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New Star Trek Blu-ray and DVD Sets Available for Pre-order February 22, 2009

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Last week we announced a number of new Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray sets coming this Spring and now all of the new sets are available for pre-order, with good discounts, at See below for links and prices.


Pre-order NOTE: Price Guarantee + no charge until ship date
All prices below are based on Amazon’s current pre-order price. Amazon offers a pre-order price guarantee, which means that if they lower the price between now and shipment, you will get that lower price. Also you are not charged until your order is shipped.


Star Trek: The Original Series – Season One [Blu Ray – April 28]

Pre-order available for $90.99 (discounted from retail price of $129.99)

All 29 episodes of the first season of Star Trek The Original Series, remastered in HD. Contains almost all the special features from the previous DVD and HD-DVD Season One sets. Offers new ‘seamless branching’ functionality to allow episodes to be viewed with the original special effects or the new digital special effects. [7 Blu-ray disks]   

Amazon pre-order: $90.99 [discounted $129.99]

Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection [Blu Ray – May 12]

Pre-order available for $97.99 (discounted from retail price of $139.99).

Theatrical versions of all six Star Trek feature films with the TOS crew (The Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, The Final Frontier, and The Undiscovered Country) in HD. Includes almost all the special features from the DVD ‘Special Editions’ plus new commentaries, new featurettes, new Blu-ray data features, and an additional disk with ‘Star Trek Summit,’ a new 70-minute roundtable featuring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, and Jonathan Frakes, moderated by Whoopi Goldberg.  [7 Blu-ray disks]

Amazon pre-order $97.99 [discounted from $139.99]

Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy [Blu Ray – May 12]

Pre-order available for $45.99 (discounted from retail price of $65.99)

Theatrical versions of the three ‘Genesis’ Star Trek movies (Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, The Voyage Home) in HD. Includes new commentaries and featurettes from ‘Original Motion Picture Collection’ (in HD) but without the original special features from the previous DVD sets or the new Blu-ray data features. [3 Blu-ray disks]

Amazon US: $45.99 [retail $65.99]

Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy [DVD – May 12]

Pre-order available for $27.99 (discounted from retail price of $39.98)

Theatrical versions of the three ‘Genesis’ Star Trek movies (Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, The Voyage Home). Includes new commentaries and featurettes from ‘Original Motion Picture Collection’ but without the original special features from the previous DVD sets. [3 DVD disks]

Amazon pre-order: $27.99 [discounted from $39.98]

Best Of Star Trek: The Original Series [DVD – May 12]

Pre-order available for $10.49 (discounted from retail price of $14.98)

A TOSstarter kit containing four of the best episodes: "The City on the Edge of Forever," "The Trouble with Tribbles," "Balance of Terror," and "Amok Time." [1 DVD disk]

Amazon pre-order: $10.49 [discounted from $14.98].

Best Of Star Trek: The Next Generation [DVD – May 12]

Pre-order available for $10.49 (discounted from retail price of $14.98)

A TNG starter kit containing four of the best episodes: "The Best of Both Worlds" (Parts 1 & 2), "Yesterday’s Enterprise," and "The Measure of a Man." [1 DVD disk]

Amazon pre-order: $10.49 [discounted from $14.98].


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1. Joe - February 22, 2009

Cool, I hope the price goes down soon!

2. Mike Ten - February 22, 2009

I’m glad I waited for the Blueray TOS remastered. I will be pre-ordering the Tos series and movies.

3. Bruce_Wayne - February 22, 2009

What resolution am i watching the remastered standard def dvds when i play them on my BluRay player??? They look pretty frakkin amazing!

4. CmdrR - February 22, 2009

The price feels like more than TOS’ budget.

5. Bruce_Wayne - February 22, 2009

And what ever happened to SCI-FI Saturday?????????

6. shadow - February 22, 2009

How long do you think amazon will keep the pre-order price? Because that’s a good deal and I intend to buy TOS season 1 and the movie 6 pack, but I don’t know if I can spare $200 atm, but I’l definitely have more than enough squared away before April 28th/May 12th… Should I risk waiting awhile and end up paying an extra $80? Or should I lock in now?

7. gavin - February 22, 2009

why does the box for the Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection [Blu Ray] collection say “includes 6 motion pictures featuring kirk & spock”?

i mean, i like kirk and spock…but what is that all about?

8. cpelc - February 22, 2009

7 – possibly because GEN features Kirk, but not Spock?

9. Will - February 22, 2009

Re: 3. Bruce_Wayne – February 22, 2009

What resolution am i watching the remastered standard def dvds when i play them on my BluRay player??? They look pretty frakkin amazing!

You’re watching them in what is known as Standard Definition(480i). The reason it looks so good is that the source is HD. When you downconvert, the higher the quality of the source, the better the copy will look. However, since there are fewer lines of resolution in an SD video stream, you lose detail which becomes more noticeable the larger you attempt to display the image, so, while it looks great on your average 20″-36″ TV’s and computer screens, when you get up to things like large flat panels and even projectors in home theater set-ups, while it will still look good, it won’t look as good as it could were you to have an HD video stream instead!

10. T2 - February 22, 2009

Awesome preorder discounts…between the DVDs and all this other cool stuff coming in April/May – all preordered – everything’ll be coming at once…it’s like a second Christmas or birthday, except, well, I’m paying for it all. I watched a standard def. trek movie on my blu-ray and it looks awesome…i can’t imagine how good it’ll look when it’s released in blu-ray format.

11. Chroma - February 22, 2009

My god all this Trek merchandise is going to hurt my wallet come May. But the pain will be worth it. :]

12. Michael - February 22, 2009

I thought the prices were going to be more in line with other series season sets. This is still too high especially considering how many times some of us have paid for this stuff. I for one will wait till I can get them deeply discounted through eBay or Amazon marketplace. I will not pay the MSRP. Also, while I like the idea of having the original versions remastered on the same discs as the CGI versions, I doubt I will ever watch them past the initial “let’s check out the feature” phase. I already have the 3 season sets and have seen these shows enough times over the last 30+ years that I can recite the lines by memory. The new VFX are the only part I care about because they are new and makes watching the shows interesting again. I suppose if I want to get a good price on them I should sell my 3 box sets on eBay now. Not having them in my collection might make me feel more urgency.

13. ChristopherPike - February 22, 2009

If only there were new Star Trek straight-to-DVD.

A decent Romulan War finale for Enterprise…

14. Bruce_Wayne - February 22, 2009


Thank you.

I DO have a 50″ flat HD tv, and it looks pretty darn good! MUCH better than digital broadcasts on TOS remastered weekend syndication…AND better than standard dvd res.

So, you’re saying that the BluRay dvds are going to be INSANE!!! I can’t wait! Will they fill the screen? Or still have the black bands on the right and left, leaving a 4:3 pic in the center?

15. Cobalt Ben - February 22, 2009

The title for the Original Series Season One mistakenly says Original Motion Picture Collection. I noticed because I was looking for Season One by way of the titles and couldn’t find it, but when I looked again at the actual descriptions I found it.

16. Mirror Jordan - February 22, 2009

I went ahead and pre-ordered the movies. Don’t really care about the series. Don’t need it in HD.

17. RenderedToast - February 22, 2009

So what ARE the extras on the movie collection? Don’t tell me none when they just made a bunch only 5 years ago or so.

18. RenderedToast - February 22, 2009

Oh, ignore me, misread.

19. Loskene - February 22, 2009

I’m surprised they chose Measure of a Man over the likes of All Good Things for the best of TNG

20. Real Deal - February 22, 2009

It’s important to note that ST TMP is the theatrical version not the Director’s Cut. After the improvements Robert Wise made I’m not sure why you’d want the theatrical version. The problem is that it was rendered in 480P not HD. I’m sure they’ll reissue this with an HD master at some point.

21. Will - February 22, 2009

Re: 14. Bruce_Wayne – February 22, 2009

Will they fill the screen? Or still have the black bands on the right and left, leaving a 4:3 pic in the center?

They’ll still be 4:3 ratio with the black pillar bars on the left and right sides of the image.

I’m actually hoping that if they get to a “TNG remastered” that they’ll remaster it to widescreen. They did it for the finale of Enterprise(the Ten Forward scene) so if we’re lucky we may get a more cinematic looking TNG… although, given that those shows were framed for 4:3, it’s unlikely we’ll see a widescreen format version of them(be it because of framing issues like lights being in the “wider” shot frame but not when they cropped for TV or some other reason).

22. Andy Patterson - February 22, 2009

Without going back and reading older articles….does this include the home movies the DVD’s had?

How much does a good Blu-ray player cost? Can I also hook it up with all the million of other things I have already plugged in?

23. screaming satellite - February 22, 2009

re The Motion Picture trilogy – maybe it should be the ST motion picture ‘quadrilogy’..and include VI as there was ALOT of references to Treks II/III/IV in that and it served as a book end to TOS…

it looks to have been produced for newcomers to trek (like the best of TOS/TNG) so maybe it might have been best to include VI

24. Ensign RedShirt - February 22, 2009

Preordered the movie set and Season 1. Can’t wait!

25. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - February 22, 2009

Ok. I have my order in and I can’t wait to do my Mini Marathon of Tos Trek. Then ill do the Movies. So kool.Now come on May the 8th. just under 10 weeks to go

26. Dr. Image - February 22, 2009

I want a ST:TMP,TDC in HD (badly!), therefore, I’m waiting to buy a damn BR player.
Yes, I have a notorious Toshiba HD-DVD A3… and the phaser remote. Woo-hoo.

27. New Horizon - February 22, 2009

They’re not getting another cent out of me. How many dips have been made into fans pockets already? Then they go and release TMP but no directors cut version. GRRR.

28. Ryan Spooner - February 22, 2009

All the Blu-Rays i’ve bought up until now have been region free. Will the new Star Trek ones be region free too?

29. Tahni - February 22, 2009

Damn. I already have all three restored seasons of TOS on DVD, and now they’re coming out with Blu-Ray ones… I think I’ll just get the movies. Ow, my wallet.

30. Chadwick - February 22, 2009


31. shadow - February 22, 2009

@gavin (#7)

Obviously, they’re expecting people who have never seen star trek get into it after the movie comes out, and those people will be like “Well the heroes of the movie are Kirk and Spock! Thus I should buy these movies blindly for more beautiful CGI and action like the trailer showed for this one!!!!”

32. lt1701e - February 22, 2009

i will be getting all trek on bluray. for those of you that have not seen blu ray, i can only say u need to. the difference is like imagine watching tv when you need glasses but dont know you need glasses. then watching it for the first time with glasses. its totally different movie. initially i bought the remastered dvd’s because i didnt have a blu ray, and i was like blu ray nah. but then i watched a blu ray movie. SOLD!!!!! A good blu ray will player will cost around 300, but you can get a ps3 for 400.

33. Andrew - February 22, 2009

I’m still waiting for the Wesley Fan Collective. That’s the only DVD set I’d pay $50 for.

34. The Dog Faced Boy - February 22, 2009

I was tempted to buy the HD-DVD first season but I figured I’d wait the war out. My PC plays HD and Blu Ray discs. I thought HD would win. People chose Video Cassette Recorders over Beta because it was cheaper and (oddly enough) they did not care about the higher resolution. (“I don’t need a fancy Beta thing, I just need a video recorder”.)

It was easy (sorta) to wait for the Blu Ray discs once HD went down.

If you have HD channels hooked up with HDMI cables to a large screen HD TV, you should know how much better it is over SD. About half the shows are still in SD, I.E. Letterman is in HD, Ferguson is in SD.

Sci Fi seems to look so much better. Sci FI and football for some reason. And the Blu Ray discs look much better than TV. As good as DVD’s look, it’s hard to believe they pale in comparison.

35. Ensign RedShirt - February 22, 2009

One of the things that make these discs worth getting is the fact that they underwent serious restoration(with TWOK getting extra TLC). They’ve all needed refurbishment for years.

36. markmercieca - February 22, 2009

I was sold on the Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection until it said it was narrated by Whoppi Goldberg

37. The Dog Faced Boy - February 22, 2009

Re: 36 – Only the bonus disc with a panel discussion. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes all together discussing Trek. How bad can Whoopi mess it up, baby?

She’s a fan. Try to cut her some slack.

38. Christine - February 22, 2009

Wow, I really need to get a Blu-ray player. D:
…But then again, I already have movies II, IV, and VI on DVD.
..Eh, whatever. I’ll get those… when I get a job!

39. Tom - February 22, 2009

In reference to 21:

It may be possible to reframe TNG for wide screen (it’s been previously discussed why the effects need to be redone since they were digitally composited on video).

Sony is remastering Seinfeld for HD by going back to the original film elements and reframing those. It won’t necessarily show everything the original 4:3 elements showed, but in some cases the frame was cropped and might be opened up some. It may be possible to do the saem for TNG and subsequent Trek series

40. Ensign RedShirt - February 22, 2009


TNG was mastered on video too. Gonna be tough to convert for HD.

41. Eric - February 22, 2009

It just bothers me that they are asking us to shell out the money for the original versions of these movies on Blu-Ray when you know that, somewhere down the line, they will roll out the extended versions to get us to re-buy them.

42. MJ - February 22, 2009

They made a mistake with me by not inlcuding the Directors Cut of TMP on Blu-ray. Based on that, along with the fact that ST5 is painful to watch, I’ve just ordered the Motion Picture Trilogy instead. I will wait until I can buy a single of ST6 on Blu-Ray for $25 (someone always splits these up and sells them on Ebay) and then wait for a future release of TMP-DC on Blu-Ray. I’m not falling for buying the whole original series on Blu-ray right now as well; I will wait several years and buy the whole 3 seasons for $100 and in the meantime I have the DVD’s still. Don’t let Paramount SUCKER you into all this folks…save you money to see the new movie 5 times instead.

43. Will - February 22, 2009

re: 39

Yeah, that’s my hope, since they were able to do that for the Riker bits in the Enterprise finale. In my personal collection, I’ve gone in an edited pan-and-scan croppings of most of DS9. After looking through TNG to see if I felt it was worth doing the same to it, I realized one “flaw” in things. They blocked the actors together in most 2 shots to fit both on screen and, a side effect of the 4:3 ratio is that they are insanely close to each other(I’m thinking specifically of a corridor shot in Chain of Command between Geordi and Riker).

I’m still hopeful. Assuming they were to remaster, they would also have to go back to the original EDL’s assuming they had them and re-transfer the film, remaster the images color and contrast, and either recomposite the vizfx or just redo them in their entirety.

Of course, all that is doable for TNG and most of DS9 since they still used models. Unfortunately for those who want a “Voyager Remastered” in HD, they would definitely have to do all the vizfx from scratch since the outputs were only rendered out at SD resolutions from DD back in the day(I can’t find the direct link so just see his blog that I’ve linked, but Mojo, one of the key modelers/effects animators for DD posted a blog(or a response to someone) on what makes this the case, most of it having to do with all the hard-drives being sold off and wiped when production shut down).

44. DJT - February 22, 2009

I concur. I’m getting the trilogy.

I wish just they had remastered (HD+FX) those eps from the TNG sampler in blu-ray, just to promote the viability of TNG a remastering project.

45. Mark Lynch - February 23, 2009

When ST – TMP DC comes out on Blu-Ray then I will consider getting a suitable player.

46. Mark Lynch - February 23, 2009

Or should that ST – TMP DE?

47. Star Trackie - February 23, 2009

I’m in for everything except the TNG set. While I understand the studio’s apparent desire to keep the original series and JJ’s new movie seperate, abandoning the original series font on the original series season one set is kind of silly and the packaging suffers for it.

And I agree, I would have MUCH rather had the far superior director’s cut of TMP. I just hope these are scanned off of the original negatives.

48. Gary - February 23, 2009

Amazon also shows something called “The Ultimate Star Trek Movie Collection Blu Ray” but without a price or the ability to pre-order. Anyone know what this is?

49. Tom - February 23, 2009

I usually buy from, since they beat Amazon on most discs. They list TOS Blu-ray for $80 (+ free shipping), but they’re a few dollars higher on the other sets. Maybe Amazon will lower their price to compete.

50. Raktajino - February 23, 2009

I was hoping for a bit more of a discount but it’s a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. Knowing Paramount, I figured it would be MSRP of $199.99.

51. Jon B - February 23, 2009

I want to get the movie set, but I might wait. Not because of a lack of Extended Cuts, but because I read in a post from the previous Blu article that they may release an 11 movie set when ST 09 comes to Blu. I always wanted the all movie set on DVD, but I alread got some of the movies by the time I heard about the all inclusive set. Although, I’m a little scared that the 11 movie set won’t include the roundtable disc. Ahh! What’s a Trekkie to do?

At least I am dead set on two other choices: I will get the TOS season 1 set, especially if Paramount is going to the trouble of including both 66-68 versions and 06-08 versions, and, I want this to be quite clear…


I do not hate ST 1, 5, or 6 enough to exclude them. I like the thinking behind the sets, but they are completely not what I want. I want to see all of Kirk’s adventures on HD. I’m especially not going to get the DVD version of the trilogy. Besides having the same problem as the Blu version (no 1, 5, 6), I have a Blu-Ray player. I don’t want get 480i versions of the films when I can get them at 1080p. Plus, theres the little issue of me already having the DVDs of 2-4.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not making fun or being mean to people who don’t have Blu-Ray (they are f****** expensive) and/or who only like 2-4. If you think the 2-4 DVD set is right, go for it. I was just saying that both versions of the trilogy set aren’t right for me.

One final thing: All of those who are disappointed about a lack of Director’s Cuts: How many of you are opposed to George Lucas doing his Director’s Cuts of Star Wars? Because Robert Wise technically did the same thing to Star Trek. I’m all for directors re-editing a film to suit their own tastes, but I don’t see how its bad for one director to do it while its acceptable for another director to do it. Granted, Star Wars sounds better than Star Trek 1, but I’m still curious as to what the difference is between the two.

52. Imrahil - February 23, 2009

“It is a candy dish, Ned. NINETY DOLLARS.”

Damn. I think I’ll wait a while for the price to drop on these.

53. Anthony Thompson - February 23, 2009

My only question is: Will the ST6 THEATRICAL VERSION be on one of those high-priced discs???

54. Michael - February 23, 2009

The only $ Paramount will see me drop ever again on any Trek is the new upcoming film. I’ve rebought TOS on VHS/2ep./season sets on dvd for the final time w/ the TOS-R, and already own the other series’/films on standard DE/SE already. I’m soooooo done buying any of it ever again! Am I casually curious about the newer featurettes, yes, but not enought o drop several hundreds of dollars yet again. No bloody Bluray, red ray or yellow ray! Shields up!

55. Matt Wright - February 23, 2009

53 — Did you miss the PR? All of the movies in this initial version of the Blu-ray boxed set are the theatrical versions.

56. Matt Wright - February 23, 2009

48 — That’s a very very old title that was tossed about in the rumor mill way back when Blu-ray and HD DVD were new and Paramount made a vauge statment that it would be bringing the Trek movies to high-def. That’s the same name as a DVD box set, Amazon being Amazon jumped the gun years early and did a little copy and paste from the DVD version to a hypothetical Blu-ray version.

57. Matt Wright - February 23, 2009

22 — Yep Billy Blackburn’s home movies are there, they were part of the HD DVD set too.

As to the Blu-ray player question. Hang on until later in the spring/early-summer. Lots of decent BD players will be available for ~$200-$250.
You can find a good one now for $250 is you wait for a nice sale.

I personally really like my Panasonic BD-35 (which is about to replaced this spring so it might be on closeout if you check Fry’s, etc.). It only cost me $280 back in December.

The super cheap models (house brands like Insignia, or Olevia, etc.) you have to be a bit weary of because Blu-ray players need good support, new movies sometimes break a player and a firmware update needs to be issued (growing pains of a new format, DVD went through a similar period). The cheap brands don’t really update much if it all, which is a huge mistake. So if you stick to Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung they all update pretty regularly. Especially Panasonic and Sony.

Vizio is about to introduce what appears to be a killer Blu-ray player for the price in April/May-ish for $199. They’re well known for making reasonable budget flat panel TVs so the hope is that they will also make (and support/update) a nice decent BD player as well.

58. Gary - February 23, 2009

56 — Thanks much, Matt. Makes sense. Much appreciated.


59. Anthony Thompson - February 24, 2009


That’s good news because the theatrical version of 6 didn’t appear on the VHS, DVD or Special Edition DVD. I’m glad that Paramount is finally rectifying that.

60. Andy Patterson - February 24, 2009

I ask again…does this include the Billy Blackburn home movies?

61. Matt Wright - February 24, 2009

60 — Asked and answered in post 57 which was a reply to your post #22. Also it’s in the press release that was posted here and the digitabits last week…

“Billy Blackburn’s Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories”

62. Jon B - February 25, 2009

There’s a trailer for the Season 1 set on the Amazon page, which is very cool. Definitely worth a look.

63. Tom - February 25, 2009

I see the Amazon price has dropped already, now $80.99

64. Requiem1971 - February 26, 2009

SO I take it the Theatrical versions means that its origional TMP and not the extended directors edition; and TWK origional and not extended directors cut and so forth and so on for the others. The movies in these blue rays are just the origional cuts. Does anyone know the answer to this???

65. Matt Wright - February 26, 2009

geeze 64, I just linked to our article here and the on The Digital Bits that answers your questions like 3 posts up.

66. Jon B - February 27, 2009

The back of the box set. Pretty cool. I love how, they have pictures from both versions, but are actually including both this time. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.