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More Star Trek Images: Enterprise Crew + Nero [UPDATED] October 15, 2008

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TrekMovie is not the only website to get an exclusive new image from the Star Trek movie. In fact there are five more.
UPDATED: All five images are now up, showing the crew in various locations plus one of Nero.
See below



Bridge crew!
UGO’s image is of everyone but Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise. Goto UGO for more.

The crew of the USS Enterprise (click to see much more)

Spock is still working on his emotional control
You don’t want to get Spock angry! AICN got a great shot of Kirk (Chris Pine) getting a new kind of pinch from Spock (Zachary Quinto). Goto AICN to see more.

Kirk and Spock (click to see much more)

Here’s Nero got a shot of the villain Nero played by Eric Bana.

Nero (click to see much more)

JoBlo also talked to Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof about the image, here is part of what he said about Nero’s crew.

I think that perhaps they look like pirates in a way that they are tattooed and don’t wear uniforms but in my own brain, I look at pirates as people who kinda hang around and they rob other ships and they’re more interested in booty, plunder and pillaging and those sorts of things. Especially since the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies, they’re sort of a fun-loving drinking lot. None of those things would describe this particular group of non-Vulcans. These guys have a very specific mission. They’re not interested in material wealth. They’re interested in something else entirely.

See the rest at

UPDATE: Kirk on Ice
IGN was given an interesting shot of Kirk getting out of some kind of pod in some kind of frozen location.

Kirk gets chilly (click to see much more)

Damon also talked to IGN about the icy Kirk, here is one tidbit:

This is right around the midpoint of the movie. One of the things that’s at the heart of the Trek universe… is the idea of the away team. The idea that it’s not just about people shooting around in a starship, but they also go down to these planets..
See the rest at

UPDATE 2: Kirk in the chair
Possibly the best for last MTV gets a shot of Kirk in the Captain’s chair, with the irascible Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) at his side.

Kirk in command! (click to see much more)

Here is part of what Lindelof had to tell MTV:

When asked why Kirk was wearing black instead of the standard yellow captain’s shirt, Lindelof said that the black uniform was, in fact, a captain’s uniform — and the color was “significant” to the story surrounding this scene.
See the rest at

UPDATE 3: Sulu
On Friday Yahoo Movies updated their gallery and it includes an additional photo of Sulu (John Cho).

Sulu looks concerned (click to see much more)

UPDATE 4: More Spock
On Friday AICN got a ‘cutting room floor’ image from EW.

Spock looking airbrushed (click to see much more)

The USS Kelvin
And in case you missed it, here is the exclusive image Paramount gave to

And here it is…

Exclusive effects shot from ‘Star Trek’
(click to enlarge)

and one more image of the USS Kelvin from Entertainment Weekly

Click to bigify


…and that is all the new images…for now.


1. Johnny Heck - October 15, 2008

That… is… cool!

2. Lawrence Boucher - October 15, 2008

YES!! ::passes out from excitement::

3. MORN SPEAKS - October 15, 2008

Seriously, I didn’t need this all at one time!!!! Parmount coulda showed this time little by little. I’m freaking out!!!!! AHHHHH!

4. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Lol, is that Bones?

5. That One Guy - October 15, 2008

Anthony, you are on a roll!

Thank you! I owe you latinum!

6. Jordan - October 15, 2008

Oh… My… God… LOVE that crew image.

7. MORN SPEAKS - October 15, 2008

I’m not diggin Yelchin’s curly hair, but if that’s the worst of it, I’m happy!!

8. I am not Herbert - October 15, 2008



9. Sputnik - October 15, 2008

Damn, Zoe looks exactly like Nichelle. Sweeeeet.

10. williamblake - October 15, 2008


11. ByGeorge - October 15, 2008

Looks like Nero has a full ear on one side but not the other (judging from the poster released earlier).

12. Lawrence Boucher - October 15, 2008

Note on the Viewscreen behind the crew, it says “Warp Factor”. I think the cast all look pretty good in this shot.

13. ByGeorge - October 15, 2008

Looks like Nero has a full ear on one side but not the other (judging from the poster released earlier).

14. Aaron R. - October 15, 2008

I filled the cup!

15. Spockanella - October 15, 2008

OMG OMG OMG….can’t…breathe…feel faint…..

16. Nick Cook - October 15, 2008

Oh my god! That looks amazing!

17. AJ - October 15, 2008

This rocks quite significantly

18. Smike van Dyke - October 15, 2008

Oh my…finally some really cool images.

The crew shot is REALLY cool. TOS reborn and a major relief. Scotty lokks rather clueless though…

The other pics are meh…

Nero looks exactly like Shinzon as a true Romulan with tattoos.

That Kalvin shot is a glimpse of an SFX f*ck fest aka Nemesis II – The Wrath of the Viceroy…okay, he seems to be trapped in some sort of H.G. Wellsian time capsule…

And then there is Spock, played by Sylar…there is no logic in that…

So far, nothing more but a mixed bag…

19. ShawnP - October 15, 2008

Apparently, they’re going warp factor 4.306 according to the viewscreen?

20. Lousy_Canadian - October 15, 2008

Yay!!! Finally! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

21. TrekMadeMeWonder - October 15, 2008

Carol Marcus is in the movie!

22. Kevin - October 15, 2008

Wow! I wasn’t expecting this today. Not so much feeling the new weave in the tunics. It doesn’t look very good on the command ones at all.

If that’s the bridge I am in fact seeing with all the weird blue lighting and far too removed look from from the original to even be recognizable… eh. Maybe I’ll catch this at a matinee at the cheap theater four months after it’s released.

23. Alec - October 15, 2008

Looks great. It looks futuristic. I really like the idea of the T-Shirt under the uniform. It works well. But Nero looks like something out of Harry Potter.

24. HMS Enterprise - October 15, 2008

I think I just might die.

25. Buckaroohawk - October 15, 2008

Gee whiz! Am I glad I had today off from work. It would have sucked to come home late in the evening and be the last person to see all of this wonderful stuff!

I’m looking at all these new pictures and my head is just swimming! That shot of the crew is amazing. Sure as shine-ola looks like Star Trek to me!

Oh, I am one happy, happy Trek fan today!

26. HerbieZ - October 15, 2008

Oh whatever, you’ll watch it on the day of release.

27. Smike van Dyke - October 15, 2008

@23: Harry Potter? WTF? It’s a plain copy of a succumbing Shinzon in my book…even the lighting seems to be a 1:1 replica of Nemesis on this picture…

28. Mackenzie - October 15, 2008

Worst uniforms since… ever 8[

29. Nick Cook - October 15, 2008

I love how, just like the Original Series, everyone seems to have the little departmental insignia within their Starfleet arrowheads.

Major props to the designand wardrobe guys, I’ve very impressed. Looking at Simon Pegg at the back of that crew shot, the costume looks pretty much an exact match for the original TOS costumes. If they can do that with the ship and everything else, I’ll be incredibly impressed.

30. The Real Redjac - October 15, 2008

Nero looks BADASS in this pic!!!

31. Star Trek XI: Fakten, Gerchte, Infos - Seite 148 - SciFi-Forum - October 15, 2008

[…] <font color=yellow>Star Trek 11: Bild der USS Kelvin</font> Und noch mehr: More Star Trek Images: Enterprise Crew + Nero | Btw: Auf der Nahaufnahme der Kelvin sieht es so aus als wre deren Registry 5-stellig…? […]

32. Sallah - October 15, 2008

The crew looks great!

One small complaint…chekov’s hair is not so good. But everything else? WOW

33. JS - October 15, 2008


34. joe1306 - October 15, 2008

Oh…my…god…! Damn…this is… sooooooooooooooo… freakin´ … awesoooooooooooome!!! Ahhhhhhh! OMG! OMG! OMG!
Is that a tear in my eye?

35. Michael Adams - October 15, 2008

The cast picture is great. I love it so much, I see Scotty back there looking just like Scotty. I can buy it. However, It cannot be that difficult to make something look like Trek, the trick will be to make it… right.

36. T2 - October 15, 2008

what a great day…it just keeps getting better!

37. Spocks Brain - October 15, 2008

Spock should be taller than kirk…

This was a significant part of the style of TOS characters….

Is this new spock taller than the new kirk?

38. AJ - October 15, 2008

I guess we assume that these photos are late in the film, as we ALL know Sulu should be in blue (astrophysics), and Scotty and Spock (and Uhura) in gold.

(Ducks and hides)

39. Joel - October 15, 2008

Seriously, what possibly could the next image be….. wait, could we get the Enterprise today too????

40. Capt. Fred - October 15, 2008


They’re okay, I guess.
But still –

41. Markus Kettner - October 15, 2008

Quinto is 1.85, Pine is 1.84. But calling their heights significant is in my opinion a bit… let’s say over the top.

42. stop the clocks - October 15, 2008

So does Kirk just walk around in a black shirt for the entire movie or what?

Awesome images though!!

43. Anthony Pascale - October 15, 2008

One more picture added….and there is one more to come!

44. Smike van Dyke - October 15, 2008

Okay, the arrowheads are a bit too small…

Really, I mean seven years ago everybody complained about stuff like that when Enterprise premiered…now we’re getting a complete reboot and no one seems to critically care…that’s a good sign…

I want this movie to be a hit…but I have got my problem with some of the details revealed today…

Nonetheless, this is a start…hopefully for the best!

45. DonDonP1 - October 15, 2008

Fascinating. These “new” uniforms are like as “updated” as the Superman suit from “Superman Returns”.

46. Smittmaestro - October 15, 2008

Whoa check out Karl Urban as McCoy, he’s doing the De Kelley arms crossed!

47. Commander K - October 15, 2008

Is it me or does NERO look a bit like…SHINZON.


48. Pragmaticus - October 15, 2008

Karl Urban IS Bones. Ingenious casting.

22 – Don’t be ridiculous.

49. Izbot - October 15, 2008

JUST SHOW US THE DAMN — uh — oh, well, thank you!

50. Jon - October 15, 2008

They look fantastic. Better than I could have expected. Wow. Brilliant costume design. Just awesome.

51. MiniKirk - October 15, 2008

39 – One can only hope
37 – Maybe they gave Spock some lifts?

52. Colin - October 15, 2008


53. Smike van Dyke - October 15, 2008

@45: Exactly…that was my prediction back in early 2006! It’s exactly the way I thought it would be…maybe those designers read some of my numerous posts back then…

54. montreal paul - October 15, 2008

I didn’t want to see anything until the movie came out.. but curiosity got the best of me and I looked. OMG!! So F***ing cool! Love the group shot.. I cannot wait til the movie is out! Look really great!

55. fakesteve - October 15, 2008

Wow, Scotty is perfect! The bridge looks like JJ talked a lot to Jony Ive…

56. Elise - October 15, 2008

Does Kirk have to earn his gold shirt?

57. Brian - October 15, 2008

28 can you be any more mellodramatic?

I for one find the new unis fantastic! Much like they had to do in First Contact by adding texture to the uniforms to make them appear more lifelike on the larger cameras, something had to be done with these uniforms in much the same way. Thats one of the reasons they switched to the “Monster Maroons” in Star Trek 2.

Its all about the aesthetics as viewed by the camera, to give it some depth and texture. Fantastic job, and really neat they used the Trek Trident as part of the stitching of the fabric.

58. Can't Wait for Labor Day 2009 - October 15, 2008


59. HMS Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Interesting ice pic of Kirk from what looks like an Enterprise escape pod. Perhaps that is a location shot in Iceland?

I hope this place doesn’t go into meltdown with the geek overload we’re all experiencing now!

60. Smike van Dyke - October 15, 2008

@49: No, it is not just you…he looks a lot like Shinzon as I’ve stated numerous times…that is my one major concern with these images so far…

61. SamusMaXximus - October 15, 2008

These shots are great. My hopes for this movie haven’t been crushed yet, and I think they’re safe. All we need now is to see the ship. I have a feeling we’ll all be ready for another one once the credits start to roll.


Is that Kirk that Spock is choking the shit out of?

62. Denise de Arman - October 15, 2008

OMG… OMG… OMG… to copy Spockanella… Trekgasm….Ah, ah, ah…. (looking again at pics) AHHH!!!

63. Sallah - October 15, 2008

Man I just can’t get over the crew and choking shots…I am seriously way more exicted for this movie than any other movie ever.

64. Capain Hackett - October 15, 2008

Very sweet Jesus!!!


65. Pragmaticus - October 15, 2008

To everyone whining that Nero looks like Shinzon – seriously, who the hell cares as long as he ACTS differently?

66. AJ - October 15, 2008

59 HMS:

I heard the Iceland location shoot was canceled.

The black shirt on Kirk is interesting, as he’s in it in all the shots.

67. Jordan - October 15, 2008


68. Cenobyte - October 15, 2008

the bridge shot is awesome…

these images made my day!! :)

69. Anthony Pascale - October 15, 2008

I have added the last image

70. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - October 15, 2008

Ok. Now thats what im talking about. Now we have some realy kool things to talk about and now We are all more excited!!!!!!! then ever. Way to go Anthony. You are the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

71. Guenther - October 15, 2008

The bridge isn’t what I exactly expected it to be. It looks… yeah different, I’d like to see more of it in the Trailer to judge it at all but from what I can say I really like it.

72. SamusMaXximus - October 15, 2008

Ok, I didn’t read the caption that said it WAS Kirk and Spock so I retract my question. LOL My bad.

73. Sallah - October 15, 2008

Not as excited about the bridge shot…wish it could have looked more classic, but oh well…everything else is fantastic.

74. Brian - October 15, 2008

Not a fan of the new bridge however… a bit too much of Stargate SG-1 in it. lol

75. David - October 15, 2008

The MTV page with the bridge shot says that Kirk’s black outfit “is” a captain’s uniform and that it’s a plot point…

76. Joel - October 15, 2008

Despite the bridge looking just a bit different, everything looks GREAT! After a long day, this was a huge boost. Thanks so much Trekmovie for keeping us up to date!

77. joe1306 - October 15, 2008

I knew I would be excited when this day comes… but damn! Trekgasm indeed!

78. Jon - October 15, 2008

73- it was always going to be updated, but eh, those desk lamps on that station there are straight out of the pilot :p

79. Sputnik - October 15, 2008

Meh…up to now the pics were cool…but that bridge shot. What’s that redshirt secretary doing with her desk there? That simply looks awkward.

80. ThePhaige - October 15, 2008

This just looks excellent !!! Im really exited. Did you all see the pic on the bridge where Pine is clinching his fist ala Shatner…love it

81. Nick Cook - October 15, 2008

Hmm, not loving the bridge shot as much as the rest, but I guess you can’t have everything. :)

82. MiniKirk - October 15, 2008

Wow. That’s just amazing. Seriously. The bridge looks…it looks like the original bridge would have looked had they done Trek in the 21st century. In my opinion anyways. Gotta say, I love it, and Kirk’s pose? Classic.
-The Doc

83. Pragmaticus - October 15, 2008

Okay, I just had a Trekgasm with the bridge shot. WOW.

84. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Looks like the TMP bridge

85. Sloan47 - October 15, 2008

I LOVE the new bridge! Its perfect! Its realistic enough to be “real” and retro enough to be familiar.


*ahem* Sorry, I had to let that out! Haha

86. AJ - October 15, 2008

Karl Urban on the Bridge as McCoy TOTALLY gets it! Hooray!

87. joe1306 - October 15, 2008

look at bones in the bridge shot, it really IS BONES, and it IS KIRK in the captains chair, not some guy trying to be like william shatner. I´m so excited!
I like the new bridge. it is… different, but thats ok. looks really cool!

88. Can't Wait for Labor Day 2009 - October 15, 2008

im not sure if it is me but looking at the 2 bridge photos. It looks like McCoy and Scotty are wearing rings? Could be some kind of starfleet ring?

89. Smike van Dyke - October 15, 2008

Well, the bridge pretty much says everything: this IS a reboot and nothing but a reboot…no way you could possibly link this MTV image with any previous material, not TOS, even not TMP…it’s just another reality…

90. Lancelot Narayan - October 15, 2008

What can I add that the rest of you guys haven’t already said!?

I have tears in my eyes, but at the same time, I can’t stop laughing with JOY!!!!!!

91. Cenobyte - October 15, 2008

Im guna guess the red shirt is a Yeoman, a Yeoman station?

Keep in mind we’re seeing about 1/4 of the whole bridge in that shot, with lots of obscured stuff, I bet it’ll look pretty cool when the whole deal is revealed!

92. brady - October 15, 2008

Hate the Bridge!

93. Trevorj - October 15, 2008

Not so sure about the Bridge shot, it reminds me a lot of Stargate.

I’m hoping that it will grow on me when I see more, hopefully in the trailer.

Man, that McCoy is spot on. And even the way Kirk is slouched to the side in the Captain’s chair, just like the Shat used to do it in TOS. I’m giving an A+ to everything, except the bridge shot. Hopefully I’ll like the bridge when I see more.

94. fakesteve - October 15, 2008

[88] Bones always used to wear a ring…

95. ety3 - October 15, 2008


Two thoughts:

The bridge looks a little too “Minority Report” for my tastes, but I did notice the red handrails and seats.

I’m guessing the bridge crew in that UGO shot are looking at two Spocks.

96. MrLerpa - October 15, 2008

i love the new bridge. in fact I love it all.

Christmas in October

97. Father Robert Lyons - October 15, 2008

I guess I am in the minority here, but I am significantly underwhelmed.

The pictures of Nero and Kirk climbing out of the pod are fine, but the rest just… well, frankly, they just don’t feel right to me… at all.

The bridge looks really, really bad… and I don’t care for the silver insignia on the uniforms (arrowhead or rank stripes). I still don’t like the ‘subtle’ texture of the uniforms any better than when we first got a hint of them in the posters…

Looking at this makes me think Space 1999 remake, not Star Trek.

That being said, I’m still hopeful that the story will be very good, but I’m not digging the look at all.


98. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Are those Joysticks on that one desk? Is she the tactical officer?

99. Jon - October 15, 2008

I think the bridge is wonderful, definitely looks up to date yet acknowledges the source with such attention to detail, the ‘desk lamps’ from the pilot even!

What a wonderful set of images. I can only hope this film lives up. What a way to bring the feeling of the original series bang up to date!

100. HMS Enterprise - October 15, 2008

It’s great to finally see Kirk in the chair, although I’m not quite sure what to make of the bridge. I’ll have to wait until I see more before making final judgement.

66 AJ: Ah. I must have missed that little piece of news.

101. Andy - October 15, 2008

Wow. The uniforms look great.

Urban and Pegg: outstanding!

Kirk looks a bit bruised and McCoy wears a medkit on his belt!

I’m not sure about the bridge though…

102. trekkie1701D - October 15, 2008

I found that picture of the bridge about 5 mins ago. I’m not really sure what to think. I mean, it’s not horrible, but from the interviews I expected to to be a lot more TOS like.

I cant wait to see more

103. Gorn Captain - October 15, 2008

Fantastic. The bridge is different, but I’m up for change. =]

104. fakesteve - October 15, 2008

The red miniskirts station reminds me of the old bridge design from the days of Pike… and of this bridge

105. Captain Archer - October 15, 2008

The cast looks great! But what in the heck??? From the shots of the bridge, this movie does not honor Star Trek cannon one bit.

106. Indian Kirk - October 15, 2008

Looks like crap. Seriously. Looks like screen shots from “Galaxy Quest” with all the white and glowing blue. And everyone looks more like fans at a convention than characters to be believed. Bleh!

107. Kevin - October 15, 2008

The newest bridge picture is aweful… just aweful… and I mean aweful.

108. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Is that the bridge the crew is in? Is that a window? Why does it say Warp Factor behind the glass in that one shot. Is that Gregory Itzin in the red shirt?

109. The Real Redjac - October 15, 2008

We can see hardly any of the bridge. I don’t know why you are all rushing to judgment on it. Me, I don’t love it or hate it because I can’t tell much about it…but it doesn’t look bad by any stretch.

There’s no doubt that it doesn’t look like TOS though. I’ll grant you that. But being different doesn’t necessarily make it bad.

I don’t see the lamps from The Cage though…are we looking at the same picture? LOL

Oh…and if this has ANY similarities to Space 1999, I am going to LOVE it!!!!

Any comparisons would be a compliment — not a putdown.

110. jim - October 15, 2008

Didn’t the bridge pretty much look different in every movie?


Motion Picture

Trek II & III

Voyage Home

Final Frontier

Undiscovered Country

111. smoak - October 15, 2008

is there a reason kirk is never in uniform?

112. AJ - October 15, 2008

The Bridge is a bit bright, and includes that rear standing station a la TNG. I like the “known galaxy” map behind Kirk. Better than those cheap stills from TOS. I am optimistic!

113. Michael Adams - October 15, 2008

I don’t like the bridge at all. Way too retro, and plastic and we should have a good view of Uhuras station from here along with the turbo lift doors and and and I cannot continue the movie is ruined they did it all wrong I am going to go and harm myself and get drunk and kick a dog and squirt water on a cat, starve a goldfish, poor salt on a slug, vote for a republican, get a tattoo of Jar Jar, and take my Picard doll out of the plastic and give my TNG dvds back to Netflix.

114. KIRKBRAZIL - October 15, 2008

Oh no… the bridge looks like my kitchen!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

115. Sean4000 - October 15, 2008

trekkie1701D – October 15, 2008

“””I found that picture of the bridge about 5 mins ago. I’m not really sure what to think. I mean, it’s not horrible, but from the interviews I expected to to be a lot more TOS like.

I cant wait to see more”””

That is exactly what I’m thinking.

116. The Real Redjac - October 15, 2008

Ok…now I see the lamps. Meh…not impressed. Why are they black when the rest of the set is white/silver/gray?

The bridge looks weird though…not sure what to make of it yet. I like the Captain’s chair!

117. craig steel - October 15, 2008

What the heck do they need a maitre d station on the bridge for? Table for one please. Something near the viewscreen would be nice….

118. John from Cincinnati - October 15, 2008

I am getting very excited for this movie!!!

119. Spoctor McKirk - October 15, 2008

Re: 107…no, you mean AWFUL. Or are you “full of AWE”?

Bridge looks like one of those new trendy hair salons. I’m OK with that, though.

Is Sulu sporting a shiner?

120. ety3 - October 15, 2008

#111 —

It’s in the article at the top of the page:

“When asked why Kirk was wearing black instead of the standard yellow captain’s shirt, Lindelof said that the black uniform was, in fact, a captain’s uniform — and the color was “significant” to the story surrounding this scene.”

121. The Real Redjac - October 15, 2008

One other thing: I’m not sure I like all those “vanity lights” above the stations. The bridge is too bright…becoming less enthused about the design of the bridge…

122. DATA KILLED SPOT! - October 15, 2008


123. John from Cincinnati - October 15, 2008

Wow! These are only still images but I can already see the Kirk swagger in Chris Pine!

124. OneBuckFilms - October 15, 2008

I’m not quite sure about the Bridge, but I’ll wait until I see the rest of it in context.

I LOVE the uniforms, however.

It also looks like the Cheese is taken out of it, but Uniform wise, they definately have it down.

125. jdawg - October 15, 2008

Now I think that looks damn good.

Say what you want about the bridge looking different. The bridge looked different in every movie, Starfleet architects like to remodel. Plus — that show was made in the 60s … and that’s that.

I think Pine looks a bit young for the Captain’s chair, but he looks good in the full crew picture…strong leader as is appropriate.

I’m looking forward to this movie a whole bunch again.

126. jdawg - October 15, 2008

And…I think Nero looks a lot like Shinzon and I also think that his set shows some phenomenal scope.

This picture impressed me the most.

127. TrekMadeMeWonder - October 15, 2008

Bye, Bye, Star Trek.

Somehow I was fortunate enough to experience Star Trek TOS when I was much younger and my imagination could bridge the gap between
the GREAT wrting and some of the poorly rendered onscreen graphics.

But MAN. What did they do to the Enterprise bridge?


All they had to do was keep the same shape. Maybe a little more of a sleeker and more angular look. With LCDs all around. That’s just not the Enterprise bridge.

OK. I’ll say it. IT SUCKS!.

128. HerbieZ - October 15, 2008

MASS EFFECT the film!

129. Kevin - October 15, 2008

Uhh… yeah, the bridges were different in every movie. Those bridges showed an evolution in technology, this shows me strange clear panels every where, pointless greeblies (way too cluttered), neon lights and some pink and blue color scheme. It doesn’t even follow the original bridge layout. It wouldn’t have been hard to make something a bit more faithful to the original by sticking to the same layout and color scheme while still making it more functional and updated. This is completely removed from anything resembling TOS. It’s like Joel Shuemaker got a hold of it.

…it doesn’t appear to fit into the Trek universe I know. Looks like J.J.’s creating a whole new universe. How about some originality then, call it something else and put different characters in it.

130. OneBuckFilms - October 15, 2008

125 – “I know engineers, the LOOVE to change things …”
… Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, Star Trek: TMP

131. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

I wonder if that’s the end of the movie? Kirk tells the crew to go to warp. And the movie ends?

132. Jon - October 15, 2008

Think its too early to write the bridge off. While I’m personally happy with how it is (why do people want it dark?) on the screen and outside of a hi def still it might have a totally different feel. Personally the first thing I thought of was the bridge from the cage. Which is spot on. Not in terms of it being a replica, but just in feel.

133. darendoc - October 15, 2008

I can’t help but think of a sci fi theme restaurant.

134. Dr. Image - October 15, 2008

This day is so historic.
The bridge is so over the top- but I like it- it’s like the E-A bridge at the end of TSFS- bright and high-tech.
Uniforms? Mr. Cawley, you said “spot on.” Now I understand perfectly.
This is too much.
I need a drink.

135. Viking - October 15, 2008

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy…..look at that bridge……I WANT ONE.

136. Thelin - October 15, 2008

I have to digest these pix for a few days. There is ALOT of lucite on that bridge, don’t know how I feel about that yet. It kind of reminds me of the Space 1999 look. Anyone else?

137. blake powers - October 15, 2008

Jack POT!!!!

138. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Chekov looks perfect.

Kirk has a scar on his cheek in that crew shot.

139. Trek Fan - October 15, 2008

It kind of reminds of me 1998’s “Lost in Space”.

I guess the chick in the miniskirt is Uhura…with that raised communications panel she looks like a greeter at “Chill’s”! I can hear her now, “We’re pretty busy, it’s about a 40 minute wait, but take this vibrating pager and have a drink at the bar”.

140. Trek Fan - October 15, 2008

DarrenDoc, you read my mind!!!!!!!!

141. SChaos1701 - October 15, 2008

As a REAL Star Trek fan, I have to say that these pics are AWESOME!!!!. To all the haters…in the words of the immortal William Shater…GET A LIFE!!!!

142. Salvador Nogueira - October 15, 2008

Dr. McCoy explains bridge changes: “I know engineers. They love to change things!”

143. The Real Redjac - October 15, 2008

#136 Space 1999 wasn’t as brightly lit…and the sets were not as cluttered.

144. fakesteve - October 15, 2008

[139] No, that is not Uhura, but a classical redshirt…

145. Lowdarz - October 15, 2008

Overall I like most of the pictures. I am however not a fan of the changes made to the uniforms. For some reason the bridge screams generic sci-fi show when I see it and doesn’t convey “this is the command center of an interstellar vessel” like the original inspite of the cardboard.

146. OneBuckFilms - October 15, 2008

139 – I don’t think that’s Uhura, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she were killed. She’s wearing Read and is not a major character ;-)

147. HerbieZ - October 15, 2008

Uh trek fan, that woman’s white….

148. montreal paul - October 15, 2008

Wow! The bridge looks amazing! And it even has red railings!! Chris Pine looks like Kirk!.. not like Pine doing Shatner doing Kirk. And Urban as Mccoy is eerie cool!. I love what I see so far! And thank God the bridge doesn’t look as dark as it did in the TNG movies. I love this look! Can’t wait to see more in the tariler… but these are probably screen shot from the trailer itself… probably won’t get too much more.

149. Son of Sarek - October 15, 2008

I leave for an hour and we have the revelation of half a dozen more photos! Simply stunning! The bridge shot and the crew photo are remarkable! I can only imagine how I will feel once the trailer is released!

150. alphaquad20 - October 15, 2008

Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but is the captain’s chair off-center or something? Would they really make the bridge asymmetrical? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Otherwise, the update looks amazing and May seems so far away…

151. j - October 15, 2008


I hate the bridge.

152. Anthony Pascale - October 15, 2008

everyone happy now?

153. TrekMadeMeWonder - October 15, 2008

I think it may be a few months before I post here again.
I was along for a good ride. But this is just too disappointing.

Xai, nscates, I’ll check back in January – February to see if you guys are still here and interested in the “Kirk in the movie phaser deal.”

Sorry everyone.

154. Denise de Arman - October 15, 2008

You guyyyyyysss – can you not tell that it is obvious our heroes are probably just out of the academy? There is something horrific which has taken place and they are like the cadets on the ship in Wrath of Khan – without a real captain. Kirk is stepping in to fill the role. Subsequently, that would put them at the ages of, what, 22? This also means that bridge is approximately 10-14 years before TOS. They are years away from the first 5-year mission in this pic.

155. OneBuckFilms - October 15, 2008

150 – I think the camera angle might have something to do with it.

156. Buzz - October 15, 2008




157. KIRKBRAZIL - October 15, 2008

Hmmm Uhura is making her breakfast in that table! hehehe

158. Denise de Arman - October 15, 2008

Anthony – Ecstatic. Thank you for the hard work on our behalf – we LOVE you!

159. Buckaroohawk - October 15, 2008

Wow. just wow. So many new things to see, and it all happened so fast. I feel like Kirk when he opened that grain storage compartment on the K-7 space station. The deluge is overwhelming.

Thank you, Anthony! Thank you, everyone on the cast and crew. What a great day! I can nap happy now.

160. Spoctor McKirk - October 15, 2008

Re: 147…To me she looks Asian. Fancy Chinese restaurant?

161. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

The Enteprise bridge looks like the CIC from the new Battlestar Galactica.

162. MORN SPEAKS - October 15, 2008

Just saw Crappy Entertainment Tonight and they showed more pics, looked like from EW, so even MORE shots on the way!!!!

163. HerbieZ - October 15, 2008

The blue monitors, the glass info panels, Kirks command chair. All very reminiscent of Mass Effect. They are even using the Korotaki font on the monitors which they used in Mass Effect.

164. DGill - October 15, 2008

I’m not really digging the bridge. It looks way too flashy and cluttered. The beauty of the original bridge design lied in its simplicity, but in this particular image, it has a Steve Jobs/Daily Show newsroom feel to it. Fortunately, we’re only seeing portions of the bridge. The full scale of it may make sense when the movie shows us the rest.

165. Kirk's Girdle - October 15, 2008

The bridge looks like something out of the Ikea store. I wasn’t expecting it to look quite so trippy.

166. Mike Browne - October 15, 2008

Everything else looks cool but the bridge looks like a lounge.

Table for one? What’s the name?

James (pause) T (pause) Kirk

167. Jon - October 15, 2008

As for the bridge looking cluttered- I think we’re seeing just one small angle, it’s a very busy scene with so many cast members in, but look at the position of the command chair. if that chair is central then there is a lot more bridge we arent seen. I’m sure there will be much wider, sweeping angles on it before long

168. blake powers - October 15, 2008

anthony….happy…..too busy to post…….. need visine……. eyes hurting……..not enough bandwidth on computer…….images take to long….

169. Dave - October 15, 2008

“Sci-fi theme restaurant”? Lord…keep me from rolling my eyes at that comment.

The Enterprise-D looked like a hotel, this looks like a restaurant. I’m sure everyone would be MUCH happier if it looked like it was made of balsa wood and could only fit 7 people in it at a time. Sorry they didn’t just release “The Cage” into theaters and call it “the new Star Trek movie.” JJ APOLOGIZES IN ADVANCE, GUYS!

I wish I could beam the cynical attitudes out of certain Trek fans.

170. Patrick Sauriol - October 15, 2008

New bridge = epic fail. They could’ve made it echo the old bridge but moderize it. This looks like a restaurant. What are the video game joysticks doing at the hostess’ table?

New uniforms = cool.

Chris Pine as Kirk = looks way too young.

Karl Urban as Bones = SPOT ON.

A mixture of awfulness and awesomeness.

171. OneBuckFilms - October 15, 2008

152 – I’m always happy ;-)

Thank you so much for binging us this info. You are providing a GREAT service, Anthony.

Now get to work on that Giacchino interview :-P

172. AjaxLou - October 15, 2008


I am most impressed by Chris Pine. He is going to be a household name after this.

….and the adventure continues….

173. Rat Boy - October 15, 2008

RE: #163

“The blue monitors, the glass info panels, Kirks command chair. All very reminiscent of Mass Effect. They are even using the Korotaki font on the monitors which they used in Mass Effect.”

Mass Effect, in my opinion, is perhaps the best Trek-like sci-fi universe I’ve ever seen, very reminiscent of how ENT should have been.

174. The Weary Professor - October 15, 2008

Just took a look at the full-size bridge shot. It looks like the hair salon in our local mall (in fact, I think Uhura is working at a sink).

Next one in the chair gets the Spock cut.

175. alphaquad20 - October 15, 2008

155 & 167 – good points – thanks. I think I get it now. Can’t wait to see the trailer!

176. Jon - October 15, 2008

Those people criticising the bridge and pointing out the ‘hostess’ table really need to brush up on their knowledge, maybe go watch The Cage and refresh your memories.

177. JeffreyNdallas - October 15, 2008

To all who say “good bye” and “dissappointed”…..well, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split ya…….but seriously folks, these pics are fantastic….There is no way we were going to get a “Cauley” version….how anyone could even think that is beyond me….Paramount cannot invest this kind of money for just the “purists”….So far the right touches are there….and if the bridge is different, then so be it….Star Trek is back and we are the better for it. Thanks Anthony for putting this together and I choose not to abandon this sight or the film…this is “Change you need to believe In” so that we have many more years of TREK to come…..Yeah!

178. jared wynn - October 15, 2008


179. richpit - October 15, 2008

I think it’s all awesome. Maybe except for Shinzon…uh, I mean Nero. But I’m sure he’ll be fine. I have faith in JJ, Alex & Roberto.

Uniforms = great
Bridge = looks cool to me
Phaser turrets = the jury’s still out
Mini skirts = awesome!

180. Jonx - October 15, 2008

The photo of the bridge is very missleading, the angle its taken from is horrible, i bet it was intentional! Something about the Yeoman console doesnt add up. If you look closely the pannel behind it is situated outside the railings, while the top part hangs over. The Yeoman is standing inside the railings at the console. Its as if it doesnt belong there!

Is there meant to be a scene depicting the kobayashi maru, im sure i remember reading that somewhere? This could be it, if it is, she could be some sort of observer/examiner and that is a temporary console.

Just a thought

181. Fanboy Prime - October 15, 2008


But seriously

182. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Why does it say Warp Factor behind the glass in that one shot? Are they in spacedock?

183. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 15, 2008

The black Captain’s t-shirt/tunic is lame. He looks half-dressed compared to his junior officers.

184. Frank - October 15, 2008

I still love the bridge from 40 years ago better – plywood and all. I guess those first impressions just stay with you, especially when you’re young…

185. lotus-eater - October 15, 2008

Because we’re only seeing one angle of the bridge, I’m not too worried. I think the bridge as a whole will be pretty cool. So far I like the way it looks. I think we are all just going to have to use our imagination for a little while. The shot of the view-screen with the crew in the front was pretty cool.

186. Kirk's Girdle - October 15, 2008

It just looks gaudy as hell. Crossing fingers

187. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008

Wow. I would not have recognized Karl Urban.
They all look great.

Waitaminute! Foul! Sulu’s in a gold uniform!
(Remember, he was in blue in ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’.)

That’s it, the canon’s all shot to hell………..


188. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008

Ooooohhhhh, mannnnnnnnn….Nero looks awesome……….

189. LordCheeseCakeBreath - October 15, 2008

Everything looks great except the bridge. They really screwed this one up. Big time. They could have given it a modern upgrade but kept the feel of the original. Kinda sad. Oh well. At least everything else looks cool.

190. Will Decker - October 15, 2008

To all the Trek fans who are complaining about the bridge, I only have one thing to say:

(William Shatner inflections) GET A LIFE WILL YOU PEOPLE :P

I get the reasons for complaining, but come on!!! Wait until the trailer comes out with more cleaner shots of the Bridge before you complain. I for one like the look. I mean the Enterprise movie bridges changed in each of the movies.

191. Toddk - October 15, 2008

so…its not a reboot? looks like it to me..reminds me of the enterprise bridge from the undiscovered country…kirks chair is wrong. one crew member appears to be at a stand up station. The actors appear to very much resemble the characters fromthe original series. I’m not saying that this movie wont work. I just think that the original enterprise bridge isnt well represented here. I hold further judgement til i see the ship.

192. c0mBaTkArL - October 15, 2008

Bravo! Everything looks SPOT ON! I can’t wait to see it all in motion. *does a jig*

193. Dave - October 15, 2008

I will also say that questions of aesthetics pale in comparison to the meat & potatoes of the film: story & character. I am remembering the old “Flames on Optimus Prime” fiasco from the release of Transformers. People were actually *angry* about some flames on a CGI character in a movie called *Transformers*. You don’t have to like the bridge design (even if I think the restaurant comment is absurd) or the uniforms or anything. Whatever, tastes are taste. When it becomes some kind of fetishizing of the source material, then it just gets borderline weird. With Transformers, they went so far as to get Peter Cullen to do the voice, throw in all those catchphrases from the cartoon, and yet people were going into seizures over *flames*.

They got Nimoy. They are going to try to shoehorn this alternate universe into continuity so Star Trek fans don’t lose control of their bodies and burn their DVDs of the old TV shows or something. If the movie is good, then is it possible to divorce yourself of how faithful the mise-en-scene is to TOS? If not, then your reason for appreciating art is beyond my comprehension.

The people who get uppity about the level of recreation of the designs would be better off advocating for an END to Star Trek film, TV and animated adaptations. I’ll say that in most cases, I am pretty against remakes and gratuitous sequels. The only exceptions are series that have shown an ability to stay relevant through the decades. James Bond is the great example of a series that never loses its places in the zeitgeist. That’s because it’s always evolving to meet the tastes of the modern audience. Bond lives because MI6 doesn’t always have to look the same. Bond doesn’t have to be played the same. The stories can be more fantastic or more realistic. There’s elasticity.

If there are enough Star Trek fans who feel it should all stay the same until the end of time and no set designer, writer, director, costume designer, visual effects supervisor or producer can ever add anything new to the mix, then Star Trek will die. You adapt or you die. If you honestly feel Trek should go away for good and remain in the 60s (or the 80s or 90s, depending on your preferences for Trek), then so be it. Just be truthful and say so. I hope that there are enough of us who want to see the NEXT Next Generation of Trek to keep this thing around for my kids to enjoy one day.

194. Christopher Lee - October 15, 2008

It’s so strange seeing someone else as these characters. Also the bridge looks maybe a little different. And about the black shirt Kirk (Pine) is wearing. Don’t they wear black shirts under their uniforms? Maybe some hot alien babe ripped his uniform top off.

195. Brandon - October 15, 2008

Maybe Kirk went on one of those unauthorized by starfleet away missions. Like Worf in Birth Right.

196. Shaun - October 15, 2008

@ 138: Chekov looks perfect? With that really awful brillo pad on his head? Is there some other Chekov you’re referring to? It doesn’t look like Pavel! Maybe they should’ve brought back the Davy Jones wig or something…

I gotta say I’m underwhelmed with most of these pics too. Pegg and Urban look like they might (and I mean “might”) pull it off, but the rest of them just aren’t doing a thing for me. Pine looks too young, and I’m not all convinced that he’ll be the Kirk I remember. I’ll accept that the black shirt is a plot point, but why would Kirk even be in command of anything at this point? Unless it’s the kobyashi maru something, I’m not understanding that.

Like others here, I don’t like the look of the bridge, and I’m getting bad memories of Shinzon too. I do like the look on Quinto’s face as he attacks Kir, um I mean PINE (sorry, he’s just not Kirk to me)though. He really does look like Nimoy there. I’ll wait to rent the DVD, methinks. And even then only if fan reaction is honestly good.

197. Devon - October 15, 2008

Hey I just watched “Entertainment Tonight” and they showed a FULL picture of the Kelvin from the new “Entertainment Weekly.” It was a quick “Rumor or Real” feature they do talking about William Shatner returning to Star Trek (which they debunked.)

198. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Chekov lools fine. How can anyone pick on his hair? I don’t get it. The original Chekov had a Davey Jones haircut.

199. HerbieZ - October 15, 2008

I quite agree with the whole Mass Effect look though. I’m not knocking it. This is going to be a Dark Knight killer.

200. The Gorn Identity - October 15, 2008

Wow….WOW! Chris Pine IS Captain James T Kirk!!! Karl Urban IS Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy! Zachary Quinto IS Mr Spock! They’re all fantastic. The uniforms are perfect…PERFECT! The new bridge and captain’s chair are stunningly spectacular!

Thank you Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, and all others involved in this project! You’ve given me back my heroes!

The original crew is back!

201. montreal paul - October 15, 2008

#196 – Shaun
“I’ll wait to rent the DVD, methinks. And even then only if fan reaction is honestly good.”

Uh huh. You’ll be there opening day just like all the rest of us!

202. Dave - October 15, 2008

One last thing about the bridge before I get lynched by the STINO crowd (“Star Trek” In Name Only).

I’m sure there were a lot of Doctor Who fans who saw the redesigned TARDIS interior and said “OMG, that’s not the TARDIS control room! It looks like Farscape!”

Now, Doctor Who is one of the top 3 shows in Great Britain. All those little kids clutching their TARDIS toy. I’m guessing they don’t give a damn how it looked in 1967.

203. John from Cincinnati - October 15, 2008

The bridge isn’t too bright. Thank Abrams for not making it look like a 1980’s dark submarine interior like the movies. That’s fine for a refit Enterprise or NCC 1701-A but not the TOS era Enterprise. Although, the screens look waaaaay too advanced, more advanced than the NCC1701-D.

204. lesser ajax - October 15, 2008

Is Nero sitting on bridge of a ruined Enterprise? Sure looks that way…

205. Jon - October 15, 2008

‘Although, the screens look waaaaay too advanced, more advanced than the NCC1701-D.’

So they should tbh. I want this bridge to look more advanced than 2008 and 1967.

206. John from Cincinnati - October 15, 2008

Is it me or is McCoy missing his delta shield in the bridge crew pic?

207. Chris M - October 15, 2008

OMG this is AWESOME!!!!!!! :)

208. Agent Johnson - October 15, 2008

This looks horrible. The designs look horrible. And not as redresses of old Trek, but just bad design, period. I really had high hopes for this, but the more I see, the less I like it.

209. montreal paul - October 15, 2008

#206 – John from Cincinnati

No, his delta shield is on his uniform… it’s just the angle he is at and the fold in the shirt.

210. Teleportation Girl - October 15, 2008

with all that welding going on outside, I’m surprised the inside would be so sleek. ;)

211. Jon - October 15, 2008

Im laughing out loud at the purist naysayers… bitter old fools.

212. Ruthless Nate - October 15, 2008

Anyone who is complaining that it doesn’t look enough like TOS needs to get a life.

The important thing to Star Trek is the story and the character, not where the turbolifts are positioned. I once heard a Trekkie going on about Starship Exeter’s superiority to New Voyages/Phase II because the Exeter people remembered that turbolifts have to move slightly to the side before opening up to the bridge on a Constitution class starship.

All you people who are so obsessed with the look of things (I can see you quite clearly #196), are morons. You’re the reason Trek has struggled so much. Enterprise (which had fantastic writing in its last couple seasons and adhered to canon better than any other spin-off), would have been starting its seventh season this year if not for people like you.

213. chain of command - October 15, 2008

This looks pretty good. Updated, yet retro. Exactly what the creators said they were going to do. The same but different. I like how the uniforms only have one stripe on the end of the sleeves. Very much in line with the two pilots edition of the uniforms.

214. Alex - October 15, 2008

I assume the tactical station will be gone by the end of the movie. Along with that red…skirt. At least that’s what I read from Lindelof’s comment here.

215. the king in shreds and tatters - October 15, 2008

…are those the weird desk lights from ‘The Cage’ ?


216. Jon - October 15, 2008

215… yup

217. Mackie - October 15, 2008

JJ Abrams’ “vision” is going to ruin Star Trek.

Just look at that bridge picture, the Enterprise bridge is HORRIBLE!

218. Remember IDIC - October 15, 2008

To 193 (Dave): Kindly, more than 20 people have commented that the bridge connotes some kind of “themed” feel to them, be it a restaurant or whatever. People see what they see. It’s about aesthetics. Certainly no one has to agree, but please be tolerant enough to let people voice their opinions. It’s quite enough to say you disagree. There’s no reason to add quantifiers like “absurd.” Thanks man.

In addition, this isn’t taking a cartoon, as in Transformers, and basically changing the “costume” of a character, this is an undertaking that re-designs every aspect of a television series that has elevated the actors, and the characters they played, to iconic status – something that many have been passionate about for over 40 years.

Let people have their opinions here and hopefully the creative folks behind this endeavor will put everyone’s mind at ease when the movie rolls out.

I too want to share Star Trek with my children and I hope it catches their imagination just as it captured mine. However, this is asking me to let my kids discover Kirk and company in a whole new way that isn’t my Kirk and company. I begrudge no one for trying to re-invent and re-invigorate this franchise and hopefully elevate it again. That said, I have a thing for those old guys and it’s a bit weird and disconcerting for me to see this.

I want this to be good, I want Star Trek to live again and given the strength of the story and acting, I’ll hopefully get there. But allow me (and others) a brief bout of culture shock. We’ll come around if it’s good.

219. Dave - October 15, 2008

#213, with all due respect to you, if ENT were in its 7th season, we would not be getting a big budget revitalization of Star Trek on the big screen. I’ll gladly take that over 3 more years of a TV show on The CW.

220. SpikedCanon - October 15, 2008

I really like the shots…suprised that they gave us the Spock Kirk one—spoiler—as well as the bridge shot—spoiler. The rest were pretty cool. To be honest if they would’ve gave just the Nero we all would’ve wet our pants.

221. montreal paul - October 15, 2008

JJ Abrams “vision” is going to do wonders for Star Trek.

Just look at that bridge picture! The Enterprise bridge is FANTASTIC!

222. Ampris - October 15, 2008

Two words: pinky ring.


I’m going to be spastically high for the next day and half. Who said Trekgasm? I think I’m going to have to agree with that summary. :D

Bridge… uh, will take some staring at before I make a real judgement. First impression is very ARGH GET IT AWAY EEWW NO, but maybe it’ll grow on me. That seems very possible.

The characters are, I gotta say, way unsettling to look at, at first. (Sans Bones, of course. ILU whoever cast Urban. Srsly<333) Especially Chekov who I’ve *never* been very happy with, and the same with Harry. Uhura, though, looks superb– except for one thing. Was ANYONE else expecting her hair to be the same way it is in the show? Anyone? Really, that ponytail throws the whole thing off for me. D: But she’s still great looking, and I think she’ll pull it off okay. same with Kirk, he looks alright too.

Now I just gotta get used to the bridge, but the pictures of McCOy will be keeping me happy enough for a while. :D

223. ster julie - October 15, 2008

Re: Kirk on ice pic–Is he getting out of an escape pod? With the Big E’s call numbers??

And I certainly hope that Spock is trying to keep Kirk froom getting hurt, and not throttling his captain!

Carl Urban is channeling De Forrest Kelly fabulously, no?

224. Joe - October 15, 2008

You must be joking, that’s the bridge? It looks like something a 12 year old would draw during study hall. The original bridge might have looked a little cheesy, but it also looked functional, like someone actually spent some time thinking about what a working ship’s bridge might be like. This is like something out of a tacky nightclub, I almost expect to see chicks in G strings dancing in cages in the background.
I’m sorry, but after all the hype, all the interviews with everyone saying how much they respected the original, this is a sign that they just threw it all out the window and sat down with the chrome plastic and lightbulb commission and just said “hey, go to town”.
Pathetic. If this is their idea of respecting the original AND their sense of design, then they have failed dismally. I expect crap sets like that in made for TV movies like “rock monster”, but not in a zillion dollar remake of something like Star Trek. Epic Fail!

225. Tama Halvorsen - October 15, 2008

The bridge kind of reminds my of the one at the end of star trek 4.
The whiteness and brightness of it anyway.
The uniforms are good looking. Every movie though seems to like having those materials that have the tiny symbols on them. Like spiderman and supermans new suits. In this case starfleet insignias.
Love Simon Pegg… but maybe a little more hair in the front lol
Just nit picking

226. Fansince9 - October 15, 2008

Wow, these really make me anxious to see the movie. What would make Spock so mad he’d want to choke Kirk. I am going to have butterflies in my stomach for the next six months, while I wait to see the movie!

227. Dave - October 15, 2008

#218, I respect your response and you point of view. I suppose some of the attitudes on here frustrate me. I care about Trek, but then so do all of the naysayers. I suppose I want this to be a transcendent event and a happy time. People who are down on this have a right to their opinion, as you say. They care, but they see this as a step in the wrong direction. I also have a right to say I disagree with them, though, do I not? I hold no ill will toward anyone, but I think I should be able to speak my mind about what’s being said. It doesn’t have to be as heated as my first comment, but I feel a need to speak up.

228. Stef* - October 15, 2008

cannot breathe, cannot think, cannot move anymore … can only sit in front of my screen like an owl .. .gaping

So thank you, …

229. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

I wonder if Nero finds the shattered Enterprise and goes back in time to find out what happened?

230. Will - October 15, 2008

These are the pictures I’ve been waiting for. Bridge, crew, uniforms… All I have to say is the following:

That bridge is all wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG.








The crew is passable at best, Pine actually does have the presence of the Shat. Urban looks like Matt LeBlanc during the last 3 seasons of Friends.

Yelchin’s hair is… too curly.

My final point, how the hell can anyone accept this but have dogged Enterprise for it’s “overly advanced” look?

231. TonyD - October 15, 2008

I wasn’t expecting a carbon copy of the TOS sets and I’ve no trouble at all with them retconning the look to make it more modern, even if that does make it look more advanced than what we got on TNG and later shows. This iteration of Trek has to stand on its own and draw in a new audience; if that means shaking up the established look and throwing that aspect of continuity for a loop, so be it. I for one won’t lose one second of sleep over that decision.

The cast all look great to me, Pine in particular really channels Kirk in that picture of him in the command chair on the bridge. I love the uniforms – retro but still futuristic. The bridge is very interesting, lots of layers to it and somewhat reminiscent of a painting I once saw for an unused Star Trek: Phase 2 bridge concept. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the sets look like.

The only thing I’m disappointed about is that this won’t be premiering on December 25. It would have been the perfect Christmas present.

232. HerbieZ - October 15, 2008


233. Ruthless Nate - October 15, 2008

#219 – Dave

Is it just me, or do you sound like someone more eager to see the movie than wanting to wait to rent it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to see Trek getting such a huge revival like this. But if there are fans that are going to nitpick on something as ridiculous as set design and whether the movie might contradict one throw away line from some episode in the 2nd season or whatever, then I honestly fear for the existence of the franchise. Especially now that the ORIGINAL fans (as in pre-TNG fans) are getting old and seem to be the most nitpicky of all, I say it’s time that the reigns get handed over to some fresh minds and some fresh fans. As long as the characters feel right, I’m perfectly happy. And Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman have given me plenty of reassurance that they knew what they were doing with those characters.

234. Remember IDIC - October 15, 2008

Dave – As I said, voice your opinion, we all do. The internet is a great apple-box we can all stand on and speak our mind. I only feel that malaise when people add to their opinion by denigrating other people’s opinions in the same breath. By all means, SHOUT your opinions in joyish revelry, but attacking other people’s opinions brings us all down to a nasty little place where people then feel they need to defend their position and it spirals out of control shortly after that heh.

235. Kev-1 - October 15, 2008

Well, into the melee. I’ll see this, but don’t feel the need to run out. That bridge is very Next Gen-like, and I see why they might have added that desk there, but all that glass just looks decorative, not utilitarian. In my opinion the original bridge looks more “real”. I’ll have to see the movie to judge the characters. Maybe putting Pine in Black is a way to differentiate him from you know who. Can it be Trek without Kirk’s fancy dash-dot-dash stripes of gold braid? They gave everybody one stripe, maybe Kirk has two. Are the characters too young for anybody over 30? This could be interesting, though.

236. Sam Belil - October 15, 2008

I WANT to be excited!
I REALLY want to be excited!
I REALLR REALLY want to be exited!

237. Klang31 - October 15, 2008

Kirk’s a rogue. And perhaps wearing the ‘gold shirt’ is the final sign of him accepting his fate as a natural born leader? That’s my guess. Maybe he won’t wear it until the very end.

Also with the bridge I’m guessing if we peel back everything, like the extra console, we will actually see the bridge that we remember. Lets face it things will need to blow up wont they? And maybe the idea is that the bridge gets refit after the movie so it resembles more of the TOS look….or I’m letting my fanboy mind go wild. Either way.

Anyways I’m digging the photos. And want more…

238. Will - October 15, 2008

Welcome to the iBridge, it’s more expensive, less functional, and way flashier than the bridges of old!

239. OR Coast Trekkie - October 15, 2008

Nice pics. I’m likeing them. Here’s to the new movie, and a trailer in November.!!

240. montreal paul - October 15, 2008

I have an idea.. for all the people not happy that this doesn’t look like the 60’s TOS.. do this:

Go buy a large plama screen TV.
Get the original TOS on DVD (not the remastered, the original series)
Wait til May and then watch that on opening day… you will all be much happier.

For myself, I am 41. I have been watching Trek for as long as I remember. TOS was my favourite series.. Treks 1-6 were my favourite movies. I consider myself to be a TOS purist – yet, I am open enough to be really liking what i am seeing now.

I think this is EXACTLY what Trek needs to take it to the next generation (no pun intended).

If you want a carbon copy of TOS… i think someone else said this early on… you would have ONLY been happy if the released THE CAGE and called it a new movie.

Keep on trekkin’!

241. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Spock! That’s not how you do the Vulcan Neck Pinch! Urk!

242. Phantom Leap - October 15, 2008

[…] Nick 10.15.08 It doesn’t look that bad, but I think it looks terrible! If that makes any […]

243. tomcatjosh - October 15, 2008


244. Imrahil - October 15, 2008

#235 – McCoy seems to have two stripes on his uniform.

#238 – Yeah, that’s what I was thinking–Steve Jobs’ Enterprise.

245. Devon - October 15, 2008

Of course, Lindeoff said it was A Captain’s Uniform, not *the* captain’s uniform.

246. Steven - October 15, 2008

Incredible! It looks different, yes. But at the same time, it feels right. God-willing, this is going to be an awesome film! Come on, May 8!

247. Spock's Brain - October 15, 2008

I so wet my pants at work when I saw these. I was right about the prominence of Nero’s brow/nose that I saw in the original image.

248. Thomas - October 15, 2008

You guys are a riot complaining about how JJ has “ruined” Trek, but not because he has sullied trek’s vision, but rather he’s sullied YOUR vision of Trek. Did anyone here honestly think JJ was going to let his creative hands be tied because a small ( and I mean small) amount of potential viewers were going to cry foul because his Enterprise bridge wasn’t a perfect copy of the TOS bridge? He would be an absolute fool to do that.

I for one love the new designs, and if they don’t fit into canon, or rather someone else’s idea of what canon is, I really don’t care. Maybe after 40+ years of Trek fandom, it’s time for some shaking up, to get Trek and its’ fans out of this lull we’ve been in.

Besides, does anyone think Nimoy (long considered the “conscience” of Trek) was upset because the bridge didn’t match the design of the “Cage” bridge that he first stepped onto in 1964? Even if he wasn’t crazy about it, he wasn’t childish enough to let him keep it out of this movie. Nimoy has said time and again that the script was what won him over, not the faithful recreation of any uniforms or designs from the TOS era. The story & characters and the ideas are what make Trek great. Everything else is there to enhance the environment and make it seem believable, but they’re just the icing on the cake, not the whole dessert.

It’s amazing. A Satanist taking a dump on a Bible couldn’t elicit the anger and vitriol that these pictures are generating among some of the posters here.

249. Sean - October 15, 2008

I am about to pass out from excitement over these new screenshots! They look awesome! The new bridge looks insane! Keep em coming!

250. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

That Enterprise shot is gonna be sweet.

251. Agent Johnson - October 15, 2008

My problem with the bridge is that it looks like a design from 2008. Trek has always been pretty decent (not perfect) about making timeless designs, with a few notable exceptions. But this looks like, “What would Trek be in 2008? I know! Multiple LCD panels flowing into one another!”

252. Todd - October 15, 2008

The shape of the bridge is hard to make out – is it circular? Looks like a rectangular room by that shot..

253. Rooar! » Blog Archive » New Star Trek Photos - October 15, 2008

[…] photos from the upcoming Star Trek movie have been distributed to the web.  You can find links to them from here.  This here’s a photo of some of the crew on the bridge of the […]

254. Agent Johnson - October 15, 2008

#238 – The iBridge – PERFECT description.

#248 – It isn’t MY vision I want to see, but Gene Roddenberry’s vision. The original Trek has a particular look that all subsequent versions of Trek have paid homage to in one way or another. “Enterprise” did a version of the original bridge, and it looked pretty good considering it was 40 years old. It still worked. I’m not saying it needs to be a carbon copy, but a little bit of the old would have made me REAL excited for this.

255. Spock's Brain - October 15, 2008

The unis are perfect. updated just enough. the bridge design is more functionally detailed than TOS. Capn’s chair is ergonomic. From what I see: So far, so AWESOME!

256. Kirk's Revenge - October 15, 2008

I like the pics… for the most part.
The new bridge looks like a salon.

257. AjaxLou - October 15, 2008

Anthony – very happy!!! THANK YOU so much for running this great site!

….and the adventure continues….

258. Spock's Brain - October 15, 2008

#252 Not rectangular. look at the slight curve of the control panel, OLED screens, ceiling and the railing behind Kirk.

259. Will - October 15, 2008


I too take myself to be a Trek purist. The thing that always made Trek stand out to me is that it was more about story and less about flash(unlike things like, say, Star Wars).

I’m not pissed it doesn’t look like the 60’s, in fact, there are plenty of CG artists who have posted re-imaginings which keep just the right amount of the original while not making it look like it’s totally different. I know outright that it just can’t look like the original eps. But this being “respectful” to TOS isn’t something I see unless you count “respectful” as saying “Well, the bridge on TOS is a room. So is this.”

I don’t mind the uniforms, save for that printed logo on it. Why does EVERYTHING now have something like that on it(as pointed out, Spiderman and Superman). I like the concept of the black under shirt and uniform top on it, it’s more in keeping with the stuff that came after while still being faithful enough to the original in overall design.

This look, to me, is aimed at people with short attention spans, people who can’t keep the story as their focus and as such, need as much crap going on in the background as possible(this is my theory for why anyone was able to sit through the Prequel Star Wars trilogy, “Hey, the acting/story are bad, but look in the background, is that the Millenium Falcon? Yes, yes it is, oh, hey, blaster fight, cool!”).

I do quite like the look of Nero, Pine, Quinto, and the uniforms. But that isn’t enough so far for me to be able to ignore how flashy everything is.

260. Captain Joe (formerly Joseph Brown) - October 15, 2008

It’s gonna take a little time for me to get used to the new look (especially the bridge), but I like it. Wow, I’m amazed how much Karl Urban looks like DeForrest Kelley did as Bones. I’m also impressed with the USS Kelvin and can’t wait to see it in the movie.

I know many have commented how similar Nero looks to Shinzon and I agree they look very similar. I might be wrong, but I have a feeling that there’s more to that than Mr. Abrams and company just thinking the “Shinzon” look would make Nero appear more intimidating. I think Nero is either a Shinzon supporter who was outlawed after the Scimitar was destroyed or he’s Shinzon’s son or descendent. Both theories would explain Nero’s look and why he’s named after the Roman emperor (which seems to me to be more than just that the Romulans are based on the Romans). But that’s just my two cents.

261. sloan47 - October 15, 2008

Here’s that Entertainment Tonight pic of the USS Kelvin!

It’s a cool looking ship!

262. jefv88 - October 15, 2008

ok i think i like it for the most part. It seems as tho JJ took the basics for the design and influenced it in a way that shows how our actual technology is evolving in terms of appearance and design

263. Dr. Image - October 15, 2008

The bridge comments ARE really right on- and funny, everyone!
I’d order a vodka at that bar… from her… any day.

One thing’s for sure- Herman Zimmerman didn’t design it.

264. Todd - October 15, 2008

#258 – Yep, nevermind, I was looking at the cropped pic from above – looking at the full pic from MTV, i can see its a circular bridge. Cool.

265. OM - October 15, 2008

…Someone tell Pine that N’Sync is going to sue over stealing one of their hairstyles :-P

266. iyellkhan! - October 15, 2008

I just want to know two things:
1 chrome again?
2 when did starfleet start contracting with ikea?

I just remember conversations about making the ship feel real… I feel like I’m getting a major Andromeda vibe from this thing (and not in a good way).

That being said, I’ve never liked JJ’s production designer’s work when it comes to tech sets. the guy is obsessed with neon blue and chromes… sigh

I find myself more intrigued than anything by these images, but I’m by no means convinced this movie will work, and likely wont be till I see it. MI:3 is hardly an affirming factor, due to it basically being “Alias: the Movie,” less so mission: impossible. So we’ll see.

267. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Uh, isn’t Leonard Nimoy supposed to be in this?

268. Enterprise - October 15, 2008

Lol, at the Kelvin ship. Here’s lookin’ at you kid!

269. Thomas - October 15, 2008

254. Agent Johnson,
I accept the idea that you would want to see GR’s vision on screen. The only problem is, we were never going to, really. Every incarnation of Trek is influenced in one way or another by Roddenberry, but I would argue they are even more influenced by the creative teams who work on them. Honestly, the best we could possibly hope for is that this movie embraces the themes that Roddenberry wanted Trek to have, that the characters are true to their origins, and that it’s entertaining as well as thought-provoking. This movie, by the sheer fact that Roddenberry cannot be involved, is obviously going to have a different feel to it, in part because JJ and CO. are going to put their own creative stamp on it, and that’s okay.

270. Spock's Brain - October 15, 2008

251. Agent Johnson “But this looks like, ‘What would Trek be in 2008?'”

The reason TOS looks timeles is because they had great designers who were influenced by modernist design. But it looks like 1960s designers view of the future. All we have is a couple of stills. I bet JJ had his production designer/design team create a bridge as it could be. Where every button, bell and whistle has a raison d’être. Can’t wait!

271. OM - October 15, 2008

“Yep, nevermind, I was looking at the cropped pic from above – looking at the full pic from MTV, i can see its a circular bridge”

…And looking at the detail, it’s obvious they stole the styling from Tron. I think we’re doomed, kids.

272. VOODOO - October 15, 2008

When do we get to see the man….Leonard Nimoy in costume as Spock?

For me that will be the moment that Star Trek returns to glory after being watered done by so many sub par down versions of the real thing.

273. classictrek - October 15, 2008

I too am a TOS purist i guess, but im open and up for this movie. The changes which were inevitable are generally good i think and im trying to be positive. we were never going to get everything we wanted but im pleased to say that i think we have got more than i bargained for. These pics still have the original series look to them but its updated for a new audience.

In many ways the bridge couldnt remain the same and needed alteration. I think this was a difficult task. Im suprised by it for sure and expected more of a ‘The cage’ look to it but there you go. Its certainly has a fresh look to it.

at the end of the day we have capt kirk, mr spock and the brave crew of the starship enterprise NCC1701 back – Star Trek has finally come home, thank goodness for that. The human adventure is just beginning.


274. Barry Norman - October 15, 2008

You’re all smoking crack, that looks terrible, chris pine (who?) as Kirk? Truly horrible casting.

This film looks like it will scar the Star Trek franchise irreversibly.

The film’s makers should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

275. Elrond L - October 15, 2008

Oh my God. Wow. Oh my God. I wasn’t expecting THIS tonight! My daughter (age 13, the next generation of fans) screamed as loud as I did at every picture — especially the cast shot and the amazing bridge. My God, look how Pine sits in that chair. He has Kirk nailed.

THANK YOU, Anthony — one image would not have been enough. Finally!!
I will snap up a copy of EW.

276. BlueArrow - October 15, 2008

You know… at first this bridge picture began to upset me… Like wow! It’s not the original command post of the USS Enterprise but in a unique way it is. However after a few minutes I went back and looked at the pictures again.

Upon my second viewing I realized that this is NOT original Trek; it’s something similar, but meant to be different.

What’s that classic, key phrase of Star Trek…? Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. With that in mind, I fully embrace this new Star Trek, the crew, the look of bridge (yes, even that weird console standing next to Dr. McCoy), and anything else that will be given in the coming weeks and months.

Welcome to the new Star Trek. It’s different… That’s GOOD. We’ve had the same ol’look for over 40 years. Give this newness a chance and let’s see what Mr. Abrams can do.

By the way, my sincerest gratitude to the production designers, directors, and writers for keeping the look and feel close to the Original Series as much as possible and yet… providing us with completely new.

Let’s Boldly Go…TOGETHER… with Star Trek in 2009!

277. Jason P Hunt - Kansas City Filmmaker - October 15, 2008

I, for one, am feeling a bit more at ease with the concept.

However, having said that, I am frustrated that all of the genre films (such as “Dark Knight”, “Superman Returns”, etc.) seem to all have the same costume designer – one who said “Let’s really make sure they understand they’re watching a _____ movie and throw the logo into every major costume!”

Really? Is it just me, or is this a silly notion? I don’t have anything in my closet that shares these design concepts.

I have serious concerns about the bridge design. I agree it looks like a “theme” space, like maybe they moved the Star Trek Experience from the Hilton into the set… but I do like the Chair.

From the look of who’s wearing what, it seems that some original TOS “canon” elements (such as Sulu’s time in the phyics dept. and everyone’s rank, and Chekov’s assignment) are being shunted to the back burner.

I agree that the story has to come first. Story is the most critical item. And for Nimoy to return to “Trek” (and even acting in general…) the story has to be a seriously solid one. I hope.

I’m reserving judgement on the bridge design until I see more.

278. Yarrak - October 15, 2008


279. Decker Unit - October 15, 2008

In the shot of Kirk & McCoy on the bridge, doesn’t McCoy look like Spalding in Caddyshack, when he’s getting ready to eat his boogers?

Seriously though, thanks Anthony for the pic’s, it’s great to finally see something from the film.

280. Matt Wright - October 15, 2008

Holy crap! finally we get some real honest to goodness production pictures, super excited!!

281. Jerome - October 15, 2008

Bones needs the short-sleeve medical uniform shirt, otherwise he nails it. I always thought Andy Serkis would have been a good McCoy, but Urban seems to be fine.

Looks like Syd Mead had a hand in the bridge design, not what I expected. If it wasn’t for people in the photo wearing recognizable Starfleet uniforms, I would not have thought I was looking at the Enterprise bridge.

282. The Quickening - October 15, 2008


I completely agree. The “desk” doesn’t seem to go with anything on the bridge. Don’t possibly know what the point of it is.

283. Gustavo - October 15, 2008


I Cannot Believe It’s True!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no….This is Happening!!!!!! STAR TREK IS back Ladies of Gentlemen

284. CmdrR - October 15, 2008

Looks cool. Gonna see the movie. So… thanks for the early (replacement?) Christmas gift.

285. The Poop On Bible Satanists - October 15, 2008

Keep us out of this.

286. Matt Wright - October 15, 2008

Mmm yes the bridge design has me a smidge worried, it’s a bit too clean and the interfaces are bit too Tom Cruise’s console from Minority Report looking.

287. J_montreal - October 15, 2008

NERO IS ON THE BRIDGE OF THE ENTERPRISE !!!!!! LOOK ! IT LOOKS AS THOUGH THE ENTERPRISE BRIDGE IS WRECKED !!!! holy shit, this looks really good. Can’t wait. I’m dying to see this movie.

288. Matt Wright - October 15, 2008

Oh and why does the chick in the red at the “desk” have what looks like two handheld barcode scanners in holsters?

289. Victor Hugo - October 15, 2008


This Enterprise is so clean! I want to live in that bridge and press those buttons!

And that actor who plays Bones is not so hulky like he was on Lord of the Rings, glad he lost a lot of weight!

This is not a disaster. ;)

290. Charles Trotter - October 15, 2008

Awesome updates, Anthony! I admit, I squealed with excitement after seeing all of these pics, lol! I like how the actors look in their roles and love the effects shot of the Kelvin.

I am a bit concerned about the bridge image, though (the one with Kirk in the captain’s chair). While I knew the bridge would be sleeker and more hi-tech, I was hoping there would be some semblance of the original series bridge. I just don’t see it in that pic, but then again, it’s not showing the whole bridge so I’ll hold off on my judgment. It does look pretty nifty, though.

Regarding that same picture, the woman at that “desk” object seems to be writing something. It is possible she is the “stenographer” listed on IMDb, played by Margot Farley. However, Farley has blond hair not brunette and I wouldn’t think such a role would require her to dye her hair.

It could also be the “Lieutenant Adams” character played by Jolene Kay or the unnamed bridge crew member played by Makiko Konishi. I don’t think it could be anyone else currently listed on IMDb, though it could certainly be someone not listed there.

291. MaRiA the GREAT!!! - October 15, 2008

Star Trek may be really wierd to me but something about it keeps me watching it. My dad is a huge Star Trek fan, he has so many star trek ship things and gadgets its soo rediculous!!!

I can’t wait for the movie to come out!!!

292. Spock's Brain - October 15, 2008

I saw Chris Pine for the first time in “Bottle Shock”. He was great in it. He’s a fine young actor. And I totally see him as being capable of being “Kirk”, the character Shatner created. He doesn’t have to look like Shatner to become Kirk.

293. NoRez - October 15, 2008

I’m interested in seeing how THAT bridge turned into THE bridge. So there’d better be sequels. Plural.

And I guess I’d better pay more attention to my health so I can be there for them.

294. MaRiA the GREAT!!! - October 15, 2008

Quannti anni hai? Sono di Roma! Di dove sei tu? Nero, verde, marrone, aruzzo. uno due tre quattro sei sette otto nove dieci undici dudici tredici quattordici seidici settidici ottodici deicinove venti ventiuno ventidue ventitre ventiquattro ventisei ventisette ventiotto ventinove……..

295. Spock's Brain - October 15, 2008

287. J_montreal – October 15, 2008
“NERO IS ON THE BRIDGE OF THE ENTERPRISE !!!!!! LOOK ! IT LOOKS AS THOUGH THE ENTERPRISE BRIDGE IS WRECKED !!!! holy shit, this looks really good. Can’t wait. I’m dying to see this movie.”

You are so frakkin’ right! It is the bridge. That’s why Kirk had to use the escape pod!!!!!

296. Newman - October 15, 2008


I admit, I have mixed feelings about the bridge, but that won’t stop me from going to see this movie. I am also interested to see the explanation as to why Kirk is wearing a black shirt…just put him in gold!!!!

297. boJac - October 15, 2008

Yeah yeah yeah. No one cares about these pictures. What we really want to see is a picture of Scotty’s midget sidekick. COME ON JJ!!!! GET ON IT!!

298. LoyalStarTrekFan - October 15, 2008

The Bridge looks pretty cool and the crew shot was awesome! I love the uniforms too. I’m really looking forward to this movie. The new bridge has a classic Trek look (i.e. it’s appears to be generally oval in shape with a command chair in the center, or near the center, and consoles all around the edges with a viewscreen up front) but that console the redshirt woman is standing at looks a bit weird but it’s a close shot of the Bridge so it’s hard to tell how it looks on the whole bridge itself. There also appears to be a clear piece of glass of the bridge with lines on it (around the woman in red) that looks very similar to Navy status screens aboard Naval ships bridges. I think that’s a nice touch to further add a sort of Naval status to Starfleet.

293, the bridge looks more advanced in this film than in TOS (and the first 4 TOS movies) is because those were made in the 60’s and 70’s and I this film is being made for a 2009 audience. The bridge still has a classic Trek bridge look (as noted above) so I’m very happy. Also, the early-mid 23rd century finally has a unique display screen look (i.e. 24th century has LCARS display style, 22nd century has the ENT display style, Late 23rd century has a Star Trek VI display screen style) that it has been in desperate need of.

Anyway, everything looks great and I’m looking forward to 2009!!!

299. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008

Oh. My. God.

Everybody’s complaining about the damn bridge?!

Has anyone stopped to consider that….


I mean, of course, there’s a good chance that it is, but…..

…if it WERE the Enterprise, wouldn’t it be Pike in the command chair, not Kirk? Maybe its a training simulator or something?

As for Kirk’s black shirt…jeez, just go with it. It looks like it’s probably the “undershirt”, so, yeah, I agree with whoever it was that said he looks half-dressed…..

300. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008

#297 – LoyalStarTrekFan

Well said. I’m right with you 100%.

301. Spock's Brain - October 15, 2008

It’s casual Friday for him. Kirk just got fixed-up in sick bay. The gold shirt slips over the black one.

302. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008

300th comment! :D

303. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008


304. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008

300 – Spock’s Brain.

Very logical.

305. Jesustrek - October 15, 2008

the picture of the bridge is AWESOME,,,but is the kelvin or the Enterprise ?

306. SChaos1701 - October 15, 2008

For the haters, you need to remember that Star Trek is all about IDIC: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. If you can’t grasp this concept and still remain closed minded then you don’t have the right to have the privilege of calling yourself a Star Trek fan. As a matter of fact, some of these canonistas give us TRUE fans a bad name and, honestly, I (and probably many others here) really don’t want you to be a fan and associate with Trek.

307. Matt Wright - October 15, 2008

That’s the Enterprise bridge, the link to the MTV Blog has comments from Damon Lindelof that says so.

The set you see in the photo is the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and not a training room.

308. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008

I can’t help it. Those uniforms are amazingly beautiful.

And, actually, I hate TOS uniforms. Rather loathe them actually.

Those uniforms are damn beautiful….

309. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008

306 – Matt Wright

Thanks for that. That will teach me.


310. sean - October 15, 2008

Well here’s a big surprise, the people that weren’t going to like the movie aren’t swayed by these photos, and the folks that have been looking forward to the movie are excited. Amazing!

311. LoyalStarTrekFan - October 15, 2008

299, thank you. I’ve always been looking forward to a unique display style for TOS era, and I’m overly happy with these shots. I believe the best shot is of the crew standing in front of the viewscreen! Top notch work. My fears about this film have long been laid to rest and these images continue to do so.

312. Closettrekker - October 15, 2008

Fantastic….This is terrific.

Great pics, and great news on the start of a promotion campaign.

313. Spock's Brain - October 15, 2008

With one good hand, it was probably a struggle just to get the first shirt on.

314. Commodore Redshirt - October 15, 2008


I like the look and thanks Anthony!

315. Can't Wait for Labor Day 2009 - October 15, 2008

full shot of the USS Kelvin from

316. Sisko's Shrimp Gumbo - October 15, 2008

Boborci is hiding somewhere

#292 – Yeah Chris Pine was one of the bright spots in Bottle Shock, along with Alan Rickman

317. sean - October 15, 2008

Also #287 & 295 – Lindelof specifically states that the shot of Nero is on a Romulan ship, NOT the bridge of the Enterprise.

318. Dennis Bailey - October 15, 2008

This all looks great!

319. DCM - October 15, 2008

I just LOVE how everyone looks! I’m just DYING for May to come quick now!!!

320. HelloGirls - October 15, 2008

This is fantastic.

Thank you Anthony for putting all together in one place.

321. Imrahil - October 15, 2008

#314 – So that shot of the Kelvin–is that a warp nacelle on top? In blue? That looks like the “fan” design?

322. LoyalStarTrekFan - October 15, 2008

One thing that I was still concerned with (that I forgot to mention in my previous post) was Nero and his group of Romulans and the fact that the movie seems to be taking a radical departure from the noble Romanesque Romulans we’ve come to know and the importance of the predatory bird no longer seemed important to these Romulans. I’ve always loved the Romulans and I like them about as much as I like the Klingons, both of which come behind the Federation of course. That fear has now been laid to rest in the article found here:

Question: This does not appear to be typically Romulan. Is it fair to say they’re a rogue outfit?

Answer from Damon Lindelof: Yes, I think “rogue” would be a good way of describing them.

I loved that answer. It is now official, all of my concerns about this movie have been laid to rest.

In May 2009 I think that we’re be in for quite a treat. I can’t wait.

323. Federali Aundy - October 15, 2008

I’m sorry but why does the bridge look like its more steril than a surgical ward? Kinda gay.. but I hope it looks better as more pictures become available…

324. ObiWanCon - October 15, 2008

I made a mess in my pants when I saw the pictures, the bridge was a bit of a shock at first but looking at it for a little while it looks great it all looks fantastic; I want the trailer now please.

325. LoyalStarTrekFan - October 15, 2008

I forgot to put SPOILER WARNING in my post #322. Sorry.


326. rag451 - October 15, 2008


327. New Bond Film - - Asian/AMXF Social Networking Community - October 15, 2008

[…] some images from Trek have been released, they all look good except for Pine. More Star Trek Images: Enterprise Crew + Nero [UPDATED] | […]

328. ByGeorge - October 15, 2008


I agree with the sterile look to the bridge. Though I love everything I see so far, if I HAD to pick on something it would be the colors they used for the bridge. They need some warmer colors like they had in TOS — reds, yellows, browns etc. This bridge is all cooler colors so it looks cold and sterile. Hopefully there will be so much heat on that bridge – like Spock strangling Kirk that it will balance out.

Spock really does need to control that human half.

329. The Quickening - October 15, 2008

My thoughts:

Pic #1 – Grade: A –
The crew of the USS Enterprise –
Crew looks nice. Pine is charismatic. Don’t dig Chekov hair style, though.

Pic #2 – Grade: B –
Kirk and Spock – Qunito’s acting seems too over-the-top and forced.

Pic #3 – Grade: A+
Best photo of the lot! Of course the design resembles the Romulans /Remans in NEMESIS. These Romulans are from that TNG era. Man, fans scream for continuity and when they get it, their still not satisfied.

Pic # 4 – Grade: A
Kirk gets chilly
Love the pod design; really gritty and authentic looking. Pine really works for me.

Pic # 5 – Grade: C +
Kirk in command!
Pine is terrific. Urban trying too hard to be McCoy. Bridge too bright and artificial; thought Abrams was going for a more realistic, grittier look for his TREK. The bridge is a major disappointment… so far.

330. Can't Wait for Labor Day 2009 - October 15, 2008

#321 im not sure what that is. but it looks like the full pic will be in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. Because of the debate there is no Entertainment Tonight on tonight so I can not confirm if it is a fan pic. If it is they created it really quick!

331. Matt - October 15, 2008

Hopefully they do a refit of the ships bridge by the end of the movie.
It Looks Way to Cluttered and to Futuristic. There is also to much blue being used.

332. Matt - October 15, 2008



333. Jon - October 15, 2008

Boo! The Bridge looks modern and up to date instead of something designed in the 60s… boo! This film should not reflect a modern interpretation of the future, it should preserve the outdated musing of the 60s! Boo!

334. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 15, 2008

#129 “This is completely removed from anything resembling TOS. It’s like Joel Shuemaker got a hold of it.”

#224 “The original bridge might have looked a little cheesy, but it also looked functional, like someone actually spent some time thinking about what a working ship’s bridge might be like. I’m sorry, but after all the hype, all the interviews with everyone saying how much they respected the original, this is a sign that they just threw it all out the window and sat down with the chrome plastic and lightbulb commission and just said ‘hey, go to town’.”

I agree with both of these posts! Well said, gentlemen. That bridge is literally too much.

p.s. Most of the crew do look good, though. Not gonna get used to Pine’s Hanes underwear black t, though…

335. Dr. Image - October 15, 2008

#323- In fact my wife commented that what looked “kinda gay” was that EW (or in her words, “eeeewwww”) cover.
(Now don’t kill the messenger…)

336. Wastedbeerz - October 15, 2008

The more I look at it, the more the bridge seems in PERFECT continuity to what should be coming 100 years after the NX-01. I know a lot of people don’t want that, but it now makes more sense, at least to me.

337. Thomas Jensen - October 15, 2008

I’ll get adjusted to it. It’s just so bizarre that these guys are the new crew. I’m so used to the original actors. I can see the changes in the photos, but I hope this will revive Star Trek.

338. freezejeans - October 15, 2008


If Orci or anyone else from the production is reading this, rest assured you guys rock. Grew up on TOS from the early 70’s on, and it’s always been my favorite…this looks amazing and I’m now trying to figure out how to cryogenically freeze myself so that I can wake up the week your film opens without having to painfully wait!

339. Driver - October 15, 2008

The pics are all sorts of coolness. This is gonna rock. Thanks, Anthony!

340. Third Remata'Klan - October 15, 2008

333 – Jon

“This film should not reflect a modern interpretation of the future, it should preserve the outdated musing of the 60s! Boo!”

Sorry, but that’s kind of ridiculous. Star Trek is about looking toward the future. They did that in the ’60s. But now, if they’re only looking back to the ’60s, that completely strays away from the idea of Trek.

We must boldly go FORWARD.

341. Jamziz - October 15, 2008

just freaked the HELL out.

342. tribble farmer - October 15, 2008

*repeats ZOMFG about a thousand times and then dies*

343. Kelvington - October 15, 2008

I’ve stayed quite for a very long time about this movie, and chose not to get involved, that was until I saw the Bridge image.

Oh dear god, I had high hopes for this, and from the statements of people who had seen it. Kevin Smith in particular, I thought the bridge would be… THE BRIDGE, the iconic round multi-station clean images from our memories or at least something close.

Are we sure JJ was watching Star Trek when he made this set? And not Buck Rogers? Or Stargate?

This is NOT the bridge I grew up with, this is NOT the bridge I thought would appear and by God it’s NOT the bridge I can appreciate.

I suspect next fall Stan and Cartmen will be doing an episode where Roddenberry’s corpse gets the “Indiana Jones Treatment” by JJ and the writers.

344. Jon - October 15, 2008

340, you missed the sarcasm in my post.

345. Captain Archer - October 15, 2008

Well to me, I can’t just imagine the new bridge being in say Memory Alpha’s Constitution class page or the USS Enterprise page, it just doesn’t work. I love the crew, I love the uniforms, but for gods sake, fix the bridge and whatever you have done to the Enterprise! It needs a streamlined version of “The Cage” bridge, just update the computer consoles with Enterprise style graphics, that’s all you need. I do like the Captains chair though.

346. Xai - October 15, 2008

153. TrekMadeMeWonder – October 15, 2008

Far too dramatic.

347. tayastarr - October 15, 2008

#47 Pragmaticus- NO DeForest was/is Bones…Im geeked over the pics but im sorry im just not happy with the “new” McCoy…like at all…im sure I will warm up to him more once i hear him and can see him acting as mccoy you know..its just De is one of my heros so its hard to see mccoy some one else. its just odd to see the crew as different people but im excited like a little kid over the film..and i know its going to rock no matter what..i just have to get over my mccoy issues lol..

348. Cappin' McCoy - October 15, 2008

This looks freakin’ wild!!! MORE PLEASE!!!

349. montreal paul - October 15, 2008

343. Kelvington

Ummmm… do you not remember what was said last year (i think)?

“This is not your father’s Star Trek.”

Although I did grow up watching the original first run… I think that this really will bring Star Trek forward. It’s the update that it really needed.

350. Drij - October 15, 2008

I hate everything about those pics. gonna flop.

351. Thomas - October 15, 2008

There’s just one thing that people are forgetting about the bridge:
The film is nearing completion and shooting is long since complete, They’re not going to go back and “fix” the bridge because some people on one website are complaining about it. Just sit back and enjoy it, don’t take this so seriously. Some people here are reacting to every design change like they’ve been personally slapped in the face. That’s not their problem, folks.

352. Jas in Perth - October 15, 2008

The bridge DOES look like a bar lol!
“Captain, there are Romulans off the starboard bow …. Mr Spock, your long island tea is ready”.

353. DREW - October 15, 2008

Looking forward to the movie!!!

354. Jim - October 15, 2008

Kelvington, you making sure to campus all the sci-fi blogs? I mean if you are can you at least NOT copy and paste your exact same quote from

355. Xai - October 15, 2008

For those who are hating the bridge. What part of “there will be some changes” did you not read? Did you think the days of painted plywood, cardboard and jellybeans glued to a panel (or their 21st century counterpart) were coming back?
A modern movie audience would not accept what I described above as part of a current film. I love TOS and all of Trek and I would laugh if I saw that.
It’s in our nature as Trek fans to nitpick, but may I again urge you to wait for more information before stating “Pine’s black uniform looks stupid.” or other comments. Let’s find out more.

356. harry h - October 15, 2008

exciting time for fans.
happy to see these pics but very disappointed in the bridge shots. it completely abandons Matt Jefferies classic design. And looks nothing like the Original Trek (as cast and crew have often said it pays accurate tribute too) I suppose though us trek purist have to accept this as we were warned in the teaser trailer at the Enterprise’s massive nacelles. Its unfortunate but the rest of the photos are truly exciting. cant wait for friday and even better the trailer with bond.

357. Andy Patterson - October 15, 2008

Wow, look at you Anthony. Do you ever sit back and think about this thing you started that has so many involved in one area? So many posts. This is what everyone’s been waiting for. That’s pretty cool.

It’s exciting to see it even if I’m not sure I like everything I see.

I’m still not sure I buy the ‘everyone knew each other at one time before they got together’ thing. I hope it doesn’t feel like Anakin building the droids. But I’ll give it a chance.

I’m trying to take that leap and going with their vision of the technology but I miss the darker look of the original bridge.

We shall see.

358. Baroner - October 15, 2008

This bridge sucks. The set designer was on crack when he/she did it.

Hey, on the bright side, maybe Twiki will come waddling out of the turbolift. Or, maybe a waitress with a huge bulbed light rope around her neck and chest will come sauntering out. Or, perhaps the five dudes (one chick, actually) will get together and form Voltron and save the day. Or, etc…..

359. Xai - October 15, 2008

Stanky… I know you are out there. At least the rails are red. As for the rest… we know your opinion.

360. Spocko - October 15, 2008

Awesome! The costumes are great! The actors are great! This movie seems to be getting cooler and cooler with every picture!

361. Michael Stivic - October 15, 2008

From the picture, the bridge looks too different. I didn’t need the buttons to look exactly the same as they did in TOS, but the bridge should have had something that would make us feel like we were going home, something in the atmosphere. This bridge is cold and weird.

So far, these pictures have made me lose some of the extreme enthusiasm I had for the movie.

What I like best, though, is McCoy. I think Bones looks great.

362. Kelvington - October 15, 2008

354 – LOL, I did change it a little! I took out the word rape, and put in the phrase “Indian Jones Treatment” this is a kinder, gentler blog here. Plus if something is good, it’s worth repeating. :)

Plus why is Kirk climbing out of a giant Phaser One in the snow? I really want to know?

363. Xai - October 15, 2008

They knew they weren’t going to please everyone…

364. Devon - October 15, 2008

#343 – “This is NOT the bridge I grew up with, this is NOT the bridge I thought would appear and by God it’s NOT the bridge I can appreciate.”

And by God this is NOT 1966 and by God J.J. Abrams isn’t the set designer!

365. Xai - October 15, 2008

Anthony, it’s time to warm up that second server for the site

366. mark am - October 15, 2008

from the photos and the teser traler it looks good dute till the full traler comes out we wont know if it is good we will see when it comes out in may dont git me rong i am a treke at hart but i am show me sort of purson

367. montreal paul - October 15, 2008

362. Kelvington
“Plus why is Kirk climbing out of a giant Phaser One in the snow? I really want to know?”

Hmmm.. maybe you can watch the movie and find out!

368. Michael Stivic - October 15, 2008

Maybe that picture is a pre-refit bridge, like the bridge in The Cage was less colorful than the bridge in The Corbomite Maneuver. Perhaps there will be a bridge makeover in the movie and we’ll see something more akin to the original.

I can’t get over how absolutely awful that bridge looks.

369. FSL - October 15, 2008

5 pics in a roll after almost nothing since the crew posters. Wow!

The Kelvin shot is really exciting. Quite like the way I imagined, TOS shape with ENT/TMP type detail. And the phase canons! Is that what they mean by have nods to each series?

All the actors/crew looks great and in character. Especially Krik and McCoy. The uniforms look great, except the gold ones, which… looks Spider-Man. Maybe they’ll look better on the big screen.

The bridge though… I’m not sure. Over all the years, Trek bridges have always had a certain feel of realism. Like wall panel still look like wall panels, and the floor looks like carpeted floor. But this one is so blinky. Like there’s always 20 light bulbs staring at you. I don’t know…

Quite different from how I pictured it. Remember JJ’s set photo at the conn station during his chat? It looked very ST6-ish. But this looks so… blue. And the Yeoman station just seem very out of place. Liked the Cage lamps and the red/black rail. But these littel details seem lost in the overall blue/neon environment.

Can’t say I like the bridge so far. But again, maybe they look better on the big screen.

370. Jas in Perth - October 15, 2008

Anyone notice that Kirk’s escape pod has NCC-1701 written on it?

371. SpikedCanon - October 15, 2008

not our usual posters….much more negative…..well maybe the same….we wanted pics….me included….everyone has a vision…we are unique…this IS the NEW vision…embrace it and enjoy….and then we an all say Kirk’s final words…”it was fun”

372. krikzil - October 15, 2008

“There is something horrific which has taken place and they are like the cadets on the ship in Wrath of Khan – without a real captain. Kirk is stepping in to fill the role. Subsequently, that would put them at the ages of, what, 22? This also means that bridge is approximately 10-14 years before TOS. They are years away from the first 5-year mission in this pic.”

Maybe Kirk’s taking the Kobayashi Maru in this scene? I agree, he looks young.

Thanks Anthony for all the pictures. Glad Paramount started the campaign earlier rather than later.

373. Justin Olson - October 15, 2008

182. Enterprise – October 15, 2008
Why does it say Warp Factor behind the glass in that one shot? Are they in spacedock?

My guess is that it is the main viewscreen. See those reddish out-of-focus ellipses? Those are stars. The ones in the center of the screen aren’t motion blurred, the ones near Pine and Saldana are.

374. He's Dead Jim - October 15, 2008

Hmmm. As others have observed, it’s hard to evaluate from just a couple of photos, but this bridge looks like a parody of what it’s supposed to be. This is not 1966, nor should the 21st century version look too much like the 40+ year old version, but from these shots it looks rather silly. I hate to say that, because I’m sure a lot of care and effort went into it, but…

That said, bridges change in damn near every movie, so maybe this one can be “upgraded” to something nicer…

On the positive side, the actors look good and the uniforms are nicely done. We will have to wait until May before we can really evaluate much.

375. OM - October 15, 2008

“I forgot to put SPOILER WARNING in my post #322. Sorry.”

…Who cares? This thread was full of spoilers from the first line of HTML code. Don’t apologize for spoilers when it’s unnecessary, it’ll only urge on the spoiler challenged to whine about spoilers.

376. SpikedCanon - October 15, 2008

no one is talking about Nero…Dark and AWESOME

377. Dennis - October 15, 2008

I love the uniform but HOLY CRAP

Is that what they all look like?
They look horrible!
None of them look anything like the original characters. Spock looks the worst

378. NDP - October 15, 2008

I hate to say this people…..

But Rick Berman did it better! At least when he presented the TOS bridge it looked right.

JJ you and your bridge decorator screwed up and lied to the star trek fans all along.

This movie is a reboot!

379. Jas in Perth - October 15, 2008

#180. Yes, I’m leaning towards thinking this is a test, an evaluation of some sort or the kobayashi maru exam and therefore that station, with pen and the posture of someone observing, is there only for that. My hope is that the real bridge will then step forward sans hostess station.

380. Gary Seven - October 15, 2008

Everything looks great, except….

The Bridge. What were they THINKING? I feel validated by all the posts. I looked at the pics and thought, this is so 2008 sci fi looking- modern, clear panels, light- it will look so dated so quickly. I wanted an update of the original series’ Bridge. What we got it…well, this is just too different, I am really surprised. I thought these guys knew how to stretch and change Star Trek, it but not break it. And it’s UGLY.

Hope it’s a good story. Having Kirk a wimp and Spock as hysterical would be the equivalent “rebooting” that this Bridge represents.

381. Devon - October 15, 2008

#377 – Dennis, it’s good to know you figured out that you can’t “clone” people.

382. Brian - October 15, 2008

I like the way the whole cast looks….I’ll reserve judgment on the bridge until I see more.

383. Devon - October 15, 2008

#379 – Perhaps you should go back to re-read the report that this is the BRIDGE of the Enterprise, not the test. Some people refuse to accept that a cigar is just a cigar. Geesh.

384. hissy1701 - October 15, 2008

Shame there is no enterprise, and also no picture of ‘old’ Spock!

385. Xai - October 15, 2008

378. NDP – October 15, 2008
Cut out the “lie” stuff.

386. DOUG - October 15, 2008

The captain’s chair…well…it looks like a left-over from one of the old klingon bridge sets from the other movies.
This bridge doesn’t even look a “little” like the original. Suck.
I just got unimpressed very quickly.
Maybe I wasn’t in such a hurry to see photos after all. Without the story it’s just a let-down.
Starfleet uniforms that look like workout clothes from Spiderman and Superman’s gym….and a bridge that makes me feel like the theme song from “Enterprise” did..kind of sick.

387. Izbot - October 15, 2008

Very exciting! Can’t wait for more stuff to trickle in!

388. The Gorn Identity - October 15, 2008

Ha! It does kinda look like a phaser one, doesn’t it? Speaking of…I can’t wait to see the new phasers and communicators!

389. NDP - October 15, 2008

Xai…you have a different opinion than I do.

Why are the producers telling us that this is not a reboot? Nothing looks familiar.

390. Xai - October 15, 2008

going to bed, you all just nit-pick amongst yourselves while I sleep.

391. The Quickening - October 15, 2008

Maybe Kirk’s not in full uniform because he is only an acting captain – disgraced because of the Kobayashi Maru incident, but is needed, or pleads for this mission. Of course, by the end of the film, he saves the day, is given permanent command and the final shot of the film, will be all TOS characters in uniform–including Kirk.

392. EmeraldKnight - October 15, 2008

Wow. A lot of you guys complaining about the bridge really are more judgemental than you realize. Considering your complaints are exaggerated and mostly superflous. From some of the posts make it sound like the bridge pic is giving you blindness from all the lights glaring at your eye sockets.

Yes, there is more sharp lighting here, which actually is a great thing. Gone is the soft lighting that made the bridge look like a scene from a soap opera.

It is an advanced piece of technology, in case you didn’t notice. My word, my LCD screen is friggin’ bright too, so are the lights on my speakers, my DVD Burner, USB hub(like a mini sun, I tell you), keyboard AND mouse. But I would expect the bridge of an advanced starship to be brightly lit, and well…….advanced looking.

Everything looks sharp. A lot less grey, which is nice. Even though the grey is clearly still there, at least the lights aren’t all cozy like.

Plus, in motion, it will be a much different beast. The lights will be much less prominent, unless one ends up being a surprise new character like the weapons control in Nemesis. Who knows?

So overall, the pics look top notch. You ALREADY can see the production values put in. The bridge is my favorite part so far. Because it shows progression rather than stagnation. About time.

393. Rainbucket - October 15, 2008

This post is too far down to be read by hardly anyone, but for what it’s worth…

The bridge shot was a shock, but it’s at an angle we’re not used to, from Spock’s science station. The familiar viewscreen, helm console, and turbolift are all out of frame.

I glimpse a red railing and floor that are more like the familiar warm TOS bridge. And would probably feel like it with the classic background sounds.

That said, this seems more like interpolating 20 years back from TWOK. How the TOS bridge would have looked in movie form.

394. entropy - October 15, 2008

If people want the orignal look…watch the original….YOU DONT HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE…just a thought

395. ThePhaige - October 15, 2008

In an interview it was said that Kirks black uniform was indeed a command uniform, but that the total black plays significance to the point in the movie where the pic was taken from. I somehow think something has happened to Pike and Kirk has assumed command or been given it. Remember it is JJs style to keep us guessing and this may not be the version of the bridge after Pikes Ent. is refit for Kirks 5 year mission. Or it can be an alternate timeline…who the hell knows.

I still think its a poor angle also. It makes the captains chair seem like its off center and toward the back. I think the perspective is hard to read in this pic. But I think it looks clean and fresh. I knew whatever it was going to look like would bring a healthy debate though….

396. Xai - October 15, 2008

#389 NDP
First, there was no lying. Go back and read older articles.

I’ve not read the script, but many possible options come to mind. Alternate Universes for one.
You have to realize you are looking at just 5 moments in time from a 2 hour movie. A lot of conclusions are being jumped to tonight without a lot of information behind each photo.

Get the idea?

397. Bob Tompkins - October 15, 2008

In all honesty? Chris Pine looks about 13 years old in the Captain’s chair.
Maybe he’ll look better when he’s in motion rather than a still image, but for now- thumbs down on the new Kirk.

398. Xai - October 15, 2008

394. entropy – October 15, 2008
“If people want the orignal look…watch the original….YOU DONT HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE…just a thought”

Best post on this thread.

399. NDP - October 15, 2008

go to sleep Xai

400. Harry Ballz - October 15, 2008

Every time I look at the Nero photo I’m reminded of Nemesis…………………….and that’s not a good thing!

401. The Vulcanista - October 15, 2008

Anthony, will you marry me?

Peace. Live long and geek OUT!
The Vulcanista }:-)

402. Shatners Bile Duct - October 15, 2008

Im not diggin the bridge..I think its the ‘desk lamps’ :-S
Maybe ILM can go back and paint those out..I hope it grows on me

403. Jas in Perth - October 15, 2008

#383 Everyone is entitled to an opinion Devon and that shouldn’t be an invitation to you to cast scathing remarks or judgement about your fellow trekkers here just because they don’t agree with you or share your interpretation of things.

404. The Vulcanista - October 15, 2008


They’re simply adhering to canon, Harry, just like they said they would! };-|

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

405. Green-Blooded-Bastard - October 15, 2008

This is absolutely fan-f***ing-TASTIC! Not too sure about the bridge, though.

406. ascates - October 15, 2008

Hmm, there’s time travel likely involved here, and the bridge is different… It’s not like that’s never happened before. Maybe that’s Tasha Yar’s grandmother in the red skirt. :)

Anyway, it all looks great! Thanks JJ, Damon, Bob, and Alex for sharing this with us!

407. aries127 - October 15, 2008

Love the uniforms.

Love the hair/makeup.

Not too keen on the bridge as it looks in this pic. Overdone, undersized.

But who’s to say that’s the Enterprise? (Though it probably is.)

408. Will H. - October 15, 2008

One thing that stands out to me is how young Kirk looks, like too young to even be a young captain, so I wonder if the movie will go into his age at all. As for Nero, agreed, that whole pic has Nemesis written all over it, but lets not forget that nemesis wasnt an all bad movie, just bad enough to kill TNG. For the bridge, I have mixed feelings, but I like it more than I thought I would from what I can tell. Im thankful to god that JJ didnt go all retro with it just to pay homage to TOS, that would have ruined the movie for me. I like how most of it looks functional and practical. Ive always thought that bridges needed to have more stations and people, they are controlling a starship after all. This one just looks a bit cluttered and crowded is all, but thats just from a couple pics. The reading lamps as a throwback to the first pilot kinda bug me, though, they dont look like they’d fit in a 23rd century ship. As much as Enterprise killed Star Trek, I did like the interior design for the most part and I think its a good place to start from.

409. barrydancer - October 15, 2008

Uniforms: Cool. Updated, but clearly close to the source material.

Bridge: Um…I have to agree with some of the other posters here. Did the people who designed that monstrosity actually watch Star Trek or did they design something and then try to shoehorn it in? I’m scare to see the rest of the ship. That bridge makes a 100 year more advanced Sovereign Class bridge look quaint. What’s our “canon inspired” reason for the Apple iBridge?

410. RamblnJack - October 15, 2008

Urban certainly has the stance of McCoy in that bridge shot, and seems like a great fit so far. But does anyone else get a whiff of Gary Mitchell from him?

411. Maxim - October 15, 2008

The F***king bridge looks Awesome!!!! finally something that looks like it can be the real thing.

412. DJT - October 15, 2008


413. Artoo Detoo - October 15, 2008

I can’t seem to get the UGO image to load…

414. Artoo Detoo - October 15, 2008

Correction, its working now – wow!!

415. Matt Wright - October 15, 2008

Just found what the bridge reminds of, it’s the Enterprise-A bridge at the very end of ST:IV, a design based on the ST:II bridge, but white washed and brighter, and then never seen again.

416. Shatners Bile Duct - October 15, 2008

Yea and for good reason. This one reminds me of Sharper Image? I hate hate hate that stupid little podium Uhuru is next

At least the ship designs are gonna be cool TMP style all the way..

417. RetroWarbird - October 15, 2008

I see a lot of telling character-work. Pine might not be emulating Shatner, but he’s certainly sitting like Kirk sits … Urban might not be dead-on emulating DeForest, but he’s got Bones’ posture and miserable expression. Simon Pegg has dark hair! That really helps him look like Scott. He has an expression almost like “oh great, new threat, I’m gonna have to fix something”. The younger crew seems adequate as well, especially Saldana as Uhura.

Nero I’m mixed on. I love Romulans, and it’s about freakin’ time Romulans were the primary enemy in a Trek movie, even though I understand why politics didn’t work in that way after DS9 for Nemesis.

I really don’t feel like a villain needs to have cliche tattoos, shaved head and sit in dark room. But Romulan bridges have never been “bright and cheery”. Still … I’d feel it a little more if there was some green hues, other than the lighting. But that pointy ear does make me feel a little better. Plus it’s always good to learn more about various aspects of Romulan culture, ESPECIALLY the ones who go against the societal norms.

418. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - October 15, 2008

Once again, I am late to the party. That’ll teach me to have a life.

I am so geeking excited about these pics I barely have enough time to criticize each and every last detail.

Angry Spock. Kirk must have tried to pull the old “now I’m dead, now I ‘aint’ trick. This time Spock got pissed.

Nero’s botox injection mistakenly went into his right ear. Or he’s been fighting Kimbo Slice on CBS.

From the looks of the bridge, Radio Shack was running a special on LED’s.

And the uniforms are great. I just love the scaly delta patterns everywhere. Looks like Spiderman and Superman and the Bridge crew can share the same bolts of fabric. A new trend.

But in truth I love the pictures. I can’t wait to see this flick. And what were you expecting, no changes? Watch your frakkin old DVD’s for that. I am looking forward to something new. Even if it is old.

419. Jeffrey S. Nelson - October 15, 2008

Kirk in the chair? Looks like a reversed photo because of the hair part on the wrong side.

420. shat hands - October 15, 2008

The waiting has been worth while.

Oh my god!

421. Harry Ballz - October 15, 2008

“Everything old is new again”

You of all people, being a musician, should recognize the danger of opening…..old wounds!

422. George - October 15, 2008

I speculate the black tunic is worn underneath the colored outside.

423. Fwise3 - October 15, 2008

I cant seem to get the UGO image of the bridge crew minus Spock to load…

424. Driver - October 15, 2008

Dark Horizons has these pics plus one more…

425. sloan47 - October 15, 2008


Haha, that’s the same screen shot I posted back up at #261! (They jsut darkened and cropped it)Trekbbs and trekweb also posted my original! I had no idea it would spread like this!

426. John Pemble - October 15, 2008

Looks, well different. Don’t know if it looks shitty or amazingly good. Need to see it in motion to tell.

427. ster julie - October 15, 2008

“410. RamblnJack – October 15, 2008
Urban certainly has the stance of McCoy in that bridge shot, and seems like a great fit so far. But does anyone else get a whiff of Gary Mitchell from him?”

A little air freshener or Febreeze will take care of that.

(Sorry, resistance was futile!)

428. Regula One - October 15, 2008

Forget you haters. You are the same people who never had faith in this production from the begining, copying and pasting the same hate for over a year.

I actually LOVE the new bridge design and everything else I’ve seen so far. When J.J. said that the bridge looked liked Apple designed it, this is pretty much what I expected the bridge to look like. It looks like the the culmination of every bridge design from previous Trek shows/movies and then some.

And it DOES look “futuristic” by 2008-09 standards, not 1956 standards.

429. CHARLY - October 15, 2008

I think that this “reboot” is gona blow in JJ face….as far as we see this sucks …nothing new…looks like TNG with TOS patches to me…..Enterprise or whatever is this looks like “Las Vegas Trek Fashion”…

430. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - October 15, 2008

BTW I just wanted to go on record as saying that UGO needs to get a new server. Or did someone cache an embiggened picture of the bridge crew minus Spock?

431. Jon - October 15, 2008

Just a suggestion, but we were never told if the kobyashi maru test was done on earth or not, if Kirk is going through it on a real ship (real naval ships have drills all the time) than the desk behind him could be someone taking notes, and the black shirt may denote that he is the one being tested at the time. The picture of everyone standing in front of the screen (when the screen says it is in warp) leads me to believe that they are being talked to by somebody superior (and the drill is still running in the background). He said the black shirt was a command shirt important to the scene, not the movie….

432. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - October 15, 2008

Another note:

Anyone else notice how the haters barely have a grasp on simple spelling and grammar?

433. Harry Ballz - October 15, 2008

eye diddntt know-tiss!

434. MattTheTrekkie - October 15, 2008

YEESSS!!!!! Oh wow. yep… I’m crying… I’m not ashamed to admit it. My life just got put 18 million levels. Energy boost. Something to look forward to :D other than college. Which also rocks!

435. Devon - October 15, 2008

#432 – Exactly. For instance, I was VERY impressed with #429 “Charly’s” response.

436. Buzz Cagney - October 15, 2008

That is looking VERY exciting.

437. Sammelpost zu Star Trek XI: Alle Fakten, Gerchte und Infos - SciFi-Forum - October 15, 2008

[…] <font color=yellow>Star Trek 11: Bild der USS Kelvin</font> Crewbilder: More Star Trek Images: Enterprise Crew + Nero [UPDATED] | Produzent Lindelof sagte laut MTV zum Brckenbild: – Man sieht auf dem Bild die Brcke der […]

438. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - October 15, 2008

Harry and Devon

It looks like the English language is gona blow in Charly face.

439. Captain I'm Blind! - October 15, 2008

WTF is with all the spotlights shining right into the faces of the console operators? Talk about going overboard with the lighting.

440. Bob Bastard - October 15, 2008

I swear to God I’m going to phaser-whip the next person who says the word “canon”

441. FULLLLLL - October 15, 2008

Why does McCoy look like Joey Tribiani?

442. Harry Ballz - October 15, 2008

Ooh, my favourite old T.V. show was Cannon!

What, phonetically doesn’t count?

443. Harry Ballz - October 15, 2008

I can see it now…….McCoy sidles up to Chapel and asks, “so, how you doin’?”

444. M33 - October 15, 2008

Chris Pine is hard to look at… yuck. He better be a damn good actor…

445. Mitja - October 15, 2008

I’m sorry, but minus the colors of the uniforms, there is NOTHING resembling the original series.

I don’t like uniforms, or the bridge.

446. SPOCKBOY - October 15, 2008

I like the crew shot but the bridge looks like a damn hair salon!
Complete with the lady at the reception desk with a pen taking down reservations.
(maybe it’s just a bad angle)
The chair looks great though.

: )

447. Devon - October 15, 2008

#445 – You think the Uniforms look nothing like the original ones? Weird.

448. Ruthless Nate - October 15, 2008

Any one else notice that it looks like McCoy is watching Spock strangle Kirk? You can see the top of his head by Kirk’s chin.

449. Iowagirl - October 15, 2008

My favorite is the last shot with Pine and Urban almost perfectly doing their Shatner and Kelley impersonations…

450. Bob Bastard - October 15, 2008


*puts the phaser away*

I’ll let you get away with it, this time!

451. M33 - October 15, 2008

Chekov’s hair is absolutely ridiculous!!

452. Charles H. Root, III - October 15, 2008

@ 106. Indian Kirk – I feel your pain, brother! I’m getting Space:1999 meets Galaxy Quest with a dash of Lost in Space remake. BTW, Does your family name rhyme with Bing?

@ 428. Regula One – I’m not getting Apple out of this. I can’t see enough of set detail to comment on the controls. I wont be surprised if Mac OS X or an iPhone have better interfaces if the ST:XI production design team is passing off more of those CSI-esque fake computer interfaces that are all the rage on Fringe and other current shows.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the story and acting performances make up for any production design shortcomings. Urban looks great as McCoy. Bones was always my favorite TOS regular… So human, so passionate, often flawed, with an unwavering ethical sense.

I hope Karl breathes new life into this old friend.

453. CHARLY - October 15, 2008

#435 AND # 438 ….JUST TRY TO TRANSLATE THIS. IF YOU LIKE TO…..Lo que pasa es que vivo en Europa y apenas estoy aprendiendo ingles….,afortunadamente yo si entiendo el idioma ingles aunque no lo escribo bien……de todas maneras la pelicula de JJ no creo que pueda llenar las expectativas ,muy altas por cierto ,de los fanaticos de Star Trek…Insisto porlo menos en estas fotografias esta pelicula apesta!!!!

454. Antonio - October 15, 2008

Does anyone have noticed the cannons on the kelvin?

455. Andy - October 15, 2008

I was shocked like alot of other posters here when I first saw the bridge. I was expecting something alot closer to the original design. But it is only one picture. And we shouldn’t be judging the book by it’s cover. I’ll tell you this. It’s more believable than the original cardboard looking bridge. And why are people mad about the touch screen do-hads. In the later TOS movies the bridge incorporated touch screen into the panels.

456. Jerrad Hermann - October 15, 2008

The uniforms are a little too faithful to the original series for my liking. There’s something very silly about seeing Kirk command the Enterprise in a black T-shirt and pants. He looks like he just got out of the club, not like he’s going to lead a starship. The others look a little better, but I expected something more complex and modern. It also seems odd to have little federation signs on your uniform as a pattern. That’s like a marine having a ton of little US flags.

The bridge also looks a little too busy and bright. They should’ve toned down the lights and added a little more color to it other than blue.

Otherwise, top notch.

457. Will - October 15, 2008

456. “the later TOS movies the bridge incorporated touch screen into the panels”

That word “later” is the key to unlock the answer you seek when you ask “why are people mad about the touch screen.”

458. CM54X - October 15, 2008

Everything looks like crap. What a shame. Sorry, JJ.

459. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

Next May everybody will walk around with the new, glossy MacBooks, lasered from one solid slab of aluminum. And they look pretty much like the new bridge, which I totally like… maybe they dim the lights during alerts ;))

460. CarlG - October 16, 2008

Ever hear a grown man “Squee”?

We have now. :D

Everyone looks awesome, hurrah for miniskirts, the bridge looks sumptuous, and Nero looks like an utter bad*** mofo. But for some reason, his pic makes me think of the phrase, “Romulans of Mordor”…

355: You took the words right out of my mouth, Xai.

461. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - October 16, 2008


No need to translate your sqwack. Your a flamer in any language.

462. Nostromo - October 16, 2008

The uniforms and the cast look great. In the back of shot the uniforms look amazingly like the originals, and close up they’re close enough. So strange to see in a new movie. The cuffs even look like they have continuous circles for rank bands, as in WNMHGB.

I’m far less sold on the design of the bridge, which looks a lot like the Enterprise-A at the end of Voyage Home – all gleaming white and monochrome touch displays. Even the font is pretty much the movie font. Likewise the exterior effects shot looks amazingly like the movie era. It’s as if they’ve retconned TOS to blend more into the Motion Picture.

I’m not averse to this at all – it’ll just take some getting used to. The crew, who are the key to all ofthis, look fantastic.

463. max - October 16, 2008

Dude, I’m freaking out! At last!

464. Jayb - October 16, 2008

Well I’ll throw my 2 bits in….I really like the cast and uniforms, and I want to like the bridge, but it’s a bit cluttered, too visually busy. I think it’s those large clear panels (what are those anyhow?) The displays don’t bother me, I’m not a huge fan of the round spotlight thingies though. And considering this could be the first of many new films, it’s posible the bridge can certainly change and evolve into something more familiar. I do hope the engineering set is something remotely similar to the original though, but I’m up for some change as well. I noticed the Kelvin is using the same font style as the original Enterprise but it just has a red border, more like TMP. Neat way to blend the two.

465. JJReas1701 - October 16, 2008

I just want to know what that registry number is on the Kelvin…

But yeah, Oh my GOD.

These pictures had me crying a little bit… They were that awesome. Everyone and everything looks positvely phenomenal. 6 months just seems so far away!

466. ksmsscu - October 16, 2008

I just had my own Kobayashi Maru – forgot to breathe for 30 minutes. I’m in – have been in since September 8, 1966. De Kelley and Jimmy Doohan are somewhere laughing and enjoying Scotch, a mint julep, Romulan ale, and something ‘green.’ They’ve been joined by Joanie Winston, who is kvelling over true fandom geeking out over the new pix. The Great Bird is saying, ‘No, that’s not my bridge, but it’s 2008; my Trek needs new life, so give JJ his shot.’ Thanks, Anthony; the past year’s been a great ride, and the payoff — ‘here it comes.’ Boborci, lurking somewhere, thanks to you and the Supreme Court; we’re ready to see your vision — Qapla’. Hey, haters — chill and just wait for the frakkin trailer on 14 November. Before then, we’ll probably have seen Leonard and the Big E. Let’s all trek into 2009, when the human adventure will really be just beginning.

467. JJReas1701 - October 16, 2008

Oh and by the way, Karl Urban pulls off the McCoy look so damn well.

468. Captain Flemm - October 16, 2008

Pine sells me on Kirk– hair is a little poofier than I would like (why not slick it back?) but he seems to exude Kirk’s command.

Uniforms? Thumbs up.

And the bridge? Wow, you folks who are complaining because it doesn’t look like the old show, just go see the movie and imagine the old set. In fact, imagine everything about the old show– sets, styrofoam rocks, actors, everything– with the new story and try to enjoy it. Star Trek will never again have the Shat and the old sets. Like many of you, that saddens me a little, but, those things will never be taken away. We will always have the classic episodes and movies. But, this is the future of Trek. If we want more of it, then let’s appreciate it for what it is– a new take on something we love. Its like going to Baskin Robbins– embrace the new varieties! Hey, there’s a little different take on canon– cool! Hey, I wouldn’t have placed that desk there, but the flavor of this bridge is pretty funky. Get out of the vanilla and enjoy what we all hope will be a resurgence of a beloved pastime.

469. JJReas1701 - October 16, 2008

By the way, I totally dig those spotlights! It reminds me of “The Cage”. ;)

470. S. John Ross - October 16, 2008

Karl Urban (and his incidental supporting cast) looks great :)

471. kolzig - October 16, 2008

And now, show me the Enterprise!

472.» Blogarchiv » StarTrek und die Kindergartencrew - October 16, 2008

[…] mir dieser Link zugepielt worden ist und ich darin las wußte ich direkt […]

473. Drew M - October 16, 2008

I think Kirk wearing just a black shirt is probably a relaxed look. You know like how in ST2-6, they would undo the breast flap on the jacket, or with the First Contact uniforms they would take the jacket off, and have the branch undershirt unzipped a bit.

474. Nick Cook - October 16, 2008

In addition to the wonderful costumes, I also rather like the fact that Nero and his bridge (?) do look like they come from the post Nemesis time period. Nice touch (assuming it’s intentional).

The bridge is starting to grow on me.

475. S. John Ross - October 16, 2008

(Nero, though, looks dangerously like an utter dork)

476. Scott Xavier - October 16, 2008

That bridge is pretty regoshdarndiculous! But I will give the movie a shot!

477. Anthony Thompson - October 16, 2008

Trek made me wonder, too! It expanded my imagination. But some older fans don’t wonder anymore. They are stuck in the past. They revel in the oldies, whether it be music or TOS episodes. That is sad.

This movie will hopefully make people wonder and imagine once again. These images are fresh and exciting! Thanks Bob and JJ for reinvigorating Trek!

478. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

[473] Drew, Jim Kirk is so relaxed that he even drops down on an ice planet with one of the 1701s escape pods in that black shirt… (and a cool duffle)

479. MrLerpa - October 16, 2008

Has any body wondered whether the bridge photo is the Kobiashi maru test and thats maybe why Kirk doesn’t have his gold shirt on?

I have to say, the more i study the bridge image the more convinced i am by it. the photo really is from an odd angle. i think that it will make more sense when we see the trailer.

480. MrLerpa - October 16, 2008

forget my last comment, I just read the article…Duh…

481. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 16, 2008

Dear me, I’m in a tizzy! I cannot *wait* to see this. I *love* all the shots — uniforms, characters, bridge, exterior — EVERYTHING!

(okay, maybe the bridge could have looked a little more retro, with a little more black in the control panels to contrast the brilliant colors and overall whiteness, but it’s a minor issue — I’ll get used to it fast, like Warp 8 fast)

482. Shawn - October 16, 2008

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

483. LorienTheYounger - October 16, 2008

Ooh, very nice! Particularly Uhura – Zoe’s facial expression seems very Uhura-like.

Uniforms are okay. I would’ve gone a bit further with the redesigning myself but these are good.

I’m not really in love with the original bridge so I don’t care if they change it – it’s a nice design anyway.

Nero looks badass.

484. karanadon - October 16, 2008

#202 Good analogy, I like that! The bridge doesn’t exactly look terrible either, just…very different. I’ll wait to see what it’s like in the trailer/film before I pass judgement, I think.

485. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 16, 2008

My initial reservations about Pine as Kirk have really started to subside… I see some real Kirk-like postures here….

486. captain_neill - October 16, 2008

Uniforms are cool but I am not happy with the bridge. We were told it would be reflective of the original bridge but apparently they have made it look more advanced than the Enterprise D.

I am glad the uniforms are like the originals but I am very upset about the change to the bridge.

I am back to my initial frustrations about this film.

Thanks JJ!

487. Reliant - October 16, 2008

Anthony, thanks so much!! The bridge pics look awesome as do the action pics!! All this will give the Star Trek franchise new breathing room. I hope that the story line proves just as good!! Congrats to the set and uniform designers!!

488. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

Damon says about Neros group “They’re not interested in material wealth. They’re interested in something else entirely”

We now they have a time ship, the return to the 2260s and they attack the 0514… Maybe they want to kill somebody on that ship to change the future…

489. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 16, 2008

They did right by the mini-skirts — mini-skirt not up-skirt

The bridge looks like a cross between TOS and TMP to me. I *do not* agree that it looks more advanced than the Enterprise-D. There is still something utilitarian, clinical, what-have-you about it. The bridges from A-E get progressively “cushier”, like luxury car style. This still looks like a bridge personnel do *work* in.

490. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

argh, what I tried to type was…

We know they have a time ship, they return to the 2260s and they attack the 0514… Maybe they want to kill somebody on that ship to change the future…

491. Chris Pike - October 16, 2008

Now I’ve taken it all in!!!….as many have said, bridge is rather disappointing – just way too busy and too many spotlights. The uniforms are perfect, so reminiscent of the original series in contrast to the bridge. And the actors are looking good in their roles, too. However I had fears the production design would be much more off than it is. I do like the captains chair, that’s just right. And attention! goosenecks on the bridge again!

492. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 16, 2008

415 – I think you’ve got it right, it does resemble that Enterprise-A bridge. I guess I have tyo revise my statement to say the B-E bridges feel more like the cabin design for a luxury car.

493. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

[491] yeah, the goosenecks are sweet, maybe the phasers and communicators will look like the cage, too ;))

494. bobfred - October 16, 2008


495. captain_neill - October 16, 2008

I will still be seeing the movie, I can overlook the design changes as long as the film respects the philopsophy of Trek. I believe in IDIC

I was hoping it would be more faithful than it appears in the photos in regards to the bridge. I really love the uniforms, very like the originals.

Would rather it be a straight reboot trather than the time travel idea to explain any changes. If a straight reboot us fans would not feel cheated if the last 42 years of Trek is erased.

496. Sarah - October 16, 2008

I am so stunned. I am speechless. I am in love.

497. Commodore Redshirt - October 16, 2008

I think the “NEW” Kirk Black Shirt is way better than the TOS Green Tunic!

498. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

But captain_neill, we don’t know yet if the known 42 years timeline will be changed… or restored by Spock and Neros actions…

499. MrLerpa - October 16, 2008

captain_neill surley you own the DVD’s and books??? How can they be erased? it is after all a TV show. (if the best one ever made)

500. Nuallain - October 16, 2008

The thing to remember about the bridge is that, you can like it or not like it, but it’s not any kind of continuity violation. This is set *prior* to the TV series, and we know the Enterprise underwent periodic refits and revamps, inside and out.

There’s nothing to say that at some time after the movie credits roll this bridge is replaced with the one we know from the TV series.

501. captain_neill - October 16, 2008

Of course I own all the DVDs.

Nuallain- that is a fare way to think of it. I do admit the bridge looks cool just looks too different from the bridge we all grew up loving.

Uniforms are spot on, Kirk better be wearing yellow. The continuity geek in me says that if prior to the series then should it not be the pilot uniforms they should be wearing? It doesn’t bug me anymore but all Im saying is that it could open a new can of worms.

The photos are cool except pissing me off about the bridge, if Jj honours Trek then I will love it but he screws up I disown the fim, I am taking the two fold approach these days.

I do believe the film will be better than Nemesis but I am concerned JJ Abrams is changing too much.

502. Commodore Redshirt - October 16, 2008

RE: 496. captain_neill

“us fans would not feel cheated if the last 42 years of Trek is erased”.

I don’t quite follow you, but the shows exist. I have seen them. They will continue to exist and be seen.
Remember…this is a STORY … a SERIES…
Canon is a very complex thing perhaps best left to the Geeks, Nerds, Bishops, and Popes. ;-)

503. LoyalStarTrekFan - October 16, 2008

495 said: “Would rather it be a straight reboot trather than the time travel idea to explain any changes. If a straight reboot us fans would not feel cheated if the last 42 years of Trek is erased.”

I cannot put into words how much I disagree with this statement. As a fan of all of Star Trek (most especially the TNG era Trek (TNG/DS9/VOY) I would indeed feel “cheated” is they “erased” the last 42 years of Star Trek. They need to respect canon, which they have stated numerous times that they do, while not relying on it to tell the story, in order to bring in new fans. As for the idea that “erasing” (i.e. reboot) is what they are really doing and calling it something else and if they only called it a “reboot” we’d know what to expect idea, we won’t know for sure until we see it but the numerous articles and statements from those involved have laid my concerns in this area to rest.

499, you are absolutely correct when you say that Star Trek is the best show ever made. I could not have worded it better myself.

Wow, over 500 posts! I guess when we Trekkies get started on something, there’s no stopping us. :)

504. CaptainRickover - October 16, 2008

I thought they’ve killed Shinzon allready in the last movie!
Oh wait, it’s Nero! I think, Abarams and Company should have watched Nemesis, before they designed theyre new enemies.

The crew looks fantastic, as the uniforms. That’s what I really want to see.

The bridge… I hate the brdige. That design is terrible (even if the other parts look more like the classic bridge). Looks like an iPod-bridge combined with something they diged out of seaQuest and Stargate SG-1. To much lighting, to many spots. I hope they’ll change the bridge for the next movie (if there is one).

Guns of the Kelvin? I can’t see them. Where are they? I like the design of the Kelvin, as far it can be recognized. But I wonder about that long number on the hull. Aren’t the long NCC-numbers from the 24th century?

505. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

CaptainRickover… The Kelvins Number is 0514… short enough for the era

506. Jacob - October 16, 2008

I’m from spain so please excuse my english too XD

BTW, I loved the photos. I’m not a great startrek fan but I like the idea of this reboot (or wathever you call it).
Uniforms look specially good.
I can see those ARE the original crew. You have Kirk, Spock, Bones…
Bridge doesn’t look like the original, but I don’t see it as a big problem. Original series had a clean, modern-age style. Modern-age sthetics have evolved in what we call minimalism, that defines Apple I-pod design. It’s the same concept for different auddiences.
I didn’t liked TOS bridge lghts, too dark. The new lightning is cool (in both meanings) but I think they overdid it. There are just too many lights! And what about those orange lights betwen the screens on the background. I find hard to work if you have those lights so near your face. :)

I always hated those 60’s microphone-lights and it seems it’s the only thing they kept from the original bridge! XD

There are two preconcieved ideas about the plot.
– I don’t think it will be an alternate universe, if it was so, what is the point of doing this movie? Fans would hate it and mainstream audience will watch TOS and say “hey!, this is not the story I saw in the movie!”

– Kirk is not the captain. Well, it would fit with pike being cap in the first episode, but, how do you explain it to the audience at the end of the movie? “Ok, do you like the character? Too bad he has to go to the academy again (or wherever he was before his first appreance in TOS)”
What if they make another movie? “Hello, I’m back but somehow I know I’m not gonna stay for long” ;)
I think Kirk will be the captain and they will leave Pike-being-cap explanation for a book or something. They have kept the different colours for the uniforms and in TOS, and if I remember properly, they started wearing all the same, isn’t it?

If this movie is a hit, I think a great Idea would be, when they get older, make a movie about the final two years of the TOS five year mission. What do you think?

Please remember I have not agreat knowledge of the Trek story so maybe I’m assuming things that have been explained somehow in other sources. Thanx!

507. Arcadians - October 16, 2008

Every image better than I could have hoped.
Now, you wonderful producers you, how about you reward Anthony’s hard work and give him (and, by extension, us) a sexy and exclusive pic of the big E!
Or how about a short “tear to me eye” fly-by..?

508. cloudsfather - October 16, 2008

i’m not so sure i’ll be happy to see a sylaring spock but who cares? and saldana… whew.

509. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

Hola Jacob… because Pike is actually in the movie I guess we will see him hand over the ship to Kirk… and Damon Lindelof explained that Black is an official captains shirt.

510. captain_neill - October 16, 2008


I would rather it follow canon than to be a reboot. reboot in either term will cheat us either way. I was only stating I would prefer a straight reboot rather than a retcon of what is essentialy the best show ever made.

I hope it follows and fits in with what we love.

511. karanadon - October 16, 2008

On reflection, it might just be a bad angle for the bridge picture, or something. I mean, if you look at the angry Spock picture, the bridge seems to be colossal!! I’ll wait until I can see the whole thing.

Can’t wait to see the Big E herself!

512. Mark Lynch - October 16, 2008

Wow! What a pleasant shock to get so many images available all of a sudden.

Got to agree that the cast look great in their uniforms, as I am sure has already been mentioned they look much like the original from a distance. So a big thumbs up for that.
And I really think that the actors will be able to make the characters believable, if the visual aspect is any kind of barometer of the acting ability. Especially Pegg as Scotty, he is going to rock I tell you.

As for the bridge, what the hell is going on? I don’t have any sense of recognition in shape, form or function from what we have seen so far. Apart from maybe the bridge railings….

I sincerely hope that things look better at other angles or when we see some motion.
The Enterprise and the bridge come to that, has always been as much of a character in Star Trek (to me anyway) as the actors. At the moment I am feeling very let down. Hopefully that will change with further pictures and the trailer.

However, I will still be in line to see it as soon as I can after opening night. After all it would be stupid not to bother wouldn’t it?

513. Cheve - October 16, 2008

I agree. It looks like a very, very big bridge.

514. CaptainRickover - October 16, 2008

I’ve never heard, a NCC-number started with 0. Okay, there was the NX-01. but that ship wasn’t a federation starship. Remind the USS Grissom NCC-638. She wears no 0 before the 6. I’m pretty sure there is another number before the 0 (outside the picture of course). And that won’t fit for the 23rd century. I might be only a small detail, but I don’t like it.

515. Devon - October 16, 2008

#504 – It’s only 4 numbers.

516. Devon - October 16, 2008

“I might be only a small detail, but I don’t like it.”

I’m sure you’ll live, or simply turn your head and pray when the ship comes on the screen ;)

517. Darfyn - October 16, 2008

Well to this old TOSer , the CREW look Young around mid 20’s , which is what they would be , since it is set around the time of Jim Kirk’s early career . The bridge shot does look alike Star Wars . These scenes certainly give rise to the movie leading to a movie series , like the ones we have . And the villain , Nero the Rommie , looks like a real S.O.B. to the new enterprise crew ; you can tell that ’cause of his Cauliflower Ears and Tats !! It looks like they are appealling to a new crowd . I’m sayin’ , its maybe gonna be interestin’ !! So , to JJ , I’m sayin , Good One Sport !!!!

518. Devon - October 16, 2008

Something I just noticed on the Kelvin’s ship registry.. it looks like the ship is actually “Kel Vin” as in two words.

519. Nuallain - October 16, 2008

I like the bridge and, to me, it looks like we’ve got three shots of it. There’s the obvious one inside the horseshoe with the captain’s chair close to the camera. There’s one with the crew having a conflab just in front of the viewscreen (complete with speedometer display at the top!). And there’s one of Spock getting a bit peeved with Kirk, with what seems to be the bridge’s ceiling above him.

In fact: look closely at the viewscreen shot. It’s got everyone but Spock in it, and they all seem to be turning to look (slightly upwards) back at someone else. If I’m right about their position on the bridge they’re looking straight at where Spock’s traditional station would be.

#501: The uniforms come under the same idea as the bridge, really! We know Starfleet changes the uniforms regularly. There’s nothing to say they didn’t change from the new movie uniforms to the similar-but-different pilot ones, just as TNG changed to a different cut/layering of the same basic design in S3.

520. Yspano - October 16, 2008

Is there some reason why the lights along the wall of the bridge have to be aimed directly at people? Do they have to be noticeable at all times? Are they indicators for some critical system that, if neglected, could result in the destruction of the ship? I think it was JJ who said he wanted everything on the bridge to be functional. I simply cannot imagine lights shined at your eyes every which way you look serving any practical purpose. Unless they’re torture devices? “There are four lights!”

521. Hanabi - October 16, 2008

So i’m assuming that is the viewscreen in the background of the shot on the bridge which displays the Warp Factor as 4.306. Looks like star trails on the screen while at warp.

522. haloburn - October 16, 2008

Anyone see the Kelvin pic here

The nacel looks a bit skewy

523. Hanabi - October 16, 2008

Maybe that Bridge is somehow from an altered future by Nero? and the real Bridge is yet to be seen. Altered future where the Captain also wears a black command shirt. Heh.

Can but hope. :)

524. Wrath - October 16, 2008

Chris Pine looks spot on. Who’d have thought.

525. Hanabi - October 16, 2008

Ah, I’m guessing Kirk gets his shirt ripped off in a fight as a nod to TOS. “See you managed to get your shirt off again.” :)

But this film has a no-nipple policy so he is still left with his black shirt. :)

526. Schultz - October 16, 2008

I must admit, it’s a really strange sensation to see the TOS characters with a new cast in a redesigned environment. But I LOVE it. Looks great!

527. captain_neill - October 16, 2008

Guess I will not be happy with that bridge

528. Steven - October 16, 2008

I do have a question about Kirk’s outfit. Is it possible that he’s wearing the “landing party” uniform, like what Kirk and co. wore in “Star Trek V?”

Also, I’d love for Paramount to release images of Nimoy as Spock. It’s been too darned long, if you ask me. God bless!

529. Kirk's Toupée - October 16, 2008

Uniforms look brilliant, ***** from *****

Bones looks a bit like Dan Tanna (Robert Urich) in “Vega$”, LOL………..

530. Nuallain - October 16, 2008

#528: Kirk’s always been one for swapping into the most casual, but official, uniform in his wardrobe. I’d say a closer parallel to the black top if it’s his actual uniform (as opposed to simply his undershirt after a scrap destroys his yellow top) is the green wraparound he wore sometimes in TOS.

531. Shatners Bile Duct - October 16, 2008


532. cinemadeus - October 16, 2008

I wonder, if there’s gonna be a Making-Of-Book for TREK XI. The ones for GLADIATOR, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN or THE COMPLETE MAKING OF INDIANA JONES where great.

I’d love to see concept art, production stills, storyboard examples, blue prints etc.

Perhaps a illustrated screenplay, too, like THE ART OF THE DARK KNIGHT?That’s the sort of merchandising I would purchase without a second thought. No goddamn action-figures…

And, dear Mr. Abrams / Orci / Kurtzman / Lindeloff and others,
please make sure, that the bonus discs for the DVD will be as rich as the ones for the LIMITED EDITION of BLADE RUNNER FINAL CUT. My expectations are pretty high! If your movie is good, I will surely spent my 30 – 50 Euros for the LIMITED 2/3/4(!!!)-DISC SUPERDUPA SAVIOR OF THE FRANCHISE STEELBOOK EDITION…


a freaky theater / film student

533. cinemadeus - October 16, 2008

P. S.: The pics are all great, except the cover from ENTERTAINTMENT WEEKLY. No offence but this looks kind of gay… (sorry)

534. HerbieZ - October 16, 2008

I agree with 532. Id gladly pay 50 quid for for the uber-duber collectors edition tin filled with concept art etc.

535. Shatners Bile Duct - October 16, 2008

#533 I find that highly offensive

536. The Last Maquis - October 16, 2008

Geez, Can’t a guy loose faith in a Fan site anymore without turnin’ around and gettin’ new Pics of stuff. I hate My Life, but I love those Pics….rather, I like Them, what’s Up with the Bridge???

537. Red-Shirted Monkey - October 16, 2008

I think from the photos we can infer there will be a scene where Nimoy as “old” Spock racing to correct the timeline, jumps out of the lift onto the Enterprise bridge of the past, is flummoxed by the sight of Chekov with his hair permed, trips over the maitra d’ station, and exclaims, ”wtf is that doing there!?”

Seriously, I understand the premise that the mass audiences of today won’t want to see the 60’s vision of computer workstation interfaces, but what is served by adding that stand-up workstation in the middle of the bridge? Answer: Nothing.

If the bridge picture is actually from a Kobayashi Maru test or a ship other than the Enterprise, then disregard the comment, but I think the Supreme Court may have made a flawed ruling on this one.

538. Shatners Bile Duct - October 16, 2008

I think its a training Bridge do u REALLY think JJ would blow that??! He’s the master of mis-direction I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s holding back;)

539. Kirk's Father Died - October 16, 2008

Kirk is wearing BLACK since he is IN MOURNING because HIS FATHER DIED

540. Angelus - October 16, 2008

Sweet!, That bridge actually looks high-tech :o

I was worried they’d be using buttons and levers… Happy to know I was wrong.

I think I’m going to love this movie. :)

541. EvilSean - October 16, 2008

Long time viewer, first time poster. Hi all. I gotta say, I am worried if this is going to be the Ent Bridge. Looks TOO futuristic. Too bright and airey! There was always a sense of function and industry around Star Trek Bridges (yes, even on 1701-D, in my opinion). Looks more like a Server Room then the bridge of a starship. IMHO.

542. Admiral Kent - October 16, 2008

Here’s what the bridge reminds me of…a concept for Star Trek Phase II as shown in The Art of Star Trek book:

543. USS Apple Store - October 16, 2008

There are FOUR lights!

544. Ty - October 16, 2008

Star 90210 Trek…Not convinced. I fear for this project.

545. Shatners Bile Duct - October 16, 2008

IMHO I think I have an honest opinion, IMHO tho!!!!!!

546. Kuvagh - October 16, 2008

The Bridge – Not the Apple iBridge, the Motorola RAZR BRDG

No, it shouldn’t look like the 60’s bridge. Anybody who wants an exact replica is being totally unreasonable.

That said, I can imagine a bridge inspired by “The Cage” which would’ve satisfied the following requirements:

1) Contemporary aesthetics and futurism (contempo-futurism, oxymoron?)
2) Existing fans who are open minded to change and refinement
3) Engineers/industrial designers with a nose for functionality

Some people have said iBridge, but I disagree. This is the RAZR bridge. False technological sophistication. Compare a luxury stereo with the type of flashiness which sells aftermarket car stereos to young men. I was hoping for and expecting a bridge with the look of a Jonathan Ive-esque Apple design, but we got a RAZR. It’s really close, it’s just a little too busy right now.

Okay, that was my take as a fledgling artist/designer… for what it’s worth.

As a fan: Don’t commit sepuku just yet, Folks. Okay? :)

547. The Last Maquis - October 16, 2008

I like Parts of the bridge….But it does seem a bit cluttered. I’m with that one guy that said, Keep the Layout the same But Update it. Oh and Kirk not in Uniform….There’s a Shock!! I mean They Do have an Orion Girl in one scene and He does look Pretty ragged and bruised in that pic………..Doesn’t explain Why Sulu is also Ragged and Bruised though……..or does it?…….Hmmm. Not sure I wanna know. My Spiel is with Uhura’s Hair.
Volume Baby Please!!! Rock that Hive. I’m just Sayin’.

548. Scott - October 16, 2008

I’m not wowed by the bridge at all–looks like an operating room, too bright and sterile. I’m wondering though, if what we are seeing is the underworkings of the bridge consoles etc, and that the big E is sent out before it’s finished construction? Even Kirk’s chair looks unfinished but has the same basic shape as the original. That would go a long ways to satisfy us TOS purists, so that canon isn’t completely raped by all this new gadgetry.

On the other hand, I am trying to remain open-minded to it all. The cast looks great, and I like the classic but more ‘detailed’ uniforms.

549. Trekee - October 16, 2008


Am reserving judgement on the bridge – not sold yet tbh but everything else looks massively impressive. Cast look terrific.

Personally I WAS hoping for buttons and levers, just nicely made buttons and levers. It’s so very ST:IV but with that really out of place looking table in the middle. Yeah, I can live with the look overall, but it doesn’t seem to have the same geography. Not that I won’t see it 100 times of course…

Thanks for all the scoops…

550. I'm dead Jim - October 16, 2008

#537-538 I see 1701 on a panel in the background. Must be the big E! I laughed out loud at you reference to the “maitra d’ station”… Enterprise, table for two? :-)

551. G - October 16, 2008

The Bridge..

I’ve been a fan all my life. I don’t mind the changes to bring things up to date. But, I think some minor, subtle things would have been helpful..

1. They should have made the RED banister around the center of the bridge (looks like it might be black).

2. RED doors (can’t really see, but it doesn’t look like the turbo lift doors are red.. that damn ‘stand-up’ station and glass charts are in the way).

3. I could do without the ‘stand-up’ station and free-standing glass charts between Communications and the turbo lift.. that’s where Kirk turns in his chair to see everyone’s famous entrances to bridge take place! You mean they gotta walk around all that when they come in?? LOL

The uniforms? Hey, cool, that’s okay. The high tech consoles and view screen, I really don’t care. Make them look as different and as high tech you want (as long as everyone is assigned to the locations we’re accustomed to seeing them at). Just seems the bridge is missing some famous RED colors and should lose the stand-up station and glass charts. Something subtle like those changes would make it look more ‘familiar’ to me. Of course, we all have to see this in full scale to know for sure how the changes they made play off. We’re still jumping to conclusions based on some small pictures.

552. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

[546] well, we know that JJ is kind of a fan of Jony Ives work, so I see some influence there…

553. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

[514] you’ve got the right post number… check here for the Kelvins 0514…

554. James Cannon - October 16, 2008

#92. with you on that.
I hated the idea of a prequel / reboot etc etc…. I was hoping the bridge recreation would give me some hope. fat chance.


555. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

[551] While I agree, there is not much RED on the glossy bridge, except in that miniskirt, you have to imagine all that 1966 colors in bluRay…

556. L.J - October 16, 2008

Well it all looks good, actually it looks bloody amazing, , but so did Enterprise, though Urban is spot on and I suspect this will be an amazing film, I am still worried.

This is Trek after all, no other franchise is able to self destruct and self harm like the Trek franchise, my fingers are crossed.

557. Baroner - October 16, 2008

I can’t believe I didn’t get props for that Twiki comment.

558. Sam Belil - October 16, 2008

Okay — for those of you have seen my postw over the past couple of years you will know that when it comes to STTOS, that I am totally “OLD SCHOOL”. I have tried to be as open and accepting of whatever “potential changes” are coming in Abrams interpretation of STTOS. Now that I have had a full 24 hours to digest the images (I still have not purchased Entertainment Weekly yet). These images obviously confirm the following:
1-This is clearly re-boot OR
2-A “re-imagined tale” OR
3-An alternate time-line story
3-Some elements of canon have tossed into the trash-can
4-I can only imagine how RADICALLY different the exterior of the Enterprise will look!

My G-d the bridge looks like it’s a 25th century bridge! “Where is the logic on that one”???? I can only imagine how different the bridge will look under Captain Pike! The attention to detail for TOS has been completely discarded! I’m sorry this is a RADICALLY DIFFERENT bridge! I have often stated that “change for the sake of change” will not work and can lead to failure. The re-booting of James Bond in my opinion was a TOTAL SUCCESS because Daniel Craig (the best Bond ever) brought the character from Ian Fleming’s original novels to life, and Casino Royale was the closest thing to From Russia With Love — that also helped in the re-boot of 007.

I think Abrams and crew are taking a big risk, and (with all due respect) insulting the intelligence of many of STTOS fans, including myself. At the end of the day style NEVER wins over substance. Looking at those pix it looks like Space 1999 meets Beverly Hills 90210, I mean what is it with Chekov’s “gherri curls”??? Chris Pine reminds of Shatner in those early publicity shots with Nimoy and Grace Lee Whitney. Urban — DEAD ON as McCoy. This movie will either a Lost In Space 1998 (DISASTER!!!!!) or Casino Royale/Batman Begins (SUCCESS!!!!). I am very, very, very nervous about this!!!!!!!!!!

559. Hanabi - October 16, 2008

Looks like some nice wood panelling for the deck of the bridge. Very ocean-liner.

560. Trek Nerd Central - October 16, 2008

I can’t participate in this conversation because I’m hyperventiliting. In fact, I think I might just pass ou — (thud).

561. Shatners Bile Duct - October 16, 2008

Well if they are aiming this at the IPOD generation then they have succeeded, but for people who love the originals there’s gonna be very little to relate to

562. I trek - October 16, 2008

Now the problem is that with the thumbnails they present as hi-res photo I can’t use them as wallpaper :(

563. CaptainRickover - October 16, 2008

# 553
Okay, if that is an official picture, then I’m beaten.

BTW: I like the Kelvin-design of that picture. But what’s about the blue ramscoop? I just hope, they keep it red with the Enterprise.

564. New Horizon - October 16, 2008

558. Sam Belil –

What the set looks like has nothing to do with Canon. Details such as when, where, how and why something happened are canon specific. If Kirk looked at the view screen and shook his fist somewhere in history, the fact that the bridge in this movie looks nothing like a 60’s creation is irrelevant…it’s still the bridge. I really wish Trek fans would stop tossing the word canon around when they don’t fully understand what it means. It has nothing to do with set design. It’s what the characters DO that is important to Canon. The exterior of the ship is also irrelevant to a degree. I think we’ve seen enough to know that the basic design of the ship is intact, it’s just detailing that has changed. People need some artistic freedom to feel challenged and inspired. If they don’t feel those things, we get Voyager…we get Trek driving itself into the ground.

Let these people breathe.

565. what the heck? - October 16, 2008

Sorry spock and mccoy are awesome.

But the overall feeling I am getting from watching this movie is beverly hills 90210 it looks like kids running a space ship

Also the bridge looks like galaxy quest.

Overall I just see a movie that is mushing together to much history into one film. I mean why even cast Nimoy, *sigh* I smell Superman Returns all over again.

566. JL - October 16, 2008


567. fred - October 16, 2008

The crew shots are all good, but the bridge… the earlier comments by them to the effect that this is similar to the old bridge but in “hi-def” was completely wrong. This is not the old bridge improved with more realistic details… it’s a complete re-imagining. I wonder what that means for continuity?

568. Kuvagh - October 16, 2008

[552] Interesting! I didn’t know that, but it doesn’t surprise me. This bridge photo, though, seems to lack that elegant simplicity. That, to me, is Ives’ hallmark. I’d like to mention that Church is a terrific illustrator, too… and that 0514 shot looks awesome. I’m just not feeling the bridge yet.

[559] Heh! I know that the old TMP/TNG approach with the wood, plants and carpeting didn’t agree with everyone. I wouldn’t want to see that in this movie, set in this time, either… but remember that it was coming from a very sensible place. They were trying to imagine how designers would cater to the psychological needs of the crew which is bottled up in the ship. They were a really thoughtful bunch, in my view.

569. Adam E - October 16, 2008

I was at first concerned when James Cawley called the new uniforms “perfect.” (no offence to Cawley and his work, I love New Voyages / Phase II.) I just did not want them to be identical to the 60s uniforms. But I must say these look pretty good. I might have to pick one up if they sell them in their merchandising campaign. They appear to have a good contast with the sets.
I’m guessing Shatner’s black uniform is required for a special mission he’s on or his yellow one got ripped off in a fist fight.
I’m still hoping to see him in command gold.

570. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

[558] “If they don’t feel those things, we get Voyager…”
I expect not technobabble on that bridge… imagine Kirk shouting to Sulu “Initiate evasive maneuver Phi Kappa Delta”. That would be redicoulus.

571. Adam E - October 16, 2008

Oops. Ref # 569
I ment to say “Kirk’s black uniform” not “Shatner’s black uniform. “LOL I guess it’s sometimes hard to separate the actor from the character!

572. Danny - October 16, 2008

The bridge is HOT! but how well does it hold up in a firefight?

573. Crewman Darnell - October 16, 2008

I want *so* badly to appreciate this film. However… I’m already cultivating some gripes along the lines of what some other folks have referenced. I think the bridge set does look a bit “sterile” and that podium thingie… It does remind me of something from a restaurant. I hope that’s some kind of temporary plot device and not a permanent bridge fixture. I like the over-all look of the uniforms, but again, as so many have asked here, what’s up with that “quilted, delta shield pattern?” I just don’t get that… Also, Chris Pine’s blue eyes may work for this remake… *But* if Shatner is still alive and available for a possible appearance in a sequel, will he then have to wear blue contact lenses? In any event, “Kirk” has hazel/brown eyes. Not blue. That’s not a canon gripe, that’s not being anal. It’s a well established physical trait of the character; just like Spock being tall and thin. IMO They dropped the ball by presenting a blue eyed Kirk. – Am amazingly dumb costuming decision. :-/

574. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

[568] Oh yeah, Kuvagh, he even composed that LOST opening sound on his MacBook Pro ;)) and he mentions Macs here…

575. Kobyashy Maru - October 16, 2008

In case anyone has not seen or read it yet – there is an 8 page article about the movie, with some additional pictures on

Oh, and one of the pages is the plot outline and opening sequence!,,20233502,00.html

I think the blue nacelle cap is… interesting…

576. Smack Callahan - October 16, 2008

if you dweebs thought that JJ would’ve spent billions of dollars to recreate the bridge of a ship made out of sheetrock and christmas tree lights, think again. It looks nothing like the original bridge, no. Is that a bad thing? No. It’d look pretty goddamn ridiculous to spent all the money they’re spending on this thing and have it look like something made on the cheap in 1966.

Don’t like it? You’ve got 80 hours of the original series to watch. Suck it up.

Christ I hate us Trekkies.

577. Dom - October 16, 2008

I love the pictures. The uniforms are everything I hoped for. The actors definitely have ‘the look.’ I can comfortably identify each character with one glance. Interesting to note that the black uniform has the Enterprise logo on it!

The bridge is very different, but I expected as much: this film is making the TOS era ‘current’ again, rather than an historical period. The Enterprise is supposed to be a modern starship reflecting technology 200+ years down the road from us, after all!

Berman’s Trek shows had that faintly patronising ‘Weren’t they all quaint?’ attitude to TOS, hence the slavish replication of the old 1960s designs. This is a new Trek which attempts to look like it’s genuinely set in the future, much as TMP did!

Also, we aren’t seeing much of the bridge from these angles: I suspect we’re being given limited angles to provoke discussion.

We also don’t know the context of these scenes or the reasons for the busier look on the bridge. Looking forward to finding out!

578. Shatners Bile Duct - October 16, 2008

I’ll shove that blue ramscoop right up ur nerdy little…..

579. CaptainRickover - October 16, 2008

I said it in one of my later posts: The bridge looks terrible.
Since then I have watched that picture again and again.

I really tried to liked it, I tried to be open minded.
But the new bridge is ugly, it’s an abomination of a Star Trek bridge. Open minded or not, that THING looks terrible. Is it so difficult to design a starship bridge who combines the old style with some new design elements? The new bridge looks nervous, it looks like stress, chaos (and stll remind me on the Odyssey-bridge of Stargate), there are no more clear lines, everything looks complicated. And all the blue gizmos… It’s an iPod-brdige, say what you want!

I can only guess (and fear, BTW) that this design-lineage will be found in the engine room and every other room onboard as well. Now, I have no much hope lef for the Enterprise exterior. JJ & Co have changed everything (except the uniforms, at least…)! It’s a reboot.

580. JWW - October 16, 2008

finally, some pics!

great ship model, the kelvin, nice details, cool phaser turrets…

i always imagined the turrets on the tos 1701 were fixed, ball-jointed turrets, as seen on the refit… i wonder if the connie will have phaser projectors like these.

if thats the bridge of the 1701, it looks more like a boutique at a trendy department store, is that lt. standing at a perfume counter?

i had hoped it would at least resemble the utilitarian, militaristic look of the original connie bridge of the era… this one looks like a proper place to put on a rave. ‘uhura, crank up the trance mix, please.’

the escape pod reflects the utilitarian style, i imagined…

i like the idea of the overshirt. like mccoy’s in the tos (the shinier, short sleeved medical duty tunic) but something about the uniforms seem out of place on a bridge like that…

loooks like is getting hammered, i hope they have spare dilithium crystals on hand…

581. fred - October 16, 2008

I think it’s safe to say that the tagline of this movie is going to be “this ain’t your daddy’s Star Trek.” And they’ll mean it.

582. Dom - October 16, 2008

Also, for those complaining about the lack of red on the bridge: in The Cage, Pike’s bridge didn’t have any red either! That’s all stuff that could come in for the sequel! :)

583. Will - October 16, 2008

Re: 581

I think it’s safer to say the tagline of this movie is going to be “Hey, did you ever beat up a Trekkie? Well, check this out, we made it cool so now you, you brainless moron, you can like it too! Look! Something shiny!!!”

584. AJ - October 16, 2008



The Bridge has been fundamentally changed in almost every Star Trek film. But I do agree, that this Bridge is chaotic, like they’re all working under heat-lamps.

Yet, the “crew” shot, also on the Bridge, seems to show a different atmosphere.

The photo is awful as well, so we should wait for something better.

585. JWW - October 16, 2008


the jefferies design of the tos bridge was groundbreaking, and very advanced.

it still holds up today.

the geometry of the original connie bridge could have been modernized, emphasizing the strengths of the original design with contemporary elements, easily.

this “euro-disco” bridge is pretty hard to swallow… but not a total deal-breaker.

586. Danpaine - October 16, 2008

After viewing all these photos a number of times, I’ve gotta agree with a number of folks here who say…kind of a let-down. Bridge too flashy, crew too pretty. Unfortunately, I’ve lost some of the buzz I had for this picture. Hope the story itself is a Home Run.

587. Crusade2267 - October 16, 2008

Why is Kirk in black?

Very nice, though the bridge looks a little too busy for my taste. But Star Trek is about the charachters, and I can’t wait to see how they do it!

588. Will - October 16, 2008

Re: 579

“Is it so difficult to design a starship bridge who combines the old style with some new design elements?”

No, it’s really not. Fans have done that to both the exterior AND interior of the Enterprise from the TOS era. Abrams’ and company want to make this a movie that is so fracking distracting that no one will notice the movie sucking.

This bridge is to this Trek movie(in my opinion) what the hand held style was to Cloverfield. A gimmicky piece of crap which will suck some people into thinking the movie is good while pissing others off completely.

589. deleted - October 16, 2008


590. D020 - October 16, 2008

Who says that this is THE bridge. It could be a training facility or a simulation like in Star Trek III.

591. JWW - October 16, 2008

#589 you came here to post SPAM?

592. Mark - October 16, 2008


593. CmdrR - October 16, 2008

Nearly 600 posts. It’s almost as if people had been waiting for these production stills or something…

594. Jorge A - October 16, 2008

I’m still recovering from the geek freak out I had last night when I saw these pics!. I haven’t even been productive at work this morning reading all your comments. Gotta say I love the look of the characters (especially Urban as Bones) and I’m even digging the look of the bridge, the little we can see of it. I remember watching Danny Boyle’s Sunshine last year with its strong cast of good young actors and hi tech yet functional ship and hoping that the new Trek film would have that new generation sci-fi “feel” to it. I think it might. I’m even okay with Chekov’s curly hair as long as the actor does right by that role. Hell, Shanter didn’t even have hair in all 7 of the ST movies he starred in!

595. Jon - October 16, 2008

This whole thread just goes to remind every one what pedantic, bitter old idiots Star Trek fans can be. When this movie is a huge success, I’m sure they will continue with their elitist garbage, refuse to accept it because the wrong colour paint was used on the walls and abrams chose not to style the sets like a 1960s designer with a small budget would have done. It’s very sad.

596. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

We weren’t making a movie for fans of Star Trek,” Abrams said. ”We were making a movie for fans of movies.” So much for the Red Turbolift doors…

‘The movie,” says Lindelof, ”is about the act of changing what you know.”

597. Gary Barclay - October 16, 2008


Live long and prosper!
CMDR Gary Barclay Chief Security Officer USS Endeavour @
Starbase 06 CO @
Starfleet Command Q1 Deputy Chief Of Public Affairs @

598. JL - October 16, 2008

I bet they’re messing with us.

I bet those bridge shots are during the Kobyashi Maru test.

Think about it. We begged and begged for them to show us pics of “the bridge.” So they show us.

But the REAL bridge will look different – – and surprise us when we watch the movie.

These guys are uber-fans and this would be a great way to mess with us.

599. Wes - October 16, 2008

AWESOME! I Can’t wait now! The Bridge of the Starship Enterprise, while not like the original from either the 1964 pilot or the original design from the TV series, it is indeed very cool! With all of these new images, I can’t wait to May 2009.

600. Carol Marcus's old pampers - October 16, 2008

why no pics of nimoy or shatner?

On a side note Fable 2 comes out next tuesday whoo hooo

601. Derf - October 16, 2008


…ugggghhhhh :(

602. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

Abrams has given the blah cardboard bridge a makeover. It still has the oval shape, the captain’s chair, the giant view screen — but it’s now blazingly white and glistening with light and glass. Apple Store, anyone? ”People would joke, ‘Where’s the Genius Bar?”’ says Abrams, somewhat defensively. ”To me, the bridge is so cool, it makes the Apple Store look uncool.”

603. Horatio - October 16, 2008

Speaking as one of the old original TOS fans (first run on NBC no less) let me say that I for one love what i’m seeing. Look, as has been mentioned countless times above, purists have 80 hours of TOS (and a couple hours more from Enterprise and TNG with their crossover eps) to salivate over the old bridge style design. Its been done done done done done. Its over. Time for Trek to evolve. If it doesn’t IT WILL DIE.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but these images have given me a raging nacelle!

Say good night, Gracie.

604. Star Trek XI? Ich will es nicht sehen! - October 16, 2008

[…] Quelle: […]

605. Carol Marcus's dentures - October 16, 2008

On a side note I am post 600 whoo-hoo and I changed my name.

BTW-2: Why did kirk find carol marcus attractive to begin with? She looked like a waitress that gave me eggs and bacon at ihop last saturday. I guess when she gave me the food I should have had my friend say “Carol Marcus?!!” and I could have gone “Yes”. Then she could have gone “Ihop turns eggs and bacon into a breathing and living planet” Sigh….I am getting hungry

606. JL - October 16, 2008

And by the way, to those belly-aching whiners out there: it’s fine to have an opinion, I am all for that. But think about this. Which would you rather have:

A) Another half-baked attempt at “Star Trek” via another Trek spin-off featuring a bunch of copy-cat characters with 1/100th the soul of what made TOS so wonderful


B) A TOS-era movie with original TOS characters recast with talented actors and an updated, reimagined look which may or may not meet your exact specifications

It’s not like they made the bridge some giant, stadium-sized arena or something. It’s not like they made the bridge the size of a Toyota Yaris. So there’s some creative license with texture and color and lighting. I say embrace change – sometimes change is fun!

Think about it. After several miserable, failed, lame Trek projects, we are getting an honest, “from the heart” attempt at TOS in 2009 and the prospects of it actually being better-than-decent are looking good. Weight the pros and cons and stop your belly-aching because a lot of us are sick of it.

607. JWW - October 16, 2008

thats gotta be a dorsal nav deflector on the kelvin, the engine nacelle is, below, this may be a variation of a destroyer class cruiser.

red bussard ramscoops are too well established in trek, even for abrams to ignore…

i doubt the bridge shot is a cadet trainer, why would the whole crew be there?

that frosted plexi-glass, upscale fashion boutique is likely what abrams is passing of as the actual bridge for the 1701…

608. MrLerpa - October 16, 2008

Has anyone tried turning the second Kelvin image upside down??

try it, its quite revealing…

609. Kuvagh - October 16, 2008

[570] I don’t see the Greek-lettered shorthand stuff as technobabble, so much, although I agree that it can sound lame depending upon how it’s done. How would you feel about Kirk ordering “Z-minus 10,000 meters,” like in ST2? Followed by a shot of the ship moving straight down. I thought that was cool.

Technobabble sucks when they base the story upon it. Recalibrating the main deflector dish in order to emit an inverse graviton-jacketed tachyon pulse so they can force the enemy to modulate their shield nutation as the big, brilliant solution to their problems… that would suck.

Originally, technobabble was supposed to show how the crewmembers are highly trained technicians and, sparingly, show a well conceived idea about how the ship works. It stinks when writers substitute it for plot and hope that nobody notices.

I don’t think we have to worry about interplexing beacons, kelbonite deposits or thalaron radiation in this one, at least. :)

610. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

Black shirt:
Kirk spends much of Star Trek dressed in respectable black — space-cadet colors in Abrams’ Trekverse — as he undertakes a perilous, destiny-seeking journey.

And JJ adds:
”There were days when I would look around the set, with all these tattooed faces and pointy ears, bizarre weaponry and Romulan linguists, with dialogue about ‘Neutral Zones’ and ‘Starfleet’ — and I would start sweating,” he says. ”But I knew this would work, because the script Alex and Bob wrote was so emotional and so relatable. I didn’t love Kirk and Spock when I began this journey — but I love them now.”

611. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

I rotated the 0514 Kelvin 180 degrees in Photoshop, and it really looks like the ramscoop is red… and the deflector gleaming blue…

And I was referring to useless greek Janeway/Kim/Paris babble only in my earlier post, of course

612. New Star Trek movie: WTF? « Nothing to see here. Move along. - October 16, 2008

[…] 2008 Maybe it’s just because I’m feeling old lately, but I saw the photos that were just released (alternate link to less-heavily trafficked site) from the new Trek and my very first thought was, […]

613. Yspano - October 16, 2008

#150 The captain’s chair also appears off-center to me. It’s slightly to the right, I think, offset by the DJ workstation thing. I actually hope it’s offset, because if it’s at the center, then you can expect another secretary’s table on the opposite side, and I don’t want another one of those.

I’m having difficulty taking the female office seriously either, with that uniform. I realize that’s how the female uniform more or less looked in TOS, but it just doesn’t scream, “I work in a professional setting” to me. I wonder if asking for a skirt suit-like uniform is too much?

614. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

And the still nameless romulan marauder… monstrous and gloomy, part Death Star, part Mordor… sees a firefight with phasers that have glowing, revolving barrels, sounds cool to me ;))

615. Tallguy - October 16, 2008

Going from a handful of pics:

Looks like Pine NAILS it. He just gives off that cool. Quinto looks good too. The cast looks great.

Love the uniforms. TOS, but updated TOS.

The bridge: Aye, there’s the rub. I’ll have to see more, but as someone pointed out, I was not expecting this much of a departure. I was expecting the bridge equivalent of the uniforms. New, but fitting in the same kind of feel. (People keep mentioning Galaxy Quest. I was EXPECTING Galaxy Quest. As in the difference between the TV show and the “real” ship.)

Still excited, but that bridge is not helping. Please, JJ, show me why I’m wrong about the bridge.

616. Gornorrhea - October 16, 2008

We need a new thread to discuss the EW story! Anthony?

617. JL - October 16, 2008

Nice to see the server back up!

The crushing weight of all us was too much to handle.

618. JUSTIN - October 16, 2008

This is the new startrek!!!!!!!!!!! I think they did not a great job on the bridge because it looks fresh but not advanced it looks more updated then TNG.

619. Trek Nerd Central - October 16, 2008

Okay, I’ve come to now, and I’ve taken a look at some of the thread. And I have to say:

Some of y’all are half-glass-full kind of people. I look at these pics and think, “Wow, they really nailed the look & feel of the old show while updating it subtly.” Like the trace of pinstripes on the shirts – nice touch, really unexpected, but it works.

A few posters here are seeing the same photos and thinking, “A thread is off! A light blinks in the wrong spot! Kirk’s shirt is black! Sacrilege!”

I dunno. Seems to me if you want to see the original show re-hashed, just watch the original show.

As for me, I’m insane with excitement. Pine even sits like Kirk. Urban even stands like McCoy. Amazing.

Excuse me while I hyperventilate again.

620. EmeraldKnight - October 16, 2008

Who the crap cares if it doesn’t look close to the original bridge? A cereal box is ‘close’ to the original bridge. This bridge is beautiful. Frick guys! It’s a flippin’ STARSHIP! It needs screens and displays and bright lighting. It is not only for battle, but for research! Those displays are needed.

What I see from a lot of these posts is people with small imaginations who wish this movie to fit within that small ‘vision’ of the future.

JJ and crew are thinking big AND they are thinking FORWARD! The Bridge is EXACTLY what I would dream a futuristic bridge of an uber advanced starship would look like! It looks like it has function!

The angle the pic is not the normal angle we are used to seeing, as someone else mentioned. But man, the bridge is exciting. It makes me happy to see that these minds behind this film have put actually and whole thought into it.

Enough thought to take the chance of your venom, to dare dream what the future might look like, not recreated what the 1960s dreamt what the future would be like. I call that progression and creativity worthy of what Trek has been all about.

621. Alec - October 16, 2008

Just seen the bridge! I’m not as impressed as I would like to be. Two things are immediately noticeable. First, Urban and Pine have studied the mannerisms of McCoy and Shatner well: they look believable. Second, what is that awful station, the one manned by the redshirt, doing there? And what is it? It looks terrible…the red and black joystick type-things; the arching library lamps…no thanks. And the glass panels behind this station also look awful. There are too many spot-lights dotted around the bridge for my liking. I like the captain’s chair. Hopefully, those blue universe displays, which look good, are (very) dynamic.

622. Nelson - October 16, 2008

I agree the new Bridge looks odd in that one shot with Kirk in the chair and McCoy next to him brooding. Until we see more of the set, I’ll reserve judgement, but I don’t like it. In terms of good design verses designing for the screen and getting exciting visuals, there is not a good marriage here I can see. The Motion Picture bridge rules with the TOS bridge being the one to match in terms of good logical design and visually exciting.

I like the black tunic Kirk wears. It has a subtle arrowhead emblem embroidered on the chest. Dig those silver sleeve rank bands and silver arrowhead emblem, very much from the era of The Cage. The tunics look pretty good.

It will be interesting to see what the deal is with that black tunic. I can see it showing up at Conventions.

Kinda odd mixture also of hairstyles. McCoy in TOS had a very stylized hair style that looked futuristic and Shatner has a very 50-60’s do. Urban looks like he has a 60’s do, same with Cho and Chekov. While Pine has a very modern 2008 do. Perhaps intended.

What is the deal with now?

I just happen to look at the site to see if there was more or new movie info and photos seen here. It has links now to trektoday and UGO. I guess they are part of UGO? I never knew the story about trektoday either. Anthony, any future updates to the fate of

623. Kael - October 16, 2008

umm does anyone else notice that apparently Apple will be making the interior of the Enterprise in the future?

624. JJG - October 16, 2008

The bridge looks awful..everything else is ok.

625. Admiral Kirk - October 16, 2008

Okay. The crew looks okay. Don’t like Kirk’s black shirt. It should be gold. And I REALLY DON’T LIKE THE BRIDGE. It looks absolutely NOTHING like TOS. For some unknown reason, I was under the impression that J.J. and company were going to “honor” Star Trek canon, not completely throw it out the window! I think J.J. and company actually stated on several occasions that the ship and bridge would be immediately recognizeable. That bridge looks like something out of Star Wars, not Star Trek. There is nothing on that bridge even remotely similar to the TOS bridge. If they messed the bridge up this badly, I am horrified at the thought of what they have done to my beautiful NCC-1701. I will still go see the movie as soon as it comes out, simply because it is Star Trek. But if this is an example of what is to come, the franchise is doomed.

626. doubting thomas - October 16, 2008

so they diddn’t even try to make it look like the same ship?

627. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

Trek may be one of the first positive and hopeful movies in Obama year one… the US will get the needed reboot, too, next year. Who cares if the bridge looks like the glass stairwell in the 5th avenue apple store? I never expected JJ and company to rebuild the ship from 1966, it’s rather a change we can believe in!

628. Randy - October 16, 2008

Check out the Entertainment Weekly site (EW.COM) as well. Their cover story is Trek with a feature article and MORE PICTURES!

629. Capt. Fred - October 16, 2008



630. OM - October 16, 2008

…Have we set a record with this thread for the number of posts?

631. Aaron R. - October 16, 2008

You keep complaining about the bridge but I think it is the Kobayashi Maru Simulator that he has reprogrammed to win. Look at his face it says it all.

632. Aragorn189 - October 16, 2008

Everything looks awesome. I can’t wait for the trailer to see everything in motion. Now bring on the beauty shot of the Big E.

633. boJac - October 16, 2008

Six hundred and thirty third!!!!

Imagine how many posts there’ll be when the actual movie comes out.

634. Alec - October 16, 2008

631. Aaron R. – October 16, 2008:
‘You keep complaining about the bridge but I think it is the Kobayashi Maru Simulator that he has reprogrammed to win. Look at his face it says it all’.

Apparently not: ‘The set you see in the photo is the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and not a training room’ (Lindelof).

I’m not happy. Awful, unnecessary redshirt station. Too many spot-lights. I will, however, reserve final judgement until I have seen the complete bridge.

635. Alex Rosenzweig - October 16, 2008

Neat images. In general, I like ‘em, with the possible exception of the bridge. The Kelvin looks cool, the uniforms are spot-on, and the cast do make me feel like they can embody those characters. Maybe it’s just me being old-school, but I think the bridge just feels…overdone. I like a lot of the individual ideas, but the combination just feels too much. I’m still going to reserve judgment ‘til I see more, though, ‘cause the images we have are still pretty limited.

#29 – “I love how, just like the Original Series, everyone seems to have the little departmental insignia within their Starfleet arrowheads.”

I thought that was a very nice touch, myself.

#44 – “Okay, the arrowheads are a bit too small…”

What struck me was how much they resembled the size of the arrowheads from “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. It’s subtle, but made me think it’s a homage to the pilots.

#89 – “Well, the bridge pretty much says everything: this IS a reboot and nothing but a reboot…no way you could possibly link this MTV image with any previous material, not TOS, even not TMP…it’s just another reality…”

I think that this is where we get into the storytelling-canon-vs.-visual-canon debate. If they get the former right, I’ll be willing to give them more leeway on the later.

#95 – “…but I did notice the red handrails and seats.”

I noticed the railings, too. Neat little TOS homage there. :)

#108 – “Why does it say Warp Factor behind the glass in that one shot.”

It looked to me like a status display on the main viewer.

#150 – “Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but is the captain’s chair off-center or something? Would they really make the bridge asymmetrical? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?”

I wasn’t sure, but the angle’s a little odd, and it may indeed be creating something of an optical illusion.

#179 – “Phaser turrets = the jury’s still out”

I rather liked the turrets for a ship that’s maybe a couple of decades older than the Enterprise. It strikes me as a good transitional element between the NX-01’s phase cannons and the phasers of the NCC-1701.

#318 – “This all looks great!”

It does look pretty cool, but I have to admit, Dennis, I liked your take on modernizing the TOS bridge from a few years ago better. I’m jus’ sayin’… :)

#336 – “The more I look at it, the more the bridge seems in PERFECT continuity to what should be coming 100 years after the NX-01.”

In a lot of ways, I agree with this. Start with the NX-01 bridge, extrapolate a bit, add some TOS elements, tweak, and voila’! ST’09 bridge. I wonder if that was deliberate.

#393 – “The bridge shot was a shock, but it’s at an angle we’re not used to, from Spock’s science station. The familiar viewscreen, helm console, and turbolift are all out of frame.”

Actually, the turbo-lift is visible, though it’s partly concealed behind the Lucite panels and the doors aren’t red, so it doesn’t stand out as much.

“That said, this seems more like interpolating 20 years back from TWOK. How the TOS bridge would have looked in movie form.”

In the end, that may be partly a good way of thinking about it. Combine that reverse extrapolation with the forward extrapolation from ENT, and when they merge, we get this new version.

#495 – “Would rather it be a straight reboot trather than the time travel idea to explain any changes. If a straight reboot us fans would not feel cheated if the last 42 years of Trek is erased.”

I would. I think reboots are hugely overrated, and I’m very glad they’re not going that way with Trek. For that, I totally thank the new team! :) I’m much more comfortable with the idea that it’s the same world, just viewed through the lens of more “modern” perceptions.

#514 – “I’ve never heard, a NCC-number started with 0. Okay, there was the NX-01. but that ship wasn’t a federation starship. Remind the USS Grissom NCC-638. She wears no 0 before the 6. I’m pretty sure there is another number before the 0 (outside the picture of course). And that won’t fit for the 23rd century. I might be only a small detail, but I don’t like it.”

It is sort of odd, though admittedly, it really is a fairly small detail. I wondered about it not so much because of what had been previously established, but because a leading zero in that sort of context just doesn’t make much sense.

#542 – “Here’s what the bridge reminds me of…a concept for Star Trek Phase II as shown in The Art of Star Trek book:

I hadn’t thought of that! It does look quite a bit like that “Phase II” bridge, doesn’t it? Hmm…

636. Patrice - October 16, 2008

About time! I grew up with Star Trek. Seen all the series. Went to all the movies. Will mark my calendar to see this when it hits theaters. Before then, I will watch all the movies on DVD. Fun project! Live Long and Prosper!

637. John from Cincinnati - October 16, 2008

The uniforms look very similar to the originals with a slight tweek, but the bridge looks like a complete and total redesign. The unis and bridge don’t mesh.

638. Chris Doohan - October 16, 2008

Wait until you see the Bridge in its entirety, it’s very cool. I know some may think that it’s “busy” but I believe that once you see it, and the rest of the ship, you’ll get it. I stood in the center of that bridge (alone) for several minutes just soaking it all in and it felt very real to me. The Enterprise bridge, and the rest of the ship have a “this could actually work / fly” feel to it and I believe that is just what it needed. But that’s just me.


639. David Bowles - October 16, 2008

The EW article mentions that Kirk’s black uniform is the Academy’s cadet uniform…

640. Dennis Bailey - October 16, 2008

I love the Bridge.

Case closed. :)

641. Duncan MacLeod - October 16, 2008

THANK YOU Mr. Doohan for injecting a sense of sanity into this discussion. Seriously we have seent he bridge from 2 strange angles, no overview, shape, feel everything.


Thanks Chris!

642. Yspano - October 16, 2008

The backlash regarding the bridge design makes me wonder what non-fans have thought about the set design for the rest of the Trek shows. Did they ask themselves, “This is supposed to be a spaceship? And these guys are astronauts of some kind?”

643. Dr. Image - October 16, 2008

When I saw the repaint of the bridge at the end of ST4- all white with cool blue and green displays- I remember how utterly cool it looked.

Then in STV, we got a re-design that looked like the TV display section at Best Buy. (This was due to the fact that they cannibalized the TMP bridge to create the battle bridge in TNG.)

This bridge has recaptured that very cool look, BUT why couldn’t they have updated the screens and controls and AT LEAST retained the glossy black/blue/gray/red color scheme of the TOS bridge??

It really DID NOT need to be so drastically redone “for a modern audience.” The simply went too far. WAY too far. And it’s even more glaring when you juxtapose it with people in classic-style uniforms.

What the hell were they thinking??

644. Yulin - October 16, 2008

The bridge is beautiful but I don’t think it’s the right design for Trek. And yes, the console with the female redshirt makes no sense, this isn’t Battlestar Galactica with the necessity for joysticks and spotlamps. Other than this, I’m in love with everything else.

645. McCoy - October 16, 2008


Not sure I believe that’s the “final” Enterprise bridge in that shot. At least I’m hoping it’s not. It’s very busy….and does not appear to match the uniforms so to speak. These characters seem out of place on this bridge. Let’s hope that’s the intent. Perhaps some sort of time-thingy will happen to change the bridge back to one that better fits the style we are familiar with.

646. no nimoy as spoke pics - October 16, 2008

How come there are no spoke pics with nimoy?

647. Nathan - October 16, 2008

Let’s see…uniforms look good, all the characters look excellent (McCoy and Spock are especially awesome), but from this image, I don’t think the new bridge looks that good at all. But I’ll be withholding judgment on it until I can see it better…

Overall, awesome!

648. Drew - October 16, 2008

hmm the kelvin’s phaser turrets kind of remind me of the pulse phase cannons that the NX ships from the mirror universe Enterprise episode have..

649. CyberViking2000 - October 16, 2008

The reason Kirk has a black top is simply because it’s the undershirt to the rest of the top. It had been mentioned before that the uniforms have a black undershirt, with a black collar. TOS had the black collars as a part of the top, and this reboot has made the collar a part of the black undershirt.

I’m surprised no one else noted this.

650. Gary the Gorn - October 16, 2008

That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

651. rehabilitated hitch1969© - October 16, 2008

The main thing that I wrassling here is that nothing, except maybe the Kelvin, looks * proprietary * to Star Trek.

I want to remain open-minded and I really want this movie to work. I think that my reaction to the bridge can be described as along the along the lines of JC™’s reaction.

The bridge is almost kitschy, sorta. In some ways, it looks like I envisioned it would, though, based on the small, out of focus snippet that Sir JJ sent during the trekmovie chat last year. You can kind of tell where he was sitting with his laptop from the new pic.

anyway, to the haters, I say cheer up. You’ve got 6 months to “get used” to this. aiiiight?



652. McCoy - October 16, 2008

I think for many of us, the rub with this bridge isn’t all about it’s departure from the series (which is difficult to even see here), but rather the how much stuff is going on. Just not clean. Flashy lights. There are other ways to denote the future without flashy lights everywhere.

I maintain that having some items looking closer to “classic” than others will make for a more difficult time while watching. Like this bridge shot. The people and the uniforms look like good updates…but are closer to classic than the bridge. Like two different designers moving two different distances from “classic”. IMO, this bridge does not look like “Trek” and therefore runs the risk of creating a parody feeling.

653. McCoy - October 16, 2008


I agree!

654. Anthony Pascale - October 16, 2008

NOTE to regulars
sorry about site fluctuations. As you can imagine we are having a big day here at TrekMovie, with links coming in from all the other exclusive sites, slashdot and many others. All has been fixed, upgrades to servers have been made.

655. Michael Adams - October 16, 2008

Chris Doohan, You rock. We love you. Mr. Scott in the back ground of the group scene is freaking me out, he doesn’t look like your dad, but I get this crazy weird thing like it really is Mr. Scott and everything that comes with him, and since you were there and Pegg is a fan- wow-wee. Leonard Nimoy and Chris Doohan in we can trust. LLAP.

656. Donn - October 16, 2008

I don’t get the obsession with “visual canon.” Yes, I’m delighted that they kept the general look of the uniforms, and the apparent mannerisms of Kirk and McCoy. But c’mon, we’re now at the point where we can represent on the screen things that we can’t actually make yet. They didn’t have that luxury in the ’60s, not even really for the movies. This new bridge really looks like something from the future, and I think that’s appropriate.

657. sean - October 16, 2008

For the person who said the bridge looks like Star Wars…that looks nothing like Star Wars. Maybe it has a passing resemblence to that Camino facility from Ep II – ya know, those cloners that seemed so very important but were never heard from again because George Lucas can’t write a coherent plotline? Yeah, them. Otherwise, this is way too bright and clean compared normal SW ships.

As for the ‘this looks more advanced than the Enterprise-D!’. You’re damn right it is. And you know why? TNG was made in 1987! Not 2008. Just like I didn’t expect JJ to be beholden to television budget limitations of the 1960’s, I didn’t expect him to be restricted by the limitations of those in the 1980’s. Just like every single movie entry involved cosmetic changes of one kind of another. Remember the Klingon bridge from Star Trek III-IV? Or heck, the Enterprise bridge from Star Trek IV, to V to VI?! Sure, you could come up with some ridiculous ‘canon’ explanation that stretched credbility to the limit, but the fact is the appearance changed because production designers changed and technology changed. JJ took the smart route and honored what came before yet – as Urban put it – made it HD.

658. G - October 16, 2008

Hey, Chris

Thanks for stopping by. We all miss your dad, he was the heart of the Enterprise (the one who made all of us complainers care this much about an imaginary ship)

659. SPOCKBOY - October 16, 2008

After looking at the bridge quite a bit I have to say that the only thing I REALLY don’t like is the chick standing at the bizzare podium waiting to seat the crew at their favorite table.
: )

660. Joe Shmoe - October 16, 2008

Hmmm… A Star Trek movie with the crew of 90210? No thanks.

661. Kelvington - October 16, 2008

It’s been said we will never have the original series and actors again for new episodes. To that I say… just you wait… 3D modeling of actors is making huge leaps and bounds every week, and I will bet you dollars to donuts, that within ten year years there WILL be new original Star Trek episodes out there.

The technology is getting faster and cheaper by the day, and you know Damn well that CBS and Lucas are just waiting for it to get good enough to make new episodes of every sixties show out there. Just you wait.

Before we get too far off the mark here, everyone is aware that in “The Cage” those are “desk lamps” right? Seriously, there’s like ten posts where people call them lamps.

Just to be clear.. They Are Not Lamps. They are little comm screens, here’s just a reminder –

I’ve been very quiet for months and months, not saying anything about this film. But here is my take on the photos upon further review, the uniforms, while I loved the original Velour, and not in an “Ed Wood” kind of way, I did love them, mostly because they were very bright for the first color TV broadcasts. These new ones are just OK. Uniforms change, I just hope they have boots on and not have the shoes attached to the pants.

The large phaser Kirk is climbing out of in the snow, I’ve come to think is NOT an escape pod, nor large phaser one as I first thought, but a photon torpedo tube that is fitted for a person to be inside, because it’s the only way they could get to the planet’s surface or some such plot device.

The cast shot is ON THE BRIDGE with the main view screen behind them. Again not a big fan of the new bridge. The shot of Spock pinning Kirk down, ALSO on the bridge, and it’s too low to be a choke hold, IMHO.

I’m not a hater, I’m not a lover either. But let’s just see how things look when the full trailer is released. I can forgive most anything, unless they really screw up the look of the ship. Then I suspect these blogs will really blow up.

662. Michael Adams - October 16, 2008

They are sitting in a ship from 2385, Spocks time ship. That’s not the Enterprise.

663. Brad - October 16, 2008

One thing that needs to be remembered is that this movie takes place BEFORE TOS, so we don’t know what the bridge looked like before that time period, so who’s to say it didn’t look like that anyway? Remember, starship bridges were designed as swappable modules, so maybe the later version looked like the one in the TOS??

My next point is this… Regardless of Star Trek canon or not, I can’t imagine making a movie with the original bridge from TOS and have it look anywhere close to believable. Our current understanding of technology precludes the use of the TOS bridge anyway. I highly double we’ll still be using tape recorders in the 23rd century. I mean, look at the iPhone. technologically speaking, it’s lightyears ahead of what they had in TOS. Think of what technology will be like in another 200 or 300 years??

When I was a kid, I didn’t like Star Trek TOS because it looked “old”. The sets looked like crap and looked like they were completely fake. I didn’t believe it then and looking back at TOS, I still had trouble getting into the reality of that show. I only enjoy TOS for the stories. I wouldn’t mind if you took all the characters out of TOS, and digitially replaced the sets with more realistic sets.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this movie regardless of what the Trek-Nazi’s think. Canon or not, I’m going to see it, and I’ll probably enjoy it 1000% more than I ever enjoyed TOS.

664. Rick - October 16, 2008

Wow 656 comments! Of course it is to be expected and I am letting the images still sink in. I am not a hardcore TREK type, but over the years I have come to really appreciate the first series in many ways.

With this new movie I expect change and am not surprised by what I see. In my mind I still see this as a reboot of sorts, even though it really isn’t or is it? It could be a weird hybrid of the continuity has be slightly changed in the storyline.

As for what I see I really like the uniforms so far. The bridge I am torn. I am of the school of design that less is more in some cases. Funny in most films these days the trend is to over design or make sure everything has texture. I really see this type of trend in superhero adaptations with mixed results. I really wished they took more of that simplicity from the original bridge and updated with material, etc. I feel I can say that in that look at their uniforms and what they did with them. Another thing is that it seems a bit over lit to me. I really loved how they used lighting in the original series. Damn it lent atmosphere and mood to the show! I always loved a darker lit bridge, although they usually did it for a night shift and it was not always in the dark mode. Still I do wish this new bridge was a bit toned down. Still until I see it in action I can’t really say much more. I just feel like some of the design work is a bit uneven. But like I mentioned earlier I am open to change it all together it could really work well. Just have a half a year till we find out. ;)

665. McCoy - October 16, 2008

I would also just like to say for the record that I a open to new ideas and a “fresh” view of SS.

The uniforms are OK….I agree.

The Actors look great too.

But after seeing this bridge and reading some of the opening scene spoilers on EW, where they say they want to have me look at Star Trek differently, I am less inclined to give them opening day income. I just may be able to wait. Yes, I guess that means the industrial design is that important to me.

666. Kuvagh - October 16, 2008

I think it’s more than just a choice between a new, plausibly futuristic bridge and a laughably faithful reproduction of the original. It’s more than a spectrum with those two things at either end. Let’s try to recognize that people are coming at this from all sorts of angles and have a variety of reasons for feeling one way or another about it.

I don’t think it’s a given that this image looks futuristic to everyone, for example.

Lumping everybody into one of two ways of thinking is misleading in politics, and it’s equally misleading in our much less important discussion here. :)

667. A. Bear - October 16, 2008


The actors look way, way, way too young to be commanding a massive space ship. Whoever did casting should be smacked.

668. montreal paul - October 16, 2008

all I have to say to the people that stated they won’t be going to see Trek on opening day…

of course you will be going on opening day. LoL. Who are you trying to fool!

And for those who say the actors look too young… hmmmm… nah, I don’t think so. They look age appropriate.

669. Spock's brain - October 16, 2008

is that the bridge of the new Enterprise????? holy sh*t too bright

670. Jeffries Tuber - October 16, 2008

Kirk in cadet uniform
+ “this is the story of how the crew came together”
+ description of Academy graduation/emergency scene where everyone is assigned to ships, but Kirk’s name is not called
+ stand up duty station at 2 o’clock a la “The Cage”
+ desklamps
+ turbolift doors not painted red
+ looser fitting uniforms with smaller insignias

= Pike’s Enterprise bridge?

That’s my initial thought from reading the EW piece and obsessing over the images while watching the debate last night.

The key fact about this bridge shot is that the photo is taken from the perspective of Spock’s duty station. The turbolift doors were always at 1:30. See

Moreover, Kirk, Spock and Sulu all seem to be looking at something lower than the viewscreen at about 7 o’clock. Pike maybe?

Can someone post some shots of “The Cage” bridge? There’s one photo on Memory Alpha confirming the light grey turbolift doors, but I can’t find an establishing shot of the bridge.

i like everything else. Change is good. The uniform tops seem too thin, like Soccer jerseys, and should be of a thicker material so they don’t fold and give Scotty manboobs. McCoy’s sleeves should be shorter for surgery. I wonder if he gets a short sleeve top?

671. Of Bajor - October 16, 2008

I think it all rocks!

Im outta clean underpants already!

Remember Kirk was Starfleet’s youngest ever Captain at the time!

672. Matt Wright - October 16, 2008

Wow thanks Chris for posting your thoughts on the new bridge set.

673. Jeffries Tuber - October 16, 2008

It’s a little known fact that upon taking command of the Enterprise, Kirk installed a program on the command chair that dimmed the lights and put his face in warm, soft, romantic lighting while flirting with alien babes or joking with the crew. That’s canon.

674. YeahMe - October 16, 2008

Oh crap… that dude from Heroes for Spock??!!! Man, I hated him in heroes… but I’m going to try to see him in a different light. Maybe with the spock eyebrows and hair he’ll be less annoying and bitchslappable.

675. Ttrekee - October 16, 2008

@640 – now , now Dennis… you’ll start an argument… :-)

I don’t like it, because it’s not what I’d hoped for, but if you look at the Kelvin, it’s clearly taken cues from “Enterprise” which established blue lights on the outside of ships pre-TMP is canon and so this bridge is more updated than the NX-01 bridge AND average movie audiences mustn’t be taken out of the story with too many anachronisms such as levers and Stylophones as tricorders etc. It’s all understandable and perfectly reasonable.

I just don’t LIKE it but 10 minutes into the film I’m certain I won’t care and this will be the new Trek.

BTW all, the EW site is absolutely spoileriffic… mind your step in there.

676. Disappointed - October 16, 2008

So, they downgraded the enterprise when Kirk became a man? It’s funny to see something like this, done in 2008, that’s supposed to represent Kirk’s early years, and then watch the original series, which historically happened after. Starfleet must of had a budget crisis at some point.

Sorry, I’m very disappointed in this. This looks like High School Musical and 90210 meets Star Trek. So much for classics I guess. I hope the script is better than the effects, unlike most of the B-movies and shows I see on SciFi channel (Stargate Atlantis/etc)

677. Mammalian Verisimilitude - October 16, 2008

102 voiced what I was thinking

678. STfan - October 16, 2008

Its going to scuk bad and you all know it.
Its going to be Nemesis all over again, all hat tips to the fan base and nothing else.
And this is coming from a major fan here.

679. John from Cincinnati - October 16, 2008

I don’t think not liking the bridge constitutes being a hater and I don’t appreciate the name calling. Some fans need to realize that not everyone wants everything to be totally new. Again, the unis look like they’re from the ’60’s and the bridge from another time/galaxy/franchise totally different. Nothing resembles Star Trek on the new bridge, or the Federation or Starfleet of the 2260’s for that matter. Again, if they wanted to make a movie for a wider audience, with a “21st century” bridge, then they shouldn’t have gone back to the past but forward to 100 years after the Next Generation with a new crew.

I am still trying to keep an open mind, hoping we are seeing some kind of time travel sequence, perhaps the old crew on a future version of the Enterprise.

680. montreal paul - October 16, 2008

678 – STfan

I don’t know.. I am a major fan from the original 60’s show and I think it looks great and will be huge! I’m really looking forward to the much needed update from the plywood walls and styrofoam rocks. Both TOS and TNG look VERY dated when you watch it on TV now.

681. Toddk - October 16, 2008

oh and speaking of chekov…what is he doing there..chekov didnt join the crew til the second season…maybe khan was right..maybe khan saw chekovs applicaton for navigator while looking at design specs then khan phoned chekov to let him know the navigator job was his. chekov replied that he wouldnt be available for 6 months at the earliest…:):)

682. Rob’s blog of posts » oblig. - October 16, 2008

[…] this flick actually looks maybe a bit cool or something, […]

683. Fernando - October 16, 2008

That shot of Sylar choking Kirk made me shudder.

684. cagmar - October 16, 2008

Honestly, the bridge looks lame. It looks excessively fancy. Too flashy. Like something from Speilberg’s AI or from the goofy (but still not bad) recent Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy… I’d like to see it in motion and stuff, but it’s almost like there’s so much flash, the actors might get drowned out by the background noise…..

Plus, why would you make Uhura stand? What, African American’s don’t get seats? haha… give me a break. I know she has nice legs, but pffft.

685. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

[670] here you go, tuber…×480/01_TheCage_5215_640x480.jpg

and this sweet perspective×480/01_TheCage_0052_640x480.jpg

686. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

and this one…
check out the size of these upper screen areas…

687. Captain Otter - October 16, 2008

I think I need fresh boxers now.

688. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

And an Illustration from Pikes bridge here…

689. Kelvington - October 16, 2008

Let’s take a moment and talk about the “rush of new fans”, I use the example of “The Dark Knight”. Now I’m not just a fan of Trek or Who, or others, but I also enjoy Batman. I look at the boards/blogs/etc. and after all the money that TDK took in, I didn’t see a lot of new names popping up on the boards/blogs/etc. Yes there was a huge up-tick in traffic but mostly by the same people who decried at the how the joker would be played and how wrong they were when they saw the final product.

I “think” Star Trek could get a wider audience, and perhaps with all the good looking guys in the flix, an extra female or two might wander into see it. I still don’t see that translating into a rush of new fans into these boards.

But there were TONS of hot women in TDK, so much so I couldn’t believe it. Let’s face it, TDK is NOT a date movie, it’s much closer to a SAW film, than to date night fare.

That aside, can “Star Trek” be a date film? Can it be “The Titanic” of Sci-Fi. To that I say… “I don’t know”. We’ll have to see the film to find out. When I was at the press screening for TDK, I looked around and saw old white men, not-unlike myself and said, this film is too dark and crazy to be really popular. Man was I wrong.

So maybe “Star Trek” can make the jump to date film, but I honestly will be shocked if it does. But I’ve been wrong before and hopefully will be wrong again. That said, I’m still not a fan of the new bridge.

690. Phil Smith - October 16, 2008

Interesting. The design looks pretty good. Not the way I’d do things, but of course that would be the case, wouldn’t it?

691. sean - October 16, 2008


That’s not Uhura, which puts your comment in a rather amusing context.

692. Kelvington - October 16, 2008

Let’s do a small comparison here, not sure what I don’t like about the Spock/Kirk photo, but it looks a little plastic or something. Here side by side is new Spock/Kirk and old Spock/Kirk.

Of course the height issue aside.

693. Rocksalot - October 16, 2008

What a bunch of Emo garbage. Not even a single “token” black character to speak of, either!

694. Steve in NY - October 16, 2008

Well, yes the pics are great, but lets not get carried away. Whats with a podium on the Bridge next to the Captains chair? The Bridge looks like a big budget version of a low budget remake. Not liking this. The bridge just looks too futuristic, not that I wanted the old Bridge, but it looks even spacier than the Enterprise E. The actors also all look like kids, I know thats what they were going for, but they just look like they are “playing” and not really working on a Starship.

The Kelvin looks somewhat like a Saladin Class Destroyer from the ST Tech Manual, but with the deflector up top in a pod.

I like the uniforms, they are good updates. Still not sure how this will be. Part of me has a bad feeling, but yes, another part really wants this to be good

695. tevardarth - October 16, 2008

dear god!!! the images of the crew….oh my god!!!!!!!!!
this is the paradise

696. cagmar - October 16, 2008

#692 The plastic look is because magazines can’t keep their hands off Photoshop these days. I hate the plastic look of every cover. This one’s been so edited, in fact, that I can’t even see Quinto in that Spock. :P

697. Neftoon - October 16, 2008

I like that they kept the red hand rail going around the bridge, I am now really looking forward to this movie, super-excited!!!

698. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

[969] Thats right, cagmar, classic Photoshop retouching… usually rather done with femal facials, though…

and for everybody mourning the 1966 TOS bridge, build your own…

699. captain_neill - October 16, 2008

JJ has pissed me off as I am really not happy with the bridge.

Happy with the rest but not the bridge.

700. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

Relax, neill, just hang out at the genius bar with rest of us ;))

701. Unbel1ever - October 16, 2008

The bridge crew looks great, everything else not so much. Come on, another bald guy from Romulus ? The ears look ridiculous on him.
The ship looks like a mix from Star Wars and Galaxy Quest. While it’s not a bad look, it’s no Federation starship. With that I can live, but the bridge ???
That looks really embarrassing. Why this ugly white ? It makes everything look like cheap plastic (which it probably is). Is the movie sponsored by Apple ? The characters look out of place. Why not keep the genius color-scheme of the original bridge ? What’s that hotel receptionist doing there ?

702. El Ghost Host - October 16, 2008

I’m still freaking out about this! Amazing stuff!

Yes, things are not IDENTICAL to the TOS bridge and uniforms, but we all knew they wouldn’t be. Plus, we need to see all of this in context. Be patient, naysayers.

703. wes - October 16, 2008

I love it! HOTTTTT

704. Daniel Broadway - October 16, 2008

Another image of Sulu

705. Daniel Broadway - October 16, 2008

That link doesn’t seem to be working…this one is better…

706. HMS Enterprise - October 16, 2008


707. angry but i'll get over it - October 16, 2008

EXCELLENT we’re almost there! love the new look, whatever we need to get star trek goin’ again then do it! hey they could always end the movie with the entire thing taking place in a holodeck on the Enterprise-D and it never really happened…

708. General Order 24 - October 16, 2008

Well there its people. Star Trek 90210. The world is coming to an end for sure.

709. Star Trek | Guardian Force UK - October 16, 2008

[…] are some new pictures from the Star Trek film up for viewing, click here to see them! RSS Filed under: Entertainment News Interactive Zombie Survival Movie […]

710. Bernd Schneider - October 16, 2008

Wow. Finally something more definite to comment on!

The uniforms: Not bad. The most obvious change is the fabric, rather than the color. It will look nice on the big screen, better than if they had taken the original velour fabric. I am glad that the shirts are not tucked in. The rank stripes resemble those of the pilot episodes. The only thing that bothers me is the arrowhead. It is too obviously redesigned. Metal instead of fabric is fine with me, but it should have been the old (pilot or series) emblem.

The actors: Sure, they are not primarily supposed to look familiar. But to me the crew photo shows generic TOS officers. It will be hard if not impossible to accept these as the very same people at the very same time TOS takes place.

The bridge: The single most awful thing I have seen of the movie so far. I may need to see more, but this is easily the most sophisticated and flashy looking bridge in the history of Star Trek. It is an unremarkable conglomerate of all kinds of styles previously seen on Trek, and not at all in the sense of a homage. It is a busy design with its huge TCARS-like display, with its complex and fragmented controls and with spotlights in every corner (perhaps running lights like on the Columbia NX-02?). It has large glass panes of the same kind that were deemed good enough only for the parallel universe versions of the Enterprise-D bridge. One (behind the desk) even has a totally pointless “printed circuit” decoration on it, of the kind that Okuda routinely created for alien ships of the week (a similar decoration is visible beside the viewscreen). There is absolutely nothing on the bridge that is only remotely reminiscent of the TOS era. Not the captain’s chair, which looks like on the Defiant, not the railing, which is “fragile” like on the more recent bridge designs. Not even the color scheme, an uninteresting post-TNG “cool white/blue”. I have seen many bridges of the week that were better designed regardless of the need for continuity. Whoever designed this travesty of a bridge should have asked Herman Zimmerman or Mike Okuda how to create a faithful and still original Trek look.

The Kelvin: An ugly bucket, and intentionally so, because it is supposed to be outdated. I only hate how the Kelvin will be frequently referred to in an attempt to justify that the Enterprise looks much cooler! But seriously, the Kelvin fits well into the era. They unnecessarily combined the old TOS font with the movie font outline, but this is a minor point. Details like the phasers that pop up are in line with TOS-level technology, and with Enterprise anyway. Why does it have one nacelle (or two staggered nacelles, which is equally ugly)? Because someone’s a huge fan of Franz Joseph? Because someone tried to give it a distinctiveness that he could not accomplish otherwise? To make the Enterprise look still “better”? Well, enough speculation for today.

711. Kelvington - October 16, 2008

I KNEW I’d Seen That Bridge Chair Before –

712. assimilatefun - October 16, 2008

i wonder if those who release pictures on the sites fake some comments under them to start it up… just to make sure we all lovvve that new milkface-crew :)
but dont worry, ill watch that movie anyway, and then well see if those guys are any good ;-)

713. THE SMOKE - October 16, 2008

Very cool!!!

714. THE SMOKE - October 16, 2008

This movie is going to be awesome to see. It’s like the James Bond movies, (which i’m a fan). The way J.J. will be showing , will be the same way with the new Bond. Just showing it in a new way.

By the way ,great job Anthony to you and your crew for all us Trek fans keep up the good work.


715. me - October 16, 2008

The crew, especially the actor playing Kirk, look to young.

716. captain_neill - October 16, 2008

Bridge is anice design but as a fan of TOS I would have wished for a faithful link to TOS

I hope I sdont want to kill JJ Abrams next year

717. Captain Chritopher Pike - October 16, 2008

About half the time I post, it never seems to make it into the comments….

I’m really ambivalent. It’s very cool to see new/old Trek. But the shot of Kirk in the bridge just doesn’t look right to me. The lighting is too bright and it just doesn’t look like TOS (or pre -TOS) to me. I was hoping the film would at least remind me of TOS. Maybe if I squint a bit and use my imagination….

718. Trek Movie Bridge Crew Shots - Tweak3D.Net - October 16, 2008

[…] im not much of a fan of star trek, but this cast looks quite entertaining to say the least.. simon pegg? WIN. Zoe Saldana? Jizz. i think we got some fans here? msp? More Star Trek Images: Enterprise Crew + Nero [UPDATED] | […]

719. Kempec - October 16, 2008

Nice Finally some images….But I think the Bridge sorta looks like some early artwork from Star Trek: Phase 2. I know I know I’m gonna start a flame war but…That’s just my opinion.

720. Alex Rosenzweig - October 16, 2008

#680 – “I don’t know.. I am a major fan from the original 60’s show and I think it looks great and will be huge! I’m really looking forward to the much needed update from the plywood walls and styrofoam rocks.”

See, here’s my issue. I don’t think it’s an either-or choice between “totally different” or “exactly identical in every minute detail to sets built 40 years ago”. I think that jumping on everyone who argues that a given design is too different and accusing them of wanting the exact same sets on which TOS was shot is a bogus maneuver. (Equally, not everyone who welcomes a bit of difference is a TOS-hater or doesn’t care about Trek.)

For myself, I think the new bridge is too different for my complete comfort level, but there are a lot of elements that I think are really cool. I like the big screens above the stations, for example. I just wish they weren’t overloaded with lights everywhere, making it feel like working an 8-hour shift might lead to blindness. ;) I like the white of the bridge, but think all the extra lucite panels are extraneous. To be fair, I do want to see more of the set before I pass judgment, but I really think the bridge could have been made to look more TOS-like, and yet still be really cool and modern.

All that said, I can be open to different interpretations, and am perfectly willing to give the film a chance and see how it feels. :) I only have one line in the sand. JJ, Bob, Alex, and the rest…if you’re throwing out the original Trekverse, I am so off the reservation. But I am also going to trust you when you’ve said in recent interviews that you’re not doing that. If the differences in “look” in this film are just a fresh way of looking at that world, I can go with that, but if the statements about playing in, and being true to, the Trek world were all misdirections (I’ll be nice and not call them “lies” :) ), I will be a far-less-than-happy camper.

Fair enough?

721. 8of12 - October 16, 2008

YAY! Loooks GREAT guys!! -Trekkie for 15 years

722. Van - October 16, 2008

Sylar as Spock. Yuck!

I miss TNG

723. G - October 16, 2008

couple of new pics here that I haven’t seen posted yet..

724. Jimmy - October 16, 2008


I couldn’t agree more. You covered all the points I was going to bring up. I mean, I’ll reserve final judgement until i see the film in full, but, I really really despise that bridge… I was hoping for something that at least REMINDED me of the Trek of old. It looks like something you’d see on the future Enterprise-J that Daniels took Archer to on Enterprise… WAY too sophisticated and modern-looking to seem like it would fit in pre-TOS era.

The uniforms are… okay. I like that they stayed mostly faithful to the TOS-look, but I don’t care for the arrowhead design all over the tunics. Like the silver rank stripes that are reminiscent of “The Cage”, but could do without the metal Enterprise arrowhead insignia.

The crew… yeah… just not hitting home with me. I’ll wait to judge them in full until I see their performances in the roles, but I just can’t see how i’ll ever see them as the great “Band of Seven”. Hell, I can accept the actors on Cawley’s Phase II way more as the TOS crew than these people. (P.S. James Cawley, if you’re out there, I love what you guys are doing. Excellent work, can’t wait for “Blood and Fire”!)

725. Enterprise - October 16, 2008

Kirk seems to be smiling in that one pick when he’s on ice.

726. Jimmy - October 16, 2008


“They are sitting in a ship from 2385, Spocks time ship. That’s not the Enterprise.”

God I certainly hope so…

727. Jimmy - October 16, 2008


“They are sitting in a ship from 2385, Spocks time ship. That’s not the Enterprise.”

728. Isaac T. - October 16, 2008

Those small ships flying after the U.S.S. Kelvin… Are those just Romulan torpedos, or could toe be… updated Tholian ships?

729. N - October 16, 2008

The bands on the sleeves seem to low on the arm & to close together.

730. Jon - October 16, 2008



731. Kurgar - October 16, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

Gotta feeling this movie is still gonna suck Gorn Eggs…

Hope it proves me wrong or the Big Fork just might be put into ST for good.

732. Kurgar - October 16, 2008

Still waiting for my Klingon series…lol

733. Fizzbin - October 16, 2008

I’m really looking forward to this movie. I’ve been waiting for someone to invigorate it since TNG went off the air. 6 pics isn’t going to do it for me to even have an opinion. I’m ok with design changes as long as the spirit of what was before is still there. I can’t see enough of the bridge but it definitely looks more modern than even the Enterprise E. I’m betting it’ll all make sense when we see the movie and if we revisit some of these posts from today some of us are going to feel like idiots.

734. Sam Belil - October 16, 2008

Okay I read the Entertainment Weekly article 5 times, but BEFORE I comment I want to say one thing. I’m getting sick and tired of people who take shots at us fans who consider canon important, canon or should I say CONSISTENCY is important. And please do not give me that nonsense about “21st century filmmaking technology”. The ST Enterprise mirror episode and the DS9 tribble episodes, weren’t so much about canon as they were about consistency in the ST timeline. The Defiant/Enterprise LOOKED THE WAY they’re SUPPOSED to look for their time periods, again consistency!!!! This bridge in my opinion is far more modern looking than the Enterprise-E bridge — NO WHERE near close to what a starship bridge SHOULD look like from its time period.

Now the one key line from the EW article that I took very seriously was “The movie”, Lindelof says, “is about act of changing what you know”
Which tells me the only logical explanation is that …
1-As a result of Future Spock going into the past, he creates a new and alternate timeline, thus a “different looking TOS Enterprise”
2-The reason we see Kirk in the black top is that (and I’m just guessing here), it is actually the “cadet version Kirk” who probably with the help of Future Spock travels to the “current Enterprise” probably to correct OR prevent something from happening /happened to the “current Kirk”. That has to be it, since on the TOS, we know that “Bill Shatner Kirk” NEVER WORE Black.
3-I’ll be curious to see the style of bridge and uniforms under Captain Pike’s command, UNLESS we see an “alternate timeline” Pike.
The article refers to “doomed Captain Pike”, so I guess future Spock will not be able to prevent the inevitable.
4-This obviously CANNOT be Captain Kirk’s first command, for reasons that are obvious to us already, UNLESS (again) all this is a result of the changes future Spock caused in the timeline. If so, why can’t future Spock also save Captain Pike from his impending doom?
A lot of questions that will be answered in May of 2009. For me, I’m FAR more curious than I am excited! All I want is some CONSISTENCY please!!!!

735. Fizzbin - October 16, 2008

I’m really looking forward to this movie. I’ve been waiting for someone to reinvigorate star trek since TNG’s last few dismal seasons. 6 pics aren’t going to do it for me to even have an opinion. I’m ok with the design changes as long as the spirit of what was before is still there. I can’t see enough of the bridge but it seems to be more modern and advanced than even the Enterprise E, but I’m betting it’ll all make sense when I see the movie and I bet after that if we revisit some of these posts from today some of us are going to feel like idiots.

736. The Doctor - October 16, 2008

Now it all makes sense The series Enterprise now fits into the time line with technology because look at the new bridge.

I wonder what the Tricorder will look like and phaser. Humm cant wait…

737. Zikki Remorca - October 16, 2008

oh man… this is gonna be great! for all the “fundamental” Trekkies out there, give change a chance!

738. Robert H. - October 16, 2008

I agree with EmeraldKnight, the new bridge is BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks like the bridge actually looks like it belongs in 2265 instead of 1965. It has that futuristic functional look like we saw on Battlestar Galactica, only not gloomy, and maintaining much of the tradition of the original design.

Hey, get real. If 90%+ of the movie is just like the original, that will do me just fine. Even if they made the Enterprise looking like an Enterprise class starship, like the Kirk movie era Enterprise, with the nacelles and deflector of the Constitution class, that will do me just fine.

739. Ensign Ruiter - October 16, 2008

Guys, this is be the Kobyashi Maru test. Look at the devious, boyish, wild look on Kirk’s face. He has just cheated the simulation and is loving it! This is not the Enterprise bridge, it is a simulation, and by the end of the film we will catch a glimpse of the more conventional red TOS bridge, just as Star Wars Episode III ended with a canonical glimpse of the Deathstar. Relax everyone. I agree that I was initially alarmed by the Galaxy Quest imagery.

740. Bill - October 16, 2008

Has anyone noticed that Pine’s hair is parted on the opposite side in the bridge shot where he is seated? Could this be a composite photo? Surely with all the care and money spent on this film, something like that should not get by. Just wondering why.

741. Reign1701A - October 16, 2008

I rather like the bridge. Why the frack do some people want something darker and grittier? Then you people would be complaining “this is not BSG!!”. The bridge looks clean, bright; an advanced computer control room. This is an optimistic vision of the future, and Starfleet reflects that optimism in its interior design. I like it.

742. Reign1701A - October 16, 2008

That said, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for it…but it really bothers me that I haven’t seen Pine wearing Kirk’s gold tunic. It’s just so iconic and instead he’s parading around in this stupid black thing for what looks like the majority of the movie. It’s making Pine a harder sell as Kirk than the rest of the cast. When I see Quinto in the Spock blues I’m thinking “there’s Spock!’, but when I see Pine I’m like uh..that’s…kind of Kirk?

743. Gary - October 16, 2008



744. BK613 - October 16, 2008

Well on the bright side Uhura appears to have the Engineering inset in her arrowhead as opposed to the star of Command. Similar to

Except for a few minor nits (like Uhura’s station), the Bridge seems to be a fair interpretation of the 60s set, with multi-monitor displays replacing the old single screens and a lot more room. I reserve further judgment until I see some actual video of the set.

As for the Kelvin I am not really liking that ship at all.

745. Casting Notes « The Flick Chicks - October 16, 2008

[…] so many interesting & up & coming actors in movie.  New pics were released today.  Have a peek.  Yes, that’s Simon Pegg in the “red shirt” but the highlight for me is the […]

746. Chunkeeboi - October 16, 2008

Yes, of course someone is going to let all those 16-year-olds fly around the galaxy in a $900 quadillion spaceship. It’s all perfectly believable…

747. Boborci - October 16, 2008



that’s what happens in “Melrose Space!”

Kidding. Neither a confirmation nor denial of your premise.

748. borg1of1 - October 16, 2008

Another Star Trek concept set in the past. This effort shows a lack of creativity. Someone at StarTrek, Inc. needs to come up with something new and stop copying Mr. Roddenberry (ie Enterprise and now this).

749. AJ - October 16, 2008


Kirk: “This is so f*cking awesome!”

Sulu: “OWWWWIEE! Let’s go!”

Chekov: “Course, Keptin?”

Kirk: “Scotty?…”

Scotty: “She’ s runnin’ hot, sir! 9.5! Easy!”

Kirk: “Mr. Chekov! Set a course for..for, let’s say..ummm, Altair III. Mr Sulu?”

Sulu: “I think i’m gonna cum…”

Kirk: “Warp 9.6″

Sulu: “Aye, Sir…Oh My…”

Scotty: “Oh My, indeed.”

vvvvvvvvvvvVVVVVVVVVVVBAMMM! Voooosh


Spock: “Captain, we are still in Spacedock..”

Kirk: “What?”

Spock: “You have to prove to the computer that you’re over 21.”

Kirk: “Well, I can’t! I’m 17! Spock! How old are you?”

Spock: “84”

Kirk: Can you vouch for us? I mean, Sulu is 16, and Chekov is 12. A little help?”

Spock: “I’ll try, sir.”


750. SChaos1701 - October 16, 2008

#734 ITS FICTION!!!!

751. John - October 16, 2008

Looks like comedy/action movie are they for real I hope the plot will make up for the looks

752. mike - October 16, 2008

Is this a walt disney movie ????????????????????????

753. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 16, 2008

To everyone saying the bridge looks more advanced than those of the Enterprises D, E & J: Have we forgotten that in the “future”, the bridges get more and more “plush” with carpeting, warm tones, with the net effect being softer on the eyes? The “earlier” the bridge, the more utilitarian, with more sharp edges and bare surfaces.

Let’s be objective. What are the similarities between this bridge design and the TOS bridge design:
The placement of stations/seating is the same. The railing is the same. The “star charts” being above the level of the heads of the personnel at their stations is the same. The “nook-like” nature of the stations is the same. The color of the walls is white (don’t quibble with be between light gray and white).

Now the differences:
The “star charts” are in a continuous band instead of in discrete screens. There are no black “frames” set against the white wall against which the controls are arrayed. There is an extra stand-up glass pane chart in the “middle” of the bridge area. There is a stand-up station.

What this amounts to is that the bridge is STRUCTURALLY the same, by and large, but it is whiter, brighter, and there is no black paneling to contrast with the white walls, substituting color contrast for luminosity contrast.

Can you really contend that such SUPERFICIAL DIFFERENCES amount to a reboot or discarding of continuity? Hardly! Interior design is flexible; it can change year to year. What tends not to change year to year is architectural/structural design.

The closest thing to an architectural/structural design issue is that the “star charts” are continuous, and frankly that *does* seem to make the bridge more advanced than “later” designs in that there is no logic behind going from the continuous panes to discreet ones (that is a technological matter, having to do with the limits of CRT screens). All in all that is minor, and to me easily overlooked.

754. Thomas - October 16, 2008

dont get me wrong guys im willing to give this a go but we cant forget the real orginial crew who werre the best i mean come on look at the new kirk he looks like a flipin 15 year old and the orginial ship loooked so much cooler, im not being prejudice but i mean well wudnt you guys miss the orginial kirk ?

755. DATA KILLED SPOT! - October 16, 2008

I see a clear division here amongst us Trekkers:

Those who believe that, 260 years from now, we’ll be using “tapes” and computers that are no smarter than todays chatterbots will be called Trek “Purists”.

Those who believe that Trek should always be reinvented (smartly) in order to survive the test of time, will be called Trek “Futurists”.

Everyone else is a Hater.

Its time for you crybabies to grow a pair!

Wwwwaaaaaaaa!!!! Wawawawawawawawa!!!! Its not the 60’s anymore!!! Wawawawawaaaaaaa!!!! Get over it!!!

More dough = more blow! b*tches!!!

756. SJB - October 16, 2008

That bridge is horrible Is this a sick joke? It really looks God awful.

757. Andy - October 17, 2008


HAHA couldn’t agree with you more. I’m definitely a Trek “Futurist” then because now after reading the EW report on the movie. It’s for sure that the new bridge kicks the crap out of the old one. That being said. I’ll always love the original series. But I would not be able to take the movie seriously if the bridge in the new movie looked like it did in the series.


758. Devon - October 17, 2008

#748 – “Someone at StarTrek, Inc. needs to come up with something new and stop copying Mr. Roddenberry (ie Enterprise and now this).”

So after they did the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” should they have stopped there because “obviously they weren’t creative enough” to come up with a new cast each week? And what are they copying? Your comment didn’t make too much sense.

But here is a comment from “Mr. Roddenberry” whom you speak for:

“Even if Nimoy never plays Spock again, I think it would be wonderful years from now to see Star Trek come back with an equally talented new cast playing Spock and Kirk and Bones and Scotty and all the rest as they say tomorrow’s things to tomorrow’s generations…”

759. Thomas - October 17, 2008

I guess I would consider myself a “Futurist”, because I have no problem with the new bridge. A futuristic bridge, designed with a modern sensibility.

The original bridge, as with the new one, is very much a product of its’ time. It was what people of the 1960’s would’ve considered futuristic. They are design elements throughout TOS that are dated, however. Our technology has evolved faster than TOS depicted it would. Hand-held comm devices that could fit in your pocket, computer monitors that are less than an inch thick, touch-sensitive screens that are even more ergonomically designed than the simplified controls of TOS.

If the new bridge is more advanced that some think it should be, it would seem to be because it has been extrapolated from today, just as the TOS bridge was extrapolated from the 1960’s. In a sense, it’s not about how the bridge ties into “Visual canon”, but rather, how it might relate to its’ audience. Would the audience (not counting Trekkers, who are effectively split on the matter) believe that to be a futuristic control center for a starship? I believe the answer is yes.

760. rehabilitated hitch1969© - October 17, 2008



761. Mark Lynch - October 17, 2008

This may have been already mentioned and I don’t have the time to read through 760 posts, but has anyone else noticed what seems to be a bandage o Kirk’s left hand?

Still not enjoying the bridge :-(

762. Mark Lynch - October 17, 2008

Don’t have the time to read through 760 posts, but has anyone else noticed what appears to be a bandage on Kirk’s right hand?

Still not enjoying the bridge :-(

763. Mark Lynch - October 17, 2008

Don’t have the time to read through 760 posts, but has anyone else noticed what appears to be a bandage on Kirk’s left hand?

Still not enjoying the bridge :-(

764. Kuvagh - October 17, 2008

Bridge Futurism

I dunno. I see LCD panels with identifiable seams. Ten years from now, we’re supposed to be getting flexibible OLED displays, kid’s jackets with fully animated dancing Barney videos and all kinds of insanity. This bridge looks like it will become dated faster than any other previous design.

Why not use blue screens or some other, even more clever trick to make it look like the whole thing is wrapped in super-advanced E-PAPER? It could have both a reflected light mode and a backlit mode. It could’ve gelled with the quaint TOS effects and been more advanced than anything we’ve seen yet at the same time.

The shiny black touchscreens of old actually depicted a technology we didn’t have at the time. Now it’s in the iPhone. I wish they’d come up with a technological look which really seems out of reach and applied it to an upgraded interpretation of the original bridge. It could’ve been brilliant! That said, it’s just one photo and it’s just a bridge. Let’s see what the movie is like. :)

765. Black is the new mustard « BMTV - October 17, 2008

[…] 17, 2008 by badgermadge Hmmm, not sure what to make of the latest Star Trek pics. The group shot (L-R: Chekov, Kirk, Scottie, McCoy, Sulu and Uhura.) kind of looks like a Friends […]

766. captain_neill - October 17, 2008

I will never grow to like this bridge, it is not just a depature from the TOS bridge but every other bridge which followed the Jeffries look.

Those new fans that Mr JJ ‘I can ruin anything I want cause Lost is cool’ Abrams wants will not be getting Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek they will be getting Abrams interpretation of Star Trek.

Us fans will be left aside and the fanbase of Star Trek will become more divided than ever. I will be going to see the movie as I want to support it but my expectations are lower now. Sorry but he is changing too much. I thought he was going to keep the Jeffries feel but he is going for a Stars Wars feel more so.

Damn Abrams

767. Mark Lynch - October 17, 2008

Has anyone noticed in the picture of Kirk in the centre seat on the bridge that he seems to have a bandage on his left hand?

768. captain_neill - October 17, 2008

Hate the bridge but like the uniforms

But I honestly feel new fans will not be getting Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, They will be getting JJ Abrams vision which appears to be completely rewriting all that we love.


He will divide the fan base this fillm will have its lovers and its haters.

I for one want to love the film but with all the changes my expectations are a little lower. I think it will be a great film in its own right but as a Trek film will have the fans feel cheated

769. Alex Rosenzweig - October 17, 2008

#753 – “Let’s be objective. What are the similarities between this bridge design and the TOS bridge design:
The placement of stations/seating is the same. The railing is the same. The “star charts” being above the level of the heads of the personnel at their stations is the same. The “nook-like” nature of the stations is the same. The color of the walls is white (don’t quibble with be between light gray and white).

Now the differences:
The “star charts” are in a continuous band instead of in discrete screens. There are no black “frames” set against the white wall against which the controls are arrayed. There is an extra stand-up glass pane chart in the “middle” of the bridge area. There is a stand-up station.

What this amounts to is that the bridge is STRUCTURALLY the same, by and large, but it is whiter, brighter, and there is no black paneling to contrast with the white walls, substituting color contrast for luminosity contrast.

Can you really contend that such SUPERFICIAL DIFFERENCES amount to a reboot or discarding of continuity? Hardly! Interior design is flexible; it can change year to year. What tends not to change year to year is architectural/structural design.”

I think we need to see some more imagery before we conclude that the bridge is structurally the same, though I actually do agree that there are a lot more similarities than some people are giving the set credit for. Ironically, it’s that level of similarity that reminds people, I think, of just how much the bridge could have been updated while looking even *more* like the original. Even still, I’m reserving judgment ’til there’s more to see.

I think the big difference is that the bridge may be larger than we’ve seen previously, but that could be an illusion based on camera angles. e.g., early in TNG, they used a number of camera shots to make the E-D bridge look very large, but one episode used an overhead shot that in the end revealed that the bridge really wasn’t that much bigger than the original at all. We may be seeing a similar situation here.

#755 – “I see a clear division here amongst us Trekkers:

Those who believe that, 260 years from now, we’ll be using “tapes” and computers that are no smarter than todays chatterbots will be called Trek “Purists”.

Those who believe that Trek should always be reinvented (smartly) in order to survive the test of time, will be called Trek “Futurists”.

Everyone else is a Hater.”

The problem is, it’s not a binary division, and people are trying to make it so. It isn’t a case of people either insisting that things be exactly the same, or thinking that every change is wonderful. I think there’s a huge variety of thought about what constitutes “smart” reinvention. The reaction to the bridge is an example. I think what we’re seeing–and I’m sure the movie’s producers knew that this would happen–is the aesthetic debate over, not so much the fact that they *have* reinvented the look a bit, but *how* they did so.

One thing I always loved about the TOS designs and approach was how easy it was to reimagine what was going on “behind the walls”, so that the original look could be described in current technological terms. To me, the original bridge could have been dramatically modernized without changing a single physical dimension, just by upgrading the display and control technologies, and I think that a lot of folks were hoping for that sort of smart reinvention. Clearly Messrs. Abrams and Chambliss felt that more was necessary, and we can agree or disagree on an aesthetic level. But it’s really not *just* “purist” vs. “futurist” vs. “hater”. I think that oversimplifying it to that degree does a disservice to a lot of people who care about what they’re seeing.

Y’know, I just had a thought, and perhaps BobOrci could comment… People have talked about how bright and white the bridge is, but if the choice had ben made early on to use the brightly colored TOS-style uniforms, perhaps the choice of a very bright set was to visually contrast with those uniforms on the big screen, in a way the original set’s much greater use of black might not have done.

770. Yspano - October 17, 2008

To captain_neill

I think everything Trek that spawned from the 60’s show is a form of reinterpretation. The only thing that can strictly be called Roddenberry’s signature is a utopian vision of human civilization. It was this idealistic outlook of humanity’s future that made Star Trek stand out during the Cold War. As Mr. Abrams observed, these days a dystopian perspective is more palatable to audiences, and Abrams wants to make idealism “cool” again. I would say that is staying true to Mr. Roddenberry’s intentions.

Now, I have problems with the aesthetics, as well, but strictly from a production design viewpoint. There are some design elements that, at least based on the images released, do not make much sense to me. But I don’t think changes to how Star Trek looks necessarily heralds a fundamental schism among fans. (At least, I hope it doesn’t, since that would be rather juvenile.) I’m sure fans have entertained revisionist thoughts time and time again, and I suspect some have even acted on them.

Staying true to Roddenberry’s Star Trek and staying true to canon do not necessarily go hand in hand. Despite some misgivings about the set and costume design, I’m still excited and can’t wait for May 09. Abrams and his team seem quite competent, and if everyone in the know is really thrilled about what they have seen so far, why shouldn’t we?

771. Alex Rosenzweig - October 17, 2008

#766 – “I will never grow to like this bridge, it is not just a depature from the TOS bridge but every other bridge which followed the Jeffries look.”

Far be it for me to tell you what to like and not like, but to be fair, based on what we’ve seen so far, I think that to argue that it’s a departure from every bridge we’ve ever seen in Trek might be a bit much. I mean, the new movie bridge looks–to me–a lot more like the TOS bridge than, say, does the Voyager’s bridge. It also looks more like the TOS bridge than does the Enterprise-D bridge. It doesn’t look more like the TOS bridge than does the TMP bridge, though, and I still think Zimmerman’s bridge from TFF is an almost perfect demonstration of how a very TOS-like design could translate superbly into a modern interpretation.

So, in the end, Chambliss’s bridge falls, I think, somewhere within a broad continuum of design approaches that we’ve seen over the years. Of course, the caveat has to be that different angles may show us things we haven’t yet perceived.

To Chris Doohan, BTW… You talked up-thread about standing on that set and soaking it in. Without revealing anything you shouldn’t, would you say that, looked at as an entire set, the new bridge is reflective of Jefferies’s original design? If we did that sort of imaginative squint, could we see, as some have asserted, the TOS bridge echoed in the overall layout and design of the new one?

772. Imagens da tripulação na ponte « Startrekbr’s Weblog - October 17, 2008

[…] Fonte: Ugo Movie Blog e MTV Movies Blog através do Trekmovie. […]

773. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 17, 2008

Alex Rosenzweig, I agree with what you’re saying as to it being more a matter of degree how much people want to see the bridge updated but not radically changed.

Personally, I am by and large satisfied with what I see of the bridge. I am accustomed, for example, to see the captain in the center, with the helm/navigation stations in front, the other personnel in a circular arrangement around the perimeter, and the viewscreen up front.

Seeing the bridge, it’s clear to me that they’ve kept that look. Also, the bridge looks more utilitarian than “lounge-like” as they became especially in models D, E, & J. Having said all that, it is true that I have some criticisms, particularly in regard to the continuous “star chart” band across the top just under the ceiling (although it looks cool, it’s too futuristic fort the era).

I bet that there are other folks here who would have been OK with, or even preferred, to see the basic layout I describe above changed to something more like the new BSG C&C. I was definitely not prepared to go that far. But, I also don’t need the bridge to look just like the original bridge, only updated with animated displays. Frankly, that would have been a missed opportunity in my book.

774. Mark Lynch - October 17, 2008

Sorry about the multiple posts guys (and girls of course) :-)
Was having PC problems earlier.

775. Phaltran - October 17, 2008

When is this story taking place? I thought this was going to be a TOS prequel, but if Chekov is there then this is after 2nd season of TOS and before ST the movie (I). I could have sworn I read this was when all the crew would meet and begin the journey. Obviously not since Chekov did not join the crew until later.

776. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

captain_neill, you are totally off the rocker. If you can do it better, go on, grab your camera and a greenscreen, shoot the live action with a couple of costumed friends in the backyard, then fire up your 3D modelling/rendering application and rebuild the 1966 bridge piece by piece and mix the whole thing together. Stop complaining.

777. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

Anthony, looks like you need a new serverfarm…

778. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

If people complain that the bridge, and for gods sake we have not seen the whole ship including ramscoops and whatnot yet, is not true Roddenberry, than this is a highly illogical statement.

When Gene was working for Star Trek Phase II, the bridge design was spot on mid-70s. The one piece plasticbubble captains chair looked like something that could go straight into the MoMa.

JJ Abrams and his team are the best that could happen to the franchise.

779. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

regarding the picture where Spock pins Kirk on the wall, does anybody recognize the icon on Spocks insignia?

780. Marketing and Technology News » The New Star Trek Movie: Images Released - October 17, 2008

[…] of the Enterprise, the villain Nero, a ship (not the Enterprise) and all of the crew in uniform. has a complete set of photos and links to all the new […]

781. mr. magoo - October 17, 2008

Give JJAbrahams a STEADY CAM pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee!

Shaky cameras were used in the past to hide imperfections of special effects and to confuse the audience into thinking that there was so much action that you could not keep track of it.

Times have changed. With special effects getting close to perfection, I much rather have a steady cam view of something getting blown up than a collage of almost still pictures flashing before my eyes.

782. star trackie - October 17, 2008 almost 800 posts in an article that isn’t about Shatner!

783. captain_neill - October 17, 2008

The bridge is cool looking but they say that this is meant to be canon, hust hard to imagine this as canon now because it just doesn’t look like the one we know.

I am not asking for it to be like 1966 but I was just hoping for it to be more faithful to that design.

Now it feels more like a reboot revival film than something will be part of the legacy and that is a shame.

I am sure the movie will be good but I do not believe JJ Abrams to be the genius you all claim he is. Manny Coto is so much better.

I love the uniforms, the actors will prob be good, despite never being as good as the originals.

I just hope the new fans watch the Star Trek we all loved. JJ better respect Roddenberry.

784. Nuevas imágenes de Star Trek : Cineando - October 17, 2008

[…] Hacía tiempo que no se sabía nada de la película de Star Trek que ha dirigido J.J. Abrams, la undécima entrega de una de las sagas de la ciencia-ficción más importantes y con más seguidores de todos los tiempos que en los últimos años se hallaba de capa caída. Pero si alguien puede hacer remontar el vuelo a la franquicia, sin duda ése es J.J. Abrams. En buena medida ya lo ha conseguido: se está hablando más de este nuevo film de Star Trek que de los anteriores, y eso que el estreno en Estados Unidos no está previsto hasta el 8 e Mayo de 2009. Para ir abriendo boca, y ante los rumores que anuncian un nuevo trailer el próximo mes, podéis ver nuevas y jugosas imágenes de Star Trek -incluyendo una imagen del puente del Enterprise y la primera foto de Eric Bana caracterizado como Nero- aquí. […]

785. captain_neill - October 17, 2008

Bridge is great for a general sci fi film but not a Star Trek look

Hope it looks better the whole way round. I was hoping form more familiarity. Thats all.

Pegg says its a fantastic blending of then and now, Im not seeing it.

The new fans will miss what we got and they will be too limited to wanna watch TOS.

Reason I say this is because TV in general is being too dumbed down

Who wants Manny Coto back?

786. Alex Rosenzweig - October 17, 2008

#773 – “Alex Rosenzweig, I agree with what you’re saying as to it being more a matter of degree how much people want to see the bridge updated but not radically changed.


Also, the bridge looks more utilitarian than “lounge-like” as they became especially in models D, E, & J.”

Yup. It’s still definably a control room in the TOS sense.

“Having said all that, it is true that I have some criticisms, particularly in regard to the continuous “star chart” band across the top just under the ceiling (although it looks cool, it’s too futuristic fort the era).”

And I didn’t mind that so much. ;)

“I bet that there are other folks here who would have been OK with, or even preferred, to see the basic layout I describe above changed to something more like the new BSG C&C. I was definitely not prepared to go that far. But, I also don’t need the bridge to look just like the original bridge, only updated with animated displays. Frankly, that would have been a missed opportunity in my book.”

Ahh, but then the question is, an opportunity for what? ;) See, I’m not interested in opportunities to change things for the sake of changing them. That’s what other ships and other settings are for. Speaking entirely subjectively, my personal goal would have been to take the original designs and make them work for a 2009 feature film. There would have to be changes just to achieve that, of course, and those would be plenty of opportunity for me. But that’s just my bias.

BTW, something I read elsewhere this morning… A comment from Alex Kurtzman, in response to a question about the bridge in the UGO interview:

“It’s funny actually. Because in the pictures you are getting such a limited view of the bridge. I think what you’ll find when you see the movie is that there is more original series design in the movie than in any of the movies that have come so far.”

I do wonder if there’s much more to the tale of this set than the 3-4 shots we’ve seen to date. Thus my earlier comments about reserving judgment.

#775 – “When is this story taking place? I thought this was going to be a TOS prequel, but if Chekov is there then this is after 2nd season of TOS and before ST the movie (I). I could have sworn I read this was when all the crew would meet and begin the journey. Obviously not since Chekov did not join the crew until later.”

Umm… Obvious to whom? Chekov didn’t join the *show* ’til later, but might the character have been aboard the ship? I think TWOK pretty much established that he’d been there, even if we didn’t see him.

#778 – “When Gene was working for Star Trek Phase II, the bridge design was spot on mid-70s. The one piece plasticbubble captains chair looked like something that could go straight into the MoMa.”

Indeed! In a lot of ways, I think the “Phase II” set design would have become dated more quickly than anything on TOS has.

#779 – “regarding the picture where Spock pins Kirk on the wall, does anybody recognize the icon on Spocks insignia?”

Y’mean the Sciences Division globe? It’s almost exactly as it was in TOS. And some of the other images show that the Engineering/Support spiral and the Command star are both in the right places, too. We might argue with the creative choices, but I really don’t think we can accuse these folks of not doing their homework. :)

787. Chris - October 17, 2008

This an amazing new look for my favorite science fiction show.

Listen to yourselves. Many of you sound absolutely ate-up with fear and loathing.

It is only a movie. Trek is a personal thing that a mere movie should not be able to influence simply because of graphics or casting. It’s about hope and being optimistic.

Stop being hate filled and give these guys the chance to present us with a story that is worthy telling. One that might give you reason to overlook the visual, if it offends you, and reflect on the story. After all, isn’t that what Gene demanded from the begining? It isn’t about the technology,it’s about the story.

788. Mike - October 17, 2008

Kirk, Uhura, Bones and Scot look great. The bridge has too much of an “Apple Computer” vibe to it, but given their popularity of “iThis” and “iThat” nowadays I suppose it makes sense.

789. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

[786] Hi Alex, okay, maybe its just motion blurred and distorted… check out the HiRes here…

790. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

Good News!
The bridge railing is red!


791. EnsignJulka - October 17, 2008

I want to see Pine in a golden uniform!!!

792. The New Crew « Shatnerian - October 17, 2008

[…] they are. Left to right: Chekov, Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, Sulu, and Uhura. The photo was released with a number of other stills from JJ Abrams’ Star Trek prequel/reboot/whatever it […]

793. Jamie - October 17, 2008


I generally think everything looks fantastic, I just have three criticisms:

In general, I think the uniforms look great. I’m not overly keen on the fine pattern though. I think it looks a little too “fussy” for the men (looks fine on Uhura though). I do appreciate the need to give the costumes more fine detail for the big screen, but I would have considered using fine details like subtle straight lines, stitching, or rectangular areas, rather than an overall pattern.

I actually think Kirk looks really great in black. His is the best costume there, I’d say.

I think the general style of the bridge is great — especially the large screens in the background which will no doubt look way cool when animated. The only thing that bothers me slightly about the style is that the TOS uniforms look perhaps a little out of place on that bridge. There’s an slight mismatch of styles, I think. Although that could be because I’m so used to seeing those costumes in another place.

Something about the lighting on that bridge bothers me. It just doesn’t seem very “comfortable” — there is a certain “yellow fluorescent bulb” feeling that reminds me of working in a stressful office environment, which is not something I want to associate with a fun movie!

This is also supposed to be the place where these people live, and I think a key ingredient of a spaceship drama is wishing you could live there too. I have always thought other bridge sets looked fairly cosy — like the sort of place you could enjoy spending time, even though you are at work, whereas this set looks “cool” but would you want to spend all day sitting in it? There do seem to be some blue light sources there, which I like, as they cool things down a little.

Also, all these images look quite bright. I really hope that the ship will have some “cosier” areas. Or that lighting will be lowered during a red alert (like in Voyager). I think brightly-lit space ships aren’t as dramatic in battle scenes. (Although I guess there’s always the standard power cut.)

As for breaking canon, anyone who says this bridge breaks canon seems to be forgetting that this is set BEFORE TOS. The bridge could have been changed before the time of TOS, and who says it won’t change in future movies?

Overally, I am not worried. Any TOS fan should be so happy that they are getting a new movie that is not only based on TOS but doing its best to recreate the magic of the original show (instead of just re-designing everything). Most importantly, it sounds like this is going to be a good drama, which is what it’s all about at the end of the day. Whether or not they have achieved that is something we can only decide when we have watched the whole film in the cinema. Everything else is, to a degree, irrelevant.

794. The Vulcanista - October 17, 2008

#638: Chris Doohan, I … Am … So … Jealous … Of … You.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

795. Pat - October 17, 2008

This is not Star Trek. It’s a bastardized “reboot” (that new word now used to describe every movie coming out of Hollywood and I just HATE it) of a beloved series that helped define my childhood. Most people felt raped watching “Indiana Jones 4,” but I feel much more violated by what I’m seeing here. Just awful.

796. Robbie Taylor(.net) » Geeking out - October 17, 2008

[…] either be utter sacrilege or the coolest thing in the known universe – here are some stills from the upcoming Star Trek movie! Share and […]

797. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

Pat, I don’t see how you can judge a whole movie after a couple of jpegs came out… I am sure the trailer will convince a lot of people that this is the best thing that happened to Trek in a long time…

798. Casper - October 17, 2008

Maybe it’s just me, and I haven’t read the EW article yet, but I think someone earlier in the comments indicated that Nero appears to be on the Enterprise in the photo.

I think upon a second look, that could very well be true. But I disagree it is on a wrecked enterprise. I think the dome shape above Nero’s head, the dark and quiet setting, the panels removed with hoses to and fro…

I think Nero is taking in the Enterprise at construction, during a shut down “off duty” moment. Would fit with the supposed concept of a trip to the past to effect some change, no?

799. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

Well, Casper, the dome looks suspicious, but the EW story states that Neros ship is “a monstrous and gloomy interstellar cruiser — part Death Star, part Mordor”… which would call for some serious pimping on a stolen 1701…

800. Andy Patterson - October 17, 2008

The original bridge seemed smaller and cozier. I also like the color scheme of that bridge. That was always very comforting to me as a kid.

801. Matthew_Briggsuk - October 17, 2008

How can people start sceaming about something you haven’t seen right yet. I was a bit shocked as it was not what i had imagined, but i am not on the production and were not watching my imagination.

150,000,000 dollars and you expect it to look like a 50,000 dollars set from the 60’s


802. Chingatchkook - October 17, 2008

#795 – Pat

I remember having a similar reaction in 1979 when I saw the first picture of the revamped Enterprise in the newspapers. Just looking at those weird and unusual warp engines left me with the feeling that they completely screwed up the show that I loved so much. Heh, how wrong I was. If anything, it taught me that I can’t base everything that I see on a few pictures…I’ll gladly reserve judgement until May, 2009

As for right now, the impression that I get is that there is a lot of detail that has been put into the whole thing. It’s pretty obvious that the producers are giving this whole movie a lot of thought and consideration. For me, that bodes well. I’d much rather see that careful thought being put into it rather than a half-baked effort at putting out another film in the franchise. My gut feeling is that we have nothing to worry about, the producers have done a top notch job.

803. Capt. Fred - October 17, 2008


…because the world doesn’t revolve around the Shat?

804. Fizzbin - October 17, 2008

# 795 This is not Star Trek. It’s a bastardized “reboot” (that new word now used to describe every movie coming out of Hollywood and I just HATE it) of a beloved series that helped define my childhood. Most people felt raped watching “Indiana Jones 4,” but I feel much more violated by what I’m seeing here. Just awful.

For everyone defending the look of the new Star Trek, don’t waste your time. This is exactly what happened with the Battlestar Galactica re-imagining. Some were all for it others were violently opposed to it. You are NOT going to change they’re minds. They’re not going to give it a chance and the only time they’ll shut up is when this Star Trek becomes the biggest blockbuster of any Star Trek movie. So, don’t like the new bridge? good for you, I couldn’t care less, hate Kirks black shirt? boycott the movie and tell everyone you refuse to see the movie because Kirks wearing a black shirt. Someone earlier was picking on the fact that they all look like teenagers, well excuse me I think I heard somewhere that the average age on a nuclear sub is about 19. Lets face it I can find a thousand things to nit pic about on almost every Star Trek movie ever with probably the only exception being TWOK which set the bar for every Star Trek movie and unfortunately none cleared it. This one will probably be no different in that respect. So either sit back and enjoy the ride or get off. To borrow a line from William Shatner : Get a life!

805. Regula One - October 17, 2008


Preach on brother!

806. Matthew_Briggsuk - October 17, 2008

I couldn’t agree more fizzbin

807. Lil' black dog - October 17, 2008

Speechless!! Shut up!! Suffering from severe oxygen starvation at the moment! I’ve been waiting 35 years for this. BTW, is Kirk’s left arm/wrist/hand bandaged/in a cast in the bridge shot? Gotta find me a copy of Entertainment Weekly ASAP. How much longer do we have to wait?

808. d adamczyk - October 17, 2008

Hmm im thinking at this point in there career they would be probably scrubing toilets not running the bridge. Looks a little unrealistic

809. Andrew Romeo (AJ) - October 17, 2008

This film will rock.

Just to add a slight voice to those of the concerned, Kirk was the youngest Starfleet Captain at 34. Hopefully, that hasn’t been forgotten.

810. Doctor Fresenius - October 18, 2008

nah i dont like the “new” crew. they looking to young… kirk reminds to an armani dressman lol. not very respectful. a really new crew would be the better way.

811. valdore1982 - October 18, 2008

Half you guys bitch way to much .Get a life and get off the couch.Its not about the ship its about the crew and were the bodly go.

812. Talk to the hand phaser because the bridge isn't listening - October 18, 2008

Captain Kirk looks a lot like Doctor Evil’s son, in his sinister black outfit. I Like his chair but where are the freakin sharks with phasers?!!

813. AJ - October 18, 2008


“its about the crew and were the bodly go.”

Is that toilet humor?

If you are trying to say “It’s about the crew and where they boldly go,” then please say it.

And, by the way, we’re not all sitting on “the couch.”

814. cellojammer - October 18, 2008

The only comment here that has any weight is from the one poster who WAS ACTUALLY THERE: Chris Doohan. And keep in mind that he was on the set of TOS as a child, so he’s got a foot in both eras. Seems to me that he was pretty darned impressed with the new bridge!

All this moaning and complaining based on the limited views we see in a couple of pictures is embarrassing. People have been bellyaching for photos and now that we have them? Many of you should be ashamed.

Tell you what: remember in “Plato’s Stepchildren” where Kirk was forced to slap himself repeatedly? Do that. Repeat as necessary. And brother, is it necessary!

815. Ante - October 18, 2008

“For Abrams, who shot for five months on the Paramount lot and around Los Angeles, the defining struggle was fighting through his non-Trekker prejudice. He succeeded, but that still didn’t alleviate all of his anxiety. ”There were days when I would look around the set, with all these tattooed faces and pointy ears, bizarre weaponry and Romulan linguists, with dialogue about ‘Neutral Zones’ and ‘Starfleet’ — and I would start sweating,” he says.”

This really insults me, especialy when I remember that Abrams repeatedly said that he is big TOS fan. And now said this. It’s possible nly one conclusion: He lied.

And this is another insult: “Abrams made his perspective clear: ”We weren’t making a movie for fans of Star Trek,” he said. ”We were making a movie for fans of movies.” “

816. cagmar - October 18, 2008

yesss… it’s the Apple Enterprise! Remember the chat JJ et al. did on here answering fan questions? It was no mistake his Apple laptop, with its Apple emblem, were front and center.

817. Terradyhne - October 18, 2008

all i can say is, please can somone stop this Star Trek reboot sh** they will get out with this movie.
seems that every idiot is allowed to make Star Trek labled movies in these days.
where is the good ol spirit of Star Trek ??

818. Ante - October 18, 2008

I say: We need Manny Coto.

819. As melhores fotos de Jornada nas Estrelas « Um Blog no Planeta Mongo - October 18, 2008

[…] produção do novo filme de Jornada nas Estretas (Star Trek), dirigido por J.J.Abrams, distribuiu algumas fotos entre famosos sites e essas imagens inundaram a internet, sendo reproduzidas por todos os sites e blogs que cobrem o […]

820. Disgruntled and Angry - October 18, 2008

It’s obvious to me that there are people over here who would have a trekgasm if I posted up a picture of my bare naked butt with magic marker written “STAR” on one buttcheek and “TREK” on the other. Put the words Star Trek on it and the hard core losers who have no life will call it AWESOME!!!!! Star Trek has been dead since the closure of Voyager. Nemesis sucked, Enterprise sucked and it looks like this remake which isn’t really a remake but is really a remake is gonna suck the worst of all. Why does the bridge look like something out of Batman Forever or Lost In Space 98? This will ultimately ruin Abrams career. He will be hated by all after this! He better hurry up and work on that ALIAS movie. It’s the only thing he’s ever done right.

821. ByGeorge - October 18, 2008

And they allow these pepole to vote.

822. Lil' black dog - October 18, 2008

OMG! What is WRONG with you people?! Anyone who is nerdy enough to post here (myself included) is supposed to be a TOS fan. As Scotty would say , “have you all gone daft?!” Seems to me, Roddenberry’s vision was not about how the bridge looks,or whether or not Kirk’s shirt is gold, or the curliness of Chekov”s hair, but it was supposed to be about ideals, about how the human race should learn to conduct itself so we don’t become stupid enough to destroy our planet, about attempting to understand other cultures, about treating each other, despite our differences, with respect and dignity. At least that’s what it meant to me, when I saw my first episode in the early 70’s at age 11. Maybe that was just my childish ideals shining through *sigh*. I have not read through all 800 and some posts here (I do, in fact, have a life beyond Trek), but it seems to me that all of you who are bitching about trivialities are missing the point. The way TOS looked in the 60’s was a product of technology at the time and NBC’s tight control on the budget purse strings. Frankly, Trek, for me at least, was not about the effects, but about stories that made me rethink how I saw the world, about characters who truly cared about one another, and how they interacted with each other. Seeing what close friends two beings as diametrically opposed as Jim Kirk and Spock could become, and how they rejoiced in that relationship while respecting each other’s differences, didn’t try to change the other into what they each felt the other should be, had a tremendous impact on an impressionable 11-year-old. I agree wholeheartedly with the posters here who said Trek shaped the way they viewed the world. With the posters who said maybe this ‘new look’ will get their kids interested, and not just in the effects, I’m sure, but in the ideals the show stood for at a very tumultuous time in our history. That’s what I want from this movie – I want to see McCoy acting as the conscience of the crew, Kirk as the one who will try to do the right thing at all costs, Spock trying to get the humans to temper their emotional responses to things with a little logic. That was Roddenberry’s vision – that’s what this show meant to him – and frankly what it means to me. If we get to have uniforms similar to what we had in the show, a circular bridge with two levels separated by a railing, a sleek starship with NCC-1701 on the saucer and two warp nacelles, great, icing on the cake. If we have actors who can become the irascible McCoy, the impulsive Kirk, the logical Spock, the serene Uhura, the idealistic Chekov, the hard-working and hard-drinking Scott, and the jack-of-all-trades Sulu, that’s what I want – what I expect from this film. The franchise is not supposed to be about how things look, but what the characters stand for. The fact that Sulu is Asian, Uhura is black, and Spock has pointed ears is enough for me – beyond that I don’t give a rat’s ass what the actors look like. If I want things just as they were, I’ll watch the DVD’s. But if I want to see Roddenberry’s dream live on, I’ll give this film, and J.J. Abrams, the benefit of the doubt for now. At least have the maturity to reserve judgment until I’ve seen what he’s done.

823. Chris Doohan - October 18, 2008

822 Nicely said.

This movie is going to be HUGE and it will generate a bunch of new, younger fans. If this movie wasn’t made, I believe it may have been the end of Trek. I, for one, feel that they got it right and I don’t think the fans have anything to worry about.

824. Lil' black dog - October 18, 2008

Thank you, Chris! The best compliment I could get.

825. Fizzbin - October 18, 2008

Everyone thats been involved with the movie and even those outside of it that have seen some of it have nothing but raves for this movie. We get a few pics and suddenly some folks become professional critics. I’ve been following every tid bit of information ever since it was decided there was going to be a new movie. I’m convinced also that this movie is going to be huge and I agree that it will generate a new audience. I’m already experiencing that, my daughter (17) couldn’t care less about any of the previous incarnations of Star Trek but she’s started showing some interest in this one, could be the cute guys but hey whatever, it’s a connection. I don’t understand all the vitriol, wouldn’t it be better to just shut up and not go see the movie if it’s not to your liking? Or do some of us just feel better by making others feel awful. Its one thing to say “I don’t like the new look” but to say the movie will suck because of a few screen shots? Edward James Olmos suggested to the anti Battlestar Galactica hord to go pop the old series in the dvd player when the new one airs, I suggest the same here, when the new Star Trek movie opens go have a TOS movie or series marathon. We’ll all be a lot happier.

826. TomBot99/4A - October 18, 2008

Maybe Trek does need to end… If all it’s going to be is a shiney new reboot popcorn actioneer! Yeah, I know that sounds reactionary, but ultimately, I’ll see this movie, and decide then on how I feel about it. I won’t be joining ANY teams, pro or con til THEN! Sure, I feel less than enthused about the new bridge… but not because it’s DIFFERENT, but because the bare snippet I’ve seen of it, feels lacking in both VISIONARY difference and cohesive adherence to what was really GREAT designwise about the original bridge layout. I’ve seen some aweful bridges in the years of TOS movies and spin-off’s, but rarely was the ENTERPRISE bridge the dog ugliest of the bunch. Am I going to whine about this til opening day? Heck no. Got other stuff to do. BTW, I finally got around to seeing, at least in part, NEMESIS today, what a bad episode that stinker was, not a fitting end to TNG’s movie run at all! And I also read the full article at EW.COM and I must say, some of JJ’s comments where really telling on how he’s approaching this. Yeah, I loved Star Wars too as a kid, and yeah, it made me inject a lil more action into my daydreams of Star Trek, but as I grew into an adult, I realized that Trek had more depth of character, and was more rewarding

827. ctiii - October 18, 2008

Sylar looks mad at Kirk. Maybe the real Spock will save him.

828. AJ - October 19, 2008


I think what’s clear is that a message needs to be sent to the fans that this film will not blow, and that, it will, in fact, be amazing.

Perhaps it will come with next month’s trailer, but it just does not seem that Star Trek redux is so popular these days.

It’s fairly clear that JJ’s ‘secrecy’ strategy was harmful. The 11 photos are OK, but some are stupid (EW cover. Spock, photoshopped).

If what we’ve seen this week is the beginning of the marketing barrage, the I wouldn’t expect anything of interest beyond Happy Meals and a ‘special edition’ mobile phone. Whoopie!

I just hope the damn film is good.

829. Nostromo - October 19, 2008

#822 – Yes.

830. captain_neill - October 19, 2008

Yes but will those new fans go back and watch the Tres we all grew up with?

831. captain_neill - October 19, 2008


Is the bridge still circular, still to jeffries layout. it looked more square than circular?

832. Greg2600 - October 19, 2008

Chris Pine really looks the young Shatner/Kirk part well. They are a really great collection of young actors, although that “crew” shot is very weird. I really don’t see how they adhere to canon in this film? How believable is it that the entire crew meets up out of Starfleet, and all wind up on the Enterprise? I suppose if Kirk got to pick is staff, yes, but one of the main points of TOS was that these characters didn’t know all that much about each other, and that was “years” after this film is supposed to take place. I may need to take several valium before entering the theater.

Clearly this seems like a reboot, and until I see the film, I don’t know how to fully feel about that. I still think waiting until May is incredible arrogant by Paramount. Give us the film in December, don’t be so greedy.

833. TC - October 19, 2008

Whoa! I’ve not read the 800+ posts but going by the very strong mixed reactions it really does look as it it’s (re)make or break time for Trek. Personally, I’m a bit disappointed by the style of the bridge (or rather the small amount of it shown) as to me the Enterprise I know and love is just as much a character as the crew – but I’ll hold judgment until I see it up and running.

834. subatoi - October 19, 2008

About the bridge:
1. Orci/Kurtzman said in an interview that when we’ll see the entire bridge, it will look more similar.
2. Orci didn’t react to the bridge issue here, so I guess there is somthing to be said about that but he doesn’t want to.
3. I still remember that quote of his, that “everything you’ll see that will look strange, will be canon driven” (or whatever the quote was).

Let’s hope!
“Optimism, Captain!”

835. Alex Rosenzweig - October 19, 2008

#801 – “150,000,000 dollars and you expect it to look like a 50,000 dollars set from the 60’s ”

See my previous message on the topic of either/ors and extreme characterizations. I don’t think people ever expected it to look *exactly* like the original set.

836. Episode 9: Tales of Gundamperia | GamerWok - October 19, 2008

[…] Star Trek Movie screens released of cast and stills […]

837. pinky - October 19, 2008

I love the bright bridge! I am SO happy they kept it bright like that. Even the crew pics on ships look so bright and that warms my heart. Yay the days when Picard could barely keep his eyes open with the blinding lights! But seriously, I love it. THAT is Star Trek’s heart. However, the rest of the bridge design is kinda majorly kooky.

Other than the bridge, everything looks great. Love Nero’s weapon. It’s about time something metal in Star Trek looked metal… mmmm.

And I love the shot of Kirk climbing in the snow out of that torpedo tube. Looks like a real adventure — just don’t let the adventure drown out everything else like what happened with The Island, Transformers, Eagle Eye, MI:III…. um, yeah, pretty much everything else you did. Guys, if you’re reading this, cut out 5 mins of action right now!! It’ll help.

Oh, and as dorky and cyclops-ish as that Kelvin looks, I figure it’s just a bad shot of the thing. I like that maybe that cyclops eye extends back into a single nacelle, then that’ll be wicked. If, however, it just curves down into the back of the ship like a flaccid, um, flower stem… sigh. At least you got the saucer spot on! Love it.

McCoy and Scotty look perfect. Kirk looks good, and since I’ve seen some of Pine’s acting elsewhere, I can say he’s probably going to be great when the pictures start moving. Sulu looks cool (a bit more like Harry Kim than Sulu, but it’s all good). Chekov looks bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as he should. Uhura looks a little more rough-tough than when she’s older but we can chalk that up to the Casino Royale, younger person syndrome. hehe… looks like a damn fun crew.

So yeah. Overall pretty good. Just cut the 5 mins of action for the sake of us with brains, remove the pee joke (I know it’s in there!) and um, refit the bridge maybe for next time. But keep the lights.

838. Prime immagini del nuovo film di Star Trek - Gizmodo IT - Il gadget weblog - October 20, 2008

[…] invece, come dovrebbe apparire la nave e se volete vedere altre immagini cliccate qui. [Fonte: Gizmodo USA] […]

839. Kimmycat - October 20, 2008

I have seen the updated images and I am impressed. While at first I was not too thrilled with some of the casting choices (mainly Chris Pine and Simon Pegg), I think J.J. Abrams has a hit on his hands. The actors really look the part of the TOS crew. They look like I have always imagined. I like the updated bridge and the uniforms as well. As a long time Star Trek fan I have to say I am really looking forward to the film.

840. Casper - October 20, 2008

@799. fakesteve – October 17, 2008
Well, Casper, the dome looks suspicious, but the EW story states that Neros ship is “a monstrous and gloomy interstellar cruiser — part Death Star, part Mordor”… which would call for some serious pimping on a stolen 1701…

True, going by that and what I read that day could dissuade me from Nero sitting in the Enterprise, but when they posted mentioned it I looked again.

If the E was being built and was far from complete, wouldn’t it look dark, gloomy, empty? If not all the decking was in, a misleading scope of depth? Hoses and missing panels? Just a thought.

841. TJ Trek - October 20, 2008

I too was expecting a 2008 version of 1962, not a completly redo. The bridge shot had me concerned. And just seeing those guys in these pictures took me out of star trek, I’m sorry. I am very excited about the new star trek movie but…. Abrams would have been smart to leave some of the original look alone with only minor updates, I hope he did. If the story is good, then I won’t worry to much about the rest.

842. Eric the Blonde - October 20, 2008

Its Not the ‘Real’ Bridge

The 3 pics on a bridge may not the Enterprise, but the Kobayashi simulator at academy. Kirk in cadet black; Spock’s outburst; and finally the crew, especially McCoy, expressing disbelief could all be in the same few moments of film…

Kirk during his exam retake seemingly makes a critical error which pisses Spock off (could be a career-ender for the whole team) only to find out a few moments later they pass (due to Kirk’s soon-to-be-legendary, ahem, tweaking).

In the one pic with Kirk in his chair there is an unidentified woman. Could she be an instructor taking notes? Also has reading lamps (for when the light go out) and things that look like price scanners.

Do I really have to wait until May?

843. Jamie - October 20, 2008

I have three “optimistic” thoughts to consider…

1. Consider this: the only thing that really matters about this film is the cast. Anything else, like the style of the costumes, or even the ship, can (and quite possibly will) be changed for the sequels, based on our reactions. So this first film could be considered a “dress rehearsal”. As long as the performances are good and it’s an entertaining story, that’s all we need — the style can be fixed later.

2. Have you considered the possibility that the creators of this film decided to break all the “bad news” first — releasing the photos they thought would cause the most controversy amongst zealots straight out? This would mean that fan reactions would only improve as more images were released. It’s the kind of trick I’d do if I were a producer. Although this is just a hypothetical supposition.

3. Finally, I have a question for all of you who are denouncing this “canon-breaking”, “bridge-altering” film… What if the film featured the TOS cast, was made by the TOS crew, and was based on a script written by Gene himself back in the 60s — would you have more respect for it then? I suspect that if this were just a brand new TOS film that happened to break a few rules, or re-style things, you wouldn’t really give a hoot, but because these are different people, you have convinced yourself that their movie is a fraud, and so any articstic license they have taken with the film is a sign of their fraudulence. You are basically prejudiced against the people, not the film.

Consider this question: what is Star Trek all about? For you, what is the essence of Star Trek?

A) the TOS actors
B) the technical details
C) great writing and great acting?

If, for you, it’s about the TOS actors, then, sorry, but that crew has had its day. This is an attempt to revitalise the original series and re-tell the story, so you cannot do that with the original cast.

If, for you, Trek is all about the technical details (canon, and set designs), then you may well hate this film, but you should also have hated it even if it was made in 1970 by the original crew.

If, however, great Trek is all about the writing and acting, then all these images shouldn’t really matter, what should matter is how faithfully these guys have recreated the heart and soul of Star Trek, which is not something you can see by looking at photos. It’s something you will see in the cinema.

Trek — even TOS Trek — was in a state of change, in terms of production. If TOS was still running (in its 42nd season), by now it would look absolutely NOTHING like it did in the 1960s. This movie, on the other hand, looks an awful lot like Trek did in the 1960s. This movie is arguably the most faithful movie tribute to an old TV show ever made. Down to even casting actors who look the same. TOS fans, this is your dream come true! This is as good as it gets. For any fan of anything, ever!

For me, it all comes down to Pine’s performance. Whether I believe he is Kirk, and has the spirit of Kirk. That’s the big one. And after seeing clips of him in other things, I’m very optimistic. Same with the other cast. And when you wrap those performances up in those authentic-looking costumes and add the original Star Trek theme tune, I think this movie is going to really do the job for me.

I think I love Star Trek because I’m an optimistic person. And after hearing JJ speak of the optimism he wanted in this film… I’m optimistic!

844. captain_neill - October 20, 2008

Sure the actors will do good jobs, I said they will prob be good but they will NEVER EVER take the place of the originals.

I know I am vocal about how the bridge looks and always will be. I am viewing this as a reboot and not as canon. If its a reboot I can accept the changes.

Only thing I am dreading is new fans preferring JJ’s film over ‘proper’ Star Trek

845. Devon - October 20, 2008

I’ve always stood up for giving the movie a fair chance, but the people behind this movie should take note of a lot of the negative or unsure reaction to the new bridge is getting, not only here but abroad. It’s not the fact that it was updated, but how it was updated that is concerning. It sort of does look like a parody in hindsight, maybe better care should have been given. But will wait for full revealing shots of the bridge, but so far, it’s not looking favorable and possibly backlashing now. The trailer had BETTER blow people away.

846. blake powers - October 20, 2008

I will see this movie so many times in a row it is sickening.

847. Greg2600 - October 20, 2008

I like the bridge design, except for the displays. They are WAY too futuristic compared to TOS. The rest of it does have a very late 1950’s design to it though. Personally, again, I think there is going to be a canon meltdown from die-hard fans. I myself was really against them redoing any part of the “5 year mission” and it looks like they are.

848. Alex Rosenzweig - October 20, 2008

#844 – “I know I am vocal about how the bridge looks and always will be. I am viewing this as a reboot and not as canon. If its a reboot I can accept the changes.”

For me, it’s almost the reverse. I can be accepting of visual/design changes, at least up to a point. What I will not accept is a reboot that ends up in an alternate universe from the one we’ve had for the last 40+ years (or, at least, one in which TPTB can declare that they are no longer beholden to what the rest of Trek had established, storytelling-wise). If that happens, this movie will not fly for me.

It’s really just that simple.

849. Reviews: Back from the pond | - October 20, 2008

[…] no­­ hat­er­ lament­i­ng t­hat­ Chr­i­s Pi­n­e­’s e­y­e­s ar­e­n­&#8217…! Su­re, there’s other great f­eatu­res i­n­ […]

850. theBorg - October 20, 2008

I do not know why they have to make it a reboot. In the trek universe, any episode or movie can easily be a sequel or a prequel, often both, through the convenience of time travel.

As for these actors not resembling the original actors, its not much different from any trek episode wherein a different actor plays the part of a younger version of a character. Pine and Quinto makes a good young Kirk and Spock. Urban is ok, maybe a bit to young a face. SalFor me its mildly acceptable. Saldana is great and sexy. Pegg would look better with a toupee. Cho not so much. Yelchin could use a combover. So its mildy acceptable for me.

As for the bridge, since its a reboot, sure why not. If it where a true direct sequel/prequel it would have been too Andromeda-ish. I was expecting a subtle update here and there. Maybe keep the original look but with fully functional displays and controls and flashy display animation, but not too flashy that it would look more “advanced” than a 24th century ship.

Remember the steampunk guy in the trailer?? he looks like Captain Pike.

And oh! Majel Roddenberry should be given a part in this, maybe the 24th century computer voice or chief medical office.

851. captain_neill - October 21, 2008


I completely agree with you, that is one of the things I have been dreading is them using a time travel story to explains the changes in set designs. To me this is convuluted and a way of JJ Abrams to try and make Star Trek his own and crap on Gene Roddenberry’s vision. I will not stand for that.

When I said reboot I was referring to a stand alone one, the way batman Begins and Casino Royale do not retcon what went before them,it just happens in a universe B. Know what I am saying. Even still I hate the term reboot, its the bloody Holywood ‘in’ thing at the minute.

Star Trek has been going on for 42 years and it i hate to see that 42 years of history retconned so that one hack producer can make it his own.

I honestly have a feeling that I will be disowning this film given these pics, I will give the man the benefit of the doubt, I will stil see it .

If he uses the retcon timeline idea then JJ Abrams will have lost me.

If a reboot had to be done i would work better to keep it separate and not destroy 42 years of history.

852. Alex Rosenzweig - October 21, 2008

For the moment, I am still trusting the team, based on such things as Bob and Alex’s statements that the film is intended to be consistent with the rest of Trek. For example:

If it turns out that such statements were untrue, well, that will be another story. But I will give them a chance.

853. Ryan C. Mercer - October 21, 2008

I’m really not feeling Sylar as Spock… and Harold (John Cho) as Sulu… meh… still gonna be awesome… but you can’t really take people readily identifiable as someone else, and have them play a young version of people almost all of us have grown up seeing on tv.

854. Sam Belil - October 21, 2008

Wow — 853 and counting. Like I said in my prior posts and I have seen others say the same. The explanation (and I’m not happy about it) for the bridge and probably the exterior of the enterprise looking different (and I will bet everything that I own the Big “E” WILL LOOK DIFFERENT), is that this will be AN ALTERNATE TIMELINE STORY, and any sequels will be base on the alternate timeline universe! What a cop-out!!!

855. Alex Rosenzweig - October 21, 2008

#854 – The only problem is that Messrs. Orci and Kurtzman have suggested otherwise, thus leaving the matter unclear. As I’ve said before, if they’re telling the truth, then the differences are simply a matter of film production design. If they’re *not* telling the truth, well, then *that’s* a serious problem.

Goes back to the question I’ve asked all along. (Hi, Bob Orci! :) ) To wit:

Does this film end in the same Trek Universe as the 5 TV series and other 10 films? (Y/N)

856. fizzbin - October 21, 2008

# 843 nicely said and I like your optimism. Over 850 posts pretty much say’s it all. Whether it’s positive or negative comments, Star Trek is getting a lot of attention. Something it hasn’t had in a long time. Suffice it to say, the movie isn’t even out yet and the franchise is already reinvigorated. I’m just so happy the Berman era of Star Trek is over and Paramount is finally seeing the light as to how important Star Trek really is. There’s going to be an enormous amount of discussion and speculation for another 6 months. I’m very excited and hoping so much I won’t be let down as I have for the past several Star Trek movies. I can live with the cosmetic changes even a totally redesigned bridge, I just want the characters to come shining through and hope the Enterprise herself becomes a significant character again as she used to be. Here’s a speculative thought, however most of my speculative thoughts are wrong, I’m wondering if the older Spock comes back in time and somehow updates some technology, hence the more modern bridge, to combat the threat that’s going to put the federation in peril.

857. Eric the Blonde - October 21, 2008

Don’t worry about the bridge…

Trying to make sense of what has been said so far…

I really don’t think that’s the E’s bridge were seeing in the photos, even if 1701 appears in the one panel (could be to enhance the KM simulation’s realism). Starfleet could be training several crews, the best of which will earn the right to command 1701. After all Kirk certainly earned his chair, it was not a birthright. If it was a cakewalk, well what’s the story in that? It HAS to be a struggle. We will all see a little bit of ourselves in Kirk’s transformation from a hormone laced young man to a true adult. Hence the allusion to the emotional nature of the film by those who have seen it.

The writhers have stated that they intend to be true to cannon but will change what you know. It has been said that the few released pics hang together. It has also been said that other starfleet captains will be more substantial, something more than an artifact to make Kirk look good. Sorry guys, but the legendary Kirk is going to be taken down a peg. How?

Its about Kirk’s Kobayashi. The night before his final attempt to pass the KM, an unsure and insecure Kirk goes out for a night of boozing and womanizing (some cannon is indestructable). He has reconciled himself to failing and dropping out of starfleet. Unbeknownst to Kirk, a seriously elder Spock has communicated with the present and has his younger self modify the KM. Kirk and team, much to their disbelief (see pic), pass the exam.

The pic where Spock and Kirk appear to be in a fight is not a fight at all. Rather it is Spock surreptitiously using a Vulcan mind trick to instill the notion in Kirk that he (Kirk) has modified the KM to his advantage. Thus established is one of the largest ego’s in all history. The team heretofore weary of Kirk’s ability are suddenly in awe of his brilliance and henceforth give him their unconditional trust. Later (in Kahn), Kirk is still able to look Savvak in the face after her KM and deflect the accusation of cheating, after all it was not him who cheated (although only Spock knows this).

True to cannon, yet changes everyting you know.

Why would the elder Spock modify the past to favor Kirk? Why not just let the 4.0 student get 1701? Although Kirk is not the best in his class, he has a special spark within that getting a 4.0 in college cannot reveal. It is these intangible yet real qualities of Kirk that are key to making space safe for the people of the federation.

858. Sam Belil - October 21, 2008

#855-Hey Alan,
–Orci/Kurtzman can suggest (with all due respect) whatever they want. I’m sticking to my gun son the alternate timeline. Read my posting from last week before, I formulated my opinion after reading the Entertainment Weekly article 5 times (3 more times since then). Please note Lindelof’s quote…..

Now the one key line from the EW article that I took very seriously was “The movie”, Lindelof says, “IS ABOUT THE ACT OF CHANGING WHAT YOU KNOW”…..
Which tells me the only logical explanation is that …
1-As a result of Future Spock going into the past, he creates a new and alternate timeline, thus a “different looking TOS Enterprise”
2-The reason we see Kirk in the black top is that (and I’m just guessing here), it is actually the “cadet version Kirk” who probably with the help of Future Spock travels to the “current Enterprise” probably to correct OR prevent something from happening /happened to the “current Kirk”. That has to be it, since on the TOS, we know that “Bill Shatner Kirk” NEVER WORE Black.
3-I’ll be curious to see the style of bridge and uniforms under Captain Pike’s command, UNLESS we see an “alternate timeline” Pike.
The article refers to “doomed Captain Pike”, so I guess future Spock will not be able to prevent the inevitable OR “an alternate timeline inevitable”
4-This obviously CANNOT be Captain Kirk’s first command, for reasons that are obvious to us already, UNLESS (again) all this is a result of the changes future Spock caused in the timeline. If so, why can’t future Spock also save Captain Pike from his impending doom?
A lot of questions that will be answered in May of 2009. For me, I’m FAR conceerned — more curious than I am excited! All I want is some CONSISTENCY please!!!!

859. Alex Rosenzweig - October 21, 2008

#855- “855-Hey Alan,
–Orci/Kurtzman can suggest (with all due respect) whatever they want. I’m sticking to my gun son the alternate timeline.”

Well, all we have, really, is what they tell us. Either they are telling the truth, or they aren’t.

“I formulated my opinion after reading the Entertainment Weekly article 5 times (3 more times since then). Please note Lindelof’s quote…..

Now the one key line from the EW article that I took very seriously was “The movie”, Lindelof says, “IS ABOUT THE ACT OF CHANGING WHAT YOU KNOW”…..”

Yeah, I did a double-take at that line, too. Sure, it *might* mean that they’re betraying continuity. Or it might mean that the ideas we’ve had about some of the gaps that this film purports to fill will be changed by the story they’re telling, just as many fan-held ideas about the 22nd Century were changed by ENT, even though the show itself was essentially consistent with the rest of Trek.

Since we’ve already heard rumors to the effect that there may be several alternate timelines in the film, as a result of Nero’s activities, it still devolves back to that same question:

Does this film end in the same Trek Universe as the 5 TV series and other 10 films? (Y/N)

“Which tells me the only logical explanation is that …
1-As a result of Future Spock going into the past, he creates a new and alternate timeline, thus a “different looking TOS Enterprise” ”

This again assumes that they’ve felt the need to justify every production design change as something more than just a design revision. It’s possible, but not yet established by anyone connected to the production.

“2-The reason we see Kirk in the black top is that (and I’m just guessing here), it is actually the “cadet version Kirk” who probably with the help of Future Spock travels to the “current Enterprise” probably to correct OR prevent something from happening /happened to the “current Kirk”. That has to be it, since on the TOS, we know that “Bill Shatner Kirk” NEVER WORE Black.”

Leaving aside some of the more obvious aspects of this (i.e., a magazine caption editor defaulting to the over-used ‘space cadet” lingo for any sci-fi character), who’s to say that the plot explanation for Kirk’s outfit is that he didn’t just lose the gold top-shirt during whatever set of events preceded his arrival on the bridge in those shots (and likely whatever sent him to an escape pod)?

“3-I’ll be curious to see the style of bridge and uniforms under Captain Pike’s command, UNLESS we see an “alternate timeline” Pike.”

Well, we know we’re gonna see Pike, one way or the other, and likely a Pike much closer to the end of his time on the Enterprise than to the time of “The Cage”, so I’m similarly curious.

“The article refers to “doomed Captain Pike”, so I guess future Spock will not be able to prevent the inevitable OR “an alternate timeline inevitable””

If I were Spock, and trying to preserve the timeline, I’d have to let Pike’s life follow its established course. Spock may simply have more pressing concerns than simply trying to save everyone who has died at one point or another, too.

“4-This obviously CANNOT be Captain Kirk’s first command, for reasons that are obvious to us already, UNLESS (again) all this is a result of the changes future Spock caused in the timeline. If so, why can’t future Spock also save Captain Pike from his impending doom?”

Well, we don’t know whether it’s Kirk’s first command or not. It’s never been established. What’s also not been established is whether Kirk ever set foot on the Enterprise prior to assuming command of the ship. For example, Best Destiny and Collision Course both suggest he had. And, after all, there’s a whole bunch of time not yet covered between the latest canonically-established pre-Enterprise assignment Kirk had (Farragut) and his command of Enterprise. 7-8 years, in fact. That’s a pretty big gap into which this film could drop stuff without running any risk of continuity problems. And given Bruce Greenwood’s age, that’s exactly the gap I’m expecting to be explored, possibly in ways we’re not expecting, thus changing what we think we know. ;)

“A lot of questions that will be answered in May of 2009. For me, I’m FAR conceerned — more curious than I am excited! All I want is some CONSISTENCY please!!!!”

On that we agree, very much so. :)

860. Jamie - October 21, 2008

#847, Greg,

“The bridge displays are WAY too futuristic compared to TOS.”

But… those screens are the sort of technology we use today. If we have it today, they will obviously have it in the time of TOS. Don’t forget that TOS was set in THE FUTURE!

After the events of “The Trouble With Tribbles”, Captain Kirk may well have retired to his quarters and watched Harry Potter 7 on blu-ray. Or perhaps during the events of “The City On The Edge Of Forever”, Scotty was listening to some classic Jay-Z mp3s in his leisure time?

861. new star trek movie 2009 | HALFWAY TO CONCORD - October 21, 2008

[…] like young Spock just realized he doesn’t like either presidential choice. A new Star Trek movie is ready to warp onto screens in 2009. Here are some more pictures and links to other sites […]

862. TrekMadeMeWonder - October 21, 2008

I’ve decided not to judge this new Trek movie by it’s previews. That’s a BIG leap for a self admitted Star Trek TOS purist.

I just hope that once the new designs are fully revealed, that they will eventually win me over completely. They have started to already!

Thank you TrekMovie – and Buckaroohawk too – for your wise words and counseling regarding this new exciting TREK !

863. Ty - October 22, 2008

Tell me this now….how is it that bridge looks more advanced than anything from any of the t.v. shows! Including those shows that took place 100 years after kirk and spock! Just seems they could have done away with all the new tech stuff ! They could have done it alot better job! And just stuck to the basics ….and took some of the ideas form the kirk and spock movies!

864. willy - October 22, 2008

kirk looks like he’s not even out of high school yet.

865. Sam Belil - October 22, 2008

#863 — Ty — you hit it right on the nail!!! That is exactly what I have been saying since day one. It’s not so much about CANON, as it is and should be about CONTINUITY!!! Again go back to the DS9 tribble episode and Enterprise Mirror Darkly episode — those ships looks the way their SUPPOSED to for that period in ST history!!!! Again, unless we’re talking about an alternate timeline universe — where as well all know anything can happen.

866. fizzbin - October 22, 2008

#863 and #865 Then there is no way anyone could ever make a series or movie that takes place before the TOS era. NO ONE is going to copy the cheap designs and sets that even 40 years later look so hopelessly outdated it could never be accepted by anyone other than a Star Trek purists and unfortunately there aren’t enough of those to make a Star Trek film today profitable. From the outset this team said they were going to try to make Star Trek believable. They also said the purists and hard core trekkers were going to have to swallow hard to accept this movie, but with a little open mindedness may come to enjoy it for what it is.

867. Sam Belil - October 22, 2008

Again — we’re talking about continuity. The bridge of the USS Defiant in the Mirror Darkly episode did not look outdated, the bridge set of the USS Enterprise in the TNG Episode with Scotty did not look outdated, the bridge set in the DS9 tribble episode did not look outdated. Berman and crew kept the proper CONTINUITY in its place. You don’t think that they had the budgets to create a “more updated bridge”? — of course they did or at least they had the film-making technology to do so! Of course they did! Yes make Star Trek believeable! Yes make it profitable! I’m a purist and I’ve accepted MANY MANY things about this movie (and I believe that most of purists have)!!! But the way things are looking — it does defy continuity as opposed to so-called canon, and that is my primary concern!!!

868. TrekMadeMeWonder - October 22, 2008

I’ve seen bigger Shatner articles!

I’d like to see something amaze me from the Trailer.

869. Marian Ciobanu - October 23, 2008

– COOOOOL..!!!

870. theBorg - October 23, 2008

I don’t think that anyone of us is seriously concerned about the looks of the character or the designs. We just want that FEEL. Remember that familiar but new, dangerous, engaging feel of Wrath of Khan? Remember than fun and exciting, funny feel of The Voyage Home? or the rebellious, this-is-gonna-be-something kind of feel of The Undiscovered Country? That’s what I want. That’s what you want… and of cannon.

Design wise, do you think that if Star Trek was created today it would have a retro look? no. It would look like Andromeda, it would look like SG Atlantis, it would look like Star Wars. but then again, Star trek did inspire all of them.

There is one thing I’ve been wondering about – The Technology and it’s design aspect.

The tech in this trek is supposed to be more advanced that our tech today, given that Star Trek inspired many of our current technology (it would be kind of ridiculous to see retro gadgets in this film).

With that having been set up, how will the tech of the 24th century look? How will LCARS look? will we see more sleek ship in the 24th century part of this film? can we expect consistency?

I mean if we were to follow a line of technological advancement from young kirk’s time to the old spock’s time, its logical to expect that the 24th century would look super duper advanced and sleek and streamlined. More advanced looking than what we’ve seen in the movies and series so far.

871. Everyday_Ponn_Far - October 23, 2008

Kirk: Spock, if we…. re-route the primary core cross manifold to the… horizontal intermix chamber and neutralize the molecular subspace injectors with… universal locators …. we… might just be able to readjust the bioregenerative subactuators with focusing battle scanners! It’s the only way! to defeat Nero.

Spock: Jim, what are you talking about. That makes no sense at all. Like, you know?

Kirk: Spock! speaking like people from the other universe do they… talk like this. And what do you mean by … you know?

Spock: Jim, I am simply talking like they do in 90210. Like, you know?

Kirk: I….feel like I’m! …. constipated

872. Sam Belil - October 24, 2008

#870-“Design wise, do you think that if Star Trek was created today it would have a retro look? no. It would look like Andromeda, it would look like SG Atlantis, it would look like Star Wars. but then again, Star trek did inspire all of them”

Again here is where I respectfully disagree. STOS was NOT created today.
Again — if so, why then did Berman & Co. not “update” the look of the TOS bridge in the NG episode with Scotty (“Relics”), the DS9 Tribble Episode and In a Mirror Darkly. I can tell you why — they showed respect for the CONTINUITY of Star Trek, I can’t emphasize enough — it’s contunuity not canon that’s my concern. This new bridge throwns the TOS continuity right out the window!!!!!!!!!!!

873. Jack - October 24, 2008

This new bridge is clearly socialism.

It’s awesome. Can’t wait.

874. nexus - October 25, 2008

ok this is a baaaaaad baaaad idea ok i can see a new star trek movie but WITH THIS CAST I DONT THINK SO its like its a big joke to them THERES NOTHING RIGHT ABOUT THE CREW AND AND THE……GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR *curses in klingon* STUPID EVIL PSYCHO HOLLYWOOD

sorry, got alittl emotional HOW COULD THEY DO THIS?

875. nexus - October 25, 2008

*takes a deep breath* ok ok i looked through the pics again and i guess if you look at it like ……..they are good actors and are pretty ok their gonna have to work their butts off though to fill the shoes of their predessesors and the new bridge does look nice so *sighs* ill give them their shot and see if they cant pull it off

876. Robert - October 25, 2008

#872 – I think you’re missing the point of the whole thing. It is a re-envisioning of the original crew, that means it takes all the things we have seen in the past and throws them out the window. The whole point is too bring the TOS era into the modern era. When we saw the “retro” Enterprise on TNG, DS9, and ENT that was history for those shows. There is no history to work with because as far as we are concerned there is no history before this movie. Through out the books on Enterprise, Kirk and the TOS concept, this movie and any sequels to follow are entirely seperate historical line than anything we’ve ever seen. The sooner we accept this the sooner we can get into this film and support what is being done here. JJ is bringing Star Trek back to life!

877. Sam Belil - October 26, 2008

#876, Robert — The “history of those shows”. There is a history to work with. The history that was in fact established in TOS and CARRIED INTO, STTNG, STDS9, STV, and ST ENTERPRISE. Now if you want to suggest as you stated “an entirely seperate historical timeline” — then Abrams and company should just come out say that this will be an alternate timeline universe (which I BELIEVE IT TO BE!!!) I can (as an STOS purist) ACCEPT THAT. They should just come out and say it already, and not insult our intelligence. I have stated in many prior posts, especially after the reading the Entertainment Weekly article, that as a result of an event early in the film that the ST universe as we know, will become an altered timeline.
It is now about “the sooner we accept….”, it’s about Abrams and company being more upfront.

878. nick - October 26, 2008

Personally, the pilot of STAR TREK was amazing in the 60’s with a FEMALE second in command and both women and men dressed in pants and carrying phasers. Then the execs said “dump her” as audiences would not accept a female second on command (though they might accept a Vulcan). And put the “chicks” in mini-skirts. Finally, women graduated out of miniskirts in the first film.

Now–we see the bridge with a woman in a red miniskirt–going into battle? What kind of a step backward is this? In the future–are women (51% of the population on earth) back to being second class citizens and eye candy?

Your thoughts, people?

879. Sam Belil - October 26, 2008

Good point Nick — that is one reason why I always dug the greyish uniforms worn in the TNG movies and DS9 (I also liked the ST Enterprise uniforms). My only thought on that was it was the “swinging 60’s” and the sexual revolution was just beginning to hit its peak. If you look closely at some of the season #1 episodes, especially “Charlie X” there are one or two female crew members wearing the pants that were worn in “The Cage”/”Menagerie” and “WNHGB”. I’m guessing and hoping we will see a female Captain in the movie — just curious to see whether she will be sporting a mini-dress or not?

880. Chris Doohan - October 26, 2008

“galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young”. Kirk.

881. Mr. Howard R. Hughes, JR. - October 28, 2008

It’s going to be utter-crap. Why the heck don’t they make a NEW ship/crew, instead of distroying a classic?

882. James - October 28, 2008

The bridge design worries me intently. Not really much of the original series set left! I like everything else I’ve seen though. Perhaps the concept of time travel alters the advancement of technology in the film?

883. Robert H. - October 29, 2008

Of course the bridge lighting looks artificial. They are on a starship with no natural light.

884. Captain Archer - October 29, 2008

In the overall shot of the bridge, I could swear I see turbo lift doors behind the girl in the red shirt! This bridge is almost like a revamped Star Trek 1TMP bridge.

885. Jimmy Jim Jam - November 1, 2008

The new Kirk and Spock look like teenagers barely able to drive, let alone command. Why didn’t Abrams cast real men for these roles? It’s going to look like a Saturday Morning kid show in my opinion.

886. navamske - November 2, 2008

“You don’t want to get Spock angry!”

You don’t want to get Kirk’s predecessor angry either — not much worse than Pike’s pique.

887. Jonathan - November 2, 2008

Nick it was a woman’s idea to put the female cast in miniskirts as she thought the pants looked awful looking. The is nothing liberating about turning women into asexual clones of males. Hopefully by the 23rd century a woman can be an astronaut and feminine.

888. Dale Hunt - November 2, 2008

Looks good but I’m still stuck on the old Trek….I’m sure it will be a good movie, but you have to feel like somthing isn’t there…

889. FishHead - November 3, 2008

I cant wait to it…… there are 7 month back. its terrible i cant wait..

890. Oh Well - November 3, 2008

poor babies

891. reu_2008 - November 15, 2008

The image of Nero may not represent an updated Romulan at all. Nero’s tattoos could be religious in nature. Perhaps he is a member of an religious sect in Romulan society which requires it members to shave their head.. Another possibility is a cultural phase going though Romulan society. Perhaps it is culturally acceptable for Romulan officers to shave their heads.

892. Go Spock! - November 16, 2008


893. JJ sucks ass - November 19, 2008


894. michael wills - December 22, 2008

pegg for best suporting actor oscar zoe is lokin sexy too jj for knighthood

895. learnedhand - January 22, 2009

huh… its star trek meets star ship troopers… it sucks! No substance at all… its sickening…

896. uniderth - January 28, 2009

I HATE greeblies! It looks like it comes from Star Wars not Star trek. Since when are oddly shaped hull panels covered in random little squares and easy or logical? What is the purpose of those random little squares anyway?

897. To Dissapointed - March 2, 2009

Even Galaxy Quest was less of a piss take than this film is going to be.

Seriously mini-skirts! mini-skirts and FMB’s! I’d like to see women in the military now wearing that.

898. Julia - May 17, 2009

I like it but there are too many explosions and they are too loud

899. Joshua Tipton - May 25, 2009

I have been a Star Trek fan since I was in the first grade. I have watched almost every episode of every series and all of the movies. I read the books and play the games. Star Trek is an amazing thing. It has lead me on my path to being an Aerospace engineer; I also have done some amateur writing in the Star Trek universe. This new Star Trek movie was amazing. It had an interesting story and it was action packed; and it will be interesting how this new time line plays out; but it was not Star Trek.

J.J. Abrams is trying to turn Star Trek into Star Wars. Typically, the aliens in Star Trek are humanoid, similar to humans; and in Star Wars the aliens are almost never humanoid. The reptilian alien, on Delta Vega, with Scotty, was and Ewok in a different skin. The doctor that delivered James Kirk, looked very similar to the aliens that made the clone army in Star Wars.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with Star Wars, but it is different and separate from Star Trek. Star Trek has meaning and purpose, but apparently not anymore.

I feel as if what I love has been beaten right in front of me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I feel as if my heart has been ripped out of my body (such as in Indiana Jones 2) and is being squeezed. How could anyone destroy Star Trek like this? Why would anyone destroy Star Trek like this?

900. annoyed at whiners - May 26, 2009

quit bitching about stupid things like mini skirts and what the damn bridge looks like. its a good movie, get over it. everyone who hates it was planning on hating it no matter what. did you really expect it would be exactly the same? oh my god, as new directors & actors come out…it might be…DIFFERENT!?

901. annoyed at whiners - May 26, 2009

& the guy who plays spock is in his freaking thirties, so i don’t know why everyone is complaining about no “real men” playing these roles. there were no freaking teenagers, quit being dramatic. what, they have to be over 50 or something? shouldnt we just shut up & be happy they’re actually decent to look at for once?

902. The Flick Chicks » Casting Notes - June 11, 2009

[…] interesting & up & coming actors in the movie.  New pics were released today.  Have a peek.  Yes, that’s Simon Pegg in the “red shirt” but the highlight for me is the […]

903. enrissurino - August 14, 2009

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904. Spock - December 13, 2009

Can’t wait for the next one :-)

905. New Extended Star Trek TV Spot! | - January 22, 2010

[…] comment on more star trek images: enterprise crew + nero [updated … […]

906. Richelle Schleider - April 12, 2011

when band of brothers & TrueBlood come back on?? June!? TV is boring these days.

907. Alton Dooling - April 21, 2011

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