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New Star Trek Movie Has Shiny New Logo February 20, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

The new Star Trek movie has yet another logo, lets hope this one is going to stick. Just this evening Paramount released a new logo image, which will presumably make its big screen debut on the new theatrical trailer coming with the Watchmen movie in exactly two weeks. See it in high resolution below.


New Star Trek Logo
Star Trek stands up straight in new logo.

Star Trek’s newest logo

The type treatment logo has been evolving in the last year, with the biggest difference being that previous versions were italic oblique, while still using classic TOS type. The new logo also has a more 3-D feel than previous versions (seen below), with some metal texturing.

Logo used in Super Bowl spot (Early Feb. 09)

Logo used in Theatrical Trailer (Nov. 08)

All borrow from the look of the original Star Trek logo

Logo for Star Trek The Original Series



1. Bradley1701 - February 20, 2009

Awesome. First?

2. Jdavis - February 20, 2009


3. DavidJ - February 20, 2009

Cool. This is the best one yet.

4. Chroma - February 20, 2009

My favourite so far is the one from the Superbowl spot. I like the new one of course, but I wonder why they keep tweaking it.

5. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 20, 2009

Good, they’re sticking to the old font. I like the italics, but I can live without them….

6. JimJ - February 20, 2009

Gotta agree that I like the Super Bowl logo the best, too, but this ain’t bad!

7. Andros - February 20, 2009

New one feels very…Transformerish.

8. asylumjn - February 20, 2009

Come on… Bubble Font!

9. Trekphobic - February 20, 2009

Yep. Friday night and I’m checking out the font for the new Star Trek flick. Damn it feels good to be a Trekkie.

10. Daniel Broadway - February 20, 2009

I like the font used on the new toy packaging better. I wonder if that will be the final logo used in the opening of the film.

11. Jai1138 - February 20, 2009

I like the new logos — and in this age of branding these things actually have weight — but I also really like the classic movie Trek font.

12. Chris - February 20, 2009

*sigh* …Transformers much?

13. Scott - February 20, 2009

Not much of a change. Just show me the movie!

14. That One Guy - February 20, 2009

I like this logo! It’s exciting!

15. Daniel Broadway - February 20, 2009

Hmmm, interesting….


16. Andy Patterson - February 20, 2009

Ooh, shiny. I like this actually.

17. Unbel1ever - February 20, 2009

I liked the Superbowl one better.

18. Andy Patterson - February 20, 2009


Daniel you’re ahead of your time.

19. Devon - February 20, 2009

#10 – “I like the font used on the new toy packaging better.”

Me too. I have the font on my comp (well I think it even came with some Windows machines) but it reminded me of a modern take on the old logo.

20. Anthony Pascale - February 20, 2009

interesting daniel

but i have you beat….check out mine from July 2007, not as shiny, but same design

21. Gary - February 20, 2009

Anyone know who the original designer was of TOS font?

22. Tim Lade - February 20, 2009

The new logo looks like the Transformers title from that movie. Check it out. It’s true.

23. Enterprise - February 20, 2009

The Trek Logo got Borgified.

24. Deep_Space_913 - February 20, 2009

I like it, but it feels very “Iron Man” to me.

25. Enterprise - February 20, 2009

Hmm. I noticed that yellow Star Trek logo. In all the Star Wars movies, the opening crawl is always in that yellow color, but not the font.

26. Paul-Fitz - February 20, 2009

I like it. . . .

27. Devon - February 20, 2009

“The new logo looks like the Transformers title from that movie. Check it out. It’s true.”

I noticed that too at first. I think it looks cool though.

28. jotin - February 20, 2009

wow, making it look like transformers. i hope that by the end of this theres still that thing we all love about star trek left. With that said im still very excited. Very Very! But still, first thing i thought was transformers…

29. Enterprise - February 20, 2009

It reminds me of the First Contact logo.

30. radroz - February 20, 2009

From a designer’s perspective, I’ve always thought that the retro logo for the new film is a great throwback to the original series with a new spitshine. I’m not so crazy about the type that’s got the wide tracking and “straightened” – just doesn’t seem to work.

But hey, they didn’t ask me first.

31. Enterprise - February 20, 2009

Let’s ask Wil.

32. Sean - February 20, 2009

I liked the other two logos. This new one looks too much like the Transformers font.

33. Mazz nx01 - February 20, 2009

It looks like the cover of an AC/DC album. Thank Rock and Roll…

34. Montreal Paul - February 20, 2009

I like it.. brings Trek into 2009 yet still keeping the flavour of the original. Nice touch!

35. SPB - February 20, 2009

At least it’s not those colossally bland block letters from the Playmates packaging!

I miss the old school slant, but this new logo still has my vote!

36. Steven - February 20, 2009

Interesting, but I do prefer the italic logo, as it is more reminiscent of the TOS logo. But it’ll do.

God bless!

37. Charles H. Root, III - February 20, 2009

Hmmmm…. Are they going to spin around like a cheesoid Windows 3D text screen saver like the logos from Lost & Fringe?

38. Charles H. Root, III - February 20, 2009

…Or the Transformers.

39. Third Remata'Klan - February 20, 2009

#7, #38

That was my first thought, exactly.

40. BPS - February 20, 2009

Not totally surprising as the title screen in the film and the logo for promotional stuff often differ.

I’m totally looking forward to Iron Man.

Er, Star Trek. Star Trek. Sorry, got confused there.

41. BK613 - February 20, 2009

Ooooh can I go see that movie instead?
Like the SB one best and the newest one the least…

42. Newman - February 20, 2009

it looks like the same texture as the Transformers logo!

43. C.S. Lewis - February 20, 2009

This will be a popular movie amongst the children and teenaged demographic. It does seem that each new item brings it farther and farther away from the original claim that it was based on Star Trek. Remember the original publicity art? It featured pretty recognizable designs such as the exact logo, the exact insignia, the exact colors with a pattern made to resemble textiles implying the uniform tunics from the television program.

A note to the legions of devout Defenders of the As Yet Unseen Totem, this is not an insult to this future and sure to be amazing motion picture event! It is rather an observation that we long-time fans were led to believe one thing, but now something quite different is revealed as we approach the release date.

In all, the tactic reminds me of the many insincere promises made during a political campaign, to secure certain blocs of voters, that are quickly abandoned once the election is won.

In the terminology of President Clinton, this must be the Trek version of “triangulation” and “running to the middle”.


C.S. Lewis

44. Daoud - February 20, 2009

Star Trek “straight up” now, eh?

Interesting how the original was golden, like the Starfleet delta. “Golden Age” of Trek.

Now with PunkTrek, we have silver, as is the new Starfleet delta! “Silver Age” of Trek.

Now all we need is “Crisis on Infinite Enterprises”.

45. DGill - February 20, 2009

I have no idea why they didn’t just stick to the old title, which was just fine and had a nice TOS flare to it. Is it a coincidence that the title is looking more and more like the ‘Transformers’ title when the film’s writers are exactly the same?

46. The Governator - February 20, 2009

I like it. It looks more 21st century. The previous trailer logos reminded me more of the Star Trek Remastered logo than the original. They look identical. This one still maintains the font style of the original but looks more “real”. No surprise there :) In the end, though, I don’t really care.

47. Kruge - February 20, 2009

oh boy, the ‘change scares me’ crowd is out again. Ironically all the new logos for the movie are far more faithful to the tv shows than any of the previous 10 feature films. The TMP style has zero to do with TOS

48. falcon (who now has his own blog, thank you very much) - February 20, 2009

Meh. I prefer the italic (no, oblique) title. Implies speed, action, moving forward. The straight-up font implies standing still.

Totally at odds with the footage we’ve seen so far.

49. Aucka Lukaum - February 20, 2009


For crying out loud, they straightened the letters and put them in line. We were TOTALLY misled by that oblique typeface!


50. Boborci - February 20, 2009

43. C.S. Lewis – February 20, 2009

i did not have sexual relations with that logo…

51. S. John Ross - February 20, 2009

It is, inarguably, shiny.

On a more subjective note, I find it attractive and pleasing :)

Now just please let it be attached to a kickass Star Trek film worthy of such a fine logo … Pretty please.

52. SChaos1701 - February 20, 2009

I like it. The “this is a Transformers with starships crowd” and CS don’t know what they are talking about.

53. Green-Blooded-Bastard - February 20, 2009

@ 51.Boborci


….I did.

54. Will - February 20, 2009

It seems that each revision leads away from classic Trek(visually) and more towards something which, in this newest version, honestly reminds me of the logo/title card graphic of the Rob Cohen directed Stealth.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I enjoyed Stealth for what it was(a mindless and “makes very little sense” action film)… but that type of film is exactly that which I am afraid of Star Trek turning into.

55. Cagmar - February 20, 2009

Ah, you know, the logo isn’t going to make or break this movie, but I really liked all of the logos except this one. It’s so cold, like it’s cut out of metal with a jagged blade. The font’s the same, but the humanity is gone.

56. Montreal Paul - February 20, 2009

47. Kruge

You are soooo right! I think this will be the first venture outside of TOS that uses the old typeface. None of the previous 10 movies or any of the other series used this style at all. It is a great nod to TOS.

Amazing how people “get scared” of something different. LoL. Even if it is closest to the original than anything before. LoL

57. TrekMadeMeWonder - February 20, 2009

Branding is everything these days.

58. Rekkert - February 20, 2009

Honestly I don’t like it, the one from the Super Bowl ad is the best.

59. Cagmar - February 20, 2009

And why does everything in this movie make a camera flare? lol Every scene in the trailer had one… and now the blackness behind the words is flaring? hilarious.

60. Valar1 - February 20, 2009

Geezoloo, all this talkback for the freakin logo?

61. DGill - February 20, 2009

#56, #47

I’m personally not scared by the changes because I’m not a purist. My brother is absolutely terrified of these changes! We have 2 hour discussions on the phone about this movie. From my standpoint, I like what everyone is doing so far, but I still think the steel typeface is irritating. It won’t ruin my anticipation of the movie, but that shiny steel look should stay where it belongs…in the ‘Transformers’ camp. That’s just my gut reaction.

62. The Governator - February 20, 2009


There are more comments on a section about the movie logo than there are on a section about the Countdown, which actually has to do with the story.

Honestly, people need to get their priorities in order.


63. jmooring - February 20, 2009

I wish all the iterations of Trek’s visual identity were as consistently branded as Star Wars. Paramount has never gotten its act together around this fundamental need.

I thought this new movie might be a chance to get it right. They started by trying to build some popular equity in the arrowhead badge, and they (rightly, I believe) returned to TOS’s typographic origins for the STAR TREK logotype, but now they’re starting to stray yet again. And the attendant packaging of all the spin-offs and boxed sets remains all over the place. Consider the logotype. Pick one — or two perhaps with the type staged horizontally or vertically — and stick to it.

Whatever you think of the Star Wars prequels, that consistent combination of the tagline, STAR WARS logotype, musical fanfare, star field, crawl — it all adds up to the hair standing up on the back of your neck when those movies begin (yes, even Phantom Menace — until about 10 minutes have passed).

Pay attention, Paramount and JJ — especially as you try to push this thing globally. Your cash cow and reboot are in need of some serious branding TLC.

64. C.S. Lewis - February 20, 2009

Dear Montreal Paul et al,

I undergo open-heart surgery on Wednesday of next week. OPEN HEART SURGERY IS SOMETHING TO FEAR. My wife is pregnant after suffering multiple miscarriages. MISCARRIAGES ARE SOMETHING TO FEAR.

Observing Paramount’s “bait and switch” con in operation is not fear and is not even in the same universe, so to speak. It is merely a fun diversion from the genuine worries of genuine responsibility. In a way, it is akin to Star Trek itself: ESCAPIST FANTASY.

I hope you can bring yourself to tolerate as much, even if you do not understand it.

C.S. Lewis

65. C.S. Lewis - February 20, 2009

^51 boborci:

Exactly! William Clinton’s audacity is second to none.

C.S. Lewis

P.S.: I do look forward to this picture and hope I will not need to ask for that refund. :-)

66. Maltz - February 20, 2009

Meh. Logo, schmogo .

Again, I ask, who is playing Number One in this flick? No one?

67. ETMoody3 - February 20, 2009

Hey, Bob…

… I think that one flew over too many heads… but it sure hit me…

50. Boborci – February 20, 2009

43. C.S. Lewis – February 20, 2009

i did not have sexual relations with that logo…

68. Montreal Paul - February 20, 2009

64. C.S. Lewis

I’m not sure what that has to do with my post… I’m not even sure, from your post, where you stand. And I kinda know a thing or two about real fear myself… I was laid off a year ago and haven’t been able to find work. My field in the teleivision indusrty is dying here in Montreal. 2 TV stations just folded. My company laid off 100 out of 125 people. Companies are closing as they are everywhere. I am afraid of losing my house, my car, everything I own.. so maybe it’s not the same fear as yours.. but I can agree that a “fear” of a changing logo is not something to fear. So.. I’m still not sure why you directed that comment towards me.

And I don’t believe I was talking about you. I was agreeing with Kruge when he said that people, on this board, are actually afraid when they see the logo. Yes, they said they were afraid. I am saying that is ridiculous.

On a more personal note.. I hope that your surgery goes well. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

69. TenaciousMC - February 20, 2009

Didn’t they use this logo for the teaser trailer?

70. TrekMadeMeWonder - February 20, 2009

63. jmooring

I am so glad you said that. Perfect. ; )

71. Chris J - February 20, 2009

I must admit, and I hastily add that I am not one of these “OMFG J.J ruined Trek” people, but my first reaction to seeing the new logo was…

“They’re distancing themselves from the original Star Trek yet again.”

The Superbowl logo was brilliant. It appealed to the fans, and people recognised it as that was “Star Trek”; that was what people knew.

This… this just smacks of generic sci-fi movie and the comparisons to Transformers and Iron Man are not entirely unjustified.

It is a small thing, but why change it at all?

72. Montreal Paul - February 20, 2009

71. Chris J
“They’re distancing themselves from the original Star Trek yet again.”

how so? This logo is the closest they have ever used. All previous 10 movies and all series (except TOS) used completly different style fints and lettering. This, in fact, brings them CLOSER not distancing themselves. Take a look at all th etotles for each movie.. go on.. take a look…

73. Yspano - February 20, 2009

Neat! Though it looks like it ought to have subtitles, like, oh, “Revenge of the Fallen”. :P

But really, it looks neat. :D

74. iplaicawd - February 20, 2009

j.j. abrams uses lens flare a lot. i’ve seen it happen in fringe for no reason

75. BND - February 20, 2009

I keeps a’tryin’ ta’ make me own Starry Trek logo but it keeps just sayin’ Star Sex and a bunch o’ wankeree weirdos from MySpacey keep e-mailin’ me…


76. The Governator - February 20, 2009

Well, I think complaints of this new logo are unjustified. For one, it is pretty much the original logo straightened with a shine. Secondly, ummm.. hello? Has anyone here seen a Star Trek movie before? The fonts were totally different from the original. Even if this new font style is the final pick it will be the only one like the original. Do I like the original style better? Maybe, but this is a new movie that is unlike the others. This is a “reboot”. Oops, did I just spoil the secret?

77. Andy - February 20, 2009

New one reminds me of Ironman

78. IcebreakerX - February 21, 2009

Have to agree with the typographical gripe above. Consistency is an important part of branding.

That said, I don’t mind any of the iterations, but I just wish they’d stick to one. Personally like the Super Bowl one the most, as it is rooted the most in the Star Trek ethos while being fresh. This new one also reminds me of BSG, not just Transformers.

79. cpelc - February 21, 2009

Here’s a variation of the new one I made with the original yellow color.

80. Chris J - February 21, 2009


Erm… not being nasty, but have you seen those examples in the article? The Superbowl logo was an almost exact copy of the original series’. This was good. The new one still retains the styling, but there was no need to alter it from what they had before. Transformeryising it served no purpose at all.

Its not a bad logo at any rate, don’t get me wrong. Its just that I preferred the Superbowl one.

81. pinky - February 21, 2009

I know it says Star Trek, but why should I believe it?

Plus, I see that E. I see it. I know you guys didn’t really stick to the old font. You sharpened up the spine of the E so the word TREK becomes clumsy instead of smooth. I see it. Nice try.

82. Quatlo - February 21, 2009

JJ’s eyeglasses (made from 16 oz. Pepsi glass bottles) make him see the blue lens flare all the time. When it is added to everything he produces in media, the images then looks normal to him. Call your next case. And the nickel steel logo is overkill, IMO.

83. Fleet Captain *I Don't Give a Smeg about the Changes* Kor'Tar (USS Kahless NCC-76108) - February 21, 2009

I couldn’t care less what the logo looks like or if they even have it at all . What matters is the story!!! Quit nitpicking for Kahless sake!!! This is a new Star Trek movie if you don’t like the fact that they didn’t make the Enterprise, sets , actors , sfx exactly the same as they did in the 1960s , then save your money and watch the original series on HD ,Bluray, VHS , beta max , or listen to the recoreded cassette tapes of the episodes . While your enjoying the same ol’ sameo for the umpteenth time , us open minded trekkies will be enjoying a brand new story of our favorite ship and crew!!

84. StalwartUK - February 21, 2009

Prefered the Super Bowl version. Having the letters straight make it look… fan made or something. Also what’s up with the excessive spacing?

Oh well, at least now we have a means to tell apart TOS from the new movie.

85. thorsten - February 21, 2009

It is a logical development from the original.
All designers face situations like this in their career,
where they have to redesign an existing visiual identity
and lift it to another era and a special purpose, in this case the big screen/the blu-ray disk. While they kept the 1960 font they put more space between the letters and extruded them, plus the metallic structure.
So, as with Transformers, they went for the epic look.
The original Trek font is pretty narrow, and I like its letters closer together, they lose impact if you space them out. But again, this has to look amazing on a 2.39:1 aspect ratio. And we don’t know if any animation is involved.

JJ Abrams rendered the LOST intro himself on a PowerBook, I guess he is into threedimensional letterforms ;))

86. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 21, 2009

Two trailers out, 10 weeks (?) to go, and we’re still having kittens about a minor logo change?

I mean, I preferred the Super Bowl spot logo myself, but #43 C.S. Lewis, please! And then your maudlin follow-up @ #64… really, now, is that necessary?!

I am not a teenager. I am 36 years old. I watched TOS before TNG came out. At the time, I was obsessed with learning about all the ship classes in the TOS universe, and I still dig them. BUT GUESS WHAT? Chances are — barring too many chicks-in-bras & mickey-mouse-hands scenes in STXI — I am going to get a kick out of it. I need to see it in its entirety to rate it in relation to the other movies, and I am hoping it touches upon some profound points while it is taking us all on a “rock & roll” ride, but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, and a slight logo redesign isn’t enough to make me throw up my hands in despair!

87. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 21, 2009

To all those who think it looks like the Transformers logo: it may appear so, but it is more than meets the eye… ;-P

88. SteveH - February 21, 2009

[Nitpicker mode ON]
Well, they did it right the first time…
In the first two logo versions, the typeface is virtually the same as in the original series. However the new logo uses a similar typeface to the one used in the merchandising from the 70ies onward.
Just look at the left upper corner of the letter “E”!
[Nitpicker mode OFF]

Well, who cares? ;-)

89. Quarksbartender - February 21, 2009

I had sexual relations with that font!!! Just kidding good stuff, I like this font.

90. Stanky McFibberich - February 21, 2009

Too bad they only changed the font and not the words.

91. thorsten - February 21, 2009

Like Kart Rest, Stanky?

92. Odoakris - February 21, 2009


It looks very similar ! Even the E doesn’t have the round top like it did on the previous logo versions.

93. thorsten - February 21, 2009

I used to have the original Bitstream Trek Fontpack, but lost them somehow.
Now I just have a generic TOS Truetype font from somewhere on the web, and that one comes with the straight E…

94. SciFiMetalGirl - February 21, 2009

I like # 79’s, personally!

95. thorsten - February 21, 2009

Okay, here is my take…

96. Edgar - February 21, 2009

Hums Iron man score… Wait a second!

Looks pretty cool though

97. RenderedToast - February 21, 2009

Such as step down in quality from the TOS typeface. Why even bother having that for the last year as the official logo when you’re going to replace it with this blocky crap?

98. Hat Rick - February 21, 2009

There is a touch of blue in the new logo. I would presume that the blue will “flash” across its face as if the logo is reflecting a bright, moving light of a bluish hue. Even better would be if the logo reflects a golden flash of some kind, since the original logo was gold.

99. Ben Luna - February 21, 2009

This logo is growing on me. I still like the first one with “Star” on top of “Trek”. I just like that for some reason.

The new one IS growing on me. The thing that it screams in my mind is NOT Transformers but REAL, which is what I think we’ll take with us when we walk away from this film in May… how REAL it was.

100. New Horizon - February 21, 2009

lol Lens flares and shiny metal seems to be in lately. Just looks like every other cookie cutter logo out there. I don’t fear the change, I just think it stood out a hell of a lot better in the original configuration. Now, it just looks like every other logo with a few photoshop effects slapped onto it.

101. P Technobabble - February 21, 2009

I’m still not getting where some people feel this new movie is a complete abandonment of Star Trek. Everything I have seen about this new movie looks like Star Trek, sounds like Star Trek and tastes like Star Trek. As far as I’m concerned, nitpicking over things like where the Enterprise was built, whether or not Kirk was ever a little kid, what color the corridors are… all of this kind of stuff will certainly suck the enjoyment out of it. From what I’ve seen, there is less contradiction between the new film and TOS than there is in the Bible…

102. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - February 21, 2009

I like it.

I do, however, prefer the typeface used in the previous trailers. Seeing the original typeface materialize accompanied by a few bars from the original theme gave me chills when I first saw the teaser trailer.

103. Alec - February 21, 2009

Why didn’t they stick with the original logo: the TOS logo? It’s distinctive, elegantly simple, and iconic. No offence, but that 3D metallic effect just looks tacky. Any 13 year old could create that on their computers.

104. screaming satellite - February 21, 2009

i guess this logo will be on the main poster

how long till the main movie poster? cant be too long now…(im hoping one thats sorta reminsant of the original crew film posters…i always liked the main one for Trek VI)

105. Denise de Arman - February 21, 2009

thorsten#95- So thorsten, did you have sexual relations with your logo? le giggle

106. CmdrR - February 21, 2009

But will the opera lady sing during 1/3 of the movie? Mustn’t upset canon.

107. richpit - February 21, 2009

Dang, folks…really? Y’all are this stressed over a stinking logo??

And seriously…do some of you really believe that the writers have much of anything to say about what the logo is going to look like? The logo of Paramount’s most important franchise? I doubt it very much, but I guess boborci could shed some light…

108. spock - February 21, 2009

hi yall

Nuff said… at least it’s finished now!

109. protogenes - February 21, 2009

Yuck. The art direction of this film gets more depressing the more I see of it.

Thumbs down.

110. thorsten - February 21, 2009


Denise, we have tried to maintain a dignified silence regarding the details of our divorce for the last few months whilst accepting the obvious media interest, Our primary concern is the care and well being of our children.

111. screaming satellite - February 21, 2009

#62. The Governator

cant speak for everyone but i myself am now avoiding spoilers (even Countdown spoilers) like the plague…soon as i start reading anything that talks about the story i immediatly stop and click on something else fast…have been doing this the past few months..think the last thing i read relating to the story was the Bob Orci quantum physics interview..

i think i now know just enough about everything in order to be not too spoiled…

next to original star trek, Superman is my big passion (specifically the Reeve films) and i couldnt help reading EVERTHING there was about Superman Returns when i found out it was gonna be a sequel to the Reeve films, including an early spoiler filled review on AICN which gave away when i came to see the film i knew exactly what was gonna happen..sort of ruined it…so much so i couldnt actually tell if i liked the film or not

i plan to get the Countdown TB after seeing the film (wont be able to resist reading it if i buy it when it comes out and although weve been told it dosnt give away any spoilers for the actual film, id still like to remain in the dark for CD until after the film)

112. Jefferies Tuber - February 21, 2009

Italics = optimism & bravery

I like the first one the best, italicized and stacked. This just seems different for the sake of difference.

113. Jefferies Tuber - February 21, 2009

The non-italic font is used for the end credits in TOS.

114. Viking - February 21, 2009

OK, so Paramount ‘borrowed’ from Daniel, who ‘borrowed’ from Anthony, who ‘borrowed’ from…..wait a minute. In some weird way, it’s starting to resemble the movie’s plotline….. :-)

115. Kirk's Girdle - February 21, 2009

112: I agree. Even though there’s no precedent for it, I do like the stacked title, but I can’t really explain why. In any case, I’m glad to see the old font on the screen.

As for the metallic look – does this ring a bell?

Is paramount homogenizing its tentpole summer properties?

116. C.S. Lewis - February 21, 2009

68 Montreal Paul

On reflection Paul, I think I understand your point. It is just that so many of the replies here are simplistic “Is! Is not!” and one of the most common shout-downs is, “Well you are obviously afraid of CHANGE and Star Trek is all about CHANGE!”.

Condolences on your situation. I’m afraid you will have a very lot of company in the coming months because matters are going to get much worse. We are seeing the globalization of Western Civilization and a primary artifact is the arbitrage of US/Canadian wages to the world level which is to say, zero. In a very real way, many of the “Is! Is not!” Trekkers will find themselves extremely challenged when the Roddenberrian concept of “no money” comes to pass. It is not fun.

Thank you again for a substantive reply and good luck to you.

C.S. Lewis

117. thorsten - February 21, 2009


Good Luck on wednesday, C.S.

118. Tony Whitehead - February 21, 2009

I would have to say that I prefer the two older ones, rather than the newest version. The stacked version works well when marketing on television, t-shirts and the like, but the superbowl version works better on the big screen and in print.

119. Kirk's Girdle - February 21, 2009

I guess I should read all these posts first, but I do miss the italics – they convey a sense of motion, and don’t really need to be changed.

I like cpelc’s yellow take on the logo. Remember color?!
And Thorsten’s blue Trek-splosion is pretty friggin cool too.

120. Kirk's Girdle - February 21, 2009

I Boborci is still around, I know this is marketing minutiea but do agree with the constant tweaking of the logo?

Re: 118 very good point.

121. Timncc1701 - February 21, 2009

gimme the super bowl logo

122. New Horizon - February 21, 2009

115. Kirk’s Girdle – February 21, 2009
Is paramount homogenizing its tentpole summer properties?

Everything is homogenized these days. I rarely go to the mainstream cinema these days. Maybe once or twice a year…if the movie is really good. The rest of the time I’m at our single screen independent cinema where I saw Chris Pine in a neat little film called Bottle Shock.

I find that more and more mainstream movies are being written so poorly that I can’t stand to sit through them. I’ve been going back and watching some of the classic shows from the 60’s that I had never seen and thinking, wow…this is grade A stuff. I don’t feel like I’m being spoon fed, and I actually feel like I’m learning something. A lot of entertainment is drivel these days, and I hope to hell the new Star Trek is as elegantly written as TOS was at its best. I don’t just want a star trek movie to ‘wow’ me with effects, I want to be inspired, I want to learn something, and be entertained.

123. Trek Nerd Central - February 21, 2009

Oh, goody, something else for us to freak out over.

124. Jax Maxton - February 21, 2009

They seem to be emphasizing a weird aspect of this Trek movie. While Trek was always about the “future” and it’s graphics always reflected tat futuristic idea, this movie seems to be emphasizing a “past of the future”. This new logo is no different. It is bulky and has the texture of an unfinished metal, reflecting that teaser with the workers putting the Enterprise together. It looks unpolished and unfinished, giving it less of a futuristic quality.

125. Jax Maxton - February 21, 2009

122. New Horizon

I agree about modern entertainment compared to TOS. TOS was really one of the best written sci-fis to ever be on TV or even in theaters. Yeah, the sets, effects, and the acting could be a little cheesy, but the writing was always terrific and was influenced by some of the greatest sci-fi writers of the 20th century. Modern movies and entertainment has really dropped us down a notch with things like “Transformers” that is essentially a 2 hour product placement.

126. Mark - February 21, 2009

Our prayers are with you, C.S. Lewis. You are always a lightening rod on the boards, but a beloved one.

Recover well. You have a movie to see come May…

127. Gorandius1256 - February 21, 2009

It reminds me a bit of the title screen from “The Cage.”

128. Stanky McFibberich - February 21, 2009

re: 91. thorsten – February 21, 2009
“Like Kart Rest, Stanky?”

How about “Stinking T*rd” :)

129. Closettrekker - February 21, 2009

#43—-“This will be a popular movie amongst the children and teenaged demographic.”

I hope so. I was a child when I fell in love with The Original Series and the first feature film. I also enjoyed much of the rest of the 23rd Century film series as a teenager.

“…we long-time fans were led to believe one thing, but now something quite different is revealed as we approach the release date.”

As I long-time fan myself, I do not feel at all misled. I expected something quite different to be revealed all along. Frankly, I would have been disappointed if that $150 million-plus was spent on simply doing the same things done in the 1960’s. The obvious question to me would have been—where the heck did the money go?

130. Closettrekker - February 21, 2009

#44—“Interesting how the original was golden, like the Starfleet delta.”

By the third season—it was blue.

#128—“How about “Stinking T*rd”

In my mind, that is reserved for STV (aka “Shatner’s Great Trek Turd Of ’89”).

131. AqAZAr - February 21, 2009

It’s possible the logo will italicize itself in the opening, should there be any animation.

There are always possibilities.

132. Kirk's Girdle - February 21, 2009

Re: New Horizon. I agree on the writing issue. We take special effects and movie magic for granted these days. Virtually (pun intended) anything you can imagine can be put on the screen now, and as a result we are seeing a glut of remakes of fan favorites from the 1970s and 1980s, but in almost every case, the newer film is dramatically (pun intended again) inferior to the original. Once upon a time, especially in television, writers had to work within small budgets and craft the story with words rather than *effects shot here*. Nowadays, it seems writers and directors are simply hoping their film will be improved in post.

For Star Trek, look at The Cage, WNMHGB, and The Corbomite Maneuver. They are all different “first entries” into Star Trek, but they all work perfectly well as self contained stories with atmosphere, dramatic tension, conflict and resolution – and all in less than 60 minutes.

I’ve used a term to describe how the old Playhouse 90 and Twilight Zone crowd could say more in one sentence than most modern writers can convey on an entire page – the term is Economy of Text ™.

We, as anation, do love our eye candy and for the most part it rules the summer box office. It is nice, however, when a movie stimulates your adrenal gland and your intellect at the same time. Let’s hope those films aren’t gone for good.

133. Kirk's Girdle - February 21, 2009

Re: 130 wouldn’t that be “The Great Turd of the Galaxy”?

134. thorsten - February 21, 2009


looks like the settings of your anagram generator are a tad off, Stanky…

135. Kirk's Girdle - February 21, 2009

Re: 131 Maybe it will italicize, and shoot off leaving flaming tire tracks like Marty McFly’s Delorean.

136. Rudy M Alapag Jr - February 21, 2009

the shiny new look of the new logo looks very heavy metal to me. like say
metallica or megadeth look.but it’s very cool, i think i’ll have this on my access
desktop on my very own computer and my dad’s right now as i’m typing this right now, no doubt about it.

137. Closettrekker - February 21, 2009

#133—-Either way, the point is made!

138. screaming satellite - February 21, 2009

i always liked the movie logo the best…shame they used it for DS9 and VOY

I like this one too though….the same as TOS just straightened and spaced out….a reminder that this is similar but ‘aint your daddys trek’

139. Locke for President - February 21, 2009

Ever notice that Star Trek is spelled backwards?

Kert Rats.

Just noticed that, after all these years. Kinda amusing, don’t you think? I guess when this Star Trek fan looks in the mirror, I can honestly be called a Kert Rats fan.

Hey, what a great name for a rock band!

140. thorsten - February 21, 2009

I made a little movie to show the evolution of the movie titles, only III is missing…

141. Chadwick - February 21, 2009

I will agree the text logo used in the TOS movies, DS9, and Voyager are my favorite, they have an epic feel like the Star Wars logo text, to me the movie text logo are scream STAR TREK more so then the original. I never cared for the TNG or TNG movie text logo

The super bowl ad text and all before it look just like the original series, (the text, the spacing, and the italic nature) with more texture and design. I think its time to have something a little different, just a little. The latest text we have just been shown, I personally think looks great! It is still the classic text but not italic, spaced different, and has a nice fatigued metal texture look. Granted I do like the shiny white platinum look of the other text but oblique look of the text really looks good.

142. krikzil (aka Lixy) - February 21, 2009

The orignal TOS logo is very much the product of the 60s imo. This one fits today’s tastes.

143. EFFeX - February 21, 2009

I like the Super Bowl one the best to be honest… This new one looks too “industrial”.

144. Thorny - February 21, 2009

There’s just something off about the new logo. I don’t care much for it. It looks like they were trying too hard.

The Super Bowl spot logo looks like something went wrong with the “S”. The Nov 08 trailer logo is my favorite.

145. Rastaman - February 21, 2009

The 3-d effect looks a little harsh to me. I prefer the simple stream-lined italicized font of the original series. The Original somehow seems more optimistic or fanciful than this metallic finish.

I’d go for the Super Bowl one as well.

146. Bill Lutz - February 21, 2009

Kinda sad actually…..

147. Trekkie88 - February 21, 2009

I like the new logo in that the letters are turned slightly to make it look loke the letters are actual physical things that you can hold, but I just think that its a little too ruff-looking for Star Trek. Star Trek has always been about cleanliness of design, even with rough Klingon construction. The letters just look dirty, & Star Trek has never looked dirty. It doesn’t fit with the new “super-clean” look in the movie, you know the sanitized, shiny, crisp, bright white new look of the corridors & bridge. They should have kept the logo from the Super Bowl ad or the theatrical trailer.

I don’t know if you noticed at all but the logo used in the Super Bowl spot is very similar to the logo used for the TOS Remastered commercials. The transporter effect is in both, the only difference is that in the TOS Remastered logo, it is vertical instead of horizontal. Check it out.

148. Jefferies Tuber - February 21, 2009

This has grown off me.

I think it’s too much like TRANSFORMERS and think they should just stick with italics.

Also, the main titles better end with an opera singer [or Bjork].

Thorsten, thanks for the qt movie. Gawd how I hated those TNG title cards with serif fonts. 1000x wrong.

149. Chris Doohan - February 21, 2009

Nice new logo. Also, speaking of new, congratulations to Simon and his wife, Maureen. You’ll make a great dad, Simon.


150. Christine - February 21, 2009

Awwww, I liked the italics-y logo. Even in our city’s newspaper, when they were writing an article about ST09 and other upcoming movies (which I kinda cut out and hung on my wall… in a frame…) “To Go Where We’ve Gone Before”, was in the Star Trek italics font.

But it looks snazzy nonetheless. I like the metallic look. Very nice.


151. ShawnP - February 21, 2009

Wow, folks, be sad about widespread hunger and disease, not a logo…

As for me, me likey!

152. Trekmatt - February 21, 2009

I like the new logo, i think it shows that this film wants to be seen as a big summer film and it should catch the attention of average movie goers, may be more so than the previous logos would have.

153. Ian - February 21, 2009

Looks good to me!

154. Selor - February 21, 2009

THe only change is that it is no more in italics… so I don’t bother about it… we’ll see the final Logo on May 7th…

155. VOODOO - February 21, 2009

Not that it really matters, but I prefer the Super Bowl add.

156. OR Coast Trekkie - February 21, 2009

Combine the look of this new logo, with the spacing of the Superbowl ad logo, and you’ve got a winner

157. John Trumbull - February 21, 2009

The logo has a lot more personality in italics.

158. Holger - February 21, 2009

157: True :-)

159. Frank - February 21, 2009

New Logo = Bleck!

Some designer has over-thought it.

160. Closettrekker - February 21, 2009

#159—-I’m not sure it is the designer who is “over-thinking” it, especially after reading some of the comments about it on this thread.

If not for the article here, I may not have even noticed the difference.

161. Montreal Paul - February 21, 2009

160. Closettrekker

You hit the nail on the head!! I was thinking that exact same thing.

162. Jason - February 21, 2009

The version with italics looked better

This looks like they sucked the life out of it and made it corporate and bland.

163. Simon - February 21, 2009

Am I the only one who doesn’t like the TOS font?

I prefer the TMP font much more.

164. Carlg - February 21, 2009

I like the brushed metal look, but it’s kind of overused on film posters these days.

Stretched-out title will look great in IMAX. :)

@163: No, your’re not the only one. The 60’s font is kind of goofy, but it is iconic, and I’m still glad they kept it.

165. Jax Maxton - February 21, 2009

Here’s a question: Does anybody else think that their marketing has begun to distance itself a bit from previous Treks? I know, I know, they still have the comic book and all, but it feels like their starting to ignore Trek fans a little more(and for good reason). This logo no longer really harkens back to the TOS logo like it was and feels a lot more “new” rather than homaging the old show.

And I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just wondering if I’m alone on this.

166. Rick - February 21, 2009

The version with italics looked better
This looks like they sucked the life out of it and made it corporate and bland


167. Stanky McFibberich - February 21, 2009

134. thorsten – February 21, 2009
“@128… looks like the settings of your anagram generator are a tad off, Stanky…

was no attempt at an anagram…just an observation based on the facts available so far…”

168. Capt. of the USS Anduril - February 21, 2009

My post vanished…really, I like it, but it doesn’t matter. The logo used on th trailers, commercials, toys, etc. has never been the same as the title logo used in the actual opening credits. See Nemesis, for instance.

169. VZX - February 21, 2009

I’m cool with the new title font. It’s still retro enough for me.

170. Jason P Hunt - co-creator of COMET TALES - February 21, 2009

I may have to put up a poster for the Kert Rats in the bar on my space station…

which, by the way, is officially named Callahan’s. Thank you, Spider Robinson.

171. Matias47 - February 21, 2009


172. The Gorn Identity - February 21, 2009

They all look great. They’re all just variations on a theme. Luckily that theme is TOS!

173. Devon - February 21, 2009

#162 – 166 – That makes no sense and is rather silly… but whatever.

174. Jovan - February 22, 2009

Noooo! Please change it back. This one looks so boring.

175. BK613 - February 22, 2009

IMO the SB one says best what the makers of this movie claim: They are making a movie that keeps the spirit of TOS but for a newer generation.

176. Jamie - February 22, 2009

I’m a graphic designer, and I think the new logo is great.

Everything about it is a clear improvement over the previous two logos, and this looks so much more credible as a big film logo.

The only thing that had bothered me at first was the fact that the text is no longer italicised. I thought it looked a little characterless, or soul-less.

However, I took it into Photoshop and made it italic myself and after a few minutes of deliberating I decided that the italicised version just looked old fashioned.

In addition, when we have the sequels with sub-titles beneath the logo, I think it will look better to have a non-italicised main logo.

Apart from the fact that it’s not italicised, everything is pretty much unchanged fromt he original logo. It is very much still the Star Trek font, just in a new incarnation. I think the lack of italics will distinguish it nicely from the previous franchise and bring it up to date.

My only complaint now is that the film has no sub-title. I’m hoping that, like Star Wars: A New Hope, this film will be retrospectively given a sub-title.

177. Lunar Tick - February 22, 2009

I like the Super Bowl trailer version better.

178. Izbot - February 22, 2009

There was another newish logo not appearing here. It incorporated the delta shield outline (and one side also appeared to be a hemisphere of earth with sun peeking out from behind) and used a ompletely different typeface. I have it as my background on my blackberry. Anyone remember when/where that one first showed up?

179. Captain Cohen - February 22, 2009

Canon or not? sometimes the discussion is all “big bore” but “little calibre”.. Instead of firing shots at each other let’s be looking forward to “shell”-ing out a few coins to see what some guys have done for us [and of vourse their bank balances].

By the way. Those of us who were re-enacting “Star Trek” in the playground when we were kids, and making our own stories up as we ran around on the school fields .. let’s remember that our own games were just as much canon [to us] as anything we were watching back in ’66 to ’69.

As for logos.. remember how we made our own up on our school books, and whatever we drew on? Was it exact? well .. of course not. We didn’t have strips of gold pressed latinum, Federation credits etc .. we just loved what we were doing.

40 years later ..

Lots of other have joined us on the Trek.

Surely our main aim is to continue being enterprising voyagers, looking for ways to help each other live long and prosper.

Peace and Long Life

180. Captain Cohen - February 22, 2009

(sorry – re #179 “of vource” should have been “of course”(and not ‘off course’ ..)

As the old saying [tweaked] goes ..”Khaaaaaan’t spell for toffee” …

Piece and Long Loaf.

Catpain Conan
(oops, I mean ,, Captain Cohen)

181. RNS - February 22, 2009

Ok-people its’ only letters there no reason to have organisms over it.

182. Jason P Hunt - co-creator of COMET TALES - February 22, 2009

I think the color scheme should really reflect the canon of the original series. Perhaps applying a gradient from gold to blue? 2/3 gold to 1/3 blue. And then maybe the glow could be rendered in the color scheme from TAS…

I kid.

183. rumpcuż - February 23, 2009


Trailer/Superbowl logos were much better. This one is MEH

184. Jote - February 23, 2009

This blows. It looks like a cheap fan-made logo, which is basically made like this

1. find a similar font on the net (no italics)
2. pay no attention to kerning
3. add ugly gloss/shine

Reminds me of my early Photoshop experiments back in 1999

That’s a 100% MEH

185. ZSK - February 23, 2009

ZSK my son says it is bad and not the same as the first few movies.abrams has made a logo whick looks like concrete and it might son is 12 and he fears this logo will ruin star trek.HE SAYS THE FILM LOOKS BLUEISH.

186. Rick - February 23, 2009


It makes perfect sense.
The old logo was way better than the new one.
It had a lot more “personality”.

187. Cervantes - February 24, 2009

Okay, I gotta say that I absolutely DETEST that new ‘vertical’ typeface. This counts as another Production Design mis-step to me personally, but others may like it.

I far prefer either of the previous trailer ones, myself.

Is this just an unnecessary way of ‘distancing’ new audiences away from the original source series?….

188. Cervantes - February 24, 2009

Oh, I hated the one they came up with for previous Movies too by the way, but that’s just me. I take my ‘typography’ on Movies/Movie merchandise seriously. I can’t help it, it’s the designer in me. I loved the original TOS series look, either in yellow or blue.

189. Dom - February 24, 2009

C.S. Lewis

I’m sorry to read of your heart situation and also hope that your wife’s pregnancy works out well.

That said, I cannot say either with any great warmth towards you. You persistently patronise everybody on this board and, in a desperate attempt to mimic the author CS Lewis, you persistently write the some of the most pompous prose I have ever read on a message board.

Believe it or not, many of us have big worries, so you’re far from an exception. My Dad is ill, possibly something brain-related, and we are very concerned about him, but I haven’t chosen to swing that around a message forum as both sword and shield to justify an obnoxious attitude. Sometimes, I’m just plain old unjustifiably obnoxious! ;)

Perhaps during your hospital stay and your recovery, you could consider your view towards other people here and come back a nicer person who wants to chat rather than take out your fears for yourself on all of us, who are generally a friendly inclusive bunch!

Good luck and God speed!

As for the logo . . . hmm . . . wait and see how it looks in motion. I get the feeling that it spreads out as the camera moves towards it!

190. The Last Maquis - February 25, 2009

what’s with the Blue Sheen?, I mean it already Looks like the Transformers Logo, But those movies have a bunch of Blue flare also.

191. Trek Nerd Central - March 16, 2009

Good grief. Is it *that* big a deal?

Anyway, who knows what it looks like in the final cut? The official site ( still has the old tilt.

192. Vince - March 17, 2009

It’s a friggan’ logo. I have a lot of Star Trek fans in my family and they think you argue about the dumbest things.

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