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The Collective: TRU Exclusive Figure Revealed + Timeless Geordi Arrives December 17, 2008

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Review,Toys , trackback

In the last ‘Collective’ TrekMovie reported that Star Trek toys from Diamond Select were headed into Toys R’ Us and this week we can show you the TRU exclusive figure that is going along with them…one hint: Khaaaaannnnn! Plus we have a review of the exclusive Geordi figure you can get with the ‘Alternate Realities DVD Set’ and some new Borg figure pictures.

Khan R’ Us
Diamond T has announced in their ‘E Spectrum’ online newsletter the its first exclusive for Toys R’ Us is none other than an Admiral Kirk ‘Khaaaannnn!’ 7" action figure. The action figure commemorates the iconic moment when Kirk "doesn’t mince words" and "expresses his true feelings" about Khan from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Star Trek toys are already starting to show up at TRU, and the Kirk exclusive will be available soon.

New ST II Adm. Kirk Toys R Us Exclusive

William Shatner’s famous vocal oscillation has been featured on licensed t-shirts, however this is the first time the outburst has been rendered as an action figure. Star Trek II actually did not have any figures around its release, although Playmates did put out a Saavik and Khan in the 1990s and in 2007 DST started offering a whole set of figures and toys to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The line includes some exclusive and limited items, such as Captain Clarke Terrell and Genesis Radiation Khan action figures.  Now, frustrated Kirk joins the line.

DST’s previously released TWOK figures

It has been six years since TRU has carried Star Trek figures and so the DST and TRU announcement is a welcome sign of Star Trek’s return to mainstream attention. And the last TRU Trek exclusive figure is also from six years ago, a carded edition of Dr. Phlox (in Away Team gear) from Enterprise

2002 Phlox – the last Toys R Us Star Trek Exclusive

"Timeless" Geordi arrives
In other ‘DST exclusives’ news, fans who sent in the order forms featured in the September DVD "Alternate Realities" collective release are starting to receive their Diamond Select Toys "Timeless Geordi" action figure. The 7" action figure is an exclusive to the DVD set and features the character as he appeared "Timeless," the acclaimed 100th episode of Star Trek Voyager (which was directed by LeVar Burton).

‘Timeless’ Geordi from DST – Exclusive with ‘Alternative Realities’ DVD set
(click to enlarge)

While Geordi is one of my favorite characters, and any Geordi item is welcomed, this action figure is slightly disappointing. Firstly, the "future" delta shield on the figure is not from "Timeless" and is more akin to the "Future Imperfect" variety. Also, the sculpt is a bit "thin" because actor Burton has a rounder face than this in the episode. However, other details are good, including the proper collar pips and a full beard on the character. The eyes are also nice, which is one of the most important features of the character. In a year dominated by TOS collectibles, it was nice that DST offered a TNG item for fans. Plus the figure is ‘free’ except for the $7.50 in shipping and handling.

Hey, you can recreate LeVar Burton directing actor Garrett Wang!

More pics of Borg figures
On last bit of DST figure news. ToyNews has some new higher res images of the upcoming Borg Figures, expected to arrive in mid 2009.

Assimilate the fun!




1. Andrew - December 17, 2008


2. Nicholas - December 17, 2008

Third, and wishing I was 30 yrs younger

3. Sean4000 - December 17, 2008

Is that the 29th century Borg with that pod on his arm?

4. Christine - December 17, 2008

Aw, snap, those look so… so…

Can’t think of the word. xD Figures, FTW.

5. Brett Campbell - December 17, 2008

#2’s comment was inevitable from someone, wasn’t it?

Still, a cool figure.

Remember that Kirk had already pre-arranged an escape plan with Spock, so he never risked being “buried alive… alive…” and his enraged yell was just an act, in fact a “KKKKKHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN!! job.” ;)

The profile of the Geordi figure looks disarmingly like Charlton Heston’s astronaut pal Dodge, killed in the hunt, and “taxidermied” and displayed in a museum on the “Planet of the Apes.”

6. Orb of the Emissary - December 17, 2008

Wow, those looks awesome! Can’t wait to get them!

7. Can't Wait for May 2009 - December 17, 2008

I feel bad for saying this, but “Timeless Geordi” looks like Beetlejuice from Howard Stern.

8. Just another German trekker - December 17, 2008

OH YEAH – finally not only a Khan- but a KHAAAN!-figurine … but somehow… well, somehow I think that they need to make a BUST of the enraged Kirk to capture the essence of the scene and his facial expression…

9. The Underpants Monster - December 17, 2008

Love the “KHAAAN!” figure! I bet the sculptor had a great time with that one. Geordi is looking a bit lantern-jawed, but it’s nice to see him, anyway.

10. Andros - December 17, 2008

Geordi looks a little too much like a primate…I mean his jaw line is FIERCE…

11. Fred - December 17, 2008

I was always amused by how Shatner reminded me of Dr. Smith when he screwed up his face to unleash that famous shout!

And yes, it was another example of Kirk the Actor in the line if duty.

12. Just another German trekker - December 17, 2008


13. Planet Pandro - December 17, 2008

I got my Timeless Geordi a couple weeks ago…I’m usually torn on the diamond select toys…some of the likenesses are great, some not so much. I agree that the likeness comes off as too “thin” and tall, and in general he looks like “basketball Geordi” instead of “Captain LaForge” Of course, it was free w/ the DVD set, so I guess I can’t complain.

14. star trackie - December 17, 2008

The likeness on screaming Kirk is so bad it’s comical. He looks more like the incredible Hulk! But the uniform is great and it is funny. I think I may get this one.

15. garen - December 17, 2008

Screaming Kirk looks exactly like Jean-Claude Van Damme. You cant deny it!

16. sisko - December 17, 2008

See, this is why I have KHAAANN as my license plate. Kirk yelling KHAAANN rules! I am so buying this.

17. CmdrR - December 17, 2008

Geordi looks like Dodge, after he became a permanent exhibit in the Ape City Natural History Museum. And that’s not the kind of obscure reference I can make anywhere but here.

18. Lancelot Narayan - December 17, 2008

If I were LeVar Burton, I’d be really gutted.

19. Art•Rob - December 17, 2008

Geordi’s mouth area is all wrong. He almost looks like a black stereotype. It’s borderline offensive.

17. CmdrR – I guess I’m not hip enough. Who or what is “Dodge”?

20. Toddk - December 17, 2008

Nice work on kirk, Now all we need is the luke skywalker action figure from the empire strikes back with the: Nooooooooo!!! That’s not true! that’s impossible! face! Cool:)

21. screaming satellite - December 17, 2008

dont normally get action figures..but CMON!! SCREAMING KHHHHHAAAN KIRK IS A MUST!!

Might have to get some of the others as well – Bloody Kirk, Spock and Genesis Khan…but then what about the Kirk/spock death scene?…aggggrraaahhh too much choice!…why don they release Kirk walks down the corridor figure or Khans bulging eyes at Joachim figure while their at it?

22. Antni - December 17, 2008

is it just me or is the wrong commbadge on the geodi figure lol

23. NCC-73515 - December 17, 2008

I have bought the Alternate Realities box and there is NO such offer whatsoever here in Germany.

24. Babel Girl - December 17, 2008

I’ve got to get those!

25. Jeffrey S. Nelson - December 17, 2008

The Kirk figure looks more like Jean Claude Van Damme…! Dohhhh!!!!

26. Rick Moyer - December 17, 2008

That Kahn Kirk figure is priceless! AWESOME!


Merry Christmas everyone, listen to some Merry Trekmas music

Peace, out.

27. Cenobyte - December 17, 2008

Not so sure about the head sculpts on this series of figures especially Kirk. I think he looks more like Tom Hanks… and Geordi is just wrong, I agree he looks like a caveman.

I know Shatner is a tough face to get, but I’ve seen way better… even the older TOS figures from Diamond Select looked more Kirk-esque!

28. screaming satellite - December 17, 2008

27 – the reason why they can never get his face rights is because he was too handsome…its difficult to recreate all that hunky shatner handsomeness on a little action doll!

the same is true for elvis – they can never get his face right – even on the ultra detailed McFarlene figures – he was too damn pretty!

29. jr - December 17, 2008


30. Brad - December 17, 2008

Geordi looks like a freaking Zombie. If I was Levar, I’d be pissed!!

31. jr - December 17, 2008


32. krikzil - December 17, 2008

I want the Kirk Khan figure. It’s great!

33. CmdrR - December 17, 2008

19- ArtRob — no no, you’re too hip is the problem. Dodge was the black astronaut in the original Planet of the Apes. He gets shot, then stuff with marbles stuck in his eye sockets. In the late 60’s that was plenty gross.

34. LCDR Arch - December 17, 2008

I like the constipated Kirk doll…..

35. Decker Unit - December 17, 2008

Why didn’t they make the figure with a sound chip???????

36. Smittmaestro - December 17, 2008

Oh I love the catsuited Seven!

Oh mama!!


37. CmdrR - December 17, 2008

Why didn’t they make the figure with a sound chip???????

Kirk would run off all your pets.

38. Enterprise - December 17, 2008

Where’s Kirk’s communicator?

39. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - December 17, 2008

I put in the order for my Timeless Geordi on November 11th and I am still waiting on him to arrive. It seems to me the 3 to 4 weeks that the order form claims is stretching it .

For the people that have ordered and received the figure , anyone have a good idea of the real ETA?

I realize we are in the busiest shipping time of the year …

but, I want my figure!

40. Brett Campbell - December 17, 2008

19 – Read my post 5. I made the comment first and give fuller explanation about Dodge.

41. Brett Campbell - December 17, 2008

And my comment at #5 about Geordi looking like “Apes'” Dodge meant he looks like him AFTER he’s been killed and stuffed.

42. I am not Herbert - December 17, 2008

Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta get that one!!!

43. ucdom - December 17, 2008

The KHAAAAAAN figure is bl**dy hilarious – looks more like he’s just shatnered himself, ‘cos that’s the face I make when I… you know…

I’ll get me coat

44. Brett Campbell - December 17, 2008

17 – So, not that obscure a reference, apparently, since we both made that same connection upon seeing the Geordi figure. It’s those glassy-looking eyes, especially, don’cha think?

45. ucdom - December 17, 2008

See, now I want to go into an Indian restaurant and order a NAAAAAAAAAAAAN bread

46. CmdrR - December 17, 2008

I think so. I totally was so into being snide, I didn’t read the previous posts… but, yes, the likeness on Geordi leaves something to be desired.

47. Brett Campbell - December 17, 2008

46 – I think the toy manufacturers were trying to give a “blind look” to Geordi’s eyes, but it definitely had my mind flash to the glassy eyes they used on the stuffed Dodge in “Apes” and and also flash on Heston’s reaction when he realizes he was hiding from the gorillas behind his dead, displayed friend. Maybe a little embarrassing to admit, but the original “Apes” is my all-time favorite flick.

Must be Geordi really does look like taxidermied Dodge or it’s unlikely we both would have made the same comparison.

Personally, I’d rather have an action figure of dead, stuffed Dodge. The Geordi is creepier by far… ;)

48. The Invader (In Color) - December 17, 2008

That Kirk figure is creepy in a “Trilogy of Terror” (Movie about a killer doll) kind of way…

49. James F Kelsey - December 17, 2008

I’d like to see all the figures from all the different ranges (from original series, right up to next gen and beyond), actually be the same scale so you can ‘intermix’ them? Stood next to TOS Kirk, the new TWOK KIrk seems to have had his heels heightened (no they’re same), or his toupee has been modelled too high, but by nearly a 1/4″! (So? Kirk had his ‘Books’, I have my imperial measurement ;o))
The faces on TOS figures aren’t as good as more recent series, because they can’t depend on laser scans of the actors faces as they do for later series (Their Archer is a great scan, but the method of production often causes width shrinkage in laser scanned models).
PHLOX though is brilliant, I have one!
Shame about Geordie though, more neck pose accentuating his jawline.

50. Robogeek - December 17, 2008

I’m amazed and disappointed that none of you have linked to this yet…

51. Brett Campbell - December 17, 2008

48 – I remember that movie from the ’70’s when I was a kid. TV movie, right?
With Karen Black. She throws the doll in an oven and the evil spirit then possesses her. Do I remember correctly?

52. The Bear - December 17, 2008

The 7 of 9 Borg version looks better than the “human” version in these pics. However, I’ll pick both of these versions of Seven up, but pass on the other Borgs.

I hope DST does Chekov and Terrell in the spacesuits from the movie. I’d get both of them.

53. NoRez - December 17, 2008

5, 7, 14 , 15, 28 – yes, exactly.

Trilogy of Terror – ha! I really miss those ABC Movies of the Week. Still waiting for a Bad Ronald action figure…

54. Mike T. - December 17, 2008

Looking at the borg figures kind of makes me wish 7 of 9 was left as a borg longer, they rushed her into the catsuit too fast.

As for the Geordi figure, If I was Levar Burton I would sue them, that hardly looks anything like him.

55. T.U.M. - December 17, 2008

>>I was always amused by how Shatner reminded me of Dr. Smith when he screwed up his face to unleash that famous shout!<<

“Khan, you conniving collection of devious DNA! You pusillanimous product of chromosomal kookery! You genetically gerrymandered jackanapes!”

56. T.U.M. - December 17, 2008

#35 – If they made the figure with a sound chip, it would deny us the pleasure of yelling, “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” for ourselves.

57. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 17, 2008

God, I hate the Seven of Nine unitard almost as much as I hate the Troi unitard.

Indeed, Mike T., she should have stayed in the Borg look longer.

58. paustin - December 17, 2008

Khan screaming Kirk is hilarious….#35 is right the sound chip would make it an instant classic

59. steve623 - December 17, 2008

Something tells me that “Dr. Phlox (in Away Team gear)” didn’t fly off the TRU shelves back in oh-two.

60. P-Dub - December 17, 2008

I got my “Timeless Geordi” figure in the mail about two weeks ago actually…

61. MikeJones - December 17, 2008

LMAO looks like shat is takin a shat, and geordi looks like a monkey -not meant to be a racist slur..but look at the way they modeled him?!?

62. Xai - December 17, 2008

The “khaann! Kirk looks like John Shuck or Joe Piscapo

63. Xai - December 17, 2008



64. Cenobyte - December 17, 2008

Oh crap i got it… Geordi looks like the sculpture of Lional Richie’s head in the Hello video! It can be seen at exactly 5:00…

#62 And I agree that the screamin Kirk looks like Joe Piscapo lol Good call!

65. THE NEW BSG - December 17, 2008

They really over did his lips…

66. Iowagirl - December 18, 2008


Yup – they just caaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttt get hunk Shaaaatttnnneeer riiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhttttttt! :)

67. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 18, 2008

61 — “LMAO looks like shat is takin a shat” :0 I’m thinking it’s more the other direction — a colonoscopy….

68. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! - December 18, 2008

#1 WHAT?!

69. JP Saylor - December 18, 2008

Is it me or did they give Geordi a typical african male skull structure? lol Geordi’s head is not shaped like that. hahahaha

70. Captain Dunsel - December 18, 2008

That’s a great likeness for 7 of 9… and the face isn’t bad either.

71. Admiral Kent - December 18, 2008

#17 You hit the nail on the head…then cut it open and scooped out it’s brains!

I was trying to think what that reminded me of. Too funny!

72. Admiral Stedman - December 18, 2008

Love the collection. But they REALLY need to offer either Chekov and Terrell in the space suits / helmets or Spock from TMP’s “Spock Walk” in the same outfit.

73. AriochRIP - December 18, 2008

Yet another Kirk that looks absolutely nothing like Shatner. I’m thankful that ALL the Kirks have been this bad – it gives me one less thing to spend money on.

74. Anthony Thompson - December 18, 2008

I called 2 or 3 Toys R’ Us in my area ( the Twin Cities ) last weekend to inquire about Diamond Select toys. NONE of them carried Diamond Select!

75. The Khan Federation - December 18, 2008

I have my Hallmark “Khan” Christmas ornament currently hanging in the center of the wreath on my front door, making it…….

76. Paul - December 18, 2008

The Kirk figure is awesome! Soundchip would have been the icing on the cake.

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a full set of TMP figures.

77. Brett Campbell - December 18, 2008

75 – Ew … groan. Good one!

78. Andy Patterson - December 18, 2008

I don’t want to offend the sculpturer of that Khhhhaaaan…..but that’s just not right. It looks like Joe Piscopo after he started muscling up. In fact, I think I have an old Muscle and Fitness with that very pose.

79. Capt. Fred - December 18, 2008

Geordi is wearing the WRONG combadge!

80. Dr. What - December 18, 2008

This looks like the Geordi who is getting ready to star with Jackie Chan in the next Rush Hour movie.

81. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - December 18, 2008

That Kirk figure is just plain silly.

82. Steve Short - December 18, 2008

#72 Like the idea of Chekov & Terrell figures in space suits/helmets from Wrath of Khan. Also a two pack Kirk & Spock in space suits/helmets from Star Trek: TMP even more.

83. The Invader (In Color) - December 18, 2008

#51 — Yup! That’s the film…quite terrifying when it came out…

84. ShawnP - December 19, 2008

I gotta say, I always love the captions you guys come up with for the photos on the site. They’re always so witty.

85. CardassiaPrimera - December 22, 2008

The figure of Kirk telm Khaaaang is excelent.

86. NCC-73515 - December 24, 2008

What the hell did they do with the German version?!
There are NO audio commentaries, even though they wrote them on the cover!
Now you can’t even trust what they write on their own DVDs…

87. Adam Bomb 1701 - August 31, 2009

My girlfriend got me the “Alternate Realities” set for Christmas last year, and I got around to ordering the Geordi firure in late April; I just forgot about it for that long. I only got the figure last week. So, it took Diamond Select Toys a grand four months to get it together. Not exactly warp speed.

88. Jason Nesmith - March 27, 2012

otaku5003, I don’t see what the difference between the Nemesis Geordi LaForge figure and the Voyager Geordi LaForge figure is, other than not coming with his items and the color of his collar. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.