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ST09 Tidbits (T-72 days): Pine Talking, Kelvin Confirmed, Trailer Animated, Nacelles Scrutinized + more February 24, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

We have more bits of news related to the new Star Trek movie. We have Chris Pine talking new and classic Kirk (and Bones), a confirmation and more details on that Kelvin bridge shot, a QUOG version of the Star Trek trailer, the guy who wanted to be Kirk hanging with the new Uhura, and an amazing new magazine that you don’t want to miss.


Pine on old, new and Urban’s doppelganger
CNN’s Showbiz Tonight caught up with the new James T. Kirk, and Chris Pine told them how he is balancing his perforamnce with the original…

I think that with this Jim Kirk you’ll get the flavor of the old. I tried to bring my own take to it and do justice to what Mr. [William] Shatner did before, but you get to see the full spectrum of Jim Kirk. There’s the young, bold, brash, cocky [quality] and I think there’s a maturity that happens within the arc of the character in the movie that’s really fun that I think people will respond to.

Pine also opined on the new Bones, Karl Urban

Yeah, Urban is, oh, he’s fantastic. I think when people see what Karl did with the role they’re going to be blown away. I mean, it was a shock when I found out that he was doing it, he’s such a great-looking guy. He’s such a leading man and to take on this classic character role … he is like the doppelganger of DeForest Kelley. But he brings his own Karl sensibility to it so people will really enjoy it.

Pine thinks Urban is a looker

Behind-the-scenes Kelvin bridge shot confirmed + more details
Well last weekend’s MTV ‘exclusive’ Star Trek footage was a bit of a fizzle being that all the ‘new’ footage was behind-the-scenes, but we did note that maybe there was something significant and new and now it is confirmed (via our usual trustworthy sources). The image below is indeed JJ Abrams in front of the helm console on the bridge of the USS Kelvin, which is ‘a generation before’ the USS Enterprise with Captain Robau (Faran Tahir) and Kirk’s father (Chris Hemsworth) as officer. Like we have seen from the exterior, the Kelvin carries over a lot of the classic look of Star Trek. Also, we will see Jim Kirk on a version of this bridge. TrekMovie has previously reported that a ‘redress’ of the Kelvin bridge is used for the Academy scene of Jim Kirk performing the Kobayashi Maru test. 

JJ goes retro on the Kelvin bridge

Star Trek Theatrical Trailer via QUOGS
After launched their do-it-yourself Star Trek animation site using the new ‘QUOGS’ style character, I suggested that one of the better submitters (TM reader Doug who goes under the handle ‘pyxlboy’) should do a version of the theatrical trailer for the new Star Trek movie. And Doug delivered, check it out trek trailer long

Star Trek 2009 gets animated

Jackson and Zoe
In our first Tidbits we mentioned that Fringe star Joshua Jackson is still lamenting that he didn’t land the part of James T. Kirk, and in last weeks Tidbits we noted how Zoe Saldana, Star Trek’s new Uhura, was keeping Trek fashionable at Fashion Week. And this week these stories converge with Jackson hanging out with Saldana at New York Fashion Week last Thursday.

That is as close as you are going to get to being Kirk Joshua

Nacelles Monthly
Recently we noted how when the LA times asked JJ Abrams how he is dealing with getting earfuls from hardcore fans, the director started off responding thusly:

The key is to appreciate that there are purists and fans of "Star Trek" who are going to be very vocal if they see things that aren’t what what they want. But I can’t make this movie for readers of Nacelles Monthly

TrekMovie had never heard of this magazine and as you can imagine it is something we should know about, so after scouring the world, we finally found one of the latest issues, here is the cover…

Latest issue of Nacelles Monthly Magazine
(click image to scrutinize it in greater detail)

OK, we actually we made it up…sorry. I came up with the idea and asked resident artist Thorsten Wulff to put it together, who reached out to his countryman Tobias Richter for images of the Enterprise and Kelvin. I think Richter and Wullf did an amazing job (note the frayed corners and ‘edition’ details around the barcode). We actually shared this image with JJ Abrams, who thought it was "hysterical" and even noted "I’d buy that on the newsstand!"


1. Robert H. - February 24, 2009

Looking at that picture with Karl Urban and Chris Pine almost made it look like it was with Bones and Kirk the way DeForest Kelley and William Shanter had done it.

2. That One Guy - February 24, 2009

Nacelles Monthly? Thank you, Thorsten. This has officially made my day!

3. DGill - February 24, 2009

LMAO at the Nacelles Monthly

4. Balok - February 24, 2009

Ha – good one

5. AAADuB - February 24, 2009

hahaha i’d subscribe to that magazine

6. Rick Sternbach - February 24, 2009

Fantastic magazine! Where do I subscribe?

7. Anthony Pascale - February 24, 2009

you get a complimentary subscription Rick…in fact I could have sworn I saw your name on the masthead!

8. Chroma - February 24, 2009

Well done with the magazine. Very funny. And I loved the animated trailor. The part with the crab as the monster from Delta Vega.. Priceless. lol

9. OM - February 24, 2009

…Imagine the bra those damn things have to wear to keep trom sagging!

10. Andy - February 24, 2009

The decision to cast Urban as McCoy had me puzzled at first. Until i saw him in the theatrical trailer saying his lines. It was then when i realized this was the right man to take the mantel from the late great DeForest Kelly. Bones is my favorite TOS charater. Im happy that it’s in good hands.

On a side note. That naccels monthly had me going for a few seconds there hahaha. Very funny!

11. falcon - February 24, 2009

Yeah, but did you see the article about the new formulation for verterium cortenide and how it resists plasma deterioration 20% better than the old formula? Fascinating stuff.


12. Gabriel Bell - February 24, 2009

… “Does it have a point?” Brilliant stuff, guys.

13. Eric Cheung - February 24, 2009

In the cartoon trailer is that John Hodgeman in the scene where Spock’s walking on Vulcan?

14. Carlg - February 24, 2009

Nacelles Monthly is made of rich, Corinthian win. :D

People getting caught in mid-word makes for hilarious expressions.

And the lil’ cartoon Trek crew are adorable.

15. Rick Moyer - February 24, 2009

That animation is just hilarious! VERY COOL!

16. Ed - February 24, 2009

Love the mag cover, but wouldn’t be the Sol System edition?!

17. Pyxlboy - February 24, 2009

Of course…He’s looking at that Vulcan “Vista”.

18. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - February 24, 2009

Hey Anthony. Sign me up for nacelles monthly. Ill subscribe for a year and pay full price. Looks good to me. great article and Pine and Zoe and Urban. Can’t wait to see the young kirk defeat the kobioshi maru test in his own way and to see how he reprogramed the simulation so he could save the ship. Can’t waut to see the look on the other cadets faces as ge gets a commendation for cheating. LOL

19. Liz - February 24, 2009

Pine, Urban, Saldana… no Quinto again. They’re doing this to drive me crazy. Quinto is one of my favorite actors and Spock was my all time favorite fictional character.

I KNOW Paramount is keeping Quinto/Spock under wraps to tease me. Enough. I can’t take it any more. …

20. krikzil (aka Lixy) - February 24, 2009

thorsten — you are da man!

21. Weerd1 - February 24, 2009

I am with Mr. Sternbach- I want a subscription… But Rick, shouldn’t you be a contributor? I hope you have a monthly column at least!

22. Telly1138 - February 24, 2009

I shamelessly pimp my own animation because I want more views. And I happen to like it.

“I don’t say ‘sabotage’…”

23. Christine - February 24, 2009

I love the “Nacelles Monthly”. That’s hysterical.
…Geez, how many times am I gonna change my desktop picture to something put out by Trekmovie? Every week!? Heheh.. Send a copy of that picture to Abrams. He might get a kick outta it.

And I got a big smile on my face seein’ that picture with Urban and Pine… I saw Urban’s expression, and went, “That is SO BONES!!!!!!” (Doesn’t help I’m reading “Shadows of the Sun” by Michael J. Friedman for the millionth time….)

And the animated trailer? Corny, cute, and utterly hilarious. x3

24. Trekphobic - February 24, 2009


I felt the same way. Bones is my favorite as well. More so than the ship, the props, or any other character, I was the most apprehensive about an updated McCoy.

After seeing the promo images and then the trailer, it’s clear from Urban’s body language and delivery that he gets it.

25. Tom - February 24, 2009

Have to say the CG rendering of the new E look fantastic. But thos nacelles look like Prat & WHitney engines :)

26. Andy Patterson - February 24, 2009

Nacelles Monthly Magazine. Funny. Very well done. Love all those little touches. I love fan made projects that strive to trick the audience into believing it’s real.

There also needs to be a feaure in there called Dick York?Dick Sargent or Glenn Corbett/James Cromwell. Which do you prefer?

27. Eric Cheung - February 24, 2009

17. Thanks!

28. AJ - February 24, 2009



I can’t wait for Issue no.6!

29. Chris Doohan - February 24, 2009

Great job….good stuff.

30. Rick Sternbach - February 24, 2009

#21 – Heh. I’ll contribute, and I’ll be like the food critic in Ratatouille, but these nacelles won’t remind me of my childhood. :)

31. trekkie1701D - February 24, 2009

Good work on the Nacelles Monthly! I’ve seen a few versions of it over on TrekBBS, but this one’s really amazing!

32. Tango - February 24, 2009


How many horse power is it?

33. Green-Blooded-Bastard - February 24, 2009

In seeing the differences between the Kelvin and “new” Enterprise, would it be a stretch to guess that the Kelvin was attempting (unsuccessfully) to prevent the timeline from being altered, thus resulting in such a radically different-looking E?

34. freezejeans - February 24, 2009

Hopefully Nacelles Monthly will have a “yearbook” edition in December, like Starlog used to :D I’d buy that for a dollar.

35. Spock - February 24, 2009

I don’t get why people are saying the Kelvin bridge looks more TOS. It just looks like any old bridge but on fire.


36. Brett Campbell - February 24, 2009

23 – RE: Animated trailer. I agree with you so far as the “corny” and “cute.”

37. Spockanella - February 24, 2009

Thorsten, you’re getting famous! Are we allowed to say we knew you when?

38. RD - February 24, 2009

Dear Chris, thanks for confirming you are a complete tool. Deforrest Kelley played dozens of leading roles during his career. If he didn’t measure up to your standards for pretty-boy leading men, then I suggest you leave your sexual proclivities at home and give the man the respect he is due. Karl Urban is in no way diminishing his talent or his looks by taking on the role of McCoy. Your statement actually makes me nervous that Urban makes McCoy much more of a character than Kelley ever did.

39. S. John Ross - February 24, 2009

Re animated trailer: HELL YEAH.

40. ChucksterNCC-1701 - February 24, 2009

Fantastic design on the magazine!!!

41. Kelvington - February 24, 2009

The animated trailer was THE BEST! I think they would have gotten a bigger response if they had released that in theaters, instead of E-surance commercials. Well done!

42. The Governator - February 24, 2009

38. RD

WTF?. My God, man! Are you looking for this stuff? I didn’t read that AT ALL. All I heard was that Karl Urban is a good looking guy who does Deforest Kelly justice. As they say in the South, that be it.

43. The Governator - February 24, 2009

Oh, nice magazine. That’s pretty awesome.

44. Steven - February 24, 2009

Kudos on the cover of “Nacelles Monthly.” I thought that was pretty hysterical!

God bless!

45. Quatlo - February 24, 2009

Well done mag cover, gang.

46. Steamblade - February 24, 2009

38. You do seem to be versed in “tool”.

47. Adam Cohen - February 24, 2009

Re: Nacelles Monthly

Finally, a magazine that covers the hard-hitting issues of our (future) time! But I’m still keeping my subscription to Deflector Dish Daily for the annual Swimsuit Issue.

48. Montreal Paul - February 24, 2009

38. RD

Chill man.. where the heck did you read ANY of that? Whoa.. you read WAAAAY too much into that.

42. The Governator
Well said…

49. SerenityActual - February 24, 2009

Love the magazine cover! Keep up the good work!

50. Bill - February 24, 2009

How do you spell edition?

51. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 24, 2009

Who’s the blond with Joshua Jackson and Uhura? Wowsers!

52. Gabriel Bell - February 24, 2009


And you are in no way diminishing the fact that you are a troll, capable of extrapolating complete falsehoods out of the most innocuous of statements.

53. Gary Seven of Nine - February 24, 2009


It’s a good thing that you can retake the SATs over again, because you clearly need improve your reading comprehension score.

54. Gary Seven of Nine - February 24, 2009


Right you are. It seems to me that those who are looking for the smallest reasons to HATE this film, the actors, the producers, the writers, the corridors, the keypads, the docking hatches, etc. are trolling once again!

55. Blake Powers - February 24, 2009

The crab was amazing…

56. Lazar - February 24, 2009

I want a subscription to that magazine NOW.

57. Newman - February 24, 2009

haha that magazine cover is awesome. The animated trailer was fun too.

Other possible magazines you might find on a 24th century news stand:

Popular Quantum Mechanics
The Galactic Inquirer
Scientific Andorian
HoloSports Illustrated

Anyone have any more?

58. Tahni - February 24, 2009

I’m not gonna lie. All of this is just making me so much more excited for the movie. Aaaah!

59. Cobalt 1365 - February 24, 2009

25 – The rotating colors on the front of the necelles are remeniscent of a big turbine engine, something that had to be a conscious decision on the part of the designer’s. Who’s to say that the Federation didn’t contract P&W to design and construct the big E’s engines? They make the space shuttle’s after all.

60. The Last Maquis - February 24, 2009

Nacelles, Bloody Brilliant.

61. Elrond L - February 24, 2009

This may have been the best ST09 tidbits yet! “Nacelles Monthly” is a scream, not to mention a good looking magazine. :-) Loved the cover blurbs. Yeah, Rick S. should be a contributing editor, at least.

Between that and the great animated trailer, there’s a lot of talent in the TrekMovie family…

62. Valar1 - February 24, 2009

It’s strange, It has no relation to reality, but seeing something fan made that is this inventive makes me feel good for the movie.

63. Allister gourlay - February 25, 2009

I opened up the web page and thought what a great mag ill need to get it!
LOL well done!

64. Chris Pike - February 25, 2009

Hey, funny. How? like it amuses me, it makes me laugh, it’s there to amuse me. That’s how.

65. wkiryn - February 25, 2009

The giant Nacelles seem aethetically almost like the ST:TAS Bonaventure – the pylons are what is odd to me…but I’m only writing this to link to the Bonaventure picture

66. James - February 25, 2009

LOVE this article!!!

Love the trailer spoof, and Nacelles Monthly made me laugh so much I cried!

67. thorsten - February 25, 2009

Great movie, Doug.
Spock Prime in front of that theater stage is pretty rad!

68. SebiMeyer - February 25, 2009

That cover is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Admitedly I just woke up. ;)

For those who want subscriptions, I think Daily Tribble Care magazine has coupons.

69. Tarrax - February 25, 2009

“Nacelles Monthly”

Awesome job guys, simply awesome. :D

70. Selor - February 25, 2009

I want that Mag! Give it to meeeee! xD

71. TOY - February 25, 2009

That was a fab mag rig up, very humorous. I am actually surprised that there is a film to look forward to in the realm of Trek. The last movies seemed to be taking less and less and therefore never given the mega budgets, and the series came to an end with no new ones on the horizon. They couldn’t sustain Trek the way it was going then I wonder who had the nerve to give Star Trek a massive budget out of the blue and a chance of at least further cinema. My hat is off to those behind that decision because it’s an incredible ballsy risk. My thanks to all involved for seeing a future in the franchise and I will definately support such a determined effort, for without such a decision there wouldn’t be a Trek in 09 to see at all!

72. The Wild Man of Borneo - February 25, 2009

hahahaha, Nacelles Monthly? After seeing what the new Enterprise looks like, Abrams should’ve read it.

73. Dave P - February 25, 2009

Doug, how much free time do you have? Nice job on the trailer! :D

74. Holger - February 25, 2009

I’m in for a two-year subscription, and … wait a minute, it’s a fake!?!

75. FishDS9 - February 25, 2009

Scotty’s got a subscription to this mag.

76. I'm dead Jim - February 25, 2009

So that’s what those QUOGS are good for! Hilarious animation! Love the mag too! Good to have a great morning laugh!

77. Jorg Sacul - February 25, 2009

No Kill I for this… The magazine cover is totally amazing and god-like work… but…I cringe at mentioning this…I mean no insult…

“Federations” should be “Federation’s”, in the possessive form.

I’M SORRY!! It just stuck out at me when I looked at the giant version.

And yes, I’m still going to print a copy of this on glossy paper and put it on a Popular Science magazine at home.

78. I am Kurok! - February 25, 2009

Reading the first comment from Robert H, made me think that Urban really captures D. Kelley’s ‘wild-eyed’ look, like when he accidently gets hopped-up on thorazine in the beginning of ‘City on the Edge of Forever’ or when he goes off in a Starfleet bar in ‘ST-3, The Search for Spock.’ Pine’s quote whets our appetite for Kirk’s character development when he talks about Kirk achieving the maturity and command presence the was Shatner’s hallmark. If anyone read Alan Dean Forster’s novelization of the animated series, “Yesteryear” where Spock uses the guardian of forever (he sure time-travels alot, doesn’t he??) to in-effect save his younger self, we see a 7 year-old Spock who is very emotional: fist-fighting with other Vulcan children, crying ( ! ) until the pivotal moment when he has his “Vulcan epiphany” and makes a major step towards the character we came to know. I hope there is some of that in the movie too.

79. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - February 25, 2009

I have to admit, Karl Urban’s take on McCoy is one of the biggest anticipations for this movie. For some time now there’s just something that intrigues me in the little I’ve seen of his performance. Something tells me he could be the real stand out in the new Trek.

Concerning the new Enterprise. I am an old-school fan…and I’m loving this new ship more and more. Tobias’ images are just stunning! The scale of the ship looks fantastic…and I love the detailed “glass-work” on the nacelles…very cool.

“Nacelles Monthly” – Now that’s a fracking riot! lol

And I am LOVING the GoAnimate site. Pxlboy’s work really does stand out. However, I’ve been having some fun there myself…and in a shameful plug, might I suggest watching Part 1 of a 3 part episode I’m working on where Kirk and Scotty go missing in the shuttlecraft “Pascale”. ;-)

Great article…as always.

80. Starship Conductor - February 25, 2009

Great Magazine Cover. Thorsten Wulff & Tobias Richter Rock. I really love “The Light Works”!!!!!!

81. earthclanbootstrap - February 25, 2009

Anthony, you are a publishing genius! I just sent in my renewal card and I’m looking forward to my complimentary ‘Shuttlecraft Fantasies’ DVD. It really is true, though, that I read ‘Nacelles’ mostly for the articles. The photospreads are usually very heavily airbrushed and ships like the new Enterprise have such obviously over-enhanced nacelle caps that it’s quite honestly a turn-off…

82. ~~TARA~~ - February 25, 2009

This is one of the funniest articles I’ve read. I love the animated trailer and the mag cover is priceless :)

83. Mike Ten - February 25, 2009

Hey, the animated trailer wasn’t canon. The girl Kirk was getting ready to hook up with wasn’t green!

Just kidding, it was funny. What’s up with Nacelles Monthly? It’s issue #5, where are the first 4 issues and can we order back issues? Or do I have to wait 200 years and get them fresh off the presses (or whatever they will use in the 23rd century)?

84. AC - February 25, 2009

Wait. Is Spocks mom being played by Jerri Blank?

85. Daoud - February 25, 2009

Was it mentioned that JJ Abrams coined the phrase “Nacelles Monthly”? He should get at least 10%. ;)

Good idea up there on the “which do you like better” column. Trek’s already had a few cases of different actors portraying characters long before Trek XI. Whose Nacelles are better? Nichelle’s or Zoe’s?

86. MIke in Iowa - February 25, 2009

Best. TrekMovie Post. Ever.

Any bets on how long it will take a fan to animate the new movie after its release?

87. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 25, 2009, henceforth to be known as….

88. DAK23 - February 25, 2009

So what happened to my subscription check?! 40% off the newstand price, my big Polish butt!

Then I find out it’s a fake magazine?! I guess I have to get my reliable news from the Onion!

Love it!

89. MacKenzie Calhoun - February 25, 2009

Ya know? J.J. really needs to get his head out of his ASS!

Yeah, he needs to bring in new fans to the franchise, but alienating the “Trekkies” is “Paramount” to disaster! Without the core fan base, this movie doesn’t stand a chance!

The Star Wars prequels brought in a whole new generation of fans, but the original Star Wars fans came too, despite Lucas and his mediclorians! Most of us will give Abrams movie a chance, despite the horrendous production design, but we are also going to be his harshest critics, because we love Star Trek so much. If he can’t handle the criticism, maybe he should have picked another icon to mess with!

90. sean - February 25, 2009

Best caption: “The Kelvin Disaster – was one enough?”.

91. Closettrekker - February 25, 2009

#38—Worst post of the day!

92. I am Kurok! - February 25, 2009

I’m dying to get a look at the Kelvin Bridge and the uniforms from “Star Trek: The Previous Generation” :-)

93. Closettrekker - February 25, 2009

Thorsten, this must be one of the “technical journals” that Scotty was so interested in “catching up” on!

Great stuff—as always.

94. THX-1138-The Horn Xpressionist - February 25, 2009


Nacelles Monthly was better in the first 3 issues. After that it just seemed to lack conviction and you can tell the end is coming.

It used to have lot’s of articles about the meaning and importance of all parts of the nacelles. Now it just seems to be about the pretty pictures.

Obviously this *new* Nacelles is not meant for us old fans.


95. Trek Nerd Central - February 25, 2009

Thank you for my biggest laugh in days. (Thanks to JJ, too!)

96. Montreal Paul - February 25, 2009

89. MacKenzie Calhoun
“Yeah, he needs to bring in new fans to the franchise, but alienating the “Trekkies” is “Paramount” to disaster! Without the core fan base, this movie doesn’t stand a chance!”


97. Montreal Paul - February 25, 2009

94. THX-1138-The Horn Xpressionist
“Obviously this *new* Nacelles is not meant for us old fans.”


98. THX-1138-The Horn Xpressionist - February 25, 2009


Obviously you are a typical Thorsten Wulff/Tobias Richter apologist, *new* Nacelles Monthly sheep.

Every time someone posts a negative comment about Nacelles Monthly around here they get attacked for having an opinion.

A REAL Nacelles Monthly fan.

99. AJ - February 25, 2009


I’m still waiting for the next issue with the “Dreadnought” centerfold.

100. Trek Nerd Central - February 25, 2009

Re: 38 and responses to it.

Yes, RD went completely bonkers on Chris Pine in a way that wasn’t called for. The post a bit, um, overstated. And Pine is most definitely NOT a tool.

But I actually read that quote the same way, and I almost responded to it (in a much calmer manner). Pine does seem to be suggesting that at first glance, Urban is perhaps too much of a good-looking leading man for such an obvious character part.

I can understand why he said it; in a way it’s a tribute to how perfectly De Kelley played the crotchety, quirky, deeply human McCoy. But De Kelley was also a very handsome man. If you see him in photos where he’s out of character, it’s almost shocking to realize how attractive he was. Lots of folks don’t realize this. Probably Pine is one of them. Big deal.

I agree that RD should have been far less rude in his post. But I disagree that he misread the quote.

101. Trek Nerd Central - February 25, 2009

As an addendum to my post (100), here are a couple links to photos I found:


102. Montreal Paul - February 25, 2009

98. THX-1138-The Horn Xpressionist

Ummm.. I wasn’t attacking you or your opinion. But you, my paranoid friend, are attacking mine.

And what give YOU the right to use the term “REAL” … yo uare no more a REAL fan than I am. What make YOU a real fan and not me? Because I am open minded and like ALL Trek and ALL the Enterprises? Or because you like only one version of everything make you a real fan?

I never attacked your opinion.. I was just stating that when you mentioned it wasn’t for REAL fans.. you weren’t talking for me. I am a “Real” fan as well.. but I like them.

103. Closettrekker - February 25, 2009

#100—I read it as being complimentary to Urban. I don’t see anything disparaging toward DeForest Kelley. He said that Urban is a good looking guy and a leading man type, and simply implies that his role in this film is a supporting one.

‘RD’ has a history here with this sort of thing. It is far from just the bonehead comments in that one post. Whether it is calling someone a “tool” or a “liar”, or something else—he is constantly on the lookout for anything and everything with which he might attack someone associated with this project.

104. Closettrekker - February 25, 2009

#102—Hey, Paul, THX is not paranoid. He is a longtime poster who is being sarcastic and satirizing the typical reactions of some others to any new information or images from the film.

105. CmdrR - February 25, 2009

Sorry if this has already been asked and answered… but, why do the characters ‘pop’ out just before each transition? Its really noticeable with old Spock at the end there… where his eyes go all Linda Blair.

106. AJ - February 25, 2009

102: Montreal Paul

That sounded like a real response.

THX is having you on. Not once did he mention Star Trek or Enterprises. He’s referring to “Nacelles,” not actual nacelles.

“Obviously you are a typical Thorsten Wulff/Tobias Richter apologist, *new* Nacelles Monthly sheep.” is the clincher.

107. Michelle - February 25, 2009

LOL! I had a great laugh at that magazine cover. It was so well done for a moment I thought there was a chance it could be real.

108. Jefferies Tuber - February 25, 2009

This magazine looks great, but I have to say, it’s not a substitute for my favorite magazine, BARELY PON-FARR.

109. Montreal Paul - February 25, 2009

Either way… all I said in my original post was that “I liked them” … His response was that I was attacking him. I was not.. just stating that I liked the nacelles. That’s all. C’est toute. Salute la visite.

110. Closettrekker - February 25, 2009

#109—-I bet if you read the entire succession of posts again, you’ll see the humor in it. At first, I thought you were playing along…

111. Closettrekker - February 25, 2009

#108—-“This magazine looks great, but I have to say, it’s not a substitute for my favorite magazine, BARELY PON-FARR.”


112. Crabtree - February 25, 2009

Beautiful magazine image, you guys are amazing. One quibble… “editition”?

113. AJ - February 25, 2009


I got a warning that the link you posted is an attack site, i.e. installs malware of some sort on one’s PC.

114. Closettrekker - February 25, 2009

#112—“Chris Pine plays the younger version of Kirk – an aimless drunkard who is inadvertently thrust into the world of galactic warfare as a new recruit on the USS Enterprise.”

I can’t wait to see the firestorm after that one! That’s—shall we say—quite the loose interpretation….

115. Andy Patterson - February 25, 2009

“Original 1701…Does it have a point?”

That’s my favorite touch.

116. Valar1 - February 25, 2009


1- I didn’t get any warning from the website [running McAfee security advisor]

2-Chris Pine has watched most of the old show- good, that calms any remaining misgivings I had.

3-I just realized that this reporter in Korea has better English writing skills than most papers here in the US- that is just sad.

117. Denise de Arman - February 25, 2009

Great, great article. Thanks for the laugh, Anthony and thorsten.

118. Jorg Sacul - February 25, 2009

#89 “despite the horrendous production design,”

Do you really mean that, or do you mean that you disagree with the interpretation that this is supposed to be Star Trek? I think, looking from the outside in a general sense, the production design on this show is absolutely beautiful. There is excruciating attention to detail and continuity (in it’s own line). Scale and proportion are there- the ships LOOK big, not like models. Set design is 360 degrees of interesting stuff everywhere to look at.

So, I respectfully disagree with you if you are generically bashing the whole production look. I think I can safely say that if it were any other show, people would be universally spooging about how cool and futuristic looking it is.

119. Jefferies Tuber - February 25, 2009

Slightly serious post on a not-so-serious board:

I’m glad they’ve used some TOS aesthetics in creating the Kelvin bridge and Academy simulator. While many people point to the analog switches other mechanical devices on the TOS bridge as a sign of its age, I think there’s something to it.

In a future where computer viruses, hacking and even non-corporeal beings can all take control of a ‘solid state’ electronically operated Bridge, having analog switches actually makes strategic sense. How many times on TNG and VOY did we see aliens download the Enterprise’s entire computer or take control of the ship in some capacity.

But if the ship has mechanical/analog switches and other kill-switch capabilities, lowly humans can have the last laugh against hostile, petulant energy clouds. Absent some hokey telekinesis, no virus or alien entity can turn a dial, flip a switch or reconnect a cable.

120. Chris Rod - February 25, 2009

…HE BETTER BE! honestly! i am psyched over this film.
i can only hope they got this right..
that you’ll see:

Gary mitchell
captain garrovich
jon gill
Governor Kodos [the executioner] (maybe*)
ben finney

the U.S.S Republic…


121. Doug in San Diego (next stop Chicago) - February 25, 2009

Nice stuf!!! especially appreciate the fake cover mag!

(Am finally back in the states… trip ends sometime next week when I finally make it back home in Indiana…)

to paraphrase ST-TMP, “the adventure continues.”

122. ML31 - February 25, 2009

I wonder if Scotty got copies of this way out there at Delta Vega?

123. Jeannie Spock - February 25, 2009

Hey, check out my animations too. ‘Return to Yesterday’s tomorrow and ‘Spock meets Obama’
I think they will make you smile.

124. THX-1138-The Horn Xpressionist - February 25, 2009

Montreal Paul

Sorry Bud. I was making a funny. It was a sarcastic jab at the typical negative Trek fan responses that pop up on this site. What I attempted was to kind of roll a few of the more commonly used arguments about the new movie and apply them in a (hopefully) humorous way to a subject that does not exist in reality. As Nacelles Monthly is not a real magazine, you see.

When I saw your initial response to my first post I had mistakenly thought you were playing along. I realize now that you thought I was serious. I apologize for any offense.

Thorsten is actually a great guy. As a matter of fact he is one of my FB buds. I have razzed him before in the past. Thorsten is quite a gifted photographer and photo manipulator. I haven’t met Tobias before but I hope that if he thought I was being serious that Thorsten set him straight.

AJ and Closet, thanks for getting my back.

And I’d like to thank the Academy for allowing me the chance to have one of the longest apologies on Trtekmovie thusfar.

(Blue nacelle spinnys aren’t canon–THIS IS A DISASTER!)
((Barely Pon Farr November 2006 is HOTT!!))

125. MacKenzie Calhoun - February 25, 2009

96. Montreal Paul, you’re a 42yr. old lifelong fan? So what? I’m a 46yr old lifelong fan. Does that give me seniority? Nope!

He may not have alienated you, but his constant swipes at fans, saying this new movie isn’t for old fans, it’s for the new fans, is starting to alienate some. The “Nacelle’s Monthly” geek comment is just the latest attack on a loyal fanbase, and it’s getting kinda pathetic! If he can’t stand some critical opinions from the fans, he’s in the wrong business!

126. THX-1138-The Horn Xpressionist - February 25, 2009


“longest apologies on’Trekmovie’ thusfar.”

Typonian scourge.

127. Chris Rod - February 25, 2009

94 THX-1138-The Horn Xpressionist

… as well, is anyone else concerend about the idea of a Gary Michell-less movie?

128. Hat Rick - February 25, 2009

Funny stuff!

On the parody clip — even in the parodic version of the trailer, there is a real dignity to the music and the pacing. I hope the score for the movie matches what we’ve seen in the trailers, because if so, it’ll be truly awesome.

129. Gary Seven of Nine - February 25, 2009

You’re right about attacks getting kinda pathetic, especially the ones where posters on this very forum have been viciously ripping Paramount, J.J., Bob Orci, the design aesthetic, the casting choices, the plot line, the trailer, the corridors, the ships, the lights, the props, the uniforms, etc.

Yes, *some* of these comments have been critical, the every time a new topic shows-up on this forum, those of use who really want news about the new film have to wade through tons of attacks that often get personal. You know what I’m talking about: ‘JJ likes Star Wars’…’The ship designer is a hack’…’OMG, that ice planet monster is a piece of sh-t’…the list goes on.

Look at post #38; a respectful comment about a fellow cast member gets twisted into a personal attack on the Old Trek Guard. The people responsible for the new film are some of the best in the business, but when it comes to bringing Trek to the big screen once again, they can’t win for losing. It seems to that if Gene Roddenberry himself were brought back to work on this project with today’s production tools and resources and a huge budget, this would still be littered with threadcrapping.

All seems to be fair in this forum, so I say, let it go both ways; if you take it personally, tough. After all, everyone here has a good amount of anonymity and JJ, Orci and Co. really don’t

I’m quite sure he is equipped to get flack from the fans; after all you don’t get multi-milion dollar projects greenlit in Hollywood without having a tough skin.


96. Montreal Paul, you’re a 42yr. old lifelong fan? So what? I’m a 46yr old lifelong fan. Does that give me seniority? Nope!

He may not have alienated you, but his constant swipes at fans, saying this new movie isn’t for old fans, it’s for the new fans, is starting to alienate some. The “Nacelle’s Monthly” geek comment is just the latest attack on a loyal fanbase, and it’s getting kinda pathetic! If he can’t stand some critical opinions from the fans, he’s in the wrong business!

130. Daoud - February 25, 2009

TNC: I think you meant this link of McCoy:

131. MacKenzie Calhoun - February 25, 2009

Sorry Gary Seven of Nine, I didn’t know this was one of those candy ass boards, where if you don’t have anything good to say……

Fine, just to keep you happy, I love J.J.! He’s a frackin’ GOD! The ship? WOW! It’s so amazing!!! Those nacelles look so retro 50s. How futuristic! The Apple store bridge is so much cooler than any other bridge set! Those glass displays are so clever. I’m sure they will do something before they shatter during the big battle scene. Oh, and those barcode scanners look so futuristic! They won’t look dated at all next year when we see them at the checkout at Wal-mart.

Everything seems perfect with this film. Yea!!!

132. Trek Nerd Central - February 25, 2009

130. Oopsies. Thanks, Daoud.

133. NaradaAlpha - February 25, 2009


134. 8of12 - February 25, 2009


135. Pyxlboy - February 25, 2009

That’s something goanimate is working on. In order to do ‘old spock’ I had to make a .PNG mask and put it over the standard spock head…and for some reason the mask stays up a fraction of a second longer than the actual character….I was pushing the site pretty hard with all the edits, props and items in the scenes. Overall it’s an awesome tool.
I’m sure they’ll have the “bugs” worked out pretty soon.

136. Montreal Paul - February 25, 2009

129. Gary Seven of Nine

Then, by all means, feel alienated, stay home and don’t watch the movie..


137. Viking - February 25, 2009

LOL That animated trailer and the magazine cover are great………kudos!

138. Andy Patterson - February 25, 2009

I dig that retro look of the Kelvin.

139. Logan - February 26, 2009

Oh my god, Nacelles Monthly is spectacular. I agree with JJ, I’d subscribe in a millisecond.

And that animation of the trailer is perfection.

140. thorsten - February 26, 2009

@94, 98
Great posts, THX… sorry for the mixup, Montreal Paul.
Obviously it is difficult to separate the jokes from
the serious complainers like [89] M’k’n’zy of Calhoun in the middle…
Thanks to everyone who liked the Nacelles cover,
it was Anthonys idea, Tobias supplied a cool shot,
and I assembled the parts in Iowa.

141. earthclanbootstrap - February 26, 2009

^ Thorsten, it was brilliant effort on everyone’s part, thanks for a great early Wednesday morning guffaw at work!
I do have to say, though, that my heart will always be with the version that the team’s Quantum Originals published in geosynchronous orbit above San Francisco… ;-)

142. Closettrekker - February 26, 2009

#129—“If he can’t stand some critical opinions from the fans, he’s in the wrong business!”

What leads you to believe that he cannot stand some critical opinions from the fans?

“He may not have alienated you, but his constant swipes at fans, saying this new movie isn’t for old fans, it’s for the new fans, is starting to alienate some. The “Nacelle’s Monthly” geek comment is just the latest attack on a loyal fanbase, and it’s getting kinda pathetic!”

I have yet to see a “swipe” at the fans. The “Nacelles Monthly” comment was hilarious! It was a joke, and a funny one at that! The only thing “pathetic” in all of this (IMO) is that some of the fans are unable to laugh at themselves.

143. Marian Ciobanu - February 26, 2009

– I want to see picture with Jim Kirk on the bridge of the USS. KELVIN..

144. MacKenzie Calhoun - February 26, 2009

Closettrekker…….kid I was laughing at Shatner’s “get a life” sketch before most of the posters here were born.

Sorry we don’t see it the same way. The “Nacelles Monthly”, was made funny, through the terrific magazine parody here, but the original comment was a swipe (I.M.H.O.) at the “old” fans.

Abram’s has been droning on for months about how his movie isn’t for old fans. That is not an opinion. It’s a fact.

145. Closettrekker - February 26, 2009

#144—“Closettrekker…….kid I was laughing at Shatner’s “get a life” sketch before most of the posters here were born.”

I don’t know how many were born after the SNL sketch. Many of us have been fans for 30-40 years.

“The “Nacelles Monthly”, was made funny, through the terrific magazine parody here, but the original comment was a swipe (I.M.H.O.) at the “old” fans.”

The original comment was a joke that no one but a Star Trek fan (or someone like Abrams who has become involved with it) would have even understood. Your interpretation of it as a “swipe” is an opinion.

“Abram’s has been droning on for months about how his movie isn’t for old fans.”

Abrams has been diligent in the effort to court non-traditional fans. There is no question of that. At the same time, fellow fan (and Star Trek XI co-writer/producer) Bob Orci has told us that it is for both fans and non-fans alike.

It’s time to use a bit of logic here. 3 of the 5 members of the “Supreme Court” are self-professed Star Trek fans.

Orci and Kurtzman wrote the script and then showed it to Abrams. Do you really think they showed him a script that was meant to exclude established fans?

Why then include (and depend upon) Nimoy’s involvement?

I’m sorry, but I find that interpretation to be lacking in common sense or reason. It is far more reasonable to conclude that Abrams is wording his approach to suit the target audience in question—people who have either developed pre-conceived notions about Star Trek and never given it a chance, or people like me—who haven’t paid to see a ST movie in a theater since 1991.

The tone was, after all, quite different back when they participated in the live chat here at this site. The tact was then “we want to make a film that both fans and non fans can enjoy”. Orci has maintained that since—right here on this very site.

My own opinion is that Star Trek fans have become accustomed to having Star Trek movies made for them alone, and thus do not (in some cases) know how to handle the studio marketing out of both sides of the mouth.

The truth is, this is how marketing is done everyday. I would not run the same ad in Men’s Health and Sprts Illustrated that I ran in Good Housekeeping or Cosmopolitan. Heck, my Houston advertising is very different from the ads we run in Austin! Why? Because I’m talking to a different group of people!

It’s not that hard to understand….really.

146. MacKenzie Calhoun - February 27, 2009

Closettrekker……not sure why the obvious escapes you, but maybe the title of this article (one of many using the same repeated quote from Abrams) will give you a clue.

The rest of your rant is BS. Lucas never told the press his prequels “weren’t for old Star Wars fans” just to promote them to a new audience. He was wise enough to know that his core fanbase was essential to to bringing in ‘new” fans.

Where does J.J. expect most of these “new” fans to come from? I can tell him! The same place a new generation of Star Wars fans came from! Those fans that have been around 30-40 years, will be bringing their kids and grandkids to see it. That’s how my kids were introduced to Star Wars, and I was planning to do the same with the this new trek. Now that he’s gone out of his way to point out it’s not for “trekkies”, I guess I’ll skip it, like old Battlestar fans skipped Ron Moore’s new version!

BTW: I love BSG, but it’s hasn’t exactly been a ratings blockbuster. The core fanbase stayed away in droves, as many classic BSG fan sites will attest! It’s has averaged lower ratings than “Enterprise”! Enterprise was a canceled by UPN and considered a failure by Paramount’s standards.

For Abrahm’s movie to work, it has to bring in new fans AND old Trekkers too! Given his repeated “not for trekkers” comments, I’m not feeling very welcome, and I doubt I’m the only one. As I said before, J.J. needs to get his head out of his ass! This movie better be for “trekkers”, old and new!

147. Christopher Valin - February 27, 2009

Like others have mentioned, I was shocked to hear that Karl Urban had gotten the job as Bones, but from what I’ve seen so far, he’s my favorite of the new cast.

#77 – I’m glad you mentioned the lack of apostrophe, because I didn’t want to be “that guy” even though it was bugging the you-know-what out of me. LOL (As a teacher, missing/extra apostrophes is a big pet peeve of mine. Sorry…just can’t help it. I know everyone makes mistakes, but it’s a shame when something that nice is marred by a typo!)

Having said that, the cover is a work of beauty. Great job, Thorsten and those who helped him!

148. Andy Warhol - May 7, 2009

“Nacelles Monthly” looks and feels exactly like any of a thousand covers of Popular Mechanics, which gives it an “Andy Warhol soup can” kind of brilliance.

That and the nerdy nacelle-speak made me laugh the Andorian Ale right out my nose. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.