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Artwork & Details on new ‘Best of’ TNG and TOS DVD sets February 17, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,TNG,TOS , trackback

After yesterday’s huge news of new Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD sets, there is even more Trek DVD news coming out today. Yesterday we hinted at a couple of new ‘best of’ sets coming from CBS, and today CBS made it official, providing images and details on the ‘Best of TNG’ and ‘Best of TOS’ sets coming out in May, mainly geared to potential new Trek fans as an introduction to these shows.


Best of Trek sets – aimed at the newbies
These new DVD sets from CBS and Paramount seemed geared for the new fan (or possibly casual fan) who just saw the new Star Trek movie. Both sets are priced at $14.99 retail (street price will probably be closer to $10). Each contains just four episodes and no special features and are being released on May 12th, four days after the new Star Trek movie opens.  Here are the details and box art images.

[DVD – May 12 – $14.99]

Synopsis: “Space…The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise. Its 5-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!” The series is set in the 23rd century where Earth has survived World War III then moved on to explore the stars.

Box blurb text: Continue the excitement of the STAR TREK experience with four of the very best episodes of the series that started it all! You’ve met Kirk and Spock as young men on the big screen, now join them on their later journeys to the planet Vulcan, travel with them through time, and take witness as they face off in a battle to save their friendship and their very lives.


Details: 1 Disk (Runtime: 3 Hr. 21 Min. 50 Sec). All episodes are ‘remastered’ version. Languages (dubbed and subtitles): English, Portuguese, Spanish., Audio: 5.1 & Mono.

Box Art:

Best of TOS, coming on DVD in May (click images to enlarge)

[DVD – May 12 – $14.99]

Synopsis: Set in the 24th century and decades after the adventures of the original crew of the starship Enterprise, this new series is the long-awaited successor to the original “Star Trek” (1966). Under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the all new Enterprise NCC 1701-D travels out to distant planets to seek out new life and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Box blurb text: The excitement of Star Trek continues with the series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Join the action with Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Cmdr. Wil Riker and the crew of the Enterprise-D, as they explore the outer reaches of the galaxy and get swept away by the incredible stories that made Star Trek a phenomenon.


Details: 1 Disk (Runtime: 3 Hr. 1 Min. 57 Sec). Languages (dubbed and subtitles): English, Portuguese, Spanish., Audio: 5.1 & Mono.

Box Art:

Best of TNG, coming on DVD in May (click images to enlarge)


Like Trek starter packs
With no special features and so few episodes, these sets will have limited appeal to long-time Trek fans, but hopefully it will extend the Trek experience after the feature film for some new fans, and act as a ‘gateway set’ to the larger (and more expensive) ‘Fan Collectives’ and maybe even full season sets.



1. thorsten - February 17, 2009


2. Enterprisingguy - February 17, 2009

Those sets look pretty good. Too bad they aren’t BlueRay though!

3. spock - February 17, 2009

oh how exciting!
Another chance to buy episodes we’ve all bought before a hundred times

4. OneBuckFilms - February 17, 2009

I have no need for these, but I think they would be a great introduction to Trek for those who don’t know what it is.

I really like the packaging design. It looks like it’s tied in to the TOS and Movie DVD packaging for the Blu-Ray sets.

5. NimoyDog - February 17, 2009

I wonder if the TOS episodes are the remastered versions….

6. TJ TREK - February 17, 2009

This is good for the new guys. I mean, four high quality episodes from each series for the price of a regular movie. For the new guys who saw the new movie, this will be a way to crack the door just a bit wider into the world.

7. THX-1138 - February 17, 2009


As the article states:

“Details: 1 Disk (Runtime: 3 Hr. 21 Min. 50 Sec). All episodes are ‘remastered’ version. Languages (dubbed and subtitles): English, Portuguese, Spanish., Audio: 5.1 & Mono.”

8. Sean - February 17, 2009

Seems like a waste. Only a few episodes that any Trek fan probably already owns. I like the box art, though.

9. GaryP - February 17, 2009

This is the best box art I’ve seen Paramount/CBS (or whoever) produce. Nice work.

10. Craig - February 17, 2009

is the TOS disk a re-mastered version?

11. John Gill - February 17, 2009

Looks like Paramount is finally getting hip to DVD box artwork!

12. thorsten - February 17, 2009

“You’ve met Kirk and Spock as young men on the big screen, now join them on their later journeys”

Fascinating. No mention of a quantum related multiverse here…

And then straight into the biggest Trek Time Travel story ever, plus the first Encounter with the Romulans… interesting mix considering the movies plotline.

13. Bryan - February 17, 2009

Yep, if I were going to pick four episodes from each series to show to Joe Newbie, those are probably the ones I’d pick.

14. Doug in BAF, Afghanistan (Bagram Air Field awaiting transport home) - February 17, 2009

#3: As Anthony indicated, these packs are probably aimed at the casual or new viewer.

No one is twisting anyone’s arm to buy these.

15. dalek - February 17, 2009

The Trouble With Tribbles is a comedy that a Trek fan will appreciate, but as a non-fan, it’s not exactly an episode that introduces people to what Trek is all about. It’s more for the veteran who can appreciate an episode that’s not the run-of-the-mill. A more typical episode for newcomers would have been better like Mirror Mirror or The Enemy Within.

Similarly Yesterday’s Enterprise is pointless to introduce to newcomers. The beauty of this episode is how different it is to the normal Universe. None of our regular characters are actually in this for long. It’s another one for the more familiar fan.

Best of Both Worlds is also a bad choice. Excellent 2 parter but pointless introduction, when the Borg threat was built up prior to this. Not knowing these characters if you are new, would you really care about Picard being assilimated or Riker threatening to destroy him after only 1 episode?

The Measure of a Man’s impact also depends on how much the audience knows and cares about Data.

Excellent choices if you are a fan. Bad choices to introduce new fans as most of these episodes depend on not only a familiarity of the world to appreciate these outings, but dependency on backstory.

16. ety3 - February 17, 2009

“Measure of a Man?” It’s an OK episode, but …

Why not “Inner Light?”

17. Wes - February 17, 2009

Agreed with 13, I think I’ll pick these up as part of my ongoing plot to nerd-ify my wife to my level. I’ve got her somewhat excited for the movie (on account of her love for Quinto as Sylar on Heroes), and the episodes on these box sets are definitely ones I would pick out to introduce new fans to what came before.

18. Closettrekker - February 17, 2009

They are well-priced. I wonder how well these will fare among the “newbies”…

19. Enterprise - February 17, 2009

I feel bad for those people that have to buy “Best of” sets. Hasn’t “Best of Both Worlds” been on like a million sets already?

20. Montreal Paul - February 17, 2009

Love the artwork on these.. but as the articles states.. With just a few episodes and no extras, not much we haven’t seen before. I have the seasons on DVD already and couple of the “special” box sets. But I won’t be shelling out the cash for these.

Oh.. on a side note. I think that BluRay is the new beta. Beta was far superior to VHS as BluRay is to HD DVD.. but teh cost is a lot higher and the majority of people won’t shell out all that money for a new player and new discs. Just my opinion. But we’ll see if they can break the beta curse.

21. Tom - February 17, 2009

Measure of a Man is a good episode, but one of the greatest? I could think of a lot more to introduce a newbie.

Can’t quibble with the TOS selections, if only 4 can be chosen (I would put Doomsday Machine or Space Seed as runner ups)

22. ML31 - February 17, 2009

I am wondering who decided those were among the “best” episodes…

The TOS selection is not bad. Although I would replace “The Enemy Within” with “The Doomsday Machine”. But not bad.

The TNG selection is questionable. And it should be easier since there were fewer good episodes than in TOS. No one could argue with TBBW. “Yesterday’s Enterprise” was merely so-so (which puts it above the vast majority of TNG shows). But come on… “The Measure of a Man”? Who are they kidding with that worthless episode?

23. MC Doctor - February 17, 2009


True – INNER LIGHT needs to be in that set.

24. Devon - February 17, 2009

I enjoy “Measure of a Man” but not sure I would rank it as its “greatest episode.”

25. thorsten - February 17, 2009


Yo, Doug, Still in Bagram?
Got some good books with you?

26. NCC-73515 - February 17, 2009

Should have included Devil in the Dark.

27. I'm dead Jim - February 17, 2009

22. You are SO wrong sir, on all your points! That’s all I’m sayin because it’s really pointless to argue personal preferences.

28. Andy Patterson - February 17, 2009

A nice set to educate people I guess. I realize there are whole new groupf of people discovering these. And I have nothing against Paramount, CBS or whoever making money. I don’t need someone telling what the “best” are. I like all those TOS episodes listed but I’m someone who lists “Omega Glory”, “Patterns of Force” …and others as best also. Those are on my “best” list too.

29. Spock's Brain - February 17, 2009

22. ML31 – February 17, 2009
“The TNG selection is questionable. And it should be easier since there were fewer good episodes than in TOS. No one could argue with TBBW. “Yesterday’s Enterprise” was merely so-so (which puts it above the vast majority of TNG shows). But come on… “The Measure of a Man”? Who are they kidding with that worthless episode?”

What?? You can’t be more wrong. “Measure” is a powerful deliberation on the concepts of life, sentience, free will, freedom, and civil rights. Is Data a man with inalienable rights or property? A question asked about American slaves, and answered wrong many times before we got it right.

“Yesterday’s E” has ranked in the top five of every fan poll. I would buy these for a friend as a great intro to the universe of Trek.

30. falcon - February 17, 2009

“Measure” was a good ep, but so was “Inner Light.” And so was “The Hunted”. There were quite a few “good” TNG episodes. I would argue that “Measure” was probably not among the best, although as an allegory it certainly ranks right up there. “Data is a toaster.” Best line in TNG. Right ahead of “I protest! I am not a merry man!”

31. Newman - February 17, 2009

I might actually pick these up

32. screaming satellite - February 17, 2009

gosh no one seems to have mentioned the possible reasons as to why these eps are on the dvds? yes they represent the some of the best but also they have been mentioned by Bob Orci as inspirations for the film – COTEOF, BOT, YE, (bet Unification was considered to put on as well but if its only 4 allowed you have to have BOBW 1/2 and YE on a best of TNG and you cant have UF 1 without part 2)

thats probably why they are releasing the Genesis movie trilogy as well seperatly as well….for the very casual/non fans and people who have never watched any trek before the new film so when they have seen it and there’s interest there for more – they can track down the best of the best (and ones that seem to be a little relevent to the movie) to maximise interest…without having to shell out for big box sets and have them possibily turned off ST after watching hard core trekkie stuff like TMP, TFF, Encounter at Farpoint, The Cage etc etc

33. Izbot - February 17, 2009

“Synopsis: “Space…The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise. Its 5-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!” The series is set in the 23rd century where Earth has survived World War III then moved on to explore the stars.”

Just how relevant is Earth surviving World War III to the series? It’s mentioned only once and vaguely. Weird miniscule detail to highlight in explaining the series.

34. T2 - February 17, 2009

Maybe this should get a volume number…like Volume 1, because they can make subsequent volumes with just as good of episodes. Maybe it’s not intended to be an introduction for newbies, although I can’t imagine what alternate purpose they would serve except maybe a $-saver.

It’s just my opinion, but my list of 4 episodes from TOS and TNG would be completely different on a “Best Of” list than it is on a “Introduction To” list.

Again, in my opinion, these would be my picks:
TOS (Best of)
Same list, except I’d replace “Enemy Within” with “Space Seed” or “Journey to Babel”.

TOS (Introduction to)
Keep “City” and “Amok”
“The Man Trap” (Simply because that’s how Star Trek was introduced)
and I’d choose “Errand of Mercy” (to show that Klingons are the series’ rivals for the most part and show where the Federation stands with the Klingons)

As for TNG:
(Best Of): Hard to pick from 170something episodes…”Best of Both Worlds I and II”, “Inner Light”, and maybe “Darmok” or maybe “Yesterday’s Enterprise”

(Intro to): “Encounter at Farpoint” (to introduce TNG as we were introduced), and maybe something like “Datalore” (to introduce Dr. Soong and a background on Data), maybe “Family”, “Q Who” (the borg intro), or “Sins of the Father” (a look into Klingons in TNG and Picard’s extended role among Klingons

Just my two cents and my picks, I’m sure if I gave this thought for a lot longer I can do better.

35. Mathais - February 17, 2009

I’m really loving the new artwork! :D

36. Spock's Brain - February 17, 2009

The Inner Light is already available on Star Trek Collective: Alternate Realities. Newbies can get those next.

37. DJT - February 17, 2009

Good box art.

38. Spock's Brain - February 17, 2009

The Man Trap is bad Trek. Never show that to anyone!

39. Spock's Brain - February 17, 2009

The box says “Best of”; Not the “The Greatest of All Time”. Could be part of a series, with this being Volume One, but as I’ve said earlier, new fans can consider the “Fan Collective” series for more “Best of” episodes.

40. screaming satellite - February 17, 2009

#15 – yes you are so right – they should have filled them up with stuff like Mudds Women, Naked Time, Shore Leave, Turnabout Intruder

and for TNG – Encounter at Farpoint, Naked Now, Icarus Factor, Unnatural Selection

yes im sure stuff like that would go down well with people coming to TOS/TNG for the first time LOL…dude stuff like City of the Edge, Balence of Terror, Yesterdays Ent, BOBW dont just represent the best star trek episodes they represent some of the best episodes in SciFi television…it dosnt MATTER if people are that familier with trek in order to enjoy them…i mean how to people become fans in the first place?…through episodes like those!!

41. Enterprise - February 17, 2009

The Trek You’ve Seen 100 Times Before Box Set

42. Sean4000 - February 17, 2009

Let’s get some remastered TNG!

43. Spock's Brain - February 17, 2009

33. Izbot – February 17, 2009
“Just how relevant is Earth surviving World War III to the series? It’s mentioned only once and vaguely. Weird miniscule detail to highlight in explaining the series.”

Miniscule?? Guess you never saw “ST: First Contact”?

44. Closettrekker - February 17, 2009

#22—“Although I would replace “The Enemy Within” with “The Doomsday Machine”. But not bad.”

I didn’t see “The Enemy Within” on that list, but if it were, “The Doomsday Machine” would be a good one to replace it.

All 4 episodes listed are among my top-25, but I probably wouldn’t choose those as the 4 best. But that, of course, is a matter of personal preference.

I would keep “The City On The Edge Of Forever” and “Balance Of Terror”, but probably drop “Tribbles” and “Amok Time” in favor of “WNMHGB” and “Space Seed”. In any case, that’s just quibbling.

45. Danpaine - February 17, 2009

Holy Saturated Market, Batman!

46. Jason P Hunt - co-creator of COMET TALES - February 17, 2009

For TOS, I’d have included “Journey to Babel” or “The Doomsday Machine”. Of course, “Space Seed” would always be a good way to get new fans interested in TWOK.

For TNG, why didn’t they choose a holodeck episode? Weren’t those the end-all, be-all of TNG??

I’m just sayin’…

47. Ivana y Juan - ARGENTINA - February 17, 2009

We are very happy that these sets include Spanish content! Purchased online. Thanks CBS!

48. Andy Patterson - February 17, 2009


Now that would be something to get out in the market. Some shortsighted, or stupid,….whatever you want to call it,…people at the helm there. I know there is an audience for the old Batman show. Ceasar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Eartha Kitt and Frank Gorshin are all gone. Except for the two principals no one left to do any commentary on a release like that. May even be to the point where Adam West and Burt Ward have no interest in participating. Seems like gold to me. A no brainer. Someone really dropped the ball on that one. That’s very poor business in my opinion.

49. Dr. Image - February 17, 2009

The holodeck was TNG’s biggest crutch.
They screwed around more with it than ever visiting planets.
They should have disconnected it.

I would add, “What are Little Girls Made Of?”
But that’s just me… heh heh.

50. Angry but I'll get over it - February 17, 2009

Depending on the new movie, id consider “menagerie” or “balance of terror”. as for tng, i think “encounter at farpoint” and “all good things” could make a 4-episode intro to TNG. you can then see how characters have changed and so on, but that might defeat the purpose of introducing new people to the show. hell, just release “the worst of TOS and TNG”, which would be a much easier list, and say for all the good stuff, go watch everything else. eh, im not getting it, but its a good idea for new fans.

51. Norbert - February 17, 2009

Does it make any sense to release such compilations? I mean, who is buying something like that? At least I’m only interested in complete season or complete series box sets.

52. Jefferies Tuber - February 17, 2009

The TNG selections are pretty random. TBOBW is definitely Intermediate TNG and not Beginner. And ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ dilutes the new movie.

I agree with everyone who has suggested “Inner Light.” It’s one of the best single hours of Trek ever produced.

I can’t really argue with the TOS choices.

53. thorsten - February 17, 2009


All the kids that will come out of the movie on may 8…
still drunken from the experience and restless to find out more…
about the biggest story of the universe…

they will buy that box.

Not a whole swason on blu-ray or whatever.
No, one of these boxes.

54. dalek - February 17, 2009

#40 screaming satellite. Picking the worst episodes of the series to put in a collection was your idea; not mine. I simply pointed out it would be better to place “typical” episodes of the series in a starter pack, rather than alternate timeline or episodes that rely on some sort of audience affection for the characters.

If Best of Both Worlds is your first venture into Trek, you’re not really going to care as much for the fate of Picard for it to be the great cliffhanger it’s supposed to be. Nor if you watch Yesterdays Enterprise are you going to care as much as to the restoration of a timeline you’ve barely seen anyway.

Personally I’d pick: When the Bough Breaks, Shades of Grey, The Child and Imaginary Friend ;)

Actually I’d go for singular self contained episodes that sell the premise of the show, not any Borg arc or alternate lives/time travel episodes. There is a seperate alternative timeline DVD pack and a Borg collection for people interested in those specifically.

As for my pick? There’s way too many decent episodes for me to select a top 4. I haven’t had months of preproduction meetings like Paramount Marketing have to narrow a list down, but I favour season 5 as the one to pick from…

55. spock - February 17, 2009

I can’t believe they left out spocks brain. surely one of the all time classic episodes. it’s not been mentioned once

Shame on you all!!! roll on May

56. THX-1138 - February 17, 2009


As the article states:

“Details: 1 Disk (Runtime: 3 Hr. 21 Min. 50 Sec). All episodes are ‘remastered’ version. Languages (dubbed and subtitles): English, Portuguese, Spanish., Audio: 5.1 & Mono.”

57. screaming satellite - February 17, 2009

54 – Personally I’d pick: When the Bough Breaks, Shades of Grey, The Child and Imaginary Friend ;)

hahahah…yes if any non trek fan ever saw those theyd be put off star trek FOR 10 LIFETIMES

Maybe they should do a ‘worst of’ set….with those mentioned and stuff like Spocks Brain, Trek V etc – could be marketed to those who want to ensure their loved ones NEVER become fans and end up blowing all their $ on dvd sets, action figures etc and spend their lives on

58. DavidJ - February 17, 2009

Wow, those are really sharp and classy looking.

59. Check The Circuit - February 17, 2009

My fellow Trekkies/Trekkers…

Don’t stress and debate about these sets. They aren’t targeted at us. They are for the new fans that will be looking to catch up on 40 years of history after a little movie called Star Trek blows them out of their seats on May 8th! I’m sure if these sell well…there will be more!

I’m giddy at the idea of how many more fans could be joining us in the near future. Think of all those young people seeing Trek for the first time. Then they can go a buy DVD sets of TOS in all its remastered glory…with contemporary effects that make the episodes acceptable to today’s viewing sensibilities. Then the characters and stories and provocative ideas will blow them away a second time.

The future looks bright!

(Now…if we could just convince CBS to air some of the best remastered episodes in primetime leading up to the movie. Seems like a good marketing strategy to me.)

60. THX-1138 - February 17, 2009

#59-Check The Circuit

“My fellow Trekkies/Trekkers…

Don’t stress and debate about these sets.”

Well now you’re just talkin’ crazy.

61. Enterprise - February 17, 2009

Still wating for the Screwed Up Trek Female Admirals Collection.

62. Check The Circuit - February 17, 2009


Sorry…just lost my mind for a moment.

63. dalek - February 17, 2009

#57 its a great idea. Personally I think such a set should be aimed at girlfriends. Nothing worse than having a girlfriend who likes Star Trek.

I tend to look at Star Trek like Golf. A man needs his own personal space. And nothing like digging into an old episode in privacy when there’s been an argument ;)

64. LoyalStarTrekFan - February 17, 2009

This is a great idea! New fans will be able to enjoy some of the best Star Trek has to offer in order to get them even more interested in Star Trek. Hopefully it will cause a resurgence is popularity of ALL of Star Trek.

65. THX-1138 - February 17, 2009

#62-C T C

S’alright, my friend. Like AP says, Trek fans can’t agree on whether water is wet.

I agree with all that say this is a great idear to hook all of humanity and get them to join our cult. World Domination is not far behind.

66. martinrd65 - February 17, 2009

The TOS picks are very good picks, but I agree that “Tribbles” is strictly a fan episode. I would have put “Journey to Babel” in there instead. It establishes the relationship between Spock and his parents and ties-in nicely with “Amok Time.”

The TNG picks are terrible as an introduction to new Trek viewers. Watching these particular episodes without knowing any background of the TNG time period or characters is like starting “Moby Dick” in the middle. (TWOK reference intended…)

For my money, “Inner Light” is the best TNG episode overall as “City on the Edge of Forever” is for TOS. My two cents…

67. Anthony Thompson - February 17, 2009

The “newbies” are going to think (judging from the packaging) that TOS and TNG were B/W shows! The ep. selection for TOS is poor. “Amok Time” but no “Doomsday Machine”? C’mon, Paramount!

68. Mawazitus - February 17, 2009

While I agree that “The Inner Light” is one of the best episodes of ALL Star Trek incarnations, to include it on a four-episode ‘starter pack’ would be ridiculous. That’s one to watch after you’ve already seen a lot of TNG.

I recall ‘The Measure of a Man’ as being one of the true breakthrough episodes for TNG in the ‘early’ days. I watched it repeatedly off of an old VHS tape. Making Picard and Riker reluctant adversaries in the court room contesting whether Data has the rights of a sentient being or the rights of a turbolift or some other piece of equipment. Is he a tool or a person?

Wonderful writing and it exemplified the thoughtful, erudite Star Trek universe.

69. The Governator - February 17, 2009

Gosh. I wonder why?;)

70. The Governator - February 17, 2009

My previous post is in response to 55.

71. Lt. Bailey - February 17, 2009

What comes to mind with all this, is the scene from Mel Brooks film “Space Balls” where he plays the Yoda character called Yogert where he says ” Merchandyzing” (closest I could write his accent).

72. spock - February 17, 2009

yes, the fine acting the accurate medical techniques all go to make spocks brain the finest example of TOS

73. Poroto Parker - February 17, 2009

After all the work done in the remastered process, why CBS does not put a little money to record new international versions? I mean, this collections eventually are going to be released in the rest of the world, and we all are going to buy some version of the remastered TOS; but in one track we find a pristine clear new mixed 5.1 sound or better in the bluray; but ont the other track we find the old mono scratchy Spanish or Portugese dubbing, wich are great, but could be a lot better.

74. Thorny - February 17, 2009

I might buy the TNG set just to have “Best of Both Worlds” on the same disc. It’s a pain in the backside to have to go from a disc on Season 3 to another disc on Season 4 to see Part 2.

I heartily agree with “Measure of a Man’s” inclusion. It was TNG’s first great episode, and may very well have saved the show after a pathetic first season and a beginning of Season 2 that was crippled by a writer’s strike. “Measure” hit and was followed quickly by “Matter of Honor” and “Q Who?”, and TNG had finally found its own voice.

75. Enterprise - February 17, 2009

Maybe in the future we’ll get some technology where we can chose our own episodes and make our own DVDs?

76. Diacanu - February 17, 2009

Well, hope they do DS9 next, and it has “Duet”, then I’ll have all my favorites.

…well, except “Unification”, and “Relics”.

Wish a “fan collective”, for something would slurp those up.

Don’t feel like buying whole seasons for just 3 favorite eps. :P

77. RAMA - February 17, 2009

Still thinking that the packaging has come a long way, but I doubt longtime fans will buy them.

78. steve623 - February 17, 2009

Here’s a “fan collective” I’d buy:

Encounter at Farpoint
Unification I
Unification II
Blood Oath
Trials and Tibble-ations
In a Mirror Darkly, part I
In a Mirror Darkly, part 2

79. Diacanu - February 17, 2009


Yeah, that’d do the trick!!

80. GaryP - February 17, 2009

Also glad to see Riker at appearing correctly according to rank. I’m so sick of Data getting the nod over him in movie posters and such. The movies should have been much more Riker-centric than they were.

81. Just another German trekker - February 17, 2009

How DARE they leave out “The Devil in the Dark” ???

82. Enterprise - February 17, 2009

Unfortunately, the Best of DS9 is only two episodes. Sorry.

83. Will_H - February 17, 2009

Sorry, but with all of the other DVD sets out there (time travel, borg, Q, etc.) too many episodes tend to overlap, like I think endgame and all good things were on 2 of the sets, and there’s probably more to, but yeah, Im gonna go without these. Ive downloaded all of TNG now, most of Voyager, close to half of Enterprise, so for me Id only buy more series DVD’s if they came out on Bluray. But this will milk some more money out of people that dont want to buy the complete series sets.

84. Angry but i'll get over it - February 17, 2009

I’m sure it wont be long until they have “Best Of”s for every Trek series…I’m very curious to see DS9’s picks. That would be a tough choice…Voyager shouldn’t be too hard to pick 4. As for Enterprise, well as long as they stick to season 4, they can find the best. And if they go through with “Best of’s” for all 5 series, they’ll just release them all together in some neat super package at the end with special features limited only to that release…yada yada yada. I think a viewer’s choice/online voting poll should be consulted for the Best Of’s….just my opinion.

85. Check The Circuit - February 17, 2009


I reach, brother.

86. screaming satellite - February 17, 2009

84 – ds9s Best of disc would be Trials and Tribulations…..and that it.

87. Ro Laren - February 17, 2009

Measure of a Man is one of the top 4 episodes of TNG??? I don’t think so. I agree with the other choices, but not MOAM…

88. Ro Laren - February 17, 2009

I agree w/what someone said above. MOAM should be replaced with Inner Light…

89. DREW - February 17, 2009

#22 The Measure Of A Man was a wonderful TNG episode. I will agree with you that It should not be regarded as one of the greatest TNG’s.

I would have thought:
Yesterday’s Enterprise
The Best Of Both Worlds Part I
The Best Of Both Worlds Part II
The Inner-Light

90. Alec - February 17, 2009

Nice selections of TOS and TNG episodes for nascent fans. My favourites are numerous. I’d certainly add:

TOS: Where No Man Has Gone Before; The Doomsday Machine; Arena; Mirror, Mirror; The Naked Time; Space Seed; All Our Yesterdays; etc.

TNG: Parallels; The Mind’s Eye; Frame of Mind; The Inner Light; Darmok; All Good Things; etc.

I understand why these DVD packs are being released. But I think DS9 would serve as an excellent intro to Trek: lots of action and huge space battles, which will appeal to nascent fans.

91. FSL - February 17, 2009

The TOS choices are ok. Would be great intro to Vulcans (“Amok”) and Romulans (“Balance”). Just probably would switch “Tribbles” and “City” for “Day of the Dove” (Klingons) and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” or “Space Seed”

The TNG selections are really bad. Would have went with “Darmok”, “Q Who” (Q and Borg), “Sins of the Father” or “Matter of Honor” (Klingons), and “Data’s Day” or “First Duty”

92. screaming satellite - February 17, 2009

If i was selecting a TEN episode selection (itd have to be 10 as i couldnt do it other wise) disc for new comers id say:

TOS – Where No Man, Balence of Terror, Menagarie I/II (yeah counts as one – in a generous guy), Space Seed, City of The Edge, Doomsday Machine, Journey to Babel, Amok Time, Mirror Mirror, Spectre of The Gun

**boy that was tough!…no Tomorrow is Yesterday even :(**

TNG – Encounter at FP (gotta have that really), Q Who, BOBW I/II (counts as one), Yesterdays Ent, Inner Light, Unification I/II (count as one), Chain of Command I/II, Relics, Cause and Effect, AGT

ENT – Pilot, Regeneration, Twilight, Mirror Darkly I/II, Terra Prime (yeah only 5 for ENT…)

93. sherlockfreak - February 17, 2009

Great TOS episodes! Makes me especially happy that they included “Balance of Terror.” It’s one of my favorites.

But the TNG episodes…

Personally, I’ve never understood why everyone loves “Yesterday’s Enterprise” so much. It was good, it was cool seeing Tasha Yar again, but… it’s not great. And “Best of Both Worlds” is good too, but again, not great. I understand why they included these episodes, just expressing my personal opinions.

“Measure of a Man” is excellent, one of my favorites, in fact. But what about “The Inner Light,” “The Defector,” “Sarek”/”Unification”, or “I, Borg”? Just to name a few.

94. Angry but i'll get over it - February 17, 2009

#86 – you must have stopped watching after that episode. i recommend season 6, most of which could qualify for a “Best Of” set…”Far Beyond the Stars”, “In the Pale Moonlight”, “Favor the Bold/Sacrifice of Angels”…just to name a few. One or two of those could easily fall into the top 20 Trek episodes of all time. I’d like to see the top 20 episodes people at would vote for.

95. New Horizon - February 17, 2009

Further proof that CBS has no sweet clue what to do with Star Trek.

96. neal - February 17, 2009


97. THX-1138 - February 17, 2009

#85-Check The Circuit

Cool thing about my life:
You are the second person today to tell me that. We are all of the body.

98. Jimtibkirk - February 17, 2009

Sorry, Balance of Terror doesn’t resonate as strongly for me. If I’m thinking back to the eps that stood out in my childhood and trying to imagine what a new fan would like, it’s City, Mirror, Doomsday and Amok. Doomsday’s my all time favorite. Windom did an amazing job as Decker.

99. AqAZAr - February 17, 2009

#33. It’s possible they used this to explain how humanity could rebuild itself and learn from it’s mistakes should a nuclear holocaust ever happen. After all, the optimist nature of the future on the show was an essential core to the message it was attempting to deliver.

100. Jimtibkirk - February 17, 2009

Guess I dropped Tribbles too. Tough to pick only 4. I’m sure they’ll make more of these if they sell.

101. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise - February 17, 2009

Here’s what I personally would’ve chosen as the “best of” TOS if it was up to me to make the list:

The City On The Edge Of Forever (only one already on there)
The Doomsday Machine
Mirror, Mirror
Day Of The Dove

Notice how there aren’t any third season episodes on the actual disc…

102. Enterprise - February 17, 2009

Best of DS9 –

The Visitor
Way of the Warrior
Badda Bing Badda Bing
What You Leave Behind

103. LegalizeRomulanAle - February 17, 2009

Is there a legal reason between Paramount and CBS that the television DVDs have to use this awful new font? All prior DVD releases had the TV title font, same as the new film. You’d think with the over simplification of the new packaging geared towards new fans, “You’ve seen Kirk and Spock as young men, now watch all of their later adventures that started it all!” that they’d want the classic Star Trek font, so kids would say, “hey! I saw that font on the movie poster! this must be just as awesome to the extreme!” The motion picture box sets are using it… and none of those film’s title sequences have it.

104. Bob - February 17, 2009

WHAT?!?!? “Measure of a Man” beat out “The Inner Light”??? Travesty!!!

105. Chadwick - February 17, 2009

Its not really TNG oriented but wow I love the box art especially the colors. I could deal with the old style delta shield logo as long as the classic TNG text was used. Seems like CBS is going with a generic design and ‘STAR TREK’ text for all the new DVD’s and blu-ray boxes. Take a peek at the opening of ‘The Cage,’ when ‘STAR TREK’ came up on the screen it was very generic as well. While the art is nice I would like it to reflect the show or movie that is contained within.

106. THX-1138 - February 17, 2009

Just because it hasn’t exactly been said yet:

THIS IS A DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!11ONE


107. Olley Olley Olley - February 18, 2009

Still milking the franchise,

I wonder how many formats Trek has been produced on.
I remember the old lazer disc of Star Trek VI in the early 90’s.

108. Michelle - February 18, 2009

Great episode selection for the newbies! Hopefully this will bring in some new fans who have heard of Star Trek and want to see what the fuss is about.

109. James - February 18, 2009

Good episodes. Very good episodes.

‘Measure of a Man’ is, IMO, the most well-written TV episode I have ever seen. It’s proper sci-fi, with delightful echoes of Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke.

And ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’… oooh, I LOVE that episode!!

110. James - February 18, 2009

Incidentally, in the old TNG-R discussion, and how due to mastering onto videotape a remastered HD transfer probably won’t happen… maybe they could just do a few choice episodes. Like ‘Best of Both Worlds’, and ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’, ‘Q-Who’, ‘Redemption’, ‘Descent’ and ‘All Good Things’, just for starters!

111. James - February 18, 2009


What about ‘Shattered Mirror’, where they build a Defiant in the Mirror Universe and use it to waste an entire Klingon-Cardassian fleet?


112. Svavar - February 18, 2009

TOS and TNG are definately the best series, this is a really good idea

113. William Kirk - February 18, 2009

I don´t like “best of” series. My “best of” episodes are almost always different than these on the “best of” sets.

114. Captain Crawford - February 18, 2009

Are those TOS episodes the remastered versions?

115. Commodore Lurker - February 18, 2009

Decloaking . . .

One of these days SOMEONE will actually read the article BEFORE posting . . . one of these days.

Recloaking }:-D>

116. trekboi - February 18, 2009

nice arts- nice idea good for new fans but should have been a 2 disk set- not enuff variety in 4 episodes especialy with a double episode of the next generation.

I was hoping for a best of for each show- especialy remastered- the ones with the most work done but fan collectives at least for the fans- i just hope these newbie cheapies dont stop thoes from surfacing later on.

117. LOUIS - February 18, 2009









118. Yammer - February 18, 2009

117: What about The Omega Glory — you could add a bonus collectable version of a mangled US constitution!

Or Gamesters of Triskelion with electro-rave dance remix CD single of the gladiatorial fight music?

How about a special “Star Trek In The Wild West” set with Spectre of the Gun and Fistful of Datas?

119. Holger - February 18, 2009

I don’t need a Best-Of because I have all the episodes on DVD. However, I’m glad CBS is offering some of the original Star Trek material prepared for new fans, instead of supplanting existing Star Trek with the recent JJ Trek.

The cover design is great!!

120. ML31 - February 18, 2009

This is very subjective. But for me, any episode that centered on Data was crap. Data was just boring. He was little more than a walking computer. At least Spock had some conflict he had to deal with. Data could have inner conflict programmed out of him. The reason MOAM doesn’t work for me is because it was about Data. And yes, to harken to an earlier post, Data is a tool. In more ways than one.

There are a number of TNG episodes I’d like to own. But I don’t want to spend a fortune on an entire season for the one or two good episodes from that season. The collectives all suck because they all include crap episodes too. The only way is for them to sell the episodes INDIVIDUALLY. Like they used to for a brief time. If they were sold individually, I would buy the 6 or 7 really good TNG shows there are.

Yes, you can count another fan of The Inner Light here.

And I would want that Q Robin Hood episode just for the Animal House joke and “Captain I protest! I am NOT a merry man!”

121. Closettrekker - February 18, 2009

The biggest problem is “4” is a very small number of episodes to place on a “best of” list.

“Where No Man Has Gone Before”
“Balance Of Terror”
“Space Seed”
“Errand Of Mercy”
“The City On The Edge Of Forever”
“The Doomsday Machine”
“Amok Time”
“Friday’s Child”
“Journey To Babel”
“The Menagerie”
“Mirror, Mirror”
“The Enterprise Incident”
“A Private Little War”
The Trouble With Tribbles”
“The Corbomite Manuever”
“The Tholian Web”
“The Ultimate Computer”

That’s 20, and in no particular order of preference. It is difficult to narrow it down any further for me, especially since the order would probably vary by mood for me anyway.

122. ML31 - February 18, 2009

Forced to agree. REALLY tough to come up with 4 good TOS shows.

Don’t forget “The Galileo Seven”. Forget about the cheezy creatures. It was a great “Spock begins to learn that logic is not the end all be all of everything” episode.

123. Chris M - February 18, 2009

I already own every season of every Star Trek series (including TAS) and all ten movies so I don’t usually go out and buy these best of collections. However I don’t own any of the Remastered TOS epsiodes as I was not willing to go out and buy all three seasons for a second time. Plus I prefer to watch TOS in it’s original form as that is what I grew up with. The thought of owning four classic Remastered episodes (just to check them out) is intriguing and at this price it is well worth it!

124. Commander Decker - February 18, 2009

They must be releasing these for people who are new to the series, because fans who’ve seen most (or every) episodes can find their favorites on video and DVD.

125. sfdebris - February 18, 2009

hey everyone, please, click on the link above, where it says sfebris

126. sfdebris - February 18, 2009

please click on the link above

127. StarTrekMovie - February 18, 2009

click on the link above everyone

128. Norm - February 19, 2009

They need to def. continue with this idea and create one for DS9, VOY, and ENT…

129. Enterprise - February 19, 2009

Ooh. Shattered Mirror was awesome. I’ll have to watch that again. Also, that Changeling on Earth episodes were great

130. Christine - February 19, 2009

Awww, no “Unification” or “Sarek” for TNG? Poo.

Well, I can’t complain about TOS “best of” choices! I love those episodes… and have watched them each too many times. Hehe!

131. Chris H - February 20, 2009

Here’s a good one! What would you put on the ‘Hated the movie? Here’s 4 more reasons why you’ll hate Trek forever?’ TOS and TNG sets? LOL.

TOS: Spock’s Brain, The Cloud Minders, The Omega Glory, And The Children Shall Lead

TNG: Errr – well it’d be too cheap and easy to say virtually anything from Season 1. But hey, I will!

132. Chris H - February 20, 2009

117: Ooops, sorry Louis, I see you beat me to it!

133. ChristopherPike - February 22, 2009

There should be a Collective released featuring episodes which directly tie-in with Star Trek (2009).

Off the top of my head (for certain)…

TOS: The Cage (Where it all started)
TOS: Where No Man Has Gone Before (Kirk’s 1st appearance)
TNG: Yesterday’s Enterprise (cited by the writers as an influence)
TNG: Unification (Spock obviously)
TNG: Face of the Enemy (…again plus Romulan connection)

Suggestions (pure guesswork)
ENT: The Andorian/Romulan trilogy – Babel One/United/The Aenar
TOS: Balance of Terror (1st time Romulans seen)

Based on interviews with the writers, the references will run deeper than just “ooh look they’ve named-checked that character”. So perhaps they’re doing a TOS continuation like The Wrath of Khan did, where seeing Space Speed wasn’t essential but adds to the enjoyment if you do. I can imagine when the film starts, knowing where Spock’s character was left in Unification will come up. Other influences probably include TOS stories which touch on their past like Amok Time, Journey to Babel and Conscience of the King or Obsession (rumoured). If there’s a portion covering Vulcan’s past, then ENT The Forge/Kir’Shara/Awakening just might be relevent. All speculation of course, but fun to imagine what shows Orci, Kurtzman etc took their cues from.

134. Barbra Raz - June 30, 2011

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