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Exclusive: Orci and Kurtzman Talk To TrekMovie About USS Kelvin (and Kirk’s shirt) + New Kelvin Image October 16, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

After Paramount released all the new photos from the Star Trek movie, TrekMovie had a chance to speak exclusively to Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci about the USS Kelvin image (the exclusive image for TrekMovie). The pair give us a bit of background on this new ship, plus there is a new image of the ship just made available. Oh and they also also talk about that black shirt Kirk is always wearing!


Here is the pic sent in to TrekMovie

Exclusive effects shot from ‘Star Trek’
(click to enlarge)

Orci and Kurtzman talk Kelvin

TrekMovie: Any background to the name Kelvin?

Roberto Orci: It is JJ [Abrams] grandfather’s name

Alex Kurtzman: JJ’s grandfather had a company named Kelvin and Kelvin has appeared in everything he has done. It was in MI3, it was in Alias and Felicity.

Orci: Kelvin is also a big name in science with the temperature scale named after him, and there is certainly a believable reason that Starfleet would have a ship named after him.

TrekMovie: Would you describe the ship as a science vessel?

Orci: All ships — even the Enterprise is a vessel of science.

TrekMovie: True, but certain ships, like the Grissom, were specifically science ships.

Orci: Then, I don’t think I would describe it as a strict science ship.

TrekMovie: And is the registry number NCC 0514?

Kurtzman: yes

TrekMovie: What angle are we seeing the ship? Is that the leading edge of the saucer?

Kurtzman: Yes

Orci: That picture should be the first clue that saucer and nacelle technology are still quite prevalent in our Starfleet.

TrekMovie: Is this just part of a larger battle or is this particular ship significant?

Orci: Aren’t all of life’s battles part of a large battle?

Kurtzman: [laughs] This is a very significant ship.

TrekMovie: Is this a different type of ship that the USS Enterprise?

Orci: Yes, a different type of ship.

Kurtzman: They are similar ships, but not the same ship. They are different classes of ships.

TrekMovie: There is a red beam hitting the ship, can you say who is firing on them?

Orci: It is a Star Destroyer. [very funny Bob!]

Kurtzman: The answer to your question is in one of the other photographs. [NOTE: This could either mean the USS Enterprise or the villain Nero…TrekMovie is going to guess Nero…duh]

TrekMovie: Here is a nerdy Trek question. In the history of Trek shields have been shown both as a bubble around the ship and as a skin clinging to the hull. It is hard to see from this image if there are any shield effects, but in the new Star Trek which approach is used?

Kurtzman: We have always thought of them as more like skin, less like bubble.

Orci: The bubble represents energy fields — signature, but not necessarily the physical shape of the shield.

TrekMovie: The ship seems to have lots of striations and marks on it, is that all from the battle or has this ship been around the block before it gets into the battle?

Orci: When you meet the Kelvin it is pristine, it is a beautiful site.

image of the USS Kelvin from Entertainment Weekly

Click to bigify


Bonus Question on Kirk’s Shirt
TrekMovie: Regarding the other pictures, there has been a lot of questions about how Kirk is never seen in a gold shirt, will we see him in the gold?

Orci: That is a big question…we have given it a lot of thought.

Kurtzman: It is not a random thing. There is a reason his shirt is the color that it is.

What is with that black shirt?


1. Father Robert Lyons - October 16, 2008

Interesting picture of the Kelvin, but I am not digging the thin saucer and the fact that the registry numbers are way out at the edge of it.

Just a case of me being very heavily indoctrinated into the existing visual ethos of TOS and the TOS Movie era.


2. Lousy_Canadian - October 16, 2008

Can’ wait for EW next week to see more!

3. Rat Boy - October 16, 2008

Maybe it’s a commando shirt? I can’t believe Kirk’s still a cadet by that point, unless there’s more time travel trickery afoot.

4. John Trumbull - October 16, 2008

Kirk’s black shirt almost looks like some sort of prison uniform. I wonder if Starfleet throws him into a correctional facility for cheating on the Kobeyashi Maru test?

5. Lousy_Canadian - October 16, 2008

#4: That’s a really good suggestion, John. We’ll probably learn more next month when the trailer comes out. :D

6. RaveOnEd - October 16, 2008

Kirk’s shirt does have a Starfleet delta shield embroidered into it (either in charcoal or black), and from the article in EW, it mentions something about that being a cadet uniform.

EW could be shooting in the dark on that one, bu they also have some interesting bits in the article.

Can’t wait till the hard copy hits my mailbox!

7. The Bear - October 16, 2008

Is that just one warp nacelle (bottom of ship) and secondary hull on top? Or is that two warp nacelles? First??

8. BND - October 16, 2008

Kirk spilled mango juice on his gold overshirt early in tha’ film. Had ta’ send it ta’ be dry-cleaned. Mystery solved, mates. Years later, he didn’t mind a little blood on tha’ flap though…

Yer Kelvin be givin’ me tha’ eye- Gettin’ fresh, starry ship?!

That’s some rough science oot thar’ in space…


9. ety3 - October 16, 2008

I’m gonna guess that the black shirt (which Damon said on MTV was a captain’s shirt) designates a provisional rank, or “acting captain” role, and we’ll see Kirk in the gold shirt just before the end credits roll.

Just a guess.

10. jef leppard - October 16, 2008

I thought the black shirt was just the “undershirt” like everyone else is wearing, without the yellow overshirt.

11. Joe Schmoe - October 16, 2008

Someone mentioned on the other page to turn the image of the Kelvin upside down. It looks a little more recognizable to what we are used to.

I’m hoping that Nero didn’t steal the Kelvin and went after Kirk in revenge. Just a little too close to Wrath of Kahn. Also add in the fact that the Reliant was essentially the Enterprise design turned upside down (by accident when Harve Bennett looked at the early designs wrong).

I’ve had a night to sleep on all of this new information. At first I was disappointed, because my imagination is better than what they can come up with. But I think it’s good for them to get these pictures out, to get the hardcore fans softened up for when the movie comes out. Time to digest that Yes this is a change, but that all change is not always bad.

I just want a good Star Trek movie. I could do without the hostess station on the bridge, but that really isn’t a good reason to hate on a movie before seeing it.

12. RaveOnEd - October 16, 2008

(EW also mentions the phasers – they sound almost Cage-WNMHGB era, with an upgrade…)

13. RaveOnEd - October 16, 2008

11 – I don’t think the Kelvin gets hijacked by Nero. The ship’s number suggests to me that she’s pre-1701, pre-Constitution Class era.

Also, isn’t Kelvin the ship George Kirk is aboard, according to rumor? If other plot rumors are true, I think Nero attacks the Kelvin to kill George Kirk, then realizes he’s materialized too late to stop James Kirk’s conception/birth (big “D’OH” moment for Nero), and then proceeds a little further on to get Kirk somehow before he commands the Enterprise.

14. CmdrR - October 16, 2008

So in this telling of Trek, starships have both the copper-colored parabolic radar dish that gets a name only later… and the glowy blue deflector dish. Hmmm. Is the Kelvin a prototype? Or is Scotty on board, upgrading things as they go?

15. Admiral Grand - October 16, 2008

Must agree with 1, the ship takes a little getting use to, but it is starting to grow on me.

And the other images are fantastic, i am absolutely thrilled, but I still have to be greedy and beg Paramount for a full shot of the big E herself!


16. Weirdigen - October 16, 2008

Isn’t the obvious answer to the shirt question that it is his black undershirt – his gold overshirt having already been ripped to shreds in a fistfight with the bad guys?

That’s very Kirk.

17. StarTrekkie - October 16, 2008

why would the deflector array be sticking out of the top of the saucer? It looks rather odd

18. Nelson - October 16, 2008

Without reading anymore articles to avoid spoilers, how is it that a Romulan and human meet in this film if Kirk and crew doesn’t actually meet or see a Romulan till Balance of Terror?

Must be either part of the re-imaging, a false lead, takes place after Balance of Terror or they don’t actually meet.

Looks like the Kelvin has one warp engine below the saucer section, an homage to Franz Joseph?

19. MattTheTrekkie - October 16, 2008

Wow… The Kelvin looks… hmmm… not sure how to take it :D I was really hoping for the satellite dishes where the deflector is… but oh well! I think it looks like its been to h311 and back! I cannot wait to see a Star Trek space battle along the lines of ST:2 or ST:8.

20. John from Cincinnati - October 16, 2008

After reading the EW article:

Kirk is a cadet in these photos AND

I am totally convinced the new movie is a reboot and the franchise going forward is going to be based in a totally new alternate reality timeline thing.

You can read the article for yourself at ew.com and let me know what conclusions you draw from it.

21. thomoz - October 16, 2008

Nothing shown so far violates canon so I hope that the naysayers will be sated for now. The crew shot, minus Spock, is really terrific.

22. konara - October 16, 2008

maybe for some reason he is resisting wearing the command tunic, so he is purposely running around in his undershirt.

23. Dave - October 16, 2008

#14, the glowy blue thing is the nacelle.

24. BND - October 16, 2008

Bob Orci just wanted a nifty black tunic as he planned ta’ raid tha’ movie wardrobe right after it wrapped.

Blackshirts shoveled coal inta’ tha’ ships’ engine furnaces, right?

Kirk swaddled someone wit’ his gold overshirt earlier.

Captain cadets just look cooler in tha’ dark tunic.

Kirk is mournin’ his papa gettin’ killed aboard tha’ Kelvin.

Kirk is indeed on some probation…. or in disguise from Nero… or he’s Batsman.

Canna see enough o’ tha’ Kelvin ta’ compare it too much ta’ other ships. That big blue blender atop it would make some mighty fine and vastly large margaritas… aren’t tha’ old copper radar dishes supposed ta’ go in tha’ giant glass, like an umbrella then?


25. Aaron R. - October 16, 2008

I think the Kelvin looks wonderful. Very similar to some other designs in the tech manuals that we never saw onscreen.

26. Marco - October 16, 2008

The Kelvin looks like a spaceship of the later 24. century

27. hairstylefreak - October 16, 2008

i think the deflector dish is under the saucer…. what we see above it may be a nacelle on steroids….

28. CmdrR - October 16, 2008

#23 – If you say so. Looks pretty TMP deflector dish to me. Plus, the two protruberances don’t match. (We’re going in circles, and at warp 10 we’re going nowhere mighty fast!) I’m no 100% sure the new ships will match up with canon or whatever you want to call it.

Also, the red and green navigation beacons are oddly placed, don’t you think? And one more nit to pick… WHY would anyone commission a registry number that begins with 0? Even if you’ve got big plans, that seems a pointless waste of paint.

29. Jordan - October 16, 2008

I think the ship IS upside down. Its in space, so it doesn’t really matter at what angle it moves at. Its just become natural, because in everything we’ve seen in previous seasons/movies, all ships seam to be directed in the same way, like their ships in the sea.

I think the blue is the deflector dish.

30. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

So Neros mission is killing Kirks father… the caption under the EWs Kelvin images reads “Before Kirk is even born, a Romulan attack on a starship launches the plot for the new movie”
So Kirks mother is pregnant with Jim, Nero kills George with the whole crew of the Kelvin (who knows, maybe a young half-vulcan aboard survives?) and young Kirk has to live with his evil uncle in Iowa…

31. Luke Montgomery - October 16, 2008


** Kirk’s shirt is black because he has been stripped of his rank and position temporarily as a disciplinary action because of his actions in the Koybiashi Maru simulator. **

32. Rich - October 16, 2008

For a full view of the big E – a quick google search finds it. Its been my screen background for a month.

33. Melonpool - October 16, 2008

I tried flipping the picture upside down and agree, it looks better to me — at least at this angle — but I don’t think that the picture was flipped. If it was, then the registration number is on upside-down!

I’ve never see any hull writing on any of the Star Trek ships that can be read from the vantage point of the ship. It’s always positioned for other ships to identify it, isn’t it?

34. RaveOnEd - October 16, 2008

32 – What did you use to search for it?

35. Xai - October 16, 2008

I think you see it as it is.. right side up with a single nacelle.

36. noirgwio - October 16, 2008

It’s possible that Kirk’s black shirt reflects the Kobyashi Maru test… We know time travel is a factor, with Old Spock and all, I doubt the entirety of the film’s events will end up having been one BIG Kobyashi Maru test for Kirk. But maybe we are seeing what he wears just prior to becoming captain? And then again, after his Maru stunt, perhaps Starfleet figures they’ll make an example out of Kirk, figuring he’ll never handle the real job, but he blows them all outta the water and gets a legit captaincy? By the way – when do we get to see capt. Pike?

37. well maybe - October 16, 2008

Well maybe this might work, but I just dont know. I am sure Transformers 2 will be the hit next year, I just dont see this movie pulling in more than 120 million. After the first weekend, it will have to deal with the other big movies of summer 09, plus after you get the fanboys in the seats, after that I doubt you will pull in regular business, hopefully I am wrong but I think I feel a let down.

38. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

The saucer is in the right position, but the nacelle is below it, and the engineering hull above it…

39. Shatners Bile Duct - October 16, 2008

#1 what are you talking about, the hull isn’t ‘thin’ its about the same as the Ent in the TMP and onwards..strange.

40. CmdrR - October 16, 2008

#39 — I’m probably not the first, but …. eeeeuuuuww.

41. Jordan - October 16, 2008

I hate ships with a single nacelle. Looks ugly to me.

42. James - October 16, 2008

The blue thing definitely looks like a deflector to me.

There is a red thing under the saucer section – perhaps a bussard collector?

I thought Roddenberry only wanted ships with even-numbered nacelles, though – he was specifically opposed to ‘one-nacelled destroyers’. I know we’ve seen an alternate reality Enterprise-D with a third nacelle, but it always looked naff to me.

Am I starting to sound picky? Ah, well.

On the whole, the pictures look good! I actually like the iBridge, and I quite like the Kelvin as well – despite my pedantic comments about nacelles. So the Kelvin’s gonna get wasted? Tough break – it’s a nice ship!

43. Dave - October 16, 2008

After seeing the pictures and reading the EW article, I think I can glean a few things about the plot of the film.

1) James Kirk has been shamed somehow. He’s a lone wolf on the Enterprise, and he is not trusted. A black uniform is a (rather obvious) physical symbol of being a “black sheep.” We know Kirk is rebel of sorts as a basic character trait. We also see Spock attacking Kirk for some unknown reason. We ALSO have been led to believe (by the MTV blog and photo on the bridge) that Kirk and Sulu have gotten into a fight of some kind. Kirk is not the regular captain of the Enterprise. He has somehow taken command against the will of the crew or has been given command in a crisis. My best guess is that Kirk is on the Enterprise as either a prisoner or as a ward of the Enterprise. Kirk could have been kicked out of Starfleet for some indiscretion, but is being protected by the Enterprise because they believe his life is in danger (from Nero, obviously). Captain Pike’s injury takes place during the film, putting him out of action, giving Kirk a chance to step up and be in charge.

2) Kirk will be Captain Kirk in the gold tunic by the last shot of the film. Remember, this is an *origin* story. That means one of the grand climaxes to the film will be when all of our heroes are together, in the right places, ready to start their proper adventures. Casino Royale and Batman Begins are examples of this principle. It is not until the end of those 2 movies that we get all the dogmatic trappings of the characters that have been held back for the end. Bond finally gets his theme and says his catchphrase. Batman gets the Bat-Signal and a supervillain (The Joker’s card). The evasive, cryptic nature of Orci and Kurtzman’s responses on the topic bear out what the end result will be. By the film’s end, anything that isn’t in line with the basic mythos of Star Trek will be put into place. That includes Kirk in Command Gold, as Captain.

3) Nero’s time-travel scheme is definitely what we all expect: he seeks to kill James T. Kirk. I also assume there is something to the notion of Nero’s group being against Reunification. Damon makes it pretty clear in his interview that Nero’s aims are not “about money.” That means, it must be ideological. What else is there? Unless Jim Kirk stole his girlfriend in the 20 minutes he was in the 24th century, it must be ideological. It also makes more sense that they are rejecting traditional Romulan aesthetics.

44. Shatners Bile Duct - October 16, 2008

Im just happy there will be some good ship fights..none of the movies since TWOK managed to ever have a decent battle that got me excited. Nemesis sucked.

45. a328367 - October 16, 2008

Doesn’t the blue warp nacelle (or deflector dish, whatever it is) look like a giant cyclops eye? That’s all I can think of when I see it. Otherwise, looks cool

46. Rat Boy - October 16, 2008

If Kirk got in trouble for the KM test, then why did he get a commendation for original thinking as per TWOK?

47. Shatners Bile Duct - October 16, 2008


KIRK DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just kidding lolz

48. Dave - October 16, 2008

I REALLY don’t think that’s the engineering section. It looks quite a bit like the nacelles we saw in the teaser. Something about engineering being on top of the saucer seems…illogical.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we have teaser trailer proof that that old school deflector dish is on the Enterprise?

49. trekboi - October 16, 2008


50. star trackie - October 16, 2008

The black shirt is, no doubt, part of the the academy uniform.. If you remember, Kirk does NOT graduate with everyone else because he cheated on the Kobayashi Maru.

But, for whatever reason, he has to go out and mix it up with the Enterprise. He may be skipping through time as well for all we know. I think he doesn’t have a gold pull over because you only get those when you graduate and are assigned to a ship. At that point your unifom simply pulls over the Academy uniform creating the two piece look. And Kirk hasn’t successfully graduated yet….at least not in the time frame of these pics. That’s my theory.

51. Dave - October 16, 2008

Nevermind. Just watched the teaser. No dish. I must be having flashbacks to the Koernerprise.

52. TonyD - October 16, 2008

#28: “WHY would anyone commission a registry number that begins with 0? Even if you’ve got big plans, that seems a pointless waste of paint”

Actually, the leading zero is not unprecedented within the bounds of Trek. Wasn’t Archer’s Enterprise NX-01?

53. EHH - October 16, 2008

The thing on the top look an eye from that angle.

54. John from Cincinnati - October 16, 2008


How can Pike get injured during this movie? Pike served out his mission, got promoted to fleet captain and then got injured. His injury was not the precursor that lead to Kirk becoming Captain.

One quote that bothers me is when Lindelof said “This movie is about changing what you know” <<<sounds like alternate timeline to me.

55. Rat Boy - October 16, 2008

The bridge dome kind of looks like a metallic sombrero.

56. Izbot - October 16, 2008

8. BND –
“Kirk spilled mango juice on his gold overshirt early in tha’ film. Had ta’ send it ta’ be dry-cleaned.”

Dunno, BND, it coulda been tranya — but that would likely violate canon seeing as this probably predates Kirk meeting Balok.

Or Blalock, for that matter.

57. Blowback - October 16, 2008

Warp nacelle on the bottom and secondary hull on the top perhaps? I’ve seen that configuration somewhere before…

Like the uniforms!

58. James - October 16, 2008

The Kelvin – the more I look at it, the more I am convinced that the blue thing is a deflector. It doesn’t seem to go back far enough to be a nacelle – although it is difficult to tell because of the size, resolution and angle of the photo.

It does look very Reliant-ish, though… possibly a precursor to the Miranda class? Miranda class was effectively a precursor to the Nebula class. This ‘evolution’ of ship classes is quite well documented – Constitution-Excelsior-Ambassador-Galaxy-Sovereign being the most obvious family line!

59. noirgwio - October 16, 2008

Kirk may only get his award for original thinking after proving himself in non-simulated situations after the KM cheat… At first they see him as a bull-headed mutt that is all bravado, no real courage, so put him forward into REAL choice making, Nero comes along, Pike is hung up, Kirk saves the day with old and young Spock’s help – then, in retrospect he gets applauds for original thinking AND is capt.

60. Izbot - October 16, 2008

55. Rat Boy –
“The bridge dome kind of looks like a metallic sombrero.”

YOU look like a metallic sombrero! Ooh, face!!

Just kiddin’.

61. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

31. Luke Montgomery – October 16, 2008

** Kirk’s shirt is black because he has been stripped of his rank and position temporarily as a disciplinary action because of his actions in the Koybiashi Maru simulator. **


62. Crusade2267 - October 16, 2008

It looks a bit like the Stargazer, though the blue thing on top kinda looks like an eyeball.

63. Eric - October 16, 2008

Why would Kirk still be in the academy and we see Sulu, Uhura, and Chekov in regular uniforms? They are quite a bit younger than Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty.

64. Pah Wraith - October 16, 2008

Veeeeery approximated USS Kalvin side view. Keep in mind that the deflector section seems to be much smaller, and suspended by more bent arc-type pylon. But for now ;)


65. Dab - October 16, 2008

Could the photo from EW of the U.S.S. Kelvin be of this ship upside down? I mean not that the photo is accidentally upside down, but that the ship could have been in a spin and we are seeing it upside down? It is possible that the name and registry numbers could be on the bottom of the saucer as well. Just a guess, as it seems to me that the deflector screen is on the top, and the engine pylon is on the bottom in the photo.

66. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

USS Kelvin: I think it’s a saucer w/ two nacelles, upper and lower…
…but differing “cap” colors doesn’t really work… battle damage to top nacelle? (warp drive of-line?)

67. James - October 16, 2008


I think you’ve got it dead right – deflector dish/engineering hull above the saucer section, with a single nacelle underneath.

Got to question the canonicity (is that a word?) of a ship with one nacelle, though – especially given that the Phoenix and the Enterprise NX-01 both had 2…


68. James - October 16, 2008

Just had a wild thought and checked http://www.ncc-0514.com – nothing doing though…

Maybe tomorrow (crosses fingers)?

69. noirgwio - October 16, 2008

No, no… That ship is the Bogart, not Kelvin. Y’see, it IS an eye: “here’s looking at you Uhura…”

70. Son of Sarek - October 16, 2008

I wonder if the registry number is also emblematic of something?

#43 I concur with all your points. Especially that Kirk will be donning the gold tunic by the end as captain of the NCC-1701.

This movie, I believe, as many others have speculated will spawn a slightly altered timeline.

71. Trek Nerd Central - October 16, 2008

Wow, everyone. Do you think we all need lives?

72. fakesteve - October 16, 2008

Check out the Hermes Scout Class, Single Nacelle below the Primary, no Engineering Hull…


73. bmar - October 16, 2008

63 – Very good point. Surprised no one else brought that up.

28 – Actually, having a zero makes sense if the number is more than just a random sequence or a simple counting. For instance, lets assume that the 4 digit sequence actually means something – like the first two digits are the class of vessel, the second two, the year it was manufactured, etc. Not saying that that is what the digits mean, I’m just saying that the collection of digits could have a significance that actually mean something. Many products, vessels and so forth have serial numbers and registration numbers where the digits have a particular code and pattern they follow.

Or, you could say that Starfleet has a contract with the union painters guild and they need to keep their guys on the job for a certain number of hours and it was either paint a zero or flames on the side.

74. Cpt. Retri - October 16, 2008

The name and the registry numbers seem out of place though, so that thing is either on the verge of going to pieces or, perhaps, the saucer section actually…rotates.

75. bmar - October 16, 2008

…of course, judging by the other picture, flames on the side would be a bit redundant.

76. agentm31 - October 16, 2008

I think the ship might be doing a roll. That would mean it’s upside-down and the deflecter and nacelle are in the right place

77. lostrod - October 16, 2008


If Kirk is still a cadet (hence the black shirt) then why are Sulu and teeny bopper Pavel wearing gold?

78. Jason P Hunt - Kansas City Filmmaker - October 16, 2008

I’m surprised at the many theories that the black shirt is some sort of disciplinary indicator based on Kirk’s actions during the Kobyashi Maru test. Let’s all remember the timeline that’s SUPPOSED to be in place:

– KM test takes place while Kirk is a cadet (WOK)
– cadets then are assigned to a ship with the rank of Lieutenant (WOK)
– Kirk was the youngest captain in Starfleet at age 34 (TOS)
– Spock was assigned to the Enterprise at least 13 years before Kirk took command (TOS)
– Chekov was 22 when he was assigned to E, and Kirk was already CO (TOS)

Even with time travel, I don’t think Kirk would be jumped forward as a CADET to command the flagship of the fleet. There has to be something more going on here with the black shirt. Perhaps it’s an indicator that Kirk’s first assignment as CO would be a training mission, and Kirk is acting in the capacity of instructor as well as captain?

Also, I saw a caption somewhere that indicated Scotty’s rank is Lieutenant in this? Can that be confirmed? He was a Lt Commander in TOS.

79. Mark from Germany - October 16, 2008


Maybe Kirk didn’t make it into Star Fleet but Sulu and Chekov did graduate.
Just a thought.

80. Trek Nerd Central - October 16, 2008

#20, #63, #77.

I’m guessing he’s not a cadet – I’m sure they wouldn’t have ditched canon quite so brazenly.

#16 is probably right. The Kirk we know and love is always losing his shirt, ripping it, shredding it, changing it.

I’m sure there’s some logical reason or other for the black shirt. (Though I’m still not sure why it’s worth the Trekkie apoplexy.)

Anyway, shouldn’t an origin story about one of pop culture’s great heroic figures *require* him to “earn his stripes,” as it were? I agree with everyone who suspects Kirk will be donning the gold shirt before the final credits. And won’t that be cool when it happens?

81. OneBuckFilms - October 16, 2008

79 – It could be that the Enterprise is his first starship command, and that he’s on a kind of trial peroid to see how he performs before making his position permanent.

This kind of scrutiny could stem from his Kobayashi Maru cheating, and it may be that he gets his commendation for original thinking after they investigate what happened for him to beat the test.

82. Mike - October 16, 2008

Everything looks great! I’m very happy they tried something new with this one. Trek was looking SO tired. The bridge will take some getting used to, but I’m sure everything will look fantastic on screen. The Kelvin looks awesome. The uniforms are really cool, very spacey.

83. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

I think Kirk has been stripped, he has gone “rogue”, but the crew is still backing him…

84. samrock83 - October 16, 2008

He’s still a cadet. That’s my guess.

85. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

No cadet is gonna get the “Conn”, not even Wesley Crusher.

86. DJT - October 16, 2008

Section 31

87. OneBuckFilms - October 16, 2008

43 – Perhaps the indiscretion is a ruse by the powers that be to protect Kirk. Using the Kobayashi Maru test as the “reason” to confine him would be a good way to do it.

If Kirk is on some kind of probation, and doesn’t know why he’s being targetted for something he did at the Academy, with his new crew unsure of him after hearing these events, he then has something to prove to his ship, his crew, the memory of his Father, and maybe himself.

He’s a lone wolf partially because he’s been isolated.

Then Spock gets to know him in the process of covertly protecting him, and that friendship and trust is borne out of this.

McCoy could have been his physician at the Academy, and one of the few people to fully trust him.

Lets not forget that Spock also has to deal with his struggle between his Vulcan and Human halves.

He might be striking out at Kirk because he’s still working on his emotional control.

88. noirgwio - October 16, 2008

I am aprehensive about the flick, but like some of what I’m seeing and will probably love it… I still worry about the “mainstream” accepting it though.

89. Daskill - October 16, 2008

Isn’t the black shirt just the undershirt that they’re all wearing?

90. john - October 16, 2008

As a vfx artist, i have to say this.

these shots look utterly fake, outdated.

lets hope its not like this in the final product!

91. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

I think Spock is choking out Kirk because he goes feral (primal reversion) due to time travel into the past…

92. troubled tribble - October 16, 2008

He is clearly in the center seat and in command in the bridge picture. My guess is somewhere during the scene on the ice planet he loses the shirt and the bridge pic takes place after he and Sulu get back to the ship (escape?). Doesn’t Orci say that there is a reason that the those two specifically look frazzled in the picture. Plus, a disgraced cadet would not get the keys to the Big E in what is obviously a crisis situation. Look how tense everyone in the bridge shot.

93. Charley W - October 16, 2008

Has anyone else ever noticed that any other starship ever shown in the movies, with the exception of the Excelsior, gets blown up or otherwise destroyed?

94. Aaron - October 16, 2008

Are those escape pods launching from above the 5 and the 1? Kind of a crap day for the crew of the Kelvin.

95. Chad N. - October 16, 2008

Here’s a better pic of the USS Kelvin:


Looks like many little green ships are attacking.

96. Aaron - October 16, 2008

Or they’re phaser banks…?

97. Darkwing - October 16, 2008

hm, something i’m beginning to find interesting here, with regards to who is firing on the ship, i have the suspicion that it might actually be the enterprise. i’m beginning to wonder if abrams plays with good and bad, and possibly mirror ships. anyways, we pretty much know that kirk and sulu got into a fight with eachother, so why not the enterprise and kelvin. besides, the black shirt could represent what side of the playing field kirk is on. perhaps maybe a black ops mission. abrams being an action film director, something like this would be plausible.

98. Garovorkin - October 16, 2008

Now this is more like it ! I think based those two images Abrams and company got it right ! I want to see more but he this will tide me over for a while.

99. Garovorkin - October 16, 2008

#95 The Kelvin looks really cool !!

100. Charles H. Root, III - October 16, 2008

What happened to the wonderful tradition of naming ships after other historical vessels or inspirational people, either real or fictitious?

It strikes me as a bit arrogant for these guys to name the ship after a relative.

Shame, shame, shame!

101. Commander K - October 16, 2008

Kirk is wearing the black shirt as he’s been on a top secret away mission..MI3 style.

I think Nero is Shinzons half brother and wants revenge…so instead of going for Earth, he is going back in time to pick off each Enterprise captain one by one..there’s your five film arc!

And that ship looks rather strange. It’s a big eye in my view (no pun intended)

102. Scott - October 16, 2008

These guys scare me.
At least Rick Berman did not screw around with TOS.
And I’ll say again Transformers Blows!

103. RaveOnEd - October 16, 2008

100 – I hope you’re kidding. They also mention Kelvin as the name for the person who developed a method of measuring temperature.

104. Daniel Broadway - October 16, 2008

Anthony, and the Trek movie staff, I just want to say thank you for all of this excellent coverage. This is truly the best Star Trek website in the world. Fantastic.

105. GO - October 16, 2008

Not sure how consensus was formed about the (upside down) orientation of the ship, but as far as I’m concerned, the Kelvin looks right side up.

The blue-tipped nacelle on top is very consistent with the fan bladed appearance of the teaser E’s nacelles, and that orange thingamajig peeking out the bottom of the saucer section is very likely ye’ old golden buzzard array.

Actually looks pretty good.

106. GO - October 16, 2008

#104, Anthony – hear, hear!

107. Donn - October 16, 2008

Kelvin indeed. 0 degrees on Lord Kelvin’s scale being absolute zero; that should rings some bells for anybody who is still confused about the merits of naming a Starfleet ship Kelvin.

85. If you want to be picky, Saavik was a cadet in WOK when she was given the conn. Not that I think at all that’s what we’re seeing.

108. MrLerpa - October 16, 2008

Do people not read these articles..

The joke is JJ uses the name Kelvin in all his movies but it fits star Trek because of the Kelvin scale for measuring temprature, its actually more accurate that the two better know scales of C and F

Go look up William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin (1824–1907)

sheshh… complain complain complain. We have proper Star Trek back after decades and people are worried that the star ship in the picture’s saucer section is too thin!!!

Get a grip people!

109. Jeffries Tuber - October 16, 2008

The black tunic speculation is most illogical. EW is less reliable than Damon L, and Damon says its a captain’s outfit.

What we’ve learned from the full EW article and Kelvin pic is that the Kelvin is attacked/destroyed by Romulan fighter craft. We know George Kirk is on the Kelvin and that that this craft precedes the Enterprise [or the Constitution Class] by a generation [generally understood to be 30 years].

What nobody here has suggested seems obvious to me is that, when the Kelvin attack fails to eliminate Jim from the timeline, they move forward in time and attack the Farragut, when Jim was on the verge of becoming a Captain and Spock/Sulu were definitely [and McCoy was possibly] on the Enterprise under Pike. Dr. Boyce was Chief Surgeon and wore a jumpsuit, so nothing precludes a separate CMO that simply was not Pike’s bff.

110. Jeffries Tuber - October 16, 2008

Moreover, three cheers to Anthony. I hope good karma flows to you, my man!

Since I have my own business, you won’t be getting me fired, but you are providing much needed mental shore leave.

111. Brian - October 16, 2008

This shot of the Kelvin’s saucer reminds me a lot of the first shot of the USS Stargazer from TNG “The Battle”

I like the way she looks, I just can’t tell if thats a warp nacelle or a deflector dish. Shes like that non-cannon Akula Class that was seen in the video games.

112. Brian - October 16, 2008

Did anyone bother to think that its not a black tunic, but rather just the undershirt for the duty uniform?

113. Charles H. Root, III - October 16, 2008

@ 103. RaveOnEd – I’m not making it up. This is what Orci said in the interview above, as follows:

> Orci and Kurtzman talk Kelvin

> TrekMovie: Any background to the name Kelvin?

> Roberto Orci: It is JJ [Abrams] grandfather’s name

Instead of NCC-0514, I’m surprised they didn’t call it the USS Kelvin, JJA-mmddyy of his grandfather’s birthday, haha. Better that than the USS Dharma or USS Oceanic I guess.

114. Jeffries Tuber - October 16, 2008

New theory: what if Nero kills George Kirk in hopes of destroying JTK’s career, but unwittingly turns him in to a reckless firebrand who is only forged in to greatness by his relationship with a younger Spock?

We keep thinking militarily–kill, destroy, etc. But this story is about characters and relationships.

115. Enterprise - October 16, 2008

Won’t the future of the Romulan Empire be changed if Nero goes back in time and screws up everything?

116. Alec - October 16, 2008

And I thought that the Enterprise’s bridge was a tad ugly! This ship, with its cyclops eye, is beyond ugly….I seriously hope that the picture is upside down.

117. stelpavlou - October 16, 2008

Thanks for all the pictures the last day or so.

I need to quit drooling before I fry my keyboard.

118. HMS Enterprise - October 16, 2008


I quite like the Kelvin. I wouldn’t say its ugly, just different to what we’re used to. There is something just visible on the underside. Whether or not the nacelle is on top or bottom we can’t really be 100%. But I think we can assume that it only has one nacelle…

119. BlueArrow - October 16, 2008

Did anyone stop to think COVERT OPS KIRK?? Come on.. in the other picture he’s getting out of the escape pod with the bad on his back. I say he’s undercover doing something we’ll find out about later.

120. KJTrek - October 16, 2008

#18 – this has been brought up and there will be a catch to it, so that continuity is preserved

I’m sorry, but The big blue eye on top is scaring me – in more ways than one.

121. Sceptic - October 16, 2008

As someone pointed out, it looks as though multiple smaller, green vessels are attacking the Kelvin. They look quite a bit like Tholian ships. Has anyone else noticed this?

122. Alec - October 16, 2008


Having looked at the ‘ship’ again, it reminds me of a flying saucer with an eye on the top. A child could have done better.

123. JP Saylor - October 16, 2008

I’m not sure I like their views on shields. I always imagined them as being a bubble. It just makes more sense.

124. Enterprise - October 16, 2008

Kelvin looks sweet except for that giant eye. Reminds me of Sauron from LOTR.

125. Daniel Broadway - October 16, 2008

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful here, because I am so excited and happy with all these images. They are fantastic.

However, it’s like one big teaser, because you are showing us EVERYTHING except what we want to see the most…the Enterprise EXTERIOR.

Show us that, and I will be quite satisfied until the trailer. Come one…just one more image. Just the exterior of the Enterprise full. Then we’ll all be content. Everyone agree?

126. DennyC - October 16, 2008

I think the black shirt is an “away team” or “fatigue” uniform.

127. Chris Pike - October 16, 2008

I have to say that some of the fan retcon Trek ship 3g design work on the net is way superior to this Kelvin look (check out the likes of “vektor” as previously mentioned here and others). I think it could look better. A tad underwhelming…

128. Smike van Dyke - October 16, 2008

“Not material wealth is what Nero and his renegade Vulcans seek but the unification of the Vulcanoid race. The only thing between them is the Federation and its flagship, the USS Enterprise under Kirk’s command. Going back in time, Nero takes Kirk’s father from aboard the USS Kelvin. Growing up without a father figure and under his “evil uncle’s” influence, Kirk turns into a menace, the worst cadet Starfleet ever had, a pathetic drop-out being only famous for cheating in the Kobayashi Maru…
But Kirk’s most unlikely ally, a Spock from the future, travels back in time to set things straight. Indeed the circle closes. Spock has always been his friend and shall always be his friend but the only way to save the future is to mind-meld with his younger self beyond the boundaries of time. Now a young Spock desperately tries to turn Kirk into a worthy Starfleet officer. But this Kirk is edgy raw material, in desperate need for some slaping and choking by Spock. Spock is hardly able to persuade Starfleet to make this Kirk guy ACTING CAPTAIN aboard the Enterprise after Pike’s unfortunate accident. The crew is having a hard time accepting this Kirk who is yet to become the Captain and has to earn his golden shirt in a battle against Nero, that could destroy Vulcan, the Federation and time itself…”

And no, I haven’t read the script!

129. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

107. Donn – October 16, 2008

“If you want to be picky, Saavik was a cadet in WOK when she was given the conn.”

She had the chair in the simulator (at the academy), but did she get a chance to command the Enterprise?

130. EM - October 16, 2008

It seems that many people here think that Kirk and the gang all entered Starfleet Academy on the same day and all at the same age. Why is this?
Did I miss something. When I went through Boot Camp there were many different ages of recruit.
I think that this movie will be incredible, due in large part, to the changing of what I know!!

131. troubled tribble - October 16, 2008

The article in EW clearly states the it is Nero firing on the Kelvin. It also goes on to say that the opening sequence is an emotional one that will have purists going crazy. Hang on…. the canonists are building up to an explosion!
Check it out:

The opening sequence, for example, is an emotionally wrenching passage that culminates with a mythic climax sure to leave zealots howling ”Heresy!” But revisionism anxiety is the point. ”The movie,” Lindelof says, ”is about the act of changing what you know.”



132. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

Yes! USS Kelvin looks like a “Stargazer” with two nacelles instead of four!


133. Smike van Dyke - October 16, 2008

Well, in addition to 128: I guess I know now why the Enterprise looks different. Wasn’t Kirk’s father GEORGE KIRK not orginally involved with the construction and design of the ship? Now, that he has been taken from the Kelvin by Nero, he has no longer been involved with the Enterprise…Hence the ship looks different…

134. Mark Anton - October 16, 2008

I am really excited about seeing the movie. But truthfully, that image of the Kelvin with that big blue “eye” on top looks rather silly. Just what the hell are they thinking?

135. Dark_Lord_Prime - October 16, 2008

RE: USS Kelvin

The ship is upside down (in relation to the camera).

There are two green lights at the back of the saucer, and two red ones on either side of the ship’s name; one appears to be blown out (judging by it not being lit, and it seems to have scorch marks spread out from it.

136. Alec - October 16, 2008


The ship looks considerably better, when turned around; however, we still have that great big blue eye ball with black pupil and spec. Really, this is bad. The team has said that they don’t want the film to turn into parody. Well, the first thing to do would have been to make sure that the ships didn’t look comical…

137. Steven - October 16, 2008

Looks cool. I just wish they would release two other images. One of Nimoy as Spock, and one of the Enterprise! Then, I will be even happier than I am now.

God bless!

138. Ensign Goodrum - October 16, 2008

Some observations

Nero and his crew might not be from the 24th century because they seem to be able to move back and forth through the timeline.

How does Spock get to the 23rd century? And then how does he get back to the late 24th century?

I think Kirk looks out of place. Everyone else looks like they are right were they should be somewhere in the middle of the 5 year mission.

139. Xai - October 16, 2008

I didn’t read all the above, so forgive me if I step on someone else’s thought.

The Black Shirt.

Based on the photos, especially the escape pod/ice crater shot, I think he’s wearing a fleet “commando” tunic (for lack of a better term). I think he was working “behind the lines” and later the E picks him up. In the heat of the moment/battle, who has time to change? (And from a poor writer’s POV, he stands out better against the other gold shirts this way.) That was done with the ugly green tunic in TOS and with Picard’s Coat in TNG.

140. CaptainlordBat - October 16, 2008

Perhaps everyone is missing the orders of these pics…he is sans Gold shirt due to the fact he just beamed up from the ice planet and escape pod. He has not had a chance to change into his new updated green wrap around shirt :)

141. Simon - October 16, 2008

I’m surprised no one has speculated that these are *ORION* ships attacking the Kelvin.

We know Orions are in the film and AFAIK that they can be hired like mercenaries.

Nero hires a bunch of Orions to attack the Kelvin, keeping the Romulan Empire “clean” and thus saving canon.

142. CaptainlordBat - October 16, 2008

#128 that is good! But it take it one step further and Nero’s influenece actually CAUSES us to have the James T. Kirk that we all know. He in effects creates his worst nightmare!

143. Simon - October 16, 2008

“129 – She had the chair in the simulator (at the academy), but did she get a chance to command the Enterprise?”

You need to rewatch TWOK!
She does twice.

When Kirk takes Spock to watch the Genesis tape “Saavik: You have the conn” and when he rushes to engineering after escaping the Genesis wave “Saavik, take the conn!”

144. JWM - October 16, 2008

I think all the images look fantastic, I am thrilled with the look of the film that they have revealed, Urban has the McCoy mannerisms down pat in the still shots and I think that Kirk is in trouble or working “off the books” as Kirk loves to do. Hence, no shirt but his friends all around. It might be a stretch, but it works in my mind.

This really does look like it will be fantastic, even if only on a visual scale, and hey, 2 hours of neat looks is good enough, if the story is as good as everyone keeps going on about, then this will be even better than that.

145. Matias 47 - October 16, 2008

I have to say I like the shots, though the bridge looks a little bright.

But what I really hope is that it’s a good film with some balls (by balls I’m not necessarily talking action but real people making hard, and sometimes wrong, choices) and actual science fiction, not the usual fluff that passes for SF in Hollyweird. I always felt the movies never quite lived up to the potential of what Star Trek could be. Certain episodes of the series were honest science fiction with tremendous characters. The movies on the other hand seemed to have a timidity on the character development side of things. And the SF elements tended not be very strong.

I’d almost rather see ST back as a series. Television actually has a better ability to build both characters and have more in depth storylines.

That said, I hope it’s a good movie and more come after.

146. Jeffries Tuber - October 16, 2008

Trashing the Kelvin design is foolish and exhibits a fear of the new. Nothing in Trek history has been as ugly as the Stargazer or as hopelessly uncreative as Enterprises C and E. [Spits three times, wipes mouth]

The ‘black shirt to stand out idea’ doesn’t fly; if anything it’d be the opposite: stripping off his overshirt to make it harder to identify an operative as a Captain. Note the lack of command stripes and the stealthy insignia.

What everyone seems to be forgetting is that before Kirk’s first 5 year mission, every ship had a different mission insignia. I know I’ve hear this before, but is this canonized? So, if that element of canon is to be respected, Kirk’s appearance here must be during his command of the Enterprise–and not during his Academy or Farragut years. Though, based on the banners hanging over the Academy campus shot in Northridge, it looks like the mission insignia concept has been trashed or rewritten.

It’ll be interesting to see if Kelvin and Farragut crew have other mission insignias.

147. mm3guy - October 16, 2008

Just release a trailer already!

148. Longwinded - October 16, 2008

I bet Alex and Roberto are having a great time right now reading all these threads and our comments. Thanks for the great pictures. This is where the fun begins. Please don’t release the Enterprise picture until the trailer. Leave some anticipation for me because I am weak and I will look if it’s posted!

149. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

143. Simon – You are the Man!

…going to watch right now… heh!

…you’d have to say though, that Saavik is no ordinary ensign… ;-)


150. Ralph F - October 16, 2008

My take on the black shirt: to borrow a line from Galaxy Quest; “I see you managed to get your shirt off again…”

All of the shots we’re seeing might be from a post-fight/battle sequence; the gold tunic was torn and this is Kirk going right into the action of battle rather than stopping at his quarters to change.

The “black sheep/dishonored” thing works too — and especially if he’s not quite in command; maybe the big reveal is when he’s given actual command of the E and he walks onto the bridge, at the last scene before the end credits, wearing the gold tunic (cue: Trek fanfare).

Speaking of the fanfare: JJ, Michael, PLEASE do not use it in the opening credits. I know this is a brazen suggestion, but keep it in check until we first see the E, or Kirk first walks on the bridge, or Nimoy makes his first appearance. It’s a meaningful theme, don’t just toss it onto the opening credits.

That always really bugged me about SUPERMAN RETURNS. I understood the nostalgia factor in using the opening credit sequence that they did, but we should not have heard the build-up and Superman fanfare until Lois first saw him streak by the window on his way to save the plane.

151. Gman - October 16, 2008

The picture of the USS Kelvin with all the “green” items appears to be the initial attack by the roms. Looks like a cluster missle attack. The second close-up picture with the red phaser hitting the Kelvin is actually, I believe, the phasers of the USS Kelvin- If you look at the larger picture you can see the same yellow boxed phaser bank on the opposite side of the saucer. The phasers appear to be the same type/style as we saw in wrath of kahn. They are just placed on either side of the USS KELVIN insigina.

152. Aaron - October 16, 2008

I highly doubt the ship is upside down like many seem to be thinking. Take a look at any model of any ship, from the A to the E (I have both sitting on the desk in front of me). You’ll see that the lettering on the underside of the saucer is oriented so that it can be read when the ship is right side up. If the Kelvin was upside down in the image, then the registry and name would be upside down as well.
Everyone needs to calm down. It’s a blurry action shot from an unrevealing angle. It’s a little soon to be calling it hideous when we know so little about it.

Can’t we all just be excited that we’re FINALLY getting images from the movie?! :)

PS: The Bridge shots? Awesome.

153. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

Kirk’s No-Tunic Theory #2:

He IS going incognito, trying not to be easily recognized, not to be easily targeted; because:

He has been targeted for “TERMINATION”! (ala John Conner) from the future!

154. rag451 - October 16, 2008

I don’t feel a sense of relief with this news, nor do I feel better. It’s… different. It’s good, no doubt about that. I’m reved up! But, wow!

155. I am not Herbert - October 16, 2008

Who sez it’s hideous? I think it COOL! …very symmetrical… ;-)

…plus, it sets you up for the Enterprise: you WILL be impressed… =)

156. Captain Robert April - October 16, 2008

“After seeing the pictures and reading the EW article, I think I can glean a few things about the plot of the film.

1) James Kirk has been shamed somehow. He’s a lone wolf on the Enterprise, and he is not trusted. A black uniform is a (rather obvious) physical symbol of being a “black sheep.” We know Kirk is rebel of sorts as a basic character trait. We also see Spock attacking Kirk for some unknown reason. We ALSO have been led to believe (by the MTV blog and photo on the bridge) that Kirk and Sulu have gotten into a fight of some kind. Kirk is not the regular captain of the Enterprise. He has somehow taken command against the will of the crew or has been given command in a crisis. My best guess is that Kirk is on the Enterprise as either a prisoner or as a ward of the Enterprise. Kirk could have been kicked out of Starfleet for some indiscretion, but is being protected by the Enterprise because they believe his life is in danger (from Nero, obviously). Captain Pike’s injury takes place during the film, putting him out of action, giving Kirk a chance to step up and be in charge.

2) Kirk will be Captain Kirk in the gold tunic by the last shot of the film. Remember, this is an *origin* story. That means one of the grand climaxes to the film will be when all of our heroes are together, in the right places, ready to start their proper adventures. Casino Royale and Batman Begins are examples of this principle. It is not until the end of those 2 movies that we get all the dogmatic trappings of the characters that have been held back for the end. Bond finally gets his theme and says his catchphrase. Batman gets the Bat-Signal and a supervillain (The Joker’s card). The evasive, cryptic nature of Orci and Kurtzman’s responses on the topic bear out what the end result will be. By the film’s end, anything that isn’t in line with the basic mythos of Star Trek will be put into place. That includes Kirk in Command Gold, as Captain.”

I’ve seen fanzine stories that made more sense.

That reads like someone who’s never even seen publicity photos of Star Trek, let alone a single episode!

Makes ya wonder about that “contrived” scene with Shatner.

157. aries127 - October 16, 2008

I was walking around Borders on State Street today, thinking that there is absolutely no way any of us are going to like this movie. We’ve built it up to be so awesome, that we’re bound to be disappointed. But after seeing these pics and getting some context…

I am officially dorking out on this, now!!!

Oh, and Roberto’s answer to the science question is RIGHT ON! “All ships — even the Enterprise is a vessel of science.” Sure, technically there are sceince-speific ships, and he was duly corrected. But the instinct is right on. Thank god, these guys get it!!!


158. StephenT - October 16, 2008

#86- I’m not sure if you meant it as a joke, but it is an interesting idea. Section 31 has been established to be older than Starfleet itself (if you accept the date of 2161 as the founding of the Federation and Starfleet), and it would make sense that a rebellious type such as Kirk would find joining a rouge organization such as 31 appealing. That would also explain the black shirt, as every time we’ve seen a Section 31 agent, they are always wearing black. I don’t know, but I am sure that the movie will be rather interesting no matter what.

159. Edward Duddy - October 17, 2008

I did a little mock up and this might be what the Big E looks like based on what we’ve seen from promo pictures thus far:


160. RetroWarbird - October 17, 2008

“Has anyone else ever noticed that any other starship ever shown in the movies, with the exception of the Excelsior, gets blown up or otherwise destroyed?”

Ah, but Kruge’s Bird-of-Prey, later “The Bounty” survived …

Shamelessly speculating here … and digging deeper than I should because I don’t want to ruin the movie for myself …

I’m sure the movie will give us a taste of Academy Kirk and Spock relations, and at the time they probably hated each other. This would likely be the point where we see Spock’s emotional struggles and a physical confrontation. Possibly this comes from the very fact that Kirk fools around with an Orion, breaks rules, and cheats the Kobayashi Maru test – maybe Spock was the programmer or something.

But I’d say that given our knowledge that Pike is a big secondary in this, and that Pike got royally effed up in a training mission … it seems very likely that Nero’s crew time-jumps ahead and attacks the Enterprise on a training mission, where Pike is training the new bridge crew (Sulu, Uhura, Chekov), and Spock is his new first officer. And during that training mission, Pike is royally effed up – and it’s all because Nero thought Pike was Kirk.

Meanwhile, Kirk is on the Farragut under Garrovick, and possibly we’d get to see him continuing to be cavalier as a Lt. Commander when you have your Gary Mitchell and Carol Marcus stories. Bones would fit in here – if I recall, Bones was quite familiar with the Carol Marcus situation in Wrath of Khan, and Mitchell was gone before Bones’s first appearance, so it would be easy to tie McCoy into Kirk and Mitchell.

Now, interestingly, you’d have Spock who has been working on the Vulcan meditation and control and discipline, his friend and commander, Pike is maimed because of Kirk … he might snap a little on Kirk when they invariably meet up but regain his composure. “Ah, the meditation is working … phew. I am sorry.”

How Kirk enters in, I’m not sure … but it’s safe to say that Kirk and Bones arrive to command a retro-fitted Enterprise together from their other assignments, on the Farragut, and wherever Bones was – maybe also on the Farragut. Because we see Enterprise being constructed in the first trailer, but we all know that before Kirk took the reigns, the Enterprise had been kicking butt in Pike’s and April’s command for a quarter-century.

And Scotty … off the top of my head it’s possible that as the guy who oversaw the refit of the Enterprises engines during the refit following this training-mission/Nero attack … Scotty comes with the engines.

161. star trackie - October 17, 2008

On the Kelvin, I like the fact that the section with the phasers is going to spin, that should be very cool, visually, during the battle sequences. I just wonder if the Enterprise’s saucer will have the same capability. But judging from the pics, Spock and Kirk are in a world of hurt on that ship, that much is certain!

162. Alec - October 17, 2008

I’ve had a look at the new images. I don’t mind, too much, if the show changes aesthetically. Of course, it must look much more modern than TOS did in the 60’s. However, in my opinion, the only aesthetic improvement, so far, has been the improved uniforms. The bridge, in addition to baring little-to-no resemblance to the original, is gaudy. It looks as if there were an offer on spot-lights that was too tempting for the production team to resist! Frankly, it just looks tacky. The station to Kirk’s left is just awful. The redshirt manning it looks like a cross between a receptionist and a waiter taking restaurant bookings: she even has what resembles a pen. But, perhaps worst of all, is the abomination that is the Kelvin. I don’t believe that I have ever seen a more ugly ship in all of sci-fi-dom. I wonder what the exchange was when the artists got together:

Jack: Hey, dude. We’ve got to draw a new Star Trek ship.
Bill: Star Trek? That’s the space-show, right?
Jack: I think so. Ok. Think space…Space. Erm, how about a flying saucer?
Bill: Genius! But I think it’s been done before.
Jack: Ok. Ok. A flying saucer….with a twist.
Bill: Like rockets? Thrusters? Lightsabers? What?
[Short pause]
Jack: Got it! The friggin’ eye of Sauron.
Bill: Sweet. But, ‘cause of copyright mumbo-jumbo, let’s make ours blue.
Jack: Sorted. J.J. is gonna be stoked. Ok. Let’s rush this up; then I can go home.

Jokes aside, the aesthetics have been disappointing, to say the least. As for Nero, he looks like a cross between a Harry Potter creature and the The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s better-looking brother. And notice how, in the bridge shot, Pine looks bruised? Perhaps this occurs after the snow-scene. My guess, at the moment, is that a Wampa ice creature has some part to play in this movie! With this pedigree, one wonders about the quality of the story; and the adherence to Star Trek’s essence. The latter is essential to anybody who calls himself a Trekkie.

163. Lyle - October 17, 2008

Why are y’all getting so worked up about Kirk with no gold tunic in the cast photo? Kirk lost his shirt all the time in TOS, why should this be any different? :P

Regarding the USS Kelvin: Can’t wait to build a model of that baby, she looks really cool! But she appears to me to most likely be an older and smaller classs of starship than the Big E, so I wouldn’t necessarily draw too many conclusions about the Enterprise’s appearance based on the Kelvin…

164. Mark Lynch - October 17, 2008

I think the full image of the Kelvin is not only upside down, but the lettering is reversed as well.

Played about with it in GIMP and it looks much better mirrored and flipped vertically. Although I did not try and sort out the lettering…. yet.

165. Dave - October 17, 2008

Wow Alec, why don’t you keep trying to make your point a bit more? Personally, I think the Kelvin looks fine, however I kinda like change. It keeps things fresh and interesting.

166. COOLPT - October 17, 2008

Is it me, or does Pine look like a younger Tommy Lee Jones?

167. Izbot - October 17, 2008


So is JJ’s birthday May 14th? (05/14)?

168. captain james tiberius chris kirk-pine (xd) - October 17, 2008

hmmmm…jj obviously screwed up on the kobayashi maru thing–kirk clearly stated in star trek 2 that he got a commendation for original thinking for that, so y is he stripped of rank and position? hmmmm…

169. Jim Nightshade - October 17, 2008

HEY ROBERT ORCI and all….Heres a question I would luv answered….Will the ships computers voice be MAJEL BARRETT RODDENBERRY??? I hated the ugly male voices in the motion pics….

170. Fuabmushu - October 17, 2008

I am thinking the Kelvin is upside down in this shot and it has a single nacelle.

171. Two words: EXPENDABLE. REDSHIRTS. at Buried Planet - October 18, 2008

[…] First, an exclusive interview with the writers, Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci. […]

172. MedStudent12 - October 18, 2008

On the 0 in front, I read in the Art of Star Trek that the first 2 number of a registry were the class, the second 2 were the order that it was released. In that, the 1701 was the 17th class of Federation starship, and was the second released (with 1700 being the USS Constitution).

173. nice guy - October 19, 2008

couldn’t kirk be finishing command training and not just graduating from the academy when sulu and others were there? saavik was a lt. in TWOK and didn’t seem to be just a cadet, right?

btw #160, gary mitchell was kirk’s first officer before spock.

174. BritTrek Fan - October 19, 2008

USS Kelvin NCC 0514 Dharma Class Cruiser

The brown thing below he thin saucer is obviously the main deflector, (TOS) sytle, attached to the secondary hull. The eye type thing on top is the naccelle. Sucha a nacelle configuration makes it an ansector to the Saladin class, (TMP era) and the Freedom Class, ( TNG era).

175. random.user - October 19, 2008

WOW guys, I’m surprised none of you thought of this.. the black shirt is photoshop so the effect of the real shirt isnt spoiled?!?! :)

176. Ashley - October 19, 2008

The Kelvin: I’m almost positive that’s the deflector up top. Hard to tell but there’s probably a dish or something in the middle of the blue glowy part, which fits in fine with “continuity” between the NX-class and TNG-era ships. Basically it’s like a Saladin-class with the deflector up top instead of under the saucer (which wouldn’t work with the glowy part anyway). I think it’s a good choice, as it fits in well while being different. And for those complaining about there only being one engine, there still could be two. The deflector could be built into an engine or the engine could be built into the secondary hull! …And the ship isn’t upside down!

Kirk’s Shirt: I read that it’s part of the cadet outfit, or IS the cadet outfit (doubtful). He probably hasn’t earned a uniform yet, let alone command. But who knows?! I’m sure it’s a big part of the story.

Spock choking Kirk: Looks like it’s on the Enterprise bridge…

Continuity and ‘reimagining': I’m becoming more convinced that this isn’t a reimagining, but rather a retcon. It’s supposed to fit into the timeline better, which could allow for changes in canon in my opinion. It’s not like canon is consistant anyway >.> At least this might be an attempt to smooth things out a little.

177. Craptain Amerika - October 19, 2008

Jeez, there are a lot of nitpicky people here. But I guess that’s to be expected. I am a rabid Trek fan, but someone (who is kvetching about the changes/updates), please tell me what the hell the point of doing a new TOS-era movie if you don’t update the look and the style?

I think that ship looks AWESOME. The uniforms look AWESOME. The actors as their characters look AWESOME. (Not to mention hot!)

I can’t wait for this movie. I have yet to see anything by Bad Robot that I didn’t like. Alias was good. Lost is great. Cloverfield was fantastic. Fringe is awesome. I have no worries about my biggest geeky pasttime being taken over by these boys. Judging by their past work, they’re all brilliant storytellers, and after the Berman/Braga yawnfests (VOY & ENT), Trek could definitely use a healthy dose of brilliance.

178. Alex Rosenzweig - October 22, 2008

#177 – “I am a rabid Trek fan, but someone (who is kvetching about the changes/updates), please tell me what the hell the point of doing a new TOS-era movie if you don’t update the look and the style?

I’m not kvetching as much as some, and I like a lot of what I see, but my counter-question would be, what’s the point of doing a TOS-era movie if one has no intention of at least trying to be *true to* the look and style?

(Note that I think the jury’s still out for me on whether the new bridge fits that criterion. I’m waiting to see more. I think the uniforms certainly do fit the criterion.)

179. the Dude - October 22, 2008

Wonder if Harol… I mean the young Sulu is also gay?

180. Rob - October 26, 2008

If the ship were upside down, the letters would all be backwards.

181. Bloons - November 16, 2008

Kirk’s black shirt is a cadet’s shirt. yes, in this film he joins Starfleet after the other characters, because he is a ‘rebel’ and a ‘hothead’ style character who has to be persuaded to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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