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New Star Trek Movie Headed To IMAX – Trailer In IMAX Theaters Today December 12, 2008

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Today IMAX Corporation and Paramount Pictures officially confirmed that the new Star Trek movie will be released simultaneously on IMAX on May 8th, 2009. The film will play in IMAX theater worldwide. And to announce the event the new Star Trek trailer is showing in IMAX theaters this weekend.   


Trailer today – movie in May
The IMAX version of the new Star Trek trailer is showing at IMAX theaters around the world, with the new sci-fi remake The Day The Earth Stood Still. That film is playing at 123 IMAX theaters in the US and Canada and an additional 26 IMAX theaters around the world.

To find your closest IMAX theater, go to
[NOTE: according to spokesperson for IMAX the Star Trek trailer has been provided to all IMAX theaters in English-speaking territories, however it can’t hurt to ask at your local theater to be sure.]

In May the new Star Trek movie will beam into IMAX theaters around the world. The film will be digitally re-mastered into the IMAX format. This will be the first Star Trek movie to be released in the IMAX format.

12.12.08…the day the Earth stood still…and Trek went IMAX

Comments on IMAX from JJ Abrams and others
The official press release includes a number of comments…

Star Trek director J.J. Abrams

I’m thrilled that audiences will be able to experience this new, epic world of Star Trek – with an incredible cast and mind-blowing visual effects – on what is, obviously, the most remarkable film format in the world.

Rob Moore, Vice Chairman, Paramount Pictures

We’re excited to share the enhanced IMAX version of this film with the millions of dedicated fans who have been anticipating this release since production began. The IMAX Experience adds that extra level of excitement to an already action-packed film, giving moviegoers a premium ‘event’ at the multiplex.

Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment

Both Star Trek and IMAX have taken audiences to far away places they would normally not be able to go, and in this case, it’s space – the final frontier. J.J. Abrams has created a powerful movie that has fans worldwide feverishly anticipating its release. We are thrilled to partner with Paramount Pictures to bring J.J.’S exciting vision of this incredible space adventure to IMAX screens.



1. Locutus of Alberni - December 12, 2008

Hmmmm…. now where’s the closest IMAX theater to Port Alberni again???

2. BonesCLCW - December 12, 2008

first? Awesome!

3. paustin - December 12, 2008

lol well second actually

4. Sloan47 - December 12, 2008

I’ll be one of the first to buy tickets!!

5. Christine - December 12, 2008

IMAAAX!!!!!! I can’t wait! 8D

Unfortunately, the IMAX Theatre in Omaha is like… really expensive. And it’s located in a very expensive zoo. UGH. D:

6. Shatner_Fan_Prime - December 12, 2008

I heard Michael Rennie was ill The Day the Earth Stood Still. Can anyone confirm that? ;-)

7. VERG - December 12, 2008

IMAX = COOL….. IMAX 3D would have been cooler. But still cool none the less.

8. John - December 12, 2008

If you live in Port Alberni you would go to the National Geographic Imax Theatre in Victoria, BC located in the Royal British Columbia Museum.

9. captain shroom - December 12, 2008

Finally a news item without complex discussions of quantum mechanics.

IMAX, that’s easy, no PhD required…

…unless the theatre is in an alternate universe…

10. OneBuckFilms - December 12, 2008

9 – Since there are Infinite universes, it means that there are Infinite IMAX Theaters ;-)

11. captain shroom - December 12, 2008


My migraine is back.

12. OneBuckFilms - December 12, 2008

Actually, the fact that Star Trek is being shown in IMAX is a sign that Paramount has faith in the movie.

13. Q Macedonia - December 12, 2008

#12 Or…. After spending 150 mil on the movie, a few bucks more for IMAX is not that big of a deal. :P

Just kidding. Great news nevertheless.

14. captain shroom - December 12, 2008

Here’s some irony, our IMAX is a mere few blocks from the McGill University’s William Shatner Student Centre.

So is there one near Vulcan, Alberta? Hmmm

15. PDX Trek - December 12, 2008

# 6 – Yes!

But he told us where we stand…

..which I think was in line to see Trek at the IMAX…

16. Locutus of Alberni - December 12, 2008

#8 – I don’t think that the Museum shows many theatrical releases. But I can only hope!!

#14 – I know that there’s at least one in one of the Silvercitys at the south end of Calgary.

17. Duncan MacLeod - December 12, 2008

My girlfriend lives within a short (15 minute) bus ride from Navy Pier, Chicago, where we will see it. When we started dating 2.5 years ago i warned her she would have to go see this movie at some indeterminate time in the future. I have also been talking about it non-stop. Oddly enough, she is still with me, go figure!

18. Ciarán - December 12, 2008

There is no IMAX theatre in Northern Ireland. Well, there is, but it was closed down less than a year after it opened (and that was abouit 8 years ago). It used to show those terrible “simulation” experiences (like “Dinosaur Adventure” or something like that). It never showed actual movies. It’s such a pity because it’s been there for 8 years, unused. I think that if they showed real movies on it, the IMAX theatre they have would be booming with business. So disappointed that I’ll never get to see STAR TREK in IMAX.

19. Vance S - December 12, 2008

Edmonton, Alberta has at least two IMAX. One in West Edmonton Mall and the other in the Telus Space Sciences Centre. The latter being more appropriate. ;)

20. Star Trackie - December 12, 2008

Nice. I always made it a point to see the 70 mm showings of the Trek movies back in the 80’s, can’t wait to see Trek on the IMAX.

Now if it would just play at the local DLP theater…since I’ll be seeing it 20 times, I’d like the last showing to be as crisp and clean as the first.

21. Orb of the Emissary - December 12, 2008

Sweet! There’s an IMAX theatre right down the street from me! :-)

22. oztrek - December 12, 2008

Bigger is better. I may have to fly to Sydney for the premiere – the screen 29.42m high by 35.73m wide, When they fire photons I’ll have to duck!

Such great news. This movie will be a visual feast!

23. Rusbeh - December 12, 2008

Brilliant news.
That makes three cinema visits of Star Trek:
the German Dub, the original version and the IMAX Version.
Have a Imax theatre 120 kilometers away from me, thats worth it!!!!

24. Spock's Brain - December 12, 2008

I won’t see the trailer with a mediocre remake of a classic.

25. Art•Rob - December 12, 2008

Last night, I was lucky enough to see a free screening of “Day the Earth Stood Still” (which I give a B+/A-) at the IMAX here in NYC. As an unexpected treat I got to see the Star Trek trailer there. Needless to say, it gave me serious goose-bumps and I felt so happily nerdy. I will definitely be see this at the IMAX. Watchmen too BTW.

26. Bones Thugs & McCoy - December 12, 2008

TDTESS 2008 is sub-par, but not awful. I imagine seeing it in Imax (I did not) would make it even better.

Trust me, you’ve all sat through worse movies that this.

27. David (Flaming Wings Forever) - December 12, 2008

1.) Vancouver. Dude, if you email me ahead of time, I’ll pick up an extra ticket for you.

22.) Visual feast – heck yeah. But we’ll have to see it 3x just to catch everything.

24.) How can you see a movie, when it’s just your brain floating in the jar?

25.) Lucky bast$#@! <– not really a swear word. Honest.

28. C.S. Lewis - December 12, 2008

Alright, I’m convinced: as an IMAX release, this becomes a must-see event. Now I must decide between the commercial IMAX cinema at King of Prussia or the smaller installation at the Franklin Museum & National Shrine on the eponymous Boulevard.

29. braxus - December 12, 2008

Ok. I stand corrected. It IS coming in IMAX. SO much for what they told me some months ago. I never did hear back from IMAX with the second email.

30. Captain Otter - December 12, 2008

Trek. Imax. Drool.

31. krikzil - December 12, 2008

IMAX is always an awesome way to see a film.

32. SexyAsianGurl - December 12, 2008

NOT CANNON! Star Trek must ONLY be viewed on 1960/70s approved cinematical technology otherwise it will be in violation of Rodenberry lore & dogmatism.

33. The Last Maquis - December 12, 2008

# 32 SexyAsianGurl

You Keep Saying “Cannon”, Technically, in this Context, the spelling of the word Cannon is not Canon…….

…………I haven’t had Dinner Yet, and I’m acting like the rest of these Goof Balls…….Guess I just wanted to reply to ya……

…….I’ve got nothing……..

34. Reliant - December 12, 2008

Well….Rodenberry’s vision of Star Trek was items of
1) Starships
2) Transporters
3) Personal Handheld Communicators
4) Synthalhol
5) Phasers with both Kill and Stun
6) Bio-Beds that could monitor your life signs
7) Tricorders
Gee it sounds to me that Star Trek under Rodenberry’s vision of the F*U*T*U*R*E
was Futuristic in nature. So seeing it on an IMAX film presentation, seems pretty future like to me. :(

35. Thorny - December 12, 2008

24… “I won’t see the trailer with a mediocre remake of a classic.”

Wow! There are reviews of the remake of TDTESS that say it is as good as “mediocre”? They liked it a lot more than most other reviewers…

36. Jote - December 12, 2008

I bet Poland, the a**hole of Europe won’t get an IMAX version. Heck, we’re lucky to see ST in May. The ONLY European country that the movie premieres later than normally: 29.05. What a turnoff

37. George - December 12, 2008

This says a lot about the film, the fact they are going transfer the film to the very expensive IMAX format. So the powers that be must feel that this film will be out of this galaxy.

Not even “The Dark Knight” was completely in the IMAX format only parts of it.

38. ChattaSadie - December 12, 2008

Will the movie be in every IMAX theatre? I’d love for it to be at the one in Chattanooga!

39. Anthony Pascale - December 12, 2008

it is not known how many IMAX theaters will have star trek, but probably the same group that have THe Day The Earth Stood Still. A lot of IMAX theaters are in musuems and run the sciencey discovery channel kind of stuff.

40. Sera18Alpha - December 12, 2008

Does anybody know whether this Imax experience will be in 3D or standard IMAX DMR (which is for short 2D) form?

41. Chancellor Jake - December 12, 2008

@ #5. There’s a second IMAX theater in the Omaha metro area. The Star Cinema in Council Bluffs, IA has an IMAX screen.

42. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - December 12, 2008

Well. Im in Luck. The Imax Theater here in Austin Tx shows Movies. From The Dark Night to The day the Earth Stood Still and im seeing that one in Imax and Way kool to see the Trailer on Imax. Ill be first in line with my Ticket already bought for the Imax Showing of Star Trek. Now this is way to kool. Or as Scoty says. TIS EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!.

43. Xplodin' Nacelle - December 12, 2008

I hope they give out 3-D glasses like they did for Superman Returns!

I remember ducking last year when the big E flew toward the screen during an TOS-R episode. It was a hilarious realization when I caught myself trying to get out of the ship’s way. 2-D never looked so real.

I hope to have a similar experience when I see this movie in freakin’ IMAX!!!

44. captain shroom - December 12, 2008


She must have an inner geek, either that or you took her to Mamma Mia 26 times!

45. trekboi - December 12, 2008

Hmmm should make more money for Paramount…
The IMAX in Melbourne Auatralia is so lame- the screen is big yes- but the seeting starts from the middle of the theatre so its no different than sitting in the front row of the regular theatre- which i usualy do.
unless they include extra scenes like they did with TransFormers IMAX id be hard pressed to find a reason to see JJ Abrams new Star Wars… i mean STAR TREK film at my local IMAX

is this design flaw in any other IMAX theatres around the world?
I only go for 3D Films

46. SexyAsianGurl - December 12, 2008

33: YOU ARE NOT CANNON! Technically you died in the 21st Century, whereas I am from the 23rd and my crew of the USS.BRITNEY are going to boycott this movie, and your pathetic spelling quibbles!

47. EFFeX - December 12, 2008

Sounds great, there’s an IMAX in the mall down the street from me. I can’t wait for this!

48. Bob - December 12, 2008

That is wonderful 10 min from my house

49. Going2IMAX4sure - December 12, 2008

oh my Fn God.. in IMAX.
This just keeps on getting better.

50. Going2IMAX4sure - December 12, 2008

oh my Fn God.. in IMAX.This just keeps on getting better. Woohoo!

51. Adam E - December 12, 2008

Does anyone know if there is anything different with the movie when it is shown in IMAX, except of course the size of the screen. It the movie shorter, with some scenes cut.? Or anything like that?

52. Mawazitus - December 12, 2008

51: That used to be a problem with IMAX conversions, but no longer. There shouldn’t be any cut scenes.

53. Wes - December 13, 2008

If this movie fails, that’ll really be it for trek for the next 10-20 years or maybe forever. They are really pulling out all the stops.

54. Pah Wraith - December 13, 2008

36. Jote – December 12, 2008

Well, as far as I know the Imax in Warsaw showed the Dark Knight, so maybe, just maybe, that will be so with the Star Trek release? Właściwie czemu ja piszę do Ciebie po angielsku? ;)


55. tribble farmer - December 13, 2008

I wish so much that I could go see it in IMAX. But I don’t live within 100 miles of one. That’s the price I pay for living out in the sticks. So this means no Dark Knight in IMAX come January.

At least I finally saw the trailer on the big screen for the first time tonight at The Day the Earth Stood Still. Since my theater didn’t see fit to play it with Quantum of Solace before.

56. The Last Maquis - December 13, 2008

#46. SexyAsianGurl

….rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…….Okay, think I’ll go spend some time In reality for a while…….Cheers, Babe.

Oh and Hey #42. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire, how Many movies Have you seen there, so far?

I wanted to see 300, but I don’t think They Had it at that Time. It looks more and more like Star Trek will be my first IMAX in the ATX.

57. Dan - December 13, 2008

hmm i wonder when tickets go on sale

58. Engon - December 13, 2008

Gee…if only it was filmed in IMAX.

59. Chris Pike - December 13, 2008

Here’s an interesting thought – the original series was shot on 35mm, but full frame (all be it Academy, not quite as wide as super 35mm, the standard today) which is in effect more information on the negative. That means an episode could very nicely be “DMRed” to full frame IMAX (effects would have to be redone as they were ‘only’ done at HD 1080, much less effective res than Academy).
The IMAX DMR versions of current 35mm features are shown cropped letterbox as they are generally framed to 1.85:1 whilst shooting (with or without the mask).
An original episode in full frame IMAX I’m sure is possible!

60. McCoy's Gall Bladder - December 13, 2008

How much you wanna bet Sexy Asian Girl is none of the above?

he he he

Now I have that Johnny Rivers song stuck in my head

61. Kirkunit - December 13, 2008

#15. And Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear. (In line at IMAX, I assume.)

62. SciFiGeek - December 13, 2008

I was just wondering if anyone has seen the trailer in IMAX London Waterloo yet? I phoned IMAX and they didn’t have a clue.

I’d really appreciate it.


63. Cervantes - December 13, 2008

What a lost opportunity…. The Shat was MADE for Imax! ;)

64. What Doesn’t Kill You (2008) | Movie Aktuell - December 13, 2008

[…] New​ Star Trek Movie Headed ​To IMAX – Trailer Ιn IMAX Thea­ters … […]

65. Kirk's Girdle - December 13, 2008

We’ve got all kinds of IMAX in Orlando. I might just have to shell out for some $13 tickets in May.

66. Robert Bernardo - December 13, 2008

Chris Pike wrote:

> …the original series was shot on 35mm, but full frame (all be it
> Academy, not quite as wide as super 35mm, the standard today)
> which is in effect more information on the negative. That means an
> episode could very nicely be “DMRed” to full frame IMAX…

Ooo, great idea! Unfortunately, I don’t think CBS/Paramount will pony up the money for the conversions.

67. Devon - December 13, 2008

That’s pretty cool they are doing this. And honestly the ticket prices aren’t that bad when you consider the experience, at least here in Indianapolis. It’s like $12.00 a person, only a few bucks more than normal and I can live with that.

68. JMAN - December 13, 2008

#37 – George – You’re a bit wrong on that one. The Dark Knight was partially filmed in IMAX, with the other parts being DMRed for IMAX theatres. None of the Star Trek movie was filmed in IMAX. It will be 100% DMRed.

69. Mark C - December 13, 2008

fwiw, I just saw The Day the Earth Stood Still, and give it a D+. The original is 10 times better.

70. Scott Xavier - December 14, 2008

It was worth it, but the cuts on kirks face was a little weird in hd like that…

71. Jay El Jay - December 14, 2008

I’ll be there in the Printworks, Manchester, England, UK on May 8th 2009!!!

72. Chris Doohan - December 14, 2008

The Star Trek trailer alone was worth the $14.50. TDTESS was really, really bad. A missed opportunity to make a really good film. Too bad.

73. Newman - December 14, 2008

@ 72. Must have been nice to see the trailer in theatres. I almost walked out of James Bond when they didn’t play it.

I suspect I will have to head to the IMAX screen in Halifax for this one.

74. IMAX Thrill - December 14, 2008

My friend and I saw the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Unlike most here, I did enjoy the film. Yes, the original is a bit better but remember this movie is more of a reimagining than a remake. The story in this movie deviates more to be more contemporary.

It was a thrill to finally see Star Trek film trailer in IMAX digital at the AMC Columbia in Columbia, MD. They didn’t show it when I saw Quantum of Solace. Granted, the format isn’t true IMAX. I prefer to call it IMAX-lite as the screen is not 5 stories tall. Unfortunately, the trailer was in scope, which means there was dead space above and below the film, itself. I have a sneaking suspicion that the film will also be in this format and not TRUE IMAX, which will be somewhat of a disappointment.

75. Doug in Kabul, Afghanistan - December 15, 2008

#32: canon!!!! not cannon (unless you are firing cannonballs off of an old Navy vessel).

Say it with me everyone: canon-


canon (one ‘n’ not two)

76. Spockish - December 16, 2008

I can not wait for the IMAX version of Star Trek XI the movie to come out on Blur Ray.

I just DL’ed the BR version of Roving Mars for my brother who helped build them at Lockheed Martin to view on his week old 50″ LCD HDTV.

I have the DVD version of the Disney video and captured screens to make wallpaper. The video comes as 848×480 on DVD and 1280×720 on the AVI copy. And I rescaled the DVD to 2560×1600 using a fractal scaling program the wallpaper and BR versions look simular but the BR screens just have a fine, crisp edge content that really shows up in 60fps video. It may even look better at 120fps on his HDTV, wonder what 240fps on the New Sony’s will be like.

P.S. Love Torrents and my T1 DSL internet connection, can Torrent (but slower) and still watch Live Video but only at 640/720×480. Need to bump up to 6Mbit when HD video is common on the Net.

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