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More Details (and images) On Star Trek Movie Props On Display At CES January 14, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Last week was the first to reveal the props from the new Star Trek movie being displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That article raised some questions about the props and, as promised, TrekMovie now has a follow-up with more details, and more images.


The props were on display by Lenovo as part of a larger area showing off their laptops, in from the of the AquaKnox restaurant at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas. Below TrekMovie has details on the three props on display, plus more.

Star Trek 2009 Starfleet medical tricorder (w/ scanner)
TrekMovie has confirmed that (as suspected) the prop on display at CES labled “Mc Coy’s Medical Tricorder” is just the scanner for the medical tricorder. The actual tricorder is said to be ‘reminiscent’ of the Original Series tricorder, but smaller. Like the TOS tricorder it has doors that spring open to reveal the display. Some have wondered if the tricorder was made from a ‘found object’ (possibly a Vic Firth Pepper grinder), however TrekMovie is told that the props were built from scratch. That being said, the prop’s design may have been influenced by a real world device, possibly those grinders.

Star Trek 2009 scanner for Medical Tricorder (click to enlarge)

TOS Medical tricorder and scanner as seen in "The Man Trap"

Star Trek 2009 Starfleet communicator
According to sources the communicator for the new Star Trek movie does open up much like the TOS communicator. The black cover part pivots at the top and you can actually see the hinge in the photo below (side angle). The clear round window is in the same position as original version’s ‘moiré’ disk, but in this case is it is not hidden by the cover. Some have speculated that this window is some kind of holo-projector (ala Star Wars), but TrekMovie is told that is not the case, however it does ‘light up.’ Sources also say that this is not the only communicator in the film.

Star Trek 2009 communicator

ST09 communicator as seen in "Star Trek" trailer

TOS communicator as seen in "Day of the Dove"

Star Trek 2009 Starfleet communications earpiece
There is nothing much to report regarding Uhura’s communication earpiece. This is pretty much unchanged in both look and functionality from the TOS version.

Star Trek 2009 communications earpiece

ST09 communications earpiece as seen in "Star Trek" trailer

TOS communications earpiece as seen in "The Corbomite Maneuver"

Star Trek 2009 Starfleet Phaser
Another prop not on display in Las Vegas is the new Starfleet phaser. You can catch a quick glimpse of the phaser in the trailer, but not a very good look. As noted in our trailer analysis, the weapon Kirk is seen wielding towards the end of the trailer, is not a Starfleet phaser. As we have reported before, the new Star Trek phaser retains the ‘gun’ shape of the TOS TV and movie era phasers, but with a ‘rotating nozzle’ which flips back and forth for stun and kill. No word yet on if or when this prop will be revealed, with the first look possibly coming from the Playmates toys.

ST09 Starfleet phaser as seen in "Star Trek" trailer

More prop images from Vegas
After we put up our first set of photos last week, some former employees of Star Trek The Experience (and friends of the site), went down to CES to get even more shots (some of which are used above). Here are more of those shots, featuring former STTE cast member Lisa Blake acting as model, and also helping to get a sense of scale for the new Star Trek props.

Official demonstration model Lisa Blake showing off the new Star Trek props (click to enlarge)

Playmates toys available for pre-order – pictures coming soon
Along with their action figures, Playmates is also releasing role playing toys for the Star Trek movie. All have lights and sounds from the movie. You can pre-order these toys now at Entertainment Earth

Playmates is likely to be revealing these toys for the first time at the New York Toy Fair in mid February. Playmates Star Trek line will definitely be featured on the cover and inside the March issue of Wizard’s ToyFare magazine. You can pre-order ToyFare #141 now at for $3.99.

(Images by Darren Benjamin, Mike Cornwell and Vernon Wilmer)


1. Pete359 - January 14, 2009

Still think the scanner looks like a dilbo.

Uhura’s earpiece looks perfect and as long as the Communicator makes the trademark ‘opening’ noise I’ll be happy.

2. Jordan - January 14, 2009

The scanner does look a bit like a pepper grinder. I really like all the props, and really starting to like the communicator.

3. Jon S. - January 14, 2009

I think the medical scanner looks silly, but it’s not exactly the most important prop in the movie.

4. lawrenceboucher - January 14, 2009

The new scanner may look like a pepper grinder but the TOS version looked like a salt shaker, so it’s all good!

5. jn - January 14, 2009

1. wtf are you talking about

6. Brad - January 14, 2009

#1 Well, why don’t you put it in your bee hind and let us know if it’s adequate for that use. (ugh)

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll take the cute redshirt. You can have your toys!

7. S. John Ross - January 14, 2009

I hope that wire-cluster thingy in the medical scanner spins. But I just generally like it when things spin.

Lisa Blake = Adorable, btw.

8. Dirk - January 15, 2009

Yes Lisa is adorable, I’ve met her, very sweet.

9. DJT - January 15, 2009

# 8

I concur. Wholeheartedly.

10. James T - January 15, 2009

Lisa should be in the movie! Maybe the sequel… :D

11. Quarksbartender - January 15, 2009

I went to see the props they looked pretty cool. They didn’t look like hero props or versions made to light up, we will have to wait for the movie for the effects but still looked great. The medical scanner was put together with a waterproof switch at the front and the end was just a simple lock with a key in it very homegrown I liked the look, made even better with Lisa modeling.

12. GarySeven - January 15, 2009

Wait, I’m confused.This article is supposed to be about ST props. But I didn’t see any photos of props in this article. Just Lisa.

13. Andy Patterson - January 15, 2009

Vic Firth has a pepper grinder? He’s in the gourmet food business now? Wow. Who knew. I literally use his drumsticks in class everyday.

(I need to diversify like Vic)

14. Andy Patterson - January 15, 2009

And I think his grinder looks sleeker and nicer than the prop. I don’t think we should be seeing wires and things inside. Less is more if they’re going that route.

15. Enc - January 15, 2009

a lock and key ???
why would a medical scanner need a lock and key ?

16. Diggin' up Bones - January 15, 2009

Did anyone notice that the cute little redshirt Lt. has a science section insignia instead of the engineering badge that redshirts wear? Was ST the experience that sloppy with its canon? Not that I was looking at her chest or anything.

17. Iowagirl - January 15, 2009

Can’t help it – love the saltshakers, stone knives and bearskins from way back when. I’ll probably always be able to imagine they’re devices from another world, from the future. (No, I’m not living with my parents anymore…)

Those new props just look like, well, like props.

18. Vernon Wilmer - January 15, 2009

#16: The Experience was not sloppy with canon. Who cares about Lisa’s insignia, her uniform was store-bought and looks just fine. And dream on, nerd.

19. Nomad - January 15, 2009

1: A “dilbo”-? Is that a sex toy for hobbits?

20. Pah Wraith - January 15, 2009

Don’t mind the props. Gimme some more photos of the “Official demonstration model” :)

21. Dyson Sphere - January 15, 2009

Glad to hear there is more to the tricorder & communicator.

I think a survey on the number of unmarried / never married males who visit this site would turn up the answer everyone suspects. Makes me glad I have a lonstanding wife who likes Trek too. Where are those new Trek movie uniforms to be sold?

22. CarlG - January 15, 2009

Love the old-school earpiece. :)

I was thinking about the medical scanner, it looks like there’s a buch of smaller things wrapped up inside the larger cylinder. Maybe the top comes off and it unpacks into some kind of field kit?

And Lisa is super-cute. ;) I hope she’s careful, though — we all know what wearing red means in Trek… (dun dun dun!)

23. fred - January 15, 2009

Zoe is wearing the earpiece at the wrong angle. This alone with jerk most of the aidience right out of the movie.

24. caz316 - January 15, 2009

I will get the communicator,it will fit well in my collection right beside the original one.

25. dullwittedhorta - January 15, 2009

wow….you just know that the communictator is gonna be marketed as a cell phone… phony is that?

26. AJ - January 15, 2009



27. charliebob - January 15, 2009

I have to say I have my doubts about the communicator. I know they’re revamping the classic props so they don’t look dated, but it seems…strange. I think I’d like it better if the Enterprise chevron wasn’t on the cover. But I can see why they’d do that. If it belongs to the Enterprise, it stops other Federation ships taking it. But at the same time, shouldn’t technology be fairly free to be moved around the ships of the fleet?
It does look fairly cool though with the moire/glass thing visible from the outside.

28. SB - January 15, 2009


About as phony as assuming things about the marketing in advance, and then dissing the marketers for something they haven’t done yet.

29. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise - January 15, 2009

Lisa, are you single?

I’m sorry, but your sheer cuteness and that fact that you can give the Vulcan salute at the same time makes me cry since I just broke up with someone (not over ST, thankfully)

30. Cervantes - January 15, 2009

No matter how many times I see this re-designed ‘communicator’, I STILL prefer the gold and black look of the original, rather than the strangely ‘contemporary mobile phone’, ‘magnifying glass’ look of this new one. It’s not the ‘shock of the new’, it’s just the ‘shock of the new choices for production design that have been chosen, in general’….

Oh well, at least I really like the ‘earpiece’ which wasn’t meddled with too much…

31. James R. Kirk - January 15, 2009


Not in front of the Klingons…

32. Star Trackie - January 15, 2009

The problem with the communicator is how on earth are you supposed to carry out the iconic kirk “flip” Hand a TOS communicator replica to any fan and the first thing they try is flipping it open with a snap of the wrist. Of course that is always followed by a huge ear to ear smile.

The classic flip is just very cool and loses it’s apeal once you have to open it with two hands Unlike the original design,the antenna on this new prop prohibits that wonderful one handed activation because the top now covers the entire piece. When you hold it, your holding it shut. That kinda sucks. I also prefer the original black, accented in gold…seemed a little more classy than plastic white and gray.

But hey, I love the exposed glass screen.

And as far as the pepper grinder goes…I sure hope they used it as part of the scanner….that would be an awesome testament to the knowledge of these Trek prop makers and a wonderful tip of the hat to the “salt shakers” of old.

33. Paul B. - January 15, 2009

I still think the scanner is a lightsaber prop. I looked at a collection of lightsabers used in the SW films, and THIS would fit perfectly into the pile.

Why couldn’t the communicator just be the COMMUNICATOR?! The original was distinct; THIS looks just like any other flip-open cell phone. (Good job on the cross marketing, I guess. Whoever’s making the tie-in cell phone is going to be happy.)

Actually, it looks more like a Fisher-Price baby monitor than anything. (I can just imagine the “sleep long and prosper” TV ads for it!)

Now, I’ve been on the side of “wait and see what Abrams & Co. do,” but I’m reaching a tipping point toward the other direction. It’s all the “little” changes that are starting to add up to one big “uh-oh” to me. Aside from Uhura’s earpiece and the red/blue/yellow uniforms, everything else seems to be throwing out most of the other recognizable and distinct designs.

Okay, so the big E’s corridors look like something from SW and the ship was built on the ground. Okay, so Kirk’s history is different so he’s a snot-nosed rebel with a crummy uncle. Okay, so the bridge is JUST GODAWFUL EVERY TIME I LOOK AT IT (including the damned barcode scanners). And Chekov’s on the ship WAY too early (regardless of Khan, he’s just too young there yet!), and Pike is Kirk’s mentor, and….

When you whittle away at something with tons of “insignificant” changes, the overall change is QUITE significant. All these “cosmetic” differences combined with Kirk’s altered background…it’s just starting to make me worry like I haven’t since they announced the new movie being made.

34. SteveinSF - January 15, 2009

Agreed. I can’t figure out how they are going to explain that Chekov –who said he was 22 when Kirk was 34 in “Who Mourns For Adonais”? If Kirk is 20 something in this movie, then Chekov should be 12 something.
And the whole ship design from stem to stern is just right. The exterior, nuff said. The Bridge with it’s window and clutter mess of controls ( and that funny playstation like control stand) are simply not done well.

Eh, I’m just being old and cranky I suppose.

35. Sonic - January 15, 2009

A lightsaber prop? It’s a sonic screwdriver!

36. AJ - January 15, 2009

Wow, what a bunch of nervous nellies.

Chekov was brought to TOS to get young girls on board. He had a Beatles mop-top and Davy Jones sex-appeal.

In the new Trek, they’re retconning Chekov as a contemporary of Kirk’s. The character is necessary to the film, and this is the only way to do it, I suppose.

They could have made Chekov 12, and then the Wes Crusher Hate Police would have come for a visit.

37. Jorg Sacul - January 15, 2009

omg…narf… the little basketball-emblem thingy on her insignia is 3mm too far to one side! narrrrrfff!


And who’s to say that there is no division of Star Fleet that deals with Applied Science in Engineering… or maybe she’s a security officer in a research dept, pulling double duty. Uhura was a comm officer apparently in command school for a while… what insignia did she have on?

38. Paul B. - January 15, 2009

#35- Okay, I’ll admit the similarity to a sonic screwdriver, too. Of course, the sonic scanner looks (to me) like a knock-off of McCoy’s old hyposprayer. (Which I’m betting it is: combo of scanner and sprayer in one tool.)

Let’s call it a sonic-light screwsaber, and call it a draw. ;)

39. Sam Belil - January 15, 2009

Paul B #33– I have been (being an “old-schooler” myself VERY ACCEPTING of this altered timeline and so-called “subtle changes”. BUT after reading your post — its like (to quote Gary Mitchell), “being blind all of your life and suddendly being given eye sight”. You really hit the nail on the button. Yes the so-called “insignificant changes are SIGNIFICANT ..
1-SW like Corridors (in this universe Obi Wan is an interior designer)
2-Chekov (he’s 12 in this movie a gifted child-protege)
3-Ibridge (Starfleet commissioned Steve Jobs to design it)
4-Kirk as “Rebel Yell” James Dean –No answer on that
5-Pike as Kirk’s mentor — well that TOTALLY defies the “history” as we have known it for the past 40+ years, STILL waiting for an explanation on that one.
6-I guess for “this version of Pike”, there does not exist, Number One, Dr. Boyce (who obviously was a close confident and friend), No Talos IV, No Vina, etc.
7-No Carol Marcus, Gary Mitchell, Finnegan, Garrovick, Dr. Piper, Lee Kelso, Tarsus IV etc.
8-Sulu was not them helmsman in WNMHB, he was I believe an “Astro-physicist”
9-Just for nitpicking sake, how is it conceiveable (even in an “altered timeline” — that Chekov, Sulu, Uhura report to Pike.
You said it PERFECTLY everything adds up to SIGNIFICANT CHANGES!
Again — regardless of all of the “bells & whistles” that this movie will feature Abrams and company are taking a huge risk. I am also concerned that Paramount gave them way too much creative license. Yes we have to trust that they are smart people and professionals. But now, especially after reading post #33 — I can’t help but be concerned again. “Change for the sake of change”, does not work!!!

40. Paul B. - January 15, 2009

39 – “6-I guess for “this version of Pike”, there does not exist, Number One, Dr. Boyce (who obviously was a close confident and friend), No Talos IV, No Vina, etc.
7-No Carol Marcus, Gary Mitchell, Finnegan, Garrovick, Dr. Piper, Lee Kelso, Tarsus IV etc.”

THOSE are the kinds of changes that bother me most! It sounds like in the rush to revamp Spock and Kirk, Abrams & Co. might have wiped out huge swaths of Trek that many of us care about.

I’m NOT against all change! I was a cheerleader for TNG when most fans were whining that “You can’t do Trek without Spock!” and “You can’t have a Klingon on the bridge!” I was all for the recasting of these iconic roles because it’s the only way we’ll ever see them again.

I’m still very hopeful that we’ll be blown away by the new movie. I WANT it to be great, I want to feel like I did as a 9-year-old back in 1979 when I saw TMP for the first time; I fear I will end up feeling like I did after watching David Lynch’s mockery of “DUNE” in 1984.

Either way, at least the new Bones has a groovy Sonic Screwsaber and Kirk has a baby monitor with the ship’s insignia. (And poor Uhura has the rankless and sleeveless miniskirt and the prop they didn’t care to upgrade…hehe…)

41. Daoud - January 15, 2009

#39 Jane, you…
1-The Enterprise is not April’s Enterprise. April’s “Prime Universe Enterprise” is called Constitution, because George Kirk died on the Kelvin and wasn’t there to suggest Enterprise. This “Punk Universe Enterprise” is a special project under Fleet Captain Pike to be vigilant to respond to the threat Nero poses.
2-Chekov isn’t on the Enterprise in the Iowa sequence, he’s later. D C Fontana herself argues there are two Chekovs. Not sure exactly how that works, but if it’s good enough for D C…
3-iBridge is fine for the Punk Enterprise. April’s Constitution looks just like the 1701 we were used to… except it’s still NCC-1700.
4-Punk Kirk has been explained thoroughly. He’s still Jim Kirk, but not quite as we know him.
5-Prime Kirk met Pike when he was appointed Fleet Captain of the Prime Enterprise about 12 years before Menagerie. And then again when he assumed command. And I’m sure many times in between. The punk timeline and prime timelines are much the same. Talos IV and Vina still can happen (as long as Pike isn’t killed in STXI… perhaps in this punk universe he’s brain-dead after getting delta radiation from saving Chekov when a baffle plate explodes.)
6-Number One, Dr. Boyce are still there, just not in the movie.
7-Carol, Gary, Garrovick, etc. are there for future sequels. Tarsus is still there… Finnegan… you’ll be glad.. I better shut up on that.
8-Sulu did a rotation in astrophysics. There are many pilots and astronauts who have degrees in physics. Big whoop. You seriously think Sulu first touched a helm on Enterprise? His previous postings we know nothing of.
9-Because Pike is Fleet Captain, and about to be promoted to Commodore in both universes.

25 cents, please.

42. Q Macedonia - January 15, 2009

Is it just me or did Bob Orci mention here that there won’t be hand held communicators in this movie?

43. Crusade2267 - January 15, 2009


Actually, if you look closely in the scenes in Sickbay in “The Lights of Zetar,” Scotty is wearing a sciences patch. If it’s good enough for Scotty…

44. stop the clocks - January 15, 2009

I would like my next cellphone to look exactly like that communicator.

45. Paul B. - January 15, 2009

#41 Daoud, I have to borrow a phrasing from you because it clarifies my worries. You said, “He’s still Jim Kirk, but not quite as we know him.” It’s that “not quite” part that worries me.

He’s “not quite” the Kirk we know. The ship is “not quite” the Enterprise we knew. Etc, etc….

But too many “not quites” can add up to “not quite enough.” THAT is my fear. I like the idea of rebooting through a canon-based gimmick, but not if the result is “not quite” Star Trek.

I know nothing will ever be exactly the same as TOS, and I embrace that. But I worry that this movie might be not quite enough Star Trek to still be Star Trek.

Shutting up for a while….need coffee.

46. Sam Belil - January 15, 2009

#41 — They are all significant changes. Oh there will be no Talos IV incident because Captain Pike will GET KILLED in this movie.
Nice try though…

47. T Drake - January 15, 2009

I think the uniform nedds to be taken in a bit..otherwise very nice.
Oh, and the props too!

48. montreal paul - January 15, 2009

Not sure they would market the communicator as a cell phone… when you look at the iphone and blackberries… this looks like it would be a step backwards for cell phones. No.. I feel they won’t market this as a cell phone.

49. T.U.M. - January 15, 2009

So, does it light up or does it “light up?”

50. Captain Roy Mustang - January 15, 2009

MCcoy’s Medical Tricorder look like a lightsaber
Kirk’s communication looks like a camera phone
Uhura’s ear pieces still the same but the both look cool

51. AJ - January 15, 2009

It stands to reason that communicators will not function as organizers and entertainment systems in the 23rd century. Just comms and planetary locators. So, not a good model for a cellphone.

52. Ian - January 15, 2009

Does Lisa come with the prop pre-order?

53. Peter - January 15, 2009

Lisa does a TOS uniform good!

54. Paul B. - January 15, 2009

#51 – How does that stand to reason? What’s your rationale for that prediction?

Why wouldn’t such a device contain everything that a current cellphone does and then some? Why shouldn’t a communicator be able to function as organizers, entertainment systems, reference networks?

Personally, I think the commercials about how cell phones aren’t really “phones” anymore is true. Even my 4-year-old Nokia bottom-of-the-line has Internet, chat, organizer, calendar, timers, alarms, calculator… In a way, isn’t that thing we call a “cell phone” more appropriately called a “communicator?” Emails and chatting aren’t phone functions, but they are communication.

I think the communicator is an ideal model for a cellphone, especially since the original communicator already helped inspire…gee, I dunno…the cellphone?

55. AJ - January 15, 2009


No screen.

56. thorsten - January 15, 2009


I don’t think so, Sam. Because Nero kills George Kirk. I say Pike survives.
But I am not sure about Spock Prime…

57. Daoud - January 15, 2009

#45 Well, the original line was “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it”. ;)

#46 Perhaps a sequel can “reanimate” Pike to the point Menagerie could proceed? Great role idea to have Jeffrey Combs appear as the doctor who pulls this off at the start of Star Trek XII ;)

#54 Agreed… where’s my transparent aluminum gotten off to….

58. Sam Belil - January 15, 2009

#56 Thorsten — how are you? Hope all is great with you!
The reason why I believe that Pike will get “offed” is because the Entertainment Weekly article refers to him as the “doomed Captain Pike”.
I do think Prime Spock will survive also….unless, the needs of the many….

59. captain shroom - January 15, 2009

All this over a bunch of props.

If I were Lisa, I’d put as many miles between me and Trek fans as possible.

60. thorsten - January 15, 2009

@58… Hi Sam, how is my favorite borough doing?

Okay, Pike is doomed… he will suffer, but not die. Because he becomes a surrogare father figure for Kirk, and if Neros kills Kirk Senior and Pike that is a kind of repitition that does not fit into a 120 minutes movie arc…

Killing Spock Prime will have much more impact on us.

61. That One Guy - January 15, 2009


Aye, that’s what I keep worrying about. I just have this bad feeling about Spock. This is most likely Nimoy’s last Trek performance, so it makes sense that he would go out with heroics (again).

If he does, well…. it’s nothing we haven’t seen before…. Only this time, it’ll be permanent.

Though, I’m going to keep a more positive view and hope he doesn’t.

62. doubting thomas - January 15, 2009

i’m still quite sure that the first prop is absolutely not a tricorder or medical scanner, but a hypospray. it even has a plunger on it.

look at the original series hypo:

63. CmdrR - January 15, 2009

Can’t quite be happy with the medical scanner. Trek always had ‘magical technology’ — not at all uncommon in 50s/60s sci-fi — that just did whatever the label on the button suggested. You didn’t see the wires (or the dirt, until Star Wars.) Think how clean the lines of the original E were. Mmmm.

As a kid, I wanted to drive the Mach 5, have the B9 Robot for a friend, and carry a phaser. I happen to love the jelly bean consoles of TOS. Today’s sci-fi junk is made so plausible it’s boring. The bridge of the NX-01 already looks dated. Don’t even get me started on solder boards falling out of the consoles in STVI! And while I absolutely love BSG, none of the equipment looks like it would stand up in a fight. I wonder whether audiences would accept a return to clean, cool magical tech. ??

64. Daoud - January 15, 2009

#59 Lisa, schmisa. Already have a Trek-fan spouse with superior ability, as do many of us. Maybe she’ll take your calls? ;)

The props are from the movie we’re discussing, so in reference to them, I’ll add that I hope the little gizmos rotate inside McCoy’s tricorder scanner…. And Vic Firth makes things from Maine wood other than just drumsticks over in Newport, Maine…

Speaking of drumsticks… time for lunch.

#60. Indeed, having Punk Universe George, Winona, Pike, Chief Engineer “Welshy” Olson, Sarek, Amanda, *and* Prime Spock die in the movie does seem like a bloodbath, yes. If only boborci or Xavier could clear that up for us… guess we have to wait until May.

65. Orb of the Emissary - January 15, 2009

The only thing I still like is the communications earpiece. The medical scanner I can probably handle, but the communicator is not what I was expecting. Sorry folks.

66. Art•Rob - January 15, 2009

#19. Nomad
1: A “dilbo”-? Is that a sex toy for hobbits?

Ha! – Nomad, I was thinking the same thing.

67. Sybok's Secret Brother - January 15, 2009

How about we all agree that this will be a “Myriad Universe” Trek?

No more worrying about Dilbo or Bilbo or which end McCoy’s probe is supposed to go in…

Let go, kick back, have some popcorn and red vines, maybe a Dr. Pepper and enjoy the film.

Canon and continuity are still intact in the good ol’ original universe.

68. Aaron R. - January 15, 2009


69. Dr. Image - January 15, 2009

How are you supposed to hold onto the base of that comm and flip it open?
They kept the earpiece relatively the same, why screw up the rest??
What a mess.
Compared to Wah Chang’s designs, these are an embarrasment

70. Sam Belil - January 15, 2009

#60-Thorsten — Manhattan is just GREAT!!!
I think you just might be right on that observation!

71. Wolf Trek - January 15, 2009

Who won the bag?

Well, I think it’s safe to say that it wasn’t you or me. That only leaves 299,999,998 other people . . . . .

72. Gep Malakai - January 15, 2009

The scanner was custom built? I find that difficult to believe. Aside from the perfect match between the body and the pepper mill linked in the article, a high-res photo that’s been floating about shows writing that looks an awful lot like a manufacturer’s imprint stamped into the black plastic cap at the bottom of the scanner.

73. Spock - January 15, 2009

Maybe that communicator is supposed to be like the old communicator that Pike’s crew used on TOS?

74. sean - January 15, 2009

Comparing the new with the old I don’t see how anyone could complain. The communicator is clearly *very* similar (right down to the disc in at the top) with the only significant change being a black cover instead of a copper grate. McCoy’s scanners were salt shakes & lipsticks, so that seems like a silly argumentt. And Uhura’s earpiece is exactly the same.

Honestly, some of you would never have been happy with anything they came up with.

75. Dennis Bailey - January 15, 2009

Jeez, they go out of their way to give us a flip-top communicator of the same size as the TOS one – outdated and silly as that thing is – and people bitch anyway.

The filmmakers might as well have ditched the original concept and gone all out to do something actually futuristic and cool. You know…something that someone other than a trekkie might actually believe is a communications device.

And BTW, there’s no evidence so far that the so-called “Enterprise chevron” isn’t universally used throughout the Starfleet in this movie – just as it has been in every incarnation of Trek after the original TV series.

76. Closettrekker - January 15, 2009

#34—-“Agreed. I can’t figure out how they are going to explain that Chekov –who said he was 22 when Kirk was 34 in “Who Mourns For Adonais”? If Kirk is 20 something in this movie, then Chekov should be 12 something.”

It is obvious from the reports of the footage shown that Kirk’s entry into SFA is delayed in comparison to his enrollment there in the previous timeline.

Bob Orci has confirmed with us in the past that the ages of the characters were sourced from the bios, so if that’s true, there should be no questions about how accurate their ages are.

You might also take into account that it is possible that Pavel chekov enters the Academy at age 16, which would make James Kirk 28 (assuming that the events depicted in “Who Mourns For Adonais” and “The Deadly Years” occur in the same year of the five year mission).

Even if they are portrayed as Academy contemporaries, are those ages so implausible, given the circumstance of JTK entering Starfleet much later as a ripple effect of the timeline incursion?

My own personal preference (at least with what little information we have at this point) would be that Kirk’s entry into Starfleet was not delayed at all and Chekov would be left out of the story altogether, but it is difficult to judge that creative choice without viewing how it works within the context of the entire story—-so I won’t.

77. Elise - January 15, 2009

Looks like someone has been playing with the communicator.

78. Thomas Jensen - January 15, 2009

The original props were ahead of their time, projecting what might come in the future. The subsequent series haven’t been able to come up with such groundbreaking devices because tech. has progressed so fast with handheld devices.

These props won’t be iconic in 40 years. They are pedestrian in nature and other then the earpiece, they don’t look all that great. I can’t understand why the communicator and medical scanner aren’t something much closer to the original props. You can update the details internally for the communicator (I wouldn’t) but the outside could have been the same because who’s to say what these devices would look like in the future? The original props would serve the story just as well.

The medical scanner might not be the same device as the original handheld one, but if it is, it’s too big and unwieldy. Of course; it might be something quite different.

79. RD - January 15, 2009

Here’s my main problem. The Tri-Corder is smaller, but the scanner is larger? WTF? The tricorder used to carry the scanner. Now it evidently the reverse is true. One would think ergonomics in the 23rd century would be better. Guess, American auto-makers are building the starships – which means they got their bailout.

80. Closettrekker - January 15, 2009

#75—“Jeez, they go out of their way to give us a flip-top communicator of the same size as the TOS one – outdated and silly as that thing is – and people bitch anyway.”

What do you expect with this crowd, Dennis?

I don’t see a single issue with the props. They’re fantastic looking! I’m impressed that they are so reverant of the original designs.

Uhura’s earpiece is almost precisely the same, the communicator has basically the same look, and the medical scanner is certainly a step up from the ‘salt-shaker’ we all grew up with.

There are certain Star Trek fans who will complain about anything…..

The continuity concerns—I get, but the props?

(huge sigh)

81. Dennis Bailey - January 15, 2009

#39: “Again — regardless of all of the “bells & whistles” that this movie will feature Abrams and company are taking a huge risk. ”

Spending real money on a “Star Trek” movie is a big risk on the part of the studio. Spending that money to continue the Trek tradition of diminishing returns by not changing it considerably would have been irresponsible to the stockholders.

82. Closettrekker - January 15, 2009

#77—“Looks like someone has been playing with the communicator.”



83. thorsten - January 15, 2009

@TOG and Daoud…

Well, the point is… if we stick to quantum mechanics, and Spock Prime will not be able to leave the new ‘verse… and the torch is passed to Quinto Spock… and in relation to TWOK and it’s success…

Spock Must Die.

84. RD - January 15, 2009

#72 – More Lies!

This is Abrams’ & Co. general M.O. – I just discovered this last night about LOST:

“There isn’t any time travel.” — Damon Lindelof, co-creator of LOST (from a 2005 interview

85. That One Guy - January 15, 2009

Then we will adapt.

86. Andy Patterson - January 15, 2009


Well said and I agree with every bit of it.

87. Ethan Shuster - January 15, 2009

I think this is where I get off. I’ve accepted that some things are changing, and am just interested to see what we get. I think I’ll be ignoring some of the news about this movie. Or at the very least, I’m not reading any comments on sites like this. The negativity is getting tiresome. The props are obviously very similar to the old show, with just a new design. If you can’t get over these small cosmetic changes, people, just don’t bother with the movie.

88. OneBuckFilms - January 15, 2009

Okay, I’m going to give an opinion that may not be popular to those who don’t like these props.

I may be one of the few that actually likes most of what is being done here.

To elaborate:

1. The Enterprise

She does look and feel very different in many ways. I see many features that look like they are taken from the Movie enterprise (especially the saucer), while taking certain basic ideas from the Original Series (Nacelles are rounded, domes at the front of the Nacelles).

She looks like something that would stand up to a more current sensibility as to what something from the future looks like. And in the High-Res pictures, there is nothing to give away that it is either CGI or a physical model.

Also, one minor detail, is the underside of the saucer isn’t inwardly concave, which makes more sense practically.


These are really good I think. They look very much like the original, but they look far more believable as a uniform under the same basic rules (colored shirt representing departments with rank braids on the sleeve, the delta symbol on the pocket, black collar/undershirt, minidress for female crew members, and black pants and black boots).


The brightness of the Bridge contrasts greatly with the dark, gritty nature of most science fiction franchises, and reflects the more abundant resources and more prosperous nature of humanity.

They can afford a level of sophistication as well as functionality on a state of the art vessel, one of the finest ships of the fleet.


We haven’t seen much of these, but they match the design aesthetic of the Bridge and Corridors. There is a unity of design with the whites/blacks, the iTunes/iStore motif, that visually makes sense to me.

It also subliminally says that this is the newest/best gear. The ship is NEW, recently launched with the latest technology and ideas incorporated.

In the end, staying TOO true to the original series would cause a big problem:

Things will look dated, or retro to a point where the suspension of disbilief is interrupted, throwing the viewer out of the picture.

Because of what this movie has to do, it HAS to be different. It HAS to take the risks it is taking.

Star Trek: TOS is very much the product of it’s time, and it looks like it.

I love those designs. They make perfect sense in most cases, but they look like cheaply made sets for a 60s TV show. There is a level of “cheese” that is inescapable, and that could potentially kill the movie.

Like all of the designs for Star Trek, these designs will age, and viewers in 10-20 years will know when the film was likely made.

But for it’s release, it must be believable, and take some of it’s cues from current technology.

89. thenewK2 - January 15, 2009

The communicator has a Pop-O-Matic popper on it…”Pop-O-Matic pops the dice.”

Or maybe it lights up red, like HAL 9000. Yeah, that’s it…it a portable HAL. “I’m sorry, Jim. I can’t do that.”


90. NC Trek Fan - January 15, 2009

Cool props, cute girl.

91. AMOK TIME - January 15, 2009

You know, would love to say live long and prosper, but it seems many fans are determined not to find anything enjoyable about this movie – most illogical. Don’t even go see the movie if that’s your take!!! Granted I am concerned the Enterprise looks good, and the phasers are cool… But I am looking forward to the Star Trek Phenomena being re-born…

The rest of you seem to just want to hang around in your basements watching re-runs…

92. Captain Hackett - January 15, 2009

Oh my those props are so cool!

Oh man Lisa is a hot and sexy babe! :)

93. thenewK2 - January 15, 2009

#91 The rest of you seem to just want to hang around in your basements watching re-runs…

I don’t have a basement. Do I need one to watch re-runs?

94. Michael - January 15, 2009

The new med scanner is a bit garish and bulky, not something you could carry in a modest medi-pouch bag, perhaps MCCoy will have deep pockets? :)

95. OneBuckFilms - January 15, 2009


I believe these can be addressed:

1 – Enterprise construction delayed due to Romulans, and construction liocation changed. Therefore, the Enterprise was built differently, with the latest tech at the time of construction.
2 – Chekov also knew Khan in Space Seed. Just because we didn’t see him before, doesn’t mean he wasn’t there.
3 – See 1.
4 – He grew up with his father killed by Romulans. I’d expect a built in anger. The basic traits are still there.
5 – History was changed by the destruction of the Kelvin with Kirk’s father aboard. Pike is like Obi-Wan in a way, watching over Kirk in memory of Kirk’s Father.
6 – Remember, “The Cage” happened 14 years prior to “The Menagerie”. That’s a long time difference. Crews change in rotations and transfers etc. They were all there, just not seen. Maybe Pike commanded a different ship, but still went to Talos IV.
7 – You mean, not portrayed on screen? That does not include or exclude them from existing.
8 – He may have transferred to Astrophysics, then back to Helm after he found it wasn’t for him.
9 – Again, crew transfers, promotions, and about 14 years between “The Cage” and the TOS timeframe.

96. McCoy - January 15, 2009

There are some cool possibilities with TOS and TOS movies that the writers may be tapping into:

1) The look on Spock’s face in TWOK when he knows the ship is in danger—as if he knows it’s time to sacrifice his body and transfer his memory to McCoy (because Spock Prime said to do it via mind meld). perhaps at the end of this movie Spock prime tells Quintspock that “Kirk is and always will be his friend”.

2) There are some interesting glances between Kirk and Spock at the beginning of ‘Balance of Terror’ and even ‘The Enterprise Incident’. The episodes touch on the idea that there is a “need to know basis” level of Federation secrecy. Kirk and Spock may be part of that because of some secret, prior experience?

3) There was never a real explanation of why Spock “had” to take Pike to the Talosians. Even Pike said “no”. Spock seemed to imply that he “must do” it (without explanation). Could it be that the Spock made some sort of deal with the Talosians about Pike…or the TNG era Pike helps Spock from Talos IV and is required to end up there in the prime timeline in order to help in the future. (yeah, this one is vague).

At any rate. I am ok with the story in the new movie if it ends up in the prime timeline AND if it yields the correct character histories AND an Enterprise bridge/exterior that is MUCH closer to what we have come to know.

97. AJ - January 15, 2009

This film will be terrific, and most of the naysayers will come around when Trek is once again front page news.

Even the negativistas have themselves to thank for being loyal fans these past years, and allowing Trek to thrive. Give it a chance.

98. OneBuckFilms - January 15, 2009

94 – I suspect it’s the device we see clipped to his belt.

He’d simply unclip it for use, and optionally link it to a Tricorder for more detailed work.

The exact functioning of the unit has not been established, so it may have many functions.

99. ~~TARA~~ - January 15, 2009

I happen to like the new props:)

100. That One Guy - January 15, 2009

Here’s a fun thought:

All the naysayers should go back in time and stop themselves from liking Trek. That way, the show never would’ve lasted past the second season, there wouldn’t be any of the 10 current movies, and TNG, Voyager, DS9, and Enterprise never would’ve existed, along with this new movie and all of its “horrible props” and the “ugly ship.” Everything would be fixed before it even started.

There, problem solved. And how ironic it would be…

101. Sam Belil - January 15, 2009

#96-McCoy “At any rate. I am ok with the story in the new movie if it ends up in the prime timeline AND if it yields the correct character histories AND an Enterprise bridge/exterior that is MUCH closer to what we have come to know” —

I hate to break this to you, as I have stated in prior posts, you can bet the house that the end of the movie will NOT have the prime timeline restored OR at least what we know it is for the past 40+ years. The “new”/”altered” timeline will give Abrams and crew creative license for “new” adventures for the TOS crew.

102. Dyson Sphere - January 15, 2009

More details n the inside of the communicator:

103. richpit - January 15, 2009

I’m still jazzed about the new movie, even if I’m not too fond of the new communicator.

And yeah, Lisa is a cutie. Let’s find more reasons to have pictures of her in these articles!

104. Jefferies Tuber - January 15, 2009

The communicator has the Enterprise symbol facing the user when closed.

Apple’s laptops used to be this way, but with the Titanium series the Apple logo was reoriented to face away from the user and be upright when in use.

People have made such a deal about the comparisons to Apple design aesthetics, but this is a violation of Apple aesthetics. Any time the communicator is in use the arrowhead will be pointed down.

Interesting also that the Kelvin crew images were cropped so as to not reveal whether they wear mission badges or if the badges are on the chest [TOS-forward] or the shoulder [NASA & ENT-style].

Also, don’t we have spy images of Starfleet Academy that show the arrowhead in wide use–on banners hanging around the CSUN campus where it was shot?

Shouldn’t the arrowhead only be a Enterprise mission badge as this Stardate?

Orci wrote here that he was a fan of the TOS mission badges concept, but it’s not yet clear if we’ll see other symbols/dingbats on non-Enterprise ships and stations.

105. sean - January 15, 2009

Guys, you aren’t appreciating the scale from these pictures. That medical scanner isn’t as big as you think it is. Especially if you look at it in relation to the communicator and the earpiece. It’s roughly the same size as many of McCoy’s old gadgets on TOS.

106. thorsten - January 15, 2009


you are right about the Apple, Tuber…
I never liked the upside down Apple on the Lombard and Wallstreet PowerBooks…

The Starfleet delta is EVERYWHERE… even on the duffle bag Kirks hauls from the escape pod on the ICEWORLD…

The KELVIN uniforms look like nothing we saw before…

107. thenewK2 - January 15, 2009

#100 So, if we don’t like the Pop-O-Matic Communicator or the Vibro-Matic-Lightsaber-Medical-Scanner we should just stop liking Star Trek?

I don’t understand why disagreeing with some of the designs negates our right to like Star Trek. It seems that some of the people who will accept anything are a bit too sensitive when anyone questions or dislikes something. I don’t think it’s negative to question or dislike a design.

Sorry, I guess I’ve been conditioned for forty-something years to the way things look and I have some trouble with some of the designs. Do I think that the movie will suck because Dr McCoy’s Medical Lightsaber looks silly? No. Not at all. But cut us old folks a break, oh-ye who will accept anything, as long as it has a Starfleet logo on it.

I would have been happy with the classic show, with a few updates, on the big screen. And I’m not the only one. I don’t dislike the Pop-O-Matic HAL 9000 communicator, but I don’t understand why everything needed to go out the window so J.J. and Co. could do Kirk and Spock era Star Trek.

I mean, at least they didn’t make Spock a woman, as he might have been if Ron Moore had gotten his hands on this new Trek (a la, Starbuck), and I absolutely hate what he did with Battlestar Galactica. Moore killed one of my favorite shows from my childhood by doing things like the Boomer rape scene. C’mon. Have some respect for the people who carried these properties near and dear to their hearts for so long. Babysitter money is not going to cover the costs of producing this film alone…they have to consider the die hard fans, too, or they really will be starting over.

I hope Star Trek does well. But I am going to say exactly what I feel about what little I’ve seen from the design aspect of this film, until I see the entire thing. That doesn’t make us, “negative”, and it doesn’t mean that we should just stop liking Star Trek altogether just because we think the secondary hull of the Enterprise looks like a toothpaste tube with half of the toothpaste squeezed out. That’s just an opinion. Like yours when you say that you love everything you see.

I hope Star Trek continues until they run out of letters for the Enterprise and beyond…but I don’t like some of the new designs.

108. thorsten - January 15, 2009


Nice catch, Dyson!

“This electronic Starfleet Phaser is constructed of vacuum-metalized plastic and makes authentic Star Trek movie sounds when the trigger is pressed. The gun barrel pivots horizontally to switch from stun to kill, with each setting having its own lights and sounds.”

“This Tricorder lights up and makes authentic Star Trek movie sounds and spring-loaded top and front door covers.”

“This Star Trek Electronic Communicator is within exact details of the one used in the movie. The cover manually flips open to reveal a lenticular label of Kirk and Spock. The Communicator also lights up, has authentic character voices, and sound affects from the movie. The 2 different buttons activate different sequences of sounds and lights!”

109. The Angry Klingon - January 15, 2009

so they denied its a pepper grinder…nice try but no cigar.
those arent bar code scanners either.
all these models have already been identified
BTW, the new medical TRICORDER is WHITE

110. krikzil - January 15, 2009

“#77—”Looks like someone has been playing with the communicator.”

I know I was calculating the odds of a successful heist. ;)

“All the naysayers should go back in time and stop themselves from liking Trek.”

#100/TOG — I’d be so rich since I wouldn’t have spent all my $$ on trek collecting…..

“I don’t have a basement. Do I need one to watch re-runs?”

I don’t either. Wish I DID, I’d fill it up with Trek stuff.

111. AJ - January 15, 2009


TOG: You’re right. And I am willing to bet most of these “negatrekkers” will fork over $10 to see our new film.

Prop/Bridge design changed from film to film in the original 6 and 4, and nobody panicked.

The unprecedented access afforded by the web this decade is making tempers flare about minutiae. Imagine if the film coming out were “Generations.” David Carson would have been crucified along with Rick Berman for killing Kirk and the Enterprise-D in a patch-job of a film.

Here we’re arguing aesthetics and Delta logos on props which will be on screen for fleeting seconds.

112. That One Guy - January 15, 2009

It’s hardly just the complaining about the designs that bugs me. It’s when it degenerates into “They have no right to touch this. Abram’s shouldn’t be allowed to do movies.” that really gets at me. I don’t think there’s been a lot of that on this thread in particular, but it does tend to happen too much.

113. T.U.M. - January 15, 2009


114. I am not Herbert - January 15, 2009

Man, what a bunch of pre-judging, assuming, WHINERS!

The Communicator OBVIOUSLY is able to be opened with the classic flip of the wrist: hold it by the silver sides, and the black cover flips open. The “screen/lens” is not part of the cover.

The “Enterprise chevron” is so ICONIC, that it is now (and has been) the “Starfleet Chevron”. GET OVER IT!


115. Star Trackie - January 15, 2009

“But for it’s release, it must be believable, and take some of it’s cues from current technology.”

I disagree. You take cues from today and your dated in 5 years. You should create new visions and speculate new technology. If you recognize it as being similar to something on sale at Best Buy, something is wrong.

116. Star Trackie - January 15, 2009

#114 “The Communicator OBVIOUSLY is able to be opened with the classic flip of the wrist: hold it by the silver sides, and the black cover flips open. The “screen/lens” is not part of the cover.”

..sorry, not so obvious. If you’re holding the silver sides, you;re holding the antenna/top. The round hinges are part of that gray top. If you’re holding it shut you HAVE to hold the sides of the top. And if that’s the case, you’re not flipping anything open ay time soon.

117. McCoy - January 15, 2009

101 “I hate to break this to you, as I have stated in prior posts, you can bet the house that the end of the movie will NOT have the prime timeline restored OR at least what we know it is for the past 40+ years. The “new”/”altered” timeline will give Abrams and crew creative license for “new” adventures for the TOS crew.”

Yeah, I have read that and I guess it means then I’m not OK with this movie (which I have also mentioned before). Still have the hope sometimes. I just don’t agree that you need to make room to allow for the possibility of someone getting killed. When go see movies for the second and third time (Star Wars) we already know the outcome…we just enjoy the ride all over again. The need to think someone might die is a myth to me.

118. I am not Herbert - January 15, 2009

116. Star Trackie: “..sorry, not so obvious. If you’re holding the silver sides, you;re holding the antenna/top. The round hinges are part of that gray top. If you’re holding it shut you HAVE to hold the sides of the top. And if that’s the case, you’re not flipping anything open ay time soon.”

Respectfully, I disagree: the silver sides (of the main Communicator “Chassis”) are NOT part of the “Cover”. The “Cover” is ALL BLACK. Anything not black, is not part of the “Cover”.

119. Star Trackie - January 15, 2009

118-“The “Cover” is ALL BLACK. Anything not black, is not part of the “Cover”.”

Very true, now look at the part of the sides of the body that isn’t black. Holding it naturally, your fingers will slip up and over the gray top. To hold it and “flip” it open, you would have to hold ONLY the white part of the body , with your fingertips I suppose, in order to NOT block the movement of the top. And in the heat of battle, the last thing you need to do is worry about the communicator popping out of your hands like a bar of soap while fnding off a Gorn with your other free hand!

The grid antenna top on the original did not cover the entire top of the black body, enabling Kirk to open it with a snap of the wrist..while, naturally, fending off Gorns with the other. I just don’t see the design of this prop allowing that to happen.

120. sean - January 15, 2009


“When go see movies for the second and third time (Star Wars) we already know the outcome…we just enjoy the ride all over again.”

That’s not the same thing as creating a new film series and a new series of adventures. If you set out knowing Obi Wan would die and Darth Vader was Luke’s father and that regardless of the ending of Empire that Han would be just fine, would have enjoyed those films half as much?

121. I am not Herbert - January 15, 2009

119. Star Trackie: “Holding it naturally, your fingers will slip up and over the gray top. To hold it and “flip” it open, you would have to hold ONLY the white part of the body , with your fingertips I suppose, in order to NOT block the movement of the top.”

Sausage fingers aside, fingertip grip is assumption. Every flip phone I’ve ever seen has a full width cover and a thin body; granted they don’t exactly “flip” open, but still a valid point IMHO.

In battle, one would probably prefer to use the Bluetooth… as in HALO drop to the drilling platform.

To have the Communicator without the flip and the chirp is INCONCEIVABLE!!!, as the assassin / kidnapper in “The Princess Bride” would say.


122. Star Trackie - January 15, 2009

#121 “To have the Communicator without the flip and the chirp is INCONCEIVABLE!!!, as the assassin / kidnapper in “The Princess Bride” would say.”

You are not Herbert…We reach.

123. The Laughing Spaceman - January 15, 2009

I’d give up all those props for a date with Lisa…HOT!!! :-)

124. fred - January 15, 2009

I agee that the new communicator would be awkward to clip open with one hand, having the cover go all the way to the adges where your hand is holding it. The old had it where you could firmly grasp the body in your hand and not even touch the flip-top cover, which is much better.

125. fred - January 15, 2009

And I meant “flip open,” not “clip open.”

126. montreal paul - January 15, 2009

guys… come on… really? are people now nitpicking the awkwardness of opening the cover of the communicator??? *sigh*

127. Wastedbeerz - January 15, 2009

Dude… I’m so gonna be buying Star Trek toys this summer… this stuff is gonna be awesome.

128. MacKenzie Calhoun - January 15, 2009

The scanner looks like Yoda’s lightsaber, and the communicator looks like the Blackberry edition of a HAL-9000 computer. If the lens lights up red, it is HAL!

Sorry,but the original scanner was smaller and the original communicator was less retro looking. Weird, but true! The originals are better!

129. Praetor Tal - January 15, 2009

So far it’s all been old and yet startlingly new. This stuff is pretty comforting, though. It’s like the old, only sleeker. Damn, I can’t wait much longer for this film!

130. Kurt - January 15, 2009

Wow…..Capt Kirk never had a gorgeous woman like on board! Beam me up Lisa!!!!

131. Oregon Trek Geek - January 15, 2009

Wow the first thing I thought of on the communicator was “they gotta make an MP3 player out of that.” It would give the iPod a run for it’s money…

132. Star Trackie - January 16, 2009

#126 “guys… come on… really? are people now nitpicking the awkwardness of opening the cover of the communicator??? *sigh*

..must be 24th century fan, where everyone simply touches a comm badge, to not understand the uber coolness, visually stimulating, utter iconic-ness of the 23rd century Kirk-style-communicator-wrist snap.

133. I am not Herbert - January 16, 2009

Trek Geeks love to debate Trek Tech, as long as it’s constructive.

Witness “Big Bang Theory” TV show… ;-)

I am a proud Trek Tech Geek!!! (but trying not to be a nit-picker)

134. Mr. Curtis - January 16, 2009

JJ: i have something for you…
Luke Skywalker: what is it?
Ben Kenobi: McCoys Tricorder, it is the weapon of the jedi. an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.

the TOS ear piece looks mor advanced the the new one.

im am the HAL9000 series communicator.
there are cellphones on the market today that looks far better than this, that could easily fit in the star trek universe, alternate or not.

lisa blake is the only one worth looking at.

135. Bill - January 16, 2009

Lisa Blake is one of the cutest people I’ve ever seen.

136. Vulcan Soul - January 17, 2009

I gotta say these props look super-weird and, along with the interiors, show a “Galaxy Quest” rather than anything that could be called realistic or a vision of the future.

137. Star Trek Daily Pic » Archive » Daily Pic # 336, Trek movie props - cont. - January 18, 2009

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140. Ken - February 13, 2009

The `Medical Scanner’ looks too much like a lightsaber. I think I prefer the standard TOS `Salt Shaker’ style, or even Dr. Crusher’s Tricorder’s medical scanner-probe.

And the new communicator looks like a cellphone with a magnifying glass. It looks about the size of my Kyocera TNT.

141. Nameless - March 11, 2009

Just to clarify about the communicator…

Looks like its all made out of aluminum….even the top darkish-bluish part which is prob made out of metal too and then pained. If it was made out of plastic it would break off at the hinge area because it looks like there’s not much “meat” there. The cover does flip open with one hand…and once again …its not white…it’s brushed aluminum my nerd friends. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.