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Star Trek Film Competition Update September 25, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

A month ago we reported that JJ Abrams Star Trek movie was getting some more competition in the form of some ‘counter programming,’ and now there are more changes in the May 2009 schedule with a big ‘tween’  movie pulling out and a smaller comedy and a horror film coming into the picture.


Hannah Montana moves to April
During the summer it is typical for each weekend to have a big blockbuster type of film and a family or romantic comedy. Last month the romantic comedy My Life In Ruins slotted in to join Star Trek on May 8th 2009. The May 1st weekend was to have X-Men Origins: Wolverine along with the Hannah Montana Movie. Now Disney has moved the Hannah movie to April 10th. This is good news for Fox and Wolverine, but it is also good for Trek. Although Hannah Montana can be easily dismissed, it is a huge phenomenon amongst teens. The limited release 3-D Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour movie set a record for per/screen average ($45, 561). The Disney TV show is a huge hit and there is probably more Hannah Montana licensed merchandise released this year than Star Trek. The chart below shows that "Hannah Montana" is consistently a more popular search term than "Star Trek."

Last 12 months: Hannah v Trek in Google Trends [click for more detail]

Mos Def & Raimi jump in
Although Montana is gone, a new entry has come in for May 8th. The low-budget dark comedy Next Day Air staring Mos Def and Donald Faison (Scrubs), about at a UPS driver that accidentally gets involved with a drug ring. Although maybe that there is a slot open in the previous weekend, things could change. Also joining the May line-up is Drag Me To Hell, a horror film directed and co-written by Spider-man series helmer Sam Raimi, which is going directly up against the Pixar movie Up on May 29th (which would be Trek’s fourth weekend).

With all that, here is the current line-up for May 2009 (obviously subject to change).




X-Men Origins: Wolverine


The Hannah Montana Movie


Star Trek


My Life In Ruins


Next Day Air


Angels & Demons




Terminator Salvation


Night at the Museum 2




Drag Me To Hell

What is the buzz?
Star Trek is still well positioned but it wont be a walk in the park. The key for the film will be to dominate its first weekend (which is likely) and ride out the rest of the month with good word of mouth and strong showings. Although the Da Vinci Code sequel (Angels & Demons) should provide some competition, probably the biggest competition to Trek for audience are the Wolverine movie and the Terminator movie. Both of the previous films in those franchises grossed over $425 million worldwide, but neither topped the box office for more than a single weekend. In fact Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl came out the week after Terminator 3 and ended up making over $650 Million world wide. So it is easily possible that all the May movies could do well.

One area of concern will be pre-movie buzz. Star Trek actually ended up ranking a distant fifth as the most anticipated movie of 2009 according to a poll conducted by Fandango. The other May movies are already ramping up their marketing efforts, especially Terminator Salvation. Although Trek fans are getting up to speed on the JJ Abrams film, it still hasn’t made much of a splash into the mainstream media. There are even some concerns that it is under-buzzed. Time Magazine awarded Star Trek (and its surprising lack of a panel) the ‘biggest omission’ of this year’s Comic-Con, when at the same time both Terminator and Wolverine used the event to build mass media buzz for those projects. Just look at how during July 2008 (Comic Con Month), those projects surged in internet searches and news stories.

July 2008: Trek v Wolverine v Terminator in Google Trends [click for more detail]

The good news is that word from Paramount is that there is a plan to ‘massively promote’ the new Star Trek movie and deals are being cut now to start feeding things to the mainstream media and lift the cone of silence, starting around the time of the next trailer (which should be in late 2008). TrekMovie hopes that Paramount doesn’t wait too long as there are still a lot of preconceived notions around Trek that must be overcome to bring in ‘tent pole’ audiences.  Star Trek is not Cloverfield, and super-secrecy carried all the way into mid 2009 would likely backfire.   



1. Jeyl - September 25, 2008

Oh, this should be nice.

2. 750 Mang - September 25, 2008

“Back off, back off!”

Kirk to Hannah Montana.

3. Pat D. - September 25, 2008

I totally do not understand Paramount distributing another movie on the same day/

4. yay blogs - September 25, 2008


5. Stanky McFibberich - September 25, 2008

I don’t think the “mainstream” will be all that interested.

6. Kayla Iacovino - September 25, 2008

Seeing a TrekMovie article with Hannah Montana as the story icon is a bit disconcerting.

7. Xai - September 25, 2008

This is where some posters enter and proclaim how “dumb” Paramount, Bad Robot, JJ, Mr. Magoo and Jar Jar Binks were to move this film to May.

Let the gripe-fest begin.

8. Captain Robert April - September 25, 2008

“Star Trek is not Cloverfield, and super-secrecy carried all the way into mid 2009 would likely backfire. ”

They’re pushing it as it is.


9. The Enterprise - September 25, 2008

Wow. Trek pretty much has zero competition. Sure, Hannah will do average among the tweeners, but I really don’t see Wolverine doing well because the last X Men movie was such a disaster.

10. Izzy_Ryder - September 25, 2008

So heres what you do if you want to avoid competition with Terminator, Wolverine and Hannah Montana…

you release the film on its original release date and forget about ploys to make more money! its only going to be ignored up against films like Wolverine and Terminator because those two franchises appeal to more than just sci fi geeks, they appeal to casual movie goers aswell…

if 50 people go to the theatre to see Star Trek then 100 will see Wolverine, its a much more commercial license…..i see more Wolverine figures sitting on the shelves of Toys R Us than i do Kirk figures.

if this film bombs, then i dont wanna hear anyone at paramount come up with a lame excuse that the film wasnt all it could be….because it’ll more than likely be because they released it at the wrong time. and i highly doubt that they will admit their mistake.

11. Xai - September 25, 2008

Tired of the nay-sayers

12. MDSHiPMN - September 25, 2008

I too am worried.

The other movies have had a whole lot of press, posters, trailers, set pics.

Trek has been really limited in exposure.

Trek will do well, and I love Trek a lot, but I can’t expect too much.

Everything about Star Trek says “nerd” to alot of people, and those people still think they’ve allready seen all Trek has to offer.

I can’t get enough of it, they can’t change the channel fast enough.

If this movie is good, I hope it helps change some peoples’ negative view of what Star Trek is.

13. Xai - September 25, 2008

No mistake was made. this position shows confidence in the film and believe it or not… people DO see more than one movie a summer.

Hannah left, Terminator and Wolverine are on different weekends.

14. OM - September 25, 2008

“Tired of the nay-sayers”

…Especially because we’re right once again, huh?


15. The Gorn Identity - September 25, 2008

There’s a strong possibility this entire “Hannah Montana” fad will be over by next April.

Star Trek is safe in its release date. It won’t be facing any real competition until the Terminator movie hits. I don’t see “Angels and Demons” to be that much of a challenge. The “Da Vinci Code” did okay at the box office and the sequel will probably do about the same or even a little less. X-Men/Wolverine will have a strong opening but it will fall during its second weekend once TREK opens. No worries.

For the record, I do believe Paramount should have kept STAR TREK’s Christmas release date.

16. Tog - September 25, 2008

ENTERPRISE fly over during the Super Bowl – That would Rock!

Do you remember this — Enjoy the Super Bowl it be your last one!

17. Newman - September 25, 2008

bahahahahaha @ Hannah Montana.

I myself feel that the Terminator movie poses the biggest threat to Trek. Especially since Christian Bale is the man.

Having said that, I’m still going to squeal like a piggie on May 8th.

18. Al Hartman - September 25, 2008

It’s “under buzzed” because they are being so secretive about it.

I think it’s because they feel the need to hide it from trek fans so we won’t talk it down for being too different from what went before.

Why else wouldn’t they release pictures from the movie and put out trailers?

19. John from Cincinnati - September 25, 2008

I think not having a presence at Comic Con was just sheer arrogance on Paramount’s part. Yes, word of mouth will help this movie if it is as good as the suits say it is, however, they should would want to ramp up the initial audience cluster as much as possible. The bigger the initial audience, the more mouths for the word of mouth to happen.

I agree with this article about overcoming stereotypes for a lot of people. There need to be trailers, commercials and talk show appearances people, and soon.

20. Daniel Broadway - September 25, 2008

Star Trek would have completely and totally ruled the Christmas holiday release date. I hope the move to May 8th helps it, and doesn’t hurt it.

21. SPB - September 25, 2008


If they’re hoping to court the “average moviegoer” into getting hyped-up for a STAR TREK film that they normally wouldn’t see, they’re doing a stupendously piss-poor job of it, in my book. TREK XI would have been THE film to see during Dec. ’08 through Jan. ’09… as it stands, it’s now just another summer tentpole flick of many for May of 2009. Throwing some crumbs to the die-hards (face posters? Oooooh!) ain’t gonna cut it.

Paramount needs to start hyping this to Joe Schmoe starting YESTERDAY. If the general public had a better understanding that TREK XI is dealing with the “early years” of Kirk and Spock, the buzz would be MUCH greater. I don’t think the man on the street even has the first clue that there’s a new TREK film coming out next summer, but everybody sure seems to know about TERMINATOR 4 and ANGELS AND DEMONS. *sigh*

22. Thomas - September 25, 2008

It’i personally think that it’s still kind of early to be worrying about how this movie is being received because, to the best of my knowledge, I still haven’t heard much buzz about Angels and Demons or Woverine. In fact, most of the talk I’ve heard about Wolverine is that people are nervous about it based on how bad X-Men 3 was. I’ve heard almost nothing about Angels and Demons. I’m just not ready to freak out yet over how this movie is being handled by Paramount or Bad Robot.

23. Tim Lade - September 25, 2008

The funny thing about predicting big movies is that you actually can’t. Who knows what other factors will play into Star Trek having a big weekend such as things a simple as the weather, the economy, etc. etc. etc.

Studio’s routinely try and counter program based on the fact that different people like different things. Look Dark Knight vs. Mamma Mia…two completely different movies with two completely different audiences and yet both huge money makers. I feel that the science of how exactly how well the movie will do should be left up to psychics. Noboby has a crystal ball at trekmovie as far as I know and therefore it is extremely problematic to predict anything that is six months away. Hell we could all be swallowed by a giant black hole and never see the movie.


24. Seasoned Trekkie - September 25, 2008

#21: Totally agree. It’s as if Paramount is trying to sabotage the movie project. Maybe they’re tired of the Star Trek franchise but if so, then they should have put it up for sale to another studio a long time ago.

25. JohnnieF - September 25, 2008

Don’t worry about tomorrow, today has enough troubles of its own. Things are going to work out just fine. If you start the “buzz” to soon, people will lose interest. Hannah Montana has a TV show and is constantly in front of the Tweeners – you should expect her to have a high Google search rate. I want to see the trailers as much as anyone, but I also want everything done right so the movie does as well as possible and maybe the whole franchise can get a fresh start. “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!”

26. Jason Lee - September 25, 2008

I have very little opinion one way or the other on the move from December to May, other than wishing I didn’t have to wait that much longer to see it. As to the lack of hype and advertising, however, as long as they DO give it a massive promotional campaign starting no later than the end of this year, I think they could benefit from the added intensity in the final lead-up to the film’s release rather than spreading it out over a longer period of time. They just need to make sure that the next theatrical trailer is absolutely kick-ass and leaves people saying to themselves, “OMG! Trek movie or no, I have GOT to see that!”

27. Closettrekker - September 25, 2008

#25—“Things are going to work out just fine. If you start the “buzz” to soon, people will lose interest”


“Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!”

Yep. Don’t even begin the campaign until the holiday season (with a full trailer), and then escalate it from there. ST will only sustain significant interest with the “mainstream” public for a short time. Big time promotion right now would only be wasted effort. The goal is for interest to “peak” the week of the opening.

28. Closettrekker - September 25, 2008

#26—Another wise voice.

29. Brian - September 25, 2008

Yup definitely time to generate at least a little buzz.

30. Xai - September 25, 2008

24. Seasoned Trekkie – September 25, 2008
#21: Totally agree. It’s as if Paramount is trying to sabotage the movie project. Maybe they’re tired of the Star Trek franchise but if so, then they should have put it up for sale to another studio a long time ago.

Yep, that old business ploy… Hire good writers, a talented director, bring in Leonard Nimoy and I bet if we throw enough money at this…we can make it go away.

I have a bridge I’d like to sell you…

31. Darkowski - September 25, 2008

I don’t know… as much as I’m excited about the new Star Trek movie, I’m kind of nervous as well for its success at the box office.

I have this feeling that for Star Trek to be successful, they need to really put A LOT of work and dedication into the marketing department or else only trekkers/trekkies will show up in theaters (perhaps that’s the reason why they postponed it until next May – to have more time to market the product better). True, Star Trek is a really popular brand name, but it doesn’t mean that everyone familiar with it will actually rush to the nearest movie theater. It is said that Paramount wants to re-invigorate the franchise, but IMO they need to re-invigorate the name as well (in order to re-invigorate the franchise) (chicken or the egg?). And word of mouth isn’t enough, as it will mostly attract only the regular ST fans.

Like #12 said; Star Trek needs A LOT more exposure. Find a way to target everyone (as the target market is practically everyone), not only trekkers. Make a mass marketing campaign. Put adds where the public isn’t expecting it. Make the public believe in that ST future just like the first JJ trailer by connecting real life space exploration with Star Trek. Brainwash them. Make the general public change their perception of what Star Trek really is. Make them pay that movie theater ticket! :-P

P.S. I only took one marketing course, so I hope I make at least some sense :-D

32. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 25, 2008


OK, let’s have a little perspective, folks. It’s September. Just how sick of Star trek promotions do you think the mainstream audience would be if they started right now? Ads in September. Ads in October. Ads in November. Ads in December. Ads in January. Ads in February. Ads in March. Ads in April, with the big push the last two weeks of April and into May. Over-exposure won’t help the movie any.

The best thing about these sort of threads are the people that come here and say “See, I told you! The whole thing is going to suck because I didn’t get to see a picture of the Enterprise in July, August, and September. They didn’t have an all revealing trailer 10 months before the release of the movie and now Star Trek is dead!”


33. Xai - September 25, 2008

14. OM – September 25, 2008
“Tired of the nay-sayers”

“…Especially because we’re right once again, huh?”

I am still waiting for the first time you were… when was that?


34. Xai - September 25, 2008

#32 THX-1138


35. Joe Schmoe - September 25, 2008

Having a scene that portrayed Miley Cyrus as a teenage Jim Kirk’s first major love would kill the movie for us real fans, but would bring some of the squealy girls into the movie theater.

That and the Jonas Brothers playing three musical alien brothers in a bar on Rigel.

I have two daughters, and I know that’s the only way I could get them to go see a Star Trek movie with me, ha ha ha.

36. Blake Powers - September 25, 2008

as a seasoned vet of… Miley Cyrus as the pic for this article??? Dear god man, you scared me. I was worried I accidentally logged onto…
Seriously though, I wish I would have had a webcam shot of my face when I first logged on.
How about some HOTT pics of Zoe??

37. Xai - September 25, 2008

Closettrekker…I hope some of these people are sitting next to you in May and not me.


38. Blake Powers - September 25, 2008

Hannah Montana could be the illegitimate child of James T. Kirk and that Green Singing thing from Jabba’s fort in Return of the Jedi.

39. max - September 25, 2008

I’m not worried about the competition. People go to a lot of movies during the summer. Its not a big deal. But they do need to step up the promotion soon.

40. krikzil - September 25, 2008

“One area of concern will be pre-movie buzz. Star Trek actually ended up ranking a distant fifth as the most anticipated movie of 2009 according to a poll conducted by Fandango. The other May movies are already ramping up their marketing efforts, especially Terminator Salvation. Although Trek fans are getting up to speed on the JJ Abrams film, it still hasn’t made much of a splash into the mainstream media. There are even some concerns that it is under-buzzed. Time Magazine awarded Star Trek a ‘biggest omission’ rating no panel at this year’s Comic-Con, when at the same time both Terminator and Wolverine used the event to build mass media buzz for those projects. Just look at how during July 2008 (Comic Con Month), those projects surged in internet searches and news stories.”

Hmm… posters have been taken to task for posting these same thoughts in past months by some of you. I know I was for harping about Comic Con.

41. Closettrekker - September 25, 2008

#37—I’ll make one of my sons switch seats with me.

42. mm3guy - September 25, 2008

Is Google Trends really a site to base your research on how popular something is on?

43. Bob Tompkins - September 25, 2008

It’s what I’ve been preaching for months.
Mainstream awareness is low. Mainstream interest is nil.

I can just hear the following conversation on the streets on May 8, 2009..

“Whadday wanna go see at the movies?’
“I dunno.”
“Heard there’s a new Start Trek comin’ out tomorrow.”
“Star Trek? No way, man.That’s soooo frakkin'[sp] geeky.We a new ‘Terminator’ comin’ in a couple of weeks. Let’s just wait.”
“Awright. Let’s hit the skateboards, dude.”

Or something like that. All over the country.

44. JP - September 25, 2008

I thought it was the end of the world when I go on to and see Hannah Montana. rofl

45. Closettrekker - September 25, 2008

Any potential “buzz” created this early will only serve established fans who are going to see the movie anyway.

As long as the promotion campaign includes attention grabbing effects and glimpses of impressive action sequences (along with the words “from director JJ Abrams” in big bold letters), mainstream moviegoers will raise an eyebrow :) —-Star Trek or not.

The goal is to “peak” that interest just before opening weekend. If it starts now, then no matter how impressive the promotion is, interest among average moviegoers will wane in the coming months and the impulse ticket buyers will not be there in the same numbers as if the interest were fresh.

That’s not conjecture, but a staple application of good consumer marketing.

Think about it. How much is Abrams (of all people) going to be willing to give away to begin with? It makes no sense to limit the impact of the campaign in the weeks leading up to the release by letting it go now.

As for pictures of the Enterprise, who is that going to benefit right now—the fans who regularly peruse trekmovie? They are going to show up in May whether they release a photo or not. The only thing it will serve to do is give some of the purists a weapon to attack the creative team with over the web.

Why on Earth would Abrams subject himself to that voluntarily?

Not that I believe he will withhold it for that long, but I wouldn’t release a full photo at all prior to opening weekend. I would stifle much of the inevitable criticism (since no matter how good it is, it will be criticised) by forcing fans to see it within the context of the entire film itself.

What are the fans (who, again, no matter what they say, will see it opening weekend) going to do besides post in all caps on


Save it for when it counts…for when it will remain fresh on the minds of kids who weren’t even alive the last time someone depicted Captain Kirk on screen right up until the film’s release.

We are still 2.5 months away from when this film’s more aggressive promotion campaign needs to begin, and even then, only with a full trailer. It should escalate from there, and reach full stride in early May.

46. Seasoned Trekkie - September 25, 2008

#30: Yeah, I kinda see your point

47. devon Richards - September 25, 2008

I have a question you folks…
Many will agree that Terminator 3, while it had its moments, came pretty close to sucking royally. And, McG’s last movie was the god-awful Angels sequel. Why are people so psyched about this new Terminator film?

48. Capt Mike from the Terran Empire - September 25, 2008

Hey the new T4 will be great. it’s after Judgement day and it’s where John Conner saves mankind.But Trek needs to get the buzz out there. if they do not do it soon then it may be to late. They need to start the Buzz now and by relasing a trailer and Photos and getting the hype going it will help. I see Star Trek Being number 1 for 2 weeks.Then a respectable 2 for another 2 weeks.But Start the BUZZ NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

49. pinky - September 25, 2008

I am concerned that Star Trek was moved to summer because it’s a boom bang blockbuster like Transformers, The Island, Eagle Eye…. instead of an thoughtful adventure like Star Trek II.

I pray Orci and Kurtzman tried something new… and left the pee jokes out of it. Oh please…

50. Xai - September 25, 2008

43. Bob Tompkins – September 25, 2008

You need to talk to more adults…dude.

51. Commodore Lurker - September 25, 2008

Anthony, Kayla, Xai: It is agreeable that we agree.

52. Trekkie 16 - September 25, 2008

Very nice article. My guess is that the demographics that Star Trek is targeting are the folks that go to the movies frequently. I don’t believe a person is going to pick one and only see one film in the month of May. I plan on seeing ST and the new Terminator movie. The rest I will wait for cable or rent on DVD.

If it is a great movie, the Trek fans will see it more than once and the casual fan or sci-fi fan will check it out. No matter how much marketing they do…if it is bad, it will disappoint at the box office. If it lives up to the hype, it will kick ass at the box office.

53. Jay - September 25, 2008

Now, the problem though is from what I’ve seen, whatever is #1 on the first weekend of May is traditionally the #1 film of the second weekend. And that whatever ‘big’ release set for that weekend usually disappoints, with recent bombs like Poseidon and Speed Racer opening that weekend. Hopefully that curse is lifted.

As for what we have to look out for now, I’m just a bit disappointed that they’ve already announce Night at the Museum for IMAX on May 22, when this should be IMAXed. Hopefully Paramount can make a deal (it certainly wouldn’t be the first time we got two IMAX releases within a few weeks).

54. Paul - September 25, 2008

Hey let’s be optimistic here, i’m pleased that anyone other than us Trekkies knows about this project (unless there was a clandestine effort on the part of Trekkies everywhere to vote up on that site for Trek ’09 and if there was, why ain’t i on the mailing list?) i’ve had to tell most of my friends that they are even making this movie.

p.s. on not a completely unrelated note what happened to the countdown clock? or am i just blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other?

55. Xai - September 25, 2008

No wonder there’s no pleasing Trek fans…. far too much pessimism. It’s not here yet and for some… it’s already failed.

I stand amazed and dismayed.

56. William "Blissey" Raymer - September 25, 2008

“6. Kayla Iacovino – September 25, 2008
Seeing a TrekMovie article with Hannah Montana as the story icon is a bit disconcerting.”


57. bobfred - September 25, 2008

the reason there’s no buzz is because THERE ISN’T ANY INFO ON IT!

58. Scoopy - September 25, 2008

#18 – Al Hartman – You are 100% correct!

59. Einthoven - September 25, 2008

Great! Will watch WOLVIE multiple times to hurt ABRAMS crap TREK.

And T4 will give it the final kill…

TREK 09 = next year’s “Speed Racer” hopefully. :D

60. mojonaut - September 25, 2008

Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds.

Now there’s one multi-personality little accident that I wish WAS assimilated by the Borg.

61. Anthony Thompson - September 25, 2008

No matter how good the movie is, it’ll flop if people aren’t in the seats to see it. I agree with the “between the lines” tone of this article that Paramount needs to “get cracking” and start promoting this thing and drumming up some interest. Or it may become JJ’s “Heaven’s Gate”.

When was the last time a 150 million dollar epic was released with a virtual cast of unknowns? Really, now! It took a lot of faith in the promise of Trek for Paramount and JJ to produce what will probably be a great film. Now the marketing people need to show their faith and commitment to this project!

Believe me, it is not too early to start! Friends of mine who SHOULD be interested in this movie are apathetic about it. They are expecting it to be “more of the same”. Paramount needs to SHOW THEM that it WON’T be more of the same! The sooner, the better!!!

Don’t worry about “Hannah Montana” or any other competition. If people are interested in seeing Trek, they will. No matter what else is out there. But if they aren’t, tough or soft competition isn’t going to make a bit of difference!

62. Sebastian Meyer - September 25, 2008

Cold it be that Terminator 4 has more buzz than Trek because there is a Terminator TV show on?

Wow, would that be ironic…

I doubt very much the average Joe is even AWARE that another Trek movie is coming, let alone that it is not just “another” Trek movie. But I have a lot of hope that this will change once an actual trailer is out and the PR campaing starts.

63. 8 of 12 - September 25, 2008

I have to say, Hannah Montana is, and always has been, just about the last thing I expect to see when I come to my beloved Trekmovie. Tripped me out man!!! lol

64. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 26, 2008

59. Einthoven

I am switching my Phaser off of the stun setting.

65. Doug in Kabul, Afghanistan - September 26, 2008

I have a great idea. Let’s show a trailer starting in late October, another new one in November, and December, a new one each month, and then by the time May 09 comes around we will have seen the entire movie.

Great ideah, huh?


okay, let’s be calm here.. Paramount isn’t going to throw away nearly 200 million smackers for naught…. so be patient. I think the media blitz will start when it needs to, which I think would be late 2008 to say, late January 2009…. then we’ll see the movie in May and it will knock our socks off!

66. Doug in Kabul, Afghanistan - September 26, 2008

I really had no idea there were so many media advertising experts out there. (grin) TREK should be in geat hands reading all these pieces of advice….

and Paramount is getting it all for free.

67. Kevin from Akron - September 26, 2008

Star Trek XI — $50 million. Hannah Montana — movie $5 million.

68. Paulaner - September 26, 2008

I don’t understand this competition thing. Is people unable to watch more than one movie in the same season? :)

69. Chris Pike - September 26, 2008

Have to agree totally with your article here. The film does seem to be way under publicised to the mainstream ticket buying public – Paramount really needs to get the PR machine into warp drive to get the huge box office needed. There seems to be a lack of hunger and anticipation out in the mainstream for the film, they can’t rely solely on our fanbase to get the huge numbers needed – as the production team have virtually admitted anyway by “making the film appeal to a new audience as much as fans”

70. Fatman Bruno - September 26, 2008

All these people wanting to know what the new enterprise will look like…. WELL… pretty much like the original actually!! take the trailer for instance – this shows us the saucer section is almost identical to the motion picture version sans the font which is in style with TOS, the engines are thankfully round like TOS although I expect the body section will be a mixture of TV TOS and movie TOS, if your lucky enough to have a morphing programme on your PC I suggest you take a picture of TOS 1701 and Movie 1701 and combine the two, send in your snaps to Anthony and watch the nitpicking continue.
Are you up for that Anthony?

71. Deebo Shanks - September 26, 2008

True Story: I went to work the other day, and they had hired a new kid. Just by looking at him, I knew he was a geek like me, and I introduced myself. After talking for a few minutes, I realized that he -was- a geek, and I asked him if he was a Trek fan. He gushed and started talking 90 miles a minute, and I learned that he was a huge Trekkie, having seen every episode of every series. His favorites were TOS and DS9 (like me!), and he then lamented the fact that Nemesis did so poorly because it meant that we weren’t going to see another Star Trek movie for a long time. I said, “Well, not until May.” His eyes became wide, and he just stood there staring at me. “What?”, I asked. “They’re making a new Star Trek movie?”

Yeah. Paramount needs to get on the ball, or no one will know anything about it.

72. HerbieZ - September 26, 2008

I’ll just say, that JJ hasnt kicked off film publicity yet, when the trailer gets released, i’d like to see these trends about a month after it.

73. The Angry Klingon - September 26, 2008

Sometimes anticipation of a good meal can be a good thing but then other times the service is so slow (and they forget to bring appetizers or fill your water glass) that anticipation turns to frustration and eventually in to a lack of interest. I think Paramount continues to make bad marketing decisions and the ‘buzz’ is gradually becoming background static.

74. John - September 26, 2008

The alarming thing is that Star Trek is opening on the Speed Racer weekend, the weekend after a big, popular Marvel movie opens. Speed Racer doesn’t have the audience that Star Trek has, of course, but even the last Trek movie didn’t do much better than Speed Racer. Let’s hope this movie is good and Paramount builds a desire for people to want to see it.

75. Keith, Brighton, England - September 26, 2008

the Borg weren’t terribly fond of Montana……..

there’s a gag there somewhere just waiting to get out.

76. commander K, USS Sovereign - September 26, 2008

Hannah Montana isn’t a huge thing in the UK, so we’ll gratefully ignore it!

Yes, they need to start promoting it NOW and stop farting about. Move ur butt JJ!

77. Joe Schmoe - September 26, 2008

OK, how about this scenario:

After the Star Trek movie has been out for 8 weeks and run its course, edit in a two minute dance number from Disney and rename it “High School Musical 4, a Space Adventure, with Special Guest Hannah Montana.”

Then you’ll get all the 12-year-olds to rush out to see the movie, Star Trek bags another $100 million at the box office, and we are ensured a sequel.

Whatever it takes, man.

Heh heh heh

78. That One Guy - September 26, 2008

Hannah Montana has been replaced by the Jonas Brothers in popularity. And they’ll be done on e they realize that only one of them gets attention. Let’s just be patient. It will be taken care of, in time. Paramount will do what it can.

79. star trackie - September 26, 2008

The biggest thing to overcome is the negative stigma that 20 years of the Bermanverse has created. They really need to focus on the team behind the scenes. Taglines like ” From the man that brought you ALIAS and LOST comes a Star Trek film like you’ve never seen before.”

“From the makers of Cloverfield.”

” From the writing team that rbought you Transformers” …etc etc.

They really need to push the fact that this IS a totally new Star Trek. TNG through Enterprise is extra baggage that this film can’t afford to carry. This movie needs to look new, fresh and fun. And I think it will be.

But the the studio doesn’t have to convinve me, it’s the millions who think Trek is tired and not-cool that will need their preconceptions re-wired.. Those will the ones be deciding between trek and Terminator They will need to be informed to the point that they know this is something …with apologies to Monty Python….completely different. Let the marketing begin!

80. The A-Man - September 26, 2008

That’s weird TrekMovie put this article up because I had been worrying about the new Trek being underpromoted this morning.

I’m from North America but I study in Europe. As you know, many university students are fond of Star Trek. But out of my class of 30, NONE knew that there was a new Star Trek movie coming.

And they didn’t seem excited to see it either.

Paramount better start marketing. Otherwise franchises like X-Men, Da Vinci and Terminator will eat your box-office before, during and after your primetime.

That’s the problem with Star Trek movies. Except for Trekkies (if you’re lucky), no one cares about them.

Even if Trek turns a bit more mainstream it’s always seen as geeky, cerebral and boring. If you turn it into Star Wars it’ll be pathetic…


81. Trek Nerd Central - September 26, 2008

Guys, I hate to break it to you, but release dates change with the wind. (Witness, for instance, “Star Trek.”)

Kind of a lot of effort wasted on analyzing “competition” that likely as not will change two or three times before next May. I realize studio heads are obsessed with this sort of over-analyzing, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference in the end.

“Star Trek” will sink or swim on its own merits, not whether Hannah Montana or Mos Def is opening against it. And just watch – by January, the release dates will have changed *again.*

82. Trek Nerd Central - September 26, 2008

#80. A-Man, calm yourself. We’re still 7 1/2 months out. If Trek was bumped from Christmas to summer, that means the studio is behind it and plans to market it up the wazoo. By next May (if the release date holds), the media will be saturated with Trek publicity.

And who said it was gonna turn into “Star Wars”? Is Lucas involved? Is Jar-Jar in it? Have we heard rumors that the dialogue and/or acting sucks?

83. Holger - September 26, 2008

Hannah … what? I’m too old for this kind of stuff.

84. SPB - September 26, 2008


Have quick little man-on-the-street interviews and ask the average person what they like and remember about the classic TOS episodes and movies. DO NOT… UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES… interview die-hard Trekkies in their Borg, Starfleet or Klingon costumes.

I can picture the “average” fan happily recollecting the transporters, the phasers, the Enterprise, the Vulcan hand salute, the old Mego toys, Kirk kickin’ butt, Spock’s neckpinch, etc., and turning the ads more into a nostalgic look-back, when EVERYONE seemed to watch STAR TREK in re-runs in one form or another, before it took on the full-blown “geek stigma” starting around TNG and after.

Get the public nostalgic FIRST, and then hit ’em with: “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Cue mind-blowing ILM effects shots and Pine, Qunito & Co. in action.

85. Daoud - September 26, 2008

Basing this on search terms?

“The chart below shows that “Hannah Montana” is consistently a more popular search term than “Star Trek.” ”

Yes, how often do sickos type in “Star Trek Nekkid” as a search term, eh?

I’m sure “Anne Hathaway” is consistently a more popular search term than “Star Trek.”

86. jobryant - September 26, 2008

I just want to make sure I have this straight. In December of 2008, people will go to see a movie. Before that movie starts they see a trailer that blows them away. Starts off with “From JJ Abrams” and then goes on to show them cool graphics, action, and music. The audience in enthralled with every clip. As the trailer winds down you see “Star Trek” flash on the screen and you hear whispers of “Wow, that’s Star Trek, looks pretty cool” and the like. As the trailer ends you see “May, 2009”. The whispers turn into “May!!! That’s only 6 months away!! There’s no way I’m gonna see that movie. If they told me about it in September I would I’d see it. But how am I supposed to get jazzed about it when it’s only 6 months away!!”

87. David West - September 26, 2008

For one, though Wolverine may be a good movie, it has competition. Watchmen, which hits in March, is going to taint the public’s view of Wolverine good or bad depending on how it does.

That will influence how much repeat business Wolverine gets on week 2 of release/week 1 of Star Trek.

Secondly, looking at IMDB, Star Trek would have been against the remake of the Day The Earth Stood Still for the holiday season. Now I’m not a huge fan of Keanu Reeves, but I consider it more competition than Terminator.

88. star trackie - September 26, 2008

Don’t under-estimate the power of the Terminator. Teamed with Christian Bale and the new series on FOX, a new high profile Terminator movie will give Trek some serious competition for the action/sci-fi enthusiast’s dollar. Hopefully good word of mouth will give JJ’s Trek the legs it will need to live long and pro$per throughout the summer.

89. Marcus Johnson - September 26, 2008

Picard to Hannah Montana “Back Off!!!”.

90. Third Remata'Klan - September 26, 2008

I look at May next year, and I see three movies I really want to see (Trek, Wolverine, Terminator), as well as a sequel that should make a lot of bucks (Angels & Demons). The Da Vinci Code was a HUGE moneymaker (more so overseas than in North America). There’s plenty of competition.

But I also agree with everyone who says its a little too early to start marketing in earnest. Yes, the “cone of silence” shtick will not work, but they don’t need to start the heavy marketing until the end of the year.

We’ve still got eight months, folks!

91. Brett Campbell - September 26, 2008

So, Hanna Montana is the new ship’s computer voice, and she’s going to sing the song for the montage and music video — “My Trek Will Go On”?

Well, that should put teenyboppers of all ages in seats. How about cameos for the Hanson Brothers as cadets? And Shatner could be in the music videos with all of these kids! “That’s Entertainment!”

92. table10 - September 26, 2008

Anthony’s editorial skills on this article were particularly strong. I just wanted to say I agree with you 100%.

93. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - September 26, 2008

I guess the sky is still falling.

I think the Hannah Montana publicity and box office will be interesting to track as rumor has it that she is trying to get out of her Disney contract and was recently spotted at Universal Studios.

I do think that there should have been a little more of a presence at the conventions this year because it wouldn’t do anything but stoke the flames for the converted. You know, to fire up the geeks. The general public still doesn’t seem to have much awareness of things like Comic Con and the Vegas and Atlanta conventions so the chance of over exposing the film to the general movie-going public is lessened.


I don’t think there needs to be a bunch of commercials to promote the film to one geek who hasn’t heard of the new movie. BTW, you might want to give the guy a raise so that he can afford the internet and a computer. How has a real geek not heard of the new Star Trek flick?


Totally on point about the validity of tracking search popularity. I’ll bet if you were to track “Hot co-ed dancing”, you’d get more hits than Star Trek. Or anything else having to do with sex.

94. starfleetmom - September 26, 2008

Why are we worried about competing with Hannah Montana? I don’t really think it’s the same audience. Scratch that…I KNOW it’s not the same audience! I’d be more worried about Terminator.

95. bambam - September 26, 2008

i think trek will do about a $30 million opening…then total about $80 million domestic and a further $50 million overseas..

96. mojonaut - September 26, 2008

76: I’m in Ireland (so we get more or less the same TV and associated hype and commercialisation as in the UK), and two of my nieces (9 and 12) are completely obsessed by Hanna Montana. I’m guessing you don’t fit into that demographic. But then again, not many Star Trek (or sci-fi in general) fans do.

97. Trek Nerd Central - September 26, 2008

#90 Yes. Though it’s worth noting that “The Cone of Silence” never worked on “Get Smart,” anyway.

98. sean - September 26, 2008

I’d feel more concerned if I was releasing Terminator. The last one stunk, this is one is rumoured to be PG-13 (a surefire signal it will be crap) AND they’re going against NATM 2, a movie that will do massive business, regardless of how silly it is.

99. King Anthony - September 26, 2008

I was wondering when this type of thread would show up, and not only does it bode well for the future, it simply reinforces what I’ve known all along.

Paramount’s “brilliance” never ceases to amaze me,

Hannah Montana. More popular search term than Trek? Really? What you know ’bout that? There’s no way Trek’s getting that crowd, though it’d do well to do so, given the numbers. Next Day Air could be a sleeper.

Wolverine will dominate the Box Office, and i doubt less than a quarter of its audience will go see Trek XI, er Trek Zero once it debuts, which might quite possibly, open in second place still after the fact.

Angels & Demons. I’m not even going there.

They should’ve stuck to the Christmas 08 release date. That, and an A-list headliner in the lead. You want mainstream money, you’d damned well better have a mainstream A-lister like Matt Damon or Dan Craig in the lead, especially when you’re talking about Trek.

They never take chances, do they?

100. Trek Nerd Central - September 26, 2008

#99 Daniel Craig was hardly an A-lister when he signed on to play Bond. He’s an example of smart, counter-intuitive casting that flew in the face of *both* mainstream expectations *and* hardcore fandom. And it paid off.

If Abrams had cast “A-listers” out of some misguided attempt to grab a mainstream audience, it would have doomed his re-boot from the beginning. I have more hope for the movie knowing he cast it with an eye for character, legacy and story, not according to some vague notion of profitability.

I am posting too much today. That’s it for me.

101. King Anthony - September 26, 2008


I’ve Trekked 40 years and I’m not nostalgic at all.

Nostalgia, huh? The good old days? Where was all of this “nostalgia” during the late 80s and through the 90s? Many who might be inclined moved on, and they ain’t coming back.

Nostalgia. It ain’t happening.

102. Brett Campbell - September 26, 2008

100 – Very good points about casting decisions for the new Trek.

103. SPB - September 26, 2008

#101 –

And I’d argue that sure, a lot of people (die-hards included) became sick of all things STAR TREK sometime after TNG went off the air, judging by the diminishing returns for DS9, VOY and ENT. However, fans AND the general public, if they’re going to go for any new TREK at all, are going to want to see the return of Kirk and Spock (even if we do get new actors in the roles).

Nostalgia ain’t gonna or won’t happen? I’d certainly base the success of the TOS movies on nostalgia, and we haven’t had one of those since 1991 (or, to a lesser degree, 1994). I think the general public WILL want to check out STAR TREK XI, if the buzz and marketing is right.

TREK XI will be a hit, no doubt. It’s just a matter of: Will word-of-mouth take off, or will it just be another blip in an overstuffed summer?

104. OM - September 26, 2008

“There’s a strong possibility this entire “Hannah Montana” fad will be over by next April. “

…Yup. All we need to do is get her knocked up out of wedlock. Any volunteers?

105. Dr. Image - September 26, 2008

Make no mistake, TREK XI is going to explode when it comes out.
This is not your B&B version Trek anymore, and JJ is going to make sure everyone knows it.
I’ve been a purist, and even I now say- bring on the reboot!

106. Buckaroohawk - September 26, 2008

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in May 2009.

The Hanna Montana phenomenon shows no signs of abating anytime soon. The teen pop craze (which also includes The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lavato, and others of that ilk) seems to be in perpetual full-throttle mode. Though the movie isn’t direct competition for the new Trek film, there is the reluctance of some people to go to a movie theater when you know it’s going to be packed to the rafters with giddy, screaming tweens to consider.

Wolverine could put a dent in Trek’s grosses even though the last X-Men film wasn’t so well-received. Wolvie is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, and Hugh Jackman simply owns that role. One high-impact trailer for this film is all it will take to fill theater seats.

The Terminator series is another matter. Like the X-Men series, the last film isn’t as well-regarded as the previous ones, and the TV series has been struggling in the ratings, declining steadily since its premiere. Add the facts that Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be appearing and the questionable choice of McG as director and this film starts to look less like a blockbuster than some might think. On the other hand, they snagged Christian Bale for the lead, so the potential for this film to make big money can’t be ruled out.

Then there are the other films lined up around the Summer 2009 season, any of which could surprise people and leapfrog to the front of the pack, like Juno did recently.

So, as usual, it all comes down to that wonderful catchphrase, “buzz.” None of the big Summer 2009 have really started their marketing assaults yet. Fans are aware these films are being made, but the public-at-large is still generally unaware of them. The first salvo will come during Christmas 2008, where we’ll likely see some kind of trailer for all of these movies. A few might even drop a tidbit into the Super Bowl ad stream in January 2009. Entertainment shows like Extra will start running stories during February 2009 sweeps, and by March 2009, the full court press will begin. It may seem like all the studios are playing things very close to the vest (and they are) but this scenario isn’t really any different than previous Summer film campaigns.

The only thing that troubles me a little is the low rankings for Trek searches on the internet. Trek has been out of the public spotlight for a while now, so that isn’t really too surprising. And everyone knows that tweens are communicating more and more through the internet every day, so the extremely high numbers for subjects like Hanna Montana will naturally reflect that. That said, I believe this is one area that Paramount and the filmmakers should address quickly. A greater internet presence now would spike the interest of more casual movie-goers and build public anticipation, even for the first trailer. A well thought-out internet marketing campaign could be just the thing to put Trek at pole position come May 2009, right where it deserves to be.

Okay, there are my thoughts. Please continue with the ranting.

107. Joe Schmoe - September 26, 2008

Do you think that in 40 years there will be people belly aching that they have recast Miley Cyrus in the new reboot / reinvorigoration / reimagning / reset / regurgitation / prequel Hannah Montana movie?

My bets are on Brittney Spear’s unborn granddaughter to take on the coveted roll, lol.

108. SPOCKBOY - September 26, 2008

buzz=anticipation=box office

Buzz in this case should be at least two amazing trailers, interviews with the cast, toys and gadgets, “making of ” documentary (to be shown once film begins in May) and infinitum.


109. Izbot - September 26, 2008

24. Seasoned Trekkie –
“#21: Totally agree. It’s as if Paramount is trying to sabotage the movie project. Maybe they’re tired of the Star Trek franchise but if so, then they should have put it up for sale to another studio a long time ago.”

That’s patently ridiculous. Paramount exec: “I really hate this Star Trek property of ours and would like to kill it. Let’s get a very popular creator/director and give him the biggest budget we’ve ever given to a Star Trek movie. Then we won’t market it until six months prior to the film’s release. *That* will surely seal Star Trek’s doom! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

8. Captain Robert April –

I’d like to show you the door.

110. Denise de Arman - September 26, 2008

Hannah Montana picture on the Trekmovie site? (shudders and scrolls down hurriedly…)

111. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#99—You would do well to note what #100 said in regard to the casting of the lead. This is historically correct.

Daniel Craig was hardly A-list when he debuted as Bond (where would you even get that?), and for that matter, neither was Connery.

No one had heard of Mark Hamil in 1977, and very few knew who Harrison Ford was either.

Al Pacino was a nobody in 1972, as was De Niro in ’74.

I would much rather see a face in the role that I do not associate with so many other things as that of Matt Damon. I hoped that rumor would prove erroneous, and was thankful that it did.

Pine is young and under-exposed, much like Ford and Hamil in ’77. I am certainly not saying that Pine even has the potential to be half as good as Ford has turned out to be, but you have not seen enough of him to judge what kind of role he can or cannot pull off.

Many many not think much of the credibility of Kevin Smith’s review (and it doesn’t say alot to me either), but being the only outside review we have heard thusfar, it certainly does not ring negative that Smith went out of his way to let fans know that they will be pleasantly surprised at Pine’s performance, and that he believes Pine will soon be a star.

112. richpit - September 26, 2008

I’m just sayin’ that I bet, honestly, that the executives and marketing folks at Paramount know A LOT MORE about selling a movie than any of us do. I’m not one to just have blind faith, but they’ve put $150 million into this movie…I’m pretty sure they don’t want it to fail.

113. gastrof - September 26, 2008

Of course they know more about movie-making and movie selling than we do, RICHPIT. We know what a success Paramount has with ALL its movies, especially the TREK films…

What IS that success rate, again? One out of two? *smirks…runs*

114. Thorny - September 26, 2008

Anthony… technically “Angels and Demons” is a prequel, not a sequel, at least the book is. There was a throwaway reference to it early in the “Da Vinci Code” movie, too.

115. Jackson Roykirk - September 26, 2008

# 45 Closettrekker —

I completely agree. Star Trek fans already know this film is being made, and probably have already made the decision to go see it when it opens.

Average movie-goers do not need six months of “hype and buzz” to decide to see a film — they will probably make the decision to see a film a week or so before it comes out…

…and in fact a marketing campaign this early would only create buzz among Star Trek fans, AND would only serve to reinforce the “Star Trek = Geeky Movie” factor with the average movie goer.

No…they only needs to start the mainstream ad campaign about 2 weeks prior to the release — and look really cool in commercials — so it takes the “average joe” by surprise.

116. sean - September 26, 2008


Actually, Arnold will be appearing in T4 in a cameo. However, given he was a big part of the turd that was T3, I don’t think it means much as far as quality goes. Normally I’d say Christian Bale had me sold, but McG + PG13+T3 = skeptical me.

117. Driver - September 26, 2008

Paramount promotion- pay to see this film 7 times and get a free Blu-Ray disc when it comes out.

118. The sweet and sour sauce package from mcdonalds - September 26, 2008

heck if arnold can cameo, the shat can

119. Jackson Roykirk - September 26, 2008

117 ^

But Shat doesn’t want a cameo.

120. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 26, 2008

Best marketing idea could be to cal the movie…


121. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 26, 2008

The Best marketing idea.
Call the movie…


122. K.M.Kirby - September 26, 2008

By pushing back the release date, Paramount may have made a costly error. X-Men will quite obviously stand on the number one spot for over two weeks, and the rap movie has been put in there just to soak up the random action movie audience that otherwise would have gone to the science fiction/action film.

Abrams had it right. A December opening, snowballing into the new year and the new administration, brings in a healthy take while pleasing the afficionados.

Summer placement puts any movie in the position of getting its teeth knocked in. As a result, the new Star Trek film will be the last for quite a while…maybe until 2015, when an arty Deep Space Nine screenplay has a slight chance of getting the green light.

123. SPB - September 26, 2008

#121 –

Thanks for the laugh. If TREK XI tanks, there ain’t no way a DS9 film is EVER going to get green-lit.

124. krikzil - September 26, 2008

“I would much rather see a face in the role that I do not associate with so many other things as that of Matt Damon.”

Yes, it does make it easier to accept someone in the role without any baggage. I think Damon is a great actor but it would have been distracting. Now, Quinto is known from Heroes but given how tough a job it seemed to find a new SPock, I think he was a great choice and really allayed my fears for the film in that respect.

125. VOODOO - September 26, 2008

I would have kept the X-Mas date.

The competition in May is fierce.

I think it’s great Paramount thinks that this film is good enough to be a “tent pole” film (the first Trek film to carry that kind of expectation since the mid 90’s) but I fear the film will get lost in the shuffle in spring of 2009.

Is it a good idea to place this film between a new X-Men spinoff, T4 and the sequel to the Da Vinci Code? All of those franchises have been in the public eye much more than Star Trek and are all considered “hot properties” as opposed to Star Trek which is trying to re-establish itself as a major player.

Wasn’t it more logical to have this film debut @ X-Mas 08 where this is little, if any direct competition?

With the exception of the new 007 film “Quantum of Solace” I don’t really see any film that would take market share away from Star Trek this X-mas season.

I don’t see “Star Trek” suffering the same fate as “The X-Files” did this summer (Fox is the worst studio in the world + had no idea how to handle their once powerful franchise) but one could argue there are at least some (it will take me too long to get into) similarities.

Granted “Star Trek” is a $150 million dollar film (and will be promoted as such) while the “X-Files” was a $30 million film, but the point is the “X- Files” was put in a precarious situation in it’s summer placement.

I contend that if “I Want to Believe” was not placed in the middle of the summer hot on the heels of one of the biggest films of all time it would have done respectfully at the box office. It was completely overshadowed by a much “hotter” Batman franchise that it had virtually no chance. I should also mention that the “Batman” franchise was in a similar situation to Star Trek only a couple of years ago. Batman is proof that if they do this right ST could come back bigger + better than ever.

The X-Files as well as Star Trek are both franchises that are in a fragile state and should be labeled “handle with care”. They shouldn’t be placed in direct competition with some of the the biggest films of the year.

There is a very real chance that no matter how good ST is, it will be overshadowed by the films that the mainstream considers hotter.

126. ObiWanCon - September 26, 2008

Simon Pegg was just on TV and he did SCOTTY

He coughed as SCOTTY

127. Gary - September 26, 2008

Since when is terminator this much fun?

128. Spocko - September 26, 2008

Spock to Hannah Montana:
“If I were human I believe my response would be…GO TO HELL…if I were human.”

129. Myrth - September 26, 2008

Look people, right now is a well know dry spell period in the movie going year. to start the hype now would be wasted dollars. You start promoting summer movies the holiday season before. Any sooner and you are litteraly burning money. Just because we are all dying to see the Enterprise and the cast et al does not mean the general audience is. Realize that most people don’t even know abouth this movie yet and thats a GOOD THING. Peaking the general audience interest is a tricky thing based on timing, and starting the blitz now would be B AD timing.

130. Dennis Bailey - September 26, 2008

“Angels And Demons” is not gonna dominate anything.

131. King Anthony - September 26, 2008

Setting phaser on “Penetrate.”…

Stigma. Bond or SW don’t have it. Trek does. Therefore, to remove that stigma, and go mainstream, you need to–no, wait.

Make certain you show up opening night with your prized pair of Spock ears and ill-fiiting Klingon costumes. and tees with “Pine Phan” on the front.

Good luck.

132. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

#131—“…to remove that stigma, and go mainstream, you need to…”

Put a popular production company like Bad Robot in charge, infuse a fresh and talented young cast into the picture, add a excitingly modern story-telling style, start the hype machine late enough to peak interest when it counts, give it enough money to promise special effects–the likes of which have never before been seen–and the kind of quality action sequences that Star Trek has always lacked, and finally, promote it as “Not your daddy’s Star Trek”…..

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check…

“Make certain you show up opening night with your prized pair of Spock ears and ill-fiiting Klingon costumes. and tees with “Pine Phan” on the front.”

I’ve never even seen anything like that, and do not know anyone who does such things. You seem to have a poor opinion of Star Trek fans,especially for someone who claims to have been one since 1966. Why are you here?

“Bond or SW don’t have it.”

“Many who might be inclined moved on, and they ain’t coming back.”

” It ain’t happening.”

I do not generally like to criticize another poster’s grammar, but since you claim to be a professional writer and you’re a troll anyway, what is with the poor use of the English language?

And you never addressed my rebuttal in post #111. I thought you were a debater, and I was no match for you…

I’ll repeat it for you:

“#99—You would do well to note what #100 said in regard to the casting of the lead. This is historically correct.

Daniel Craig was hardly A-list when he debuted as Bond (where would you even get that?), and for that matter, neither was Connery.

No one had heard of Mark Hamil in 1977, and very few knew who Harrison Ford was either.

Al Pacino was a nobody in 1972, as was De Niro in ‘74.

I would much rather see a face in the role that I do not associate with so many other things as that of Matt Damon. I hoped that rumor would prove erroneous, and was thankful that it did.

Pine is young and under-exposed, much like Ford and Hamil in ‘77. I am certainly not saying that Pine even has the potential to be half as good as Ford has turned out to be, but you have not seen enough of him to judge what kind of role he can or cannot pull off.

Many many not think much of the credibility of Kevin Smith’s review (and it doesn’t say alot to me either), but being the only outside review we have heard thusfar, it certainly does not ring negative that Smith went out of his way to let fans know that they will be pleasantly surprised at Pine’s performance, and that he believes Pine will soon be a star.

133. Closettrekker - September 26, 2008

That last paragraph should begin “Many may not think…”

134. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 26, 2008

Yeah. I was probably too hard on K. Smith too.

A positive review is always a good thing when waiting on a movie you really want to see. I still gotta think one of these previewers are gonna leak BIG plot details soon.

But, hopefully not.

135. VOODOO - September 26, 2008


Worldwide “Angels and Demons” may be the biggest of the bunch. “The Da Vinci Code” made $758,239,851 globally.

136. Shaun - September 26, 2008

I’m no fan of Hannah Montana, but I have a “tweener” at home who’s a moderate fan. I can tell you that it’s something of an understatement when Anthony says there’s probably been more HM merchandise than Star Trek merchandise released in the past year. Just go to any department store or toy store and see for yourself…

Someone else dismissed the Wolverine movie. Without seeing it, there’s no way to know how good or bad it’ll be (something that’s also true about Star Trek, even though I have doubts and reservations about the Trek film), but I wouldn’t count Wolverine out.

First of all, comic book properties are red-hot right now. Second, fans have been clamoring for a Wolverine solo movie for a long time. Third, being a prequel/origin story, there’s really no connection to the crappy X3. As bad as X3 was, however, that was still a very successful film at the box office. Far bigger than any of Trek films have ever been.

If Wolverine is done well and is true to the original comics, it’ll be a smash in spite of the long, dopey title… Drop the “X-Men Origins” part and just call it “Wolverine.” ‘Nuff said.

137. Shaun - September 26, 2008

#25—”Things are going to work out just fine. If you start the “buzz” to soon, people will lose interest”

Umm, yeah… The viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight started a year before it was released, the trailers and previews started screening last holiday season, and people definitely lost interest in that movie before it came out. No one went to see it.


Anyhow, I really don’t care when the Trek movie is released. But I wonder if Paramount’s regretting the move to 2009 now that WB’s pushed Harry Potter back to next summer? Trek could’ve pretty much had the Xmas season to itself.

138. TrekMadeMeWonder - September 26, 2008

They should film more now.
Then release a two parter next summer!

139. Xai - September 27, 2008

Left you a message in Chat.

Isn’t “debate” fun?

140. Xai - September 27, 2008

yes, let’s flood the net and the TV and mags with the new trek now. and in two months, the chant will go out.. “We want more”.
So TPTB say… “sure”. The there was more, and more and more and then someone yawned and says.

“Too bad about Star Trek. No one was interested”

141. Biodredd - September 27, 2008

#125 – The new X-Files film failed for a number of reasons not limited to where it was placed on the release schedule.

*** The script was commissioned right before the start of the Writer’s Strike. FOX told Chris Carter, you have “this amount of time” to write the script and prepare it for shooting or there will be no X-Files movie.

*** They were given a rediculously short production schedule.

*** They were given next to no budget.

*** They had a lousy story.

*** And the failure to pick up on the mythology story of the approaching invasion was a huge mistake to fans of the series. Chirs Carter basically said, “Go see this one… if it makes it at the boxoffice (which it didn’t) we’ll be able to do the next one and tell the invasion story.”

FOX not only killed this franchise, they nailed the coffin shut and then dipped it in cement to prevent it from ever being opened again.

142. sean - September 27, 2008


Are you serious Dennis? Da Vinci Code may have been middling at best, but it pulled in serious cash. There’s no reason to believe Angels & Demons won’t do major business as well.

To me, the questionable properties are Wolverine and T4. T4 for reasons I’ve already explained, Wolverine because A)X-Men 3 sucked a big fat one, B)Wolverine is being directed by a nobody with no track record and C)it costars Ryan Reynolds, spelling doom for any film franchise.

143. Capt. Fred - September 27, 2008


144. Closettrekker - September 27, 2008

#137—I think it is a mistake to compare Star Trek to Batman, as far as the general interest at any given time. The Dark Knight was much more capable of sustaining interest over that long period of time. I believe that the public’s attention span for Trek, no matter how impressive the campaign will be, will be far shorter.

Once again, particularly with Star Trek, the goal is to peak general interest in the film when it counts…not 8 months before.

#143—-Actually, “we” want you to disengage the caps lock…

145. Capt. Fred - September 28, 2008


Me want movie in December NOW!

146. Rastaman - September 28, 2008

“Star Trek is not Cloverfield, and super-secrecy carried all the way into mid 2009 would likely backfire.”

A very well reasoned conclusion. Thanks!

147. VERG - September 29, 2008

What competition? Hanna who? Just another tweener fad that will blow away in time. I can safely say there will be ZERO competition between these two films. This is a non issue.

148. De - September 30, 2008

What the story doesn’t mention (and conveniently omitted from other stories on the subject) is that the theater concert movie was $20+ PER TICKET. That’s how it was able to generate such a high revenue and per-screen average.

That’s nearly three times as much as the average film ticket price.

There’s no denying that the Hannah Montana pop phenomenon exists, but let’s be a little more upfront about the details.

149. ADMIRAL POOP - September 30, 2008

BO ESTIMATES FOR MAY 09: (total worldwide figures)

Wolverine – 400m
Star Trek – 150m
Angels & Demons – 500m
T4 – 350m

i think ST will get lost inbetween the other movies

if star trek had stayed on course for this xmas itd do about 300m as nothing else is out this xmas…

just look at last xmas’ ‘i am legend’ – it had little to no competion and did nearly 600m – if it had come out in the summer u could safely shave off about 100 – 200m

150. SpikedCanon - September 30, 2008

Excellent Article. Nicely written

151. Alex - October 8, 2008

Problem with this secrecy is people are starting to fall into “what are they trying to hide” mode. Negative word of mouth is building, especially among the die-hards who are concerned it might take too many liberties with the all-powerful “canon”

Just as an aside, I wonder if the decision to make Zachary Quinto’s character Sylar in Heroes a bit more likeable (if not necessarily a completely nice guy) might have something to do with trying to prepare audiences for him being Spock?

I agree not releasing it at Christmas is going to be seen as a big mistake. Especially with this Christmas expected to be grim for a lot of people due to the financial meltdown, a Star Trek film would have provided an outlet for a lot of people.

152. Gary - October 13, 2008

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