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Michael Dorn A Surprise Guest On Tonight’s Heroes + Denise Crosby Appears On Prison Break December 15, 2008

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Sci-Fi,TNG , trackback

UPDATED: Monday night December 15th was a big night for former security officers of the USS Enterprise D. Firstly, Michael Dorn is the latest Star Trek crossover to appear on the NBC comic-book drama Heroes where  Star Trek The Next Generation’s Worf was a surprise guest star. And on Fox Denise Crosby (TNG: Tasha Yar) showed up on Prison Break. [images of both below + SPOILERS below]


President Worf
Dorn appeared in the episode "Dual" that aired tonight on NBC. This is final episode of Heroes "Volume 3 – Villains" (aka first half of the third season). In the episode Dorn shows up in the very last scene, which is actually a preview of the opening of the next volume of Heroes (Volume 4 – ‘Fugitives’), playing the unnamed President of the United States. The scene was mostly out of focus or with such tight close-ups that it was only in the final moments that you could recognize the actor who was playing the president. But any Star Trek fan would recognize that voice from the first moment he spoke. The scene portended what could be a recurring role for the actor in the next ‘Volume’ of Heroes, which kicks off on February 2nd, 2009.

The President of the United States (Michael Dorn -L) and Senator Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar – R middle image)  in Heroes [NBC]

And it wasn’t just Dorn in Monday’s big Fall finale episode. George Takei, Sulu from The Original Series, also appeared in "Dual, reprising his recurring role as Kaito Nakamura, father of Hiro Nakamura. And he got to show off some of his sword skills.

George Takei in Heroes "Dual" [NBC]

Watch it NBC, G4TV and online
Heroes airs on NBC at 9PM (8 Central). If you are catching this article within an hour of posting you still have time to catch this episode at its first showing at 9PM, and Mountain Time folks have time to catch end with Dorn. If you missed it, don’t worry as Heroes also repeats on Tuesday’s on G4TV. "Dual" should soon be available for viewing at NBC.com and Hulu.


Trek and Heroes – joined at the hip
Since its first episode, Heroes has been full of Star Trek references (both overt and subtle – see video below). The show is also home to many Star Trek cast and crewmembers. Of course almost every episode of Heroes includes Star Trek’s new Spock, Zachary Quinto as the brain sucking Sylar, but this is the the second week in a row with a main Trek cast member guest star. In addition to this week, George Takei also appeared last week in the episode "Our Fathers" (watch the full episode on Hulu – in USA). Other major Trek stars to appear on Heroes include Nichelle Nichols (TOS: Uhura), Dominic Keating (ENT: Reed), and Malcolm McDowell (GEN: Soren). There are also numerous members of the Heroes crew who are Trek vets, most notably DS9 and VOY writer/producer Bryan Fuller, who left the Heroes at the end of Season One, but is returning for the later half of Season Three (see EW interview with Fuller from last week on his return to Heroes). Some have suggested Leonard Nimoy as a possible father to Sylar (Quinto), however last week that role went to John Glover, who played Lex Luthor’s father on Smallville, but who also had a guest spot on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. And maybe Sylar needs a grandfather.

Zach Quinto shows some Trek-Heroes connections

UPDATE: Doctor Yar on Prison Break
In a bit of a strange coincidence, TNG’s Denise Crosby also had guest spot on a Monday Network show. Crosby played an unnamed ‘Doctor’ on the episode "Going Under." where she performed dangerous experimental brain surgery on the show’s hero Michael Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller). If you missed the episode, you can catch it online at FOX.com (starting later this week).

Denise Crosby on Prison Break [FOX]

Prison Break has had its fair share of Star Trek actors, including Dominic Keating (ENT: Reed) and most notably John Billingsley (ENT: Phlox), who had a major recurring character in the first season.



1. Captain Dunsel - December 15, 2008

But does he have powers? We don’t yet know…

2. Jordan - December 15, 2008

#1 No, but he will latter on. Then he will loose them, get them back, die and come back to life.

3. Xai - December 15, 2008

I love this subtle Trek salute Tim Kring and his production staff have kept going.

Who’s next?

4. Enterprise - December 15, 2008


5. Xai - December 15, 2008



6. Xai - December 15, 2008

sans tatoo

7. caz316 - December 15, 2008

who’s next,why not Nimoy to play a futur version of Sylar,or Stuwart to play the prime minister of england agains Dorm.

8. Imrahil - December 15, 2008

No no no. Clint Howard.

9. Jason P Hunt - director of "Burned" - December 15, 2008

It’ll be Majel Barrett, and she’ll show up just as the “Countdown” comic book comes out in the fully collected edition.

Or John deLancie as the Vice President or National Security Advisor.

Other stunt casting possibilities:
Denise Crosby
Michelle Forbes
Nana Visitor
Alexander Siddig
Avery Brooks
Diana Muldaur
Armin Shimmerman
Jeri Ryan

I’ve always felt divided on this cross-pollination among the sci-fi shows. While it’s a nice nod to the fans, it also increases the “geek” factor for all of the “normal” folks in the audience. “Stargate” is probably the worst example of this, bringing in alumni from “Star Trek” and “Farscape”. Plus we’re seeing it with “Sanctuary” bringing in “Stargate” cast.

I’d like to see sci-fi shows do the kind of thing FX did by getting Glenn Close for “Damages” and “The Shield”. Why can’t we get casting like that? Can you imagine “Sanctuary” with Anthony Hopkins or Denzel Washington? How about “Heroes” with Sophia Loren or Forrest Whitaker? Or William Peterson? Now that he’s off “CSI”, he needs something to do.

10. Captain Dunzel - December 15, 2008

This president will not be impeached. But will accept…discommendation.

11. otrera - December 15, 2008

they should get Jeffrey Combs! he’s been in every Star Trek, except for the original :D

12. 750 Mang - December 15, 2008


Has “Heroes” gotten better?

Netflixing Season Two now… ouch.

13. David (Flaming Wings Forever) - December 15, 2008

#9 – “Stargate” is probably the worst example of this, bringing in alumni from “Star Trek” and “Farscape”. Plus we’re seeing it with “Sanctuary” bringing in “Stargate” cast.

Personal tastes I guess. SG-1 last 2 seasons – ok, I get your point. The Farscape casting was a coup, and frankly brought fresh air to the series. Stunt or otherwise, ratings went up and stayed up.

Robert Picardo has had a great run with his character on SG-1 and SG-A., as has Connor Trinnear (? spelling unsure) with Atlantis. As for Sanctuary, many of the actors are local to Vancouver, and great friends so yes they’d work together again.

14. Imrahil - December 15, 2008

From what I hear (I stopped watching after the S3 premiere), it’s on its last legs.

15. Jordan - December 15, 2008

Michael Dorn playing the president of the United States!? It’s INGENIOUS!!! So good to see him in a high-profile acting gig, and a gig with substance to boot!

16. Jason P Hunt - director of "Burned" - December 15, 2008

I’m not saying it hurts the show, creatively or otherwise. I just think that the perception of SF in the main would be enhanced a bit if they got actors who aren’t normally associated with SF all the time.

What about Eric Braden? Everyone knows him from “The Young & The Restless”, but he did a turn in the “Wonder Woman” pilot oh so many years ago.

And “Heroes” should be Eddie Paskey.

17. Nuchtchas - December 15, 2008

S3 way better then S2, though they say if you skipped S2 and S3 so far if you start watching on Feb 3 you won’t be missing anything.

I am so happy to have Dorn as the Prez, Heroes + Trek = Fanlove!

18. i like this ship...it's exciting!!! - December 15, 2008

heres more casting ideas…THE SHAT, Spader, and a complete out-of-left field crossover, Annette O’Toole as the U.S. Senator from Kansas, Martha Kent (LOL) also whenever Heroe’s series finale is gonna be, whether in a few months or years down the road, 10-to-1 they’ll pull a ‘Newhart’-like twist and reveal that all of ‘Heroes’ is actually a hidden Star Trek prequel series, a kind of new twist on the Eugenics Wars

19. Luke Forrester - December 15, 2008

Was a good day for Enterprise D Security tonight.

Denise Crosby made an appearance on tonights episode of Prison Break as well.

20. Enterprise - December 15, 2008

Nimoy as Syler’s father?

21. Jorg Sacul - December 15, 2008

” 7. caz316 – December 15, 2008

who’s next,why not Nimoy to play a future version of Sylar”

um… I don’t think that will work so well. ;-)

22. Jared Butcher - December 15, 2008

The overlooked side effect of the Obama presidency is that every black male actor will get a turn at playing the President.

23. MORN SPEAKS - December 15, 2008

Saw the name in the beginning of the credits and was Stoked!! It was the best part of the WHOLE volume!

Also, I’ve never seen My Own Worst Enemy, but I left the TV on after Heroes and saw a ‘First Contact’ reunion of Lily Sloane and Zefram Chrocrane (Alfre Woodard and James Cromwell!)

24. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - December 15, 2008

It is a good day to save the cheerleader !!


25. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - December 15, 2008

#1 : He has the power to not stay married due to his wives befalling unfortunate “accidents” . ;o)

26. Anthony Pascale - December 15, 2008

nice catch Luke, added that to article

27. Terpor - December 15, 2008

Shatner should do a cameo in Dexter :)

28. Harley3k - December 15, 2008

woah… Shat on Dexter would be interesting.

Or maybe as a high ranking vampire in True Blood.

29. Will H. - December 15, 2008

Well Im glad to see that homage paid to Star Trek, then again all it is is a promo for the new movie.

30. Danya Romulus - December 15, 2008

I’ve always felt divided on this cross-pollination among the sci-fi shows. While it’s a nice nod to the fans, it also increases the “geek” factor for all of the “normal” folks in the audience.

But when this happens, do you think the “normal” folks even notice? I personally doubt it.

31. Newman - December 16, 2008

Michael Dorn is my boy. I have not been following Heroes lately but I would love to see him on screen again.

30. To quote Geordi,

“What’s normal?”

32. Devon - December 16, 2008

Denise Crosby of New Voyages? Wow!

33. thorsten - December 16, 2008

I have to admit, I did not know that Prison Break ist still on the air…
I was not able to watch more than the beginning of season 3 for boredom…

34. Jordan - December 16, 2008

Anyone catch the Big Bang Theory. The ending was priceless.

35. Enterprise - December 16, 2008

Shatner should be on Lost as the head of Dharma. That would be so sweet.

36. thorsten - December 16, 2008


you are right, he looks like a matured de Groot…

37. OR Coast Trekkie - December 16, 2008

Rene Auberjoniois, Marc Alaimo, Aron Eisenberg, Louise Fletchter, Colm Meany would all be good choices too.

38. kevin - December 16, 2008

also this season on “prison break” a one time ds9 villain had a big role in the first few episodes of this season.

cress williams has been on prison break this season. as soon as you see him on screen in prison break there is something about him that makes you go…hmmm…i’ve seen this guy somewhere before…under heavy make-up as a jem’hadar third talak’talan in the second season ds9 finale “the jem’hadar.”

39. Saavik - December 16, 2008

Thanks, for the Heroes spoiler in the SUBJECT of this article. Couldn’t you have written something like “Michael Dorn makes surprise appearance in a show”? Did it have to be put into the subject, that he’s on Heroes? :(

I think there are going to be a lot of people from UK who will be disappointed too, because they thought, they can read the articles of this homepage without having to worry to get the newest Heroes episode spoiled.

40. thorsten - December 16, 2008

Come on Saavik, imagine how tough this is for german fans. The dubbing takes so long that they will forget about Dorns appearance before the episode airs on the old continent ;))

41. Spider1981 - December 16, 2008

The actor who plays Theodore Bagwell (T-bag) in Prison Break was in an episode of TNG as a visitor aboard the enterprise.

42. mooseday - December 16, 2008

Always liked Michael Dorns voice over work – retro trip for I Am Weasel :)


Good to see him back on TV again.

43. commander K, USS Sovereign - December 16, 2008

“Perhaps today is a good day to die!”

I hope he says that as the president. :P

44. Jason P Hunt - director of "Burned" - December 16, 2008

Danya, the “normals” may not notice, but it’s one of those things where you end up talking about it with someone else who knows the language, and you get looks.

Happened to me yesterday while a colleague and I were discussing “Thomas the Tank Engine”…

45. CmdrR - December 16, 2008

Nice that they gave George some real screen time. Previously, it was usually one scene… or one scene and off the balcony with you! Ha. Also nice that Our Father and Dual were better episodes than we’ve seen for most of this season. Anyway, welcome President Worf. I don’t think anyone will be throwing shoes at you, unless they want a bat’leth up their… _____.

46. The Underpants Monster - December 16, 2008

I was so excited to see Dorn last night! I knew he was going to be on, but I still yelped when I heard THAT VOICE!

Kaito Nakamura continues to be one of my favorite TV characters ever. Takei never really had the opportunity to show us those chops in Star Trek.

47. falcon - December 16, 2008

And if you were watching “Chuck” right before “Heroes”, you might have noticed that the episode was directed by Robert Duncan McNeill (Lt. Paris from VOY).

48. Jorg Sacul - December 16, 2008

Well, to be fair, they put Dorn’s name in the opening credit scroll… it just became a matter of “when” he’d appear in the episode. I must compliment the makeup people for their youth-on-asian (that’s a joke, people) work with George. He really looked younger, not just made up to look younger, if you know what I mean.

49. Nelson - December 16, 2008

Yes, as another poster mentioned above, another terrific and well acted reference to Star Trek in The Big bang Theory! Penny giving an autographed napkin from Leonard Nimoy to Sheldon. A really great moment!

Dorn as president was a nice surprise, saw his name in the credits so I was looking for it.

50. Captain Dunsel - December 16, 2008

#9 “How about “Heroes” with Sophia Loren or Forrest Whitaker?”

One of the great regrets of my life is that I met Sophia Loren in 1965 when I was 9 – WAY too young to appreciate the event!

#16 “What about Eric Braden? Everyone knows him from “The Young & The Restless”, but he did a turn in the “Wonder Woman” pilot oh so many years ago.”

Don’t forget “Colossus: The Forbin Project”. But I’d rather see Hans Gudegast…

51. MORN SPEAKS - December 16, 2008

Denise Crosby was also Dexter’s first victim in the first season.

52. The Original Jordan - December 16, 2008

Also great to see Denise Crosby working again.

53. Thorny - December 16, 2008

Michael Dorn is always cool, but the best cameo appearance last night wasn’t by a former Trekker, it was Reginald Veljohnson as Officer Al Powell (from “Die Hard”) on “Chuck”.

And “The Big Bang Theory” had a guest star from “Battlestar Galactica” and an absolutely outstanding closing scene referencing Leonard Nimoy.

54. Scott - December 16, 2008

I have a George Takei question: I always thought he grew up fully Americanized, and didn’t know much about Japanese culture. But did he grow up speaking Japanese? If not:

– Did he learn it later in life?
– Did he learn it for “Heroes?”
– Does he learn his lines phonetically?
– Is his accent correct, or would a native speaker find fault with it?

He’s totally convincing to me, but I know zippo about the Japanese language.

Scott B. out.

P.S. I saw the Dorn cameo last night. Very nice. I like Dorn. I was surprised to see his name in the opening credits. President! Hey, I’d vote for him. :-)

55. Kirk's Girdle - December 16, 2008

Takei’s parent were first generation, I believe. During World War II, George’s family was moved, with thousands of other Japanese-Americans, to an internment camp in desert, where they remained until the war was over. Since he was only a small boy, he didn’t realize he was in a virtual prison.

56. Kirk's Girdle - December 16, 2008

Hopefully, Dorn will fare better than Bruce Boxleitner of Babylon 5. It should also be noted that Hiro’s mother was played by Tamlyn Tomita, the original Leutenant Commander of Babylon 5.

And Jeffrey Coombs may not be in Heroes, but he was already in The 4400, and ended up looking a lot like Suresh after injecting himself with Promycin.

57. Olley Olley Olley - December 16, 2008

and now after the terrible 2nd series and churn of shite 3rd series Heroes goes down the X-Men route.

Fail and lazy writting

58. Loran Alan Davis - December 16, 2008

How about Grace Lee Whitney as Sylar’s grandmother?

Even better, Dan Shea (Stargate’s Sgt. Siler) as Sylar’s brother!

By the way, it is snowing really hard here right now. Just a reminder that Trek XI is still a long way off…

59. Olley Olley Olley - December 16, 2008

Isnt it interesting that Trek Stars from different show run to Heroes in a heartbeat, but if there had been a crossover TREK show mentioned,
their agents would have been screaming millions and major screen time for .their cilents egos.

I’m disappointed at lost chances, needy actors and greedy agents.

60. Jason P Hunt - director of "Burned" - December 16, 2008

Was Veljohnson playing the same character? I missed the first part of the episode, but I saw him there doing the same thing he did in Die Hard. I thought it was a nice in-joke. Hostages, again…

Maybe we could come up with a web series that spoofs every SF show, and makes a point of stunt casting everyone who’s ever been in the following shows:

“Star Trek”
“The 4400″
“Battlestar Galactica”
“Buck Rogers”
“The Man from Atlantis”
“Jason of Star Command”
“Wonder Woman”

and anything else we can come up with.

How about Jackson Bostwick on “Heroes”?

61. Dierna - December 16, 2008

When the opening credits for this week’s ep of Heroes said Michael Dorn I think I payed more attention to the ep than I had in a long time. I was waiting and waiting to see what powers he had…. and then BAM….he’s the president and Nathan Patrelli became Senator Kelly with his mutant relocation camp crap. :P Hello Days of Future Past!

With all these trek stars going to Heroes Im waiting for the rest of the cast of Gargoyles to appear. Michael Dorn was Coldstone while Nichelle Nichols was Diane Maza. Marina Sirtis needs to show up with powers! Perhaps a telepath? :P

62. caz316 - December 16, 2008

Jorg Sacul
um… I don’t think that will work so well. ;-)
tell me what’s wrong with that,it will be logical,lol
John Glover as already been cast to play Sylar father.
while we’re at it,why not Shaner to do a scene with Takei,lol
I said do a scene With Takei,not do Takei

63. OR Coast Trekkie - December 17, 2008

Andrew J. Robinson would be a great villian

64. Jason P Hunt - director of "Burned" - December 17, 2008

I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the ultimate villain:


65. Jason P Hunt - director of "Burned" - December 17, 2008

I’m also surprised that we haven’t seen a tribble yet…

66. Thorny - December 17, 2008

60. Jason… “Was Veljohnson playing the same character? I missed the first part of the episode, but I saw him there doing the same thing he did in Die Hard. I thought it was a nice in-joke. Hostages, again…”

Yes, Sergeant Al Powell was also his character in “Die Hard”. Veljohnson also spoke the same line as he did in “Die Hard” when his cousin Big Mike (the Buy More manager) called out and he asked “How are you doin’ in there, partner?”

We also got “Ode To Joy” at the finale when Powell and Big Mike reunited, the same music heard in “Die Hard”.

Both “Die Hard” and “Chuck” were about a building being taken over on Christmas Eve.

67. sean - December 17, 2008


he wasn’t in TNG, last i checked.

68. T.U.M. - December 17, 2008

I really hope president Worfk doesn’t turn out to have a superpower.

One of the things I find most engaging about “Heroes” is its theme that it isn’t really superpowers that make a hero. It’s generally been the “normal” people like HRG who are the most effective and, well, powerful, and the superpoweredest people who are the real screwups.

Until last season, I would have listed Kaito and Mama Petrelli along with HRG, and I was disappointed to have them turn out to be superpowered. But I think it’s significant that their particular powers are pretty tame, ho-hum ones – ones that I can easily see them being just as powerful without.

69. Sickly Sweet Cloud Creature - December 17, 2008

OR Coast Trekkie…”Andy” Robinson DID make a great villian…he was “Scorpio,” the San Francisco sniper, in the original “Dirty Harry”…

Clint (stepping on Robinson’s leg after winging him from about 100 yards with a Magnum) – “Where’s the girl?”
Andrew (blubbering, wheezing) – “You tried to KILL me!”

(Cue camera pullaway from Kazar Field with spooky music…)

Classic…I was so happy to see him as Garak in DS9…

70. Role on the 8th May - December 18, 2008

Maybe we’ll have the Big E make a cameo next as the hero’s mother ship take them home

71. Spangemacher - December 20, 2008

Schau mal

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