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The Collective: Review Of DST Exclusive Toys R Us Figures February 4, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Toys , trackback

There has been a lot of news about new Star Trek toys and merchandise headed to major retailers this spring, but Trek’s return to Toys R Us has already started with a whole wave of classic Trek toys and figures from Diamond Select, including the instant-classic exclusive ‘screaming Khan’ Kirk figure. See below for our review with pictures first 2009 TRU Exclusives, plus more DST news on the return of Locutus.

The return of Star Trek toys to big retail stores has begun with Diamond Select Toy items at Toys ‘R Us. Re-releases (with some new tweaks) of previously available online items, and brand new exclusive action figures are making this return a fun event. Collectors who can now say that "dreams really do come TRU."

Exclusive ‘Screaming Khan’ Kirk – $12.99 [order from]
The TRU Exclusive Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan ‘screaming’ Kirk has received a great deal of attention in the media, and it is a popular item already, quickly selling out at many stores. The figure is incredibly fun, and the detailing is good. Kirk is packaged with different hands, one of which is holding the communication device featured in the film. The figure also includes a phaser and nicely crafted Starfleet communicator which opens and has good detailing.

As per usual with William Shatner-sculpts, the visage isn’t a perfect likeness, but it is certainly good and it the figure unmistakably represents what is arguably Star Trek’s most iconic moment. The only problem is that the uniform pockets are so big, that the figure is a "shelf diver" and most likely requires some help standing up (not an unusual problem for DST’s heavy action figures).

TRU Exclusive ‘screaming Kirk’ figure (click to enlarge)

The Khanification Kirk certainly qualifies as one of the most unique Star Trek action figures, which is no small accomplishment consider there have been nearly a thousand figures during the previous 42 years. You can have fun juxtaposing angry Kirk from TRU with a previously available "Regula I" edition of Admiral Kirk (no angry face) that was released in autumn of 2008 and which is still available and on sale now from William Shatner’s website store (plus, orders of $10 or more get a free photo of The Shat).

Regula I Kirk w/ Exclusive ‘screaming Khan’ Kirk (click to enlarge)

Exclusive TMP ‘Captain’ Kirk (w/ TMP 2-pack)  – $24.99 [order from]
The second exclusive figure is the grey uniform version of Kirk (from after he requests command of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture), as part of a variant of DST’s new TMP Kirk & Spock two-pack. While attention has been lavished on the TWOK Kirk exclusive, collectors are just as excited about this TMP TRU exclusive set.

Exclusive grey shirt TMP Kirk (click to enlarge)

These are good action figures, and like all DST products, they are accompanied with TMP era accessories, such as wrist communicators. The uniform and the younger-looking Shatner likeness feature good detailing. It would have been nicer if there was something unique about the Spock figure also, but this was an unannounced item that surprised many collectors this year. The TMP two-pack with grey uniformed Kirk exclusive is a variant of the a new two-pack which includes the same TMP Spock with Kirk in his two-toned TMP Admiral’s uniform. That is available at other retailers (including Entertainment Earth).

TMP Spock (with accessories shown) – part of Exclusive TRU two-pack
(click to enlarge)

The packaging for both of the exclusive Kirks include a nice silver stamped sticker identifying the items as TRU exclusives, and the DST new packaging looks amazingly good on the shelf. Star Trek items are very noticeable at the TRU stores because of the colorful palette of packaging and even character uniforms.

TRU Exclusive packaging (click to enlarge)

TOS Capt. Kirk and Cmdr. Spock Re-releases – $12.99 (each)
TRU is also making available newly repackaged and tweaked versions of Kirk and Spock. In 2003, Art Asylum and DST released a Commander Spock and in 2004 a yellow shirted TOS Kirk as a convention exclusive. Both figures have been tweaked (gone is the "rubberized" stomach that allowed for slight bending in favor of the now preferred sculpted version) with the now unified packaging. These retail for $12.99 each. [buy at Kirk  –   Spock]

TOS figure re-issues available at TRU

More DST Trek at Toys R Us
The only other exclusive at Toys R’ US is a grey handled variant of the popular DST TOS phaser. Toys R’ Us is also carrying the previously released Amok Time Kirk and Spock two pack and the a re-release of the 40th Anniversary TOS USS Enterprise toy.

Buy TRU Trek in stores or online
One of the great things about TRU is that exclusive items cost the same as regular editions, so the Khany Kirk is $12.99 (like all the regular action figures) and the two-pack is $24.99, both prices of which are lower than almost every online retailer for similar items.  However, the TMP TRU exclusive two-pack is harder to find than the ‘screaming Kirk’ and it is already selling for more in the secondary market and at online auctions. All of the DST Star Trek items mentioned in this article are available or are going to available at nearly every TRU retail store, with many having the items now. They are usually located in the generic "action figure aisles" along with Heroes, Wrestling, Sports, and other action figures. To find your closest Toys R Us, use the store locator at

The Toys R Us Online Store ( also has many of these items available, including some of the exclusives. Items are selling out (in fact, when the Khanifed Kirk was offered online, it sold out in less than 12 hours), so be sure to check often as new supplies and replenishments are being added frequently. Also note that the online TMP 2-pack has the 2-tone Kirk pictured, however if ordered, you will get the grey shirt exclusive.

Thoughts on Trek back at Toys R Us
It has been many years since Star Trek toys were available at retailers such as TRU. Going to TRU this past few weeks in anticipation of these action figures has brought back some great memories of the early 1990s looking for Star Trek action figures. Some days, you got the bear. Other days, the bear got me. However, the fun of these Star Trek items helps restore memories of shared times with friends and the fun of working to complete a collection. Now, as DST brings TOS back to TRU, I get to share the experience with my son. The fun and the laughs going to TRU are as valuable as the toys themselves, and Star Trek back in retail stores is the collector equivalent of going to a ballgame. It is really about sharing the adventure of collecting and then sharing that item with others that makes this an exciting hobby. To borrow from Vinne Barbarino, Welcome Back, Star Trek. Welcome Back, TRU.

This video shows that TRU is bringing the kid back out in me

Switching gears (get it?), DST has announced the next figure in its Borg line. They are releasing a newly revamped First Contact version of Locutus of Borg. Back in 2006, DST offered fans a "Best of Both Worlds" version of Locutus as a Previews Magazine Exclusive Item. Now, Picard is getting a feature film redo, with ultra cool FC Borg detailing. The sculpt of Locutus is from a digital scan of Patrick Stewart. The action figure will come with a section of a Borg alcove, which when combined with the sections that with other Borg action figures, will form a complete alcove display.

2006 Locutus (L) and 2009 Locutus (R)
(click to enlarge)


1. Mr Lirpa - February 5, 2009

Khan you believe that head!!!


2. Mr Lirpa - February 5, 2009

Sorry i should have tried harder!

KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! you beleive that head…?

3. Devon - February 5, 2009

Yeah I saw some of these over the weekend as well. I would say that AA/DST Figures are more highly detailed unlikenesses of their real world counterparts than Playmates is ;)

4. Devon - February 5, 2009

Good article though John! Thanks.

5. SirMartman - February 5, 2009

looks more like a “Orgasm Face”


6. Frank - February 5, 2009

That video is just too funny!

7. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 5, 2009

Am I the only one who feels that the screaming Kirk action figure is more reminiscent of some Rap artist ‘bustin’ out rhymes”?

Bring on the Eminem action figures….

8. Sallah - February 5, 2009

Bit of an error in the article…the Kirk and Spock rereleases do indeed still have the rubberized shirts with the articulation underneath. Both have new paint jobs, but they definitely still have the rubberized shirts. The only Classic style Kirk and Spock to feature the new fully sculpted chests are still only in the Amok Time 2 pack.

9. krikzil (aka Lixy) - February 5, 2009

I got them all and think they are very nice. Watch out though when ordering straight from TRU. They sent my first batch in a padded envelope which given our mail system was risky. The card on one was slightly creased as a result but i was surprised the bubble wasn’t crushed to be honest!

10. tp3000 - February 5, 2009

Just to clarify – are the TMP 2-pack of Kirk and Spock the 3-3/4 line or the larger 6-inch line?

11. TonyD - February 5, 2009

I don’t mean to sound petty but the Kirk and Spock efforts are really disappointing. They did a lousy job with Kirk’s face; I don’t expect a 1:1 likeness, but that isn’t even close. And why does the Kirk/Spock TMP blister pack have the TOS Enterprise? It’s that kind of poor attention to detail that turns me off to product like these.

12. Sallah - February 5, 2009

10> These are part of Diamond Select’s 6″ line, not the 3-3/4 line.

11> I believe that’s because the TOS Enterprise is part of the new “umbrella’ branding of all the classic crew style packaging…

13. steve623 - February 5, 2009

FYI, I got an e-mail from BBTS yesterday informing me that the Star Trek III Kruge and Maltz 2-pack has been cancelled.

“Diamond has just informed us that this item has been cancelled and will not be produced. We are very sorry for the problem on this item. We will need to cancel all orders in our system and remove the item from our site. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

14. krikzil (aka Lixy) - February 5, 2009

#13–Yeah, I noticed that set disappeared from DS’s website last month and then EE llisted it as canceled. Bummer. It looked great. Wonder what happened.

15. Iowagirl - February 5, 2009

– …and most likely requires some help standing up –

Never mind – if screaming Kirk should ever have problems standing up I’d be glad to lend a hand…

16. CmdrR - February 5, 2009

Screaming Kirk and non-screaming Kirk both look very Manga.
New Captain Jean Luc “Quit Looking at My Codpiece” Picard looks cool.

17. brady - February 5, 2009

Off topic but still about trek toys, you should do a search for custom star trek megos on ebay. There’s a guy that is making excellent repos of TOS mego figures in different outfits. Just a lil to pricey for me, but ultra cool!

18. zirclet - February 5, 2009

Speaking of poor attention to detail (#11, TonyD), the arrowheads on the TMP Kirk and Spocks are backwards. Sloppy.

19. NoRez - February 5, 2009

Sorry, the likenesses on the Kirk figures are just SO poor that I would really never buy these. If I’m looking at an action figure of a character I worship, I really appreciate it LOOKING like the character.

20. krikzil (aka Lixy) - February 5, 2009

#17– Yes, those are really nice. I wanted a couple of them. I liked the MIrror Mirror ones the best.

21. Brad - February 5, 2009

Agreed 19. That doesn’t even look like Kirk. Terrible! I wouldn’t buy them anyway, even if they were a good likeness, but that just looks like butt!

22. brady - February 5, 2009

20-those are the nicest, especially how he inverted the cards much like how they would look in a toy store in the mirror

23. Grammar Slammer - February 5, 2009

The photo of side-by-side Regula I Kirks seems to beg for a movie-era remake of “The Enemy Within”…

24. brady - February 5, 2009

20-I even tried to see if he’d sell me all of them at once at a lower price, but he gets 60-100 a piece for them so he didn’t bite ;(

25. Adam Cohen - February 5, 2009

That video was terrible! I love it!

26. Kirk, James T. - February 5, 2009

two pointers however:

1) Diamond Select were not involved with Art Asylum until the summer/fall of 2005 so the information about DST releasing Trek before then with AA is wrong. AA was partnered with Play-Along from 2001 – 2004 with more emphasis on doing figures like many of its competitors (NECA, McFarlane). When DST took over the AA name became just a brand name and everyone involved with AA before 2005 moved on including its creator: Digger.

The sculptors, painters and everyone behind the making of these figures is a totally new team today and I can’t say i really like the lack of detail these figures contain – the screaming Kirk looks soft and lacking in facial details, and the paint work on the original Patrick Pigot Kirk and Spock sculps just leave a lot to be desired.

It is in my opinion that i feel since DST took control of the Star Trek license that their emphasis is not to create quality pieces but to create a huge quantity that lacks the quality.

2) Also more importantly the re-released figures of TOS Kirk and Spock STILL have the rubber shirts and the same articulation. The only TOS figures to have sculpted shirts are the Kirk and Spock from the Amok Time 2 pack.

27. Steve - February 5, 2009

These figures are crap. I’m sorry but they just are.
The kirk likeness (or should i say ..unlikeness) should be shouting ccrrraaaappppp!!!!

28. Dude - February 5, 2009

Why on Earth do they keep reissuing stuff that no one wants? Wow, new action figures from a 23 year-old movie! Focus on the now! They’re not going to sell like hot cakes with today’s fan base, does the company actually expect to turn a profit?

And the Locutus dolls, the right arm is all wrong. He didn’t wear a glove, he had a long prosthetic do-dad. And the digital scan of Patrick Stewart’s face is crap, they only got the eyes right. Don’t the manufacturers LOOK at the product before sending it out or what?

29. Sallah - February 5, 2009

26.> Beat ya to it…Post #12….;)

I REALLY wish they would have had the sculpted torsos….Heck, I wish they’d redo the whole crew with sculpted torsos…

30. Sallah - February 5, 2009

I mean post #8, not #12…

31. Valar1 - February 5, 2009

I went to Toys R Us the other day, and to my wife’s embarrassment, I bought both the grey handled phaser and a Kirk figure. man those suckers look good on my home desk.

I can not describe how much fun it is to hear the phaser make various show noises. You can adjust it to stun, or kill, and then another switch makes it go to overload. I wish it was metal though, because it feels light, but otherwise, the noises and the light up flashing tip is a really cool toy. The Kirk figure just looks cool. I got him pointing a phaser at me. I ‘ve seen pictures of one where a Kirk is in his old command chair, I wish that was available I’d rather have that, but any Kirk is cool to decorate the old desk.

32. krikzil (aka Lixy) - February 5, 2009

#28–Dude, I hate to tell you but they do sell out. Now, I doubt they are manufacturing on the level of a Playmates but they now are making enough to move into TRU so they are doing something right. And believe, there IS a market for stuff from the Classic Films. Oh yes. Nothing wrong with a niche collector market.

“20-I even tried to see if he’d sell me all of them at once at a lower price, but he gets 60-100 a piece for them so he didn’t bite ;(”

Yes, a little pricey although nice. If I’m gonna pay that though it’s for the REAL ones. Although one of these I make break down just cause I think they are so cool. I want a Mirror Spock!

33. brady - February 5, 2009

32- the mirror ones are cool,but the environmental suit ones and even kirk in casual attire makes me wanna bid;)

34. Denise de Arman - February 5, 2009

CmdrR#16- LOL!

35. Mot - February 5, 2009

The screaming Kirk looks more like screaming John Shuck.

36. DavidJ - February 5, 2009

If anyone’s interested, here’s a Kirk sculpt I’m working on at the moment:

Definitely not an easy likeness to figure out.

37. Dr. Image - February 5, 2009

That Kirk head looks like Schwartzenegger pulling the homing device out of his nose in Total Recall!!
Love the Locutus and TMP figs, though. Playmates, take notice!

38. brady - February 5, 2009

33-Yes, a little pricey although nice. If I’m gonna pay that though it’s for the REAL ones………………..I’m the opposite on that debate, the customs are almost one of a kinds and if quality by far more worth the expense. Also, now I’m wary of even buying carded megos due to the availability of repo cards. So at least with a custom I don’t get riped off.

39. brady - February 5, 2009

36-way closer than some i’ve seen keep up the good work…hair seems a lil off though ;)

40. DavidJ - February 5, 2009


Yeah, still figuring out the “Kirk hair”. : P

41. Kaiser The Great - February 5, 2009

The new Locutus is a big improvement!

42. Star Trackie - February 5, 2009

David J..if you ever make casts of that, I’d gladly buy one! Shatner is hard to capture, but you’ve done a great job!

43. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - February 5, 2009

36. DavidJ

Holy crap! I want one of those! I don’t know who that is they are calling Kirk above but THIS looks like James T. Kirk.

44. I am not Herbert - February 5, 2009

My local TRU had ZERO Trek items on the shelf, and the employees looked at me like I was crazy when I asked them… =(

…but, I got the Amok Time set online… SWEET! =D

…had to pay a little extra on ebay **cough** for the “KHAAAN!” Screaming Kirk figure…

…now just waiting for my Tricorder… ;-)

45. trekboi - February 5, 2009

nice- the umbrella branding takes away from the variety.

46. Valar1 - February 5, 2009


Man, that is fantastic. You should consider marketing that.

47. Sallah - February 5, 2009

36> Holy crap! That’s a great likeness! What scale is that in and how do I get one!!!!!

48. Planet Pandro - February 5, 2009

My TRU had Khaaan Kirk, and the TOS Kirk and Spock. That’s it so far, I’m hoping the TMP two pack shows up, b/c that I would definitely get.

I agree that the likenesses on DST items havebeen hit or miss. What I don’t tend to agree on is the general dislike of Playmates 90’s-era figures. Certainly they’re not as complex in their detail (and I didn’t like that the accessories tended to be bright flashy colors, but hey they’re TOYS) but I think they are all reasonable likenesses of the actors upon which they’re based. For the size and scale, you could look at any random figure and have a instantly recognizeable likeness before you. Standouts (IMO) were Data, Odo, Quark, Chang, Soran, Q, unification Spock, Sela. There was alot of nuance and care taken in the likenesses for what were basically just toys, not “collector’s items”. I have 2 shelfs full of them and I think they look great on display. They only one I ever thought they didn’t get right was Troi. Somehow they never managed to get a handle on her facial features.

Again, IMO

49. PhantomPaul - February 5, 2009

The Amok Time 2-pack and the TMP 2-pack are the same item number and come in the same case. Unless the case pack changes at some point, if your TRU has one, then they should have the other, at least initially.

My store sold out of the ‘Sceaming Kirk’ the same day we got them. We’re now on our 3rd shipment (I think), and we’ve sold through those as well. Layouts call for a tricorder as well, and a few other things that are due to arrive later.

My store still doesn’t have the Enterprise though. :(

Check at the tail end of the Star Wars section, that’s where Star Trek is located in my store.

50. SPOCKBOY - February 5, 2009

Beautiful work David J!
You have definitely captured that “Kirk’ attitude in his face.
Obviously you sculpt professionally.
Shatner seems to be an incredibly elusive likeness for most sculptors. The only one I’ve ever seen that was spot on was a 12 inch doll (by Playmates I think) which depicted Kirk as a Romulan in “the Enterprise Incident”.

If you don’t mind a friendly assessment of your wonderful work, I think that Kirk’s jaw needs to be slightly smaller especially at the bottom, also the little clef above Kirk’s lip isn’t quite as deep and rounded as you have it. The top half of Kirk’s lip IS larger than the bottom half, but not as pronounced and seems to blend in more. You are definitely extremely talented sir.

I made a “cartoony” attempt at Shatner (and Nimoy)7 years ago when I first started sculpting. Have a look…

51. Brett Campbell - February 5, 2009

36 & 50 – Cool stuff from each of you! Keep up the good work!

52. Gibnerd - February 5, 2009

also noticed the TRU website took the science tricorder off the site. My order for it now says “backorder”. DST has it for April and some places have it for early May. Anyone know when this thing is really coming out?

53. Dr. Image - February 5, 2009

#36 DavidJ – That sculpt is FANTASTIC!! Great Job!

54. JGG1701 - February 5, 2009

David J..if you ever make casts of that, I’d gladly buy one! Shatner is hard to capture, but you’ve done a great job!

I second that!!!

55. DavidJ - February 5, 2009

Thanks. It’s about 6 inches tall or so.

Thanks for the advice! I also realize the nose deeds to be a bit narrower too….

56. bdrcarter - February 5, 2009

Is “The Khan Scream” truly the most iconic image/moment in all of Star Trek’s history? Maybe it is thanks to Seinfeld and various parodies, but I hope not. We watched WOK recently as our own little memorial for Ricardo Montalban. The Khan Scream…at least for me…hasn’t aged well. Actually seemed kinda cheesy.

The sculpt of the face on the figure made me think of Dawn of the Dead. I imagined a Trek convention being held at the mall where the zombies attacked. So it’s not Shatner/Kirk…it’s a guy at the convention dressed up as Kirk who was zombified when they descended on the mall/convention center. Just needs some blood around the mouth and…PRESTO…Zombie Trek fan action figure.

57. Steven - February 5, 2009


58. Iowagirl - February 5, 2009

#36, 55


Keep me posted – I’d glady put one in my shelf. :)

And I agree on the nose, but that‘s just a minor point.

59. Peter - February 5, 2009

Never liked the uniforms from Wrath of Khan onwards.

60. DavidJ - February 5, 2009


I used to like the red uniforms, but they haven’t aged very well I don’t think.

61. tuvok47 - February 5, 2009

#49: what other items will TRU have later down the road?

62. G-Boss - February 5, 2009

That video is hilarious!!!!

63. THX-1138 - February 5, 2009

Man, captain Kirk has some chompers on him, don’t he?

64. Chain of Command - February 5, 2009

Screaming Khan figure?! Are you kidding me? That’s beyond stupid.

65. Dennis Bailey - February 5, 2009

I’ve gotta say, TWOK and TMP Kirk above look as much like Luke Perry or Huey Lewis as they do Shatner – must be the hair! LOL

66. Xplodin' Nacelle - February 5, 2009

Re #5

Off Topic, but have you seen this yet?

67. Devon - February 5, 2009

#36 – I’d buy one!

68. tribble farmer - February 5, 2009

Ouch. They don’t look anything like him. And KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!-face Kirk looks like he’s trying to pass a lawnmover.

I want the TOS Spock though.

69. THX-1138 - February 5, 2009


Thanks for that. 2:32 of my life that I will never get back. My fault for hoping something redeeming or funny would happen before it was over. I was wrong.

70. JWM - February 5, 2009

As cute as the Khan thing is, it’s getting a little bit tired. OK, we get it, Khan. Right.

That said, I might buy one just for the chuckle.

71. Planet Pandro - February 5, 2009


I bought one, and it’s the most unintentionally hilarious item of my collection. Everyone I point it out to gets a good laugh.

72. Jean Luc Sisko - February 5, 2009

Oh man these suck. However the Kirk figure leaves limitless uses for youtube videos like this one and could be the victim of much mockery. He looks like an extra from a Godzilla movie. It’s not even close. Did they watch TWOK at all before casting this figure?

Locutus rocks from a distance, but up close it looks like Picard is really old and sick, not emotionless and void of soul. The flip down cod piece must make it easier for waste disposal…if Borg actually do that.

Save the $$$ for the movie tix..

73. Spock with a Crowbar - February 5, 2009

Yayy, we’re sharing art!

Great work DavidJ, that’s the best Shat sculpt ever. I love the brooding determination. You too, Spockboy, those caricature statues crack me up.

Here’s my contribution (not a sculpt):

74. Enterprise - February 5, 2009

What will these ad wizards think of next?

75. DavidJ - February 5, 2009


Ha ha, that’s awesome. : D

76. PhantomPaul - February 5, 2009

#61..Sorry, can’t remember the specifics, otther than seeing the Tricorder (though if its been delayed/ cancelled we obviously won’t get it) and am on vacation, so no access to the layouts for the section… unless I drive in, which I don’t plan to. :)

We do carry other DST non-Trek stuf though, like the 1/4 scale Darth Maul and Battlestar Gallatica figures.

Of course we’ll have a big push with the Playmates line-up for the film, but that’s a couple months off yet.

77. Dimmy - February 5, 2009

Why you do dis, dimmy? Why you keep showin me dis possessed Shatner figger??!!!

You give me nightmares! Why you do dis???!!!

I tell you it looks like Trilogy of Terror and yet you keep showing it…

Jus’ when I thought it was safe to look at Trekmovie…you show me more of dis!

Why Dimmy???!!! WHY??!!!!

I am terrified beyond my years!

78. Izbot - February 5, 2009


79. Izbot - February 5, 2009

77. Dimmy –

Oh god, that cracked me up!

I’m sorry, mama!!

80. SPOCKBOY - February 5, 2009

I’m glad you put your crowbar down long enough to draw this ; )
What a brilliant characature !
You totally captured modern day Shatner.
Excellent technique.
A modern day Nimoy would be a perfect companion piece.

Well done!

81. Spock with a Crowbar - February 5, 2009

Thanks Spockboy!

I think you’re right. Time for me roast Nimoy with my inkbrush.

82. brady - February 5, 2009

made sure he’s standing with a fat nekked chick

83. NCC-1976 - February 5, 2009

I think DST’s Trek Figures are awesome!

84. Chris M - February 5, 2009

There really are some awesome Star Trek figures around at the moment. I recently purchased the Kirk and Spock Amok Time pack which is pretty cool! :)

85. Enterprise - February 5, 2009

We need a V Ger figure pronto

86. Kelvington - February 5, 2009

What I want to know is why is Gilbert Godfrey doing in Kirk’s uniform?

87. Magic_Al - February 5, 2009

Back in the ’70s I cut up Captain Kirk doll’s shirt when I decided to recast him as David Banner to play with my Incredible Hulk doll. That’s the way it goes.

88. Dimmy - February 5, 2009

#79 — ;-) You got the obscure pop reference! Good!!!! :-D

But…ees tru…why dey do dis to me???!! WHY??

Dat figger ees so scarrry!!!

89. Enterprise - February 5, 2009

At least there’s one Spock figure that doesn’t have him doing the Vulcan sign.

90. Jeyl - February 5, 2009

Just an FYI, the Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Enterprise released by Diamond Select has the “KHAAAAN!” bit without the music in the background. Oh, how I wish I could grab that source.

91. brady - February 5, 2009

heres a great custom mego

92. brady - February 5, 2009

93. steve623 - February 5, 2009

Has anybody mentioned that most of those Mego customs are just clothes from the 9 inch Playmates line from the late ’90s on 8 inch Mego bodies?

94. Steve Short - February 5, 2009

What’s the next exclusive Star Trek at Toys R Us? More TMP 2packs of the crew?

95. Reign1701A - February 5, 2009

While I agree the likenesses on the movie-era Kirk figures are not that great, the reissue TOS Kirk figures are FANTASTIC. It’s the same sculpt but a new paint job that makes all the difference. I think it’s the best likeness of Shatner in a figure I’ve ever seen. Check out these comparison pics (old TOS Kirk on left, re-release on right:

And new Kirk w/chair:

96. Gary Seven of Nine - February 5, 2009

he ‘Khaaaan’ scream has ALWAYS been cheesy; that’s the beauty of it! :)

“The Khan Scream…at least for me…hasn’t aged well. Actually seemed kinda cheesy. ”

Now, all we need is the talking Hallmark Ornament version for Christmas ’09. I just wonder what they’ll do with it on Robot Chicken.

97. Gary Seven of Nine - February 5, 2009

Wait a sec…is it me, or did they steal Sulu’s eyes for the Khaaaan figure?

98. S. John Ross - February 5, 2009

Screaming Kirk looks to me like “Furious Simian Kirk,” ready to fling poo at any Klingon that crosses his path :)

That TRU Commander Spock is pretty groovy, though. That Locutus ain’t half bad, either.

I really do think Kirk must just be un-sculptable :/

99. franbro - February 5, 2009

Wait, the KHAN scream NOW seems cheesy…?!?!?!?


100. will - February 6, 2009

@”And the Locutus dolls, the right arm is all wrong. He didn’t wear a glove, he had a long prosthetic do-dad”

The Best of Both Worlds Locutus from a couple years ago came with the prosthetic arm attachment that you could replace the hand with. Possibly the new Locutus will also, although I don’t remember if he had a hand or not in First Contact. The new version is trying to copy the film version of the costume.

101. Terence T - February 6, 2009

Boy…there aren’t very many figures out there that resemble William Shatner are there?

His face must be really tough to duplicate. :)

102. Engon - February 6, 2009

Does Khan say “Very alive…very alive…” or “Buried alive…buried alive…” ?

I’ve been wondering for 27 years. Of course, I could just go turn on the subtitles. I think it’s that rich Corinthian accent that is confusing me.

103. Reign1701A - February 6, 2009

“Buried alive”

104. Engon - February 7, 2009

103. Thanks! He’s really soft on that “d” in “buried.”

105. SPOCKBOY - February 7, 2009

Great paint job, but I still don’t see the likeness to Shatner.
THIS is what I see (LOL)


106. naHQun - February 9, 2009

WHAT?! Kruge and Maltz 2-pack is cancelled? That’s the one I wanted! ghuy’cha’ baQ’a’!
But my 2-year old will be happy she gets a TOS Spock.

107. Steve Kelley - February 10, 2009

” #93. steve623 – February 5, 2009

Has anybody mentioned that most of those Mego customs are just clothes from the 9 inch Playmates line from the late ’90s on 8 inch Mego bodies?”

Have you ever tried to take the clothes from a 9″ body and simply put them on a Mego figure? If only it was that simple. It is not as easy as just swapping clothes as there is actually a lot of modification and alteration that is involved to get the much larger outfits to even begin to fit and look properly ;o) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.