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Burger King Confirms Star Trek Movie Promotion For 2009 October 31, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Merchandise,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

In a welcome sign for a new expanded audience for the franchise, Star Trek is headed back to fast food. Back in February TrekMovie reported that one of the components of the merchandising for the new Star Trek movie would be at a major fast food outlet, noting ‘probably Burger King.’ And Burger King has just officially confirmed they will be doing a promotional tie-in for the new Trek film.


Paramount giving new Star Trek the tentpole treatment
Burger King made the Trek announcement in their quarterly investor conference call yesterday. In discussing various partner campaigns planned for next year, CEO John Chidsey stated "we believe our movie lineup with The Pink Panther, Star Trek, and Transformers will resonate with super fans and super families globally." TrekMovie has also independently confirmed the Star Trek/Burger King merchandising deal. Paramount and Burger King have worked together on a number of recent promotions, including this year’s Iron Man and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as well as last year’s Transformers movie. However this will be the first Star Trek promotion with Burger King. Burger King has also worked with the other major studios, including Fox for the recent Star Wars prequels.

Advertising Age discussion of the importance of fast food marketing

There are no details on the campaign yet, but other recent Burger King movie campaigns involved in-store promotions, internet campaigns/games, as well as targeted TV advertising (with separate campaigns for kids and adults). In-store campaigns usually involve special meals and toys and sometimes uniquely branded food items. For example, this summer Burger King offered the ‘Indy Double Whopper.’ These tie-ins should help the new Star Trek movie achieve its goal of breaking into the mainstream audience.

BK commercial for Indy 4

BK commercial for Star Wars Episode III

Star Trek: Fast Food pioneer
Burger King is the second largest hamburger franchise and fourth largest food franchise in the world, with over 11,000 outlets in 69 countries. This kind of deal is all part of Trek’s big comeback to the mainstream. In 1979 the first ever licensed tie-in for a McDonald’s Happy Meal was for Star Trek The Motion Picture, however since then food merchandising for Trek has not usually been a major part of the marketing mix. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock in 1984 had a free glasses promotion at Taco Bell and the last Trek film, 2002’s Star Trek Nemesis, only had a coupon promotion at Del Taco, a small regional chain. This return to the big time is a welcome sign for the new Star Trek.

1979 McDonald’s commercial promoting Star Trek TMP 

1984 Taco Bell commercial for Star Trek III 

More food promotions coming
In our earlier preview of Trek movie merchandising it was mentioned that there may not be additional food merchandising. However, according to multiple sources, Paramount and CBS have signed up at least one other major food deal that will be bringing Star Trek movie branded products to grocery stores, at least in the US (possibly world wide). This is also a welcome sign as supermarket merchandising is a great way to reach kids (and moms) who must be part of the expanded audience Paramount is seeking for Star Trek. Trek’s previous forays into supermarket merchandising have been hit and miss, but who can forget the ‘marshmallow dispenser’ from Star Trek V?

Past Trek film food tie-ins for ‘Star Trek V’ and ‘First Contact’

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1. Dr. Image - October 31, 2008

1st!! And I HAVE a marshmallow dispenser!

2. Trekkie16 - October 31, 2008

Hmmm Maybe the new movie will feature Kirk and Spock trying out the replicators for the first time on the Enterprise and they request a Whopper.

3. Odradek - October 31, 2008

I think white castle would have been more fitting :)

4. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 31, 2008

“fries, french, hot”

Jokes aside, can I just say YUCK!

5. Bill - October 31, 2008

I also proudly carry my marshmallows in one of those.

6. Enterprise - October 31, 2008

Set Whoppers to stun!

7. richpit - October 31, 2008

I really don’t like Burger King, but I guess I’ll go to collect some Trek kid’s meal toys.

8. naHQun - October 31, 2008

toH! Dunqu’!
I can’t wait for my Star Trek Kid’s meal. The BK across the street from my house is going to be very profitable next year.
And I hope to get an Enterprise in my breakfast cereal too!
And if it’s not too much to ask, I hope BK or the movie theaters have those collectable plastic cups. Haven’t had one of those since Generations.
#3 Why White Castle? I’ve never been-and it’s too regional.

9. NL-NaeZ - October 31, 2008

I suppose this promotion is USA-only? I don’t think Burger King will promote Star Trek in Europe… :-(

10. Lousy_Canadian - October 31, 2008

Burger King can do what they want for this new movie, but they will never top the Kraft Marshmallow Dispenser and the Enterprise attacking the Rice Krispies! xD

11. cellojammer - October 31, 2008

White Castle…as in “Harold & Kumar Go To…”

…because of John Cho of course!

And please people: it’s Marsh Mellons!


12. bgdrewsif - October 31, 2008

#8 Umm i think the joke there with #3 is about “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”… starring the new Sulu John Cho and “Harold”

13. bgdrewsif - October 31, 2008

wow #11 you must have posted while I was typing…

14. Enterprise - October 31, 2008

In the future, are they called Freedom Fries?

15. LoyalStarTrekFan - October 31, 2008

I agree with the article, it is a good sign that Star Trek is going back into the mainstream. This is needed for the next Trek film to be the blockbuster that it needs to be.

16. cd - October 31, 2008

#14 – Federation Fries!

17. Enterprise - October 31, 2008

Starfleet Fries.

18. noirgwio - October 31, 2008

It’ll be really interesting to see what kind of stuff they come up with… Nothing LAME I hope! It would be kinda cool to collect little toys or drink glasses like some of that crap from way back when. I could do without the conversations wherein you’re trying to explain to the clerk that you want to buy the toy, but NOT get the whole kiddy meal, LOL.

19. VOODOO - October 31, 2008

It’s great to see this film given the blockbuster treatment.

20. AirForcePA - October 31, 2008

Oh boy! My son is about to turn 1 and I can’t wait unti he asks his dad for Federation Fries and a Saucer Section Whooper! :-) Live long, and have it your way!

21. lostrod - October 31, 2008

I still have those McDonald STMP Happy Meal boxes stored away …

22. Brad - October 31, 2008

BK wouldn’t be so bad if my local BK wasn’t ghetto-fantabulous… I guess I’ll have to drive to a “clean” BK to get my Star Trek lovin’

23. noirgwio - October 31, 2008

Re: #22, Brad; Yea, I have that problem too… It sure ain’t the ‘ghetto’ Elvis sang about. *sigh* ‘Gangbang with yo fries?’ NO, thanks!

24. Daniel Broadway - October 31, 2008


25. Enterprise - October 31, 2008

Kirk opens up a hatch a lot of whoppers fall out.

26. JWM - October 31, 2008

I am glad that Burger King is doing the promotion, because at least I like their food. I also like the quality of their promotional products – they are typically of higher quality and have more of a “wow” factor than McDonald’s stuff.

But the most important question is, is it canon? I thought they outlawed fast food in Star Trek’s vision of the future. Bet it’s the Borg’s fault.

27. OneBuckFilms - October 31, 2008

26 – That was in the Novels. The Novels aren’t officially Canon ;-)

28. Colonel West - October 31, 2008

My god, that McDonalds ad for TMP is so, so bad, its like a bad Bruce Lee movie where hes dressed as a klingon with the english dubbed over it. I’ve never seen it before and I can’t stop laughing!

It’ll be like Iron Man last year, Kirk escapes the ice planet, gets back to the ship and tells Bones the first thing he wants is a real federation cheeseburger, in fact he’ll have two. Then he’ll take it out of the food synthesizer and turn around, take a massive bite out of it in slow motion while the camera lingers on the BK wrapper and the look of utter contenment on Kirk’s face…

29. bgiles73 - October 31, 2008

I’m hoping they do drinking glasses like the ones they did for Shrek the Third in addition to the kids toys. Maybe they could do little mini Trek themed Barbies for the girls toy premium too!

30. Fansince9 - October 31, 2008

I think this new Burger King announcement deserves another Woo-Hoo!

Things are coming together folks, it’s lookin’ good!

31. THX-1138 - October 31, 2008

Romulan Warburger
Big E w/ cheese
Starfleet Command combo meal
Warp Whopper
Chekov chicken sandwich
Federation fries (OK, I stole that from cd)
Star Trek strawberry shake

…….and I’m out.

32. THX-1138 - October 31, 2008

Of course, there’s always this gem. Great lookalikes!


33. Enterprise - October 31, 2008

Scotty’s Fish Sandwich.

34. Captain Dunsel - October 31, 2008

What’s… Wrong… ? No…. Rom…. Rings….!

35. SPB - October 31, 2008

One of my first jobs was as a stock boy at my local grocery store back in 1989… I distinctly remember opening up a brand-new box of STAR TREK V marsh-mellon dispensers and thinking, “Oh, sh*t.”

Sure enough, other co-workers spotted them and teased me mercilessly, as I was the only TREK fan they seemed to know. “What the f*ck is this?! A STAR TREK ‘marshmellow dispenser???’ Hahahaha! Guess who’s gonna be buying these!”

Oh, the humanity…

36. Enterprise - October 31, 2008

James T Kirk’s Chicken Sandwich (He ordered a Chicken Sandwich in Tribbles).

37. Stankimus McMaximus - October 31, 2008

This means this movie is SO going to rock!!!

38. Fansince9 - October 31, 2008

#31: I don’t know about those other names, but the Big E with cheese isn’t such a bad idea :)

39. Enterprise - October 31, 2008

I’d like an Uhura with a coke please.

40. SPB - October 31, 2008

All hamburgers should now be referred to as “Targburgers.”

41. Fansince9 - October 31, 2008

Maybe it’d be fun for a few stuffed “tribble” dolls to be added to all trays that include a chicken sandwich.

42. Derf - October 31, 2008

How about like a salad or an apple or something? Something about a 700 calorie dead animal on a starchy delivery device doesn’t scream ‘the best of mankind’.


43. sean - October 31, 2008

If I recall correctly, Taco Bell also did plastic cups for Generations and DS9.

44. DesiluTrek - October 31, 2008

Set Whoppers to stun … make that kill.*

Those Trek III glasses with the double rings that emulated the bar glasses in the movie were nice.

* 64 grams (2 1/4 actual ounces) of total fat. Of those, 30 are saturated fat and 2.5 are trans fats.

45. THX-1138 - October 31, 2008


An apple? At Burger King?

Is it any consolation that the cows died of natural causes and donated their bodies to the fast food industry for dietary research?

46. NoRez - October 31, 2008

Maybe they will have a special Brightly Colored Mystery Food Cubes meal.

And a cup of coffee to go with that chicken sandwich.

47. WallDoctor - October 31, 2008

I’m a little bit concerned about marketing with Burger King. Usually McDonalds and Burger King promotions are aimed as much (if not more) at kids then adults and since we know that this film will have some Orion sexual tension of some type in it, I’m a bit worried it might be inappropriate to be advertising towards kids. At least, I can’t imagine that Abrams has the Orion chicks less sexual then Enterprise had them on television, and there is no way that I’d have let my kids watch the “clean” tv version.

I’m all for advertising but I am concerned about seeing it aimed at kids unless it’s truly a kid safe movie which so far hasn’t been the impression.

48. DGill - October 31, 2008

#46 – Brightly Colored Mystery Food Cubes meal…LMAO :D

They should also throw in a “Romulan Ale” beverage, a.k.a. Mountain Dew Voltage!

49. Thomas - October 31, 2008

Del Taco is the best! Incidentally, it’s primarily located in Calfornia. I personally like it better than Taco Bell. Incidentally, it was through Del Taco that I actually first heard anything about Nemesis. Perhaps I should have taken that as something of an omen.

50. Anthony Thompson - October 31, 2008


Yeah, White Castle had some great Trek ads back in the day. The one I recall best was the Enterprise orbiting the K7 space station to pick up it’s supply of “castles” (AKA gutbombs).

51. MrAtoz - October 31, 2008

Am I the only one that finds this post commercially crass and disgusting?

52. Brett Campbell - November 1, 2008

46 – How about a low-cal tribble in that coffee? ;)

53. Enterprise - November 1, 2008

Happy Meals are without Honor.

54. Brett Campbell - November 1, 2008

32 – That video is priceless! And the Shatner impersonation is incredible — not overdone, and sounded just like him from the TOS era. Thanks for sharing!

55. cyberghost - November 1, 2008

I am not a big fan of fast food, except salads, all the other stuff is greasy fat and wiki make u fat.

But that being said, I will collect 2 of each ST 11 toys, one to open and look at and one to keep unopened.

I have all the Taco Bell SW toys, from the last disasterious 2 of 3 movies. The only good new SW movies that was any good was 3, sith. But they are good Collectables for the price, what about 5 bucks. Count me in for BK. To bad they took away the bacon double cheese burger, it was my fav

56. Gary Seven - November 1, 2008

How did McCoy pronounce Marshmallow in STV? “Marshmell-AH? Marshmell-UN? I know I remember getting hung up on his weird way of saying it. Anybody know?

57. ManBearPig - November 1, 2008

ding fries are done

58. CMX54 - November 1, 2008


“Those Trek III glasses with the double rings that emulated the bar glasses in the movie were nice.”

They were pretty fragile and broke quite easily, but I still have *one* of the glasses left…featuring our favorite Vulcan, and the words “Spock Lives.” :)

59. Pete - November 1, 2008

@ #1

I have a marshmallow dispenser too!

@ #56

It was Spock who pronounced it strangely, not McCoy. He called it a “Marsh Melon.”

60. Smike van Dyke - November 1, 2008

#47: OMG…sexual tension beacuse of an Orion slave girl? This is really going to harm your kids…Living in Europe it really is odd for me to understand that American obsession with sexuality.

You know what? In Germany “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan”, a movie so totally about mindless sex, was rated FSK 6 (which is about the same as PG, only that kids of 6 years and above can see it without their parents)…

Normally movies including topless nudity or even full nudity are still rated FSK 12 (about the same as PG-13)…
Only if they include sex scenes, they end up with an FSK 16 rating, FSK 18 (Rated) is for movies incuding hardcore scenes…

Now, why am I saying this…I don’t think we’lll get more “sex appeal” from an Orion Slave girl but seeing her dancing around in a bikini-like dress or something…that wouldn’t even be considered at all by European rating authorities. And you are worried about kids at Burger King being exposed to “sexual tension” due to Orion Slave girls…

That said, I’m glad there will be a major fast food chain advertising the franchise again…it’s all about creating attention…

61. James - November 1, 2008


On my new movie DVD boxset, the subtitles call it ‘marsh-melon’. I thought it was a typo at first!

Concur with 59, though – it was Spock who mis-pronounced it.

Star Trek fast food tie-ins… well, I suppose it was inevitable if the movie is going to go mainstream. But it kind of leaves a bad taste in the mouth. A bit like a Whopper.

62. SirMartman - November 1, 2008

About those star Trek glasses,,,

Did any notice that the glasses for the 1984 Taco Bell commercial for Star Trek III TOTALY give away all the main story points .

God ,,,talk about spoilers, !!!

shees,, whats going to happen this time,,

the “TOS crew are in the movie glass”,,

the,, Bad guy dies this way” glass,,,

oh and dont forget the,,”William Shatner IS in the Star Trek Movie” glass

63. ucdom - November 1, 2008

Anyone for a tribble burger?

Bacon triple tribble with cheese?

Starfleet emblem-shaped nuggets. Romulan ear-shaped nuggets.

Gotta say, “Scotty’s Fish sandwich”…..man, that just sounds so dirty.

64. ByGeorge - November 1, 2008


Since Shatner isn’t in the movie maybe he can do the Burger King Star Trek commercials! After thinking about it though, William Shatner holding a whopper and fries, may not be very good advertising.

Shatner sodas or Spock salads?

I wonder if all the hard-core “No-Reboot” Trekkers are prepared for the new cast’s faces on all the merchandise.

65. Third Remata'Klan - November 1, 2008

Oh my God, this sucks! The BK closest to where I lived CLOSED about a year ago! This is a catastrophe!!!!

#40 – Targburgers! LOL!!!

#47 – I always find it curious when somebody is more concerned about the sex reaching the kids, rather than the violence. I’m sure this movie will be plenty violent (though it will be relatively bloodless). I don’t want my kids watching that, either.
If it came down to it, and I HAD to choose, I’d rather my kids see a sex scene than a violent act.

66. Jim - November 1, 2008

#51 – no, you are not alone. Do you want to place a sidebet on how soon till a product placement deal is announced? I can see it now: all the starships will be emblazoned with “sponsor” stickers and warp drive sound effects will be replaced with the throb of race car engines in an effort to draw in the NASCAR demographic. Marketing used to be part of pushing the movie – now the prime focus of the movie seems to be to push product.

67. Dom - November 1, 2008

12 – ‘Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies’ was the UK release title for White Castle! It’s surprising how many films get renamed in other English-speaking territories!

Good to see Star Trek attracting big advertising again!

68. Devon - November 1, 2008

#51 – “Am I the only one that finds this post commercially crass and disgusting?”


69. Devon - November 1, 2008

#47 – “Orion sexual tension of some type in it, ”

Transformers also had some “sexual” references in it, which had a deal with BK.

70. Capt Mike from the Terran Empire - November 1, 2008

Think Burger king will Offer a klingon Meal.Lol. well Ill have the Whopper with F and maybe a Fries and a side of Enterprise and maybe a Side of Klingon Pie.

71. Krik Semaj - November 1, 2008


72. biodredd - November 1, 2008

#55 – They still have the Double beef cheeseburger. Its now called the DOUBLE STACKER. Same burger, different name.

#58 – They weren’t that fragile. I still have two sets. One is in storage, the other set is used on a very regular basis. And they survive the dishwasher just fine.

73. Rod Of Rassilon - November 1, 2008

ST V marshmallow dispenser!

SOOO many jokes, such little time! :D :D :D

74. Sarah - November 1, 2008

Star Trek promoted by a Fast Food chain?!
I’m not gonna watch it if they sink so low. This thought sickens me. You know maybe I’m just not that much into it anymore. Fast Food. Yuck. Fat and sick they go into space…
Nah. You can’t sell that to me. How good can it be when they have a fast food chain promoting the movie… No thanks. That just seriously turned me off.

75. Devon - November 1, 2008

74 – HAHA!

76. I am Kurok! - November 1, 2008

Picard to food synthesizer: ‘Whopper: hold the pickles, hold the lettuce.’

77. mntrekfan - November 1, 2008

I still have all 4 of my glasses somewhere and a few of the McDonalds happy meal boxes. I even have the iron on decals of the insignias! I gotta say too that BK has come way down as far as quality and service. McDonald’s has strived to be several steps above BK in my opinion. A few of the BK’s in my area have closed due to slow business, but the McDonald’s get torn down and rebuilt better than before! I don’t think I’ll be collecting any of the toys they’ll hand out. I gotta draw the line somewhere!

78. cellojammer - November 1, 2008

Ferengi Fries? Oops…wrong show.

79. Devon - November 1, 2008

#47 -” Usually McDonalds and Burger King promotions are aimed as much (if not more) at kids then adults and ”

Just to come back, actually McDonalds aims more at younger children than Burger King does. This is why McDonalds have promotions for Mattel and Disney and all of them, where as Burger King seem to aim more at the older children/teen group, which may fall in line with the demographic they are really trying to hit.

However, that probably doesn’t preclude kids (and remember, they are aiming for a PG-13 rating I think?) from being involved, ala the “Playmates” line etc, but in this case I think BK probably aims more in line with a healthy part of the demographic they are trying to aim.

80. JeffreyNdallas - November 1, 2008

While I find blatant product placement in movies very distracting, I’m 99.9% sure that we won’t find a Burger King in the Enterprise food court…lol….and for Paramount to have enough faith in this movie to partner with BK is pretty promising. Let’s hope that this helps bring in a whole new generation of fans and brings some of the older generation back to Star Trek.

81. Captain Dunsel - November 1, 2008


“It was a LARGE meal. And an … interesting animal.”


“This burger appears to have been lying in the sun for some time.”

Hey, add a little Red Die # 5, and “Dutch Apple Pie” becomes ?Rokeg Blood Pie” (and no, I didn’t mis-type “die” when I meant “dye”…)

82. Canonfornication - November 1, 2008

bet they give away free toys like they normally do with big movies…maybe they’ll do ships and action figures – Pine Kirk, Quinto Spock etc as well as limited edition Nimoy Spock

i’ll have the special edition Shatner figure of Old Kirk from the last scene of the movie thanks

Oh and I WANT one of those Trek V marshMELON dispensers!!…..

‘we consume them..’

83. Decker's Stubble - November 1, 2008

I for one welcome our new Whopper overlords.

But there’s a reason they’re called “Burger King” and not “Fry King”. Their fries are terrible.

Remember when these places used to have collectible glasses instead of the cheap plastic bobble-headed crap they have now? I still have a set of glasses from Long John Silvers with sailing ships on them. Still my favorites after twenty years.

84. AJ - November 1, 2008

BK is highly inconsistent in terms of their stores actually running the current promotion.

At the height of the Hulk promotion, I took my kids to a BK in New York, and they were running Indiana Jones. The kids were not pleased.

47: I wouldn’t worry about sexual content in the film.

I remember seeing a Darth Vader promotion for Pepsi in the supermarket during the last SW film and wondering how a guy who brutally slaughters an entire schoolful of children gets to sell Pepsi. Maybe it’s “YOU WILL BUY A PEPSI OR I WILL KILL YOU.”

Point is, a little bit of sexual tension, something Trek has lacked for years, would be welcome in this film. Could be worse. Some savvy marketing would be nice as well.

85. Jovan - November 1, 2008

60 and 65: Right on the mark.

I’ll never understand this American obsession with sex either. Why is it such a big deal when all sorts of characters (like Vader) have done more reprehensible, violent things yet whose images are being used to sell various products?

I would rather my kid saw a sex scene than Our Lord being flogged mercilessly until he’s unrecognisable…

86. Decker's Stubble - November 1, 2008

Tribble Whopper with Cheese
The Starfleet Stacker
Spock’s Logical Veggie Burger
Orion Rings
Chekov Tots (Uhura Tots would work just as well)
Tender McCoy Chicken Sandwich
BK Big Kirk

87. Devon - November 1, 2008

And I don’t understand this obsession with how Americans supposedly think about things. I’ve seen people from other countries say similar things. Let’s stop pointing fingers and prodding please. Just because one person says it doesn’t mean we have to start going after whole cultures. Geesh!

88. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 1, 2008


We can because we are superior. Deal with it:)

89. Jim - November 1, 2008

#85 – looks like maybe you got Lennie Bruces’s katra – didn’t know he was a Vulcan…

90. DFG333 - November 1, 2008

Yuck I hate burgers, I hate meat in general. I’ll have give my friends children the burgers instead.

I’m really glad Muck Donald’s has not got the deal.

91. Crusade2267 - November 1, 2008

Don’t forget the Star Trek: First Contact Chocolate Bars! They had pictures of the main cast and the Enterprise on the wrapper, and on the bar were things from the movie molded into the chocolate, like a Borg sphere.

92. Canonfornication - November 1, 2008

91 – OMG! I forgot about the FC chockie bars…they taste awesome…i got fat on those lol

93. mooseday - November 1, 2008

Anyone in the UK remember the ST:TMP ice lollies from Walls with trading cards in them. Still have the set ( the lollies melted a long time ago ) … I seem to remember Corn Flakes had a “cut out” on the back for the Klingon Cruiser and Spocks shuttle … That the last I can remember in the UK for tie-ins.

94. Third Remata'Klan - November 1, 2008

#85 – Agreed. (And thank you.) My kids will be into their early teens, at least, before I let them anywhere near Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. And probably before several examples of Trek, as well.

#87 – I’m with you on that.

#88 – Boo. Although, I assume you were kidding.

95. Third Remata'Klan - November 1, 2008

#86 – “BK Big Kirk”

That disturbs me and makes me laugh at the same time! :D

96. Third Remata'Klan - November 1, 2008

And thank God they haven’t replaced the Starfleet delta with the BK logo on all the uniforms!!!!

97. Boborci - November 1, 2008


98. Holger - November 1, 2008

I already have a Doctor Octopus figure, a Mr. Fantastic figure and a Star Wars digital watch from Burger King. I guess I’ll get some Trek stuff, too, if it looks good. Also does some good to my weight to order a kid’s menu.

99. Third Remata'Klan - November 1, 2008


Nero’s ship, of course, needs to have a hood ornament in the shape of the McDonald’s Golden Arches….

100. Seamus MacManus - November 1, 2008

So whats next…

Nero’s Kali-fal Whopper with Cheese?
Viinerine Chicken Sandwich?
Osol Twist Pies?
Romulan Ale Slushee?

101. Third Remata'Klan - November 1, 2008

Owon Egg McMuffin
Hasperat on a Bun
Jumja Sticks for the kiddies, of course.
Would you like a raktajino with that?
Oh, and Kirk-size it for me, please!

102. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - November 1, 2008

Any chance Burger King will offer Romulan Ale to Go with The Whopper meal.Ok. Ill take a Whopper Kirk with Scotty Fries and a Romulan Ale to wash it down. No Ale. Ok That Scottish Green Liquied.

103. BK613 - November 1, 2008

Freedom Fries? Those are worship words. Yang worship. You will not speak them!


104. Al Hartman - November 1, 2008

McCoy tampered with the Library Computer and changed the entry from “Marshmallows” to “Marshmelons” as a joke on Spock. Since he knew Spock would research camping…

Sulu and Checkov getting lost was funny, I thought.

105. ARGTREK - November 1, 2008

OMG! too bad there will be no Kentucky fried tribbles. ok, ill take my whooper with those little square color things deep fried… and some earl grey ice tea.

106. Swift Justice - November 1, 2008

#31 – “Romulan Warburger” = Gold!

Also, for those who don’t want to actually *eat* the delicious fatfest that is BK…

You CAN just order the toy, without the meal. My local BK won’t even bat an eye at this. Sure, they’ll still charge you a buck or two (they do at mine, anyway), but at least you can get out of there with the self-satisfaction of not eating BK (If that’s your thing).

107. JWM - November 1, 2008

#32 – LOL

“Scotty, I need extra crispy in five minutes or we’re all dead!”

108. boborci - November 1, 2008

and behold the new flagship: The USS Enterprise KFC-1701

109. Databrain - November 1, 2008

because in the 23rd century everyone looks like they consume plenty of burger king……

a health food franchise might be better.

110. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - November 1, 2008

Kirk to Engenerring. I need full Power to the grill and take power from life support if you havt to.

111. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - November 1, 2008

How about. The U.S.S Burger King N.C.C 2009. Her Mission is to seek out new hunger and new Civiliseations to cater to. To Bodly go where no Burger ship has Gone Before.

112. Devon - November 1, 2008

#109 – “a health food franchise might be better.”


113. Anthony Pascale - November 1, 2008

To those who consider this crass commercialism, I hate to point this out, but Star Trek is a ‘product’ and a ‘brand’ and Paramount is a subsidiary of a for profit corporation. In the end all of us are loyal customers of that product.

I have a background in marketing and one area that I find interesting and will continue to report on is the marketing of the new Star Trek movie. It is something that I have spoken about with powers-that-be behind this comeback. I feel it is important and tricky on how this new Trek is promoted. I feel that retail marketing in April of 2009 is critical to the success of this film. Star Trek showing up at book stores, Target, toys R Us, Supermarkets and Burger King (along with accompanying tie-in TV advertising) is all about the messages
– Star Trek is back and its big
– This is a new kind of Star Trek

Those messages must sink in to the mainstream audience for them to take a second look and give Trek a chance again. Star Trek has high brand awareness, but also some negative brand issues that must be overcome. Getting the full bore media and retail treatment is all part of the ‘validation’ of the new Trek in consumers minds and helps with repositioning of the brand. It is also critical for new consumers (read: kids) to help build the first impressions. Star Trek must be perceived as ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ for them to embrace it.

This all may sound cold and business-y, but as fans we should want Star Trek to succeed again. A successful movie will beget more books, comics, video games and of course additional movies…. and hopefully (the holy grail) a new great TV show.

114. EdDR - November 1, 2008

A Burger King Warp Burger with or without cheese. A Double-Warp Cheese Burger with Ferengi Fries. Klingon Kola anyone? A Phasered Fish Sandwich. with the drive-up window looking like a docking port

115. Third Remata'Klan - November 1, 2008


Well said, Anthony.

First and foremost is the success of this film, or Star Trek is going to go dormant for a loooooooong time………

Hey, any UK fans around here? Have you seen the trailer with Quantum of Solace, perchance, or is it just debuting with the US release?

Think they show Kirk chowing down on a Whopper in the trailer?

116. Daniel Broadway - November 1, 2008

Anthony I agree with that 100%. Very well said.

All friends who know me know that I’m a Trekkie. They poke light fun at it, but they don’t hate Star Trek. Some of them have seen a few episodes, and even respect Star Trek to a degree. However, they still point out it’s nerdy ‘uncoolness’.

Most people at this site love Star Trek, but there are those out there who thinks it’s silly and ridiculous. The marketing campaign will have to be very smart to overcome this. They have to make others understand this is taking Star Trek in a new direction, and as Anthony said, getting the name out there will make more people take notice.

And to all those complaining about the new look of the bridge, ships, costumes, etc….it’s a necessary part of getting new people to take notice. I don’t get the complaining, because before J.J. and his team, STAR TREK WAS DEAD. So many people likened it to beating a dead horse.

Now we have a fresh new perspective. Re-imagining, reboot, reinvigoration, whatever you want to call it. Canon, not canon, I don’t care. I’m just glad Star Trek is back, and it’s going to be given the big Hollywood treatment it’s deserved for so long. In my opinion, it’s the greatest entertainment franchise the world has ever seen. I have faith in J.J, Bob, Alex, and all the hundreds of other people working on this.

As a fellow Star Trek fan, we are all connected. I ask those who feel disappointment to at least give it a chance. If you don’t end up liking the film and the way it’s being marketed, then you never have to see it again. However, please don’t dismiss the effort to bring Star Trek back before even seeing one piece of footage from it.

117. Enterprise - November 1, 2008

Admiral, there’d be Whoppers here!

118. JP - November 1, 2008

!!! i have that spock cup

119. Third Remata'Klan - November 1, 2008

#116 – Daniel

You took the words out of my mouth. That mirrors my attitude so exactly.

It’s not the Trekkies who are going to make or break this film; it is the average moviegoing public. With a name like J.J. Abrams, this movie has the power to do that, but it’s not just his name alone that’s going to bring people in; they have to shake things up a bit.

But I also hear Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams and the cast and everyone else involved talk about how much they want to respect the Trek that’s gone before. That’s huge. I don’t care what the bridge looks like. (I mean, I do, but it’s such a little thing; and I haven’t seen enough of that particular design element to have formed an opinion yet.)

J.J. wants to “make optimism cool again.” What could be better than that?

I fully expect this movie to be great; I have no worries.

120. Third Remata'Klan - November 1, 2008

Oh, and that Taco Bell/Star Trek III commercial is scary……

121. Enterprise - November 1, 2008

There’s been millions of Star Wars burger king tie ins.

122. Captain Dunsel - November 1, 2008

#113 – Anthony

The only thing I could disagree with in what you said is this:

“I FEEL that retail marketing in April of 2009 is critical to the success of this film.” (Emphasis added)

Those to whom it is marketed shoudl “feel”. Those who market should “THINK”.

123. 24th Century Rockstar - November 1, 2008

Say NO to commercial deals of ANY kind people – this film shouldn’t make ANY money or be watched and enjoyed by ANYONE except for a tiny percentage of people who will likely have a further minority dedicated to hating this film just because.

OOOOOR we could do something that would make a lot more sense and actually GET BEHIND our favorite sci-fi franchise and be a part of bringing it back.

While I’m not in a position to know for sure – I’m willing to wager that Paramount is making so many bold decisions regarding the treatment of the franchise because the general consensus of the fan base is so absolutely dischordant that the studio has had very little reason to appeal directly to long time fans and has opted to market the film using tried and true methods proven to get products out.

It’s not greed, it’s good business – and if we want to see our beloved Star Trek actually THRIVE on the big screen again, then SOMEONE is going to need to exercise some good business calls somewhere, and if a complaining, impossible-to-satisfy fan base is all anyone has to go on as far as a market image – then why NOT go for a market that might actually take the product at face value, right?

Anywhoo –


Totally on the level.

We’ve got to take the opportunity to get behind Star Trek and really bring it back. Now isn’t the time to roll our eyes at the studio – OR JJ Abrams – when they’re obviously trying to put Star Trek on the public show floor again.

124. Phil - November 1, 2008

So…Enterprise floats out of dry dock, and when the command to launch is given, she promptly exlpodes. The warp core floats by in the debris, with a Burger King bag stuffed in site…..know we know where the welders were stuffing their trash…

125. RAMA - November 2, 2008

Good for Trek, but we don’t have to eat there!!

126. Sarah - November 2, 2008

You know, basically I like the idea of this new Star Trek movie. I’m even a fan of some of the actors but the more they commercialize it the more it turns me off. Paramount killed the original show after only three season. When they found out how to make money with it they brought it back but nothing ever reached the quality of the original TV show. And now that they are trying to re-launch the Original … This all seems so wrong. They are making a sell-out not a cult show. It’s their greed for money. I’d go and watch the movie just from what I know so far. But the big chains buying themselves “a deal” here that turns me off. I can’t stand it! Take this project away from ruthless business managers. Please! Before they ruin it completely for me.

127. Devon - November 2, 2008

126 – Sarah, either you are joking with us or you really don’t have the slightest idea of what marketing is or how it works!

128. Devon - November 2, 2008

126 – “Paramount killed the original show after only three season.”

How did Paramount kill it? NBC is who cancelled it.

129. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - November 2, 2008

The pro-marketing camp, including Anthony, may be missing the point of those who are objecting to this deal. Some may be opposed to such deals in general, but I think a great many are more concerned with what companies the Star Trek brand is seen to be “in bed with”.

Star Trek is, and has always been, a show that stands up for certain values. Do you think it would have been appropriate for the Original Series to have done marketing deals with Big Tobacco companies back in the 60s? Do you think Gene Roddenberry would have allowed it? (Rhetorical question — we already know he was opposed to it.) Burger King and other fast food companies are in increasingly in the hot-seat these days for contributing the the epidemic of obesity that is overtaking the US and other industrialized nations. Just because the fast food industry counts Star Trek’s main demographic among its consumers does not justify compromising on the values that define Star Trek.

Another aspect of my opposition to this deal relates to marketing with respect to design. I hate to boast about my “qualifications”, but I have worked for years in graphic design, where marketing considerations very much come into play. It is evident to me that the makers of Star Trek XI have taken great pains to define and maintain a certain aesthetic. The branding for Star Trek XI has a much more sophisticated, up-market feel than the splashy, clownish, lowest-common-denominator Burger King logo, color scheme, etc. In two words: it clashes.

I would argue, in fact, that this clash is very much reflective of the differences in sensibility that separate the makers of Star Trek and the Burger King company.

If you want examples of marketing deals that make more sense to me, we can start with merchandise that is more closely tied to media and products with edifying goals: books, DVDs, toys, games, action figures/dolls, calendars, etc. Companies with a technological bent would be my next choice: cell phones, computers, computer software, ISPs, cable companies, satellite companies (including satellite radio), TV and radio stations, “green” energy providers, etc.

The bottom line is, if we expect Star Trek to be nuanced and committed to a certain level of quality and moral standards, we should expect those in charge of marketing to follow suit.

130. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - November 2, 2008

^ I forgot to add that, since I am not a hypocrite, I have no objection whatever to the Playmates deal, or even the deal with Toys R US — even though Toys R Us has splashy, clownish branding as Burger King does, at least Toys R Us purveys products that, in some cases, help kids play and thus develop their imagination and wonder, etc.

131. Devon - November 2, 2008

Oh dear….

132. The Last Maquis - November 2, 2008

Would you like To Borgy size it?

133. AJ - November 2, 2008

I don’t mind the BK promotion. Star Trek is no stranger to fast food promotions.

What I hope we do not see is product placement within the film itself. It distracts, and can prematurely date a film when a product is unsuccessful (e.g. “Back to the Future” and Pepsi Free).

Trek has never intentionally placed a product (IDIC pin aside). I hope that doesn’t change.

134. ByGeorge - November 2, 2008

Hmmm…. do I detect a certain prejudice against heavy people? We have all these indoctrination words like “racism”, “ageism”, “sexism”, “life style choicesim”….. what do I call this one. “obeseism” or plain old “fatism”?

Fat people, fat people, fat people got no reason to live…

Hey, get a salad and apple slices instead of a burger and fries. BK does have these as choices. All this PC killed Trek, and may do so again – one of the main reasons people tired of TNG. Preachy holier-than-thou’s.

More people were killed in Trek episodes than fast foods killed. Eliminate Star Fleet – too dangerous. Quit watching TV when you could be out exercising – healthier lifestyle choice. Best yet – illegalize TV and movies which contribute to the obesity in our country too.

135. braxus - November 2, 2008

Do they make Captain Kirk burgers? Or Ohura apple pies? I wonder what they have in mind?

136. Seven of Four - November 2, 2008

I can’t believe you people are complaining about the commercialization of Star Trek. It’s been commercialized since TOS. Star Trek isn’t some sacred text given to us by God (not that there are actually such things.) It’s a commercial vehicle used by Paramount to garner large sums of cash for their stockholders and CEO and VPs, etc.

What holodeck are you guys living on?

137. Jorg Sacul - November 2, 2008

Several years ago, I tried tracking down the White Castle commercials by contacting the corporate headquarters. NOBODY there admitted to knowing about them, or could they find any reference to them.

I clearly remember the commercials running in the early 1970s.

This tells me one thing. White Castle made the commercials without Paramount approval, since Trek was, at that time, considered just a cancelled TV series, nothing more. The only person marketing Trek then was Majel Barrett through her company Lincoln Enterprises. White Castle may have contacted Paramount for permission and probably were greeted with either silence or “do whatever you want, we don’t care” from some intern in marketing who took the call.

Either way, they were really cheesey (no pun intended) commercials, complete with an AMT kit Enterprise on strings.

138. Antni - November 2, 2008

I’m glad burger king are doing it i like their food better than Maccy D’s. Maccys always gives me stomach pain and their chips (sorry fries) are usually cold or floppy.

How about for Chickn Royale Meal errmm Chicken Romulan Meal or somthing haha or Warbird Whopper Meal lol

just my 2 quid.

139. Sarah - November 2, 2008

OK NBC killed Star Trek. But Paramount let it happen. Because Paramount, at that time, wanted it to happen.

140. Third Remata'Klan - November 2, 2008


I concede your point.


Paramount acquired the rights to Star Trek AFTER the original series was cancelled.

141. Devon - November 2, 2008

Actually, this is from the Desilu Wiki page:

“Eventually tiring of the stress, in 1967, Ball sold the company to Gulf+Western, which merged it with its other production company, (and Desilu’s next-door neighbor), Paramount Pictures and renamed it Paramount Television, (now called CBS Paramount Television), around December 1967. As a result, Desilu’s three series on television at the time, Mission:Impossible, I Spy, and Star Trek changed packagers to Paramount.”

But it still doesn’t make sense that “Paramount let them cancel it” unless there’s something I’m missing. NBC canceled it because it wasn’t doing anything for them at the time, and Trek already had its second chance from the fan campaign as it was! Paramount or Desilu or whomever couldn’t make them pick up the show if they didn’t want it.

Sorry for so many posts folks! I’ll try to hit up points all in one post from now on.

142. Third Remata'Klan - November 2, 2008

Oh, okay. Thanks for the clarification there, Devon.

143. David P - November 2, 2008

I would be more inclined to be excited about BK promo items if I could look forward to seeing SHAT on a coke glass or something………..


144. AJ - November 2, 2008

After another look at the top of the article, the pic makes it seem like the film is called “Star Trek: Burger King.”

Join the wacky adventures of the greatest crew of the USS Enterprise before they were great! Their first mission: Nightshift at the Burger King off of exit 63 on the New Jersey Turnpike:

Chekov: “Next customer, please.”

Kirk: “Mr. Sulu!. We need an extra man in the drive-thru! Scotty’s just not handling it on his own.”

Scotty: “I’m going as fast as I can, sir!”

Uhura: “Sir? You’re wanted on the phone. It’s Pike, the the District Manager!”

Kirk: “Mr. Spock! Take the call! I’m too busy prepping lettuce! Didn’t expect a tourbus this late!”

Spock: “Sir. As you pointed out, because of the tourbus, I am also “busy.” At the fry-o-later.”

Kirk: “Dammit, Uhura. Put it on speaker! And I need 6 Whoppers! One no lettuce, another extra ketchup, , the third, pickles between the patties, the fourth, extra onions, the fifth sliced in half and the sixth well done!”

Uhura: “Channel open, sir.”

Pike: “Jim? You better have those checklists ready first thing in the morning! The RVP’s in for an inspection tomorrow morning…”

Kirk: “Don’t worry, Chris…I’ll get them done!”

Chekov: “Sir? Someone’s crapped the in the urinal again”

Customer: “Isn’t ANYONE going to take my order?”


145. JWM - November 2, 2008

#129: “Some may be opposed to such deals in general, but I think a great many are more concerned with what companies the Star Trek brand is seen to be “in bed with”.”

And they need to learn to get over themselves. Without the tie-ins, without the business deals and without the money, the studios don’t care about Star Trek. Why?Because they have to pay out to shareholders. They stop doing that, they go out of business and/or get taken over by someone who knows how to. Simple as that.

And who wins in these bids? Unlike government contracts for construction, it’s not going to be the lowest bidder. The whole point is exposure. If you can saturate the marketplace with references to your film, then there are people who will go to see it, who otherwise might not have, or might have waited for video, or just needed a sense of urgency attached to the film to get them there in the critical first two weekends. The marketplace of film is overloaded with product right now, and with multiple media delivery systems demanding consumer attention, you need to make sure that your film is on the forefront of everyone’s mind.

How to do that? By making sure you make the deal with the people that get the image out there. The people that get the image out there are the ones that can make their own commercials and have a successful brand recognition with which to begin. While it would be great if Star Trek partnered with your local coffee house and/or D&D playing hole/comic store, Burger King is everywhere.

And you know what the best thing is that you can do? Go and buy the product they offer, either as part of a meal or (as someone else pointed out) by requesting the toy on its own. Or buy a diet soda as well. Why? Because if Star Trek, which is relying on BK to generate business interest, in turn does not generate business interest for BK, then if/when a sequel comes out, Star Trek (1)2 has fewer options because the ‘big guys’ don’t *want* to get in bed with them.

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, maybe I’m just used to the marketing as part and parcel of a film franchise. I could be a little jaded by it and/or more objective. But a BK announcement is a GREAT thing, and ST fans should be thrilled by it.

#129 again:
“I hate to boast about my “qualifications”, but I have worked for years in graphic design, where marketing considerations very much come into play. ”

So have I. With all due respect, this does not make either one of us wise businessmen (or businessman and businesswoman if your sex is female), but rather the consumers they wish to target. We just happen to design things.

Lodging a complaint about partnering with Burger King because their logo clashes with the film aesthetic is just plain silly. It’s not like they are making a combined art product — they are merely using each other for mutual benefit, like strangers who hook up for the night because both want the same thing out of each other. Only instead of a one-night stand, both hope that the relationship can continue because the…um, *business*…is so good.

…in other words, to you and to others…lighten up.

146. Third Remata'Klan - November 2, 2008

I could go for a Whopper right now….

147. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - November 3, 2008

JWM – Believe me, I take your point, and I respect your opinions. I think the points you make are valid, but I am not saying decline all big name brand associations and only accept partnership with select, custom-crafted cottage industry companies.

I am just saying the team behind Star Trek (and I mean Star Trek proper, not Paramount marketing execs) should insist (if it’s even within their power to do so) on making deals that show their brand in the best possible light. I’m saying Star Trek shouldn’t need to stoop to making deals with companies that are below their market level. Burger King and other fast food companies are “bottom feeder” companies — they aim low on the economic spectrum. Star Trek, it’s true, has mass appeal to some degree, but also shoots for a higher-brow audience.

If I suggested, just for the sake of argument, teaming up with Apple computer or Samsung cell phones, would that concretely give a better sense of where I am going with this? Those are two companies that are doing profitably, have a broad market base, and maintain slicker public faces than Burger King.

And, as a lifelong Star Wars as well as Star Trek fan myself, I can say I have had the same kinds of criticisms for Lucasarts over the years.

Anyway, it’s not like I’m getting my undies in a bunch and proclaiming I’ll boycott the film. I just think Star Trek can do better.

#134 — “All this PC killed Trek, and may do so again – one of the main reasons people tired of TNG. Preachy holier-than-thou’s.” Need I remind you that STIV:TVH is a TOS crew movie about *saving the whales*…. We’re talking a full feature-length movie with a Hollywood budget entirely dedicated to getting your PC jollies on. Also, I do not discriminate against obese people, only the companies that exploit the very human failing of gluttony and “comfort food”.

148. S. John Ross - November 3, 2008

Fast-food tie-ins are fun. I’m pro-fun.

149. ARGTREK - November 3, 2008

A burguer king tie in will kill the franchise !!! I know the solution , lets tie with pen holders for front pocket, scoth tape for glasses and acne products. that sure will be a renewal and will break the uncool stigma. let’s get serious the BK deal is good, and remember comic con, there’s a deal with intel.

150. AJ - November 3, 2008


“Burger King and other fast food companies are “bottom feeder” companies — they aim low on the economic spectrum.”

Try driving down I-95 in the Eastern US. BK and the other guys are simply everywhere. And you won’t find upper-market fare on that road, either.

They are aiming at the pure necessary demographic: dare I say it, “Joe the Plumber” and his kids, who represent the bulk of the US today. And these days, Joe may not be able to afford an Apple computer, so BK does the job just fine.

151. Devon - November 3, 2008

#147 – “Anyway, it’s not like I’m getting my undies in a bunch and proclaiming I’ll boycott the film. I just think Star Trek can do better.”

I’m not sure how often you visit this website, but surely you are aware that this absolutely *isn’t* it as far as tie-ins right? Back during Comic-Con, it as revealed that among other things, there was a tie-in with Intel (as per the theme of your concern?) And of course, there would be other tie-ins as well.

Burger King can get MASSIVE appeal to the main stream audience (which is what this movie NEEDS,) especially teenagers. For one thing, Burger King is going to help get the word out faster here to teens as compared to an “ISP” or something. More teens are going to Burger Kings than they are Apple Stores surely? More teens are eating fast food than they are shopping around for ISPs everyday I would think? So in this case, Star Trek really CAN’T do better as far as getting appeal out for this demographic because this is it! Everything else is going to be gravy (which btw, I hope they do explore some of the areas you said you’d like to see.)

Star Trek certainly isn’t “compromising it’s values” by doing a merch tie-in with B.K. I mean, are Trekkies “compromising” anything by eating there or being a customer? The only thing I hear about with fast food restaurants anymore is health freaks complaining and all this “Trans fat” mumbo jumbo, and even then, it’s up to the consumer to eat at these places and keep it in business. In that case, you can say that a number of markets are “in the hot seat” or have something “below Star Trek.” Perhaps they shouldn’t do tie-ins with toy companies just because of lead-based scares. Or laptop computer companies because of this recent trend of Laptop Computers burning themselves out and melting the batteries. Don’t do Cell Phones because they “cause cancer” and cause people to crash in their cars. Let’s hope they don’t advertise on TV networks because of ALL the indecent programming they show which affect our family values. We don’t want Star Trek tied in with indecency or things that children can’t enjoy do we? Where would the line be drawn?

And let’s be real, how many Trek fans do you know of who do *not* go to a fast food restaurant on this grand illusion of what they think “Gene Almighty” would want (which by the way I’m tired of reading – not directed at you)? So at the end of the day, I’m not sure they are “aiming” any higher or lower than Trek Fans. We aren’t messiahs after all.

152. Bob, the Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - November 3, 2008

Burger King has a decent veggie burger. I believe it’s made by Morningstar Farms.

153. » Archivo del weblog » Tendremos Star Trek en Burguer King - November 3, 2008

[…] Burguer King anunció en una conferencia para sus inversores algunas de las promociones que tendrán para el 2009, nombrando Tranformers II, la Pantera Rosa o Star Trek. Poco más se sabe, pero no estaría mal una enterprise por cada Big Mac  whopper que pidieras… […]

154. Cervantes - November 3, 2008

All I’d like to add is that I STILL hate that new ‘Star Trek’ typeface shown above, and if that is the official J.J. reboot one on the Movie and all merchandising….then groan.

While some may find it ‘sophisticated’ in some way, I think it’s bland and sterile, as opposed to the forward slanted TOS original, which I’d like to have seen again, if even given a little ‘modern sheen’.

Those early teaser posters with the TOS lettering given a bit of a ‘stretch’ looked far more appealing than the look shown above. In my opinion of course. And yes, I didn’t like the change in logos that was given to the actual previous TOS ‘Movie’ logos either!

155. ByGeorge - November 3, 2008


Something wrong with a little “comfort”? Why is offering people comfort, entertainment, or a product they want equal to “exploitation”?

That gluttony weakness doesn’t seem to have hurt Shatner. If I live as long and am still as productive as he is at 77, I’ll be mighty proud. Same with Scotty. He made it to 85 and fathered a child at 80, and was definitely overweight.

I wish my kids did more fast foods rather than Apple computers and Samsung cell phones. They spend too much time on the computer, game systems and cell phone already. I’d rather a promotion through an exercise equipment company or health club. Besides, we wouldn’t want charges of catering to the “rich” who can afford computers, cell phones and “upper market (more expensive) fare leveled at Trek.

STIV was a riot, but it was a story about getting our favorite crew out of hot water and back into space exploring, like they should be. It was about a voyage home. If they stuck in a PC comment, who cares. We watched it because it was fun, comforting, and entertaining. Get off the soap box and enjoy a life one of these days.

156. captain_neill - November 3, 2008

As long as Star Trek does not have Burger King in it as product placement. I am glad that this will help promote Star Trek.

Although I amworried namely because mr Abrams is changing too damn much of our Star Trek, I am glad that the hype for the film is going to be huge.

ANY NEW FANS, after the movie WATCH the original episodes and movies.

157. JL - November 3, 2008

“… and hopefully (the holy grail) a new great TV show.”

YES! What a dream THAT would be!!!

158. JL - November 3, 2008

Anyone who thinks a BK deal is too much or disrespectful of the TRek franchise, have you been sleeping in a cave? This stuff has been going on for decades.

As long as they don’t do anything shamelessly tacky like they did in DEMOLITION MAN (remember that?), I’m fine with the mass marketing ploy.

One movie they did this in – and I think they did a respectable job of it – is TOTAL RECALL. If you remember there were neon signs in some of the background shots… Pepsi, for one.

And then there was one of the most famous scenes in any Sci-Fi movie, the giant “Enjoy Coca-Cola” sign in BLADE RUNNER.

I have to admit, I would be pretty PO’d if they have some kind of BK neon sign or something at one of the space dock shopping centers… that would be really awful.

Just my 2 cents

159. JL - November 3, 2008


“Star Trek isn’t some sacred text given to us by God”


160. JL - November 3, 2008
161. JL - November 3, 2008

( cricket, cricket )

162. Lyle - November 3, 2008

Does this thread remind anyone else of the old SNL skit from ’86 where the crew was running the Enterprise as a restaraunt and Khan showed up as a health inspector?

“Dirty utensils stored next to clean! No sneeze guard on the salad bar! I have dreamed of this moment, Kirrrrrk, for twenty-five YRRRRRRRRSSSSS!”

Oh and BTW:

Picard to food replicator:

“Fries – curly – hot…”

163. rehabilitated hitch1969© - November 3, 2008

Jack-In-The-Box had a cool Generations poster with Picard and Kirk – I still have it framed.



164. JWM - November 3, 2008

4 8 15 16 23 42 –

As a fellow LOST fan and graphic designer, I can’t help but respect your opinions as well. I suppose that the area in which I can be labeled with these things, though, is summed up by Spock in TWOK: “I was not attempting to evaluate its moral implications.”

Basically, in theory I would love it if only mom & pop shops got the endorsement deals, but I just remain firmly rooted in the belief that this is simply the way the world works and I’m not going to care enough to change it.

To address the higher-brow thoughts, I would like to point out that the two best Star Trek films, II and VI, specifically had more appeal for the “regular folk” who go to BK. Or, in other words, Shakespeare always made sure groundlings and nobles would both enjoy the plays. And Shakespeare basically was the Jerry Bruckheimer of his day…:o)

165. Adam Bomb 1701 - November 3, 2008

I ordered two of the “marsh-melon” dispensers from Kraft back in 1989. I was on vacation with my (then pregnant, now ex-) wife, and ate Kraft marshmallows like there was no tomorrow. They sure were good. The way I understood it, the dispensers were only available by mail; they weren’t sold in stores. (Post #35 contradicted me, though, by saying they were sold in stores. I really don’t remember that.) I opened one of my dispensers, and kept the second one in its box. Are they worth anything? Regardless, I’d never sell my “Trek” stuff anyway.
Anyone remember a whiskey bottle shaped like Spock’s head? It was a promo for “ST-TMP” back in early 1980. I wish I had bought one back then. I forgot what booze was contained in the head. Definitely not Romulan Ale.

166. Lyle - November 3, 2008

#165 –

Was it green?

167. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - November 3, 2008

ByGeorge, I have no beef (!) with people who eat at BK, overweight or not. I believe my earlier posts made it sufficiently clear I was addressing the tactics and motivations of BK & other fast food companies, which I consider irresponsible.

It’s like how I approach smokers: as long as they are polite and considerate, their lives are their own, far be it from me to stand in their way (though I may express concern to those who I care for), but Big Tobacco is flat-out reprehensible.

ByGeorge, as to “If they stuck in a PC comment, who cares” in The Voyage Home, the whole plot of the movie revolves around saving whales. Greenpeace would be proud.

Devon, it’s possible to take exception to the other companies you mention, but the comparison is not apt, because the controversy over, say, cell phones is far less grave and inexorable as the developing crisis over obesity — and I reiterate, it’s obesity as an epidemic in society, not as a condition in sundry individuals that’s at issue.

JWM, I get what you’re saying. I am not an elitist, and neither am I a starry-eyed idealist who’d have Star Trek ditch all attempts to woo the Trogyltes as well as those who live on Stratos… ;-)

Cervantes, I must agree that the old TOS typeface is far superior to the one they’ve started using. I don’t know why this is the case, as I’m sure we all remember the first poster had the old typeface….

168. Devon - November 3, 2008

“because the controversy over,”

If there was truly the controversy there as you might imply then it definitely doesn’t show in this thread. There are maybe 3 (maybe 1 or 2 more than that) posts here that I can see that negate Burger King, one of which is that they aren’t the quality that McDonalds is…. I don’t think people really care that deep about the issue to be honest. We’re all human after all.

169. cellojammer - November 3, 2008

Damn, but advertising is powerful stuff. Even though I haven’t been to “The King” in ages, I almost went today.


Just kidding. I think it’s great that a major company with high market visibility like BK is willing to promote the new Trek. I’ll probably go to check out the toys when they’re out.

170. JWM - November 4, 2008

“I am not an elitist, and neither am I a starry-eyed idealist who’d have Star Trek ditch all attempts to woo the Trogyltes as well as those who live on Stratos… ;-)”

LOL – well said.

171. S. John Ross - November 5, 2008

#164: Exactly. Shakespeare always made sure that even the inbred, cleft-palate nobility could follow along. :)

172. Crazy Guy - December 4, 2008

Cool! There’s a Burger King across the street from where I work! Hopefully it’s in on the promotion.

173. Liz - February 22, 2009

I hate to think of Star Trek associated with all the horror of factory farming and the overuse of petrochemical associated with millions of plastic toys. Count me OUT of this line of promotion. I think it is sad. It reminds me of how Jim Baker or Pat Robertson sold Christianity and ultimately turned it into a selfish parody of itself.

Star Trek on cereal boxes or in environmentally responsible restaurants if OK but not Burger King or any of the fast food chains.

174. Burger King Confirms Star Trek Movie Promotion For 2009 … | PromoCollects.Com - March 7, 2009

[…] Original post:  Burger King Confirms Star Trek Movie Promotion For 2009 … […]

175. Bob - April 7, 2009

I was at BK for lunch today and they had a new poster up for Star Trek.

The poster was about glasses that they will be offering beginning on May 5th.

I’ll describe the 4 glasses as best as I can.

Nero & his ship
Spock & Nimoy Spock
Kirk & the Enterprise
Uhura & the Enterprise

So at least 4 glasses will be available.
No posters up about kids meal toys.

176. Jerry Copeland - April 22, 2009

I cannot wait to see what BK will be offering on the Trek kids toys. I think it is great that there is this type of product promotion for the film and for the toy line that is already out on the racks at the major chains. While these types of tie-ins are great fun I still think that giving out a special item at the first showing of the movie at every location to every viewer is an even greater rush.

177. Kids Meal oh my god « Nördigheter deluxe - April 28, 2009

[…] del. Trist, eftersom det är så tydligt att pengar, pengar, pengar måste in. Precis som det står här är samarbetet ett sätt att få Star Trek in på the mainstream way. Det är där man tjänar […]

178. katy - January 17, 2012


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