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Report From JJ Abrams New York City Star Trek Presentation November 18, 2008

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JJ Abrams has finally brought his world tour previewing the Star Trek movie to the US of A. On Tuesday he stopped in New York City and showed the same set of clips he showed in Europe to local press and film industry folks. TrekMovie has a first hand report along with links to additional media reports. [SPOILERS ahead]


JJ In The Big Apple
by Vincent Gregg

JJ Abrams came to New York Monday night to hold his Star Trek preview at the AMC LOEWS on 34th Street. Like with the European stops, there were six to eight plasma displays with posters in the lobby, but unfortunately there were no Trek-themed cupcakes. The audience was packed and very receptive to the clips. The largest applause was after the Older Spock Clip. JJ was brief and repeated much of what’s already been covered here at

JJ opened saying he wasn’t a Trek fan when he was young and said that he was drawn to the fact that that Star Trek is "our future" as opposed to Star Wars is "long time ago in a galaxy far away." But he also noted that he originally thought he would just produce the film and didn’t think directing it would "fit into his body of work" However he was "sold" after reading Orci and Kurtzman’s script and being encouraged by his wife, so he decided to direct it. And now he calls himself a "huge" Trek fan, mostly due to the characters

Regarding the villain Nero played by Eric Bana, Abrams retold a story about showing the movie to a director friend and the director wanted to know who played Nero because he didn’t recognize him. JJ said it was Eric Bana. The other director said, "NO WAY, THAT’S BANA!" He said that Bana doesn’t play the typical sci fi bad guy and brings a special realism to Nero.

He also echoed how unbelievable it was to work with Leonard Nimoy and that one day he wanted to give some "notes" to Nimoy on a certain scene. Then he started to realize, how can he give notes on how to play Spock to Leonard Nimoy. But Nimoy wanted JJ to be open with him and give him notes and feedback. JJ kept emphasizing how great it was to work with him.

Closing remarks were brief. Loud applause. Event was over. Wasn’t longer that 40 minutes total.

Scene with Spock, Kirk and Scotty rife with Trek homages
As for the clips, it has all been reported before, but there is some interesting Trek-angles on the scene with Kirk and elder Spock meeting Scotty. Older Spock gives Scotty his formula on Trans Warp Beaming. After seeing the formula, Scotty says "of course, it never occurred to me that it was actually space that was moving". It was noted that he could be breaking some rule giving Scotty a formula from the future and the scene was reminiscent of when Scotty gave the formula for transparent aluminum to someone from the past in Star Trek IV.  The ‘Trans Warp’ beaming is necessary to get Kirk back to the Enterprise after Spock sends him to the Ice Planet. Also Young Kirk asks older Spock why he cant come back with him. Spock says its not his destiny. Spock tells "Jim" that he can never tell his younger self about their meeting. Spock advises Kirk to relieve young Spock of his duties as Captain by emotionally compromising him (like in "This Side of Paradise") then using regulation 619 (like Decker in “Doomsday Machine”) to relieve him as being unfit for duty. Spock assures Kirk (knowing how he is feeling as younger man) that this will work. As Kirk is ready to beam back to the Enterprise, he reminds Spock that going back in time to change history is cheating. Old Spock says, yes, I learned it from an old friend. Tells Kirk to Live long and prosper." All in all, it is an amazing sequence.

Also the scene on the drill includes a moment when Spock calls for the chief medical officer. McCoy answers to tell Spock that the chief medical officer is dead on deck 6. Spock matter-of-factly tells McCoy that he is now the chief medical officer. An overwhelmed McCoy sarcastically tells Spock, "Yea, tell me something I don’t know". This was a beautiful classic McCoy / Spock banter moment.

Final thoughts
Quick thoughts as Trek fan for over 30 years is:

JJ ruffles some feathers?
Friend-of-the-site, and fellow Trekkie, Jordan Hoffman of UGO was also at the event (see his full report). While impressed with the footage, he took some umbrage at Abrams ‘I’m not a fan’ routine. From Jordan’s report:

J.J. Abrams struts up like the smartest kid in Hebrew school.  The first thing out of his mouth – the very motherloving first thing out of his mouth – is “I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek.”

WTF?!??!  Not only is this insulting and lame, it is rehearsed.  He’s said this in interviews fifteen times already.  Maybe he thinks it is cute, but I just find it rude.

Jordan’s point about being ‘rehearsed’ is well made. JJ just came off his Euro tour and he has been repeating the "I was not a fan" line everywhere he went. In Europe, especially where Trek has not played well, this is actually a smart move in order to bond with the crowd and send the message this is not the Trek they thought of, but a new thing. To put this in Trek perspective, JJ is acting like Riker in "A Matter of Honor" when he is acting like a Klingon to get respect when aboard the Klingon ship. However, here in the States he is far more likely to have true-believers in his audiences and he should maybe pull back on the ‘not a fan’ thing. 

More media reports
The event in NYC has been reported on by a multitude of other organizations. Here are links to the reports [NOTE:  contain the same spoilers as the reports from Europe]:

More TrekMovie Abrams Tour coverage
TrekMovie has been following Abrams around the globe, and we have provided first hand reports from each of his stops (except Rome, and we are still working on that one). See below for each city report:



1. hitch1969©, sexily madeover in tha UK. - November 18, 2008

Dear Sir JJ™,

You’re the best! Star Trek comes back in 2009!!!



2. Keith H - November 18, 2008

So excited for this film!

3. the_law - November 18, 2008


4. Noga - November 18, 2008

sounds awesome

5. Kirk, James T. - November 18, 2008

that hoffman guy can seriously take a step back and be quiet – you know, who cares if Abrams didn’t like Trek – not everyone does.

6. Jon S. - November 18, 2008

Trans Warp Beaming?

Methinks the technobabble is getting a bit silly.

7. the_law - November 18, 2008

@ 6 Jon S.

I think it just means transporting while a ship is traveling at warp speed. Not like Borg trans warp.

8. I'm dead Jim - November 18, 2008

I wish I hadn’t read the spoilers. BUT IT SOUNDS GREAT!!!!! Second?

9. I'm dead Jim - November 18, 2008

D’oh! 8th!

10. the_law - November 18, 2008

so…………………..when’s the next trailer come out?

11. Terence T - November 18, 2008

It’s good to hear that Kirk pissed off Spock for a real reason.

12. Greg - November 18, 2008

YouTube video’s from that 20 minutes?

13. ~~TARA~~ - November 18, 2008

I can’t wait for May 2009. I loved the trailer and can’t wait for the film. Everyone who is so worried is basing it off of trailers and pictures. I personally can’t wait to see how the story plays out.

14. CmdrR - November 18, 2008

I can cut and paste, you know. Soon I’ll have the entire script.
Jeez. 6 more months? Enough spoilers. Serve the movie up pipin’ hot!

15. CmdrR - November 18, 2008

Eeeeeeew. Grunberg showed his belly on Heroes! Now I must gouge out my eyes!

16. Mateo NYC - November 18, 2008

Christ, we still have like six months left…

17. Chris H - November 18, 2008

I’m very very satisfied with that report.

‘Awesome’ makes me want to weep again.

.”I am my own beginning, my own ending.”

18. Flake - November 18, 2008

Ok I just had a vision that after the end credits we will see Spock returning to the future and bumping into ShatnerKirk.

You heard it here first.

Sorry I just had to share that :P

19. Commodore Redshirt - November 18, 2008

I think it’s a good thing JJ keeps on reminding us he’s “not a fan”…
And now, after getting to know Spock, Kirk, Scotty, and the rest…
he is now a HUGE fan.
I hope all the many non-Trek fans in the States relate to him.

20. Cheve - November 18, 2008

I’m really happy you finnaly got to see those scenes yourself, Anthony.

When we talked on the phone the other day, I was dying to talk with you about them.

None of our reports have talked much about the acting itself and the character moments in those scenes, have they?

I’m sure we are all going to enjoy this movie (and the next ones)

21. RTC - November 18, 2008

My memory cells might be failing me, but wasn’t there something like transwarp beaming in James Blish’s Trek novel, “Spock Must Die”? Orci and Kurtzman did say they looked at many of the novels as part of their research…..

22. Flake - November 18, 2008

I think we need a round-up of all these articles and whether or not they where positive or negative about the scenes they saw, and pick out some of the superlatives too. I mean the guy at IESB pretty much thought it was the best thing he had ever saw! That must count for something.

23. CompaniaHill - November 18, 2008

Can we PLEASE have J.J. personally hunt down and bitch-slap whatever marketing moron decided it would okay to use flipped images in both the TOS-Remastered promos AND the new movie trailer? It’s unbelievably sloppy, and shows poor respect for the material as well as for all the incredible work and attention to detail that has been paid by the rest of the production crew.

24. Jon S. - November 18, 2008


Well, as I recall TNG had both near-warp transport and warp transport, but in order for the latter to work the two ships had to match their velocity. Maybe Kirk’s trying to beam to the Enterprise as it’s entering warp?

25. Donn - November 18, 2008

Trans = across

Warp = the field that allows faster than light travel

Beaming = transference of matter via an energy beam

As technobabble goes, Trans Warp Beaming is not a terribly difficult phrase to wrap your brain around, as long as you’ve watched enough Star Trek to have heard of “Warp” and “Beaming.”

26. DarthLowBudget - November 18, 2008


Actually, flipped images in trailers is nothing new. Happens all the time, for a lot of movies. It’s usually done, like it was in the trailer, to maintain a continuity of motion. For instance, in the trailer most things at the end sequence move from left to right, so they flipped that Spock shot so it wouldn’t be jarring for the audience.

27. HMS Enterprise - November 18, 2008

I am loving what I’ve seen so far. I just hope it all holds up when I can watch the film in its entirety and that its a success.

28. Anthony Pascale - November 18, 2008

RE: Anthony’s view

I have yet to have my viewing, the above report was from our man in NYC.

It looks like us folks in LA are the last stop

29. LostonNCC1701 - November 18, 2008

I think it’s a good move to admit he was never a Trek Fan. However, he should be more careful about the terms. I mean, he should make it clear he never had anything AGAINST Star Trek, just that he never got into it.

30. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - November 18, 2008

Pike also tells Spock something to the effect of “The ship is brand new don’t break it”

This validates my brillian theory from yesterday I am right on target.

If you want to be dazzled, impressed and shocked by my genius, read my post originally seen and revered in the big trailer release posting from yesterday. Her it is my children , you know I am right!!!!!, Discuss:

notice the older TOS style constitution class secondary hulls when the E warps into the big space battle

Notice the Klingons apparently returned to their wonderful TOS human fiendish Ottoman-Commie- Mogol looks and the ridges are only a part of the decorative headpiece armor they wear. At the very least the ridges will be more subtle ala General Chiang. In one of the earlier spy photos it appears Sulu is fighting a baddie with very subtle riges so maybe some Klingons are allied with Nero as well. – NICE

Notice Nero is a prisoner of the Klingons

Notice big grand canyon like bluffs in the background as young Ani-Kirk dupms Pappy’s vette into the chasim. I suspect this is the grand Canyon and young Jim tore ass out of Iowa to drive to Starfleet Command for some reason. The Robocop catches up with him somewhere in Utah, Colorado??

Notice the Kelvin not only gets pummled but Rams it’s advesarry as well and will be destroyed

Here’s my take after patiently sipping up all the inuendo and bits and pieces we have been fed.

1. Nero is a prisoner of the Klingons in the Next Genie future (possibly because he was involved in some plot to reignite tensions with the Klingons and was captured) where he is plotting away to erase Spock’s sizable influence on his homeworld that is becoming less of his beloved Militaristic Dictatorship and more akin to a Democracy or at least less overtly aggressive with Vulcan and the Federation. Nero wants to go back in time and destroy Vulcan as well as the gretest Trek Captain of all time,, James T. Kirk. Somehow Nero busts out with the help of his supporters (Some may be Klingon – as it appears Sulu is fighting a Klingon with very subtle ridges)

2. Nero travels back in time with his cadre of militarists as well as the newest even more ugly Romulan super deadly prototype battleship (or he has stolen a much larger Shadow Vessel from B5)

3. Nero’s first attempt to destroy Vulcan and possibly Kirk’s Daddy serving as first officer aboard the Kelvin is thwarted (mostly) in that the Kelvin prevents the destruction but Kirk’s daddy dies ramming the Kelvin into the Romulan Shadow vessel (Kirk’s pregers with JT mom screaming as she hears the news- this creates the first time anomoly in which Kirk’s father dies and there are some subtle and not so subtle changes in the timeline. Kirk is raised by a douche bag of an uncle rather than his more heroic father and thus becomes more rebelious and enter the Acad later than he was intended to. (No Kodos never went with parents to live on Tarsus, no republic, no Farragut other previous ship assignments) Grew up with even more of a badboy streak because of the lack of his Father’s influence. Had to be talked into joining the acad later in his life, ect.

4. Enterprise is more of an experiment created specifically to deal with the threat the Kelvin dealt with years ago she has been in development for years. Pike is given command at the time of the renewed crisis. He may die in this somewhere (No beep Beep, no Vina) and an emotional Spock is forced into command. We know Spock Nimoy will know this and tells Kirk to make him go nutty so Kirk can assume command to save the day.

5. Spock is alerted to Nero’s intentions in the future and travels back to stop him or more likely cameo warn them and tell them what they need to do to stop him

6. The almost ready to go Enterprise (She’s always almost ready to go ya know) is alerted to Nero’s second time jump attempt this time to destroy vulcan with a core death star drill. The Old school fleet (notice the Constitution class secondary hulls in the battlefield) is wiped out and only the new prototype Enterprise (maybe built with some info from future spock) can handle the Nero Shadow vessel.

7. Enterprise arrives as the death star drill burrows into Vulcan, Spock beams down to save his parents. Kirk beams down to diable the drill with sulu and redshirts (soon to die) Kirk and Sulu destroy the drill, beams up with Spock and Sarek and Amanda and then the Kirk Vs. Khan like spacebattle takes place in which Kirk outfoxes Nero and blows him to hell

8. Pike is dead or wants to retire, Kirk is the youngest to ever recive a captaincy. Basically he goes from the Academy to the Captaincy because of his heroism and saving the galaxy which is what he does

9. TIme line has many subtle altered aspects but is essentially similar. And the adventure continues

This will be the film!!!!

31. Holger - November 18, 2008

The Big E doesn’t look like on that picture, yep, this is good to hear. I’d be glad if I owed an apology to Ryan Church.

32. Dr. Image - November 18, 2008

The more one reads, the more one can’t help to think that Abrams may just create a lot of other “non-fans” with his movie.

33. Donn - November 18, 2008

24. There was the instance in TNG (“Schizoid Man,” I believe) of beaming _down_ to a planet from a ship at warp, possibly using the same technique, in reverse, that Scotty “developed.” But then, that was nearly a century later.

34. Peter - November 18, 2008

JJ’s “I’m not a fan” is code for “This movie isn’t some piece of crap Fanfic”

35. Cheve - November 18, 2008


I really hope he has more than one of these events planned for USA and you have your chance too.

36. TonyD - November 18, 2008

Thanks for posting that summary Anthony, great stuff and I can’t wait to see Nimoy’s Spock on screen again.

When Urban was cast as McCoy I smiled inwardly as I knew he’d do a great job; nice to see that coming true as well.

BTW, I think the TOS episode where Kirk emotionally compromises Spock is This Side of Paradise, not The Paradise Syndrome. Just showing a little Trek cred… :)

37. Jeffries Tuber - November 18, 2008

before the Trolls show up, I just want to share a moment of bliss with everyone:



But like a poor marksman, you keep

missing the target.



Perhaps I no longer need to try.

He punches several buttons.


In the rocky cavern the transporter beam locks on to the

Genesis torpedo and it’s arming control box.

As Kirk and the other watch, horrified, Khan beam sup

the materials. David tries to reach the torpedo, but

Saavik holds him fast –


No – he can’t take it – !

The beam disappears and Genesis with it, leaving them




Khan, Khan, you’ve got Genesis…



… but you don’t have me! you

were going to kill me, Khan!

You’re going to have to come down

here! You’re going to have to

come down here!


I’ve done far worse than kill you.

I’ve hurt you. And I wish to go on

hurting you. I shall leave you,

as you left me –




… as you left her. Marooned for

all eternity in the center of a dead

planet –



Buried alive!



Buried alive!



38. Brian - November 18, 2008

The clips sound cool, but I thought that old Spock telling Kirk to never mention to young Spock that Kirk had met his future self is a bit silly. It sort of makes Spock’s sacrifice in TWOK irrelevant since Kirk knows that Spock will live to be an old man.

I’m looking forward to this film, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that this story is going to be in an alternate timeline(perhaps due to Nero’s interference), which will give the filmmakers more breathing room for future stories.

39. Vincent Gregg - November 18, 2008

Very good TonyD. It was late when I sent Anthony the report.

For someone who stresses accuracy, feel pretty embarrassed by that.

I had Immunity Syndrome on the brain.

40. ety3 - November 18, 2008

Two points about the “not a fan” thing that fans should take into consideration:

1) Since he’s not a fan, the fact that he has been converted is supposed to convey the impression that the story and the final product are just that good.

2) He’s reiterating that — unlike a substantial number of the previous films and series — this movie is something that non-fans can enjoy.

41. joel - November 18, 2008

I’m incredibly pumped forb this now. I can’t wait!!!

Seriuously, if all reports are true, those who are screaming bloody murder about the movie not being canon should step back and take a chill pill. having seen the trailer and read the descriptions, I cannot for the life of me see how this movie WON’T rock.They may notr be the original cast, but they sound like they have the atmosphere and the interplay between the charectors down pat!

42. Melissa - November 18, 2008

Wow from what I read.

Why doesn’t Old Spock go back in time and save Old Kirk from death in Generations?

43. sean - November 18, 2008

Why does everyone get bent out of shape about the ‘I’m not a fan’ line? It’s just a way of communicating how significant it is that he is one now. Everyone is so very sensitive.

44. YARN - November 18, 2008

YARN is pacified for now and will desist from griping about Spock’s behavior for the immediate and foreseeable future, unless and until new information is released which prompts a new tirade.

45. sean - November 18, 2008


Because that had nothing to do with Romulans traveling back in time to destroy the timelline, maybe?

46. joel - November 18, 2008

“I’m looking forward to this film, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that this story is going to be in an alternate timeline(perhaps due to Nero’s interference),”

To make it any more obvious, they’d have to print the fact on the bottom of the scfreen in big bold italic capitals with double underlining :)

47. Closettrekker - November 18, 2008

“WTF?!??! Not only is this insulting and lame, it is rehearsed. He’s said this in interviews fifteen times already. Maybe he thinks it is cute, but I just find it rude.”—Jordan Hoffman of UGO

” Jordan’s point about being ‘rehearsed’ is well made. JJ just came off his Euro tour and he has been repeating the “I was not a fan” line everywhere he went. In Europe, especially where Trek has not played well, this is actually a smart move in order to bond with the crowd and send the message this is not the Trek they thought of, but a new thing…However, here in the States he is far more likely to have true-believers in his audiences and he should maybe pull back on the ‘not a fan’ thing.”—- staff

I disagree.

“…if Mr. Abrams’s “Star Trek” is going to justify its estimated $150 million budget, it had better reach beyond the die-hard fans of Vulcans, Tribbles and dilithium crystals.”—Dave Itzkoff, NY Times

That is why Abrams prefaces his showings of the clips they way he does.

It shouldn’t be “insulting”, knowing that there is a valid purpose behind it. It doesn’t make any difference whether he is in Europe or the U.S. There are large portions of the average moviegoing audience who have ignored or even ridiculed Star Trek and Star Trek fans for decades now.

Whether the film is good or bad, general audiences will not see it unless they are convinced that it is “not your daddy’s Star Trek”. Abrams is trying to relate to those potential viewers and give them that reason they need to give it a chance.

With all due respect to Jordan Hoffman and the opinion expressed in the article above, I feel he is being far too sensitive about JJ’s approach, and the suggestion that he should pull back on that approach in the U.S. is also one I do not agree with. The “this is not what you think” approach is a smart one, IMO, and just as valuable in the States as it is in Europe.

48. Orb of the Emissary - November 18, 2008

Still cautiously optimistic about the whole thing, but I’m glad that “Older Spock”, a.k.a. Leonard Nimoy is there! I think that will help me out. Oh and seeing Chris Pine in his underwear in that trailer will help out too! ;-)

49. DarthLowBudget - November 18, 2008

Furthermore how would he do it exactly? Show up on Veridian 3 and shoot Soren in the head?

50. jondh - November 18, 2008

Lord Garth-

I’m not picking up what you’re putting down vis a vis the old style constitution class secondary hulls in the battle scene. From where I’m sitting, they are no indistinguishable from the secondary hulls on the Kelvin.

51. James R. Kirk - November 18, 2008


Because that would legitimize that travesty of a film.

52. tbk1701 - November 18, 2008

The part with old Spock and Kirk ahh priceless. I got a tear in my eye just reading it. Now I know why Spock strikes out at Kirk in the trailer.

53. thorsten - November 18, 2008

[50] If Garth is referring to the scene at 1:27 in the trailer,
that is the Enperprise arriving at Vulcan.
The destroyed hulls are Starships that arrived earlier as part of the rescue mission. Only because Kirk warned Pike the E comes out of warp battle ready and with her shields up…

54. Q Macedonia - November 18, 2008

Anthony i didn’t quite get this…

What do you mean by “The exterior looks nothing like that still shot Paramount released. “

55. tribble farmer - November 18, 2008

Not eager to wait five and a half months. I want it now.

56. Enterprise - November 18, 2008

Is it weird that the Enterprise is indeed built in Iowa?

57. The Chad - November 18, 2008

Wasn’t the USS Excesior fitted with a transwarp engine in ST3? There’s more info on transwarp at:

58. thorsten - November 18, 2008

[57] Yep, but this is Transwarp beaming… whenever Scotty develops that in the future…

59. The Chad - November 18, 2008

#56 – Kirk grew up in Iowa, there was nothing in the trailer to indicate that he was in Iowa in the shot of him riding up to the Enterprise building yard.

60. richpit - November 18, 2008

I sound like a broken record (for those of you who remember “records”), but I’m very excited about this movie! After seeing the trailer and reading all of this, I just know it’s going to rock my socks.

61. Sam Belil - November 18, 2008

This MOVIE WILL most definitely ROCK!!!!!
BUT in AN alternate timeline, and I’m cool with that!!!!
And yes while the alternate timeline “wipes out” the “subsequent history” of TOS, NG, DS9 and Voyager, it opens up exciting possibilities for future movies/tv series!!

62. thorsten - November 18, 2008

[59] Kirk meets Uhura in a bar in Iowa, he fights the cadets there and Pike tells him he has till next noon to join Starfleet. If you check his face you still see the bruisings from the beating… and his bike is fast, but not that fast.
So yep, this is Iowa…

63. Al - November 18, 2008

Spock should have erased Kirk’s memory

64. ensign joe - November 18, 2008

yeah but did they show the shatner reveal?

the future will never be the same after this..

65. truthamador - November 18, 2008

First time poster, long time reader of the site. Just like to say thanks to Anthony and the rest of the trekmovie site, and especially thanks to Mr. Abrams, Mr. Orci, Mr. Kurtzman, and the rest of the Star Trek crew for bringing us what looks to be a terrific Star Trek movie.

I was curious, do very many of the people who frequent this site read much of the novelized forms of Trek? Particularly the “classics”? There is quite a lot of this new material that, to me, comes straight out of some of the best work done as novels. Particularly, “Best Destiny” and “Prime Directive”. I am sure Orci and Kurtzman used more than just these two, but I want to point out some plot points I feel are from these books, plot points that are being used by some to discredit or even question the writers’ motives for making this movie (i.e., they want to destroy all that is Star Trek).

To begin with the opening scene in the new trailer. I have heard some of you complain that the scene doesn’t look like Iowa, and what i have to say is this: have any of you actually lived in Iowa? Take a trip on Hwy 30 sometime over to western Iowa during a particularly dry summer. You will see exactly what you saw. Green corn fields next to near desert conditions. Our top soil (that black stuff you guys don’t have in other parts of the country) is being washed away with over farming and the heating of the atmosphere. It is not unlikely that in 200 years time, after a major nuclear war, that a lot of Iowa will look like that. In addition, no, that isn’t the grand canyon or a giant scar from the xindi attack (that happened in Florida, remember?). That is simply a quarry. BUT, what is significant about it comes from the novel “Prime Directive”. When discussing dilitithium crystals, it is explained that the periodic table has an additional “level” to it, and that certain of our traditional elements actually have twins that interact in subspace (probably meaning another spacial dimension a la string theory). Dilithium turns out to have been mistaken for quartz and similar crystals over human history, since we hadn’t the multiphysics to understand and utilize their subspace phenomenon. It is mentioned that when subspace was discovered, many museums and the like became wealthy beyond their dreams over night. In addition, does anyone know what Iowa’s state rock is? The Geode, a rock encasing quartz crystal structures. Its all over up here, and quite deep in some places. So what young Jim Kirk is doing is probably shoving off that old duster into an Iowan dilithium quarry. This also happily reconciles why an older Kirk, still in Iowa, drives up and takes a gander at a Star Fleet construction yard. Aside from the proximity to dilithium, Iowa is also nicely situated in the middle of the continent, and is far from major catastrophic weather/events (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.), thus making an ideal place to build huge star ships. Plus, we’ve all heard it before (is this Iowa?…..) Ok, I might be a bit biased, but I’m still damn proud to think that in the 23rd century, the Enterprise is/was built in my own back yard (hey, and we DID invent the computer, look it up).

Also, to those of you wondering what that Stingray was running on, one word: ETHANOL. While it isn’t likely the solution to the futures energy crisis, we will by then be able to make ethanol out of grass, so it is isn’t very difficult to imagine some Iowa farm boys building their very own ancient muscle car from replicated parts, and then refining themselves some ethanol gasoline to run it (hey, we practically do that now guys). And it wouldn’t even pollute. I’m sure sure a culture so advanced as to travel the galaxy can come up with a catalytic converter that turns all CO emissions into CO2. And trust me, if there is one place in the world that 12 year olds will still be driving cars in the future, its Iowa. I just cant see that changing soon.

Finally (i know, this is long, but I have been reading a lot of these posts lately, and it finally bothered me enough to respond. Someone has to defend Orci since he can’t), from the novel “Best Destiny”, we have the young, troubled, James T. Kirk. These guys aren’t the first to tackle this era of Kirk. In Diane Carey’s book, she describes Kirk as a slacker, who ditches school to go on adventures with his friends (sound familiar?). He hates space (because of that nasty incident with the Butcher), and resents his Dad for being gone all the time (grant it, it sounds like he is Gone gone, as in the big push now, but same concept, space took him away). In the book, it is a disastrous trip to space that nearly kills him and a number of others (notably his father and Robert April) that teaches young Kirk to straighten up and think beyond himself, thus becoming the Kirk we all love. So, no, this isn’t completely stupid/wrong/blasphemy to assert that Kirk is a troubled youth, and then takes part in a major incident and grows into the great leader he is destined to be. It isn’t technically even original (though I love it Mr. Orci, its how I grew up envisioning Kirk.).

All that being said, I think that what we are going to witness is some really amazing action, dialogue, and philosophy, wrapped up in the shell that is Star Trek. From what I gather, if I am even half correct on my thoughts on where the writers are coming from, this movie could turn out to be the truest to canon that has been made. And, lets face it, its Star Trek with time travel. Its easy enough to start talking about cause and effects loops (the real man’s version of so-called “alternate time lines”) and paradoxes such that one forgets what canon was even broken. Goodluck guys, hope it makes Paramount a boat load of money and you can make another.

66. FarmBoy - November 18, 2008

#59 – no, but the chasm that the ‘vette goes in looks just like the Iowa river as it goes past Riverside.

67. spiked canon - November 18, 2008


68. jw wright - November 18, 2008

“I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek.”

that explains the flippant disregard for many important things about this new movie.

at least berman and crew were fans who loved the series and knew everything important about trek.

i’d trust them long before handing the reigns to: “I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek.”

“I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek.”

’nuff freakin’ said.

69. dav - November 18, 2008

He might’ve said “I’m not a fan” but he did end with saying “I’ve now become a Trekker”.. or did people miss that point.

70. Anthony Brooks Fellows - November 18, 2008


We need an Operation: Annihilate for bad movies, too. This one deserves it. Abrams could have more Frequent Flyer miles than V’ger from TMP but it won’t save this bomb-in-waiting

Abrams’ smugness never ceases to amaze me, underscoring the fact that my cohorts in the Dream Factory actually, almost suicidally so, continue to make the mistake of believing their own publicity. They never learn, it seems.

Thank God for the Times. The great House of Pulitzer still prints all the news that’s fit to print, even the dreck showcased in JJ’s promotional junket. What I read confirmed what I’ve suspected all along.

From the NYTimes:

“if Mr. Abrams’s “Star Trek” is going to justify its estimated $150 million budget, it had better reach beyond the die-hard fans of Vulcans, Tribbles and dilithium crystals.”

No way, man.

71. The Chad - November 18, 2008

#62 – I stand corrected. I didn’t read the details of the four scenes since I want to remain as spoiler free as possible. Even though it’s tough.

72. Jesustrek - November 18, 2008

“Finally, the Enterprise is awesome. The exterior looks nothing like that still shot Paramount released. Fans need to relax. ”

fan need to relax ??? Need OUT of STAR TREK to JJ Abrams.

73. thorsten - November 18, 2008

[71] my pleasue, I will not spoil you any futher, though…


74. orgcaptainnemo - November 18, 2008

Great post truthamador, thanks!

75. Closettrekker - November 18, 2008

#63—-“Spock should have erased Kirk’s memory”

Ah, yes….”forget”.

We do not know that he doesn’t at some point.

76. spiked canon - November 18, 2008

nice ending

77. G-Boss - November 18, 2008

The more I hear, the more I love it.
This will be the resurrection of the franchise.

78. sb - November 18, 2008


“From the NYTimes:

‘if Mr. Abrams’s “Star Trek” is going to justify its estimated $150 million budget, it had better reach beyond the die-hard fans of Vulcans, Tribbles and dilithium crystals.’

No way, man.”

Hate to burst your bubble, there, but I’ve been making a pretty thorough survey of all the news and media outlets, foreign and domestic, that have seen the footage package that Abrams is taking around the world… and so far everyone — I mean everyone who ISN’T a die-hard Star Trek fan — seems to be digging it, in many cases with a definite tone of pleasant surprise.

Face it: Star Trek has NEVER been a hugely successful properly, not in the US and certainly not around the world. A modest success in this country, sure; but never a home-run, knock-it-out-of-park blockbuster. You can stick your fingers in your ears all you want, but the fact is, that kind of success is what a major entertainment franchise requires to continue in today’s world.

So pretty much you have two choices, my man: the die-hard Trekkies can keep Star Trek as their own private obsession, inaccessible to the mass audience, and watch it curl up and die; or Paramount can make an attempt to throw it open to a much wider audience and see it become the success we always knew it could be, if properly handled.

If that means changing a few things, I really don’t see what all the whining and crying is about. The bottom line, whether you admit it or not, has nothing to do with issues of “canon” or “continuity” or any of those pieces of cultural driftwood so many of us cling to like liferafts.

It has to do with one thing: will this picture be a well-made piece of entertainment that retains enough of what makes Trek special to be worthy of the name? Or, to put it simply: is it a good movie that ALSO happens to be a Star Trek film?

Maybe for you, the answer is no. You’re entitled, I get that. I also hope you don’t happen to be sitting next to me in the theatre on opening night, because I have every expectations of enjoying this movie, and I don’t want some whiner to spoil it for me.

Let the flaming begin…

79. star trackie - November 18, 2008

Everyone seems to love how Urban takes some of his cues from DeForest Kelley and, from all reports, he seems to be stealing the show. So tell me again about how Pine borrowing from Shatner or Quinto borrowing from Nimoy wouldn’t have worked?

I’m not saying that these guys can’t bring their own traits to the characters, but they could have really hit it out of the ballpark….and maybe they did, I haven’t seen the whole movie. But all the talk of how these actors should NOT mimic their TOS counterparts is and was totally unfounded….witness Urban as McCoy and reactions worldwide.

As long as you do it right, and don’t cross the line into parody, it can be well recieved.

80. st-midway - November 18, 2008

I still think this movie is going to be amazing and just mind blowing (at least I hope so) …BUT… from what I´ve read so far, it seems like nimoy´s part in this movie won´t be as big as I thought. which would be kind of sad. but I´m still thrilled and can´t wait for may 2009!

81. Lurker - November 18, 2008

I don’t take that much issue with the “potential problem” of Kirk meeting Old Spock vs. events in Wrath of Khan. Folks, do me a favor:
Picture your best friend in the entire world.
Now picture yourselves 10 or 20 years ahead in time, with that longtime bond now even greater.
Now picture your very best friend slowly dying in front of your eyes.

Despite you perhaps “remembering” that you encountered an “older” version of him from-the-future in your own past — would that really make the sight of him dying in front of your eyes any easier to accept, or believe?

I don’t know about you, but what happens to Spock and Kirk at the end of ‘Khan’ would still, and does still, affect me, no matter what happens in the “past” or the potential “future.”

82. 750 Mang - November 18, 2008

I agree with Jordan Hoffman’s sentiments about the cannon violations. I guess it was just to hard for the new team to make the film work and not throw out what has come before. Sounds like laziness to me, but what do I know?

I know it’s an alternate time line, blah. Cheap way to solve problems, IMO.

So does this mean we can still get a Star Trek TV show in the time line we all know and love? Or is this it for now on? No Picard, no Sisko, no Janeway (wait maybe it’s not all bad).

83. HSIV - November 18, 2008

EXCERPT FROM ABOVE ARTICLE: J.J. Abrams struts up like the smartest kid in Hebrew school. The first thing out of his mouth – the very motherloving first thing out of his mouth – is “I’ve never been a fan of Star Trek.”

TO CLARIFY: I suspect JJ emphasized that as a tactic to prevent people from running for the hills when they hear it’s Star Trek…because of the icky kitsch that Berman’s Trek became (aside from DS9 and selected episodes of Voyager and Enterprise)…JJ IS NOT INSULTING US FANS!!! LOL but the overwhelmingly geeky buffoonery that some Trek fans accomplish bred the shunning of Trek and itz fans from mainstream society, just as misguided elements of Christianity defame the concept of Christianity…

In saying he’s never been a fan of Star Trek, JJ is referring to the kitschy elements and reputation its developed, not the underlying concept…thus the whole motivation for this movie…so calm down people AND FOR PROPHETS’ SAKES PLEASE WHEN THIS FILM OPENS DO NOT GO CAMP AND GO TO THE FILM IN TREK COSTUMES LIKE AT THE CONVENTIONS OR ELSE YOU RISK SABOTAGING THIS FILM’S, AND ALL OF FUTURE TREK’S, MAINSTREAM CREDIBILITY FOREVER!!! LOL

84. - November 18, 2008

No Q&A with all that press there?



85. table10 - November 18, 2008

The IESB article, written by a pessimist turned fan of the movie, is particularly entertaining.

86. Sean - November 18, 2008

Sounds awesome!

Also, there’s nothing wrong with J.J. Abrams stating that he wasn’t a Star Trek fan: Nicholas Meyer never was a Star Trek fan and made it routinely clear, and this helped in bringing a much needed different perspective to the Trek films he worked on–in my opinion, the best that have been released: II, IV, and VI.

I think true Star Trek fans know when Trek is great and know when Trek falls far, far from the mark. It’s perfectly fine to be honest about what you’re watching and brings one closer to nailing what they like and dislike about the franchise: Not all Trek is good, that’s for damn sure.

87. The Wild Man of Borneo - November 18, 2008

Not a fan huh?

yeah, it shows.

88. Closettrekker - November 18, 2008

#85—-Yeah…that article made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

We’re in for a treat.

89. TonyD - November 18, 2008

#39 – Vincent Gregg

No problems Vincent, its all in good fun. And my apologies for not realizing you had written the article in the first place. Cheers.

90. mooseday - November 18, 2008

#38. That same thought came to my mind, however, I think maybe that this would make Kirk MORE upset in TWOK, as he never thought he was going to see his friend die and something had changed in the timeline, and that is why maybe he’s more determined to get back to Spock in STIII as he know nows he HAS to so he can see him in the new one …. ARRRRGGH TIMETRAVEL HEADACHE

91. Finny - November 18, 2008

Again,how do we know this is an Altered timeline and not a predestened paradox?

92. kyle - November 18, 2008

I literally am the smartest kid in Hebrew school.

93. Simon - November 18, 2008

#86 – exactly.

Contrast this with “Nemesis” screenwriter John Logan who talked constantly about being a hard core fan and look how that turned out.

94. John from Cincinnati - November 18, 2008

Where are the Klingons? I’ve watched the trailer 10 times and don’t see them.

95. sean - November 18, 2008


Berman was *not* a Trek fan at all. He had a considerable distaste for TOS.

96. S. John Ross - November 18, 2008

Very groovy coverage. Things like this are much, much more encouraging than the official promotion attempts :)

97. thorsten - November 18, 2008

[94] At 1:36, John…

98. Third Remata'Klan - November 18, 2008

“Karl Urban is McCoy. Dead on. Steals the show!! De Kelley would really be proud.”

I’m so happy to hear this. Urban’s was the casting I was most worried about when it was first announced, and the trailer didn’t assuage my fears.
But, hearing this, all is well.

“Finally, the Enterprise is awesome. The exterior looks nothing like that still shot Paramount released. Fans need to relax.”

And thank you for this. Particularly that last sentence.

We all need to Chill. Out.

99. captain_neill - November 18, 2008

I will go and see the movie

After seeing the trailer I am convinced this is not the Star Trek we grew up with.

I am now convinced that this guy has screwed it all up. I am sure it will be a great movie but it wont be the same.

Yet everyone talks about this guy as if he were the best thing to happen to the US in ages.

100. Charles H. Root, III - November 18, 2008

Well this is about the best Star Trek news I’ve seen in a bit. Almost encouraging after this week’s clunker of a trailer.

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of JJ/Orci/Kurtzman and happy to see I’m not the only one who thinks his “not a fan” routine and other tactics are lame.

I mean c’mon guys. That’s like Francis Ford Coppola saying he wasn’t a fan of Mario Puzo or Kubrick saying he didn’t like Arthur C. Clarke or Stephen King.

Weak, weak, weak.

101. adam - November 18, 2008

geeks relax. star trek still has a pulse with JJ. Rick Berman et al were like necrophiliacs trying to get every ounce of lovin out of a dead horse, ie Voyager and Enterprise. Be fortunate someone like Abrams had even checked star trek for a heart beat.

102. TK - November 18, 2008

I need to see this movie…now…….

103. Catie - November 18, 2008

#90 If the events in the movie changed history so that Spock died, then how could older Spock come back to change history in the first place? Because he was back in time during the change, he can’t just disappear (I think)

104. 750 Mang - November 18, 2008

So if everything is now in this Muppet Babbie time line then all the talk from JJ and his boys about this being how the original crew came together is BS.

It’s the story of how the crew in this time line came together, not how our Kirk – Spock – McCoy met. Right? So it’s not our crew it’s JJ’s crew.

I wish I were more like JJ – not a fan.

105. Orb of the Emissary - November 18, 2008

#68- I’m kind of with you on that. Even though Berman (or Paramount, depending on who you ask) took TREK to the well one to many times, I enjoyed each show, from TOS to ENT and everything in between. To me, there were no bad shows, only good shows and GREAT shows. I mean, how faithful were the recreations of TOS Enterprise in DS9’s “Trials & Tribble-ations” and ENT’s two-parter “In a Mirror, Darkly” parts I & II. My brother told me recently that version of the Enterprise might not translate well onto the big screen as it did on T.V. in those episodes, but the pictures of the new Enterprise is a bit of a radical departure from our beloved Enterprise. Now I admit, I need to see more pictures and sequences of the new ship in action to make a final determination, so all I will say is: I’m still cautiously optimistic.

106. Darth Ballz - November 18, 2008

I hope this movie is EVERTYTHING that the “die hards” don’t want it to be. That way it will work. It seems that Star Trek and Star Wars have done a reverse in their approach over the last 10 years. Trek always had a heart but it’s handlers wanted to always go the cheap route (budget, scope). Star Wars never had that problem BUT lost its heart with the newer movies. The whole complaint about cannon and it not staying within Trek already made is stupid and short sighted. If Trek is to survive then it has to re-boot and even Nimoy understands this or he wouldnt be in the movie? I want to see a new ship, new crew, and a new “Star Wars” type of approach to action and scope with the heart of the original.

Old timers need to get over it!

Darth “I’m back B*&ches” Ballz

107. Jeffries Tuber - November 18, 2008

65 Truthamador:

Nice summary. I went out and read these two books based on Orci’s comments here. Surprising how many people haven’t paid attention to those interviews.

The other thing about BEST DESTINY, that portends KO’s characterization of young Kirk, is that he’s the kind of kid that has a chip on his shoulder and fate knocks that chip off once and for all. BEST DESTINY tells the story of a shuttle mission gone horribly wrong. Story takes place on a cutter, described as a bit bigger than a Galileo class shuttle. Two crewman are in an observation bubble on the top deck when the ship is attacked. When Kirk goes to check on them, their body parts and entrails fall on him and pin him down. Later a coolant tank explodes, freezing a beautiful young Ensign’s body to the floor, which subsequently breaks, leaving her with one arm and one leg. The essence of the story, though, is self-sacrifice. I’ll leave it at that.

If this movie is going to play further along the lines of BEST DESTINY, Kirk’s experience with Pike in the bar and in this movie will the scare of a lifetime–the brutal events that steeled this man into a disciplined, fearless leader of men.

We already know that Nero’s assault on the Pike led Enterprise kills the Chief Medical Officer–probably Boyce or Piper. And it’s a safe bet that it kills Pike. This movie is going to beat the snot out Kirk. He’s going to see death and devastation on a scale beyond Tarsus IV and TWOK combined.

PRIME DIRECTIVE is interesting in that it’s also a ‘what if’ scenario, imagining a Kirk who has been disgraced, court-martialed, and blamed for the destruction of an entire planet by violation of the Prime Directive. When the story begins, Kirk is working on a mine inside an asteroid–incredibly dangerous work for ex-prisoners and dead-enders. But piece-by-piece, he makes decisions and takes actions that demonstrate the character of a Starfleet Captain. It’s a dramatic technique: change the background in order to bring out your character’s essential nature.

Also relevant is SPOCK’S WORLD. Diane Duane tells the entire story of Vulcan, including the evolutionary biology of their psychic powers and some history of their long feudal era.

108. Harry Ballz - November 18, 2008

Maybe this has been covered, but if old Spock has a one-on-one chat with a young Jim Kirk, then why doesn’t he simply whisper, “many years from now, don’t board the Enterprise B on it’s maiden voyage” in Kirk’s ear?

109. cw - November 18, 2008

TRUTHAMODOR: Where you from boy? I am from Mason City.

110. Ricci - November 18, 2008

I really hope it is good but I wont say more because I cant stand JJ Abrams. I think he sucks . so heres hoping I’m wrong, ..

111. Kev-1 - November 18, 2008

I am a Star Trek fan.

112. Miguelito - November 18, 2008

If the new old enterprise looks much better on screen, why would they give us a picture off an enterprise that confuses up the old fans ???
I’m skeptic and exited at the same time.
I DO have a problem with lecturing fans, both purists and exited XI’s. BOTH really annoy me. “The “get a life people star trek has to change” posters talking very negatively and the “that light bull is not the same, the movie is dead”.


113. Darth Ballz - November 18, 2008

“The “get a life people star trek has to change” posters talking very negatively and the “that light bull is not the same, the movie is dead”.


I agree with you but people bitching about cannon need to let go, Shatner and the living cast are not going to take a youth pill and Doohan and DeKelly are not going to come back to life to make Star Trek “real” again.

Kev-1 – November 18, 2008
I am a Star Trek fan.

Thank You!

A Star Trek fan keeps a open mind and doesen’t dwell on the past!!!

Darth “Shatners B EYE” Ballz

114. oztrek - November 18, 2008

The whole point of JJ’s “I’m not fan” spiel is that he is trying to convey the idea that he is someone from the mainstream who made the journey to become a fan courtesy of a good story that just happens to be set in the star trek universe..

He is inviting the mainstream to approach the movie with an open mind because if they do, they too, might make the same journey and boldly go etc..

This target audience for this movie is not the fans – if it was you could wipe a $100m off the budget.

The bonus is really for those who are fans already because:

1- We get more Trek because 700 plus TV episodes and ten movies and the fan productions is nowhere near enough! ;)
3 – Trek will be cool again and I like the idea of that
2- The nods and winks in the script to other events in Trek Canon – e.g. The cheating incident when Old Spock says: “Yes, I learned it from an old friend.” It will be thrill – we were there in TWOK – we are in the know and it will be at thrill because it is like Nimoy is talking to us!

So as old fans we can either get on the bus or not. I’m buying my ticket!

115. Dr. Image - November 18, 2008

#113- But “the past” is where ALL of Trek history lies!
Many have accepted crap versions of Trek for YEARS and have not been vocal. Thank God for this site!
We should not hold back and make the same mistake again if we see problems with this version.
Who have been the ones to have kept this going for over 40 years?
Us. That’s who.

116. Harry Ballz - November 18, 2008

Yeah, so there!

117. c0mBaTkArL - November 18, 2008



I am spent, and done with it all. See you come May.

118. Neil - November 18, 2008

As one of the ones who has also kept this going (I wore out my first set of TOS blueprints, thankfully I found another on eBay), I can’t help but notice the lousy job we’ve done.
I mean, only Gregory House could be forced to bring a patient back from death’s door as many times as we have.
Maybe it’s time some of the new blood on the team took over.

119. Bijillm shkaitnrerk - November 18, 2008

All this talk of conflicting with TWOK and the Spock death scene doesn’t make sense if they are creating a new timeline. The “new timeline” means that the Kirk in TWOK never met Spock when he was younger because we are seeing the actions of Neros time travel for the first time. Thus a new timeline is created in which a new future course of events can be created. It may also mean that future movies may still run along some similiar storylines as TOS episodes or movies. Either way I am and forever shall be Treks friend.

120. Bijillm shkaitnrerk - November 18, 2008

“#113- But “the past” is where ALL of Trek history lies!
Many have accepted crap versions of Trek for YEARS and have not been vocal. Thank God for this site!
We should not hold back and make the same mistake again if we see problems with this version.
Who have been the ones to have kept this going for over 40 years?
Us. That’s who.”


A show set in the future’s history is all in the past. wtf?

With fans like you Trek has no future.

Without the space to create new and BOLD startrek stories and yes that means effing with canon then Trek is going to stagnate and die as it has been slowly doin for the last decade.

I also take issue with your statement “versions of star trek”. To me all on screen Trek is canon regardless of criticisms. Part of being a FAN is taking the good with the … not so good.

Oh yeah and as to keeping it going for 40 years. We are, by the general public anyways thought of in the same light as trainspotters and stampcollectors so that its turned from cult status to geek status over the last 40 years. we need this folks and TNG needs to see an evolved and futuristic looking star trek and not one that clings with dear life to ideas and designs from over 40 years ago.

A happy medium is fine for me but lets make sure that Trekkies, Trekkers and Trekkons(?) are watching ( not only re-runs ) for another 40 years.

121. Anthony Pascale - November 18, 2008

Warning to Spiked Canon

Do not post entire articles from other websites, that is a copywritten material. I don’t like it when people do it to my work, I cant condone it here.

Also the article in question was linked above. Those links are there for people to click.

122. AUTOMATED POLICE UNIT 924 - November 18, 2008

OH JJ PLLLEEAAASSSSEEE DO A SCREENING UP HERE IN WASHINGTON STATE! And if you do, would you be able to invite me? : )

But anyways, the movie is gonna kick some ass.

123. Steven - November 18, 2008

I’m ready for Trek’s return to the silver screen. Come on, May 8!

God bless!

124. truthamador - November 18, 2008

107 – Jeffries Tuber
Yeah, I haven’t really wanted to drag myself into these canon arguments, but I finally had enough when nobody seemed to pay any attention to what the writers have actually told us. It seems to me that if most of the people who take issue with the trailer and preview scenes described simply took the time to find out what has been known about this script and story for a year now, they wouldn’t have to complain as much. The evidence really suggests an in-depth look at Trek. Yes, I know that the books aren’t “canon” in the strictest sense, but we are talking about the classic books here, these things were almost considered canon when they were published (many years ago).

109 – cw
Ames, though i am originally from Eastern Iowa. Nice to see another Iowan, so happy that they are given us the great honor of being the E’s birthplace (well, maybe).

125. The Angry Klingon - November 18, 2008

I agree that JJ needs to drop that lame “Im not a FAN’ routine. We get it, JJ. You werent a fan until you got a hold of the franchise and now youre a fan. We get it and a lot of us are tired of hearing it. It also comes off as extremely arrogant that you are only a fan now that you have remade it in your image, Enough already. Nicholas Meyer wasnt a fan either and he didnt need to tell folks that over and over again…he let the work speak for itself.. This may be a lame attempt at patronizing other ‘non fans’ by saying, “Hey guys, I wasnt interested in thsi either but check it out’. Dunno but the shtick is getting old.

126. Sam Sandoval - November 18, 2008

JJ’s not a fan. Huh. That explains the ugly ship.

127. Julio - November 18, 2008


I agree with everything in your post. People really need to calm down about “oh no the ship is too curvy” etc., etc. There’s nothing wrong with that particular opinion per se, but to suggest that it’s a PERSONAL ATTACK ON TREKDOM is, IMO, silly.

128. HSIV - November 18, 2008

truthfully its not the ship im weirded out by its the uniforms…too thin, too campy, too..hilarious lol. in terms of how starfleet would come off compared to other races/organizations: if a alien race’s first encounter with humans was thru starfleet officers wearing those uniforms, humanity would be put in the same category as the ferengi..the irony is one difference would’ve made the uniforms look better, and more legitimate: turn the thin cloth department-colored overshirts into leather jackets…oh and one nod to tng and archer-era trek should’ve been making new rank insignia like the collar pins, but arrowhead-shaped, facing sideways, and putting the single band like in the pilots of tos and the nemesis-era uniforms on the cuffs…or something…idk…lol…

129. Mugz - November 18, 2008

I still think they should change Pine’s eye colour, just INCASE Shatner ever makes an appearance in the next film… they got Simon Pegg to dye his hair a different colour so he looked a bit more like the original Scotty afterall…

A blue-eyed Kirk just looks…. wrong to me! lol!

Other than that, I am VERY excited the more I read about this movie. Lets pray it delivers the goods. I’m sure MR Nimoy wouldn’t have been involved if it sucked in any way… I think we’re all in for a real treat.

Just one thing though, if it IS a success, the most we could ever hope for is maybe one film sequal per year and a half… and the Enterprise is on a five year misson… or will be. So if they stick with films the crew will grow older way too quickly… they need to consider doing a series of regular TV movies I think if this film is a success, not more movies… just me £2 worth ;)

– Mugz

130. Gary Seven of Nine - November 18, 2008

#78: well said!

This is a new-fangled Trek, and I’m going to jump in my horseless carriage and see it!

131. Bug - November 18, 2008

for the ones bashing J.J. for not being a trek fan till now GIVE IT A BREAK paramount hasnt banished him yet so he must know what he is doing by saying this I could care less if he was or was not a fan as long as the film is decent enough to be called Star Trek, which from the preview I saw it is so far, so what we have a new looking ship that isn’t what it used to look like, that doesnt mean its not the Big E, and it also dont mean the the events in TWOK won’t still happen, kirk has no idea that spock will sacrifice himself to save the ship and all his friends on board doesnt the saying go “the the needs of the many out way the needs of the few or the one” this would explain why kirk is so determine to get back to genesis and retrieve him after he finds out that he can be saved. I would also agree that some of things I have read in here are true to say they have read the books where kirk learns the hardway of life (i.e. Best Destiny). And I hope i’m not sitting next to a person during the movie thats says “what an ugly ship” cuz I will knock yur ass out till the end of the movie. I have been a star trek fan all my life I was 6 yrs old when TMP came out, I remember coming home from school and watching the reruns of TOS at 4:00, and I was pissed that Enterprise was cut short I believe there were more stories there to be had (even tho I know alot of the fanbase did not like the show) So I am eager to see the new movie with an open mind of what J.J. has in mind if it means an alter timeline of sort so be it that does not mean all thing will end as we know it after the movies is done

132. Jordan - November 19, 2008

Kirk drinking Budweiser at a 23rd century bar!? Remember how Kirk acted surprised at the taste of beer in Star Trek 4? The subtext was obvious, 23rd century astronauts were out of their cultural element in 20th century America and Kirk was surprised (yet he enjoyed) the taste of the beer Gillian and he ordered at the pizza restaurant. Continuity issue? LOL.

133. Great report! - November 19, 2008

#30 – Masterfully analyzed and well-thought.

#37 – Thank you. It’s amazing to see that dialog… then to recall how it was delivered. Shatner and Monteban really deserve more credit for their excellence as actors. They transformed that scene into something extraordinarily powerful.

As for the media tour, I agree: J.J. is shooting himself in the foot (or should be putting his foot in his mouth) about his childhood/Star Trek. Guys, learn from the presidential race: While you’re trying to sell something, don’t quote the same damn thing over and over again so the media writes about it. Diversify a bit. This rehearsed $&!% reeks of media-trained, pre-formulaic responses. Pass out a press release sheet with comments for the press, then ad-lib as appropriate.

It’s become clearly obvious why Abrams didn’t expend more energy to get Shatner into the production. The “Hey, we tried” is ridiculous. Orci and Kurtzman are VERY capable writers. Abrams isn’t a fan; he didn’t have the same investment as many of us long-time Trekkies/Trekkers.

As for the spoilers:
I’m hoping for a lot more Spock Prime (Nimoy) in the movie. But it’s a cameo role. Even the dialog emphasizes how his presence needs to be limited. I hoped to see Karl Urban interfacing as the young McCoy alongside the older Spock. But based on news reports about Urban meeting Nimoy, they met, Urban watched the scenes, but didn’t act in them. A tragedy, I think. Still, hearing Nimoy say “Jim” is going to have that soulful warmth that Trek fans are going to get tearful about. In a way, it’s Nimoy’s final “goodbye” to the Kirk character — something heart-wrenching and emotionally explosive.

134. ME - November 19, 2008

Nick Meyer wasnt a trek fan either…Guess what? Saved the franchise.

135. Thinking aloud... - November 19, 2008

Btw, I wonder if those old school Constitution-class starships (destroyed) in orbit of Vulcan are the Republic and the Farragut? ;-)

That would add a sense of finality about whether Kirk serves on them. The timeline has changed. Accept it.

IDIC = Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

136. Even more Life Like - November 19, 2008

Heck yeah I’ll go see the movie.. I go to movies all the time. wtf.

137. Holger - November 19, 2008

What about that Vulcan sky? Is it orange or blue? Can’t determine that. Maybe it’s not yet gotten dyed digitally.

138. star trackie - November 19, 2008

It’s all marketing spin. When the project was first announced he said he was never a fan of the LATER shows. But what he liked about TOS was the way these ordinary people get thrust into incredibly extraordinary situations and watching the crew deal with it. Not unlike Twilight Zone, of which he is a huge fan.

This “I’m not a fan” business is just marketing spin to put him on the same level of the majority. Remember, they have the task of undoing all the negatives the mass audience associates with Star Trek and this is just the first step. I think JJ is playing his cards wisely. The buzz is there and the shift is already happening. Life is good.

139. Red-Shirted Monkey - November 19, 2008

Questions for Jordan Hoffman:

In the bar scene, does Mav… er… Kirk sing “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” to Uhura? And did JJ give an update on how Kenny Loggins is coming with the soundtrack?

140. JB - November 19, 2008


Sorry, but I’ll be the Andorian in a DS9 Era Uniform waiting in line on opening day!

141. Dom - November 19, 2008

Harry Knowles just weighed in on the presentation in an exceptionally strong AICN article!

142. McCoy - November 19, 2008


Meyer “saved the franchise”. No….no… Star Trek cannot die….it’s too big. WOK was a great Star Trek story (up until Spock’s death anyway) but something else would have come out had it not been for Meyer.

It shouldn’t be about “what changes can we make to make sure we make more than $300 million.” It should be about getting the franchise right. If making a smaller film with a smaller audience would have a better chance at getting it right—then that’s they way it should have went down.

143. Jordan - November 19, 2008

ME: you bring up a good point with Nick Meyer, but the dynamics are different now with JJ and the Trek franchise. Nick had one film and 3 seasons of a series behind him. Now, JJ has 40 years, 10 films and 5 series. But you’re absolutely right… Nick was and is a huge talent, AND he was a Trek outsider. The same is true for JJ. And I thank God that an A-list talent like JJ took on this franchise and saved it for me and for all of us fans.

144. Mark - November 20, 2008

#16 – Unnecessary to take the Lord’s name in vain. Wouldn’t a true Trek fan be more tolerant?

145. LarryL - November 20, 2008

#144 – you beat me to the punch.

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