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BSG Preview: “No Exit” February 13, 2009

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Tonight is the halfway mark of season 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica and it is another one of those ‘all will be revealed’ episodes. We have all the previews you could want of "No Exit", plus recap of last week’s episode, the latest interviews and videos and more frakin links below.


“No Exit” [Season 4 Ep. 15]
US: Airing February 13th on SciFi at 10 PM (9 Central)
Canada: Airing February 13th on Space at 10 PM (7 Pacific)
UK: Airing February 17th on Sky1 at 9 PM

Synopsis: As Sam Anders recovers from his head injury onboard the Cylon base ship, he begins to have a series of visions.

The cylons have a meeting

Preview (SciFi – USA)

Preview (Space – Canada)

Sneak Peek

John Hodgman guest spot
Did you spot the Daily Show’s John Hodgman in the previews? The ‘resident expert’ and author of "The Areas of My Expertise" and  "More Information Than You Require" has a cameo in tonight’s episode, playing a doctor. Hodgman is a big fan of the show and even wrote an article about it back in 2005 for the New York Times Magazine.

Hi, I’m a PC, no I’m a doctor

Last Week’s Episode Roundup
You can watch the entire episode of "Blood on the Scales" at (US) or (Canada). Hulu also has a version with Ron Moore commentary. Here is a the recap:

New BSG Interviews has a couple of interviews with Richard Hatch discussing last week’s big episode.


Mary McDonnell/Edward James Olmos TV Guide Interview (part 4)


more interviews

More Frakin Links

BSG the 80s sitcom

Battlestar Vice

Even more BSG
If that isn’t enough for you, keep track of all your Frakin needs at our favorite BSG site, Battlestar Sitrep.

Catch up on DVD
If you need to catch up, the  Battlestar Galactica 4.0 DVD set was recently released, here is a promo:


1. Jeyl - February 13, 2009

And than…LUCIFER arrives!

2. Andy Patterson - February 13, 2009

My brother has been telling me since it’s inception I need to check it out. Never have. Guess my loss.

3. thorsten - February 13, 2009

John Hodgman, cool.
Love him in the Apple ads.

4. ety3 - February 13, 2009

I think Kara Thrace is “he who must not be named,” as mentioned in the “Eye of Jupiter” episodes.

And if anyone wants to quibble about the pronouns, just remember: Starbuck used to be a man.

5. thorsten - February 13, 2009

Did I mention before what an unbelievable great writer and showrunner Ron Moore is?

6. Aaron R. - February 13, 2009


7. Jeyl - February 13, 2009


Aaron, if it was like a god thing, why don’t I like it?

8. thorsten - February 13, 2009


Jeyl, you are a Mac expert in Maine?

9. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - February 13, 2009

Well. It seems that Tonights Ep will get us back on Track for the story and get it going. You know one thing would be funny. if when they Find our Earth that they find out that we are all Cylons.

10. sean - February 13, 2009


Back on track? What have the last 4 episodes been then?

11. Spockalicious - February 13, 2009

The Hatch isn’t fooling anyone. He still believes he *is* Captain Apollo.

I thought they did a good job with the Zarek character. He was believable. Too bad Hatch seems to give passing praise to the creation of that character and still clings to his alter ego.

“The original Captian Apollo. The ‘one and only’… just kidding.”

No he’s not.

12. OneBuckFilms - February 13, 2009

BSG is one of the best shows on television, and it’s very interesting to see it all come to an end.

So say we all !!!

13. Spockalicious - February 13, 2009

…kidding that is…

14. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - February 13, 2009

#10. I mean back on track as in the story of the Cylons and Bsg finding Earth. The In fighting of the Galactica was ok for story but I am wanting to know more answers. Like How did Starbuck realy get killed and who is this new one. Is she a cylon and if so how did she come to be.

15. NCC-73515 - February 13, 2009

MTV movies blog:
>>And be sure to watch our “Watchmen”-themed movie show “Spoilers” Feb. 21 at 8 PM, where the entire “Watchmen” cast will join MTV in presenting exclusive new looks at “Watchmen” (of course), “Star Trek,” “Transformers 2,” “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and “Land of the Lost.”<<

16. THX-1138 - February 13, 2009

Obviously BSG isn’t for everybody. We’ve seen a lot of evidence right here on this site. Which is cool. I can understand differences in taste in all.

But I really do feel sorry for folks who didn’t follow this story the first time around. Yes it’s dark. Some stories are. And make no mistake, this whole thing is one long story, best watched from beginning to end. This so far has been the best ride on TV that I have ever watched. I don’t want to compare it to Trek because they really are apples and oranges. It would be like comparing it to the Sopranos. Actually it has more in common to the Sopranos. I am still excited to see where this is going and can’t wait for the payoff. Really brilliant.

BSG=Best Show Going.

17. frakkin - February 13, 2009

I’d just like to remind everyone that “frakkin” has two k’s. Otherwise it sounds like you’re using Jonathan Frakes’s last name as a curse.

18. thorsten - February 13, 2009

@16 and 17…


19. Valar1 - February 13, 2009

@ 17

This show is so Frakeing awesome.

20. Raphael Salgado - February 13, 2009

I’m going to agree with #16. Watching the new “Battlestar Galactica” series has been the journey on television I ever had. I was skeptical at first – so many changes – no sci-fi orchestral music, no lasers, human-looking cyborgs, Starbuck and Boomer as women.

What got me to watch the first episode? Edward James Olmos. He’s been a favorite of mine since I first saw him in “Stand and Deliver.” As Commander Adama, he is such an endearing and complex character to watch and see him evolve over the past few years. The rest of the cast members turned out to be an amazing ensemble of characters that really have a life on their own.

And, I didn’t even get to the storyline yet. As a Trek fan, it does pain me to say that this has been so much more intriguing than any of the Trek series because of its continuity and intensity. Moore and crew never failed to smash barriers and cross the line when necessary, which makes every episode worth the wait… and bittersweet when it does come to an end in a few weeks.

21. Raphael Salgado - February 13, 2009

Oops! “…has been the BEST journey on television…”

22. thorsten - February 13, 2009


totally with you here, Raphael.
But it is good the the creators decide when the end will come,
at the perfect bittersweet moment.
Like Lost will next year.

The individuals running Star Trek in the last decade were not smart or sensitive enough for such decisions.

23. Jeffery Wright - February 13, 2009

BSG TOS is a childrens coloring book compared to the superb reboot.

If JJ can do this with Trek, he’d deserve to take his place among the genre’s greats.

However, from what I’ve seen so far, we’ll be lucky if the only damage to Trek will be “Mass appeal mediocrity” from the new movie.

Still cant wait to see it though, I’d love to be completely surprised.

24. Bird of Prey - February 13, 2009

I am tired of hearing about the differences between the original Battlestar Galactica and the reboot. If you didn’t live in the time period of the 70s, it’s hard to realize what constraints they had. Yes, there were no computers to do CG, but content was very much controlled. You rarely saw any blood on television, that the word “frak” made it in the 70s is amazing, and heavily dark shows were not normally welcome on the networks. For a time in the 70s there was a family prime time hour of 8-9pm (7-8 central), where violence (fist fights and shootings, of course without blood) was just about taboo.

I have enjoyed the reboot, but I truly believe I would have enjoyed a continuation of the original with some updating for today’s accepted content. About half of the original shows left much desired, but the other half were quite good, and I felt a viewer would actually care about what happened to the characters. Although I really got into the last two parter on the reboot (mutiny and everything), I really don’t care too much about any of the characters, and I just want to see the show through. I’m not too interested in Caprica, either.

25. Jorg Sacul - February 13, 2009

I love the Battlestar Vice send up. I truly despise the music of the new show, it is completely unremarkable.

Fun project for someone with music skillz… Take the Beatles’ song “Help” and insert the word “Frak”. Yeah, some of you are singing it already…

26. Magic_Al - February 13, 2009

I wish Ron Moore’s favorite song was Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name. “Frak you I won’t do what you tell me! Frak you I won’t do what you tell me!”

27. ety3 - February 13, 2009

#25 — BSG’s music “unremarkable?”

I encourage you to read this blog by composer Bear McCreary ( and to listen more closely.

28. earthclanbootstrap - February 13, 2009

These last few episodes are a really bittersweet ride for me. I’m truly going to miss this show, and yet I’m very glad that they are going out on top and on their own terms. No slow and drawn out death over 2 or 3 mostly extraneous and lame seasons for the crew of our beloved Bucket, BSG 75…

29. OM - February 13, 2009


….Learn how to use proper case before you post again, kid.

30. THX-1138 - February 13, 2009


(What Would Battle Star Galactica Do?)


31. Gary - February 13, 2009

I think the only reason the original BSG has any life and interest to it today is because we like the characters. We like the characters because they are decent people (except Baltar) and also because the characters are, in a way, a projection of the actors themselves, who are themselves are telegenic.

Seriously, Dirk Benedict’s Starbuck is a character cliche–the cigar-smoking, gambling womanizing rogue fighter pilot–but the actor Dirk Benedict sold it. Same for the other actors.

But I am as incredulous as Ron Moore is when the ragtag fleet escapes a holocaust and goes to a casino planet that explodes due to, if I remember correctly, an out of control fire.

32. Canadian Shane - February 13, 2009

Isn’t it cool how a show or shows can cross such national lines to bring us together. Science Fiction has such an ability to transend differences. Giving us all different takes from different stations in different countries, it boggles the mind how the internet, sci-fi bring us together. If only we could introduce the Taliban and Al-Qaeda to Star Trek and BSG.

33. McCoy's Gall Bladder - February 13, 2009

“The God Thing” was the original title of ST:TMP

But anywho…

34. THX-1138 - February 13, 2009


“Why is any object we don’t understand always called a thing?”

And wasn’t it called “In Thy Image?”

35. McCoy's Gall Bladder - February 13, 2009

Yep Yep Yep

I’m looking forward to hearing just once…

“By your command, Imperious Leader”

Betcha it’s Boomer whats says it

36. McCoy's Gall Bladder - February 13, 2009

Someone said to Shatner deriding ST5:FF, “It’s too much like The God Thing.”

I think it was Nimoy in “I Am Spock”

37. Aaron R. - February 13, 2009

29 OM —- Actually I know proper case and you should never estimate a persons age based on such a thing for when you are wrong you seem ignorant.

33 McCoy’s Gall Bladder… Yes that thought entered my mind.

The point of doing my post the way I did was because every week people bitch and moan about BSG on this site and I wanted to make if very clear and very apparent that there are a large number of us that love the show.

You know it is interesting because Star Trek (DS9 in particular) used to be my favorite… Then BSG came along and it eventually usurped DS9’s (dare I say) throne. So I started saying that as a franchise (in its entirety) Star Trek was my favorite but now I find myself more and more saying the words I know to be the truth. Battlestar Galactica is the best science fiction show ever. It even dwarfs the entire franchise of Trek now.

Problem with that? Oh well it’s my right to have the opinion.

7. Jeyl – February 13, 2009


Aaron, if it was like a god thing, why don’t I like it?

Simple answer it is. Not everyone likes God Jeyl. Anyone with any inkling of knowledge about theology will note that there are many whom hate “God”… Demons and the Devil for example. Does that make BSG haters demons and devils? No really I kid…

38. Christian - February 13, 2009

BSG is the absolute best show on television. And is better than all Treks except DS9. Some may say TNG too, but I’d say you really can’t compare the two. But BSG is depressing, and while DS9 was depressing in parts, nothing compares. I just wish Ron would give us a glimmer of hope every once and a while…that’s what DS9 had. Merge the two = perfect show.

39. McCoy's Gall Bladder - February 13, 2009


Ellen is God and John Cavell hates her

Boomer has just got to say it, she just has to.

I say let Galactica rot.

Whoever said it before, let them settle the planet or the moon or something.

Go from “Wagon Train” to “Bonanza”

The “Virginian” also comes to mind

Also, Kobol wasn’t a radioactive mess, just abandoned. Settle Kobol.

Also, we still have no proof (Maps/globes) that they are around Earth.

It very well could be Terra.

The Shield is over, BSG is over. No need for TV anymore.

BSG is good, but not that good. They just offed Ander. Unless Ellen can breathe life back into his brain, Ander died just so Lee can finally have Kara sans melodrama. The same reason Dee died.

I like this episode. It doesnt waste too much.

Except Adama doing a 180 about Cylon tech, then doing a 180 again.

And Ander’s brain died.

Daniel is of course Boxey

Okay, okay, it’s Cottle, but you all saw that coming.

40. Requiem1971 - February 13, 2009

***possible spoiler****
I thought that the #7 Cylon they were talking bout was Starbucks first husband….. Adama’s missing son. Oh well, guess it was someone else. Great to see Ellen back and on her way to Galactica. I understood Adama not wanting to use Cylon tech to repair the ship. He wanted to try and do without it. But when he saw there was no way around saving the ship, he took a swig of spirits and asked Chief to do what he must to save the ship. Can’t wait till next week. I guess with tonight’s episode that means that there are 6 shows left. ****AND FINALLY (if the final 5 made 8 models, isn’t that then 13 models and not 12?

41. Sean - February 13, 2009

BSG is a good show, but it’s too all over the place. Some episodes don’t mean anything to the overall story, then other try to cram too many important storyline points into one episode. Random characters get killed, unkilled, or get their entire characters destroyed by a plot twist (final five = bad choices). It’s still a ton better than 95% of the crap on TV, but it could have been better.

42. Peter N - February 13, 2009

#2 Yes, you have lost out. Which brother is the fan?

43. Cyberghost - February 13, 2009

#41 I agree it’s much better than 95% of the other shows currently showing new episodes. Dollhouse, first episode tonight, but was not to excited. I will give it maybe 7 more episodes, and if it doesn’t grab me, then it gets deleted from my season pass on my TiVo.

44. Can't Wait for May 2008 - February 13, 2009

#41 I agree with some of your comments. I like the random character stuff to me adds to the real world feel of the show. It makes it feel less like the same story formulas being used all the time. You never know when something bad is going to happen to someone. For me the first 2 seasons felt kind of all over the place for me. But by 3rd things started coming together.

I enjoyed tonight’s episode but reminded me alittle bit of what happened on DS9 to Capt. Sisko when he started having visions of the future. But BSG has alot of similarities to DS9 so its one of the reasons I like the show. Im getting more excited has the finale is getting closer and closer. Im pretty sure im not the only one who sees the show heading to one final show down with Galactica and the Cylons.

45. Commodore Lurker - February 13, 2009

Defrakking . . .

Can’t wait till later today so I can watch it 10 times in a row on Hulu,

Love my frakking BSG!


46. Bruce_Wayne - February 14, 2009

just watched it…
been a huge fan for its entire run…
well, too much info too quick…
RDM wrote himself into a corner, so he uses ‘NO EXIT’ to get his literary ass out of trouble…
this episode did not go over well with me…Cavill knew the identity of the final 5 the WHOLE time?????? Bull$#@T!!!
they blew it here for me…i liked the Galactica’s disintegration plotline more than Anders and Ellen’s exposition.
oh well…

47. Daoud - February 14, 2009

#20 Ummmm, the orchestral music is still there. The original BSG theme, is this BSG’s national anthem of the Colonies!! D’oh!

Furthermore, the original BSG had human-form Cylons. You obviously are forgetting about the Galactica 1980 episodes. (Understandable, of course.)

I think too many people complaining about nuBSG, don’t know much about the original either. Frak!

#46 Of course Cavil knew. Go back and rewatch when “Brother” Cavil was serving as a priest and counselor to Galen Tyrol when Cavil first appeared. D’oh! He boxed D’anna because she’d known. Why else would he have boxed her? He wasn’t afraid of her knowing, he just wanted to maintain control of information. He’s #1 after all. Closest thing to Iblis from the original BSG really…

48. McCoy's Gall Bladder - February 14, 2009

#41, Sean

I’ve been saying that this whole time & taking a lot of flak for it.

#46, I’ve been saying that for a long time too.

49. Can't Wait for May 2008 - February 14, 2009

Its FRACK not FRAKK. If im wrong on the spelling then I guess all of the BSG shirts with F-R-A-C-K are spelled wrong.

50. Aldo F. Rodriguez - February 14, 2009

Interesting about Galactica Vice since Edward James Olmos stared in both series!

51. Christian - February 14, 2009

#49 – Watch the commercials!! It’s “Frak”, “Frakking”, or “Frakked”. There is no “c”.

52. Can't Wait for May 2008 - February 14, 2009

#51 Oh, Frak me, like I said if im wrong then someone really Fracked it up with the all the shirts that are out there right now. And commercials, who the hell watches commercials anymore, I just skip over them. Well I guess I can use the F-R-A-C-K smelling and say im going old school with it.

53. sean - February 14, 2009


Anders isn’t dead yet. No need to jump the gun. And Dee’s death, as I believe I argued with you before, made complete and total sense. You saw it coming the entire episode if you were watching her behavior. As far as Adama doing a 180 on the Cylon tech, how does that not fit? His entire ship is falling apart.


Just like there were 12 colonies and a mythical 13th tribe, the Cylons had 12 models and a permanently boxed 13th. Makes sense in the context of the show. Besides, we already knew the 7 models were numbered up to 8, with the 7th missing. This just fills in a blank that’s been there for a long time.


I can’t think of a single episode that hasn’t in some way contributed to the overall story. And personally, I think TIgh & Ellen being Cylons was a brilliant move given their history.


It was obvious from his first introduction that Cavil new more about the Final Five than any other Cylon. This information fits the character perfectly. Why? A)He’s the only atheist, B)He’s the only Cylon that’s appeared to age, C)The other Cylons deferred to him on information on the Final Five (he warned them not to investigate) and D)When the 3s became too curious, he boxed the entire line to prevent information being shared. Everything has been pointing to him knowing far more than any of the others. Watch the episode with Tyrol where he first appeared and it’s even more clear.

54. Olley Olley Olley - February 14, 2009

hey #6
can u repeat that, i didnt hear u so good the first time.

55. StarQrtrs - February 14, 2009


What are you talking about? Casino planet? Fire? Are we talking about the old series or the new series because I don’t think anyone died in the current BSG at a casino, nor have they ever gone to a planet with a casino.

56. Commodore Lurker - February 14, 2009

Defrakking . . .

Just watched it on Hulu. I was so totally into it I lost track of time.

“Chief, do whatever you have to to save our girl.”

“Yes, sir.”


Oh no! I scream, godsdammit, I gotta wait another frakking week.

Refrakking. }:-/>

57. GaryS - February 14, 2009

Did anybody Notice when Boomer asked Ellen who she could possibly love , they cut to a scene with Tyrol?
maybe a bit of foreshadowing that Tyrol and Boomer might get together?

58. Commodore Lurker - February 14, 2009


Yea, yea, I noticed that too. We see it coming. Ofcourse that’s when these writers spin it around. Like maybe the Chief just decides to be a sex toy for Baltar’s harem. }:-D>

59. Rocket Scientist - February 14, 2009

Lots of info to digest from last night’s episode. At some point I started to feel that it was getting a bit ‘talky’, but right after that I got hooked right in and followed it to the end. Yes…”to be continued” elicited an AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! from me too.

BTW, I just adopted an adorable Chow mix puppy and named her Athena.

60. Paul B. - February 14, 2009

55. StarQrtrs – February 14, 2009
What are you talking about? Casino planet? Fire? Are we talking about the old series or the new series because I don’t think anyone died in the current BSG at a casino, nor have they ever gone to a planet with a casino.

If you re-read #31, it’s clear what he’s talking about. RDM has previously said that BSG TOS’s premiere had that serious flaw: the entire civilization is almost wiped out, so they go to a casino planet.

Gary @31 said he agreed with RDM about this–they are both incredulous about it. BSGTOS had likable characters, but stupid logic.

As for “No Exit,” was anybody else unbelievably bored the entire time? Sure, it had a lot of information, but so does an encyclopedia entry–still boring.

As for Daniel/#7, I wonder about this piano player that Starbuck gets friendly with in upcoming episodes. (He’s in one of the “You will know the truth” clues on SCIFI.) Apparently Starbuck feels drawn to him and tells him secrets about herself…

Seems like an odd last-minute addition to the show, doesn’t it? Unless the piano player is the “creative” #7/Daniel that Ellen talked about.

61. McCoy's Gall Bladder - February 14, 2009


Adama doesnt just do a 180, he does 2 180s for a total of 360

The coup happened because he wanted Cylon tech,

Then when he reinstated Chief Tyrol (like I knew he would) he rejected Cylon tech,

then when he saw his potty cracking, he again accepted Cylon tech

180 + 180 = 360

And I said Dee’s death was a total WASTE, like Cally’s and Romo’s cat.

62. Bruce_Wayne - February 15, 2009

What still gets me is that Tigh clearly aged…Adama’s flashbacks to the 1st war proves it!
Why do the F5 age? More importantly…when Ellen resurrects, why does she do so in an aged body? Why not resurrect into her body at, say…age 21? or 31? or 41 for that matter???
So…when Earth was nuked, Tigh appears as himself in his 50s as he comforts Ellen…so when he meets Bill Adama in the merchant marine fleet during the 1st cylon war, he is youthful, with some hair up top…WHY?????


63. sean - February 15, 2009


In reality, any death is a waste. In terms of the story and dramatic worth, it wasn’t what I’d call a waste.

Adama decided to install Cylon jump drives and half his crew mutinied, resulting in who knows how many deaths. OF COURSE he’s going to think twice before ordering it again. But in the end he realized that if the ship falls apart they’ll all be dead anyway. I don’t understand what’s so hard to ‘get’ about that series of decisions.

64. sean - February 15, 2009


An obvious answer might be that it was simply more natural for them to age. After all, the Final Five were human, originally. The 7 other models were Cylons right from the start. Machines.

And I’ve suspected for some time now that 6 is what Ellen looked like when she was young.

65. Paul B. - February 15, 2009

An obvious answer might be that it was simply more natural for them to age. After all, the Final Five were human, originally.

Where is this stated? Or is it just your guess? I never got the impression that the Final Five were human originally; the idea was that the ENTIRE 13th colony were Cylons.

Aside from talking about “organic memory transfer” (or “download”), there was nothing to suggest the Five were human/organic to start with–unless I missed something.

66. NOTBOB - February 15, 2009

Well, John Cavil is apparently Lucifer like. It’s got a kind of Paradise lost feel. And I liked the thing of fruit scene in which Ellen is talking to Boomer. Did anyone else notice Ellen offered an apple? I know that the bible never says the apple was the fruit from the tree of knowledge; but the apple has been used in art for years, or so I have heard.

And Ellen made John Cavil in the image of her father, but he was like a child to her. And then she slept with him on New Caprica. That’s just messed up on so many levels.

As for the seventh cylon, Daniel, I’m pretty sure it’s Starbuck’s dad, the artistic piano player. I mean why else was Starbuck glowing with the other cylons? At first, I thought Daniel could have been Daniel Graystone, but then after going back and rewatching the episode I realized that could not be the case since they final five reached the colonies during the first cylon war and then made the skin job cylons. And Daniel Graystone obviously made the robot cylons before the first war.

But my question now is what time period was it that Earth had all of these cylons? If they left Kobal 3,000 to 4000 years before, they couldn’t be during our time period. I say this because modern man has been on Earth for way way more than 4,000 year. I don’t know how long off the top of my head or anything, but I know that the Bronze Age was about 3300 BC and modern man began to write about 3, 500 years before the time of Christ–or about 5, 500 years ago which is before the time the 13th left for Earth. I know it’s just a show, but the writers have been pretty good about other things so why not history?

67. thorsten - February 15, 2009

John said something to Ellen about the colony where she has her lab, and that no one knows where it is…
That can be a final jump target for our girl…

And my bet for Daniel is Baltar.

68. sean - February 15, 2009


You’re right, I misstated that. I was thinking about Ellen speaking about her father, but forgot that Tryol said the Cylons on Earth could procreate. However, Ellen & the others clearly were more ‘in touch’ with humanity and what it meant to be human, as they deliberately instilled these qualities in the 8 models they created for the 12 Colony Cylons.

So I’d say the basics of my argument might stand – they essentially thought of themselves as human, so aging was something they may have wanted or seen as necessary to their nature. Then again, Tory mentioned that the humans on Kobol invented them, and given the plotline of the new Caprica series it doesn’t seem impossible that they all started out human but eventually adopted Cylon bodies. I like the cyclical nature of that – every human is a Cylon but every Cylon began as a human.


“And Ellen made John Cavil in the image of her father, but he was like a child to her. And then she slept with him on New Caprica. That’s just messed up on so many levels.”

I brought this up to the people I was watching the show with, and they promptly asked me to shut up. Haha. I noticed the Lucifer/Satan connection as well as a Cain & Abel parallel with John & Daniel.

69. OM - February 15, 2009

“John Hodgman, cool.”

…Actually, Hodgman was the most annoying guest blogger Boing Boing has had so far. Guy couldn’t grasp the fact that the use of ALL CAPS for emphasis has a limited welcome that he quickly overstayed. Which is why the only real disappointment was that the episode didn’t end like this:

Nurse: “He’s checked out. There’s nobody home.”

Starbuck: “You motherfracking bastard. You said the operation was a success!”

Hodgman: “Hey, he should have booted up OSX just fine! He’s a Mac, not a PC!”

Starbuck: “Frack YOU!”

[Starbuck punches Hodgman square in nose, splitting his glasses at the nosebridge, and ramming cartildge through the back of his brain.]

Starbuck: “There. Let’s see if you can fix *that*, jerk.”

70. McCoy's Gall Bladder - February 15, 2009

Apple in Latin = Malus which is Latin for Evil, thus the Apple. It’s a pun.


Not “A” does not imply “B” especially as this show concludes.

71. sean - February 15, 2009


“Not “A” does not imply “B” especially as this show concludes.”

Could you be more specific? Where was I implying ‘not A’ was ‘B’?

72. Zanpher - February 16, 2009

For those who did not know. Both Boomer and Ellen was detected as a Cylons in season one by Baltar’s Cylon detector. So … concerning Ellen, the only “news” there is that the rest of the characters in the movie discovered that fact.

73. Dom - February 17, 2009

Anyone notice that Anders referred to the Final Five seeing visions of a mysterious person unseen to anyone else in the lead up to the nuclear war? Like Baltar does?

And I suspect Anders might have resurrected on that ship that was orbiting Earth thousands of years ago.

Maybe Daniel, Starbuck’s father and Baltar are the same model . . .

74. sentinel - February 18, 2009

OK potentially BIG question here: So now that Lee Adama is president since Laura is leader in ‘name only’, does that mean that Pythia’s prophecy is changed? Where instead of Laura being the ‘leader who dies before leading their people to a new home’ or whatever it was, is it now Lee who is destined to fulfill that role? In which case is Lee gonna kick it’ before the show is over?
Feel free to spread this if anyone on the BSG boards might have an idea…

75. McCoy's Gall Bladder - February 19, 2009

Was Ellen detected as a Cylon????

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