask look like a bad halloween costime. No Batcave? The cell phone thing was ridiculous. No. The Dark Knight was far from the perfect film. It was a decent action movie, nothing more.

122. CaptainlordBat - September 21, 2008

#121 eveidently you have never read any of the 1970’s bats books….he did not always have the cave. And Batman has never been about the costume….you could look at Bruce Wayne and see a fire in his eyes that would take anyone back.

123. Will H. - September 21, 2008

I think that he’s not comparing them as types of movies but just overall quality, and Dark Knight had more quality to it than anything Ive seen in ages. So even if the new Trek is 2/3 of what Dark Knight was I’ll be pretty damn happy.

124. richpit - September 21, 2008

I couldn’t read all the posts…too many of them…but I agree with however many folks say The Dark Knight was overrated and overhyped. Not that I don’t think it was a good movie…it was…but I do believe that much of the $$ brought in is a DIRECT result of the fact that Heath Ledger tragically died weeks before the film’s opening. We’ll never know, but I stand by my opinion that the movie wouldn’t be the huge critical and financial success that it is if Heath were still with us. Good? Yeah. Worthy of all this? No.

Star Trek will ROCK!

125. Xai - September 21, 2008

#124 richpit

I have to differ in opinion. I liked the movie, thought Ledger was very good and his unfortunate death didn’t color my decision to go, or how I enjoyed the flick.
I didn’t find myself watching the performance, thinking… “he’s dead.” More like…”he’s insane”.

126. Closettrekker - September 21, 2008

#120—-“Conversely, why should Star Trek change it’s stripes to suit your kids?”

That’s easy…because what they (and their peers) think of it will ultimately determine whether the franchise has a long term future…and the massive investment in ths film means that the established fans cannot carry it on their own. Those of us here at can see this movie 3 times each, and it still might not break even! Recognizing the need for more “mainstream appeal” than Star Trek has ever had is just common sense. Simply sticking with the old formula is not a viable option…

STXI has to impress kids who may not even have been alive the last time the TOS-era characters were depicted on the big screen. That is not even debatable.

127. star trackie - September 23, 2008

#120—-”Conversely, why should Star Trek change it’s stripes to suit your kids?”

That’s easy…because what they (and their peers) think of it will ultimately determine whether the franchise has a long term future…

Hmm. Seems to me if you have to radically change something so much that it no longer resembles it’s original form, then, really, what’s the point? So kids can watch something that is called Star Trek? I don’t think so. In 1987 they changed the Trek “formula” to appeal to “modern” audiences and that stale recipe rocked along for 20 years until it ultimately buried the “franchise”.

Now, I think THIS change is in the right direction, but still, change is not always for the better…just to keep something in the spotlight is not a good reason to turn it into something it isn’t.

128. Closettrekker - September 23, 2008

#127—I think you know that I am not speaking of random change. I’m talking about changing the storytelling style (JJ Abrams) and adding big budget effects, better action sequences, and a fresh young cast.

As long as it adheres to the TOS vision that humanity does not destroy itself, but instead, unites to conquer its current social ills and to explore the final frontier….then it’s still Star Trek to me.

129. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 24, 2008

What a nightmare letting Smith see the flick.

I am sure that the plot will leak by X-mas with blabber mouth
seeing the flick already.

130. tiberius - September 24, 2008

If only Kevin Smith had any taste whatsoever, I’d be encouraged…

131. ImmortalBones - September 24, 2008

Various – “The Dark Knight sucked/ sucks/ is sucking.”

I understand not wanting to be a sheep, but come on. It was a GREAT movie, if a bit crammed. I have a decent cross-section of friends who either :

a. are big Batman comic book fans
b. never read Batman comics
c. never really read comics at all
d. don’t care for superhero movies per se

and I’ve found the general consensus to be that they all thought it was an incredible, captivating movie that was, at turns, dark, humorous, dramatic, suspenseful, and action-packed. I think that speaks pretty well for it.

Personally, I would like to see Watchmen be even better, as I think the source material is one of the best books I’ve ever read, period. If Star Trek can be called to hold company with either of these, then it’s shaping up to be much better than I was expecting. And that’s a good thing, right?

132. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 24, 2008

131. ImmortalBones


It was good.

Just not “Great” or “Epic.”

133. Spock - September 24, 2008

With reviews like this, it’s going to be really good, or really… really bad. Remember what happened with those Star Wars prequels? Big wigs everywhere saying they were going to be brilliant…

134. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 24, 2008

Thats why New Voyages rolls so well.

It’s done like the Original series. Fast and on the cheap, but with a lotta love and devotion.

I long ago trumpeted how I would like to see Trek XI’s marketing budget go directly to the New Voyages crew. What eps they could make if they had a budget and a good six months devoted to the effort.

135. Juliet McGrath - May 10, 2009

Okay. I hated all the batman movies, so let’s talk about Star Trek X1.

I am a Trek fan and I hated the movie. It sucked. It stank. Do these people know anything about the Trek universe? How can the death of Kirk’s father cause Spock to have a human female as a lover, lose respect for his Vulcan elders and fly into rages. The man grew up on Vulcan. Where incidentally, I don’t think they have whores and I don’t think Vulcan children would know about whores. I mean we know Spock can kiss but that’s only when he has reverted 5000 years into the past or has a nose full of alian pollen or is enduring Pon Farr. Or has met me.

Kirk may be a bit unbelievable at times, cheesy and corny but he certainly was not an undignified idiot which is how he was portrayed in the movie.. and Sarek. Well, Sarek confessing love for his wife to his son??? And Chekov. Because Kirk had no dad, Chekov suddenly becomes a pedantic genius with no shyness whatsoever. We won’t talk about Scotty or the Orion female in Star Fleet?? Is her planet even a member of the Federation? And how can there be no senior officers on board after Pike left. A ship ful of junior officers only. A starship worth billions left to Spock (who because he lost his temper with Kirk is emotionally unable to command) even though he seems to think that having an affair with his crewmate is fit emotional control for a vulcan and then Kirk… Kirk the juvenile jerk is made captain just because he overheard something Noyota said – ahead of Spock, at the age of about 24 years?? By the way, Scotty invented the what?? I was so angry when I left the theatre that I almost lost it. There were 3 previews before the movie started and they all showed exactly the same thing. Lots of explosions, fights, blood and silly young people running all over the place. Star Trek was basically the same – a show for people born after 1994 who think that a cluttered bridge with twinkling lights and a ship full of undisciplined children who may or may not cheat on their exams can actually succeed just because hollywood says so. Sickening! Bones was the only recognizable and believable character. Spock rushed his lines and would not open his lips when speaking and it was obvious that he had mutterd the lines to himself dozens of times to learn them. He reminded me of a 6th grader playing Romeo against his will. I didn’t like the slur on “Live long and prosper” either. The makeup was poor. Spock has cheekbones and as far as I know Kirk does not have blue/grey eyes and Chekov does not have curly hair. Scotty also has more hair than whats his face.

Perhaps they can try again in Star Trek X11 and next time get it right. Afterall, it’s my generation that kept this thing going and I would appreciate some respect for the characters. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.