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MTV Shows Behind-The-Scenes Star Trek ‘Featurette’ [UPDATED: w/ Kelvin Bridge Shot?] February 21, 2009

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On tonight’s MTV Spoilers show there were previews and exclusive peeks from a number of Summer tent pole movies, including the new Star Trek film. However the Trek ‘featurette’ was comprised mostly of previously seen clips combined with new ‘behind the scenes’ footage  and new actor interview clips, focusing on director JJ Abrams, check it out below. [UPDATE: and maybe there is something really new]


MTV has posted their ‘exclusive featurette’ which has behind the scenes footage, similar to the video on the Esurance Star Trek promotional site. There is some new behind the scenes footage and some actor interview snippets, but for footage from the movie you can (at most) catch a glimpse of some more of the Kirk and Spock fight scene (viewable on a monitor during the interview clips). There is also a brief glimpse of what looks like a set that hasn’t been seen before (see screencaps below). Although hardcore fans were hoping for more, this was aimed at the MTV crowd to get them jazzed and the audience did seem excited about the movie.

And here is the ‘exclusive featurette.’

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Extended version
This video clip includes all of the above, with other discussion of Star Trek on the show, including Wil Wheaton’s thoughts. [thanks to Kelvington for the clip]

Watch Star Trek on MTV Spoilers  |  View More Free Videos Online at

UPDATE: Screencaps – Something really new? – Kelvin bridge shot?
The behind the scenes shots are new, but mostly similar to what we have seen before of  JJ working on the bridge set of the USS Enterprise. However there is a brief clip showing Abrams on a different set, which could be the bridge of the USS Kelvin.

JJ on USS Kelvin bridge set? (click to enlarge)

And there was this brief shot, from yet another set, possibly Scotty’s lab on Delta Vega

Scotty’s lab?

There is also a brief glimpse (on the monitors) of some of more footage from the Spock v Kirk fight scene.

Spock and Kirk duke it out (click to enlarge)

Here are more of the caps of the new behind the scenes footage on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. (click to enlarge).

And finally caps of some of the cast with the USS Enterprise bridge in background.



1. NOGA - February 21, 2009


2. Brad - February 21, 2009


3. Daryl - February 21, 2009

First? Hope for new scenes, Liked the look behind scene and the thoughts. Come on new trailer.

4. Michael Stivic - February 21, 2009

Why aren’t they promoting Nimoy in these ads at all? I think mainstream moviegoers could well be attracted to the movie because of the fact that an icon of American culture– the original Spock, is part of it.

5. Ben Luna - February 21, 2009

I understand this was for the MTV kids and teens but I did have my hopes up somewhat on seeing a new scene. I am pleased though we got to see another shot of the bridge in the John Cho interview.

6. Enterprise - February 21, 2009

The Watchmen clip put me to sleep

7. SerenityActual - February 21, 2009

Can’t wait for May!

8. Akaranger - February 21, 2009


9. Cyberghost - February 21, 2009

Nice to see for the wider non trek audiance, but really nothing new. But I am sure it served it’s purpose, bring more people into the theatre. Also, there are a lot of people who don’t know or care there is a new ST movie coming out, and hopefully things like this will do what it is intended to do, get the word out, and this is not your Daddy’s Star trek. Even My 72 year old mom who is not a sci fit fan, is going to see the movie.

10. oztrek - February 21, 2009

More of the same really… but I have always liked what I’ve seen up till now so no problem. Bring it on!

11. Jared Butcher - February 21, 2009

#8 me either

12. NCC-73515 - February 21, 2009

look at quinto (~0:43) – this IS spock!!!

13. Pat D. - February 21, 2009

I like the shot of Quinto in full makeup smiling.

14. - February 21, 2009

I tuned in hoping for some significant new footage after all the hype and was sorely disappointed to see nothing new.

15. Chingatchkook - February 21, 2009

Same here, the clip immediately shows the “Replay” and “Share” icons, nothing plays. Anyone else have the same issue?

16. Red Shirt - February 21, 2009

Are you using Adobe Flash Player 10? Maybe that could help. :)

17. Lou - February 21, 2009

hehe irony is, the wait is NOT over. :P

18. Tom - February 21, 2009

Works fine here (netherlands)

19. Tom - February 21, 2009

oh btw, I use Opera as my webbrowser (if it matters, although I doubt it)

20. Terpor - February 21, 2009

Star Trek “XI” is not made for the real fans it’s just a new cashcow nothing more

I grew up watching the Star Trek TOS & The Next Generation and those were made by the real creator Gene Roddenberry.

A few years back i borrowed DS9.VOY.ENT box sets from my friend and
i liked DS9 but i but it didn’t have any of that Star Trek theme on it.
Voyger was boring and Enterpise tried to be Star Trek but it wasn’t

21. lukas - February 21, 2009

well, i can watch it and i’m in germany…

22. Hat Rick - February 21, 2009

The color scheme of USS Kelvin’s bridge, if that’s what is it is, looks very much like TOS-era Enterprise’s bridge.

Perhaps it’s really the bridge from the un-Nerofied Enterprise?

23. Enterprise - February 21, 2009

Clip worked fine for me.

24. DGill - February 21, 2009

Um…this is no different than the eSurance featurette…just little snippets of JJ and the cast talking about how cool it is, people running around with cameras and markers, and shots of the trailer, which we’ve seen a million times before. The only exception? They included shots from the Superbowl spot as well. Wil Wheaton was right! It’s everything we’ve seen before–I just didn’t think it would be the same fluff.

I think we can all take comfort in the fact that a new trailer will be coming our way next month, so I’m not too sore about it. :D

25. Devon - February 21, 2009

Quinto almost looks like a Nimoy carbon copy in that screen cap!

“Star Trek “XI” is not made for the real fans it’s just a new cashcow nothing more”

As Star Trek always was. Though, I am not sure what your point is.

“I grew up watching the Star Trek TOS & The Next Generation and those were made by the real creator Gene Roddenberry.”

Only the first couple of seasons of each had any involvement of Roddenberry.

“A few years back i borrowed DS9.VOY.ENT box sets from my friend and
i liked DS9 but i but it didn’t have any of that Star Trek theme on it.”

That depends on your definition of “Star Trek,” and there is arguable no definite particular definition. But then that is what DS9 so great ;)

26. mikey_pikey (Ireland) - February 21, 2009

hmm the kelvin brige looks similar to TOS bridge color scheme.

27. Stanky McFibberich - February 21, 2009

This is, like, so cool and awesome!

28. Weerd1 - February 21, 2009

Realizing of course it doesn’t reflect on ANY of the movies featured, this was a really bad show. When the most important conversation you can muster is whether or not that’s Uhura and Kirk rolling around in the trailer, you’ve pretty much missed the point. Wow, I never thought I was too old a man, but that was my Dad’s voice just now…

29. WVtrekker - February 21, 2009

Coolness! Um, twenty-nineth?

30. Elise - February 21, 2009

The Kelvin bridge looks more TOS than the Enterprise’s. From what I can see of it at least. Hurry up May!

31. Wes - February 21, 2009

#20- Way to paint with the broad brush. I’ve considered myself a “real fan” since I was a wee tot back in the 70s, and I’m quite looking forward to this movie.

32. Tarrax - February 21, 2009

#27 – Oh, a Sarcasm Detector. Now that’s useful!

33. Anthony Pascale - February 21, 2009

20, enough with the ‘real fan’ stuff. Everyone here is a ‘real fan’ and as far as I can tell this film is for ‘real fans’ and ‘new fans’ who once they become fans will also be ‘real fans’

34. VOODOO - February 21, 2009

Meathead #4

I agree with you 100%.

I understand the fact tptb are wisely trying to open “Star Trek” up to a wider/younger/hipper demo, BUT Leonard Nimoy is “Star Trek”.

It’s almost like the marketing team is embarrassed of what has come before. The fact that Mr. Nimoy was not seen in the theatricial trailer, the Superbowl commercial or any movie posters has left me feeling like the marketing team is going out of their way to avoid the stigma that old school “Star Trek” has attached to it.

35. Jared Butcher - February 21, 2009

Wil is awesome lol

36. The Governator - February 21, 2009

27. Stanky McFibberich

Yeah. I, like, new you your going to say that.

37. Chroma - February 21, 2009

I wish they would let people in other countries see the clip :[

38. AJ - February 21, 2009

A little over-hyped by this site, but the MTV piece was a nice addition to what we’ve already got.

39. The Governator - February 21, 2009

btw, that’s the second time that music has been used in a featurette, so something tells me that its definitely from the movie.

40. AJ - February 21, 2009

Kelvin looks much more utilitarian/military than JJ’s ENT

41. Can't wait - February 21, 2009

I assure you it would be a huge mistake to feature nimoy in the publicity aimed at a new audience. We are the only ones whobreslly care whether he’s on it of not. I would dilute thecidea that this is something new and confuse people. He’s in it because the writers care about trek legacy andcas a respectful nod to us. These people (marketing team) really know what they are doing.

42. The Governator - February 21, 2009

41. Can’t wait.

I recommend Rosetta Stone. Its the fastest way to learn english.

43. Chroma - February 21, 2009

I think not showing Nimoy is part of the strategy. It will be more of a surprise and fun when we see his scene on the big screen than if we see it in all the trailors beforehand (plus it’s important to the plot me thinks, and they may not want to give that away).

44. fred - February 21, 2009

Design differences aside, I think the bridge is going to be impressively larger than even any of the movie bridges, which is nice. If the lighting were reduced on the bridge so that more of the screens and such were more visible, (like in these pictures) it would add to the beauty, rather than everything lit like a photo shoot. We’ll see.

45. Daoud - February 21, 2009

#42 Apparently, “it’s” not the fastest way to learn “E”nglish.

46. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - February 21, 2009

#45, was that really necessary?

47. The Last Maquis - February 21, 2009

You know What Really Sucks and Kills It For pine As Kirk?

That, “Why are You Talking to me, Man?” line…It’s So lame.
Ha Ha Ha

48. THX-1138 - February 21, 2009



49. The Governator - February 21, 2009

45. Daoud

tahnks fr hte tip. i will trry to membeer thta nxte tim I wont to le’rn a languge. :-}

50. AJ - February 21, 2009

Ahhh, Saturday night, Everyone’s all drunk and sassy.

I actually understood what everyone had to say.

I recommend E.B. White’s “Elements of Style” for grammar, and a bit more tolerance from the crowd here. It makes reading the comments really boring, and scares away non-native speakers

51. The Governator - February 21, 2009

To continue..

And I like Roetta Stone because of “its” great software and I hear that “it’s” great for languages like “F”rench and “S”pansh.

Don’t worry, I’m done. (or should I say finished). :)

52. THX-1138 - February 21, 2009



Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

53. THX-1138 - February 21, 2009

And really, it’s the Typonian’s evil plot to destroy us.

54. The Governator - February 21, 2009

50. AJ


On the footage, I must admit I was a little bit disappointed that it was all stuff I’ve seen before. I know Wil said that it would be, but then, I don’t know just how much he’s seen. Anyway, thought it was good though.

55. The Governator - February 21, 2009


Shoot. You got me there. :-(

56. JimJ - February 21, 2009

“Whoo-hoo-hoo!” Seriously, I can’t wait for this. Is it May yet!?

57. EnsignJulka - February 21, 2009

Ooooooh yeah!

58. ABQ - February 21, 2009

Could MTV have found at least one host/interviewer who is even remotely familiar with or able to pretend to care about Star Trek?

And as already said, nothing new. Wake me when the previously shown clips (or entire film) are leaked :)

59. Gary - February 21, 2009

Coño! Excelente CLIP! :-)

60. ucdom - February 21, 2009


The presenters are horrific – can’t they find people with a brain. Amazing, male and female ‘bints’
And that bit with Will Wheaton was embarassing – watching this 30-something guy pretend to be ‘down’ with the young kids, and also to know anything at all about the movie based on exactly the same info the rest of us have.

Like a lot of people now, I just want to see the bl**dy film!

61. DGill - February 21, 2009


I agree with you all the way. I gave up on MTV so long ago…in fact, that video link is the closest I’ve come to watching MTV again in 7 years. It gets dumber and dumber. Wil Wheaton handled himself pretty well, but I don’t know why they call the show “Spoilers” if the hosts have no idea what’s going on. Even Wil didn’t know why Kirk and Spock were fighting (or maybe he couldn’t tell them what he already knows. TrekMovie put two-and-two together months ago). The whole “Are Kirk and Uhura on the bed?” bit really ticked me off. Who cares? Oh, yes. The MTV crowd. I’m glad ‘Star Trek’ doesn’t look like it’s totally caving in to the tastes of the MTV generation, but it looks like it’ll draw them in due to those factors.

62. subatoi - February 22, 2009

Saldana’s title says Nyota Uhura, I don’t remember if it was on Esurance’s clip as well.
Maybe it’s the first conformation she’ll finally get an official, canonized, first name, as expected.

63. danno - February 22, 2009

the kelvins bridge is bound to have the TOS design before the timeline is guessing some technology from the future is found to change the design of future ships.

64. I am not Herbert - February 22, 2009

Nice! I like the shot of Simon Pegg (cheers mate!) w/ the turbolift doors behind him, and the railing! The bridge looks not-too-bad in that shot, I must say! =D

…shot of the Kelvin bridge looks promising!! =D Excellent!!! =D

65. thebiggfrogg - February 22, 2009

#4 Hey, Meathead!

For mainstream audiences J.J. has replaced the clip with Nimoy with a clip of Mark Hamill. ; )

66. McCoy - February 22, 2009


But the whole take on this film is to draw that crowd. The whole purpose to update everything is to get the new generation….so this MTF crowd fits right in to the ibridge, the uglyPrise and mall corridors.

BTW, the bridge set looks better with dimmer lights…

67. thebiggfrogg - February 22, 2009

Re: The Kelvin bridge TOS scheme.

Here is my theory. To stop Nero, Spock shares Trek tech from the future with Starfleet. That is how the new bridge can look nothing like the old and well in advance of it without violating canon. I bet this is the route Orci and crew took. That also fits the plot as we see the Enterprise under construction.

Of course, that begs the question: why didn’t they just build the Enterprise E or F or G?

I suppose you could argue they had already begun constructing the original Enterprise and merely mod it based on Spock’s recommendations.

The other problem with this is that time makes no sense in this movie. It still will take a hell of a long time to build a starship. So Spock shows up five years in advance of Nero’s ship? And Kirk rising from cadet to Captain in the space of one film strains credulity badly unless they do a flash forward or back.

68. Seven Of Nine's Panties - February 22, 2009

I’m using the Camino browser in Mac OS X, and I can’t play the clip; also tried Internet Explorer and Safari (on VIsta), and it won’t play. I’m in the UK, so is it some kind of copyright issue?

69. subatoi - February 22, 2009

#68 I’m from outside the US too, the first clip didn’t work, the second one, that contains the first, did work for me (but slowly).

70. thebiggfrogg - February 22, 2009

Outside the U.S. tip: use Hotspot Shield. A free spoofer that will make the server think you are in the U.S. I use it in China to watch BSG on Hulu. I run Hotspot Shield on OS X, but I think a Win-dohs version also exists.

71. Ciarán - February 22, 2009

Is that it? I was expecting a lot more. I’m getting frustrated.

72. Requiem1971 - February 22, 2009

I’m surprised Will Wheaton made it sound like Kirk beds Uhura when we all know that its an Orion Slave Girl he hooks up with at the Academy. The clip had a lot of pauses in it but played pretty well. New bridge looks neat. I look forward to seeing how this movie does in the theaters.

73. captain_neill - February 22, 2009

I think I am learning to appreciate this movie a bit more now

74. Colonial One - February 22, 2009

Spanish politic uses Spock in campaign:

The guy has been always mocked because of his likenesses to Spock, but now he has decided to embrace it… I supect that in part is because of the new rising popularity of Star Trek…

75. Nomad - February 22, 2009

I’m in the UK – second clip plays ok – First clip: alll I get is an ad, then nothing.

76. Neils Baris - February 22, 2009

It doesnt look like anyone has mentioned the music. Is this our first exposure to the music?

77. Starship Conductor - February 22, 2009

I can hardly wait for 05.08.09! I think this movie will blow away even the toughest of die hard Star Trek fans, IMHO.

78. Captain Roy Mustang - February 22, 2009

Want too see it

79. Holger - February 22, 2009

OK, nothing new or surprising here.

80. Joel - February 22, 2009

Sigh, MTV really is that lame. Anyways, anyone think some of the music in there was in fact from Giacchino’s score?

81. Pock Speared - February 22, 2009

stanky’s enthusiasm is ruining this normally cool-headed site.

82. Doug at Camp Arfjan, Kuwait (one step closer to home) - February 22, 2009

#77: Probably not. Too many fans are stuck in “phaser on disintegrate’ these days… it’s kinda sad… no wonder ‘Enterprise’ failed… I guess some fans are getting crotchety in their old age (grin). *

I am with you, though, I expect to have my socks knocked off!

* and before anyone lobs a photon grenade my way, I am 51.

83. paustin - February 22, 2009

OMG Quinto its Star TREK….not TRACK!!

84. CmdrR - February 22, 2009

FINALLY! The pissed Spock scene (albeit in a monitor)… WITHOUT a reversal leaving his insignia on the wrong Vulcan boob.

85. The Governator - February 22, 2009

66. McCoy

OK. I’m sorry, but your negativity and cynicism is about to drive me NUTS!!!!! You act as thoug today’s latest generation is nothing but MTV watchers and whatever. This is NOT true. Sure, there are a fair share, but by no means does that include everyone. Its just like 40 years ago for the hippie generation. There were a lot of them too, but not everyone of that generation was a hippie. This movie is not purely directed at that crowd, but it does need a good portion of them to see the movie. That goes back to the whole “appeal to a wider audience” deal. It’s just good for business.

86. Paul B. - February 22, 2009

83. paustin – February 22, 2009
OMG Quinto its Star TREK….not TRACK!!


OMG, paustin, Quinto said Star TREK, not Track! There’s a difference between a pronunciation being a little odd and using the wrong word. He clearly said TREK, not Track.

And for those of you who think Nimoy would draw people to the movie–have you not noticed the REALITY of Hollywood? The average moviegoer of ANY age is not going to jump up and say, “Wow, it’s got Nimoy? Now I’ve GOT to see it!” He’s not a “movie star” and he has NEVER had that kind of box-office appeal.

Reality check: Nimoy is loved and respected by Trek fans, and he has found appreciation for his art and other endeavors, but he is NOT a box-office draw to the general audience.

If Sean Connery came out of retirement, the general public might notice, but as much as I adore Nimoy, he just doesn’t have that kind of draw.

87. cpelc - February 22, 2009

I edited the pic of everyone looking at the montior.

Believe me this is all in fun…and maybe we can all learn a lesson from how silly people can get when analyzing this movie.

88. The Governator - February 22, 2009

To further my statement from above, the movie is suppose to appeal to the movie going audience, not just one facet of the population. That includes me as well.

89. Lil' black dog - February 22, 2009

82. Doug at Camp Arfjan, Kuwait (one step closer to home) – February 22, 2009

Couldn’t agree more – and I’m 46 and female!

BTW, thanks again for your service. Safe trip home, man.

90. screaming satellite - February 22, 2009

that Kirk Spock fight….a homage to Amok Time?…i guessing there is a few more TOS scene homages in the movie…like there was in Superman Returns (e.g. powerless superman having the crap beaten out of him – like the diner scene in superman II..)

91. Kirk's Girdle - February 22, 2009

Obviously the Kelvin, as seen on the Dell site.

92. D - February 22, 2009

Is that “red” I see on that bridge…like used to be on the classic bridge…

93. trekkie16 - February 22, 2009

I’m getting excited and it is only 2 1/2 months away. I like the fact that JJ is a fan and that the cast appear to be having a good time. They all seem to respect Star Trek and appreciate what it means to so many of us. Keeping fingers crossed that I am not disappointed.

94. AJ - February 22, 2009



Your idea makes sense in that the leaked photos of shuttles we saw last year are more gritty and utilitarian than the new Enterprise.

Perhaps Old Spock meets Kirk and Scotty on Delta Vega to brief them on the new tech. There must be a good reason why Kirk MUST take command over Spock apart from old Spock not wanting to meet his young counterpart.

95. P Technobabble - February 22, 2009

I am also counting the days to the movie’s opening.
I am also predicting the film will be a big hit.

96. ThePhaige - February 22, 2009

# 63

I see a lot of transparent aluminum on that new bridge…the view screen looks more like a window now, and all those clear panel displays….hmmm.

I bet the Kelvin will look very reminiscent (interior wise) to the classic look.

I mean what changes to the time line will elder Spock effect by giving Scotty trans beaming technology before he would have otherwise.

How cool would it be if they actually tied all the previous canon gaps together in one fail swoop. Like what did Scotty do to (that time) line where he gave the Engineer the building blocks for transparent aluminum before he should have had it…..Scotty was only hoping that “who knows perhaps he invented the thing” was adequate. He obviously believed that risking the timeline was less important than the problems at hand and whos to know the effects.

This supports the current theory of layered time lines coinciding beside one another perhaps. This could be interesting.

97. Kirk's Girdle - February 22, 2009

From the network that brought you, “Mr. President, boxers or briefs?”, yet more insipid uninformed 20-something twaddle speak. Blah-blah.

And really, if Wil Wheaton wants to look informed, all he needs to do is get off his own blogsite once in awhile and look around.

98. Kirk's Girdle - February 22, 2009

Here’s the link with the Kelvin images. We knew this already.

99. Steven - February 22, 2009

In the preview clip, are they actually playing a piece of music from Michael Giacchino’s score for the film? I recognize the trailer music pieces, but the one piece, which plays around the time of Chris Pine’s interview clip. If it is, it sounds great!

God bless!

100. thorsten - February 22, 2009


AJ, as far as I know Spock is not giving away lots of future tech.
It is just that he helps Scotty along with something our favorite
engineer was working on any way, and what he developed himself in the Primeline. Plus the encounter on Delta Vega happens three years after Jim Kirk entered Academy. The Enterprise is finished in orbit already.

101. Gary - February 22, 2009

@59 Gary

Since we’re sharing the same handle, please don’t curse (even in Spanish).

102. thorsten - February 22, 2009

The question is, if Nero jumps back to destroy the Kelvin in March 2233, where is Spock? What is Nero doing between 2233 and the 2260s?
Why is he attacking the Kelvin? Why does he want to kill Kirk?

If we assume that his primary goal is to destroy Vulcan, why not doing it in 2233?

Anyway, I don’t believe that Spock Prime arrives in 2233 and walks straight into the secret labs of Starfleet to further their technology along.

103. Montreal Paul - February 22, 2009

102. thorsten

Do we know where the Kelvin is destroyed? Perhaps it is in orbit around Vulcan. And the Kelvin is trying to defend Vulcan and gets destroyed. I don’t believe Nero is after Kirk. It’s a coincidence that George Kirk is on the kelvin and killed. And after failing there.. Nero jumps ahead to the future again. The result of The Kelvin being destroyed by a “superior” power changes the way Starfleet thinks and newer technologies and more defensive capabilities were built into Starships. Who knows… that is just one possible interpretation. I am anxious to see what the real results are when the movie comes out.. VERY excited! Haven’t been this excited about a Trek movie since TWOK came out!

104. The Governator - February 22, 2009

Question for either thorsten or Anthony:

No one seems to know about the music in the featurette and their has been no conformation that it is from the movie. Since both of you have seen the preview footage and heard parts of the score, does this music sound like it could be from the movie? I’m just curious, because the music sounds really good and seems to be Giacchino’s style.

105. OLLEY OLLEY OLEY - February 22, 2009

thx for that trekmovie
i presssed teh play button, saw a shoe advert and nothing else.

cheers for pumping me full of ads

106. thorsten - February 22, 2009

Good point Montreal Paul…
but if the Kelvin were attacked close to Vulcan there would have been witnesses and a description of the Narada… And Starfleet would be on the lookout for that strange, thorny behemoth of a ship.

The Vulcan crisis begins as a natural disaster. There seems to be a lighning storm effect along the Naradas time jumps. Kirk remembers that and knows that something more than a stormfront is going on on the way to Vulcan. In the night before the Kelvin met her fate there was a storm like that in an area were 47 Klingon ships got lost.
So he warns Pike, and the ship comes out of warp with raised shields.

107. thorsten - February 22, 2009


Governator, I was so blown away from the footage so busy to cram all the information, design, plot, visuals and all, into my brain that I totally ignored the music ;))
Paramount had a pre-show going in Cologne, were lots and lots of pictures never seen since then were shown in a loop on some huge plasmas, and music was running that sounded like Lost. So my guess is as good as yours about the featurettes soundtrack, but I am with you, sounds like Giacchino.

108. Blowback - February 22, 2009

Shoot…. Nothing new in the clips… Dang….

109. AJ - February 22, 2009


thorsten: Is that your imagination, or is this info real? 47 Klingon ships? And then, why was there an initial time-jump into the 2230’s anyway?

110. Montreal Paul - February 22, 2009

106. thorsten

Interesting. Hmmm. Well I really can’t wait to see it! My buddy in Toronto works for the distribution company and saw the film already.. He says it is going to be huge and a massive hit for fans and nonfans alike.

111. thorsten - February 22, 2009

AJ, that is for real…
It is a crucial moment because Kirk runs onto the bridge, trailing Bones and Uhura, and Spock tries to block his access to Pike. But Spock remembers that story about the Klingons too, and so he lets Kirk talk to Pike.
Kirk saves the ship by this, the other six Federation vessels arrive unprotected over Vulcan…

112. Ensign RedShirt - February 22, 2009

I tend to agree with the thinking that the Kelvin bridge is much more in TOS style, which is why it’s being hidden from us as a surprise. After all, what we see on the Kelvin is supposed to take place in the original timeline before Nero alters it.

113. AJ - February 22, 2009



Is this info from the 20-minute previews in Europe?

114. thorsten - February 22, 2009

Yes, AJ.

115. thorsten - February 22, 2009

“The notion of transwarp beaming is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet while wearing a blindfold, riding a horse.”

Montgomery Scott, Delta Vega.

116. AJ - February 22, 2009


Funny that Spock is somehow alluding to Scotty’s “transparent aluminum’ stunt in TVH by offering him a formula from the future.

Problem is, Scotty never invented “transwarp beaming” in the original timeline. Perhaps Spock is ‘lying,’ and has brought 25th century tech back to make the mission succeed.

117. thorsten - February 22, 2009


Only Bob can answer that, AJ.
But in the movie it is quite clear that this is a nod to Professor Scott
fiddling around with the Mac Plus…


118. ThePhaige - February 22, 2009

#116 Thats what I was thinking kinda..see #96.

I was also wondering if perhaps elder Spock is trying to convince Kirk to take command of the Enterprise to give Nero the false picture that he did not succeed in whatever time line manipulation he was attempting to exclude Kirks commanding of the Enterprise. To throw him off his game in a sense, forcing him to change tactics. Too many unknowns still. I really hope they manage to keep the script secret until it opens in May since the debate is just as fun.

119. ThePhaige - February 22, 2009

I heard a rumor that Bob will answer that and all questions sometime in May…….lol

120. AJ - February 22, 2009


That’s great. Bob Orci is an encyclopedia of Trek, as are we, so such subtle “easter eggs” will be the ‘talk of the town’ around here once the film is out.

121. boborci - February 22, 2009



122. The Governator - February 22, 2009

103. Montreal Paul

It’s a possibility that Kirk may not be the target. But then why in the Countdown comics would Nero be checking out Kirk on the Enterprise-E computer if he didn’t have any interest in him?

123. The Governator - February 22, 2009

HeHe. This is so much fun. It’s like trying to put a puzzle together without all the pieces :-)

124. AJ - February 22, 2009


Yes, but a good point was made earlier that Kirk is not Nero’s target. George Kirk dies as a result of a battle related to one of his time incursions, which resulted in the destruction of 47 Klingon ships. Young Jim Kirk is simply the result of this fatherless existence in the new timeline, but he was never the reason for the incursion.

125. AJ - February 22, 2009


It’d be easier to send someone with a phaser to Iowa to shoot him or his mom, than to do all these whiz-bang space battles.

Does the comic say why Nero is reading up on Kirk?

126. ThePhaige - February 22, 2009

Oh Bob you must get such a kick out of seeing all the conjecture and theories the community comes up with. What a fun time for you as well I would imagine. Very glad to see you chime in from time to time as well.The connection to the community you have extended is very much appreciated.

127. AJ - February 22, 2009

Much more fun than talking about MTV…

128. Anthony Pascale - February 22, 2009

I think what happens is that Biff goes back and marries Kirk’s mother, but then a T-1000 appears and kill’s Kirk’s father so Marty helps Kirk by dressing as a giant bunny, wait. um…i think I need coffee

129. thorsten - February 22, 2009

As long as we don’t know how a former mining ship aquires the ability to travel through time we can only guess if Neros actions are all part of a plan, or if things happen by accident. Maybe he appears in the middle of a Klingon fleet of party cruisers on their way to Risa, and it is their bad day…

130. AJ - February 22, 2009



Aren’t you supposed to write SPOILER ALERT before revealing plot points?

131. ThePhaige - February 22, 2009

Haha #128 I wonder if in the mid 2200s they have perfected instant coffee. Now that would be progress we could all believe in.

132. Toothless Grishnar Cat - February 22, 2009

That ‘Spock v. Kirk’ screencap reminds me of the monitor playback from ST3 (you know, the one with Spock transferring his katra into McCoy).

133. Montreal Paul - February 22, 2009

122. The Governator

I have no idea.. I didn’t read the comic. I am just throwing things out and speculating… I have no idea why Nero goes back. I’ll be looking forward to finding out why when the movie comes out. :)

134. Balok - February 22, 2009

Delta Vega??? Not to be confused with TOS Delta Vega?

135. AJ - February 22, 2009


This site reported recently that the “ice planet” is indeed called Delta Vega. Most likely the same place.

136. Christine - February 22, 2009

I like the shot of Quinto in full costume with that grin on his face.
Reminds me of….

-dashes away-

Very cool! I missed the episode (UGH D: ) but at least it was here!

137. Trek Nerd Central - February 22, 2009

135. Oooh, coolio. Maybe the bodies of Dehner & Mitchell re-animate and walk among the living.

138. Trek Nerd Central - February 22, 2009

#135. Of course, they wouldn’t yet be dead, would they? Duh. Sometimes I am amazed by my own thick-headedness.

139. thorsten - February 22, 2009


The very same, Balok.
Bailey can tell you all about it,
if you still keep him around…

140. Spock - February 23, 2009

“I think it’s going to blow people away”.

Everytime I hear that about a movie, it winds up sucking. Stop putting a curse on it, Zoe.

141. Michael - February 23, 2009

MTV means more tired video. The Spoliers show was a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
What a waste of video tape!
The show’s premise was designed by monkeys!
I wasted a 1/2 hr of my life!
Everything but .5% shown I already knew or saw on the internet.
And no Kirk does NOT boink Uhura! It’s a an Orion babe!
This show actually lowered my intelligence 5 points!

142. Wastedbeerz - February 23, 2009

#47: “You know What Really Sucks and Kills It For pine As Kirk?

That, “Why are You Talking to me, Man?” line…It’s So lame.
Ha Ha Ha”

It could have been worse… like “Why are you talkin’ to me, bro?” Or “Why are you all up in my grill, dawg?”

143. McCoy - February 23, 2009

85 and 88 Governnator

Sorry to drive you nuts. There are things in life I love: Griffith Park Observatory; Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland; Soaring at California Adventure; John Williams first Star Wars Album; Howard Shore’s LOTR soundtrack; Casablanca; City on the Edge of Forever; Woodstock’s Pizza.

In regards to the upcoming Star Trek film….I realize I’m in the minority but I just believe that a movie should be made and marketed for what it is. True to itself. Star Trek should be a science fiction film and therefore marketed as such. Whoever comes to see it, get”s what was advertised. Genre movies are made every day. It’s OK to be a sci-fi geek. All the great Trek episodes and films to date already have a great mix of thought provoking sci-fi story elements, character development and effects. If the general audience still stayed away, that’s they’re problem.

If you say they had to modify the dialog and look of the film to target different demographics, to get the ROI, then I say they should have started with a lower budget. If lower budget generates a film more true to it’s base, then I’m all for that. But I would argue that Iron Man and Dark Knight prove you can be true to the source and bring home large numbers.

144. The Governator - February 23, 2009


Your logic is sound. Still, when you look at Star Trek as it is now, you can see the potential for it to be a really big moneymaker. In order to do that, it has to appeal to more than just people like you and me who enjoy something for what it is. I wish that weren’t the case, but such is life I suppose. Still, I do find some excitement in the fact that Star Trek is being exposed to more people. Obviously the marketing campaign has something aimed at just about every facet of the movie going population. My hope is that after these people get lured in to see the new movie, they will get a true Star Trek “smart sci-fi” story ammongst all of the action and adventure.

145. The Governator - February 23, 2009

And if it is successful, then it is very likely that we will get more Star Trek over the next several years, if not more.

146. Ken - February 23, 2009

That shot with Zack Quinto… It’s astonishing how much he looks like young Leonard Nimoy as Spock. The other cast members are all great looking actors, but they do not look like the original players (and there’s nothing wrong with that). But I supposed it’s fitting that Quinto is Nimoy’s young twin, since Nimoy is in the film as old Spock.

Can’t wait… unfortunately, “the wait is [not] over…”

147. Slitheen - February 24, 2009

Everyone thinks Quinto will be the one that we all thought was born to play Spock, but from what I’ve seen Karl Urban’s ‘Bones’ will be the surprise of the movie. Just that one clip in the main trailer shows he has the part nailed…..that serious, stern grumpy nature is spot on. I hope they all show a similar amount of respect and reverence for these iconic roles. If they do, it will go a long way to pleasing the fans.

148. Closettrekker - February 24, 2009

#143—-The problem with that is the assumption that Star Trek is just fine, and not in need of reinvigoration, or even improvement.

“All the great Trek episodes and films to date already have a great mix of thought provoking sci-fi story elements, character development and effects.”

And just how many “great” Trek films have there been to date?

I see no reason to believe that STXI will not have thought-provoking sci-fi story elements (at least what is worthy of a Star Trek film), strong character development, and (most certainly) fantastic effects.

149. Damn it, jim! - February 24, 2009

C’mon,.. Karl Urban, is like McCoy on Steroids!
I am hoping (and , im certain :-x ) that Karl is going to play the party pretty well. ITS THE PREVIEWS that have thrown me off… he just doesnt seem real enough… we’ll see.
..source leaked :P

150. spark-17.1 - February 24, 2009

That bridge there having the interview seems simply magnificent looking (from the little that was shown anyway). Is that the Kelvin bridge? Anyway, still looks fantastic! As long as they get Kirk right, I’m happy

151. spark-17.1 - February 24, 2009

..source leaked :P

I hope your right, not lying, or haven’t been lied to.

That would simply rock!

152. Chris Rod - February 25, 2009

I’m wondering if the so-called “kelvin” bridge, is actually an old-style Romulan brige.
oh i wonder, wonder, [who wrote the book of love!]
.. it might be, slightly??
What do you think?

yes! i Hope Bill Shat! is in this movie! .. or at least in a future film!
(crossing fingers)

153. Databrain - February 26, 2009

if this film is ‘not for tekkies’ why even make a film based on the star trek characters instead of some generic sc fi film containing whatever message you want it to, to pull in whatever fan base you wish it to? make some sense JJ!

154. Databrain - February 26, 2009

60 said:

‘And that bit with Will Wheaton was embarassing – watching this 30-something guy pretend to be ‘down’ with the young kids, and also to know anything at all about the movie based on exactly the same info the rest of us have’

Does that mean JJ Abrams is a 40 something guy pretending to be ‘down’ with the young kids by making a film that he apparently thinks they will ‘get into’? In fact isn’t Abrams insulting their intelligence a bit by thinking the majority of them will only go if their is sex and violence in the preview? hmm just saying..

155. CHRIS ROD - February 26, 2009

this movie is BIG TIME FOR TREKKIES!

if you read it all again, he went to Korea -to tell no trek fans, thats its not geared for them… ITS MARKETING BUBBA! YOU DONT WANT TO TELL A BUNCH OF TREK-DOUBTERS/HATERS/.NONFANS, THAT “HEY! THIS IS THE TREK MOVIES THAT YOUVE ALL KNOWN TO NOT CAARE TO GO TO THE THEATERS FOR!!!\ THIS IS FOR TREKKERS ONLY! ! ! ” im glad hes saying what hes saying , this is opening a HUUUUGE DOOR FOR THE WORLD TO SEE RODDENBERRY’S VISION (FURTHER EXPANSION! :)

156. CHRIS ROD - February 26, 2009

155 (typo)*-to tell NON-trek fans, thats its not geared for TREKKIES.

im just going to take the movie in for myself.. look at all the evidence piling up.. this is a Trek movie for sure! ive never been more excited! !

157. Databrain - February 27, 2009


Right. And no one knew how to market trek prior to JJ Abrams. JJ is the genius of the millennium, etc etc etc ad infinitum. Or maybe, just maybe people who got it before were the ones who were meant to get it, while those who didn’t get it never will? Ah, just maybe.

158. CHRIS ROD - March 5, 2009


i think certain people just need to be exposed to the information properly.
some havent been exposed to it right… theyve been told by sstar wars fans! aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.