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Even More New Star Trek Movie Images October 16, 2008

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

When it rains, it pours. Entertainment Weekly has put up a new photo gallery that includes all the pictures released to TrekMovie and other sites yesterday, plus five new images. There are publicity photos of Kirk and Spock and shots of McCoy, Sulu and Nero from the Star Trek movie itself…see below..


Here are the images

Kirk (Chris Pine)

Spock (Zachary Quinto)

Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) with Kirk

Sulu (John Cho)

Nero (Eric Bana)

Goto EW.com to see the full gallery. Also don’t forget to read their excellent cover story on the new Star Trek movie.


1. Kevin - October 16, 2008


2. Kevin - October 16, 2008

Nero looks great!!!

3. Pete359 - October 16, 2008


4. jimj - October 16, 2008

I wonder if McCoy and Kirk are in a shuttle and just getting their first gaze at the big E in that one pic!?

5. bobfred - October 16, 2008

spock looks photoshoped

6. mm3guy - October 16, 2008

They’re spoiling us this week.

7. MDSHiPMN - October 16, 2008

If I look close enough I can see the Enterprise.

8. Buzz Cagney - October 16, 2008

yup- definitely a hint of saucer in the Bones/Kirk pic. Or am I imagining it?

9. MEO - October 16, 2008

LOL… Lord Voldemort has a brother with a nose… rsrsrsrsrs

10. Buzz Cagney - October 16, 2008

Reflected in the window is that the Enterprise?

11. The Man from Saskatoon - October 16, 2008

Fantastic shots, especially of McCoy looking out the window. There’s those red uniforms we first saw so long ago.

12. mm3guy - October 16, 2008

Enough photoshopping on Spock’s face, don’t ya think?

13. Newman - October 16, 2008

I cannot contain myself

14. Father Robert Lyons - October 16, 2008

Urban, in Red, looks an awful lot like Lockwood as Mitchell in that picture. The look on his face just screams Gary!

15. GaryS - October 16, 2008

This is really looking good so far.

16. thebiggfrogg - October 16, 2008

I defintely thought Gary Mitchell too, but Urban is close enough to my favorite character, McCoy, to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not sure if I can quite get my head around the E bridge though. I can’t see it becoming the E bridge we all know and love I wish they would have done things more subtely or integrated some old elements more gracefully into the whizbang.

BTW, can they lay off the Spock retouching already? Yuk! This is Trek not Playboy.

17. thebiggfrogg - October 16, 2008

BTW, that is one helluva’ hairpiece on Pine! ; )

18. Gibnerd - October 16, 2008

this has probably been said a thousand times before, but while i’m LOVING all these photos …. i really want to see what Leonard Nemoy looks like as the older Spock.

but seriously, the bridge may be different but this is gonna be a different kind of Trek. If its a good movie, has a good story and its got the “Trek” spirit i don’t care what the bridge looks like…

19. cloudsfather - October 16, 2008

i can buy anything but not this spock! all others are thrilling but…

20. thebiggfrogg - October 16, 2008

Speaking of Mitchell: Not to be a canon nut or anything, but I wonder how this all fits in with “Where No Man Has Gone Before”? We definitely have unis that looks post that ep, McCoy wasn’t even on the Enterprise at that point, Sulu was in astrophysics. I guess I can accept some reimagining, but I really want this to somehow fit in with what has gone before (no pun intended) without straining credulity too much. I wish they could have harkened back to the WNMHGB uniforms, though I imagine they wanted to go with what people remember. The uniforms do seem to have that single silver stripe thing from the early uniforms going. Barring that Sulu and McCoy I could probably concoct some sort of explanation for.

21. Cheve - October 16, 2008

I really hope all this pictures are from the first five minutes of the movie. I have a great hunger of them, but I don’t want to feel that I allready watched the movie when I’m in the theatre.

22. mr. mugato - October 16, 2008

i don’t like the way this looks

23. Lurker - October 16, 2008

Ok folks — Nero’s ears — check out this image vs. the poster image.

On the poster, he’s missing the top tip of his left ear (perhaps his right, too?).

There’s something going on with that as well…!

Do we get some angry Kirk action?? Or does old Spock pull out one last can of whoop-ass??


24. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

Zach looks in this picture like his own action figure… Bones and Jim on the bus are cute, maybe the red uniforms are for changing ships only ;))

25. Can't Wait for Labor Day 2009 - October 16, 2008

I want to see how Bruce Greenwood looks has Chris Pike. And im not sure if anyone else read the comments about the Kirk and McCoy pic. Some are asking about why McCoy wearing a cadet uniform? Since he is older then Kirk. Im pretty sure it makes since with out breaking canon. McCoy just decided to join Starfleet at an older age after his divorce. To me that makes since but then again I could be wrong.

26. captain_neill - October 16, 2008

why are McCoy and Kirk in the red academy niforms they never went to academy together

27. Devon - October 17, 2008

Alright J.J. how about you show us some pics now or somet……

Oh wait, sorry, just a knee jerk reaction ;)

Anyway, thanks for that J.J. Curious about the Academy Uniform thing (maybe they aren’t also Starfleet dress uniforms ;) )

28. Mark from Germany - October 17, 2008

Speaking of Neros ear: Maybe his right ear serves as an indicator for the time frame we are in. In one timeline his ear is complte, in another timeline his ear may be mutilated. (by whom? Kirk?) hmmm….. I am desperately looking forward to this movie. So far I think Abrams got everything right.

29. John - October 17, 2008

Nero looks like Shinzon and the Reman Viceroy had a baby.

30. Sean - October 17, 2008

The people who commented on EW.com are ruthless! They absolutely hate what JJ Abrams and co. are doing with this cast and movie. I don’t see why they have to be so cruel. I have my doubts, but I’m willing to put that aside and hope for the best!

I will admit that it looks like McCoy and Kirk are both in Academy uniforms in that one picture, but there could be a BILLION different explanations for that. What if McCoy is a teacher at the Academy? That would explain him being there AND the age difference, and I just came up with that while I was writing this! RELAX PEOPLE!

31. entropy - October 17, 2008

the mccoy kirk picture looks like a city in the reflection at the bottom

32. Green-Blooded-Bastard - October 17, 2008

Pics are fantastic! He wont truly be Kirk until he double-closed fists someone in the jaw, though.

33. entropy - October 17, 2008

looks like a city in the lower part of the mccoy kirk picture

34. Rickroll'd. - October 17, 2008

I hate to sound like a purist, but they totally should have made Karl Urban wear blue contacts… It sounds weird, but everytime I think of Dr. McCoy, I think of the kindly older guy with the gentle blue eyes. Yeah… I’m weird. But anywho, I love these pictures. They make me really happy and hopeful.

35. Rickroll'd. - October 17, 2008

I love how they kept the pointy sideburns. :D

36. holla - October 17, 2008

looks like a city in the lower part of the mccoy kirk picture

37. Doug in Kabul, Afghanistan - October 17, 2008

#26: and you know this, how?

It’s never been stated either way who Kirk attended the academy with, other than with Gary Mitchell… and maybe, just maybe Carol Marcus.

I might agree with you because of the age difference between Kirk and McCoy… but we know very little in canon about the TOS crew’s academy days.

These picks, great that they are, are just barely beginning to wet my appetite for the movie… and a pic of the big E.

38. holla - October 17, 2008

could that be an exploding starship with Mccoy and KIrk…notice the flash of light on Urban and what may be smoke from a saucer….or maybe just maybe its dirt on the window

39. The Last Maquis - October 17, 2008

That’s One Romulan You Don’t F*ck with. {-o ~ ~ ~ * * O-I:::

40. supesguy - October 17, 2008

That outtake of Spock looks like he’s made of plastic.

41. Viking - October 17, 2008

Nero’s got some serious Ferengi lobes going on there……

42. Enterprise - October 17, 2008

Wow, is that Darth Maul?

43. MrLerpa - October 17, 2008

I don’t get the constant comparisons between Nero and Shinzon? Shinzon was a HUMAN who lived in a mine on Remus and was in his early 20’s and Nero is a mature looking ROUMULAN, they just both happen to be bald!

I’ve often wondered if the TOS era Romulans were bald under those metalic helmets they wore?

44. Ed - October 17, 2008

Can’t wait to see!
I think Urban and Quinto looks great as McCoy and Spock!
Still don’t get the tatoo on bald romulans but we’ll find out!

45. OR Coast Trekkie - October 17, 2008

Yes, me likey

46. Paulaner - October 17, 2008

I am in Trek heaven.

47. Luke - October 17, 2008

Let’s time travel to may 2009…

48. Thomas - October 17, 2008

About the McCoy/Kirk picture:
Anyone remember months back to those leaked pics that depicted that shuttle with seatbelts in every seat? I would guess that’s probably what they’re riding in.

49. thefinalfrontier - October 17, 2008

god will the teasing never end!?!?!? CANT WAIT ALREADY and havent even seen the enterprise!!

50. haissemguy - October 17, 2008

Kirk and Mc Coy in a travel pod. On there way to the Enterprise I reckon. There is a reflection of something in the window. Man I wish I was seeing was they are seeing.

51. Petey - October 17, 2008

Wow… That is one badass Romulan.

Too bad John Cho doesn’t resemble George Takei much… ah well, we can’t all get what we want.

52. Marcus S - October 17, 2008


53. Wick - October 17, 2008

An action movie is only as good as its villain. This movie is going to hinge on Eric Bana. Can he pull it off?

54. Maurício - October 17, 2008

One thing I’m afraid of is the fact that Star Trek is about the relationship among three people: Kirk, Spock AND McCoy. I may be mistaken, but I don’t feel the good old Doctor is being given his full share of attention. Nothing against Sulu, Uhura, Tchecov or Scotty (quite the contrary) but it would be a shame to see McCoy reduced is rank as a mere sidekick. I would like to see lots of McCoy/Spock philosofical battles on emotion and logic

55. Cmdr Roffey - October 17, 2008

Good to see they’ve got the sideburns right.

56. Ronan - October 17, 2008

Wow – cool!!!

57. Sarah - October 17, 2008

I am so in love with this

58. The A-man - October 17, 2008

FIRST! Nice.

Explanation for McCoy graduating older: a doctor I guess requires more study time…? Makes sense, no?

59. Alan Hsiao - October 17, 2008

Nero striking the same pose as Shinzar once did, ah i can already sense how great this one is going to be

60. rehabilitated hitch1969© - October 17, 2008

this is great

61. asc-1138 - October 17, 2008

Wow….looks like maybe Pine DIDN’t just rip his shirt. Maybe the theory about him being denied his command uniform is punishment for cheating on the kobi yashi-maru IS correct

Oh and FIRST!!!

62. Jacob - October 17, 2008

Úžasné! Už se prostě nemůžu dočkat! :o)

63. DaX - October 17, 2008


64. asc-1138 - October 17, 2008

lol…I mean 61st! Forgot to refresh my browser…….

65. Star Trek XI - Pictures 02 at StarTales - October 17, 2008

[…] http://trekmovie.com/2008/10/16/even-more-new-star-trek-movie-images/ […]

66. Geoffers - October 17, 2008

WOW… I like… but let’s see what folks manage to find wrong with tem

67. Devon - October 17, 2008

It appears the online and mainstream press coverage is starting!

Yahoo and AOL are showing the new photos as part of their headlines among the MANY other websites that’s all about this.

Also, Entertainment Weekly and Entertainment Tonight are picking up on it (well the ET report was last night but still.)

68. captain_neill - October 17, 2008

But remember all these officiers had assignments before the Enterprise. They did not graduate and suddenly got the Enterprise so there

69. asc-1138 - October 17, 2008

These pics rock (especially Bana), but the air brush8ed Spock thing has to go. He’s looking kinda fem.

70. Justin Toney - October 17, 2008


71. SirMartman - October 17, 2008

Sweeeeet !!!

Hey Neros got both ears in that pic,,hmmm


72. Warszawa - October 17, 2008

What? No Scotty?

73. Woozamagoo - October 17, 2008


74. peewee - October 17, 2008

first. Wow i cant wait

75. Justin - October 17, 2008

Ladies and gentelmen….

Star Trek is dead, please leave the corpse alone and stop this film

76. Kev - October 17, 2008

I think it would have been nice to slightly update the TOS uniforms again to make them a little indate just like was done with the Batman and X Men films. The uniforms are a little bit more cooler than the TOS but don’t look like Uniforms or any sort and also would we still see woman in the 23rd century dressed like a waitress in a cocktail bar. I thinkl the look of the Kelvin look quite comic book in style which may possible be the look they are going for.

Not quite keen on the look of the bridge either.

77. Wesley's bunkmate - October 17, 2008

It’s all go now isn’t it? I wonder if more images will come every week or if it’s going to turn into a more viral campaign. When the first website went up with the images of the Enterprise that was exciting and a fun game. I hope there’s more

78. Nick - October 17, 2008

All pics suggest a superb cinematic event coming up.

I’m old school, but absolutely open to the new Star Trek. Not worried about canon whatsoever, bring it on!

Great work so far!

79. captain_neill - October 17, 2008

I now love Nero’s look

I feel this movie will be great on its own right but I feel it might sell Star Trek fans short

80. captain_neill - October 17, 2008

With a diff kinfd of Trek, something of what we loved will be lost

81. karanadon - October 17, 2008

WAHEY! Don’t stop guys, keep the info coming, please! This is awesome!


82. captain_neill - October 17, 2008

but dont they forget Kirk was serious at the academy?

83. CaptainRickover - October 17, 2008

Pine could really be a young Kirk
like could Quinto could really be a young Spock
I like Urban as McCoy. He really get the McCoy expression on his face
Cho as Sulu look more like a bad guy then the Sulu I remember. Wasn’t Sulu allways the one with a subtile smile on his face?

Nero still’s a lookalike of Shinzon. That’s not a good sign, isn’t it?

84. Quark - October 17, 2008

Is that the silhouet of the big E in the reflection of the McCoy/Kirk photo?

85. Tom - October 17, 2008

Neo doesn’t look like a Romulan. smooth forehead and strange ears

86. The Chief - October 17, 2008


87. Alex Sahounov - October 17, 2008

Oh hell yes.

88. ВЯЧЕСЛАВ - October 17, 2008


89. Jon - October 17, 2008

I wish people would give over comparing looks. This isn’t a look-a-like contest, nor is it a true prequel. Whether you like it or not, regardless of their lack of confirmation, this is for all intents and purposes a REBOOT. I wish they would just come out and say it and shut these canon fanbois up for good.

90. Commodore Redshirt - October 17, 2008

The more promotional information about this film that I see, the more I like.
I feel like I’ve woken up again.
Finally after months of waiting, we are back to the flow of info.
What a long few months… but we fans stuck in there and now we start to see the pay-off!
Yesterday [10/16] was my birthday and these pics have helped to make this my best birthday in years!


91. Peter Lemonjello - October 17, 2008

Nero pictures remind me of Nemesis = bad memories.

92. Pontihog - October 17, 2008

Wow, they keep coming!!!

93. ВЯЧЕСЛАВ - October 17, 2008

Крис Пайн отлично смотрится в роли капитана Кирка. Урбан вылитый МакКой. Ельчин конечно не Кёниг, но ничего в роли Чехова. Зоя отлично смотрится в роли Ухуры. Спок прекрасен, Квинто молодец. Сулу и Скотти подкачали.

94. Harrydog - October 17, 2008


95. boethius - October 17, 2008

first :) i ve got nothing to say

96. ME - October 17, 2008

At least spocks hair looks better..still plastic?

97. Arcadians - October 17, 2008

Cool. Very cool.

98. S. John Ross - October 17, 2008

Nero = Both Cheesy and Corny, so kind of a … well, like an ear of roasted corn with melted cheese on it. With goofy ice-cream-truck music playing in the background.

McCoy = Lookin’ good!

Kirk = Yeah, groovy, okay. I can deal with this look for Kirk.

Spock = Apparently the wax museum version? Creepy plastic Spock.

Sulu = Hell yeah. Hope he gets some lines.

I think I’ll end up calling this Karl Urban: The Motion Picture, but that’s just a gut instinct at this point.

99. Rastaman - October 17, 2008

What, I’m the only one up at 3:00am in the morning?

Pictures are great although the publicity pictures so far of Spock seem way over airbrushed. He almost looks CGI.

I wonder what McCoy and Kirk are looking at … could it be the Enterprise?

Nero looks menacing enough … more-so, at least, then Shinzon.

And how about a picture of Leonard Nimoy, that would be a treat!

100. Fatman Bruno - October 17, 2008

Nero has that slightly ridged eyebrow look going on after all…

101. Rastaman - October 17, 2008

That’s funny, two seconds ago there were no comments … must be my browser.

102. Greenacres - October 17, 2008

Great photos!

103. Paulaner - October 17, 2008

I like Nero’s ears. Humans have ears in different shapes and sizes, so it’s quite normal having this kind of variety in romulans too.

104. Derek Evans - October 17, 2008

Its getting Good Now! First!

105. Furia 9/2(b) - October 17, 2008

Oh frack, let be waht we waiting for since 10y…

106. RuFFeD_UP - October 17, 2008


107. Kirk's Toupeé - October 17, 2008

Spock looks like he’s a waxwork model……

108. Will Doe - October 17, 2008

I agree wayyyyyyyyy too much photoshop on Quinto. Other than that the last few hours have been………………………..fascinating. :D

109. Lord David - October 17, 2008

Woot the first! Neat pics.

110. A Brilliant Return - October 17, 2008

This stills are looking fantastic! I cannot wait!

111. tomo - October 17, 2008

sweet!….although i’m really not liking the spock shine…he looks like his made of plastic

112. Fraser Link - October 17, 2008

I’ve have to say, the more I see of these images, the more I like the idea of Chris Pine as Kirk … in these stills, he seems to grasp the attitude; let’s hope his on-screen performance lives up to all the praise and he’s able to capture the entire presence we all associate with the Kirk character.

113. Jon - October 17, 2008


114. Jason - October 17, 2008

Looks good, but sorry…….Sulu just looks too old! Should have got a younger actor J.J!

115. laz - October 17, 2008

WOW awesome

116. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 17, 2008

Maybe Kirk (Pine) is in black because he’s supposed to be like Hamlet, all brooding and borderline crazy. He could do all the soliloquies and stuff! His mom married Nero, who killed Kirk’s father!

I jest, of course….

117. Jack - October 17, 2008

COOL!!! Very Amazing!

118. the new bridge stinks - October 17, 2008

McCoy to Kirk:”Jim how did we find our way to Kamino?”
Kirk: “Bones…its not Kamino…its…the Enterprise bridge…JJ Abrams love Star Wars”

119. Devon - October 17, 2008

#101 – Comments are being moderated now.

120. cinemadeus - October 17, 2008

I won’t say the f-word (or the other f-word) because you deletet my yesterdays posts…

Spock looks plastic like on the EW-cover, McCoy is wonderful and for drama gods sake I hope that Nero is not only BAD… Prey that the production team gave him enough dimension. Would be a shame for Mr. Bana. He was great in MUNICH and the only damn reason to sit through TROY…

121. Jason - October 17, 2008

Wow, great images. But Spock still doesnt feel quite right to me.

122. cinemadeus - October 17, 2008

… forgot Sir Peter O’Toole. Sorry.

123. radroz - October 17, 2008

Okay, I’m giggling like a schoolgirl… Yippee!!

124. Green ink - October 17, 2008

Right now, I’m not so much confident or negative about how the film seems to be shaping up, as I am curious. While the images look slick, I can’t say they look that great so far. And I’m not talking about how the actors do or do not resemble the original cast, but the issue I have is that I think JJ Adams and his crew have maybe strayed too far from the star trek design universe, for lack of a better term. Nero for example simply doesn’t look like an alien from the future, let alone like a romulan. With the tattoos and the Mordor-grunge look, he bears a greater resemblance to a Buffy the Vampire slayer villain.
While I think that they seem to have gotten the broad strokes of the Starfleet look right, the details seem off. The emblem pattern in the uniforms’ fabric is one of those things. First of all it doesn’t make sense. (Imagine a navy uniform now, with a pattern of tiny flags) secondly, I think it makes them look more like pyjamas, than without.
Mostly I think this is the result of a fear of looking too much like the Star Trek that has gone before (yes, I know: terrible). The radical revamp of the bridge is the best example, although it’s hard to say without a good picture of it. But so far it looks like they’re trying as hard as possible to get awat from the associations of traditional trek. Resulting in this overload of flashy and shiny. And I don’t mind changing the original look at all, I see Star Trek as stories that can be retold and changed in the retelling, not as some depiction of a reality. But if you’re going to retell it and be faithful to it, you have to be faithful to the look of the thing as well.
Still these are secondary concerns that will ebb away if they get the story, the mood and the acting right. About which I remain (cautiously) optimistic.

125. Ashley - October 17, 2008

“no comments yet – be the first?”

okay :D

I’m in awe of all these new pics o.o …I kinda hope they keep coming, but at this rate they’ll have shown us the whole movie by the end of the week! xD

126. Michael Scott - October 17, 2008


127. Ashley - October 17, 2008

o.o never mind…

128. Jas in Perth - October 17, 2008

Nero has both ears in this photo. Fascinating …

129. Steve - October 17, 2008

Space…The final frontier….

130. badpower - October 17, 2008


These pictures look greatand is that a reflection of the big E in the shuttle window?

131. kevin - October 17, 2008

Kirk and McCoy see something amazing… mabe it’s the enterprise!
I’m trying to see in the reflection!!!!

132. Moogie - October 17, 2008

Dare I say…first?

Cool pics! Looking forward to the trailer…might just go see Quantum of Solace just for the Trek trailer!

133. Trekmonk1971 - October 17, 2008

It all looks good to me.

134. mm3guy - October 17, 2008

#58 – Haha, you Trekmovie staffers are devious, giving those “FIRST!” guys their just deserts by pushing them all the way back, can you do that with all of them from now on?

135. Trekmatt - October 17, 2008

Great images i think, can’t wait for the film! :)

136. JM Trivia.com - October 17, 2008

From all that’s been released this week, my zeal for the Trek franchise that I so loved as a kid has grown.
Over the years i’ve felt that Gene Roddenbery’s vision has been watered down.
For me the ALL GOOD THINGS finale to the Next Generation was the crowning moment of Star Trek history.
That scene of the crew playing there favourite game of poker for the last time and riding off into the stars was pivital.
Would anything ever again breach that defining moment?

At times I thought so with DS9, especially the episode ‘Far Beyond the Stars!’.
As a sci-fi geek and an emotional male I actually cried throughout that episode.

Then with recent articles i’ve heard that we may even here the emotional echo’s of Star Trek gone by with such sentiments as the line, ‘ I have been and always shall be your friend’, this feels like REAL Trek.

I’ve been a fan of JJ Abrams work for some time now, and that of Alex Kurtsman and Robert Orci and from what i’ve seen in the last few days were in very safe hands.

Here is a team devoted to the mythos of Star Trek and yet injecting what we’ve wanted to see for the last couple of decades, an edge that we’ve not seen before but thats fully in keeping with cannon.

For those that’s picked up on ‘Nero’s’ similarity with ‘Shinzon’s’, I think that is only right in tieing in the Next Generation Era with that of Classic Trek.

For Lenonard Nimoy to be reprising the role of Spock also holds true and what i’ve seen in the screen-shots in the last couple of days also fills with me with excitement that we could be witnessing the rebirth of the greatest sci-fi saga ever told:

Space, the final frontier, these truely are the voyages of the Star Ship ENTERPRISE………

bring on May 8th,2009………

137. Aggi - October 17, 2008

The tattoo on the forehaed of Nero – is that the deck plan of Nero’s ship???

138. RTC - October 17, 2008

I’ve been wondering if the black uniform that Kirk wears in many of these photos isn’t a ‘remedial academy cadet’ uniform, but rather a specialized command school uniform…? Remember (according to canon) that he served on at least one other vessel before Enterprise — the Farragut. Could it be that sometime after that experience he was put into a specialized training program, and it’s in the midst of that program that he joins his future crewmates…?

139. Aggi - October 17, 2008

The tattoo on the forehead of Nero – is that the deck plan of Nero’s ship???

140. » Archivo del weblog » Cinco nuevas imágenes de Star Trek XI ! - October 17, 2008

[…] es un no parar, vía trek movie nos llegan cinco nuevas imágenes, esta vez en menor […]

141. Aggi - October 17, 2008

The tattoo on the forehead of Nero – is that a deck plan of Nero’s ship???

142. SharpieD79 - October 17, 2008

Looks like snow capped mountains in the reflection of the shuttle craft (assuming it is a shuttle craft?). Hasn’t it been said some of the action takes place on an “ice planet” – not forgetting the screen shot of Kirk pulling himself out of what looks to be an emergency lifeboat into an awful lot of snow….


143. SPB - October 17, 2008

Just on that one Nero pic alone, you KNOW Eric Bana is going to be 100 times better as a villain than F. Murray Abraham…

144. Spocks Brain - October 17, 2008

First of all, NERO is a stupid name. Why would an Alien have the name of an ancient roman?

Then he is just a rip off of this fellow (but much more bleak)
Darth Maul from Starwars… Just add color and a few horns and presto!
Nero = Maul


Sulu looks (and the actor is) far older than the rest…

This movie it seems is going to be brainless…. like so many re-hashes of old good stuff, they take them and make them stupid.

145. Pete359 - October 17, 2008

Sulu looks really cool in that picture, Cho’s expression is awesome! Maybe he and Kirk are pissed off at each other?

Either way I’m glad he’s not constantly doing that goofy face (that’s Simon Pegg’s job!)

146. ME - October 17, 2008

Nero looks a bit off. With those big swollen ears, bald head, thick coat and staff….Are we sure he isnt a Feringi?

147. T'Chert - October 17, 2008

WOW! I really like this pictures maybe expect Sulu. And Nero looks badass.

93. ВЯЧЕСЛАВ – October 17, 2008

Ух ты. Здорово встретить на этом сайте человека, говорящего по-русски))))

148. Daniel Raebiger - October 17, 2008

Hey Folks!

Glad to inform you that we’ve got seven of the newly posted star trek 11 stills in a *very* high resolution. Especially the Bridge stands out :)

Here’s the Link:

We’ve added several new Wallpaper up to 1920×1200 as well.

enjoy :)

149. MrLerpa - October 17, 2008

#144 Spocks Brain

“This movie it seems is going to be brainless…. like so many re-hashes of old good stuff, they take them and make them stupid”

Stupid? err… have you ever seen the episode “Spocks Brain”?

’nuff said

150. T'Chert - October 17, 2008

144. Spocks Brain – October 17, 2008

“First of all, NERO is a stupid name. Why would an Alien have the name of an ancient roman?”

And why would aliens in TOS have senate, preators and ancient roman naval ranks? Is that stupid too?

PS Sorry for my English. It’s far from perfect

151. Andy Patterson - October 17, 2008


I did think the same thing Father.

152. Garovorkin - October 17, 2008

Oh this is looking better all the time !!

153. star trackie - October 17, 2008

Nice. The more I see the more I like, while Spock does look plastic, that’s just bad photo effects on a bad picture. We know he looks just fine. Everyone else looks great, although I do hope they did some color correction on Urban’s and Pine’s eyes. After all, they now have plenty of time!

But more importantly I couldn’t be more thrilled that this really IS all totally new and different from all that 24th century mumbo jumbo and I’m delighted. Unlike Enterprise, I’m not detecting one hint of Bermanverse aesthitics or filmaking sensibilities. Sound the trumpets, this really is a brand new take on Star Trek.

Also, kudos to EW for a fantastic story and hopefully the start of a masterful campaign that will slowly plant seeds of doubt in the minds of those who still have bad memories of Snore Trek from the Berman years.

154. Garovorkin - October 17, 2008

ITs going to be good film maybe even a great one, I can feel it.

155. Trek Nerd Central - October 17, 2008

#34. You know, I had the exact opposite reaction when I noticed they hadn’t bothered with contacts — for either Urban or Pine. I found that I didn’t care at all.

From the start the cast & crew have said they were referencing & honoring the original castmembers, not aping them. I think that’s the smart way to go. And frankly, blue contacts always look way too fake. I’d rather see Urban’s brown eyes than ersatz blue ones.

Aside from Quinto’s photoshopped look (or did they dip him in bees wax?), I’d say the leads look fabulous so far.

156. Garovorkin - October 17, 2008

#132 Your impressed Moogie, Wow. thats cool.

157. Raphael Salgado - October 17, 2008

I’m just waiting now for Jon Stewart, SNL, or some of the late night talk show hosts to put their two cents into the latest Star Trek news, and of course, skew it in such a way…

“In other news, the geek world got a collective hard-on in the basements of their parents’ homes when Lost producer J.J. Abrams and team released the very first images of their upcoming prequel ‘Star Trek,’ which unfortunately was pushed back for a May 2009 release. It’s not like we’d see them on the beach or anything during that time anyway – there’s hardly any internet access out there, and most of the women they’d be looking for would include some sort of skimpy mesh armor and a magical whipping blade.

“But, while some members of the sci-fi community screamed for joy, other members screamed ‘heresy!’ And, of course, the rest of the normal world continued along their normal routine, such as having sex or meeting up with friends or other social gatherings.”

158. Aggi - October 17, 2008

The tattoo on the forehead of Nero – is that a deck plan of Nero’ ship???

159. ArtFullDodger - October 17, 2008

Can’t wait to see Old Spock

160. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 17, 2008

#148 — Danke, Daniel Raebiger. The higher resolution image of the bridge shows that the design is closer to the original TOS bridge design than I realized. I had previously remarked that all the walls were completely white, and there was no black. Now it is evident that the walls are more light gray, and the wall is black under the workstations. There is also some black in the control panels at the stations. If we had a shot from above the Captain’s chair, it would be a lot more evident that the bridge is reasonably faithful to the original.

161. Antni - October 17, 2008

Just by looking at these pics you can see the sense of adventure. This film is going to fun.



162. LordCheeseCakeBreath - October 17, 2008

It has to be the Enterprise. I can’t figure out how they are going to make this fit into cannon. I’m excited and worried. I’m fearful of the I-Bridge.

163. Jim Smith - October 17, 2008

Is it wrong that the main thing I want to know is the name of the USS Kelvin’s ship class? : )

164. Trek Nerd Central - October 17, 2008

Wunderschoen – vielen Dank!

165. EWS - October 17, 2008

Really cool. Bana’s Nero looks like someone you don’t want to meed in a lit alley, Sulu looks pissed at something. Trying to see if there is a reflection in the window of the shuttle, I’m not seeing one.

166. Cannon Man - October 17, 2008


Pine is clearly wearing Shantners piece from the Trek movies…unfortuantly Kirk didnt have the thick wavy do until AFTER the 5 year mission

167. Quark - October 17, 2008

#144 – Why would an alien race name their homeworld after the mythical founders of Rome and why would they have based their entire political system on this ancient empire. Duh! The name fits. Your argument is completely illogical, haha.

168. taemo - October 17, 2008

I often thought that maybe Nero is the son of Shinzon and Donatra.

169. Blowback - October 17, 2008

#148 – Thanks from me also.

170. CaptainRickover - October 17, 2008

I don’t wanna be offensive, but I must question your statement.

(You must excuse my bad English, in case if there are many mistakes in grammar and words, but I’m very furious about that bridge-design-matter)

Where were all this lighting glasplates and exterior circuits in the TOS bridge? Where was this stuipid workstation with the two joysticks, or what they ever are? The new bridge is in no detail faithfull to the original. Colour-scheme is completly wrong, nothing can be recognized. The new bridge looks like the interior of an apple-computer and has not the clear lines and the simplified design the most bridge-designs in the entire Star Trek history. The clue about the old bridges was, that you don’t see the high-tech beneath the stations. Here, you must watch out not to stumble over an important circuit system.

Just an oval shape and rounded walls can’t be taken as “pretty close to the original design”. This looks entirly different than the original. But if you like it, that’s your taste. It’s not mine.

But I think I’ll can overcome it, when the story is good and – most important – the Enterprise exterior looks right (not exactly like TOS, but – JJ, please – nothing more advanced beyond the TMP-Enterprise). But I fear, my wishes will not be heard.

171. Devon - October 17, 2008

#144 – “This movie it seems is going to be brainless…. like so many re-hashes of old good stuff, they take them and make them stupid.”

If you step back and look at your comment.. you would see it makes little sense as you’re basically the same thing as the original TOS too. Did you just “conveniently” forget that Remus and Romulus are ancient roman gods too?

How do you get it will be “brainless” just because Sulu looks older than the rest of the crew? Sorry, but I’m not sure it’s the movie that’s “brainless” here as much as your comment.

172. Captain Balki - October 17, 2008

So if the Romulans vessel is already back in the past at the start of this movie, how the heck does old Spock know about it?

173. Captain Balki - October 17, 2008

Also, how could this romulan vessel of the future defeat a constitution class enterprise?

174. Captain Balki - October 17, 2008

Sorry I meant how could a constitution class enterprise defeat a romulan warbird from the future? Wouldnt the weapons be stronger?

175. Derek Evans - October 17, 2008

#159 How True—To me, seeing ‘Old Spock–Mr Nimoy in costume’ will really make this real for me…I CAN’T WAIT!!

176. AJ - October 17, 2008

The raging opinions based on a few pics here are great, and to be expected. I join the “yay” crowd because, despite a bright bridge, it seems like we’ll be offered a damn good story with living characters played by great young actors, and non-“half-assed” FX.

For those who have inhabited this site for a while, the writers, especially R. Orci, have been present and listening. Orci is a slaphappy Trekker like many of us, and I can’t imagine he’d drop the ball now that his name is in the credits.

The EW article seems to dumb down latter day Trek in order to make Paramount/JJ’s case that it needs a re-boot. But it does. And it will be great.

177. drew - October 17, 2008

As Ogre would say……..NERDS!!!!!

178. Bob Tompkions - October 17, 2008

Spock doesn’t look so much Photoshopped as it looks like a toy or a model, or a statuette.
A very very good one.

179. John Lewis, Jr. - October 17, 2008

A lot of people are mentioning “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and other early episodes (i.e. Uhura in command/helm gold or Sulu in science blue). I never saw those uniform glitches as official continuity or cannon as it where. I just chalked it up to the shows early growing pains. I guess it could be retconned into continuity, but you can only take those things so far (and I say this not only as a Trek fan, but an avid comics fan where continuity to sacrosanct. I mean, 1966 on compared to 1939 on).

I mean, hell one episode Kirk was in the transporter room in the wraparound uni went into the turbo lift and walked onto the bridge wearing the classic duty uniform. How do you reconcile that? Or in “The Enemy Within.” The “imposter” Kirk’s uniform insignia appears and disappears a couple of times.

What I’m saying is, being a fan is all good, but some things can be taken with a grain of salt.

With that said, if Abrams and Co. f–ks this up, I’ll burn the theatre to the ground. :)

180. Capt Mike from the Terran Empire - October 17, 2008

#150. Preator was first used in Tos Ballence of terror.So J.J on that is keeping with cannon. The shots look great and I love we are finaly getting to see some stills and with the trailer coming out this is just fantastic. KHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

181. Ran - October 17, 2008

Shuttle’s reflection looks like an ocean waves (bottom) with some tall funky buildings.


182. Alec - October 17, 2008

176. AJ – October 17, 2008
‘The EW article seems to dumb down latter day Trek in order to make Paramount/JJ’s case that it needs a re-boot’.

So, you’re arguing that, JJ thinks that Star Trek needs a re-boot because it is, or has been, dumbed-down. That makes no sense. Much more likely, and worringly so for any Trekkie, is that, in order to make his re-boot as sucsessful as he wants it to be, JJ has dumbed-down Star Trek for his re-boot. Is a dumbed-down ‘Star Trek’ Star Trek? JJ wants Star Trek to appeal to the masses. Star Trek has never appealed to the masses (like LOTR, Star Wars, etc). Therefore, either the audience has changed or JJ intends to (significantly) change Star Trek. Oh dear.

183. Cannon Man - October 17, 2008

I thought it was said that the Romulans wouldn’t have the TNG ridges…well it looks like Nero has got them on that pic (and the one b4 too)

Oh well makes sense since hes from the post TNG era

184. Kirk's Girdle - October 17, 2008

Spock’s coloring is very disturbing, both on the EW cover and in the promo shot. He looks like a Lancome model. The shot of Kirk and McCoy was described way back after those academy shots were posted. In that scene, McCoy is told to report to Enterprise, but supposedly Kirk goes to a different ship.

The EW story says that Nero is after somebody on the Kelvin. I’m assuming it’s daddy George. Did anyone notice that it looks like the Kelvin is being hit by physical missiles (or torpedoes) shaped like little Tholians?

185. Kirk's Girdle - October 17, 2008

Pine’s got a good thick head of hair. No wigs for that boy.

186. Driver - October 17, 2008

I see some acting happening there!

187. biodredd - October 17, 2008

I find it rather strange that all of EW photo credits are to ILM and not Paramount Pictures.

188. Cannon Man - October 17, 2008

185 –


Im sure The Shat was cruising around with a thickety thick head of hair in the 1950s…yet by the 60s it was time to break out the piece..

189. Cannon Man - October 17, 2008


ILM doing photostop?

190. Kobayashi_Maru - October 17, 2008

Man I am PUMPED about this movie. I think they’ll do it right..I think they’ll do it with respect to the original and I think it’ll be FANTASTIC…come on TREK!

191. AJ - October 17, 2008


What I was saying is that EW said “Trek turned to crap, and it was so bad the ENT only had 2m viewers when it was canceled.” What EW didn’t say was that Trek had turned a creative corner in ENT season 4. So, in EW’s world, JJ is rescuing Trek from a low-point in its run by going back to the beginning for a reboot.

What you suggest is actually more alarming: That JJ will dumb it down as a way to get to the least common denominator.

I am optimistic that he knows what he’s doing. He’s got heart-throbs on the Bridge, and they happen to all be good actors with deep resumes. He’s got $150m to spend, so we’ll have lots of ‘splosions and action. He’s also got a committee that respects Trek immensely. Add Nimoy, who cannot be “dumbed down,” and we most likely have a potentially great film.

192. DOUG - October 17, 2008

We have yet to see the fully digital character JJ has included. It’s a digital version of that long eared rabbit from Shore Leave…he’ll act as “OLD Spock’s” advisor. He’s say things like “Meesa thinkee you should savee little Kirkie”

Spoiler Alert: It’s also my understanding that Spock goes back in time to save Kirk because of his high “Fedichlorian” count.

We’ll see Kirk’s secret wedding to Carol Marcus on the ice planet and we’ll get awesome dialogue like this: “I don’t like ice. It’s sharp and cold and irritating and when it melts it gets everywhere. Not like Enterprise where everything is shiny and blue.”

193. AJ - October 17, 2008

179/John Lewis, Jr.

“I say this not only as a Trek fan, but an avid comics fan where continuity to sacrosanct…”

Have to disagree with you there. If Peter Parker was in high school in 1963, how old is he now? 61?

I actually agree with you, but, but not allowing super-heroes to age is that constant canonical gaffe which is consistently allowed and overlooked by fans.

194. Jason P Hunt - Kansas City Filmmaker - October 17, 2008

It’s interesting to read the theories about how JJ & Co will reconcile the timeline pertaining to everyone’s age and time spent in Starfleet.

My two cents:

It does look like the Enterprise reflected in the window. That, combined with the red uniforms, makes me wonder if perhaps they were attending a graduation ceremony at the Academy (not theirs, of course) and they’re returning (or first arriving) to the E to commence the mission with new crew. Those could be dress uniforms.

According to novel continuity, McCoy joined Starfleet after his divorce, and Kirk was already in Starfleet by then. In the book “Crisis on Centaurus”, Kirk and McCoy met after Kirk’s injuries on USS Farragut. McCoy supervised Kirk’s rehab.

I agree, Urban does look a lot like Gary Lockwood in that shot. I’m curious about how JJ & Co are going to handle the Gary Mitchell question.

I imagine the Nimoy photos won’t be coming until November, when the trailer hits. Sort of a double whammy. Ditto for any images of the Enterprise exterior.

It’s pointless and illogical to posit theories about the timeline and sequence of events based on a smattering of un-connected photos. But it’s fun to read.

ANTHONY: Have any of your sources mentioned what might be happening with the old startrek.com site? It’s still just sitting there. If Paramount and CBS are making a concerted effort to prop “Trek” up in as many ways as they can, wouldn’t they restart this site?

195. ВЯЧЕСЛАВ - October 17, 2008

Уважаемый T’Chert, большое спасибо! Я очень люблю “Стар Трек”, но, увы, у меня плохой английский. А так мне приятно. Больше всех мне нравится нынешний Боунс, Спок, ну и Кирк. Мне кажется выбор удачный.

196. cagsean - October 17, 2008

I know what’s missing from the new bridge photo. The lighting scheme..

The original bridge, including movie versions had a dramatic and intimate feel to them. Often times setting the mood for the action or story at that point.

Especially the first season of TOS, lots of shadows and depth.

The new design feels too bright and clean, and fluorescent. Of course that is just one photo. It may in fact have that capability through out the film.

Looks to be an exciting final product though and will gladly see it in May.

197. Beck - October 17, 2008

“This movie it seems is going to be brainless…. like so many re-hashes of old good stuff, they take them and make them stupid.”

So people keep saying, even though no one has actually SEEN this movie yet and as such they have no hard evidence upon which to judge it. I, for one, am optimistic and will be one of the first to see the film when it’s released. And even if it does suck – big deal, I can still enjoy my TOS dvd’s.

As for the pictures – the first two look like publicity photos, so I expect them to be Photoshopped to heck. But the others make me very happy indeed… and I can’t wait to see an official photo of Nimoy as Spock!

198. sean - October 17, 2008

Am I the only one that sees Nero DOES have a ridge, just a less pronounced one?

199. James - October 17, 2008

I quite like Spock’s look – it makes him look alien and somehow slightly removed from reality. Spock’s character has always been defined (for me, anyway) by the fact that he doesn’t quite fit in – he’s too human to fit in with pure vulcans, and too vulcan to fit in with pure humans. It looks like he’s been ‘greened up’ as well to account for ye olde copper-based blood.

I agree about the Nero name comment – duh, the Roman-Romulan connection is quite well documented, since… ooooh… ‘Balance of Terror’?! Perfectly reasonable to have a Romulan called Nero. Especially when he looks so cool!

The photos are raising a couple of questions about canonicity (I keep using that word without actually knowing whether it’s a word or not), but to be honest, I’m not massively worried. Anyone on here ever read some of Bob Orci’s posts?

Let me put it bluntly – I consider myself a diehard. What I don’t know about Trek is vastly outweighed by what I do know. Bob Orci puts me to shame. He knows Trek inside out and back to front, and he worships it. I can’t imagine that he would produce something obviously non-canon.

And what we should all remember is that we speak of canon, but there is no ‘definitive’ Trek canon – a lot of it is concrete, but some of it is uncertain, unscientific, contradictory or downright erroneous. That’s what real history is like, too! JJ & Co. aren’t necessarily rebooting, or rewriting (or any other ‘re’ word you care to think of) it, but just adding to it.

200. Ralph F - October 17, 2008

Pine will *be* Kirk when he wipes the first small trickle of blood from his mouth, looks at it, and then smiles.

201. Tin_Man - October 17, 2008

YAY let’s just spit in the face of 40 years of Trek!

Not seeing it

Not renting it.

Might download it but no more of my money is going to the ST franchise at least not to ST products like this.

I’ve been a ST fan since 1983, but oh well.

202. Bruce Anderson - October 17, 2008


203. Spocko - October 17, 2008

That pic of Pine looking boldly up doesn’t look like Kirk; it looks like a young William Shatner! I have no doubt now that Kirk and Spock have definitely returned.

204. AJ - October 17, 2008



K sozhaleniyu, U menya nyet russkoi klaviaturoi. Ya Amerikanyets, i 8 let uchil’sya Russkomu, i potom zhil bol’she 10 let v Rossii (v Moskve i v Volgogradye)).

Ya ochen’ rad, shto, nakonyets-to, Rossiyanye znayut shto-takoi “CTAR TPEK” ;-). Udachi!

205. CaptainRickover - October 17, 2008

a very good question. I’ve already asked that in other threads on this side and never get an answer. Perhaps there is none. In reality it would be like a battle between Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory against USS Iowa BB-61 (or BB-4, but that’s not so important, because either Iowa would win within one slavo!).

But I guess the good old E will get many bad hits, until – at the very end of the battle – Spock will found the enemy’s weak spot and Kirk orders: »Fire!«. Then, the Romulan Warbird will blown up with three or four photon torpedo shots. I don’t know, how that should be possible, but at last, it’s just a movie. Another possibility could be: Old Spock calling for help, while the big E holds out against Nero. Then the Enterprise E under the command of Captain Worf (that would be real surprise, or?) shows up and blast Nero’s ship into pieces. Then Captain Worf sais to Kirk & Co: »You’re not alowed to speak of this events, not even mention it. This was a pirate-incident, you never have seen any Romulan or any ship from the future.«
Another possibility: Kirk (or better Spock) will seduce a female member of Nero’s band and she give out the secrets of his ship – and bingo! The far less advanced Enterprise will win over the newest romulan high-tech procuct of the 25th century.

I don’t see a solution there, but the truth the new movie will tell.

206. AJ - October 17, 2008

201: Tin_Man:

Really? 25 years, and this is the final straw? 11 photos?

Take my advice. If you were able to live through Star Trek V, this should be a walk in the park. Give it a chance.

207. ByGeorge - October 17, 2008

Nero looks too TNG instead of TOS. I hated the stupid looks of TNG aliens. Look like their fake ears and foreheads are going to fall off if they move too quickly. Perhaps part of the reason we never saw much physical fighting in TNG. Nero looked better on the posters released a few months ago. Hope his bizarre prosthetic looks aren’t a turn off for new fans.

208. John from Cincinnati - October 17, 2008

The cast looks great!

Although I think John Cho looks a little too old to be playing Sulu

209. Joe Schmoe - October 17, 2008

If Karl Urban can pull off that thing DeForest Kelley did with opening his one eye a little bigger when pondering something, that would be SO COOL!

Anybody else ever notice that?

I always thought D Kelly was at his best acting-wise when he was thinking about something. He just had a certain natural way about him, as though a single split second of facial expression told us what takes other actors hundreds of words to express.

210. EnsignJulka - October 17, 2008

I like these pictures, everything looks cool. I’m totally looking forward to seeing it in the cinema. Yes it’s inevitable I’ll be comparing it to the old series and films, but I think from what I see here I’m going to enjoy it and I will except it for what it is which is a kind of a rebooted, revamped, prequel thingy…

211. POESRAVEN - October 17, 2008

Although I am excited and the photo’s look good. I do hope that the concept of Star Fleet being a military or at least para military organizaiton isn’t completely lost. Star Ships would not be manned based on getting a bunch of “friends.” together. Although Kirk, McCoy and Spock became friends and had great respect for each other as well as their fellow senior officers I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a Charlie Brown like bunch who get unrealistically all assigned to the same ship. Even the original series indicated a change in crew and canon shows that Spock served first along with Pike, Kirk took command and Dr McCoy obviously came onboard later.

Otherwise even I, an Origianl Series original watcher is excited about the new take.

212. richpit - October 17, 2008

I didn’t read all the posts…but…

I think a lot of this “canon” talk that people are spewing is their personal interpretation of canon and not real canon. Over the many, many years, folks have heard, read or extrapolated what they believe to be true. In reality, I believe very little has been said over the years about the crew’s academy time and the time between then and Kirk’s first 5-year mission.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

213. ArtRob - October 17, 2008

Interesting. Saw this over on io9.com:
UGO cornered Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and they dropped some new deets. The new film will fill in a lot of stuff about how Spock’s human mother hooked up with his Vulcan father. Not only does Spock come from two worlds, but his parents are “torn between two worlds,” and you see the pain that causes their two families.

Here’s how Orci sees the Romulans, the film’s villains:
We’d wanna link this to, the origin of the Romulans being that kind of imperialist crowd, kind of Greco-Roman based. Not nearly as logical as their cousins the Vulcans. Kind of the passionate Roman republican. And all the trappings of that. And in a way I think it mirrors the way the United States sees itself. Us being based in the western philosophies, as they say.
And once again, the writers say they consider the Trek novels canon, particularly for details about the main characters. This time, they name a couple of faves: Spock’s World by Diane Duane, and Best Destiny by Diane Carey. [UGO]

214. Kroll - October 17, 2008

These photos have defo been worth the wait, lets hope the film is. I’m sure it will be.

215. John Lewis, Jr. - October 17, 2008


Good point there. That’s a big difference between comics and Trek and even Star Wars. I mean, Spidey would be 10 years younger than John McCain right now. But us comics fans still want all those stories to have happened—to mean something while ignoring the inherent impossibility of the time problem.

Anyway, I love the new uniforms, That was one of my biggest concerns. I wasn’t digging the texture at first, but realized it made them look more like military uniforms and less like sweatshirts. I love the metal insignias. Here’s hoping each ship has its own unique symbol. Second was the captain’s chair. I thought they were going to go all TNG on us. This is great. It retains the look of the original, with a modern update. Third was the bridge. I’m reserving judgment. I don’t hate what I see, but I can understand while some do. Still, it’s an awkward angle and incomplete at that. I get the feeling when we see the whole thing we’ll all be pleasantly surprise.

216. Tin_Man - October 17, 2008

Oh yeah this is a fanboy site where everything is always good great and better!
No room for real critism here. Let’s all just blindly throw our money at this train wreck of a movie.

if you aren’t with us your not a Star Trek fan! Is that how this goes.

Then later when it tanks we can all claim “oh we knew it was going to suck from the start.”

ST 5 may have been a bad movie but at least it wasn’t a re-boot.

217. Shatners Bile Duct - October 17, 2008

#216. If you dont like it LEAVE then go back to your trolling on some yahoo forum then..

218. AJ - October 17, 2008


Whether or not the Trek XI writers considers some books as canon is irrelevant. “You can’t get a permit to do a damn illegal thing!”

If they incorporate elements of these great novels into the film, it will obviously add depth to our favorite characters. The “torn between two worlds” aspect is especially interesting as we know Spock was heavily conflicted, and eventually turned his back on Sarek for a future on Earth.

Was that because of his mother, or because of his curiosity? Or was he just a rebel with a jones to leave home? When he finally returned to Vulcan (TMP), he realized that the two worlds should not be a source of inner conflict, but in fact a source of inner strength. A child of diversity shouldn’t shun one half for the other, but use both to enter into a greater world.

Let’s see how well JJ&Co deliver this message!

219. R0gueD3m3nt0r - October 17, 2008

dude #216, what if we really DO think its gonna be a great movie? we’re not all blind you know.

but i do agree, if you have negative opinions, go ahead and voice them – thanks for being honest and voicing yours

and please, criticize the movie if you have to, but not our fandom as star trek fans. i would never question your love of star trek, please don’t question mine (or egg on people who will.

220. Nostromo - October 17, 2008

I’m feeling generally positive about all the pics. I don’t think the “plastic” Spock ones have been photoshopped, I think they’ve just done their best to give him green-yellow skin and hide the stubble – it’s simply more obvious in the promo pics than in the movie stills. He does look a bit like Data in the promos, but fine elsewhere. No big deal.

I find it bizarre that some are saying the bridge looks “Star Wars”. It looks nothing like about 99% of Star Wars, which is most defined by a grungy or hard militaristic look in the main – when you have to invoke one location out of six movies to claim that it’s like Star Wars, you’re stretching a point.

I find it a bit depressing that any vague similarity between Nero’s look and Shinzon’ look is assumed to be worrying. Exactly how much negativity can you read into the visual appearance of two entirely different actors in entirely different films made by entirely different people six years apart? As for his name being implausiblly human, his entire race is named from human mythology… let’s chalk it up to translation.

I also find it faintly depressing that some people are unwilling to stretch their perception of OFFSCREEN Trek history to accommodate different possibilities about how things happened. Sure McCoy is older than Kirk but we have no idea whether they trained at the Academy together at the same time, so why shouldn’t they? If it makes for a better story, the film-makers should be granted every last bit of latitude they can – as long as they stay true to the spirit and the characters and don’t contradict major facts without good explanation.

(I find it interesting to use Babylon 5 as an analogy here – its final episode had an epilogue implying that the whole series was a Future TV reconstruction of real events – meaning you can instantly explain any inconsistencies or changes of actors. Maybe this Trek film and TOS are just different depictions of the same future history – which of course they are!)

There are already glaring inconsistencies. I fail to see how a redesign of the Bridge is any more inconsistent than a change in Klingon foreheads, which (until Enterprise at least) had no in-canon explanation – I believe it was said by Roddenberry that the Klingons simply always looked that way and we never noticed. Same here.

(That said, I’m still not sold on the new design from a purely aesthetic standpoint, and I’d personally have preferred more adherence to the original design with refinements – but it won’t stop me enjoying the movie.)

Ironically I feel a bit overdosed on new info now. There’s months until the film, so hopefully they’ll hang on to further revelations for a little while.

221. R0gueD3m3nt0r - October 17, 2008

on another note, i always questioned their choice of urban for the film. i saw lotr and doom and thought he looked nothing like the part

but i must admit i do see a lot of the ol doc in his eyes in pic #3. guess it could work :)

222. DATA KILLED SPOT! - October 17, 2008

I can’t wait to make a Kirk/Spock slasher from this movie, and upload it to youtube:D Pine is gorgeous!

And does anyone know what the hell happened to the Guardian of forever? That was an ingenious way to incorporate time travel into the Trek Universe. In fact, Kirk should have used the Guardian to travel back in time, in The Voyage Home to bring back the whales. Hell, the Guardian of Forever should have been considered the most important discovery of all time!!! Why haven’t we seen the Guardian since then?

223. BND - October 17, 2008

Arrrrrr! So many posts! How can anyone keep it up?

Tha’ Padre way up yonder mentioned how Urban lookee like Gary Mitchell… I wuz thinkin’ how Nero lookee like Nosferatu… and I think instead of classicaly Roman named Nero he should be called “Teddy”… strikes fear in me heart…

Someone suggested tha’ actors wear coloured eye contacts ta’ match tha’ original actors iris tones… in which case how’s aboot givin’ Pine a Mike Meyers’ Halloween mask? Oh, I know- BND, behave!!!! And who knew that Austin Powers didda not like Jamie Lee Curtis?

Other than that I can say tha’ images look wonderful…

Starry Trek be aboot a bridge to a bright, shiny future, eh? So turn up tha’ lights on tha’ ship all ye’ wanna. Maybe have a red-alert disco ball drop which would be less distractin’…

People can be frightened o’ change… so chuck fear oot tha’ window and enjoy a new set o’ Trek… even if some o’ tha’ ships may have a singular uni-boob nacelle… and even if tha’ communicator’s canna fry chicken like me new fancy cellular phone can do…

It’ll be a fun ride… and pretty based on tha’ 11 pics so farrrrr…. trust me…


224. HMS Enterprise - October 17, 2008

216 Tin_Man:

“Oh yeah this is a fanboy site where everything is always good great and better! No room for real critism here. Let’s all just blindly throw our money at this train wreck of a movie. If you aren’t with us your not a Star Trek fan! Is that how this goes.”

Utter tosh.

225. Bobo - October 17, 2008

Isn’t Bones supposed to be much older than the rest of the crew, and Isn’t Karl Urban, in fact, much older than the rest of the cast? Why then, is he in academy garb along side Kirk, if they are class mates that will be seriously lame.

226. Michael Foote - October 17, 2008

Karl Urban looks more like Walter Koenig in that shot than DeForest Kelly

227. JWM - October 17, 2008

@144: “Why would an Alien have the name of an ancient roman?”

And why would their planets be named Romulus and Remus? That’s just…oh, right. Metaphor.

228. John Lewis, Jr. - October 17, 2008

#222 said

“And does anyone know what the hell happened to the Guardian of forever? That was an ingenious way to incorporate time travel into the Trek Universe. In fact, Kirk should have used the Guardian to travel back in time, in The Voyage Home to bring back the whales. Hell, the Guardian of Forever should have been considered the most important discovery of all time!!! Why haven’t we seen the Guardian since then?”

Harlan Ellison threatened litigation.

“Harlan Ellison today reacted with outrage to rumors suggesting the new Star Trek film will make use of elements created by Ellison in his classic TOS episode ‘The City On The Edge Of Forever.'”

“‘Would someone go to that site,’ Ellison wrote on his official message board, referring to the IESB, which printed the original rumors, ‘and suggest to those people there, that “‘City” and all its elements except specific Star Trek characters, belong to Harlan Ellison — author of that much-lauded episode — by terms of the Separation of Rights clause of the Writers Guild’s Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA), and if Mr. Abrams — with whom I’m currently on strike — or anyone else, at Paramount or elsewhere, thinks they’re going to use my creations — whether the City, the Guardians, Sister Edith Keeler, or any other elements created by Harlan Ellison… they had damned well better lose the unilateral arrogance, get in touch with me, or my agent, Marty Shapiro, and be prepared to pay for the privilege of mining the lode I own.'”


229. AJ - October 17, 2008

216: Tin_Man,

No. Star Trek V was not a reboot. TMP was, and so were TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT.

And, yes, this is a hardcore fanboy site, and if you read the posts, they are a mix of praise and concern. Some have even come out of euphoria to scrutinize some aspects of the pics.

But it’s 11 bloody photos, mate. If you have criticism, please post it, but don’t insult us or the site, which does a great job considering the nature of the subject matter and the fan base.

230. Capt. Fred - October 17, 2008



231. Guiseppi@StarTrekLives - October 17, 2008

I know my comment will get lost in the shuffle…..

But aren’t we supposed to see uniforms more like what we saw in ‘The Cage’ and ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’.

Now don’t get me wrong the uniforms look cool, but it just doesn’t feel quite right.

Of course having said that, I have no way of knowing what the time frame is or if the above mentioned uniforms will be seen in the movie….

232. JWM - October 17, 2008

@ the whiners, this one in particular: “The new bridge is in no detail faithfull to the original.”

I’m sorry, was retrofitting never done before the time period of TMP? Is it possible that the Enterprise is not yet complete? Is it possible that the Klingons had no head ridges until they had a makeup budget for TMP? Is it possible that leisure suits fell out of fashion well before the 23rd Century (*cough*Bones*cough*)?

Everyone needs to take a pill and just enjoy the movie for what it is. Why not allow a team of talented and creative people the opportunity to make changes within a framework? TMP was not a design slave to TOS. TWOK wasn’t even a design slave to *TMP*! What about the uniform changes there? What about the Klingon language changing between films?

What about…what about…and on and on. If you’re going to judge the movie now as bad because it doesn’t look like the cardboard sets and wooden captain’s chair…just don’t go. Just…don’t…go. None of us will miss you in the theatre. Those of us with perspective and rationality are willing to give the movie a chance based on its story.

233. Scotty74 - October 17, 2008

If the reflection in the window is not the Enterprise I will shocked.

JJ loves hiding stuff to be discovered.

Looks to me like they are over the top of the ship at the front looking back.

the saucer is reflected on McCoy, The right nacelle is reflected on Kirk’s head.

You are seeing a glimpse of the 1701!

234. tog - October 17, 2008

Zach tell’em you’ll shave closer if they stop with the photoshop appearance pics…

235. ShawnP - October 17, 2008


236. Jorg Sacul - October 17, 2008

Well, here’s to the fans NEVER being able to home-make those uniforms… man, I thought the Galactica flight suit uniform material was nigh-impossible to find, but this custom fabric stuff on the Enterprise crew is just nutz!

I’m looking forward to this presentation of Star Trek. I’m going to have to see the premier twice, just to catch the story on top of all the eye candy!

237. Spock's Brain - October 17, 2008

#25. Can’t Wait for Labor Day: “McCoy just decided to join Starfleet at an older age after his divorce.” Yep. It likely was after he completed his medical training. Makes total sense to me.

238. Scott - October 17, 2008

Wow the guy from new voyages looks more like Sulu then this guy.

239. Tin_Man - October 17, 2008

Sorry after reading a few of the happy glowing reviews of the pics I smelt the sweet scent of studio trolls.

Who go around thses sites and post nothing but good reviews trying to generate fake positive buzz.

ST TMP TNG DS9 and VOY are not re-boots of the franchise.

They are continuations

difference being they continue the story

where as a reboot

starts over and disregards / re-writes some or all that has come before.

This is a re-boot, and I’m not spending my money on something that is disregarding / re-writing Trek history.

if it was a season 4 or 5 fill in the blanks movie for TOS, then sure I’d give it more of a chance.

240. Craig - October 17, 2008

This does look bad, it’s a real shame they are spending stupid money on it, I really doubt we’ll see star trek arround for along time after this fiasco

241. ByGeorge - October 17, 2008

Is that Nero or Uncle Fester?

242. Craig - October 17, 2008

Personally I think what CBS need to do is a series of feature length specials like the stargate ones set in the real star trek universe

243. BND - October 17, 2008

Dear Parry-mount,

If I remain positive that I will enjoy this upcomin’ film and try ta’ spread good cheer aboot what’s just a bloody movie fur fun anyways, can ye’ send me a couple o’ bucks?


Dear Sir or Madam,

Since you already have been public and positive towards the new Star Trek production, we do not see any reason to compensate you. We already have the milk… if you follow me.

Some Gent at Paramount


Dear Parry-mount,

I guess I think it’s just gunna be a fun movie based from familar things I have seen and thus appreciated. However, I will run screamin’ naked thru’ tha’ streets iffi ye’ make tha’ characters act silly… like Spock waxin’ his ears in one scene. Or Scotty peein’ in tha’ warpcore. Actually, think I’ll just run naked thru tha’ streets now fur tha’ joy o’ it.



Dear BND,

If you wouldn’t mind, please paint the words “Star Trek- in theatres 05/08/09″ on your back before you run. If you are a woman, please paint them on your front.

Much appreciated,
Some Gent at Paramount

244. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - October 17, 2008

OK you bunch of weaklings….

You have all been waiting for your Lord to finally weigh in on these flood of images anfter months of rehashing the same Simon Pegg quotes 3 times a week.


Love everything but there are two and only two items that give me pause

1. Nero – Max Schreck- Nosferatu

– yes it’s only one or two pictures but I do not like the look at all. You Next Genies almost killed the concept of Romulans first with the dumb mongloid forhead ridges and then with the whole ridiculous Goth thing in the worst ever film to bear the Trek name. These photos remind me of Goth Schinzon Romulans and even an inkling of that steaming pile is not in any way a good thing. May be jumping the gun, may be nitpicking, may work perfectly. Only an initial observation

2. Bridge- Apple store doesn’t bother me. Looks beautiful and I see the elements of the original but that oddly scandanavian looking console with the wierd desk lamps behind Bones weirds me out. It it wasn’t there and only the hot chick was there holding a clipboard it would be perfect. Again Nitpicking but again an itial observation

Overall very very very happy, really only the whole goth Romulan thing gives me concern as to the quality of the story

245. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

Garth, Why the opposition to Nero’s appearance? As if the let down of seeing Romulans in TNG with giant quilted shoulder pads and plastic foreheads wasn’t a particularly cheap kind of heresy? Romulans are emotional and passionate, like Humans, so they should be prone to fashion, brooding emo behavior and sitting around in dark rooms dreaming of new tattoos.

But overall, I agree. The level of weakling crybaby nitpicking is a bit demoralizing. This movie is going to kick ass, even if and because it won’t be exactly as I would have done it.

246. Kevin - October 17, 2008

To Tin_Man:

If you’re going to visit a site that is dedicated to providing news about the movie, and then take your time to comment on it (more than once), I’ll bet that you will see the movie.

247. Trek Nerd Central - October 17, 2008

#191. AJ, I share your optimism. Very nicely articulated posts.

248. I'm dead Jim - October 17, 2008

I laughed my ass off at these last three posts.

BND, hilarious as always. Run naked and run often!

Garth, Not worried about Romulans but agree about having the hot chick on the bridge with just a clipboard.

Tuber, agree on Romulans, especially brooding and dreaming of new tattoos.

Great relief after all the naysayers.

249. JWW - October 17, 2008

the cast looks good, as an old school TOS trekker, i’m okay with the new players and the reimagined uniforms, for the men, at least.

i still prefer the low-cut mini skirts from the glory days of the 2260’s

(trek fans are comfortable being nostalgic about the future’s past…)

i also do appreciate the facial features that differentiate romulans from vulcans, established in TNG… but recognise that a romulan featured in ST:V looked more like t’pring than any romulans on TNG.

at least there was a pretty creative reason for klingons with human features during kirks era…

will klingons make an appearance in this picture?

will they be unaltered or eugenically enhanced?

250. Orb of the Emissary - October 17, 2008

#239- Oooh! I like the idea of a movie that fills in the gap between season 3 and TMP! Good thought! :-)

251. JTK1999 - October 17, 2008

I agree that Nero looks a lot like Shinzon.

252. BND - October 17, 2008

248 Thanke’… and always glad ta’ hear a note o’ positivity from a gent named “I’m dead, Jim”…

Oh, I kidz cuz I loves…

And Garth saw what I noted aboot Nosferatu… however I kindsa like it…

Now then, can anyone help me wit’ some bail money?….


253. COMPASSIONATE GOD - October 17, 2008

Re: 14. Father Robert Lyons – October 16, 2008
“Urban, in Red, looks an awful lot like Lockwood as Mitchell in that picture. The look on his face just screams Gary!”

I thought so, too! Urban should hav been cast as Mitchell!!! ;)

254. Orb of the Emissary - October 17, 2008

#242- I agree! That’s what I’ve been saying all along! Star Trek might do good with a few straight-to-DVD movies, a la Stargate SG-1.

255. David S - October 17, 2008

I’ll bet that was the first time Quinto has been without razor stubble since birth ….lol

256. Spock me! - October 17, 2008

Does bana have ridges or not?

257. Donn - October 17, 2008

220. Nostromo has an excellent post that very much reflects my feelings. I recommend going up and reading it if you haven’t.

That publicity shot of Spock does look kind of photoshopped, but so does Kirk–they’re for the cover shoot, I would kind of expect them to be retouched and stylized, to grab attention on the newsstand.

People keep saying reboot. I don’t see it as a reboot, and the writers and directory don’t say it is, either. Was ENT a reboot? It had more modern uniforms, equipment, and ship design than TOS. The Zephram Cochrane we saw in “Broken Bow” looked nothing like the one in “Metamorphosis.”

I think, if you are at all interested in giving this film a chance, you have to allow for two things. 1) That the capabilities of TV and filmmakers have changed over the last 40 years, and even though things look snazzier or more plausibly futuristic in a show supposedly set before the others, it’s okay; who’s to say TOS, if it was first made today, wouldn’t have looked like this? 2) Sometimes it’s okay to say, sure, we thought we had an idea of how things went down with these characters, but what if it happened THIS way instead? If it makes a good story, and has the spirit of Star Trek, what’s wrong with that? Even individual series (take your pick, TOS, TNG, etc.) were irreconcilably inconsistent at times. UESPA, Starfleet, which is it? Oops, Data used a contraction! Why was O’Brien’s rank all over the map? It’s amazing that Star Trek is as consistent as it is, and I’m glad, but in the end, it’s the story that matters.

Similar to the Klingon makeup, I always even imagined that the TOS Enterprise was really meant to look more like the movie Enterprise, and the “refit” didn’t change all that much.

If the powers-that-be were completely dorking over the characters, putting their own spin on them like making Chekov some hot Russian woman (see Starbuck) or changing the Enterprise to be a fighter carrier, so that Sulu could be a hotshot fighter pilot, or just otherwise changing the nature of the story, I would be very worried, and I wouldn’t even bother to check out the news and the pictures. But from all indications the creators of this flick are earnestly trying to stick to the tradition of who the characters are, the setting of Star Trek, and really what the story is about, while at the same time updating it visually for a 21st century audience. Nobody is ruining anybody’s childhood here. I am enthusiastic about this movie, and at the very least I think it’s worth a Star Trek, self identified as Trekker or otherwise, giving it a chance.

258. Kobayashi_Maru - October 17, 2008

Those uniforms are fuhking awesome. I love the DRY-FIT look. Going back to the 60’s garb completely would be a bad move.

This movie is going to Kick ARSE!!!!

“IF you ain’t cheatin’…you ain’t playing!”

259. Tin_Man - October 17, 2008

To 246. Kevin – October 17, 2008

No I am not going to goout and see it just because I took the time to complain about it. As I said the most I will do is download it for free. But Paramount isn’t getting any money out fo me for this insult.

260. JWW - October 17, 2008

anyone notice that pattern on the duty uniform overshirt is the 1701 arrowhead?

that seems kinda cutesy…

i do still have a problem with the bridge, upon closer examination, i see there are perimeter railings, like the TOS set. there doesnt seem to be a sunken command deck, for the cap, nav and helm stations, a cool feature of the TOS set.

the duty stations around the perimeter seem to resemble the ergonomic angles of the TOS set, too…

its awfully damn bright, how can anyone concentrate on their station interfaces?

what is with the freestanding plexiglass dividers? the ones with the cliched “etched printed circuits” that were sci-fi schlock 20 years ago?

they look like they’d be in the way, seeing as how the cosmetics counter is also blocking the way to the elevator doors…. with all the light, you’d think her counter would have no need for those gooseneck lights (a kind of homage to the pike era bridge, i suppose…)

ah, for the days of official starfleet cleavage…. the female duty uniforms might as well feature turtle neck collars.

261. boborci - October 17, 2008

anything new?

262. JWW - October 17, 2008


the nx-01 was far from being more modern than the 1701 by a long shot, their phase pistols were not comparable to 23rd century phasers… the nx-01 uniform, more modern than TOS?

not hardly, the nasa jumpsuits of the nx-01 couldnt compare to the futuristic, vulcan fashion-inspired cut of the 23rd century fleet uniform at all..

that was the big problem for many trek fans with ENT. they mistook everything for being more advanced than TOS tech, and nothing could be farther from the truth.

cochrane in TOS was him transformed to his youthful appearance, the zef from TNG and ENT was him, aged naturally… when the companion found him, she restored him.

ENT = no reboot.

this however, revises a few well established assumptions.

unique mission patches, for example. only the 1701 had the now famous arrowhead. i have a feeling this movie will use that as the starfleet logo… which in kirks time, was a groovy, futuristic boomerang, before it was replaced with the arrowhead.

263. BND - October 17, 2008

everythin’ old is new again…

No one noticed tha’ bridge railings look red? I believe, long ago, we had railing raves aboot…

Again, I kidz cuz I loves…

and tha’ human mind can rationalize anythin’…

Looks good based on tha’ 11 shots of a two-hour picture…

Tha’ true test is how I’ll enjoy tha’ film after me date blackens me eyes and they swell shut so all I can do is listen ta’ tha’ action on-screen… Oh, look, just cuz I don’t believe in wearin’ pants once yer seated dunna mean I am tryin’ ta’ get fresh… like ta’ be comfy fur a film, I do…


264. Bryan - October 17, 2008

The new shot of Nero is a vast improvement. The first couple of stills were reminiscent of Shinzon; this one gives the impression that Nero could beat the stuffing out of Shinzon.

265. Jason P Hunt - Kansas City Filmmaker - October 17, 2008

257: The Zephram Cochrane we saw in “Broken Bow” looked nothing like the one in “Metamorphosis.”

Nitpicky factoid: In “Metamorphosis”, Cochrane tells Kirk the Companion rejuvenated him to a younger age. When he arrived on the planet, he was old and dying. This easily accomodates the change in actors, as James Cromwell was older than Glenn Corbett. We even get hints of the disgust he would later feel, in his reaction to “the statue”. Sometime after the launch of NX-01, he had to have had enough and left.

The fact that the delta is in the fabric of the uniforms makes me suspect that the individual ship insignia are a thing of the past…

266. Blowback - October 17, 2008

Looks like boborci is lurking….

Hey, seeing any reactions you didn’t expect?

267. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

Someone along the way, Damon? said that everything on that bridge will have a purpose. I hope that’s true, but the printed circuits on the divider glass looks like mere decoration.

BTW, someone mentioned Max Schreck above… an astute observation about Nero. Max, who played Nosferatu, is one of the few actors with a Kevin Bacon number of 5 at the Oracle of Bacon. Had to mention that.

268. boborci - October 17, 2008



269. Blowback - October 17, 2008

#257 Donn

Well said, you put into words what I could not…

270. Denise de Arman - October 17, 2008

MR BOB!! Great big chaste kisses on the cheek and one quatloo per pic – I believe that was the deal we made when discussing giving some info to the fanboys…

271. Jay - October 17, 2008

Tin man…. you keep saying this sucks and that they are “rewriting or changing star trek” but you have yet to give one reason why you think that.

Just poping up and saying “it’s horrible …. it’s ruining star trek…. it sucks…. i’m not seeing it” without giving one single reasoning for those statements just smacks of a bitter person with no life

272. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

I get the distinct impression that most here have not read the UGO interview with KO. If you haven’t read it, STFU and read it.

273. boborci - October 17, 2008


And you didn’t even have to wait ’till X-mas morn!

274. HeIsLegend - October 17, 2008

Mr. Orci,
I would like to thank you and the whole trek team for giving us fans another chance to watch these characters in action again. Everything that I’ve read sounds like you all are doing an excellent job, and all the pictures look amazing!!! I couldn’t be more impressed!

275. The Underpants Monster - October 17, 2008

Hooray for pointy sideburns!!!

276. Scott - October 17, 2008

I know you’ve all been waiting for my reaction to the slew of new movie pix. :-) I had to ruminate for a couple of days.

– The actors look good enough in their roles. As good as anyone could realistically hope for. I’m nodding in benign blessing at the actors.

– Uniforms: can’t help but roll my eyes about the patterning that was equally unnecessary on the cinematic Spider-Man and Superman Returns costumes. But … I give them props for at least tipping their hats to the classic togs. Not loving the switch from gold accents to silver. Sorry. Still like velour though. A noble cloth.

– I’m not even going to try to glean plot points from these snaps. It’s fun, but futile. I’m just going to let this one happen — I do want to be surprised. They may be using time-honored Trek flick tradition of time travel and revenge to propel the plot, but by golly, everyone says it’s brilliant. I’ll remain hopeful.

– I couldn’t quite figure out what I didn’t like about the bridge design, until a friend sent me a link to the design inspiration:


Seriously, I recognize that the original bridge design is (or merely may be) dated … but this shiny, plastic, over-lit, silvery amalgam with make-up lights(!) looks like someone was trying to update the designs for Star Trek Phase II, not TOS. I miss the black. I miss the red. I miss the impractical, but tough-looking hard edges and corners. And these are pix of the Enterprise bridge, guys. Not the Kelvin, not the battle-bridge, not the Kobayashi Maru test chamber, and not the Wii A.D. 2364. I’d bet the wife’s dog that we’re seeing the Enterprise.

I predict the following numbers: Of the people who go to see this movie, 64% will absolutely love it, 24% will totally revile it, 8% will be girlfriends, and 4% will wonder why Han Solo wasn’t in the film.

Scott B. out.

277. boborci - October 17, 2008


Thanks. All we ask is an open mind opening day.

278. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

The comments on Spock’s appearance in the photos ignore two facts:

EW does this all the time with their cover shots, and have been for at least 12 years.

Spock’s make-up, including eye shadow, was always creepy and femme-y.

279. Chris Doohan - October 17, 2008

Bob, Yes, thanks for the pics!! They make me feel like I was actually there on the ship. Oh, yeah…. I was (thanks to you).

Have a great weekend, all. C

280. The Underpants Monster - October 17, 2008

Also, I’m encouraged by the fact that Pegg’s hair looks much better in this actual still than it did in the earlier promo poster.

281. boborci - October 17, 2008



You, too…

282. Scott - October 17, 2008

After writing my post above, I read Nostromo’s (#220). Good post. His views reflect my own, pretty much across the board.

Just because I’m expressing some vexation about some of the design choices, doesn’t mean I don’t intend to enjoy the film.

Scott B. out.

283. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

Hi boborci, I will give JJ some marzipan to bring home for you in cologne ;))

284. sean - October 17, 2008


Sorry, but how the hell could Kirk have brought two humpback whales through THE GUARDIAN OF FOREVER?!?! That raises my Spockian eyebrow a bit too far. Unless you can come up with a reasonable way to do it, THAT I’d love to hear.


Harlan didn’t threaten litigation, he was merely pointing out that it was an absurd notion that JJ would be using the Guardian without having gone to him first. It’s a Harlan rant, which he’s given to. The Guardian was never part of the storyline, but rather pure rumor when time travel was mentioned as a plot point. Harlan has said JJ is one of ‘his favorite writers’, actually.

285. Horatio - October 17, 2008


How do you come here and read alot of these posts and not want to go screaming into the night???

286. Cush - October 17, 2008

Ok, Im willing to give the new movie a chance but how can we have Kirk and Crew fighting Romulans when their encounter with them isnt for several years??? OK will it be like Archers expereince… fight them but dont see them… If I see one warbird in this show Im gonna scream!

287. RTC - October 17, 2008

#261 boborci, glad to see you here — and admire your courage in doing so, given the ‘range of emotions’ on this site! Hope none of the negatives are discouraging to you. Regardless of where folks land on the ‘is if faithful’ question — really speculation at this point — most of us here are looking forward to a rompin’ great adventure next May….!

288. PYROBOY - October 17, 2008

Do you want TOS? Then go to http://www.startrek phase2.com

289. boborci - October 17, 2008



290. AJ - October 17, 2008

259 Tin_Man:

You’re just being a sourpuss.

If you download the film, I hope you’ll at least pay for it.

291. Blowback - October 17, 2008

#277 – boborci

I am keeping an open mind though I suspect my reaction will be similar to how I felt when seeing the first movie (TMP).

She was vastly different but underneath the new skin she was still the Enterprise from the original series. Never mind that the creators came up with a reason for the differences in the context of the movie (a refit), it still took time for my brain to take in and accept the new look before I could focus on the story again.

I think all of us here who are open-minded will still have those few moments while our brains absorb and adjust. Hopefully the movie will give us the time before the action picks up again….

292. AJ - October 17, 2008


Good to see you’re a glutton for punishment…Do you have to report back to base after your encounters with our lunatic fringe?

JJ: “Well, what do they think?”

RO: “JJ? They’re f*cking nuts.”

JJ: “What do they think about the restaurant on the Bridge?”

RO: “They…well, they…well, kinda like it?”

JJ: “Excellent.”

293. Craig - October 17, 2008

I can’t stand this abandonment of the TNG generation of fans if 24th century Spock can be worked in to the story as a key element so can other key characters from the last 20 years of Trek. I’m 26 and currently will not be seeing this.

As I was saying else where I may think Star Wars is tollerable but I like many things, doesn’t mean I want Star Trek to become them. Its like James Bond wanting to be Jason Bourne, now we have two Bournes and no Bond. I don’t ever want two Star Wars and No Star Trek!!!!!

294. Jamie - October 17, 2008

Off topic, but could everyone please stop using the word “Photoshop” as a verb. If “Photoshop” becomes genericised, Adobe will lose exclusivity on the word and it will weaken the brand. Photoshop is a great application and people should support Adobe and respect their wishes by refraining from using their name like this.

The verb you are looking for is “retouched”.

295. TomBot99/4A - October 17, 2008

K, a quick chime in… The pics are a nice treat in this season of Halloween, I just hope that the promise of new Trek Franchise isn’t a trick on us. I really wish they had found someone a lil older for McCoy and Kirk, but it’s too early to tell what this “Reboot” will play out like… I vaguely recall reading that the Enterprise bridge set was mostly green screened in, perhaps they could tweak it a bit before release next year? I hope so! The costumes are nice… Could a futuristic baddie have at least some Holographic style tattoo’s? Is there no advance in the body mod arts by then? ;-)

296. John from Cincinnati - October 17, 2008

Only true Trekkers will be critical of what they see coming out of Paramount. The fanboys will continue to say everything is great and the board moderators will try and silence those of us who don’t agree with everything that’s being done. We are aren’t being negative just because we would like to see a smidgen of consistency.

The bridge sucks.

297. Donn - October 17, 2008

262. JWW: more futuristic or not than other uniforms in the series, I will say this: the TOS uniforms were not terribly believable as clothing you were meant to do work and have adventures in. Kirk’s shirt ripped all the time! I kid (somewhat); I get the dramatic necessity of that, for ’60s television. In general, “more futuristic” or not, I would revise my comments to say that ENT uniforms were perhaps more functional and believable as futuristic (compared to now) spacefaring gear than the TOS uniforms. Ditto for the bridge equipment. Though one of my favorite TOS novels, Memory Prime, does give a nifty explanation for why the TOS bridge looks so clunky and low-tech.

(Tangentially, you could ask, why am I apparently fine with these uniforms, an obvious homage to the TOS unis? Well, I’m still fine with watching TOS, so…)

As was said above, the human mind can rationalize anything, and I do agree that’s half the fun, particularly of being a Star Trek fan.

Cochrane: yeah, I concede that there is an in-story explanation for a difference in age. My point is that there is a license to use a different, and different looking, actor in a role (Sulu, for example), and that’s okay. Every time to you go to the theatre and see Hamlet (not that that happens a whole lot anymore), there’s a different guy playing the role. That doesn’t mean the director isn’t being true to Shakespeare “cannon.” Heck, look at some of the film versions of Shakespeare: many are set in different time periods altogether! The same idea goes for a different set “playing” the bridge of the E. The point is the story. And I’ll restate my suggestion that given the possibilities, JJ and company appear to be staying rather faithful indeed to what has gone before.

I would far rather see what we are seeing than have the reigns handed to somebody who wants to scrap everything we know and jump to the 26th century or something. Would that be Star Trek? I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure this is still Star Trek.

298. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

[292] haha, amazing AJ! The cool thing is that if you shake the new bridge, the songs will be shuffled, like in the new nano…

[294] Well, Jamie, I am afraid the term “photoshopped” will become as universally used as “googled”…

299. Alex Sahounov - October 17, 2008


Well, I was on the ST.com boards trashing Enterprise for years (until the last season, which I quite enjoyed), and to say I’m excited for this film is an understatement.

This is going to turn out the same way as Casino Royale, I’d reckon. The hardcore fans will complain, the film will come out, everyone will chime in about how “dark” and “innovative” the movie is, and then we’ll all be back here in three years for “Star Trek II: The Mystery of Chris Pine’s Hair”.

300. John from Cincinnati - October 17, 2008

My futher opinions:

I love the new cast in their roles except for Cho as Sulu, he looks too old.

Urban! Awesome!

Quinto! Awesome!

The uniforms have really grown on me, I like them a lot.

Love Nero, he looks like he could be a cool villain.

The bridge still sucks.

301. Tama Halvorsen - October 17, 2008

if his ears were a little bigger he might look like a ferengi.
Nah, Nero does look MEAN!

302. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

[297] you are right, Donn, nice to bring up Skaespeare, who was always important influence for TOS…

303. AJ - October 17, 2008


Q-Tips and Jello. Who cares?

Companies spend millions to have their brands genericized like this. You may want to check with Marketing before you make such a general statement.

It’s too late, anyway.

304. Donn - October 17, 2008

On “photoshopped:” Perhaps that is the price of being the industry leader; you have the risk of your brand becoming the defacto term. Ask Kleenex, Frigidaire, and Xerox. At the moment, I don’t think Adobe is in a whole lot of danger.

305. Regula One - October 17, 2008

I love all the pics that I’ve over the past couple of days, including the bridge. Can’t wait see the trailer in Nov.

I do have one question that no one has asked yet….
Is nurse Chapel** in this movie?

**For those who don’t remember who she is go to

306. Craig - October 17, 2008

Hey as anyone explained how the Romulans can be the bad guys if they’d not been seen in the federation for years during balance of terror?

307. boborci - October 17, 2008


Minor reverse-spoiler alert:

She was in our first draft, but sadly, we ran out of room and decided to focus her time to our other characters

308. AJ - October 17, 2008


Craig: Don’t you know?

That’s the question you’re not supposed to ask!

309. starfleetmom - October 17, 2008

#12…He looks plastic!

310. boborci - October 17, 2008


Are you sure? I saw that episode with the Romulan’s in it once and I’m pretty sure they were all over the place.

311. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

[308] come on, AJ, no heretics…

312. Alex - October 17, 2008

Anyone figured out yet what exactly Bones and Kirk are looking at (reflecting in the window)?

313. Dr. Image - October 17, 2008

To anyone curious:
“Donn” at #297 isn’t me. (Good comments though.)
-Donn N.

314. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

so Bob, can you give us a hint about the name of Neros ship?

315. boborci - October 17, 2008


I’m surprised there isn’t some toy leak or something somewhere that reveals the name.

316. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

[315] haha, okay, thanks!
Off to Toys’R’Us I go ;))

317. ClassicTrek - October 17, 2008

I must contend that though I recognize an important aspect of timeless story telling is being able to take a character/story out of a familiar setting and put them in another non-familiar setting — the ship, the bridge and general aesthetics of the 1960’s television show — for me where “history” for all that followed.

Yes, there were flaws along they way that have been mentioned here; uniform design and color, Zefram’s appearance, etc- but from TOS to TNG to DS9 to VOY there was a somewhat logical progression of technology displayed. One example of this is the communicator, moving from small strange circuit board device to the sleek blank handheld and forward to a button/emblem worn on the uniform.

What I am seeing here of the bridge is a sleek and beautiful design, the uniforms have a more modern athletic jersey feel to them- and the Kelvin ship design appears not entirely outside the scope of something that might have been dreamed up by Franz Joseph -way back when.

But this all stands in stark contrast to the 1960 production values- an actual time of television series deadlines and budgets which served to tell the stories of characters in a fictional time. A fictional time which, for all intents and purposes is being revisited by these new minds and movie makers, new budgets and new production values-

With any luck, with any luck at all- *SPECULATION/SPOILER* the new movie will explain that some future technology contaminates the future’s past time line of the new Kirk era. Whatever that contaminant is may spawn the new aesthetics we are now seeing photos of and thus the old bridge exists, the old uniforms exist in some alternate time line, but this is the new flow of time and the new uniforms, the new bridge -entirely new, and entirely not. A violation of the Prime Directive created mobster cities, Nazi cities and televised gladiatorial combat.

I like what I’m seeing here, and I trust that it will be explained as a plot point along the way. In the meantime- I’ll be creating a site dedicated to the ORIGINAL original series (“TOOS”?) – its time line and technology so that the classic trek of the 1960’s is not forgotten.

318. John from Cincinnati - October 17, 2008

Balance of Terror was the first TOS episode with the Romulans and in it, they mention the Romulan Wars of 100 years prior, however no one had seen a Romulan face-to-face or on a viewscreen until Balance of Terror.

319. Craig - October 17, 2008

310 – Earth outpost stations constructed on asteroids they monitor the neutral zone established by treaty after earth romulan conflict over a century ago. No Human Romulan or Ally and ever seen the other…to avoid inter-space war

320. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

what if the crew does not know that their opponents are Romulans… and Future Spock does not tell them?

321. star trackie - October 17, 2008

I have to wonder if that pic of Spock might be some ILM computer magic. Maybe they did a CGI rendering of Spock for effects purposes. Hmmm.

I gotta admit, I’m missing mcCoy’s baby-blues. And yes, his hair should be parted on the other side….but something about Urban’s body language is selling it. Can’t wait to see these guys in motion.

Bob Orci- if you’re still around, is it a sure thing that the trailer will be attached to Bond like everyone is predicting? Can a studio mandate or strike a deal for such a thing involving a movie from another studio?

322. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - October 17, 2008


I myself , am impressed with new interpretation of the bridge designs , crew , uniforms , and Nero . One wonders though , the black shirt Kirk is wearing is said to be a cadet uniform , but I was under the impression that the cadet uniforms were red . Would the black shirt be more accurately described as that of an “Acting Captain” ? It has been said that Captain Pike suffers a tragedy , would this cause Kirk to assume command and receive a promotion after the mission’s completion later ? Am I on the right track ?

323. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008


What about Computer Voice?

Did Majel Barrett participate in any way in this movie?

324. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

BTW, someone asked earlier and the height relationships are all the same:

Spock remains taller than McCoy who remains taller than Kirk. But they’re all an inch or two taller than their predecessors.

325. Kirk's Girdle - October 17, 2008

Re: #318 – I still suspect Nero’s ear injury is self-inflicted for just that reason. The ragged tops of his ears would be a testament to his dedication to the mission, and probably an indication that he does not expect to return.

326. Lurker - October 17, 2008

I’m perfectly willing to go with the premise that the Federation/Starfleet had previously “encountered” Romulans without knowing precisely what they were… if that is indeed a premise in this film… besides, if what I think will happen in the opening sequence of this film actually happens, I could easily understand how Nero and his ship could have “not been detected”…

Still wondering what sinister development is behind Nero’s ears, though… (perhaps himself?)

Thanks for all the photos — looking forward to it, Bob

327. Kirk's Girdle - October 17, 2008

If Urban were reeeeally serious about the role, he would have lost 100 pounds. >8-D

328. Blowback - October 17, 2008


As long as this Enterprise looks like it post-dates the NX-01 and pre-dates TMP Enterprise I will be okay. Seriously, to present technology that looks older than TOS is just not a realistic expectation.

TOS is the show that got me interested in science fiction but I’ve accepted the fact that I will need to make some allowances fork this movies. Besides it’s the stories told in Star Trek that are most important, not the freaking technology!

329. Craig - October 17, 2008

322 He’s got a black eye, he obviously been in a fight and is out of uniform after being displined and has met up with those other people to tell them what has happened. I’m guessing the person that thumped him has just walked in and that is why they are all staring abit sheepishly

330. Blowback - October 17, 2008

I’m kinda bummed that Nurse Chapel will not appear. Does she at least get a mention?

331. AJ - October 17, 2008


Fakesteve, not sure what you mean by that.

Just joking as the “one sentence” from BOT seems to be a contentious issue as we go forward with Romulan-related plots.

If the gut-wrenching “heresy” of the opening scene involves the Feds seeing Romulans before BOT occurred, I will personally throw a cream pie at the EW article author’s head. With reverence for his canon cred, of course.

332. Blowback - October 17, 2008

#331 – I am typically not hung up on “canon” issues normally unless they are particularly egregious. However I’d like to see them find a way to hang on to that bit of “canon.”

333. Donn - October 17, 2008

Interesting, another Donn with two Ns. There are few of us out there.

317. ClassicTrek: I don’t think classic TOS is in danger of being forgotten, any more than the original SW trilogy is, or the Connery Bond films. What did Bones say? “He’s not really gone, as long as we remember him?” We will, we will.

The high-res bridge image has caused me to notice a few things nobody’s mentioned: Kirk appears to have an Ace bandage on his wrist. There is some kind of vertical writing on the turbolift doors visible just beyond Spock’s head; I can’t read it. The science and environmental stations are clearly marked. And it does look to me like the sunken central area of the bridge is there, with Kirk’s chair on the pedestal at the same level as the ring around the perimeter; you can see blue lights picking out the edge by Sulu’s hand.

334. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

[331] that EW reference was what I meant, AJ…
from what I remember of the phase between the end of ENT and the start of the JJ reboot process, the writer of Band Of Brothers planned a war movie, set during the romulan war…

335. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

deleted by admin

336. Nick - October 17, 2008

I am interested to see if the envelope will be pushed in 2009 as the show did in the 60’s. I’m thinking first televised multiculural kiss, a african-american on the bridge in a key role etc.

If we translate that to now, how might the envelope be pushed?

Worth contemplation …

BOB, still around … anything you can comment on (vaguely) on that?

Ta Nick

337. boborci - October 17, 2008


Your example was discussed….

338. Craig - October 17, 2008

336 well you’d certainly think that in today’s climate a Arabic character would be part of the bridge crew most probally part of Pikes bridge crew segment… oh wait a minute isn’t the bad Arab guy out of Iron Man a Federation captain

339. Vorus - October 17, 2008

Well, I’m what most people consider a “die hard” Trek fan, and I just wanted to chime in some support for this new film, because it seems to need it from its core fanbase.

Yes, I so far do not like the bridge set AT ALL. It looks nothing like the original did, except for the (strangely out of place) red railings.

HOWEVER, as has been pointed out before, this is hardly the first time that the bridge has changed dramatically from one film to another. If you’ll recall, in ST:IV The Voyage Home, the Klingon bridge was NOTHING like it was in ST:III. And that was exactly what is going on here. So the bridge (And probably most other interior sets) is vastly different than it’s “supposed to be”. It’s not the end of the world.

1) It is possible that nothing in this film will overlap the TOS timeframe, allowing us to believe that the bridge (or perhaps even most of the ship) was rebuilt before 2264 to look like we remember. If this is the case, there can be no canon inconsistency.

2) Even if it does “overwrite” canon, in that the new film’s timeframe overlaps TOS’ timeframe, we simply can chose which to believe the ship looked like. You do the same thing the the Bird of Prey in ST:III and ST:IV, don’t you? I believe that the BoP’s bridge always looked like we saw in ST:IV, and I ignore the look it had in ST:III.

You do the same thing with DS9’s Defiant. The CGI model looked VERY different than the physical (and later CGI) model. So, you choose which one you want to think of as the “real Defiant”.

I don’t really see a difference here. We have been told time and again that the STORY will not violate canon, so we shouldn’t have to worry about that. (Although I assume that some humans will see some Romulans, and that the explanation will be that they didn’t know they were Romulans. While a little bit of a “cop out”, I’ll accept that.) And that only leaves the visuals that we have to either accept or fight.

And since we already have multiple precedents for accepting “retconned” visual effects, why can’t we do that here?

I think in most cases, people have determined to themselves to hate this film, and they are just looking for reasons to hate it.

Myself, I think it looks great so far. Not everything is as I would have preferred, but the look of things (As long as the Enterprise looks generally correct, as in saucer, nacelles, etc.) doesn’t make or break the movie for me. As long as the story is good, I can learn to live with minor to moderate visual differences.

So, in conclusion to Orci and whomever else reads this who worked on the film: Not all of the hard care Trekkies are against you. Some of us are open-minded enough to allow your vision of Trek to mean just as much to us as other people’s visions have. May the spirit of Kahless be with you.

340. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

I checked the HiRes version of the Nero image where he sits below that domed ceiling, and I guess that is on the Kelvins bridge… you can see cracked glass in the top window, and through it the neck leading up to the engineering hull. I say that ship is the NCC 0514…

341. Captain Scokirk - October 17, 2008

Romulan/Roman Connections

Keep in mind that we generally are having the Alien languages translated for our benefit- Romulus and Remus are probably english/terran equivalents to whatever Romulan words they really are, the most satisfying answer to all the Roman/Romulan connections is not that Rome influenced Romulus(although given multiple worlds syndrome ala “Bread and Circuses” you might make a case for it) but that some Terran anthropologist recognized the martial societal parallels and made a case for the allusions.

Similiar real life situations include the use of the term “Empire” when refering to non-Roman cultures in human history despite it’s Latin origins. Or even different pronounciations “Paree/Paris” “London/Londres” “England/Inglatera” Caesar/Kaiser/King/Tsar/Czar, etc.
We dont speak Romulan so all of our interpretations of their culture will be through the prism of our own experiences
Nero is probaly Ner’rro or N’rroh in Romulan but gets translated “Nero”

In Klingon Kronos/Qquo’nos” is a great example, what is the likelyhood that the Klingons are naming their homeworld after the roman god of time, but by anglicizing it it becomes a different word with the same sounds Peking/Bejing Bombay/Mombai, etc.

342. Vorus - October 17, 2008

@ 340:

That’s not the Kelvin, it’s the Romulan ship. It looks like that because it was purpose-built for its mission, and neatness wasn’t a requirement.

That explanation was in this interview: http://joblo.com/excl-star-trek-pic

343. N - October 17, 2008

I’m so sick of the Tattoo thing for every villain in every movie.

344. AJ - October 17, 2008


fakesteve: With reverence to all that is on tap for the next Trek, I was psyched for that Romulan War screenplay.

It’s such a can of worms, but it potentially a rich piece of Trek lore. If we simply ignored, or explained away Spock’s discussion of how the Feds never saw the Roms, we could have a great Trek war film.

But, for some reason, I agree with Blowback in 332. I think this is a critical piece of the whole Trek story, and the first real stab TOS had at creating the backstory of a major antagonist. Why not keep it?

Considering that ST:FC and ENT emphasized the role of Vulcans in early Fed history, the statement from Spock in BOT takes on some serious gravity. It also releases the Nero character, since he’s obviously different, to do what he wants. He won’t say “I’m a Romulan,” and he doesn’t look like one (on purpose? Spock’s son?). Go figure.

345. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

[342] Okay, Vorus, but maybe the Romulans attack the Kelvinwith the smaller ships seen in the picture, hijack it after they learn that they got george and not Jim Kirk, and pimp it 30 years long into the “monstrous and gloomy interstellar cruiser — part Death Star, part Mordor” that it becomes. There must be a reason for the secret about the ships name. And if you look at the Nero image you see the structure leading up to the upper hull through the window…

346. Schtobes - October 17, 2008

Just picked up the new Entertainment Weekly. Some things I noticed. Apologies in advance if these have been mentioned… just don’t want to read through all the comments :P

– Kirk’s black tunic is actually a dark, dark grey and has a bery black delta sheild emblem on the chest (where it would normally be)

– There definitely appears to be a red railing behind Kirk’s captains chair.

– In the bridge photo, McCoy’s sleeve gives a hint about the new rank system: he has one thick silver band and one thin silver band on each sleeve. I’m guessing the thin silver band takes the place of the dashed lines on the original uniform. So, for instance, as Captain, Kirk’s ranks would go Thick Band, Thin Band, Thick Band. Spock would have two thick bands. If that makes sense.

347. Shatners Bile Duct - October 17, 2008



348. ety3 - October 17, 2008

Mr. Orci, if you’re still around:

A stupid, nitpicky-type of question:

In the film, is “landing party” or “away team” used?

Of course, “landing party” was the original series term. Away team came up in TNG (and was incongruously used in ENT).

349. Shatners Bile Duct - October 17, 2008

This whole ‘red railing’ issue is really the central cause as to why the movie will fail.


350. Shatners Bile Duct - October 17, 2008

#348 I think you will not sleep until this question is answered. Some people don’t have jobs you know and this keeps you up at night…*shakes head*

351. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

Just noticed two other things:

on joblo.com, Damon L calls Nero’s “rogue” crew “non-Vulcans,” which suggests to me that not all of his crew is Romulan.

on the bridge shot with Kirk in the chair, McCoy has a device hanging from his belt–a medical scanner or tricorder.

… and since they say this story takes place before the 5 year mission and the turbolift doors are grey, I still say this is Pike’s Enterprise and Kirk came off the Farragut.

352. ety3 - October 17, 2008

#350 —

I did say it was a “stupid, nitpicky-type of question.” I’m just curious, that’s all.

For the record, I love what I’ve seen thus far and I can’t wait ’til May.

353. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

Hey, Tuber, what do you think about my Kelvin theorem?

354. Spockanella - October 17, 2008

boborci: You must be enjoying the HELL out of all this chatter!

Hugs and kisses!

355. ВЯЧЕСЛАВ - October 17, 2008

Дорогой и уважаемый AJ, мне очень приятно общаться с Вами. У меня особая любовь к “СтарТреку”. Я влюбился после “Нового поколения”. а потом посмотрел классический ТОС. И после это просто влюблен. Это лучший Американский сериал по научной фантастике. Да здравствует Стар ТРЕК! Огромное вам спасибо за теплые слова. Желаю Вам всего наилучшего.

356. Donn - October 17, 2008

339. Vorus: Yes, this is what I’m talking about. Amen.

Shatners Bile Duct: Hilarious!

Though on the topic of the hull lettering: somebody was complaining in another thread about how close the Kelvin’s registry number was to the edge of the saucer. If you go and look at a good image of the big E from the trailer, you can see that the “NCC-1701″ appears to be similarly close to the edge. Probably this will get some peoples’ uns in a twist, but I thought it was interesting.

348. ety3: As much as I keep harping on about story, I gotta admit the use of “away team” in ENT kinda bugged me, too.

Back to the crew image sans Spock: what’s that in Scotty’s hand? And, in the bridge shot, what’s hanging off McCoy’s pocket? Communicator? Tricorder? Phaser? Nobody else seems to have it.

357. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008


I think that theory is too Khan/Reliant-esque to’ve satisfied Bob while writing the script.

And Damon L states clearly on joeblo that Nero is not in a starship, that he is in a purpose-built, unrefined ship for this mission.

It’s also 100% clear that EW is wrong: Kirk’s black shirt is not an Academy shirt. We know from spy shots of the Academy scenes shot at Cal State Northridge that Academy uniforms are brick red–like the McCoy-Kirk shot released yesterday and like the more martial uniforms in TWOK-forward.

358. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

BTW, it’s also been stated elsewhere that the Kobayashi Maru simulator is a redress of the as-yet-unseen USS Kelvin bridge.

359. Canonfornication - October 17, 2008

Mr Orci

just a quick Q…was there any discussion of having Pine and Urban wearing contacts like Brandon Routh did for Superman?

360. Captain Slow - October 17, 2008

The bridge set looks awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like it was designed by apple

it looks too white plasticky and uncomfortable

the woman standing on the console in the background looks like she is at the reception desk of a bloody salon

the romulan looks like an ur’rak from lord of the rings

the film is going to be a popularised blockbuster flick nothing more

it looks crap, as does the cgi shot of the ship…

very dissapointed


361. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

Thanks, Tuber, I made a picture anyway, check it out here please…


362. John from Cincinnati - October 17, 2008

I still believe the bridge could have been updated without such a drastic change, like the uniforms were.

I do like the lighting though. Glad it’s bright so we can see the cast and the controls. I got so tired of those dark submarine bridges from the movies.

363. John from Cincinnati - October 17, 2008

360. I agree with you about that Yeoman standing at that station with what looks like a pen in her hand and two 1980’s joysticks in front of her.

364. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

fakesteve, good eye, but it’s also stated elsewhere that it’s Nero’s ship that’s firing on the Kelvin in the two Kelvin shots. In other words, Nero had to build a timeship before he arrived and attacked the Kelvin.

Yeoman! WTF’s with this Cool Ranch crap? I said Doritos!

365. John from Cincinnati - October 17, 2008

Hi Bob-

If you’re still here. Is there any chance the bridge we see in these pics might not be the bridge we see at the end of the movie?

366. Dr. Image - October 17, 2008

RE: #335-
Anthony- I thought politics was not permitted around here.
That link is political in nature and inflammatory.
Moreover, as a photographer who has photographed Presidents, Vice-Presidents, heads-of-state, and not to mention more movie and TV personalities that I can even keep track of, I find J. Greenberg’s shameful lack of respect deplorable and an embarrassment to the profession.
This shit keeps up and I’m out of here.

367. AJ - October 17, 2008


Vtacheslav: Ya pomnyu, v 95om godu, ya kupil piratskuyu plyonku “Star Trek Generations” y stantsii Metro “Prospekt Mira” v Moskve. Natsoyashchii Russkii dubbing. Video bylo snyato v kino. No, v tyekh vremenakh, eto byl yedinstvennim iatochnikom “Star Treka” v Rossii.

Ya nadyeyus’, shto Star Trek XI budyet uspeshnim filmom u vas. Uzhe pora. moi drug.

368. Mugz - October 17, 2008

Regarding the McCoy shuttle pic, it looks like sea to me in the reflection, not snow or a city or even the enterprise.

Could this be a shuttle going around San Fran prior to their first glimpse of the ENterprise???

– M

369. Blowback - October 17, 2008

To be honest I was expecting the bridge to be a little darker…

370. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

Excuse me, the link to Jill Greenbergs site was not “political in nature and inflammatory”, I protest against the deletion of my post.
She took the pictures of Kirk and Spock in EW.

Good night and good luck.

371. Galactic HitchHiker - October 17, 2008

why oh why I do have this feeling that after this movie the Kirk/Spock slash stories situation will explode? just look how metrosexual those actors are..

372. Anthony Pascale - October 17, 2008

I have been looking through the comment threads from the last couple days and there have been lots of thanks, and so a big ‘you are welcome’ and an apology to all who had trouble getting to the site yesterday. yesterday was our biggest day ever with visitors in the six digits…I was on the phone to the engine room (voxel our server host) many times and good thing they are trekkies as they gave us extra power just when we needed it.

And to Bob Orci, hi bob…always nice to see you drop by and chat with the fans…and thanks for the interview with you and Alex…look forward to chatting after the trailer! oh boy

373. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

Anthony, Deleting the link to Jill Greenberg’s site is just absurd censorship. A small minority can’t be permitted to decide what is acceptable information for everyone. Jill is a respected photographer–why else would she be chosen to photograph McCain and Kirk & Spock in the same year?

It’s also helpful to show that the ‘look’ on the EW cover is the photographer’s, not the filmmakers’.

That post was not political in nature. Dr. Image is the poster injecting politics in to this exchange.

374. byron - October 17, 2008


375. mayday - October 17, 2008

Wonder if McCoy will pull at his high collar and complain about being uncomfortable :)
Thanks for the pictures and I can’t wait!

376. Boborci - October 17, 2008


We did discuss it.

377. Donn - October 17, 2008

375. mayday: Or complain about having his atoms scattered across the galaxy? I suppose it wouldn’t be McCoy if he didn’t, at least once!

378. Boborci - October 17, 2008

354. Fascinated yes. But I feel all the ups and downs.

379. fakesteve - October 17, 2008

Welcome back, Bob. Please do not comment on my little theory ;))

380. Jeffries Tuber - October 17, 2008

Bob, You guys are living our dream and doing a great job. The best thing of all is to hear about your deliberations. [I’ll say for the third time, if you haven’t read the KO interview at UGO, do it, do it now.]

Any chance we’ll get a 3D presentation of TREK?

381. Boborci - October 17, 2008


Thanks for having us, Anthony

382. Elrond L - October 17, 2008

336/337: re pushing boundaries

I can’t wait to see Faran Tahir, after his great turn in ‘Iron Man.’ To me, just seeing a Middle Eastern starship captain will be pretty darn envelope-pushing.

Darn, couldn’t find an EW today. Our stores are slugs. :-(

383. Elrond L - October 17, 2008

BTW, Bob, we have been on cloud 9 — it was worth the wait. Half the fun was seeing our daughter go just as nuts over the pictures as her dad.

But yeah, EW needs to lay off the bad Spock photoshop. :-)

384. Canonfornication - October 17, 2008

376 – i guess we know the outcome then! ah well no biggie not having them with the same colour eyes as Shatner and Kelley…it could be seen as going overboard in order to apese the diehard purists….with Superman its abit different as having blue eyes is sorta important to the character (with the emphasis on his eyes in the movies/comics for Xray/heat vision etc plus it was mentioned in the 1978 movie that superman had blue eyes by a character)

Pine looks very Shatnerian in that pic there..whatever the eye colour

385. Lousy_Canadian - October 17, 2008

Thank you for releasing those pics and giving great details on ’em, Bob! :D

386. Shatners Bile Duct - October 17, 2008

I think all but the most *ANAL* fans will be very happy with this Bob and I for one cant wait, not only is Sci Fi extremely scarce in Hollywood today..let alone a new STAR TREK. We’re being spoiled..keep up the great work.

387. OneBuckFilms - October 17, 2008

I have to say, Boborci, as much as we bitch/moan/complain/critique about the details, one thing is definately clear to me:

You and your creative colleagues involved with this movie are definately showing a love for Star Trek, and the openness to blog “live from the set”, and to come here and speak directly with the fanbase will not be forgotten.

I’ll be picking up EW tonight to see what additional goodies there moght be compared to the online essay.

This is shaping up to be a very interesting project, and I look forward to the Trailer, the publicity, the Soundtrack (Go Michale Giacchino) and the movie.

I hope you realize that many of us in the fan community are going to, and have, scrutinize each and every picture, video, snippet and rumor, and probably come to premature judgements long before seeing the film.

Take heart that we do this out of a love of Star Trek, and that opinions are like @$$holes; everybody has one ;-)

So far, I am very happy with what I’ve seen, though I’m just one fan.


Your work on this site in phenomenal, and I applaud your efforts.

388. ByGeorge - October 17, 2008

I would have preferred a longer film with Nurse Chapel included.

389. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - October 17, 2008

Hey bob. Give us your honest opnion. On a scale of 1 to 10. What would you rate the new movie as. 1 being bad and 10 being at the greatest Star Trek Ever. Be honest.. If not Ill Be forced to say. KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

390. Shatners Bile Duct - October 17, 2008

Btw Bob if you guys need a talented Animator..I need a job! I had to try…:)

391. Regula One - October 17, 2008

I would have too.
Let’s just hope she’s included in the sequel. Seeing how that relationship came to be would be interesting.

Which I’m hoping that it actually does well enough at the boxoffice to warrant a sequel.

Trek XI’s biggest compitition in May ’09 is the X-Men:Wolverine movie on May 1st and Terminator Salvation on May 22nd. It’s practically sandwiched between two guaranteed blockbusters. Which makes me nervous for the film’s future.

IMO It stood a far better chance in December ’08 or maybe even a April ’09 release.

I just hope I’m wrong, and this movie completly dominates May.

392. Dave - October 17, 2008

I really wish all Forum Moderators would just start deleting any post with the puerile “1st” statement in them.

Many thanks to trekmovie.com for all the cool info & pics. :)

393. AJ - October 17, 2008



Thanks again.

Keep your marbles about you, and get ready for the deluge of new fans!

394. Alessandro - October 17, 2008

Hey Boborci, thanks for all!! The pics are great. Many in german love the new style. On the german Trek-News Page we have in the last two days 15 new Star Trek XI News, that’s great. Thank you so much!! Have a nice weekend,


395. Boborci - October 17, 2008


You, too, Alesandro — Thank you!

396. Boborci - October 17, 2008

387. OneBuckFilms – October 17, 2008

Kind words, thanks. All we ask is an open mind.

397. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - October 17, 2008

Hey Bob.Any true Trek Fan Will Have open Minds. We hope you will be on here the weekend that the movie comes out as we all would love to chat with you on the movie. Oh. Love Your show Fringe. Great show. Keep up the great work and LIve Long and Prosper.

398. Anthony Pascale - October 17, 2008

One of the things I like about these big news events is that it always brings new visitors (which is good in general) but also new commenters, which add new voices and feedback. I hope it is both new fans to Trek as well as new Trek fans who just haven’t heard about TrekMovie before. I also hope that more and more of our new visitors de-lurk and engage in the dialog here

399. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - October 17, 2008

Hey Anthony. This is the best of any and all Trek Sites and I want to thank you on behalf of all of us True and New Fans for having this site up. It’s Incredably kool to come on here and Actualy interact and chat with the Major Talent of Abrams and Orci and all the others that come on here. You are one True Class Act and may you Live Long and Prosper

400. Craig - October 17, 2008

I’m extreamly annoying that I’m suddenly not concidered a true Trek fan despite watching every episode of the last four series and being at the cinema opening night for the last 4 films. I just don’t believe this is the right direction for the franchise,
1. I think recasting set a horrific precedent that could see us go through Kirk after Kirk(recasting is also a personal pet hate)
2. Prequels lack any sense of danger or threat we know Kirk, Ship and crew survive
3. I fear action will be favoured over a coherent story, just look at Nemesis to see what happens when people do that to Star Trek …Argo anyone?
4.Never was a Kirk fan(I fear I may be repeating myself but hey this is a list)
5.If doing a historical is the aim why change the sets and uniform In a mirror Darkly showed they are functional today.
6.Canon issues are going to be huge I’m sorry my quote 319 seems pretty clear.

401. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 17, 2008

Checking the hi-res shot of the Kelvin exterior (the one where you can see the whole ship), it is clear to me that the blue-capped part above is the NACELLE, and the barely visible gold part below is the SECONDARY HULL. Look closely, and you will see that there is a sliver of the deflector dish inside the gold area.

402. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - October 17, 2008

#400. I have been a Trek Fan Much Longer. Im 39 and i was in line on the first night of Tmp and all through out the movies. I seen all Movies on the first night and have read over 150 Trek novals and seen every episode of all the series at least a dozen times each. I for one Think this New movie is exactly what the Franchase needs. It needs to get a fresh start. Im open minded about this movie and I will hold off my judgement till I actualy see it on opening night. From everything i see this will be a big glockbuster and on a wonder and grand scale. You can’t truly judge this move till you have actualy seen it. To do so as Spock would say is illiogicle.

403. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - October 17, 2008

Sorry. I meant Blockbuster. The Agoniser Booth for me.!!!

404. The Wild Man of Borneo - October 17, 2008




405. Commodore Lurker - October 17, 2008

Getting the feeling that Eric Bana is going to steal the show. Cool!

406. JP - October 17, 2008

grr Abrams and company owe me a couple pair of pants. I’m super cereal.

407. Jorg Sacul - October 17, 2008

Has anyone noticed that this cast has big eyebrows, except Quinto who really does have big ones (eyebrows)?… fascinating.

Mr. Orci, and the others involved in this production, thank you for taking the time to visit and post here. Aside from the very vocal half-dozen haters here, we’re all rabidly foaming at the mouth for the release of more images and tidbits.

408. Andrew Romeo (AJ) - October 17, 2008

400: Craig: You are a true Trek fan, and your opinion is valid, and fear justified. You just have to hang on and check the film out.

I remember in the late ’80’s how much abuse TNG got as a lame-o re-boot. Season one almost lived up to the fans’ desire for failure. Then, after a writers’ strike. Maurice Hurley did something called the Borg, and Trek exploded. Give JJ and Team a chance, and THEN criticize.

409. Schultz - October 17, 2008

I don’t like the photoshopped style of the first two images—Spock simply looks stupid and like a botoxed Mr. Nobody, compared to earlier film stills of him, which were far better—, but the other images taken directly from the movie are absolutely great! The uniforms are fantastic, the mood seems right, McCoy is dope! (Well, it’s Urban… what else would we expect?!)

Nero is critical however… he looks like a rogue, fallen Romulan… barbaric clothing, props and environment… redneck tattoos… Nosferatu style… void of everything that we normally connect with the civilized, slick and fascinating high culture of Romulus. But great casting actually: The facial proportions of Eric Bana (ears/nose/upper lip/eyebrows ratio) already convey aggressiveness and savagery. I just hope that the character of Nero and his role in the film supports this overall impression. He MUST be an exceptional villain, because if he’s not, the visuals won’t add up… then it’ll just be a mere cheat. I don’t want a villain, who only LOOKS great.

Note to the filmmakers: I’m a long time Star Trek fanatic, and I love what I’ve been seeing and hearing so far. The bridge, the uniforms, the SFX… amazing! Thank you!

PS: I’d love to hear a free online pre-release of one cue from the new Star Trek score. That would be aweseome!

410. DGill - October 17, 2008

Schultz made some good points about Nero. My only hope is that he doesn’t wind up being some intergalactic hooligan that’s only there to get his ass handed to him by Kirk in the end…he already strikes me as Shinzon’s younger brother. Perhaps he will surprise us all.

411. Shatners Bile Duct - October 17, 2008

.409: not asking for much eh? Give em a chance they hardly finished the movie yet..

412. Fuabmushu - October 17, 2008

OK, time for the nitpicking…

Nero’s ears seem awfully thick rubbery. To me, they look like an actor’s prosthesis rather than real ears.

In some of the shots, Chris Pine’s Kirk looks older than Zachary Quinto’s Spock. Shouldn’t they be roughly the same human age? If anything, as Vulcan’s live longer, wouldn’t Spock be older?

In the shots of Zachary Quinto as Spock, not only does Spock seem younger than Kirk, he seems really young. I could get past the youthful looks if Zachary Quinto didn’t look so plastic and fake. His hair looks like a rubber toupee. His makeup is too smooth and yellowish around his nose and eyes. This not only contributes to the youthful problem, but also makes it look like someone in a Halloween costume.

John Cho looks way to old to be Sulu. Way too old. Too old.

413. Schultz - October 17, 2008

411: “They hardly finished the movie yet.” Yes, but in any case they *have* finished it. And this means that I’m not asking for *anything*, because at this point Nero is cast in stone. So I’m only expressing my worries. ;) A film is only as good as its antagonist. If the villain sucks, the film will fall flat.

414. TL - October 17, 2008

The Bridge looks Awful!

WHY JJ WHY? The bridge just looks like something from an apple commercial, are they your new sponsors? You had a great opportunity to tweek the orignal bridge design instead you took the bridge concept to a bunch of fashion designers! Next time make your own science fiction film instead of destroying a franchise.

415. cd - October 17, 2008

Nero: Reman.
Bridge: iBridge (not in a good way, but in a flimsy cheap white plastic way).
Uniforms: clever, but the Superman shields, err, Starfleet symbols, are annoying.

416. Schultz - October 17, 2008

414. I’d rather have JJ and Boborci and the rest of the gang “destroy a franchise” than anyone else. ;)

417. Spock - October 17, 2008

Just like Bones to hog the window seat. Probably the only reason they’re taking a taxi is because he doesn’t want to beam up.

In all seriousness; there is no way I can take Eric Bana seriously. My first consideration is I grew up watching him on a silly comedy show here in Australia. Second of all, he’s just not a very good actor.

Still, I don’t take Star Trek too seriously on a good day, so it should be good for a laugh.

418. trekboi - October 18, 2008

love the pics- the bridge does seem a bit bright and plastic looking- like the retouched metro-sexual spock and kirk- lol
it is great to finally see piecess of the film- i trust the creators can write around what little cannon there is from that era.
i have lived with star trek cannon/continuity my whole life and hope they dont disregard it outside of visuals/design elements….

i look forward to a fresh old star trek experiance in may!

419. Matthias - October 18, 2008

Great. I would like to see the movie for christmas… Christmas would have been much better….

420. Even more Life Like - October 18, 2008

Still want to see it even though I’m not really liking what I’m seeing.

But I’m sure the special effects will be kick ass… yawn

421. Devon - October 18, 2008

#412 – “In some of the shots, Chris Pine’s Kirk looks older than Zachary Quinto’s Spock. Shouldn’t they be roughly the same human age? If anything, as Vulcan’s live longer, wouldn’t Spock be older?”

In Star Trek chronology they were born roughly the same time I think anyway.

422. Nostromo - October 18, 2008

#412 – How exactly are we supposed to judge the relative age of a half-human, half-vulcan character who can live to 200+ years by looking at his face? It just seems an odd nit-pick.

(The plastic fakeness I put down the the promo pics. He looks find in the actual movie stills.)

423. Bert - October 18, 2008

I love these images. I guess I like the old Star Trek in a sort of nostalgic, cardboard sort of way. Some of the old Trek is very good, but much of it is also stupid, irrelevant and/or just plain bad written. So, i LIKE an update, even if there are some creative rewrites to make things fit together better. And still, we don’t know those things, as i cannot predict a story and how things click in it from some 11 pictures.

What i don’t like is all of this flaming by people who obviously should get a life. I mean, how much time can you spend feeding yourself with negative energy about ‘the bridge does not look like blablablah’ or ‘canon says so’ or even that ‘some dude’s hair is not brushed to the right’.

From my perspective, this is a cool and updated look that touches all the right buttons for me. And by god: it is a big budget star trek movie! That’s something i thought would never, ever happen again in my lifetime.

So i’m happy and looking forward, not backwards. See you in theaters next year!

424. Lope de Aguirre - October 18, 2008

@ boborci

I haven’t rerad MOST of the commentsd but from what I’ve read the most responses to the pictures are good.

I on the other hand don’t like what I’m seeing at all.
Don’t get me wrong I really looked forword to this movie casue I think new blood is good for a franchise and I really enjoy “Lost” so I was fine with Abrams taking over.

Also that Nimoy is in it pleases me and Mr. Quinto seemed to be a good choice for a younger Spock.

So far so good. Now these images get me worried cause Nero looks like a ripp off of a ripp off of a bad guy.
I don’t have anything against over the top villains per se but I do not think they are that a good idea for Trek.

So now we are coming to the Kelvin and the bunch of good guys:
The Kelvin looks awkward. I have nothing against different or new design approaches. I like “Star Trek : Enterprise” and the design of the show and I recognize that there are old elemtents in the appearence (like with the uniforms, the Romulans, the Crew and the interiors) but I don’t like what I see.
Also on the pictures the CGIs look really unnatural like in the new Star Wars movies but I guess they will look a lot bette in motion cause the CGIs of the Trailer looked also like computer effects but they look still good.

I have my doubts if the recast crew really fits as the crew of the enterprise (at the end of this film). They look to young for my eyes.
They will work at least from their age for nearly everything BUT a leading part of a huge starship.
I know that there is not much to avoid these problems with a prequel to TOS but it could be that it doesn’t look and feel right.

So now I come to Spock:
As I stated before I always thaught Quinto was a good choice although I never watched “Heroes” but couldn’t understand the buzz of him looking LIKE Nimoy. Sure there are resemblences but also differences that JUMP the eye.

But of course that’s not my problem with Spock. What my prob is is the appearence of him on mostz of the picutres.
He looks so artificial and photoshioped – I hope this is different in the movie itself.
I don’t like this look on magazine covers and I would not want this in a movie.

So I still will go and see it and still hope this will be godd but the design is very important and especially in Sci-FI and Fantasy worlds and it could spoil my fun significantly.

425. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 18, 2008

417 – Spock – Are you kidding? Bana was great in Munich and *definitive* in Chopper. Since I’m not Australian, I’m not familiar with his earlier work, but if anything, I worry that they’ll squander his talents with a role like Nero. (I still cringe at how Malcolm McDowell’s talents were squandered in the role of Soran in Generations).

426. captain_neill - October 18, 2008

I will still be going to see this movie as I am sure it will be better than Nemesis.

I wont let the change of bridge change my opinion on the film. I am just taking a two fold approach to the film these days.

Its just I thought they would respect Matt Jeffries more than they did.

427. Alessandro - October 18, 2008

Hey Bob, Alessandro again, the German fans are very curious about many things concerning the next installment of Star Trek – so we’d love to talk to you about the new movie.

If your schedule allows it, please send us an email to d.raebiger@treknews.de and we’ll have some fan-questions for you right away

http://www.treknews.de Editor

428. captain_neill - October 18, 2008

I am a true fan of Trek, watched all the shows religiously and been there on opening weekend for the last 5 movies.

It is because I love Star Trek so much that I just dont wanted someone as overrated as JJ Abrams to destroy our favourite show.

429. captain_neill - October 18, 2008

I knew there would be an update but I thought it would be respecting matt Jeffries layout

430. Mark - October 18, 2008

Individual cast photos where done by an artist Jill Greenberg. if you look at her site youl understand why they look the way they do. http://www.manipulator.com/

431. Nostromo - October 18, 2008

#429 – From what we can tell the bridge seems to respect the layout of the original – curved stations, railing, captain’s chair, helm and navigation, main screen. Despite this it doesn’t, of course, look all that similar. The devil’s in the detailing.

432. Flake - October 18, 2008

To all those hating the new designs, lets suggest for a moment this is 1978 and we are seeing the TMP bridge, uniforms and sets for the first time. What would your reaction have been then, and in hindsight would it have been the ‘right’ reaction to make?

433. Flake - October 18, 2008

Kneejerk reaction springs to mind.

434. Flake - October 18, 2008

Answer to the romulan question: Kirk and Co. will assume these people are renegade Vulcans. Romulans and Vulcans are the same race.

435. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 18, 2008

Flake, if we’d seen OLED screens in 1978, we’d all have creamed our pants (those of use who were alive and old enough to comprehend, anyway — er, I was 5, so now I feel weird about the ‘creamed our pants’ thing).

My point is, certain technological advances since 1978 make this a bit of an unfair question. However, even so, my answer is that I, for one, would have lapped it up! I remember seeing TMP and, little SciFi tyke that I was, I really adored the Enterprise exterior (of course), but also the interior, with all the sleek lines and white on white design, and the nifty yellow-green dome thingy. I also really liked the uniforms back then, though now I think they’re silly (who wants their belt buckle *outside* of their tunic?).

436. Cervantes - October 18, 2008

432 Flake

Since you ask, my personal reaction would have *still* been WTF?!!….as it was when I *first* saw the unnecessarily radical Production Design changes to the TMP Bridge, and it’s bland colour-scheme. The original TOS Bridge design basically got a lot right in the first place, and I SO wanted to see big-budget, ‘updated’ version of exactly that, to be shown in the 1978 Movie. I was sorely disappointed with that design aspect, among several others such as the bland crew uniforms, and think this won’t be much different either unfortunately…. I just hope the story and Movie itself is good.

437. captain_neill - October 18, 2008

Ok for changes in the movie as it was a refuit and happened later in the timeline, this film is going back to a point in the timeline where it should more respectful to the original bridge.

438. The REAL Redjac - October 18, 2008

I liked the TMP bridge when I first saw it. I thought it looked more advanced than the TOS bridge — which it was supposed to be.

The jury is still out (for me) with regard to the new bridge. I’ll form a definitive opinion when I see it all. I don’t care for what I see so far.

I do like the wrap-around plasma screens though. I think that looks cool. And I think the graphics on the screens are cool too. The blue-silver parts look good. Don’t like the wood floor. That’s too retro and doesn’t seem to me like something they would actually have. I liked the floor they had on the TMP bridge.

Again, the bridge is way too bright. I think that bright look worked on TNG because of the colors they used on that set, but I think TOS had it right on the lighting.

The uniforms in this film (so far) to me look great! I actually LIKE the texture on the pullovers…and I like the metal Starfleet badges.

439. Kirk's Girdle - October 18, 2008

We’ve had 438 posts and if one more person says the bridge looks like an Apple store as if they thought that up themselves, I’m gonna puke coffee all over my monitor.

For the record, I’m horrified by that picture myself, but unless all these actors and fans (including Pegg and Kevin Smith) who have been to the set are completely shilling us, it HAS to look better on film.

440. Andrew Romeo (AJ) - October 18, 2008


This is Star Trek. The devil’s in the details, as they say. JJ and team know that every detail will be utterly scrutinized.


I don’t think JJ Abrams is overrated. He has yet to really direct anything for cinema other than MI3. He is not an “A-list” director as some have suggested, but his writer/producer credits and avowed desire to tackle Trek certainly make him interesting. Also, his name will fill seats with fans of “Lost” and “Fringe,” which are successful shows. If “Trek XI” is a success, JJ has lots to gain.

441. Scott - October 18, 2008

It’s really been amazing to watch ST grow and evolve into the icon that it is now and I, personally, applaud the recasting effort because that’s what ST is all about : hope for the future– not clinging to the past. I think the young Spock looks great, by the way. I trust the creators to do an awsome job and to boldly go where no movie has gone before, but they may need to take a little artistic license to achieve that, so don’t be so nitpicky.

442. Kirk's Girdle - October 18, 2008

Here is an age comparison chart, new actors vs original actors actual ages (not their character’s) in 1966

Kirk 28 35 7
Spock 31 35 4
McCoy 36 46 10
Scotty 38 46 8
Sulu 36 29 -7
Uhura 20 34 14
Chekov 19 30 11

If you factor in that this is a prequel and they should be younger, the ratio’s are mostly correct, with the greatest swing being Yelchin, Cho and Saldana, with Cho being the only actor considerably OLDER than his predecessor.

443. Kirk's Girdle - October 18, 2008

Well, this thing took the spaces out of my chart, but you get the picture.

444. Andrew Romeo (AJ) - October 18, 2008


Kirk’s Girdle: I would only say it if I knew you would definitely go through with it ;-).

My favorite “apple store” is a cart by the side of the road selling apples in the country:.

Kirk: “Hey, uh, Spock?”

Spock: “Yup.”

Kirk: “Toss me one of them apples, would ya?”

Spock: “Yup.” (tosses an apple)

Kirk: “Thanks, Spock…Spock?”

Spock: “Yup.”

Kirk: “A mechanical rice picker?”

Spock: “Yup.”

Kirk: “Well, dang!”

445. Kirk's Girdle - October 18, 2008

My favorite apple cart was the one seen in Superman, where the guys grabs a pedestrian’s arm and says “Hey, where you goin’?”

NERD ALERT: That cart was supposed to be used in a filmed but not used scene in Superman II, when Lois decides to test Clark by jumping out the window of the Daily Planet. Rather than reveal his identity, he uses his super breath and alters her trajectory, causing her to crash into the fruit stand in a veritable fruit-splosion, leaving Lois juice-stained and humiliated.

You’d think she’d also get 3 day stay in Belleview for that little stunt.

446. AJ - October 18, 2008

445: Kirk’s Girdle:

I think Margot Kidder spent a few months there, actually, after having been pulled naked from someone’s bushes during a bi-polar episode.

447. sean - October 18, 2008

People complaining about Cho are being ridiculous. The #1 role the guy is best known for is that of a college student. He does NOT look too old. He doesn’t even look his age. If he lied and said he was 25, I doubt any of you would even bring the subject up.

448. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#37—“It’s never been stated either way who Kirk attended the academy with, other than with Gary Mitchell… and maybe, just maybe Carol Marcus”

Actually, Kirk was an “instructor” at the Academy while Mitchell was a cadet. Kirk was already a lieutenant, and Mitchell was a student in his class.

They were ‘not’ SFA contemporaries.

449. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#412—-“If anything, as Vulcan’s live longer, wouldn’t Spock be older?”

Not if you, as I do, accept TAS “Yesteryear” (written by the Spock guru herself) as ‘canon’. The dialogue in that episode would indicate that Spock is indeed roughly the same age as JTK.

#414—“Next time make your own science fiction film instead of destroying a franchise.”

How does depicting a different look for the TOS-era bridge (in a potentially altered timeline, no less) destroy a franchise?

Star Trek was never about set designs. It was about a vision of a future for mankind in which we actually do not destroy ourselves, and instead, band together to conquer hunger and the social ills of our time, as well as to explore the final frontier.
It was the stories and the wonderful characters which made TOS special.

Asthetic changes to the bridge set mean very little to me in the grand scheme of things.

Just tell me good stories with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

450. falcon - October 18, 2008

Just wanted to say this about Kirk’s service in Starfleet:

As a cadet, it is suggested that he served aboard a starship in his final year in the Academy, but it is not written in stone anywhere. In the Star Trek Chronology, it says he served aboard the USS Republic (where he logged Ben Finney’s mistake that kept Finney from becoming a captain), then the USS Farragut under Captain Garrovick (during the cloud creature incident referred to in “Obsession”) and then the USS Enterprise. It can be assumed that he was an ensign on the Republic and a lieutenant on the Farragut. There are probably other instances of his serving on other ships in other capacities, perhaps even as someone else’s first officer. Which begs the question, how the heck did he get captaincy of the Federation’s flagship at age 32?

Somebody’s old man pulled in some huge favors, I’m bettin’….

451. Jeffries Tuber - October 18, 2008

I hope Kirk gets laid in this movie. To quote the evil music queen who wrote the ENT theme song, “It’s been a long time…”

452. captain_neill - October 18, 2008

In the timeline I know Spock is 2 to 3 years older than Kirk

453. Kirk's Girdle - October 18, 2008

Re: 449. Vulcans do live longer, but Kirk and Spock were always supposed to be roughly the same age. No matter how old you get, you still have to be young at some point, and it would seem that Vulcans mature at a rate similar to humans (i.e. childhood, adolescence, adulthood) but show the effects of advanced age to a much lesser extent..

454. Zikki Remorca - October 18, 2008

ohman… the EW article is great! :D

455. Kirk's Girdle - October 18, 2008

As far as I know, Trek merely added 300 years to the date as far as the time frame and the actors ages. In reality, Nimoy is 4 days younger than Shatner. However, in a search of the net, Spock’s birthdate seems to be explicitly listed as March 26, 2230 (off by one year, and apparently translated from Stardate format) and Kirk’s birthday is not explicitly stated at all.

456. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#450—“how the heck did he get captaincy of the Federation’s flagship at age 32?”

I don’t know ehere you got that, but I do not recall any ‘canon’ source for that. As far as I know, he was 34 when he assumed command of the Enterprise. If it was “The Star Trek Chronology”, let’s remember that refernce books are not themselves canon. Much of that material includes a bit of conjecture, and is not solely based upon subject matter depicted in live action Trek.

#452—“In the timeline I know Spock is 2 to 3 years older than Kirk”

I’m not sure that was ever established in canon.

In “The Menagerie”, it is established that Spock was an officer aboard the Enterprise under the command of Capt. Pike approximately 13 years prior to the first season of TOS.

Kirk was supposed to be 34 years old at that point.


I’m not sure that they could not easily be within a year or so of the same age.

457. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#455—“Spock’s birthdate seems to be explicitly listed as March 26, 2230 ”

I don’t recall that episode.

458. P Technobabble - October 18, 2008

#441, 449, (and similar commenters) I agree with you 1000%

This has all been mentioned before, but I wonder if some people need to be reminded of the different look of TMP compared to TOS, and then the different look of TWOK compared to TMP and TOS. I really don’t remember there being anywhere near as much bitching then compared to some of the bitching going on over ST2009. (Some people just like to bitch, eh?)
This is nonsense, as far as I’m concerned. The new film does not HAVE to look like previous versions of ST in order to be ST – TMP and TWOK (everyone’s supposed favorite, which barely resembled the look of TOS) have proven this. The notion that nothing must change is a rather infantile notion held onto by people who have a tough time dealing with change. “Change is the only constant in the universe.”
What I am most interested in seeing is THE STORY and THE CHARACTERS, since this is really what ST (or any other film) is about. I don’t really give a Regulan Bloodworm’s ass what color the damned bridge doors are, or what sort of lighting is used to light the bridge, or any other trivial piece of fluff some people seem to be getting so worked up about.
And I am also compelled to reiterate: I am sure the producers of this film are under no orders that they must participate with us here, and I think it is terribly unprofessional, unkind, and simply rude to be saying “this sucks,” or “that sucks,” just because one doesn’t like what one sees. How about showing some class toward some very classy people who don’t really owe us a thing?

459. ByGeorge - October 18, 2008

Spock’s age is always limited by his mother’s age. Ryder is 36 years old. He can’t he much older than her!! Same with TOS – Jane Wyatt was about 58 when she played the part. Spock and Kirk are pretty close to each other in age.

460. Scott - October 18, 2008

Re: 432 – I was around in 1978, and the reaction then was that it looked cheap, sterile, plastic and “not right.” And that reaction holds up today. Overall, ST:TMP looks too bland, sterile, and uninteresting. The enhanced bridge displays were welcome, but the console controls looked non-sensical (even though the actors were required to learn how to use them as if they were real controls), and the color palette was and remains a poor choice.

Things (costumes, bridge displays, colors, etc.) were subsequently radically redesigned for the next movie as a result.

Scott B. out.

461. ASF 33 - October 18, 2008

Can anyone tell me what time period is covered by this movie? I mean how do we go from cadet days to crew of the Enterprise in one two hour movie? I know . I know… time travel yada yada but anyway, the biggest problem i see is the cast looks more like cadets than the command crew of the ship, Not to mention that for some reason Spock looks plastic in some pics and apparently Kirk was 6 foot 2 and had blue eyes in his younger days. lol These new actors are just too young looking to be believable as Kirk and Spock as they were when they commanded the ship on tos.

Sorry but I haven’t seen or heard anything that will make me rush out to see this movie. In fact these images (especially the bridge) make Trek almost unrecognizable to me.

462. John from Cincinnati - October 18, 2008

Spock’s age was never established in the canon of Star Trek. However, it has become to be known to fans through various sources, which is supported by circumstancial eveidence that Spock is the same age as McCoy, about 10-11 Earth years older than Kirk. However, when you factor in a Vulcan’s life span, Spock is essentially the same age as Kirk.

Kirk, Spock and McCoy never were in Starfleet Academy together. Why do I say this? In 3 seasons and 6 movies, not once, do they ever reminisce about their days at the academy together. One would think there would’ve been at least one line that Kirk said, Hey Spock/McCoy remember at the academy when that happened? On the contrary, in the episode “Shore Leave” Kirk is telling McCoy about his days at the academy and who Finnegan was, as though he was informing McCoy of his personal history because McCoy was never there.

463. captain_neill - October 18, 2008

455 Kirks Birthday is 22 March 2233

464. Scott - October 18, 2008

Spock’s age, people, based on Canon:

Spock and Sarek hadn’t spoken in 18 years, over Spock’s decision to attend Starfleet Academy, rather than the Vulcan Science Academy. I think it’s safe — very, very safe — to infer that Spock was 17 or 18 when this happened. 17 plus 18 equals 35 at the time of Journey to Babel.

Further. Spock and T’Pring were betrothed at 7. Multiples of seven (pon farr cycle) include 28, 35 and 42. I’m guessing 35. Wild, wild guess, but there it is.

Throw in the Cage events and timeline, and Spock’s rank and station in that episode, and I think the case for Spock being at least roughly Kirk’s age is made.

Scott B. out.

465. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#458—-Excellent post.

Its the optimistic vision of mankind’s future, the wonderful characters, and the interesting stories that matter far more than anything else.

The rest is window dressing.

#462—“In 3 seasons and 6 movies, not once, do they ever reminisce about their days at the academy together.”

You mean the characters we know in Star Trek couldn’t possibly have any conversations outside of what we have seen thusfar depicted on screen?

That’s a very limited view of canon, IMO. Just because it was never talked about does not mean it couldn’t happen.

Case in point:

(once again)

Chekov is not depicted in the first season episode “Space Seed”.
However, he is obviously there, since Khan recognizes his face and name in the dialogue of TWOK. That is canon, but wasn’t until 1982.

It looks as if Kirk, Spock, and McCoy (despite the lack of prior reference) were indeed Academy contemporaries. It just appears as though it took over 4 decades to make that ‘canon’.

It is the members of the creative teams invloved in productions of live action Trek who determine ‘canon’.

Fan perceptions of the histories and backstories not yet depicted is simply ‘fanon’, and subject to change (as it has always been).

Not once is a character ever depicted using a restroom aboard the Enterprise….I always assumed they did anyway.

466. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#464—-Flawless logic.

467. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

Spock is 7 years of age when he undertakes the Kaswahn ritual in the Vulcan desert. TAS, “Yesteryear” establishes that at the time of the mission to the Guardian’s planet (this is post-season three of TOS), Spock travels back thirty years in the past.

That would make him 37 at the time of his time incursion into Vulcan’s past. Mathematically, that would indicate that he was the same age as Kirk at the beginning of the 5 year mission—-34.

I don’t see the argument. Is there anything out there to canonically contradict that?

468. Jeffries Tuber - October 18, 2008

Spock was born of a Human woman, so his hormonal growth cycle in and out of the womb would be Human.

For those casting aspersions at the USS Kelvin design, take a look at the blue nacelles on the Class-J Starship that Fleet Captain Pike was in when he was exposed to Delta Radiation: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Image:Aurora_remastered.jpg

469. ByGeorge - October 18, 2008

We don’t know how long any of the Big 3 spent at the Academy either. McCoy in particular was (canon stated) “An old country doctor” prior to entering Star Fleet. If he was already a physician, his time at the Academy could he short and he could have entered it for a shorter training experience and later in his years than the other 2.

470. werewindle - October 18, 2008

Why did McCoy have to be at the Academy at all? I imagine “an old country doctor” could enter Starfleet with just his credentials and become a Lt. Cmdr. (a mostly “hororific” rank).

471. AJ - October 18, 2008

These are all good questions.

I am aware of Kirk being, at 34, the youngest Starfleet Captain in history. I don’t remember where that came from, but if Closettrekker also remembers this, it’s probably corrrect.

Does Chris Pine look like he’s 34 in these photos? No.

Would JJ et al have credibility if he put a bunch of 20-somethings in charge of the Federation’s flagship? No.

Let’s see how it pans out.

472. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#469—-“McCoy in particular was (canon stated) “An old country doctor” prior to entering Star Fleet. ”

Very good point. I still think McCoy is quite a bit older than Kirk, having already spent some time as a practicing physician prior to entering Starfleet. Age doesn’t prevent them from being Academy contemporaries, however.

In fact, the notion that McCoy and Kirk were aquainted with one another before their service together aboard the Enterprise makes total sense to me.

The previous Ship’s doctor was a bit old, and possibly nearing retirement. Kirk is looking for a replacement (Ship’s Captain’s are often given that kind of discretion). It seems natural to me that he would look to someone he is already familiar with.

None of this is at all contradictory to previously established canon.

473. Spocko - October 18, 2008

hey you guys seem to forget how lame Nemesis was….look at the Romulan Nero and then think about the STRONG resemblance to the Remans from Nemesis…..not a good omen

474. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

Memory Alpha gives Kirk’s birthdate as being in the year 2230. However, it then contradicts that by suggesting that he was 31 when he was given command of the Enterprise in 2264.

2264-2230=34….not 31.

Memory Alpha also suggests that Spock was born in 2232, making him 2 years younger than Kirk. There is, however, nothing in ‘canon’ to support that specifically.

We know (canonically) that Spock was 37 during the events of “Yesteryear”. That makes him ‘roughly’ the same age as Kirk. They certainly can be Academy contemporaries.

475. Kirk's Girdle - October 18, 2008

#464 Amok Time!

You nailed it!

476. sean - October 18, 2008

What I find most interesting about the notion that Kirk & Spock couldn’t have been at the Academy together simply because we never saw them discuss it, is that many of these same folks are up in arms about the lack of Gary Mitchell (something we don’t even know for sure), a character that appeared in one episode and is never, EVER mentioned again by anyone. An episode that contained numerous continuity gaffes and another smiling Spock which was essentially discarded, concept-wise. Now, does that mean Gary ceased to exist because no one ever discussed him in 78 other episodes? Likely not. At the same time, unless it was firmly contradicted by other dialogue, there’s no reason to dismiss Kirk & Spock attending the academy together just because they never got together over drinks and talked about it.

Now keep in mind, while WNMHGB is one of my favorite episodes, I also could care less whether Gary Mitchell is included in this movie.

I just find it absurd that someone argues they ‘couldn’t have been there together’ just because no one ever mentioned it. That logic would certainly restrict writers in a pretty significant way. “You can’t show that! It’s never been shown!”.

477. Iowagirl - October 18, 2008

– Memory Alpha gives Kirk’s birthdate as being in the year 2230 –

According to “my” Memory Alpha, it’s 2233 – that guy really was very young when taking over command…:)

478. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#476—-Another flawless post.

While ‘canon’ (as applied to Star Trek) is generally defined as everything depicted in live action Trek production, what can ‘become’ canon is not at all restricted to only what has already been depicted.

Portraying the Big Three as Academy contemporaries may contradict some of the established fans’ own preconceived notions about the characters’ backstories…but that is not the same thing as contradicting firmly established ‘canon’.

“I also could care less whether Gary Mitchell is included in this movie.”

I still think that the “mystery character” we have heard about (and played by Paul McGillion) is Gary Mitchell, but there may be no reason at all to include him in the storyline.

There is a common misconception out there that he and Jim were classmates at SFA. However, what the dialogue in WNMHGB suggests is simply this.

‘Lt.’ Kirk was an instructor there while Mitchell was a cadet. That’s it.

What that means is that (at least in the original timeline) sometime after his service aboard the USS Republic, and either before or immediaetly after his service aboard the USS Faragut, Kirk was assigned to SFA as an instructor (and a tough one at that).

Presumably, Kirk and Mitchell met one another at that time. The extent of that relationship is unclear beyond that. We do know that Mitchell once saved Kirk’s life on an alien planet (which could have been while they served together aboard the Enterprise), and that they were friendly.

If we really do see the change of command between Pike and Kirk, then obviously (unless changes in the timeline have altered events by then) Mitchell should be aboard.

But what if changes in the timeline cause Kirk to never serve as an instructor at SFA? He never meets Mitchell and therefore never requests him aboard the Enterprise…Maybe. It all depend upon the extent of those ‘potential’ changes.

479. Boborci - October 18, 2008



How would you express the Stardate, then?

480. Boborci - October 18, 2008


It was discussed. We’d have to consider it, of course.

481. ВЯЧЕСЛАВ - October 18, 2008

Уважаемый AJ, спасибо еще раз! Уверен, что у нас фильм будет успешен, так как у нас много треккеров (поклонников сериала). Уверен, что будет все хорошо. Мне очень нравится подбор актеров в этом фильме.

482. dave - October 18, 2008

its likely someone has already brought this up…but i wonder if urban’s mccoy will have that ring on his pinky finger that kelley’s mccoy had on for all those episodes and movies he did. i know it was kelley’s actual wedding ring but i wonder if that will be something they did for the movie.

483. Iowagirl - October 18, 2008


1277.1 or “A Star is born” :)

484. dave - October 18, 2008

nevermind…lol. it occured to me after i posted that to go look for myself, and it looks like they did do that after all…


485. OneBuckFilms - October 18, 2008

I suspect that Spock may visit the Academy, but he is not going to be a Cadet, especially since he was on the Enterprise 17 years before Kirk (The Menagerie)

486. sean - October 18, 2008


Indeed, the relationship is described in incredibly vague terms. I think over the years we all fill in the blanks to some degree, and over time we think certain events are clearly established, but if we were to revisit those episodes we’d discover there’s more left to the imagination than we thought.

Of course, I’d be tickled if Gary Mitchell is in this, but if he’s not, I won’t lose any sleep over it. WNMHGB is essentially a discarded pilot, much like The Cage was before being made ‘canon’ by The Menagerie. WNMHGB wasn’t afforded the same revisit, so for all we know it was all in Kirk’s head and that’s why nothing looks the same (it might also explain why all subsequent visits to the barrier failed to result in the creation of superbeings). Maybe that makes Star Trek V the really, really bad sequel to WNMHGB. After all, the two stories share similar themes even if the latter wasn’t written quite so well. We all know what undigested beans can do to a man’s dreams…

487. sean - October 18, 2008


Per dialogue, it was “eleven years, four months, and five days”.

488. T'Chert - October 18, 2008


Спасибо, что ответили)))) Я тоже очень люблю ТОС и рада выходу нового фильма. Если желаете, можете зайти на ТОС-сообщество на дневниках http://pay.diary.ru/~ST-TOS/

В России и на Украине существует Трек-фэндом, правда он совсем небольшой. Но мы пытаемся сделать Стар Трек более популярным в наших края: переводим сериалы, книги, знакомим с Треком друзей. В Эру интернета делать это гараздо легче. Еще у нас есть что-то вроде ваших КОНов, только мы живем в лесу в палатках.

489. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#485—-I think your memory of that (two part) episode is a little hazy.

All that is established is that Spock served under Pike 11 years, 4 months, and 5 days before the Court-Martial of Spock during “The Menagerie”.

I’m not sure where you get “17 years before Kirk” from anything in that episode.

Spock’s first assignment may be the Enterprise, while Kirk gets the Republic.

490. T'Chert - October 18, 2008

#448 Вторая часть была адресована AJ

491. Scott - October 18, 2008


Our copy of Entertainment Weekly arrived today, and I saw some disturbing news. In a sidebar, it’s mentioned that one of the prime influences on this movie was the novel “Best Destiny.”

I don’t generally read Trek novels — I’ve read maybe 8-10. I did once write a rather good one that didn’t get past editor Kevin Ryan at Pocket … but I digress. Anyway, a friend had an extra copy of “B.D.” his sister had given him, and he gave it to me. “Best Destiny” was one of the worst books I’ve ever read. Turgid, plodding, padded … it was a tough slog. Also, the teenage Kirk was portrayed as an angry, clueless, unambitious, clunky, jerky teenager. It was such a totally wrong-headed portrayal of the character. There was no way to get from the Point A Kirk in “Destiny” to the Point B Kirk of TOS — at least in my mind.

I can’t believe any fan of the original series would have found anything in that novel useful. Oh, it also managed to get some nuts and bolts stuff wrong too. Can’t remember the specifics now, but they hit me right in the eyes as I was reading the book at the time.

Still … can’t wait for the new movie!

Scott B. out.

492. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

Of course, it is never clear what year in which the 5 year mission begins, nor is it ever clear that the 3 seasons of TOS (or even adding the 22 episodes of TAS) represents the entirety of the 5 year mission.

There is alot of room for creative liberty, even within established canon.

Depicting Kirk, Spock, and McCoy as Academy contemporaries may not mesh with some of the preconceived notions out there about their backgrounds, but it would hardly constitute a violation of firmly established canon.

Just tell us a good story.

493. T'Chert - October 18, 2008

Дьявол, опять не тот номер указала(((

494. The REAL Redjac - October 18, 2008

You people who don’t care about the production design really irritate the hell out of me.

YES the sets matter as much as the acting and the story! It’s all part of the experience. I doubt anyone would want to see a film with cheap and tacky sets with the actors sitting around talking with poor lighting and poor cinematography.

I wouldn’t.

AND ANOTHER THING: It’s OK to not like the sets (or certain other aspects of the film)! It doesn’t mean one hates the film or want’s JJ or Orci’s blood or anything ridiculous like that. It just means it doesn’t suit our tastes or our particular vision of what the sets, etc…should be.

With regard to the production design: The blindly loyal irritate me just as much as the overly pessimistic. I’ve said I’m going to base my FINAL opinions on what I see in the film itself, but do have an initial opinion based on the pictures we’ve seen. I am sure that’s the way others are going about it. I try to be objective in my critiques — but I know what I think looks good and what doesn’t.

That might be because I am a designer.

495. jefv88 - October 18, 2008


now if that were to be the design are there any objections t omee it looks great however it isnt official

496. sean - October 18, 2008


I think the issue people are having is that the naysayers haven’t even seen the entire bridge. You can barely tell anything from one, limited photo. The fact that you’re open-minded about seeing the film is great, but a number of people before you have said they’ll no longer see it based on the few, brief glimpses of the production design we can see in these pictures. I’m sure you’d agree that’s a touch of overkill.

497. The REAL Redjac - October 18, 2008

#496 Absolutely.

Look, I want the film to be a hit. If not, who knows if/when we’ll ever see any new Trek.

498. The REAL Redjac - October 18, 2008

Link not working, #495

499. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#494—Blindly loyal?

If this movie stinks, you’ll have to beat me to the punch to be first in saying so…

I disagree that the set design is on anywhere near equal ground with Star Trek’s overall vision, the depth of its characters, or the story quality.

You and I are looking for two very different things.

500. fakesteve - October 18, 2008

[495] Interesting, the nacelles look close to the trailer…

501. Jabob Slatter - October 18, 2008

REAL Redjac – The people who designed these sets are also designers. I doubt they created things they thought looked bad. Being a “designer” means nothing. Go ahead and dislike what you see, but your opinion has no more resonance than a janitor’s. Good design is subjective, and it always has been.

502. Jabob Slatter - October 18, 2008

OH, and by the way folks, there is no such thing as canon. Never has been, never will be. Star Trek broke “canon” all the time for the convenience of their stories. What you guys call canon is simply your preference for the story and characters and the way you want things to be.

Anthony, please ban me. I can’t take this shite anymore. I keep coming back like some heroin addict even when I know it isn’t good for me. I need somebody to deny me access to this site.

503. ByGeorge - October 18, 2008

I am glad the crew is young because if we get a sequel, we will be very happy this crew is so young. Age is what caught up with the original crew, so the younger the actors are who play the parts, the longer we will have them in those roles. Of course this all presumes the movie does well at the BO and we like the new crew. Boy do I like the feel I’m getting of Karl Urban in that role.

The bridge keeps growing on me too. I think it is a more functional design than the TOS design. When my kids see the TOS episodes they laugh at the old school main frame looking computers, salt shaker medical scanners, and fat black clip boards with a blinking light. C’mon folks, this has got to look more up to date or the younger generation ain’t going to bite. Isn’t this who we need to attract?

504. fakesteve - October 18, 2008

Here is another link to judexaviers concept art of the 1701…


505. Boborci - October 18, 2008


I’m with you, brother.

506. AJ - October 18, 2008


‘Blindly loyal’ is what Trekkers are who describe the banter in STV as “The best interaction of the Big 3 since the series” as a way to give the film cred when it should have been shredded before release.

If this movie sucks, I do not think JJ&Co will find too many shoulders to cry on here.

But I choose to have high hopes because I trust the creative team, the actors and the committed budget.

Also, after Iron Man, I trust the good folks at Paramount can tell sh*t from shinola, and will not allow Trek to come out unless it is superlative, with endless sequel potential.

507. Scott - October 18, 2008

Re: 494 – I’ll stick up for ya, Redjac. While a janitor’s opinion of the set design might be as valid as yours (and mine. I’m also a credentialed designer and illustrator), guys like us really do analyze and value design in a different way than most others — perhaps because we care enough about it to make it our life’s work.

Aside: I really pay attention to the musical score of a movie too. But I readily concede that I can’t “hear” a score in the same way that a trained composer or musician would.

As much as I’m disappointed by the look of the bridge set, I take solace in the fact that I disliked a lot of window-dressing and canon violations and assorted gaffes in The Wrath of Khan … yet I still love the film. Like you, I’m still looking forward to the movie and remain hopeful that I will enjoy it.

And as a creative type, I feel for Bob Orci. I don’t know how he stands to hang out here. :-) Hang loose, Bob!

Scott B. out.

508. AJ - October 18, 2008

490: T’Chert

A kak s vami soderzhat’ kontakt? Kromye, Trekmovie.com, imyeyets’ya Vidu.

A ty sama otkuda v Rossiy?

Ya prosto, po rabotye, byl vo’obshche vezdye. Pochemu-to ne vidyel Voronezh, no zhil v Moskve, v Leningradye, v Volgogradye.; Zhil v Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo i..i (okhuyet’) Bykovo. Koroche, moi adres-Sovyetski Soyuz.

509. Spocks Brain - October 18, 2008

I will explain why Romulus is named Romulus, and why their system is like those of the Romans, and I will also explain why the name NERO is stupid.

Thousands of years ago the Romulans (then called the Sadori), had outposts on all life bearing planets to learn the biology, geology and if inhabited by intelligent creatures, their society arts and technology as well. Of course they did have advance science and warp capability then since they were far ahead in technology than Humans.
There was one scientist called Zvolak (back then all their names were identical to vulcan names) who was actually a botanist and anthropologist. In his 15 year study of earths plants in the location of italy he found a cure for one of the most devastating illnesses that tortured their people. This was because of a genetic mutation, that the Vulcans did NOT have. The cure was a organic complex of molecules found in a plant here on earth. They isolated the molecule and was then able to synthesize it synthetically.
The observation of the human cultures of the time was under CLOAK, much like the prime directive of the federation, they were allowed to study but not contaminate or influence the evolving societies of each planet. Thus they remained in hiding. However Zvolak did admire the roman structure of the war machine they had, and was amazed how they were able to conquer so many brave armies even though they used primitive technology. He believed that if he would be able to teach these techniques of strategy and organization to his own people (the people or Sadori before they were called Romulans). Zvolak after returning to Sador he was greeted as a national hero and he swiftly gained political power. He was elected to become the Sadori leader eventually. He slowly started to reorganize the Sadori army taking as a blueprint what he had learned from the Earthling Romans. After some time of great financial and military improvements, he decided to rename Sadori to Romulas.

Now about the Nero name. Indeed some roman names did leak into the new founded Romulas society since they wanted to differ from their Vulcan heritage, but what are the odds of someone having an evil name like NERO, and he also being the BAD guy on a Startrek movie? LOL

510. AJ - October 18, 2008

Spocks Brain:

Thanks for the report from the Lunatic Fringe.

If your story is from some novels, just can it. I’m sure Zvolak would approve.


511. The REAL Redjac - October 18, 2008

#507 — As the seekers of the planet Eden said — “We reach brother…we really do!” :-) Yes, as designers, how things look matters to us. Like you, I also pay very close attention to a musical score.

Man, I never thought I’d get flamed (not by you #507 — other twits) for saying I was trying to be objective and that some fans ARE blindly loyal and will like just any kind of crap.

Both are true.

I want a well-rounded film. I’d like to see great production design…a good story…great acting…there’s no reason we can’t get that and I am HOPEFUL we will.

There are plenty of great films out there that meet all the criteria.

Finally, as I said — the bridge having a wooden floor isn’t going to kill the experience for me. I would have just made a different choice.

So chill out, flamers. You have a bogus war. But I am not going to take back the comment that some fans will like ANYTHING (including Star Trek that is on the same quality level as Lost In Space). That is absolutely true.

PS: I never said one had to be a designer to decide what looks good and what doesn’t. There are lots of people who have posted their opinions about the bridge set that mirrored my own and I am sure they are not designers.

It’s a matter of taste.

512. The REAL Redjac - October 18, 2008

Let me reiterate — I SUPPORT the makers of this film and wish it the greatest success. I hope it blows the airlocks off the theaters.

I’ll be there spending my hard-earned sheckles on opening day.

However, I hope it’ll be ok if I share my honest opinion about it after I see it without being flamed.

*keeps fingers AND toes crossed*

It won’t make me less of a fan — whatever that opinion ends up being.

513. Spocks Brain - October 18, 2008

This is not from a novel, I just made it up. LOL I am writing star trek history here….

There must SOME logical explanation of why Romulus is named Romulus, and I created it for you all :-)

514. sean - October 18, 2008


I’ve got an even better explanation – the Star Trek writers were fond of ancient history and let bits and bobs of it influence their writing. And the mystery is solved!

515. AJ - October 18, 2008


Eschew obfuscation.

516. Harry Ballz - October 18, 2008

Err, is that like telling someone to digest excrement? Why, how rude!

517. ctiii - October 18, 2008

First time I’ve been to this site in months and nothings changed. these pics make this film look like nothing more than a high budget parody. It’s no different than when Fred Savage donned Kirks uniform in “The Wonder Years” for their spoof. Heck…the kid that played Kevin’s friend Paul looked like a better Spock than Quinto does. Quinto looks like Sylar wanted to play dress up for Halloween.

I dont plan on seeing this even when its leaked on to YouTube.

518. Harry Ballz - October 18, 2008

#517 “I don’t plan on seeing this even when it’s leaked on to YouTube”

Boy, you pay a lot of attention for someone who’s completely indifferent!

519. Star Trek 90210 - Tietokone.fi - October 18, 2008

[…] Kuvagalleria Trekmovie.com:ssa Spock (Zachary Quinto) […]

520. Spocks Brain - October 19, 2008

>>> 517

>Quinto looks like Sylar wanted to play dress up for Halloween.


>I dont plan on seeing this even when its leaked on to YouTube.

I will see it but im sure it will be stupid… Sorry but it seems that these people dont know how to do star trek. They gave star trek to someone who made Transformers for crying out loud…. lol
They are puting a lot of money in this movie… but I think that with all their money and CGI, the movie will have no real spirit.

521. fakesteve - October 19, 2008

[520] This is where I disagree… Paramount threw a lot of money at this movie, because they see that everybody else is scrambling for franchises these days, in which even the last DC Comic is made into a film…

And Star Trek was sadly in the ropes, but Abrams, Lindelof, Orci and everybody else working on Trek right now really care about what they are doing. So I bet there will be a lot of spirit…

522. Alec - October 19, 2008

502. Jabob Slatter – October 18, 2008
‘OH, and by the way folks, there is no such thing as canon. Never has been, never will be.’

Actually, there is. And there always will be. There are certain key events. There are certain key characters. These characters have clearly defined personalities. And Star Trek itself has an essential nature. This is canon. We all know this; and anyone who doesn’t accept this is not a fan of Star Trek. We all know, for example, that were the character of James T. Kirk to be written as a cowardly, inept wimp, then he would not be Gene Roddenberry’s Kirk. The debate centres on WHAT ELSE you may consider ‘canon’. Some consider the ship and technology, as used in the 60’s TV show, canon. I do not. Some consider the colour of Kirk’s eyes to be important. I do not. Some consider the aesthetics of the show to be inviolable. I do not. But we all agree on the basics to which I have referred and eluded. If there is no ‘canon’ (i.e., no essence of Star Trek in terms of philosophy, history, etc.) then the show we are watching has no universal basis. It clearly does.

People do get worked up about ‘canon’. I think that the root of this is the concern we may have that Star Trek ought to be respected. Yes, Improved, modernised, expanded Star Trek is great. But we’re essentially going to see a Star Trek film. This concern is heightened by the fact that we don’t know what to expect. We know so little about the film…

523. Marian Ciobanu - October 19, 2008

– Well..Nero’s ears are now very different..and mr. young Spock’s face looks ..very ..unreal..but..everything looks fine.. ..i just can’t wait to see the movie…

524. The REAL Redjac - October 19, 2008

What’s wrong with his EARS??

What’s wrong with Spock’s FACE??

You hater!


525. captain_neill - October 19, 2008

Kirk’s eye colour and Spock’s height being diff are silly things to treat as canon. The events are canon and have to fit in.

The bridge I was hoping to look similar, Hell Enterprise proved it could original bridge could work well today in ‘In a Mirror, Darkly’

The new bridge looks alien to anything from TOS and therefore harder to put into canon. The uniforms I can put into canon.

Only thing I can say to fans that JJ Abrams is a very very dangerous man indeed.

526. AJ - October 19, 2008


See the film and then judge.

If JJ has decided to surprise us all with a good big-budget parody, then many would still be psyched.

Would you?

527. Aurora - October 19, 2008

I am optamistic. But the “Spock” character is not up to par. Star Trek is followed and loved by so many fans, I had hoped they would have been more picky about the new actors they are introducing as our beloved crew!
I read that Matt D was a consideration, I think that a great show (s) and all that followed would deserve someone higher up on the Hollywood food chain.
This is a great role! And every one is important. It’s like them casting Will Smith to play Jim West on the WIld Wild West film..(disastrous)…Speed Racer, could have been a great movie, but again, awful!
I don’t think they should have picked Sylar (spelling) as Spock, a character adored by so many, and when he died saving the crew people in the theatre were beside themselves & in tears!
He looks evil! His nose isnt right, his eyes are to big and so on… I dont think he can pull it off. I have my reservations. Perhaps it’s a new audience they are trying to capture? As a Star Trek fan, I cross my fingers they didn’t botch this too.

528. Episode 9: Tales of Gundamperia | GamerWok - October 19, 2008

[…] Trek Movie screens released of cast and […]

529. Not Happy - October 19, 2008

Looks like femme-trek — a bunch a effeminate little boys – playing the characters from 40 years ago. It might as well be a scene from some hair styling saloon in the future.– Marvelous — Just compare to actors in the 40’s to the ones today. Must be that ” trekevolution ” in which beings become more effeminate as they progress. They probably should have hired Tom Cruise wouldn’t have made a difference.

530. Xai - October 19, 2008


DAm, you figured it all out. Now there won’t be a surprise.

And if you are “Not Happy”, may I suggest you and the other six dwarves stay home with Ms. White and not see this movie.

531. Xai - October 19, 2008

Still amazed that so many here have seen the movie before the actual premiere and decided “it sucks”.

What have I seen?

“the actors don’t look like the originals”….. sorry, cloning not yet perfected.

“The ship/bridge/control panel/viewscreen doesn’t look like the original..”…. The bridge, etc changed colors, brightness and look thoroughout TOS and it’s movies. You expected more cardboard ?

“I hate this…” OK, your opinion. Stay home. Vote with your dollars and euros.

532. JWM - October 19, 2008

“Sorry after reading a few of the happy glowing reviews of the pics I smelt the sweet scent of studio trolls.”

Do you wear a tin foil hat?

533. JWM - October 19, 2008


To rebut on behalf of the person you were rebutting: “canon” is a term and a philosophy adopted by fan bases who can’t handle the idea that the books they’ve purchased and read through the years (and in some cases memorized) were nothing more than an attempt for the studio to turn a profit without spending the money on a show or movie. When “canon” is disregarded, it’s exposed for what it truly is: fan fiction that can (and in my humble opinion) should be disregarded if a better idea comes along. There are some great gems for Star Trek expanded universe books (Reeves-Stevens’ works, the Eugenics Wars and “spock’s world” standing out) but there are others that are pure dreck (file under “McIntyre, Vonda”) that if the producers of a new film felt themselves beholden to, I would buy the plane ticket and serve the jail time just to smack them upside the head.

Anyone, anyone, anyone who has a problem with the movie already just because of some still photos not meeting their stringent guidelines for what something should be — without any *context* for the pics, mind you –I reiterate an earlier point I, and others, have made: stay home. We won’t miss you. Not at all. We’ll let you know what we thought.

534. Star Trek Family - October 19, 2008

I Must say I don’t care for the new bridge.
Has anyone considered that might not be the enterprise from that
time period.

Maybe old spock takes the enterprise from his time ,back in time .
I think they will need a newer enterprise to fight nero’s modern ship.

Just a thought.

535. Closettrekker - October 19, 2008

#517—“I dont plan on seeing this even when its leaked on to YouTube.”

And yet you have taken the time to visit, read, and post on this site….Curious.

#527—“I dont think he can pull it off.”

If you cannot disregard your own preconceived notions in favor of “imagination”, then you won’t like it, no matter how good it is.

I hate to break it to you, but your opinion of “how he pulls it off” means a whole lot less than what my kids and their peers think of it.

If you cannot open yourself up to ‘change’, then this probably isn’t for you.

I plan to enjoy it.


536. Closettrekker - October 19, 2008

#317—-That’s a great post.

And no matter what happens, it will never be forgotten.

I think your suggestion abot explaining the asthetic changes is good as well, and certainly seems to mesh with some of Bob Orci’s comments on this site.


“Anything which appears to violate canon will have a canon explanation.”–Bob Orci.

537. sean - October 19, 2008

Here’s the most important question – will we see a return to rainbow warp effects? Bob??

538. AJ - October 19, 2008


That is cynical and not very funny.

If the new Enterprise crew is to be depicted as silly, gay hairdressers, I’m in. But it has to be good!

539. fakesteve - October 20, 2008

[317] CT… good speculation. If Neros Folks arrive 30 years early in their little attack ships and hijack the Kelvin, they should create a wave of influence in the era, resulting in a changed Timeline…

540. Chris - October 20, 2008

I’m digging that the New E still sorta feels like the logical precursor to what we see in “The Motion Picture”.

The interior sets all look newer, but at least the body of the ship still has her classic look, and a lot of the “modern audience-ification” took its notes from the Refit.

541. JWM - October 20, 2008

#537 – But they didn’t use rainbow effects in the show! Canon violation! Canon violation!

:-D Seriously, though, that is a GREAT question. I am curious about that myself.

542. fakesteve - October 20, 2008

Rainbow warp effects are so 1979! I bet ILM will come up with something more convincing…

543. Smike van Dyke - October 20, 2008

You know, while im skeptical about that TNG-tie in comic book and other story details, the BRIDGE is really growing on me. The fact that is looks bridge and shiny really makes my day. It so much reminds me of the following Sci Fi classics, which I still hold dear, espcially design-wise:

Space: 1999
2001: A Space Odysee
ST: TMP (though the bridge was too dark in this one)
Galaxy Quest
and last but not least: Turkish Star Trek (1973)

The bridge is the thing I’m looking forward the most at the moment…and I don’t care that it contracts some aspects of “The Cage” or “Where No Man Has gone before”…
In fact, it resembles some elements of these two pilot episodes more that it does TOS after “The Man Trap” (no black stations, those funny lamps, no orange doors and railings)…

544. Phil Smith - October 20, 2008

The crew members look like they are made out of plastic. Bana looks badass.

545. Aran - October 20, 2008

Has anyone considered that the picture of the bridge isn’t the Enterprise, but possibly Spocks time ship? That display behind Kirk and Bones looks very reminiscent of the temporal charts seen in VOY and ENT.

546. The REAL Redjac - October 20, 2008

One of the stations says “Environmental” (which is one of the stations on the TOS bridge as well) and one says NCC-1701…I’d say this is some version of the Enterprise. At least a simulator.

547. spock or sylar - October 20, 2008

I dont understand this, this movie violates every canon in the book .

are these supposed to be a bunch of wet behind the ears ensign officers just graduated from academy? how do they become lieutentants and commanders so quickly during the 5 year mission? canon has it kirk went promoted from lieutenant cmdr right to captain, to become the youngest captain at age 35 . but does kirk go from ensign straight to captain in this movie at age 25??

and Kirk and Mccoy are cadets at the same time? isn’t McCoy 10 years older than Kirk, they did not go to the academy at the same time?

same with Uhuru and Checkov, arent they younger, maybe 20? certainly checkov was not even in the 1st season of TOS, and when he came in the 2nd season he was a fresh ensign . how can he be here in this crew together?

and spock is here, wasnt he on capt pike’s enterprise first before kirk? did pike retire from star fleet? if so, is enterprise – the flag-ship of the fleet, given to a bunch of young officers just graduated? i dont understand

548. Jamie - October 20, 2008

303, AJ

“Companies spend millions to have their brands genericized like this. You may want to check with Marketing before you make such a general statement.“

Adobe have spent a considerable amount of money campaigning against the genericisation of the Photoshop name.

549. Xai - October 20, 2008

547. spock or sylar – October 20, 2008
It’s theorized by some that this movie is extended over many eras in the crew’s lives. As children, cadets, commanders. We don’t have all the answers yet. Those come in May.

Because McCoy is older, perhaps he joined the academy late?
I guess we wait to see.

550. Captain Robert April - October 20, 2008

Kirk’s age was established in “The Deadly Years”:


KIRK: I’m thiry-fo — (more strongly) I’m thirty-four years old!

Just a bit earlier in that scene, Sulu states that he’s served under Kirk for two years. And, of course, this is a second season episode.

Bottom line: Kirk assumed command of the Enterprise around the age of 31-32.

Dialogue in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” indicates that the Enterprise was not Kirk’s first command; bits from “The Making of Star Trek” say that he commanded a destroyer before getting the Enterprise.

551. cellojammer - October 20, 2008

When I attended Naval Officer Candidate School right out of college, there was a separate course of instruction for older students who already earned their law, nursing or medical degrees. It was called Officer Indoctrination School. They didn’t need quite so extensive a curriculum in Naval matters, but rather, an ‘indoctrination’ into military culture so that they could practice their professions within it.

Our instructors were mostly lieutenants. I’m speculating that Kirk will be such an instructor in an early scene and that McCoy will be joining up, not as a cadet, but as an already practicing medical doctor, getting his Starfleet indoctrination.

Makes sense to me and I hope that’s how it plays out.

552. Marian Ciobanu - October 21, 2008

– This mix of a remake with a real trek feeling looks great to me.. >: D

553. ВЯЧЕСЛАВ - October 21, 2008

Для AJ мой электронный адрес imperator80@yandex.ru.

554. Closettrekker - October 21, 2008

#550—I’ll accept that Kirk was 34 in “The Deadly Years”. That seems accurate.

However, the fact that Sulu claims he has served under Kirk for 2 years doesn’t mean that time was confined to the Enterprise. The first time we see Sulu, he is a Lt. Surely he was an ensign at one time, and possibly aboard another ship. Furthermore, it has never been clear that 1season of TOS= 1 year.

Moreover, information provided in “The Making Of Star Trek” is not canon.

555. Holo J - October 21, 2008

Just a bit of fun really but here is Pine as Kirk with brown eyes…

556. Alex Rosenzweig - October 21, 2008

#547 – “I dont understand this, this movie violates every canon in the book .”

How so?

“canon has it kirk went promoted from lieutenant cmdr right to captain, to become the youngest captain at age 35 . but does kirk go from ensign straight to captain in this movie at age 25??”

Canon doesn’t say anything save that Kirk was a Lieutenant 11 years before “Obsession”, and that he’s the youngest captain in StarFleet at the time he takes command of the Enterprise.

“and Kirk and Mccoy are cadets at the same time? isn’t McCoy 10 years older than Kirk, they did not go to the academy at the same time?”

McCoy is established in TNG to be born in 2227. The 5-year mission is established as taking place between 2265 and 2270. Accepting the Okuda date for Kirk’s birth, McCoy’s about 6 years older than Kirk. Note, thouigh, taht it’s also believed that McCoy was already a doctor and an MD before he went to the Academy. As an older student, he and Kirk could possibly have met at the Academy…or perhaps later. We don’t know that they meet at the Academy, even in this film.

“same with Uhuru and Checkov, arent they younger, maybe 20? certainly checkov was not even in the 1st season of TOS, and when he came in the 2nd season he was a fresh ensign . how can he be here in this crew together?”

Well, TWOK establishes that Chekov was on board the Enterprise during “Space Seed”. He is a bit young to be there as a full Ensign if this movie is pre-dating “Where No Man…”, but perhaps he’s there on a training cruise?

“and spock is here, wasnt he on capt pike’s enterprise first before kirk?”

Right. No contradiction to be found in that.

“did pike retire from star fleet? if so, is enterprise – the flag-ship of the fleet, given to a bunch of young officers just graduated? i dont understand”

Pike eventually left command of the Enterprise, and was promoted to Fleet Captain. “The Menagerie” establishes that he was later horribly injured rescuing cadets on a training ship, and was crippled from radiation exposure. I don’t know if the movie will cover this or not, but so far, nothing that we’ve heard contradicts that for him. I take that as the reason for EW describing him as “doomed”.

Now I’m still pretty concerned about all this alternate timeline horsecrap, but to be fair, so far, nothing we’ve seen suggests that any of the events in the Trekverse are being contradicted. With everybody connected to the production asserting that it’s not going to be, perhaps the concern is merely needless hand-wringing. We can but hope.

557. Alex Rosenzweig - October 21, 2008

#556 – Ooops! My bad, and I only caught it after I’d hit “say it!”

“As an older student, he and Kirk could possibly have met at the Academy…or perhaps later. We don’t know that they meet at the Academy, even in this film.”

I forgot about that pic of the two of them in the shuttle. The film does establish that they know each other at the Academy. To be fair, this film won’t be the first Trek project to speculate that, and it still doesn’t contradict anything. :)

558. THX-1138 - October 21, 2008

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned (who has time to read all of these posts!) but perhaps McCoy has decided on a change of life after his divorce. That would make a difference in his age and the other cadets plausible.

559. Alex Rosenzweig - October 22, 2008

#558 – Non-canonically, that’s exactly what happened. Leonard and Jocelyn divorce, and he feels he has to get away, choosing to join StarFleet as much to escape as anything else. He was, we are told, already a resident at, IIRC, Atlanta General Hospital at the time, and his time at the Academy wasn’t so much for general medical training as for the specific training necessary to work in space.

560. Closettrekker - October 22, 2008

It seems to me that far too many fans are looking for a reason to panic.

I’ve yet to see anything but asthetic changes, something we all know had to happen.

If Bob Orci says “anything which ‘appears’ to violate canon will have a canon explanation”, then I see no reason to doubt that. What that says to me is simply that the story may debunk some fans preconceived notions about the characters’ backstories, but not actually openly contradict canon.

I’m not worried about the timeline. If anything, changes to the original timeline will “protect” the sanctity of the original series—not disrespect it.

When I see a Romulan attack on the USS Kelvin prior to “Balance Of Terror”, yet after the Earth-Romulan War, I assume that something has unbalanced the timeline (unless it was previously unknown what happened to the Kelvin). However, we do not know to what extent that change will affect the timeline we know.

Does Federation politics take a somewhat more militaristic turn in the wake of that attack? If so, how does that affect Starfleet and the paths of the iconic characters with which we are so familiar?

Imagine the United States never having experienced the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001—or probably even more dramatic in its effect upon history—never having experienced the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The effects of those changes in the timeline we know would have tremendous reprecussions.

The question may very well be, how significant is the attack on the Kelvin? The Romulans must have thought it significant.

561. Alex Rosenzweig - October 22, 2008

#560 – “I’ve yet to see anything but asthetic changes, something we all know had to happen.”

Agreed so far.

“If Bob Orci says ‘anything which ‘appears’ to violate canon will have a canon explanation’, then I see no reason to doubt that. What that says to me is simply that the story may debunk some fans preconceived notions about the characters’ backstories, but not actually openly contradict canon.”

For the most part, I agree. however, the one “out” they have, and the reason why I’ve aked a much more specific question that has remained unanswered for months, is that alternate timelines and an Everett-esque concept of a multiverse are canonical in Trek, so simply saying that there’ll be a canon explanation doesn’t lay that concern to rest. But when they say that their intent is that the movie is to be considered part of the Trek world that we know, that’s a stronger statement.

Now, if they will simply confirm, simply and straightforwardly, that whatever happens (and I don’t need to know that part ;) ), the result of this film is still intended to lead directly into the same Trekverse we’ve always had, or one so similar that what’s already been established remains established, I can rest easy and enjoy what’s coming out about the film without reservation. The fact that the question I have asked remains unanswered, when a simple, non-plot-revealing “Yes” would suffice, continues to leave the rebootista door open just enough of a crack for me to remain uncomfortable.

“I’m not worried about the timeline. If anything, changes to the original timeline will “protect” the sanctity of the original series—not disrespect it.”

We can but hope.

“When I see a Romulan attack on the USS Kelvin prior to “Balance Of Terror”, yet after the Earth-Romulan War, I assume that something has unbalanced the timeline (unless it was previously unknown what happened to the Kelvin). However, we do not know to what extent that change will affect the timeline we know.”

That’s the thing, of course. The Kelvin’s crew (and anyone else) may never have known it was a Romulan attack. After all, we’re talking about a ship from over a century in the future (assuming what we think we know about the scene is correct). But was that ship “meant” to be destroyed in the regular Trekverse, or does this spark a change? And since we also have heard that there may be multiple alternate timelines in response to various strategems by Nero, it’s hard to know whether one incident is the core of the situation, or merely one thing building on another, etc. (Consider the overlapping complexities of such actions in “Year of Hell”, though in the end the original continuum was restored.)


“The question may very well be, how significant is the attack on the Kelvin? The Romulans must have thought it significant.”

Ahh, but which Romulans? There’s not yet a sense that the Romulan government, in either timeframe (23rd Century or post-“Nemesis”), has a clue what’s going on. ;)

562. Closettrekker - October 23, 2008

#561—“There’s not yet a sense that the Romulan government, in either timeframe (23rd Century or post-”Nemesis”), has a clue what’s going on”

I agree. My feeling (and there is nothing concrete to back it up) is that this is a ‘rogue’ Romulan faction or small group who has chosen to undertake this task—whatever that may be.

563. Billy Boy - October 23, 2008

I think Quinto as Spock looks uncanny. I saw another photo on another site where he’s chokeslamming Kirk. Can you say Amok Time? Cue the fight music! At first I wasn’t sure about Pine as Kirk, but the more I see him the better I feel about it, ( I still feel this movie shoulda been made 10 years ago with a younger Matt Damon as Kirk, oh well) One question, whats with all the curly hair on Chekhov? I know the Beatles cut Walter Koenig sported in the 60’s would look dumb now but really….

564. Billy Boy - October 23, 2008

Also……does anyone know if Kirks arch nemesis Finnegan is gonna be in the movie?

565. Billy Boy - October 23, 2008

If I understand bits and pieces of the plot that I’ve already heard, this movie is a time travel piece with Romulan assasins being sent back in time ala The Terminator to wipe out Kirk and his crew at varying times of thier formative years before they become the Universe savers they turn out to be later in life. (Sort of a retroactive abortion?) The older Spock is sent to intercept and recruits his younger self to help. There are actual scenes with Kirk and Spock as children although they don’t interact which means theres more involved for Leonard Nimoy than just a cameo. A little confusing but I like it.

566. FishHead - October 26, 2008

Why does Spock look so computer made???? he looks like a cartoon carakter…..

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