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Sunday Movie – “Trek Through Time” December 21, 2008

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Our friends at have put together a fun a special Christmas present for fans of Star Trek, as well as fans of the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who. "Trek Through Time" is an excellent and cleverly edited video ‘mashup’ episode that brings the good Doctor and his trusty TARDIS face to face with Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise. Check it out below.


"Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008 – Trek Through Time"

(YouTube Link)

"Trek Through Time" is a labor of love for Rick Kelvington and Paul ‘Spockboy’ Sibbald who spent several weeks putting this little opus together, and making sure it stayed faithful to both genres. This is just part 1, we will have to wait for Easter 2009 to see how it all ends, something else to look forward to next year.



1. thorsten - December 21, 2008

Finally, the franchises meet!
Merry Christmas, everywhen!

2. Jordan - December 21, 2008

Good video! But I’ll never understand what’s so great about Doctor Who.

3. DJ Neelix - December 21, 2008


4. TK - December 21, 2008

Wow! I’m hooked!

5. Nathan Harvey - December 21, 2008

what chance would the enterprise have against the tardis, cool vid tho

6. Jared Butcher - December 21, 2008


7. Sean4000 - December 21, 2008

hahahaha! I love this mashup! Well done.

8. Harley3k - December 21, 2008

hehe… Captain Davros Pike ;)

9. Ponderer - December 21, 2008


Great stuff.

Always felt these franchises should meet. :-D

Dr Who is a near-contemporary of Trek after all….(pre-dating TOS by about 2-3 years)

10. Garovorkin - December 21, 2008

Not bad at all.

11. classictrek - December 21, 2008

Ive often wondered what Americans think of Dr Who?

Great Britain

12. Brett Campbell - December 21, 2008

Very impressive “mashup.”

Now eat your bangers too, lads.

Excellent work, Mr. Kelvington. I look forward to part 2.

13. Danny - December 21, 2008


OK seriously though I am really looking forward to it, I’ve read all of Paul Gadzikowski’s fanfics (Google it Trekwhovians, you wont be disappointed), and dream of reading this in a comic, but this is a wonderful well done surprise!!

Cant wait for more!! :-D! !

14. Crewman Darnell - December 21, 2008

“Captain, your not really gonna’ bring that thing in here!!??”

“What do we now, go up and knock?”


15. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - December 21, 2008

Darn, they beat me to it!! I’ve been working on the same project…except I was using clips from “Assignment: Earth” and I was using an original Doctor instead of the non-canon Tenth one.

Yeah, I’m a TOS Purist about Doctor Who, too. XD

16. Q - December 21, 2008

Awesome! This made my night! Part two looks amazing as well, I can’t wait!

Dif-tor heh smusma.

17. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - December 21, 2008


What? Non Canon Tenth Doctor!? Then again, I’m biased. Did’nt start watching til early series 3, watch the lot now, from An Unearthly Child up to The Next Doctor on Thursday.

Except Timelash. Yuck. LOL.

18. tribble farmer - December 21, 2008

My top two sci-fi fandoms combined! This is awesome.

19. fred - December 21, 2008

Unbelievable work! I totally bought it. A work of true love and talent.

20. Clinton - December 21, 2008

Our only hope is that the Sonic Screwdriver works in the Jeffries Tube!

Next up, Daleks vs. Tribbles.

Nicely played, Mr. Kelvington. Nicely played.

21. Jamie - December 21, 2008

I particularly liked the music.

22. helenofpeel - December 21, 2008

Please sir, I’d like some more. :)

23. DavidJ - December 21, 2008


Yeah I gotta say that Doctor Who-style music sounds surprisingly good over the TOS footage!

And the ship effects were pretty damn good too.

My only real quibble is with the fat, shrunken Tardis on the transporter pad. LOL

24. Charlie - December 21, 2008


25. Mike Lynch - December 21, 2008

Killer work. Just wonderful.

26. 750 Mang - December 21, 2008

Very cool. Nice work!

27. Martin Pollard - December 21, 2008

“Non-canon Tenth Doctor,” indeed! I’ll put David Tennant up against any of the Original Seven any day and watch him wipe the floor with ’em. :-)

28. Kerr Avon - December 21, 2008

William Hartnell is still the ONLY Doctor. :-)

29. fred - December 21, 2008

Yeah, the transporter room wasn’t tall enough for the Tardis.

30. i like this's exciting!!! - December 21, 2008

OMG this thing is brilliant!!! LOL btw did anyone get a sorta Doctor Who vibe from Daniels on ST: Enterprise? LOL

31. Viking - December 21, 2008

OK, I’m in a holiday mood. That was pretty damned clever. LOL :-)

32. Rat Boy - December 21, 2008


33. willardcanada - December 21, 2008

Wow!!!.. that is impressive. Makes me want to put my Trek- Doctor Who fanfilm into production.

34. RBlaine - December 21, 2008

The narration over the end credits was perfect!

35. Commodore Lurker - December 21, 2008

Bloody lovely!

36. Dif - December 21, 2008

I thought Tom Baker was the “good” Doctor. Hmph.

I still haven’t forgiven them for humanizing the Daleks in the new series. Ugh.

37. sbradfor - December 21, 2008

Well, as someone from the US, I love Doctor Who. I’ve been a big fan for over 20 years. Tom Baker is my favorite by far, though I like most of them. I’m also a big fan of ST:TOS, so this is great stuff for me!!!


38. Sid - December 21, 2008

Just brilliant.

39. jiat2001 - December 21, 2008

I am a huge fan of DOCTOR WHO and that film I just watched was brilliant. Can’t wait to see how it ends in Easter 2009.

40. Juli - December 21, 2008

That is the geekiest, most wonderful t thing I’ve see all week. Well done.

41. General Order 24 - December 22, 2008

Very funny. Kirk & Co., the Doctor and Davros too.

42. Chris M - December 22, 2008

Very cool clip :)

43. Enterprise - December 22, 2008

Wow. The new visuals are more interesting than in the New Voyages stuff. I really like how there was Classic/New Classic footage. Nice job!

44. chasco - December 22, 2008

It’s like having a new Trek episode for Christmas – thankyou, thankyou! Fantastic stuff! When’s Easter? :-)

45. MH - December 22, 2008


Yeah, I’m sure many can say the same for Trek too! Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist. Trek owes much to WHO…Well, Dr. Who and other sci-fi like Forbidden Planet. For anyone out there whom believes that Trek is totally original, think again. You obviously haven’t seen or read enough science fiction to actually formulate a viable opinion on the matter.


Actually they started “humanizing” them in Destiny of the Daleks, when Davros had to be apart of every Classic Series episode after that. The new series brought them back to their Classic status- the Cult of Skaro storyline not withstanding.

46. ABCDE50 - December 22, 2008


47. TJ - December 22, 2008

hahahahahaha priceless!

48. thebiggfrogg - December 22, 2008

Impressive. Almost seamless. Except for Captain Kirk’s protestation about being on a peaceful mission after shooting first and asking questions after. So a little discontinuity there, but otherwise an amazing meld.

Though I agree with #2 I’ve never quite “got” Doctor Who as much as I’ve tried and after many sessions with a friend who is a Whovian (though I don’t think I ever really aired my true opinion with him, so I kept getting treated to more).

49. joker ant - December 22, 2008

This was excellent, though I would’ve enjoyed a Borg/Cybermen story.

Oh, the 10th Doctor is canon. It’s just ridiculous to say otherwise. You may not like him, but you’re stuck with him. Just as we’re stuck with that GOD AWFUL Patrick Troughton.

50. thorsten - December 22, 2008

well, Jim is from Iowa, after all…

51. CmdrR - December 22, 2008

Ive often wondered what Americans think of Dr Who?

Great Britain

–Well, when we can understand what you guys are saying, we like it fine.

52. CmdrR - December 22, 2008

joker ant — tell the truth. You were the one who threw the church spire that impaled Father Brennan, weren’t you?

53. Sallah - December 22, 2008

Wow…that was really well done!

54. Andy Patterson - December 22, 2008

Okay, that was clever and very well done.

55. Holger - December 22, 2008

36 Dif: “Eventually, I hope that we will be able to do a special “director’s cut” with a few little surprises in it.”

There was an episode with the Second Doctor where the Daleks acted friendly – but I believe this was due to some error in their programming.

56. Holger - December 22, 2008

Anyone else thinking that Gary Seven was something of a plagiary of the Doctor?

57. dalek - December 22, 2008

VERY good! :)

58. S Glitz - December 22, 2008

A massive piece of work. And well worth it.

59. Chris H - December 22, 2008

That was VERY well done – made me grin (which hasn’t happenned for a few days). Thanks guys!

60. richpit - December 22, 2008

I don’t know anything about Dr. Who, but that was very well done.

How big is that telephone booth inside??

61. badboy1239 - December 22, 2008

The Doctor once said that inside the TARDIS in infinite.

It is “dimensionally transcendental,” which means it’s bigger in the inside than the outside.

62. Kyle Nin - December 22, 2008

The crew of the NX-01 encountered a “dimensionally transcendental”-like ship in the episode “Future Tense”. I think ENT is the only other sci-fi series I’ve seen that sort of thing in.

63. Brett Campbell - December 22, 2008

61 & 62 – I don’t remember the exact details, but C.S. Lewis wrote of some structure with the same type of effect in “The Last Battle” as early as the late 1940’s.

64. Brett Campbell - December 22, 2008

Um, actually, that was probably the late 1950’s.

65. Sotirios Moshonas - December 22, 2008

To #62 – Kyle Nin:

Yes, you are correct. “Future Tense” episode is a tribute to Doctor Who. Some or most of the working crew/writers on “Star Trek Enterprise” were also Doctor Who fans well.

As for others:

Doctor Who was formed on 22 November, 1963. The day Kennedy was assasinated. They played the first episode, with the late William Harnell as the first doctor, and they didn’t know the event that shocked the world, happen at that time. There was a six hour difference between London and Dallas.

When the BBC got the news, the episode was cancelled and started all over again on the next day. Doctor Who and the original Star Trek have some similarities:

The Tardis and The Enterprise
(although the Tardis didn’t change ove the years but the Enterprise did — about six times [unless you want to include the NX-01 Enterprise, that makes seven]).

Doctor Who’s enemies were the Daleks and the Cybermen
(over the years, the Daleks haven’t change but the Cybermen did — about three or four times)

The Federation’s enemies were the Klingons and the Romulans
(over the years, the Klingons changed once but the Romulans did not)

I welcome your criticism and corrections if I made any errors. Other than that, I enjoyed the two franchises meet each other as a christmas present. It is much better than the new Star Trek Movie that is coming in the summer time.

Thank You Kelvington. Thank You Spockboy for the gift. May both of you have peace and happiness, along with your families.

Live Long and Prosper.

66. krikzil - December 22, 2008

As a fan of both franchises, this is great! Thanks!

67. falcon - December 22, 2008

#65 –

Actually, if you count their brow ridges, the Romulans changed once, too.

All in all, a quite entertaining little mashup. Never did quite get all the foofoorah about the Doctor, although I’ve watched a few episodes.

68. Fleetlord - December 22, 2008

@Sotirios Moshonas

Yes, in England it premired on the 23rd, but still right arount that time frame.

Can’t wait till this Thurday for the cybermen chistmas episode “The Next Doctor”

69. Holo J - December 22, 2008

I love It, great stuff! Its very well done. I am looking forward to part two already!

70. Al - December 22, 2008

The vo at the end is an excellent impersonation of a BBC announcer.

71. Stanky McFibberich - December 22, 2008

Well done, but I’m afraid I know less than nothing about Doctor Who.

72. DancesWithKlingons - December 22, 2008

Very cool! Always wondered what would happen if the Doctor met the OTHER Doctor!
Don’t want to wait for easter!
Great stuff!

73. badboy1230 - December 22, 2008

Here’s a good place to get info on Doctor Who”

74. CardassiaPrimera - December 22, 2008

Its excellente the video. Very Cool.

75. Kelvington - December 22, 2008

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words. Paul and I had a lot of fun, and several debates as we put it together. Overall your reactions here and elsewhere have been beyond positive. For that I’m very grateful.

To give you some insight into this process, Paul’s bit, actually was suppose to come much later in the episode. The story was framed very differently, The Doctor was suppose to interact more with another part of the Trek Universe, then the Enterprise shows up. But Paul’s piece was so go, it became the open for the episode, and a great one it is. The original open will now become part three’s cliffhanger.

Initially, it was just going to be one ten minute episode, much like the Children In Need shorts. But after I did a rough cut, and re-did the story to bring the Enterprise in right from the start, it’s looking more like a three or four parter.

As for the TARDIS being smaller than it should be in the transporter room. Nice catch! To show you what a geek I am, I actually pulled out my Star Trek Floor plans which had no scale on them, and my TARDIS blue prints and finally determined that you couldn’t get the TARDIS into the Transporter chamber it’s too tall to fit under a beam emmitter. So I took a little artistic license and shrunk it down a bit.

The whole idea of this was to make a wicked cool demo reel to show off what could be done, with some clever editing and a little rotoscoping. My favorite thing which no one noticed (or perhaps was polite enough not to mention) was changing the color of Uhura’s uniform in three shots. At 2:40 when Kirk gets up, her Uniform is Gold, same thing at 3:17 & 3:25. I was able to rotoscope out the gold uniform and then add a color layer the exact shape of her moving uniform and make it “reddish” It’s not perfect but it doesn’t detract like it did in my original cut of this.

Finally, thanks to Anthony the video was picked up on a German Star Trek site which really shocked me. If you want a little laugh here is the link to it –

Thanks again, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah!

Take Care,

76. DFG333 - December 22, 2008

That was well edited but I don’t like cross over or mash ups as they are called. I like my Dr Who and Classic treks are they are:)

Dr Who was first board casted 1963.

77. thorsten - December 22, 2008


“Considerable effort, the people of operated for a achtminütiges video zusammenzuschneiden in which the crew to Captain Kirk on the Doctor meets.”

hahaha, that totally suits your edit

78. Fred - December 22, 2008

Hey, check out this Trek Christmas youtube video! Funny!

79. Woulfe - December 22, 2008


80. classictrek - December 22, 2008

#51 CmdrR
LOL i know what you mean! there is a heck of a lot of regional accents around the UK. could you use subtitles !! LOL

all the best and thanks for commenting.
as you say ‘happy holidays’
Great Britain

81. the Doc - December 22, 2008

Wouldn’t it have been neat to have the Seventh Doctor meet Dr. McCoy? You would have Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) meet Dr. McCoy! Ha!

82. FSL - December 22, 2008

Really nice video. It’s like two brothers having fun (ST and DW I mean).

Was sort of expecting a “What? What? What?” moment. But this was great as well.

Great job. Looking forward to part 2.

83. Brodie - December 22, 2008

“The circle is now complete…”

84. Brett Campbell - December 22, 2008

78 – Spock in a yarmulke at his bar mitzvah was hilarious!

85. The Lensman - December 22, 2008

“But I’ll never understand what’s so great about Doctor Who.”

It’s a fun show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has a sense of adventure and wonder about it sorely lacking in most sci-fi, especially American sci-fi. In Dr. Who, anything is possible as they can go anywhere, anytime. And the producers aren’t overly concerned with “realism” as they are with “imaginative” and “fun”.

The current Who has become one of my all time fav’s, up there with original Trek and Babylon 5. It’s just a breath of fresh air as too much sci-fi in the post TNG era feels the same and sadly that feeling is “stale”.

“Ive often wondered what Americans think of Dr Who?

This American has become a big fan, thanks to the current Dr. Who show.
Oh, my first exposure to the Doctor was Baker in the 70’s, and I have many fond memories of the show, even though I considered it very crappy in terms of visual FX. Over the last year, I’ve managed to pick up at least two serials for the first four Doctors (more for Baker than the others), but so far, I’ve got two for Davidson (well, I hate to count The Five Doctors as an ep since he doesn’t really get the spotlight). Love ’em all.

From Colin Baker I’ve got “The Two Doctors” and from Sylvester McCoy I’ve got the final Dr. Who “Survival” (which is less than stellar). Any recomendations for these eras from the available DVD’s?

Just as we’re stuck with that GOD AWFUL Patrick Troughton.

If you were here, I’d kick you in the nuts. >:) Assuming you’re a guy of course. I finally managed to find some complete Troughton episodes, “The Mind Robber” and “The Seeds of Death” and while the former is “meh” the latter is excellent. So far I’m enjoying Troughton more than Pertwee, who just doesn’t seem as “doctor-like” as the others. I think mainly because he’s earth bound and just comes off like Gary Seven.

And great job on the mash up guys!

86. Dennis - December 23, 2008

Very well done. I also found the Doctor back in the 70’s. At first the bad FX put me off, but I was quickly hooked by the stories and the humor. Not to mention Lala Ward… In any case, I am a die-hard fan of both series.

87. Scotty's Burst Liver (formerly M33) - December 23, 2008


88. montreal paul - December 23, 2008

I really, really loved this! I found it even better than New Voyages. It was absolutely brilliant! Nice job guys! I can’t wait for the next part…

89. Edgar Governo - December 23, 2008

That is a brilliant editing job…

I’m very impressed, and look forward to the next “episode.”

90. summoner2100 - December 23, 2008

Brilliant video. Loved every minute of it!

91. S. John Ross - December 25, 2008

#85 sez: “[…] And the producers aren’t overly concerned with “realism” as they are with “imaginative” and “fun”.”

… and to that I’d add that it wears its very strong sense of morality unashamedly on its sleeve, which (for my money anyway) really brings the whole package together.

I love Star Trek, but Doctor Who has had my heart since my teenage years (watching the 5th Doctor onward as it aired here, and catching up on the earlier Doctors at any pace I could) in a way that no other show has. Love the new stuff; love the old stuff; love everything about Doctor Who (nonsense, tinfoil-cardboard props and all).

Arguably, my first active role in fandom, as a teen, was helping put together a Doctor Who fanzine (on the other hand, at almost exactly the same time I was collaborating on Star Trek fanfic with my English teacher … so it’s all the love).

92. Wolf Trek - December 26, 2008

F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

93. Promoboy - December 27, 2008

This is perfection.
The FX– the Music– the Editing…
the whole idea is inspired.
This is what happens when you leave productions like these to the pros.
Truly- a labor of love– and the perfect holiday gift for sci fi fans everywhere.
Thank you Rick Kelvington and Paul ‘Spockboy’ Sibbald —
I cannot wait til Easter.

94. charles mcgrew - December 27, 2008

brilliant! Well done from beginning to end. Superlative superlative superlative. Superlative and superlative. Superlative!

95. Nana Wilma Rose Horsebum - January 8, 2009

excellent i laughed so much at the end that i did a little poo into my pants.


96. Nana Wilma Rose Horsebum - January 8, 2009

Has anyone seen a pair of reading glasses?…………anyone?……………and while I think of it, a yellow pair of large sized knickers……..anyone?

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