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Exclusive: Jonathan Frakes On Nemesis, JJ Abrams Star Trek, A Return of TNG + more February 8, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Feature Films (TMP-NEM),Interview,Star Trek (2009 film),TNG , trackback

Yesterday we posted our the first part of our interview with Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes, focusing this weeks episode of Leverage  which he directed and guest stars Trek vets Brent Spiner and Armin Shimerman. For part two we focus on Star Trek, talking about keeping in touch with his former co-stars along with his thoughts on both the last and next Star Trek movies, and even a bit on Heroes and Lost.


Frakes Interview (Part 2)

TrekMovie.com: I was told a story that once wile you were shooting on Leverage and sitting in the video village you just blurted out ‘aft torpedoes fire!’ and cracked up the crew. That is pretty funny, but it makes me wonder if Star Trek is something that stays with you, even though it was just a job you did a decade ago. Does it become intertwined with your life?

Jonathan Frakes: Absolutely. Michael Dorn came to my house last night for dinner and we that very conversation. It is part of you. We did 182 episodes and 4 movies and countless conventions and countless Christmas parties, birthday parties and dinners. And you get recognized every day. For better or for worse, you epitaph will be "you knew him best as Riker."

TrekMovie: You mentioned you had dinner with Michael Dorn…

Frakes: He’s coming back as the President on Heroes.

TrekMovie: Yeah, I saw him the last scene [of "Duel"] in the Fall. It will soon be that you are the only one who hasn’t appeared on Heroes from Star Trek.

Frakes: Who else has been on?

TrekMovie: George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Dominic Keating and obviously Zachary Quinto, and there is some talk about Wil Wheaton maybe…and now Michael Dorn…

Frakes: It is painful, as per the earlier part of our conversation [about trying to get acting work]. I am more than available to do Heroes. Dorn just found out he is going to be back on Heroes. Can you imagine having a black President of the United States? Crazy.

TNG’s Dorn, latest Trek celeb on ‘Heroes’ – Frakes wants to be next.

TrekMovie: You know that 24, which Brannon Braga is now working on along with Manny Coto, they made the call early last year to make the President a woman, probably betting Hillary was going to win.

Frakes: Do you watch 24?

TrekMovie: Yep.

Frakes: Do you watch Lost?

TrekMovie: Always, are you a fan?

Frakes: I am a huge fan of Lost.

TrekMovie: You know last year we did an interview with Damon [Lindelof]. If you remember the episode "The Constant" from last season — the one with Desmond jumping around in time — and Damon said that episode was an homage to "All Good Things" which he said was the best finale in TV history. 

Frakes: No kidding.

TrekMovie: Have you noticed this season has felt like a season long version of "All Good Things" with all the time travel jumping?

Frakes: That is a very good observation.

TrekMovie: Well there are a few Star Trek fans at Lost.

Frakes: Well JJ [Abrams] is a huge Trekker.

TrekMovie: Well JJ is probably a ‘medium’ Trekker compared to [Star Trek producer] Damon and [co-writer] Roberto Orci. And both Damon and Roberto are especially fans of Next Gen, even though they are making a film about Kirk and Spock.

Frakes: Well they have extremely good taste…I also like the connection to Terry O’Quinn.

TrekMovie: Oh right, I loved that conversation Locke had about red shirts in the first season.

Frakes a "huge" fan of JJ Abrams’ ‘Lost’ –
clip of TNG guest star Terry O’Quinn (Locke) talking red shirts on episode "All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues"

Frakes: Very funny. I feel that Lost has found its path again. I read something that I agree with, that when they were given the specific number of final episodes it made them focus.

TrekMovie: True. So back to Dorn, do you keep up with all your old Star Trek buddies?

Frakes: I had dinner with Dorn last night. I got an email from Patrick [Stewart] yesterday, who is just back from starting rehearsals with Sir Ian McKellen on Waiting for Godot, opening in the West End, in May [London Haymarket Theatre: April 30 – June 28].

TrekMovie: In the last few years he has made some comments that have raised some eyebrows of Trek fans about how Trek was was a distraction and how he is now happy to be back where he belongs, on the stage. Do you think he is trying to put Trek behind him?

Frakes: No I do not. I know that Patrick would be happy to make another movie if everything came back together. I have spoken to him about that very subject. You know Brent [Spiner] is rehearsing for Man of La Mancha out here [UCLA Freud Theater: Feb 14 – March 1].

Frakes with Stewart as Riker and Picard on TNG
– Frakes says Stewart would do Trek again

TrekMovie: Speaking of Brent, you know that he and LeVar [Burton] and Wil [Wheaton] are all heavy Twitter users, do you know what that is?

Frakes: I don’t.

TrekMovie: It is a social networking tool for microblogging. Some of these questions have come from suggestions from our Twitter followers. They were wondering when you were going to start. Ask Brent or Wil about it.

Frakes: I know Wil has got a blog. Wil is tight with John Rogers who is the showrunner on Leverage. I like to give you all the six degrees of separation. 

TrekMovie: Is he going to show up on Leverage?

Frakes: We are looking for a place for him, I am sure he will show up next year.

Wheaton in deleted scene of ‘Star Trek Nemesis’
– Frakes trying to work Wheaton into ‘Leverage’

TrekMovie: OK, now I am going to ask a few more pointed Trek related questions. Let’s start with Star Trek Nemesis

Frakes: Uggh…I just got Google alert of my bad mouthing Nemesis at a convention in Sacramento with Marina [Sirtis].

TrekMovie: Were you ever offered the directing gig on that, or was it always going to Stuart Baird?

Frakes: It was always going to Baird. I would have done it, if it had been offered.

TrekMovie: So then, what if it were you and [screenwriter] John Logan, instead of Baird and Logan, how different would it have turned out?

Frakes: I think we would have kept a lot more of the Star Trek family in the movie. It would have been more about us than about Tom Hardy [Shinzon]. I would hope. As great he is and as great as his character was, people come on the first weekend of a Star Trek movie to see their family.

TrekMovie: You said that Patrick said he would do another one and you and Marina have joked about doing a Trek sitcom, but you would put on the suit again. And LeVar recently said that he thought that if the new movie were successful, that it could inspire another Next Generation movie. Is that something you have put some thought into as well? Do you think that could happen?

Frakes: I think it could happen. What do you think?

TrekMovie: Well I imagine Paramount would want more of the same. So if JJ and  Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were working, they would say ‘do that again.’

Frakes: Yeah. If they are going to reinvent the franchise, then they are going to reinvent the franchise.

TrekMovie: The most likely scenario for TNG I can imagine, is the opposite ironically. If the new movie fails, then the Paramount DVD division may want to take over. As you know, Direct to DVD movies usually work with studio properties. So they are the people most likely to give you a call.

Frakes: That is not a bad call. Because what has happened more and more is that some movies are essentially promotions for the DVD sales, and movie releases don’t do as well as DVD. 

Frakes doesn’t want ‘Star Trek Nemesis’ to be the last call for the TNG crew

TrekMovie: I understand you visited JJ’s Star Trek set, how did that happen?

Frakes: JJ uses my favorite first [assistant director], Tommy Gormley. Tommy and I had breakfast and he said "come over to the set, JJ wants to meet you." So I went to the bridge and there was Mr. Abrams and this beautiful, incredible set.

TrekMovie: Was there a little big of budget envy when you were there?

Frakes: I will have to go with an affirmative on that.

TrekMovie: So what are your thoughts on this new take? Have you seen the trailer?

Frakes: I have seen the trailer, I like the car stuff, at the beginning, very much. I on record as being a big JJ fan. I think he is a great storyteller and I think he respects the franchise and I have nothing but high hopes for the success of this movie.

Frakes looking forward to JJ Abrams ‘Star Trek’
– likes Corvette chase scene from Theatrical Trailer

More from Frakes in Part 1
If you missed it, check out part 1 of our interview where Frakes talks about his upcoming episode of Leverage featuring Brent Spiner and Armin Shimerman.

Trek reunion episode of Leverage airs Tuesday
Make sure you tune in this week to Leverage "The Juror #6 Job", airing Tuesday February 10 at 10/9c on TNT. More info at tnt.tv/series/leverage. Check out a sneak peek at “The Juror #6 Job” below.



1. Eprom - February 8, 2009

He’s a whizz

2. thorsten - February 8, 2009

I will go and watch Waiting for Godot…
I always wanted to see that play,
now the right guys are in it!

3. Negotiator - February 8, 2009

If they are going to make another TNG movie, better now than latter.

Perhaps a TV special?

4. Enterprise - February 8, 2009

Poor Frakes. Keep looking for work buddy.

5. Anthony Pascale - February 8, 2009


give your constant nasty snipes a rest ok…it is just not funny and not cool.

6. Hat Rick - February 8, 2009

Is there any way we can remake Nemesis, only this time with Frakes at the helm?

If so, let’s also do this: Delete Shinzon and come up with a better villain. Maybe someone with a background in genetics, or superabilities of some kind. Hmm.

Instead of the Romulans, involve a band of super-fit supermen… with a vendetta, perhaps.

Kick in some kind of technological aspect… a device of some kind, perhaps, that can remake the entire surface of a planet.

Finally, work in the word “Wrath” in there somehow.

That would work.


7. KirkPicard Forever - February 8, 2009

I just want to reitterate once again my support for at least one more TNG film. I do not see why we cannot do both TOS and TNG for all fans. Hopefully, the box office for “Star Trek” this May will justify the continued popularity of the brand and maybe prompt new fans to rediscover the greatness of the older series and movies!

8. Kruge - February 8, 2009

Riker was always under utilized on TNG. I love frakes and they should have used him more and make him more confrontational with Picard to create more tension…and given him even more babes. Glad to see Frakes has an open mind on the new movie but still wants back in the saddle. Havent watched this Leverage thing, but will check it out to see Brent in action.

Oh and ‘Enterprise’ … you embody everything that is wrong with the internet

9. rm10019 - February 8, 2009

Frakes should be producing a TNG animated show!

10. Valar1 - February 8, 2009

Very diplomatic, nice to see someone who isn’t so full of himself that he bad mouths coworkers.

11. THE GOVERNATOR - February 8, 2009

My take on it is that if this movie fails, then it fails. End of story. No more Trek. If it succeeds, then there will be more of this new Trek. Paramount isn’t going to go back and try something that failed again. TNG had their shot. They did well and then blew it big. Sorry Frakes, but its time to turn in the uniform for good.

12. Viking - February 8, 2009

I like Frakes. As much as I think TNG has run it’s course, I wouldn’t mind seeing a deal worked out to make a ‘Titan’ TV movie – there could be some untapped potential there.

13. Max - February 8, 2009

I really wish Paramount would give the TNG cast the send off they deserve.

And I know Frakes only says they’re all happy to do another TNG film but I don’t want to be filled with false hope :(

14. Jefferies Tuber - February 8, 2009

They should do a Titan series of TNG direct to video movies, with Picard transitioning into an Indiana Jones-type archaeologist.

In homage to Silver Age SciFi, let Data acquire a new female body to escape Spiner’s aging issue.

15. AJ - February 8, 2009

An obvious problem is that there is no “one” running Trek as a franchise. “XI” has to succeed for a long-term gameplan to come into focus, I suppose, between Paramount and CBS divisions.

If TNG comes back to the big screen after “XI” has raked in a billion dollars, and they only have $60m to spend, there will be a mixed message.

Good to hear Frakes is busy, and keeping himself in the fold. I’d trust him to run the thing. Just get the right people on board to write.

And Brent’s showing his higher age, so “better hurry.”

16. Hat Rick - February 8, 2009

I envision a series, animated or live, where a Captain Frakes does a 21st Century version of Kirk. A two-fisted, 24th Century man of action about town who can fight the good fight, and often does, but who is also not unfamiliar with the most advanced social theories of the day. A combination of Kirk and Picard, with a little bit of MacGyver thrown in for good measure. A man of ability, confidence, and intellect who exemplifies the best the Federation has to offer.

Throw in a feminine element — Counselor, now First Officer Troi, her former empathy forged with new command responsibilities, who also happens to be married to the Captain.

And the third part of the traditional triumvirate, a Romulan cross-cultural exchange science officer, logical and beneficent, yet suspicious of the Federation, on a temporary assignment that finds him drawn increasingly into the ties that bind him to the ideals of his erstwhile enemy.

A new starship, the Titan, explores space beyond the known boundaries, probing into new sectors and parallel dimensions, challenging the Federation’s very ideals in defense of the Federation itself, yet never losing sight of the essential humanity of its crew.

New for Fall, 2011 I give you: Star Trek: The Chronicles of Titan.

Could it….? Would it….?

17. dalek - February 8, 2009

TNG on direct to DVD movies would work. Look at the recent Stargate movies. However, the difference being all those sets are still up, unless you wanted to go the JMS route of virtual, gasp, sets.

Nemesis was sold to us in various interviews by cast and crew as a TNG family movie, the last adventure before they all moved on. It really was just a Shinzon/Picard & Data/B4 story. Shinzon got too much screen time, and most of his scenes he was just talking, snore, and more talking, snore. After Lore the B4 plot made no sense. Would you just assemble another Soong android like? Good job Wesley didn’t join the crew after all !

18. dalek - February 8, 2009

Oops meant to add, Frakes is, and always has been, one of the true good guys of the franchise.

19. cugel the clever - February 8, 2009


Yeah, they have done that – it was called The Augments story arc on ST:Enterprise. And it was a fine story.

Frakes is a class act and I’d like to see another story or two with the NextGen crew. I don’t see anything wrong with a character-driven and plot-driven direct to DVD movie without a lot of special effects, location shooting, makeup, etc…. it would keep the production costs reasonable. Some of the best NG eps (like “inner light”) were based on a great story and acting.

20. Enterprise - February 8, 2009

I don’t think Trek would work in Direct to DVD. Maybe a syndicated miniseries would work, or a 1 or 2 season special TV series?

21. Sean - February 8, 2009

Patrick Stewart AND Sir Ian McKellen on stage. I don’t care what it’s about, I want to see it!

It’s interesting to hear that a lot of the TNG crew wouldn’t mind doing another Trek. I would love to see it, but I think it would be a DVD movie if it got made at all. Considering Trek has never done that before, I doubt it will happen.

22. Christine - February 8, 2009

I love Jonathan Frakes, and the character he portrayed in TNG. I think that Riker was one of the few characters that really grasped what the essence of Star Trek is.

However, I gotta be the sour one around here: I think TNG’s run went down after Nemesis. It’s over. Just like how they couldn’t possibly put Shatner in ST09 (uh, duh) then I don’t think they could effectively bring back the crew of the Enterprise D (and, uh, E). If it would work, then great, and I’ll be first in line at the ticket booth. However, just taking an example of “X-Files: I Want to Believe”, the chemistry just wasn’t there. I’d hate to see that happen to Star Trek. Just leave it at Nemesis.

23. Colonial One - February 8, 2009

Nemesis its a very bad movie, agreed, but, sadly enough, all the scenes involving exclusively the Star Trek “family” worked very well… I mean, what really killed the movie was the awful plot and the emphasis on Shinzon, therefore terribly miscast. I read somewhere that James Marsters was one of the alternatives… should have go with him, it has a certain resemblance to Patrick Stewart, and his a good enough actor.

Frakes seems like a very nice man, I’ve read a lot of interviews with him and he always come as a funny and humble guy… He should get more acting work, he has a wonderful comic timing and has great presence on screen… and his directing style isnt bad either…

Maybe a DTV series of movies with Riker as captain of the Titan… with him directing… I would buy that in a minute!

24. I'm Captain Kirk... I'M CAPTAIN KIRK! - February 8, 2009

Not to take anything away from the new movie or its cast, but please, bring back the TNG cast for SOMETHING… A special, TV movie, straight to DVD release, whatever of a new story– not some retrospective shit. Give TNG the closure it deserves.

25. Capt. Raven - February 8, 2009

I think ti would be great to have a TNG series based on USS Titan, with Frakes on command and the occasional Enterprise showing up.

I’ve always been a fan of Frakes, he rules!

26. Commodore Lurker - February 8, 2009

Decloaking . . .

TNG has alot of life left in it.

There isno one better to helm it than fellow Trekker Jonathan Frakes. He’ll keep it true to the spirit of Roddenberry and the great writing that was TNG.

I’d call J.J. a mild Trekker. Too much biff-boom-pow in his stuff and not enough substance to the stories.

Recloaking. }:-D>

27. AJ - February 8, 2009


Christine, I disagree. I think bringing the crew back together would echo the better elements of the early Trek films. Picard is an Admiral, and Bushy grey Riker is a seasoned Captain, maybe still with Troi. Definitely with children. Worf is the ambassador, etc. Data is…somewhere. Everyone has gone to new stages in their lives…

Now how does one bring back this crew from their disparate lives of the last 10+ years to get back on the ship? Who ya gonna call, mon Capitain, but Q?

Q bookmarked the series. He had a few duds, but the chemistry was there.especially in “All Good Things.” DeLancie and Stewart had some great bouts together.

28. Bryan - February 8, 2009

I’d be totally for direct to dvd TNG or Titan movies, I think it would be perfect.

29. SirBroiler - February 8, 2009

With the report of NexGen going back into Syndication….anyone think they just might be testing the waters for TV Trek return?

Star Trek: Titan anyone?

30. King Of All Blacks - February 8, 2009

of course they all want to come back for another TREK movie! no one else is looking for them!

31. ScreenRant.com - February 8, 2009

Great interview, Anthony.


32. Swollen Ballz - February 8, 2009

I really like the Riker character. He grew on me over the years. Cant believe there are countless TNG episodes I have not seen. I wish there is a movie following Riker’s career as captain some kind of overlap with Picard.

33. Hat Rick - February 8, 2009

Star Trek: The Titan Chronicles, Episode 1, “…And the Skies Beneath.”

Departing from Starfleet Headquarters, Captain William T. Frakes contemplated the parallels between his life and that of Starfleet’s most storied captain, James. T. Kirk. In a time of relative peace, he’d just been assigned to a new five-year mission to explore the Gamma Quadrant using the transwarp-capable Titan, fresh from a two-year layover and refit.

Unlike Kirk, Frakes’ devotion to his ship was divided; after he, he was married to his First Officer, Deanna Troi, with whom he had served for years aboard the Enterprise-D, and of whom he had become ever fonder as both of them advanced into maturity. He thought of hmself increasingly to fit the mold of Kirk, however. Lately he had grown restless with standard Federation patrols of the far frontiers. Rumblings of change among the Founders had percolated throughout the Alpha Quadrant, leading Starfleet Intelligence to issue increasingly strident alerts about the probability of instability right next to the far side of Wormhole at Bajor.

When they sought volunteers for this new mission of exploration — really a covert assignment under civilian cover, or so they thought — Riker was among the first to apply. Notwithstanding, of course, his distrust of the operatives he knew believed themselves the true directors of the Federation’s fate.

When he was accepted, he insisted on handpicking his own crew. He had even sought out his favorite android, but Captain Data was nowhere to be found. His personnel roster was a mix of old friends, veterans, and relative unknowns, eager to prove themselves on the newest final frontier.

He had read just about everything ever written about Kirk in preparation for this mission and seen just about every visual ever recorded. On his recent hiatus, as he awaited the completion of the Titan’s refit, he both taught and studied — teaching as an instructor at the Academy, and studying as a postdoc fellow at the Federation Academy of Command Sciences.

His head brimming with ideas, his form dissolved in the glint of transporter light, and when he reassembled, he found himself greeted with the smiling face of his transporter chief. “Glad to have you back, Captain!”

“Good to be here,” he said curtly. He strode immediately to the door and headed directly for the bridge.

34. joe - February 8, 2009

that guy has the most charisma in all hollywood

35. joe - February 8, 2009

ugh… no more fanfic please… not cool. comments should be relevant. (I get it that this isn’t relevant either) lol

36. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - February 8, 2009

Mr. Frakes is a class act. I especially enjoy his directing abilities. And as a resident of the state of Maine, I can say we are happy to have he and his wife as fellow residents. The people of their community speak highly of them both…they are REAL people.

Thanks for all the memories on TNG, Mr. Frakes and may you enjoy continued success in Hollywood.

37. jas_montreal - February 8, 2009


38. Mike Ten - February 8, 2009

From what I understand Mr. Frakes keeps busy with directing work. It would be great to see Captain Riker and the Titan with visits from time to time from Captain Picard.
I guess if the Countdown comics are considered canon, then either someone finds Data’s head, or they salvage Data’s memories from B-4 and put them in Lore’s disassembled body.

Either way I would pay to see more of TNG and DS9 if that’s even possible with the way they ended it. What happened to Thomas Riker???

39. steve623 - February 8, 2009

A direct-to-DVD Titan or other TNG-related project would probably have been somewhat of a less expensive prospect if Paramount hadn’t sold all things TNG in that online yard sale. I’m a TOS fan primarily, but I retain enough warm fuzzy feelings for the TNG cast to want to see Frakes, Sirtis, Burton, and Dorn in the suits again. Those four, with three or four young up-and-comers to round out the cast, and they might have something. Given the success of various direct-to-DVD projects, I don’t see that it should be impossible for any reason other than the studio just not giving a shit. Instead, they’re putting all their eggs in one very expensive basket.

40. Greg2600 - February 8, 2009

TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and probably after this movie, TOS crew (original actors) will not be seen again. Paramount will not go back to them. But they’ll remaster and re-release the DVD’s 9 more times to suck the fans dry.

41. Hat Rick - February 8, 2009

35, that was an attempt to address how and why the old cast would get together again all on one starship. Any excuse for fanfic. ;-)

42. Enterprise - February 8, 2009

Why do people want TNG on DVD? They never saw it when it was in theaters.

43. garen - February 8, 2009

i wonder what keywords Jonathan has in google alerts!

Does he get google alerts for his own name?! that’d be fun.

44. Dom - February 8, 2009

TNG’s had it! They’re all too old now! Trek’s been revamped as a new young franchise, bringing in new fans. TNG finished 15 years ago and its cheap-looking movies came to an end at the start of this decade.

It’s a dog that’s had its day. Time to move on and wait to see if there’s a TNG revamp set in the Abramsverse in 20 years’ time!

45. JeFF - February 8, 2009

“…people come on the first weekend of a Star Trek movie to see their family. ”

He gets it… Frakes gets it, and he always has. That comment alone sums it all up for me. The TNG cast was another family of mine growing up… I literally did grow up watching them all.

Someone at Paramount… read this and please bring them back to another series. Do Riker and Troi on the Titan and guest spot the lot of other characters. This is not hard to do. Please.

46. AJ - February 8, 2009

33: Hat RicK:

Why would advancing into maturity with Deanna aboard the Titan make Riker feel more like Kirk? Kirk made a clean break from a family life in order to devote himself to command, much as Picard did.

I think it would be better to have Riker go through a mid-life crisis, with Deanna as a potential victim, as he decides whether his role of Captain is as important as his role of husband and father.

This all happens with the backdrop of a major crisis which calls him to walk that line every hour of every day. Troi empathizes with Riker, but finds her own priorities as wife and mom coming into conflict with those as No. 1. The impending danger has forced Captain Riker to order his wife to leave their kids on Betazed with Troi’s mom as they head into whatever’s waiting.

How the TNG gang fits in, and what the crisis is, can be wrapped around that story.

My 2 cents!

47. Schnitzelhuber - February 8, 2009

Yeah, new TNG on DVD… i’d like that! :)

48. steve623 - February 8, 2009

“Why do people want TNG on DVD? They never saw it when it was in theaters.”

They watched a shitload of it on TV though.

49. OM - February 8, 2009

” It is a social networking tool for microblogging”

…It’s a tool for social networking, not self-hype and spamming. Let’s make sure we’re clear on this next time you explain Twitter to someone, please.

50. Darfyn - February 8, 2009

Direct to Dvd is an interesting idea ! It’s the sort of thing Paramount might think of doing ! Titanic Shinzon (Tom-Hardy-Rocks) was okay , but I like Jonathan Frakes centrist view , where we could have the ‘Titan Adventures’ , and Riker and Troi are going to get adventurous and sexy on us !!

51. Hat Rick - February 8, 2009

46 (AJ), I may be a hopeless romantic, but I do believe that between two people who are genuinely in love with each other, advancing age brings greater, not lesser, love and deepening of attachment.

But I do see an agreement with you on the question of divided loyalties, which brings with it some interesting dilemmas.

In Riker we see an odd mix of Kirk and Sisko at this point. Riker, Kirk, and Sisko make interesting foils to each other to me, despite their similarities. Unlike Kirk, he does not leave his personal life behind (Kirk sacrificed everything for his ship). Unlike Sisko, Riker has not experienced the loss of this love. He is, in this respect, more “normal” than either of the other two and more like everyday people who are able to return to their family lives every day.

On the other hand, Riker’s command responsibilities (and Troi’s, for that matter) may often conflict with his personal duties. Does he send Troi to lead an expedition on a dangerous planet, or does he send a less-experienced officer despite Troi’s empathic capabilities? Granted, Troi isn’t extremely experienced at this point and perhaps his choice of her as a First Officer was not the best, but the premise is that he got to choose, and he chose her. Was his decision a wise one?

Recall, as well, the third person in this new triumvirate is a Romulan cross-cultural exchange officer. One can easily see that Romulan efficiency and ruthless logic would often cut deeply against Troi’s empathic instincts.

Troi would claim that against the bizarre races that the Titan is likely to face, her mix of psychological and command skills would best serve the Titan. Commander (and Vice Consul ex officio) Kylak, the Romulan, casting a jaundiced eye at what he sees as weakness, would find little merit in this argument.

Rounding out the crew would be a variety of other bridge officers, some of whom (if live action) would be rendered digitally.

Perhaps, at some point, the Klingon Empire would become involved, sending as an observer a well-known old acquaintance of Captain Riker.

Future episode might include Starfleet intrigue involving the mysterious reappearance of Thomas Riker, widely believed to have “gone rogue.” The bridge crew of the Titan, exploring the reaches of the Gamma Quadrant, are astonished when a man almost identical to Captain Riker, hailing from aboard a small Cardassian shuttle and claiming to be Tom Riker, claims command of the Titan under a secret intelligence order beamed through the highest classified channels of Starfleet.

Captain Riker, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found….

52. Anthony Pascale - February 8, 2009

OM, to paraphrase Spock

I do not need to be lectured by you

53. Pete Fernbaugh - February 8, 2009

The most interesting thing about this interview (of the many interesting things in it) was the stage work currently being done by the TNG cast. I would love to see Spiner in one of my favorite musicals, “Man of La Mancha.” And it will always be a huge regret that I never saw Stewart in “Macbeth.” I wonder if it was ever recorded…

Frakes is probably my favorite cast member from the post-TOS era, along with Scott Bakula. And for those who took a shot at his hairline in Part 1, I think the man is aging in a very dignified, statesmanlike way.

Great interview!! It made me want to watch “Leverage.”

54. Viking - February 8, 2009

‘I do not need to be lectured by you’

Ow. That’s gonna leave a mark.

55. VOODOO - February 8, 2009

TNG deserves a better ending than it got.

How about rather than a last TNG film (which most likely would not happen on the big screen) they continued TNG on tv? I think there would be a sizeable audience for a “Titan” series.

People partly lost interest in latter day Star Trek because they didn’t care about the new characters that were introduced in DS9,Voy and Ent. The TNG characters have a much bigger follwing and their return would be an event worthy of the name Star Trek.

They could re-unite nearly the entire cast. I don’t know if Patrick Stewart would be up for a weekly series, but I’m sure they could get him to cameo at least a couple of times per season.

If Paramont were to green light a new series, I think this would be the one with the most commercial potential. That is assuming that they keep Kirk + Spock on the big screen.

56. Doug - February 8, 2009

I doubt any one that is a decision maker or close to one is actually reading our thoughts on the issue, but… if there is, please make another TNG film. A direct to DVD movie would be great.

57. Hat Rick - February 8, 2009

55, I wouldn’t say that people didn’t like the characters introduced in DS9, VOY, and ENT. I personally liked all of the main characters in every Star Trek series. Even Wesley, although less so.

Character biographies, character biographies….

Jean-Luc Picard, Adm.

Since the events of Nemesis, Picard was “kicked upstairs” and is now Starfleet Liaison to a Federation blue-ribbon commission on the peaceful resolution of various skirmishes that remain pending as a result of recent wars involving the resolution. After years of neglect, he is also attending to his family business on Earth and enjoying something of a semi-retirement. He is still attached to Starfleet in these reduced capacities. As an unpleasant side-effect of his new avocation, he retains unpleasant thoughts and memories arising from the deaths of his close family members and is undergoing private counseling in this respect..

Willam T. Riker, Captain

Captain of the Titan, awarded numerous citations for merit and bravery; led a critical military strike force against remaining insurgent forces allied with the Dominion; nearly killed as the leader of a covert mop-up operation against Cardassian allies near the Alpha/Gamma border.

Data, Captain

Reappeared in events associated with the Romulan Temporal Incursion (Star Trek XI). Biography classified.

Worf, Son of Mogh, Ambassador (Ret.)

After a dispute with the ascendant regime at Qo’nos, Worf resigned his commission and entered into a religious retreat. He is believed to have sought religious advice concerning the fate of his ancestors and his personal destiny as the heir of the heritage of two worlds

Troi, Deanna, Commander

Following a shaky start, Deanna Troi became a skilled student of the command sciences and rose rapidly through the ranks. She was approached by Starfleet Intelligence early in the Dominion War and had a covert role in the destruction of enemy vessels at various critical junctures, although most of this is classified.

58. kirk09 - February 8, 2009

–anthony…enterprise’s #4 comment may have been his one non-insulting comment in his history of posting here…i’m not defending him but i think he was just trying to say that frakes aint the only one hurtin for work i todays economy…


MOVING ON…#6…your idea to remake Nemesis…BRILLIANT…everything after your first sentence: yawnnn….thats what nemesis WAS xD

actually the idea of remaking nemesis isnt a bad idea…budget like the new film, transplant it into kirk’s time… make shinzon a rapidly aging clone of kirk played by the shat…essentially make the generational aspects of nemesis reversed…refine the story, and make shinzon an augment…whos raised by the remans…and launches a joint crusade with the xindi reptilians and insectoids to destroy earth using a spherical ship that looks like the xindi weapon from ST: Enterprise but has a thaleron weapon on its surface that looks a lot like the thaleron matrix from 2002’s nemesis version… o wait that idea for the ship/weapon design was from the doctor who season 4 finale! xD

59. THE GOVERNATOR - February 8, 2009

How about a live-action version of “The Countdown” as a direct-to-DVD movie.

60. sebimeyer - February 8, 2009

Seeing how well the BSG and Stargate direct to DVD movies did, I cannot for the life of me figure out why there aren’t any Trek movies in the works.

61. kirk09 - February 8, 2009

on a sidenote: possible hidden backstory to nero that the comics couldnt cover due to they being comics….

nero…the son of shinzon and sela…how, when shinzon hated romulans with a vengeance? in a gender-reversal, sela raped shinzon and got pregnant with his seed…birthing nero by it…

62. kirk09 - February 8, 2009

note: sela also found and gave shinzon the B-4 as a de facto ‘payment for his services’…leading up to nemesis…

63. Chris J - February 8, 2009

Frakes has always seemed like a nice guy in interviews. Good on him :)

As for TNG… I think the idea put forward by The Governator (that they do a live-action version of ‘Countdown’) is a great idea. What better way to finally end TNG with dignity and to see it passing on the torch to the new-era Star Trek? I have not read the comics because I have not been able to get them in any shops, but a DVD of it would be a much better way of getting it out into the mainstream. I’d imagine that people who are going to see Star Trek for the first time in May will not be aware of the comic; nor I must admit are they likely to go to all the trouble of hunting down a rare comic to understand the backstory. DVDs on the other hand, can be distributed far more widely, and would be more appealing to the average movie-goer.

It would also help TNG fans (myself included) see their heroes given ‘The Big Goodbye’, and also to accept this new take on ‘Star Trek’.

In the immortal words of Captain Picard…

“Make it so.”

64. Hat Rick - February 8, 2009

58, I was making a joking reference to STII:TWOK, obviously. But you’re right — there are a few similarities, although Nemesis clearly botched the formula somehow.

Back to character bios. These are some possible ideas toward a backgrounder regarding how a Titan TV series (or miniseries) might work.

I want to correct my Picard bio:

Jean-Luc Picard, Adm.

Since the events of Nemesis, Picard was “kicked upstairs” and is now Starfleet Liaison to a Federation blue-ribbon commission on the peaceful resolution of continuing hostilities — various skirmishes that remain pending as a result of recent wars involving the Dominion. After years of neglect, he is also attending to his family business on Earth and enjoying, to some extent, a period of semi-retirement and taking advantage of it to write a book on his life and adventures. He is still attached to Starfleet in some of the above capacities. As an unpleasant side-effect of his new avocation, he is periodically revisited by thoughts and memories arising from the deaths of his close family members and is undergoing private counseling in this respect..

Geordi Laforge, Director of Starfleet Engineering and Starship Design, Advanced Operations Division

Following a successful stint as a private inventor with over thirty Federation patents to his name, LaForge returned to public service at first to assist in the reverse-engineering of advanced technology captured by the Breen. LaForge was also called upon for assistance in re-engineering standard Starfleet technology with future versions obtained through the actions of the future Janeway in “Endgame.” The incorporation of new transwarp technology was advanced partly through his efforts. LaForge remains Director of the Advanced Operations Division of Starfleet Engineering and Design and is the single person most familiar with the new transwarp drive used on the Titan.

Crusher, Beverly, Starfleet Academy Medical Director (Ret.), medical entrepreneur, and Visiting Professor of Longevity Studies, New York University

Dr. Beverly Crusher served for seven years as one of the nine Medical Directors of Starfleet Academy, coterminous with private practice and then a position as researcher with a private firm on human longevity studies. She recently engaged in a contractual position as Visiting Professor at NYU.

Crusher, Wesley, Lt. (Ret.), Civilian Observer

Following his service in Starfleet, rising to the rank of Lieutenant, Crusher decided to leave for civilian life. He applied and, with some persistence, entered in the ranks of the Peace and Rescue Corps, a Federation agency whose purpose was the rescue of civilians stranded or otherwise afflicted by war. The Corps was often essential in the mediation of civilian casualties and elements of its leadership were highly critical of Federation policies. Crusher maintains an interest in technology and is a regular contributor to various periodicals of interest to engineers and other technologists. Crusher also contributes as a credentialed journalist and political critic, although this at times is seen to color his status as Civilian Observer of various ongoing Starfleet military and paramilitary operations. Crusher maintains a professional friendship with Jake Sisko, also a journalist and writer, and son of Captain Benjamin Sisko

65. Jason - February 8, 2009

The thing with the aftermath of Nemesis should have been what happened after Final Frontier. Basically, you had a film that failed both commercially and creatively- due to badly timed release dates, poor choices in behind the scenes talent and so fourth. Then, what happened after Final Frontier and should have happened after Nemesis is you had the studio basically say:

Okay, that didn’t work, lets not end with this crap, why not do one grand finale, and better yet, let’s bring back the writer/ director who was most successful in the past with this series.

So, why couldn’t they have done that after Nemesis, say let’s do another one, and end off on the right note, and get someone like Frakes back in the director’s seat. Or could that still happen as a side project to the Abrams series?

66. Joe - February 8, 2009

I would love for TNG to be brought back periodically as a high budget mini-series with short, focused story arcs and about a dozen episodes a pop.

You’d have to excuse the character of Data regardless of B4 as Spiner has obviously out aged the android. You could always try a recast but that might be too much to manage.

67. CMX54 - February 8, 2009

Re: Jonathan Frakes…I’d like very much to see a ST: TITAN series. It would bring me enthusiastically back to the present-day incarnation of the franchise.

Nemesis was a big fat zilch, but I’d still much rather be seeing a new TNG film in May…

68. Enterprise - February 8, 2009

I would LOVE a TNG//VoyagerDS9//Enterprise flashback crew movie. With the closing of the Dominion war, many new aliens and evil races could have been created.

69. Tim Lade - February 8, 2009


May I ask why you made that comment to Enterprise (#4) regarding a small joke he made about Jonathan Frakes vs. the mocking that Christian Bale is recieving and the comment that I recieved that I should lighten up?

Thank you,


70. AJ - February 8, 2009


Advancing age brings new circumstances which test that love on a regular basis.

If Riker were to take the Titan, or most likely the Enterprise-E (I discount Nemesis as BS, especially if Picard is promoted) into a long skirmish far from home, he and Deanna have to weigh pros and cons like any couple, especially if there are kids involved.

If the discussion becomes too protracted because Riker,in his brooding way, has chosen duty over wife and family, it’ll cause issues, despite the trite “Imzadi” stuff from the ’80s.

71. Hat Rick - February 8, 2009

Maybe so, AJ. I suppose I am confident enough in the two of them that they can find a mutually satisfactory resolution

In the character bios I have given them, both Riker and Troi have found fairly demanding positions. Troi even had a stint as a Starfleet Intelligence operative. These jobs certainly would strain a relationship. However, if anyone could make such a marriage work, it would be an empath. Troi was, after all, a counselor.

Now, I do realize that the “physician, heal thyself” thing applies here. Counselors are human (or, um…persons) too. But I feel that the two of them are centered enough to make things work.

And if it doesn’t, well, we could make an episode out of it. Just not the first episode.

Also, why don’t you like the assignment to Titan? I don’t think that Picard has to have been promoted immediately, and it seems that they needed a commanding officer for the Titan right then. If an officer like Riker turns down one too many promotions, he might never receive another one, and I’m given to understand that Riker had already turned down a previous offer for a promotion. On the other hand, you could be saying that the Titan never needed a new captain, and if that’s so, then that problem goes away. However, I don’t see the reason you would toss out the entire Titan storyline so easily.

72. Hat Rick - February 8, 2009

On the question of the ship: The novels’, and therefore noncanonical, version of the USS Titan is that of a 450-meter vessel with advanced exploratory capabilities, medium armament, and presumably fast but conventional propulsion. The ship’s initial mission, according to a noncanonical source, was to engage in defensive activities near the Romulan Star Empire.

My proposal would be to canonize some, but not all, of these elements. For example, the addition of Commander (Vice Consul ex officio) Kylek would be a result of the resolution of the initial mission, and the ship could have been reassigned for some years thereafter to the Gamma Quadrant, which led in turn to the decision equip the ship wih transwarp engines (given the vast distances involved). The refit of the ship for a period of two years could have been the result of extensive battle damage, and in the tradition of the Enterprise, the refit could in essence be a new ship. The refit, in other words, could be an improved Sovereign-class vessel and the ship could bear the actual designation, Titan-A.

The improved Sovereign-class could semantically bear the designation, Explorer Class — all the better to conceal what the less visible elements of the Federation deem to be its true mission.

Some core conflictual arcs — continuing over weekly missions that actually do encounter new worlds and new civilizations — could include the obscure roles of Section 31 and the Temporal Corps, neither of which have coordinated their missions and both of which may be working at cross-purposes with the other. These elements would combine with the central mystery of occurrences among the Founders resulting from Odo’s role at the end of DS9 and the continuing mystery of the fate of Benjamin Sisko who, despite his apotheosis and apparent death, has been officially classified as a Starfleet officer who is Missing In Action.

Let us not underestimate the appeal of a grand new ship, with the best technology that the Federation has to offer.

73. opionesaved - February 8, 2009

I’d love to see TNG in a direct-to-dvd movie. And ask Patrick Stewart to bring his good buddy Ian McKellen to portray the crew’s adversary.

74. Darfyn - February 8, 2009

Does Age matter ? Star Trek has been around decades – how many Fans is that ? Of course , for those who like their Star Trek , fast and furious , we have the new Movie XI (there are possible sequels too) !

But most of the fans are spread over a 30 year period .

I still think Nimoy and Shatner could carry a Star Trek Movie yet ?!

Johnathan Frakes or Patrick Stewart still are debonair enough ! if Brent or some others feel too old , give them another role ?

There’s tons of room for some Miniseries for us oldtimers and mid-life trekkies or even younger people who follow the old series !

75. jason - February 8, 2009

he doesn’t know what Twitter is and he likes Lost. That’s what I got out of that interview

76. Will_H - February 8, 2009

I would love so much for another TNG film. If this new film does bring new people into the family, they probably would appreciate a well done TNG film. I do think that Nemesis failed mainly because of the director, though the writing also helped kill it, as well as its lack of publicity. I think had Frakes been put at the helm we wouldnt be talking about JJ’s star trek right now, we’d be debating the next mission of the Enterprise E. I think what would be interesting would be to try and start a brand new series on TV and have Frakes run the show, the guy’s smart, a good director, and obviously knows Star Trek inside and out.

77. Enterprise - February 8, 2009

Jon is a cool guy. He would be a fine director of the Trek sequel. He should push Paramount for a TNG era animated series.

78. TrekTwenty - February 8, 2009

Frakes is a good guy. I’d like to see him involved in Star Trek again SOMEHOW.

79. Enterprise - February 8, 2009

Maybe Frakes could write some Trek books for Pocket?

80. Trevor - February 9, 2009

Honestly, the TNG cast had the best possible sendoff they could have ever hoped for — “All Good Things” … I wouldn’t have minded if they left it at that last poker scene. It brought a tear to my eye when I first saw it. None of the movies ever had the same emotional impact.

TNG always worked better as a TV show. It didn’t work in the same way as the old TOS movies, with having an obligatory villain to fight. When TNG leaped to the big screen, it became Hollywoodized, dummed down for the masses – it had none of the spark the TOS movies had. TOS worked well in the action movie genre – TNG was *made* for the small screen. Anytime they tried to convert it to the epic action movie format, it lost something. Just my two cents.

81. kirk09 - February 9, 2009

–Hat Rick…in your #72 comment, you said ‘The ship’s initial mission, according to a noncanonical source, was to engage in defensive activities near the Romulan Star Empire.’, referring to The Titan…the problem is, that initial mission was also from a canonical source, from frakes’ final lines in nemesis when he said goodbye to picard..riker said the titan was heading up a new task force sent to romulus…

and Joe #66…not necessarily…if the new series was done in CGI, much in the same way as Star Wars: The Clone Wars is being done, or like the Star Trek Online game is being done, then Data/B-4 could return, hell, everybody could, with the scope of this new JJ film as well because of the cheaper costs of CGI animation vs. live-action equivalents…

82. Chris Pike - February 9, 2009

Have to agree that “All Good Things” betters any of TNG era movies, and my favourite TNG of all the series. In fact I think of it as the one of the very best Trek features.

83. Marvin the Martian - February 9, 2009

To all of you wishing for A) a new USS Titan TV series or B) new straight-to-video movies based off of TNG, DS9, VOY or Enterprise, please dream on.

It’s not going to happen. As much of a long-time Trek fan as I am, I wouldn’t greenlight these projects, either, if I were a Paramount executive.

It makes no financial sense for several reasons:

1. Paramount has sunk WAAAY too much money into both the budget and the marketing for the revamped Star Trek film to confuse the marketplace with more than one new live-action Trek project at this time.

2. It appears the new movie will raise the bar for the level of effects associated with a Trek movie, and audiences will soon expect the same quality from any future Trek-related project. The limited budgets required for a straight-to-video release would ultimately harm the long-term viability of any such endeavor.

3. If the new Trek movie is successful, Paramount will not only want to make more TOS-centric sequels, but they’ll likely seriously consider a new TOS TV series. If audiences are willing to embrace new actors playing Kirk, Spock et al, they’ll likely accept *other* new actors in a weekly TV series. The fan-made films have already proven that with diehard Trekkers.

4. No offense to Frakes, who I’ve met and is a very nice man, but he and the TNG cast are yesterday’s news. Only the most diehard Trek fans even care what he has to say about the franchise. Your average 13-year old wasn’t even alive when TNG was on the air, and was too young to appreciate the only decent TNG film, First Contact. And you think a fifty-something cast headlining a USS Titan series is somehow going to attract a broad viewing audience beyond Trek diehards? Please. I *loved* TNG and I knew full well that scenario is complete fantasy.

Given the current Trek environment, the *only* option for any revival of TNG is a high-quality animated series. It would be in Paramount’s best interest for several reasons:

1. It’s cost-effective compared to a live-action series.

2. It’s easily differentiated from the new Trek films because it’s an entirely different medium. There’s no confusion in the marketplace as to which is which.

3. You could get Trekkers on board with the voices of original TNG actors Frakes, Sirtis, Dorn, Spiner and many others. In fact, you’d have a better shot at getting actors like Patrick Stewart to do guest appearances, because they could easily work the series around their current schedules. And for them, it’s easy money.

4. You don’t have to worry about ILM-level special effects or actors being too old or renting expensive soundstages in which to build acres of new sets. Everyone in the series will look young and virile, and you can let your imagination run wild with ships, worlds, aliens, etc..

5. You have a better shot at capturing a broad, younger audience with animation, especially if it’s well-written and animated superbly.

6. Finally, straight-to-video movies do well… if they’re animated. The cost/benefit ratio works to the studio’s favor.

Jonathan Frakes is a nice man, but Richard Hatch at least had a demo reel in addition to his enthusiasm, and even he couldn’t convince execs that his new Galactica would work. Wisely, Universal execs decided a new direction was best. The same is true with Trek at this point in time.

84. Commander K - February 9, 2009

and incorporating characters from a number of different series is expensive as these guys command huge salaries. Frakes, Brooks and Stewart would have to be willing to take a significant cut in wages if a project like this would go through. An animated series would be good though…but there is still room for a young TOS/TNG crossover for Star Trek XII

85. Canon Schmanon - February 9, 2009

Frakes is such a classy guy. I love him. Unfortunately, only one of their four films was consistently good, one had some great moments was was kind of stinky in parts, another was inoffensively forgettable, and another was perfectly wretched.

With a 1-out-of-4 record going for it, I don’t see a TNG movie happening. After all, we apparently stopped going to them or they would have kept making them.

Still, I hope Frakes can find some acting work out there. He deserves some other roles.

Cheers, Jonathan!

86. Mr. "There are always possibilities" - February 9, 2009

I like Frakes interviews. He always comes across as a straight forward guy.

I wish JJ Abrams a lot of luck. Even though I personally have reservations about the new movie I hope that its great and is a huge box office smash. FOr all of the work he and his crew have put into it, they certainly deserve it.

But I think that if it doesn’t work, Frakes should be given another shot.

87. Requiem1971 - February 9, 2009

Every Race and every Species, since the TMP movie, have maintained their same respective uniform styles. Yet, I keep seeing “Starfleet” continuously changing theirs. The Motion Picture gave one style, but then this changed to the Maroons… I liked those by the way. Then after years passed, along came TNG. They dressed the crew in tight PJs. This style eventually laxed a little and became dressier. But then came what I call the Color Tops. That style started with DS9, where it passed on to Voyager and stagnated, even showing up in Generations movie. And then finally style and class was brought back when they introduced what I call Dress Blues. This threw out the tired old collage of colors, something I thought was beginning to make the ship’s crew look like rainbow troopers. This Dress Blues style gave the crew a shared commonality look… kind of like the Maroons did in those days.
Unfortunately, I see from this ON LINE game that they’re changing the uniform yet again to the Rainbow style. I think this ALL is a bit much and I’m sick of that aspect. Star Trek has been so great; their stories are great, yada yada yada and so forth and so on. BUT those continuous changing of uniforms has got to STOP!

88. Will_H - February 9, 2009

Its funny looking over all the comments how people say that TNG blew their chance and that they’re too old. If I remember Kirk and co werent exactly young for all of their movies and you could sure consider ST:V blowing it, but they got another movie and it turned out to be a far better send off. Of course I have my own ideas on how they could do it, but as Im not a TV/Movie writer or producer its pointless to go off on the ideas. I think its fair to remind people that if TNG hadnt brought Star Trek back to TV and been as good as it was and brought as many people to the franchise as it did, well I think TOS would be a distant memory with a small to medium following and I dont think this website would exist. You have to at least respect it for that, and to me Nemesis was a disrespect to TNG, giving someone the director’s chair, because of a favor owed, that had no right to be sitting there. Frakes proved he could direct good Star Trek, and I say if it aint broke dont fix it. I can only pray that TNG gets a proper sendoff. Id be happy with one more movie, just to tie up lose ends and give closure to it, like Undiscovered Country did for Kirk and co. I dont think direct to DVD would work for TNG, maybe Enterprise or something, but not TNG. I think one more movie would be good, or even a 2 part like Insurrection was planned to be, and then its time for a new cast and crew and a new Enterprise. I do think it would be great to have Frakes take over as exec producer, though, the man knows his stuff. And I dont think an animated series or movie would work for star trek, that’s just too George Lucas. The producers and set designers in the past always found creative ways to make things for cheap, and now CGI is better and cheaper. I still dont see how JJ went as all out as he did with the budget in this movie. As much as Nemesis blew (and it did) I thought the special effects were good, as were the set designs, and it was on a way smaller budget. Wonder where all this extra money went for the new movie…

89. Adam Cohen - February 9, 2009

I enjoyed reading both parts to this interview. Great work, Anthony– Mr. Frakes is a very generous interviewee too. And I now find myself hoping that a TNG movie happens- something to redeem the franchise properly.

90. BK613 - February 9, 2009

Could be worse :-)
Uniforms could be as complicated as RL:


Seriously though, ENT to Nemesis is 200 or so years. I would expect a few changes over that long a period, wouldn’t you? And I would expect incremental changes to occur over the 15 years between the beginning of TNG and the end of VOY.

To borrow from an old country doctor, “fashion designers love to change things.” :-)

91. Alec - February 9, 2009

It seems de rigueur to belittle Nemesis, sadly. But the TNG actors don’t mention the abomination that was Insurrection, which nearly ended the TNG franchise; or the flawed, and much derided, Generations. Nemesis is probably my favourite TNG film. It had plenty of action, good writing (listen to the dialogue between Picard and Shinzon), good pacing, good music, and a strong connection between the hero and the villain. I really liked how Shinzon was a clone of a Picard: the echo to his voice. That conflict, quite rightly, was the focus in the film. And it was this strong, personal conflict that made Nemesis feel like a film, instead of just another weekly episode, such as Insurrection.

The problem with giving time to the entire ‘TNG family’ is that this, essentially, boils down to many pointless, annoying scenes that serve only the egos of these actors—many of whom are not particularly talented. How did Troi’s getting drunk in First Contact advance the story? Then there are the Insurrection time-fillers: Worf gets a pimple; Data, Picard, and Worf burst into song; Data talks about breasts; etc. We had none of that, thankfully, in Nemesis. In Nemesis, I also liked the homage to the past Trek films: I saw at least one reference to each previous film. E.g., the drinking of Romulan Ale a la TUC; the dune buggy landing a la TFF; Riker dispatching Shinzon’s Viceroy a la TSFS; etc.

TNG was a great TV Show. But it didn’t translate well to film. (This is partly because of budget.) I’ve had my fill of TNG. It was a great run. Let’s see what this new crew can do. And, here, I expect a great film. My favourite Trek film, so far, TWOK, had a measly budget of $12m. The new film, with $150m to spend, SHOULD be fantastic.

92. Hat Rick - February 9, 2009

I think that the reason Nemesis is often derided is that it performed so poorly at the box office that it actually did end the movie franchise.

But your point that it has its artistic merits and appeal is quite interesting.

93. bdrcarter - February 9, 2009

I have to agree…the days of TNG are in the past. The future of Star Trek is the JJ Abrams vision. And if it fails…it will have to be a whole new interpretation of the franchise…many, many , many years from now.

94. screaming satellite - February 9, 2009

regarding people going asking for a ‘proper’ TNG send (big movie/STDVD movie, TV movie) well – TNG has had TWO big send offs – All Good Things (for the tv series) and Nemesis (for their movies)….if the last 10 minutes of NEM wrapping everything up in TNG wasnt a send off i dont know what is – Everyone going their seperate ways – Picard stays on the Ent with Bobby Kennedy as 1st officer (in the alternate ending), Data gone, Riker finally becomes Captain after all the teasing in the tv series and goes to the Titan with Troi (again finally married after all the will they wont they stuff in the tv show), Crusher goes to SF Medical, Ent E in TMP space dock as TMP spacedock theme plays (nice and circular – going right back to the 1st film)…

*side note* – Nemesis was also as much of a homage/rip off of Trek VI as it was Trek II – Looming peace with Romulans, Ship that can fire when cloaked, end battle with multiple ships

TOS only got one send off – TUC…..the classic series didnt have much of a send off with Shatners hysterics and nail filing in Turnabout Inturder… (”if only….”)

95. Star Trackie - February 9, 2009

The Trek fanbase of TNG is the same dwindling fanbase that made Nemesis and Enterprise fail. I don’t think Paramount will be traveling down that road again any time soon.

96. john - February 9, 2009


Let’s stick with the Abrams approach people, or Star Trek is doomed.

97. AdamTrek - February 9, 2009

#77 Enterprise

You know, a TNG animated series would be a damn good idea with all of the original actors back to voice their parts. The possibilities are endless. Yar could come back, Wes Crusher. It could take place at any time in their history. Way-out there plots could be the norm. Famed Trek writers from the past could pitch and write the episodes, being 1/2 hour. Just animate the TV opening theme and credits, and it’s good to go.

I LOVE the idea of an animated TNG. OMG, just think of it people!


98. ProperTrekkieUK - February 9, 2009

Why not have a Frakes directed, Abrams produced TNG film next…bigger budget, Orci script, TNG crew? Would get my vote…the best of both worlds!

I like Frakes, alot of what he does is pretty good, with the exception of Thunderbirds…but thats because no-one should touch our sacred British masterpiece of puppetry! Except meeeee hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

99. falcon - February 9, 2009

@14 – Ooh, I like the concept of Data trading in his body for a female one. That really is a neat sci-fi concept, and one that hasn’t been done very well. Plus, it would, as you say, take care of Spiner’s age lines issue.

As to another TNG movie, I always thought that the series was in some respects the antithesis of what Star Trek began as – an action-adventure series set in a sci-fi environment. Let’s forget for the moment Roddenberry’s “vision of the future” and just stick with the TV aspect of it. TNG always (to me, anyway) seemed like a lightweight – the SFX produced on video (although today, that wouldn’t be that big a deal), the bright, over-lit sets, and the captain who (it seemed) refused to get tough on anybody except Wesley.

“Yesterday’s Enterprise” was, to me, the closest TNG had come to being real “Trek” in a long time. It had the action-adventure angle, it had Picard being the tough captain, it had drama (the time-travel angle – do we or don’t we?), and it had two doomed Enterprises in the same episode.

If TNG rises again, it would almost have to be direct-to-DVD – but the stories have to be tighter, more dramatic and yet more adventurous, and more of the “where no man has gone before” aspect. Okay, let Riker command USS Titan. It doesn’t always have to be about the Enterprise, after all. But throw in some Voyager, too. Throw in a little DS9. Make it truly “Star Trek” with the entire universe in play. Almost like an anthology. And you can build/redress the sets in the same studio, to cut down on production costs. And do like the original Trek did, take advantage of back lots and location shooting (within the 150-mile radius of LA) to freshen up the production somewhat (we all remember what it was like to have a show based on the same ship week after week).

But @95, you’re probably right – TNG’s core audience probably wouldn’t make a direct-to-DVD series very profitable.

100. New Horizon - February 9, 2009

91. Alec – February 9, 2009

Nemesis….good writing? It was awful….the film cannibalized Trek 2 to death…and not even well. It’s like a bad copy. None of the characters really felt ‘in character’.

Insurrection, with the exception of a few ‘tagged on’ comedic parts was a far better TNG film than Nemesis was….and could have been an amazing film, if Michael Piller hadn’t been made to go back and add all the silly stuff. Also, for all of Generations sore spots…the characters were at least still recognizable from their Television counterparts.

101. Bruce_Wayne - February 9, 2009

Nemesis was aaawwwfffuuulll!!!!

I agree that TNG crew needs a better send-off…BUT it won’t be on the big-screen…JJ Abrams’s Kirk & crew will purge Nemesis from our frontal lobe…

TNG is dead!!!!

Long live TNG!!!

102. Alec - February 9, 2009

To: 100. New Horizon – February 9, 2009

Nemesis was well-written, especially the conflict between Picard and Shinzon. Take a look. I think it’s clearly better dialogue than in any other TNG film.

What’s this all about?

It’s about destiny, Picard. About
a Reman outcast who —

You’re not Reman.

And I’m not quite human. So what
am I? What do you see?
(he peers at Picard
Do you see a life you might have
led? Lost youth never to be

I see a young man trying
desperately to deny who he is.

I see an old man, set in his ways,
afraid to live without a uniform to
prop him up and a Starfleet
regulation to tell him what to do.
I see the man I will never be.

I won’t defend my life to you.

My life is meaningless as long as
you’re alive. What am I while you
exist? A shadow? An enigma?

If your issues are with me… This
has nothing to do with my ship and
nothing to do with the Federation.

Oh, but it does. We will no longer
bow like slaves before anyone. Not
the Romulans and not your mighty
Federation. We’re a race bred for
war. For conquest.

Think about what you’re doing,
Shinzon. Are you ready to plunge
the entire quadrant into war to
satisfy your own personal demons?

It amazes me how little you know

I’m incapable of such an act, and
so are you.

I think the facts speak for
themselves. The same noble Picard
blood runs in our veins. Had you
lived my life, you’d be doing
exactly as I am. Look in the
mirror, and see yourself.

Shinzon looks at him deeply.

Consider that, Captain. I can
think of no greater torment for

He turns to go.

It’s a mirror for you as well…

Shinzon turns back to him.

A beat. Picard gazes at him evenly.

Picard’s probing gaze makes Shinzon a bit uneasy. He glances
to the ghoulish medical preparations.

Not for long, Captain.
(back to Picard)
I’m afraid you won’t survive to
witness the victory of the echo
over the voice.

He goes.

(from ‘http://www.imsdb.com/scripts/Star-Trek-Nemesis.html’)

103. Crusade2267 - February 9, 2009

We need a better way for TNG to leave the big screen. We need an All Good Things of the movies.

104. Alec - February 9, 2009

Nemesis was well-written; unfortunately, my post was not. I meant to say that the dialogue in Nemesis is clearly better than the dialogue in any other film.

To 92. Hat Rick – February 9, 2009:

I suggest that Insurrection is in no small part to blame for Nemesis’ underperformance at the box office. Insurrection was awful. First, the persons with whom the audience is supposed to sympathise, the Baku, are the aggressors: they simply decreed that their non-technological way of life is the correct way to live and forced the Sona to either accept this or leave. Second, the planet is easily big enough to house both peoples; consequently, there is no (intelligible) conflict. Share the planet, guys! Third, what’s more important here, the rights of a handful of settlers or the good of millions throughout the galaxy: don’t give the planet to either tribe; let millions and millions of persons, from many different races, benefit from the medicinal properties of the planet.

In short, the story is flawed in several major ways.

105. Don Farnsworth - February 9, 2009

They should have tossed the shinzon idea for nemesis and gone with a romulan clone of Kirk created with samples from his dead body. So an evil Kirk versus Picard .

As a money spinner it would have been the all time biggest trek movie ever.

106. Craig - February 9, 2009

There you have it, more TNG if this abortion fails, what more incentive do you need to boycott this pile of targ droppings

107. Daoud - February 9, 2009

Don’t forget the perfect “explain-away” for those who won’t like Star Trek 2009. It’s just another “These Are The Voyages” moment with Riker and Troi on the holodeck… ;)

108. Jorg Sacul - February 9, 2009

Nothing unreal exists. Remember that.

109. Crusade2267 - February 9, 2009


You know, I remember a TV Guide piece when TNG ended in which Rick Berman said Riker wasn’t going to wake up in the shower and realize it was all a dream…

110. screaming satellite - February 9, 2009

106 – that wouldve been a great idea

couldve had him charter a starfleet ship too

couldve had nimoy into as well…

the least they couldve done was to have had stewart play the clone as well…wouldve been more interesting

111. T.U.M. - February 9, 2009

Jeez, Frakes has got to be one of the all-around NICEST people in showbiz. I can’t imagine any other director taking the time to ask an interviewer what TV shows we watched!

I would totally buy TNG direct to DVD movies, and I know a lot of others who would do the same. Get some good writers, get Frakes to direct, and you’ve got a good thing going.

112. T'Cal - February 9, 2009

Frakes has always come across as someone who genuinely cares about the Trek franchise and its fans. Ihad always hoped 24th century Trek would return under his direction perhaps with the assistance of Burton, another fine Trek director. I can easily imagine a new animated series, a live action series, or a miniseries. I would prefer it staying on TV as some type of series as movies tend to be more epic and they don’t allow the time necessary for the deep character development I’m used to seeing on TNG, DS9, and VOY.

I can imagine a series set on the USS Titan under the command of Capt. Will Riker (Frakes). While I love the dynamic between him and Deanna, to expand on his character she could be killed off and replaced by an LCH, a longterm counseling hologram in the form of his dead wife. While still a strong leader, Will is deeply saddened by the loss of his Imzadi and seeing her as the LCH is both depressing and therapeutic. LaForge is his XO while Dr. Bashir is his CMO. The rest of the crew is made up of new characters with different backgrounds and relationships. On ocaision, chracters we are familiar with from TNG, DS9, and VOY make appearances but are not regulars. It’s a big universe so they shouldn’t cram every Trek series character we know into it.

113. T'Cal - February 9, 2009

I had always hoped that the Titan would be the ship that transports 24th century Spock in the new movie. That could be the jump off point for a TNG series.

114. AJ - February 9, 2009

It looks as if CBS is going to ride the coattails of sister Paramount with the new push to air TNG reruns in syndication. If it garners new fans on the coattails of Trek XI, a straight-to-DVD release could do well, or even a one-off TV movie followed by DVD release.

The idea of an animated series is interesting as long as it’s not dumbed down. I’d also have trouble with Trek in a half-hour format.

115. Doug in Kabul, Afghanistan - February 9, 2009

As I said in another foru, I think TREK on direct-to-DVD would be the perfect medium. We’d get larger than life episodes, but still could maintain the intimacy of the small screen (someting I feel was lost on the big screen), which, is where I think many of us would agree, is where TREK’s strengths truly lay.

Titan would a great focus… and of course, the voyages of the Enterprise-E could always intertwine (personally, I doubt Patrick Stewart would consider playing Picard again on a weekly basis).

116. Scott - February 9, 2009

I can’t imagine Paramount would do a TNG film. For starters, I think all of the sets have been auctioned off and they would have to rebuild from ground zero on all of that. Secondly, Star Trek is a brand, and paramount is clearly re-establishing that brand with a new aesthetic. It make no sense from a marketing standpoint to undermine that effort by reintroducing the very thing they are striving to move away from. So from a monetary and marketing view I can’t imagine Paramount ever bringing back TNG. On the other hand, who knows what sort of time-travelling story might pop up within thennext few years of Trek films or new tv series (and I’m certain there will be new Trek on tv if this movie is hugely successful).

There is no reason why there couldn’t be a TNG era flashback or something. I also think an animated Trek series that jumped around the timelines between TOS, the films, TNG and the new stuff could be really fun, and fairly inexpensive for Paramount. Imagine a new animated episode every week that focuses on a different era, with new and old characters in varous adventures. That would satisfy all of the Trek fans, regardless of which era or characters they like.

117. ProperTrekkieUK - February 9, 2009

@ 112 – I like that, except a dead Troi, bit overly complex! I thiiiink that a new TNG series is a good idea…get back to when ST on the telly was actually proper quality! TNG meets DS9, the two post popular series, could nerdify some of the new STXI fans! And a strong core of the original TNG crew could give it some real quality! I like it!

As for an animated series of Clone Wars quality, would also be fantastic, but I also don’t think it could be reduced to half and hour and preserve the quality, but a longer hour might be hard to digest in animated form…who knows! Another idea though, after this film ST is going to need a new series!

118. Commander K - February 9, 2009

I liked Frakes in Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction..he’s making a new series! woo!

119. ProperTrekkieUK - February 9, 2009

@ 116 – I think that the idea of attempting to jump around and please everyone would result in no consistancy…and thus ultimately please no-one! Would end up being more like that shitty Stargate Infinity rather then Clone Wars, and thus ultimately be rubbish! Attempting to tie in that jumping around with an actual storyline would be tenuous at best I fear!

120. Sisko - February 9, 2009

I’m for these DVD movies/miniseries:

1. DS9
2. ENT (to correct misteke named Trip’s death)
3. TNG
4. VOY
5. TNG/DS)/VOY crossover
6. capt. Pike (with mr. Greenwood)
7. capt. Robau (with mr. Tahir)
8. Ferengi sitcom – Star Trek: The Business Frontier :D

Just like Stargate SG-1 direct-to-DVD movies (Ark of Truth and Continuum).

121. Brat - February 9, 2009

Lost & Hereos is held up today as great?
Its not sci-fi or good tv!
Its funny that everyone here at this site, likes this crap.
Its totally reflects in all the infotainment kiss butt articles.

Also, Paramount is just not that creative to do DTV’s.

Riker Rocks!

122. Requiem1971 - February 9, 2009

#90… Thanks for responding about the uniform issue. I see what you mean about the current state of male/female uniforms in today’s military. I can understand some changes I guess but not so many? I still believe there should be more harmony in the series when regards to uniforms. I don’t see the Klingons altering their uniforms. Vulcan’s are the same. Cardasians may have changed once since introduced, but the Bajorns are the same since introduced. So my point is…. My belief is….. I am asking, pleading that writers of subsequent Star Trek to stop changing the uniforms. This includes any MMORF or Online games. This may be a pet peeve but just wanted to voice my opinion. AND AS FOR TNG movie. I think if done right, and done by the right person another outing might be fun to see.

123. Alec - February 9, 2009

105. Don Farnsworth – February 9, 2009

‘They should have tossed the shinzon idea for nemesis and gone with a romulan clone of Kirk created with samples from his dead body. So an evil Kirk versus Picard .
As a money spinner it would have been the all time biggest trek movie ever’.

The power of Nemesis’ story is that Picard is almost battling himself: it’s his clone. Had Picard lived Shinzon’s life, would he have done as Shinzon has done? Would he, like Shinzon, be prepared to destroy Earth? If you substitute Shinzon with an evil Kirk, you lose this extremely strong, extremely personal, connection between the villain and the hero. (You may have a better story; but that is a separate issue.) The relationship between the hero and the villain in Nemesis is unique among the TNG films. Too often, the villains in the TNG films were hopelessly weak. The Borg Queen, for example, could have been entirely removed from FC; and it wouldn’t have made a significant difference to the story. She had hardly any personality; no real motivation; and (thankfully) very, very little screen time. Contrast this with Khan!

Plenty of fans don’t like Nemesis. That’s fine: it’s a matter of taste. But I would suggest you dust off your old DVD drives and play the film again. Don’t just automatically go with the crowd who deride this film. After all, Nemesis was action-packed, had good special effects, good pacing, was well-written, and had a top musical score from Goldsmith (he considered this one to be one of his best).

My biggest qualm with Nemesis is that it’s too similar to TWOK, arguably the best of the 10 films to date. Indeed, the second half of Nemesis is a nigh carbon-copy of TWOK. However, I’d rather have this than the previous TNG outings. Let’s take Generations. First, when the Klingons discovered the shield-modulation frequency of the Enterprise, why did Riker try to think of the most elaborate solution, when he should just have set the frequency to change randomly, as they do almost every episode! Second, when Picard and Kirk had a choice of going to any place and any time to stop Soran, instead of very dramatically returning moments before Soran fired his rocket, Kirk could have gone back to the Enterprise B, or Picard could have returned to 10 forward, and stopped Soran easily. Third, there was no real urgency to the dénouement of the film: so long as Kirk and Picard didn’t die, they could replay the situation with Soran ad infinitum.

In short, compared to the previous offerings in the TNG franchise, Nemesis was pretty good!

124. t´pring - February 9, 2009

Frakes always speak vaguely about the return of TNG, I´d love to think the opposite, but he probably knows that there´s no back to Next Gen.

125. Apollo Drakuvich - February 9, 2009

Patrick Stewart should have played duel roles as Picard and Shinzon….


126. T.U.M. - February 9, 2009

Riker was always one of my favorite characters on TNG.

He was a man of contradictions. He liked to live large and brash, but, with his reluctance to accept his own command could be seen as a bit of an underachiever with confidence issues. He liked and respected Picard, and obviously saw him as the father figure he’d been missing, but wasn’t afraid to challenge his authority. He played the field with the alien babes, but there was always a special place in his life for his Imzadi. He liked to have a good time, but he could also be a hardass (“One ‘aye’ will be sufficient, Mister!”).

Add some of the inevitable hardness and disappointments that come with another fifteen years before the mast, and you’ve got a really compelling lead character for a new miniseries. Love the idea of bashir as CMO – he was my favorite DS9 character (the only one who seemed like a proper Starfleet officer to me). With all the comments in the convention thread about Marina being a MILF, you could even make an undercurrent of romantic triangle tension between the three of them.

127. Planet Pandro - February 9, 2009


Good observation. While not the best movie (or even best ST movie), NEM isn’t as bad as so many would have us believe, IMO. And I do think it fell victim to a bit of the franchise’s “running out of steam”. I remember reading the leaked script way before the movie even came out and I was looking forward to it. I think that may taint the way I look at that particular film as well…in the back of my mind I still had all those great character moments that were cut from the theatrical release, and it enriched my interpretation of the movie.

#125- Apollo

They did consider that at one point. I think that would have been fantastic, and would have made for a much better movie!

128. The Angry Klingon - February 9, 2009

Id love to see TITAN as a tv show.

129. Kyle Cawley - February 9, 2009

Just wait 25 years, then they can reboot the next gen group with new actors and a bigger budget. Let’s focus on KIRK for now!!!

130. P Technobabble - February 9, 2009

I find it interesting how often Trek fans keep wanting to re-hash previous incarnations, over and over. I’ve stated plenty of times, I’m an original Trekkie. To varying degrees, I’ve liked all the Trek shows, and I’ve really liked the casts from each series. However, I do not see how Star Trek can grow and evolve if it keeps recycling the TNG cast, or any of the others.
I can understand why JJ and Co. opted to revisit the original characters, because this is an attempt to get back to the egg, so to speak. Were I making a new Star Trek film, I believe I would have come up with something completely new, but that’s just me.
The problem with Star Trek is that it was once a very marketable, very viable product, whose popularity has diminished over the years. At one time, there was simply too much Star Trek around (I think we had VOY, DS9 and TNG films all at the same time). But because it was so popular, there’s a desire to try to rebuild the franchise, and so where do you begin? Sure, there’s a core of Trek fans, but they, obviously, are not big enough in numbers to guarantee box office success. So, you have to appeal to a wider audience. In terms of the marketing that goes on apart from the film itself, you have to appeal to youngsters, who will simply have to have the action figures, the models, the props, etc. Most of these youngsters may have some vague ideas about what Star Trek is, who Kirk, Spock and McCoy are, but most of them might be best familiar with ENT, if at all.
The thought of bringing the TNG cast to the big screen again is certainly full of sentimental value, but I don’t know if it would be a truly easy sell. I love the TNG cast, I loved the chemistry between them. I don’t see huge amounts of people flocking to the cinema to see them on the big screen, however. (I’m completely willing to be wrong on this one). I also think it would be somewhat of a disservice to expect these actors to settle for voicing animated versions of themselves.
IF the TNG-Trek could be presented in some new, interesting way – perhaps exhibiting the effects of shifting timelines brought about in the new film – there could be a future in direct-to-dvd… which, I believe, is a market whose surface has barely been scratched.

131. Dom - February 9, 2009

Riker was always a TOS character trapped an emasculated by the TNG universe! The only way – and I’m against any return to TNG, given it would be a huge retrograde step after a high-profile relaunch of the franchise – would be to make a series that focused solely on Riker.

Have him become captain of the Enterprise-F, after being widowed for enough years that Deanna’s death no longer troubles him and have to face up to being an older commander in charge of a younger crew. There should be little or no mention of the previous TNG characters and maybe just the odd cameo outside of the main action.

Don’t go down the ensemble cast route – it’s great for DS9, but sucky for a starship show. Frakes should be the star, upfront. It would be a great opportunity for him, but making a more TOS-styled show with Riker is kind of already negated by the new movie.

I’m afraid people are going to have to face up to the fact that TNG is now in the same position TOS was in in 1992: a cast too old to continue and really with nowhere else to go. Rightly or wrongly, none of the other shows (DS9, Voyager and Ent) have a strong enough resonance with the general public to be of interest.

Star Trek has been out of the mainstream eye for long enough that people are already returning to seeing Kirk, Spock and McCoy as the bedrock of the Star Trek franchise. Anything else right now or in the near-future would cause brand confusion and bring back memories of the convoluted continuity that drowned the Berman Trek shows.

It’s unfortunate that Nemesis was a suckfest, but it wasn’t like the people who had run and acted in Trek for years weren’t involved in Nemesis in front of and behind the camera. Blame Stuart Baird all you like, but Trek movies were producer-led, like TV shows, back then. Berman was running the film and could easily enough have had Baird replaced if he felt that there was a problem. Clearly he didn’t and was an active participant in butchering the film in the edit!

So, I’m afraid Nemesis was the result of ill thinking on the part of a team that had run out of ideas: a sixty million dollar waste of money.

They say you’re only as good as you last picture and studios aren’t going to be particularly keen on resurrecting what they considered a failure.

TNG’s had its time and gone. The actors have moved on, the old production crew have long gone on to bigger and (in the case of people like Ron Moore) better things.

People have to accept that there is now a literal, real world Star Trek: The Next Generation in the form of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban!

132. Dom - February 9, 2009

130. P Technobabble: ‘I love the TNG cast, I loved the chemistry between them.’

One of the critical remarks when Generations came out was that the TNG cast lacked the chemistry of the original and, other than Stewart and Spiner, lacked the acting chops too! The cameo appearances by Shatner, Doohan and Koenig only served to emphasise that!

‘. . . there could be a future in direct-to-dvd… which, I believe, is a market whose surface has barely been scratched.’

I agree that straight-to-DVD is an underexploited market in the west, but if you were a marketing guy trying to sell a STDVD Trek film, you’d want to tie it into the current incarnation: ie the Abrams/Pine version.

Sentiment is fine if you’re a diehard fan, but to a present-day studio boss, who probably wasn’t even involved with that studio last time a TNG film went out, you’d want to target a wide audience. And the wider audience simply doesn’t have the sentimental attachment to TNG to shell out £15 on a DVD of a show that finished 15 years ago and a movie series that dwindled in their consciousness after First Contact!

133. James - February 9, 2009

Personally, I’d LOVE to see another TNG movie, ‘cos I don’t think Nemesis did any justice to the series as a whole. Then again, I’d also like to see a DS9 movie, because I don’t think the series finale finished that off properly, either. A VOY movie wouldn’t be a bad thing either…

However, I sincerely believe that 24th Century Trek has had it’s day. Any movie in that era would have to relate to at least one of the three series, and that’s not really going to appeal to a mainstream audience, which is what Trek needs to survive. It’d only appeal to diehard fans.

It’s a shame, really, ‘cos there’s some great movies there just WAITING to be written. Like a Cardassian Union half-occupied by the Romulan Empire, refusing to cede the territory captured during the Dominion War. A Klingon Empire occupied with a vengeful quest against the Breen, whilst a severely weakened Federation tries to defend its own borders, whilst rebuilding what is left of the Cardassian Union into a democratic state.

There’s millions of stories that could play out against that backdrop – it’d be epic, and glorious! But it wouldn’t be a success, and Paramount aren’t going to pour money into it. They won’t confuse the rebranding of their new Trek with old Trek. I doubt they’d even to a straight-to-DVD, mini-series or animated series.

The possibility of a really, really good TNG-era movie died with Generations. If Generations had been good – really good – then it might have convinced Paramount to put a bit more money into the franchise. But it didn’t happen.

134. DAN - February 9, 2009

I would DIE for another TNG movie !!

do this guys it would great .. straight to DVD release. Great Idea.

I love the Idea of the JJ movie,..however I wished they would have done one more TNG and gave it more closure …or a new begining with RIKER …and maybe even Data back

135. P Technobabble - February 9, 2009

132 – DOM
I will agree with you, the TNG cast really didn’t come off so well in GEN, or in any of the films, really. I’m not sure why, because I thought their chemistry on tv was great, and we did have Mr. Frakes directing 2 of the films. And Shatner, Koenig and Doohan definitely seemed more comfortable on the big screen…
And I agree with your assessment of the market, in general. I think a new TNG product (or a VOY, DS9, or ENT for that matter), would be a really hard sell, without some way to tie it into the new film. But with the new film looking more and more like the wildest ride of all Star Treks, these other shows might look like they’re standing still…
There’s a lot of Trek future riding on this new film. I will be very curious to see what happens after its release…

136. T'Cal - February 9, 2009

See, I think a miniseries is the best choice. Make it four two-hour installments that tells a 24th century story, which would include a few of the characters we know from TNG, DS9, and VOY. Just a few. Air one installment each week for four weeks on the Sci-Fi channel and replay it several times in various time slots. Six months later, release it on DVD and a week later air the next 8-hour miniseries.

I like the idea of the Titan’s crew being the central format but the plot could take us to other locales that are affected by the story such as Starfleet Command, Starfleet Medical, Federation and non-Fed planets and ships, etc.

137. Canon Schmanon - February 9, 2009

If there’s going to be another Trek series, I want to see a whole new cast. Just as the films needed a reboot, so does the series. Going back to familiar faces is not what is needed to make a new, profitable series.

138. Joe Dickerson - February 9, 2009

Man, I’d love to meet Jonathan at some point. He always seemed to be to be the guy you could just kinda hang out and have beers with. And I would pester him, not with questions on Trek, but on his movie Thunderbirds, which I think is a totally underrated piece of entertainment…

139. Dom - February 9, 2009

136. T’Cal: ‘See, I think a miniseries is the best choice. Make it four two-hour installments that tells a 24th century story, which would include a few of the characters we know from TNG, DS9, and VOY.’

Yes, but would that be a Star Trek series or a series about Star Trek? There’s a thin line between the two. Abrams’ Trek is clearly a Star Trek film. What you’re suggesting is a miniseries ***about*** Star Trek.

‘I like the idea of the Titan’s crew being the central format but the plot could take us to other locales that are affected by the story such as Starfleet Command, Starfleet Medical, Federation and non-Fed planets and ships, etc.’

Way too much to pack in! That’s what novels are for! You have to remember that mainstream audiences move on very quickly, leaving the remaining fans as a small cult. Mainstream audiences moved on from Star Trek several years ago and don’t really want to spend an hour being reacquainted with past faces they’ve either forgotten, confused with other characters, or plain never heard of ***and*** get to know new characters and situations.

The promise that Star Trek (2009) is something fresh and different is what will draw people back. And clearly, given Paramount’s approach to the new Trek, it’s clear that they don’t think past Trek has the potential to draw in a much-needed new audience in the demographic they require. Sentiment is all well and good, but hard cash is the bottom line with the studio bosses when millions of dollars are required!

140. Spock - February 9, 2009

so it isnt too late
boy paramount i hope you are reading this because I know jj and the other writers read this a lot
i have an idea for you, story of a lifetime offer I WILL NOT CHARGE A CENT for my screenplay

Riker…. on the Titan….

it is still possible to can the new movie, scrapboard the whole bit and make a new movie with Riker on the titan,
he’s at the neutral zone and it’s the Romulans
Wesley will be cheif engineer but also a bit psychic like Troi because he’s a traveller now!
we can still have a Spock cameo because romulans are in it.

dont let us down JJ this is REAL TREK and its way better (with respect) than what you’re making
you can save trek with my idea and I wont even ask for money or credits

141. T'Cal - February 9, 2009

I have no idea what that means: A Star Trek series or a series about Star Trek. My suggestion is for a Star Trek series about … um … Star Trek. Now that that’s cleared up, know that I’m not at all suggesting that all of options I mentioned would have to happen in one miniseries. They are just a few ideas for locations from which they could choose to tell the story. Having a few known characters played by the original actors is exactly what JJA is doing by using Nimoy as Spock in STXI. A mainstream audience doesn’t necessarily have to know the backdrop to Riker, LaForge, and Bashir. The character backgrounds would remain consistant but with some solid writing and directing, viewers with no previous exposure to TNG et. al. would get to know the established characters’ general histories. They don’t need to harp on the past, but they don’t need to ignore it either. In fact, flashbacks could be actual scenes from the previous series.

142. DEMODE - February 9, 2009

Glad to hear talk of Direct to DVD movies. I would love that for TNG. Takes some of the pressure off them for sure, and I think it would allow for more episodic movies. TNG will always have fans, and people will eat up those movies.

Oh, and hear would be my dream cast for a TNG film :)

Enterprise Titan

Picard Riker
Worf O’Brien
Data Troi
7 of 9 Tuvok
Dr Crusher Wesley Crusher
Geordi Nog

143. DEMODE - February 9, 2009

Oh… and here is a crazy idea…. if its a Direct to DVD movie… why not give it to somone who is a fan, who is a movie director that had directed stellar TV episodes (like CSI, ER).


144. KevinA Melbourne Australia - February 10, 2009

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! do a Next Gen to DVD! It worked so well with STARGATE. Even a couple of movies in the Next Gen era could involve stars from all the other series including the Shat.

I understand the reluctance to do another series but what a chance to expand the ST universe with higher budget, made for DVD movies using todays technology.

It’s gotta be worth a few paragraphs in somebodies … to do list!

145. t´pring - February 10, 2009

Who´s Bashir?

# 126- Why triangle tension between the three of them?

146. Spock - February 10, 2009

Riker …… the titan….

space, the final frontier
these are the voyages of the USS Titan

it has to happen

147. Dom - February 10, 2009

141. T’Cal: ‘I have no idea what that means: A Star Trek series or a series about Star Trek. My suggestion is for a Star Trek series about … um … Star Trek.’

Sarky! :p ;)

Put simply, a classic Star Trek adventure has the characters put in a situation, generally a morality play of some kind that takes place where no man has gone before, and they sort it out. That’s a Star Trek film.

A film where you go into great depths about the established Star Trek universe and have all sorts of nitty gritty continuity, eg Wesley Crusher being a psychic engineer, because he hung out with a time-phasing geezer in a couple of episodes twenty years ago, is pointless detail.

Rounding up all the various characters from the different Trek shows is also stretching believability. There must be hundreds of thousands of Starfleet officers (10,000 were wiped out in Wolf-351 alone) so out of all those people, why would Harry Kim suddenly start rubbing shoulders with an aged T’Pol on Deep Space K-7 in the middle of a Tribble plague related to James Kirk’s DNA and Arik Soong’s genetic engineering, which is making Worf’s forhead ridges disappear, while Calhoun gets trashed on Romulan ale in the bar? Needle in a haystack!

The reason Abram’s Trek is working with the public is that it’s marrying an origin story with an adventure that moves Trek forward into an unknown future.

Star Trek, as a TV show, ultimately fell because it became far too interested in its own universe, rather than going somewhere new. It was an exercise in navel-gazing.

Riker, Titan, Starfleet Corps of Engineers, cameos by DS9 cast members, presumably all being rounded up to fight a Borg invasion is precisely the sort fanboy wank-fantasy that killed Trek in the first place. It’s why the mainstream audience came see Star Trek as a myopic fantasy universe for sad little men with an erectile disfunction!

No marketing guy in his right mind would allow a defunct piece of the franchise to be resurrected, even on DVD. TNG and the 90s Treks are the past. A marketing guy is not going to want to cause brand confusion by issuing different version of Star Trek so early after a relaunch.

There are ten-year-olds who will go to see the new film and see that cast as ‘their’ Trek and the last thing they’re going to want is a Trek DVD that turns out to star a bunch of overweight has-beens and comes with a requirement to watch 25 years worth of TV shows to get what’s going on!

You’ve got books and comics about every aspect of Trek in every minute detail, no matter how anal. These characters can live forever and stay young in the books. Any appearance of other Treks on DVD right now is unnecessary and arguably damaging to the future of the franchise.

TNG fans clamouring for a return of the TNG universe should stop being so selfish and accept that Star Trek has moved on. Now they should too!

148. EFFeX - February 10, 2009

Frakes make this TNG DVD happen!

There are fans dying for the PROPER send off!

149. Darfyn - February 10, 2009

#140 Star Trek was never mainstream , and it will never be ! It remains to be seen if the new Movie is a success ?! Of course , it will make some fans ! But I think the Star Trek community are not really in agreement with you ! I think most of us are happy to be navel-gazing wanker fanboys/girls !

150. 790 - February 10, 2009

Great interview!!!
I would love to see Frakes and Stewart reprise there roles as Admirals in a future Generation Star Trek. Movie or tv pilot …
I think this is what we need. Take off 5 years from Voyager and let’s go!!!
Frakes rocks!!!

151. » Blog Archive » Fast Pulses: 11 February 2009 - February 11, 2009

[…] Trekmovie.com also features a new and exclusive interview with Star Trek: The Next Generation’s very own Will Riker aka Jonathan Frakes who not only acted in the show, but went on to direct several episodes and two out of the four TNG movies. During the interview Frakes revealed that all cast members would be happy to come back for another movie if the circumstances were right. He even added that Patrick Stewart would also be happy to return if given a chance.”I know that Patrick would be happy to make another movie if everything came back together. I have spoken to him about that very subject. You know Brent [Spiner] is rehearsing for Man of La Mancha out here [UCLA Freud Theatre: Feb 14 – March 1].” You can read much more of what Frakes had to say here. […]

152. Dom - February 11, 2009

149. Darfyn: ‘Star Trek was never mainstream , and it will never be ! It remains to be seen if the new Movie is a success ?! Of course , it will make some fans ! But I think the Star Trek community are not really in agreement with you ! I think most of us are happy to be navel-gazing wanker fanboys/girls !’

Star Trek was always aimed at the mainstream. The new movie will hopefully take it back to the mainstream again. Look at the merchandising for this film and tell me they’re not chasing big audiences. Hopefully the ‘navel-gazing wanker fanboys/girls’ will be completely swamped by lots of normal people who like Trek!

153. T.U.M. - February 11, 2009


Bashir was the doctor on Deep Space Nine. Always liked the character, even when the plots got silly.

As for the triangle, no reason other than that I personally would find it interesting. Not as a main plot – heck, maybe not even as a full-fledged subplot, but as subtext? Sure!

154. T.U.M. - February 11, 2009

#147 – I can’t speak for everybody, of course, but I don’t see where the two are mutually exclusive. I wouldn’t base a miniseries around these characters ONLY because they’re familiar, but mostly because they’re good, interesting characters, played by good actors with proven track records. The fact that they have established backstories that would add another layer of subtext for those familiar with them would just be gravy.

155. Closettrekker - February 11, 2009

#147—“TNG fans clamouring for a return of the TNG universe should stop being so selfish and accept that Star Trek has moved on. Now they should too!”


I also felt that Star Trek had moved away from me (and fans like me) when it left the 23rd Century more than twenty years ago. TNG-era Trek never really resonated with me. I suppose I can empathize with fans of 24th Century Trek, who now feel–as I did twenty years ago–that Star Trek is going in a completely different direction.

But, at the same time, I agree with your sentiments. Star Trek is moving on with or without the old guard (I guess that fans who became fans in the late 80’s and 90’s are now “old guard”).

Many of those who felt as I did in 1987 (about TNG being a wretched departure from TOS) grew to admire the new guys for their own merits, and some even found enjoyment equal to that which they felt watching the original 79 episodes and the original feature films. While it wasn’t for me, I am happy that they liked it. But I recall alot of initial backlash and alot of transition time prior to TNG being embraced.

And I cannot see anything wrong with a return to the sexy, adventurous, and romantic style of Original Star Trek. It was a formula that produced the very icons Paramount believes worthy of a $150+ million resurrection at the box-office, more than 40 years after its initial launch.

All the franchise needs is a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy! :)

156. Darfyn - February 11, 2009

#152 I think we are both in our own corners in this argument ! The new Star Trek Team/Paramount are chasing the profit , as you said with a massive marketing campaign ! And of course Star Trek is not unsuccessful ! As earlier said by Steve – everything in one expensive basket ! And the community secularly divided by the series ! The new Movie I hope should be enjoyable . But it’s a lot of effort for just one home run !

157. Dr. Image - February 11, 2009

#91 Alec “the abomination that was Insurrection” (??)

I’ll agree with Frakes on his opinion of that movie:
Insurrection is a wonderful film.
It is also the most “TNG” of the TNG movies, as well as very entertaining.

158. T´pring - February 12, 2009

153- T.U.M- thank you very much…I´m not a fan of DS9…that´s why I didn´t remenber of him. About the triangle…now I got what you wanted to say!! Thanks!!!!

159. Dom - February 12, 2009

Hi Closettrekker (155)

How’s it going? :)

I know what you mean about feeling the franchise got hijacked. It didn’t worry me when TNG was on TV and the movies still had the TOS cast. but when the credits for Generations ran with Berman and co’s names on and I saw the cheap-looking opening of the film with Scotty talking like Spock (when did anyone in TOS ever use a BS expression like ‘phasing in and out of the space-time continuum’?) that I truly felt the wrong people had stolen Trek from me. I saw the other films out of a perverse sense of duty, but I accepted that Trek had moved on by that point and was no longer for me. It had been supplanted by an over-worthy, politically correct mob of self-righteous do-gooders. I mean, aside from Riker, who in the TNG cast would you actually want to goout and get drunk with (I mean Deanna just passes out, soyou couldn’t get any naughties out of her!)?

The joy I felt when I heard JJ Abrams and his team was taking over was immeasurable and doubled as I read further down the paragraph and saw that it was going to be a new Kirk/Spock/McCoy film.

Regardless of changes of cast and continuity (which I both expect and don’t mind!) I feel like I’ve got ‘my’ Star Trek back!

160. OZ BORG - February 17, 2009

There have been great ideas from nearly all the posts to revive and blend all the Star-trek themes (you should all collaborate and write novels, I’d buy ’em) BUT, as for cinema showings this current one is going to do what the original TV series and first few movies could not. So we should just enjoy it. As for a new TV or straight to DVD series how about using some of the new themes from the novels already written, like Peter David’s “Excalibur” with only three seasons, each season being a story in it’s self. Rotate the themes to make every one happy.

161. Click that link! - Ideology of Madness - February 19, 2009

[…] Burton jumps on the Jonathan Frakes bandwagon and throws Stuart Baird under the bus for the stinking heap of crap that Star Trek: […]

162. Steve Short - February 20, 2009

I wonder if Paramount would let Jonathan Frakes go back and re-edit “Nemesis” to DVD? To make a better version more like a Star Trek movie. I know Warner Bros. let Richard Donner re-edit “Superman II” The Richard Donner Cut to DVD, a better version.

163. Paul - May 4, 2009

star trek titan could be on the cards

164. Necros - May 27, 2009

Make a DS9 direct-to-DVD movie instead! That crew deserves a movie too.

165. John - May 10, 2010

There is no way that Patrick Stewart will agree to the low pay that surely would accompany a straight to video or tv special. Stewart became a major celebrity because of Star Trek. He was paid millions to star in the TNG movies and his popularity from TNG landed him the role of Prof X in the Xmen movies. Plus, Brent Spiner has said that he won’t play Data anymore because he is too old. He mentioned it could happen if they used Avatar type CGI but those kinds of high-end special effects are nearly never found in straight to video projects.

I love TNG and hate that it ended with Nemesis. Sadly, the only way we get a proper ending for TNG will be if it gets a budget big enough to include Stewart and a CGI Spiner.

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