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More Retro Star Trek Model Kits For 2009 January 27, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Merchandise,Replicas,TNG,TOS , trackback

Last Summer TrekMovie reported that Round 2 was bringing back classic Star Trek model kits, with a number of 2008 releases under the AMT and the Polar Lights brands. Today we have news of Round 2’s retro kits for 2009, including the Enterprise E, a big Enterprise A and the ‘Legendary Mr Spock’ diorama. See below for images and details on these new exciting model kits. 


AMT Enterprise E 1:1400 Model Kit – February 2009
The first 2009 model kit coming from Round 2 will be the re-release of the AMT 1:1400 scale model kit of the Enterprise E, first released in 1996 in conjunction with the feature film Star Trek First Contact.  About 19 inches long when assembled from the 30+ pieces, the re-release kit comes with an improved display stand with a metal rod for a more sturdy presentation (the original kit had a plastic rod). The re-release kit also includes an updated decal sheet. The original E kit was a popular design and the model has not been available for years, except on eBay at pretty harsh prices, so at a little over $20 this new kit is a big dollar saver for model collectors and for new model makers.

AMT Enterprise E Model – assembled (click to enlarge)

AMT Enterprise E Model – packaging (click to enlarge)

The Enterprise E kit will be available at hobby, comic book, retail, and online stores beginning early February for about $23. Preorders now at CultTVman’s Hobby Shop.

Polar Lights Enterprise A 1:350 Model Kit – May 2009
The next Trek item from Round 2 in 2009 will be the re-release of the very popular Polar Lights 1:350th scale U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 A from the TOS movie era. This model is 35" when built and the new edition will feature more detailed decaling than the previous release from nearly a decade ago. The Enterprise A can be also built as the NCC-1701 (TMP refit) using additional included parts and decals. Interior details include a shuttle bay, officer’s lounge and botany section you build and could see inside the model, and it includes a scaled shuttle Galileo .

Polar Lights Enterprise A Kit promotional sheet (click to enlarge)

The Enterprise A kit will be available at hobby, comic book, retail, and online stores beginning in May for about $60. Preorders now at CultTVman’s Hobby Shop.

AMT Spock Diorama Model Kit – December 2009
In December 2009 will be the re-release of the "Mr Spock: Star Trek’s Most Popular Character" model. One of the earliest and most popular models available from AMT, the Mr. Spock kit has not been available for almost 30 years. For 2009 there will be two editions, one in cardboard retro packaging and a special collector’s edition in a retro tin. Both versions will feature the original artwork.

AMT ‘Mr. Spock’ Kit promotional sheet (click to enlarge)

The Enterprise A kit will be available at hobby, comic book, retail, and online stores beginning in December for about $15 ($25 in tin box). Preorders now at CultTVman’s Hobby Shop.

More model kits on the way
Round 2 is working on even more Trek models. They are planning on doing additional retro AMT and Polar Light releases for 2010. They are also developing brand new Polar Light Star Trek models for 2010, including the USS Thunderchild (Akira class). TrekMovie will have an update on Round 2’s 2010 plans when they are finalized.

Model reviews coming
Round 2 has sent over all four of their 2008 kits and the new Enterprise E, look for a review of my attempts at making them all in an upcoming update.




1. 1701 over Gotham City - January 27, 2009

Come Wonderfest, I’ll have that Spock again! I built it back when…

2. Dac - January 27, 2009

Looks like i’ll be picking me up a Sovereign Class in the near future :D

3. Chris Dawson - January 27, 2009

AWESOME first??

4. The Gorn Identity - January 27, 2009

I dig that Spock-shooting-snakes diorama. Which episode was that from again? ;)

5. charliebob - January 27, 2009

These look awesome. I love building models.

Currently working on the TARDIS from Dr Who (and the figures that come with it). Also working on NX-10 but that’s going to take longer, its about 2 ft long.

6. Brian L - January 27, 2009

As a hobbyist who loves building models and seeing them at shows like Wonderfest this is great news. If the Thunderchild works out that would be incredible

7. Spock with a Crowbar - January 27, 2009

I hope we get a detailed model of the ‘Abrams E’ as well.

I just love buying and building the models :)

8. Sean4000 - January 27, 2009

My two favorite Enterprises re-released! Whoa, this must be my lucky day! oh wait, shucks, no Scimitar model kit or toy, darn!

9. Will - January 27, 2009

Whoa whoa whoa… is the Enterprise E really old enough now to be classified as a retro design?

My god, I must be getting old.

10. Bramblett - January 27, 2009

Isn’t there supposed to be a 1:350 scale model of the TOS Enterprise next year?

11. Brian L - January 27, 2009

#10 I think that is another company, possibly Master Replicas.

12. Another Q - January 27, 2009

I had the Spock model – but lost it in a move long ago.
One of my very favorites… :(

13. mntrekfan - January 27, 2009

I had the TMP version of that Spock model. It didn’t have the snakes and he was wearing TMP uniform. I think he was just pointing too…

14. They call me Stasiu - January 27, 2009

The Ent-E sample actually looks nicer with the golden tones rather than the straight white in the movies. Great to see these kits make a reappearance.

15. MiniKirk - January 27, 2009

I had the Spock model, the Bridge model and a cutaway model of the original E. All of which were given to my by my best friend’s family, the bridge and Spock were vintage, the E was one they decided they didn’t wanna put together. I did. Greatest Summer Project Ever. Then I went to Mexico (not for fun, church project. It was fun anyways). My brothers decided that M80’s + my Trek Models = BLOW STUFF UP! So I came home to see Spock, the bridge, and E all in many pieces. I’m totally picking Spock up when it comes out.
-The Doc

16. vystral - January 27, 2009

Sovereign class is retro now? Well, I guess it has been 13 years now.

17. McCoy's Gall Bladder - January 27, 2009

Everything I have have is Retro/OEM equipment, down to my 70s sideburns and the AMC Javelin I cruise in.

18. Anthony Pascale - January 27, 2009

well in this case ‘retro’ was in the meaning of these being reissues and not ‘new’ kits…dont feel too old

19. Steven - January 27, 2009

I’m DEFINITELY getting the Enterprise A and E models. AWESOME!

God bless!

20. G-Boss - January 27, 2009

I remember the Spock Model from my childhood.

21. tribble - January 27, 2009

Wow both Models are just stunning !
Great work!

#16 13 Years? ohmy thougt it was just yesterday :(

I still have the picture in mind when i first saw her appearing in first-contact. Was so stunned that a nearly choked on popcorn at the cinama lol.

ohoh maybe the next movie is gonna kill me at least :-O

22. tribble - January 27, 2009

oops sorry for the typos….it was my cat chased by the gorn running around the kitchen :)

23. C.S. Lewis - January 27, 2009

Oh by Golly! I had completely forgot Mr Spock’s three-headed adversary! I think my father threw it away even before he threw away my other models.


C.S. Lewis

24. Reign1701A - January 27, 2009

Wait the article here states a May release date for the 1701-A, but the Culttvman pre-order site says March. Which is correct?

25. Sc00ny - January 27, 2009

wow! I have an original ‘E’ kit!
I love it!

Sooooooooo cool they are re-releasing the ‘A’ too

26. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - January 27, 2009

I’m currently working on a Klingon D-7 Battle Cruiser re-release from polar lights .. Hmm That Enterprise E kit looks interesting , with some custom decals i might be able to turn that into something .

27. Brian - January 27, 2009

I’m definitely picking up the Enterprise-A model, which in my opinion is by far the coolest version of the Enterprise.

28. Andrew - January 27, 2009

#11 – RC2 announced and confirmed they have plans for a TOS-E in 1:350 scale next year, not Master Replicas. Hopefully it will come true. If so we should see this announced for their 2010 kits.

29. Captain April - January 27, 2009

Cool but what about the New Kits from the New Movie?

30. Chris Whitford - January 27, 2009

let’s hope that in 2010 we see the orignal 1:350th Enterprise

31. CarlG - January 27, 2009

That Enterprise-A looks EPIC, especially with the shuttlebay interior!

And the Mr. Spock model looks cheesy (in an awesome kind of way).

32. Valar1 - January 27, 2009

Great, I just got done buying these from E-bay for those “pretty harsh” prices!

33. GarySeven - January 27, 2009


34. richpit - January 27, 2009

I remember doing a truly horrible job assembling that Spock & 3-headed snake diorama when I was a kid!

I was never very good at model building…I never had the patience to wait and do a good job…

35. paustin - January 27, 2009

lol looking forward to building the spock kit again. The Ent A looks awesome

36. ChucksterNCC-1701 - January 27, 2009

I’m glad Polar Lights is re-releasing the 1:350 Enterprise A. I have one of the original models still sealed in the box, which I can now keep it that way. I’m going to buy one of the new models and build it along with one of my 1:350 NX-01 models. I will then display them flanking my Master Replicas 1:350 TOS Enterprise. Now all I need is a Captain’s Chair…

37. ben - January 27, 2009

Sweet! Maybe this time the A’s pylons will stay on… (4th time’s the charm)
But seriously, the Polar Lights model of the A looks way better than the AMT/ERTL I had when I was a kid. I can’t wait… I’ve got to find the D!

38. Jorg Sacul - January 27, 2009

There is a great ‘frame strengthener’ accessory available for this huge kit via No more sagging rustbucket!

39. Author of "The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers" - January 27, 2009

That 35″ A-series rocks, and just about might make this 44-year-old retro his way out of $60 and pick up a new set of xacto knives and model cement. Now where, exactly, will I hang the marvel…..

40. Devon Richards - January 27, 2009

I made that Spock! The version I had featured a tree instead of the snakes.

41. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 27, 2009

Hey that Spock shooting the Creature is NOT CANNON!!!!. Ok i was just Kidding. Looks Great and I am looking forward to maybe doing a lot of Buying. Live Long and Prosper.

42. Hat Rick - January 27, 2009

I was wondering what the physical differences are between the TMP-refit Enterprise and the Enterprise-A. I’m not enough of a geek to know. (Is anyone….?)

Anywho, all the models and the diorama look entirely awesome, and a hearty “way to go” and “attaboy” are deserved all around.

43. steve623 - January 27, 2009

Hat Rick – aside from the decals, I think the difference between the refit and the A (as far as the kit is concerned) will revolve around the hangar deck, which was very different between the refit version glimpsed in TMP and the A version seen in fair detail in Star Trek V. The differences in the exterior could only really be the painting details, as the model wasn’t physically modified to any extent whatsoever as far as I know.

44. Devon - January 27, 2009

Very good Anthony, just in time for tax return time!

BTW, I bought the 1:350 Enterprise-A when it first came out, to my surprise, I received one of the rare blue-molded kits (they have a name for them in the hobby world.) Meaningless to others but thought it was cool :-P I didn’t store it away, the blue just became white when I was done with it!

45. SPOCKBOY - January 27, 2009

This is interesting.
Just scroll down…

: )

46. Q-pid - January 27, 2009

Never comes out as as the box cover when I build them. Sad memories :(

47. AJ - January 27, 2009

Anthony et al:

Here is something to research.

I seem to recall individuals who would offer services to build and deliver ‘professionally’ produced AMT models to consumers who wanted ships but not the burden of building them.

I mean, all I wanted back in “the day” was the damn ship. My mom would throw me, under 10, a tube of toxic Duco Cement, and I’d get to work despite the glue’s incompatibilty with modeling. I had an Enterprise and a Constellation, and the nacelles always managed to fall off in the morning, so they started to get caked with Duco. The damn water stickers sucked too. I may have had the Kongo before throwing the thing out. I don’t remember.

I say this because maybe someone else remembers it for a laugh. But if there are truly faithful models out there, as the AMT ones were, I’d rather pay to get one done and delivered from the box than endure the trouble of building it. Not my thing.

The Soundy “Art Asylum” ships are OK, and what’s in store looks terrific. But the boring (once built) silent models seem to have it down to a higher standard.

And i really want a D7.


48. AndyBoy2019 - January 27, 2009

Any news about the Polar Lights 1/350 TOS Enterprise? I heard of a 2010 release date, but no confirmation….

49. FlyingWok - January 28, 2009

Holy crap I want these so bad. I missed out on the super-sweet Bandai models that came out a few years ago and I’ve always been hankering for Star Trek starships to grace my desk and display case.

The E-E and E-A can *not* be released fast enough! :)

And the E-E is so cheap that I may even consider ordering more than one and doing a ‘kitbash’ custom. (Battle-damaged E perhaps?)

Time to get in a pre-order!

50. Trekee - January 28, 2009

That decal sheet is fantastic, though obviously evil, since it would make you want to build your own fleet, or at least recreate The Ultimate Computer fleet formation.

I’m not allowed to build model kits anymore. Used to have dozens and it got a bit out of hand. It’s also a sign that I have too much spare time and should work more or something…

51. Nomad - January 28, 2009

Great to see these. Specially looking forward to the Spock model… I was too young to have the patience to paint it properly when I got my first one. I’ll do it right this time!

52. Cervantes - January 28, 2009

Nice to see that original TOS Spock kit out again. I enjoyed painting that as a kid. I remember wishing that they’d brought out a ‘Kirk firing phaser at Gorn’ kit….even though he didn’t use a phaser to sort him out.

53. Holger - January 28, 2009

Seriously considering getting that Spock kit.

54. Ashley - January 28, 2009

“Star Trek’s Legendary Mr. Spock” …BADASS :D …<3 Spock ….and yeah wow, the 1701-E is already like 13 years old o.o

55. Admiral Kent - January 28, 2009

Enterprise-E never did a thing for me…was a big step backward from the D we all knew and loved.

56. mooseday - January 28, 2009

Hey Spock, leave those snakes … aloooone ( can type Barry White )

Had one of the first issue Enterprise A kits, went the way of most of my stuff with a parental clear out :( … so may have to pick up a replacement.

What I’d really really love is a 2001 Discovery model but no-one seems to do one. Any ideas?

57. Al Hartman - January 28, 2009

This is great news! Hopefully the Bridge model will be one of the future releases.

58. T.U.M. - January 28, 2009

The box art for “Spock vs. the Hydra” is way groovy. I would love to have that on black velvet in my rumpus room.

59. Bryan With Pointy Nacelles And Large Disk - January 28, 2009

Would be very nice to have a 36″ original Enterprise model kit that could be made into the first and/or second pilot ship!
Has anyone ever made such a model kit?

60. Hat Rick - January 28, 2009

43, Steve623, thanks for that information. I never did think that there were significant exterior differences between the two, so when I read in the article that parts were included in the kit that allowed for such differences, I was puzzled.

Which brings up the question: If there are virtually no exterior differences between the Refit and the “A,” which parts are these that are referred to, other than decals? Puzzling.

61. Hat Rick - January 28, 2009

Steve623, I just re-read your answer, and I think I know what your answer would be, so never mind. Since the painting details are different for the hangar deck section, there would be parts that differ in those details for the hangar deck. This would be despite the fact that the shape of even that part of the ship would be identical between the two versions.

Thanks for the info!

62. Devon - January 28, 2009

#60 – Paint Job is different between both versions (secondary hull near the neck,) and I think one has a different secondary hull bottom if I remember.

63. Scott B. here. - January 28, 2009

Oh for a clone of myself, whose only function would be to build all the model kits I have still in boxes around here.

Assuming I ever do get around to building a starship or two, what do you experienced modelers recommend using to paint them? Short of an airbrush, I mean. Are there proper model spray-paint colors out there? I dread using a brush….

Scott B. out.

64. Rath - January 28, 2009

I’m looking for a 1:1400 Defiant, but there seem to be few places in the UK that stock them.

65. NX01 - January 28, 2009

I hope they make an Akira class star ship

66. Steve From NY - January 28, 2009

Well I’m glad they are reissuing the Ent-E and A. I also can’t wait for the new movie Enterprise, as from what I can see of the toy, it looks much better than the original pic that was released.

I’m also looking forward to the Thunderchild. I had the Starcrafts Kit, and it was really good, but i’d like to see what polar lights does to the injection molded version. I’d really love to see a model of the Prometheus, I always loved that ship and the Starcrafts version is too small ( i know it’s to scale).

67. Crusade2267 - January 28, 2009

Hooray for the Enterprise E. I’ve been wanting to do that one right ever since it came ou, but once I finally got decent at modeling skills, I couldn’t find the kit.

68. Hat Rick - January 28, 2009

Thanks, Devon (62)!

Say, 66, have they already made a toy of the new movie Enterprise? I must have missed the news of it. Looks like I have some Googling to do.

69. CmdrR - January 28, 2009

Must nitpick:

In general, the Sovereign class is a fine successor to the Galaxy Class. But, really… do you want that much of the hull devoted to life pods? Just how crappily-built are these ships that you’re thinking THAT much about how to abandon it?

As for Retro Spock… great model. Kinda out of character, though. Spock would never kill the two-headed snake unless he had to. Ah well, still fun.

Loved me some good models when I was a kid. Hopefully, AdmrR will, too.

70. Nomad - January 28, 2009

#68: Check this out, Hat Rick…. Enterprise toy is well down the page, and links to a nice big photo. I’m hoping for a kit, though.

71. thorsten - January 28, 2009


I have a Revell Defiant Kit, but in 1:420…

72. Nomad - January 28, 2009

That kit of Spock with the three-headed snake… I imagine him saying: “My apologies. I endeavour to respect all forms of life but you’re just TOO scary. Zap!”

73. THX-1138 - January 28, 2009

The original Polar Lights A was a beast., especiallyif you took the time (which you really must) to light the bugger.

For those with painting questions, a decent model shop should be able to provide decent spray paint but if you want good results invest in the air-brush set. I buy the Aztec Dummy masking kits to do the aztec patterning that all these ships torture you with and I find that Culttvman and Starship Modeler along with the modelers reference vault to be the best sources for getting your model accurate.


Have you looked at Polar Lights D7 model? It’s a snap fit kit and sort of small but the detailing is really good. And it’s easy to assemble. Even comes with the option of water slide decals or sticky back decals in either Klingon D7 or Romulan markings.

74. Jason P Hunt - co-creator of COMET TALES - January 28, 2009

I still have the Enterprise (both TOS and TMP versions), a Klingon K’t’nga class cruiser, a D-7, the Reliant, and a shuttle. The E model has always had that structural problem with the pylons. My first TMP kit I ended up using extra plastic to brace the pylons, and when they pulled off (creating a big hole in the hull), it became my first “battle scar” version. I really sliced and diced it as if it was in the middle of the STIII self-destruct.

They’re still in a box somewhere. Now if only the wife would let me hang them from the ceiling…

75. Hat Rick - January 28, 2009

70, thanks for the great link. I’d found the USA Today article on my own, but the story you linked to was better, and the photograph of the new movie Enterprise was just tremendous.

76. I am Kurok! - January 28, 2009

the Spock model is totally cool. Makes me wonder: did I miss the TOS episode “Spock versus the three-headed hydra”

Why would he have to blast it: couldn’t he just mind-meld with it? If it worked for a sentient rock (horta) you would think it works for a mythological creature….


77. Rick Sternbach - January 28, 2009

#63 – There are a variety of warm and cool gray colors available in rattle cans. I prefer the Tamiya aircraft colors; they go on very smoothly and adhere like crazy. Nice short passes with the spray will build up the color, just don’t overdo it. I use the Tamiya bottles as well with the airbrush, especially on customer models. The light gray and white Tamiya primers in the cans are really nice also, and you can easily find gaps to fill or look for places to smooth out with sanding using them. Be sure to stock up on a lot of masking tape and xacto blades. :)

78. Tony Whitehead - January 28, 2009


79. Thomas Jensen - January 28, 2009

I have the original Enterprise AMT model kit with lights from 1966 in perfect condition in box, I believe this is the very first trek product for the public. And with the release of the new version with the tin makes a stunning display for any trek collection. (not reviewed above).

80. Nomad - January 28, 2009

I’ve been looking for a cheap and simple alternative to custom lighting kits for these models, and this looks like a nice idea…

81. Scott B. here. - January 28, 2009

Re: #77 – Advice from The Man himself! Thanks, Rick. Tamiya, it is!

I feared that “rattle can” colors might go on with too much texture for the smooth needs of a starship, but I guess you can sand it smooth between coats? Steel wool? I’ve never done any spaceship model painting — only model figures, which are generally much more forgiving regarding paint build-up and texture.

And being an old pre-computer graphic design guy, I’ve got plenty of tape and X-acto blades ready to be pressed into service! :-)

Scott B. out.

82. steveII - January 28, 2009

I love the E! The E, she is so pretty.

83. Nomad - January 28, 2009

I prefer the hands-on feel (and cleaner air!) you get with using a brush, but it’s tricky to avoid brush strokes on the finished surface. Anyone got any tips on that?

84. Nelson - January 28, 2009

I’ve been curious if the rumors were true of a 1/350 scale TOS Enterprise. Did I miss something, or just no news. I’ve been planning a scratch build for fun whenever i have time.

85. thomoz - January 28, 2009

for anyone who wants to see the TMP-era Spock model,
there is one on eBay right now. Here’s the link:

No, it’s not me selling it, I’m just replying to post #13 by mntrekfan

86. Andy Patterson - January 28, 2009

Ah man. I remember that one of Spock shooting the alien hydra. I remember thinking as a kid how cool it was and how it expanded the world of Star Trek more. I remember thinking it was a bold direction. I for some reason imagined that was on Vulcan and was something he encountered on some visit.

87. Steve J. - January 28, 2009

# 76 – perhaps that’s the “dragon” Spock referred to in “This Side of Paradise”…

88. Rick Sternbach - January 28, 2009

#81 – With the Tamiya colors, there’s no real need to kill the texture between coats because if done right, there isn’t any (except to the occasional dust nit). You need to apply the spray with the light hitting the model in just the right way to see the wet paint just cover the surface you’re doing completely, but stop before it gets -too- wet. It’s something you’ll be able to do better as you play with it.

Now with the primer, you’ll want to use 400 to 600 grit emery paper, wet if possible, and in later steps you might even want to go up to 1500 grit. If you really need to abrade down a final paint coat, 600 grit is all you’ll need. On figure models, you’ll have to ask other, wiser minds about the steel wool. I’m thinking a polishing power and a clean cloth. Anybody?

89. Xplodin' Nacelle - January 28, 2009

I clicked on the ENT-A pic. Then I blew it up more w/ the magnifying glass.

That shuttle bay interior is highly detailed!!! I remember the original Excelsior model had a similar feature.

The Aztec painting decals are a nice touch too!!!

90. THX-1138 - January 28, 2009

What in the world do you think an Aztec decal is? Do they have one great big thing that covers the saucer section, engineering hull, and nacelles? Or do they have a zillion separate decals that you spend hours water-sliding into position?

91. Michael - January 28, 2009

I had many of these models years ago. Frankly, I saw all our hobby stores in Seattle and suburbs dry up and I can’t even find one anymore to buy glue, paint, etc to even begin to build one! Are there any good online dealers anyone knows of?

92. Ryan Spooner - January 28, 2009

“…USS Thunderchild (Akira class)”

OMG gimme!!!

93. Jerrad Hermann - January 28, 2009

I wish I could pay someone to build these for me. If these are anything like the AMT kits, then building them would be an absolute nightmare.

That terrible model cement, easily tearable decals, and my apparent inability to paint things correctly made for a very frustrating and ugly experience.

94. tHE tRUTH iS oUT tHERE - January 28, 2009

You know, the more I look at the Ent-E, the more I think the new movie Ent designer took cues from that ship. The nacelles that taper, the neck and secondary hull being more integrated…..A more organic look from both….any thought?

95. screaming satellite - January 28, 2009

“The Enterprise A can be also built as the NCC-1701 (TMP refit) using additional included parts and decals. ”

at last …sick of only being able to track down the Ent A kits…i mean it wouldnt look right when hanging next to the Reliant would it.

96. Lt. Bailey - January 28, 2009

I will get back into model building and dust off the paints and X-acto’s I have buried in the closet. Don’t count on dealers cutting their prices on the orignal kits. They may even raise prices and claim theirs are 1st Editions.

97. Jorg Sacul - January 28, 2009 is a fantastic place to find links to all kinds of aftermarket kit mods, decals and other things to turn your $20 AMT kit into a $300 project–don’t get me wrong, I love to buy the stuff too– I’m just saying that you’ll find makers of virtually everything you need or didn’t know you needed (and now DO need) there.

Or, just come to Wonderfest in Louisville this May, and get the stuff in person. It’ll blow you away in the model show. The amazing things done with those Polar Lights (and other) kits can inspire both the newbies and the pros.

Personally, I’m awaiting the 1/350 Reliant kit. Not yet announced or planned, but darn it, it needs to be made!

As far as collectors and their 1st editions… fine for them. I’m all about building kits, not collecting them. Pay no attention to the 400 unbuilt in my garage :-( …

98. Gornorrhea - January 28, 2009

I’m sorry to say this, but the Enterprise E is one ugly ship.

99. Xplodin' Nacelle - January 28, 2009

Re: #90

It’s probably the latter.

The box says: “Updated Release, Includes complete set of Aztecing decals for a super detailed, highly-finished look!”

100. Scott B. here. - January 29, 2009

Re: #85 – Thanks for that link, thomoz. Comparing that model to the original model is an apt metaphor for comparing the movie to TOS: It not only looks wrong, but all the excitement is missing! :-)

Re: # 88 – Thanks for the spraypaint and sanding tips, Rick. You’ve whetted my appetite to pull the cutaway OS Enterprise and the 1:350 Enterprise-A model that a buddy of mine gave me for Christmas a few years ago and tackle them. I’d better practice first on one of the cheaper Polar Lights Enterprises I have first though. So many models … so many withering stares from my wife.

RE: #91 – Agreed. Model supply stores are scarce as wooden tops these days. Any good online dealers out there?

Re: # 98 – I like the Enterprise – E, and don’t get the antipathy toward it. It looks more like the logical design descendant of the OS Enterprise (my personal favorite) than the Ent – D, which is my least favorite Enterprise design. The E is graceful and has nice proportions. To each his own, though.

Wait, did I say the D was my least fave? I forgot about the new movie Ent. design. Horrid.

Scott B. out.

101. Lt. Atkins - January 29, 2009

Has anyone noticed that the box art as well as the insert for the Enterprise A has no A following the 1701? Yet the model is titled “Enterprise NCC-1701A”.

102. Kirk's Girdle - January 29, 2009

That Polar Lights kit is amazing. 35 inches?

103. Kirk's Girdle - January 29, 2009

I had the Spock kit when I was12. I acutally got it off of someone else who did a shitty paintjob with day-glo colors. I told him I could treat it with more dignity and he handed it over.

104. Kirk's Girdle - January 29, 2009

I also glued a length of string from the phaser to the monster’s head, painted it flourescent blue, and added a blast effect to re-create the action on the box.

105. Scott B. here. - January 29, 2009

Re: 104 – A good buddy of mine, who’s a great modeler and works as a museum exhibit designer, gave me the Spock model, all built up and beautifully painted a couple of decades ago. He painted a thin plastic strand from a broom and placed that for the phaser beam. He then put a little wisp of cotton coming off the lizard head where the beam hit.

He had painted them silver and black like they were heat-loving extremophiles, and made them living in a pool of lava. Unconventional, but it looks pretty cool.

Scott B. out.

106. Kirk's Girdle - January 29, 2009

Well, the hole was depicted as a pool of lava.

107. Xplodin' Nacelle - January 29, 2009

Re: #101

Yeah, I picked up on that too.

It kinda reminded me of the teaser poster for TMP.

108. Doug in Kabul, Afghanistan - January 30, 2009

#41: Cannon?


Phasers on stun… fire!!!!!!!!!!!

109. Adam Bomb 1701 - January 30, 2009

I still have an old Mr. Spock model kit from the 1970’s. Unassembled. It came in two boxes over time – a large rectangular one (which I have) and then a smaller square one. I think I still have an Enterprise model kit from the ’70’s as well. Also unassembled. I remember when “Trek”‘s third season was in first run, you could buy a two-pack of the Enterprise and the just-released Klingon ship kits for four or five bucks.

110. Chris Whitford - January 31, 2009

msg# 91 try culttvman, starship modeler

111. ME! - January 31, 2009

AHHHH!!!!!!!!! The link for the Enterprise A takes you to the E instead!!!! FIX, PLEASE!!!

I know one could simply do a search over there, but you see, I have and cannot find the frikkin’ model!!!!

112. ME! - January 31, 2009

OH! There it is…I finally found it.

The link should be fixed though…

113. old man - February 3, 2009

This is GREAT!!!

Will help me forget about the new movie.

114. Robert - February 26, 2009

I would like to see polar lights make the klingon k’t’inga battle cruiser in a 1/350 scale size.It would make a nice set with enterprise ncc-1701A

115. More Retro Star Trek Model Kits For 2009 | | ModelToyKits.Com - March 6, 2009

[…] See the rest here: More Retro Star Trek Model Kits For 2009 | […]

116. Kevin - March 6, 2009




117. fabian rwabizi - March 15, 2009

a. Assess the veracity of accusation of exploitation of your team on replica kit?
b.To what extent would you say that consumers of replica kits sovereign consumers?

118. captain_hassett - April 8, 2009

CmdrR, you got some kind of issue with life boats? You must of been the guy that made that decision for the Titanic then. Don’t be leavin me with no way out in a crunch. lol

119. Viktor Vitorro - June 18, 2009

Im steadily hoping and praying that Polar Lights decides to come out with all the ships previously released by AMT. The Enterprises B and C, Reliant, Klingon Bird of Prey and The Excelseror were really short lived kits I once had but lost over the years due to moving so much. Then there wer kits that never made it, Phoenix as one example. Hopefully, someone there(Polar Lights) sees this and thinks, Hell yea, Kirk vs Kahn in the Mutara Nebula…Why not?

120. Smee - December 22, 2009

Model Kits built to date:
– Enterprise D x2 – (custom lighting +-2000 fibre optics)
– Enterprise E – (custom lighting +- 1200 fibre optics)
– Excelsior
– 3 in 1 Chrome Enterprise Set (TOS, A, D)
– 3 in 1 Enemy Set – Romulan Warbird (custom lights), Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Ferengi Marauder (custom lights)
– Klingon D7 – (custom lights)
– Klingon Vorcha Battlecruiser – *custom lights)
– Defiant
– Voyager – custom lights
Bandai (all pre-painted bezels, etc with lighting, personally upgraded the lighting for better effect)
– Enterprise (refit)
– Enterprise E
– Enterprise NX-01
– Voyager

Still to build:
– 3 in 1 Enterprise Set (B, C, E)
– Enterprise B
– USS Yamaguchi (this is a complete clear molded kit for lighting. I will transpose parts from Enterprise B and make this kit the Ent-B and vice versa.)

Would love if Round2 or somebody release more kits, especially Enemy kits. Romulan Scimitar (spelling?) would be awesome.

121. Robert - November 21, 2010

still looking for a 1/350 scale k’tinga battlecruiser model

122. raul gonzalez diaz - November 20, 2011

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