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Exclusive: LeVar Burton Talks Geordi, VISOR, Nemesis, JJ Abrams, the future of TNG, and more February 17, 2009

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In part 1 of our exclusive interview with TNG’s Levar Burton, we focused on his new acting, directing and blogging projects. In part 2 (below), it is all Star Trek, with LeVar’s thoughts on Geordi LaForge, the last Trek movie (Nemesis), JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie, his hopes for a future TNG movie, and more.  


TrekMovie.com LeVar Burton Feb 2009 Interview (Part 2)

TrekMovie.com: In our recent interview with Jonathan Frakes, he talked about how Star Trek stays with you and is intertwined with his life, and he said that he and Michael Dorn were just talking about a couple of weeks ago. Do you feel that way as well, or with all of your other big projects like Roots and Reading Rainbow and directing, is Trek just one of many things you have done?

LeVar Burton: Star Trek will always be a big part of my life. You read in my blog that I was a huge fan of The Original Series. I love being a part of this universe. I love being a part of this history.

TrekMovie.com: Looking back on your time with Trek, what are you most proud of, of the work you did?

LeVar Burton: I think all the directing, on all of the shows, directing on our show, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise. I think I am most proud of the directing. That and in terms of the acting, I am most proud that Geordi takes himself the least seriously. I think Geordi is the loosest of the family, and I am proud of that.

Burton directing episode of "Deep Space Nine"

TrekMovie.com: How do you feel about the arc that Geordi went through in the series, and into the movies. Were you satisfied with his arc or were there angles they never tapped into?

LeVar Burton: Oh, there were so much that was left on the table, it is not even funny.

TrekMovie.com: What are the top things left on the table?

LeVar Burton: The VISOR was both a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing for the storytelling because it spoke to the technology of the 24th century, but it was a real curse because we never used it. We never saw what Geordi sees. 

TrekMovie.com: We saw a little bit in Generations, when the Klingons took over his VISOR.

LeVar Burton: I guess, but Geordi seeing is like our hearing. You can be in a room full of sound and isolate certain frequencies or certain tones or tonalities, yet you are hearing it all simultaneously. And that is the way Geordi sees, he sees all the electromagnetic spectrum simultaneously, but whenever we depicted what we saw, once in the series and once in a movie, we were only looking at a specific band of information. We never saw what he sees. Geordi sees sound, and he sees it along with the whole other range of the spectrum. It was such a huge storytelling device that was never used.

TrekMovie.com: I know some Star Trek actors — Bob Picardo tells me he did this all the time — would go to the writers and pitch ideas for their characters. Is that something you did?

LeVar Burton: No, they didn’t listen. Rick Berman didn’t want any input from us. That is the truth.

Burton feels Geordi’s VISOR was under-utilized

TrekMovie.com: As a fan of The Original Series, looking back at how it went from TV to the movies and how that was perceived, and looking at how Next Generation transitioned to movies, do you thing that TNG never met its full potential in feature films?

LeVar Burton: Yeah, I think if one were able to turn back the hands of time and have the ability to make different choices, the whole thing could have been done differently, and I dare say, better. If I had a magic wand to wave I would go back to the end of the seventh season and I would do what it took to create an eighth season and maybe a ninth season. It was the seventh season when we were nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Drama. We were doing the best work of the run when we were taken off the air. We were taken off the air because the powers that be at Paramount didn’t believe that the audience would go see the Next Gen cast in movies if we were still on TV. What we now know is that we could have sustained both simultaneously, at least for another year or so. I would also have pulled the plug on the over-proliferation of Trek, and never would have launched Enterprise when they did. I would have shut it down after Voyager and let it rest for a while, in forced retirement.

TrekMovie.com: So not do Nemesis either, or do it differently?

LeVar Burton: Do it differently.

TrekMovie.com: How so?

LeVar Burton: Different director.

TrekMovie.com: Anyone in mind?

LeVar Burton: Jonathan Frakes is a pretty good director.

TrekMovie.com: In our interview he did say that he thought he could have saved that one.

LeVar Burton: I think he could have too.

TrekMovie.com: It is hard for people to understand, [Nemesis screenwriter] John Logan is a great screenwriter and Academy Award winner, how did that happen?

LeVar Burton: It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

TrekMovie.com: So you think it is as simple as flipping from [Stuart] Baird to Frakes and you get a totally different result.

LeVar Burton: Yes, absolutely. Anyone would know more about Trek than Stuart Baird.

TrekMovie.com: Well [Wrath of Khan director] Nick Meyer didn’t know anything about Star Trek…

LeVar Burton: Nicholas Meyer is an adept storyteller. Stuart Baird was an editor.

TrekMovie.com: How would this ‘betterness’ manifested itself?

LeVar Burton: I have no idea.

TrekMovie.com: You are a director, what if you had the chair?

LeVar Burton: Nah. I just think the whole shebang was lacking in a vision that was appreciative of the field of play. Mr. Baird didn’t get Star Trek and Mr. Baird didn’t appreciate Star Trek, unlike JJ Abrams who is excited to get his hands on the franchise. He is a smart man.

Burton as Geordi La Forge in "Nemesis" – feels it had the wrong director

TrekMovie.com: So did you have a chance to see the trailers for the new Star Trek movie?

LeVar Burton: I was intrigued by the first trailer and the second trailer looked pretty good too. I am going to see the movie. I love Star Trek.

TrekMovie.com: As a long-time fan, do you get concerned over things that are different?

LeVar Burton: What do you mean?

TrekMovie.com: Some fans are concerned about canon and continuity or things looking different, that kind of thing.

LeVar Burton: No. [laughs] I am not a nitpicker.

TrekMovie.com: Last year you created some buzz when you told Star Trek Magazine, that if JJ’s movie is successful, that it could some how lead to another Next Generation film. I am trying to follow how that would happen.

LeVar Burton: Well here is what I believe to be true. If there is any chance of us doing another movie, it will only be as a result of the success of JJ’s movie. I did not mean to infer that one would lead to another.

TrekMovie.com: Don’t you think that if this one is successful Paramount would want to do another like it, with the same team? Or are you envisioning where some of the Next Gen people get wrapped in with Pine, Quinto and the new gang?

LeVar Burton: No. In being an observer of corporate behavior over the years, if this one is successful, then sooner or later Paramount is going to start looking around for where else the can make some money.

TrekMovie.com: So you think they might do multiple movies, like JJ Trek and Next Gen Trek?

LeVar Burton: What is to say that JJ wouldn’t do a Next Gen movie?…I believe — and I know the rest of the cast does as well — we believe we have unfinished business, and we would like one more shot to go out well. And this is the franchise that brought Kirk back to life how many times? And Spock a couple times as well. And anything is possible, isn’t it?

Burton looking forward to new "Star Trek" – thinks success may lead to return of TNG

To keep up with the latest from LeVar Burton, check out his blog at LeVarBurton.com (where he also does ‘audioblogs’), and you can also ‘follow’ him on Twitter @levarburton.


1. Christian - February 17, 2009

Levar seems to be a little angry…..but he speaks the truth. However, I have serious doubt on the future of TNG films. Even though I’d love to see it. Straight to DVD maybe?

2. luke montgomery - February 17, 2009

no next gen movies please…let’s move on.

3. TOG - February 17, 2009

I think TNG is done even with the success of the next movie…

4. rooster - February 17, 2009

the audioblog is definitely worth the listen indeed.

5. THX-1138 - February 17, 2009


Let’s move on? By going back to TOS? I like the idea of the new movie, but that seems like a silly thing to say. I say make a GREAT TNG film. Have a TOP FLIGHT director who get’s it. Do it right. Stop hating on Next Gen just because TOS is fashionable. It wasn’t cool to do it to TOS when Next Gen was all the rage. I personally would love to see some cool story arc between the two, Next Gen and TOS, that featured a few movies between them culminating with a fantastic story bringing Kirk back or preventing his death on Veridian III. It’s something one can imagine and that’s what’s great about Trek.

It let’s you use your imagination.

6. Ensign RedShirt - February 17, 2009

I thought it was unfortunate the way TNG ended too, but I agree that their day in the sun has passed. What a squandered opportunity. 1 good film out of 4.

7. Devon - February 17, 2009

Levar did seem a bit “blunt” but I very much appreciate that, and he seems to be very cordial most of the time so I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be rude or anything.

8. Darth Ballz - February 17, 2009

Next Gen is that little red button that pops out when the turkey is done, it was great but its over…….

Darth “Kunta Ballz” Ballz

9. nephron - February 17, 2009


MORE time-travel stuff? Again? Still? Really?

Naaah….it looks like they might have a good thing going with this new cast. It’d be cooler if they ran with it instead of Next Gen.

Putting Next Gen in with the new cast would mean YET ANOTHER time-travel story, and it’s not Time Trek, it’s Star Trek. This means that Next Gen is probably over and done with, which is just as well. Those guys are all getting waaaay old anyway.

10. The Governator - February 17, 2009

I hate to say it, but as much as i would like to see the Next Gen crew back in some form or another, I think they are pretty much done for good. Paramount has, IMO, completely shut it down. When they canceled Enterprise and when Nemesis failed, it was the big goodbye for the old crew altogether. Either this new Star Trek succeeds and we get more of it, or it doesn’t, and Star Trek is over forever. Period.

11. GaryS - February 17, 2009

When he said “anyone knows Trek better then Baird”
i thought THANK YOU!
I would have LOVED the job!
So ,
What are your visions of Nemesis?
How would all of you do it?

12. King Of All Blacks - February 17, 2009

LeVar seems a bit pissed off at Rick Berman and also pissed off about the way TNG handled his character.

the next TNG (if there even is one) movie should be focused on the Geordi LaForge adventures.

they could also do direct-to-tv/dvd movies that continue the TNG/DS9/VOY stories.

that’s a potentially profitable market that TREK hasn’t (to my knowledge) tapped into.

13. King Of All Blacks - February 17, 2009

I’m very curious if the TREK veterans like LeVar, Marina, etc. are having a rough time finding work in Hollyweird.

they’re always insisting that more! TNG movies need to happen.

I hope they’re doing alright in their current professions.

14. Tim Lade - February 17, 2009

Actually, Generations did not demonstrate how Geordi’s vision worked. It broadcast back in normal spectrum.

If you want to see examples of how he saw than view the first season episode “Heart of Glory” where it is broadcast back in VISOR spectrum or the “The Mind’s Eye” in which again we can view what is being seen through the VISOR albeit with Romulan programming included.

15. Matt Wright - February 17, 2009

The more I read, the more it seems like a Frakes directed TNG movie would be a big hit with the cast and crew, and likely that would translate into at least a decent movie for us the audience.

Which of course just makes it all the more frustrating that Nemesis was such a hunk of junk.

16. Ensign RedShirt - February 17, 2009

Judging by how Paramount has handled Trek in the past, I think the only filmed Trek we’ll see is with the new cast. Remember, when TNG and the spinoffs became all the rage TOS was tucked into a corner, only to be revived for home video and licensing purposes. I suspect that’s the eventual fate of TNG.

17. Green-Blooded-Bastard - February 17, 2009

I would go see new TNG stuff. I liked that series. It was so well written. Bette than Voyager, me thinks.

18. Ensign RedShirt - February 17, 2009


I suspect you are correct. LeVar seems to get directing gigs, but Sirtis and Dorn seem to work sporadically. You don’t hear much out of Stewart or Spiner pining for a new film. They both got paid quite well and have moved on to other things.

19. ryan - February 17, 2009

A NextGen movie with all of the main characters is most likely out of the question because Paramount is more keen on a follow-up to the upcoming film if it is a hit. Perhaps a T.V miniseries or straight to dvd release featuring Geordi LaForge as captain of his own ship and/or a Starship Titan is a possibility. I believe there are enough people who are fans of TNG to make it happen. But the major hurdles would be finding a director and a few writers who are qualified and respect the characters and their backstories.

20. DrNebuloso - February 17, 2009

TNG needs a good send off. The OS had Undiscovered Country, which I still feel is one of the best Trek Movies.

TNG just needed to get back to good character and story development.

They deserve a good send off, I feel robbed we didn’t get it.

21. Sean4000 - February 17, 2009

This proves that FX CANNOT hold a movie on their own. I loved Nemesis’s battle scenese and digital FX work, loved them to death. Digital Domain’s work was fabulous and The Scimitar is my favorite alien vessel out of 40+ years of Trek. However, when i to tried to take the story seriously for one second, my brain shorted out because there was simply no compelling plot in Nemesis. None at all, whatsoever.

Would have loved to see what Frakes could have done to salvage it.

22. Pah Wraith - February 17, 2009

13. King of all black
“they could also do direct-to-tv/dvd movies that continue the TNG/DS9/VOY stories. That’s a potentially profitable market that TREK hasn’t (to my knowledge) tapped into.”

Potentially yes, but mind the bulk of filmsets, props, uniforms, and stuff like that was either destroyed or sold out. Hoever would like to make the movies, would have to make all of this from scratch. That’s awful lot of money to invest for direct-to-DVD movies…

23. Duane - February 17, 2009

Another TNG movie? I would absolutely go see it. For that matter, they could release a new ST movie every month and I would see each one at least twice.

24. Mr. Golksom - February 17, 2009

What we should get is a 47 part TNG era mini series

25. Rick Moyer - February 18, 2009

#23 me too!

26. Stanky McFibberich - February 18, 2009

“And this is the franchise that brought Kirk back to life how many times? And Spock a couple times as well.”

Well, I think Spock was brought back to life once.

27. Dan - February 18, 2009

I want another TNG movie, NOWWWWW!!!!

28. cinemadeus - February 18, 2009

If you wanna get the farewell-TNG-movie done, you have to revise the script, give it a little more depth / dimension and remake NEMESIS with David Fincher directing. If not me myself… ;-)

29. mike - February 18, 2009

LeVar is the man

30. Kirk's Toupée - February 18, 2009

I like LeVar’s attitude, he has one………..

31. Spock's Brain - February 18, 2009

Live Long & Prosper, LeVar! (And damn right, you’re Kunta!)

32. ety3 - February 18, 2009

“Best storytelling” in season seven?


I’m thinking they got the Emmy nod that year because they were going off the air and they had some good years before, so why not recognize them while you can.

33. Olley Olley Olley - February 18, 2009

“Stop hating on Next Gen just because TOS is fashionable. It wasn’t cool to do it to TOS when Next Gen was all the rage”

The TOS movies were being produced during this time, as a matter of fact it was the success ST 1, 2 amd 3 that lead to the birth of TNG so to bite the hand that fed you would have not only been unwise, but stupid.

The only person who hated TOS during this time was Rick Berman.

34. Relentless - February 18, 2009

LeVar tells it like it is. I like that, especially when he talked about the poor job that Berman, Baird, and Logan did. However, there is a point I like to make here about us never seeing what Geordi saw through the visor. In the first season episode “Heart of Glory”, we can actually see “through the visor” on the bridge view screen when Geordi activates a transmitter he and Data built. I felt it was pretty clear how he saw through the visor in that episode.

35. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 18, 2009

I’m gonna channel my best Deanna Troi impersonation and say, I don’t sense much anger in Levar Burton in his comments above. My interpretation is he’s just being frank and realistic. He’s telling it like it is, without prejudice. Vis-a-vis Rick Berman, he didn’t welcome feedback from the actors, it just wasn’t his style – maybe it was even the right decision. In Voyager, some of the ways Picardo colors the Doctor character work for me, and others seem forced or cheesy. In regard to Stuart Baird, I think it’s clear everyone including Mr. Burton gave him a chance, and he failed – that would be hard to contest.

36. Will_H - February 18, 2009

All these TNG haters. To me, TOS was closed and done with after VI, and even though this new movie is a whole new…well what ever they’re calling it today, its still the same crew, and Nemesis seems like a movie that was made to be followed up, despite the tagline of it being the final journey. To me it was like ending the first movies with Wrath of Khan, sure, they could have, they intended to, but it was unfinished, and they went on for another 4 movies and for the most part they were great. TNG got tossed to the wolves with Nemesis as far as Baird went, and I think for all it did as far as bringing the franchise back, it deserves another shot, at least something to close it. And forget direct to DVD, sorry, but Star Trek in any form is better than that. And I think its finally great that someone in the franchise had the guts to say that TNG was taken off the air too early, I think another few seasons would have been great. For one, we could have seen lots more of the Borg before Voyager messed that up. But I do agree that another TNG film isnt likely. Chances are they’ll stick with JJ Trek, so I just pray its good, and I mean good by Trek standards.

37. grid - February 18, 2009

Burton is correct in pretty much everything he says.

I don’t think there’s any chance of a TNG theatrical film, but a very good chance for a TNG mini-series or straight-to-DVD project. Of those two options, a mini-series is preferable, hopefully sold to a major network.

The real question is whether Stewart would do it. I think if it was a high profile event on a major network, with a brilliant script, there’s a coinflip’s chance he might do it. maybe.

Without him it isn’t really TNG. It’d be USS TITAN low budget, direct to video fare and I think the fans and the ensemble cast deserve better than that.

38. Quarksbartender - February 18, 2009

I want some TNG era direct to DVD films to come out that universe is HUGE!! They could bring back so many different things and basically keep that era alive with a whole new enterprise (pardon the pun).

39. Kirk, James T. - February 18, 2009

I think perhaps the way you’d get to do a TNG movie now is to have it set before this movie.

I think Paramount will want to expand the Kirk and Spock era though and really leave TNG to the annals of history.

it’s a shame because i think Burton speaks a huge truth in saying that all the 4 films TNG did – Nemesis and Insurrection being case in point – could have been done a lot better.

40. Dyson Sphere - February 18, 2009

Burton has his head screwed on straight and says it like it is, easy to respect that.

JJ could take TNG and kick some serious ass, get the golden trio on that, either TV series (ala Fringe) or movie. If some characters didn’t want to sign up, no hard feelings, JJ CAN and WILL work around leaving out bruised egos.

41. Captain Roy Mustang - February 18, 2009

TNG should get another shot one more time

42. Yetixx - February 18, 2009

In a few years when the reboot has died down you just know Paramount will revisit TNG. Maybe prequel style like the new movie or continuation of classic TNG (and in TNG I include DS9 and VOY too). Either way I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the TNG era, it may just take a while.

43. Captain John C Baron - February 18, 2009

You’ll never see TNG on the big screen again – it’s been and gone. I would, however, love to see a direct-to-DVD movie series featuring as many TNG cast members as possible. I think it would be highly proftable for Paramount.
As far as Patrick Stewart being interested, I dunno, he’s doign a lot of theratre work – and he’s not getting any younger for the big screen satuff. Saw him last night on BBC2 with ian McKellan promoting his new Waiting for Godot, which is due to tour the UK soon. He looked like time was catching up with him. Still a fantastic actor, tho.

44. Dr_Beckett - February 18, 2009

A series of direct-to-dvd movies set in the TNG era would make more sense as opposed to another TNG big screen movie.

What I cannot understand is why are Paramount so against doing Trek direct-to-dvd or TV movies? I mean, there is a demand for it. Several TV shows have had TV-movies years after they were cancelled to respectable earnings and reviews.

Just curious

45. DJT - February 18, 2009

Levar Burton, as well as Jonathan Frakes, have always been very classy dudes.

Much respect.

46. Sisko - February 18, 2009

We need DS9 or ENT movie.

47. screaming satellite - February 18, 2009

ive a strange feeling that we havent seen the last of TNG – im thinking more along the lines of cameos/Nimoy like appearances in future movies/tv shows…as opposed to a full on TNG film, STDVD film or tv show

48. bababouee mamamonkey fafaflowhi - February 18, 2009

I for one would love to see another TNG movie.

49. James Cannon UK Trekker - February 18, 2009

I’ve never liked the Geordie character yet I’ve always liked Burton as a person. He is a true fan and speaks his mind.

It would have been interesting to have either Frakes or Burton as director for Nemesis. TNG peaked with First Contact.
Insurrection was a good tv movie (it was PURE Star Trek – Roddenberry would have loved it) and Generations seemed too rushed.

I agree with the lapse in time. There should have been a 3 or 4 year gap between All Good Things & Generations – as well as between Voyager & Enterprise.

Berman seemed only as if he was wanting to cash in on Trek after First Contact.

Great interview with Burton tho.

50. Bruce_Wayne - February 18, 2009

I agree 100% that TNG needs a better send-off than that smoking pile of Klingon doodoo that was NEMESIS!!!!

BUT, Paramount will NEVER bank roll a feature starring the TNG cast 7 years AFTER a box-office bomb, and especially not after JJ Abrams’ movie will reinvigorate the entire Trek mythos.

Lastly, I think Rick Berman destroyed Trek with Voyager and Enterprise, and he should’ve been ousted a long time before he finally was…

51. TonyD - February 18, 2009

Levar is a good guy and I loved his “I am not a nitpicker” line; we could all learn a thing or two from that. Having said that, I think its safe to say TNG is dead and gone. They really only had one moderately successful standalone movie (First Contact) but I think they just buried that franchise with the double whammy of Insurrection and Nemesis.

Also, laying the blame for Nemesis with Stuart Baird and saying it would have all been better if Frakes had directed it is a narrowminded and flawed point of view. Frakes was by no means infallible – one need only take a look at Insurrection or some of his non-Trek efforts (Thunderbirds anyone?) to see that. Nemesis (and Insurrection & Generations) all failed because they were poorly written stories with way too much self-indulgence, cheap production values and not nearly enough original ideas.

52. Simon Dax - February 18, 2009

I agree totally with what he has to say, blunt yes but true. They really messed up with Nemesis.

But I really hope we see more of the TNG crew there is so much more of a story to tell or at least give them a better and earned send off.

Also not sure i’ll ever be done with TNG….

53. star trackie - February 18, 2009

I never liked TNG, but one of it’s shining stars was Levar Burton. The man has a natural ease about him and his acting is also very natural, not forced or stiff like so much of the TNG cast. His friendship with Data was yet another dropped ball that was underdeveloped by the TNG team. Too bad, the potential was there, just never tapped.

54. I'm dead Jim - February 18, 2009

I would love to see a screen adaptation, a GOOD one, of the Star Trek Countdown comic series. Expand it into a mini-series for TV even. How ’bout you TNG fans?

55. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - February 18, 2009

#1 & #12: Yeah, he does seem angry, but honestly, do you blame him?

He was allowed no input on a character that he played for a dozen years (and even though Berman was the director, actors often develop insights about characters they play for a long time).

He watched as the franchise of which he was a part was steadily watered down–then completely dumbed down with Nemesis. Frankly, Nemesis was SO bad that I feel it tainted the entire TNG concept, and is a major reason that there’ll never be another TNG movie, direct-to-DVD or otherwise. Sure, they’ve destroyed and/or sold off sets and props, but TPTB at Paramount would’ve never done that if they felt it was still a moneymaker.

I’d be irritated, too.

56. SirBroiler - February 18, 2009

Titan. Series.

57. Cafe 5 - February 18, 2009

Stuart Baird was not qualified to direct Nemesis. If anyone knew about their characters it would be the actors who portrayed them, these people could not get Berman or Baird to listen when they knew things were not working. Berman at some point lost contact with the series and the movies. He was so full of himself that he could do no wrong. Making mistakes became contagious and it wasn’t stopped. It polluted everything including Nemesis and Enterprise. Such a waste of potential, what could have been was transformed into what will never be. We can only hope the new film allows Star Trek to continue, perhaps the other shows like TNG or DS-9 can have another shot if not in a theatrical release at least a direct to DVD movies.

58. Horatio - February 18, 2009

If TNG or DS9 ever are to reappear, it will most likely be in the form of a 2 or 3 night mini series – which IMHO would be the way to go. SciFi Channel…. are you listening?????

The real questin is, would the TNG ego’s who are accustomed to big screen paychecks make the leap back down to television?

59. David West - February 18, 2009

I think, honestly, the most telling thing was the line about Berman not wanting any input from the actors.

Nemesis, as a story, just does not work. Not with what we know of the Romulans before the movie. The fact it is now considered continuity is going to have negative impacts on a lot of projects going forward – including the new movie (see the comic book prequel that is coming out) and Star Trek Online MMORPG.

And, as much as I would have to say it – the Star Trek Online MMORPG may be the ‘future’ of the TNG franchise for the time being. If the Trek movie does well, there will be at least two more TOS movies done with the cast. On TV, the option for Paramount would be towards the trend of the current popular shows – Lost, 24, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, etc – if they even consider Trek for the small screen again and would be more tied to TOS in order to capitalize on the movie successes.

60. JT in TX - February 18, 2009

#55 – Spot on. Paramount eradicated all things Trek after Nemesis for a reason.

To wish for a TNG revival is, I fear to say, folly. It’s done. And that’s sad for me to contemplate, because like so many of us here, TNG and TOS were *my* Star Treks.

And it’s not just economics, guys. Patrick Stewart is nearly 70 now. All of the rest of the cast is 50+, with a couple (Spiner, McFadden) at 60. Sure, we’d still go to see them, but we are no longer a big enough crowd to make a movie profitable.

61. Cameron - February 18, 2009

In relation to the other comments about another TNG movie I would also really like to see a proper sendoff for the TNG cast.

Maybe someone needs to create a petition, I’ll vote.
Trekkies have swayed the stuidos before we can do it again.

62. Jay El Jay - February 18, 2009

What amazes me, is that all of the TNG crew are all still alive and well and WANT to give TNG a good send off. There is also a DEMAND from alot of the fan-base for more TNG style Trek. Why not do it???

We have a new movie coming out that it creating a massive worldwide Trek orgasm, we have A-List celebs like Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig, who would love to have a part in it and a full TNG crew who are likely to give trek another go. PARAMOUNT!!!…. ARE YOU STUPID!! MILK THIS MOFO!!]

A TNG film is just waiting to be made, lets see Picard and Riker picking up the pieces from Nemesis, helping to re-structure the Romulan Empire, im sure the Klingons wont be happy to see the Feds and Rommies getting close, not the mention to Tal-Shiar… There could be a Spock tie-in and even a Nero appearance…

There is also a Star Trek: Titan series waiting, just aching to be made… Frakes, Sirtis, Tim Russ, Wheaton… guess star appearances from Stewart, Mulgrew, Visitor, Burton, Spiner, Dorn and even Mr Nimoy or the Shat!! Titan could explore the Beta-Quadrant, but not in some Voyager way… in a TOS/Next Gen way, with a DS9 continuity. Potential villains could be Romulans, Klingons, Borg, BREEN (Seriously under-used) Remans and even the Kessok (Bridge Commander) with the Cardassians lurking around…

There are so many ideas out there…. Trek isnt dead, its just mis-managed, and I hope that the success of this new film, opens up the opportunity for trek to continue into the 25th century, as it should do… we can have 2 seperate treks, JJs Trek and maybe Ira can create a new Titan series, DS9 rocked, and i think Ira, wolfy and Moore was the reason it did, im sure Wolfy would write it, and Moore may be persuaded :) get some of the old crew back like Zimmerman and Westwood!!! Berman AWAY though!!!

Just my 2 cents….

63. Jay El Jay - February 18, 2009

oh and just one last thing…. for people who are worried about how old our TNG stars look, you guys need to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…. age has no boundaries anymore with that kind of CGI!!

64. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - February 18, 2009

I, for one, appreciate Mr. Burton’s forthright comments. I can understand his bristling when discussing Rick Berman’s unwillingness to confer with stars about their characters. These people MADE these characters and understand them best. It’s a missed opportunity and utter insult not to accept or at least discuss ideas from the actors who portray them.

I would love to seem some sort of TNG movie (either theatrical or direct-to-DVD) but it would have to entail some sort of new angle considering all of the actors are getting a bit long in the tooth. If J.J.’s new Trek prevails, I’m sure Paramount will be investing their money into that franchise and not an older one…IMO. Who knows…maybe an entirely new series will return to television in the near future. That would be ok with me as well. Paramount just has to be careful not to over-saturate the market again.

65. KPJC - February 18, 2009

I am not sure if this was spoken about before, but a Star Trek Titan may be the way for Star Trek to be placed back on the air, as well as get the next Gen cast back to the screen.

66. Seany-Wan - February 18, 2009

I too felt that Nemesis dealt the death blow to the TNG franchise. It is sad they went out the way they did. I disagree with his statements regarding the choice of director; the story was bad from the word “go” and it was a total knock-off of “Wrath of Kahn”.

BTW, is it me, or does the beginning, with the music and outer space shot look and sound exactly like the 1986 Transformers Movie? I was expecting to see Unicron…

67. James - February 18, 2009

TNG miniseries? TV adaptation of Star Trek: Countdown? That could work…


68. frederick - February 18, 2009

TNG is still too “new,” comparatively speaking, for a nostalgic revival just yet. It might take a decade or more before the vile taste of Nemesis fades.

Give it time, when the kids that grew up on it get to be older, they’ll want to see it come back, and it will, in some form.

69. AdamTrek - February 18, 2009

If I could spend one hour with four Trek actors to chew the fat, it would be Frakes, Wheaton, Burton, and Nimoy, not in any order of preference.

Those four seem the most “real” to me.


70. Chris Roberts - February 18, 2009

Since Bob Orci has gone on record the changes to the timeline caused
by Neo and his group do not destroy the 24th century shows something
new with the Next Generation Is not out of the question.Most likely It
would be a direct to DVD film.

One of the biggest mistakes I felt was how the last 2 films Ignored the
Domonion War.Insurrection would have been better If we could have
seen what The enterprise was doing during the war,and the aftermath
of the war was largely Ignored.

The problem with doing the Next Generation as another therical release Is some will say how can you do another when you rebooted the series.SOme don’t pay close attention to what the filmmakers say or only pay attention to J J Abrams attempts to get new people Into Star Trek.SOme just don’t want to listen when I point out on forums this ISn’t a total reboot of Star Trek but time travel caused alteration of the timeline.

71. Mark - February 18, 2009

While I enjoyed TNG, TOS was always the fav. Saying that, I would love to see a TNG movie, but not in the theaters. Have CBS– not SciFi– do a big TNG movie on the network since they own the rights. While a theatrical release would likely only tank again, I’ll bet that would draw huge ratings. TNG could never make the full transition to film, and I’d rather see them stop trying. Give us a good, big TV movie as a great send off to these guys.

72. VOODOO - February 18, 2009

The only way TNG comes back is as a tv project. As popular as the TNG characters are they are not iconic in the sense that Kirk and Spock are.

I would love to see a Titan series, tv movie or mini series.

73. Spock - February 18, 2009

Face it TNG fans, your show is over. It is now a footnote in Star Trek history. It never achieved the pop culture status of the original. Paramount decided to restart the franchise with characters even the general public knows. I think it is great that the original series is starting to get all the attention again.

The question now should be, what is the future of the modern trek series on HD? Are we ever going to see it transition to the new format? I guess the decision to cheap out and do it on video now has consequences.

74. Trekee - February 18, 2009

I think a rehash of TNG in their old setting would be a little pointless but why not just grab it by the ears and make it all epic and for the highest stakes. In fact, get Ron Moore back for a TNG reboot.

I’d watch that!

Btw, great interview. Always good to get some plain speaking from someone as important to Trek as Levar.

75. VOODOO - February 18, 2009

I don’t think TNG makes sense on the big screen, but I do think there would be huge interest for a Titan tv project.

76. ensign joe - February 18, 2009

LeVar Burton will be remembered as an individual who made lasting and positive impacts on the world.

Cheers LeVar! I think I will go read a book..

As for TNG movies.. didn’t like a one.. The Borg are a collective and were neutered.. NCC-1701-D… after all those glorious missions.. died at the hands of a Bird-Of-Prey because of some gimic.. Corny western shootouts have no place in a Trek movie.. the series sure, but movie no.. ugh do I sound bitter?

TNG deserved better..

If anything I’d say either go for the gusto with an Abrams backed TNG movie or go straight to dvd with the Titan movie/pilot.. or hey what about Titan but based on the (and I’m assuming here) NEW timeline from Orci’s trek..

77. NCC-73515 - February 18, 2009

“Geordi sees sound, and he sees it along with the whole other range of the spectrum.”

Sound here is a longitudinal wave of compressed air. It has nothing to do with EM waves. Geordi does not see sound and the rest of “the spectrum” is something completely different.

78. 1701 over Gotham City - February 18, 2009

TNG should be done. Despite where people jumped on board and what their favorite is, TOS is the core. People that dislike or are ignorant of TOS need to understand that their would be no Trek without it, and everything that has come since has built a foundation on it. Why shouldn’tit be the one to recliam and retain the glory?

TNG had some wonderful moments, but it also helped to bring a lot of muck and mire that truly need to be trimmed away.

79. Check The Circuit - February 18, 2009

It’s refreshing to hear blunt comments. So many interviews are guarded and politically correct. It’s nice to be able to hear what’s really on some one’s mind and unfiltered facts…at least through the POV of the interviewee.

80. adjunct37beta - February 18, 2009

love the straight answers rather than the political drivel you normally hear and the dancing around tough questions that normally come out of interviews. He was honest and gave his opinion without sugar coating it…it’s funny to hear alot of the TNG actors say the same thing about Stuart Baird and I think most of us would agree.

81. thorsten - February 18, 2009

It remains to be seen how well George Lucas Star Wars live-action TV series will fare next year… Lost will end in 2010, a lot of fans will become homeless after that finale. BSG ends in a couple of weeks, to be followed by Caprica, another prequel story. The Stargaters will get Universe… alot is going on with the SciFi TV market soon…

82. ety3 - February 18, 2009

#70 —

Actually, the primary impetus in Insurrection is the Dominion War. Picard says it’s not going well, and that desperation is what drives Starfleet and some in the UFP to be OK with eschewing some of their values in the face of defeat. Parallels could be made to some recent events …

83. Spock - February 18, 2009

TNG’s worst contribution to Trek….Technobabble replacing character development and story.

TNG also had some really great contributions to Trek… Yesteday’s Enterprise, Who Watches the Watchers, Tapestry, Q Who, Best of Both Worlds, Chain of Command….

84. Stan Winstone - February 18, 2009

Levar is lucky- most of the other second tier players from TNG can’t get arrested in Hollywood. TNG movie sounds like a major long-shot though. Perhaps Shat could get in on that one though?

85. Check The Circuit - February 18, 2009

I’m not sure a change in director you have “fixed” Nemesis. (It would have helped…to be sure.) Say what you will about John Logan…but the story was pretty awful. Convenient that the Remans found B4. Convenient that no one in the quadrant picked of the positronic signature but the Enterprise. Convenient that Shinzon’s health began to deteriorate just as Picard arrives. Convenient that Data’s resurrection device was in place before he even made his sacrifice. That’s lazy and risk-averse storytelling. But that’s what defined the Rick Berman era…”Don’t rock the boat so I can keep collecting my big fat paycheck.”

But Jonathan Frakes couldn’t optimize Insurrection either. I dragged a bunch of co-workers from the office early on a Friday to catch the first showing. I thought after First Contact, I’d be able to recruit some new blood into the Trek universe. When the movie was over, I was pretty embarrassed. Picard doing the Mambo. Data as a floatation device. Klingon pimples! Heavy sigh.

But I do wish that TNG could have gone out on a high instead of the “crash and burn” of Nemesis.

86. zirclet - February 18, 2009

#11: How would I “do” Nemesis?

First thing- if Stuart Baird was on my list, I’d send a memo post-haste, reminding Paramount that as a director he helmed two of the worst action films of the last 20 years (US Marshals, Executive Decision).

Secondly- I’d cast someone other than Tom Hardy and make sure not to dress him up like Wesley Crusher as Dr. Evil. Hardy’s a fine enough actor, but was so far off from anything resembling Patrick Stewart that NOTHING worked. The audience could never invest in the clone business and all of the emotional resonance it was meant to have.

Nemesis’ shooting script was full of potential, but as it stands now it’s a better read than sitting through the botch job that the film became.

87. buddykarl - February 18, 2009

Maybe with the new timeline, when they go back to do TNG, Picard has hair! Spock goes to visit him, takes one look and raises an eyebrow, turns abruptly and leaves the room. While in his shuttle, he can’t contain the human half of himself anymore and starts to laugh to the point of tears. While shaking his head, still laughing and wiping the tears off on the sleeve of his robe, he resolves himself to figure out a way to set the timeline back somehow as he cannot be in the same room with a Picard with hair and keep his Vulcan logical self in control.

88. Ahmed Abdo - February 18, 2009

OT: when are you going to post the Sci-Fi weekly news ?

89. Check The Circuit - February 18, 2009

A Countdown TV movie/miniseries would have been a great idea of marketing and corporate synergy. They should have saved a few million bucks of their budget to fund it. They could have shot it simultaneously to save a few bucks. CBS could have aired an episode a week leading up to the movie premiere.

It’s amazing how much creativity is found on sites like this and with the fans….and how little is found with the suits at the studios.

I really enjoyed the first issue of the comic book series. Outstanding last page. And one of my favorite new Trek quotes….”Friends, Romulans, Countrymen, we have the same ears.” Bwah-ha-ha!

90. Locke for President - February 18, 2009

Stuart Baird didn’t write the script for Nemesis. No outstanding director could have radically changed the premise and what was written on the page.

Unless, of course, he was involved in creating the script. Which Baird wasn’t.

91. Chris - February 18, 2009

Another TNG movie?

LOL- dream on, Levar.

TNG is over and done with- Trek is back to its roots now.

And nothing would have saved NEAR MISS- it was a ripoff of TWOK to begin with- it would have been better to go with a completely original story- but then Rick Berman would have been incapable of that…

92. Seany-Wan - February 18, 2009

I still say the begining of “Nemesis” looks and sounds like Transformers: The Movie!


93. Dom - February 18, 2009

Nemesis was a conceptual failure from the ground up!

TNG’s had it now! After Nemesis, what audience it still has is a fans-only audience. And they simply wouldn’t buy enough DVD units to make it worth it, hence JJ’s movie being designed to bring in new and previously-disaffected punters.

I always had issues with TNG and the fact that the people who ran it didn’t understand what Star Trek was about, meaning the show strayed from or just plain misunderstood TOS (then again Rick Berman and Brannon Braga never really watched TOS!)

After sitting through Generations, I drifted away from contemporary TV Trek completely. After seeing Nemesis in the cinema, I can honestly say that I never want to see TNG again! It’s like that ‘friend’ you hang out with that is reasonable company, even though they can be a bit annoying, but then they do something so irritating that you cut yourself off from them . . . and you realise how much happier you are!

Most likely is that JJ’s film is successful, they make a sequel and spin off a straight-to-DVD film using the existing sets! To make a TNG film now would mean starting from scratch in terms of production design, sets, FX and even costumes.

If some of the TNG cast is so keen to come back, they should take a leaf out of James Cawley’s and Tim Russ’s books and make a self-funded web fan film!

94. CmdrR - February 18, 2009

Wow… these arguments go round in circles.

I just read a quote from Robert Plant, on returning to the studio with Alison Kraus to follow-up the wonderful “Raising Sand” album. See if this isn’t how we’d LIKE to see our TNG heroes speak:

“The one thing we certainly can’t do is try and repeat Raising Sand. That was a moment in time and a beautiful moment, so to try and do that sort of thing again would detract from that.”

That’s a classy statement. I wish all the TNG-ers all the best, but hope that they don’t finish their days looking backwards.

95. bill hiro - February 18, 2009

“Stop hating on Next Gen just because TOS is fashionable. It wasn’t cool to do it to TOS when Next Gen was all the rage.”

Actually it *was* cool to do it to TOS when TNG was all the rage. “Oh its so campy! It looks so bad! The effects are terrible! How can anybody take Shatner seriously? The make-up is awful!” Grit your teeth and bear it.

96. THX-1138 - February 18, 2009

Wow. You post something about what you’d like to see on this site and people start to act as if you told them they had to change religions.

All of you erudite TNG haters can get stuffed. I lived to watch TNG when it was on. And so did many others. I still get really annoyed with all the people who insist that it is dead. With that kind of thinking TMP never get’s made. With that kind of thinking this new movie never get’s made. I still say that by JJ having at least a portion of this movie taking place in the 24th century the door is opened to the Next Gen crew, in at least some capacity. Add to that fact that JJ himself admits that he is more of a Next Gen guy and you can see that the potential exists.

All the studio experts around here need to see what this new movie holds. Four years ago we all KNEW that there would NEVER be another TOS movie. Well look where we are now. I’ve seen Patrick Stewart. He could still play the part. And if not, Frakes isn’t exactly using a walker. Brent Spiner might not exactly be able to play an android but a mature Wil Wheaton, Gates, Marina (who still looks great), Burton and Michael Dorn are all able to fill their roles. Or not. There are actors from Voyager or DS9 or (shocking!) actors as yet to ever be in Trek ready to be a part of it.

By saying that TNG or something from that era will never be done is seriously limiting the possibilities. Star Trek has never really done that. THAT would be the move that would be “not true to form.”

97. spook - February 18, 2009

I think they should do a prequel TNG movie
They could have the little bald guy from the Austin powers films playing picard as a child.

98. Dom - February 18, 2009

96. THX-1138

TOS is over too. New movie. New cast. It’s clearly not TOS, rather a ‘next-generation’ film that is using the original characters in a new way!

I’m cool with that. Trek needed a new approach and a fresh cast bringing something new to the iconic characters who made Trek what it was!

These things go in cycles: you get ‘children of . . .’ series for a while, then a reboot that allows the cobwebs to be blown away.

I appreciate that you and certain people might have ‘lived’ to watch TNG (which is frankly a bit sad when there’s such a big world out there!) but the audience who watched then have left it behind to watch shows like Lost and 24. They won’t come back for a DVD film!

Three years ago, we didn’t ‘know’ there’d never be a new film or show featuring the original characters. Actually, by the middle of the decade there was already a buzz that once Berman’s ties with Trek were severed a reboot was on the cards. JM Straczynski and Bryce Zabel had drawn up a proposal for a new Kirk show and people were starting to talk about getting back to what made Trek the show it was!

Ron Moore had commented that Trek could do with a restart and, to prove his point, made Galactica which had the effect of making Enterprise, the Stargates and most other scifi shows look stiff and old-fashioned.

And that’s the thing, I’m afraid. With looser dialogue and a sexier, more action-orientated vibe, do most people want to go back to stiff, cod-Shakespearian dialogue, uptight TV acting, pastel sets and a propensity for spouting purple prose over action?

I’d say that people wouldn’t buy into that anymore. Trek’s moved on. Most of TNG, DS9, Voyaer and Enterprise’s cast have too. Let TNG be a good memory of successful late-80s TV that went out with a bang (even if season 7 was showing the cracks) and try to overlook the TNG films!

99. bill hiro - February 18, 2009

“Four years ago we all KNEW that there would NEVER be another TOS movie. ”

We’re not getting a TOS movie now either. Different actors, different characters with the same names. Nobody is going to confuse Trek ’09 with the original Star Trek.

100. Ensign RedShirt - February 18, 2009

98 Dom

I totally agree. TNG’s time has passed. Sad, but true.

101. tman - February 18, 2009

Patrick Stewarts looking his age (almost 69). I can’t imagine an exciting film with that cast with the direct to video budget (at best) they could pull from studios. Would anyone see a recast TNG film? I doubt it. If the cast have unfinished business, they should find a way to do movies for the net or some cookies for a DVD re-release… Frakes could direct. Seems some of them have time on their hands..

102. Alec - February 18, 2009

TNG: great TV series; uninspiring film series.

I, personally, don’t want to see any more of TNG. It’s had its day. It’s time for something new. If this new film is successful, Paramount will either continue with this film series (very likely) or start a new TV series (unlikely in the short term) or both (very unlikely). They are not going to make a serious return to TNG. (An animated series is a possibility; but I can’t see that being a hit; nor do I see Patrick Stewart being interested in that.) A serious return to TNG makes no business sense. They are certainly not going to return to TNG if this film fails. So, either way, TNG seems to have had its day, certainly as the tent pole of the Star Trek franchise. Some fans just seem incapable of letting go. I suspect that this may change if this new film reinvigorates the franchise, with its cast of alternative universe characters.

Nemesis was my favourite TNG film (fifth overall). And it was clearly a send-off for the TNG crew: the whole film was about change, the end of an era, with the crew going off on their various different paths. That was obvious from the wedding scene onwards. One swan song is enough. It reminds me of those who were bitterly unhappy that Kirk only had two send-offs! We have 7 seasons composing 178 episodes and 4 films of TNG. That’s enough, surely?

And I don’t think that the character of Geordie was particularly interesting or important. They did pretty much everything they could with that. We saw the world through Geordie’s eyes in Heart of Glory. That effect, I think, would tire quickly. It certainly wouldn’t impress contemporary, mainstream filmgoers.

103. Charlie in Colorado - February 18, 2009

Well said LeVar, and I hope the Next Gen crew gets that “one more shot to go out well.”

104. Jerky - February 18, 2009

“With looser dialogue and a sexier, more action-orientated vibe, do most people want to go back to stiff, cod-Shakespearian dialogue, uptight TV acting, pastel sets and a propensity for spouting purple prose over action?”

I agree! The Shakespeare, classical music, and the show-tunes are the things that I cringe at when watching TNG episodes and movies. Did Stewart and Spiner have clauses in their contracts that they must perform this stuff?

105. Dom - February 18, 2009

102. Alec: ‘One swan song is enough. It reminds me of those who were bitterly unhappy that Kirk only had two send-offs!’

The problem with the Kirk send-offs was that TUC’s was pitch perfect, then Berman went and ruined it in Generations.

Shatner has pretty much said they’d have come up with a way to kill Kirk in Generations even if he refused to appear in the film, so he figured it was better to appear than have some (hypothetical) garbage like cutting a CGI Enterprise and outtakes of Kirk to look like a death scene.

it was the awfulness of Generations that irritated TOS and Kirk fans, but it’s clear that Berman literally and metaphorically wanted to bury TOS!

As for Levar Burton’s dismissive remarks about editors (I am an editor, btw) Robert Wise and David Lean were editors too! Wise cut Citizen Kane pretty darn well before directing The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Haunting as well as some movie based on a 60s sci-fi show. And Lean is one the the greatest directors of the 20th Century!

106. Sid - February 18, 2009

I’d kill for a direct-to-DVD TNG movie.

Or an ENT one.

107. LCDRTrev - February 18, 2009

I say give it a few years and then re-launch TNG. As much as I love the actors of our well known TNG fame, think about the possibilities:

Cast an actaul French guy (Patrick is a God, but seriously…the accent?)

Age Wesley…the character was a cool concept but make him a cadet from day one. An 18-20 year old might be more interesting from a story perspective than a 14 year old.

Make Data the Science Officer, as he was originally intended to be.

Don’t kill Tasha. Make Worf Ops Officer and keep Tasha around. By Season 4 we could be looking at Lt. Commander Yar who will have developed into a character who is as smart as she is kick-@$$.

Keep Troi in her uniform from day 1!

Never put anyone, male or female in a skirt!

Chief Engineer from day one, please!

Explore beyond space that is within a weeks travel to a Starbase

Never, under any circumstances try to do “Home Soil” again.

Make the bridge look a lot less like the living room on the set of “Empty Nest”

Rogue factions of Klingons, or even an entire portion of the Empire who refuses to adopt the treaty.

Two words: Ensign Ro

Think…don’t react…just think about it.

108. T.U.M. - February 18, 2009

@35. 4 8 15 16 23 42 – February 18, 2009

>>He’s telling it like it is, without prejudice. Vis-a-vis Rick Berman, he didn’t welcome feedback from the actors, it just wasn’t his style – maybe it was even the right decision. In Voyager, some of the ways Picardo colors the Doctor character work for me, and others seem forced or cheesy.<>85. Check The Circuit – February 18, 2009

I’m not sure a change in director you have “fixed” Nemesis. (It would have helped…to be sure.) Say what you will about John Logan…but the story was pretty awful.<<

I agree. One would hope that Frakes would have had enough sensitivity to the material to demand rewrites, but who knows – maybe he wouldn’t have had the clout do do so.

I can see the new movie, pluse TNG returning to syndication, sparking enough nostalgia to prompt a reunion on the small screen. And really, that’s where TNG shone, with the small, intimate stories.

109. T.U.M. - February 18, 2009

Oh, I fail so badly at formatting on this site. here goes again.

“35. 4 8 15 16 23 42 – February 18, 2009

>>He’s telling it like it is, without prejudice. Vis-a-vis Rick Berman, he didn’t welcome feedback from the actors, it just wasn’t his style – maybe it was even the right decision. In Voyager, some of the ways Picardo colors the Doctor character work for me, and others seem forced or cheesy.”

Word. Eight times out of ten when something rings very false to me in a TV series, I find out later that it was an idea pitched by the actor. Like you say, It can work, but it can just as easily go terribly wrong.

“85. Check The Circuit – February 18, 2009

I’m not sure a change in director you have “fixed” Nemesis. (It would have helped…to be sure.) Say what you will about John Logan…but the story was pretty awful.”

I agree. One would hope that Frakes would have had enough sensitivity to the material to demand rewrites, but who knows – maybe he wouldn’t have had the clout do do so.

I can see the new movie, plus TNG returning to syndication, sparking enough nostalgia to prompt a reunion on the small screen. And really, that’s where TNG shone, with the small, intimate stories.

110. Chadwick - February 18, 2009

I agree, The Next Generation went out on a bad note, should not the series end on a good note? Nemesis was a terrible way to finish TNG. Personally I though First Contact was great and the others were good. Even if the cast is older (and they will be) I believe they can still do one more TNG movie and go out with a bang. Big budget, great movie, Riker and Troi are the Titan in battle hand in hand with the Enterprise E, hell even throw in some Voyager and DS9 cast members. HEY! There is an idea. As fans we hoped that maybe the Voyager and DS9 cast would get at least…AT LEAST one feature film. I say they do a TNG era film blow out and get cast members from TNG, DS9, and Voyager. I mean we are the fans, we are the consumers, we along with many other people are the ones going to see Star Trek movies, so it is US that Paramount has to caters to, WE are the ones that decide if the franchise lives or dies, NOT Paramount.

I hate to say it, direct to TV movies are not all that great but I would not mind if Star Trek did something like that. Granted direct to TV films dont have the budget that feature films have but they would have a higher budget then a single TV episode.


111. Ensign RedShirt - February 18, 2009

No director was going to have enough clout to demand rewrites. The TNG films were producer driven, and Rick Berman called the shots.

TNG returning to the small screen would be difficult. Paramount sold off alot of material at the Christy’s auction, so alot of stuff would have to be rebuilt. That’s also not factoring in the interest and cost of bringing back Stewart and Spiner.

112. Chris - February 18, 2009

The comment that Berman never listened to the actors was a bit baffling to me. My impression was that Patrick Stewart had quite a bit of influence on the final version of ST: Insurrection. As I remember reading somewhere, Michael Piller was a tad frustrated at the changes he had to make to accommodate Stewart’s demands/conditions.

And I know for fact that Brent Spiner worked closely with John Logan on Nemesis. He got a story credit along with Logan and Berman.

So maybe Berman doesn’t want to hear from ALL the actors, but he has certainly allowed some of them to be more involved…maybe the ones he thinks are essential to bring onboard.

113. Dom - February 18, 2009

107. LCDRTrev

Yeah, I like the idea, but you need to find what’s archtypal in these characters. Trek prefigured Star Wars’s strong use of archetypes by making its main characters effectively a warrior, a priest and a doctor..

TNG’s problem is that it’s characters were (certainly to begin with) more stereotypical. Picard was the the family authority figure, seen in everything from Ben Cartwright in Bonanza to Oscar Goldman in The Six Miliion Dollar Man in Knight Rider. Wesley was John Boy Walton (Wil Wheaton even bore a passing resemblance to Richard Thomas) and Data was another goofy robot/android who wanted to be human. Troi was a just a hippie flake.

Tasha Yar was ahead of her time: it took Katee Sackhof’s Kara Thrace to get that character right though! Worf was the token ‘This isn’t the 23rd century anymore’ character. LaForge had little going for him except that he had a hairband over his eyes and Crusher was the novelty woman doctor.

What was iconic about any of these people? Not much! The performances ultimately saved a bland bunch of non-entities. Certainly I think they could have a new Star Trek: The Next Generation in time. But better perhaps to have completely new characters (who perhaps maintain some of the names) in a period closer to the setting of the Kirk era, so time travel isn’t needed every time the old cast appear.

114. Dom - February 18, 2009

112. Chris

The agents of Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner, as the lead actors, would have made sure their clients had a lot of clout about how the films should be made.

I know Stuart Baird is blamed for Nemesis (clearly he and his cast didn’t click) but Rick Berman was very much in charge, so no major director was going to work on the film. And, frankly, Berman sat in the edit suite with Stuart Baird and oversaw a good deal of last-minute butchery on the film.

End of the day, as happened with Gene Roddenberry, control of the films should have been given to a different producer and Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes should have joined him to become the Nimoy, Bennet and Meyer of the TNG films.

115. I'm Captain Kirk... I'M CAPTAIN KIRK! - February 18, 2009

Fact: If Paramount had completely abandoned TNG, we would not see them doing rereleases of TNG episodes on DVD. Meaning, if they were trying to bury TNG in the past, and not create any renewed interest in it, they would not be doing it on DVD, and would just be sticking to milking the TOS stuff.

116. Ensign RedShirt - February 18, 2009


Paramount was selling plenty of TOS material for years during the TNG-DS9-VOY-ENT era. Just because they’re milking the license doesn’t mean they have any interest in pursuing new projects. When I purchased TOS on DVD I didn’t think that it would lead to another project with the original cast.

117. paul - February 18, 2009

I think any next gen film should include members of each next gen show, involve the idea of alternate dimensions of time and involve a final all out Star Trek War between a brand new super advanced form of humanoid. “STar TReK: EnDGame”. My pics for characters: Captain LaForge, Captain O’Brien, Captain Kira, Admiral Janeway, Admiral Sisko and Quark has to in it somehow. The story should center around LeForge’s ship and crew, and no, Picard shouldn’t be in it, but yes, Frakes should direct. It would make Paramount a lot of money!!

118. The Lensman - February 18, 2009

“‘One swan song is enough. It reminds me of those who were bitterly unhappy that Kirk only had two send-offs!’

Exactly. Nemesis was very much a “good-bye” movie. Too bad that it sucked and that’s the way it went out.

“Shatner has pretty much said they’d have come up with a way to kill Kirk in Generations even if he refused to appear in the film, so he figured it was better to appear than have some (hypothetical) garbage like cutting a CGI Enterprise and outtakes of Kirk to look like a death scene.”

No, this is Shatner finally hearing from fans who are placing the blame for agreeing to do it on HIM. For years people blamed Berman (who deserves a lot of blame for a lot of things….killing Kirk isn’t one) for doing something William Shatner had complete control over.

The whole point of Generations was that Kirk and Picard team up against a bad guy. Seriously, to suggest that the technology existed back then to insert a Kirk in the movie who could do that is just plain ludicrous. Without the Kirk-Picard team up, there’s absolutely no point to having Kirk in the movie at all.

“I still get really annoyed with all the people who insist that it is dead. With that kind of thinking TMP never get’s made.”

Sorry, doesn’t work that way. You’re leaving out all of the conditions that exist between both shows at the same state.

ST ran for three seasons, was cancelled then went into syndication in a U.S. where most cities had, at best, 5 to 6 channels of televised programming. So more people watched basically the same stuff and this is why older people revere so many older shows. Because we all watched them at some point or another and they form many cultural and generational touchstones.

Most people in the 70’s knew what Star Trek was. Most people knew what the Enterprise was and what it looked like. Most people knew who Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Bones were. They knew Klingons and Romulans were bad guys. Most people had seen at least a handful of eps and could remember things like “the green chick” or Kirk fighting the “lizard man”.

Since the show really took off once it was out of production, and more people were watching than when it originally aired, people were hungry for more. Shows like Space:1999, which for all it’s faults, had excellent FX pre-Star Wars, kinda showed that 2001 style stuff could be done on a T.V. budget. Then Star Wars came out and sci-fi became cool.

It only made sense to bring Trek back and show what could be done with better FX and more story telling freedom. Again….people were HUNGRY for Trek.

Flash forward to the end of the TNG era. Taking TNG, DS9, and Voy into account, that’s twenty televised years in the same millieu as opposed to ST’s three.
In addition, a pre-fab, factory produced mindset and feel was seeping in with Voy’s creation and later Ent. You had more sci-fi, both on t.v. and at the movies. You had more channels to watch with the advent of cable, and even more so with the advent of satellite where you have literally a hundred or so channels of stuff to watch and so many shows that you can watch any number of shows that people you know have never heard of.

The TNG era became a huge, bloated construct, sagging under it’s own weight and mediocrity. In this case, there was TOO MUCH Trek, and people have had their fill of it. Add to the fact that the TNG crew never reached the same level in the public consciousness, the post-TNG shows barely registering on anyone outside of fandom’s radar.

So, pretty much, outside of a small devoted segment of the over all fandom, no one’s really clamoring for a return of the TNG crew.

That’s the difference.

It’s not about saying “never”. It’s about there being no great demand for TNG to return.

Sure, when the new movie comes out, I’m sure members of that segment of fandom will want some TNG….but you’ll have people wanting “classic” TNG vs. people wanting a new TNG. So even that segment of the fanbase will be split into two smaller segments.

direct to DVD? Sorry, but these shows aren’t cheap to make, and as someone’s pointed out, all the costumes and sets are gone. So it’s not cost effective to build it all back up for an era there’s no great clamor for.

This is a new era, and the old is dead and gone. Frankly I’m glad of it. I was tired of the assembly line mindest of Trek t.v. shows, both in producers and fans. I recall when Ent came out that you already had people talking about what “Series 6″ would be when Voy. went off the air.
Trek fans got used to having multiple Treks on the air and just assumed it would always be that way from there on. Some just grew up in that environ and didn’t know any better.

Trek has been returned to it’s original state: There’s one.
It’s Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Bones again.

As for the idea of “moving forward”? No, we’ve seen glimpses of that on previous shows….and it’s pretty much the same old stuff with slightly different sets and uniforms. It wasn’t futuristic enough, and trying project some semblance of believability into it means that you will have a future and human race that is all but unrelatable to by the audience.

Seriously, who would’ve have predicted that in the span of a few decades we’d be carrying our ENTIRE music collection around on little boxes? Now think of what kind of tech should exist with some kind of realistic extrapolation of TNG tech. Hell, on Voy, they were experimenting with holographic flies as spies IIRC in one ep. So jumping forward to a “Next Next Gen” means having tech that would prolly make everything way to easy.

THAT’S why they did Ent as a prequel. Because the further they move away from our time, the less relatable the world and the people who inhabit it become. It was a smart move with crap execution.

Plus, the whole “Hologram Rights” thing was one of, if not THE, single stupidest ideas ever introduced into Trek. I don’t want to see more of that.

So, TNG as you know it is done. Sorry the send off sucked, but they got a send off in a movie that was clearly set up as a send off. They don’t need yet another send off movie.

119. THX-1138 - February 18, 2009


I can appreciate someone having a differing view from mine, but when you say something like how sad you feel that I lived for those Saturday nights to watch TNG and that I perhaps haven’t seen or expeienced enough of the world, then you are being ignorant.

I toured the world on more than one occasion in my profession as a professional musician. I’ve been across this country countless times and have been fortunate enough to see things that I dreamed about when I was a kid. I think it would be best to keep your pity for someone who deserves and wants it.

I stand by what I said in post #96. JJ is a TNG fan. And a portion of this movie IS obviously taking place in the 24th century. I can keep my hope that there is a possibility for a return of TNG era Trek. In one form or another. To dimniss it entirely is to be purposely obtuse.

120. DEMODE - February 18, 2009

Couldn’t JONATHAN FRAKES go back and do a re-edit of NEMESIS for Paramount? I know he didn’t direct it, but the studio owns the film. Would it be possible to do?

…Oh, and YES to TNG DVD Movies!!!!

121. THX-1138 - February 18, 2009



122. DEMODE - February 18, 2009

Oh, and as for a JJ “TNG” movie…. if this movie is a success, and he decided that HE wants to do a TNG film (probably as a producer), I think the studio would say yes to him.

123. rm10019 - February 18, 2009

Levar and Frakes need to walk into Paramount with a Animated Series pitch in hand and bring back the TNG/DS9/VOY era in that form!

124. nephron - February 18, 2009


What if, instead of ANOTHER rehash, the talents & creativity of all the people necessary to bring such a project to fruition were instead directed to something new?

I like Star Trek, & I’ll be first in line for the new film, but jeez…doesn’t anyone else ever get tired of the same ol’ thing? TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, ST 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11….

The phrase “ad nauseam” comes to mind.

Star Trek (with the possible exception of this new movie) has gotten so far up its own a$$ that there simply isn’t much (if any) room for surprises without someone screaming “Can’t do that! It violates canon!”

This movie should be cool, but seriously, doesn’t anyone ever wish all that talent in Hollywood could be directed towards making something NEW instead of more Star Trek, more Star Wars, and remakes of stuff we’ve all seen a million times? Doesn’t anyone ever get bored with the same old thing?

125. Michael - February 18, 2009

#9..the new film “isn’t a time travel film?” HA! Yea..it pretty much is! Time travel has been used since th very first few episodes of the classic series and everyone since, inclding ST4m and of yea…First Contact!

126. ensign joe - February 18, 2009


Totally yo.. Do Titan like the current Clone Wars cartoon.. AWSOME!! Except i’m not sure if the target audience would work out..

127. Holger - February 18, 2009

Yeah, absolutely. Let JJ do a TNG movie. And let a Breen named Tero travel back before the time Picard was born and try to destroy the Federation, thus usher in a new timeline in which Picard fights the sinister Cardassians – and Tero’s manipulations of the timeline somehow make Picard pilot a one-man fighter and wield an enormous raygun. With Vin Diesel playing Picard.

128. THX-1138 - February 18, 2009


That, of course, is another option that I am in favor of.

129. Michael - February 18, 2009

Yes, Berman was a bit too rigid with his direction with trek..he wanted to be right, Roddenberry let others shape it. Paramount wanted another series..simply for the fact $$$ signs were dancing in their heads and thought the gravy train/milk train would never end and fans blindly would follow anything stamped Trek. Look how they got full of themselves and didn’t name Enterprise Trek when it first aired. More scifi shows were competing, other the TNG days when they were the only kid on the block.

130. Mike Ten - February 18, 2009

TNG is over. Do a Titan direct to DVD movie or an adaption to the Countdown comic series that leads up to the new Trek movie.

Babylon 5 and SG1 have done direct to DVD with success, why not Trek? It wouldn’t interfere with the new movies.

131. Holger - February 18, 2009

130: “TNG is over.”
The same could be said about TOS a few years ago.

132. T.U.M. - February 18, 2009

#124 – I hear you, and yes, I’m sure we’d all like to see new original projects on TV and movies. I do get tired of the “EVERYTHING has to have a sequel/remake” philosophy.

But I don’t think it has to be an either/or proposition, especially with a property that has, against all odds, stood the test of time the way Star Trek has. There’s a happy medium in there somewhere, I’m sure.

133. ML31 - February 18, 2009

I happen to agree with many. TNG is likely done for good.

One thing that I think might be good is to do some kind of massive, “wrap everything up” kind of miniseries on HBO or something. Settle things for all the characters from all the 25th century set shows. Then many some people (including fans) would get some kind of closure.

Plus, I think TNG needs a 2nd chance for a good sendoff. I am one of the few who seemed to really like “Nemesis” and am OK with that being a good send off. But “All Good Things” was really, REALLY bad.

Best send off? “The Undiscovered Country”. Hands down.

134. DGill - February 18, 2009

I would be amazed if TNG made a comeback feature-wise, but I highly doubt it. A majority of the cast seems pumped to return, but Patrick Stewart seems like he wants to live out the remainder of his life on stage (even though he may have indicated to Jonathan Frakes and others that he would do another one), and Brent Spiner is way too old to play Data again. He barely got away with it during “Nemesis”; there’s only so much make-up you can cake on. I agree with 130 that a “Countdown” adaptation would be interesting, but beyond that, Paramount will most likely mine the JJ-verse for sequels if this film is successful.

On another note, LeVar Burton sounds like a joy to interview. He was spot-on in regards to Stuart Baird because that man had zero passion for Trek. I remember listening to the director commentary and being dumbstruck by his dull demeanor and lack of enthusiasm for the film itself. Instead, he pointed out obvious things like “The beam that Shinzon’s ship is firing is CG”. Um, yeah.

135. S. John Ross - February 18, 2009

“I am not a nitpicker” are the five most beautiful words in Star Trek fandom.

I love you, LeVar Burton :)

136. Check The Circuit - February 18, 2009

What’s with the interest in direct-to-DVD movies? Was there ever a good one in any genre? I seriously can’t think of one. I always thought the category was the place where once-vital franchises, movie series, etc. go to die. TV budgets usually aren’t generous. DVD projects are known to be even less so.

I’m not saying they can’t be money makers. I guess Disney has done well with their properties/sequels…but have any of them actually come close in quality and execution with their theatrical counterparts? The ones I’ve seen were schlock. Cheap animation, tier-two vocal talent…and so on.

137. THX-1138 - February 18, 2009


” I am one of the few who seemed to really like “Nemesis” and am OK with that being a good send off. But “All Good Things” was really, REALLY bad.”

I totally agree with this statement. Except exactly opposite. Nemesis was bad and AGT was actually quite good.

138. Starfleet06 - February 18, 2009

You know, with all the money that these TNG actors have put together over the years, not to mention the enormous amount of experience they have as a cast (I’m talking as actors, directors, producers, etc.), I’m somewhat confused as to why they don’t sit down and make their own direct to DVD film.

It seems like a large majority of them have expressed an interest in doing something like that. If it’s something that they find as important as they say, I think they should follow the words of Captain Picard and “Make it so.”

139. ensign joe - February 18, 2009

“What’s with the interest in direct-to-DVD movies? Was there ever a good one in any genre? I seriously can’t think of one.”

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

140. Okie Trekker - February 18, 2009

Re: 24 – “Doesn’t anyone ever get bored with the same old thing?”

Valid question. Quintos and Pine may be fine actors, but we’ve seen Kirk and Spock; let’s see someone and something else.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely looking forward to the new movie, but my feeling is that the powers that be are missing a terrific opportunity by not concentrating on the development of stories that take place between the era of Enterprise and that of the original series. Focusing on that period would, I think, open up a great storytelling vista with regards to showing us events that have previously only been hinted at, or introducing to all new characters and situations that could add an even greater depth to the overall Trek universe. (Lucas seems to be taking such a direction with his proposed SW live-action TV series, given his comments that it would focus not on the Skywalker/Vader saga but on other events and characters during the years between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.)

An aside to those TOS and TNG fans who have been taking potshots back and forth at one another: I’m old enough (just barely, having been born in the early 60s, but I AM old enough) to remember watching the original Trek on NBC during its original run. I watched and enjoyed the animated series. Was glad to see the movies brought about by the success of Star Wars (which I love as well). Enjoyed each of the subsequent sequel series (Voyager for me was the most difficult to get into, though I did enjoy it; DS9 was my favorite of the three). Was – and remain – a HUGE fan of Enterprise, which I believe is better than most give it credit for. I’ve tried to look at each series and film on its own merits; yes there are flaws, yes there are things that could have been done differently. But it’s only entertainment; accept it for that and stop trying to turn it into something more.

141. Brian - February 18, 2009


Wow. What a spot-on assessment, on many different levels.

142. Nick Cook - February 18, 2009

@140, Okie Trekker, couldn’t agree more on the aside. Well said that man. :)

143. Commodore Lurker - February 18, 2009

Decloaking . . .

Anthony, again, very well done; please keep the coming.

What happened to the audio versions, loved hearing them???

Recloaking. }:-D>

144. EFFeX - February 18, 2009

UNFINISHED BUSINESS is an understatement! We need a final chapter to the TNG universe and I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. If Nemesis was done correctly, I would have been satisfied, but it just doesn’t sit well the way it ended.

Age does not mean a thing either, so we don’t need to hear people say “oh they are too old”. A great story, acting and characters is all we are going to need to make this work… Oh yeah, and a great director as Burton would agree! Personally, I really do think that a TNG closure movie needs to be in the hands of Frakes. That’s just personal opinion though.

Many thanks to all the interviewers who keep bringing this topic up, we need to continue to show there IS an interest for such a project.

145. THX-1138 - February 18, 2009

Who was clamoring for ANY Star Trek before this movie was announced? Oh sure, a “small devoted core of fans” wanted it but that was it.

When TNG started there was no assembly line mentality to Star Trek. That came after the success of TNG.

And Frakes was quoted in TV Guide at the time of TNG’s run ending that he thought Paramount was making a mistake in taking TNG off the air.

My own personal feeling is that there are more TNG stories that could be told on a big or small screen. That doesn’t take away from my love of TOS. I like them both. Like I enjoy Mexican and Italian food.

Saying that most people knew what Star Trek was in the 70’s is kind of a blanket statement that really says nothing. You could also say that most of those people who “Knew what it was” also thought it was silly. It was a “small core of devoted fans” that kept it alive.

TOS was a huge success in syndication. So was TNG. TOS was great. But you could never succeed with that particular style of storytelling in the 80’s,90’s, and beyond. TNG is in the same boat. It would have to change to meet the demands and tastes of a modern audience. But that doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be done. It is no more dead that TOS was at this point four years ago.

146. joe - February 18, 2009

More next gen movies! They’re the best cast and there are still many stories to tell and money to be made!!! Paramount never did quite know how to manage the series/movies. Best scifi ever!

147. Check The Circuit - February 18, 2009

139 Ensign Joe

I didn’t see Peacekeeper Wars but I did hear some positive buzz about it. Even so…where did the series go from there? Did enough people buy the DVD to warrant additional installments. Did it revive the series?

Not that I know of. Direct to DVD movies is a road to nowhere.

148. John from Cincinnati - February 18, 2009

I don’t know how anyone can say just by having Frakes direct would’ve made ‘Nemesis’ a better movie. Anyone see ‘Insurrection’?

149. Okie Trekker - February 18, 2009


Thanks, Nick. I appreciate that. Nice to know someone was paying attention…

150. John from Cincinnati - February 18, 2009

I’m not a nitpicker either…

That’s why I would like to see Star Wars rebooted to include:

-Julie Andrews as the new Han Solo
-instead of a Death Star, a Death Cheese Ball
-Millennium Falcon should be made to look like, a Falcon.
-Luke portrayed by an Africa-American
-Leia to be a cross dressing bisexual

What? What’s wrong with a “few little” changes?

151. Adam E - February 18, 2009

If you are reading this… do you and Alex have any good ideas for a TNG movie?

152. King Of All Blacks - February 18, 2009

there’s not really anything on tv for TNG audeinces.

the BSG is very dark/unoptimistic and there’s the upcoming The Plan dvd movie and the Caprica tv show which will follow the same dark/unoptimistic formula that those fans like, and that’s fine.

the StarGaters have the upcoming Atlantis &SG1 tv/dvd movies and that’s fine if you enjoy minimal story but a sh!tload of SFX.

so what do the TNG fans have? NOTHING! a series of character-centric tv/dvd movies sounds pretty good right now.

153. King Of All Blacks - February 18, 2009


tv/dvd movies only work if there’s a giant fan base behind it.

Farscape just didn’t have that. There was supposed to be a new Farscape internet tv show, but that went nowhere because I suspect the audience of Farscape just didn’t give a rats ass anymore about it.

that show is dead.

154. JWM - February 18, 2009

TNG is finished. Someone mentioned a straight to DVD movie, though, and that’s intriguing — but how do you possibly pick up again? To be honest and fair, “All Good Things…” was better than any of the movies, AND the perfect ending to the series. A good, permanent ending. It was a shame that the TNG producers and writers basically blew their whole wad on that effort and left themselves nothing really to work with in the movies. Seriously, no movie they released after that series finale could have compared — it really embodied all of the noblest and most intriguing aspects of Trek as a whole: optimism in the face of uncertainty, fight in the face of daunting odds, the decision to work together as one through personal pain.

The TNG movies just couldn’t touch it.

I also find Mr. Burton’s candor refreshing. I respect him for having the courage and honesty when asked a question to simply give an answer. No dodges, just his unvarnished opinion. The world would be a much better place if everyone chose to do that.

155. Jax Maxton - February 18, 2009

They need to use “Futurama” as a model for how to do it. Do a big direct to DVD release and then sell it as a TV movie or miniseries to SCI-FI or any cable network. They would make a TON off of the DVD sales and then they always can make more off the TV rights.

Just look at some other successful TV movies from TV shows lately. BSG is doing ANOTHER movie plus a spin-off that started as a TV movie. 24 just did a TV movie in November. “Babylon 5″ had the “Lost Tales”.

In other words, there’s a way to do it. Movies in theaters are not what they once were. You can make more off a DVD with a well known property than a theatrical release in today’s market. Sure, it may not have the same budget, but with some good scripts and the original cast I could see it really working.

And as to how to do it? Heck, now is a good time to write a new story. None of the characters are tied to ANYTHING! Picard could be an Admiral, Riker a Captain, etc, etc. There’s a terrific opportunity to reintroduce the characters in a very refreshing way.

156. Jax Maxton - February 18, 2009

Another thing you could do is tell stories with “hybrid” casts. Mix together some TNG characters, DS9, and Voyager characters and tell some new stories with a new mix of cast.

The point is that there is a myriad of stories to tell, a ton of fans, and an eager cast. What more is needed? If the new Trek movie works Paramount would be stupid to not exploit the situation and make a few bucks.

157. Sarpok - February 18, 2009

The STORY is the thing.

Get good writers and a movie about Vic the holigram would be a hit.

A little extreme, but it is the truth.

At to Nemisis, personally I like my Star Trek without mental rape scenes. I would like the genius who came up with that.

158. King Of All Blacks - February 18, 2009


I really like that idea of a dvd or theatrical movie with characters from the DS9/VOY series.

the story could be they’re at a conference and they have to solve a mystery!!

159. David - February 18, 2009

Ya know what would have been cool? A duology… start with Spock in the Next Gen universe, and have the Next Gen crew help him stop Nero’s plan… then the cliffhangar could have been Nero and Spock going back in time… and bang, the TOS movie.

Really, I understand the points of view coming from people who say its time to let NEXT GEN rest. However, I agree with LeVar that Nemesis did not do a proper farewell justice for the Next Gen crew… they need something incredible that only JJ Abrams can bring to give them the send off they need…

I say, The NExt Gen crew… with Worf, maybe a crossover with DS9 crew or Voyager crew, but not both… and get Spock in there to give him one last good send off in the up to date timeline… AND get Riker in there to introduce the TITAN to the big screen… then we could have a Titan movie down the road!!

I’m sorry, Next Gen was just my baby, my favorite series, the one I grew up with, being born in 80. Contrary to everyone, I think Nemesis was spectacular, but I know JJ or even Frakes could have done it better.

Come to think of it, a Logic showdown between Data and Spock! That would be hilarious!!

“The truth is in the trying, not the succeeding.” –Rishala to Kirk; Star Trek: Ex Machina

160. Magic_Al - February 18, 2009

Regarding the VISOR and Geordi’s character, yes there was an extended VISOR-vision segment in one first-season episode. That doesn’t matter. The concept was treated as a chance to show off a special effect and that thinking is why it was seldom revisited, the expense of producing the visual effect.

The missed opportunity with Geordi that the writer’s room never got a handle on was showing how the visual information he received would profoundly affect who he is. On BSG the #1 Cylon Cavil complained about being a machine who was made too human (a conceit that flips an old Trek trope on its head) and the Cylon used the example of wanting to see and feel a supernova in the full spectrum and not with limited human eyes. Well, in TNG Geordi was a human who should have been having that kind of experience. He should have been a poet or otherwise expressing these unique sensations.

Geordi should also have been seen as much more empathetic and emotionally intelligent, certainly not shy, although perhaps the presence of Troi made this possibility redundant. Really, Geordi would be able to see everything about a person. Every emotional state, digestive state, change in health. He sees through clothes whether he wants to or not because everything is transparent to him, but it’s all normal in his experience. I always thought it would be a funny gag that Geordi would always know which person in a crowd had farted because he’d have seen. We never learn how the power to perceive everything might change a person and so LeVar’s acting gifts were never fully utilized.

161. Magic_Al - February 18, 2009

One other note on “VISOR-vision” scenes in TNG. They shouldn’t have looked that special. The Bridge viewscreen regularly takes full-spectrum EM radiation detected around the ship and displays the subset of that information that is visible light. If a device transmitted full-spectrum data from Geordi’s VISOR to the viewscreen, the viewscreen would display… guess what? The subset of the spectrum that is visible light. You could choose to transpose any part of the spectrum to visible light for analysis, but by default that holographic viewscreen, retransmitting without distortion the radiation detected by the VISOR, would give you a perfect view of what your human eyes would see if you were in Geordi’s place.

162. JohnnyMoo - February 18, 2009

Fascinating interview, really interesting and frank answers.

163. Dom - February 18, 2009

152. King Of All Blacks: ‘there’s not really anything on tv for TNG audeinces. the BSG is very dark/unoptimistic and there’s the upcoming The Plan dvd movie and the Caprica tv show which will follow the same dark/unoptimistic formula that those fans like, and that’s fine.’

TNG was a much more pessimistic view of the future: religious freedom has been abolished, modern art is non-existent, no new musical movements are in evidence, there’s no money, no entrepreneurs, no drop-outs, no hippies . . . the list goes on. TNG’s humans are more like Data than Data!

The Galactica might be overrun with alcoholics, chainsmokers and adrenaline junkies, often on the brink of mutiny, but as Laura Roslin pointed out, they’ve survived terrible things and kept going! TO my mind, ptimism runs throughout Galactica: that no matter what gets thrown at them, they keep moving on. Galactica is what episode two of The Best of Both Worlds should have been!

118. The Lensman ‘ The whole point of Generations was that Kirk and Picard team up against a bad guy. Seriously, to suggest that the technology existed back then to insert a Kirk in the movie who could do that is just plain ludicrous. Without the Kirk-Picard team up, there’s absolutely no point to having Kirk in the movie at all.’


I didn’t say they’d use a CGI Kirk! Try reading what people post before using out-of-context snippets as an excuse to show-off! I said they’d (HYPOTHETICALLY!!!) create a CGI Enterprise then string a few outtakes together to give the appearance of killing off Kirk at the start!

I was demonstrating what no one would want, not saying it was the effing case!!! [Double >:( and a growl!]

Using outtakes of actors in movies has been far from unknown throughout history! And if you really have a bee in your bonnet about blending CGI and actors in the 1990s, you might have noticed Terminator 2 and The Crow which used it very successfully.

119. THX-1138: ‘I can appreciate someone having a differing view from mine, but when you say something like how sad you feel that I lived for those Saturday nights to watch TNG and that I perhaps haven’t seen or expeienced enough of the world, then you are being ignorant.’

No, because you obviously looked forward to TNG, but you didn’t live for it, given your other experiences! Try saying things like they are! I feel sorry for anyone whose entire week is built around a television show! I look forward to Battlestar Galactica a great deal. But I have better things to do than live for it!

‘JJ is a TNG fan. And a portion of this movie IS obviously taking place in the 24th century.’

He said he watched TOS and TNG, then disengaged from the franchise. He also said he was really more of a Star Wars fan. He also said he was a casual viewer, not an enthusiast. He says a lot of stuff, often a bit contradictory, mainly because he has to deal with people on one side who can’t handle the recasting and redesign of TOS and another crowd on the other side who can’t cope with the fact that there won’t be a fifth TNG movie.

Plus he has to convince the general public and casual fans that the movie he’s making isn’t an exclusive little piece for the above-mentioned extremist fanboy types! ;)

TNG was popular twenty years ago and already had it’s own great send-off in All Good Things . . .’ followed by some cheap movies as an afterthought. TNG no longer has lots relevant stories to tell. TNG is about California in the late-80s and early-90s. The new Star Trek is about us in 2009!

End of the day, JJ’s an enthusiastic, talented guy who watched Trek and liked it, bit not to the point of obsession! As an up-and-comer, he reckons he has the nouse to sell Trek’s appeal outside the fanboy ghetto it’s been stuck in since the late-80s! People should cut him some slack and let him get on with things!

164. JoeB319 - February 18, 2009

I think Levar Burton is right on about Nemesis. It was suck-ass and boring as hell. It had a lot of moments that could have been great, but the whole thing kind of played flat. I do not think it was the writing; Logan is great and loves Star Trek. I wish they would do a better ending for the TNG crew, but I agree that I think that ship has sailed.

165. EFFeX - February 18, 2009

The ship hasn’t sailed, I think people just need to come to the realization that a silver screen release is not going to happen. The straight to DVD, but recognized as cannon route is the way to go.

166. RetroWarbird - February 18, 2009

Next Gen absolutely deserves another film, and I’d be thrilled with Direct-to-DVD, since it’s probably the most probably way it would happen.

But more than that … the entire TNG era deserves to have threads from ALL THREE shows merge into a movie that has the culminations and finales for all of them. Maybe not every single character from TNG, DS9 and VOY, but definitely all of TNG, Riker with his crew, DS9 majors who are still on the station, and VOY majors with unfinished business.

And in the interest of being amazing, it would need to be a full-tilt political intergalactic war story, because anything less (Time Travel, Exploration, etc …) would not fit. Plus we’ve seen from Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country that the political ones are always the best.

Could they wrap up Picard’s last mission, final fate of Data, final fate of Sisko and Bajor, “what’s new with Geordi, Riker, Kira, Janeway, Barclay, Bashir and Worf” and “the big aliens of Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons, Andorians, and such” all into two hours?

Sure! And without even tipping the balance that was established after the Dominion War.

167. ac - February 18, 2009

i hope TNG gets a good send off eventually. they deserve it. i find it hard to believe that the tv series was so compelling, but out of the 4 movies they did, only ‘first contact’ was good. it should happen.

168. ac - February 18, 2009

hmmm JJ directing a TNG film……i don’t see why not. levar’s opinion isn’t as far fetched as some tend to think. if this new film does well, then another will definitely come. whos’ to say that JJ wouldn’t be interested in TNG as well.

169. rangerone314 - February 18, 2009

26. Stanky McFibberich

Don’t forget that Scotty was also brought back to life once…

170. rangerone314 - February 18, 2009

How about an epic where the Federation gets sucked into a war between the Borg and the Dominion, hence Picard, Janeway and Sisko getting sucked into it?

171. Dom - February 19, 2009

170. rangerone314 ‘How about an epic where the Federation gets sucked into a war between the Borg and the Dominion, hence Picard, Janeway and Sisko getting sucked into it?’

How about Trek disappears up its own backside and no one ever watches it again? Because what you’re proposing is exactly the formula for that!

Remember, TOS just stopped: no ‘proper’ final episode. The sci-fi boom in the 1970s allowed an experiment: put Star Trek on the big screen nand continue it. 30 years later, TOS is now ripe for an overhaul.

TNG ran for seven years and finished with an episode that beautifully tied the whole series in a neat bow and looked to the characters’ future as well. ‘All Good Things . . .’ was a very good piece of closure for the characters and that series. The movies were pointless after that episode! TNG could do little other than rehash old themes in the cinema, because it had already been concluded! That’s partly why no one (including much of the cast) really liked Generations! It seemed like a cheap afterthought!

DS9 is over: it had a full life as a TV show and had a proper ending. It’s been off air for a decade and always appealed to a smaller audience anyway. Why drag out characters whose story has been told and is over? I’m actually about to start watching it through properly on DVD now, but I’ve seen enough down the years to know that it properly comes to an end. It’s a shame when things get dragged out beyond their natural life.

Voyager got back to Earth. That was the point of the series and was the literal and metaphorical journey of the characters. There’s nothing left to say about them. Janeway’s appearance in Nemesis was fun as a cameo, but otherwise pointless! Unless Voyager had got back to Earth at the end of season 6 and found the Federation was a smoking ruin, what was there to say once they got home? The Federation was still there, nothing much had changed, so it was back to ho-hum lives!

Enterprise had a botched early ‘ending’ (thanks Rick and Brannon!) and we know it shares the timeline with neo-Trek, so there is perhaps room for Enterprise DVDs, although this would have to be an Enterprise that leads into neo-Trek, rather than TOS: easily done in the aftermath of the temporal cold war. Simply ignore the final episode of Enterprise (alternate timeline) and there’s a possibility for you!

172. Spock - February 19, 2009

I really dig what Levar is saying here. It’s great to hear a Trek actor that doesn’t sit there and fluff people he’s worked with needlessly. He’s honest – “Berman didn’t want input”, the stuff he said about Baird – all true, and to the point.

However – as far as more TNG goes, Burton, dude… the dream is over. It’d be like a new TOS movie coming out back in, say, 1998.
I guess it’ll just be the road not taken, unfortunately. I wish more had been made of the TOS cast while they were all still alive – somewhere out there, “Secret of Vulcan Fury” resources are rusting away in some drawer, when they could be turned into a game, an animated film, a radio play… but nope, not gonna happen.

Same with TNG – time to move on. The only way we’ll see more TNG is if the cast themselves make something. Like when Tim Russ made a fanfilm – except I’d hope that Frakes or someone could do a GOOD job of it… honestly, “Of Gods and Men” was like watching 13 year olds make a movie on their mobile phones. I refuse to think that Russ could call in so many favours… borrowed sets, ex Trek actors, all of that … but he couldn’t get someone to film the damn thing properly? Frustrating, truly frustrating.

But yeah – I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but there won’t be any more TNG. Not ‘officially’, anyway.

173. andrew - February 19, 2009

Make more next gen!!
or at least next gen remastered.
I love TOS and cant wait to see the new movie but I am only 25 years old
I was raised on Next Gen!
Long live Geordi!!!!!!!!!!!

174. andrew - February 19, 2009

Ronald D Moore’s – Titan!

175. ensign joe - February 19, 2009

“Did enough people buy the DVD to warrant additional installments. Did it revive the series?”

Farscape lives on in the comic world.. new series picks up right after Peacekeeper Wars.. Issue #1 First Printing sold out.. I’d say its moving along nicely..

Saying something is done is just being obtuse. Speed Racer? Done. Rambo? Done. Star Wars? Done. Conan? Done. Pink Panther? Done. Farscape? Done. TOS? Done. TNG? Done..

Two words: Clint Eastwood.


176. NaradaAlpha - February 19, 2009

I think most likely if there is a TNG movie after this TOS film it’ll likely be a reboot akin to what JJ is doing here with TOS…new cast new everything…

That being said, were there to be a DS9 film in theaters I’d love a film trilogy adaptation of the DS9 ‘Millennium’ novel series which dealt with Star Trek’s take on End Times prophecies…basically in this series a trio of Orbs of The Pah-Wraiths are discovered, and by end of book 1 are assembled in Quarks and form a red wormhole, a Celestial Temple of the Pah-Wraiths which destroys DS9…in escaping Sisko and crew get caught in the new wormholes event horizon and find themselves thrust to the year 2400 where the Alpha Quadrant is in a Galactic religious war led by a Bajor thats fallen to the Pah-Wraiths under the leadership of Weyoun whos Kai…

The Federation is dying, and everyones resorting to desperate measures to survive… Earth’s been destroyed, and Bajor creates an evil false Federation and the remains of the real Federation considers annihilating the Bajoran race as the only way to ensure the universes survival…

Meanwhile an elderly Picard hatches a time travel plot to embed in ancient Bajoran prophecy a key to preventing the red wormhole from forming…

Weyoun launches a plot to join the two wormholes together to ‘elevate believers to paradise’ aka–end linear time and destroy the universe…

FOR MORE…buy the novels on amazon.com… trust me…this saga would make an incredible film trilogy on the scale of Lord Of The Rings…

177. NaradaAlpha - February 19, 2009

P.S.–the book trilogy takes place at the end of starts at the end of DS9 season 6 right before Jadzia was killed by Dukat

178. NaradaAlpha - February 19, 2009

LOL…typo…the trilogy starts right before the DS9 season 6 finale, so no ezri dax crap…itd be jadzia again

179. The Lensman - February 19, 2009

“I didn’t say they’d use a CGI Kirk! Try reading what people post before using out-of-context snippets as an excuse to show-off!

Okay, this is what I said previously:

“Seriously, to suggest that the technology existed back then to insert a Kirk in the movie who could do that is just plain ludicrous”

Now….where in that sentence do I say “CGI Kirk” besides nowhere? I said “insert”, not CGI. You are claiming that I said something I didn’t. So heed your own advice about reading others posts.

No, actually I was thinking more along the lines of Forrest Gump. But then, Like TaT, you don’t have any real interaction between Kirk and Picard.

Which defeats the entire point of having Kirk in the movie.

The ENTIRE selling point of Generations was Kirk and Picard team up, interact, in real time…and fight a bad guy. Period. (And I said as much previously as well)

And unless they do that, there’s no reason to have Kirk in the movie AT ALL.

Then they do what happens to just about every movie ever made….the story gets re-written and adjusted. There’s an equal chance that you would’ve seen the same basic plot with Soran as there is they would’ve just come up something new since they couldn’t get Shatner.

With Shatner:
Picards family dies, he’s depressed….Kirk gives him a shmaltzy speech about staying on the Enterprise and then helps him fight Soran.

Without Shatner:
Picards family dies, he’s depressed….Riker gives him a shmaltzy speech about staying on the Enterprise then helps him fight Soran.

See how easy it is to get the same result with a different actor? Kinda like recasting Nimoy and Kelly with Scotty and Chekov?

They were not so attached to Kirk dying that if Shatner had opted out, they would’ve continued that aspect of the film with a clip job in the first few minutes of the film.

“I said they’d (HYPOTHETICALLY!!!) create a CGI Enterprise then string a few outtakes together to give the appearance of killing off Kirk at the start!””

I know what you said and you’re reaching. There weren’t going to put Kirk into a clip sequence showing him dying after a successful send off and there’s no previously established precedent in Trek for you or Shatner to cite as evidence for believing they MIGHT do this.

I’ve already explained the point of Shatner being in the film and it wasn’t for a clip job.

180. THX-1138 - February 19, 2009


Would you please stop telling me what the F my motivations are? You are being presumptuous. To me that is ignorant.

JJ DID say that he was more of a TNG fan than a TOS fan. Part of this movie IS taking place in the 24th century. The possibility for him to have more than a passing involvement in a TNG type project does exist. I STILL stand by my assertion. You can stop writing your novellas on this particular thread because I don’t think you are going to change anybody’s mind. At least not mine.

181. Dennis - February 19, 2009

I’m not sure about a TNG as a whole movie, but it would be fun to see a Captain Ryker on the Titan movie… just as it would have been great to see a Captain Sulu movie.

No limits.

182. Kareem Owete - February 19, 2009

The future of TNG rests with straight-to-DVD features. Paramount will never risk large sums of money on another TNG movie. They have never been boffo box office.The entire cast is not required as long as a good story is told [I believe Patrick Stewart has had his fill].

Stargate has set the model there; the Stragate DVDs are profitable upon release and then sold into broadcast thru the usual pipelines.It’s a workable model, one I am surprised Paramount has been slow to tap in to.

Perhaps once ST09 launches, the suits might look at this approach seriously.

183. Brian - February 19, 2009


I understand your love for TNG, but just as TOS faded away for TNG and the other spinoffs, the same will happen here.

I remember watching TUC and having a great time, but also knowing quite well that the cast had gotten too long in the tooth and it was time for them to ride off into the sunset, which they did. I felt the same way watching Nemesis. The only unfortunate thing is that the TNG cast didn’t get the great sendoff that the original one did.

My point is that it’s time to move on into what will be Star Trek’s third era. Like TOS was a product of the 60’s, TNG is of the 80’s, which is quite a long time ago. It’s time to give Trek a refresh that it’s needed for over a decade.

Besides, if JJ were such a TNG junkie, he certainly could’ve simply made a 5th TNG film. He has the clout to do so. He chose not to. That says alot all by itself.

184. Dom - February 19, 2009

180. THX-1138: I didn’t. Sorry you’re taking all this so hard, but there’s no point effing at me about it!

I’m practical about what production teams have to say and do! I have no doubt that Bob Orci is a huge Trek fan and genuinely enjoys interacting with us, but equally he is the fan liaison appointed to keep things smooth for the production. JJ, meanwhile is the guy doing the whole ‘I thought Trek was a bit naff too, but hopefully you’ll like my new film cos I preferred Star Wars!’ bit for the general public who think Star Trek’s a bit sad.

Similarly there are lines being spun for fans of all the various Treks. It’s all quite upfront and honest, but it’s business. And, as Brian says above, if JJ was that big a TNG fan and thought it had any mileage left in it, he’d have made a TNG film.

Star Trek needs a fresh start, pure and simple.

179. The Lensman: ‘I’ve already explained the point of Shatner being in the film and it wasn’t for a clip job.’

Thank you very much, but I was there at the time and am well aware of the reasons for a TNG/TOS crossover! I followed the whole debacle with an increasing sense of dread as it happened. It was kind of like watching a slo-mo car crash!

I was simply basing what I said on a remark made by Bill Shatner and citing a worse case scenario. If this annoys you so much, I suggest you take it up with Bill Shatner! You know what he’ll say! ;)

Peace? :)

185. Grow Up and Take a Shat - February 19, 2009

There is no way Paramount could have killed Kirk without Shatner being involved. Period. If Paramount had tried that, you know that the Shat would have taken to the airwaves and blown up the entire movie. What the Shat talks, people listen.

The problem is that Shat took the money and ran. He can make excuses or claims now, just like he claims if he was given enough money to fix Star Trek V, it would have been a classsic. Baloney.

186. Penhall99 - February 19, 2009

TNG could easily come back and be succesful in films. All they need is a good writer/director. All this “Trek needs to start over” and “Trek needs a fresh start” crap that fans spout gets really old. And annoying.

187. Christine - February 19, 2009

Well… I don’t know about more TNG movies. Or even just one more. However, if they can get a top-notch movie crew and drag the cast back after 7 years of being off the silver screen, or get a new TNG cast, then great. I’ll be the first in line to get tickets and love every minute of it.

I liked Nemesis a lot, but it didn’t quite live up to the other Trek movies… It just didn’t /feel/ right.

188. Neal - February 19, 2009

I agree with Levar. Although the chance of a TNG movie happening is probably not going to happen, I don’t see what the big deal would be if it did. TNG isn’t done. It was sent off with a movie that was crap. It has a few good scenes but other than that, it was disgrace to what TNG had been. I think that someday, before they are all old and gray, they should be given one more shot to end it right. Whether it be Direct-to-DVD or maybe even an animated feature in the vein of animation like Beowulf where the map the facial structures and create new versions of the characters. I know that I am my what I am saying is a dream or false hope but I grew up on TNG just as much TOS and I’ll be damned if I will let myself give up in thinking that there is no hope that an excellent cast will get a proper send off with a good writer and director.

189. Cygnus-X1 - February 20, 2009

Good interview.

I agree with everything that LeVar said, except Frakes being his first choice to have replaced Baird as director for Nemesis.

First Contact was decent, but it plus Insurrection aren’t enough credit to have Frakes as my first choice for director.

I’d ask Nick Meyer.

What’s he up to these days, anyway?

190. The Lensman - February 20, 2009

“Peace? :)”

Of course, since I wasn’t aware we were at war. :)

“I followed the whole debacle with an increasing sense of dread as it happened. It was kind of like watching a slo-mo car crash!”

I know how you feel. For me it was “They’re doing something so awesome they’re going to screw it up……and they only get one shot.”

The rest is, as they say……….well you know the rest.

THX-1138 @ 145

“When TNG started there was no assembly line mentality to Star Trek. That came after the success of TNG.”

Which is why I made constant use of the term “TNG Era” and even specified that what that era consisted of. TNG being the first domino to fall gets included in that, since without it, the other spin-off’s wouldn’t exist.

“And Frakes was quoted in TV Guide at the time of TNG’s run ending that he thought Paramount was making a mistake in taking TNG off the air.”

I recall reading that. I also recall thinking when I read that “that’s not what you said several years ago” when he said that he and some of the cast were ready to move on. IIRC he had been bitten by the directing bug and was more interested in being behind the camera than in front.
He also wasn’t the only one wanting to move on.

But then the reality of not being on a popular show set in and people started backtracking their comments. Perfectly normal reaction when something you don’t think will really end soon actually starts coming to an end.

“My own personal feeling is that there are more TNG stories that could be told on a big or small screen. That doesn’t take away from my love of TOS. I like them both. Like I enjoy Mexican and Italian food.”


I agree with your first statement…..unfortunately, thanks to Insurrection and Nemesis it’s going to be a harder sell for me……and most people actually as the numbers on those last two movies show.

“It is no more dead that TOS was at this point four years ago.”

The original show only grew in popularity and people still enjoyed it to the end.

TNG also grew in popularity, then got to a point where people were walking away from it. There’s the difference. Regardless of writer or director, Kirk and Spock are an easier sell to the public than Picard and Data. Plus Kirk and Spock can do, as Orci (?) stated, “rock and roll”. Picard and Data? Not so much.

Seriously, imagine young Picard saying “Why’re you talkin’ ta me man?”

“Saying that most people knew what Star Trek was in the 70’s is kind of a blanket statement that really says nothing. You could also say that most of those people who “Knew what it was” also thought it was silly.”

No. I made no claim as to what anyones personal feelings for the show were, one way or the other. Only that most people, during the 70’s, knew what Star Trek was. The knew what the Enterprise was, and prolly knew what it looked like. They knew who Captain Kirk was, and Mr. Spock and Bones, etc, etc, etc.

Because you only had five channels in most cities through the 70’s. Three VHF and two UHF (although the count per city could vary on the UHF, two seems to be the usual number I hear quoted by people in different cities).

So, you had three channels with new prime time programming for a few hours a day. And you had UHF channels that had reruns of old stuff. It was easier to be aware of what was on t.v. because the amount of stuff was easy to keep track of. That’s why at 40, I can remember shows like “Chopper 1″ or “Quark” even though both of these shows only had a handful of episodes. Because there wasn’t alot of choices.

And as Star Trek was on everyday in reruns for years…..people knew about it.

Again, this is why people my age and up look back fondly on old shows. It isn’t always because we followed them, or thought they were great….it’s because they form a generational and cultural touchstone. We all had an awareness of them in one form or another. A shared experience more than anything that exists in regards to t.v. now.

If you watched t.v. in the 70’s, you had a basic working knowledge of shows you didn’t even watch because there wasn’t that much to keep track of.

The same applied to Star Trek which was only getting more popular during the 70’s. It’s not like the general public wasn’t aware of it. Hell, I remember reading about it’s growing popularity in grade school reading the Weekly Reader. Or watching t.v. hosts like Tom Snyder interviewing the cast and asking about it’s growing popularity.

“It would have to change to meet the demands and tastes of a modern audience. But that doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be done. It is no more dead that TOS was at this point four years ago.”

And here we get into some sticky territory. Because when you say “TNG” are you saying recast with new actors, ala NuTrek? Or get the old guys back?

The last two TNG movies left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Insurrection sucked and Nemesis wasn’t any better. Generations, for better or worse, benefitted from having Kirk in it. So really, only FC stands out as a good TNG only movie. That’s not a good track record.

The general public just doesn’t seem to care about Picard and Co. like they did with Kirk and Co.

As someone said upthread, most likely a new TNG would involve a new cast with a few names being the same and in a time period closer to NuTrek to allow for crossovers.

But for those waiting for a “proper send off” with the TNG crew, don’t hold your breath. While the ST cast said many times “the next film will probably be our last”…those films weren’t created specifically AS “goodbye” movies. Unlike Nemesis, which very much was.

The vibe of a “proper send off” movie would be “we screwed up the first emotional goodbye, so this is the second try. And even though you haven’t seen any of us for years, and you’ve moved on to the plethora of other shows and such out there, we want you to come back and get all emotional for our second and REAL goodbye”.

I just don’t see anyone wanting to write, direct or make that movie. Outside of a Tim Russ type. In order for a “proper” send off to work, you’d have to do a movie or two to re-establish the characters so that the “goodbye” would resonate with people. And I just don’t see them doing those extra movies just to give the TNG crew a send off that some fans would be happy with. Especially with the numbers of the previous two TNG films.

I think at this point, anyone getting on board with Trek will want to play in a fresh, clean new universe. I also believe that Paramount wants a more streamlined Trek franchise for the forseeable future. Any new TNG, I believe, will be in this new, leaner timeline.

Of course I could be wrong.

191. marcus - February 22, 2009

I feel that TNG got 4 shots at the movie deservedly so. Why not give DS9 a shot? Many people consider it the best of treks. As the show was more of a serial with the ongoing stories, it would lend itself better to a movie.

192. Scott - February 22, 2009

The TNG movies were overall very well done and still quite enjoyable. These actors whining about it now do nothing but undermine their own work. And besides, they got TWO endings to ‘get it right’. The final tv episode was just about perfect, in my opinion. I love TNG, almost as much as I love TOS. But enough already. Let’s move forward, I’m ready for something new.

193. Paul - April 4, 2009

well i’m not ready to see them go just yet it’s like indiana jones he made it back

194. PreviewFilms.net - May 1, 2009

Remember it was TNG that saved the franchise in the first place all those years ago. I cant see why they don’t bring back the TNG series. Forget the movies, bring Picard back for a couple more seasons.
You have to admit the TNG days where pretty good…

195. burne - September 22, 2010

While I fell in love with Trek by watching TOS, my fave is TNG – I wish they would never have stopped it and I was very thankful for the movies they made from it. They better bring back TNG soon before everybody gets old!
LeVar rules!

196. Jeffp - January 27, 2011

yes TNG is worthy of one final film…it put the whole star trek franchise saga back on the map in its day…we would most likely not have the new movies and the other shows without the success of TNG..so please do TNG right and allow them to have one final movie to put things right and properly end a great series the way it should be ended…..as of now to much is left undone U owe it to the cast and the fans….please!!!

197. Jay Eppson - February 1, 2011

Nope no noooo! One thing that put a dagger into the heart of Star Trek was that there was just too much of it. WIth three series on at one time (with a limited potential viewership), it served to overexpose the whole concept. There needed to be one strong Star Trek, not three mediocre ones. Anyway, that discussion is over. There will be no new DS9, Next Gen or Voyager shows, specials, feature length films. They are tainted with the stench of failure. The moviegoing public today is young, the new Trek universe is aimed squarely at them. No one wants to see an aging actor in a girdle huffing and puffing around in an action sequence, least of all today’s young audience. The cast of the new film are for too big to settle for TV roles, but perhaps a television spinoff from the movie could possibly appear someday.

198. Halli Mason - February 1, 2011

TNG had not one but two chances to go out with a bang, and they failed miserably. Cheap sets, CGN graphics and poor writing doomed them. I do not blame the actors, but they just had nothing to work with.

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