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Exclusive Details On Star Trek Movie Prequel Comic Book Series October 17, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Comics,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Back at Comic Con in July IDW announced plans to do a prequel comic book series linked to the new Star Trek movie. The first details on that series (due to kick off January 2009) were sent out this week to comics dealers and TrekMovie has more exclusive information (and spoilers) on what appears to be the first official piece of merchandising related to the new movie.


Star Trek: Countdown
The title of the new comic prequel series is "Star Trek: Countdown." It is being written by
Mike Johnson and Tim Jones based on a story by Star Trek director JJ Abrams and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The series will run four issues, with the first coming out in January 2009 and one more issue in each of the next three months (with the final issue and a trade paperback collection in April). The Trek team are all fans of comics and have done many comic tie-ins to previous projects. This project is something they are paying close attention to, right down to picking the writers. Both Johnson and Jones have worked with Orci and Kurtzman in the past and Johnson has also been writing Superman/Batman comics for DC. The artwork is being done by Italian artist David Messina who has been working for IDW on a number of Trek comics, including the latest "Mirror Images" series, where his work has garnered rave reviews.

How do you do a prequel to a prequel? – [SPOILERS]
One may wonder how you do a prequel comic to a movie which is itself a prequel and origin story for The Original Series. The official description of “Star Trek: Countdown” states it will cover ‘the origin of Nero, the mysterious Romulan who will ultimately threaten the survival of the entire universe.’ In a way, this comic book prequel evidences why the new Star Trek team has been resistant to labeling their film as a straight up prequel. As revealed recently, the plot of the film involves Nero traveling back in time to the era before the Original Series. This Comic Book prequel, which is said to ‘take us right up to the movie,’ is primarily set in the time before Nero goes back in time, specifically the Next Generation era after Star Trek Nemesis. The main characters for the prequel will not be the young TOS crew but Nero and the elder Spock (and possibly familiar characters from the TNG era). Explaining to TrekMovie why the comic series is important, Roberto Orci said:

["Star Trek: Countdown"] is about how you connect the Next Generation era to our continuity, inspired by when we last saw Mr. Spock in "Unification"

Even if you are not a fan of Comics in general it seems that this Comic series will be a must have for anyone who wants the full experience of the new Star Trek movie, especially TNG fans who want to see how that era ties into it all. Something that will surely spark debate is whether or not the comics will be considered canon. With the involvement of Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman, it seems reasonable that it would be, or as close to it as comics can get. And this series may not be the end of the ‘extended universe’ of comics related to the new movie. Orci says they have already sketched out additional ideas, but are focusing on these first four issues for now. So hopefully we will see additional tie-ins in 2009.

Starts in January – can pre-order the TPB now
Issue #1 (of 4) of “Star Trek: Countdown” hits comic shops January 2009 (and TrekMovie will report when it can be pre-ordered online). The "Star Trek: Countdown" trade paperback (which will compile all four issues) is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com. It costs $12.23 and comes out on April 29th.

No cover preview, but here is the new logo art sent to comics dealers


UPDATE: Messina on Countdown
Artist David Messina has made a comment (below) on this book:

I can assure you that we all (IDW and Bad Robots) are at work in order to be faithfull to the spirit of StarTrek!
…and believe me, you can’t imagine how huge and picky is our “pre-production” work for this book !
Mike and Tim are great Star Trek fans, while even if I’m not a Trek’s guy, I’m a really great lover of Sci-Fi…
I really hope that you’ll like our book, we are at work on it with great passion…


1. Rat Boy - October 17, 2008

To quote Bender, “Neat!”

2. BND - October 17, 2008

Soooo… not a movie adapt… merely a new story…

Ye’ know, tha’ chattie room on this webby-site be better than any funny book…

Well, except tha’ 1960 through 1980 Spidery-man and Irony-Man funny books… Ye’ remember Irony-Man?… he had a cool suit o’ armour that could do anythin’ at all and then suddenly a bloke wit’ refrigerator magnets defeated him… such irony… he could do whatever an iron can, get out wrinkles, crease yer pants, burn down yer house, squash some ants… look out! Here comes tha’ Irony Man…. but he got tha’ last laugh as Downey, Jr. took up tha’ suit and killed Tron right good…

Sorry- just wantin’ ta’ pump up tha’ posts fur this thread…


3. The Galactic Battleburger - October 17, 2008

1. Or to quote Borat: “Wa wa WEE wah!”

4. Spock's Brain - October 17, 2008

Gotta reclaim my childhood love of comics.

5. Brandon - October 17, 2008

Hope we see Riker and the crew of the Titan in there somehow!

6. Fwise3 - October 17, 2008

nifty thrifty

7. Jordan - October 17, 2008

Can’t wait! Too bad we have to wait until the end of April.

8. Daoud - October 17, 2008


What an excellent idea… coming from the Supreme Court… to adopt the new view that the “expanded universe” of Trek should be canonical. This is like Coto to the second power. All they need to do next is bring him in for a TOS-era non-Enterprise television series to go along side the JJ sequence of Enterprise movies… Tie-ins galore.

9. Anthony Pascale - October 17, 2008

The four issue comic book series starts in January…as stated in the Article. The last issue and trade paperback come out in April. So you have to wait until April to finish it but you can start it in January

10. Driver - October 17, 2008

Something to tide us over. I wonder if these comics would have come regardless if the film had debuted in December.

11. The Gorn Identity - October 17, 2008

Connecting TNG with the new film? Very very cool. I love David Messina’s artwork on all the past IDW Trek comics and I’m sure it’ll be stellar in COUNTDOWN as well.

12. max - October 17, 2008

Generally, I don’t pick up Star Trek comics because all the Marvel and DC books don’t leave much room in the budget, but I’ll be making time for this for sure.

13. Izbot - October 17, 2008

Oh I’m happy about this!

14. Vorus - October 17, 2008

Just to clarify: You get the ENTIRE “Star Trek: Countdown” story for just over $12?! Is that true? If so, this is a DEFINITE buy for me. Greatly looking forward to it.

15. Anthony Pascale - October 17, 2008

Countdown will work the way all IDW trade paperbacks work. It compiles all issues of a mini-series (in this case, four issues) into a single bound volume. The downside is that you have to wait until April to start reading. Although in this case it appears that the gap in time between the last issue and the Trade paperback will be very short.

16. Vorus - October 17, 2008

Thanks for the explanation, Anthony. I haven’t bought Trek comics for over a decade, so I’m not familiar with how they work anymore.

17. dave - October 17, 2008

Superman Returns had a prequal comic book series as well before it was out in theaters….hmmm.

18. Petey - October 17, 2008

The font used in the logo art seems kinda… plain, compared to the TOS, TNG and DS9 fonts. Such a pity.

19. Capt Mike from the Terran Empire - October 17, 2008

Hey Anthony. Di i detect a small spoiler for the new movie. DO we see spock in the Tng era. Hmmm. Sounds like a possible Spoiler for the new movie.

20. Steve - October 17, 2008

@ 18

I don’t know. I kind of like the font. Sleek, simple, and cool. Kind of like everything else we’ve seen about the movie so far.

21. Steve - October 17, 2008

Just noticed that is looks as if they incorporated a bit of Earth into the Delta Shield logo — like the side of the planet with the sun behind it. My eyes could just be playing tricks on me… but it they really did do that, that is very, very cool.

22. Spocko - October 17, 2008

I’ll buy it after May of 09.

23. Jorg Sacul - October 17, 2008

18. Petey…

Take a look at that font, and the font used in the credits of “The Cage”… both are relatively unremarkable, but similar. Hmmm.. methinks our boys are more into this whole Trek thing than some are giving credits…

24. AdamTrek - October 17, 2008

It is ain’t on screen, it ain’t canon.

But what about the Star Trek: The Animated Series?

What about the new practically all comics on DVD item?

Well, I guess everything is canon.

Except the novels. Unless I can somehow project those written words onto my television set, then it’s CANON!

As Jack Bauer would say. Dammit!

25. Izbot - October 17, 2008

23. Jorg Sacul –
18. Petey…

JJ also uses similarly simple, sleek clean fonts on the logos for Lost and Fringe. In terms of opening title cards for tv shows I really like this approach. Opening sequences for all the post-TOS Trek series have been overly long behemoths — imagine if the actors’ names were run during the 1st scene like on Lost or Heroes and the title card was just a brief 2-second thing. That leaves more time in the hour for story. Not much extra time, but a little — and a lot can be accomplished in a few seconds on tv.

Yeah, I’m already thinking about Trek’s hopefully inevitable return to television.

26. SPB - October 17, 2008


What the hell happened to movie logos nowadays? Whatever happened to the likes of the original STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, ROBOCOP, STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE… to name any number of great genre flicks with eye-catching logos?

Whoever came up with the new logo for STAR TREK obviously came from the same school that gave us the yawn-inducing, ho-hum movie logos of the TNG movies, SUPERMAN RETURNS, BATMAN BEGINS, SPIDER-MAN, etc. As in… block letters. Yay.

This is the NEW “Star Trek” folks… please create a zippier logo than that thing above. That is all.

27. John from Cincinnati - October 17, 2008

Ha Ha!

Nero travels back to the era before the original series. He changes the timeline which explains why everything looks different. See, I told you, an alternate timeline reality. I wonder how that will effect all the stories of the original series?

28. Vorus - October 17, 2008

@ 27:

Are you serious? I don’t mean to sound rude, I’m honestly curious. Do you actually believe that this will be an “alternate timeline” story? Because, everything I’ve read from the interviews indicates otherwise. This is more of an origin story than anything. And an alternate timeline would NOT explain how the characters came together, because none of it would have really happened in the “normal” universe.

Besides, I don’t think that’s exactly a non-Trekkie friendly plot line. Nor do I think many Trek fans would enjoy that type of film.

I seriously doubt that this is going to be a film set in an alternate timeline.

As for the “canonicity” of the comics, I have to think that they would be canon, or VERY close to it. At least along the lines of the same thing that used to apply to Franz Joseph’s Starfleet Technical Manual. since these comics are approved by the writers of the film to explain the origins of their characters, and set up the film itself, I don’t see how they couldn’t be canon.

I think Paramount, or at least someone involved in the creation of the comics should officially declare them to be canon.

29. devon Richards - October 17, 2008

Sweeeeet. So our X-mas wait has only been extended into January. Still can’t wait.

30. Newman - October 17, 2008

that is so cool. I hope they find a way for Picard to make an apperance in these comic books. oooooh maybe Picard helps Spock get his timeship! Wouldn’t that be sweet!!!

31. Ruthless Nate - October 17, 2008

#8 Daoud

I agree, if the movie does well, then they should tie in with a TV series set in the TOS era with the same aesthetic but on a ship other than the Enterprise. Maybe throw in some cameos from some of the movie cast members now and then if the story called for it. Plus, they can reference some of the adventures the Enterprise has been having (aka, actual TOS episodes) to help make the film and TV series feel more cohesive with the overall canon.

32. Commodore Lurker - October 17, 2008

Out grew comics decades ago, but this sounds interesting.

33. jondh - October 17, 2008

I’m definitely buying this comic, but does anyone else but me think the logo is “Heroes” rip-off! Just replace the arrowhead with a sphere and we’re looking at the Heroes logo.

34. boJac - October 17, 2008

I hope this Countdown is better than the last one…

35. Desertrat - October 17, 2008

Too much information for two days….

….must get drunk…


36. cd - October 17, 2008

Countdown to Ultimate Star Trek, err,
All-Star Star Trek, umm,
Star Trek: Zero.

37. GaryS - October 17, 2008

I guess it all depends on the prequels story.

38. Enterprise - October 17, 2008

Star Trek – The Rebooted Generation

39. Joe - October 17, 2008

IDW has already done a fantastic job with the Year Four stuff. I know I’m jumping the gun, but a sequel Star Trek involving their fifth and final year before the Enterprise is decommissioned would be an interesting story no one has tackled either.

40. Captain Joe (formerly Joseph Brown) - October 17, 2008

#28 Vorus

You make a good point. Though it is possible for part of the film to be in an alternate timeline (or at the least for the timeline to change somewhat but remain the same timeline) depending on what the effect of Nero’s attack on the USS Kelvin is (if there is an effect).

I also agree that these comics should be declared canon. I wouldn’t normally support comics being canon but considering the nature of the comics and Mr. Abrams’s, Mr. Orci’s, and Mr. Kurtzman’s involvement, I make an exception and I sincerely hope TPTB make it official.

41. LoyalStarTrekFan - October 17, 2008

Well, this certainly sounds interesting. Since the TNG era is my favorite era, connecting it to the new film sounds like an excellent idea. That said, it should prove interesting to see how that continuity and the books continuity compare. Just so long as the Romulan Empire isn’t destroyed or occupied or became exactly like Vulcan I’ll be happy. I like the Romulans about as much as I like the Klingons and I hope they keep that Romanesque culture. Anyway, this project sounds interesting and I’ll probably wait until the Trade Paperback comes out.

42. Chris Clow - October 17, 2008

Any info on variants, Anthony?

43. Sean - October 17, 2008

It ties together the TNG era to the new continuity? Damit! You’ve instantly found a way to make me buy it! *shakes fist*

44. Devon - October 18, 2008

#26 – I sort of agree with you but you might be jumping the gun a little. This is the comic book logo apparently, not the movie logo itself.

45. TyrannicalFascist - October 18, 2008

This is great news. One thing Trek lags far behind Star Wars in is a (relatively) consistent Expanded Universe for games, novels, comics, etc. Though Trek has had a very wide range of materials, so this is understandable, especially in the early years.

It would be nice if this movie could also begin to kick off some kind of established EU that could be kept track of and adhered to. With the recent novels having a pretty close continuity, as well as Star Trek Online on the way, maybe its time Trek opened up its own official EU.

But then again, trying to incorporate all the stuff from the past would be…………well……yeah…. Of course Lucasfilm actually has one guy whose sole job it is to keep track of and integrate everything together, which would be hard for Trek since there’s no “Roddenberryfilm Ltd.” to have master control over all of Trek past, present and future.

46. Chris Pike - October 18, 2008

I do wish they’d use the original series type face – they did start to use but it seems to have been dropped.

47. Daniel Broadway - October 18, 2008

I wonder if this will be the logo used for the movie as well. I bet it will.

48. Cervantes - October 18, 2008

Aaargh, I go on holiday for a week, only to come back to find that ‘the-powers-that-be’ have decided to issue a landslide of revealing stuff in the last few days, without us all having to wait till next month’s new trailer!!

I haven’t had a chance to read everyone’s opinions yet, but I know some will be delighted about *everything*, while some will be not so impressed…. Will be interested to catch up on that…. In the meantime, I’d like to add a couple of things of my own. –

Firstly, about this comic introduction thing – Could be a very interesting primer for the main event, or it could reveal too much in advance….either way, I truly hope that the typeface used in the logo above is *not* going to be the official one for this Movie. I really would have liked to have seen the excellent, iconic, forward slanting font used in the TOS series, but updated somehow, perhaps with some kind of approaching or receding movement. Despite the TOS-looking font that was seen on the early teaser posters, if this plain lettering is going to be the J.J.’s introduction to the Movie, then that is a change for the worse I reckon.

Onto the recent reveals –

If that shot of a portion of the ‘Bridge’ does indeed show how it looks overall by the *end* of this Movie, then it is a poor substitute for the overall aestetic of the original series one. Although I wasn’t expecting to the exact colour-scheme and layout of the TOS series, I got a shock to see something approaching a sterile iStore / Sony Centre / with it’s rows of dressing room bulbs…. I suspected long ago that we might get a bigger, brighter, whiter look overall, although I hoped I was wrong, but I expected things to have a bit more of a WOW! factor if they did. This portion that was shown did not give me that feeling, and is not the Kind of technology that I expected from a 23rd Century-set Movie with the budget we know this thing has…. To be honest, barring the vibrant colour-scheme, I think the overall look of the original series Bridge looks more futuristic than what was on show in that portion! I hope that is not the actual ‘final* version by the Movie’s end, but it seems to have been confirmed as being the one from the ‘Enterprise’.

I’m reasonably happy with the final uniforms, but they do seem out of kilter in such a different-looking Bridge, and I don’t like the silver braid / badges instead of the gold….unless there is a reason for this….

Why is the parting on Bone’s hair on the RIGHT?

SFX shots look amazing though!

49. Canonfornication - October 18, 2008

don’t wanna be bothered with picking up the 4 issues (like I did with the Superman Returns prequels..the day I spent going from comic store to comic store trying to track down one of the issues is a day id sooner forget….as the day wore on and I got more and more upset and not being able to track it down there came a point when I asked myself ‘how did I get like this..?’ ) ..

also don’t wanna read them and have them spoil anything to do with the story so I’ll order the trade paperback and keep it closed till after I seen the film…

other stuff i’ll pick up – the Making of book (gotta be one as they still do them), the comic adaptaion, offical magazine (like those ones Starlog did of the original movies), the novel (even though i hate reading stuff without pictures lol), soundtrack (an absolute friggin MUST!!) and maybe the poster (as i have the previous 10 and hope to one day have them all up on the wall)…what else?…oh yeah and the dvd (not Blu Ray..i aint rebuying all my dvds as Blu Ray!)

doubt i’ll bother with model kits and action figures now…im over 30

50. Devon - October 18, 2008

“also don’t wanna read them and have them spoil anything to do with the story so I’ll order the trade paperback and keep it closed till after I seen the film…”

The purpose of the comics though are intended to be read *before* the movie though.

51. Cervantes - October 18, 2008

Nearly forgot –

Although I mentioned it, I’m certainly not bothered about the fact that Karl Urban’s hair is parted on the right-hand side (although a famous politician here was noted as deliberately changing his to a LEFT-side parting to appear more *manly* to voters!), I do marvel at the ‘curly Sue’ Chekov that we now have onboard! While I can’t get over at how ‘Scotty’-like Simon Pegg thankfully finally looks, it will be strange looking at such a departure from the usual ‘mop-top’ look of the original Chekov. Chris Pine’s ‘parted’ hair has been a success though, although I’d have preferred a neater, shorter cut overall for the ‘Captain’….

While these are trivial matters overall, and there are more important things to dislike….*cough*….Bridge….*cough*, I think my overall impression of all these early images is this – while J.J. seems to have gone to some lengths in approximating certain little TOS aspects and details, he seems to have wildly disregarded some bigger aspects totally….thus giving a decidedly mixed bag in the look of the production from what was previously seen….

I *know* it doesn’t matter if Zachary’s ‘Spock’ makes his ‘Vulcan’ hand gesture with his left hand, or not, for instance, but I’d personally have preferred a little more continuity in ‘updating’ the likes of ‘major sets’ such as the Bridge, if J.J. wanted to honour ‘continuity with the TOS series, not necessarily with it’s vibrant original series hues. Ironically, we actually *did* get RED ‘railings’, LOL!!!

If J.J. wanted to honour ‘continuity’ with the TOS series. If he’d gone with a totally new crew and Generation he could have gone *completely* radical if he wished, without this water-down TOS series aesthetic that he seems to have gone with…. I now think the Movie will perhaps come across looking like a cross between TOS Trek and Galaxy Quest 2 somehow, but will remain hopeful that it is still a great Movie overall, and proves a smash hit. I will be there regardless, but won’t necessarily like how this Movie LOOKS.

52. Steve Roby - October 18, 2008

Canon, schmanon. If the comics are good, they’re good. If they suck, they suck. Canon status or lack thereof won’t change either side of that.

53. Star Trek XI: Fakten, Gerchte, Infos - Seite 151 - SciFi-Forum - October 18, 2008

[…] mehr brauch ich nicht. Beim Look und Nero stimme ich dir aber zu. Apropos Canon: Exclusive Details On Star Trek Movie Prequel Comic Book Series | TrekMovie.com Mich wrde mal interessieren, ob die jetzt zum offiziellen Canon dazu gezhlt werden drfen. Es […]

54. Holger - October 18, 2008

I’d have to see some panels of the comic first. If I don’t like the drawing style in a comic, I’m out. Even if the story is good.

55. Cervantes - October 18, 2008

#54 Holger

Yes, it helps when the design / artwork is good for this type of thing.

Speaking of which, there’s a couple of new details over at Aintitcool, mentioning the handphasers and other things….including this quote –

“The movie,” Lindelof says, “is about the act of changing what you know”

So now we know what some of us had already suspected…. ;)

See – http://www.aintitcool.com/node/38779

56. Canonfornication - October 18, 2008

maybe we wont see any of the TNG era in the new film then…just in these prequel comics……

57. Canonfornication - October 18, 2008

51 – the impression i have is that (looks wise at least) the new film will be more of a prequel to the original crew MOVIES (specifically Star Treks II, III, IV and VI)…with the ‘homage’ to TOS just being the uniforms and a few brief references..

after all it is a big budget movie and will be using the grand scope and themes of the movies series more so than the the tv show

58. Cervantes - October 18, 2008

#57 Canonfornication

The grand scope and themes of the tv show were surely already on show, before the Movies ever came around.

Btw, apologies for the Aintitcool link above. I’m only just back and didn’t realise it has already been covered.

59. Cpt. Retri - October 18, 2008

@28 some of the best Star Trek episodes revolved around time travelling and alternate timelines, both the one in TNG where all those enterprises from different dimension materialized in front of our heroes and the year long tale in Voyager were simply great, I bet most of us are gonna love this movie.

Besides, think of the possibilities…a new TNG era series with a completely new crew and slightly different ship stemming out of the JJ alt. universe to bring the timeline forward without having to deal with canon stuff.

60. Cpt. Retri - October 18, 2008

it’s time for ST fans to come in terms with the truith, canon killed Enterprise as well as any potential attempt at bringing back the series within a TNG contemporary era, thus those who are in charge of the Star Trek franchise are going to get a rid of it lol.

61. trekfan1701 - October 18, 2008

#48 complains about the way they parted the hair of Bones….

Nothing this guy says is valid if he is nit picking that. Get a life.

62. Third Remata'Klan - October 18, 2008

I knew Nero was from the future. I knew it.

63. Craig - October 18, 2008

60 Canon saved Enterprise Season 4 was steeped in canon and for me justified the existance of the series, possibly even waranted a season 5 unfortunatly the canonless 3 season did too much damage

64. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

I have never purchased a comic book in my entire life….but I will quite probably pre-order this right now!

65. Darryl - October 18, 2008

All this insane nitpicking is pointless.

This movie going to rock, that’s just the way it is, and you all know it.

How can a group of people who claim to love the show for it’s view of hope, be so garsh darned negative?

Just let it happen, enjoy it.

Star Trek has been an important part of my life since I was 5, the walls of my house are covered with Trek, I even have a tattoo of the Enterprise on my left arm, so this movie is VERY important to me. And I am willing to just let it be.

My hope has not been tarnished. :?)

66. Closettrekker - October 18, 2008

#65—Take comfort in that not all of us are so negative and in fear of change.

I have been awaiting Star Trek’s return to the 23rd Century for a long time. I have seen nothing which makes me at all apprehensive about the result.

All of this is fantastic.

67. THX-1138 - October 18, 2008

To sum up:

We argue about whether the bridge is too bright.
We argue about whether the lettering on the Kelvin is right.
We complain about the new uniforms.
We argue about whether comics or cartoons are canon.
We have complained about Kirk’s eye color and hairstyle
And now, I see that there is a complaint about WHAT SIDE McCOY’S HAIR IS PARTED ON.

Get a grip. It’s not important.

Good Lord, what a bunch of dweebs Star Trek fans are

68. Izbot - October 18, 2008

26. SPB –
“What the hell happened to movie logos nowadays? Whatever happened to the likes of the original STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, ROBOCOP, STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE… to name any number of great genre flicks with eye-catching logos?
Whoever came up with the new logo for STAR TREK obviously came from the same school that gave us the yawn-inducing, ho-hum movie logos of the TNG movies, SUPERMAN RETURNS, BATMAN BEGINS, SPIDER-MAN, etc. As in… block letters. Yay.
This is the NEW “Star Trek” folks… please create a zippier logo than that thing above. That is all.”

Well, these are different times, for one thing. Notice that the logos you list that you like are all from the late 70s/early 80s. Graphic design has moved far away from that type of logo design and typography in general. If something like that were used today it would reek of camp and kitsch — which we do not need.

Second, those 70s/80s movies were all marketed to a younger audience (essentially 14-year-old boys). Sure, many ended up having mass appeal but that’s not how they were marketed. Those logos told the viewing public “this is a science fiction or fantasy film”, niche genres that had limited appeal at the time. Let me be clear: I am not saying those movies only appealed to 14-year old boys, only that that’s the way the marketing geniuses at the studios saw those films’ target audience to be.

Today the boundaries between science fiction, fantasy and adult drama are no longer so noticible. Science fiction in film no longer holds the same strictly-for-kids stigma that clung to it since the Saturday matinee serials and Space Cadet tv shows of the 50s. “2001”, the “Aliens” series and “Blade Runner”, for example, made huge strides in making science fiction appealing to adults (and notice their respective logos are more subdued, less “zippy”).

Science fiction and fantasy often become elements in films and not defining characteristics. “Lost” has some weird sci fi elements but I wouldn’t chracterize it strictly as a sci fi show — and by marketting it to a broader audience it hasn’t become pigeonholed as ‘for-geeks-only’. Clearly we have read lately how JJ and the supreme court is looking to broaden Trek’s appeal across the boards and into markets it has yet to penetrate. Going the sleek and subdued route has proven itself successful.

69. Izbot - October 18, 2008

51. Cervantes –
“Although I mentioned it, I’m certainly not bothered about the fact that Karl Urban’s hair is parted on the right-hand side (although a famous politician here was noted as deliberately changing his to a LEFT-side parting to appear more *manly* to voters!), I do marvel at the ‘curly Sue’ Chekov that we now have onboard! While I can’t get over at how ‘Scotty’-like Simon Pegg thankfully finally looks, it will be strange looking at such a departure from the usual ‘mop-top’ look of the original Chekov. Chris Pine’s ‘parted’ hair has been a success though, although I’d have preferred a neater, shorter cut overall for the ‘Captain’…. ”

I think the changes in hairstyle are just fine. Koenig’s Monkees ‘do was far too period-specific and if Yelchin wore it he’d instantly become a one-note joke (the accent is bad enough to deal with). It’s supposed to be the future as seen from today’s perspective — not the future as seen from the late 60’s perspective.

70. Anonymous - October 18, 2008

That loud whirring sound isn’t an Enterprise Bussard Collector at Warp 8…it’s Gene Roddenberry spinning in his grave.

This new movie is an assrape of the Original Series.

Abrams is risking alienating the real Original Series fanbase and screwing up accepted Star Trek canon in favor of his convoluted, idiotic, “fanfic”-style, “vision”.

The “bridge” (and I hesitate to refer to this “thing” as such) looks more like the bridge of the NSEA Protector from “Galaxy Quest” (a laughable parody that was meant as such), or an Apple iStore reject.

The accepted canon crew taking command of the Enterprise right out of the Academy? An angry Vulcan? What next? Are you going to use that Gabe Koerner CGI-abomination “Enterprise”? Please, continue to alienate your real fans in favor of your now-nicknamed ‘Star Trek, 90210″, and “Dawson’s Trek”. Shame and dishonor on you, Mr. Abrams.

This movie is already starting off on the wrong foot, and it’s doomed to fail with the TOS fanbase.

71. Kevin - October 18, 2008


I love how someone who says nothing good about a movie he hasn’t seen posts under “Anonymous.”

72. Anonymous - October 18, 2008

May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet…and not in a good way, either.

73. CaptainRickover - October 18, 2008

# 70 and others:

I thought this topic is about the comics. Could we speak of them now, please? I’m not happy with some elements (the bridge-design) of the revealed pictures too, but I’m very interested in these comics.

Generally, I don’t see Star Trek comics as canon, even no novel or the “background material” about the ships the Okudas provided (’cause too many things contradicts screen evidence). But in this case, It’s very exciting, because it might be the last time we see the 24th century (despite all the 24th-century-hate I’ve seen on this side) for a long time, possible forever. Even if Paramount declares the comics as canon or not, for me, it’s allways interesting in learning more about the characters in a movie – even the bad guys.

74. Enterprise - October 18, 2008

We’re not arguing. It’s called discussion. Isn’t that was these sites are for?

75. The Gorn Identity - October 18, 2008

Bottom line is EVERYONE here who is complaining and nitpicking about this film are going to be in line on opening day to see it.

Oh, and if anyone here hasn’t read any of IDW’s Star Trek comics I HIGHLY recommend checking them out. “Klingons: Blood Will Tell” and “The Enterprise Experiment” are at the top of my list.

76. OneBuckFilms - October 18, 2008

I’m not a big Comics guy, I don’t own any, but I might check these out to see how the writers are thinking.

77. Mammalian Verisimilitude - October 18, 2008

This was pretty obviously coming – IDW did exactly the same thing with Transformers (and followed it up with weekly four-part direct adaptation, and are currently doing an “in-between” comic before starting the cycle all over again for TF:ROTF).

78. The Last Maquis - October 18, 2008

I…………..Don’t Really Care.

79. Izbot - October 18, 2008

71. Kevin –
“I love how someone who says nothing good about a movie he hasn’t seen posts under “Anonymous.””

I concur. Thanks, “Anonymous”! Real ballsy! I “especially” like your “creative” use of “parentheses” to show your “disgust”. I hope JJ and company are reading this — he apparently thinks he represents the entirety of all TOS fans. “It’s doomed to fail!’ Fandom has spoken, JJ!

Movie comes out next year. Why don’t we hold all the “ass-raping” allegations until we’ve seen the final product, shall we? I’m just glad we’re going back to the 23rd century after so long. I like JJ and co.’s other work (certainly more than the “ass-raping” Berman & Braga gave us), I’m sure they’ll be lots to like (and dislike) from their version. Bottom line is: Star Trek’s coming back.

80. The Gorn Identity - October 18, 2008

To #78

Then……….Why even bother posting?

81. Izbot - October 18, 2008

78. The Last Maquis –
“I…………..Don’t Really Care.”

And thank you for contributing nothing to this thread. I really get a kick out of internet ‘taggers’ — people who have nothing to add but just like to see their names on the wall.

82. AJ - October 18, 2008

70 Anonymous:

Thanks for offending me with the expression “assrape.” I am not easily offended.

The 11 photos we’ve seen hardly qualify as such an offense. In fact, most of them are pretty good.

There’s so much care and love being dedicated to this flick, that I’m surprised some of you people can wax so negative. If they f*ck it up, it will be with the best intentions.

83. VOODOO - October 18, 2008

Sounds pretty cool.

It would have been a nice nod to TNG if they could have somehow involved Patrick Stewart in this film.

By the way, I would love to see TNG get a better ending than they did in the last film, a tv movie or a Titan series would be great. Most likely wishful thinking on my part, but I think there is still enough interest in TNG to make it work.

84. asc1138 - October 18, 2008


Ah…that would be a negative. I am first and formost a TOS fan and you certianly do not speak for me.

85. Vorus - October 18, 2008

@ 40 Captain Joe:

Oh most definitely. Some changes are possible. However, I think a lot of Trek fans are expecting something so large that will allow them to write off the entire film as taking place in an alternate universe, like they tried to do with Enterprise.

I think a lot of people (Or perhaps just a vocal minority) are expecting to be able to point to some moment in the film and say “See there, that moment sent this film permanently onto a different track than the “normal” Trek universe.”

I just don’t see that happening. It wouldn’t make sense, because for one thing, whenever Nero goes back in time, he will surely find the film’s design aesthetic already firmly in place before he attempts to alter anything, thus proving that even without his intervention, things already looked different than TOS.

Secondly, imagine how hard that would be to make understandable to people unfamiliar with TOS. “This is set in the TOS period, but it is not REALLY the same, because see, the bridge looks different, and the USS Enterprise looks a little wrong. So, there is the TOS universe, and then there is the OTHER TOS universe, that started when Nero came back and changed the past . . .” That just seems like a far too convoluted way to go about it.


@ 59 Cpt Retri:

Same thing. Imagine trying to keep that straight for non-Trekkies. “No, THIS version of TNG is not the same one from the nineties. You see, this version is a result of the eleventh film, where a Romulan from the NORMAL TNG universe went back in time and created a divergent reality in the TOS era, which leads up to this NEW TNG period where everything is different.”

I just can’t see them making things that complicated for everyone. That’d alienate old-time Trek fans who don’t like the idea of keeping up with multiple versions of their heroes and timelines. And it would alienate non-Trekkies who would now see Trek as an even MORE complicated and confusing (and probably even more elitist) universe than it used to be.

Combine those points with the fact that people involved in the film seem (to me) to have indicated that this is a story of the characters we know, (As opposed to alternate universe versions of them) and you can see why I don’t think it likely that this film is going to be set in an alternate reality.

86. Sebastian Meyer - October 18, 2008

What tickles me about this is that for them to play on the connection between the new movie and TNG is that there would HAVE TO BE one in the first place. That makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

87. Anthony Pascale - October 19, 2008

Warning for trolling
that kind of language is not cool

comments to http://trekmovie.com/about/feedback

88. mikko - October 19, 2008

Given my TNG-era interests and my curiosity about what’s happened since our last update on our heroes’ various trekking, this is most welcome.

Also welcome is, indeed, the effort to better connect this film with the fans’ present frame of reference. Granted, it is perfect for building hype, gathering lucre, and appeasing those who aren’t too thrilled about a five month delay. But, nonetheless, there’s a certain consideration from the filmmakers that would be hard for any canon-conscious fans not to appreciate.

Frankly, I thought that 2 hours would be tough to tell a story (adequately and thoroughly, anyway) as expansive as it seems we’ll be seeing. This will do a bit to remedy that problem that, frankly, was vexing me. I happen to have a long attention span — and am used to long films because of my interests. I think ‘Nemesis’ failed creatively because someone wanted it to stay under 2 hours, and I worry about that happening here. Of course, we’ll see.

Some food for thought on the ‘canon’ question follows:

Obviously there is the working principle that novels are not considered to be canon; given the continuity issues that have a way of arising otherwise — and more practical matters, too — that makes sense.

But one bit of ‘food for thought,’ for instance, would be Gene Roddenberry’s only Star Trek novel — his novelisation of ST:TMP. Particularly in the early part, there is an abundance of discussion of Kirk’s back story and other Trek universe matters.

Would Roddenberry’s published vision not make it into ‘canon’ somehow? Obviously we have a bit if tricky precedent if we do that.

But, I think that particular novel is a perfect thing to consider in light of the inevitable ‘canon’ debate of these upcoming comics. After all, both pieces are directly from the creators of ‘canon,’ and directly related to the ‘canon’ they’re creating.

In governmental terms… do the ‘canon’ criteria include a line-item veto? Thus far they have not.

(Or, perhaps, the ‘hatchet/scalpel’ line fits current events better…)

89. David Messina - October 19, 2008

I can assure you that we all (IDW and Bad Robots) are at work in order to be faithfull to the spirit of StarTrek!
…and believe me, you can’t imagine how huge and picky is our “pre-production” work for this book !
Mike and Tim are great Star Trek fans, while even if I’m not a Trek’s guy, I’m a really great lover of Sci-Fi…

I really hope that you’ll like our book, we are at work on it with great passion…

90. Devon - October 19, 2008

Yeah, it’s also amusing how “Anons” post goes right out the window anyway since Gene was cremated.

91. Canonfornication - October 19, 2008

50 – i know that but i already feel like i know too much about the movie to risk reaading them before seeing it

i cant resist looking at the internet but ordering/reading the preq comics i can wait till after seeing it

92. Canonfornication - October 19, 2008

89 – thats great – these will be the first trek comics i will be buying since the early 90s DC run (Trial of Kirk, the Kirk Academy annual, Trek VI adaptation etc)…i tuned out around issue 25..dunno why….think it was maybe because TOS was over with Trek VI and after that i just sorta lost interest in all things trek..

good luck with the prequel comics…i dont think theres gonna be many trek fans who arent gonna buy them

93. Holger - October 19, 2008

67: If you don’t like these topics, don’t participate in debates about them, but don’t force your subject preferences on others.
Personally, I find ‘This movie will rule!’ posts utterly pointless and they are lacking evidence. But, well, to each his own.

94. Alex Rosenzweig - October 19, 2008

#59 – “Besides, think of the possibilities…a new TNG era series with a completely new crew and slightly different ship stemming out of the JJ alt. universe to bring the timeline forward without having to deal with canon stuff.”

I’ve thought of that, and dismissed it as unacceptable.

Either be true to the Trekverse, or don’t make Star Trek. It’s really quite simple. Fortunately, it does appear that while there will be alternate continua in the film (as has been suggested for some time, and has occurred in assorted episodes without throwing away the main continuity), by the end, when all’s said and done, TPTB on this film have understood and respected the simple precept. Assuming true, bravo for them!

95. Jeffries Tuber - October 19, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy

No more negativity. Who cares about negative opinions, anyway?

The bridge is not as bright as it appears on first glance. KO described nice dark red floors. Starships have to simulate day and night, anyway. Even the blue neon effects on the bridge and the Kelvin, which was at first off-putting, is actually canon-based: the main screen on TOS was surrounded by a blue neon border and certain pre-Enterprise ships, like the Class-J, have been depicted with blue-tipped nacelles.

They’re doing what they said, making changes that are rooted in prior mythology.

The whole notion of canon in Star Trek is perfectly legitimate. But there’s a process to canonization that implies a plurality of ideas and conflicting accounts. As observers or readers of THE DAVINCI CODE know, there were many different accounts of the story of Jesus before The Council of Nicea in 325 AD. The Council was not just a scholarly review, it was a robust political process–which is to say, a political knife fight. Ultimately they produced the Nicene Creed, which encapsulates what it did and did not mean to be a Christian. Although ‘canonization’ is also used as a word for making a Catholic a Saint, this is what it means to say that some piece of media or information is ‘canon.’

Why am I bringing all of this up? Because the idea of Canon was BS so long as it was just a wiki. I work in film and publishing and I’m in a good position to know: Viacom has owned Star Trek for a very long time, but Star Trek was never vertically integrated and the Lansing regime never really got it.

Did any of you know that there was a time when the Star Trek paperbacks put all of Simon & Schuster in the black? They were so profitable and the writers so poorly paid that the entire publishing company and all of its imprints were paid for. If The New York Times Best Seller lists were based on actual sales rather than being edited, most of the Star Trek paperbacks and hardcovers would have charted.

Yet Sumner Redstone never got it, Sherry Lansing never got it, and although TNG achieved greatness with Roddenberry’s help, Star Trek did not survive the transition from Harve Bennett to Rick Berman.

Now we have a Supreme Court considering all of the myths and legends, and giving us a state of the art account of James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy.

Paramount is run by the best kind of leader for Star Trek’s purposes, Brad Grey: a talent manager–the kind of guy who scouted stand up comics on Sunset Blvd and made [them] millions and millions of dollars selling them in other media. Managers and agents are all about reinvention and exploiting talent/value in new ways. Grey’s exec Brad Weston is also a very cool guy, coming form Dimension and overseeing Mtv Films.

Star Trek has literally transitioned from the equivalent of a feudal government run by carrier pigeon to a high tech participatory democracy. This movie will be critic-proof, make a lot of money, and probably stuff Angels and Demons and snuff Wolverine.

But if WE don’t support the ancillaries–comics, books, toys, special edition iPods, Halloween costumes, Christmas ornaments, and a ‘land’ at Universal Studios… the writers will be the first to go. Then Bad Robot. This franchise is worth billions of dollars, far more than the $10M or so it would take to pay these guys off if Paramount has to do what it did after TMP.

That’s a brutal thing to say, because I know Orci’s reading, but it’s not news to him. And the movie is going to rock anyway. We vote with our dollars and elect the Supreme Court that decides what is canon. And so far, they’re doing well, and dying to show us more.

96. Cervantes - October 20, 2008

#61 trekfan1701

Sorry you feel like that. You don’t happen to have a ‘right-parting’ yourself by any chance?….

That particular insignificant point was only mentioned as a bit of fun in my first post here, and I actually pointed out it’s lack of real importance in my various initial impressions in my follow-up post #51…. I just threw it in as a minor observation. Funnily, having now caught up with previous comments, it seems I wasn’t the only one to mention it, lol!

Now Chekov’s new ‘perm’ on the other hand….surely you accept THAT is going to blow this whole reboot’s chances at the Box Office! ;)

97. Smike van Dyke - October 20, 2008

@85 Vorus:

I honestly hope you are right but I guess you’re wrong. Quite obviously this the way they want to pull it off…

It sounds so complicated and contrieved, I know. And yes, I’d agree with your general notion is that it would both alienate long-term fans and newcomers alike. While I can see all these changes for one movie, this effort really complicates things for the future. Two distinct realities seperated by one movie called “Star Trek” (2009)…

Either they completely abandone the old timeline and only continue with the new one or they stop Nero at some point, changing things back to normal 60s style (which obvioulsy would make even less sense in terms of rebooting the franchise)…

Maybe the Gordian Nod would be seperating classic TOS / classic movies from the spin offs…so that TNG could be result of this alternate timeline as well. That however is impossible due to this “Coutdown” comic book and those nostalgia episodes of NG and DS9 (Relics and the Tribbles show from DS)…

At the moment I’m really looking forward to this movie as a one time effort but I can’t see a clear perspective for Trek’s future. Either they expect the general audience to overlook those ties to the old timeline or they expect us Trekkies to abandone everything that came before at some point…

It’s a bloody mess but a damn interesting one…

98. DaveO - October 20, 2008

70. Anonymous – October 18, 2008
“…That loud whirring sound isn’t an Enterprise Bussard Collector at Warp 8…it’s Gene Roddenberry spinning in his grave.”

You don’t know squat about Roddenberry.

Here’s what he had to say about things like this:

(The following has been posted in other threads, but bears repeating:)

“…Even if Nimoy never plays Spock again, I think it would be wonderful years from now to see Star Trek come back with an equally talented new cast playing Spock and Kirk and Bones and Scotty and all the rest as they say tomorrow’s things to tomorrow’s generations.”

“I feel that we’ve got such good people in Hollywood, and will in future as well, that I would be happy to have a Star Trek come on in 15 or 20 years where people say, “Now that is good! That makes Roddenberry look like nothing!” And that would please me!”*

[*note: exactly 20 years after he said this, JJ Abrams Star Trek will be in theaters.]

SOURCE: http://trekmovie.com/2008/03/06/more-from-roddenberry-on-treks-future-after-him-recasting/

99. Vorus - October 20, 2008

@ 97 Smike van Dyke

Well, what I don’t understand is why people say that it MUST be an altenrate timeline simply because it LOOKS different.

Consider; The USS Kelvin already carries the design aesthetic of the new vision of TOS. And that is BEFORE Nero’s intervention. Therefore, the design aesthetic is already established as canonical before any alternate timeline could have been created. Therefore, the new vision is canon, and is in the “real” Trek universe.

Just because the new bridge, uniforms, and perhaps the ship, look arguably too modern, or simply look different, thye MUST be in an alternate timeline? I don’t understand that logic. Surely you don’t believe that ST:IV was in an alternate timeline just because the BoP’s bridge was totally different do you?

People tried to say the same thing about Enterprise when it was on TV. “The ship looks too modern, this show isn’t canon, and it takes place in an alternate universe!” was the the cry from the discontented corners of Trek fandom. However, they were wrong back then, and I don’t see how the same argument will survive this time.

Think about it:

1) All the interviews and statements I’ve read (And I think I’ve read them all.) have said that this film will tell the story of how the crew got together, and how the 1701 was launched. If this was an alternate universe, then those statements would be false, because it wouldn’t be the story of how the “real” crew got together, it would be the story of how the alternate universe versions of them got together. The same applies to the ship.

2) The characters are already going to be played by different actors. Sarek, for example, is already going to not look “right” before Nero intervenes. Therefore, he canonically has two faces (And heights, for that matter) and we simply must choose how we reconcile that, but explaining one away as an alternate timeline is not possible, since there could have been no alternate timeline at that point.

3) We have already faced this problem before, and have never had to declare things in an alternate timeline.

ST:IV, like I said, showed us a completely different bridge on the BoP than ST:III did.

ST:III, Saavik looked completely different than in ST:II.

TNG, the 1701-D inexplicably grew a new deck when they started using a newer model for the show.

DS9, the Defiant switched its look around several times depending on if they used the physical model or the early CGI model.


I can understand that this film is a little different, since it is changing the look of large portions of well-established canon. However, that doesn’t mean that we can simply write it off as an alternate timeline, simply because we WANT to. (Especially before the film is even out!) If this film is presented as taking place in the “real” universe, then it, and its design aesthetic are canon. Period.

Just like Saavik’s lovely face, we get to pick which one we like better and believe that she always looked like that. (My choice is Robin Curtis, by the way.)

100. Casper - October 20, 2008

@fakesteve(and anyone who might share my suspicions)-

I replied to you on a previous thread about Nero possibly being on the Enterprise during construction.

Now, were Nero to have been back in time earlier, as this info seems to say, and with the Vulcan/Romulan propensity for long lifespans, wouldn’t Nero bide time waiting for his targets, and take down random ships to curb Federation research and development during that time?

In fact, wouldn’t the ideal time for a Romulan covert operation be during the initial Earth/Romulan war? Enterprise set up the twinkling of the Romulan anger with Earth. Nemesis was Romulus/Remus centered. A sustantial moment of Trek history heretofore “canonically” uncovered was the Romulan War.

If Nero voyaged to a point in time where the Romulans were willing to listen to and primed to act with military action, but needed an edge they originally did not have…

Perhaps Spock travels back to cut off the situation, and prevent an influx of future technology.

Hell, perhaps Nero is the figure behind the Temporal Cold War?!

101. The Last Maquis - October 20, 2008

# 80. The Gorn Identity #81. Izbot

I read the Article and I was Being honest. That’s It.

rather than write a Comment that would ultimately boil down to Me Being In favor of Or against The comic, I decided to write what I felt or didn’t feel.

If you Guys like the Idea of It, Fine. More power to ya. Don’t Pick on me Because I don’t want to discuss anything of it. Since the Studio and People behind the Movie have Made and will make Decisions About The The Flick and related items without YOUR Input, Since the movie will come out no Matter what YOU would’ve liked it to have Been, Since nobody who posts here (Maybe)will ever actually Meet each other In Person to Discuss any of this…….Then Why Do any of you even bother posting? what’s More Why Even Still post After it’s released? To bitch about What you Liked Or didn’t?? Cold hard reality is What I’m contributing. Geez, I’d expect that Kinda Stuff from (Xai Or Closet) I Have no Beef Against you guys.

I don’t post That Often anyway.

102. Mark Lopa - October 21, 2008

Shoot. When I first read this I thought it may take place at the tail end of the ENT era. Oh, well…it continues to suck being an ENT fan.

103. Page 2 | socalspaces - October 22, 2008

[…] IDW’s comic book miniseries Star Trek Countdown will focus on the origins of Romulan villain Nero. Set sometime after Star Trek Nemesis, the series will “take us right up to the movie.” Older Spock will also be featured. [TrekMovie] […]

104. Update: Star Trek Comic Cover and Details Revealed! | Fused Film - November 25, 2008

[…] in October TrekMovie.com wrote about some of the marketing plans that would be used on the new Star Trek film. One of the […]

105. Ian - May 16, 2009

The movie is out, I’ve seen it and it is a total desecration of everything Star Trek.

It’s a total rape of the original series canon. Horrible acting, horrible sets, horrible story, and a complete and total destruction of everything that has been established before.

Luckily, Gene Roddenberry was cremated or he’d be spinning in his grave so fast he’d have drilled himself halfway to China by now.

Pulp crap.

106. Ian - May 23, 2009

I agree, Ian.
What is the point of bringing old characters back to the screen using other actors, just to change the timeline and make the other storylines non-existant. It scews up continuity! When I watched the film, I thought “mmmm this is the Lorimar effect” – In Dallas, they weren’t happy with the ratings of the season after Bobby died, so they made out the entire season was a dream!! Is this what Paramount has in mind? Make out non of the sixties stuff with Shatner ever existed and restart the franchise from the beginning?

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