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Obama: First Trekkie President? November 6, 2008

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Trek Franchise , trackback

The night before last, Barack Obama was elected to be the 44th President of the United States. At 47 years of age, Obama will be the first president born in the same decade as Star Trek, so is he our first Trekkie President? There certainly are indications that he is. TrekMovie takes a look at the case and at other Trek/Presidential connections from the past.

Obama: Trekkie President
The clearest evidence of Obama’s Trekkie-cred comes from a speech in Wyoming he gave in March of this year when he spoke about NASA (which became the subject of a TrekMovie editorial written by former Trek science advisor Andre Bormanis). At the speech Obama stated:

I grew up on Star Trek. I believe in the final frontier

There is also this passage from an recent Newsweek article on the ‘Secrets of the 2008 Campaign. The article recounts Obama speaking to his wife about an outfit she was wearing and making a Trek ref. From the article:

"That’s an interesting belt buckle," he said to Michelle, mischievously. She feigned offense and said, "I am interesting, next to you. Surprise, surprise, a blue suit, a white shirt and a tie." Obama grinned and bent down until he was almost at eye level with her waist. He jabbed a playful finger toward her belt buckle, and let loose his inner nerd. "The lithium crystals! Beam me up, Scotty!" Obama squeaked, laughing at his own lame joke as Michelle rolled her eyes.

And if that is not enough, then we have the word of Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy. In an appearance on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me in September, Nimoy (a long-time Obama supporter) recounted the following story:

About a year and a half a go I was at a political event and one of our current campaigners for the office of President of the United States saw me, approached, and he gave me the Vulcan signal…it was not John McCain

Obama also mentioned Trek when he appeared on a comedy tribute video as part of Bill Gates final CES Keynote as CEO of Microsoft. The joke was that Bill Gates was calling up politicians now that he had time on his hands, for Obama’s part he says "Bill? Bill Shatner? From Star Trek?" (goto 5:50 in the video below)

In addition to Mr. Nimoy, many of the new Star Trek team are active supporters President-elect Obama. JJ Abrams hosted and attended many Obama events and both Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) and Chris Pine (the new Kirk) actively campaigned for Obama over the last year. In fact,  Quinto sees a parallel with Obama’s message and Trek’s optimistic message, the actor was quoted in the recent Entertainment Weekly cover story:

This is a franchise that offers hope for unity — and so does Barack Obama…When this movie comes out, and Obama is president, hopefully there will be some parallels

Obama gives the Vulcan salute (with some help from Photoshop)

There is one other Trek/Obama connection worth making and that is he may have the Borg to thank for his rise to power…really. As TMZ explains, Obama glided to an easy election to the US Senate in 2004 after a scandal involving Jeri Ryan (Voyager’s 7of9) and her former husband Jack Ryan forced him out of the race.


Other Presidential Treks
While various Star Trek episodes and movies have mentioned U.S. Presidents (the Enterprise episode "Storm Front II" featured nearly every modern President, Star Trek VI revealed the Vulcans have a proverb about Nixon, and John Kennedy’s words are in the teaser trailer for 2009’s feature film), Star Trek and the U.S. Presidency have many interesting non fiction connections.

President Gerald Ford (President 1974-1977)
When NASA rolled out their first space shuttle "Enterprise" on September 17, 1976, the creator and crew of the fictional starship USS Enterprise was there. President Ford had been persuaded by 200,000 letters from Americans (in a campaign organized by famous Trekkie Bjo Trimble) to change the name of the shuttle from "Constitution" to "Enterprise" to honor the influence of the television show on science.

Gene Roddenberry and his TOS crew with the USS Enterprise shuttle

President Ronald Reagan (President 1981-1989)
According to his own diary, during the weekend of June 23-24, 1984, President Reagan watched Star Trek III at the White House with friends and family. He wrote "After dinner we ran "Star Trek III." It wasn’t too good". In 1991, then Former President Reagan visited the Star Trek: The Next Generation set during the filming of the episode "Redemption." When asked about Klingons, Reagan said "I like them. They remind me of Congress."

Reagan on set with Michael Piller (L) and Rick Berman (R), and Patrick Stewart (bg)
[thanks to Larry Nemecek for photo]

Almost Presidents Gore and Powell.
According to college roommate Tommy Lee Jones, speaking at the 2000 Democratic National Convention, former Vice President and former Presidential nominee Al Gore is a Star Trek fan. According to Larry Nemecek’s Star Trek The Next Generation Companion, General Colin Powell (Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs, and later the Secretary of State and once considered a possible Presidential nominee) also visited the TNG sets during its third season, and was there when Gene Roddenberry gave his military bars to actor Wil Wheaton.

More on Trek and Presidents:







1. JOJO KRAKO - November 6, 2008


2. Enterprise - November 6, 2008

Lol, I thought this site didn’t want any political posts.

3. Scott Gammans - November 6, 2008

Live long and prosper, President-elect Obama!

4. OneBuckFilms - November 6, 2008

If I could have voted, I would have gone for the other guy (McCain).

Hope his presidency goes well, and that he does a good job.

Being a Trekker can’t hurt ;-)

5. Kirk, James T. - November 6, 2008

Obama is a legend, im from the UK and as a fan of Star Trek – i hope we are now just that bit closer to achieving the dream. :D

6. CSM - November 6, 2008

Mister – We could use a man like Ronald Reagan again! CSM

7. Andy Patterson - November 6, 2008

I can see Obama as a Vulcan.

8. Crusade2267 - November 6, 2008

Yes we can Live Long and Prosper!

Nice how those two go together, innit?

9. MORN SPEAKS - November 6, 2008

I have been so overjoyed this week, I remember him speaking at the Democratic Convention in 2004 and just being wowed by him, and it looks like he’s a friend of Trek. Even Better!

10. sean - November 6, 2008

If real life follows the Trek pattern (DS9, VOY), we’ll have a woman president by 2012 or 2016! :)

In all seriousness, I think we can all follow John McCain’s gracious example in taking pride in the fact that our country was able to elect a black President for the first time. Hopefully, it won’t be the last time. And hopefully the ceiling for a woman President isn’t too far off from being broken, either.

11. Scott Xavier - November 6, 2008


12. Radioactive Spock - November 6, 2008

as long as he steers clear of ferengi-ism on the far right, and borg collectivism on the far left we’ll be good.

13. SexyAsianGurl - November 6, 2008

Will he be open to getting the classified UFO research out into the open..thats the question. We need that technology thats flying around the night skies..

14. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - November 6, 2008

#10 –

I agree!! And we all know that “woman president” will be Sarah Palin. ;)

PALIN IN 2012!!!

15. sean - November 6, 2008


Oh dear! No, that’s not who I was referring to. Haha. Anyone but her would make me a happy camper.

16. That One Guy - November 6, 2008

Nanietta Bacco, methinks?

17. AC - November 6, 2008

Uhg. Earth tones, wide collars, bell bottoms and leather…dear God. 70’s fashions were horrid. Barf! At least the Enterprise is timeless.

18. El Chup - November 6, 2008

Clinton is also a trekkie……………….

19. cw - November 6, 2008

Holy Crap, after this ENTIRE campaign, FINALLY something to like about Obama!

20. Canonfornication - November 6, 2008

Posted this in the previous thread but its more apt here:

ive a feeling that Treks optimistic outlook (and a return to original trek with fresh faces as kirk etc) with its technology becoming more prevailent in todays society tied in with Obama becoming president (trekian tolerance heralding a new era mirroring Roddenberrys utopian views), plus the fact it will be a great movie will make this Trek film go through the roof at the Box office next may – like post vietnam/watergate star wars in 77

21. Canonfornication - November 6, 2008

So there could have had a president called Jack Ryan??
Thatd be like having a PM called James Bond

Regan didn’t like Star Trek III huh? That proves he wasn’t a true trek fan

Don’t forget ‘JFK’ is playing Pike in the new movie!

oh and wheres shatner in that Space Shuttle ceremony??..dont tell me he was sulking in his trailer or filming Columbo cause he didnt wanna go with Takei!

22. Shatner_Fan_2000 - November 6, 2008

#9 “I have been so overjoyed this week”

Me too. :-)

23. Myrth - November 6, 2008

#2 No no Political comments are just fine as long as it is the correct kind political comments. All are equal just some are more equal than others. We live in a sad world.

24. Enterprise - November 6, 2008

I wonder if he will donate money to replicator manufacturers.

25. Canonfornication - November 6, 2008

obama dosnt look unlike the guy that played Tuvok…

26. Federali - November 6, 2008

Well if Obama were the President of the Federation, he’d make sure the starships didn’t have phasers or torpedos… America wussed out on this election…

27. Shatner_Fan_2000 - November 6, 2008

#26 … More like they wised up. The Federation wouldn’t have started an unjust war.

28. max - November 6, 2008

I had no idea Reagan visited the TNG set. Facinating.

29. Doug - November 6, 2008

From Newsweek’s secrets of the ’08 campaign –


“That’s an interesting belt buckle,” he said to Michelle, mischievously. She feigned offense and said, “I am interesting, next to you. Surprise, surprise, a blue suit, a white shirt and a tie.” Obama grinned and bent down until he was almost at eye level with her waist. He jabbed a playful finger toward her belt buckle, and let loose his inner nerd. “The lithium crystals! Beam me up, Scotty!” Obama squeaked, laughing at his own lame joke as Michelle rolled her eyes.

30. Canonfornication - November 6, 2008

Just think if McCain had won then died shortly after – Palin would be Pres!!

A female Dub-ya!!

Holy s**t that’s a scary thought! Imagine her surrounded by her 5 kids with her finger on the button..

31. The Starfleet Conservative - November 6, 2008

Oh boy, here we go, we stopped a ruthless dictator but it was unjust… yep.

Regan, the ultimate Star Trek fan. Bring him back!

32. Canonfornication - November 6, 2008

one more thing – Obama is the same age Patrick Stewart was when he took command of TNG

33. The Starfleet Conservative - November 6, 2008

I bet George Takei feels Obama is a real champion for that “trekian” equality mentioned earlier, now that he has to have his marriage annulled with a President-Elect who opposes that right to be wed.

34. Anthony Pascale - November 6, 2008

nice catch doug

35. Anthony Pascale - November 6, 2008

OK guys I know this is about a politician, but it is supposed to be about trek and all in good fun. I dont want to see any more hyper partisan stuff like some of the recent posts above.

Lets not get divisive here OK?

36. Enterprise - November 6, 2008

i hope he’s not a part of Section 31.

37. navamske - November 6, 2008

Judith Campbell Exner, reputed to be one of President John F. Kennedy’s mistresses, was married to actor William Campbell (Captain Koloth).

Jeri Ryan’s ex-husband, Jack Ryan, was likely to have been Barack Obama’s opponent in the 2004 Illinois Senate race. When details of his divorce were made public, he dropped out of the race.

38. trekmaster - November 6, 2008

@#31 Yes, that’s why he started the “Star Wars” program… ;)
@#35 Nice joke

My opinion: Obama is now in the function of a president and in this function he has more duties than individual freedom. It doesn’t really matter if he’s a trekker or not. Don’t be so naive – “the war on terror” will go on!

39. mike - November 6, 2008

Bush and Karl Rove, according to JMS, apparently like Babylon 5.

40. CMX54 - November 6, 2008

Choice for first female President:


(In human form, NOT the cat!) ;-)

41. SPB - November 6, 2008

Obama = Spock

Clinton = Kirk

You know what I mean.

42. trekmaster - November 6, 2008

Obama = Sisko
Clinton = Riker

43. Smike van Dyke - November 6, 2008

I’m not American but I stayed up all night to participate in this historic event via television. Obama’s victory is the best thing that could have happened to Trek.
He is the the very manifestation of lots of the ideals Trek stood for in the 60s. The first interracial kiss, Vietnam criticism, a muli-racial crew embarking on the final frontier.
The youngest president in US history, coming to power only months before the youngest Captain Kirk is going to commence his mission.

Of course Obama is larger than Star Trek. And yet, Trek is a lot more than just a TV show or movie series. It seems the film’s chances of success have just exponentially grown…

The bleek times of George W. Bush and Rick Berman are over. The world and America are ready to begin a fresh start…and Star Trek will be a vital part of it…

Can this movie be big? YES, IT CAN!

44. Pete359 - November 6, 2008

Is it just me or does that photo of younger Nimoy with the Shuttle look very close to Quinto? Before I clicked the image to enlarge I could’ve sworn they were one and the same.

45. SPB - November 6, 2008


Correction: Second-youngest.

46. Anthony Thompson - November 6, 2008

Not surprised at all. Obama is the man.

47. Jeffries Tuber - November 6, 2008

Reagan’s line about Klingons is great. I’m an Obama guy, thru and thru, but Reagan certainly knew how to bring people together with a humble joke.

Gene is rockin’ that rust colored leisure suit above!

Anthony, I’m glad you loosened your tie a bit on the politics. And I won’t be crossing any lines.

The connection between Kennedy/MLK-era dreams and Star Trek is unavoidably comparable to Obama’s rhetoric, and the symbolism of his Spock-like mixed heritage. They didn’t put the Kennedy line in that trailer by accident.

48. John from Cincinnati - November 6, 2008

Obama is awesome..

49. Izbot - November 6, 2008

I’ve strayed away from stating any political stance throughout this campaign (and, truthfully, following this election and the new JJ Abrams ‘relaunch’ have eaten up about equal time for me) but I am genuinely happy with the recent election results and feel a real connection between Obama’s impending presidency and the new film. Star Trek may have originally aired during the most turbulent years of the 60s but I believe the germ of Roddenberry’s vision was born out of the Kennedy presidency. It is fitting and elegant that the teaser for the new film invokes Kennedy’s words. For the first time in my own life I feel America may live up to its promise and potential. Regardless of your political party of preference, regardless of who you voted for, these are trying times for America and Obama is our president-elect. Do what is right, ask what *you* can do to help the country in our time of need.

Lately I’ve felt for the first time that the foundations for the diversity-in-action of the Federation may be laid in my lifetime. Read history. See how FDR inspired Americans of all types to dig in and save our country during the Great Depression. It can be done again.

My whole family consists of Texas Republicans. Many of them (I moved to Seattle to be in a blue state — in large part due to ideals I gained from Star Trek) have voted across party lines because they felt it was the right thing to do for America. I am so proud that so many have gone this optimistic and, yes, even symbolic route.

There has never been a better time to make Star Trek relevant again. These are good years to be alive.

50. Charles Trotter - November 6, 2008

Anthony, when are you going to announce Obama’s cameo as a Vulcan in the new Star Trek film? This seemed like the perfect post to do it; talk about a missed opportunity here. :-(

Live long and prosper? Yes we can! :-D

51. garen - November 6, 2008

wow. I have to say that i’m REALLY surprised at the amount of “right wingers” that are Trek fans. I’d like to see a poll. I’ve always thought that if we are to reach the final frontier…or at least come as close as possible within the realm of reality rather than fiction….than the ideals that are traditionally considered “liberal” would be the the ones that help us reach that goal.

Star Trek is all about tolerance. From dictionary.com:
1. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.
2. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own.
3. interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one’s own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint.

live and let live.
Not shoot first and ask questions later.

52. bgiles73 - November 6, 2008

18. El Chup Clinton is also a trekkie………………. Yeah, I could see Ol’ Bill in the Captain Kirk role! Chasing alien women down across the galaxy! :)

53. Izbot - November 6, 2008

43. Smike van Dyke –
“The bleek times of George W. Bush and Rick Berman are over.”

Wow, ballsy connection! You may be onto something there. I still must admit that on ENT Archer’s decision-making often mirrored Bush’s — especially during season three’s Xindi War arc. This fact made it difficult for me to fully embrace Archer. Unlike the Bush presidency, however, I ultimately came to love Archer’s Enterprise.

Here’s to happier days, eh?

54. Thomas - November 6, 2008

Finding out that Obama is a Trekkie actually does make me feel better about his Presidency. He has McCoy’s idealism, but I would like to see him have more of Spock’s pragmatism.

I have to admit I didn’t vote for Obama, but I honsetly and sincerely hope (and pray) he does a good job.

55. Chingatchkook - November 6, 2008

“When asked about Klingons, Reagan said ‘I like them. They remind me of Congress.’ ”

Pffft…At least in Canada we had a Prime Minister that actually looked like a Klingon…Jean Chretien. All he needed was an eyepatch and he would have been the spitting image of General Chang!

56. Izbot - November 6, 2008

50. Charles Trotter –
“Anthony, when are you going to announce Obama’s cameo as a Vulcan in the new Star Trek film? ”

He does often remind me of Tuvok!

57. Oregon Trek Geek - November 6, 2008

25–He does remind me of Tuvok too. I’m coming around to Obama. I’ve always liked him, just haven’t agreed with him much. I’m going to follow McCain’s lead, from his gracious concession speech, and support Obama, and be proud of him and the country. And if he really does lower my taxes, I will vote for him in 2012!

47–yep, I’ve always loved Reagan, he was the man. And I also loved the Kennedy connection in the trailer.

58. Radioactive Spock - November 6, 2008

#51. In my opinion the tolerance that was a big part of the liberal ideal of the past is not as prevalent any more. I see lots of intolerance on the left side of anybody who dares to differ from them in their beliefs. Both wings are more intolerant than they should be. On the left its almost an overcompensation of sorts, like if you don’t vote for Obama you’re somehow racist. Also it seems that the left is so determined to be progressive that they’re rushing things to get the desired results without concern of the harm they do along the way. I’m totally ready to give Obama his fair chance. I’ve voted democrat many times in the past, I just wanted to point out that the smug superiority a lot of liberals feel of being better than non-liberals is evidence enough that they’re not as enlightened as they pretend to be. Got to get past the double standards and name calling and work together.

59. Izbot - November 6, 2008

51. garen –
“wow. I have to say that i’m REALLY surprised at the amount of “right wingers” that are Trek fans. I’d like to see a poll. I’ve always thought that if we are to reach the final frontier…or at least come as close as possible within the realm of reality rather than fiction….than the ideals that are traditionally considered “liberal” would be the the ones that help us reach that goal.”

For many years I felt the same way. Now I believe the truth must include both sides but somehow the barrier between the two must be eliminated. Humans will eventually evolve enough to accept the differences in our beliefs and not be fearful of them. Hopefully we’ll see a bit of that evolution in the next few years. I was deeply touched by John McCain’s concession speech and truly hope his fellow Republicans choose to set aside party differences in our time of crisis and work to unify our country. We know America can accomplish tremendous things when unified. Maybe even build that first starship??

60. Trekgate - November 6, 2008

yay for obama!
I had no idea Colin Pwell was a trek fan!

61. Jeffries Tuber - November 6, 2008

A lot of guys I know here in LA, including me, are just dumbstruck by how cool Obama is. Not in the 60s hipster sense, but in the ‘opposite of hotheaded,’ ‘cool as a cucumber’ sense. Nothing ruffles that guy, not Hillary, not McCain, not O’Reilly… not a global financial meltdown.

In the context of our conversations here, though, it does strike me as perfectly Vulcan. Even his enormous toothy grin is like Nimoy’s.

The Kirk/Clinton-Spock/Obama thing is frieken grrrrreat. I’d add that McCoy is Reagan–can’t you just picture McCoy telling a Klingon to “tear down that wall!”?

62. garen - November 6, 2008

#59 Izbot
” Humans will eventually evolve enough to accept the differences in our beliefs and not be fearful of them. ”

That’s how i feel as well. Hopefully it has started already and this election will serve to fuel the notion!

63. Kev-1 - November 6, 2008

Lots of people like Trek, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Presidents did as well. That Reagan picture is surreal.

64. Jeffries Tuber - November 6, 2008

Radioactive Spock–never seen you ’round these parts before. I think the only thing liberals are intolerant of is intolerance itself.

The Vulcan philosophy of IDIC is Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations. There’s no way you can square that with intolerance of how people love or pray.

65. Brett Campbell - November 6, 2008

With all due respect to the late President Reagan: who the hell were you to judge ST III bad when you starred in “Bedtime for Bonzo” (and got upstaged by a chimpanzee)?!!

66. Keleigh3000 - November 6, 2008

After eight years of an impulsive President Kirk, I’m more than ready for a cool, rational President Spock.


67. Izbot - November 6, 2008

21. Canonfornication –
“oh and wheres shatner in that Space Shuttle ceremony??..dont tell me he was sulking in his trailer or filming Columbo cause he didnt wanna go with Takei!”

I think the Shat was doing dinner theatre in New England, driving from town to town in a used pickup truck and recording dialogue for TAS in the bathrooms of the motels he stayed in.

Okay, that was a few years earlier than the shuttle roll-out. Maybe he was shooting a Columbo episode as you suggest.

68. Antni - November 6, 2008

I’m from the UK and was happy to see Obama become your new President i watched the coverage live on tv in bed finally getting to sleep after Obama speech at 5am haha he seems to walk the walk and talk the talk and look forward to see what he does in his 4 years in office. He seems to be sooo driven and gave hope and optimism to everyone in the world not just America like his Granmothers village in Kenya was all dancing and coverage from Italy and Japan they were all cheering when Obama was elected.

69. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - November 6, 2008

I think that with this Presedental Election that we are seeing the dreams come true. With Marten Luther King seeing in the future that all will work together and With Gene Roddenberrys Vision as well. With a Black Presedent maybe we are starting on that Voyage to the 23rd century and all of us working together. This Election proves what a great country this is and though i did not voye for Obama i will support him and hope he can takes us to heights that this country has not seen. Presedent Elect Obama. May you Live Long and Prosper and the United States of America May you prosper as well.

70. Izbot - November 6, 2008

39. mike –
“Bush and Karl Rove, according to JMS, apparently like Babylon 5.”

Lol! That explains so much!

71. Capt Mike From the Terran Empire - November 6, 2008

#61. I Agree with you Mccoy is like Reagon. The passion and Humanity they both had. It was so kool to see the late and Great presedent Reagon On the set of Tng. I loved the line where he said Klingons reminded him of Congress. That was Very funney and hey. Even true!!

72. Enterprise - November 6, 2008

Obama says he really prefers green skinned women.

73. Masao - November 6, 2008

This article in the New York Observer ( http://www.observer.com/2008/politics/be-logical-captain ) compares Obama with Spock, and McCain with Kirk. It has a nice illustration by Drew Friedman of the candidates in their respective roles.

74. Al - November 6, 2008

Note this odd Trek connection

Obama won his Senate seat at least partly because the favored Republican candidate had to withdraw because of a sex scandal in which his ex-wife claimed he tried to force her to have sex in public in clubs.

His name? Jack Ryan. His ex-wife? Jeri Lyn Ryan, aka Seven of Nine.

75. classictrek - November 6, 2008

congratulations USA. I think you have an inspiring leader with you now. i watched in awe the other night at the scenes. I just wish we had a prime minister who could inspire our own people here in Britain and who had a brand new vision for my own country. Mr Brown is a nice enough bloke but sadly he doesnt inspire anyone. we desperately need someone like Mr Obama.

that photo of the TOS cast at the space shuttle launch – i cant see william shatner? was he there?

United Kingdom

76. S. John Ross - November 6, 2008

#51: I agree with #59 that, ultimately, the “Trek Wing” should be neither obsessively right nor left, but I also agree with your general surprise at the large number of visible right-wingers in Trek fandom.

When I was a writer on the LUG Star Trek tie-in games, two of the four chief designers I worked closely with were both hardcore neocons (and one of them was a very vocal Christian as well) … and I remember as a kid, when my pop was stationed in Albany, Georgia we lived across the street from an evangelical family (I swear this guy had to be the model for the family on the Simpsons, including their basic likeability despite it all) and he was a huge dyed-in-the-velour TOS fan.

I guess we should take it as a GOOD sign, really, that the Trek message speaks to both sides of the aisle, as well as folk like me who consider the aisle itself to be a bit ridiculous. :)

77. Radioactive Spock - November 6, 2008

#64. I wasn’t attacking tolerance of other peoples right to love and pray as they choose. I just meant to say that in the context of american politics that just because you disagree with the left on many issues doesnt make you intolerant of differences. Unfortunately in a two party system you tend to get grouped into stereotypes that can be very different than reality. I’m not really good with words, which i’m sure is very apparent in all my misspellings and non-capitalized i’s, but what i was trying to say is that because somebody is right wing doesnt mean that theyre inherantly opposed to tolerance somehow.

78. Radioactive Spock - November 6, 2008

has anybody said yet whether the trek trailer will be put on the web when the Quantum of Solace trailer airs? I’m not sure I want to go see the movie if the trailer will be online right after. I haven’t even seen Casino Royale yet. lol

79. Jeffries Tuber - November 6, 2008

76 Radiocative Spock

I didn’t take it that way, that you were in some way intolerant. But I recently read a major study of adolescents and Millennial Generation young adults, which found that they are almost radically intolerant of… intolerance, in any form.

And I think that epitomizes what you’re reading as smugness on the left. Plenty of folks on the right feel more patriotic being Republican or hate Hollywood or hate taxes… but for the younger generation, it doesn’t matter: you either support intolerance or you don’t.

Anyway, to tie this back to IDIC before Anthony pinches my neck, the connection between TOS and Kennedy/MLK and where we are today is the preponderance of IDIC in popular and youth culture. This is a great time to bring the 1701 and the original crew.

Trek won the culture war.

80. sean - November 6, 2008


That’s included in the article, actually.

81. OM - November 6, 2008

“I grew up on Star Trek. I believe in the final frontier”

…Then prove it. Give NASA a blank check, issue directives that Congress can’t ever screw with the agency or its programs ever again due to the demands of national security, while at the same time issuing a direct order to the NASA mid-level mismanagement that if they play political CYA games to keep innovation stifled in favor of something banal and unchallenging they’ll go to jail. Give NASA the power to take us to that final frontier, keep the political roadblocks cleared under penalty of death, and we’ll be more than glad to give you a more than a few doubts than we gave Dubya and that schmuck puppetmaster of his, Dick Cheney. Anything less, and you’re just pouring Folger’s Crystals in our warp drives like every other politician since JFK.

82. mojonaut - November 6, 2008

As an Irish person, and a Star Trek fan, I can see how Obama might share some of the ideals that Star Trek did. I know, for one, that were I eligible to vote in the presidential election, Obama would get my vote, and not only do I think he’s good for America, but I think he’s good for the world as a whole.

Viva Democracy! And success to Obama. And Star Trek!

83. Radioactive Spock - November 6, 2008

79. So say we all. More than overdue to bring it to a new generation. I have high hopes. Ideally another series afterward also, in the spirit of the TOS, as wanted by the writer whose name i cant remember at the moment, but was featured on this site.

84. mojonaut - November 6, 2008

Oh, and I agree with any messages that support NASA’s mission statement. If we are to get to the levels of technology and understanding that Star Trek has attained, then the world needs a Vice President (who automatically becomes head of NASA) who has a President who understands the need to advance and draw new mission lines for the science of space exploration. JFK said he wanted someone on the moon by the end of his decade. I know Obama faces a lot of economic difficulties, but if he could make a similar statement, and make a move to put it in place (for Mars, for example), then not only could it stand a real chance of happening, but it would give a lot of the ordinary people like you and I a lot of hope and something to strive toward. Imagine how people felt in 1969 as they watched Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins land on the moon? We could see something just as amazing in our lifetime if the right people put out the right message.

85. Jesustrek - November 6, 2008

in the future of cannon of star trek saw a USS OBAMA starship ?

86. sean - November 6, 2008


I think he might have a few terrestrial problems to sort out before giving NASA ‘a blank check’.

87. Sean - November 6, 2008

I think it’s funny how people who voted (or would have voted) for McCain choose not to acknowledge that the rest of the world was rooting for Obama. When 99% of the world is rooting against you, Senator McCain, doesn’t that say something? Just the fact that we elected Obama has already restored some of our standing with the rest of the world, because they now have reason to think that we’ll go back to being the helpful, peaceful country we once were.

88. AJ - November 6, 2008

One of Star Trek’s primary messages is the triumph of pure socialism. The triumph of humanity over greed and fear, the triumph of the State over wanton personal ambition.

In Star Trek, the State provides so abundantly to the individual that he/she/it does not have to worry about sustenance, or a place to live.

No one knows where the cash comes from. Big starships and fleets. Massive wars…financed by who?

Food for thought, I guess.

89. Fwise3 - November 6, 2008

I will admit, its going to be a little hard for me to support a President Obama since I am a conservative… but if he really is a trekkie then that takes away at least some of the pain! I do wish him well and hope to see photos of him at the premier of Star Trek! I wonder if J.J. could get him into STXII? :-D

90. TOSfan - November 6, 2008

Considering at any one time at least half of the world wants to see the “US Empire” crumble and and demostrate the failure capitalism (I’m going to say it – the system responsible for improving our qualities of life that we can all afford a high tech laptop) I really never get why Americans so worry about what the rest of the world thinks.

It’s like when they wanted to go to the UN security council over Russia invading Georgia – Russia IS the security council with a veto.

I also don’t get why everyone sees TOS as so left leaning. I remember it more for its cowboy diplomacy, defend the free worl, er Federation, good versus communis – er Klingons, bureaucrats are not to be trusted, “I’m a soldier not a diplomat”, Enterprise has a chapel, “Heavy Crusier”, there is nothing todays humanity can’t accomplish with time.

91. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 6, 2008

Dear Fellow American Trekkers,

We must all remember that we have a war going on at 2 fronts, skyrocketing unemployment, chaos on the US/Mexico border, etc. Nasa can wait.

92. Jeffries Tuber - November 6, 2008

88 AJ – Glad you made that point, because I didn’t feel like doing it myself.

Let’s see if that lasts in the new movie. Those welders on the trailer seem to have a pretty crap job. I wonder if they get time and a half for working at night?

93. JWM - November 6, 2008

“than the ideals that are traditionally considered “liberal” would be the the ones that help us reach that goal.”

Some of us just want to make sure we can pay for the trip and don’t limit ourselves to labels like “liberal” and “conservative.” :o) Not everyone votes based on moral demagoguery, you know. Live and let live seems to me to be totally in line with a limited government role, so that morality wouldn’t be legislated.

Cool that a U.S. Pres is versed enough in Trek to make a dilithium reference. Regardless of how you voted, I think that it’s time to hope for the best either way.

94. TOSfan - November 6, 2008

“triumph of pure socialism. The triumph of humanity over greed and fear, the triumph of the State over wanton personal ambition.”

Oh yeah, those Federation bureaucrats were always sooo totally right. In TOS they always put the collective ahead of individuality and setting your own course. And those miners on that colony way out there in Mudds Women, they totally were there for the good of the Federation State Mining Company. Its clear the message is that you should give up individual ambitions and join the collective state; resistance is futile!

95. Spock - November 6, 2008

#94 Actually Trek didn’t go full liberal tilt until TNG. Look at all those socialist societies controlled by computers that Kirk set free. Individual freedom was very important on TOS.

96. Jeffries Tuber - November 6, 2008

90 TOSfan – That’s an incredibly myopic view of Star Trek.

No money.


No cross in the chapel.

Countless alien civilizations never mentioned in the Bible.

Klingons are the Imperialist war-mongers… they may be a stand-in for Soviets, but there wasn’t anything Marxist about them.

Bureaucrats not to be trusted – you mean like Sarek?

The cowboy diplomacy thing is way overplayed. Kirk only violated the Prime Directive once in TOS

The Enterprise is on an exploratory mission, for science, not to build an empire, conquer enemies or protect wealth.

IDIC can be compared to the ‘marketplace of ideas,’ but that’s a libertarian principle.

97. JWM - November 6, 2008

“Dear Fellow American Trekkers,

We must all remember that we have a war going on at 2 fronts, skyrocketing unemployment, chaos on the US/Mexico border, etc. Nasa can wait.”

The space program, and by extension NASA, produced tremendous technological leaps that we enjoy in our everyday lives. It is the Manhattan Project of the 1960s.

For those who poo-poo the idea of competition, let’s also keep in mind that the moment the *space race* (a competition at its core) cooled, so did the *space program*. Without a competition, people tend to lose interest in a finish line. It’s a decidedly human failing, to be sure, but people need to be able to measure themselves against others to know how well they are doing. Think of it as using pride for good ends.

For me, Star Trek has always been about the eventual ability of people to overcome their differences, and the triumph of the ideals of freedom and self-determination. The fact that it’s being boiled down by some on these boards to be all about economic socialism cheapens it.

98. Trekkie16 - November 6, 2008

Very cool – I hope he surrounds himself with staff as competant as all the Starship captains of the Enterprise. His #1 needs to be as competant as Spock or Ryker. His Secretary of State needs to have the diplomacy of Jean Luc Picard and Obama needs to have his wisdom. May Obama and his staff demonstrate the great charcteristics of Kirk, Geordi, Scotty Sisko, Troi etc.

Maybe Obama is Geordi’s great, great, great, great, great grandfater.

99. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 6, 2008


There is no need to further our space efforts, at this time. We are fully prepared to handle any extraterrestrial threat to us, such as a meteor, using advanced missiles, and we can launch advanced probes to explore space and collect data for us. Yes, the space race did greatly advance our knowledge of the universe. But at the moment, there is no need to waste resources sending humans further into space.

100. Jeff - November 6, 2008

I’ve got another example of Obama being a Star Trek fan for you that I idn’t see anyone else mention.

Back when Bill Gates did that video parodying his retirement from Microsoft earlier this year, he had a lot of famous people cameo like Bono and George Clooney. McCain, Obama, and Clinton all took part in that video as well.

For Obama’s bit, they showed Gates talking to someone on the phone. Gates says, “Hey it’s Bill”, or something to that effect. Then they show Obama who says, “Bill Shatner? Of Star Trek?” Now I suppose that may not mean anything by itself, but when you consider all the other examples mentioned above, I’d say its more evidence that Obama is a Trekkie! Check it out for yourself; it’s on YouTube, 5:54 in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5uw07iEkjU

Now if he would appoint Shatner as Secretary of Defense, then we’d all sleep more soundly.

101. Captain Robert April - November 6, 2008

The poor and sick will always be with us, so focusing solely on those issues solves nothing.

The space program, however, can produce ways to solve those problems.

102. NoonienSpock - November 6, 2008

Isn’t energy independence our new space race?

103. Anthony Pascale - November 6, 2008


thanks for that, we featured that video here a while back and it slipped our minds at TrekMovie HQ…thanks for the reminder.

And another reminder to people posting that personal and hyper-partisan stuff does not belong. We are all Trekkies, please avoid divisiveness

104. AJ - November 6, 2008

I think what GR was trying to do was to have a society where humans need not be encumbered by the need to work and acquire wealth.

Unlike bland Hegelian cycles or Marxism, in Star Trek, there is an all-caring Earth government which doesn’t require one to debit his account to buy a hamburger. You just go get it.

The raw materials of the hamburger are created and processed, and the product is delivered at no cost, and purchased for free. The farmers buy feed and grow the cattle for nothing, Those who sell the feed, etc. and so forth.

It’s science fiction, so we assume it’s all under control.

The factory workers get no pay, and their management gets none either.

105. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 6, 2008


LOL! In what way exactly?


This vid should help paint a picture as to what we can do, TODAY.


106. hs - November 6, 2008

obama: ancestor of lily sloane, who’s an ancestor of travis mayweather, whos an ancestor of uhura, whos an ancestor of sisko… :)

live long and prosper sign: originally not hebrew, but from the ‘The Devil’ tarot card :(

in truth trek doesnt promote socialism; its a new world order/globalosm propaganda machine–i.e.-st:voyager episode dark frontier…tom paris mentioning ‘the new world economy’, which the bible says will be the kingdom of the antichrist, which goes back to my above tarot card comment

pike was the name of a famed freemason…

THIS ISNT POLITICAL TROLLING…look it up online…its all in plain sight and verifiable

107. JWM - November 6, 2008

“And another reminder to people posting that personal and hyper-partisan stuff does not belong. We are all Trekkies, please avoid divisiveness”

Anthony, I agree the sophomoric stuff should be gone, sure, but I just think that it would be a shame to kill the postings of those of us discussing what Star Trek and/or the space program means to us in the context of the current political climate, so long as we’re keeping a level head.

Just a thought. :o)

108. Anthony Pascale - November 6, 2008

I am mostly referring to stuff I had to remove

109. sean - November 6, 2008


Perhaps not political trolling, though certainly a load of nonsense. I knew a man named Pike that wasn’t a freemason – does that prove anything? Likely not.

Star Trek has always borrowed heavily from mythology, there’s no mystery there. And religions have been borrowing from eachother for thousands of years. No surprises.

110. JWM - November 6, 2008

99: “But at the moment, there is no need to waste resources sending humans further into space.”

They don’t need to go too much farther than orbit to make more discoveries! And the more unmanned probes we send to space, the more likely we are to get a cloud that’s 80 AU-wide gunning for us later. :o)

111. mojonaut - November 6, 2008

#106 – hs – you sound like you have some kind of agenda. You also sound like you’re trying to make a case *against* Star Trek, rather than come together with fellow Star Trek fans and share stories and socialise on a level we can all relate to. My point is: what’s your point?

There have been great points made on this topic. Both for and against Star Trek’s ideal vision of a world where money is not necessary and space exploration extends beyond our own solar system. Unfortunately, if we’re to reach the levels where (we all agree) Star Trek has reached, then thinking outside the box (scientifically and socially), without sounding clichéd, is what is required, not examining the past and deciding what was done right and what was done wrong. We need to pave new ways. That way we can learn from new achievements and mistakes made along the way. That goes for a new “space race” (which is an extremely valid point made by one poster (forgive me for not providing a name or post number) – a “race” requires more than one competitor), and in terms of making a better life for people in social, economic and other terms.

112. Chris Clow - November 6, 2008


I voted for the President-Elect, and I’m proud of it. :-)

113. Scott - November 6, 2008

I just want to see Michelle’s dilithium crystal belt buckle! Why isn’t anyone curious about the belt buckle?!!

Scott B. out.

114. JWM - November 6, 2008

I am mostly referring to stuff I had to remove

Roger that. Just unsure what the particular bounds were in this instance.

Excelsior! :o)

115. Enterprise - November 6, 2008

I notice that Obama puts a lot of pauses in his speech like Kirk.

116. JWM - November 6, 2008

“pike was the name of a famed freemason…”

I’m sorry, the only thing I can think of right now is The Simpsons, where Mr. Burns has become the new Howard Hughes, and he sees the microbes on Smither’s face declare, “Freemasons run the country!’

I’m sure that over time, if you do the math, just about everyone who came over here from Europe is somehow related to a freemason, silly.

117. Out There - November 6, 2008

For some reason I laughed out loud when I read that Leonard Nimoy is a long-time supporter of Obama. Mr. Obama has been on the scene, what, 4 years at the most? I’ve got things in the refrigerator older than that!

For some younger people, I guess supporting something for a long time is for a few months or a year. For some of us older people, we still call Sammy Hager the new guy in Van Halen.

118. Brad - November 6, 2008

This is the most moronic topic ever. Can we please keep Trekmovie.com non-partisan??

119. Boborci - November 6, 2008

love this

120. Dan N - November 6, 2008

The Kennedy-Trek-parallels are really striking. Kennedy shifted the US foreign policy to coexistence in diversity, which relaxed the cold war tension after years of hostile rhetoric (that was initially needed to get the public from isolationism to international commitment). Trek also applied the diversity-term often, and also the Prime Directive seems to have its roots in there to some degree.

I’m a German studying at a UK university, and many of my friends here are Americans. Some of them were for McCain, some for Obama, but most of them were admitting that the politics of both for the next term wouldn’t have been so much different due to the severe problems the country faces, and the McCain supporters were not that much dissatisfied with the outcome of the election, ’cause Obama makes politics popular again and therefore has a positive cultural influence on the youth.
Anyway, just wanted to express that I am still startled how defamatory the people were and are regarding this matter on the internet, constructing this kind of crass good-evil contrast around the former candidates, that simply doesn’t exist in reality.

The Trek world as a socialist world is an old debate. Like nearly every science fiction utopia it has certain elements of it. But it also presents a very convenient basis of the system: Sheer, endless overproduction. ;)

121. Mark - November 6, 2008

“And another reminder to people posting that personal and hyper-partisan stuff does not belong. We are all Trekkies, please avoid divisiveness”

Anthony, I have the impression it’s only hyper-partisan if you don’t agree with it. It’s certainly politically incorrect, and I suspect trekmovie incorrect, if we don’t support Obama. Sad.

btw, I dislike McCain as much as I dislike Obama. There is virtually no difference between them, while the Establishment media portrays them as being at opposite ends of the spectrum.

As Butler Shaffer recently said, “I predict that, under Obama, taxes and government spending will increase, government regulation and control over our lives will increase, economic disorder will increase, state police powers will increase, and imperialistic wars will continue unimpeded (and likely increase). In short, the political establishment will continue to pursue its agenda – without a break in meter – regardless of who it places on the throne. In the words of Emma Goldman: ‘If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.'”

If McCain had won, that prediction would have applied equally. In Trek terms, both Obama and McCain are Borg Queen wannabees. Since you promote tolerance, and there is no “hyper-partisan stuff” here since I oppose them equally, I assume you will not remove this post?

122. Gabriel Bell - November 6, 2008

119. Seriously, what is not to love. 95% of the Trekkie world loves this.

123. The Last Maquis - November 6, 2008

#118. Brad

I was going to say …..”Don’t be so Reactionary.”

But I really don’t care about Government anyway so never mind.

P.S. to Boborci: Same Here.

124. Obama got elected - Woo Hoo! - November 6, 2008

That picture that was phtoshopped was pretty terrible, but good stuff nonetheless! I like it! Maybe someone’ll get Obama to do it some day.

125. kevin - November 7, 2008

just some clarifications: ford was president from 1974-1977, not 1976. ’76 was the election year. and president reagan served from 1981 to 1989, he was elected in ’80 and could not run for a third term in ’88.

also barack obama is not the second or the youngest president. tr (42) was the youngest to assume the office through succession from the vice presidency and jfk (43) was the youngest elected. ulysses s. grant and bill clinton were both 46 years old. then comes obama just a few months older than grover cleveland both 47 yrs old.

126. kevin - November 7, 2008

to clarify my clarification: obama is a few months younger than cleveland

127. Radioactive Spock - November 7, 2008

110. yeah, what did Rob Wise have against the original 82 AU figure that he cut it down to 2 AU in the directors edition. Of all the meddling in that edition thats the one I was most confounded by.

128. trekboi - November 7, 2008

I believe in Gene’s vision.
I believe we can have a Star trek style utopia in our future where everyone is equel and taken care of.
In the 60’s Star Trek gave us this place- said not only will we still be here in the future but that things would be better- hopefully in the current climate JJ’s Star Trek will do the same for another generation to come…

We must be able to be more than an shallow, vain, insecure society where people fight over religion or define themselves by money, power and celebrity.
in that world the only way to be somebody who counts is to be superior and the only way to be superior is to make others inferior- that is not equality

Hope in the promise of change is all we have at the moment.
Considering the state of the world and all that has happened in the last 8 years things have to get better.
Obama has already changed the worlds view of Amereica- this is a good start.

Am i crazy to think its possible to have a world unified with the desire to learn and grow and better ourselves with tolerance, acceptance and equality?

To Boldly Go…

129. trekboi - November 7, 2008

Why am i asking you all anyway-?
People probably told Dr King he was crazy too.

130. Radioactive Spock - November 7, 2008

are you comparing yourself to Dr. King? Wow.

131. Reaganite - November 7, 2008

I have to say, Reagan’s reactions to movies fascinates me.

Reagan loved Back to The Future, in particular the joke about an actor being president in 1985. he apparently had that section played back three times he liked it so much.

Even odder, There’s a fun story about speilberg and how he sat next to reagan at a white house viewing of E.T. and Reagan leaned over and said “There aren’t six people in this room who know how true this all is.” Doesn’t matter if the story is true, it’s fun

132. Dierna - November 7, 2008

Obama’s a trekkie? Well that’ll help him in some fronts at least with a couple royals. Prince Charles is a major huge trekkie and the King of Saudi Arabia’s (King Abdulla) such a major trekkie that he had a cameo role in an ep of ST Voyager (when he was a Prince)!

Incidentally other political trekkies: Al Gore, Scooter Libbey, Alan Keyes, Ahnold, Colin Powell

133. trekboi - November 7, 2008

Hey Bob-


“Love this”

It gives me some confidence in the film/script that u like free speach and diverse discussion…

134. trekboi - November 7, 2008



I dont think he would think he was any better than me either.
We are all equel arent we?
He had a dream- Gene had a dream- I have a dream.
They just did something about it!
Something more than hope someone else would make it happen.

Makes me think of a little known song…
“U may say im a dreamer but im not the only one- I hope some day you’ll join us and the world will live as one…”


135. Shatner Lover! - November 7, 2008

“The Kennedy-Trek-parallels are really striking. Kennedy shifted the US foreign policy to coexistence in diversity, which relaxed the cold war tension after years of hostile rhetoric (that was initially needed to get the public from isolationism to international commitment) Trek also applied the diversity-term often, and also the Prime Directive seems to have its roots in there to some degree.”.”

You mean like the Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs, CIA Covert government ops overturning governments between ’61-’63? Sounds like coexistence and the prime directive was in force! and the Cold War tensions were highest between ’57-’72 (Until Nixon met with Brezhnev and signed the arms limitations, something that Johnson and Kennedy wouldnt do)

136. Shatner Lover! - November 7, 2008

134-“Makes me think of a little known song…
“U may say im a dreamer but im not the only one- I hope some day you’ll join us and

“the world will live as one…””

Sounds like something the borg queen said before she assimilated her victims! (Borg were based off of Communism)

137. Wes - November 7, 2008

Well, Obama is the right age, but remember as Obama was watching Star Trek Mccain was in a N. Vietnamese hell hole prison camp getting tortured for 5.5 years. So, maybe because he missed the original run because other things were going on, maybe that is why he is not a trek fan?

138. Johnny Ice - November 7, 2008

#98 Maybe Obama is Geordi’s great, great, great, great, great grandfater.

why not Riker? Think about it Obama isn’t black, he is biracial so if one off his daughters f.c. marries a Caucasian man and their offspring continue the trend up to Riker.

139. CmdrR - November 7, 2008

Yes, yes.
But, WHEN will we finally get an Efrosian-American president?

140. I am not Herbert - November 7, 2008

Well of course President Obama is a Trek fan!

He’s a highly intelligent, compassionate, progressive human being!

Yes we can live long and prosper!

141. I am not Herbert - November 7, 2008

IMHO “right wing” “trekkies” do not truly understand the underlying ethos of Star Trek; they don’t take it to heart.

…and since they don’t “get it”, I don’t consider them to be true Star Trek fans…

…but I still “keep hope alive” that they will see the light…

142. I am not Herbert - November 7, 2008

13. SexyAsianGurl:

“Will he be open to getting the classified UFO research out into the open..thats the question. We need that technology thats flying around the night skies..”

You’re a (Sexy Asian) Gurl after my own heart…<3

143. S. John Ross - November 7, 2008

#141: Did a local store have a fire sale on scare quotes, man? :)

144. trekboi - November 7, 2008

# 136

OMG was John Lennon a communist?
Or a Borg sent back in time to assimulate the counter-culture with a message of peace and love?

145. Daren Doc - November 7, 2008

Seems to me that a lot of the intolerance of other views (i.e. “right wing” trekkers) is coming from the other side. Let’s remember that for all its trappings of a liberal utopian vision, TOS had a mission that today would be considered a very conservative bend… patrolling around the galaxy and “fixing” messed up cultures, spreading democracy, and using the strength of the federation to try and stop the aggression of the Romulans and Klingons. I think there are a lot of touchstones for both sides of the political spectrum in Trek, and I think that is one of the reasons that it has been so successful. The fact that Red and Blue state denizens can easily identify with it perhaps makes it a template for how these disparate ideologies can come together.

Indeed, the phrase “Live Long and Prosper” itself contains very good key words to represent both left and right beliefs.

And let’s not get into the “I don’t consider them to be ‘true’ Star Trek fans.”

Be tolerant. Especially when someone disagrees with you.

146. Holger - November 7, 2008

Good to know a Trekker is in the White House.

147. Jim Durdan - November 7, 2008

Wow, I would have pegged him for a Lost In Space fan. Or maybe Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Either way, he is by far more Irwin Allen then Gene Roddenberry.

148. Beta: The WB - Blog - From our mouths to your ears - November 7, 2008

[…] Read the article here! […]

149. krikzil - November 7, 2008

A Trekker Prez. Cool. I also just like the idea that this man is of my generation and will have a more modern viewpoint and life experience.

150. Dan N - November 7, 2008


Well you are right. But in the Cuba Crisis he had to prove that he’s a tough guy, because he did not have that credibility beforehand like Eisenhower had. After that, in his last months, the rhetoric in the declared national interests changed, and he aimed for a Détente with the USSR. You can see it in speeches he held and treaties he signed even weeks and days before his death. And the legacy of that new course was great, so it marks the turning point in this most dangerous period you mentioned. Kennedy even wanted to go further, and some of these instructions (like the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam within 2 years), I have to admit, were cancelled directly after his death.

And I believe that this new course (even if mainly rhetoric at that time) influenced Star Trek and the Trek diplomacy.

151. Trek Nerd Central - November 7, 2008

Of course he’s a Trekkie! He’s Vulcan! I mean, isn’t that self-evident? Yeeeesh. . . (#73, Masao: That’s for re-posting that link. I loved that piece in the NY Observer.)

I am confident he was misquoted and actually said “dilithium crystals,” not mere “lithium” crystals. The future leader of the free world would not make such an error, I’m sure.

152. The Underpants Monster - November 7, 2008

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Al Gore’s guest shots on Futurama. I love when people can have a bit of a laugh at themselves.

153. DrNebuloso - November 7, 2008


154. JWM - November 7, 2008

#115: I said the same thing! My friends all said I was out of my mind. I am, but that’s beside the point. It’s nice to know someone else noticed the similar cadence to his speech!

155. garen - November 7, 2008

Yeah, serioulsy. i love where this topic took us. What a great discussion.

156. Joe Schmoe - November 7, 2008

By definition, if liberals are tolerant and accepting of other people and their beliefs, then shouldn’t they be tolerant of conservatives and their beliefs?

I don’t know, I see a lot of hate directed towards conversatives in general, and Christians in particular. I’m just wondering why that hatred is acceptable and promoted by some liberals.

I was on a BSG board the other day, and had a point of view different than a poster about the show. He proceeded to insult me by calling me a right-wing, Republican nut-job from Nebraska. Never mind the fact that the topic had nothing to do with politics or social issues. He would have no idea that I was a liberal or a conservative by the nature of the conversation.

But in today’s environment, that kind of language is socially acceptable.

Don’t shoot me, I’m just asking. I’m just pointing out the elephant in the room.

157. Cervantes - November 7, 2008

As a Scot here in the U.K., I was one of the many millions around this world that couldn’t vote for this most important position that has the power to improve the lives of so many, one way or another….

I believe that Obama CAN….or at least will TRY, so thank you America.

Bless you ALL.

158. Holger - November 7, 2008

87: I’m not a US citizen, and I was for Obama, but I was not “rooting against McCain”. One does not imply the other, and I know of no particular antipathy against McCain over here in Europe. I think he’s an honest, decent man. I just thought that he might not be up to the tasks ahead.

159. T.'. - November 7, 2008


OK, Let’s get a couple of things cleared up. Freemasonry, as any brother of the craft can tell you, gets in trouble because of its enlightment era ideals; though not always put completely into practice (i.e., the continuing issue of the recognition of Prince Hall lodges, that is, African-American Freemasons) these ideals inspired our constitution in many subtle and not so suble ways, such as our tri-partite system of government and the bill of rights.

(In the interests of full disclosure, I am not a Freemason, but am an inactive member of one of their ‘cousin’ fraternities, wherein the study of their degrees was encouraged.)

With regards to the usual fundy NWO nonsense, keep in mind that, since Martin Luther, any interpretation of Christian ideology is just that, an interpretation, without even the catholic church’s legalistic gloss of apostolic doctrine to cling to. In other words, using the Books of Daniel or of Revelations to somehow come up with a sci-fi doomsday wherein everybody one doesn’t agree with ends up being the bad guys is ignorant conspiracy theory taken from the encylopedia of one’s behind. Heresy is in the eye of the beholder, you see… protestants are heretics to catholics, gnostics are heretics to both, etc.

Oh, and congrats to the President-Elect. Qap’lah!


160. The Underpants Monster - November 7, 2008

#156 – The way I see it, tolerance of intolerant behavior usually amounts, for all practical purposes, to simply a more passive form of intolerance itself. Abetting and depraved indifference are crimes as surely as homicide and robbery are.

As for religion, most irreligious people I’ve known have no problem with it, as long as it doesn’t affect them. Unfortunately, trying to shape society at large (including non-practiioners) in its own image seems to be central to the philosophy of many religions, and that’s where the conflict comes from.

161. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 7, 2008

When Obama pauses between words, he is savoring his own essence.

162. krikzil - November 7, 2008

“By definition, if liberals are tolerant and accepting of other people and their beliefs, then shouldn’t they be tolerant of conservatives and their beliefs? I don’t know, I see a lot of hate directed towards conversatives in general, and Christians in particular. I’m just wondering why that hatred is acceptable and promoted by some liberals.”

It goes both ways. I have friends on both ends of the spectrum and we try to respect each other. I think the problem when it comes to some Christian conservatives is that it’s their way or the highway and attempts to legislate their beliefs systems on to everyone else. I strongly believe in freedom OF religion and FROM religion. There are so many different religions practiced in this country and while Christianity is the majority, the minority does need to be protected form the tyranny of the majority too. All we have to do is look to the MIddle East to see what happens when politics and religion get too close.

163. Trek Nerd Central - November 7, 2008

#161. I have another theory: When he pauses, he’s actually taking the time to compose his thoughts and form a complete, grammatical sentence. Been a while since we heard that from a highly placed public official.

As for the question of who’s more close-minded — conservatives or liberals — I offer this:

I agree that civil discourse should allow us to disagree respectfully, no matter what side of the debate we’re on. Unfortunately, the Internet, the instantaneous nature of telecommunications and the viral spread of rude, extremist punditry (on the radio & elsewhere) have all conspired to send much modern political debate straight into the toilet. Not all, but much.

164. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 7, 2008

Trek Nerd Central………….I……….want to say…………that …………um…….that…………
you……..haven’t……….seen a single…..
episode of…………Star Trek…….ever!

165. Fred - November 7, 2008

Obama calling himself a trekkie gives me no extra confidence. It wouldn’t have Roddenberry either, if he felt the same as he did about the politicians who were in charge when the shuttle was named the Enterprise.

Read his reaction to it in the 1976 article in Crawdaddy magazine that I’ve just posted, it might surprise you.

Also interesting is Harlan Ellison’s claims that Star Trek was dead way back then. LIke Spock said, it’s “been dead before.”

166. I am not Herbert - November 7, 2008

#160. The Underpants Monster:

“Unfortunately, trying to shape society at large (including non-practiioners) in its own image seems to be central to the philosophy of many religions, and that’s where the conflict comes from.”

Well said!

Also re: tolerance – We will never tolerate attacks to our freedom, equal rights, or pursuit of happiness!

167. Trek Nerd Central - November 7, 2008

#164 Them’s fightin’ words!

168. Myrth - November 7, 2008

#59 I always here that right and left have to come together and find common ground, etc. What this statement fails to address that there are some issues that have no common ground. There are profoundly deep life and death issues at the heart of the split that just can;t be ignored. Its not as simple as working to gether on healthcare, the differences run much much deeper.

169. Warp - November 7, 2008

Reading these posts I recall big bigotry problem in Star Trek franchise…

During the last fourty years of the Star Trek franchise, we seen Star Trek characters from different parts of world, but not Germany. That is shamefuly. We see Germans only in “nazi” episodes (intersting, we haven’t seen so much “commie” episodes, and that is another disgrace for Star Trek franchise, beacuse comunism and nacism are ideologies responsible for the death of millions).

We are going to see Pakistani, capt. Robau in the next Star Trek movie (and that is admirable, positive step), but not any Germans. Why we get Ellison as chief enginnier? Why not some German enginier named Hans, Manfred, etc?).

I’m not German, I’m Croatian (and I would love to see Croatian – maybe Goran Visnjic – in Star Trek), but I feel that Paramount and Star Trek producers making great injustice toward Germann. It is widely known that Germany have the biggest Star Trek fanbase in Europe and great concentions like FedCon and Gallileo 7, and German TV stations brodcasting Star Trek almost allways (especially SAT 1).

ANT STOP DELETING MY POSTS, I’M NOT TROLLING OR SPAMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

170. Darfyn - November 7, 2008

Warp , Star Trek is primarily a commercial enterprise ! It promotes American culture and ethos (since that is star trek , that’s not really bad) !! For true international involvement , you will probably have to look the star trek fan bases in Europe and their European fan-made films ! !

171. Warp - November 7, 2008

I’don’t think so. If Star Trek main role is to promote “American” culture, then all values about Star Trek talks are pointlesss.

172. darendoc - November 7, 2008

Officer Jaeger in “The Squire of Gothos” was at least a german name… and Trelane made it a point to comment on his heritage…

173. James Heaney - Wowbagger - November 7, 2008

“The bleek times of George W. Bush and Rick Berman are over.”

You know, I’ve always known Trekkies have no sense of proportion, but “Star Trek producer” does not quite belong in the same line as “President of the United States and Leader of the Free World” in terms of signs of the times.

I hope he is a Trekkie. I’m a McCain supporter, but I can’t imagine Star Trek being bad for anybody’s worldview. If I can reference “Similitude” with him in a debate on stem cell research, that’s great.

174. James Heaney - Wowbagger - November 7, 2008

#169 Warp: I don’t think there’s any bigotry against Germans among the Star Trek producers, if only because being prejudiced against Germans would be a really odd idea. I mean… what would they be bigoted *about*? It’s not like there’s a powerful anti-German movement in the U.S.A. aimed at disempowering and oppressing our German-American citizens.

My guess is it hasn’t happened for the same reason there were no Englishmen on Star Trek before Malcolm Reed: they hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Hopefully, one day, we’ll see some Germans on Trek.

175. bdrcarter - November 7, 2008

Hmmmmm….why isn’t The Shat in the picture of the space shuttle with the rest of the cast? Because he never goes to any of the group functions he’s invited to…like George Takei’s wedding?

Boy…did Tim Allen and the gang behind Galaxy Quest know Shatner well or what?

Just saying.

176. jrpickel - November 7, 2008

lots of comments- but way back at the top- about Mr. Obama- this is not a partisan issue-

are geeks partisan? I would celebrate this in any candidate for office.

177. Odkin - November 7, 2008

I love that somebody above finally called out the sickness and hypocrisy of the “Imagine” lyrics. Most misguided song ever written. They do sound like something the Borg Queen would say! Nothing to live or die or fight for… what nihilism.

#175 – I’m thinking maybe Shat lacked the primary requirement for admission, namely ownership of a god-awful leisure suit.

178. Dierna - November 7, 2008

Well I suppose Obama being Geordi’s ancestor would make a bit of sense. Course it would mean that one of Obama’s descendents moved back to Africa, where Geordi was born.

Obama being Riker’s ancestor tho… I dunno.. Sarah Palin is more a likely Riker ancestor since he’s from Alaska. :P

No Germans?? What about 7of9?? Not only is Jeri Ryan German (birth name Jeri Zimmerman and born in Munich) but Im pretty sure that 7of9 herself was German. 7of9’s birth name is Annika Hansen and her father was Magnus Hansen. Can’t get more German then that.

Dr. Leah Brahms is also supposed to be German.

179. trekboi - November 7, 2008


um- its “nothing to kill or die for”
the idea being perhaps there are things to live for instead maybe?
its always amazed me how people can change things to suit them even the lyrics to a classic song they obviously dont understand.

180. Darfyn - November 7, 2008

#169 #174 I believe star trek is about values and the presentation presents an idealized America . I believe the producers intended that . I don’t believe that it is intended bigotry . Well , Patrick Steward (Picard) is British , and a French Actress was initially intended as the Captain of Voyager ! Many minorities get a decent representation in all the Star trek Series ! Now if only we could fit in a German and Croatian !! Please no calls from other nationalities just yet !! Our lead trekkie , Barack Obama , has already accepted the new role !!!

181. Dan N - November 7, 2008

Never knew that 7of 9 was supposed to be German. And Brahms, yeah, like the composer.

That is no anti-German thing. The vast majority of the figures are American, what is sometimes kinda odd, since it’s about international crews. But I don’t even think that it’s mainly about presenting Americans as also the leader figures of tomorrow. I think it is a very simple reason: The series were mainly produced for the US market. So you show characters the people can identify with (“Hey, he’s from San Francisco, like me!” etc.). TOS was actually very progressive by not presenting crewmembers of other ethnic groups as “the other”, but most often as just normal crewmembers.
Another thing is that American shows tend to point out that someone is a foreigner by highlighting his accent, so that you have to look for an actor from that country, and sometimes it can become cliché that way. But that point has never been that a big problem in Trek and in general has changed in recent years.
And a third reason is that the American society is often depicted as a melting pot in itself, which is of course not untrue in many aspects, and maybe that’s why the writers have never seen the inclusion of foreigners as a necessity, especially not British, Germans, Irish etc. who are “included” in the American culture anyway.
So, my personal view is: The Pakistani captain in the new film is much more important, because they are “the others” of our time. Kudos to the makers!

182. TOSfan - November 7, 2008

Sigh, more historical revisionism thanks to TNG…..

No money.
– Why did Uhura have to pay for the tibbles using credits? Why were the miners on a dead planet with no chicks yet willing to pay for girls I guess they were good socialists? Harry Mudd certainly was the product of a socialist system. And to quote Spock in fact, Starfleet had 122,200 plus credits invested in Spock by the end of 2267

-Kirk is the Captain and Spock is the First Officer. They were created equal which is great and aren’t judged by the color of their skin which is even better but they sure as hell aren’t equal workers in that great workers utopia as defined by the local workers union.

No cross in the chapel.
– But there is a chapel. You are allowed to have faith in anything you want, even if it isn’t supported by the State. Isn’t that nice?

Countless alien civilizations never mentioned in the Bible.
– Funny, one world had the son of God!! And Uhura seemed excited by that fact. Oops..

Klingons are the Imperialist war-mongers… they may be a stand-in for Soviets, but there wasn’t anything Marxist about them.
– TOS in no way implicated the Kohms, you got me there.

Bureaucrats not to be trusted – you mean like Sarek?
– Sarek who seemed at odds with half the diplomats at the conference? Or the Federation undersecretary that actually was working for the Klingons? Or the bureaucrat that was trying to get Kirk to abandon the Galilao Seven and move on that Kirk basically ignored. Or how about that great socialist leader that almost got the ship destroyed by violating the Romulan neutral zone because he knew better.

The cowboy diplomacy thing is way overplayed. Kirk only violated the Prime Directive once in TOS
– Your right, he clearly was a diplomat, not a soldier and to think he felt otherwise, well, that’s crazy. He certainly would never feel he had to destroy an enemy rather then let him escape for fear that it would actually lead to showing weakness and invite invasion. Nope, never, same with Spock.

The Enterprise is on an exploratory mission, for science, not to build an empire, conquer enemies or protect wealth.
– Yeah, the Enterprise never defended those planets with dilithium crystals. The Federation clearly had no interest, especially with Troy. They clearly wanted to “share the land” with the Klingons.

IDIC can be compared to the ‘marketplace of ideas,’ but that’s a libertarian principle.
– A libertarian principle, is that allowed in socialist Trek??

Hell, even when reformed Gene went for socialism to applease those who felt he was offering a spiritual vision in TNG tried to back track by erasing TOS and making the Ferengi the USA but it was so damn boring that the show ended up condemning socialism by making their ultimate bad guy the Borg – a collective with no individual thought that believed if only all were one that the universe would be a better place.

183. TNGfan - November 8, 2008

You obviously got something wrong. The idea of Trek is that the basic needs like food and clothing can be provided nearly costlessly. And that people don’t yearn for unnecessary luxuries but work “to improve themselves and the rest of all mankind”. Does Kirk work for the money? Or for captain’s privileges? No, he does not. That is not his main motivation.
If you don’t think that this would be a bright future without hunger, where humans have evolved beyong greed, I wonder why you watch Trek at all.

But of course labeling it socialism is just so easy, you don’t have to think but just repeat some ideological crap. TNG never suggested that individual liberties and economic prosperity as well as equality can’T go hand in hand.

184. Wes - November 8, 2008

“And the legacy of that new course was great, so it marks the turning point in this most dangerous period you mentioned. Kennedy even wanted to go further, and some of these instructions (like the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam within 2 years), I have to admit, were cancelled directly after his death.”

Those instructions for ‘nam are still unfounded, just conjecture, he kept on placing more troops or should I say ‘advisors’ in vietnam. Johnson did expand things just a bit! (and he was a democrat)!

As for someone else saying that he does not consider conservatives fans. Well, to that I say ‘how illogical’ and what about IDIC? so, this bashing of conservatives is ok, but the second someone says something about a liberal, they are banned, ridiculed , etc. And the liberals were supposed to be the tolerant ones of all beliefs, but the only belief they are tolerant of is their own! LOL!

185. Holger - November 8, 2008

178: Annika Hansen and Magnus Hansen doesn’t sound very German. It is Scandinavian, rather.

About Germans: There was one big moment in The Squire of Gothos, when Trelane made fun of German chief geologist Jaeger, mocking him as a militarist and a Nazi, to which Jaeger replied: “I’m a scientist, not a military man!”
Wasn’t that a remarkable statement against the Nazi cliché, for the year 1966?

186. DesiluTrek - November 8, 2008

The original Star Trek I’ve watched for about 39 years always has seemed subtlely, subversively liberal-progressive. Indeed, it was one of the huge influences that shaped my politics as I grew up.

I welcome conservatives as Trek fans, but respectfully suggest that the highly confrontational and polarized Star Wars universe is more appropriate for them/you.

Obama is the first true 21st-century president, and the first who would fit in the 23rd century we know and love.

187. TOSfan - November 8, 2008

TOS in my humble opinion I’d say was progressive but certainly not liberal. I’d argue that TOS message was that todays man could achieve anything if only he’d cast aside racism, stop destroying each other, not allow itself to be manipulated by evil computers (*cough* authoritarian governments and others like Kahn who “tried to bring the world order) and focus on science and discovering the mysteries of the universe. I guess there were just too many episodes dealing with psuedo-utopias and condemnation of civilizations which blindly allowed their computer to run their lives under the false guise of order and too much emphasis on individualism for me to think otherwise.

That being said, IDIC is also another great Trek philosophy I think hits home; the idea that we don’t all have to be the same and that our differences can be strengths. I only wish that hit home more and we could actually have fun disagreeing and taking constructive criticism. Comments like “Anyone that doesn’t believe X isn’t a Trek fan” in my mind is in direct contrast with IDIC and quite frankly scares me though I will agree that after seven years of TNG I can see how someone would consider that the message of Trek.

I just urge people to realize that some of the fun of TOS was that Kirk, McCoy and Spock would even fight amongst themselves in contrast to the TNG “united front” and quite frankly it just made TOS more exciting. Why does Trek always end up having to go “back in time”; in my humble opinion it’s because the TNG environment was just too boring. In order to make it watchable they bascially had to throw out the liberal agenda Roddenbery had converted to (i.e. send in the evil collective Borg, have Picard end up beaming down in the end, invade the Federation with the Dominion, have Sisko blow up the Romulan ambassador).

188. TNGfan - November 8, 2008

Authoritarian governments … like the shift during the last POTUS to more executive power, less liberties, war crimes LOL

189. TOSfan - November 8, 2008

Yeah bingo, I have no idea why anyone would think Bush was a good pro free market, pro globalization pro individualistic leader. Bush essentially allowed the government to finance excessive borrowing, nationalized your banking system and boosted government spending. In his defence I assume Bush would argue that his agenda was side tracked by 9-11 in which he sacrificed economic reform to fight the “war on terror” but still, what kind of leader side tracks the economy for a war; that’s something more in line with the USSR then what you’d expect from the USA. On the plus side at least he didn’t try to put up trade barriers to take the world down with him.

It’s really too bad the Americans took their cold war victory of democratic capitalism over communism and essentially threw it out the window – though we did get a fancy space station out of it. I guess we can now look to Japan for leadership on the economic and political front. I’d like to think that one day Russia as well will emerge from its transition to capitalism, reject the authoritarian nature of Putin and power the world – but it’s a stretch. India seems to be doing quite well in educating its people and encouraging entrepreneurism.

Then again we just as easily could be on the verge of repeating the last century with another depression, people turning to national socialism and a whole new cold war. How ironic if Russia and Japan end up the proponents of freedom and capitalism with the US the national socialist state.

190. TNGfan - November 8, 2008

You are really funny. If you had the slightest idea of economics, you would know that bad regulation as well as an inetrest conflcit between banks and rating agencies caused this world wide financial crisis.
Which implies that better regulation of the financial sector is requites to fix the economy. Sorry that this violates your precious free markets ideology, but I prefer pragmatism.
And please stop this blunt political comparisons of TOS and TNG with capitalism and socialism, Trekkies are smarter than this. If you don’t believe in a bright future, where mankind kan change and evolve, watch Star Wars

191. Dan N - November 8, 2008

I don’t remember what happened in the episode really, but that quote sounds more like a reference to Wernher von Braun and his team, the rocketeers who built the V2 for Hitler and now were working for the NASA. Because in the 60s von Braun and others had the same excuse: I had no idea of what really happened, I’m just a scientist.
There is a joke about von Braun from that time actually: “‘Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down. That’s not my department.’ says Wernher von Braun.”
And there also is that image of the “mad German scientist” since the 19th century, when the German universities were leading. The man who wants to know more and more and doesn’t care about morale very much (Frankenstein is an example).

@ TOSfan: Are you really confusing liberalism with socialism? The two movements are traditionally on opposite sides in many aspects! Look at free trade vs. protectionism, or indeed individual vs. collective. It is strange how these things have mixed up in the public mind.

192. Holger - November 8, 2008

191: Well, maybe you’re right, but I don’t think your interpretation really fits with the scene. After all, it was Trelane, the villain of this episode, who was mocking Jaeger in a silly and obtrusive way. If you were right with your Jaeger-von Braun analogy, Trelane would be rightfully accusing Jaeger, who puts up a phony defense in reply. Wouldn’t that be at odds with the dramaturgy of the scene? And after all, Jaeger is the Enterprise’s chief geologist, so he really is a scientist and he surely is not a Nazi, because only good guys serve on the Enterprise.
But I agree, the line ‘I’m a scientist, not a military man’ would suit von Braun, but I think in a completely different context.

193. Darfyn - November 8, 2008

In defense of the modern Euro and Germans , I would have to say they now have good government and try to be a good neighbour . If Russia comes in from the cold , they will have a very abundant Euro Bloc .
And regarding America , if protectionism isn’t brought against Asian products , you will all be out of a job . The Asian Financiers will buy You !! What dumb ass wants that ?!! And stop insulting the Canadians and the Mexicans , you need them !!! Let’s hope Barack Obama has big ears !!!!

194. Dan N - November 8, 2008

True. As I said, I don’t remember the scene. On the other hand von Braun’s excuse was seen as legitimate by the Americans (and Germans) in the 60s, he was very popular. So maybe it fits in the end, since then the villain would wrongfully accuse Jaeger. Because only good guys have worked for the NASA ;)
Well, it’s just about a TV character. But still, I would love to see if there was a deeper motivation behind writing these lines.

195. Odkin - November 8, 2008

193 – “Let’s hope Barack Obama has big ears !!!!”

Uh… no problem there. Personally, I’d worry more about what’s between them.

I laugh at the IDIC worshipping tolerant liberals above inviting conservatives to go become Star Wars fans instead and get out of Trek. Change we can believe in!

Once good old capitalist free enterprise creates a way to supply all the needs of human survival (shelter, clothing, food, entertainment, education) for free, for everyone, without laborers and without resource constraints, THEN we can think about moving to the moneyless socialist paradise of TNG. Until then, nothing of consequence is gonna be invented or created without either a profit motive or military need.

196. Holger - November 9, 2008

195: “Until then, nothing of consequence is gonna be invented or created without either a profit motive or military need.”

Really? But for the most part in human history, there was no free market capitalism, and in the (former) Soviet Empire there was none until the 1990’s. So by your statement, most developments of consequence in human history were motivated by military need. Sorry, but I think this is glaringly false.
And I think that real progress will be blocked for as long as a majority of people has such a narrow, pessimistic vision of human beings, i.e. that they can exclusively be motivated by personal profit or violent threat.

197. Kevin Rubio - November 9, 2008

Wasn’t Clinton the first “Trek” President? He got as much tail as Kirk…

198. Penhall - November 10, 2008

Why was my comment deleted? I stated an opinion about Barack Obama, and once again I was censored on this website.

57 million people voted against Obama. I thought liberals were all about freedom of speech?

My post said nothing bad about Obama, and yet it was deleted because I dont view Obama as The Messiah.

Its just crazy.

199. Holger - November 10, 2008

194: I agree. Jaeger’s line makes sense as a 1966 pro-von Braun, pro-NASA statement. I guess we could both be right at the same time.

200. JWM - November 10, 2008

“So by your statement, most developments of consequence in human history were motivated by military need. Sorry, but I think this is glaringly false.”

While not true through all of human history, the 20th Century was very much defined by the fact that the majority of the technological and medical breakthroughs we enjoy came from our relentless pursuit of profit and the desire to both do and undo the damage we do to ourselves and each other.

Cell phones, computers, atomic energy, et al…largely off-shoots of military tech, which the contractors then took to the marketplace to recoup their costs and turn a profit.

201. Hero Sandwich » Is Barack Obama a Geek? - November 11, 2008

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204. Commodore Wesley - November 28, 2008

I would like to offer that Trek (TOS, at least) may fit best into North AmericanTechnocratic ideology, as compared to all stripes of capitalism and socialism. See http://www.technocracyinc.org for details. North American Technocracy even includes the ideas of “credits” (based on an “Energy Accounting” product distribution system) for anything not considered to be life essentials, such as food, shelter, clothing, etc. This would explain Uhura buying a tribble with credits. On the other hand, education, to whatever level any individual desires (and has the intelligence to assimillate and use productively), is assumed to be free in a Technocratic society; hence, the above-mentioned reference to Spock’s training doesn’t fit.

205. Commodore Wesley - November 29, 2008

Also, President-Elect Obama (or any other President, for that matter) would do well not to write a blank check to NASA, but, rather, see to it that the money for a space infrastructure be spent in the most intelligent way. Case in point: tSpace proposed an architecture consisting of reusable vehicles, which could take us to the ISS, or the Moon, for 1/20th the cost of NASA’s Constellation Program. NASA, engaging in its historical “Not Invented Here” syndrome, went with aerospace giant Lockheed-Martin’s unimaginative Orion design. Another example: Dr. Lopez-Alegria, former NASA astronaut, is developing the nuclear VASIMR propulsion technology with his private company, AdAstra, in the Houston area (this could enable round trips to Mars in months rather than years, with all of the safety advantages this means to human space travelers). Meanwhile, NASA scrapped its advanced propulsion design organization when its budget was cut. COTS, the performance-based awards given by NASA to private NewSpace companies (like SpaceX) to provide crew and cargo transportation to the ISS, is the most intelligent investment NASA has made in decades. But, COTS is underfunded.
If an Administration wants to advance the Final Frontier, the best approach is a private/government partnership. Private contractors to provide access to Earth orbit; private entrepreneurs mining resources (such as titanium-group metals, essential for our technological civilization) on the Moon and near-Earth asteroids; government encouragement of innovative and risky technologies; and government-conducted science/exploration.
And I favor boots on the ground (and hand-held hammers, and human-monitored microscopes, etc.) as an eventual goal, throughout the Solar System. While I am impressed by the longevity of the MER rovers, just imagine how much more information humans (who don’t need their every step programmed) could have gathered, and in a much shorter time!
Humans must press ever outward; that is the only antidote to decadence.
Ad Luna! Ad Ares! Ad Astra!

206. Spider-Man saves Obama’s Inauguration « events dear boy, events - January 9, 2009

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208. Will_H - May 9, 2009

God Im tired of people on here that take a post about our president and use it to start spewing their own negative political agenda. He’s the president (weather you like it or not) and its cool that he’s a Trekkie. Its not they’re trying to sell his political agenda on here, so grow up. I think its cool that he’s a Trekkie (even if his Trek terminology is a bit off). And hey, even though Im a Democrat, I still think its cool that Regan was on the set of TNG. So grow the f*** up, and if you cant say something intelligent then why not just skip the Obama articles, k?

209. Star Trek movie - News of the Weird - May 11, 2009

[…] only get about $50 million. Silly people, don’t ever underestimate Trekkies. We helped get Obama elected, too. :Kirk, Spock, Star Trek, Uhura No comments for this entry […]

210. Ayanna Hylan - April 9, 2011

That appears decent however i am just still not too sure that I favor it. Nevertheless will look even more into it and choose personally! :)

211. Lupita Cunio - April 21, 2011

Excellent post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Cheers!

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