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TOS and Cloverfield Easter Eggs In Star Trek Super Bowl Commerical February 3, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: 1-18-08/Cloverfield,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

On Sunday TrekMovie put our our full Shot-by-shot analysis of the new Star Trek Super Bowl commercial. But apparently there were a couple of little things we didn’t mention and so thanks to a couple of readers we now bring you two fun ‘Easter eggs’ from the new ad. Check them out below. 

Classic Trek booze shows up in 23rd century Iowa Bar
Young Jim Kirk’s weapon of choice in his bar fight, is a Star Trek classic, a bottle of Saurian Brandy. The distinctive curved bottles of Saurian Brandy appeared in multiple episodes of The Original Series as well as later incarnations of Trek.  

Kirk picks a classic to smash on cadets head

Although this could just be a simple Easter Egg, it could also be an homage to the episode "The Enemy Within," when Kirk is split into his good and evil sides, and at one point the ‘evil Kirk’ demands a bottle of Saurian Brandy from McCoy and then goes on a bender. In the Star Trek movie we see this earlier younger Kirk who, before Starfleet Academy, is displaying these more base impulses of Kirk. 

Kirk pounds the Saurian Brandy in "The Enemy Within"

Cloverfield company sets up offices in San Francisco
And in another ‘look closely’ moment, you can spot the logo of a ‘Tagruato Corporation’ in the skyline of Star Trek’s 23rd century San Francisco. Tagruato is a fictional company and part of the viral marketing campaign for the 2008 JJ Abrams produced monster movie, Cloverfield. Tagruato even has its own website at  Apparently Tagruato’s deep sea drilling awoke the Cloverfield monster, more info at CloverfieldClues

Tagruato still in business in the 23rd century

Many JJ Abrams productions have little Easter Eggs related to each other in them, and it looks like Star Trek is no different. There is actually another Cloverfield reference in the film, which was seen during the 20 minute press press previews last fall. The Cloverfield ‘Slusho’ drink appears on the menu at the Iowa Bar. MTV asked Abrams about this in an interview in December.

MTV: I couldn’t help but notice the Slusho! reference from "Cloverfield" in the bar scene where Kirk first meets Uhura. Will we see other J.J.-isms peppered throughout the film?

Abrams: No. That was sort of the only one, and it was just sort of a goof.

Well apparently JJ forgot (or didn’t know) about ILM slipping Tagruato into San Francisco. So keep an eye out for The Dharma Initiative or other Abrams-verse items in the new Trek.

"Lost" Easter Egg in end credits for JJ Abrams "Mission Impossible III"

Watch it again
The trailer is also available at the official site for the Star Trek movie, and embedded below. It is also available in HD and on iTunes, links at the Apple Star Trek trailers page.

Thanks to Thorsten Wulf and Ruben (of Club Star Trek Sevilla) who emailed in these Easter Egg tips.


1. Cenobyte - February 3, 2009

cool ;)

2. That One Guy - February 3, 2009

It is…. it is… it is green.

3. True Blood - February 3, 2009

Now that’s well placed easter eggs! Good eye to those who saw it!

4. Jon - February 3, 2009

Oh my god, a ‘company’ in Star Trek, you mean like, selling stuff… with… money? NOT CANON!!!! Oh My God they are TRASHING our star trek.

Just kidding.

I love easter eggs, I hope there are more!

5. Canadian Shane - February 3, 2009

It all looks so good, I just wish they would throw us a bone in the form of some great shots of the new Enterprise. First, maybe maybe not.

6. Starship Conductor - February 3, 2009


7. hitch1969©, producer of "If I Did It, Jr"- a musical for children, starring children. - February 3, 2009

the saurian brandy is a canon consistency. personally, i wish that sir JJ wouldnt junk up our grate star trek with his slusho references. I dont care about his other movies.

ooops did i just say that? was the orcster looking? ay caramba. i take it all back in that case. sir jj and the orcster will never finance “if i did it, jr” unless i play the hollywood game.



8. Izbot - February 3, 2009

2. That One Guy –
“It is…. it is… it is green.”

Sorry Guy, that was Aldebaran Whiskey.

9. Kaiser The Great - February 3, 2009

How can there be peace on Earth but bar fights?

10. Dr. X - February 3, 2009

I had a feeling we’d be seeing some references to other Abrams productions, but I for one don’t mind. If I were in the movie business, I’d try leave my mark as well.

11. Izbot - February 3, 2009

Cannot wait to find Dharma logos! Or Oceanic Airlines. And an alien sipping a Slusho at the bar would be cute.

12. Eli1477 - February 3, 2009

I couldn’t give two…you know whats…for JJ’s own Easter eggs. I just don’t care. For all they want to mainstream this movie there is no reason why we trekkies can’t find 100 little references and connections with other Trek series and details. This isn’t a Adam Sandler movie that can have a random line by Rob Schneider. GIVE ME A FIZZBIN REFERENCE!

13. hitch1969©, producer of "If I Did It, Jr"- a musical for children, starring children. - February 3, 2009

How can there be peace on Earth but bar fights? Realize I don’t wanna be a miser. How come everybody wanna keep it like the kaiser?

dude… its global peace. no wars, that sort of deal.

young drunken testosterone is alot like racism – it ain’t going away, bro.



14. OneBuckFilms - February 3, 2009

Pretty funny. There are private organizations in Star Trek. Someone has to own and run Freighters etc., and ther has to be SOME kind of economy for trade outside the Federation.

Maybe this company develops some of the drilling technology we see in the movie with the Romulans ;-)

This is like the Millenium Falcon in the background in one shot during the destruction of the Borg Cube during Star Trek: First Contact.

15. Chris P Neudel - February 3, 2009

So, wheres the new ARG viral promo stuff for this film? C’mon JJ.. its gettin late!

16. ThePhaige - February 3, 2009

When the movie comes out we should have an easter egg finding hunt contest…..and see who can find the most.

17. Pat - February 3, 2009

I was wondering what that Tagruato sign was in the trailer…

Now I know that that crappy movie that cloverfield was, was an actual event in the history of humankind….how horrible


18. captain_neill - February 3, 2009

why a bloody Cloverfield link?

cool one about the Saurian Brandy Glass

19. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - February 3, 2009

Hey i like the brandy bottles and would love to have one. I like the fact that they are keeping a lot going with just the little things. I like this Ship tis Exciting!!!

20. OneBuckFilms - February 3, 2009

13 – We already know from The Trouble With Tribbles that there are barfights in the 23rd Century.

Says nothing about the geopolitical situation in the 23rd Century.

21. SChaos1701 - February 3, 2009

Personally, I think the no money thing is BS but that’s just me.

Oh wait didn’t Kirk tell Spock in Errand of Mercy that the Federation invested a lot of MONEY in their training? Oh no…prepubescent canonistas…please explain that away!

22. BND - February 3, 2009


Tyler Durden cut in a frame as well, me maties… sorry … I wuz just watchin’ tha’ lass volleyball and gettin’ sandy….

Secrets everywhar’!

Why, it be a secret that Jane-Her-Way sports a….


Wait- though I saw me V’Ger in Pine’s eyes…


23. OneBuckFilms - February 3, 2009

17,18 – I actually liked Cloverfield. If it’s in the background, why not?

24. Valar1 - February 3, 2009

Couldn’t care less about the Slusho or the company logo, but the bottle thing is pretty cool. I’m glad we’ve got some serious OCD people in fandom that will point this out, I would never have noticed otherwise.

25. James Heaney - Wowbagger - February 3, 2009

This thought just popped into my head as I pondered the movie’s likely themes: every good cowboy has daddy issues. Heh. I ref’d.

26. Unbel1ever - February 3, 2009

Too bad Mike Okuda doesn’t work on this. There would have been some cool Okudagrams to look forward to (and a better bridge design).

27. fatman bruno - February 3, 2009

I have heard about the Millenium Falcon being in First Contact, but no matter how many times i watch the movie I can’t see it, has any one got the freeze frame picture? or is it just a tiny blob that could be anything?
I did spot Serenity and the Enterprise in BSG by the way.

28. Red Shirt from episode 44 - February 3, 2009

**DISCLAIMER** I really am a fan of star trek **

In response to all who not just nitpick, for preferences are fine and healthy, but who will actually get angry and defensive about a ficitonal movie based on a fictional show, as well as get upset about things that do not matter one iota on any scale of what is really important in the ENTIRE known and unknown universe… you know like love, compassion, suffering, loss, for this and other comments to follow about how your childhood was raped…..for they are sure to follow…

to quote the great Shat

“i’d just would like to say…get a life would ya people…for cryin outloud….it was just a tv show………there’s a whole world out there”

29. 8of12 - February 3, 2009

JJ, don’t junk up our universe with your tangible “fingerprints.” Treat it as a piece. Shoot it well, direct it well, cast it well, but don’t leave your own stupid personal references in it.

30. sean - February 3, 2009

I like the easter eggs. They aren’t distracting, and are fun for those that want to find them. It’s a silly gripe.

31. 8of12 - February 3, 2009

You’re a silly grape. I’ll juice you.

32. Simon - February 3, 2009

#26 – Okuda doesn’t design sets, only the graphics.

33. Darh Ballz - February 3, 2009

Someone has either way to much time on their hands or it’s Trek news filler for a slow day?

Darth “Fill the hole” BAllz

34. old - February 3, 2009

Cloverfield is one of the best action/monster movies out there ! I got really exited whan i saw it in the cinema.

And those two eastereggs are really cool, but pls no bsg/etc.. stuff in trek pls!

35. Ben Luna - February 3, 2009

If you look hard at the city picture you’ll notice a reference to “Enterprise” with the 2150s Starfleet logo on a building. It’s toward the right of the image and kind of blurred however clear enough for one to make it out.

36. OM - February 3, 2009

…I actually have one of those George Dickle Distilleries commemorative bottles. Why they haven’t released any more in all these years escapes me. The booze shops would have to hire security guards to keep the younger Trekkies from trying to buy the damn things with fake IDs!

37. King Of All Blacks - February 3, 2009

# 11

I want that to happen!!!

the Enterprise has to have a DHARMA Initiative logo on it somewhere!

38. Mazz - February 3, 2009

Still plugging his old shit…

39. fred - February 3, 2009

ooooh, nooo, I’ll find all the easter eggs too distracting from the action, they’ll ruin my concentration, oooh….. my star track must be pure and not polluted by outside nods to other movies. oooohhh…

40. FSL - February 3, 2009

Saurian brandy. Good one for the prop masters. Any chance we’ll see more TOS items in the movie?

41. Izbot - February 3, 2009

29. 8of12 –
“JJ, don’t junk up our universe with your tangible “fingerprints.” Treat it as a piece. Shoot it well, direct it well, cast it well, but don’t leave your own stupid personal references in it.”

26. Unbel1ever –
“Too bad Mike Okuda doesn’t work on this.”

For all you folks getting angry about these little easter eggs I got news for you: It’s a Star Trek tradition. Okuda and Sternbach put tons of references to anime and Buckaroo Banzai in many, many of the signs and graphics on TNG etc. Tons of ’em. Did that piss you off also? Or did you not even notice them. You probably won’t notice any of JJ’s in-jokes without someone else pointing them out to you so chill.

Lucas and Spielberg did the same thing, too. There was a ‘hieroglyphic’ of R2 and 3PO in the Well of Souls in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

In-jokes are nothing new. I for one find them fun. Y’know, fun? That thing you’re supposed to have when you watch a summer blockbuster movie?

42. fred - February 3, 2009

ooooh noooo, my star trek must be real and not filled with distracting fictional details… ohhh nooooo….

43. King Of All Blacks - February 3, 2009


44. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - February 3, 2009

Maybe there is someone in the bowels of the jeffreis tube…say down a hatch …. and every 108 minutes he must input a code of numbers into a very old computer interface in order to prevent the warp core from breaching . And the guy pushing the button is a long haired guy .

See ya in another life brother !!

45. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - February 3, 2009

This Cloverfield business, is, to be frank, bollix.

46. Gary Seven of Nine - February 3, 2009

Easter eggs, references to other films and inside jokes are in much of what is produced. It can be as obvious as the door marked “1701-D” in BSG or as subtle as SNAVE on the displays on TWOK.

BTW – I always thought that the canonistas were older…hmmmmm.


21. SChaos1701 – February 3, 2009

Personally, I think the no money thing is BS but that’s just me.

Oh wait didn’t Kirk tell Spock in Errand of Mercy that the Federation invested a lot of MONEY in their training? Oh no…prepubescent canonistas…please explain that away!

47. King Of All Blacks - February 3, 2009

# 44

I want that to happen!!!

48. Sean4000 - February 3, 2009

I wouldn’t have noticed these if my life depended on it. :(

49. Jefferies Tuber - February 3, 2009

I noticed the Saurian Brandy, because at some point on TW, we were told that the production bought a supply from the Trek merchandiser who makes them for fans.

50. Son - February 3, 2009

I’d love to see Dharma evolve into Section 31.

51. Jim - February 3, 2009

I cant believe people are getting THAT up in arms over a cloverfield easter egg yet have no issues with the Buckaroo Banzai, Gundam, and Dr Who references in TNG.

And I dont remember ANYONE going ballistic in the Firefly or TOS references in the nuBSG mini-series.

This is why Trek needs a reboot…. way too many stupid geeks who get their panties in a bunch over something as minute as this.

52. Jim - February 3, 2009

35 TOTALLY good eye. That IS the Earth Starfleet lol.

53. BaronByng - February 3, 2009

“BTW – I always thought that the canonistas were older…hmmmmm.”

Well, everything seems black and white when you’re young, you notice the shades of grey in the world as your hair starts turning that colour. :D

54. Todd - February 3, 2009

there was a Dr Who reference in TNG?

55. Neal - February 3, 2009

I said give me that BRANDY!!

56. King Of All Blacks - February 3, 2009

LOL @ no one going apesh*t when Statgate: SG1 & Stargate: Atlantis (but more SG:A) would put down TREK in almost every episode somehow.

57. King Of All Blacks - February 3, 2009

I would love it if the seemingly immortal Richard Alpert character from LOST makes a cameo in it as a bar patron or something.

58. Jim - February 3, 2009

54 yes “The Neutral Zone has one of the 21century resurrected peoples 5th generation family being all of the actors who played Dr Who. Actually this episode also has a MASH and Giligans Island reference in it too.

Enterprise also had a TARDIS reference with a 29th century ship being bigger on the inside than the outside.
Ex Astris has a whole rundown of tons of injokes and easter eggs.

59. John - February 3, 2009

some interesting easter eggs there nice work fidning them

60. MistySteele - February 3, 2009

Holy hell, who found the Tagruato thing? Amazing eyes!

61. Jason P Hunt - co-creator of COMET TALES - February 3, 2009

For those who care, in the TNG episode “Sub Rosa”, in the cemetary there is a headstone very clearly marked with the name McFly.

I think this is a fun thing for filmmakers to do. George Lucas put dice in the Millenium Falcon . Hitchcock always walked through a shot. Spielberg usually has a shooting star. The Indiana Jones movies are full of this stuff – Club Obi-Wan, anyone?

I myself put in references to other films I make. There are three very good reasons to do this:

– it’s fun for fans to find them and be in on the gag
– it’s fun for the filmmakers to wink at said fans
– it’s good cross-promotion for the other works, because people are talking about it

JJ can have his fun. He’s not the only one who does it.

62. THE GOVERNATOR - February 3, 2009

Cool stuff. I don’t see what the problem is with this reference stuff. It’s just background stuff, and what does it matter anyway. Seems neat to me. Cloverfield is fictional. Star Trek is fictional. Neither really occur. Borrowing from one thing is no big deal. And if you have a problem with these references, just think of them as being unique to this movie. Seriously, what’s the big deal? Do people think this movie is ruined now or something?

I also find it fascinating that most of these comments revolve around people’s problems with the J.J. references rather than the great Brandy reference, which is pretty cool. Only further evidence that too many fans have ultra-negative and cynical minds and look at the glass as half empty instead of half full.

63. Andy Patterson - February 3, 2009

I like inside jokes. I can live with that. Following his idol George Lucas. I remember a little picture of R2 on an Egyptian wall in “Raiders”.

64. Browncoat aka Space Cowboy - February 3, 2009

AH big deal…..I just want this to be worth putting my money down and getting the DVD later.

65. The Wild Man of Borneo - February 3, 2009

Hey, will all starfleet personnel have the pointed sideburns? I’ve only seen them on McCoy and Spock. C’mon! They gotta have the sideburns!

66. Alex Rosenzweig - February 3, 2009

#21 – “Personally, I think the no money thing is BS but that’s just me.”

That was something that highlighted the differences between 1960s Roddenberry and 1980s Roddenberry. ;)

“Oh wait didn’t Kirk tell Spock in Errand of Mercy that the Federation invested a lot of MONEY in their training? Oh no…prepubescent canonistas…please explain that away!”

I actually think the line was something akin to “StarFleet has invested a great deal in our training. I think they’re about due for a little return.”

But it’s simpler than that. ;) “The Trouble With Tribbles” explicitly defined a Federation unit of exchange, the credit. And a tribble sold for 6 credits on K-7, after the bartender negotiated Cyrano down.

So at least in the era of TOS (and, presumably, this film), an economy in which monetary units are involved was alive and well.

(Even in “Trek IV”, I’d always assumed the line “they’re still using money” referred to actual, physical cash, not simply units of exchange. I think Roddenberry and some of those who followed him just sort of ran away with it.)

67. Will - February 4, 2009

I would find Abrams related easter eggs cool if I thought more of anything JJ Abrams has done. I think the TOS nods are just a little required bit of “easter egg-dom”, though.

However, as a film maker, I do have a kindred spirit for sneaking that crap into my movies(be it a name, a logo, a t-shirt, or what have you that is related to anything I’ve ever done before). Go JJ… just please don’t have a pregnant Jennifer Garner sitting at a reception desk at Starfleet Academy… that would be a bit over the top. Also, no Tom Cruise.

68. Chris Pike - February 4, 2009

This is fun…!

69. Chuck Foo - February 4, 2009

f**k cloverfield. f**k any other tv show or movie brought up on here aside from Trek. I’m sick of all this other garbage. If I liked Cloverfield, Lost, Battlestar Galatica (sp?), American Idol, or the WWE I would read their fan blogs.

I’m sick and tired of the constant need to divert to other less worthy subjects.

Thankfully, I have a crazy sleep disorder that enables me to see all the Treks at their screwed up times. F**k Spike, and Sci Fi (**choke…yeh right) and any other bat rastard net jerk that messes with Trek. I do not have a zillion dollars to buy the DVD’s with. I’m poor but I can afford cable and I am SICK SICK SICK of Trek SCHEDULING PSYCHOSIS and FEEBLE ATTEMPTS AT MAKING ANYTHING ELSE EVEN WORTHY OF WATCHING. GAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

70. InSaint - February 4, 2009

I’m OK with easter eggs, as long as they don’t come in the form of NC-1701. :)

71. How do I start a career in motorcycle racing? | - February 4, 2009

[…] TOS and Cloverfield Easter Eggs In Star Trek Super Bowl Commerical … […]

72. EvilSean - February 4, 2009

Purely observational remark, somewhat off topic.

I just think it’s hillarious how much of a “Herd of Sheep” us trekkers are! 6 months ago, we were dubious about Mr. A. taking this on. I distinctly remember comments on these pages, condemming the use of content from other JJ movies. And now, we are all excited and “Cool” and “Oooohh” and “Ahhhh”.

I’m putting it down to being close to release of new Star Trek content. To be honest, at this stage, we could have Martin Lawerance playing Capt. Kirk, and we would still be excited with no reservations what so ever.

73. Paulaner - February 4, 2009

#66 “That was something that highlighted the differences between 1960s Roddenberry and 1980s Roddenberry. ;)”

Agreed. We are in TOS era, a more passionate and emotional setting. Bar fights, flirting captains and “wooohoooh” moments are welcome ;)

74. Paul - February 4, 2009

Don’t panic about corporations. You see, when you nationalize a company, you keep their name and their trademarks, because they are what customers are used to. But you, of course, ditch all the shareholders (either you pay them out, or you imprison them, or you hang them, depending on your taste and form of your government), thus you have nobody to nag you about shares.

So, existence of corporations doesn’t say anything about existence of money. Until we see anybody paying anything, Star Trek society (or at least Earth and Starfleet) is money-less.

75. Coincidenze……..a che numero siamo? « ABoZers’ Blog - February 4, 2009

[…] Coincidenze……..a che numero siamo? Posted in Uncategorized by keter1 on February 4th, 2009 Il merito non è del tutto mio, lo devo condividere con l’abozer che risponde all’acronimo EFdZ. Il noto Mojombo mi invia una mail con un link alle Uova di Pasquà sul trailer di Star Trek, mandato in occasione del Super Bowl, che potete vedere qui. […]

76. Holger - February 4, 2009

The Saurian Brandy bottle is the first delightful thing I see in JJ’s Trek.

77. steve1 or 2 - February 4, 2009

call me a curmudgeon but I don’t care for easter eggs that are not Star Trek. It seems to cheapen the ST world. Aren’t there plenty of ST references that could be used as easter eggs?

imo, of course.

78. Dom - February 4, 2009

Easter Eggs are completely normal in all movies and TV shows. The short I’m cutting now, about a couple’s life screwing up (with a few ghosts thrown in for good measure) includes a cut glass bowl in reference to the Fitzgerald short story. It’s an obscure reference, but fun for me!

The humourless so-called fans who get in a tizz about all this need to remember that Star Trek is simply another franchise in most people’s eyes, including those of most fans, not some sort of sacred text!

79. KPC - February 4, 2009

Wow, reading some of these comments is hard to take. Are minds that closed to different things that they can not see the humour in them? The Easter eggs are fun, and those that find them, who can find them, i think truly watch all that is in front of them, I look for them but do not find many. What I do not understand is those who talk trash about them. The Director and creative team who put them in, obviously want those of us to have a bit of fun, with an awesome movie that they will give us. If you have nothing nice to say, and must use “colour metaphors” such as the ones use in “the giants” then Spock should give you a nerve pinch.

80. Paulaner - February 4, 2009

Humour and fun, yes. Trek has deep and emotional moments but, in the end, I’d like it to be… well… funny! We don’t have to be too serious about our favourite franchise.

81. captain_neill - February 4, 2009

the cloverfield reference actually does not bother me, I just was commenting because I did not like Cloverfield nad found it overrated

I always liked the references Okuda and Sterbackh used. I loved Buckaroo Banzai. In the TNG episode the disintegrator used was the oscillation overthruster from Buckaroo Banzai

82. frederick - February 4, 2009

Another thing to keep in mind is when gauging reaction to something in the trailers, etc., is that one can’t really tell what the real-life reaction wil be. The pool here is pretty small and all it amounts to is a temptest in a very tiny teapot.

83. Star Trackie - February 4, 2009

Fun stuff. I look forward to finding these little nuggets on my umpteenth viewing of the movie.

84. falcon - February 4, 2009

#35, #52 –

It appears as though the logos you’re talking about are actually the UFP logo (the blue one) and the 2271 Starfleet logo from TMP.

Found the Tagruato logo – what I want to know is, what is the logo on the white thing in the middle of the frame?

And why does San Fransicso seem to have this Tokyo anime design aesthetic?

BTW, the two rounded buildings near where the Starfleet logo was found (lower right) sure look a lot like the robot carriers from “I, Robot.” Or elongated Daleks. I can’t be sure.

85. Edwin - February 4, 2009

Well, they got the look of the Saurian Brandy bottle right! Shame they couldn’t have done the same thing with the Enterprise and its bridge!

86. Chris Pike - February 4, 2009

makes you wonder what’s lurking in the deeper waters off SF bay….

87. ProperTrekkieUK - February 4, 2009

Can I just asking a question of hitch1969 ra ra ra whatever else his name is, are you some sort of major misogynist or something…with all that THE WOMEN stuff…its just starting to grate me thats all, sorry!

On an actually important note I think all these references to his previous works are cool, I’d do it! If nothing else it just makes the whole thing seem realer! Fleshes out the universe and gives us something to look out for, depth in the universe not just the story, its aaaall good!

88. Mr Lirpa - February 4, 2009

I think that easter eggs are a little bit of fun which don’t usually spoil the enjoyment of a movie but adds a little to when you re-watch, it also gives you a link to the folks making the film.

One of the the easter eggish things I notice in TNG was in the episode “Devils Due” the episode was set on a planet called Ventaxia and that name rang a bell with me. It was when drying my hands at the rest room at work that I notice that the dryer was made by a company called Vent-Axia!

I offten wondered whether the writter of that episode got inspiration for the planets name after a visit to the toilet…

89. Brett Campbell - February 4, 2009

Also, in “Catspaw,” didn’t the crew get paid and place bets in both credits and navy beans? ; )

90. hitch1969© speaks with wise tongue™. - February 4, 2009

*Proper* TrekkieUK™, THE WOMEN!! is my own personal easter egg. Most folks here already know this, but it’s actually a line of dialogue from my hit musical “If I Did It, Jr”. In the second act, after OJ has created a heinous murder scene as the lifeless bodies lay in the front entrance to Gretna Green, OJ exclaims to his friend Charlie – “THE WOMEN!!” SO dide, I wrote that and its my own personal easter egg. Thank you for choosing the hitchworld brand. Come again.


91. ProperTrekkieUK - February 4, 2009

hitch etc etc etc.. Oooooh right! Fair enough! So your not a major misogynist then, fair enough! I must say your musical sounds terrific, when will it be touring in the United Kingdom? Is it going to be on the West End soon????

92. Brett Campbell - February 4, 2009

90 – I always thought your tagline was in reference to what Spock shouts in the “The Cage”/”The Menagerie.”

93. ProperTrekkieUK - February 4, 2009

Isn’t there a secton on Memory Alpha that discusses how there is more then likely some sort of financial system within the Federation as it simply wouldn’t work without one…? I mean you can move beyond the need for capital gain and materialism without moving beyond the need of economics! I will double check!

On another note, was Gene a socialist then? If his idea of a utopian future was a socialist one?

94. 750 Mang - February 4, 2009

Why would we want Coverfield references in a Star Trek movie?

There’s 40 years of Star Trek references to choose from, let’s pull from there. Besides Cloverfield gave me a headache.

Remember the Farragut!

95. ProperTrekkieUK - February 4, 2009

Yea I was right, on Memory Alpha it says “However, there was a basic unit of exchange called the Federation credit, which was used in transactions with non-Federation governments, alloting government budgets, and access to limited resources. (TOS: “Errand of Mercy”, et al.)”

96. Dr. Image - February 4, 2009

And, as we’ve seen, a descendent of the Cloverfield monster appears too;)
#92- Yeah! Spock at his finest- squat slightly, hands out- “THE WOMEN!!”
What a riot.

97. THX-1138 - February 4, 2009


I suggest a switch to decaf. Or a switch to

Point being that this is AP’s ste. He puts up the stuff he likes. Fortunately for me, I like most of the same stuff. The stuff that is less to my taste is handled by…………..


Try that as a free tip.

98. Captain Dunsel - February 4, 2009

I just wonder how much Tagruato and the Slusho folks paid for product placement…

99. COMMANDER KEEN - February 4, 2009


Never ask Jim Kirk for Brandy!

Cool little goodies in the trailer. What’s scary is that JJ knew people would scrutinize it so as to find these things. Oh boy, don’t people go out and just play anymore?

100. Dyson Sphere - February 4, 2009

“And in another ‘look closely’ moment, you can spot the logo of a ‘Tagruato Corproation’ in the skyline of Star Trek’s 23rd century San Francisco.”

Is that intentional? Not corporation?

Generally there is enough visual real estate to have lots of trek references and other easter eggs – see how subtle the logo is?

It is the dialog. Everyone wants lots of TOS tidbits in the dialog. So it is those many people want. But too many and the whole move is cliche’.

Balance Grasshopper, uh, er, sorry, adding in yet another series.

101. sean - February 4, 2009


The people annoyed are more or less the same people that were annoyed/suspicious 2 years ago, and the people who don’t mind/are excited are more or less the same people that were excited 2 years ago. There’s really not been much of a change.

102. Brett Campbell - February 4, 2009

96 – Yes, Spock’s character was still getting fleshed out and developed in the earliest episodes, wasn’t it? Didn’t seem that he was firmly established as the Spock we best know until perhaps “The Naked Time.”

103. Pat D. - February 4, 2009

I just got a saurian brandy bottle off ebay last week.

George Dickel Tennessee Whisky if anyone is interested.

104. hitch1969©, producer of "If I Did It, Jr"- a musical for children, starring children. - February 4, 2009

hey totally off topic but just incase the orcster is reading, i did happen upon his fringe show last night. keep in mind that i havent really seen it since the premiere. my first impression is that it is quite a good show developing there.

and if theres a fringe article here again soon, i will repost these comments. but i did have a couple of questions. first of all – another episode that begins aboard an airplane? i think the last one that i watched started that way. so its like, does every fringe episode start on a plane like lost or something? anyway, cool monster and plane crash though.

second, who is JR orcster dude is that you or is this some nepotism going on like your brother or wife or cousin or somthing? and lastly – if you dudes are going to put some non-trek easter eggs in the new movie, why not have them be fringe easter eggs since its the same entire creative team? like pacey in a unitard or something?

you know i was looking at that blonde chick again last night. something about her, kinda hot but kinda not. dude, i couldnt figure it out. why did you guys pick her? i think you could have gotten a hotter chick. i mean dude she’s ok. but not real super hot. was it intentional? like, if we’ve got a real hot chick then the dudes wont be able to focus on the science fiction? so we’ll get a semi-hot chick so while they can still concentrate on her they will also digest our excellent storytelling? perhaps that was a wise move, orcster. only time will tell.



105. Commodore Lurker - February 4, 2009

Decloaking . . .

me likey the Saurian Brandy — Enemy Within egger

let’s hope there’s more substance than biff-boom-pow in this flick

Recloaking. }:-|>

106. Robert Bernardo - February 4, 2009

That Saurian Brandy bottle… maybe it was an homage to the Mission: Impossible t.v. series of the 1960’s-1970’s, because that bottle showed up in an episode of M:I. :)

107. Poizen_Prince - February 4, 2009

@ 57:

Richard Alpert was one of the many aliases of Flint the Immortal…



108. trekboi - February 4, 2009

#28 Red shirt from episode 44

First Michael Bay raped my childhood- then JJ Deficated on the Enterprise and now U have u have defiled my trekmovie experiance!!!

Get a Life? Me and my 789 homemade Tribbles have a wonderful life at my parents place & as for that supposed world out there i keep the basement windows boarded up!

109. Jorg Sacul - February 4, 2009

George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey commemorative bottle, 1964. Called the “powder horn” to most non-Trekkies. Two variants that I know of , one with a laced leather wrapping,( which is wrong for prop replica purposes), and the smooth-sewn leather wrapper.
A couple sizes, too. There might be a half-gallon size, but I’ve not seen it. the little one is cute, about 4 inches tall. You can find them (the right sized one) at most any flea market or antique mall in the midwest for around $10-$20. Don’t pay more, unless you like paying too much for things or the vendor is a hottie. ;-)
The appearance of the leather isn’t that important, nor is the label, as you will be painting the leather and removing the label. Some Saurian bottles have a label, some don’t. Your call. Just check the stitching and the brass on the handle, you don’t want those falling apart.

I’ll tell you one thing, they are hell to drink out of. The long curved neck causes a weird air-bubble/slosh effect.

110. hitch1969©, producer of "If I Did It, Jr"- a musical for children, starring children. - February 4, 2009

now now fellas. Even though the grate Samuel Hagar advises that there is only one way to rock, AS AP tells us, there is no correct or incorrect way to Trek.

Lets please try an watch the language about raping and defecating. Thank you in advance.


111. ster julie - February 4, 2009

I’ve seen the crook-necked bottle in an art glass book. It’s a famous 20thc design, but I can’t remember the name of the artist.

112. Craptain Amerika - February 4, 2009

I have two questions:

1) Is it just me, or does the ice planet monster look like the Cloverfield monster?

2) How is it that people who adore a set of shows in which one of the main themes is that the best trait of humanity is our openness toward and curiosity about new things can be so closed-minded and dogmatic when it comes to telling new stories in that universe? (Let’s hope y’all are more open to run-on sentences.)

The original Star Trek series had some of the best science fiction storytelling of its time. The sequel series had some of the best science fiction storytelling of their time (well, I have to admit, I only feel this way about TNG and DS9, but Voyager and Enterprise did have a couple bright spots apiece). And just as television and movie storytelling standards changed between 1969 and 1987, standards have similarly changed between the late 80s-90s and now. Much of TOS comes off like a stage play being filmed, with the melodramatic acting that was characteristic of the time. TNG, especially in the early season, had more of a nighttime soap opera feel, at least in the acting and the camera work. And there was a gradual shift from the 1960s style storytelling to a more character-based style, but there was still something less than three-dimensional about the characters in TNG. And now, TNG in some ways, is as quaint now as TOS was in the 1980s.

DS9, to me, represents the bridge between TNG-style storytelling and an near-total focus on characters in recent sci-fi shows like BSG and Lost. Right now, to me, there are really just two names in the sci-fi game: JJ Abrams and Ron Moore. Ron Moore has already left his mark on the Trek universe, thankfully, by putting more emphasis on developing characters so the audience can relate to them.

I think it’s fitting to have one of the current two best names in filmed sci-fi take the reins. My apologies to the closed-minded folks who love Star Trek but don’t take it’s most important lessons to heart, various Bad Robot productions have been some of the best sci-fi in years, including Alias, Lost, Fringe, and Cloverfield. Stagnation of ideas gets you crap like Enterprise. Being open to new things often has wondrous results. If you’ve taken nothing else from Trek, you should have learned that.

113. kirk09 - February 4, 2009


10 to 1 says Tagruato Corporation is helping Nero and his plot…probably gave Nero the codes to Earth’s Panetary Defense Grid, with the help of Section 31, The Dharma Initiative, now being run by the descendants of Arvin Sloane (for all we know 24th Century Section 31 agent Luther Sloane is Arvin Sloane’s descendant–LOL), and lest we not forget Massive Dynamic…all under the leadership of The Freemasons LOL

114. kirk09 - February 4, 2009

oh i forgot theres a 3rd link to Cloverfield..the creature Kirk fights on the ice planet LOL!

115. THX-1138 - February 4, 2009

All I ever hear about is the Dharma initiative. What about the Greg initiative?

116. kirk09 - February 4, 2009

115…stop making a P’Thak of yourself by making references to that abysmal show…when we all know The Dharma Initiative from Lost has more to do with the original Eastern Philosophy roots than that horrid show

117. hitch1969©, producer of "If I Did It, Jr"- a musical for children, starring children. - February 4, 2009

Dharma and Greg was a good show and that Dharma chick was hot. Like 1997 hot. but not 2009 hot. still… in the late 90s she was hot.



118. kirk09 - February 4, 2009

117=maybe in the beginning but like Enterprise…most of it was a blur..and it got cancelled after a relatively short time while its counterpart Will & Grace stayed going for several more years…ANYWAY…either way #115’s allusion to Dharma & Greg still isn’t relevant to Lost, except by coincidencal namesake, or to the new Star Trek film, which this site is about…leave 90s sitcoms in the 90s…or we risk contaminating the burgeoning popularity of this new film for any members of the general public who might be viewing this thread who might like this new film based on how it connects to the here and now…if they think about Dharma and Greg they might think of how geeky Voyager was and might revolt against the new film…

119. kirk09 - February 4, 2009

lol…typo…COINCIDENTAL, not coincidencal

120. THX-1138 - February 4, 2009


Stop calling me names you di#k. And type properly when you go about insulting me, dear boy.

Oh, and learn to get jokes.

121. Spock with a Crowbar - February 4, 2009


I’m glad someone mentioned where that bottle shape really comes from. It’s darn good whiskey!

122. OR Coast Trekkie - February 4, 2009

Wow, are we now down to analyzing PIXELS?

123. Christine - February 4, 2009

112: “My apologies to the closed-minded folks who love Star Trek but don’t take it’s most important lessons to heart, various Bad Robot productions have been some of the best sci-fi in years, including Alias, Lost, Fringe, and Cloverfield. Stagnation of ideas gets you crap like Enterprise.”

Aw, I’m sad you think Enterprise is crap. D: It’s one of my favourite series. I think it’s really awesome. But, to each his own.

And yeah, when I finally realized that Orci and Abrams were working on Fringe, my jaw dropped and I was like, “DUDE!!! No wonder the show’s so freakin’ awesome!” Bad Robot’s done some cool stuff.

124. Izbot - February 4, 2009

“107. Poizen_Prince –
@ 57:
Richard Alpert was one of the many aliases of Flint the Immortal…

I would crack up if Richard popped up in the background somewhere! Hey, and that crazy-looking bald Observer from Fringe!! Oh, that HAS to happen!

125. GregW - February 4, 2009

Gods Frakkin Dam….wait, I actually have no problems with the easter eggs….

126. The Jui$tain - February 4, 2009

To all those who are whining about JJ putting in these little easter eggs:

Get a life, you would’ve never known those references were in the movie had it not been for these two guys……..

I like ENT also, well mostly anyway…….


127. Rich T. Anderson - February 5, 2009

I don’t think we’ll see any Dharma Initiative stuff in JJ’s trek. I don’t think anyone has looked but JJ was only involved in the pilot of Lost. The driving force of it since then has been Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Sure JJ is listed as having writing credits on 88 episodes, but if you look close it’s a creator credit. Gene has that on next gen episodes that were made after he died.


128. Trek Nerd Central - February 5, 2009

Friends, I think we can all relax now. We’re in good hands. Any “Star Trek” reboot that inserts a bottle of Saurian brandy into a Super bowl ad is the real deal. Think about it: there is no greater mainstream validation!

And excuse me, kirk09 and THX, but have we truly run out of Trek canon issues to argue about? We’re all moving on to “Dharma and Greg”?

129. THX-1138 - February 5, 2009

It’s a frakkin joke joke! I was joking! You know? Having a little fun?

Man, some of the n00bs on this site have their glasses taped a bit too tightly!

130. Trek Nerd Central - February 5, 2009

129. Who said anything about tape? I use super glue.

131. THX-1138 - February 5, 2009

Not you, goofy. The other guy. I know you get jokes. But seriously, what’s up with that canon dealy?

132. frederick - February 5, 2009

I’ll be the first to say that canon only exists in the minds of some fans. There are so many contradictions in filmed Trek that the term can only be used very loosely to mean “continuity.” One can are a canon fact against another and both be right.

it’s like time and space, a fluid thing.

133. frederick - February 5, 2009

And i meant “argue” a canon fact.

134. Elim Garak - February 5, 2009

@Christine: “Aw, I’m sad you think Enterprise is crap. D: It’s one of my favourite series. I think it’s really awesome. But, to each his own.”

You aren’t the only one. I too count myself from among that rare species known as Enterprise fans. Even though I’ve seen most of the episodes several times, I still cannot resist the urge to watch Enterprise every week day at 5pm on the Sci-Fi channel (the only thing actually worth watching on that sorry channel since they canceled Stargate: Atlantis).

Anyways, concerning the topic at hand, the various Star Trek series have a long history of “Easter eggs”:

135. Scotty's Mustache - February 6, 2009

I think #28 may have made a pretty good point there…as well as #132.. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.