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First Look At New TOS Remastered Promo November 17, 2008

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The new trailer for the Star Trek movie will be online shortly, but CBS wants to remind people that the Original is still out there. CBS is still airing Star Trek Remastered in syndication. Next month they will be releasing a new fun light-hearted promo to stations, but they sent it over to TrekMovie this morning for a first look, check it out below.


Here it is.

[flashvideo filename= image= width=”384″ height=”288″ /]

More TOSR coverage coming up soon
The third season of Star Trek Remastered is released on DVD tomorrow. TrekMovie will have a review for that set up late tonight, and later we will have a full review of "The Cage," which will be the last of our series of TOSR reviews. We also have a new TOSR DVD give-away contest coming up. TrekMovie is still the home of Trek Remastered!



1. thorsten - November 17, 2008


2. Blake powers - November 17, 2008

I love the warm fuzzy feeling this article gives me.

3. Brad Mckenzie - November 17, 2008

thats a good commercial

4. Brian - November 17, 2008

That’s a FANTASTIC promo!

5. EarlFlynn - November 17, 2008

Ha ha. That’s cute.

6. touchstone35 - November 17, 2008

It airs at 4AM Sunday mornings here but I still rock it old school style and tape it.

7. Horatio - November 17, 2008

I have yet to ever see my local station that carries TOS Remastered run an ad for it. Not once. Absolutely no promotion at all yet apparently it does OK in its Saturday night 10:30 PM timeslot.

Here’s hoping this commercial gets the good word out to even more people!

8. thorsten - November 17, 2008

Uhura… Foxy!


I love that ship…

9. TJ - November 17, 2008

PRICELESS! I llluuurrrvvveeee it!

10. John - November 17, 2008

Terrible commercial. And the music at the end is the MGM DVD logo music that plays full blast at the start of their DVDs. Yuck! And why are the characters backwards at the end?

11. Dennis Bailey - November 17, 2008

Love it.

12. AJ - November 17, 2008


13. falcon - November 17, 2008

That’s really kind of cute.

14. Mr. Botany Bay - November 17, 2008


Great stuff! :-)

15. Iowagirl - November 17, 2008


16. Clinton - November 17, 2008

Well done. :-)

17. the_law - November 17, 2008

LOL!!! okay, that commercial is unique.

18. reinvigorated hitch1969© - November 17, 2008

ahh remastered TOS. kicking it 2006 old skewl trekmovies dot com dot org.



19. Cheve - November 17, 2008

I love it.

I’m a doctor, not a Showgirl


I don’t remember when he says that one.

20. Ampris - November 17, 2008

That’s a fun little spot! But once again, I have to ask myself WHY the station have to replace TOS:R with frickin’ Knight Rider?! Saturday night just isn’t the same without an episode to tape and watch. :(

(I’ll check again, maybe they’ve just moved it and I didn’t notice…)

21. wally - November 17, 2008



22. captain shroom - November 17, 2008


23. William Kirk - November 17, 2008

That’s wonderful !!!!

24. John from Cincinnati - November 17, 2008

Can anyone answer me this?

I have seasons one and two of TOSR. Season 2 quality is very bad. Many scenes are NOT remastered, as one can notice the color is faded and the screen blurry, but then it cuts back and it looks okay then it goes back to the faded shot.

Any ideas?

25. DougieB - November 17, 2008

This website keeps referring to itself in the 3rd person – its like that Jimmy guy from that one Seinfeld episode

26. New Horizon - November 17, 2008

Fun commerial.

The uniforms are reversed in the closing scene. Should fix that.

27. Jeffries Tuber - November 17, 2008

Wow, I hate that ad. Missed opportunity.

Condescendingly, it sells the camp, the cheese and the cliches.

Great shot of the Enterprise at the end, though.

28. Chain of Command - November 17, 2008

Gotta love that commercial. That’s awesome

29. Harry Ballz - November 17, 2008

Clever commercial!

30. AdamTrek - November 17, 2008

Neat promo.

31. Imrahil - November 17, 2008

Want on Blu Ray. Now.

32. TK - November 17, 2008

Love it!

33. Scott Gammans - November 17, 2008


(Now can we PLEASE have this on Blu-Ray? Thank you.)

34. 750 Mang - November 17, 2008

That’s hilarious!

“I’m a doctor not an escalator!”

35. Tobor64 - November 17, 2008

After all these years, is there anyone who DOESN’T know which side the uniform insignias go on? Great promo but why didn’t anyone producing this piece notice Kirk, Sulu & Chekov flopped at the end? Oy!

36. CmdrR - November 17, 2008

Nice that they’re promo-ing it.

Why the reversed bridge shot?

Also, can someone please inform WSB (Welcome South Brother — I’m not making that up) -TV that some folks would like to see this at a decent hour… in fact, at all.


37. Marlonius - November 17, 2008

24. – you’re probably noticing shots such as hand phasers or crossfades that were optical effects back in the day and are 2nd generation images even in the master negative. They stand out like a sore thumb next to the single generation shots that have been remastered.

38. The Last Maquis - November 17, 2008

Terrible, but Hilarious

39. Remington Steele - November 17, 2008

Hang on, the bloody website says its another day, 1 hour away…..

what the hell???

I’ve been waiting long enough, this is a disrgrace!

40. Jay El Jay - November 17, 2008


41. Jax Maxton - November 17, 2008

Wow, that’s a great promo. Well done.

42. Prologic9 - November 17, 2008


43. Al Hartman - November 17, 2008

A shame that wasn’t the trailer for the new movie instead…

44. Bored Trek Fan - November 17, 2008

Website says it’s another day… Anthony?.. what’s going on?

45. GSL - November 17, 2008

@39: It’s a bug in the counter. It hit 00:00:00, and is now showing -1:-1:-1, but the negative signs don’t show up.

Actually showing -1:-1:-5 now. We can use it as a counter for how late they are!

46. trekkie1701D - November 17, 2008

Where’s the new trailer, it’s going backwards, but no new trailer :-(

47. John from Cincinnati - November 17, 2008


Nope. All the CG shots look new. Some of the other shots are clearly remastered, however, most shots are not remastered. When I say shots, I mean scenes.

Anyone else own Season 2 TOSR and notice the same thing?

48. TOG - November 17, 2008

The Trailer…
What the Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell !
minutes seem like hours – hours are actually days now!

49. Sean - November 17, 2008

btw the new trailer is up at

Also, Anthony, I keep getting “Error establishing database connection when I click on the links from my Google Reader. Just FYI.

50. garen - November 17, 2008

this is a great promo. It hits on a lot of the “in jokes” that fans already know. and it certainly gives great and fun reasons for new people to watch. Hopefully more and more people contiue to discover Star Trek and TOS.

all that said. My experience with TOS-R on my local stations has been poor. Sure they air it. But it’s always at 1 or 2 in the morning. and I can say that this promo would NEVER make it to air on my local station. They just treat Trek as filler….”well, no ones watching tv right now anyway…so lets air star trek.”

51. Nx - November 17, 2008

Download link for 1080p:

52. JL - November 17, 2008


If we go by the book, hours would seem like days…

53. TOG - November 17, 2008

Thanks for the link #49
However, not working for me either!

54. protogenes - November 17, 2008

Notice they are trying to dull the shock of the new movie’s production design by using it here in this promo..

55. DaveM - November 17, 2008

Fantastic promo. This should have been the ad that ran two years ago to people excited about the return of the series with new SFX.

Thumbs up to CBS for this fantastic bit of marketing.

56. art - November 17, 2008

can i have the link for 480p?

57. TOG - November 17, 2008

Bootleggers I salute you –
If it wasn’t for them – I would be wreck…

58. Lousy Canadian - November 17, 2008

Amen to that, #57-TOG! :D

Great ad, I’m sure that can grab anyones attention.

59. ~~TARA~~ - November 17, 2008

LOL…I loved that promo.

60. cpelc - November 17, 2008


I’ve noticed the same thing too. I think it’s just shots that were in bad conditions that they couldn’t make them look any better. But yeah it is a little annoying on occasion.

these are old copies they are handling.

the biggest example is always right before a fade to “commercial”

61. cagmar - November 17, 2008

#39. Yeah! What’s going on? They added a day on us for the trailer that’s supposed to be “online shortly”. They lied! :P

62. Donald G - November 17, 2008

47 John from Cincinnati:

Re-read post 37. Marlonius is not talking about the CG shots. A lot of the handheld phaser shots weren’t redone. but used what was on the master, which was already a generation down due to optical printing methods of the time. Marlonius also mentions the crossfades as being problematic. [It’s really bad in episodes like “Mirror, Mirror”.]

When I watch TOS-R, I notice the quality drop you are talking about as well. This drop tends to occur at places where an old effect wasn’t redone, or in a camera-take used just before a fade-out or the take just after a fade-in.

Sometimes, Star Trek used quite long takes, so so you’ll have your fade-in, the scene will go on in a master-shot with the camera tracking along as characters deliver their lines in a single take. then hard cut to another another angle (or character close-up).

Because of the way the fade was accomplished, that lengthy establishing take (and other similar instances) now exists on the master print as a lower generation copy which can’t be restored to look as good as the scenes that follow.

Basically, since some episodes use more crossfades or other optical effects than others, some episodes appear more remastered than others.

63. Astroboy - November 17, 2008

When are they going to show The Cage remastered?

64. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 17, 2008


Looks like that took two years to make.
Awesome cutaway shot of the bridge and ship at the end!


65. Matt Wright - November 17, 2008

Too bad now that the initial run is over my local affiliate put TOS-R on at 1am (used to be 4pm). :-(

66. star trackie - November 17, 2008

Second best trailer I’ve seen today. Trek remastered grocks my Spock! Well done!

67. j w wright - November 17, 2008

sweet promo spot, big, big trek fun!


68. Fred - November 17, 2008

That is so cool! Old Trek for a new audience!

69. Hanabi - November 17, 2008

Well that really helps all the marketing efforts to make STAR TREK cool again. :S

70. steve - November 17, 2008

Hilarious. Loved the McCoy bit….”I’m a doctor, not a………………”

71. Caveman - November 17, 2008

Better than the new movie trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

72. SPOCKBOY - November 17, 2008

Fantastic promo!
If only the remastering was equally fantastic ; )

73. Tiberius - November 17, 2008

Like this one…

I like the last sequence with the zoom out of bridge and 3d of big-E

74. JB - November 17, 2008

BTW, Apple also now has TOS-R Season 2 available on iTunes.

75. martin - November 17, 2008

Did they announce these in High Definition yet? No, well then F Paramount.

Here is my Paramount S-list:
1) lack of Blu-Ray TOS remastered
2) When TMP HD comes out, it will be the flawed theatrical version and not the Wise director’s edition
3) Voyager and Enterprise (and the rest of the series) are still too much cost per season. Everyone who was going to pay $60-100 a season for TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT has already done so. Lower the price to no more than $25 a season, and I will get the last 11 seasons which I don’t own yet. Until then, no thanks.

In addition to that, does Paramount thinking turning up the cheese factor on Trek is going to help the new movie?

76. Eldon Letkeman - November 17, 2008

That’s such a great Promo! What a great way to draw in the audience!

77. The Original Mark T. - November 17, 2008

Now THAT is a kick-@ss promo! It’s fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Way to go!

78. NDP - November 17, 2008

Very well done!

79. Ron Mosher - November 17, 2008

Sweet promo! I’m going to go watch an episode now! The “Immunity Syndrome” in case your wondering….

80. MyPetTribble - November 17, 2008

“Did they announce these in High Definition yet? No, well then F Paramount.

Here is my Paramount S-list:
1) lack of Blu-Ray TOS remastered
2) When TMP HD comes out, it will be the flawed theatrical version and not the Wise director’s edition
3) Voyager and Enterprise (and the rest of the series) are still too much cost per season. Everyone who was going to pay $60-100 a season for TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT has already done so. Lower the price to no more than $25 a season, and I will get the last 11 seasons which I don’t own yet. Until then, no thanks.”

In addition to that, does Paramount thinking turning up the cheese factor on Trek is going to help the new movie?”

martin just so you know, here’s a guarantee that the movies will come out on Blu-ray. One of them is already available in HD, Star Trek: First Contact. The only thing is it’s on Xbox Live.

81. Enterprise - November 17, 2008

Wow. CBS finally made an ad!

82. Holo J - November 17, 2008

When I first heard about Star Trek Remastered I googled it and it lead me to this site. At the time I wasn’t really too brother about the movie so much. I always used to come here to see the preview images and see the effect videos. A day doesn’t pass without me checking out this site, but now it’s for the movie news.

Cool promo! It’s a shame the remastered project didn’t live up to its potential. I would love to see it get a bigger, better and less reserved update sometime in the future. Maybe for the eventual Blu-ray release, as it has to happen one day doesn’t it?

83. Smike van Dyke - November 17, 2008

That CBS promo is funny. But it’s also kinda sad. It looks like a joke. Is TOS nothing but a joke anymore?

84. Dr. Image - November 17, 2008

Yeah. Funny, but, why paint it as a laughingstock?
This approach WILL NOT help the movie.

85. Enterprise - November 17, 2008

What do you mean, they’re out on DVD and HD discs, I don’t know what the problem is?

86. Devon - November 17, 2008

Video is no longer available it says.

87. Catie - November 17, 2008

I don’t really care to much whether the episodes are remastered or not, as special effects are not really my thing. But this promo is pretty funny! I wonder who came up with this?

88. Spockanella - November 17, 2008

This is too darn cute. Love it.

89. Mike T. - November 17, 2008

Where was this ad at when TOS remastered started airing? Who spends all of that money remastering episodes and then NOT advertising the work?

I would have run ads on CBS in primetime letting people know remastered Trek was out there and please watch it, but that’s just me.

I would have also run TOS remastered on CBS even on Friday night where network shows usually go to die instead of syndication, but that too is just me.

90. kevin - November 17, 2008

PREPAIR TO BE STUNNED!!!….. by shitty cgi

91. Chris M - November 17, 2008

hahahaha! Now that is a cool Promo. Humour is something that has been associated with Star Trek. Through some of the Classic episodes of TOS to some of the Movies so it’s nice to take kind a of a light hearted look at it through a Promo like that.

92. Enterprise - November 17, 2008

Will it still air at 3 am?

93. DJ Neelix - November 17, 2008

I think it’s really cool!

If it’s making fun of Star Trek then it’s more the case of ‘laughing with’ rather than ‘laughing at’!

94. DDM Man - November 17, 2008

What a cool commercial! That just plain rocks!

95. 16309A - November 17, 2008

You know what? That was fun!!

96. Xplodin' Nacelle - November 17, 2008

That’s a cool promo.

I don’t remember the “Triple A minor league shortstop” Bones line, but I digress.

Well done, CBS-D!!!

97. Enterprise - November 17, 2008

Wow, that sucked. The Trek Remastered project is cool, but CBS doesn’t have a clue on how to promote it.

98. Jon B - November 17, 2008

I like it. :)

Can’t wait to see the review for both the TOSR Season 3 DVD set and the Cage.

Might ask for the TOSR sets for X-mas, despite having a blu-ray (Yeah, I want it).

99. Commodore Lurker - November 17, 2008

Now that’s cool.

100. sean - November 17, 2008

Perfect promo! I love it.

PS – Guys, the thread about the new trailer is littered with links to it, we don’t really need them on this one too, do we?

101. sean - November 17, 2008


Only the first season came out on HD. Seasons 2 & 3 are standard definition.

102. Thomas Jensen - November 17, 2008

Very cool promo, especially at the end. Still wait’n for the blu versions…

103. S. John Ross - November 17, 2008

Fun promo :)

104. RuFFeD_UP - November 17, 2008

LOL It’s much better than the trailer for the new film.

105. Spocko - November 17, 2008

“Not to be confused with Doctor Spock the baby doctor…’Most Illogical.’ ”
Awesome trailer with a fun feel.

106. Nelson - November 17, 2008

Glad to see trekmovie is still the home of Star Trek Remastered. Can’t loose our love for TOS.

107. NoRez - November 17, 2008

I’d love it if it was a TVLand ad (or ‘back in the day’ of G4,) but as much as I love the goofy I feel like it’s out of place here. I feel like the remasters deserve a bit more ‘gravitas’ for all the work that went into them.

Also, if they’re going to goof on stuff, how about goofing on the HORRIFIC re-done vocal on the opening music?

108. Enterprise - November 17, 2008

The ad I saw at the showing of “The Cage” was better than this.

109. Garovorkin - November 17, 2008

Oh god the humor in that was painful, I loved it .

110. Neal - November 17, 2008

good fun. good stuff.

111. Driver - November 17, 2008

Two phasers up for the new promo. Well done! The voiceover guy and editing are spot on.

112. gastrof - November 17, 2008

Now how’s about SOMEONE posting a week by week schedule for TOSR again, like we had for the first two years? Our station runs it at 3am on Saturday mornings. Need schdeule! Don’t want to miss THE CAGE when it finaly airs! Ummm….. ? How’s about YOU posting a schedule for year three?

113. Gary - November 17, 2008

The promo is awful. It makes Star Trek look as though it were science fiction schlock. Yechhh!

114. JR - November 17, 2008

Zuper! But… Will Chris Pine be in the show?

115. ster julie - November 17, 2008

This is for real? It looks like something from JibJab or You Tube. I find it embarassing and undignified.

(=^O (Gawd! I sound like an old fuddy-duddy! )

But I really think it’s lame and won’t get people to buy the set. I mean, are they embarassed about their work? Who would put out nearly US$200 for something that the sellers are making fun of?

Not I.

116. doubting thomas - November 17, 2008

am i the only person who doesn’t think this show is silly and dated?

117. DaveM - November 17, 2008

This sucks…. the original video was in stereo… this one isn’t. I’ve been robbed. :)

118. tribble farmer - November 17, 2008

Certainly not dated and silly as far as I’m concerned. It’s just as awesome and epic as anything newer, it’s just the average civilians who don’t realize it.

Best show ever made, hands down.

119. SPB - November 17, 2008


Please get a sense of humor. Life’s a little easier if you have one.

120. Capt Mike from the Terran Empire - November 17, 2008

Well. It was kinda funny. I did like what they did with Bones. Dammit Jim Im a Dr not a Bricklayer. I loved thoes sayings and i hope in the new movie we get some more of that from the Good Dr.

121. Mike - November 17, 2008

I really liked this, it was funny. Why is everyone so uptight around here? Trek was so exciting, how come their fans are so stiff?

122. Weerd1 - November 17, 2008

Mmmmmm. Here’s an ad using elements of Trek which we all know is not demonstrative of the actual project. They’re using this amusing little dumbed down ad to reach out to new audiences, as well as remind us how much fun we had watching Trek. I wonder if this is what’s behind the super frenetic new trailer as well…?

123. Kirky - November 17, 2008

Loved it!

124. USS TRINOMA - NCC 0278 - November 17, 2008

Those 70 episodes are the true once-in-a-lifetime bona fide ORIGINAL Star Trek experience. And just to see them remastered is just making them more relevant for the 21st Century. They are the foundation. No spin-off series or rebooted Star Trek movies can ever replace them. Live long and prosper.

125. Finny - November 17, 2008

124 – There’s 79 episodes, not 70 :)

126. Driver - November 17, 2008

78 episodes plus the pilot The Cage makes 79.

127. omf - November 17, 2008

Cute. Now where’s the frakkin’ Blu-ray release??

128. Brett Campbell - November 17, 2008

My best friend just gave me DVDs of original first season episodes — NOT remastered — for my birthday. Admittedly, the remastered ones are cool, but seeing the episodes in their original form is pretty awesome, too (if not more so — it’s nice to have them the way I remember them). There’s a reason this show is still aired and talked about )when countless others have faded from memory and the airwaves) forty years after its network run and more than thirty five years after it changed TV history in syndication. Long live the peerless TOS!!

129. chasco - November 18, 2008

The trailer’s fun, but there’s nothing in it to suggest to potential new viewers that this is Star Trek TOS as it’s not been seen before. Surely if it’s Remastered eps they’re promoting, it would have been a good idea to show way more Remastered shots?

130. Leonel - November 18, 2008

Awesome!! ;)

131. Can't Wait for Labor Day 2009 - November 18, 2008

While watching that promo I felt like I was using a Star Trek machine at the local casino lol. When it goes into the special feature it yells “KHAANNNN!” A very fun promo its good to know that TOS is still showing. I thought they had stopped.

132. CarlG - November 18, 2008

Uhura — Foxy!
McCoy — A doctor, not a [insert alternative here].
Trailer — Brilliant!

133. Ken - November 18, 2008

That promo was great. They should have done it earlier when Star Trek Remastered was airing for the first time.

KHANNNNNN! But that’s another story…

Very funny.

134. DJT - November 18, 2008

Good stuff.

135. Lester - November 18, 2008

The nerd in me must point out that Spock is sporting a “Van Dyce”, not a goatee. :-)

That end shot is AWESOME, btw.

136. Cervantes - November 18, 2008

#90 Kevin

Lol, a bit harsh, but better than nothing.

There’s a whole lot more that I wish that the CBS-Digital team could have attended to, in many areas….but I’ll enjoy watching ALL the imperfectly ‘re-mastered’ episodes anyway….especially in eventual Blu-ray.

Anthony – Is there ANY more info. out there concerning a possible ‘WIDESCREEN’ release in the future, do you know? I remember there was a mention of this format being shown in Japan, a good while back…. I’ve also see clips shown on t.v. here in the U.K. that were shown this way, and they looked GREAT in that more ‘cinematic’ format.

It could be great, *if* they get someone with a decent eye to ‘crop’ the footage carefully.

137. Cervantes - November 18, 2008

An appealing promo by the way!

“Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor, not a….fork lift!”

138. MrLirpa - November 18, 2008

errr… is it just me or is this typical “galaxy Quest” crap that has made Star Trek look like a joke to anyone who isn’t a fan, this is the sort of thing that JJ was desperately trying to avoid.

It may be funny yet it’s also a mockery, it’s actually saying “look at this funny old sixties show, look how easy it is to take the piss out of it, look how dumb and silly it is, watch it and laugh at it too”

It’s this sort of crap that eats away at Star treks credibility, thank heavens for JJ and his team for trying to destroy this stomach turning perception of “Trek as a joke” into something to be taken seriously for the first time in decades.

139. Hossenfeffer - November 18, 2008

#138 – No, the fans on camera at various conventions over the years doing their “schtick” ate away at Trek’s credibility. Granted, some costumes that have been done were down right incredible and should be applauded, but the Trek fans are like the gay community. They want credibility, but then they never put their best foot forward.

On Pride Day, they pull out the leather gear, the Dorothy costumes and parade down the street screaming for equal rights and stab themselves in the foot by not presenting the concept of being just like the person living next door..

At any given Trek con, the freaks and geeks are all paraded in front of the TV news again… taking away any credibility they might have gained with the public.

I love Trek AND I’m gay. Two strikes for me… but I love this promo and don’t see it as being demeaning to Trek or anyone else.

140. David P - November 18, 2008

Great promo!
Hey…..Red shirt guy, look out!!

141. JWM - November 18, 2008

Very funny and cute. Kudos to the marketing team for this one.

142. cpelc - November 18, 2008


my samsung plasma has a zoom-1 move feature on it that expands the dvds into widescreen….looks excellent.

cuts off a little on top and bottom and kinda stretches the rest.

still looks great

143. Miketrek - November 18, 2008

I like this commercial. It’s exciting!

144. Jesse - November 18, 2008

There! That’s what the Enterprise is supposed to look like!

145. Ralph F - November 18, 2008

Nice, very very nice. Loved the Dr. McCoy list, and the zoom into bridge/pull back & warp away shot kicks ass.

146. Sam Sandoval - November 18, 2008

Haha! Luvvit. And a great looking ship.

147. Mark Lynch - November 19, 2008

Since when did the original Star Trek series become a comedy? What a stupid crap promo.

Why not have a tag line under the promo like;
“Watch this, it’s crap but kinda funny in a 60’s retro way!”


148. William Kirk - November 19, 2008

Is there any transcription of the text that is read in the promo? I’m not English/American, so there some parts I don’t understand clearly….

149. Neville Ross - November 21, 2008

Since when did the original Star Trek series become a comedy? What a stupid crap promo.

Why not have a tag line under the promo like;
“Watch this, it’s crap but kinda funny in a 60’s retro way!”


I agree complete.

150. Primogen - November 22, 2008

Oh, come on. Nothing in this promo said the show was crap. Sure, it was poking fun at the characters, but in a good-natured way. It certainly made me want to tune in. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.