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Blu-ray Update: TOS Season 1 + TOS Movies Coming May 2009 January 23, 2009

by Bill Hunt , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Feature Films (TMP-NEM),TOS,TOS Remastered , trackback

[This article cross-posted here and at Digital Bits]
As reported on Thursday at Digital Bits, select release details and cover art images of Star Trek sets on Blu-ray have leaked from European studio sources, but there’s been conflicting information as to what exactly the release will entail here in the USA. We’ve checked in repeatedly with Digital Bits and TrekMovie industry sources and we’re now able to bring you accurate, updated details.

Trek and Blu-ray in 2009
Keep in mind that none of this is official until actual studio announcements are made, and these details are still subject to change. But here’s the latest…

As originally reported back in November on The Digital Bits and TrekMovie, the first six Star Trek feature films will be released on Blu-ray in the USA in May in a six-film "Kirk/Spock" (or Original Series film era) box set, each with remastered picture and sound. All six films will be in their original theatrical versions. On Thursday reported that that the European set would not include Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, however sources indicate that Final Frontier will be in the USA set. Other regions may offer different disc configurations/packaging options (the leaked image below suggests the first three films will be in a trilogy package in Europe).

At least some new extras have been created for new Blu-ray releases, including "famous fan" commentary tracks for each film, as well as new featureettes (for example select scenes from a Klingon performance of Hamlet by the Commedia Beauregard will be packed with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country – see previous report TrekMovie story). It’s unknown yet whether these will be Blu-ray exclusive, or if there will be a simultaneous standard DVD release. It is also expected that the four Next Generation feature films (Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis) will get the Blu-ray treatment, at a later date.

Star Trek feature films Blu-ray box x art leaked to
[note US packaging and configuration may be different]

TOS coming to Blu-ray
The biggest news we’ve learned is that CBS will finally release Star Trek: The Original Series – Season One on Blu-ray on the same street date in May as the movies. The release is currently planned to include both the original broadcast versions as well as the new Remastered versions of each episode. If this happens as planned, it’s obviously very cool news, though we’re still waiting to hear whether the Blu-rays will include all of the special features that were offered with the previous DVD and HD-DVD/DVD Combo releases of the series.

Star Trek TOS Season 1Blu-ray box art leaked at
[May not be final or apply to USA release]

May is still far enough away that it could be a month or more before we see official announcements, but The Digital Bits and Trek are in contact with the studio and we hope to have more to report from them very soon.

Stay tuned…

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1. johnny - January 23, 2009


2. rockstarcm15 - January 23, 2009

“The wait is over…”

3. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 23, 2009

Has anyone metioned a remastered Cage episode? Where is that one? It was the

Hmmm… TOS of TOS.

Almost a quantum paradox if you think about it.

4. M - January 23, 2009


5. Spock with a Crowbar - January 23, 2009

That’s how you do box art. Simple, effective, timeless.

6. Australia Jas - January 23, 2009

It’s good that Star Trek is finally getting the big HD treatment like other franchises, though it would be nice to have some extended versions of the movies. After all, if some of us are to replace SD or VHS versions then they should sweeten the deal — they’ve done it before in some of the earlier releases, particularly with STVI. Otherwise, I don’t know about anyone else but I find commentaries generally a waste of time. I like discussin movies with everyone else, not sitting there listening to someone else rant on over the film.

7. naHQun - January 23, 2009

But I have an HD player. With the cool PHASER remote. I still want seasons 2 & 3 on HD.
Now I’ll have to go & get a Blu-Ray player. Maybe even an HD TV.
This’ll be an expensive year…

8. toddk - January 23, 2009

well..i can now go out and buy a blu-ray player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Neil Bradley - January 23, 2009

Hate the box art. I would prefer each film to be released in its own case so that we can still appreciate the original artwork. Why did they also change the typeface for the original series?

10. ety3 - January 23, 2009

I like the box art a great deal.

I am, however, perturbed that these are the theatrical releases. For ST II & VI, that’s a shame.

Of course, it goes without saying that I wish Paramount would come off the coin so Daren, et al, can re-render the ST:TMP effects in an HD-appropriate resolution.

11. ety3 - January 23, 2009

#7 —

Wait … You have an HD player but not an HD TV?

What was the point?

12. The Wild Man of Borneo - January 23, 2009


Change the typeface for the original series? Are you kidding me? That is the least of worries…The question you should be askin’ is why the hell did Abrams change EVERYTHING in the new movie?

13. Iowagirl - January 23, 2009

Ok ok, I’ll have to get a new TV, and a Blu-Ray player, and the film box (the one WITH ST V) and TOS – is this really worth getting flat broke for?

Hell, yeah! :)

14. True Blood - January 23, 2009

Ok I’m confused…

What trilogy? We’re way past trilogies…

Still I’m loving the BD box with the earth and Star Fleet insignia. Love it…

The TOS font kind of sucks… but whatever…

15. Quarksbartender - January 23, 2009

Can’t wait for the inevitable TNG remastered on blu-ray. I think I’ll wait to upgrade all me DVDs until the 50th anniversary when they release all this stuff again.

16. Jim Smith - January 23, 2009

3 – Isn’t THE CAGE on Season Three, like on the DVDs?

I know that it’s convenient to divide the six TOS movies into two ‘trilogies’ but it’s ironic that II-IV do actually constitute a trilogy in a way that TMP – III and IV – VI simply don’t.

Mind you, while STAR WARS divides neatly into ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ trilogies there’s also a ‘Death Star’ trilogy that runs II – IV.

17. Jim Smith - January 23, 2009

Also, original theatrical versions? Why would they want to do that when the Director’s Editions of TMP and TWOK are there?

18. James - January 23, 2009

Trilogy? What Trilogy?

Ah… TOS on blu-ray… finally!!

I have all of TNG, DS9, VOY and the movies on DVD – but I haven’t bought the TOS remastered series on DVD ‘cos I’ve been waiting for the blu-ray. Now it’s here…

I have to say I’m a bit skeptical about TNG, DS9 and VOY on blu-ray… I heard that although the episodes were filmed on film, they were actually edited onto video. So in order to do a proper HD transfer, it would require going back to the original reels and basically piecing together every episode all over again. Hell of a lot of work, and I’m not sure that Paramount/CBS would actually go for it.

19. DIGINON - January 23, 2009

@ 17. Jim Smith: Well, supposedly the new visual fx for the TMP Director’s Edition were only rendered in standard definition to save costs. So in order to get a HD version of TMP-DE they would have to re-do the effects again. But I guess that should be possible without too much effort (read: costs) if the original animation files used for the DE still exist.

Maybe all the other changes for TWOK, TUC etc. on DVD were also only done in SD which is why Paramount is now returning to the old (original) film reels of the theatrical versions to do the bluray discs.

20. Colin Campbell - January 23, 2009

Don’tcha just sometimes wish that the people at Paramount/CBS cared about Star Trek and Star Trek fans the way Peter Jackson did, when it came to LOTR fans and the various DVD versions of those films?

I have no doubt that these releases – such as they are – will be, in a word, “okay.” They will again, however, be in no way “definitive.”

I predict, yet again, there will be plenty of material left on the cutting room floor; plenty of alternate versions of films that aren’t included; deleted scenes (the Peter Preston stuff from STII, for example) that aren’t included, totally remade scenes (the cheaped-out-by-Paramount, non-HD recut of ST:TMP) that won’t be in there, bonus features that were previously limited releases (like special DVDs, just for Best Buy customers) that won’t be on these…

And, oh, what we could do with these films! Wouldn’t you like to hear two commentary tracks on every one of these films? One with Bill, Leonard, and the director (when the director wasn’t Bill or Leonard!), and one with Walter, George and Nichelle? Hell, on Blu-ray, you could add a third commentary track of, say, Mike Okuda and Rick Sternbach, hosting a variety of technical artists throughout the film… “Okay, joining us now is Steve Gawley; he built the Reliant model…” (And yes, I’m frightened that I just wrote that from memory, and after a quick Google-ing, it appears to be true…)

Wouldn’t you like to hear commentary from the TOS actors on the TOS episodes? Is there any good reason why this hasn’t happened yet?

Ah yes. Money.

Well, really now, how can that be a problem? I mean, ST on DVD is invariably priced WAY higher than contemporary series. For example, you could buy a set which includes all seven seasons of Buffy that’s chock-a-block bursting with special features and commentaries, for much less than the three season pack of remastered TOS. ($186.99 at Amazon for the slayer; $219.99 for the TOS three-pack.)

This is why I’ve pretty much given up buying new versions of this material. After ten “bites at the apple” as they say in the “sell ’em the same thing again and again” home video business, all that’s left is the rotten core.

21. Chris J - January 23, 2009

TOS Remastered Season One on Blu-ray?

All the news I needed to hear!

Now all we need is for all the three seasons to be packaged together in one ‘super’ package. That would be great. Perhaps when they release the new movie on Blu-ray sometime way, way later in ’09 (just in time for Christmas no doubt), they could have a special edition which contains the top five fan favourite episodes, in full HD Remastered glory.

I think that would be very appropriate.

22. locututs - January 23, 2009

is the uk getting season 2 and 3 in normal DVD format in the fancy plastic cases like season 1?

Quite annoying that I will only have season 1 in that style packing.

23. SPB - January 23, 2009

Boy, someone at Paramount must really hate the original STAR TREK logo to want to put those boring block letters on the Season 1 package.

24. screaming satellite - January 23, 2009


25. screaming satellite - January 23, 2009

to BR

26. Alec - January 23, 2009

I see no point in getting the blu-ray films: very little improvement over the DVD special editions (with up-scaling). TMP theatrical edition is far worse than the director’s edition. And TFF will not look great in blue-ray.*

TOS remastered is another story, however. If they include the original and remastered copies in the boxset, then I shall part with my hard-earned cash.

*I hope these films don’t put new fans off ‘old’ Star Trek. Paramount should have fully remastered the films, with new special effects, and released the films individually, starting with the best: TWOK, TVH, TUC, etc. A new fan may take one look at TMP and never look at Trek again!

27. Pol - January 23, 2009

This is a classic example of slow money extraction from a loyal fan base,it’s a tried and tested route used by studios to lighten your pockets.WAKE UP PEOPLE.
First the DVD releases started on individual DVDs (five or six episodes per disk).later they started to bring out the season packs 1,2 & 3 on normal quality DVD.then the remastered versions season packs and now Lo’ and behold the blu-ray versions,what more is there to see,I ask? or how does blu ray improve the quality of a show made in the 60s?!!!!!!!!!!Get the DVD version and dont be duped into buying gimmicks.Next we’ll be getting offers of ST:TOS BALANCE OF TERROR with extra romulans!!!!!!!!! or episodes with spock and his digitally enhanced EXTRA POINTY EARS!!!!! or space scenes with extra shiny stars COME ON PEOPLE.
Number 21 says”they could have a special edition which contains the top five fan favourite episodes, in full HD Remastered glory”WHAT?would you actually buy that knowing that somewhere in your’e collection you already have those episodes in all their “NO HD FULL UNREMASTERED GLORY”.Wake up fellow star trek fans and see the financial tractor beam thats been pointed at your pockets for the last decade

Big Hi to all

28. TonyD - January 23, 2009

TOS Remastered on BluRay is a definite buy as long as Paramount charges a reasonable price. Given the age of the series and the number of times fans have already plunked down money for it, I hope they don’t try to gouge us again.

As for the TOS movies, I love them but unless Paramount does a cleanup and remastering job I’ll probably pass. Many of the effects for ST:TMP really haven’t held up well at all (especially the early Klingon scenes) and the later TOS films were largely low budget affairs and it often shows in the costumes and sets. The effects on Trek V are especially weak and it really hurt the finished film. The enhanced definition of BluRay will only bring out these shortcomings and deficiencies even more and that’s why I think its important to shore up the visuals as much as possible.

It also goes without saying that the ST:TMP release should include both the original theatrical release AND the director’s edition. That too will probably be tough to do since I understand the CG effects were rendered at standard def resolutions.

Paramount has a great opportunity here to finally give these entertaining films the love they deserve but given their past history, I’m not holding my breath that they’ll do the right thing.

29. Tom - January 23, 2009

Looks like I’m buying TOS yet one more time!

I’m a bit “iffy” on the “trilogy”, especially the theatrical verion of TMP. That would mean the directors edition will get its realease and buying TMP once again.

Luckily they being offered separately.

As far as upscaling looking as good as blu-ray, you just need to see them side-by-side. Upscaling SD content does not even compare with native HD content (its like watch the former through gauze :)

30. Jamie - January 23, 2009

The packaging for the TV series is SO much nicer than the HD:DVD.

31. Toonloon - January 23, 2009

Why is there no Star Trek V in Europe???

Could it be that they are finally letting the Shat re-do the effects? They kept TOS-R very quiet until they started. Could be a possibility.

32. captain_neill - January 23, 2009

I had season one on the HD DVD and DVD combo and I said I would wait to get the others when they come onto blu ray

Now TOS remastered will be available as a supplement to the originals.I have.

Star Trek is one film of only a few select film series I would rebuy onto blu ray but the DVDs are still great. Annoyed that the TMP director’s edition is not on the blu ray and package for TOS is good but I dont like it as much as the remastered box sets

I actually prefer the covers of the movies on DVD and annoyed that all ten did not come together

33. Bryan With Pointy Nacelles And Large Disk - January 23, 2009

All Paramount has left in their vaults to lure fans who bought the betas, vhs, laserdiasc, dvd and hd versions is the infamous BLOOPERS and OUTTAKES from the original (and BEST) series. Additionally they could throw in the original NBC tv promo spots (seen on YOU TUBE posted by me).
The Billy Blackburn 8mms were wonderful to see and really showed how much of a cut-up the crew were. They could also be thrown in to sweeten the deal!

34. Star Trackie - January 23, 2009

Already have the originals on DVD. Also have the first season HD remastered versions already, picked them up for a cheaper song when HD went belly up.

But the movies are a welcome sight….although the box set scares me. I’d love to pick it up but if it’s $100 a pop like the Planet of the Apes set, I’ll have to pass. Once they break them down into individual releases I’ll pick them up over time.

35. De Baisch - January 23, 2009

I thought I read somewhere that John Lowery had been contracted to oversee the remastering efforts for a couple of the films.

For the uninitiated, Lowery is an industry leader in digital film remastering. Check out the new James Bond DVDs (particularly Dr. No) or the Star Wars trilogy (yes, the altered ones) for impressive samples of his company’s work.

36. Jeyl - January 23, 2009

Original Theatrical Editions only? What a pinch.

I liked the work they did on The Motion Picture, it’s just a darn shame those who worked on the FX didn’t render the sequences in High Deffinition. Way to go geniuses. You realized Robert Wise’s vision that can only be told in standard format.

In regards to Star Trek II, can’t we have both? There are no new effect shots so it could be just a standard case of seamless branching. Same goes for Star Trek VI.

37. Father Robert Lyons - January 23, 2009

I’d definately buy the TOS seasons *if* they indeed do include the original broadcast and remastered versions. I will not pick them up if they are only the remastered version.

As far as the films, if they aren’t the series that kicked off with the 2001 release of “TMP”, then I’ll just stick with what I already have. I don’t want the theatrical release of TMP; I want the Directors Edition. Same with Trek II…


38. Dom - January 23, 2009

No director’s editions, no sale! Sorry! TMP’s only definitive version is the Director’s Edition. Sounds like they can’t be bothered to get Daren in to re-render the new shots in HD for the moment. It is after all only a case of rendering, not starting from scratch!

And we know Nick Meyer wouldn’t mind a bit of new work on the Genesis cave or TWOK. And Shatner should be allowed to oversee a complete recut of STV with new FX. It’ll never be a great film, but there’s a much better one lurking in that flabby failure of a movie!

TUC’s additions for video made little sense anyway, so not sweating that one!

Don’t care about the TNG movies: might as well not exist, as far as I’m concerned, although I hope people who enjoy TNG feel well treated when they watch them. A new cut of Nemesis would probably go down well with them! ;)

As for TOS (Unremastered/)Remastered on Blu-ray: that’s a definite buy for me!

39. Henning - January 23, 2009

That ST5 (or any other of the movies, for that matter) should be left out of a Star Trek-movie Blu-ray collection strikes me as extremely odd.

Usually reliable German dvd news websites Cinefacts and Area DVD report on rumors about a release of a movie box containing all six films in april. (Plus, apparently, a re-release of those and Classic seaon 1 on dvd, too.)

Also, a movie trilogie of ST2-4 (instead of 1-3) would be much more sensible, of course…

Looking forward to the official confirmation from CBS/Paramount to clear up the conflicting rumors swirling around at the moment.

40. SirBroiler - January 23, 2009

I’m excited to see these films hit Blu-Ray – and I understand they are rushing to take advantage of the film’s summer release and tie in to the promotion. But for the love of the Profits, can’t they do this RIGHT?

Directors Editions, re-mastered at least to the point of color correction and image restoration, with some new special features. I’m all for a redo on all of the special effects, to give these films (which were all terrible under-budgeted when made) a crack at the digital technology that is so readily available these days.

The fact that Paramount didn’t have the foresight to consider HD when they polished the directors’ cut of TMP is just par for the course – because they see Star Trek as a franchise they can pour little money into – and still get a hell of a lot out. Hopefully a strong response to the new film will change that attitude…but I doubt it.


41. Fatman Bruno - January 23, 2009

I believe the Trilogy refers to STII TWOK, STIII TSFS & STIV TVH

42. noirgwio - January 23, 2009

Am I the only one really perterbed by all these damn releases? I love Trek, so much… I bought each of the 4 seasons of ENT right when they came out. All 3 of TOS on thier first DVD outing (read, not remastered). I had all 7 of the flix on VHS, upgraded them to DVD, had to replace them all after an unfortunate pawning necessity… Got the first 6 box set and the last 4 individually. Then the Remastered TOS came out. Had to wait to save up for an all 3 season box. Plus single, unrelated DVDs and the cheaper of boxed sets of a few other shows – not to mention the Trek fan collectives… I barely get by enough as it is, let alone attempt to shell out $200.00 to $300.00 or more per TNG, DS9 &VOY. Now, yay – here they all come on BDs… They’re full of it and we’re gullable. What? No trade-in discounts? Your old DVDs for brand-spanking-new BDs? Well, whatever… Bless Ye who so possesses wealth in abundance enough to get every new hada-who when they become available. And Bless We that we may also be so fortunate.

43. Ralph F - January 23, 2009

Agreed on the box box art; nice work.

And a wholehearted agree on the lack of an HD workup of TMP. I really enjoy that movie, despite what many say it’s an enjoyable film.

And another agreement; ST II, III, and IV is a trilogy. TMP is a stand-alone (almost a pilot for the film series, per se), V is kind of a misstep, and IV is a swan song.

44. Starman - January 23, 2009

On a positive note, if the theatrical version of TMP is released on Blu-Ray I can finally, FINALLY ditch my laserdisc.

45. John - January 23, 2009

If it’s the theatrical editions of TMP, TWOK and TUC we can be assured that Paramount will “double-dip” on all of these. The demand will surely be there, especially for “The Motion Picture” where “The Director’s Edition” is far superior to anything other version. I’ll be skipping this release if it’s only the theatrical TMP.

As for the original versions of the the original series, if they do turn up on this set, then that is great news! I’ll pick this set up in a heartbeat!

46. Jon B - January 23, 2009

I’m glad that TOS will come out on both original and remastered versions. We definitely deserve to choose what version we get. I might go for the TOS blu-ray.

As for the movies, I’m a little disturbed that the director cuts aren’t going to be availiable via seamless branching. I can understand if Robert Wise’s new digital effects weren’t rendered for HD (although it’s a shame that Paramount didn’t render it at film resolution and make the new effects more part of the film), but I would think that the extra scenes for ST 2 and 6 would be as simple as scaning the film of those scenes along with the rest of the movie. However, I can’t wait to see the original effects of TMP. I’m a big fan of original special effects and I can’t wait to see the original cut of the film.

47. Mazzer - January 23, 2009

I predicted they’d release TOS on Blu-ray in time for the new movie, but it’s still been a long wait! I hope the U.S edition’s packaging is like the European one shown (and in standard cases), instead of those hideous boxes where all the disks come loose!

48. Imrahil - January 23, 2009

Nice–I’m -really- glad to hear that they’ll be bundling the original eps with this, so I can get rid of my other sets and save some space on the shelf. I’m also glad that they’re going with normal packaging; as “neat” as the TOS season set packaging is, it’s not very practical or durable. Gimme the old amaray-style case anyday.

49. Kirokwannabe - January 23, 2009




TOS BD is a go for me as I passed on the HD-DVD sets.

50. Kirokwannabe - January 23, 2009

Oh, and I want the Directo’s cuts of the movies – much superior!

51. AJ - January 23, 2009

The film set looks awful. And how do five or six films make a “trilogy?”

These will most likely be the feared “remastered but not cleaned-up for HD” films that were discussed a while back. They will look awful, and the wonderful re-edited Directors’ Cut of TMP, with new FX done in SD will never see the light of day.

Judging by the source of the story (A Norwegian video mag) and the poor artwork, I’d bet it’s a hoax anyway.

52. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 23, 2009

Finaly Star Trek Is coming to blu Rey. This is going to be the best year for Trek since 182 and 1990. So Kool

53. Andy Patterson - January 23, 2009

Guess I’ll have to check out Bluray one of these days. I’ve never even seen a disk or an image from one. Wouldn’t know what it was if I saw it.

54. Jordan - January 23, 2009

OMG SEXY!@!!11

55. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 23, 2009

Ok.I meant 1982. Hey i just got out of the Agoniser booth for disobeying the Emperior.

56. O. W. - January 23, 2009

Individual releases too:

57. Mark Anton - January 23, 2009

They really should come out with some official word about Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Director’s Cut). It is far and away superior to any previous version, especially the original theatrical release. They should at least say if they’re going to get the new effects up to speed for Blu-Ray. The fact that they weren’t done in high definition in the first place is hard to believe.

58. Eduardo Cordeiro - January 23, 2009

No Director´s edition for the movies?
What the hell people at Paramount are thinking?
I prefer to buy the standard dvds for at least more 3 years. The costs of the player and the Full Hd tvs are still prohibitive, at least here in Brasil.
Let´s see how much the TOS set will cost.
Judging by past Trek releases, they will charge 200 bucks for these.

59. Benjamin Adams - January 23, 2009

That TOS box is gorgeous. I mean — wow! I’ll be having me one of them, then . . . when I can fit it into my budget!

There is no way I’ll purchase a BD set of the TOS movies unless the TMP Director’s Cut is included. Ever. Looks like most of us are saying the same thing, so far.

60. Thomas Jensen - January 23, 2009

I have the commentary for the updated version of ST:TMP and I clearly remember someone saying that the new effects had also been rendered in high definition for future big screen release. Perhaps this can be confirmed by Daren Dochterman?

I’d think this would be an easy call for Paramount since the work has already been done vs. starting a new project for ST:V, which might be dubious at this point.

Also, I do own the HDDVD version of the remastered ST season one and I would buy the blu-ray version because I’d like the original show with original opticals in HD.

The movies I’ve been waiting for in blu, but I’m not into the original releases, I’d rather have the director’s cuts in the format.

Don’t forget we’d like to see the second & third season of Star Trek come to blu as well.

61. mooseday - January 23, 2009

Was trying to avoid BluRay until the technology settled down a bit, however, when I got my new PC it had a BluRay drive so I just had to pick up some classics to try it out :P. 2001 and the Thing in BluRay rock .. can’t want for the ST movies.

62. Lendorien - January 23, 2009

I have to agree with Colin here. Paramount is notorious for skimping on the special features in their Star Trek releases.

I do hope that Star Trek 2 is the director’s cut. The addition do help the film. I do think that with the space on blue ray that it shouldn’t be hard to have branching versions so you can watch both the original theatrical version and the director’s cut.

Same goes with TMP. The Director’s cut of TMP is a completely different film. It’s not a great movie, but it holds together far better than the original theatrical version. There used to be a MP3 on that was done by the guys who did the visual effects for the director’s cut. They explained why things were changed and what was done. Their explanations really gave me a lot of insight on how bad the original film really was. Again, with the capacity of blue ray, how hard would it be to include both versions?

I really do wish Paramount was willing to spend the money on these box sets that they deserve.

63. Phil - January 23, 2009

Why the hell not put Star Trek V: The Final Frontier European set? What is the point of that!!! Im very happy that Star Trek is coming to Blu-Ray… but a set with a film missing is sh*t :-(

I hope they release all 11 films on Blu-Ray not as part of a box set… that would be cool!

Star Trek Blu-Ray MINT!

64. Prologic9 - January 23, 2009

There’s no way any of that packaging is going to show up in America so I wouldn’t get worked up about it either way. (If you’re in the US that is)

65. Closettrekker - January 23, 2009

I’m more than a little disappointed that the film box set will be theatrical versions only. I probably won’t buy that set. The original films already look great on my blue-ray player.

I will buy the TOS-season one set in blue-ray, however. That is what I have been waiting for…remastered episodes on blue-ray!

This will be a great belated happy birthday to me, but my wife will inevitably ask, “Why? Don’t you already have that? What the hell is the matter with you?”….

Oh well.

66. OneBuckFilms - January 23, 2009

62 – The additional visual effects work for ST:TMP – Directors Edition was created in 480i (720×480 Widescreen, Interlaced, NTSC resolution), then edited in before encoding for the DVD.

Although film can be scaned at 1920×1080, Progressive Scan (1080P, the resolution of Blu-Ray), all of the added visual effects would need to be rerendered, or they would look terrible upscaled.

This is likely why they are unlikely to distribute the Directors Edition.

The new effects for Star Trek: Remastered were created at 1080P, and match the HD Transfers done of the episodes, so they are already at the correct resolution for Blu-Ray.

67. OneBuckFilms - January 23, 2009

65 – If I were on Blu-Ray, I’d have the TOS-R on Blu-Ray.

I too share your disappointment re: ST:TMP, and would love for them to re-render the effects at 1080P, then redo the edits, and perhaps smarten up the sound mix just a touch for TrueHD.

Trek II had very few changes for the Directors Edition, and Trek III had none, and none of them are a big deal.

But the film needs to be cleaned up and remastered just a tad better than the DVD releases for the HD transfer.

In addition, all of the special features from the DVDs should be present, with perhaps a sneek peak at Trek 2009, and maybe an additional feature or two.

Also, they should have the commentary tracks from the DVDs. I’d really love to see an interview with James Horner on his Trek scores added, as they are an integral part of those movies.

68. OneBuckFilms - January 23, 2009

63 – This is early days, so it is likely the film release list is incomplete. My gut tells me Trek V will be there.

69. OneBuckFilms - January 23, 2009

45 – My vote would be to have both versions of the episodes. One set with the Remastered edition, then an “archival” set of disks, and the special features spread throughout the set (Season 1 HD-DVD had a great idea with this, only to move them all to the end of the set for Seasons 2 and 3 Remastered DVD releases).

However, I suspect that only the Remastered episodes will be released, since it is CBS’s position that for HD, the original VFX do not work, hence the remastered VFX.

I’m fine with this, since the original versions of the episodes are still there on Standard DVD, in NTSC Resolution, precisely the resolution they were originally created for.

70. Nelson - January 23, 2009

There’s a large group of film fans who appreciate the original films as released theatrically to be available on DVD and Blu-Ray. It’s the film as it was and should be to many. But the DC’s are always appreciated. So this new BD release of the first 6 films is great news in that regard. And of course, PAramount is saving super duper Directors Cuts to be released later, at the time of JJ Abrams Star Trek on BD likely or soon after.

I think this is expected and very cool!

What I am more excited about is the release of TOS on BD and if the news turns out to be true, then the inclusion of the original optical effects is great! So thanks to CBS for listening to the fans! But I think the fans will be very amazed at the difference of how poor some of the original effects look now in hi-def! Not that I don’t like them, but I am amazed at how I’ve gotten used the new CGI. Though sometimes they are flawed and CGI-ish!

71. T2 - January 23, 2009

May will be an awesome, and expensive, month to be a Star Trek fan.

…I knew saving my money would be good for something!

72. AJ - January 23, 2009


I don’t think Paramount/CBS is going to make any serious investments in Trek films on Blu-Ray until the format proves itself. According to Digital Bits, 13% of software sales are Blu-Ray discs. And the number does not reflect the increasing influence of “On-Demand” films on cable/Internet, which have been a tipping point for software sales overall.

You can buy a progressive scan DVD player for $25 now, and Blu-Rays are down below $250, but the format isn’t lighting any fires, for sure.

So Paramount will release the first six films “as is” and hope to turn a buck or two.

73. JRBinDFW - January 23, 2009

I have to agree, the box art is great…. it’s very familiar to a certain new movie release that Paramount is in no way trying to cash in on LOL.

74. Shatner_Fan_Prime - January 23, 2009

Anyone else find it odd that they used the TOS font on the movies set…but not on the TOS set?

Oh well, MUST HAVES regardless of what the packaging looks like! But I agree that I’ll still need the director’s cut of TMP. And, yeah, a director’s cut of V would be wonderful!!

75. OneBuckFilms - January 23, 2009

74 – I don’t think this artwork is final.

76. OneBuckFilms - January 23, 2009

72 – The format sales over time is still growing, but yes, it’s still early days.

The one thing that is stopping me from going Blue at this time is the fact that I don’t have the disposable income for a decent 1080P TV and a Profile 2 player.

It’s probably the expensive nature of the TVs that is preventing most from switching over.

Unless I have a HD display medium, I cannot justify a Blu-Ray player.

Once prices come down enough, and my income goes up enough, I aim to go totally Blu-Ray, with a 1920×1080 HD Video Camera, a version of Vegas to edit the footage and master a Blu-Ray disk, the burner of course, and the HD TV and Blu-Ray player in one hit.

Then I’ll be where I want to be technologically.

Unfortunately, I may have to wait a while to do all of this.

77. Ensign RedShirt - January 23, 2009

Finally! I’m very pleased to see TOS will feature the new FX as well as the original(likely through seamless branching). Nice move in taking advantage of the extra space on Blu Ray.

I’m a bit disappointed that the films will be the theatrical cuts, but I get this funny feeling that the Robert Wise Director’s Cut of TMP will see the light of day in the fall, just in time for it’s 30th Anniversary. Maybe Daren Dochterman can clue us in on whether the project is in the works…

May is gonna be an expensive month!

78. sean - January 23, 2009


I think that European set that leaves out Trek V was specially made for you & I! :)

79. Shatner_Fan_Prime - January 23, 2009

#78 … I’m going to switch Closet’s order before he receives it to ensure that he gets a pristine new copy of V!

80. sebimeyer - January 23, 2009

If it really turns out to be true that the TOS sets include BOTH the original version AND the remastered one with extra effects, I might finally have a reason to get a BluRay player.

That and: In your face, George Lucas! How about releasing the untempered with version of SW?

81. AJ - January 23, 2009

I have a bad feeling about this, and I’m surprised Bill Hunt would go to print with such a dubious source, especially with a five-film “trilogy.” I think he’s been had.

82. Jeyl - January 23, 2009 “Star Trek I, II and IV will each be the original theatrical versions. (If I’m not mistaken, this would mark the first time that The Voyage Home has EVER been available on home video in its theatrical version)”

What the heck? I’ve had all the video tapes, laser discs and DVDs for Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home and they’re not the theatrical version? This has GOT to be a mistake. I’ve never heard of the Voyage Home having an alternate version or being released in a so-called “Director’s Cut”. I know it had a director’s series label while on VHS, but all that included was a widescreen version of the film and a special introduction by Leonard Nimoy.

The only thing imdb can say in regards to alternate versions is that foreign versions of this film had a special introduction to get those who didn’t watch the previous trek movies up to speed on what was happening with the story.

So what’s going on? Is Bill mistaken? I think he’s got it confused with Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country because that film had all it’s home video releases with additional footage (Plus a little bit of editing for the special edition DVD which I love).

83. darendoc - January 23, 2009

As of this time, I’m aware of no plans for bringing the Director’s Edition of TMP to High Definition. :(

I hope that changes in the future.

But I am excited about the possibility of the original TOS episodes in HD.

84. SPOCKBOY - January 23, 2009

I disagree Alec.
Apparently these new versions have had a desperately needed “digital scrubbing” I was surprised and how many scratches, hairs, dust were on the DVD versions in the first place, especially TMP.
Does anyone know who is doing the work again?
I hope it’s Lowry Digital Images.
They did those incredible Bond clean ups and Citizen Kane as well.

I also hope it’s true that the original versions of TOS will be on Blu-Ray along with the remastered ones.

: )

85. Jason - January 23, 2009

Just wondering why the Movie cover says “Trilogy” Does it only contain films II, III & IV- which nicely formed a trilogy as each film takes place right where the last one left off- and right in the middle of a golden age for Trek films.

86. sean - January 23, 2009


Noooooooooo! You fiend! ;)

87. Ensign RedShirt - January 23, 2009

#83 Daren

I’m really sorry to hear that. Shows a lack of studio foresight to have simply not created the new FX at film rez in the first place, as well as not giving the film the cleanup it clearly needed. I hope you guys get a chance to finish the work in the future; you did a wonderful job.

88. Chadwick - January 23, 2009

I am much more excited for TOS blu-ray rather then the movies. I dont think I will buy the movies unless they are directors cuts or special editions, bottom line is that I want the long, uncut version of the movies. In the end I want everything that has been filmed. Most of the time movies were cut after the theatrical release when put on VHS. When DVD’s came out it was the opposite, what you saw in the theatre was cut to save time and more footage was added to the DVD release, so when you watched the DVD there was 10-20 minutes of extra footage not seen in theatres, and that is what I want. In the end I dont want anything cut. I understand if something’s are cut for movie theatres for time limits. But when the blu-ray comes out I want every last piece of footage, nothing cut.

I am happy the TOS has the original and the remastered version. I was going to keep the original version of TOS on DVD for posterity. Even though I love the new remastered TOS much better then the old its still nice to have the original TOS with the terrible effects as a piece of history.

I dont think I will buy TNG unless they remaster it as well, and I dont care about the arguments that the TNG masters being on tapes, give me a break, Paramount would never have lost track of the original film footage of TNG. These are just excuses as to why it has not been remastered. Show me a document from someone at Paramount who has said the original TNG footage is lost. The fact that the effects were not added on films is perfect, it means they can go back and totally redo it. VOY and DS9 are still good looking but some of the planets and shots of the enterprise in the first few seasons look like shit.

89. Chadwick - January 23, 2009

OH GOD I would love a remastered Cage episode

90. M - January 23, 2009

from the other link it looks like they are repacking voyager too.

91. AJ - January 23, 2009


Sorry, but what actually would need to be done to TMP DE to get it looking good in HD?

If they just transferred the existing master onto HD, would the work you did not benefit from the suprior resolution? At least a bit? Or does HD reveal too much?

I remember watching early Star Wars tapes and seeing ‘fields’ around the ships. They disappeared in subsequent remastered versions.

How would HD render the other Trek films? I would think, if they are not “cleaned up” like the TOS series was for HD, they will reveal lots of warts.

92. Chadwick - January 23, 2009

I am just happy I waited until the HD DVD battle was over, never wasted money on HD DVD or HD DVD player, thank god.

I agree the commentaries are a waste of time and I wonder


I mean we all love the Star Trek bloopers and have only seen them in the bloody 25th anniversary special, and that special that Jason Alexander did.


93. Ensign RedShirt - January 23, 2009

TNG, DS9 and Voyager will require a massive remastering effort, far beyond what was done for TOS. The series were shot on film, but were mastered on videotape, like most shows of the era. The studio would have to go back to the original film elements and cut everything together again, which would be extraordinarily expensive and would take years. It’s unfortunate, but those shows are truly going to be trapped in the era they were made in. TOS was shot and mastered on film and Enterprise mastered in HD. Kind of ironic that Trek’s oldest and newest series are the only ones ready for the HD era

94. garen - January 23, 2009

it seems weird to that theyre packaging things in “trilogies” without any good reason.

and how do they just simply ignore the existence of ST5: TFF?!!

95. Bill Hunt - January 23, 2009

Sorry – just discovered an error in the text that you may already have pinpointed. I meant to say, Star Trek I, II and VI will all be the theatrical editions. So Undiscovered Country, not Voyage Home.

96. Clinton - January 23, 2009

I had a feeling that was going to be the case. Bummer. The Director’s Cut is clearly the best version of ST:TMP.

97. G-Boss - January 23, 2009

I’ve got all of the stuff that I need to watch these.
It’s been a long time coming.

98. Lord Garth, Formerly Of Izar - January 23, 2009

Hey Bill Hunt (Love The Bits by the way)

When are these films coming to Blu??


Apoc Now Redux

The Conversation

Sword of Doom




Yojibo- Sanjiro



99. Bill Hunt - January 23, 2009

As to why these three (I, II and VI) are going to be theatrical cuts, Paramount is going to need more time to remaster The Motion Picture: Director’s Cut because the new effects weren’t rendered in 1080p (I believe the studio didn’t want to pay for that at the time). So those will need to be re-rendered for Blu-ray (and rest assured, I’ve been trying to get the necessary parties in touch with each other). So I suspect the studio knows they’re going to have to do another version of at least TMP on Blu-ray layer, so they figured why not make this the theatrical line-up and then they can do even more elaborate versions later.

100. Bill Hunt - January 23, 2009

RE: AJ in post 81…

Our sources are excellent. I have not been “had” in any way. I’ve been doing this way too long not to have first-rate sources.

The artwork you see came from Paramount reps in Europe and was posted by a Norwegian web site. I’ve been told the key art may be similar here in the States, but obviously there may be differences. As for why it’s a “Trilogy” set in parts of Europe but a 6-film box set elsewhere, I have no idea – studios often release different configurations in different regions. The information posted above, other than the artwork, pertains to the U.S. release.

101. Bill Hunt - January 23, 2009

RE: darendoc in post 83…

The mastering people have your contact info, man. I’ve made sure of it. You’re right, there are no current plans. I have a feeling the studio is taking a “wait and see” approach to see how the new film and this Blu-ray release does. If they make a lot of money, I have no doubt that the powers that be will suddenly develop a healthy interest in a new Blu-ray version of the TMP: Director’s Cut. Historically, that’s how these things usually play out.

102. Bill Hunt - January 23, 2009

RE: Lord Garth in post 98…

Criterion is already at least planning some Kurosawa on Blu-ray, and a few of his films are already set for release in Japan on Blu… but unfortunately there are no English subs. Downfall is already out in Europe and I’m betting it will come here in the States as well. You might see at least one or two Coppola titles this year too, so fingers crossed.

103. neal - January 23, 2009

Well, it’s a free market. We can buy this stuff, or not. Spend our money, or save it. Watch the same ol* shat again and again, or read a new book. The one thing I love about our consumer culture is that we all have the freedom to choose, and there is always a dizzying array of stuff from which to choose.

104. AJ - January 23, 2009


Bill, I’m a long-time reader of the ‘Bits, and have had had e-mail contact with you several times under my real name.

I just thought it all looked ‘fishy.’ I lived many years in Europe, and US and European releases of both the Trek films and series have been identical in features, and packaging design of late. Excluding TFF in Europe, and releasing five films in a package labeled as a “trilogy” requires a bit more digging, I’m afraid.

I also know first-hand how unreliable the Norwegian press can be

105. Sean4000 - January 23, 2009

Star Treks IV and VII, Voyage home and First Contact, got the Lowry Digital treatment so those will be among the first titles i pick up out of this set.

I didn’t care much at all for the quality of the remastered shots so I am more than thrilled that the series is going to be seemlessly branched.

Good enough for me.

106. jas_montreal - January 23, 2009

curious about the trilogy…. Only explanation has to be star trek 2 to 4. Maybe they want non-trek fans to pick up the trilogy first to get a good view of what star trek movies are like….. Because lets face it… you don’t want non-trek fans watching star trek 1 or 5 as their ”first trek experience”. Maybe theirs that strategy… But i just can’t wait to see Wrath of khan in 1080p glory. I did buy season 1 and 2 remastered on dvd, wtv… it happens. I think i’ll buy season 3 in blu ray for sure. But i’m really freaked about see’ing The end battle scene in star trek nemesis in full 1080p glory. The enterprise collision in HD… !!!!!#$!!!!!! I’m freaking out ! I finally have a reason to buy a blu-ray player !!!!

107. Sean4000 - January 23, 2009

Oops, VIII and IV got royal treatment and will be picked up on their respective release dates. VIII being later it seems.

108. SPOCKBOY - January 23, 2009

I have actually tried to find the original 16/36 millimeter films as I am experienced in photo restoration I would gladly (along with any other skilled trekkies) donate my time to restoring them. I was hoping that Majel Roddenberry RIP would have some of them in her possession but sadly she has passed now.
If anyone is interested I would really like to arrange something.
This gentleman has the right idea…

If Anthony would like spearhead such an effort it would be wonderful.

: )

109. Lord Garth, Formerly Of Izar - January 23, 2009

Billy Hunt


I am enthralled with the idea of more Criterion on Blu (though many of the standard dvd prints are so gorgeous as is) I recently bought a quite excellent remastered version of Chunking Express so I passed on the Blu. But I am quite excited about the prospect of Kurosawa and Hideoshi on Blu

Speaking of Coppola, I never saw a review of Youth without Youth on the Bits. It has some of Coppola’s most stunningly beautiful camera work since Godfather II. It is easily one of the most gorgeous Blu’s I have seen. Please check it out. (watch it with his commentary)

110. tom vinelli - January 23, 2009

come on alec,something is wrong.your saying the upscale dvd’s will = the films on blu-ray.there is no upscaler that will match a blu-ray hd disc!
Usless you spend thosands of dollars on a scaler,theres no way its gonna look better then the bd.
startrek is paramounts baby,my bet is they won’t flub this one.
these bd’s will look good.

111. Danpaine - January 23, 2009

…like I’ve said before…..Ebay, about four years from now….$30 per.

Paramount’s prices for these are going to be outrageous.

112. Alec - January 23, 2009

If any fan buys the films in blu-ray, when he or she already has the Director’s Editions/Special Editions, then he or she strikes me as having more money than sense. Why buy the Theatrical Versions? As others have pointed out, if we take the Theatrical Version of, arguably, the best film, TWOK, we miss key parts of the film which help with story exposition. I.e., the Preston and sickbay scene, the extended project-Genesis-talk, etc.

As for Trek remastered, if they’d remastered it properly, I’d be happy to pay more. As it is, I’m price conscious…

Paramount can try and flog this stuff, and charge what they like, but the fans aren’t stupid.

113. OneBuckFilms - January 23, 2009

Hopefully by the time Blu-Ray/HD TV becomes feasable to me, the TMP Directors Edition will be scrubbed and updated for 1080P.

I still see nothing wrong with releasing the Theatrical versions of the movies, however, since they are what was seen.

The ideal for TMP: DE would be to have the DE as the primary title, and the Theatrical release as a bonus. The Star Wars Original Trilogy releases did something similar on DVD (though the unaltered versions were from a 4:3 widescreen transfer from the LaserDisk masters).

If they took the same approach to the Movies as they aparrently are doing for Season 1 of the Original Series, I would be very happy when I get to Blu-Ray.

114. Will H. - January 23, 2009

Yeah, the trilogy bit is a bit weird, the only thing that could cover would be STII-IV, but Im guessing that’s just an error. I think it would make a lot more sense to do TMP in the director’s cut if youre going to go bluray. The first version looks ghetto enough as it is, putting it up on HD is gonna show off all that’s wrong with it. Seems kinda dumb to leave out STV in the Europe version, I know most people think it was a bad movie, but still, its part of the series, at least we get it in the US. I’ll probably end up getting the movies once I get a bluray drive for my computer, but I doubt I’ll do the TOS DVD’s, and I doubt I’ll be able to afford TNG or anything else in HD if they come out. HD seems a bit overkill for TV series, but its good for the movies.

115. Jeyl - January 23, 2009

If any film needs attention from Lowry Digital, it’s TMP. I watched the Director’s Edition and found the amount of dirt and scratches to be not only distracting, but also inconsistent. Some scenes would look good, others REALLY not so good.

116. Bill Hunt - January 23, 2009

FYI, I don’t know if this trilogy will only be available in parts of Europe and elsewhere outside the U.S., but I’m now hearing that it dubbed “The Genesis Trilogy” which would seem to mean II, III and IV.

117. Dubsaque - January 23, 2009

I for one, am glad that they are re-issuing the theatrical release of TWOK. I mistakenly gave away my theatrical release DVD of it when I bought the extended cut, when the theatrical release was (in retrospect) superior. I do feel, though, that the re-mastered version of TMP with new FX was a huge improvement, but good call on the FX issues #66. I think I will prolly wait for that to be updated to Blu-Ray before I buy.

118. MetalElf - January 23, 2009

Yeah ST:TOS on Blu-ray!!! I can’t wait to spend $499.00 per season whoo hoo!

119. Chris H - January 23, 2009

I’m not bothered. Still hanging on to my DVD’s and non-HD Tv/player till the 22nd century…………………………….. Somehow I like my Trek as it was seen originally.

120. Closettrekker - January 23, 2009

#79—” I’m going to switch Closet’s order before he receives it to ensure that he gets a pristine new copy of V!”

You traitor…I’ll…..Kill you!!!!

You missed it, Prime. I walked into ‘Third Planet’ on Southwest Fwy this morning, and bought my copy of the Countdown #1.

Interestingly enough, the guy at “Midnight Comics” on Hwy 6 answered the phone last night with—“Midnight Comics, and we have no more Star Trek Countdown #1’s”.

He actually said that! After I laughed and told him that was what I was looking for, he said that he was “geeking out” about the movie and we ended up having a 2-3 minute conversation about it. He told me that I could either order it and have it in a week or check with Third Planet.

My first ever comic book, and I ventured out of the closet to get it!


121. Closettrekker - January 23, 2009

#94—“…how do they just simply ignore the existence of ST5: TFF?!!”

Ah… To be rid of that wart!

122. Closettrekker - January 23, 2009

#78—“I think that European set that leaves out Trek V was specially made for you & I!”

It would seem so, wouldn’t it?

Except that it doesn’t include the director’s cut of TMP. I understand that it wasn’t formatted in such a way to accomodate blu-ray, but it’s reason enough for me not to buy the set (even if I could buy the Euro-set, which does not include The Great Trek Turd Of ’89).

123. Shatner_Fan_Prime - January 23, 2009

#120 … I’ve been shopping at Third since I was about 12 years old. Decent shop! I’m going this weekend, so you better not have grabbed the last copy!! If you did, I’m having Shatner go to your home this weekend to screen V in your living room, and explain to you why it was a “stupid business decision” to leave him out of XI.

124. sean - January 23, 2009


I agree, I’ll wait until these are released in Director’s Editions.

125. Doug - January 23, 2009

I would like to get the European version myself since it won’t have V with it. It’s unfortunate that the directors edition won’t be available. When they were making the new effects in Lightwave they should have rendered the effects at a cinema quality resolution not 480p.

126. Anthony Pascale - January 23, 2009

AJ RE: ‘being had’
The above report is not based on the European site but based on a combo of sources for The Bits and Trekmovie. As noted above we are sourcing them for the box art only. Bill and I have been hearing the same things from multiple sources and what is above is what both of us are confident in reporting.

There is no doubt in our minds that Trek feature films and TOS are coming to blu-ray in 2009. There is some question about how they will be packaged together in various regions, but we should have all that sorted soon enough.

127. ScottDS - January 23, 2009

While I wish Paramount would give these films the same treatment that Fox gave the Planet of the Apes films on Blu-Ray (one definitive boxset after years of double-dipping on DVD), I guess this was inevitable. (And I still take much of this with a grain of salt.)

As for the theatrical versions of II and VI, is it possible that the DE edits were done in the video realm and there are no HD versions of the STII Director’s Edition and the STVI “Special Longer Version”?

Re: STVI, I just can’t understand why Paramount would go to the trouble of actually releasing something that has never been available before on home video, especially when they let Meyer make a few additional edits for the SE DVD.

I wonder if the Nick Meyer commentaries on II and VI will now be dropped because they will no longer sync up with the films (and I doubt the studio would go to the trouble of editing them).

And if they are going to double-dip later, why bother creating new special features?

128. Bruce_Wayne - January 23, 2009

My Blu-Ray player is starting to sweat…

129. noirgwio - January 23, 2009

Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but for those who mention wanting The Cage episode Remastered; they DID put it on the TOS-R S/3 with updated effects etc. I’m not sure if it was fully onp par with the rest of the TOS updated stuff, but greatly enjoyable! Or did you mean you want it on BD? I’m content with it and all my other DVD versions, director’s cuts etc. I won’t go broke just for these BDs! And I too am keeping both TOS and TOS-R, for sentimentality, history, posterity AND cuz they ALL threw me for $100.00 a friggin’ pop!! You don’t just toss that out with the tribbles…

130. Closettrekker - January 23, 2009

#123—There were only 5 left before I got there, so–given that everywhere else I checked was sold out and they have only 4 remaining copies as of this morning—you might not want to wait (although you may know of other places I couldn’t find)!

131. RD - January 23, 2009

#16. Isn’t THE CAGE on Season Three, like on the DVDs?

Yes, the DVDs are ordered in broadcast order, NOT production order. Therefore, since the Cage was the last broadcast it is the last episode on the last DVD. Not sure why Paramount made this decision since production order makes a lot more sense in most cases.

#129. You are NOT mistaken, it was remastered on the TOS-R S/3 DVD and we have been WAITING for a very long time to get the review since it was released and promised back in November. Your comments are the most review I’ve seen about it on this site.

Where is the bloody review?

132. Lu-Wan (JE) - January 23, 2009

oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

133. Luke Forrester - January 23, 2009

Put this in the rumor category, but I was at the last day of “The Star Trek Experience” in Las Vegas and there was a film crew from Paramount there and they said their coverage would be an extra on the HD sets in 2009.

134. Closettrekker - January 23, 2009

#131—“You are NOT mistaken, it was remastered on the TOS-R S/3 DVD and we have been WAITING for a very long time to get the review since it was released and promised back in November. Your comments are the most review I’ve seen about it on this site.

Where is the bloody review?”

The other remastered episode “reviews” were done when the remastered version actually aired. It is my understanding (and I could be wrong) that this review will come at that time as well. I’m not sure why “the Cage” review would be done any differently.

135. AJ - January 23, 2009

Paramount Pictures Announces “STAR TREK TRILOGY” for Immediate Release on Blu-Ray.


Paramount Pictures today announced that the legendary property’s beloved trilogy will be forthcoming on Blu-Ray Disc this May.

Star Trek V, The Final Frontier, Star Trek: Generations, and Star Trek: Nemesis will lead the way on Blu-Ray to herald the release of JJ Abrams’ new film, and as a valentine to Trek fans, who, as traditional early adopters, have been awaiting hi-def “Trek” for a long while.

The three films, often lumped together by Trekkies the world over, signal the franchise’s first foray in to the Hi-Def world. MSRP $149.95

136. OneBuckFilms - January 23, 2009

If they do re-render the VFX for High Def, and recreate the editing, in addition to cleaning up the print, perhaps it should be named “Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Remastered.”

Yes, the print does need some serious cleanup work.

The other thing I’d LOVE to see is complete scores to the Trek movies so far.

Get FSM to do it, ala the Superman “Blue Box” release.

Even if they just did movies I thru III I’d be ecstatic.

137. Closettrekker - January 23, 2009

#135—Probably the three most often maligned films with the name ‘Star Trek’ on them.

That’s pretty funny.

138. Jeyl - January 23, 2009

@135 – AJ


Let’s release only the worst Star Trek films ever as an experiment to see if people really want Star Trek in High Definition. God forbid that if this set doesn’t do well that we release any more Star Trek in BluRay. It will only show that Trek fans will absolutely not want them.

139. Eric AD - January 23, 2009

I can’t think of a reason though why Paramount can’t release the exteneded editions of all of these movies as an “extra” in SD. Many Blu Rays port over the SD special features from the previous regular dvd releases, why not here? I’m a recent blu ray convert, and one thing i HATE is when studios don’t release special features from previous standard dvd’s onto a blu ray which has way more storage space. It has kept me from buying some movies I love like T2, Carrie and some others. It’s not like an un-remastered movie can look worse in hi def, right?

140. Justin Olson - January 23, 2009

@ Bill or Anthony:

Will “The Undiscovered Country” be in its original 2.39:1 theatrical framing on Blu? You can see the original framing on the special features from the old 2-disc DVD SE release. Much like how “Austin Powers” was restored from 2:1 to 2.39:1, I know both of these films were shot in Super35. Thanks.

141. All About Blu Ray Player And Blu Ray Technology | Dell Cartridge - January 23, 2009

[…] Blu-ray Update: TOS Season 1 + TOS Movies Coming May 2009 … […]

142. AJ - January 23, 2009


If I hadn’t read this thread, I would never have known I had The Cage on my season 3 TOS-R set. I just watched it.

In brief, there are 2 versions on the disc. There is the remastered full episode which, as in previous releases, is a composite of the bits used in “Menagerie I & II”, and the actual first pilot.

There is a beautiful re-working of the opening credits with the E in all her spiky remastered glory, and a beautiful nebula, and the ep itself, being quite talky, is almost left alone.

The “Time Warp Factor Seven” scene where you the see the Bridge blinking on and off over a starfield remains, but the starfield looks better. You also get to glimpse warp through Pike’s window in his quarters, and a sexed-up records-scanning scene when the Talosians infiltrate the E’s computers (There’s a pic of a man on the moon, which hadn’t happened yet as of filming).

There’s one superb closeup of the saucer leading to starboard nacelle during orbit somewhere in there, too.

The end is more cool E fly-by’s

The quality varies wildly between the “Menagerie” and actual “Cage” bits. The audio becomes hissy and scratchy during the recovered “Cage” footage, and the video can be a bit smudgy, but colors are true and consistent throughout, and the cleanup job is as good as it will get.

The second “Cage” on the disc, to my delight, was the first composite of old footage with “Menagerie,” where the old footage was B&W, and it’s bookended by the Great Bird Himself, telling the story of how he tried to cheekily sell it to the networks as a western in space. I had owned this on laserdisc ages ago, and I’m happy to do so again.

143. trekboi - January 23, 2009

why is the box “artwork” so bland and generic?

and wht have they got the typeface the wrong way around- if u accept the tos boxset typeface as a generic movie typeface- i love the movie typeface which all 6 original movies had.

why no images?
why no art?
even a random star ship flying around the starfleet logo would help- something visual that says “star trek”
Kirk spock maybe?

why do all the star trek box sets have such generic art? it started with the next gen- the originals were ok- the simple designs of the plastic boxes are understandable but the regular box sets should have nice artwork like the battlestar galactica- star wars – heros – supernatural ect ect do

the videos managed recognisable art work that made each episode-series individual
well maybe i will have the fun of creating my own covers soon.

rant over

144. Kev-1 - January 23, 2009

If the new disc included the unused footage frm STTMP (including the Memory Wall stuff, plus — this would never happen– the Robert Abel footage — I would get Blu-Ray just to play that movie.

145. DJ Neelix - January 23, 2009

I don’t believe that this is the actual box art. It looks hideous and unprofessional.

146. Blue-Ray Movie Releases - January 23, 2009

Its great news to hear that the movies are coming to Blue-Ray. I’ve purchased less DVDs since the introduction of the format and none since Blue Ray emerged as the format winner.

As far as TMP is concerned, I think most bloggers have never seen the movie in its original theatrical release. To complain about it how “bad” it is compared to the Director’s Edition is not fair because as a purist, there is a definite sound mix difference..for the the DE, that doesn’t hold up if theatrically shown. Yes, I know there was a more theatrical 5.1 mix made but, sorry, it dumbs the film down to something far less than the original movie was when shown in theaters.

I’ll cite a few examples. One..Vger’s plasma energy weapons had a far more dramatic travelling sound that introduced audiences to its destructive powers. In the DVD, they were toned down and tweaked to eliminate most of the ‘sizzle.’ Secondly, the Enterprises warp jump sound effect was also dumbed down that has significantly less of that cool shrill and whoosh that was mistakenly replaced with a less dramatic sound. It does not play like in the original where the warp engines go from a slow dramatic hum to a higher pitched shrill as the engines increase in power and propel the Enterprise to warp speed.

Are these things trivial? No. Its not a MOVIE when you’re experiencing Star Trek on a tv with tv level sound effects.

Given the changes with the Director’s Edition, TMP DE works better for sure to look at on your small box tv, but in its current form, with the lackluster sound and grainy look, would it hold up to theatrical exhibition scrutiny. Definitely, not. Its Star Trek-The Motion Picture, not Star Trek-The TV Show Revisited on my 27″ Toshiba TV.

Since we do not know if the Blue Ray MASTER was the original TMP negative with 65mm shot visual effects will make a difference. Even if its a 35mm master, digitally cleaned up and scanned at say 8K resolution…ala the recent Blade Runner movie, would look far better than anything we’ve seen before. TMP has the potential to look better than any of the other movies given the fact that a lot of it was shot in 65mm.

Whenever they get a chance to release TMP:DE in Blue Ray, I suggest they revisit the soundtrack mix and at least restore the original THEATRICAL elements to the plasma energy weapon and warp drive.

147. Kareem Owete - January 23, 2009

I am no expert on digital effects, but I’d think that the reamstered effects of STMP could be easily converted to HD.

As to the reason we are only getting the original versions this time out is very obvious.

If they gave us all of the candy the first time out, they’d have nothing to bring us back for more.

148. Blue-Ray Movie Releases - January 23, 2009

I forgot to comment on the cover boxes for the movies. They look too familiar to the new movie coming out in May and the tv series boxed set with just the Trek logo.

The box design should’ve done more in keeping with its original theatrical release. Oh well. I hope people won’t think the movies are just tv-long episodes.

149. RD - January 23, 2009

#134 – This paragraph suggests a review will be forthcoming, not contingent upon broadcast.

“There is also a fully Remastered version with a brand new credit sequence and new CGI effects (some of which were redone after the airing of “The Menagerie” in syndication). “The Cage” looks great and we will have much more on that with a full TrekMovie review (w/ screenshots and video) coming up.”

Since Remastered TOS is already into its 3rd season of re-runs, there is no guarantee that the Cage will ever be broadcast as part of the syndication package. Therefore it is specious reasoning to assume anything based on previous example, particularly when it has been stated a review will be forthcoming based on the version included with the DVD.

150. RD - January 23, 2009

#142. Thank you! (Now could you post some pictures and video on YouTube & Flickr – LOL!)

151. AJ - January 23, 2009


The long awaited review of “The Cage” remastered will be quite anti-climactic. “Menagerie” covers the bulk of the ep.

I DO think Anthony should post the beautiful fly-bys of the pilot Enterprise, but there are no orgasm-inducing revelations here. Our favorite “cerebral” ep does in fact involve lots of talking. And thinking.

152. MattmanOmega - January 23, 2009

I seriously doubt there’s too much to worry about as far as the “Director’s Editions” go. As plenty of people on this board have pointed out, this is just a first step “Trek” on Blu-Ray. A double-dip is almost certain to follow. Now, as to the quality/quantity of that double-dip…that probably depends on the upcoming film.

If the new “Star Trek” flick (I say “flick” because my currect expectations aren’t very high) does massive box-office returns, that will probably translate into bigger Blu-Ray re-issues. In addition to the Director’s Cuts of “TMP”, “TWK”, and “TUC”, it could very well mean new a new DC of “Star Trek V”…and maybe even “Star Trek: Nemesis”.

But, if the new “Trek” is a flop…well, I’m pretty sure the the DCs of “TMP”, “TWK”, and “TUC” will still make a future Blu release. It just might take a bit longer.

By the way, are we 100% sure the new FX for “TMP” don’t exist in film or HD? I was given to understand that the Director’s Cut had been shown in some theaters. If so, shouldn’t high-quality film masters of the added visuals exist?

153. Bill Hunt - January 24, 2009

Yes. TMP: DC is standard-definition only. People actually involved in the project have contributed to this thread (above).

154. Bill Hunt - January 24, 2009

Regarding the director’s cuts and double-dips… that’s just how the home video industry works, for better or worse. With key franchise titles especially, the studios are going to release multiple versions per format over time. It’s virtually a given. So you can almost guarantee that the director’s cuts/extended versions will be released on Blu-ray eventually. At least, the way the studio has started the process with these first releases, theatrical cuts that haven’t been available before – or at least haven’t been available since VHS – will finally see the light of day in high quality. No doubt many fans will be excited about this. Others will feel cheated and will prefer to stick with the existing DVDs. Either way, it’s just a fact of life. I am at least pleased that the TOS releases will include BOTH versions. That, at least, offers real value to fans who want both in high-def. I certainly do feel bad for those who purchased the HD-DVDs though, hoping they’d get the whole series on that format. But that’s a whole other topic.

155. Aqua - January 24, 2009

So, I have the DVDs of the movies which are remastered with improved special effects, but why in the world are they going back to the original versions for the higher quality format?

156. Closettrekker - January 24, 2009

#149—“Since Remastered TOS is already into its 3rd season of re-runs, there is no guarantee that the Cage will ever be broadcast as part of the syndication package. Therefore it is specious reasoning to assume anything based on previous example…”

“The Cage” will be airing in May, according to Trekmovie’s sources.

This is based upon the following:

” The Remastered version is still in broadcast syndication (check local listings), but the only ‘new’ episode will be the Remastered “The Cage” airing in May (and yes the TM review is coming).”—Trekmovie Staff, January 17, 2009.

Once again, like the rest of TOS-R, I would expect the review to come at that time. I don’t find that to be specious reasoning at all.

It also doesn’t contradict the statement back on November 17, 2008 to which you are referring.

” ‘The Cage’ looks great and we will have much more on that with a full TrekMovie review (w/ screenshots and video) coming up. ”

Even if the Trekmovie Staff waits until the May broadcast, it’s still “coming up”. Is it not? It’s also possible that Anthony and the gang were not aware of the May broadcast until sometime between November and now.

In any case, the recent article I quoted for you is only 6 days old, and should answer your question.

157. DJT - January 24, 2009


158. RD - January 25, 2009

#156 the article you reference was buried in an article with a lead about TNG and cable, so it is understandable that I missed it (and frankly I’d love to know their source since the official site still lists the 4/28/08 airdate Also, In November, no one knew the Cage would ever be broadcast. I speculated that it would be logical to assume it would be aired closer to the movie, which would help explain why it was pulled from it’s original airdate. Saying, however, that the Trekmovie staff had faith that the episode would actually be broadcast when they made their statement in November, when they had the long awaited episode in hand on DVD, before they made their review would be specious at best. Since their announcement did not come until this month, I would presume they did not know until then of the revised airdate (otherwise not report it in Nov.?). Regardless of your position re: their semantics (and you seem particularly big on it), revisionist history does not justify what I see as the mission of this site: to inform their audience as quickly as possible of new Trek news and reviews – a site which otherwise rushes to press the most trivial of news in step with its competitors. I started reading this site for two reasons, primarily news on the re-mastered episodes and secondarily the new movie. I visit no other Trek fan sites. That said, I will be extremely disappointed if the Trekmovie staff waits until after the broadcast to review it. But thanks for fully deconstructing my remarks with your own point of view which has no more validity than my own regardless of how you define “coming up” or what prognosticatory powers the staff possess.

159. Irishtrekkie - January 25, 2009

…….cool remastered tos , right out to buy a blue ray player , i got the HD big tv at christmas , but no blu-ray player , but i connected it up to my graphic card on my pc so i can get hd play backs of hd files. but i guess i will to spend some money now.

oh and wait WHY ! does European set not include Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. …. that makes no sense to me at all it has to be a mistake ? i.e. they do not have the final product. and i mean i know V is not the best movie ever but ” what does god need with a starship?” in hd , is something i want.

160. random guy - January 25, 2009

That’s stupid, they’re not even using the original logo

161. Poster - January 25, 2009

You silly people. The reasons the Definitive versions aren’t out this time are:
1. time
2. to make you but the definitive versions next year or later. Paramount will milk as much money as they can out of us, as did George Lucas.

Also, Star Trek 5 should always be a part of the collection. It is still Star Trek. Are we Star Trek fans or not? Hell, LOST IN SPACE was so bad it was good lol. I would rather have STV over any new film any day. Sorry guys, Bill Shatner and Crew can never be replaced.

162. Chuck A - January 26, 2009

I’m desperately trying not to buy into this and wait for the full and complete set including the Next Gen entries. I’ve no doubt they will release a complete set but the real question is, will I double or single dip?

163. Stekev - January 26, 2009

I’m actually really glad that they’re releasing the original theatrical edition of STTMP. As much as I like the director’s cut, I do miss seeing the real-life physical model of the Enterprise instead of the CGI version they replaced it with.

164. RD - January 26, 2009

163. Agreed. The only real problem with STTMP is how long the journey through v’Ger is. I was a kid in the theatre and bored out of my mind during that long tedious passage. As an adult I had the theatrical release on VHS and appreciated it a bit more on a giant theatre screen, but it fails miserably on a smaller TV screen. I believe the DIrector’s cut fixed some of this drawn out section of the film, but also made other changes. I think a theatrical re-cut that simply reduces the journey through v’Ger would go a long way toward redeeming STTMP in many people’s eyes. Include the full uncut section as an extra. Whatever they do, don’t extend the movie in any way like various other cuts for god’s sake!

165. De Baisch - January 26, 2009

#154 – “No doubt many fans will be excited about [the original theatrical editions on Blu-Ray].”

I, for one, certainly am.

I’m finding this debate rather interesting. A lot of folks are upset that the Director’s Editions aren’t being released, which were clearly altered after the fact. Are these the same people that went nuts after Lucas released his altered trilogy? Is one version of revisionism better than another?

166. Sean4000 - January 26, 2009

I am glad we have the originals in HD to go back to if they should ever decide to make Special Editions. We’ll always have the originals to go back to.

167. Sean4000 - January 26, 2009

I just really want to know if they got rid of that abortion of a first attempt at a CGI enterprise for the first episodes of TOS-R. Not that the second one was great by any means but still, come on.

168. Ensign RedShirt - January 26, 2009

163- I think there were maybe 3 or 4 shots of the Enterprise in the TMP:DC that were cgi….the rest was the original optical fx. It’ll be fine to have the theatrical cut, but I do hope the DC surfaces in the next couple of years; it’s the superior version.

169. Cervantes - January 27, 2009

#167 Sean4000

….and I hope they finally sorted ALL the dodgier handphaser ‘beams’ too. I couldn’t believe that they attended to only some, but left others to look as poor as before!

That was extremely shoddy. :(

170. Closettrekker - January 27, 2009

#158—-You seem to have taken offense that I chose to help answer your question. That’s rather perplexing to me.

When you asked, “Where is the bloody review?”, I simply suggested to you that it would probably come as the others did—when the episode is broadcast.

You then claimed that there was no guarantee that “The Cage” would be aired as part of the syndication package, and suggested that my reasoning for that assumption (the fact that all other reviews were done in that manner) was “specious”.

I replied with the source of my assumption, and then you call it “revisionist history” and go on to rant about the mission of this site.

Again, I don’t get it. I thought you wanted an answer. Apparently, you either just didn’t want one from me, or you didn’t really want an answer to begin with. Either way, I’m sorry for trying to help.

171. Closettrekker - January 27, 2009

#165—I am quite fond of the director’s edition of TMP. I could not care less about Lucas’ alterations to Star Wars, so I guess that at least some of us are not the same people. But you ask a good question:

” Is one version of revisionism better than another?”

The answer is certainly “yes”. If what you describe as “revisionism” improves the product, then the action (IMO) is quite justified. That certainly does not mean that any and every change is good. Each should be judged upon its own merit.

TMP: DE works better for me than the theatrical version. Just because something is “original”, doesn’t automatically make it better. I think that TMp, in its original format, needed a bit of work. The director’s cut makes it, IMO, a far better film.

172. Cervantes - January 27, 2009

Well put, and although some will be pleased to see the theatrical version again, I personally can’t wait to see a cleaned-up ‘Director’s Cut’.

173. Andrew - January 27, 2009

If sales are good I have no doubt an updated Director’s Cut of TMP wil lbe released. I plan on getting TOS episdoes as Iwas waiting for this, but the movies I will pass on until Paramount sees the light.

174. Sean4000 - January 27, 2009

169, Cervantes:

“”””….and I hope they finally sorted ALL the dodgier handphaser ‘beams’ too. I couldn’t believe that they attended to only some, but left others to look as poor as before!

That was extremely shoddy. :(“”””

The very inconsistent nature of CBS’ effort is the number one reason I am very price conscious of this set.

175. samwiseb - January 27, 2009

I don’t expect they “finally” did anything. What we saw on TV, that’s what we’re going to get.

It also sounds like the Director’s Edition for ST:TMP is still very much in the air, despite all the talk on here about “eventually”. DarenDoc’s “as of this time” comment at least seems to imply that the possibility *could* exist -if the right phone calls were made- although that still falls short of answering whether or not Foundation Imaging’s cgi effects have in fact been saved and could be re-rendered.

I’d love to see a re-cut of the DE. Cut the blasted Overture down to its original length (I mean, really), re-insert the Klingon transmission into the Epsilon 9 interior scene (or at least cut some of the exterior shots leading up to it), and re-insert the whoosh of the turbolift doors as Mccoy leaves the bridge just before the V-Ger flyover. There are probably some other flaws that could be fixed.

How short-sighted of Paramount, to have not put up the money to have rendered the CGI for HD in the first place. I mean, this was Robert Wise we’re talking about! A real old-school film director. To essentially re-edit one of his movies on SD *videotape* instead of film seems completely *laughible*. Star Trek Enterprise was already being filmed for HD, so what happened? I sure hope they saved the cgi; I’d hate to see a repeat of the Babylon 5 disaster.

A truly *honest* director’s cut though, should have involved (moderate) re-scoring of the film by Jerry Goldsmith while he was still alive. That would have allowed a LOT more freedom to fix some of the film’s pacing issues. What a wasted opportunity.

176. T Negative - January 27, 2009

FWIW, here is a post that claims TMP is getting a full restoration for this release and is getting the “most attention” of all the Trek films. Post #3045 and #3052. This gentleman is from the “Digital Bits”


177. Falvoant - January 27, 2009

There will be suprises from framilar faces

178. samwiseb - January 27, 2009

Thanks for the link; Jeff Kleist however was refering to the Director’s Edition DVD we already have. He later confirms that the special effects need to be redone for HD (whether redo = re-render or start over from scratch, he doesn’t say). Either way, money would have to be spent.

The “most attention” comment seems to come from a poster who missread Kleist’s post. Kleist does suggest though that the films are getting a new remaster for HD.

179. Sean4000 - January 27, 2009

178, “Kleist does suggest though that the films are getting a new remaster for HD.”

That’s what I got out of it as well. From what I read they are all getting FX and HD attention, the films get harder to do as they get older naturally, and to bring TMP:DC to HD would be the most daunting challenge of them all.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

180. samwiseb - January 28, 2009

I probably should have said “transfer” instead of “remaster”. We already know it’s the original (theatrical) versions that we’re getting to Blu-ray, at least this first time around.

I don’t think most of the films need FX attention, and I would prefer they didn’t even where it was needed (ST:TMP being the one exception). But if it is being talked about I would love to know where.

The other thing I can’t wrap my brain around is how Foundation Imaging (bless them) went through the trouble of adding film grain to their new effects, apparently knowing that said effects were being rendered for SD only. Wouldn’t that whole process have to be repeated after you went back and re-rendered the animation for HD?

181. Sean4000 - January 28, 2009

Right, I agree 100% that the first go round needs to be purely the originals. Then they can do what they wish for future dips, I wouldn’t really care.

Foundation Imaging would have quite a job on their hands if they were to redo their work for an HD version of TMP:DC. I would offer to render their work if it would help them achieve their goal.

182. Jon B - January 28, 2009

Next person who says that an HD TNG, DS9, and VOY is not possible, I’m going to phaser them.

If the film exists, then a Blu-Ray version is so possible, I’ll bet a million dollars that HD TNG, DS9, and VOY will be out in 10 years.

As for all the complaints about the lack of director’s cuts, it’s a shame, but not a tragedy. Every film deserves to have its original cut on every home video format at least once, in the best quality possible. So what the 1979 TMP isn’t the best version? It must’ve did something right, because we got (the much better) sequels out of it. Maybe the DC will come out soon. However, I am glad the originals are back. I’m not the biggest fan of film revisionism and I’m glad Paramount is bringing the films out as they were seen (whether its a money issue or not is another story), warts and all. It’s much better than the efforts being done to Bluify Star Wars, or even to show the original versions. If the DC do come out, fine, but I’ll be watching the originals and marvel at how well they were done, despite the problems making them.

As for TOS on Blu, if the original optical shots got the same treatment as the live action got in the move to HD, then both versions are going to rock!

183. C. Hall - February 8, 2009

Why doesn’t anyone from Paramount ever want to talk about the deleted scenes from Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock & Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home. These two had the most scenes deleted from any other Trek films. It just enfuriates me, Paramount still continues to do this. I’ve been waiting for such a long time to see both of these films unaltered in their original ways. They probably told Leonard Nimoy that the films had to be changed after they both hit the big screen. This was back in the 80’s. Since the two films ran for nearly 3-hours, they probably felt that they could not fit the two films on VHS tape and the same for the earlier versions of LaserDiscs. They cut an extended amount of footage from each of the two films. Sadly, it’s still a shame. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.