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FanMade: Behind The Scenes at Phase II + Meet The New Deltan December 13, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Fan Productions,New Voyages/Phase II , trackback

James Cawley, exec producer and star of the fan series Star Trek Phase II, has sent TrekMovie a very well made behind the scenes video shot during production on "The Child," in October. See below for an exclusive first look the video, plus an introduction to the guest stars for "The Child" and more info on the release of "Blood and Fire, Part 1" coming up next week.

VIDEO: Inside ‘The Child’

Phase II’s new Deltan
The original script for "The Child" was written by John Povill for the originally planned Phase II show from the 70s, but that project morphed into Star Trek The Motion Picture and the script was later rewritten for Star Trek The Next Generation. The original version called for the Deltan Il’ to bear ‘The Child,’ however to keep with canon, the Povill rewrote the script and introduced Lt. Isel, a new Deltan character. Povill, who also directed "The Child," cast Anna Schneider, an actress and dancer from Los Angeles. Povill tells TrekMovie:

Originally I had an image of drop dead gorgeous, but there is much more to the Deltans than they were in Motion Picture. I wanted to convey that in a variety of ways. Not just in dialog but in motion. I have written a dance between mother and daughter. I called a friend who is a choreographer, Terry Best and Anna is TA to Terry. I visited his studio and my eye was instantly drawn to Anna, you instantly look to the best the dancer. Although she did not look like the classic beauty I had in mind, she just nailed the reading.

Child actress Ayla Cordell is playing the child in ‘The Child.’  Although it is said that working with child actors can be difficult, Povill tells TrekMovie "If every kid was like Ayla, they would be killing to work with children. The chemistry between them was so magical and so beautiful. The same magic you felt with world enough time girl."

Schneider (R) and Cordell (L) in "The Child"

Blood and Fire arrives in one week!
Not counting the ‘To Serve All My Days’ special edition, the first (and only) new episode of 2008 from Phase II arrives next Saturday. "Blood and Fire, Part 1" written and directed by David Gerrold and featuring an appearance by Denise Crosby will be available streaming at the Phase II site on December 20th.

Crosby in "Blood and Fire"

"Blood and Fire" Parts 1 and 2 (due out in early 2009) will also be the last appearance of the original TOS Enterprise in Phase II, before they move on to their ‘semi-refit’ design in "Enemy: Starfleet" later in 2009.

Enterprises in "Blood and Fire" and "Enemy Starfleet"
(by Dochterman/Bellucci/DAVE school)
(click to enlarge)

Watch the teaser for "Blood and Fire, Part 1", to see why they needed to fix the ship.

More TrekMovie coverage on "Blood and Fire":

More info on Star Trek Phase II at the official site.


1. clavinbot - December 13, 2008

It certainly is impressive that this fan production has managed to be so successful, I applaud them.

2. Mother Horta was exploited for pergium - December 13, 2008

James Cawley Rox

3. SirMartman - December 13, 2008

Sweet,, James Cawley is doing a great job,

hmmm,,cant wait to see a show with,,, a trip to the past theme


4. Chris Clow - December 13, 2008

Why, Phase II Team, you didn’t have to rush Blood and Fire for my birthday! How generous of you! :-)

5. Holger - December 13, 2008

One week to go! I’m getting more excited by the hour! What a great X-Mas present!

I’m also looking forward to watching Denise Crosby again. I still haven’t got over the fact she left TNG. I loved Tasha Yar.

6. Brent - December 13, 2008

It is because of New Voyages/Phase II that I am able to accept new actors in the iconic roles of the TOS characters and that is making it much easier to be enthusiastic for the upcoming big screen return of TOS courtesy of JJ Abrams. Had it not been for these very well made fan films I would most likely be more reluctant to see the characters recast. The work on Phase II continues to improve with each episode from the humble beginnings of “Come What May:” to this latest one “Blood and Fire”. James ccawley may be dissed for his acting but his dedication to seeing TOS come alive again is admirable and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for his efforts to make all of this happen.

7. Imrahil - December 13, 2008

Really do hate that Enterprise redesign.

8. mojonaut - December 13, 2008

Shouldn’t Deltans be bald?

I still love that “prefit” design for the Phase II Enterprise though. I think the Star Trek XI team could’ve learned a lot by looking at this ship!

9. Holger - December 13, 2008

8: How true!

10. Rastaman - December 13, 2008

I’m excited to watch this. I’m surprised they didn’t swap in the new Enterprise design for the credits. Maybe next episode?

11. S. John Ross - December 13, 2008

Very excited about this. Rock on, Cawley and company!

12. Holger - December 13, 2008

10: I suppose the refit happens after massive battle damage has been afflicted to the Big E in this episode. So it’s quite alright to have the original ship in the credits.
I guess the refit will happen no sooner than at the beginning of the next episode. Or will it be at the end of B&F?

13. Dom - December 13, 2008

8. mojonaut

‘Shouldn’t Deltans be bald?’

Yeah and all Japanese people look the same!

‘I still love that “prefit” design for the Phase II Enterprise though. I think the Star Trek XI team could’ve learned a lot by looking at this ship!’

Beg to differ. Nice design for a series designed to continue on from James’s TOS stylings. The new movie’s Enterprise is wonderful for the big-screen of universe we’re about to see in the cinema.

14. dalek - December 13, 2008

I love these guys. Love their productions. But did we really need a remake of The Child? The TNG episode was horrible (okay, granted, a remake of the phase 2 script). I’m not looking forward to this one, I’m afraid!

15. Jordan - December 13, 2008

I could never get into these. I can’t get past the cheese.

16. steve623 - December 13, 2008

i love artisinal heirloom cheese. A lot more care and flavor goes into it than the bland processed corporate kind.

17. Tarrkid - December 13, 2008

#15 – The early ones, even of Cawley’s, were definitely full of cheese. But I’d recommend taking a look at his most recent one, “The World Enough and Time” (the one with George Takei). Anyone can find things to quibble with, but I think that is the best hour of fanfilm made. It’s definitely the best hour of fanfilm I’ve ever seen.

18. Craptain Amerika - December 13, 2008

@ 7:

The redesign shown above? That one looks like images I’ve seen of what the ship was to look like had the original Phase II series aired.

19. Reliant - December 13, 2008

Hmm and when will we see this one? Xmas 2011? Look, I hate to complain about this, but we were told Blood and Fire Part 1 would be ready several months ago. Note to James and the Gang: Putting on a date and not having it ready for web is a lot like crying wolf. If it’s going to be December, I’m fine with that. It will give you guys more time for post-production and more time to show it off.

20. CmdrR - December 13, 2008

Thanks to James Cawley and the many others… we DO have a new Trek this Christmas. Way to go, guys! (I know we’re snide in these threads at times — hell, we’re Trekkies, therefore we kvetch.) This IS appreciated.

21. Quatlo - December 13, 2008

Good on Cawley and his crewe for pursuing their dreams, being creative and going for it while having fun. The lighting and production values look impressive and get better with each journey.

22. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - December 13, 2008

I thought a distinguishing trait of the Deltan species was their lack of hair? Kind of like how the TNG Klingons have bumpy foreheads.

23. Enterprise - December 13, 2008

Wow, how long has this site been talking about this? Will we ever see it?

24. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - December 13, 2008

Well. on the 19th ill be 40 and what a great birthday present. A new Episode of Phase 2. Thank you james Cawley for a nice Birthday present. Looking forward to it. (not my 40th though) LOl

25. mojonaut - December 13, 2008

13. Dom – I’m only going by what Gene Roddenberry said himself:

“Her face is breathtakingly beautiful. But like all Deltans, she is completely hairless except for the eyes. Her smooth, slender bare head has the almost sensually quality of delicately contoured nudity, always hidden before in other women. It gives her a striking, almost “Egyptian” look, particularly when wearing a Deltan jewel-band head ornament.

(Quoted from

26. Jim - December 13, 2008

Weren’t the engines not even tested in warp drive yet even in STTMP?

27. Kelvington - December 13, 2008

My question is, what the hell YouTube settings did you use for encoding the video. It looked great, and I’ve been trying to make YouTube videos look good for some time. Well done!

What I like about the P2 stuff is how accurate the sets look. There’s always been something about that ’60’s bridge and transporter room that I love. I suspect when the timeline fixes itself in JJ’s film it will look just like that. ‘:)

28. Odkin - December 13, 2008

I was the harshest critic around for the Koenig episode “To Serve All My Days”, but the Takei episode “World Enough and Time” was PERFECT. Please everyone, see it!

To those whining about episodes not coming fast enough for you, grow up, please. Ever heard about not looking a gift horse in the mouth? Cawley doesn’t HAVE to do these at all, and they cost you nothing. Why can’t you just be grateful for a gift, whatever you get, whenever you get it? Ain’t ya got no class?

29. Al - December 13, 2008

Indeed so.

30. mojonaut - December 13, 2008

Just looked at the video. I’m not a big fan of these films, mainly down to the acting, but I can’t help but be impressed at the attention to detail and the professionalism that goes into the production. Now that they’re evolving more into Phase II, they can put their own spin on it rather than just doing a copy-cat of the Original Series. And yes, the acting has improved. And hopefully, without being tied down to always having to use guest cast members to attract attention, the quality will improve further. I always felt having guest cast seemed a bit contrived and the stories were warped to fit around the guest star rather than just seeming natural.

31. Falvoant - December 13, 2008

Jon Povill would agree with you ..The Child did SUCK on TNG
He can talk about it for an hour as to why.
This is why he wanted to REDO it..becuase the studio would not let him tell the story the way intended it to be told…
You will see that story without the studio interference Jon put up with during TNG.
Deltans are not bald if Jon Povill says they aren’t this is the man who originally Wrote Deltans into existance…maybe someday you can hear why he agrreed with me when I said….Star Trek “The Motion Picture ” SUCKED!!
He went on for another hour about how the studio tied his hands…
maybe we will redo that one too…Ill bring it up to James


32. Dennis Bailey - December 13, 2008

#26: “Weren’t the engines not even tested in warp drive yet even in STTMP?”

Yep, but these engines aren’t necessarily *those* engines – these look like an “in-between” generation design bridging the TOS and TMP technologies.

33. Imrahil - December 13, 2008

#18 – I still hate it. I don’t like the TMP enterprise. It’s dull and lifeless and I don’t like the “aztec” patterns.

I really love the TOS enterprise, and I’m sad to see one more venue where she lived is getting rid of her.

34. SexyAsianGurl - December 13, 2008

the acting SUCCCCCCCCCCCCKSSSS but A for effort..

35. SexyAsianGurl - December 13, 2008

TMP Enterprise is AWESOME..its modern but retains all the old elements in a new way when I was a kid I had no problems at all getting into it.

36. Viking - December 13, 2008

With all the (justified) hype surrounding J.J.’s movie, it was good to see a little ‘classic’ TOS in that teaser. JC’s acting looks more fluid, and that new guy playing Chekov is a dead-ringer all the way around. Not bad. Not bad at all. :-)

37. Oregon Trek Geek - December 13, 2008

James Cawley does indeed rock. And dare I say it? Their episodes are way better than Of Gods And Men, which I just saw, and pretty much thought it blew chunks pretty bad. (yep, I know, they used Phase II sets.)

As for this show morphing into the TMP era, I think that is cool too. I think an awesome idea would be a movie length “feature” in the movie era. Say, between TMP and TWOK, or between TVH and TFF. Wasn’t there another 5 year mission after TVH?

I’d love to see the Phase II cast in TWOK uniforms. –Good– TWOK uniforms, not the TWOK silk jammies that Walter Koenig wore in Of Gods And Men….

38. Oregon Trek Geek - December 13, 2008

Oh, and yes, the new Spock DOES look really good!

39. dalek - December 13, 2008

#31 thanks for that, maybe this one will surprise after all…

40. VoR - December 13, 2008

“Checkov” is good.

Someone get Mr. Spock some coffee. Not emotional does not = dull, sleepy, and boring.

41. Jason - December 13, 2008

No downloads for the new episode? No thanks

42. thorsten - December 13, 2008

Nicely done.
I always wondered about how the Child would have been as a phase2 ep…

43. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 13, 2008

I am more excited about seeing this New Voyage than Star Trek 09.

I guess Exeter is now the only venue to see a REAL Constitution Class Starship. I think we all know an original Constitution Class Starship would wipe out any of the latter ship designs in a fair battle.

44. Capt. Fred - December 13, 2008

Maybe they haven’t shaved her head yet. ;)

45. StarTrekkie - December 13, 2008

I’m just wondering, how is this project funded? Is it fan funded? Is it personally funded by someone with deep pockets? How can they afford to have such a huge staff and fly people in? Do the people who work on this project do it in their spare time? Like, do they have regular full time jobs as well? Do they pay the staff and actors?

I’m very curious about all the financial aspects to this show.

46. Falvoant - December 13, 2008

I’m just wondering, how is this project funded?
Thanks for asking….

Its Basically funded out of our pockets..those of us who love Star trek enough to put our hard earned money up for it..

How can they afford to have such a huge staff and fly people in?

You see Rob Mauro in the video talk about his 2cd Family…we do what family does …we help one another where ever and when ever we can…

Do the people who work on this project do it in their spare time? Like, do they have regular full time jobs as well?

We all have full time jobs and careers many of us involved in Video Electronics ,Film Making ,TV ,Broadcasting …
But some of us are….Homemakers…Construction Workers…Chefs…
Rocket Scientists…or just work at Walmart…
Everyone is equally important to make the show come together.

We are UNpaid we do it for the LOVE of ST….and James Cawley
If you knew him you would not ask why anybody does all ths….

STP2 Engineering

47. DJT - December 13, 2008

They have the look of the TOS down – although I don’t exactly like the semi-refit.

I always envisioned the Old Girl pulling in to dry-dock at Earth as we always remembered her – maybe a little more weathered than we saw her last, but still in all her glory. The semi refit destroys the surprise and awe of the TMP beauty passes.

They should also find genuine quality actors to play those original parts – and then keep them. The guy who plays Chekov is perfect. But can’t they find a young William Shatner doppleganger out there? I mean, I have tremendous respect for Cawley as he set everything in motion for New Voyages, but I don’t buy him as JTK. To be fair, I am not sure about Chris Pines portrayal yet either as I have not seen it. It’s even money at this point.

That said – from the effects to make up, and every other aspect of NV seems to be improving. Great. I love it. I’m hoping they crank out the last 2 years of the 5 year mission.

48. Mr. "Why does Paramount keep screwing with Trek?" - December 13, 2008

I am very excited about this! I love ST:NV/PII

About the acting; yeah, some of the actors are better than others. However, the love for Trek that comes across in these productions makes it a small thing that for me is easily ignored. The effects are great, the sets are wonderful. The stories are, IMO, real Trek.

I actually liked “World Again and Time” better than Nemesis. I think I saw it five or six times, as well as told friends. “To Serve All My Days, 1969″ is almost as good. I really like the scene where Chekov is talking to himself about how fast he aged “But I was young!” he says. (Boy can I relate!)

The bottom line is, as a Trek fan, I am very grateful to Cawley and Co. for their efforts. They have kept the spirit of Trek alive and well.

Here’s a thought: Shatner didn’t end up doing “Enterprise”. and won’t be in the new movie. Would he do a ST:PII? It would be great to see him on that bridge!!

Thanks so much for all your hard work, Mr. Cawley and everyone. Sign me,

A Big Fan.

49. fred - December 13, 2008

The new Spock rivals Quinto!

50. OM - December 13, 2008

“But can’t they find a young William Shatner doppleganger out there? I mean, I have tremendous respect for Cawley as he set everything in motion for New Voyages, but I don’t buy him as JTK. To be fair, I am not sure about Chris Pines portrayal yet either as I have not seen it. It’s even money at this point.”

…It’s that damn Elvis-do Cawley has to keep in shape in order to do his Elvis impressions! Of course, it could be worse: Cawley could be part of a Sex Pistols tribute band that does for the Pistols what Beatlemania did for the Fab Four :-)

51. Oregon Trek Geek - December 13, 2008

#50–or worse yet, a Barbra Streisand tribute artist….

52. Lendorien - December 14, 2008

Asking a professional dancer to shave her heads for a fan production might have been a bit much. I’m sure that’s why she’s not bald.

53. mojonaut - December 14, 2008

There’s always prosthetics.

54. Crewman Darnell - December 14, 2008

Has anyone seen this old TV ad for KFC? The (TOS) bridge set is surprisingly impressive in accuracy, for a TV commercial. The actors portraying Kirk and Scotty are eerily spot-on. I almost suspected digital trickery.

55. ME - December 14, 2008



What the???

56. old - December 14, 2008

The TMP Enterprise looks ways better than the TOS Enterprise.
Sorry but the old bridge looks like paper and glue.

57. Falvoant - December 14, 2008

That is an Original Phase 2 Smock designed by William Ware Theiss

58. mojonaut - December 14, 2008

55: Dudes in dresses weren’t that unusual in the early days of The Next Generation, either. It was supposed to be a more equal time, after all. And David Beckham has been known to partake in the wearing of skirts…

59. Pat D. - December 14, 2008

dang. they have 4 of these shot that haven’t been released yet?

60. Oregon Trek Geek - December 14, 2008

54–I’ve never seen that KFC spot before. that was amazingly accurate! Way better than any parody I’ve seen before (Ie. SLN, MadTV, etc. etc.). Anyone know any more about that commercial?

61. Falvoant - December 14, 2008

54..Thanks for that…..James and crew will get a chucle out of that for sure!
Have a Great Day!


62. John Sullivan - December 14, 2008

I LOVE LOVE LOVE New Voyages. Last night I saw “Squire of Gothos” and Crawley never missed the chance to make his shows so great. If we get that kind of writing and characterization in the new Trek movie I’ll be a very happy camper indeed. Jack Marshall has two advantages Roddenberry never had … the time to get it right and no deadline pressures to get an episode in on schedule, even if it meant shows like “And the Children Shall Lead,” “Lights of Zetar,” and “Way to Eden” would show up in the schedule. Sounds like I’m picking on Season 3, but I tremendously enjoyed “The Enterprise Incident” and “All Our Yesterdays.” And of course there were plenty of episodes in Season 1 (Man Trap, Enemy Within, What are Little Girls Made of etc) that also failed to make the grade.

I can’t wait to see this one. Didn’t quite care so much for how they handled the “Doomsday Machine” variant but if anyone has the right to be ‘fanboyish,’ of course, it’s Jack Marshall. I don’t think its so wise to pick up the un-made Phase II episodes … for the best stuff is always the original stuff. Might as well remake the Animated Series if they like this path. But hey, this team has a set that lasted far longer than the original 60’s set did, so the cardboard and glue comparisons don’t hold up so much.

63. John Sullivan - December 14, 2008

RE: 32 by Dennis Bailey …
…. “Weren’t the engines not even tested in warp drive yet even in STTMP?”
Yep, but these engines aren’t necessarily *those* engines – these look like an “in-between” generation design bridging the TOS and TMP technologies.

Agreed my old friend. But let’s be real … this effort seems to ignore the developments towards ST-TNG’s evolution and go to the Phase II story where the late great Mike Minor and the late great Matt Jefferies got together to make something that looks more like this. I LOVED the Phase II artwork and hope we get to see an Enterprise in real sets and production illusions that look like that – ESPECIALLY the Engineering section. I really regret that Paramount tore down or redrew all of the Phase II sets to make room for the bland set that follows. We all remember McCoy beaming up in ST-TMP. “This place sucks!” he said immediately upon seeing the new ship. “Amen!” shouted the crowd in the theatre seats. The promise of Phase II always held out for a much more interesting look, and hopefully we’ll all finally get to see it.

What I DON’T want to see is the crappy scripts … and I never really was impressed with a single one of them.

64. Brent - December 14, 2008

63″What I DON’T want to see is the crappy scripts … and I never really was impressed with a single one of them.”

I have to disagree there. I think Ted Sturgeon’s “Cassandra” would have been a great story as would have Norman Spinrad’s “To Attain the All”. I also like the Richard Bach story “Practice in Waking” as it would have been a good Scotty story.

65. FSL - December 14, 2008

Always loved the New Voyages / Phase II. The look is always perfect. And the stories are intriguing. Especially now, with the original TOS further away from us (TOS-R, new movie, etc), P2 is a gem. And they did it as a fan production. All the effort and love (and money).

Way to go, gang! Can’t wait for Blood and Fire!

(still remember your “Captain Krik is still alive” flash forward) =>

66. mojonaut - December 14, 2008

63 – In relation to the P2 artwork – got to agree. Some of it is very interesting. Again, referencing “The Art of Star Trek”, which has a lot of Ralph McQuarrie’s drawings and maquettes, which were an extreme departure from the original designs from TOS. If we think the new Enterprise has split opinion, these designs were so drastically different that I don’t think anyone would have warmed to them, and I’m a huge Ralph McQuarrie fan. Again, the book comes recommended, and the chapter on Phase II is probably my favourite in the entire volume.

67. Mark Lynch - December 15, 2008

Question for anyone from Phase 2, are there any plans to build the engineering set? I for one would love to see it.

68. The Underpants Monster - December 15, 2008

“The Child” seems like an odd choice to me, since it went on to become such an iconic TNG episode. But I’ve come to trust Cawley & Co. so much that if they think there was something important that was missed in the previous adaptation, I’m happy to go along for the ride with them.

“Blood and Fire” is going to be my favorite Christmas present this year!!

69. Dr. Diehard - December 15, 2008

JJ who?

70. Cobra Commander - December 15, 2008

These productions are pretty impressive.
Checkov is great.
I have to chuckle @ Spock, though. He looks like Kevin Nealon playing Spock on the “Restaurant Enterprise” in 1986 on SNL!!!

Keep up the good work!

71. The Underpants Monster - December 15, 2008

“But can’t they find a young William Shatner doppleganger out there? I mean, I have tremendous respect for Cawley as he set everything in motion for New Voyages, but I don’t buy him as JT”

It’s amazing how viewer perceptions can differ. For my money, Cawley channels the original character far more convincingly than anyone else on the show; it’s his portrayal of Kirk on which the whole thing hangs. The first time I checked the show out I had the same feeling – that he didn’t look enough like Shatner – but five minutes in I forgot I was watching another actor.

72. Jojo Krakko - December 15, 2008

Not to bash these people for making these shows. I have tried to sit and watch them, but its just not the same. I dunno what it is, but I just can not get into them.

73. Falvoant - December 15, 2008

67 Yes!

74. mojonaut - December 15, 2008

Would it be the TOS engineering set or an updated Phase II set? And will we be getting updated versions of the rest of the sets?

75. Dr. What - December 16, 2008

About the funding…

They have $250 and the local subway donates free sub sandwiches on shooting days.

In terms of 1966 dollars, their budget is about double of Gene’s original TOS budget.


76. Tanru - December 16, 2008

The fire coming out of the hull-breach shouldn’t be being ‘blown back’ like that. The Enterprise is in a vacuum. There’s no atmosphere to blow the flames back. If anything it should be blowing out from the hull-breach. I don’t know about the fire coming off of the nacelle, though.

77. Scott - December 16, 2008

The thing that impresses me about Phase II is the music. It proves what I always suspected; the original series score is still vital and thrilling as always. In fact, their use of the original score in this trailer is really clever and very well done.

I would think, though, that at this point they could find real actors to volunteer as the main cast, instead of well-intentioned fans like Crowley. No disrespect intended to him and the rest, but even they have to admit that their presence in front of the camera keeps this firmly grounded as a fan film. Everything else about Phase II is amazing, from the sets and costumes to the special effects, to the scripts…it’s virtually flawless in every aspect except for where it counts the most; the stars of the show!

78. Romulan Cloak - December 16, 2008

I guess it is time to speak up here. As the guys who does a lot of the makeup for STP2 and shown on the vid above, I suppose I am in somewhat of a position to speak about the acting, makeup, etc.

The people who VOLUNTEER their time and money to help with this project are 2nd to NONE. They are truly some of the best people I have ever worked with. I have been a professional actor for a number of years and to see the dedication that these people bring to this project and to do so without any compensation is just amazing. And in many ways , it is a tribute to the leadership and heart of James Cawley. He is the soul of this project and he is the one that keeps us all coming back time and again.

We also had a LONG talk about the Deltan look during preproduction. There are tons of books, magazines, e-zines, Wiki, etc that have mention of the Deltan look, but there is not a single place anywhere in CANON where it says that all Deltans need to be bald. I will agree with the person above who stated that you cannot ask a dancer with a career to shave her head, but I also read the post about prosthetics. Having done makeup for film and TV a number of years, there is a cost involved that we will not mention. And secondly, there really is no way to put a bald cap on someone everyday, for the length of time we are shooting, for the number of days we shoot, and not have it look fake or drive the actor to distraction that has to wear it. The more we talked, the more we decided to go with natural hair. We did think of going exotic with eye makeup to address the race’s eros-driven mentality, but in the end it was decided that anything we did would distract from the acting and overall look of the show and would ultimately look quite cheap.

The new/new Chekov is absolutely fantastic and Brandon Stacy is stunning as Spock. RThe acting is superb and there was an eerieness about watching him play Spock that the whole crew felt and the fact that he was the stand-in for Zack Quinto just made things all the better.

Hope this clears things up a little —

79. James Cawley - December 16, 2008

#77- We enjoy being the characters, and whether you like my performance or not, I am and have been a paid professional actor for more than 20 years. I have appeared on stage more times than I care to count. Acting has taken care of me and allowed me to do this show.
James Cawley

80. Howard Andrew Jones - December 16, 2008

I admire your dedication and hard work, and know that many others do as well. I believe most of us out here have nothing but respect and admiration for you, and are a little ashamed to read silly nits from people. Anyone paying attention should know you and all those involved are doing this for free in their spare time. Keep up the good work, and live long and prosper.

Sincerely –
Howard Andrew Jones

81. hitch1969© speaks with wise tongue™. - December 16, 2008

Hey JC, thanks for replying to me. I appreciate that.

I am very excited about this Phase II news.


82. Katarian Egg - December 16, 2008

Deltans are bald. ALL Deltans are bald.

83. George Bush is a TWAT!!! - December 17, 2008


And your a TWAT!!!

84. Holger - December 17, 2008

77: “The thing that impresses me about Phase II is the music. It proves what I always suspected; the original series score is still vital and thrilling as always.”

Yes, very true.

85. T.U.M. - December 17, 2008

The look of the Deltan officer is an interesting choice. Obviously they feel that this particular performer brought something to the role that was more important than the visual appearance, and as an amatuer director myself I respect that. With this team, I have enough confidence based on their past efforts that they’ll take a page from Tim Gunn and make it work.

As a costumer, I think I would have gone a different route tham the big puffy hair, though. There are ways to evoke the same feeling of nude sensuality that the shaved head in TMP did. I think I would have slicked the hair close to the head and gathered it in the back – maybe even achieving an Elizabethan high forehead with some thetrical wax and foundation. I might also have gone with a smooth, sleek pixie-cut wig. If I had the clout to do so, I might even have asked the writer to write in something about a cultural headcovering – I remember when I was taking chemo people commented how sensual the soft scarves I wore looked.

I can’t wait to hear what kind of music they come up with for the dance sequence. As #77 and #84 noted, whoever scores these films has a great ear.

86. Falvoant - December 18, 2008

Good Morning America LOCAL NY CUT IN

87. Bennie - February 24, 2009

I realy like what James is doing. Keep up the good work, man

88. Rich - November 29, 2009

I understand the budget constraints and that the actors are volunteers (and bless them for that), but I am a bit saddened that one of the TWO primary characteristics that make Deltans prominently unique in Star Trek lore was dismissed. I remember reading the novelization of THE WRATH OF KAHN and the Regula 1 space lab supposedly had a Deltan couple on board (notably the lead male member of the Science crew reporting to Carol Marcus, who actually had dialogue in the film), and the way the writer explained the apparent discrepancy between the Film and the Novel that occasionally, during extended stays among humans, Deltans will wear wigs to ease tensions (along with controlling their pheromonal levels, of course). I guess THIS is one other way to explain why Lt. Isel has “hair”?

89. Falvoant - December 10, 2009

John Povill created the Deltan charactor
In his words…”Not all of them are Bald” is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.