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ShatWatch: Bill Talks New USS Enterprise + Get Ready For Shatcember + more November 22, 2008

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Celebrity,Shatner,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

With all the talk about the new Star Trek (and Anthony’s ringing review of the new Kirk), did you think we forgot about the Original? Not for a second. We have been and always shall be keeping a Watch on Bill Shatner and today we have vids of him talking about the new Enterprise and UFOs, a rundown on ‘Shatcember’ and much much more Billness going on.


The Original Captain Kirk thinks the new Enterprise is ‘ship shape’
In a brand new Shatner Project Video, Bill has some words for those who fret over the details of the new Enterprise.

Get Ready For Shatcember
Shatner owns December. In fact, there are so many Shatner appearances on television that at Trekmovie, we have decided to rename the month Shatcember. While his six year run as Denny Crane (counting both Boston Legal and  The Practice) ends this December, William Shatner (of course) shows no signs of stopping. In addition to the usual reruns of Star Trek (locally, TVLAND), TJ Hooker (METV Chicago), and Boston Legal (locally, ION), Shatner has these new offerings for fans to TiVo.

Raw Nerve Premier (December 2 at 10/9 Central, Biography Channel)
Shatner’s talk show Raw Nerve starts the month of Shatcember. Shatner is a very good interviewer, and the show promises to talk about issues and concerns often ignored by other venues with celebrities such as Leonard Nimoy, Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Jimmy Kimmel, Howie Mandel, Judge Judy, Valerie Bertinelli, Jenna Jameson, Jon Voight and fellow captain Kelsey Grammer (Morgan Bateson, "Cause and Effect," TNG). There is a new video available to watch at the official website, and goto for behind the scenes photos of the Raw Nerve set.

Shat and Nimoy on Raw Nerve
(NOTE: date for Nimoy episode is still unknown)

Boston Legal Finale (December 8 at 9/8 Central, ABC)
Entitled "Last Call" the last episode of Boston Legal is a sad farewell for a show that garnered Emmy and Golden Globe wins for William Shatner. This evening, ABC is showing two episodes of the show, making the finale a two hour event. Denny Crane! Before then there are two more episodes, including "Thanksgiving" airing this Monday, here is an image (more at

Shatner and the cast of Boston Legal give thanks in “Thanksgiving”

Gotta Catch Santa (December 21, Teletoon Canada)
The holiday special Gotta Catch Santa features William Shatner as the voice of St. Nick. Filmed in the Rankin-Bass style, the show will also be shown in the United States this Shatcember (to be announced). The show features a quantum physics themed narrative.

Image from "Catch Santa"

Million Dollar Password (December 21 at 8/7 Central, CBS)
The very popular Million Dollar Password, hosted by Regis Philbin, returns for its second season this Shatcember. Appropriately, CBS has decided that the Shat should be the first guest, who along with CSI’s Aisha Tyler, will help contestants win big money.

Regis prepares to face Shatner on "Million Dollar Password"

You can dress like Denny Crane…literally
Need something to wear in Shatcember? With the end of Boston Legal you can actually wear a memento from the show. To do so, head to Manhattan Beach, CA this weekend for the Studio Lot Sale being conducted by Premiere Props. Their announcement reads:

Premiere Props, on behalf of David E. Kelley Productions, is holding a two-day public lot sale of thousands of high-end wardrobe and costumes from David E. Kelley Productions’ hit shows including Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Legal.

A wide variety of timeless and one-of-a-kind formal, casual and children clothing, shoes, accessories and wedding gowns from David E. Kelley’s hit shows will be up for sale including Ralph Lauren’s “Purple Label,” Frye, Armani, Dolce and Gabana, BCBG, Charles David, UGG, Manolo Blahniks and many more!

More info at PremiereProps.

Autograph Magazine takes on Shatner
Shatner even dominates in the world of magazines this Shatcember. Autograph Magazine each year offers its list of 10 Best and Worst Signers among celebrities. In the December 2008 issue, unfortunately for the Shat, he is listed as the #2 worst signer. This is his second year in a row on the worst side of the list. The article says:

If nasty were a virtue, William Shatner would be a saint. He seems to take such joy in torturing fans and collectors that Shatner is known around Autograph as the "Marquis de Sign

Ouch. Although the article praises Shatner for making his autograph available to everyone via his website store, the editorial is scathingly critical. The problem, though, is that Autograph Magazine’s Best and Worst lists are sometimes based on reports from dealers asking for signatures they intend to sell. When Shatner is at a restaurant, and someone just happens to have an 8X10 picture of him as Captain Kirk on them, chances are Shatner knows the person is an autograph dealer who was tipped off to his presence. I have always found Shatner to be a very gracious signer. While the article criticizes him for not interacting with fans, he has always had a smile or kind word when signing for us, even during busy lines at conventions. In fact, he congratulated us on our son’s birth during a convention signing. Shatner might not be very kind to autograph dealers who sell his autograph, but he is not necessarily that way towards his fans.

Bill hasn’t seen aliens?
In our birthday tribute to William Shatner "77 Reasons Why William Shatner Is Awesome," coming in at #66 was that he "reported seeing a UFO in the Mojave Desert in 1967." Our friends at the Shatner Project asked Bill about this, and apparently it may have to come off the list.

Obama to step in to end Shat/Takei war?
What were the two biggest stories this Fall. One is the US Presidential Election, and the other is the ongoing Feud between George Takei and William Shatner. SF Chronicle political cartoonist Don Asmussen found a way to put those stories together.



1. AirForcePA - November 22, 2008

I agree with the Shat! The ship is AMAZING!

2. Tez Pochtli - November 22, 2008

The Shat is happy with JJ’s Enterprise design – that’s good enough for me!

3. Spock Of Ages - November 22, 2008


4. james - November 22, 2008

Rejected month names:


5. SChaos1701 - November 22, 2008

Maybe what Shatner said will shut the canonistas up.

Canonista: Copyright Shane West 2008

6. Closettrekker - November 22, 2008

#5—“Maybe what Shatner said will shut the canonistas up.”

Not likely.

With that said, I agree with him. I like the ship.

7. DaiMonRon - November 22, 2008

Thanks, Bill!

8. montreal paul - November 22, 2008

Well said, Bill… couldn’t agree with you more.

9. thorsten - November 22, 2008

“JJ is holding on to the ideals of construction which means he will be holding on to the Ideals of Star Trek. For me the ship looks great.”

I’ll bet Ryan Church will sleep well tonight ;))

10. krikzil - November 22, 2008

Shatner’s signed for me on numerous occasions and has always been nice. I know at one point he was under contract for those plaques they used to sell and so he couldn’t sign autographs. Can’t wait for his interview with Nimoy!

11. DATA KILLED SPOT! - November 22, 2008

The ship will fall apart in space because the wind is stronger in space.

12. K.M.Kirby, esq. - November 22, 2008

My shock at finding out about the *end* of Boston Legal, next month, is matched only by my awe that pieces of the wardrobe can now be purchased at auction.

13. A. .S.F.33 - November 22, 2008

Good for Bill Shatner and what a gracious person he is. JJ and Paramount should send him a check because for me, in one video, he has managed to put it all in perspective in a kind and gracious way,. more than all the interviews, or film clips, or reviews I’ve read and seen have been able to do. No wonder we love ya Bill and to many of us you will always be “the” Kirk by which all others will be measured.

Hats off to your busy schedule and I can’t wait for the Raw Nerve premier!

14. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 22, 2008

Good for Bill! All that nonsense about him not being supportive of the new film will soon fade, as I’ve always said it would. He was disappointed that he wasn’t asked to be in it. Who wouldn’t be? Especially after being initially courted by JJ. But he’s over it. The man has quite a full life.

15. Mark - November 22, 2008

Yikes – come on, Bill. The narrow end of your tie is longer than the wide end. What’s up with that?

16. Stanky McFibberich - November 22, 2008

I would not be that kind to obvious autograph dealers either.
Every dealer who has ever approached me for one has been curtly rebuffed.

As for the ship, nothing I have seen of it yet convinces me that the changes they have made are for the better. I fully understand the need to make it more detailed, but that could be done without changing the dimensions and overall look of the individual sections.

17. Dr. Image - November 22, 2008

Those ship comments- he should go into politics.
But what does he care anyway? Seriously.

18. Michael Hall - November 22, 2008

Still don’t much care for the redesign of the ship, and if my feelings for it change in the coming months it won’t be because Bill Shatner gave it his seal of approval. Sorry.

19. montreal paul - November 22, 2008

6. Closettrekker

Yup… you were right!

20. steve623 - November 22, 2008

#5—”Maybe what Shatner said will shut the canonistas up.”

What a wonderfully democratic attitude.

21. Spocks Brain - November 22, 2008


Oh come on SHAT! You cant REALLY like that garbage hauler of a ship!!!!


But I know what Bill is all sugar and sweet.. he wants in, in the NEXT movie!

He cant say something bad now!

22. That One Guy - November 22, 2008

Closet 6,

Refer to post 21. It apparently didn’t.

23. ucdom - November 22, 2008

#4 LOL

Actually, the Shatcember thing reminded me of a peculiar British past-time which involves replacing parts of the names of London Underground stations with the ‘C’ word (no, not Canon). The objective of the game is to mitigate the intense annoyance involved in using said transportation system.

Anyway, it prompted me to commence a whole new lexicon of Shat inspired words, which I hope will be used by Shatnophiles (there’s one)and perhaps enter the dictionary at some far flung point in the future.
Feel free to add more. Some meanings are obvious, others I spell out.

In no special order other than that in which I think of them…..

Shat-tastic, Shatmongous, Shat-tacular (generally good)

Shatorific (generally bad. e.g., Star Trek V)

Shatly (of an object or person to be Shat-like [or shat-ine]). See also,un-shatly.

Shatology (the study of The Shat, and his Shatnerisms. Note that shatological is quite distinct from spockological).

Shatnerisms (The Shat’s pronouncements)

Shatophilia (Love of The Shat inspired by his personality, acting style, and all round oddness)

Shatophobia (Fear, generally inspired by working with The Shat)

Shatolalia (c.f. Shatoglossia. Strangely….stilted… style of…. speaking, caused by Shatoclonus… a type of spasm in the jaw musculature)

Shatolite (no, it’s not Sean Connery talking about the Moon….it’s a Shat Follower,or worshipper)

Shatmas (non-denominational festival in Shatcember)

contra-shat (going against a Shatnerism)

anti-shat (George Takei)

post-shat (Chris Pine)

micro-shat (Jimmy Bennett)

identi-shat (Martia in Star Trek VI)

epi-shat (a hairpiece)

entre-shat (the most horrific ballet move ever imagined)

contra-shat (the evil version of Kirk)

Shatniscient (occurring in all forms of media)

Shatocracy (government by The Shat)

Shatorrhea (constat unneccesary verbiage)

Shatogogue (leading light in the field of Shatology,or in the promulgation of Shatodox thinking)


Shatmatic (insistently Shatnerian)

Shatward (veering towards Shatophilia)

Shatosphere (the world of The Shat)

Shatography (The Shat’s writings) also, Shatogram, Shatogrammatical

Shatnician (hairpiece manufacturer)

Shatlexia (inability to understand what The Shat says or writes)

Shatolith (carved stone figurine of The Shat…. er…)

Shatomancy (divination of The Shat’s meaning from various Shatologues and Shatnerisms) see also shatnostication


Shatnominy (embarassment or shame caused by Shatnophilia)

Shatonymous (identical to something said by The Shat)

Shatoplexic (really really annoyed)

Shatnique (Shat chic)

….head explodes……..

24. montreal paul - November 22, 2008

you forgot “Shat-ligual” …. due to the fact that he is also French speaking from Montreal ;)

25. Holger - November 22, 2008

5: …maybe if Captain Kirk himself says he likes the new E. :-)

26. EFFeX - November 22, 2008

Alright, what else do we need now. We have Bill’s blessing on the design of the Enterprise and Nimoy’s co-signing of the script. So, I don’t think anyone should be saying “This isn’t Star Trek” anymore.

27. richpit - November 22, 2008

I liked the new ship before Shat said I should, but I’m glad he likes it too.

28. John from Cincinnati - November 22, 2008

With the Great Bird of the Galaxy and Robert Justman gone, I put my faith in Shatner and Nimoy.

29. Holger - November 22, 2008

26: I’m still saying “Could very well be that this isn’t Star Trek anymore”. What does Shatner’s personal opinion have to do with it?

30. NoRez - November 22, 2008

Wow, Kelsey Grammer -AND- Kelsey Grammar – fantastic!!! ;-)

31. classictrek - November 22, 2008

#2 i agree
if the shat is happy – im happy.

this ship is GREAT and thought so when i first saw it.

Greg UK

32. Closettrekker - November 22, 2008

#19—“6. Closettrekker

Yup… you were right!”

It wouldn’t have mattered what they did with it, IMO. Some faction or another would have been disappointed.

I always thought that I was a “canonista”, since I have had fun with ‘canon’ for over 30 years…and will probably continue to do so.

I guess I’ll have to join a new club! :)

Maybe “left-wing canonistas”, or something to that effect…

#22—“Closet 6,

Refer to post 21. It apparently didn’t.”

I would have been shocked if it had….

33. Leonel - November 22, 2008

But what does he think of his chair.. ;-)

34. Vorus - November 22, 2008

To put it in perspective, if Shatner said he hated it, would you “canonista”-haters have shut up? I doubt that very much.

Can’t we all just acknowledge that we all have our own opinions, and that Trek means different things to different people?

35. Capt. Quinn - November 22, 2008

#29 – This “may not be your Star Trek anymore”, and for that I really feel bad for you. I really hope it is “My” Star Trek and from what I’ve seen so far it looks like it will be… for me. My hope is that it will be my daughter’s and son’s Star Trek. They need to see a bright future portrayed now more than ever!

36. asc1138 - November 22, 2008

Yep- The ship ROCKS!!!

37. Iowagirl - November 22, 2008

Well, everybody‘s entitled to his/her own opinion, even the Shat…;)
Anyway, it‘s very gracious of him to say he likes the USS Quasimodo.

The Shatner/Nimoy photo is rather heart-warming – good to see that they’re both in “ship shape” and I’m looking forward to the interview.

38. Mike T. - November 22, 2008

#29 Holger, it helps to have the person who played the character most associated with Star Trek to give his blessing.
IMHO, if it weren’t for Mr. Shatner’s portrayal of James T. Kirk and the way the other main characters interacted with each other Star Trek could very easily have ended up like Lost in Space: three years of episodes and one so-so remake movie 30+ years later.

As we learned in Star Trek 3 and 4, even thou the Enterprise is a main character, Star Trek is mainly about the crew. They spent nearly the whole Voyage Home movie in a Klingon Bird of Prey and that was one of the best Trek movies ever.

39. Closettrekker - November 22, 2008

#34—“Can’t we all just acknowledge that we all have our own opinions, and that Trek means different things to different people?”

I think it would be difficult to sift through the posts after any article posted on this site ‘without’ acknowledging that.

40. Brandon - November 22, 2008

LOL, so Shat is an egotist until he agrees with the fanboys on something. Then he’s right.

Go figure

41. Holger - November 22, 2008

34: I believe this IS widely acknowledged among us. And I think that ‘hate’ is much too strong a word, anyway.

But you’re right, had Shatner gone the other way, nobody would have changed his mind either. Well, probably it would have been said that Shatner deprecates the movie because he isn’t in it. (Sorry I had to bring it up. I hope this doesn’t stir up another Why isn’t the Shat in the movie? debate ;-)

42. Vorus - November 22, 2008

@ 41

“Hate” might not describe your feelings for the more canonically-minded among us, but some people here seem to hate even hearing the word, much less hearing from those of us that put high value on its integrity.

43. geezer - November 22, 2008

look what George has been getting up to…

44. Holger - November 22, 2008

38, Mike T: I don’t argue that Shatner’s opinion or his blessing means something to people, and far be it from me to criticize people for that.
My take is rather that for a “right-wing canonista” the question is probably how the new E looks as compared to the TOS E, considered from an in-universe perspective, as it were. That’s a point where I think Bill Shatner isn’t any more or any less qualified that any of us fans.

45. Holger - November 22, 2008

42: I’m a canon hardliner and I would describe myself as a “movie skeptic”, but I don’t feel hated here. Emotions run a little high sometimes, harsh words are used, but usually people cool down again.
OK, on the other hand I’m no native speaker of English, so maybe the word ‘hate’ is weaker than I thought. You tell me.

46. Closettrekker - November 22, 2008

#42—“…some people here seem to hate even hearing the word, much less hearing from those of us that put high value on its integrity.”

I, too, value its integrity.

The existence and possibility within the Star Trek Universe of alternate timelines being created by interference with the past is very much ‘canon’ in itself.

I can hardly see any wiggle-room on that.

As for the “integrity” of the storyline continuity established in the original timeline, it is not only still there, but inherently relevant and even essential to this story.

Without everything playing out the way it has in the timeline with which we (as ‘canonistas’) are all so intimately familiar, the story cannot progress to this point—Nero and Nimoy’s Spock (both of whom are products of that timeline) cannot take action to alter the past or, in Spock’s case, take action to prevent that from occuring.

Orci and Kurtzman have handed Mr. Abrams one giant canon loophole with all of this. He can pretty much change anything he wants, and quite ‘canonically’ at that.

That includes the look of the new/old Enterprise (although “asthetics” have never been part of what I consider to be ‘canon’ anyway).

“Anything which appears to violate canon will have a canon explanation.”—Roberto Orci.

That seems to be about right.

47. CmdrR - November 22, 2008

Shatcember? Feels like Rocktober was only yesterday.
For a second you had me worried that monicker was Bill’s idea.
Haven’t watched much Boston Legal, only because of my schedule and its ever-changing schedule seeming to cancel each other out. Maybe I’ll catch it in reruns.

48. Izbot - November 22, 2008

Finally! Some support from the Shatman for the new movie. Thank you Bill for being so magnanimous. Last thing I wanted to endure was a Star Trek Civil War. And his point is valid — who cares if the nacelles are slightly bigger or Quinto’s sideburns aren’t perfect? This saga is bigger than those piciune details.

49. Izbot - November 22, 2008

46. Closettrekker

Closet, as always, just wanted to say I’m in total agreement with you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The new movie’s central conflict springs from a Romulan plot do destroy the very canon we’ve all held so dear. What better jeopardy to reinvigorate the franchise? And if the timeline we’re left with by movie’s end is a slightly different timeline? Why not? We already have our ‘original’ undisturbed timeline available to us in the ‘historical documents’ (i.e. our TOS, TAS, TOS-movies, TNG, DS9, VOY episodes and TNG-movies) to revisit over and over again ad infinitum. Bring on the new!

50. G-Boss - November 22, 2008

If Shatner says that it’s cool, then that’s good enough for me.

51. Anthony Brooks Fellows - November 22, 2008

Oh, Bill’s a very gracious fellow, quite undeserving of some of the flak hurled his way over the years, and, in my opinion, far too diplomatic with people who don’t quite merit it.

They know who they are, too.

I’m not so conciliatory.

52. JL - November 22, 2008

Me, I’m gonna go take a Shat.

53. Bloons - November 22, 2008

“Maybe what Shatner said will shut the canonistas up.”

-Never! Proud to be a continuityista (I prefer continuity to canon).


54. EFFeX - November 22, 2008

49, I’m all for the new film, so don’t think that the following reflects on this. However, the only thing that hurts me is that the journey doesn’t continue past Nemesis on screen anymore. I don’t read the books as I don’t really consider them canon, but I’d really like to see what happens next. The story is so epic, I think there’s so much left uncovered, it makes me sad we will never know officially what happens next.

However, it’s like I said I’m really looking forward to the new film. I welcome all Trek.

55. HSIV - November 22, 2008

i only have 2 problems with the new ship…the deflector dish (namely the coloring of it as shown from the front in the trailer) and how far back the main hull is on the engineering hull

56. Sean - November 22, 2008

If “purists” STILL think the new movie and the new design of the Enterprise is disrespecting Star Trek, LISTEN TO SHATNER. If you don’t trust Shatner’s word on Star Trek, you’re hopeless!

57. Brett Campbell - November 22, 2008

Sure as ship wish you were in this movie, Bill! You will ALWAYS and FOREVER be the one and only James T. Kirk to me! Oh, captain! My, captain!

Gonna miss you on BL as well. You were just fantastic. Well deserved Emmy and Golden Globe wins.

Keep on Trekkin’ William Shatner!!

58. ben - November 22, 2008

Wouldn’t Shatember be September?

59. Captmike of the Terran Empire - November 22, 2008

Well. With Shat and Nimoy and the rest of the remaining Tos Crew all saying they like the ship and Cast and Movie then whats the Problem. I love the new Desgn and i like what they are doing. The story seems like a great one and Ill be there on midnight. The Shat is now the Highest Ranking of the orignal crew and desgners so With him saying he likes it then all is well in Trek.Only those who have No faith in Trek will not like it.

60. Mike Spacely - November 22, 2008

You fools!!!

Don’t you see???

With out this movie the Original Series will be erased from history by a diabolical Romulan plot to change the past!

61. SpocksSpleen - November 22, 2008

OK GEEKS thats it, the guy from the original show has given this his blessing you need to take your crying & whining back to your momma’s and leave it off these message boards I dont wanna hear your complaints any more.
Go back to your model airfix kits & glue!

62. sean - November 22, 2008

Despite my reservations about him appearing as Capt Kirk once more, I loved Bill in Boston Legal. It was time for it to go, though. David E Kelley is great at creating interesting characters, but not so great at developing them. He had the same problem with Ally McBeal, Boston Public and The Practice. And it’s a shame, because BL (like many of his other shows) is chock-full of brilliant actors.

I’m sure Bill will have no problem finding other work, however. :)

63. sebimeyer - November 22, 2008

59.Only those who have No faith in Trek will not like it.

Seems to me the “if you don’t like Enterprise you don’t like Star Trek” argument is alive and well.

Looking forward to the movie by the way.

64. Superman - November 22, 2008

Okay, now I think we can lay the argument to rest.

Shatner is in fact in Trek XI.

Now I’m looking forward to this movie…


65. JKP - November 22, 2008

The Shat rules. Nice words about the ship.

66. Balok - November 22, 2008

I’m glad that Bill is going to be positive about the new movie, the right thing to do.

But sorry, the exterior of the new E is a big step down for TOS. Sorry newbies, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. pass the glue…

67. danpaine - November 22, 2008

Excellent. Love the guy. Will always be the one and only Kirk for me…but I’m an old man at 42.

Anyone see the Boston Legal where he was taken hostage, and they dubbed in an old legal show Shatner did in the 60’s as a flashback? Worth seeing, if you’re a fan….which I obviously am.

If he digs the ship, I’m in.

68. danpaine - November 22, 2008

I envy James Spader for being able to work with him so closely….and still can’t believe what great job he did playing such a hump in Pretty In Pink in 1986(?). Yeah, I’m from the 80’s.

69. OM - November 22, 2008

…Shatner Claus. I can see it now:

“Ho…..Ho…….Ho! Merry….CHRISTMAAAAAAAAS!”

70. Darfyn - November 22, 2008

In the great tradition of tv production , networks these days have resorted to squeezing water from rock instead of producing good television .
And here is a veteran actor , Bill Shatner , who is nearly 80 , and won America’s best TV Actor at the age of 74 , is one of America’s most popular actors and still has the nations attention !!

71. Odkin - November 22, 2008

I hereby proclaim 2009 THE YEAR OF SHATNER! All months will hereby be renamed in his honor:



72. James - November 22, 2008

I still don’t 100% like the look of the new ship, nacelles are too tall for one they should be more rounded. It ain’t the first Star Trek labelled thing to totally pulverize continuity and it probably won’t be the last. I like Shatner but come on ship shape? More like shit shape. It’s an artistic toilet where’s the lid I got a shit to take.

73. Robert Bernardo - November 23, 2008

I’m upgrading my dish package so that I can get the Biography Channel and watch Raw Nerve. From the basic level I have at $34 a month, now up to $52 a month for the premium level, just to get Biography.

74. Mr. Curtis - November 23, 2008

shatner is one great actor. i never would have guess he,s reading a cue card, held at gun point against his will. way to go bill. supporting jj abrams movie even though jj wouldnt want anything to do shatner.

the USS quasimodo, that about sums it all up.

75. Darfyn - November 23, 2008

Everyone , you don’t think Bill is turning into Yoda , do you ?!!!

76. Anthony Thompson - November 23, 2008

Do we have to know how to lipread??? Ha!

77. Spock's Brain - November 23, 2008

23. ucdom

LOL! Great!

78. Penhall - November 23, 2008

Good riddance Boston Legal. I stopped watching it long ago. I dont like being preached to, so i decided I’d had enough. Shatner can do a hell of a lot better, so I’m glad he’s gonna be done with that show.

79. Anthony Brooks Fellows - November 23, 2008

Bill is, was, and always be a class act; much classier than he’s given credit for, and far classier than his detractors, both historical and opportunistic.

As much as I like Bill, and respect his opinion, that ship is an abomination; and the fact that he’s being courteous in no way changes my mind either about it or the movie itself, which, is not much better.

That’s movie’s not going anywhere. Know why? It’s easy. Rule of thumb: You can gauge any movie’s potential success on two fronts:

1. Whoever’s looking forward to it the most; and it ain’t the general public. This isn’t SW.

2. The creative team involved. That’s enough for me right there to keep on going past whatever theater’s showing it.

Conclusion: Movies On Demand, $3.99. Check your local listings.


80. thorsten - November 23, 2008


“That’s enough for me right there to keep on going past whatever theater’s showing it.”

If that were the case you would not come here with your sad little posts again and again, like the tip of your tongue looking for a broken molar.

81. S. John Ross - November 23, 2008

It’s nice (and politically astute) of Shatner ot be courteous. Probably not terribly difficult, either; I suspect he doesn’t care much one way or another what the ship looks like. Given that I don’t care much one way or another, either, it’s just plain All Good :)

82. William Kirk - November 23, 2008

72, I’m glad that there are stil more people then only me who don’t like the new ship :-).

83. Stan Wingson - November 23, 2008

I really don’t know what’s more pathetic: The Shat’s vain continued attempts to stay relevant to this new version of Star Trek. The more rabid of the fanboys’ response, ‘RARRRR- he shoulda been in dere too!’ Or that this site keeps hosting this stuff. Let’s turn the page already, Bill.

84. Gd846c3 - November 23, 2008

Like Shatner said, the ship looks great. I think for the first time EVER there are actually non star trek fans looking forward to this movie. And from what I can tell, there are some people who feel threatened by that. Too bad! I have no doubt that this will be one of the biggest summer movies of next year.

85. Pontihog - November 23, 2008

Is Raw Nerve showing up in anyone’s DVR listing yet? I couldn’t find it yesterday.

86. Brett Campbell - November 23, 2008

83 – Re: “The Shat’s vain continued attempts to stay relevant to this new version of Star Trek.”

I get the impression that the entertainment news media continually are the ones trying to draw comments from him rather than him foisting them upon everyone.

I thought he was being very genuinely warm, encouraging and gracious here. We might all do well to try to do likewise.

87. Falvoant - November 23, 2008

Has anybody ever talked to BIll about the TOS?
HE does not watch it
He can barely tell you about any episode..or its plot….
Ask Him…..
He is great guy but not realy any kind of expert on ST

When he said “Get a Life”
He was serious
He does not get it and Looks down on FANS ofthe show…
But like anyone he loves the MONEY…

88. Bob Dobalina - November 23, 2008

A shat-tastic article on what looks to be a very fun December. Thanks for the heads up on all the great Shatner appearences coming up….although I do hate to see the end of Boston Legal.

89. Brett Campbell - November 23, 2008

87 – When he said “Get a life” it was scripted into an SNL skit and it was for laughs.

It was meant to poke fun at us Trek fanatics. There is much to poke fun at about us and there always will be. We have to learn to laugh at ourselves.

Like many other actors, he has stated that he doesn’t feel comfortable seeing his performances on screen. I can understand why.

He’s also not the only actor in Trek who is not a Trekkie or Trekker. Neither is Patrick Stewart, the other venerated captain. He, like Shatner, moved on when the role no longer presented itself to him. This is all normal and okay. As actors, neither of them wanted to be typecast or too associated with any one show, movie, product line, etc. It appears Shatner’s TekWar stuff is behind him now, too, as is Stewart’s “Christmas Carol.”. IDIC. Let them grow age and live their lives as they each see fit.

Trek is only one aspect of Shatner’s life that has been filled with many other interests and pursuits. It should be that way for anyone if they are going to live a well-balanced life. Even Gene Roddenberry didn’t live and breathe Trek 24/7 or he would have never developed other series ideas.

I get a sense that Shatner has genuinely become much more appreciative and grateful for Trek and its fans over the years. He was once reported as saying that while he at first didn’t get Trekkies’ fanaticism at conventions, he later became amazed and moved by the genuine love and respect so many fans have for the shows, the films and his portrayal of Kirk. He also said in Whitfield’s “Making of Star Trek” book, from an interview when the series first began, that he was a fan of science fiction and excited to be in a show that had a chance to make it an art form on TV.

It would be nice if people would stop judging him so much and respect the fact that in real life he is an actor and not a starship captain. It sounds like he, as a human being and an actor, continues to grow more appreciative of this formative experience of his long career and of the fans who love him in the role. Live and let be.

He also earned the money, after getting ripped off on royalty issues when the show first went into syndication. Like any professional actor, he has and does work for pay.

Perhaps the final question for any of us to ask ourselves is: would I have done any differently or better if I had been in the same circumstances? My own answer, if I am honest with others and myself, is “I don’t know.”

90. Falvoant - November 23, 2008

I couldn’t agree with you more….
although he is appreciative of the fans now…He stillj ust dosn’t see why we are so GAGA over TREK…and Yes there is nothing wrong with that…but like I said He is hardly an expert on TREK…But The Media loves to pester him about it….So It just dosn’t hold water with me that if BILL likes it that makes it AWESOME….
BTW that was a well thought out and writtten post and realy is what I was trying to say…..that you said so elequently…I have talked to BILL and He knows very little about the show…
He will say “It was just a job”…


91. Holger - November 23, 2008

42 Vorus: See what I mean? There has been anti-canonista slur in this thread by now, but that’s just silly trolling, nothing more (see 61). I wouldn’t take that too seriously.

92. Enterprisingguy - November 23, 2008

To #89 Brett:


That was a great summary that was fair and honest!! That’s the sort of opinion that brings me back to this site every day!

Stay out of politics though….they would eat you alive. LOL!

93. A. .S.F.33 - November 23, 2008

#89 bret campbell I agree with you as usual. It is human nature as we age to look back and recognize the importance of things in our past which maybe we didn’t appreciate as much when we were younger. I think Bill has a deeper apprreciation for Trek now and has warm memories of some of his time ther. Who cares if he doesn’t remember all the minutiea about every episode. He doesn’t have to because what he remembers is what it was like to BE on the set sharing a laugh or two with Leonard and De.

I love this line and I quote “the ship is shipshape” and ya know what? He’s right! It IS shaped like a ship lol I dunno just seeing him so relaxed about all this has kinda made me back off a little from the disappointment i was feeling about the direction of the movie. I’m still not saying I will like this new Trek but I may be less intense about the way I feel about it….well at least untill the next news nugget from JJ and team starts it up all over again lol

94. P Technobabble - November 23, 2008

Do some people — in some peculiar way — feel that William Shatner and James Kirk are one and the same, or at least inseparable? Can’t picture anyone else as Kirk? Can’t accept any face other than Shatner’s? I, like many others here, am a fan of Mr. Shatner, I have great respect for his accomplishments in the entertainment industry. But I do not think he is the only one who will ever be associated with the role of Capt. Kirk, nor should he be. And knowing that William Shatner doesn’t know the specific details — or even anything — about Star Trek episodes does not diminish the respect I have for him and his work. The fact that he is not a Trekkie and the show “was a job,” does not detract from the body of work he has produced. Isn’t this really what matters? I’d like to shake his hand, congratulate him for a tremendous career, and thank him for the pleasure I will always get whenever I watch Star Trek (all of which I’m sure he’s heard a katrillion times, wishing Uhura were around to turn off the damned channels)…

95. Brett Campbell - November 23, 2008

92 – I always take a good scrubbing bath in bleach water after discussion about politics have been involved! ;)

Thank you for your kind comments, Enterprisingguy. Peace be with you (and also with you A..S.F 33!) and each of you have a great weekend (as I’m sure Bill is!). I hope he reads these posts and knows how much he appreciated by his fans to this day.

Well said, PTechnobabble!

90 — Falvoant — thanks for clarifying. He said in “Star Trek Memories” that it was just a job. But everyone involved did one helluva job, didn’t they? Forty-two years strong and still counting down until May ’09. How lucky you are to have met and talked with him in person. I can’t tell you how envious I am! Have a good one, now.

96. Anthony Brooks Fellows - November 23, 2008


You’re the only toothache around here.


97. zan - November 23, 2008

87. Falvoant

A lot of actors (both tv and especially movie) don’t watch their work after they make it so El Shatno is not unique in that aspect.

And for the Shatnator it was just a job (and a nice line of ghost written novels) just like for me it is just a show which I happen to like a lot!


98. Ken Thomson - November 23, 2008

Based on things I’m seeing, I’m suspecting that the timeline change happened much earlier than we think it did, years earlier, altering not just the character’s history, but the technology development as well.

Which means it created a parallel universe.

There is no reason to try to blend old and new by this rationale. It means that when Nero goes back and alters history, he’s creating a new quantum reality. TOS stands as is, TAU (The Abram’s Universe) is a new entity, and what we knew is changed, just like “Yesterday’s Enterprise” was an altered reality for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Between that and “Parallels” there’s still no reason we can’t have our cake and eat it too.

And William Shatner is no fool to trash the new show, not when in an altered reality his Kirk could return to the big screen, and I do not blame him one bit.


99. Captain Presley - November 23, 2008

I love the month of Shatcember. It’s my favorite time of year. Looking forward to Shatner’s Raw Nerve. Have you every seen “Judge Shatner?”
Check it out:

100. tribble farmer - November 24, 2008

The Shat should run for freaking President.

101. Holger - November 24, 2008

100: Prime Minister of Canada, perhaps

102. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 24, 2008

#89 … I too appreciated your comments, Brett. Nicely said.

103. ByGeorge - November 24, 2008

Never been a Shatner fan but I’ve just gained some newfound respect for the man. He actually took the time to reassure the demented, basement dwelling fan-boys that the new Enterprise looks just like the old one so, it should work too.

And he did this with patience and respect !! Not sure how he maintained a straight face while dealing with this type of nonsense and absurdity of the fan-boys. But he did manage to keep a straight face so my impression of his acting skills just rose. Classy thing for Shatner to do.

104. Elaan_of_Troyius - November 24, 2008

I love him. He is, and always will be, The Man! The fact that we were both born on 22 March has always made me happy! ;-))

105. Holger - November 24, 2008

103: So you believe that two ships which positively look different (just look at them) look the same? And you think Shatner’s opinion makes a difference whether two ships we can look at ourselves are the same? (By the way he didn’t say they look the same.)

106. Brett Campbell - November 24, 2008

102 — Thank you — from one Shatner fan to another! :)

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