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Amazing New Star Trek Trailer Online [UPDATE: Now in HD + Official Site Updated w/music] March 5, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

UPDATED: The third trailer for the new Star Trek movie premieres tonight along with the midnight showings for the new Watchmen movie. Like the movie, this epic trailer should be seen on the big screen for your first time. However, if you can’t wait, or have seen it already and want repeat viewings, then it is now available to view online, see it below in HD.


Prepare For The Beginning
Star Trek Trailer #3

Trailer now online at the official site and at the Apple Trailers Star Trek page (in HD).


Official site updated with music and more
In addition to the new trailer, there has also been an update of the official site. The most noticeable thing is that there is now some background music for the site, could it be from Michael Giacchino’s score? Also the recently released new logo is now available as a desktop in various sizes (under ‘downloads’), plus there is a new ‘coming soon’ section called ‘Dossiers’…that sounds interesting, we will have to keep an eye out for when that gets updated. 

UK version trailer
A slightly different version went live in the UK earlier Thursday and that can be viewed in the following embed.


Best Trailer Yet — This is exciting!
It is fair to say that this is the best trailer for the film so far, and probably the best Star Trek trailer of all time. It gives you a sense of the epic scale of the film while both highlighting the sci-fi action and at the same time showing the film has character moments as well. This is also the first trailer to really get a sense of Nero and the threat he poses, showing that he is one seriously angry bad guy — who knows a thing or two about James T. Kirk. While it would be nice to see more moments from the ensemble, the message of this trailer is clear that this film will show Kirk’s journey from that bar room brawl all the way to command of the Enterprise. And every Trek fan should get emotional at the moment that Kirk takes that chair, for the first time.

What do you think?
Has this trailer changed your mind? Are you now more excited, or did it make you skeptical? In addition to the comment section below, also vote in our latest poll about the trailer (right sidebar).

Selected Screencaps
Much of what we see in this trailer is new, including extended parts of previously used scenes. Below are a few screen caps for some things we have not seen before, and another nice shot of the Enterprise.

TrekMovie will do our usual scene by scene breakdown soon, so keep your eye out for that.






1. ShawnP - March 5, 2009


2. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2009

Great trailer! Especially the music!!

3. Stardate 8472 - March 5, 2009

Great, love the UFP emblem =D

4. Enterprise - March 5, 2009


5. Slaynest - March 5, 2009

Ohhhhh. boy! (First?)

6. MORN SPEAKS - March 5, 2009

Love the music! Sweet Trailer! Nero looks intriguing! Cool snow monster!

7. Devon Richards - March 5, 2009

In – Freakin’ – deed!!!

Now that’s something the naysayers can munch on!

8. Can't Wait for May 8th 2009 - March 5, 2009

The music is great in the trailer. Does anyone know where it is from?

9. Drew - March 5, 2009

love the tos movie stylings in the uniforms in the academy scenes

10. Dansk - March 5, 2009

That’s pretty cool!! :)

11. P Technobabble - March 5, 2009

This trailer is stunning.

12. Drew - March 5, 2009

2nd from last.. Kelvin bridge and George Kirk being flung from the captains chair?

13. Matt Wright - March 5, 2009

Looking great!

14. capt archer - March 5, 2009


15. Weerd1 - March 5, 2009

That is much more the type of trailer I as an old-time fan have been looking for. I really hope this proves far more indicative of the type of film awaiting us in May. Dig the music, dig the editing, hope that’s not Vulcan (unless of course they fix it…).

16. Brad - March 5, 2009

I think at the end of this new movie, once the bad guy is defeated and the timeline is restored, we’ll see the old Enterprise as it was in TOS emerge. Who knows, that’s just my hope and prediction, but it would be totally awesome if that happened!!!!

17. Shawn - March 5, 2009

Woo Hoo!!!!

If you guys just saw the coolest Star Trek trailer, give me a HELL YEAH!!!!

18. John - March 5, 2009

I’m excited for this movie and the future… Go Trek!

19. Dyson Sphere - March 5, 2009

Awesome – going for HD now.

20. Scott - March 5, 2009

Meh! .. music wasn’t that great for me .. but what the hell I guess we all like different things. Good trailer. Look forward to the movie.

21. Fortyseven - March 5, 2009

Absolutely amazing. :)

22. MORN SPEAKS - March 5, 2009

James Kirk was a great man, but that was another life!

23. NaradaAlpha - March 5, 2009

hmmmm in a previous thread it was theorized Romulus was destroyed…now it appears Vulcan is successfully destroyed too…unless that’s another planet…and the clip of the planet being destroyed looks like something extremely obscene… i quote a line from Beavis & Butthead… ‘A black hole is like a giant bunghole in outer space…’

24. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2009

“I like this trailer…….IT’S EXCITING!!”

25. Brandon McClure - March 5, 2009


26. Weerd1 - March 5, 2009

Oh- and it looks like Tobias Richter was pretty spot on with his renders… Good for him.

27. Kevin - March 5, 2009

I actually cried a little. I have been waiting for this movie for over three years, and I could not be more happy with what I am seeing. It is wonderful to be a Star Trek fan again. J.J. has brought our beloved franchise back from the brink and I wish I could shake his hand and thank him (and Paramount) personally.

28. JimJ - March 5, 2009

This thing may be (almost) better than sex! I bet in the theater this trailer is totally mesmerizing!!!!

29. elmachocombo - March 5, 2009

Hell Yizaaaaaaaaah!

30. Shatterhand - March 5, 2009

I don’t think I’ve been so excited for a movie in many, many years.

If this does not breathe new life into Star Trek, then I fear it will be lost forever.

31. NaradaAlpha - March 5, 2009

also: that guy who yelled OPEN YOUR CHUTES… GOGOGOGOGOGOGO… sounded a lot like Ben Browder from Farscape and Stargate SG-1

32. Steven - March 5, 2009

I got chills after watching the new trailer, especially when Kirk sits in the chair for the first time. Now the wait is gonna be un-bear-a-ble!

God bless!

33. The Governator - March 5, 2009

Like I said earlier, this is absolutely unreal. Totally awesome!

34. Dan - March 5, 2009

I haven’t been this excited since I couldn’t wait for another Star Wars movie back in 1999, we all know how that ended. :(

35. Chris - March 5, 2009

Two hours and 20 minutes?

Hell, I hope so!

Sick trailer. Goosebumps.

36. The Last Maquis - March 5, 2009

Nero Seems…..less Badass in this trailer….a bit on the Ruafo side.

37. NaradaAlpha - March 5, 2009

#30…if this film doesnt breathe new life into Star Trek i’m’a boycott everything Paramount

38. Yammer - March 5, 2009

I want to discuss the idea of whether this is really Trek or not, a recurring meme here.

I submit that the essence of Trek is Roddenberry’s concept — Wagon Train To the Stars — and not the specific manifestations thereof.

If we hew exactly to canon, to established tradition, to the exact look and feel, the result is Cawley’s TOS pastiche, an admirable and enjoyable show but foremost an experiment in style rather than a vehicle for telling good stories. Cawley is to TOS as the Rutles are to the Beatles — great for the cult, and stultifying if the intention is to create new art.

39. Dan - March 5, 2009

correction *how that turned out.*

40. SerenityActual - March 5, 2009


41. MattTheTrekkie - March 5, 2009

Kirk is my childhood hero, and watching him take the captains chair for the first time made me cry like I was 5 years old again :,)

That was simply breathtaking. Here’s hoping these last two years of waiting have paid off :D

42. hoochahoocha - March 5, 2009

I’m sorry. Not impressed. Still going to see the film, but I’m no more excited by this trailer than by any other sci-fi film tester. I was more excited by the last one. And frankly, the overtly dramatic music and tone fail to give me chills. I’m 23 guys, and this trailer doesn’t make me jones for the film.

43. South African Dude - March 5, 2009

Old Neelix discribed this feeling I have very in well on the bridge in “The Q and the Grey”.

Very exciting time to be alive, JJ you da man!

44. elmachocombo - March 5, 2009

Uuh, chika-chika. Ooh, chaka-chaka. Mmm-papa-wa-wa. I’m doin’ the Star Trek dance! Oh, yeah! In my room. Unh! Lights are out. Oh yeah! All alone chika-chika! Wife’s asleep. Uh, huh. Nobody watchin’! But I don’t care! Lemme tell ya’ now. I’m doin’ the Star Trek dance! Oh yeah! George Lucas…you can kiss my a**. Now THIS is a movie! I wanna see! Uh huh! Lets do the Star Trek DANCE!!!!!! And I’m spent.

45. Christian - March 5, 2009

An emotional trailer. That was the trailer for the fans. Unbelievable.

46. JimJ - March 5, 2009

#41-I totally agree about Kirk, but poor Chris Pike. Perhaps his death in this version will have more meaning (or, maybe he’ll be MIA?). Either way, I am absolutely covinced that this thing is gonna cause me to spend a lot of money, going back for more, more, and more!!!!!

47. Radioactive Spock - March 5, 2009


48. Gibnerd - March 5, 2009

love the trailer. just confirmed for the 100th time that i am going to do a backflip in the theater out of Treklove.

love Spock hugging Uhura & not really knowing what to do.

also love Pine looking very Kirk/Shatner-ish at the 1:28 mark.

49. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - March 5, 2009

Actually, I hope that’s not the final music — not that there’s anything wrong with it per se. I expect more nuanced, more modern, less operatic music from Giacchino.

50. Drew - March 5, 2009

I’m Sold!

51. Tuvokster1701 - March 5, 2009

all i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

52. MrJ - March 5, 2009

That was just…amazing.

53. Jordan - March 5, 2009

Wow! Best trailer so far!

54. Shatterhand - March 5, 2009


Sorry you weren’t impressed. To be honest, I thought both trailers were rather gripping in their own ways. I just showed this new one to an online buddy of mine who couldn’t care less about Star Trek, and he said, “F*ck, that actually looks pretty damn awesome.” Now he wants to see it, whereas I couldn’t talk him into watching a single episode of any of the series before.

If that doesn’t give one at least a glimmer of hope for this film, I don’t know what will.

55. DGill - March 5, 2009


Let’s just say I’m glad Chris Pine is playing Kirk instead of James Cawley!

56. The Last Maquis - March 5, 2009


Nnn, No

57. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - March 5, 2009

Personally I LOVED this trailer. I got a feel for the “epicness” of this film. I will most definitely be at the midnight showing. This may sound strange, but the upcoming release of this movie kept me alive…literally…during the summer. Long story. So I will be there with bells on and I REALLY hope the 2 hour 20 minute running time turns out to be accurate. The more Trek, the better.

Great trailer!!

58. Dan - March 5, 2009

My family wasn’t on board, and then I showed them this new trailer, they are all going to the theater to watch this . BOOYEAH!!!!!

59. Author of "The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers" - March 5, 2009

Music rocks. Trailer rocks.

And my twelve-year-old son is making sure we get to see it on opening night.

I’m In.

‘Nuff said.

60. Don Farnsworth - March 5, 2009


I was excited after the first few trailers but this is such an enormous step up from anything of Trek i’ve seen before.

Amazing stuff.

61. Marcelo - March 5, 2009

Great trailer…one thing that bothered me though…

Kirk became captain of the Enterprise just by calling DIBS? Isn’t there some sort of chain of command here? I hope it’s plausible.

62. Beck - March 5, 2009

Is… is that Spock Prime’s space traveling ship crashing into Nero’s ship?

Is Spock Prime IN the space traveling ship crashing into Nero’s ship??

Oh gawd…

63. Jörg - March 5, 2009

Nice, the Federation logo and some new aliens in the Starfleet Academy scenes. Bob Orci, we need names for those species for Memory Alpha! :-)

64. JimJ - March 5, 2009

I just looked at that thing again for the 7th or 8th time, but on full screen. That woman James T. is bedding does NOT look green to me. Hmmm….everyone kept saying an Orion cadet. I’m wondering, Carol Marcus? Or, someone else??? Either way, this thing just makes me crazy for May 8 to arrive. I WILL be at a midnight showing, somewhere/somehow!!!!

65. drij - March 5, 2009

Wait, the Kelvin had a crew of over 800!?!

66. Mr. AtoZ - March 5, 2009

Your 23 years old, what do u know of Star Trek??

I did the same thing to one of my friends and he did the same thing. A new fan is born.

67. JimJ - March 5, 2009

#62-Now, if that is his ship and if it is HIM, then what a way to die. MUCH more meaningful than his Star Trek 2 death, and hell, that was the most compelling and meaningful death in the history of Trek, up to this point. How cool would it be for Spock Prime and this young crew to work together with Spock Prime making the ultimate sacrifice? Heck, for those of you that can’t take all of this change, wouldn’t it be cool if he sacrificed himself to restore the original timeline? Either way, it’s gonna be so cool!!!!!

68. Charlie in Colorado - March 5, 2009

Is it May 9th yet? It’s not? Darn!….

69. The Galactic Battleburger - March 5, 2009

I need to change my shorts.


70. Beck - March 5, 2009

I can tell I’m going to like Nero as a villain.

I can tell by the way he screams “Fire everything!” towards the end. That’s the voice of a man with everything to lose.

71. Charlie in Colorado - March 5, 2009

See, I’m so excited for this film I put in May 9th in my post above instead of May 8th. lol…

72. Dan - March 5, 2009

Mr. AtoZ, do we really need to be patronizing, I know alot of people in their 20’s who love Star Trek.

73. Tim Lade - March 5, 2009


74. Anthony Pascale - March 5, 2009

I am glad people liked this trailer as much as I did. I truly believe this is the best trailer of all trek history. I also suggest you don’t watch it online first. Like the film itself, it should be seen on the big screen first.

75. Liz - March 5, 2009

This will make Pine a star.

76. JimJ - March 5, 2009

Correction of a sentence to have it make more sense (I’m so hyped up, my fingers are typing double-lol): “How cool would it be for Spock Prime and this young crew to work together; with Spock Prime making the ultimate sacrifice in the end?

77. Beck - March 5, 2009


Oh I don’t mind it… if it does happen. I think it would be a wonderfully moving and a fitting way for Spock to go.

But I will still cry like an infant.

78. Christian - March 5, 2009


Like me! Grew up on TNG and will be there May 8th!

Actually TNG premiered a month after I was born….scary, I know.

79. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 5, 2009

#74 “I also suggest you don’t watch it online first. Like the film itself, it should be seen on the big screen first.”

Agreed! I am reading the comments here, but haven’t watched it. Will see it ahead of Watchmen tomorrow evening!

80. JimJ - March 5, 2009

#74-Too late, but I’m sure I’ll be still sobbing like a baby who just got his old blankie when I see it in the theater this weekend. Thanks for this, AP!!!!

81. Liz - March 5, 2009

“74. Anthony Pascale – March 5, 2009
I am glad people liked this trailer as much as I did. I truly believe this is the best trailer of all trek history. I also suggest you don’t watch it online first. Like the film itself, it should be seen on the big screen first.”

Definately! The best trailer for any movie in a long time. Maybe since Lord of the Rings. It has the same feel as LOTR. Epic. Emotional. Real yet otherworldly. May can’t come soon enough.

82. Cruz Andronico Fernandez - March 5, 2009

“with Spock Prime making the ultimate sacrifice in the end?”

Actually Nimoy said that nothing happens to his character that would prevent him from doing another movie.

83. Mr. AtoZ - March 5, 2009

Ur right, I stand corrected. Just tired of people trashing it b4 they’ve seen it. U can say if it will be good or bad in one min. trailers. But he is intitled to his opinion.

84. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2009

People who are worried about Nimoy’s Spock dying in the time ship may want to remember that Nimoy (in an interview here) said that nothing in the film prevents him from possibly showing up again down the road!

85. Joe - March 5, 2009

Why isn’t Nimoy in this?????

86. JimJ - March 5, 2009

#81: LOL-well, sure. If the original timeline goes back into place, then he’s still alive in that timeline. Ouch, or would he be? Time travel “gives me a bellyache, and I’ve got a beauty right now”. But, who cares, no matter whether he does or not, this thing just “feels right”!

87. Jefferies Tuber - March 5, 2009

Take another look at 1:19.

At last a Star Trek director who shoots space photography in three dimensions and zero-g… It’s like Kirk’s maneuver in the Mutara Nebula brought to the director’s chair.

I love the new trailer. I can just watch it over and over.

I don’t think we’re watching the death of Spock Prime when his ship rams into the Narada. It seems more likely that his ship is designed to operate like a torpedo.

The shots around 1:39 show a lot of destroyed Starfleet ships, including one enormous saucer… perhaps the remains of Starbase One?

1:44 would appear to be Kirk’s dad’s death. It looks like a Kamikaze run on an empty bridge/Kelvin.

88. Christian - March 5, 2009

Get there early! You don’t want to miss this one!

89. Rekkert - March 5, 2009

I’ve watched it like 30 times by now, BEST TRAILER EVER!

90. Mr. AtoZ - March 5, 2009

I’m loving the music…

91. Chris - March 5, 2009

A lot of talk about the music. It’s by Two Steps From Hell. They did the music for the last trailer.

92. Beck - March 5, 2009


I suppose JJ could finagle a way for Spock to die and still be alive in an alternate timeline or… something. Few things are impossible in the world of sci fi.

But I’m thinking this might be a case of him using the ship as a missile, or getting out at the last second. It sure looks like his ship.

93. Don Farnsworth - March 5, 2009

I saw watchmen yesterday being in Australia but missed all the trailers for running late. Kicking myself now.

94. JimJ - March 5, 2009

Can’t…….make…….myself……go to bed! Must……..see…..the HD trailer on the Apple site!!!!! I am officially more fired up for this movie than I even was for TMP, back when I was 11-LOL!!!!!!

95. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2009

Months ago, on one of these threads, I asked Bob Orci whether this new film had any “tingle” moments…….you know, the kind of scene in a film where the hair on the back of your neck stands on end because you’re so jazzed. Orci actually posted a reply to me saying that there were at least a handful of moments like that in the movie……..watching this new trailer, I have to conclude…………he may be right!

96. Christian - March 5, 2009

They thought this trailer was “stunning” as well. As stated on their home page.

97. Nathaniel Shrike - March 5, 2009

I haven’t been this excited since I was waiting for Revenge of the Sith to finally come out! (I loved it, by the way. All the Star Wars prequels) I absolutely cannot wait to see this. The trailer almost seemed beautiful to me. It WAS beautiful!!! I got shivers.

98. DavidJ - March 5, 2009


although if we’re talking “Best Ever”, my vote would still have to go to the STVI montage trailer.

99. AJ - March 5, 2009

Best Trek trailer ever.

But I think I’ll await “Watchmen” on PPV.

100. Beck - March 5, 2009

Me too man. Me too. I won’t be sleeping much tonight.

101. Montreal Paul - March 5, 2009

EPIC.. AWESOME.. Still gives me goosebumps when I watch it.

I have seen every Trek promo in the theatres since TMP was coming out. This is the first time I have ever been so blown away by a Trek trailer like this. So well done. JJ & gang have breathed new life into Trek and made it relevant again.

I was totally blown away with this.. can’t wait to see it tomorrow night on the big screen!

102. Chris - March 5, 2009

#84 Dude. What does that mean? You just watched a trailer for a movie about James Kirk.

103. Yspano - March 5, 2009

AAARGH! Now I can’t concentrate on work anymore!!! XD

104. Cobalt 1365 - March 5, 2009

#67 JimJ – Most of what you said about older spock coming back to restore the timeline and sacrifice himself etc. could be applied to “Janeway Prime” in the Voyager finale. Admittedly it didn’t have the same epic scope or emotional impact that this would have IF that is what’s happening, but eerily similar nonetheless

105. Chadwick - March 5, 2009

Obviously I love everything about it, Nero does a great job…but the music that went with this trailer…very powerful!

106. DGill - March 5, 2009

It’s going to be kind of weird now. This may be the last trailer they release before the film’s arrival…which means we’ll have to mull over what we’ve already been given for another two months. Oh, the horror!


The appearance of Spock in this film will be integral to the plot, but it’s also a significant fan service, and these trailers aren’t necessarily geared towards the fans. These trailers, for the most part, are trying to sell the audience on the fact that this is an “origin” film more than anything. The focus is on Kirk, Spock, and their struggle with Nero. Besides, I think JJ and co. want to surprise us with the amount of screentime Spock may (or may not) have. The first X-Files movie adopted a similar approach; you just didn’t know who was going to be involved based on the trailers alone.

107. Daniel - March 5, 2009


I love how SUBTLE Nero delivers that line! WOW!!! And that one close up shot of his face with the camera shaking!! BIG TIME chills!

108. JoBlo - March 5, 2009

That was cool!

It’s about time they released a trailer that gives a sense of plot. Now they didn’t exactly express the plot, but there was so much depth to the character in such a short period of time that it reassures scope in story, in addition to the visual scope and the scope of the action.

Very epic.

One thing bothered me — not that bad, it just irked me slightly. New Spock has a whimpy voice.

Even so, looks great.

109. JimJ - March 5, 2009

#91-Thanks for that info. I’m guessing we won’t hear one single note of the actual score until the lights dim at 12:01 a.m. on May 8th. Then the wait will REALLY be over and the fun will REALLY begin. I haven’t felt this good about being a Star Trek fan for a long, long time; if ever. I know some of the doubters will say I’m gushing too much, but you know what, I don’t care. I’ve never had a trailer that I liked end up being a disappointing movie….and this thing just rocks my world-lol!!!!

110. Eldon - March 5, 2009

I’ve always loved Star Trek. And it was always have a place in my heart.

But this…

This is what I’ve been waiting for.

Can’t wait…

111. Harry - March 5, 2009

Also, I’m not sure how I can gather myself up now to visit my friends house, LOL!

112. assimilator47 - March 5, 2009

Amazing rebirth of the Star Trek franchise! This summer this movie will be on everyone’s lips.

113. Kyle Cawley - March 5, 2009

Not bad, pretty good, but I’m not totally blown away like I was for the first trailer. I’m excited to see the movie so we can all stop trying to deduce the plot line from a few brief flashes of film – then we can REALLY start debating how successfully JJ ruined/revitalized the Trek franchise!

For example, I agree that it would be so disappointing if Kirk calling dibs on the captains chair is how he ended up manning the helm, or if he went from cadet to Captain in “one fell swoop”, but I have enough faith in JJ Abrams that I don’t think he would honestly make that cheesy of a leap. I’d like to think he knows how unfaithful that would be to the franchise. Time will tell! Two months to go!

114. pinky - March 5, 2009

The music is sort of distracting. I mean, it’s good, but distracting in that it is obviously a batman rip-off… it’s hard not to think of batman when JJ Abrams name camera-flares across the screen. I should be thinking of Star Trek. I find that grating.

Even so, spectacular trailer. Best so far.

PS. I love Chris Pine at this — Kirk lives!

115. Arathorn - March 5, 2009


What do you know of spelling and grammer?

116. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2009


Some people were worried about Nimoy’s Spock sacrificing himself and I was simply trying to reassure them. Yes, I love the fact that this is about James Kirk!

117. DGill - March 5, 2009

Oh, my statement was addressed to #85 actually.

118. Serenity » Blog Archive » Trailer #3 - March 5, 2009

[…] The Future Begins […]

119. Dan - March 5, 2009

I just love reading all of your posts. So much better than the vitriol all over the net.

120. Kruge - March 5, 2009

If anyone wants to mark the day, today is the day that the die-hard cultist purists ran out of amm. Sure we will see a few votes in the poll giving it a D or F, but what can they say now. Earlier we saw the new transporter room, looks fantastic. We see the kelvin bridge above…looks like a mix of ENT and TOS and not just a redress of the other bridge. This trailer kicks your ass. Even JJ’s new quotes today are saying the right thing.

Your time is over. it is time for trek to live again, live, evolve, breathe, and find a new life.

I look forward to reliving TOS on my preordered Bluray disks, but I am so ready for a new era of trek.

thank you boborci, jj abrams and the rest of the gang.

121. JimJ - March 5, 2009

#104-If you are a Voyager fan, I can see why you’d look at it that way. I look at it as Spock being Spock. The man is loyal to his Captain(s), crew, starship, starfleet, and home planet. TOS is what I grew up on, so this is like Heaven on Earth for me!

122. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2009


Anthony, that is NOT me posting at #111!!

I take a very dim view of morons trying to put words in my mouth!

123. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - March 5, 2009

The shot of Vulcan imploding is scary — it really screams “screwing with the timeline”. It also makes the stakes pretty high, as if they weren’t already. I’m looking forward to this. I am staying optimistic that amid all the action, the plot is tight and there’s still a dense kernel of conceptually interesting sci-fi proper.

124. Chris - March 5, 2009

#114 That, like, one note does sound very Batmanish. As short as it is, it’s enough to catch attention…

125. Shawn - March 5, 2009

An amazing trailer… I’ve never had this emotion before (like Spock controlling his emotions I’m sure)… I almost had a tear drop!!!

Even though the trailer was so profound, a part of me still wished the actors were the youthful original actors (Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, etc)… how incredible would that be? Still, the new actors are breathing new life into our iconic heroes, so I wish them the absolute best. I originally was against the actors replacing the old, but I think this is what Trek needs… the “next generation of sci fi lovers” need to be reintroduce to Kirk and Spock!

Someone stated the music is by Two Steps from Hell … does anyone know the actually song title???

126. Cylon - March 5, 2009

Sweet. I’m a Star Wars fanboy and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to see this. This preview was as good as the Revenge of the Sith trailer.

127. DavidJ - March 5, 2009


I’m sure Kirk will have proven himself by that point. And in any case, there’s a difference between taking command during an emergency (which sounds to me like exactly what the take-charge Kirk would do), and being officially promoted to Captain by Starfleet.


I didn’t find it distracting, but I agree there was definitely a Batman Begins/TDK feel to the music in the trailer.

128. jotin - March 5, 2009

@#66. What the heck does age have to do with it? I’m 19 and I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember. The first ever memory I have of a tv had the tng logo on it. I’d like to think that I know a hell of alot about star trek. Even though im so um… young.

129. Jim - March 5, 2009

strangely, from what little i’ve seen of actual footage from the movie, quinto’s spock seems very unimpressive so far while his casting was probably the most heralded of the 7, since he does, at certain times, bear a resemblance to Nimoy. But he doesn’t have the same tenor in his voice that Nimoy has and just seems flat overall. This has been kind of reported during Abram’s tour that Pine and Urban are great as Kirk and McCoy while quinto has been, while not terrible, a bit unnoteworthy considering he was the first to be cast and everyone thought at first that it was spot on.

130. Sean4000 - March 5, 2009

Just give ILM the FX Oscar now will you?!?!?!?!

Thumbs up!

131. Mr Lirpa - March 5, 2009


132. AJ - March 5, 2009

It’s obvious Kirk knows that he must take command, and Nero already knows of him as a badass commander. Spock;s advice, as well.

That alone solves the issue as to how a youngdter gets the center seat, at least for this mission.

133. Cobalt 1365 - March 5, 2009

#104 JimJ – Yeah I am a Voyager fan, I’m only 20 so I got started on that, but I think I can safely say TOS is easily my most beloved series, I’m still waiting for that profound moment like everyone else had in TWoK. Nemesis, Data’s sacrifice… sad and noble, sure. But I didn’t lose my composure over it

134. JimJ - March 5, 2009

Ughh, I see a few naysayers have hit the polls now. How sad is it to say that this thing gets a C, D, or F? I find it hard to believe any science fiction fan could even vote like that. I think JJ took a big risk with this, gambled, and is gonna win!

135. Cobalt 1365 - March 5, 2009

oops, #121

136. Chris - March 5, 2009

#125 I wish… They’ve put out two albums since the one the last trailer’s music was on. It could be on either or neither. But if I remember correctly, the album with the last trailers music was out by the time the trailer was…

137. Val Jean - March 5, 2009

A Lot of what we have seen before.
Then again, a lot which we haven’t as well.

This is very much a KirkFilm®, and of course the other characters will have a scene, or a task to do, a la ST:IV, but very much the core is Kirk, although Im sure we would all like the rest of the characters to have meaty roles.

Love the trailer, not one to nitpick but it seems there are just two epic battles that are being replayed in these trailers, the kelvin being destroyed, and the enterprise, with Kirk in command…would of liked to seen some more ‘submarine style’ ship to ship combat! Then again i haven’t seen the film, so we never know…

138. JimJ - March 5, 2009

#133-I agree, the Data death was very hollow and contrived. Spock’s death in TWOK made me cry. Heck, the Enterprise going up in flames in Trek 3 did the same. I’d make a terrible Vulcan!!!! From a 42 year old to a young man of 20: surely THIS type of trailer will at least get the attention of your generation???

139. Dan - March 5, 2009

I agree Sean4000, but they still have to compete with their own work on another film, Transformers!

140. Sean - March 5, 2009

That was FREAKIN AMAZING! The acting looked and sounded great, especially Pike, Kirk and NERO! Such anger from Nero, and it seemed so real! This trailer REALLY pushed over the fence into the “not so worried, really excited” group.

141. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2009


Oh, a big fan of watching the “submarine races” are we?

142. Chris M - March 5, 2009

That is the coolest trailer ever!!!!!! :)

143. CMX54 - March 5, 2009

Doesn’t impress me at all. Sorry.

144. SciFiMetalGirl - March 5, 2009

I haven’t seen the trailer yet, but the excitement here is exhilerating!

Can’t wait!

145. Val Jean - March 5, 2009


haha not the races mate, just not a fan of a million things happening on screen at once, then you dont know what’s going on…but like i said, we have to wait and see, stepping the speed of battles up can only be a good thing!

146. DGill - March 5, 2009


I don’t know, Chris. The ‘Terminator Salvation’ trailer is pretty damn sweet as well.

147. Harry Ballz - March 5, 2009


Don’t worry, hopefully there’s enough character development to keep all of us happy!

148. Jeffrey S. Nelson - March 5, 2009

Trelayne could fix that crumbling planet.

149. DGill - March 5, 2009


You know what? That would be awesome to have Trelane as the villain of the next movie.

No, really, I’m serious. :)

150. Gary - March 5, 2009

My eyes welled up. I’m speechless.

151. Lazar - March 5, 2009

This trailer was just pure unadulterated awesome. The two parts that really gave me chills were when Pike tells Jim Kirk about what his father did, and when the ship is engaged in that tense battle scene and Nero screams “Fire everything!” with complete desperation.

152. Val Jean - March 5, 2009


yes of course!
cadet kirk to captain kirk is plenty of character development for all of us ;)

153. Andy - March 5, 2009

I got goosebumbs! When the music swells up and Kirk takes his seat in the captain’s chair…man I felt like crying….beautiful trailer. I loved the action oriented trailers but this one surpasses them all!

154. Elrond L - March 5, 2009

Oh my God… I had chills and even teared up a little. This is everything I’ve been hoping for. All the long years and months will finally pay off. I can’t wait! This is the movie event of the year, and I will spread the Star Trek gospel like never before.

PS – Awesome music, too . . . and Kirk in the chair . . . Spock not knowing how to hug . . . Vulcan . . . just, wow. Anthony is right.

155. Devon - March 5, 2009

This trailer just kicked the film’s own ass. If anyone was turned off by the film before, THEY SHOULD BE NOW.

This was absolutely stunning.

The Star Trek I have been waiting on for 13 years!

If the film is as good as this… OMG.

156. elmachocombo - March 5, 2009

Yyy, yay-yaaaaaaas!

157. Radioactive Spock - March 5, 2009

Anthony, did you remove the part about the length for the movie possibly being 140 minutes because you found out it was incorrect? Just curious.

158. Jonny Boy - March 5, 2009

I’ve been a Trekkie/Trekker (what the hell are we, now?) for most of my life, and I’ve loved almost every single minute of it. This just puts me in the same state of mind as when I first saw a TV show called “Star TreK” (actually TNG). I was blown away by the first trailer, it just absolutely freed my mind, as Morpheus would say. But this one had me in awe. I sit here watching this one over and over again, and I can’t believe that Star Trek has been reborn in such a glorious and grandiose fashion. The cast seem downright perfect for their roles (especially Pine) and the drama feels real and urgent. The Enterprise looks stunning, and I still had a few lingering doubts, even if I didn’t want to admit it. Bravo!

I’ll put it another way. My mom watched Star Trek when she was a kid, and introduced me to it when I was a kid. She’s not a rabid fan, but she is a fan, and has been a skeptic (perhaps an understatement) since this movie was first announced. The first trailer piqued her interest, but this one took her breath away. First time she ever watched a trailer a second time, and she is dying to see this movie. Oh, and she thinks the cast is awesome (also another complete turnaround.)

159. Blind - March 5, 2009

OOOOH my, that was epic i mean my god i will kill my self and every 1 in the world if i do not see this movie.

160. Troy - March 5, 2009

Really good, but still doesn’t feel like Star Trek.

161. Rastaman - March 5, 2009

“I can tell by the way he screams “Fire everything!” towards the end. That’s the voice of a man with everything to lose.”

If you’ve read the Countdown Comics, it is more the voice of a man who has already lost everything.

Great trailer! Guaranteed to put asses in seats, including my own several times over.

162. Reign1701A - March 5, 2009

That planet breaking up looks like Earth. I swear I see the Arabian peninsula.

163. Will - March 5, 2009

Seriously, the whole “daring” of Kirk to join Starfleet and do better than his dad… that’s just… good god.

“I dare you!”

“I’m not doing it.”

“I double dog dare you to enlist in Starfleet.”

*crowd ooohhhhhhssss*

“Dammit. Fine, I’ll do it.”

I really hope it’s not as bad as it is in the trailer in the movie itself.

Also, the music was really really Batman Begins feeling… overall, the trailer just doesn’t feel like Trek.

It still feels generic to me.

I did, however, like how Nero mentions how the original Kirk doesn’t exist anymore(the “James Tiberius Kirk was a great man… but that was a different life.” line).

Also, when Kirk turns to Uhura and is slightly unsure that he knows what he’s doing, Pine actually, for some reason, really exuded “Kirk.”

Unfortunately, that whole “we have no captain or first officer to replace him” “yeah, we do*sits in chair*” just… god, that was a bad bit of writing in my opinion. Hopefully that’s also just a trailer artifact.

164. Spatan128 - March 5, 2009


This is the first Motion Picture!

165. Son of Sarek - March 5, 2009

Allow me to echo the sentiments of legions of fans by proclaiming that this trailer was epic! This movie in scope, is on par with The Motion Picture and to think these movies, while 30 years apart, both signify a renaissance for Trek!

166. helenofpeel - March 5, 2009

My gawd, that is one fantastic trailer!

167. Hat Rick - March 5, 2009

I want to return to my question about what happens if this movie does not succeed, but first, a celebration of what COULD be:

If this movie succeeds — and succeeds strongly — then I do think that there might be some thanks due to the Great Bird of the Galaxy, who made this all possible.

If Trek, phoenix-like, returns from its winter of discontent with a fresh new cast and an eager new audience, it will be because of the combined efforts of all involved — producers, cast, writers, fans — but also in no small measure because of the ideas of Gene Roddenberry, his philosophy, his humanism, and his dream.

Say what you will that he desired only material success; at least the form in which he chose to pursue it will have brought inspiration to millions.

It will have been the rebirth of a dream — a dream of stars, of futures anew, of greatness that awaits mankind. It is philosophy in entertainment, but philosophy, and hope, nevertheless.

To all who desire that this trek be as successfully as it can be, I believe many will join me when I say: Make it so.

168. jason - March 5, 2009

epic. just pure epic.

169. Odkin - March 5, 2009

Effects and frantic pacing aside, I came away from this worried a lot about the acting. Uhura’s line was terrible. Quinto’s not much better.

I hate the modern style of actors reading all their lines either “bored” or “angry”. No whimsy, no charm, no swagger, just either muttering or snapping at each other. It comes from having no classical or stage experience, I think.

Although the “yeah, we do” line was lamely written (sorry Bob – where’s the drama?) it should’ve been performed like it was the most important line of the movie and the turning point of Kirk’s life. Instead…. meh.

I hope there are some positive, fun, and witty moments in the movie, and it isn’t all crisis and death and fighting and arguing.

170. GARY - March 5, 2009

# 157 and Me, andy? is it 140 or not?

171. Binker - March 5, 2009

Two questions:

1) DL Link?

2) What is the music that plays in this?

172. PR. - March 5, 2009

Wow, that was great. Need the HD version!!

173. DJT - March 5, 2009

Fahck-ME! That was a good trailer.

174. Anthony Pascale - March 5, 2009

FYI….the version above is not exactly the same as one I saw last week at wondercon and the one that goes live in a few minutes.

175. SChaos1701 - March 5, 2009

That trailer is just oozing of awesomeness.


I sure hope they don’t go back to the old Enterprise. The current is waaaaay better than that old plywood POS.

Also, I’m in my last semester of grad school and have a huge comp exam to do. I WILL NOT see the movie until there is an MA attached to my name so I have some real motivation now.

176. iplaicawd - March 5, 2009


177. VOODOO - March 5, 2009

Where is Leonard Nimoy in this trailer?

178. Butters - March 5, 2009

The “So do I” line looks completely Kirk-esque. Even the way Pine is setting screams TOS Kirk.

179. McCoy - March 5, 2009


This movie is not being billed as “boldly going where no man has gone before.” It’s not billed as hopping planet to planet and exploring. Finding something new and working through problems while examining the human condition as it relates to potential other life forms.

It’s billed as action-packed bad guy on a mad dash through time (vengeance). Now, granted, the real film may be different. But that’s what they’re counting on the get the tickets sold.

If seats are sold, it’s not the same Trek. Sorry.

180. Trekee - March 5, 2009

Wow. I’ve like the other trailers, but that just looked, and sounded, amazing!

Is that music from the score or does anyone recognise it from somewhere else? Apologies if answered already, but don’t have time to read all the comments yet – too busy watching the trailer again.

And that shot of the big E at the end was great – THAT’S the angle they should have showed us first. :-)

As for @175… “plywood POS”????? Go wash your mouth out! You know not of what you speak. I dunno, kids these days, etc etc :-D

181. Chris - March 6, 2009

#180 Two Steps From Hell. They did the music for the last trailer. No idea what the name of the piece is, though…

182. Son of Sarek - March 6, 2009

Now on the official site!

183. Starship Conductor - March 6, 2009

HOLEY MOLEY, This hard core “Star Trek The Original Series” fan has goose bumps!!! THIS LOOKS 1000 TIMES BETTER THAN I WAS EXPECTING!!! WOW!!!

I’M SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

184. dyaleleon - March 6, 2009


185. Dan - March 6, 2009

186. Dan - March 6, 2009

we crap it didn’t work, nevermind.

187. Josh - March 6, 2009

I just got back from seeing Watchmen and they DIDN’T show the Star Trek trailer at my local theater.

THanks for the post…..glad I got to see the trailer….its awesome!

188. Vole - March 6, 2009

Please write transcripts in upcoming shot-by-shot.

189. Mr Lirpa - March 6, 2009

185. the link worked for me, and the trailer is slightly different to the one above!

190. Jonny Boy - March 6, 2009

191. Dan - March 6, 2009

When Ner yells fire everything, I can feel the pain in his voice.

192. Trekee - March 6, 2009

@181 – cool, thank you.

193. Binker - March 6, 2009

None of the dl links work. We can’t dl them.

194. Jonny Boy - March 6, 2009

Hmmm, not sure why its not working…

195. Dan - March 6, 2009


196. Ensign RedShirt - March 6, 2009

Wow….very well done….I agree with Anthony; best Trek trailer ever. The only thing missing is Leonard Nimoy.

197. Josiah - March 6, 2009

Is that a male Deltan cadet or just a random bald guy? :^)

198. Dan - March 6, 2009

#193 Sometimes they don’t work. :(

199. John - March 6, 2009

This movie has to draw in the teenage crowd. And it has to be profitable. I know many longtime fans will find that comment provocative. But the bottom line is this is a big-budget summer film.

They’ve invested 2.5 times the amount of money ($150 mil) they spent on Nemesis and Insurrection ($60 mil) on Abrams. And while I doubt anybody expects Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, or Indiana Jones numbers, it needs to do at least as well as the X-Men series. Otherwise, some executives at Paramount will come down with a severe case of heartburn in May.

200. Captain Quail Hunter - March 6, 2009

Who do you think Nero on his ship is talking to when he says “James T. Kirk was a great man but that was another life” angrily? Could it be Pike or old Spock? it could explain McCoy saying we have no Captain or first officer.

201. Chris - March 6, 2009

The official site version only seems to have minor differences, but they make huge difference.

…if that makes any sense…

202. Devon - March 6, 2009


“This movie is not being billed as “boldly going where no man has gone before.” It’s not billed as hopping planet to planet and exploring. Finding something new and working through problems while examining the human condition as it relates to potential other life forms.”

*Eye roll*

“It’s billed as action-packed bad guy on a mad dash through time (vengeance).”

So you’ve never seen “The Wrath of Khan” trailer then it appears.

“If seats are sold, it’s not the same Trek. Sorry.”

Who gives a flying crap?!? In fact, what does that even mean? You market it however you have to, as Trek always did. Geesh.

203. Binker - March 6, 2009

DL links still not working. Could someone use something like sendspace, so that people can still dl and watch it until that is straighen out.

204. jamuga - March 6, 2009

I gotta agree with the minority here, this does not feel like Star Trek. I too am getting that creeping Phantom Menace vibe with this trailer. It had the Star Wars stamp but not the intangible, the magic that made it more than the sum of its parts. Kirk sitting in the chair for the first time? Meh. Pine seems like a nice kid and all but that shot didn’t have the impact it should have. He’s a pretender to the throne… or chair as it were. Sorry, this trailer just seems like the same derivative science fiction we’ve been seeing for the past 15 years. This is the New Coke of Star Trek.

205. DGill - March 6, 2009

Wow…the HD version is fantastic. I noticed that a couple of shots have been changed though. The Uhura-Kirk exchange is gone, but I think the look that Kirk and Spock share speaks volumes about their growing trust.

206. VOODOO - March 6, 2009

Zachary Quinto is a fine actor and I’m sure he does a great job as Spock, but at first listen his voice seems out of place as Spock.

Leonard Nimoy’s voice gave Spock a certain stature that seems absent in these brief clips.

Don’t take this the wrong way. As a stated before I’m sure Mr. Quinto will do a great job as Spock.

207. Paulaner - March 6, 2009

We are in for a wonderful Trek experience, guys! I feel a sense of rebirth. I feel that Star Trek is with us once again, to stay.
Thank you Mr. Orci, Kurtzman, Abrams, Giacchino and the rest of the crew :)

208. Green-Blooded-Bastard - March 6, 2009

I saw the Watchmen at the midnight showing at a Muvico 24. there was no Star trek trailer.

209. 8 of 12 - March 6, 2009



210. Shatterhand - March 6, 2009

@ 179:

That “same” Trek’s time has passed. We, as fans, will always have our fond memories of it, but if Star Trek is to survive as a franchise, it must evolve.

Just because this movie’s being billed as an action/adventure doesn’t mean the foundation of Roddenberry’s creation doesn’t exist within the heart of it. It’s what Star Trek is; you can’t kill that, no matter how you market the movie. But, even the hardcore fans were giving up by the time STAR TREK NEMESIS and Enterprise made their way to movie and television screens, respectively. The franchise had to grow beyond its limits, and I think Abrams accomplished this.

Don’t see this forest just for its trees.

211. Devon - March 6, 2009

“I gotta agree with the minority here, this does not feel like Star Trek.”

No, it just doesn’t feel like any Star Trek you’ve felt before. No 2 Star Treks were hardly alike, so let’s go there.

“Sorry, this trailer just seems like the same derivative science fiction we’ve been seeing for the past 15 years. ”

It actually looks better than that.

“This is the New Coke of Star Trek.”

Whole problem, judging by the overwhelming response, is that people are liking the new coke.

212. McCoy - March 6, 2009


LOL, enjoy the new coke.

213. Charles H. Root, III - March 6, 2009

Best looking trailer of the lot so far… Updated music didn’t hurt.

214. Graveyard Worker - March 6, 2009

Hmm..You can see a dead body floating in space in one of the shots with the Enterprise. Great Special Effects!

215. Dan - March 6, 2009

I want ILM to win Best Visual Effects this year for Star Trek. I forgot it has a big competitor, James Cameron’s Avatar! Which I’ve read is going to be ground breaking in terms of visual effects. I hope the best film wins. I’ve never seen a year like this where the scale and quality in visual effects has been so high, with…..

Star Trek
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Terminator Salvation
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

ILM is working on all of these. James Cameron’s Avatar can beat all of them, in terms of being groundbreaking.

216. Sammelpost zu Star Trek XI: Alle Fakten, Gerchte und Infos - SciFi-Forum - March 6, 2009

[…] Zum Film "Watchman" wurde der dritte un bisher lngste Trailer zum Film verffentlicht. Amazing New Star Trek Trailer Online [UPDATE: Now in HD] | Achtung – Bitte in diesem Thread keine Kommentare oder dergleichen posten. Aktuelle News sind […]

217. Ian - March 6, 2009

Most amazing trailer I’ve seen in recent memory. I am blown away. Congratulations JJ, Bob, and Alex, and all the rest of the crew behind this movie.

This movie spells epic and a new launching point for the Star Trek franchise.

218. toddk - March 6, 2009

I am so there!!!

219. Joe - March 6, 2009


While that is true, if Paramount is hoping to attract *any* older aged people to see this film, they need to connect this to the 60’s version of Star Trek. It does not make sense to not show him in this new trailer. The other trailer with him in it nobody saw except for people looking for that trailer, it was not in theaters.

220. Terpor - March 6, 2009

This movie well be epic for sure :)

221. Sloan47 - March 6, 2009

McCoy @ 212: You know, new doesn’t always mean bad. Why not just go in with an open mind and give it a chance?

222. Paulaner - March 6, 2009

This is a breaking point for Star Trek. We had TNG, which changed visuals, scope, characters and philosophy from 1987 to 2005, and it was fine and beautiful, and we loved it. Now it’s time to move on. Trek must keep moving and changing to stay alive. It’s like a whale.

223. Cagmar - March 6, 2009

THE moment of Kirk sitting in the Captain’s chair is distracted from, sadly, by those two red things on the helm. “Yeah we do” is not the most Star Trekkian of lines and, I guarantee, unquotable in any meaningful way. The music sounds familiar. There are toooo many lens flares. The Enterprise looks generally awkward — for the most part, I can’t tell which way its facing or moving, or even if that’s it.

BUT Nero’s “Fire everything!” is the best delivered line so far of any STXI trailer, anywhere. That is spectacular work. Overall, great trailer.

224. Admiral_Bumblebee - March 6, 2009

The trailer looked good, but I smell a “Highlander” here.

There seem to be so many changes to the existing timeline, too much for me.
Yes I know people have said this will take place in an alternate timeline and that the original one will stay intact. But it has also been said that this won’t be explained on screen. So no explanation on screen = not canon = not happening. Most people will think this takes place in the original timeline.
And I still don’t get why they have to do all those changes. Why blow up Vulcan when this means that there won’t be a Mount Seleya for Spock when he dies in the future? Why meet Romulans before the TOS-episode? Why mess around with so many things? Why destroy every episode and movie? Why? I don’t get it.
I think this movie would work just fine within the original timeline and without those big changes…

This disappoints me. This movie could have been great for me but not with all those changes (an not without Shatner as old Kirk).

225. Pete359 - March 6, 2009

Awesome trailer, got goosebumps!

Did anyone notice the body floating with the debris?

Did anyone notice that Kirk is being chased by a snow bear thing (snowy sehlat perhaps?) which gets eaten by the Cloverfield monsters cousin?

The music was awesome, especially when showing each main crew members face. Spock hugging Uhura looked surprisingly in-character and cool.

But that “no captain no first office” line was soooooo lame. That would be like Wesley taking over while Dr. Crusher was standing right next to him.

But anyway, love the trailer! If it wasn’t already agony waiting for this movie, it certainly is now.

226. Paulaner - March 6, 2009

#224 “Most people will think this takes place in the original timeline.”

In my opinion, this is intentional. New Trek fans must have a fresh starting point to “grow” their fandom. I feel that this new timeline will be the official “current” timeline for a long time :)

227. Adam E - March 6, 2009

I actually like the music in the trailer. I’m guessing the music on the web site is from the official score. I can hear hints of the TMP score in it.

228. Wes - March 6, 2009

Amazing trailer. And I’m loving that the Enterprise has a throttle lever. It’s at 1:36 of the trailer….and I want one for my car. :)

229. grid - March 6, 2009

@163 “Unfortunately, that whole “we have no captain or first officer to replace him” “yeah, we do*sits in chair*” just… god, that was a bad bit of writing in my opinion. Hopefully that’s also just a trailer artifact.”

it almost sure is just a trailer artifact.

if you look at the shot where Kirk sits down in the chair, you can see that McCoy is in the process of delivering a line that’s been muted.

i imagine that with the presence of that line, that moment would feel different even if nothing else about the shots surrounding a moment like that were different, which they will be.

230. RAMA - March 6, 2009

Its 4:41AM here now and I can’t get on the Apple site for the HD version, and the movie site barely loads…This much interest from around the world…that’s a good thing!

231. Iano London - March 6, 2009

I have to agree with # 42.

Not feeling it I hate to say. I mean it works fine, but Trailer 2 was the shit! That had me buzzing about the place. I know they are going for a different tone with this one, the emotional journey and the stakes are high etc. etc. but I don’t know…. twas a tad disappointing.

But still, can’t wait for the actual movie in the IMAX cos it’s gonna rock my c**k!

232. BP - March 6, 2009

It was better than Watchmen, that is for sure … and unlike the Nemesis trailer that had people laughing, this one silenced the crowd which talked through the first two trailers … a good sign.
People noticed.

233. istewart - March 6, 2009

Yeah, there’s definitely a riff on the Batman Begins theme in there. And did anybody else notice Kirk doing the “Engage!” finger-point? Subtle nod to TNG fans.

That said, I’m not yet sure that I’m going to enjoy Pine as young Kirk. Sure, he’s brash enough to take the captain’s chair, but does he have the resourcefulness and inherent authority that Shatner’s Kirk did? We can extrapolate that Kirk was a complete jerk when he was younger, but it’ll take some serious acting chops to get me to sympathize with that character for 2 1/2 hours. I’m also definitely not sold on Quinto as Spock; the lack of Nimoy’s deep gravel is very off-putting, and voice probably should’ve been their first priority when casting rather than looks. From what little we’ve seen, I think Urban’s McCoy is most likely to be the best performance in the film.

As I anticipated, the Enterprise looks substantially less like crap when in motion, and all the shots in this trailer are close-ups, rather than the wide shots that would betray the ham-fistedness of the overall design. Hopefully most of the shots in the film will be like that, to lend the ship a sense of grand scale.

The real risk here is that, instead of substituting technobabble for big ideas like Bermaga Trek did, Abrams and co. will substitute epic visuals for big ideas. That is a substantial improvement, but such an ethos could probably only prop up one or two big-budget features before we all get burned out on it. With any luck, sequels will draw on ideas from contemporary hard SF to expand audiences’ minds as well as wow them with stunning CGI. Alan Moore expresses these thoughts better than I can towards the middle of his interview with Wired here:

234. Paulaner - March 6, 2009

As for lame and cheesy lines (“yeah, we do”), well, see other Trek movies for some really depressing ones. This is Shakespeare compared to them!
In this new trailer I am impressed by Pike and by his approach to the young Jim Kirk. Very emotional.

235. Natalie - March 6, 2009


That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m ITCHING for May to get here

236. tribble farmer - March 6, 2009


Maybe I’ll be able to say something coherent once I stop hyperventilating.

237. Hawaiowa - March 6, 2009

This one might save the franchise, just like STII:WOK did. Has powerful emotional impact, that hopefully will translate to the screen during the entire movie. I don’t know what happened with STIV that made it so popular with non-Trekers, but it’s possible that this movie will have the same outreach. This sounds lame, but I would love to see a Trek movie that would put StarWars out to pasture. This one kinda has that vibe of the first SW movie, farmkid evolves into hero, has a mentor that pushes him, faces a all powerful opponent (lol, I hope Nero isn’t Kirks dad in the alternative universe). Should be fun, glad Abram’s convinced Paramt to load up the trailer with Watchmen

238. Spock Jenkins - March 6, 2009

All I can say is ( with happiness )…I had a tear in my eye….

239. Bob - March 6, 2009


240. Hawaiowa - March 6, 2009

FN: I’ll never forget the scene in STII where the Enterprise came up behind the Reliant, which brought one of the loudest bursts of cheering I ever heard in a movie theater on an opening day. I hope this movie delivers more than just the eyecandy…

241. Chris Pike - March 6, 2009

Eric Bana’s performance is the one to look forward to in this, could be his best ever?

Best trailer yet for the film, but a very different Trek for sure.

242. Nomad - March 6, 2009

I particularly like the chrome control lever at 01.35.

243. Admiral Waugh - March 6, 2009

I have been waiting for this all my life, or at least since 1991. I cannot wait.

244. ucdom - March 6, 2009


The effects look… well, beyond stunning, beautiful!

Musics sounds great too – I want to believe it’s from the movie. Anyone know? I do want to feel that music end with the Alexander Courage fanfare.

245. Pasty - March 6, 2009

Is there everytime a new trailer comes out a new version of Quick Time? I hate this!

246. intellichimp - March 6, 2009

Yammer #38 said it perfectly.

247. Chuck Foo - March 6, 2009

47 year old Trek fan here.

This trailer had me gasping and tears rolling down my face.

I remember seeing TOS when I was 5 years old.

This is awesome.

248. Devon - March 6, 2009

BTW, the new trailer is now playing at the official website as well Anthony (didn’t see it mentioned in your post yet.)

249. RAMA - March 6, 2009

Anyone see this?

250. Anthony Pascale - March 6, 2009


actually the article mentions the official site update twice in the text and the headline itself

251. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 6, 2009

This is definitely the best trailer for the new film. By far. I look forward to the shot-by-shot analysis.

252. Selor - March 6, 2009

Saw this yesterday before Watchmen… on the Big screen… man THAT were goosebumps… definitely EPIC! Can’t wait to see it!

253. Hawaiowa - March 6, 2009

Hmm, just noticed that in one frame, orbiting beam weapon is firing on what appears to be San Francisco, which would correspond with the first trailer showing StarFleet cadets watching a beam lash down into the bay

254. Devon - March 6, 2009

#250 – Okay, you are right. I didn’t see the Hyperlink above the first photo of Kirk. The way the rest of it read though is that the only update is just the music/wallpaper/dossiers, at least to me anyway.

255. Chris Mulrooney - March 6, 2009

Now seeing this trailor really upsets me for a couple of reasons.

I was surposed to be in that picture with all the cadets :( I was fitted with one of those uniforms November 07 when they started filming but for some dang Fraken reason someone lost my roommates and my Forms from Fitting. I was called then it rained and I was told I would be called when they films the scenes they had for me to be in. I am guessing from the Uniform I tried on it would have been like kirks in the above screen shot.

My Roommate and I were 3 and 4th in line at Hollywood OS where they casted extras call for Cooperate Casting the code name for the Star Trek Movie then.

256. Nomad - March 6, 2009

LEAKED INFO: The whole scene with Kirk taking command goes like this:
Pike and two replacement captains have been killed in the last ten minutes.
MCCOY: We’ve got no captain and no first officer to replace him.
KIRK: Yeah we do. look, there’s a dozen officers on this bridge. Dude with the beard. You look tough. you do it.
BEARD GUY: Ahhh, no – I don’t wanna do that. I have a red shirt. I wanna keep a low profile.
KIRK: Sulu, buddy, you’ve got a stripe on your shirt there.
SULU: I have to drive.
KIRK: Doctor?
MCCOY: I’m a doctor, not a…
KIRK: Yeah, yeah. You in the back, weird alien looking guy.
WEIRD ALIEN GUY: Breep, boop, brrrroop.
KIRK: I see. What about you , the girl in the –
GIRL: Red shirt?
KIRK: Oh yeah. Chekov?
CHEKOV: I’m twelve.
KIRK: Scotty?
SCOTTY: (Raising his hands) I’m not here.
KIRK: Oh man, there must be someone who’s like, at least been on a starship before today.
(Sulu glares at Kirk and thumbs towards the chair. You can see that in the trailer.)
KIRK: OK – I can take a hint. (sits down)
SCOTTY: It suits you. You might want to rethink the boots.

257. me - March 6, 2009

Is that Giacchino’s music or again taken from somewhere else?

258. ucdom - March 6, 2009

Anyone seen the parallel between 13-yr old Jimmy Kirk trying to avoid going over the edge of a cliff, and older JTK trying to avoid being dragged over the edge of the mining platform????

259. rumpcuz - March 6, 2009

The trailer rocks.

The logo: MEH!!!

260. karanadon - March 6, 2009

OH. WOW. I have no words left, just the tear tracks on my face and shivers running down my spine – just PHENOMENAL. I thought I was excited for this film before, but now I can’t even talk or think straight…

:D :D :D

261. rumpcuz - March 6, 2009

#256 – hilarious

262. Robert Wellsford-James - March 6, 2009

It doesn’t look or feel like Star Trek to me.

263. Nikos - March 6, 2009


I had doubts about this movie…Now they’re all gone

264. Dr_Grip - March 6, 2009

#179: This “if seats are sold…” s**t… Did it _ever_ occur to you that Star Trek (as in TOS), from day one, was designed to sell, well, not theater seats, but advertising space? It was, has always been, and will always be, a product of the entertainment industry, which first and foremost purpose is to generate revenue for Paramount. That we all care about it the way we do just shows that the best way to sell an entertainment product is to create a product good enough to establish and maintain a loyal fan base you can count on.

265. Ian B - March 6, 2009

There now seems to be little doubt that this is a Star Trek that’s made of AWESOME.

Except that strange chrome handle. What’s that all about? WIth all that white, is the bridge some kind of giant bathroom?

Whatever, this is Trek on the scale it’s always deserved. Story, please, please don’t suck.

266. Check the Circuit - March 6, 2009

Just came back from Watchmen. The trailer gave me chills! And a tear to my eye. A Star Trek movie at a Star Wars scale. Anyone out there have any doubts this will be a $300MM+ blockbuster? You know how many new fans are about to join our ranks? Make some room!

267. Robert Wellsford-James - March 6, 2009

#265 “Story, please, please don’t suck.”

Indeed. The Indiana Jones trailers all looked good as well and that had a story that sucked balls.

268. Nomad - March 6, 2009

265: Set phasers on “Jacuzzi!”

269. I am not Herbert - March 6, 2009


270. Phil 123 - March 6, 2009

Does anyone remember when one of the supreme court (or maybe someone else in the production) said that there was a conon reason why the nacelles were different??

is it just me or is the Enterprise missing it’s nacelles in those last battle shots at the end of the trailer?? maybe they were blown off their (quite thin) support struts in battle, and thats why they are now differnt.

maybe they are there, but take a close look, i can’t see them – and they are huge so don’t know how I’d miss them

271. Seany-Wan - March 6, 2009

OK, I admit it. When they say they have no captin, the look on Pine’s face remonded me of Shatner…and I teared up…

272. Shaun "Covered in Trailer-ry Good Goosebumps" Brown - March 6, 2009

The trailer is amazing, I have watched it about twenty times now and each time I get goosebumps…the moment when Kirk takes the Captains Chair gave me my first “Punch the air” moment in quite a long time…

…has anyone checked the official site yet? Being a massive Michael Giacchino fan I can almost instantly recognise his work, there is something about the way he writes music that just speaks to me, and I would take a very good guess and say that that is his work that now plays on the official site…have to say, when I woke up this morning (im in the UK) I was not expecting all of this goodness!

Now, I just wish May 8th would just hurry up and arrive!

273. Ian B - March 6, 2009


“I think this movie would work just fine within the original timeline and without those big changes…”

The problem is, the old timeline is full. It’s jam-packed with detail. We know everything worth knowing, and a heck of a lot not worth knowing, about that universe. Trying to jam more stories into it, particularly in the “past” won’t work. Nothing can be changed; we already know the future in pettiflogging detail.

One of the correspondents here, disagreeing with that, pointed to a novel in which grand and exciting things happen to the crew and the Enterprise is destroyed, but it in fact illustrated the problem, because the author then had to get the Enterprise rebuilt and the crew all back in place by the end of the story, so as to fit it into the known history. You’re stuck with endless reset buttons, which act to make the story “never happen” in any significant sense.

We know all about the TOS crews’ lives and careers. We know how Kirk dies. There’s simply no unknown unknowns left in the original universe. So it had reached the stage where it had to be put out to grass. Either by ending the franchise entirely, or this better option, which is a new timeline we can all explore together- most significantly with new fans who will be brought in.

274. Devon - March 6, 2009

262 – “It doesn’t look or feel like Star Trek to me.”

You are right, this actually looks good and a serious movie contender! I agree!

275. AJ - March 6, 2009


The very last battle shots look like the Kelvin.

276. TK - March 6, 2009

Wow. I was slightly sceptical about this movie, till now. This trailer, completely sold it to me. 2009 will be a year to rememeber! I’m getting emotional….

277. Selor - March 6, 2009

Jupp the last battle Scenes are from the Kelvin getting destroyed by Narada Torpedos (or whatever they are)

278. SebiMeyer - March 6, 2009

I have to admit I am torn. This looks like a kick as movie on an epic scale with awesome effects.

But I have always been partial to the more “cerebral” trek we’ve seen in the TV shows.

Maybe we can do this: awesome movies like this AND a new Trek TV show? :)

279. Jim - March 6, 2009

Then I saw this trailer,
Now I’m a believer,
Not a trace,
Of doubt in my mind.

Ok – three films. One for each of the big three. Makes sense to start with emphasis on Kirk. Next film is Spock-centric (following up on threads from the presumed destruction of Vulcan perhaps – who knows- I’m just engaged in wild speculation after all) with the capper of the trilogy honing in on McCoy.

280. Holger - March 6, 2009

Well, this is not bad at all.

281. SPARTACVS - March 6, 2009

“Also, the music was really really Batman Begins feeling… overall, the trailer just doesn’t feel like Trek.

It still feels generic to me.”

Generic? Are you kidding me? This trailer is a manifestation of the definitive dream I’ve had for a ‘Trek’ director to take, and Abrams has done it. Space does not exist on planes. In reality if two starships came face to face with each other, there would be about a 1-in-360 degrees chance that they were rotated identically like sea vessels floating in the black.

Every shot of the Enterprise in this trailer is spun wildly off axis from both it’s adversary, and the starfleet debris that surrounds it. For the first time, a Star Trek director has had the stones, and the visual effects budget to put the virtual camera IN the action. This goes for the physical cameras too, with panning-camera transporter reintegrations, and shaking in the face of Nero.

The directing and cinematography is simply jaw-dropping, and we’ve only seen 1.5% of the film. First Contact was a great movie, but never in a million years would Jonathan Frakes have been considered for a directing award. I think JJ Abrams has the prospect of being nominated for an oscar if the rest of the film matches up to the vision he proposes in the trailer.

282. Will_H - March 6, 2009

By far the best trailer yet, outclasses all of the others a ton. Sadly, I just saw it now, and I just got back from watchmen, no sign of it there, so that’s weak. What this new trailer leads me to think of the new movie is that it will bring in lots of new people, and that we’ll probably like it to, as an alternate time line movie. I think this makes it clear that it must be taken as that, not what leads up to the TOS we all know. This is a different Kirk, and as long as it makes that clear, I can live with it.

283. Steve - March 6, 2009

Mega awesome!
I liked the way Nero bellows “Fire everything!”- he must be one insane, evil meglomaniac….

Which I like!

284. Phil 123 - March 6, 2009

275. AJ – March 6, 2009

” 270:

The very last battle shots look like the Kelvin.”

Right you are. i got a bit overexcited. having now looked that the reg. number, you are right. cool battle anyway.

285. Captain Hackett - March 6, 2009

Whooooo! It is friggin’ exciting and awesome!

286. Geoffers - March 6, 2009

If people still bitch.. they should not frequent this site… it is “”.. not, “I am goning to not like it no”

I just watched that, and it brought tears to my eyes.. fantastic!

287. Paulaner - March 6, 2009

The music in the trailer is good but established, nothing impressive. The music in the official site… well… that is the touch of Giacchino, original, moving and inspired. The soundtrack is in good hands.
Waiting to hear the Alexander Courage theme…

288. rumpcuz - March 6, 2009

#281: interesting observation (re: axis) – never thought of that

289. captain_neill - March 6, 2009

the best trailer so far, with this one I don’t feel as concerned by the changes that Mr abrams has brought to Trek.

He better not go from cadet to captain, as this would be silly and go against the chain of command.

I liked the line James T Kirk was a great man but that was another life.

290. Commander K - March 6, 2009

Nero sounds like he’s from Alabama!

Alabama, Romulus..of course lol.


291. AJ - March 6, 2009

It looks as if Kirk is important to Nero for some reason, and that may prove to be why he volunteers to take command. Don’t forget, Spock Prime briefed him, and made a point of getting him back to Enterprise from Delta Vega

292. Ian B - March 6, 2009

By the way, are those missile things the new photon torpedoes?

293. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - March 6, 2009

It’s going to take me some time to get my jaw off the floor. Wow.

294. Scott - March 6, 2009

My wife graduates from graduate school the same day as the release. What do I do??

295. Paulaner - March 6, 2009

#283 “I liked the way Nero bellows “Fire everything!”- he must be one insane, evil meglomaniac….”

He seems more a desperate man to me. I might like this villain.

296. TonyD - March 6, 2009

The trailer looks fantastic with a suitably epic and sweeping scope to it (about time they did that for a Trek movie, TMP notwithstanding). Having said that, there are still a few of things I’m not sold on:

I still don’t like Pine’s “Rebel Without a Cause” phase as Kirk; I understand why they went that way (trying to appeal to a younger, non-Trek audience, etc.) but I find that approach so unoriginal, cliche and “been there, done that”. It may be different from the grim, stack of books with legs, but that doesn’t mean its better.

I’m not sold on Pine’s use of 20th Century colloquial English (“Why you talkin’ to me man?”, “Yeah, we do”). Again, I know they’re trying to be fresh and hip but I can’t associate that style of speech and grammar with James T. Kirk.

I don’t like Vulcan being apparently destroyed. If that was in fact Vulcan in the trailer and the “Supreme Court” are as steeped in Trek lore as they say they are, then I don’t understand the need for doing stuff like that. It smacks as VERY insensitive to old-time fans and another “stunt” (like killing off Kirk in Generations).

I know this is a new Trek for a new audience and I’m fine with that; but while the film looks great so far (and yes of course I’ll go watch it) some of these creative decisions just don’t strike me as particularly smart or improving upon the original.

Ultimately, I really wish Abrams & Co. would have just called this project a reboot and been done with it. A clean break from prior Treks would have probably been a better approach than trying to shoehorn something that looks and feels so different into established Trek history, as it would have probably averted just about all of these types of complaints and reservations.

297. anonTrek - March 6, 2009


funny, im 25 and i think the music is great for this trailer. though im a huge fan of symphonic music scores (past trek, starwars, etc). I’ve been cautiously optimistic about the film so far but after this trailer i feel its in the right hands. i just hope that they don’t change the character’s lives forever. hopefully by the end of the film they are the molds of the characters we know and love and only their “beginnings get changed so that the future of this past canon is different? (am i making any sense?)
as for the music there is one thing missing that better be in this film as its been in the past 2 trailers: the Alexander Courage theme.

298. AJ - March 6, 2009

There’s LOTS to glean off of a slow-mo view of this thing:

Lettering on the debris (LOWE?), a Starship Captain in a heretofore unseen uniform on a blackish Bridge blown out of his chair, what looks like massive destroyed primary hulls, and, as someone mentioned, a body in space.

Cant’ wait for the screen caps.

299. CanuckLou - March 6, 2009

Loved it!

The ‘chair’ moment – wow.

Star Trek Lives!

….and the adventures continue……..

300. Antni - March 6, 2009


I was speechless watching this trailer its amazing i had to watch it 8 times before i could speak.

All my friends absolutley hate Star Trek and i just showed them the trailer after i finished gawping at it and they actually said its looks class and they’ll go see it, if its converted them them i think its going to do very well this film lol

301. n9n3 - March 6, 2009

Not sure if it matters, but the shot while Sarek says “the question is..” of the Enterprise saucer traveling towards the Narada, I just realized that is the bridge. In the leaked versions last night I thought it was the underbelly of the saucer, and wondered why the registry was facing the way it was, but then I realized it was the bridge. Just obsessing over an awesome trailer!

I haven’t been this excited for a Trek movie since I was little and First Contact came out. This is going to be a long two months, filled with lots of repeat viewings of this trailer!

302. AqAZAr - March 6, 2009

I really like the planet-destruction shot. Might be just me, but I find it gives a nice parallel to tWoK’s planet-creation shot in it’s respective trailer.

303. Conard - March 6, 2009

great trailer. I didn’t find the music score that beautiful, but I don’t know if it will be the actual one. it’s fine but it sounds a little generic-epic music. I hope there will be a new star trek theme. I geatly loved the wark of james horner for Star Trek II

304. James - March 6, 2009


305. asdsfsd - March 6, 2009

–> WOW <—

The soundtrack is godly.

306. Nate - March 6, 2009

In the graduation scene, a bunch of people are wearing different uniforms that look a lot like MACO outfits. I wonder if they are MACOs (much as Ananpolis graduates both Navy and Marine officers) or faculty.

307. chris LaRoche - March 6, 2009

Blown away

308. Schultz - March 6, 2009

The trailer policy of Abrams & Co. is most intriguing. The first teaser and then the two trailers all feel totally different. Each one of them transports a distinctive emotion, and while I thought the first long trailer to be the most overwhelming—mostly due to speed and melodrama—, the current one actually gives me that warm fuzzy Star Trek feeling. ;) The shots at the end of the crew smiling are priceless! And Nero is simply great. His “that was another life”-line is bone-chilling.

309. Devon - March 6, 2009

294 – “My wife graduates from graduate school the same day as the release. What do I do??”

Easy! See if they will postpone the graduation date! ;)

310. Ian B - March 6, 2009

Nero indeed looks to be an epic villain. A kind of anti-Shinzon, whoever the hell he was.

311. John N - March 6, 2009

Just wow….

312. Jeffery Wright - March 6, 2009

wait a min… a trailer for an upcoming movie that makes it look like its worth buying a ticket for?

no way!

actually, it appears as though this movie is going kick some serious asteroids.

ummmm… first?

313. Bono Luthor - March 6, 2009

No Shatner in the trailer?

314. EM - March 6, 2009

This movie is gonna rock!!!

315. SebiMeyer - March 6, 2009


To be fair, the reason the ships would float in front of each other was more a thing of decorum than mere physics. In ST 6 we even see the Klingon flagship come come about to face the Enterprise.

But yes, the ST battles have always been somewhat 2D as far as maneuvers are concerned. Would be nice to see a bit more spacial action, pun intended.

316. Agent69 - March 6, 2009

I hope that is Giacchino’s score. It sounds brilliant.

317. Jay El Jay - March 6, 2009


318. Don Farnsworth - March 6, 2009

All you guys who don’t think this feels like Star Trek save your money and go download some star trek phase2 off the internet. You three should then feel right at home.

This is the movie Trek deserves.

319. Roland - March 6, 2009

This might be a small thing to some people,but me being a fan for a long time and seeing Kirk take the chair take the chair made me cry…you hear me cry and if you knew me…(I don’t cry) for anything! So JJ if this is what you have done with my Star Trek….you have a new fan for life.

320. Jan - March 6, 2009

wow, this is the best of the 3

321. Spock - March 6, 2009

Captain AD Jonathan Archer is in the movie…

322. DJ Neelix - March 6, 2009

Don’t really like it, it’s just too much for me. We’ve seen it all before and as a previous poster wrote, it’s too generic. This doesn’t feel Star Trek.
I still have good hopes for the film iself though.

323. James Cawley - March 6, 2009

55. DGill – March 5, 2009


Let’s just say I’m glad Chris Pine is playing Kirk instead of James Cawley!

Is this kind of comment really necessary? I am a person and a fan. You do realize this don’t you?

324. New Horizon - March 6, 2009

16. Brad – March 5, 2009 –

As much as I love TOS Brad, I hope that doesn’t happen. If they’re going to do this movie…they have to commit to it. No more back tracking and erasing like modern Trek has done so often. No reset buttons.

Well, I’m 33 and the trailer did give me chills. The size and scope of it were awe inspiring. Remembering what 23 was like, it’s both a combination of your age…and the age we live in. A lot of folks just can’t be impressed by anything anymore, there’s no ounce of wonder left in our souls. Thankfully for me, everything clicked back on around the age of 25.

325. Denise de Arman - March 6, 2009

Missing lines from the Kirk Takes the Center Chair scene:

McCOY: Now we have no Captain and no First Officer to replace him.

SCOTTY: Does anyone have any green stuff?

KIRK: Yeah we do.

Pine takes center seat and pulls bottle of green stuff out of the armrest.

UHURA: I hope you know what you are doing.

KIRK: (looks at bottle: camera zooms in on label which reads Peppermint Schnapps, exp. date 2009) So do I (takes long swig).

Spock enters bridge from tubolift, stalks to center seat and confronts Kirk

SPOCK: I have decided I will not allow you to lecture me.

KIRK: (standing and holding out bottle to Spock, showing expiration label) Are you afraid or aren’t you?

Spock takes bottle and, unblinking, downs large draught of dangerously old green stuff. Uhura cries out, hurries to Spock’s side and hugs him while Spock awkwardly hugs back, at the same time passing the bottle to Scotty.

SCOTTY: (taking large swig from bottle) I like this ship. It’s exciting!

326. Daniel - March 6, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen…. NERO has ears!!! Go frame by frame on his shots and you will see!

327. Seany-Wan - March 6, 2009

I cried too when Kirk took the cahir…there is your new iconic shot….

328. jas_montreal - March 6, 2009

download the movie from this direct link in 1080p everyone !

329. STfanboy - March 6, 2009

No Andorian cadets in that shot!
none i can see. Epic Fail! joke! This looks awsome, epic even.

330. Romy - March 6, 2009

OK, let’s take an imaginary scenario involving the TOS ‘Enterprise’ crew –
Kirk and Spock have been taken out of the picture – perhaps they are lying unconscious in sickbay.

Do the bridge crew:
a) run round wringing their hands and crying “Ooh, help! we haven’t got a Captain or a First officer!”
b) allow a cocky cadet to jump into the command chair or
c) start taking orders from (say) Lieutenant Commander Scott, or whoever happens to be the senior officer on the bridge at that time?

If anyone thinks the answer is (a) and/or (b), you should enjoy this movie.
Anyone with an ounce of knowledge of how the chain of command works will be covering their eyes.

331. Robert H. - March 6, 2009

Those angles almost made it look like it was the Enterprise being destroyed and not the Kelvin. But either way, it looks better and better.

332. thorsten - March 6, 2009


James, all I can say is that Devan Gill was so stunned by the sight of Vulcan being eaten from a black hole that he lost his good taste for a second.
Good to know that you ARE in the movie.

333. Z - March 6, 2009

THE BEST BY FAR! =D saw Watchmen and didn’t like it that much, but the trailer was worth it! =D

334. asdsfsd - March 6, 2009

Paramount is the best. I am so glad to see they put the money needed to make a good (or what appears to be ‘Great’) Star Trek movie.

This new trailer is revealing good cast chemistry and skilled acting.

335. Clinton - March 6, 2009

Yes! Nice to see that there is a call back later in the movie that ties in with young Kirk’s desperate crawl back from a fatal fall.

336. Will J - March 6, 2009

I read through most of the posts – anyone else see Watchmen and NOT see the trailer? I live in NY and was very pumped to see it on the big screen at midnight…but they did not show it.

337. Mel - March 6, 2009

In the UK Trailer at 1:25 what is Uhura and Kirk saying?

338. spock - March 6, 2009

The scene with McCoy and Kirk looking out at the Enterprise sort of reminds me of the scene with Scotty and Kirk on the inspection tour of the Enterprise in TMP and Kirk’s reaction at seeing the new Enterprise.

339. ensign joe - March 6, 2009

Dag yo.. that was about out-friggin-standing right there..

340. Vulcan927 - March 6, 2009

AWESOME!! So much more excited to see it now then ever.

341. Todd - March 6, 2009

HOLY CRAP!!!! That just gave me the chills all over. Can’t wait for May!!

342. Selor - March 6, 2009

@337 Uhura says: “I hope you know what you’re doing” and Kirk replies “So do I”

But… Kirk don’t say “Yeah, we do” but it sounds more like “Hell, we do!” as a reply to McCoy it makes more sense to me…

343. Nomad - March 6, 2009

325: :-)

344. Jay El Jay - March 6, 2009

Just a thought about this whole Kirk becoming Captain thing… In TWOK the Enterprise is filled with Cadets, and surely if Kirk is a Cadet, so are the others (with the exception of Scotty) but Scotty doesnt appear to be on the Bridge in the Trailer, [he’s probably the most experienced man on the ship and is needed in engineering more than the bridge???] (tell me if im wrong)

With that considered, consider the DS9 episode with the Valiant?? which is run by red-squad… If Kirk is in Starfleet as a ‘Command division’ cadet, then wouldnt he be the logically trained choice for command???

My theory is that Starfleet is spread pretty thin, the majority of the fleet are fighting Nero and so the newly retro/re-fitted Enterprise is sent out after recieving a distress call from Vulcan with only cadets with the exception of Pike and Spock and maybe Scotty (it isnt confirmed that they’ve picked him up from the ice planet yet)…. Pike and Spock arnt on the Ship at the time Kirk assumes command so the Cadets look to Kirk, a brash, cocky but natural leader, who is being trained on command and has demonstrated his skill with the KM test to take command??

Just a thought, would explain alot…

345. Mike - March 6, 2009

The only other trailer that even comes close to matching this in scope is the Star Trek VI teaser….

346. Kirk's Girdle - March 6, 2009

I’m definitely going to see this in IMAX.

I watched it twice and didn’t even see the George Kirk in the command chair image, it looks as though he is kneeling on it – very strange position to be in.

So James Cawley, if we scan those Enterprise bridge shots, will we see ya on there?

347. Chris Basken - March 6, 2009

Has it occurred to anyone that some of these shots of Kirk on the bridge might be from his Kobyashi Maru test?

They might be jerking us around a bit in these trailers…

348. RoobyDoo - March 6, 2009

“The best space adventure of the past 30 years!” Something make me think we’ll see this blurb when the reviews hit in 2 months.

349. Jay El Jay - March 6, 2009

Just to add to my above thread…

They [the crew] are all together at the academy with Kirk, all in the same uniforms, with Spock telling them that “They will experience fear” Kind of like when Kirk gives his mini-speach in TWOK telling the cadets that “they may have to grow up abit faster” – It does appear that Pike and Spock have had no choice but to respond to this distress call with a Ship full of Cadets. Even if Spock is on the Bridge when Kirk takes command, he has obviously allowed his emotions to compromise his command, with Pike dead or MIA and Spock out of control Kirk takes the chair….

350. Kirk's Girdle - March 6, 2009

And in that iconic scene of Kirk taking the chair, those barcode scanners are massive front and center. Hehe.

351. Holger - March 6, 2009

Hey, maybe this Narada death ray thingy is the same weapon that destroyed Romulus and Nero somehow got hold of it?
And the imploding planet may just as well be Romulus (from the beginning of the movie-maybe a flashback), not Vulcan.

Just wildly speculating, of course.

352. Captain Charbles - March 6, 2009

I gotta’ say, that looks amazing. Just have to wait till May. Damnit all!

353. Mike - March 6, 2009

For those who are having trouble with these files, I uploaded the trailer in Xvid format to

354. Weerd1 - March 6, 2009

344- good theory, and frankly that’s the one thing really still sticking in my craw with what I think I know about the story. Four hundred and twenty eight people to choose from, and only the cadet who is not officially assigned can take command? As I understand it, Scotty should be on board by then, and he should at LEAST be a Lieutenant if not the Lieutenant Commander from TOS. Even if the whole crew are cadets, why isn’t he in command? Hopefully in the context of a full movie it will make more sense. I know Starfleet isn’t always the most military of organizations, but chain of command is chain of command. Mr. Orci? Are you out there? Can you shed some light on the subject without violating vows of non-spoilerage?

Otherwise, as much as I enjoyed this trailer head and shoulders above the others, it is still two minutes of footage edited to make the movie look a particular way. Though this trailer portrays th new film much more like what I want, judgment must be reserved until May (unless someone can get me an early viewing!).

BTW- I’ll take James Cawley as Kirk any day, and I won’t call his ship a great lumbering moose (or cow).

355. Mike - March 6, 2009 I should say. Extra period was added…

356. Scotlands Answer - March 6, 2009


357. Kirk's Girdle - March 6, 2009

I’m hoping they put this trailer on my cable’s On Demand movie trailer channel

358. Jay El Jay - March 6, 2009

354- Glad you approve, I have just scanned the trailer and Scotty is actually on the Bridge when Kirk sits down (he’s on the right behind another cadet) Wouldnt Scotty, instead of assuming command, want to be in Engineering anyway??? I know chain of command is chain of command but maybe Scotty didnt feel comfortable taking that step (after being out of the loop on that ice planet) and remember Kirk and Scotty both speak with Spock-Prime, so Scotty knows that Kirk must assume command… the other just trust Kirk as a natural leader and charismatic man??

Just spit balling (think thats what you yanks say??)

359. Nick Cook - March 6, 2009

Fricking awesome trailer!

360. opcode - March 6, 2009

I am starting to see all the parallels between this new ST movie and the original Star Wars. Both movies open with a battle. A giant ship against a small ship. In SW the droids escape. In this movie young Kirk escapes. Luke and young Kirk live in a farm. Both will find a mentor and both will answer for the call of adventure offered by their respective mentors. There is a key bar/cantina scene in both movies. The mentor dies in SW and probably in the new ST too. The villain can destroy planets and a planet is actually destroyed (Alderan/Vulcan). I suppose the movie ends with Nero trying to destroy Earth (or Yavin in SW).
My question is: does that mean that in the next movie we will find that Nero is actually Kirk’s father? :)
But seriously, the idea of the new ST being a SW rip-off bothers me…

361. Jay El Jay - March 6, 2009

(Scotty is actually behind Sulu on the Bridge scene)

362. Captain Otter - March 6, 2009

In the words of The Tick, “Spooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!”

May 8 can’t get here soon enough.

363. Jorg Sacul - March 6, 2009

SWEET BABY ELVIS!!! Now THAT is what I call a movie trailer!!

As much as I believe in living in the moment, HURRY UP MAY!!

364. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#179—“It’s not billed as hopping planet to planet and exploring.”

Nor has any previous Star Trek film. The series and films have always been different from one another. There are no “planet of the week” Star Trek movies.

365. Titan2010 - March 6, 2009

OMG! I can’t stop crying.. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

366. Viking - March 6, 2009

Aw, man, I am so charged up to see this thing.

367. ObiWanCon - March 6, 2009


Please be in front of Watchmen tomorrow at my cinema, PLEASE.

368. 750 Mang - March 6, 2009

“James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life.”

I think I’m coming around.


369. New Horizon - March 6, 2009

169. Odkin – March 5, 2009
Although the “yeah, we do” line was lamely written (sorry Bob – where’s the drama?) it should’ve been performed like it was the most important line of the movie and the turning point of Kirk’s life. Instead…. meh.

We don’t know how the scene looks yet, nor do we know what the most important line in the movie is.

Don’t go looking for a replica of TOS in this movie…it’s a new interpretation of the characters. I really like what I see so far.

370. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#294—“My wife graduates from graduate school the same day as the release. What do I do??”

Attend your wife’s graduation, take her to dinner and celebrate, as for the rest of the evening—use your imagination…then go see the film the next day. You’ve waited this long. What’s another day?

371. Robert Saint John - March 6, 2009

See? SEE??!?!?! I told you guys it was a thing a beauty!! I told you it was EPIC!!! Now you really have to go see it on a BIG SCREEN this weekend!!

372. bmar - March 6, 2009

Unless I’ve missed it…I’m surprised no one has commented on the parallel situation with Kirk and his father.

“Your father was Captain of a starship for twelve minutes and saved 800 lives…”

This obviously doesn’t mean that George Kirk was a new captain and his command only lasted 12 minutes…it means that he (George) was forced into a situation in which he has to take command under emergency circumstances…facing imminent death.

“We don’t have a captain or a first officer…”

“Yeah we do…”

Is a direct callback of the moment foreshadowed earlier in the film, when, with no Captain, Kirk is called to live up to his father’s legacy. Thus, Pike’s
“I challenge you to do better…” is finally paid off when Kirk takes command under emergency circumstances, perhaps even facing imminent death.

373. Barking Alien - March 6, 2009

Awesome! Great music, solid action, nice touches like the Academy scene and the bar…very cool.

I love everything! OK, almost everything. Still think the new Constitution is not to my taste and the UFP logo – I was hoping for something original.

After it was introduced in Undiscovered Country, art teams and production people seem to think it was always there. Remember the three larger stars on it? Doesn’t one of them represent the Federation’s alliance with the Klingons?


374. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

I haven’t seen the trailer yet. I’m savoring the moment and wondering if I should go see Watchmen tonight just for that. I don’t even really know anything about Watchmen, but I definitely want to see this trailer on the big screen for the first time.

I’ve said this before, but I haven’t been this excited about Star Trek since standing in line outside the theater in 1982. I feel like a kid again.

375. Spanish Brock - March 6, 2009


I totally agree – that’s a Michael G. score on the official website. That has to be one of the themes from the new movie!!! Sounds great — why isn’t it getting more attention? It’s almost as big news as the new trailer.

I’m so excited for this movie I’m going into the mountains to freeze myself. Butters will need to come thaw me out on May 7th!!!!

376. Weerd1 - March 6, 2009

355- thanks Mike!
358- Plausible, we shall see.

Is Uhura hugging Spock to console him on the loss of Vulcan?

377. 250harris - March 6, 2009

WAIT A Minute….”we’ve received a distress call”. A boat load of cadets and a young Kirk. Could this entire movie be the Kobayashi Maru exercise for Kirk?

378. 250harris - March 6, 2009

Also, Kirk sliding off that platform looks like young Kirk sliding off the cliff after jumping out of the Vette…

379. Khan777 - March 6, 2009

After I watch this movie I’m going home and watch Star Trek TMP. I think I will appreciate it in a new way.

380. ucdom - March 6, 2009


I said that way back on post 258

381. Denise de Arman - March 6, 2009

250harris#377- Interesting theory, except for the sequence where Kirk, Sulu and expendable redshirt parachute down onto Nero’s destruction apparatus.

And does anyone else notice Spock’s absence when Kirk takes his place in the center seat? Has Spock been banned from the bridge, perhaps, after his fisticuffs with Kirk?

382. Weerd1 - March 6, 2009

377- if in the last scene, the bridge opens up and William Shatner steps out of the spotlights, I am going to wet myself.

383. RenderedToast - March 6, 2009

… I’m not convinced. I’ve been for this movie for a long time now, but this trailer didn’t sit so well. A lot of it was very good, don’t get me wrong. The guy playing Pike is superb – the emotion he manages to convey in that one line “your father was a starship captain for 12 minutes” is stunning, but the editing really ruins it – “I dare you to do better” than a man who saved 800 lives in the face of enormous odds? Pretty disrespectful. I hope he doesn’t actually say it like that in the film, and I’m sure he doesn’t.

Other than that, it’s pretty obvious now that Orci and co. have been lying from day one saying that this is all in canon. Pike dies and Kirk replaces him, it’s made pretty obvious in this trailer (I’ve avoided almost all story spoilers up to now, so I’m not giving anything away from previous knowledge.. but it’s pretty clear). So that pretty much cuts out TOS from continuity. Also, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense that Spock wouldn’t take command, being that it looks like he’s teaching Kirk at the Academy.

I don’t know… maybe I’m reacting too early. Still very much looking forward to it and at this point I really don’t care if canon is thrown out the window in favour of just rebooting the franchise whilst having respect for the ideas that TOS represented. Just a shame they felt they had to coddle us up to now.

384. Locke for President - March 6, 2009

Sorry I didn’t read all of the above comments, and I might be repeating what someone else wrote. But the music at the official site sounds Lost-ish, which is also composed by Michael Giacchino. I have no doubt that this is music from the new movie.

If I had to guess, I’d say the music in the new trailer is not from the movie.

385. ensign joe - March 6, 2009

#294, 370

I concur.

386. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 6, 2009

#374 “I haven’t seen the trailer yet. I’m savoring the moment and wondering if I should go see Watchmen tonight just for that. I don’t even really know anything about Watchmen, but I definitely want to see this trailer on the big screen for the first time.”

I figured you hadn’t seen the trailer, and were asking yourself that very question. I say go to the movies! If you think Watchmen stinks, walk out mid-way through and sneak into something else. :-) As for me, I’ll be seeing the trailer tonight at 7pm with a packed movie house! Can’t wait!

“I’ve said this before, but I haven’t been this excited about Star Trek since standing in line outside the theater in 1982. I feel like a kid again.”

I can relate. I think a lot of us can. This is definitelty the most excited I’ve been for Trek since 1991.

387. BouncyCaitian - March 6, 2009

Well well, Unless I miss my guess, they have acknowledged The Reboot.

Ooh-Rah! Let’s see where this takes us :)

388. 250harris - March 6, 2009

#381 can you say holodeck?

wow I’m liking this theory more and more….

389. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 6, 2009


I haven’t posted on here before but I check in often for news regarding the new film. After viewing this trailer, I decided to take the plunge and chime in.

I cut my teeth and grew up on Star Trek. James Kirk was one of my early leadership heroes; he still is.

I have been watching from the sidelines this debate between some who can bare no or few changes to ship, crew, etc., and those who aren’t bothered by such changes (I am in this camp).

I am one of the hardcore fans. I am among those who have watched and loved Star Trek as far back as 1966, and I still watch it today (especially with the new remastered versions). I loved Star Trek; I loved Star Trek: TNG. While Deep Space Nine and Voyager did not particularly excite me, Enterprise was my third favorite ST series.

I only said all that to say that I absolutely cannot wait for this new movie.

When I watched this trailer, my eyes welled up.

I know that sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. I can’t believe a freakin’ trailer would move me that much, but I guess I am not ashamed to admit it.

JJ Abrams, Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman: I wish you all the very best with this movie. Thank you for bringing back my beloved childhood (and adulthood) heroes in what appears to be such an incredible manner.

I just cannot tell you how excited I am about this movie coming out. For pete’s sake – I am in my 40s and am a professional! I can’t believe I could still get so excited about a dang movie, but guys, this trailer really upped the excitement level.

I am still picking my jaw up off the floor.

“Mr Sulu – you may indulge yourself….”

390. Bronto Dan - March 6, 2009

74: “I also suggest you don’t watch it online first. Like the film itself, it should be seen on the big screen first.”

lol you really think anybody can come here, read the article (with the great title) all the post… and still wait to go see it on the big screen!!! We are talking about trek fans here :P lol

I know I couldn’t wait and like many posters, my jaw droped to the floor… great trailer, great music and the script looks epic…

thumbs up to all who worked on this film!!

391. McCoy - March 6, 2009

It also doesn’t really make sense that someone else wouldn’t take command before Kirk. There is a rank on board the ship. Just because Pike and Spock are gone doesn’t mean Kirk is the only one qualified. Who’s next in line? Whoever it is, it’s not a cadet.

Of course, this “Kirk taking over” area of the film could be kobayashi maru.

392. Devon - March 6, 2009

^^ Pike made Kirk Spock’s first officer. Spock was gone.. so Kirk is now the acting Captain.

393. Chris H - March 6, 2009

#272: The Giacchino music sounds great – and very echoey of Horner’s beautiful strings in TWOK and TUC – and builds up (and is then cut) to what I think must be coming next: the original TOS chords.

394. Devon - March 6, 2009

383 – “Other than that, it’s pretty obvious now that Orci and co. have been lying from day one saying that this is all in canon. ”

They haven’t lied one bit about respecting canon. It respects canon by allowing these changes to be from an alternate timeline, therefore not altering the original canon and respecting it. It is a loophole. No lies.

395. Devon - March 6, 2009

383 – “Also, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense that Spock wouldn’t take command,”

See my post at 392.

396. Alexander - March 6, 2009

#373 The three stars on the Federation emblem represents (I believe ) the three founding members of the UFP: Earth, Vulcan and Andoria.

397. Star Trackie - March 6, 2009

Wowza! Looks like the fun and adventure of TOS Trek has returned BIG time! Quinto’s Spock is still the wild card for me, his voice jsut doesn’t carry the authority of Nimoy’s. But it IS a very young Spock and I have yet to see his entire performance…or even one scene to be honest…so I’ll cut him some slack…he looks great! lol

Can’t wait to belly up to the 50′ screen tonight and witness the trailer again in wide-screen, Trek-O-rama glory!

398. Denile ain't just a river in Egypt - March 6, 2009

This trailer rocks!
I don’t want to age any faster than my current rate, but I can’t wait for May…

399. EFFeX - March 6, 2009



400. Jefferies Tuber - March 6, 2009

1:53 The Kelvin crew uses the Delta shield logo. As Kirk’s dad is launched from his chair, you can see an embroidered Enterprise mission patch. That’s doesn’t quite make sense in continuity.

401. BringBackTrek - March 6, 2009

Cadet to Captain? This really bothers me as well.


Suppose – when PineKirk meets NimoySpock, NimoySpock melds with PineKirk and is able to confer upon him some of the leadership qualities and experience of ShatnerKirk. Hmmmm.


402. 250harris - March 6, 2009

Young Pine/Kirk just can’t take command of the Enterprise. I notice Sulu (a lieutenant) is on the bridge when he does. If this is how they portray Kirk’s coming to command the E, I’ll be disappointed, because I know how the military chain of command works. On the other hand the youngsters out there won’t bat an eye lash, because they have no clue

403. Victor Hugo - March 6, 2009

Loved to see the ENTERPRISE looking HUGE as it should be.

No tiny little Voyager like model. But Motion Picture big.

..and firing at the little ships as if they were Tie-Fighters…amazing, another proof that the Empire stands no chance against a Federation Ship.

Fenomenal, espetacular, maravilhoso!

404. Trek Nerd Central - March 6, 2009

Wow. Chills down my spine. Wow.

405. Glenn - March 6, 2009

Looks great. I’ve been tepid about this movie for a while, but now count me as officially pumped. Maybe it’s not the level of Speed Racer insanity it has looked to be so far.

406. The Quickening - March 6, 2009


Glad you pointed that out, ’cause it sounded that way to me as well. As a matter of fact, the voice delivery of Quinto, Saldana, Bana, and Urban sound really “off”. Bana sounds more “country” than Urban; isn’t McCoy suppose to sound like a country doctor? I wonder if the producers were so interested in the “look” of the actors, they forgot about their voices, or maybe even their acting ability. Then again, it could be the lines written for them, or Abrams lack of talent in the directors chair.

407. Commander K - March 6, 2009

I think some people are basing things on assumptions

1st ASSUMPTION: Romulus is destroyed.
Wasn’t confirmed what planet it was in Countdown#2 despite Nero giving the impression he lost his wife (who was earlier presumably on Romulus).

2nd ASSUMPTION: Vulcan gets destroyed
Can someone explain how you can assume that’s the planet that gets wiped out after watching a planet blowing up in a trailer?

3rd ASSUMPTION: Elder Spock dies crashing his ship into the Narada
This is based on the supposed destruction of the timeship as seen in the movie trailer. I’ve seen quite a few discussions on this already..once again..not confirmed!

Why do people always see the ‘worst case scenarios’ like these and begin taking them as fact, then start slating the movie for doing them?

408. BaltarStar Galactica - March 6, 2009

That might be the best Star Trek trailer I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see this film.

409. thorsten - March 6, 2009


Sure, Denise. Check out Kirks boots, they are extra warm and huge.
That is after Kirk returned from Delta Vega.
Spock is banned from the bridge and confined to his quarters.

410. Phil - March 6, 2009


411. Montreal Paul - March 6, 2009

did you guys see the alien crew member in the shot where Kirk takes the chair? He’s standing behing Kirks left shoulder in the background.

412. P Technobabble - March 6, 2009

I’ve rewatched this trailer a dozen times now, and it’s pretty damned amazing. I cannot imagine ANYONE denying that this is a killer trailer. If I had no clue what Star Trek was, I would be impressed enough to want to see this film. If this trailer wasn’t Star Trek, if it was just an unknown commodity — the way Star Wars, and Indiana Jones were unknown commodities when they arrived on the scene — I would be impressed enough to want to see this film. This trailer certainly does offer something about character and a powerful theme.
The revitalization of Star Trek is happening before our eyes. Thank you JJ & Co.

413. harley3k - March 6, 2009

Holy sh!t captain!

414. Spanish Brock - March 6, 2009


I don’t think that’s a very fair comment. Age has very little to do with whether someone has experience with a formal chain of command structure. The median age of the military is in the 20s (exact age varies based on sources). Young or old have just as much chance of understanding the CoC and respecting its nature.

I also think many of the comments assume that Starfleet follows a traditional chain of command and promotion progression which it clearly does not. Star Trek has often followed its own logic as far as ranks, command, and promotion. For example, there weren’t enlisted ranks in Starfleet until they were “invented” for TNG/DS9. And you wouldn’t find a modern commander holding a command of a ship for 20 straight years.

Star Trek’s space explorers require a different model of leadership. Their model may allow persons of extreme talent or leadership ability to assume the mantel of command under the right circumstances.

In the end, Cadet-to-Command may not work if the story arc of this movie doesn’t support it. But there is nothing inherently suspect about it.

415. sean - March 6, 2009



416. Mike - March 6, 2009

Has there been any word if the music in the trailer will actually be in the movie or just for this?

417. Montreal Paul - March 6, 2009

169. Odkin – March 5, 2009
“Although the “yeah, we do” line was lamely written (sorry Bob – where’s the drama?) it should’ve been performed like it was the most important line of the movie and the turning point of Kirk’s life. Instead…. meh.”

I couldn’t agree with you less. That line was powerful. It gave me goosebumps as he said that and took the chair. It was definitely a “wow” moment.

418. OneBuckFilms - March 6, 2009

344 – I don’t think you’re that far off the mark.

I suspect that when they go on board the Enterprise, they’ve all graduated, and they are all well trained in their jobs.

Kirk, due to Kobayashi Maru, is under review, and has not yet graduated (hence the Black top).

The Enterprise is under command of Pike and Spock, with a new crew assigned in an emergency. (The Distress Call).

Scotty is picked up from the Ice planet later, since that is where Kirk meets him.

419. Montreal Paul - March 6, 2009

415. sean

first.. take your caps lock off. All caps is annoying to everyone.

second… I really do hope you are joking in that post.

420. Devon - March 6, 2009

#406 – You are grasping.

421. Kirokwannabe - March 6, 2009

389. James Kirk’s Unknown Son – March 6, 2009

I’m just like you, in my ’40’s, young kids, and a huge TOS fan since the re-runs in the ’70’s.

And this trailer did bring tears to my eyes. Wow.

422. Robert Saint John - March 6, 2009

I **REALLY** want to know if the music in this trailer is from Michael Giacchino’s score! It’s an amazing piece of music. I’ve enjoyed Giacchino’s work in LOST and really loved his Toho-tribute in CLOVERFIELD. And if the music in this trailer is any indication, his score could rival Shore’s LOTR works. OTOH, it could just be another piece of stock music from a library or another film. I hope not!

Must. Watch. Again.

423. karanadon - March 6, 2009

Mind you, isn’t there a little inconsistency in the phrase “I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life” when infact he’s ony just gone bad post-Countdown #2? Just a thought… :-S but GOD I love the trailer, and can’t wait!!

424. Hallbjorn - March 6, 2009


I was emotional over the trailer, and that’s a first. This will be the best Trek movie ever, it will surpass Kahn, Voyage Home, Undiscoverd Country, First Contact & Nemesis.

Why can’t it be May already !?!?!

425. Raphael Salgado - March 6, 2009

FIRST!!! hahaha, just kidding.

I am still stunned how incredible this trailer is, and how incredible this movie will be when it finally splashes on the big screen. It really blew away all my current expectations of the movie. The music was so compelling and emotional, and with only the few minutes we’ve seen from all the trailers and teasers, it really has all the markings of an incredible story, fantastic actors, and an all-out stellar production.

JJ and crew, thank you for an incredible birthday present. :)

426. Izbot - March 6, 2009

LOVE the music! Immediately reminds me of Vangelis’ end credits music for Blade Runner — one of my favorite pieces of film music ever. I see myself owning this soundtrack.

427. Chadwick - March 6, 2009

This trailer is epic. The last trailer was action packed go go go, explosions, (not that this isnt) but the music makes it. You cant ignore the music in the new trailer.

I am not going to psychoanalyze the actors or the characters, (why did they do this why did they do that,) I dont care this is an epic Star Trek movie and I just want to see it.

@414 no doubt, there were 18 year olds manning the guns on the Enterprise during WWII.

428. Marian Ciobanu - March 6, 2009

– Absolutely perfect…!!!

429. Spockish - March 6, 2009

So they finally got a editor/composer/producer/director that can do a good if not great job in creation of a movie trailer of classic/great value. First looked at trailer#3 last night but my back ground Torrents were slowing down my T1 connection to much. So I had to wait for my 6am to 6pm Torrent free time.

Wanted to see the movie since I first herd rumors of it some almost 2 years ago. Now I want to see it even more. I see it will build more of my knowledge of Kirk’s younger years, and of Mr. Spock and everyone else also. They may not be the same people as whom I saw back in 1968-69 but that is only because of this one dimensional thing called Time.

But who knows in 20 years Vactors of the Shat and Nimoy may replace the actors used today. By then movies may become more of the story line that who plays what.

Now to start saving to upgrade my video system for a Blue-Ray 3D version of Trek2009.

430. Michael - March 6, 2009

The UK trailer kicks major ass! I cna’t view Apple version w/ restrictiions on quicktime @ work, but will watch once home!

431. AJ - March 6, 2009


Commander K:

AP writes re: Nero in the novelization thread: “He has taken the destruction of his home planet Romulus personally” as an interpretation of the back cover blurb, which in itself leaves little room for doubt.

Also the “hug” scene is speculated by some to be Uhura consoling Spock over the loss of his home planet.

Speculation is part of the fun.

432. I'm dead Jim - March 6, 2009

JJ, are you going to be home this weekend so I can come over and watch your Star Trek movie? I just can’t wait any longer. I’ll check with Bob if I don’t hear back from you.

433. johnny - March 6, 2009

holy shit, you guys are never going to believe what i just saw…………..the trailer for a kick ass star trek

434. Tarkov2008 - March 6, 2009

I don’t know why I don’t get the same “thrill” as when I saw the trailer for Trek VI. I can still watch both of those trailers and it always strikes a nerve with me in a gut level…

I’m eager to see this film, have no problems at all with “re-invention” or lack of canon, but this just looks like any other “big” action movie with great visuals and effects… it doesn’t feel like Star Trek to me and I can’t put my finger on why…

The shot of Kirk taking the command chair reminds me more of one of Max Fischer’s plays from Rushmore than of a pivotal moment in Trek history…

Again, I don’t know why I feel this way…

435. CaptainRickover - March 6, 2009


Okay, I’m not a great fan of the first 3 (or 4?) trailers, but this one is really great. The Batman-style music is great, something Star Trek could have needed since the days of TVH (the movie with the last great soundtrack), the editing is far better as in the other trailers. There is some story to tell (the becoming of Captain Kirk) and there are Special Effects Star Trek needs.

I only wished, they had replaced the Enterprise with a better an more beautiful design. But I will get used to it.

About all the obvious canon violations, destroying Vulcan or the possible murder of Pike: I still hope that our heros can repair the timeline and defeat Nero completely. Everything else would left a bad taste in my mouth.

436. BringBackTrek - March 6, 2009


Make that the loss of Pike.

437. Chris H - March 6, 2009

Have only just realised that it’s Old Spock saying ‘James T Kirk was a great man’. How did I miss that? Sensory overload to blame I guess!

438. I'm dead Jim - March 6, 2009

434. Take a Xanax, it will help.

Just kidding really. My wife, a recent convert to Trekdom, had a similar reaction… “It doesn’t look like Star Trek” but it looks interesting. I understand that but I have longed for Star Trek to get this kind of big budget treatment. I wish it could have happened with TOS or TNG crews but these are the cards we’ve been dealt. I look forward to this movie and hope the feel of Star Trek will come together well with the big budget action flick.

439. ML31 - March 6, 2009

Damn! That trailer was fantastic! Best yet. My gut feeling is that this is the final trailer before the May 8th release.

440. TrekMD - March 6, 2009

I can’t even find words to say how I feel after watching this trailer. If this doesn’t give someone the sense that this is an epic movie, I don’t know what will.

With this movie Star Trek will most certainly continue to Live Long and Prosper!

441. Cheve - March 6, 2009

I hope there is a lot of exciting and cool length of movie of which we don’t know anything about after all these trailers!

442. Capt. RavenWulf - March 6, 2009

Its going to be epic! I say…EPIC!

443. boborci - March 6, 2009

368. 750 Mang – March 6, 2009
“James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life.”

I think I’m coming around.


Oh, good! I’ve been working on you!

444. John from Cincinnati - March 6, 2009

The trailer gave me chills.

But I must ask the question, does the franchise actually move forward without a planet Vulcan? Or a planet Romulus? How can the Federation exist without Vulcan or Vulcans for that matter?

445. New Horizon - March 6, 2009

437. Chris H – March 6, 2009
Have only just realised that it’s Old Spock saying ‘James T Kirk was a great man’. How did I miss that?

It isn’t Old Spock saying it…it’s Nero. Sounds nothing like Nimoy. lol Sensory overload indeed.

446. Chris H - March 6, 2009

Hmmm 445 – am not sure about that!

447. psytce - March 6, 2009

I want to see it in IMAX now …. please…

I can’t wait until May 8th …..

Star Trek Will Be REBORN!

448. John from Cincinnati - March 6, 2009

Okay, so we have like, two timelines now, the Prime timeline and this new timeline. So I must ask the question, will we ever see the Prime timeline again?

449. Schtobes - March 6, 2009

Call me crazy, but does the new music on the official site (not the trailer) seem to follow the same basic chords as the TOS theme?

450. ShawnP - March 6, 2009

Man, every time I watch the trailer, I get friggin’ goosebumps!

451. fred - March 6, 2009

It looks like Kirk’s baptism by fire, which in the original timeline took place on the Farragut, where he took command and saved the ship, happens here on the Enterprise instead.

I’m betting though, that Starfleet does not just leave him in command. I’m betting this is the first time, and we don’t see him as the official captain until sometime later. The end of the film probably jumps to that point like it shows other events.

452. thorsten - March 6, 2009


Strong move, Bob.
I was always wondering about you hinting “Spocks World” as influential.

453. Denise de Arman - March 6, 2009

Mr. Bob#443- RTF?

454. time - March 6, 2009

What do you think?
Has this trailer changed your mind? Are you now more excited, or did it make you skeptical? In addition to the comment section below, also vote in our latest poll about the trailer (right sidebar).

I’ve been reading this site from time to time and i realize one thing: the moderator, mr. pasquale there, doesnt let other people say what they feel if it is not “awesome!” “brilliant” or the like. so in essence, the above questions really hold no relevance as any who are skeptical or not impressed will be subsequently phased out.

455. AJ - March 6, 2009

Is that a blurry “Budweiser” logo behind Pike in the bar?

456. Chris H - March 6, 2009

433: Bob – is it Old Spock or Nero saying that line? (And thanks for making a 46 yr old UK fan very very happy!)

457. Chris H - March 6, 2009

err – meant 443, apols!

458. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#454—-“mr. pasquale there, doesnt let other people say what they feel if it is not “awesome!” “brilliant” or the like.”

Since when?

You must not visit very often. The threads are full of such opinions.

459. Joseph Coatar - March 6, 2009

To anyone in Chicago, this trailer is NOT in front of Watchmen at the Navy Pier IMAX

460. Michael Broadhead - March 6, 2009

Hey all if you want some screencaps I just put them up on TrekCore from the trailer:

The gallery also contains every other previous screencap.

461. Remington Steele - March 6, 2009

I’m so far down the list nobody will care what I have writte, except the person immediatley after me…

Just out of watchmen where no trailer was attached (Limerick Storm in case you’re wondering) and came online and saw this……..

To think, this time 63 days, I’ll have not only seen it, but I’ll be watching it for a second time…..

Yes, I am THAT mad.

462. Sloan47 - March 6, 2009

I’m absolutely in love with the music on the main site. WOW. What a breath of fresh air!

463. AJ - March 6, 2009

I wonder what Nero does post-Kelvin as Kirk grows up? Rura Penthe is before his time jump, I presume.

464. Kruge - March 6, 2009

who is this ‘Mr. Pasquale’ ?

Got to love people who say they aren’t allowed to speak, um, since we can all read what you typed, you are allowed to speak. And why put up a poll if they didn’t want the skeptical voices heard? This site has more comments than the other trek sites, so not sure where all these silenced people are, Every thread here is another skeptic v optimist war, it just seems that the optimists are winning and so now the skeptics have to claim the system is rigged.

Maybe you are just a tiny (and apparently shrinking) group who are headed towards marginalzation like all those ‘GINO’ screaming TOS BSG fans.

465. Decker's Stubble - March 6, 2009

448 – ‘So I must ask the question, will we ever see the Prime timeline again?’

As Richard Dawson said in Running Man, “Only in a rerun.”

466. Paul - March 6, 2009

Long time TOS Trekker. Sorry want to love it but just not convinced at all.

Why on earth is Nimoy nowhere to be seen if he was so integral to the film where is he??
This film also looks like its suffering from the same framing problems as MI3. This is theatrical so the cinematography should reflect it then.

ILM appear to have done a reasonable job but still not sure about this as its tone suggests a lite version of a Star Wars prequel. And so far I have not seen one scene which shows any emotional depth to it. Without this it is just another easily forgotten summer popcorn movie. I think the overall fan enthusiasm must be due to either lowered expectations or joy at the fact Berman is nowhere near this!!

467. New Horizon - March 6, 2009

456. Chris H – March 6, 2009

It’s definitely not old Spock because it’s Eric Bana’s voice. I’ve seen him in enough movies to know it’s him.

468. ensign joe - March 6, 2009

Can we get a confirm on the music on the official movie site?

469. random_person - March 6, 2009

It should at least be fun judging by the trailer, although i shall reserve my judgement until afer i’ve seen the film.

I still, however, think those nacelles look a bit too…fat.

Oh well, I suppose this may end up getting people into TOS and who knows, maybe they’ll end up liking TOS more than the reboot.

470. Denise de Arman - March 6, 2009

Michael#460- Thanks for the link and screencaps. I totally missed Spock sitting in the captain’s chair while viewing the trailer.

471. Robert Saint John - March 6, 2009

#466 – “ILM appear to have done a reasonable job …”

That’s so funny!

“…fan enthusiasm must be due to either lowered expectations…”

Stop, stop!! I’m a 43 year old TOS fan, and I love this trailer! My heart can’t take it! Yer’ killing me!

“… or joy at the fact Berman is nowhere near this!!”

LOL!! Oh no, my heart!! I’m coming to see you Elizabeth! You hear that Elizabeth? I’m coming to join you honey!


472. thorsten - March 6, 2009


That is the one remaining hole in the plot, AJ…
Where do they park the Narada for 20-odd years,
after wiping out 47 Klingon ships in one night?
Why don’t they go straight after Vulcan and the Bay Area?

473. Jon - March 6, 2009


This film is going to be spectacular, I never thought we’d see the day…

474. Denise de Arman - March 6, 2009

thorsten#472- Perhaps the flux capacitor overloaded their warp engines…

475. thorsten - March 6, 2009


Right, Denise Darling!
As soon as we know by which means the Narada travels through time we can figure this out…

476. AJ - March 6, 2009


Maybe they go back to Romulus with their 24th century Sports Almanac and bet on baseball games.

477. ucdom - March 6, 2009


WHAT? Are you kidding? The effects look incredible. And as for emotion, the smiles shared by Uhura, Scotty, and co near the end of the trailer made my heart swell.

478. Matt Wright - March 6, 2009

Watched the trailer again in HD this morning, really impressive and goosebump generating. The Nero line about “James Kirk was a great man, but that was another life” is chilling as others have said.

The offical site update with music if that’s part of the score, that’s pretty good dramatic film music and has a few hints of the TWOK/TSFS scores.

479. thorsten - March 6, 2009


And they have been so well behaved before they did time!

480. Denise de Arman - March 6, 2009

AJ#476- LOL!

481. McCoy - March 6, 2009

412: “The revitalization of Star Trek is happening before our eyes. Thank you JJ & Co.”

I think I would characterize more as a morphing of Star Trek into something else.

482. ksmsscu - March 6, 2009


Magnificent trailer! I have a feeling Bruce Greenwood is going to be the unsung star of this film.

Yes, this is Star Trek. Think about it: In 62 days, this will be Star Trek and most of us will be in love with it. Kudos to cast and crew — Qapla’!

BTW, CALL your theatre and ask a manager if the trailer will be shown with Watchmen. Some plexes show it with the movie on one screen but not on another. Theatre practices with trailers are a little like Fizzbin rules – don’t be disappointed.

483. The Angry Klingon - March 6, 2009

OK…that was pretty cool….

484. thorsten - March 6, 2009


Really, McCoy?
Does it remind you of ER, at the Beginning, with the young Clooney, mixed with Band of Brothers?


485. G - March 6, 2009

Anyone else see ‘old’ Spock’s time ship making a Kamikaze run??

And, why is George Kirk sitting on his knees in the captain’s chair?

486. thorsten - March 6, 2009


he is not sitting on his knees, when the scene starts in the trailer he is already flying towards the camera…

487. Denise de Arman - March 6, 2009

G#485- “And why is George Kirk sitting on his knees in the captain’s chair?”

That one is a puzzler…

488. Jon - March 6, 2009

The music on the official site is wonderful, is this Michael Giacchino’s work?

489. nc trek fan - March 6, 2009

Tears of joy. It looks great!!!!

490. Denise de Arman - March 6, 2009

thorsten#486- Ah, thank you, my dear.

491. thorsten - March 6, 2009


For You? Always, Denise.

492. G - March 6, 2009

485. G – And, why is George Kirk sitting on his knees in the captain’s chair?

486. thorsten – March 6, 2009


he is not sitting on his knees, when the scene starts in the trailer he is already flying towards the camera…


An interesting theory. However, if you look at the picture carefully, you can clearly see that his knees are on the chair and have not yet cleared the front of the chair.. meaning that his lower legs are still behind his knees, on top of the chair.

493. cpelc - March 6, 2009

Look at George’s communicator on his belt….look familiar?

494. thorsten - March 6, 2009


G, that is no theory. It is an observation.
George is airborne at 1:53.
His knees have no contact with the chair.
You can see the top of his shoes in front of the chair.

495. G - March 6, 2009

494. thorsten – March 6, 2009


G, that is no theory. It is an observation.
George is airborne at 1:53.
His knees have no contact with the chair.
You can see the top of his shoes in front of the chair.

I respectfully disagree.. look at the pic again. His knees have not cleared the front of the seat, and you can clearly see his left lower leg and foot sticking out behind him, on the seat. His lower legs are clearly (to me) well near the back of the chair.

496. Newman - March 6, 2009

I just squealed with anticipation.
And I am a grown man.
And there are people around.

497. AJ - March 6, 2009


Yup. Look at it in HD. He’s airborne.


Nice old communicator!

498. KeepingScore - March 6, 2009

The music is from the Children of Dune soundtrack, like the last trailer.

It came out in 2004 – the people who say it rips off the Dark Knight theme are probably the same ones that will say Watchmen stole their ending from Heroes season 1.

Both the Dark Knight and the new Battlestar Galactica have soundtracks that were seriously influenced by Children of Dune.

499. Captain Balki - March 6, 2009

Have to say the trailer did help my fears with the movie and I love trek. Love the batman type music also, and the “Kirk was a great man line” gave me chill bumps. This movie does exist in the continuity of the other movies and shows, the Kirk line by Nero sealed the deal for me….

I am going into this movie with optimism, hoping for the best but realistic as well, if JJ throws some surprises in there like Next Gen crew or hell even Shats Kirk at the end I will be a happy clam.

The only two things I have questions are is.

1. How can a 24th century romulan vessel like that of Nero’s lose to a old ship like the enterprise? Does Old Spock give young scotty some formula for better weapons?

2. Does the movie end with the continuity reestablished? Or does this become the new timeline? I mean it would be weird to me to have the orginal timeline restored then the next movie after this one still has the young crew? That would be kind of weird?

500. Mark - March 6, 2009

This trailer has only gotten me MORE excited for the new movie.

501. Craptain Amerika - March 6, 2009

Oh my god. I think I need to go change my underwear now.

502. thorsten - March 6, 2009


Okay, I don’t mind, G.
If you advance that scene frame by frame you see how George is propelled towards you. The slow movement makes obvious what happens here.
But if you want to believe that he sit’s on his legs, be my guest!


503. G - March 6, 2009


G, that is no theory. It is an observation.
George is airborne at 1:53.
His knees have no contact with the chair.
You can see the top of his shoes in front of the chair.

Ok, you win! LOL Yeah, in the actual HD trailer, he’s in front of the chair. Amazing how the screen cap made that much of a difference with the 3-D perception.

504. Dr. What - March 6, 2009

“Set trailers on ‘stun’ and …. FIRE!”

505. thorsten - March 6, 2009


I’ll buy you a Budweiser Classic, G!
We’re all in this together ;))

506. thorsten - March 6, 2009

By the way, my favorite moment in this trailer is Kirk greeting Uhura at 1:46…

507. Samrock83 - March 6, 2009

I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but the George Kirk era starfleet uniforms have a TNG-era quality to them, with the line that goes across the upper chest out to the shoulder and tapers down to a point. Perhaps a TNG nod.

508. G - March 6, 2009

505. thorsten – March 6, 2009


I’ll buy you a Budweiser Classic, G!
We’re all in this together ;))

I’m glad I checked. I was actually afraid people were going to start thinking we were criticizing and nitpicking the details of the movie. I wasn’t. I just really wanted to know what he could possibly be doing on his knees! :) Was the floor on fire, or something? Did the floor fall out from the bridge around the chair? LOL :)

509. I am Kurok! - March 6, 2009

The imploding planet sequence remingd me of Fantasic 4, Rise of the Silver Surfer. is that the bridge of the Kelvin I see???

510. Spot the cat - March 6, 2009

Anyone else kind of feeling sorry for the haters and whiners now….they are out of ammo and faced with the awesomeness of this trailer, their bizzarre comments show that they are simply relics of the past that can’t handle change. Well I am sorry Stanky and the rest of you but us kids are not going to get off your lawn!

511. G - March 6, 2009

Did he see a mouse? LOL

512. Devon - March 6, 2009

Wow, I don’t think I had ever seen AintItCool’s talkback section so positive for a film, let a lone a Trek film before!

513. Devon - March 6, 2009

Actually ^^ I could say the same for TrekMovie’s! This is wonderful!

514. Andy Patterson - March 6, 2009

“Yeah we do”

515. thorsten - March 6, 2009

That was a totally legit question, G…
What we see he are the final seconds of the Kelvin,
it was possible that the ship was dropping away beneath him with with failing gravity…

516. Capt. of the USS Anduril - March 6, 2009

Anyone else notice that Bones and Sulu looked kinda annoyed that Kirk arbitrarily took the center seat?

517. screaming satellite - March 6, 2009

feels like 1991 all over again!! (i mean in the universe where Harve Bennetts prequel came out in place of Undiscovered Country)

better FX in this one though..and Pine/Qunito look better suited to kirk and spock than Hawke/Cusack…although they did have shatner

518. sean - March 6, 2009

so it takes riker and other captains til their in their late 30s/40s to become a captain and jimmie t uses squatting rights to get the big chair? thats the backstory?

give ST to a bunch of SW fans and what do they come up with? a romulan with a giant laser that can destroy a planet……errrr death star?

regardless……i’m psyched! lol what? why so serious?

519. rayjay - March 6, 2009

Absofrickinlutely Fantastic!!!

520. Commodore Redshirt - March 6, 2009

I like I like I like I LIKE!
I’ve been thrilled by this project for a couple of years now (I seems so long ago that I first saw the teaser poster for this film) ! !
This trailer is making me more excited than I ever imagined!
62 days to go

521. Dr. Image - March 6, 2009

Whooohhh!!!! Purist, shmurist, It works for me!!
How can anyone not be impressed?

522. karanadon - March 6, 2009

#446 – gotta agree with New Horizon here, that’s definitely Nero! Just listen to the way he says the word “man”!

523. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 6, 2009

Yup that’s Kirk Spock Trek – I need a Malysian bootleg stat!!!!

524. Random passer by - March 6, 2009

Around 01:48 seconds in you can see a body floating in space silhouetted by the sun.

525. karanadon - March 6, 2009

#472 – not so much a hole as an unanswered question. Patience :P

#485 – I did see the kamikaze run, I’m secretly hoping that it hasn’t spoilt a major event of the film for us…


526. AJ - March 6, 2009


Old Spock must tell Kirk that he must not only get back to Enterprise,but must piss off Spock to the point that he’s relieved of his field command by McCoy, and that he must take command.

Kirk must convince the Bridge crew as to why he has to take command for this mission. The trailers seemingly show him just taking the seat because they are so short. Remember, Kirk was on Nero’s shitlist to begin with.

527. Drapera - March 6, 2009

Any confirmation that the music playing in the background on the official site is part of the actual score? (not the track from the trailer…the track while viewing the official site pages).

528. Mr Phil - March 6, 2009

“The only thing missing is Leonard Nimoy.”

Not disagreeing, but…allright, I am a bit. By not showing Big Spock in the trailer is like pulling a rather good poker face. A bit like saving the best bit of your dinner till last. A bit like a lady tantilisingly showing a bit of leg.

Did I go to far? I’ll get my coat.

529. Steve - March 6, 2009

Simply breathtaking…

530. Selor - March 6, 2009

I don’t know why everyone mumbles about Kirk taking command… as far as I know Spock was made acting Captain and Kirk acting First officer… so it IS in the chain of command after Spock is apparently not on the Bridge that the Acting First Officer takes command of the Ship…

531. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 6, 2009

@466. Paul – March 6, 2009
“Long time TOS Trekker. Sorry want to love it but just not convinced at all.”

Good God, man, we’re talkin’ about universal armageddon resulting from that statement. Convinced of what??

This movie WILL BE canon. It WILL BE Star Trek on 8 May. Deal, dude.

“Why on earth is Nimoy nowhere to be seen if he was so integral to the film where is he??”

What in God’s name do you mean? Dude, it’s a FREAKING trailer; it’s NOT the entire movie.

“This film also looks like its suffering from the same framing problems as MI3. This is theatrical so the cinematography should reflect it then.”

Are you serious? Seriously, are you kidding?

“ILM appear to have done a reasonable job but still not sure about this as its tone suggests a lite version of a Star Wars prequel.”

Reasonable? Reasonable? Your life must have been miserable all these years. It must be pure hell to look at something so incredible and only see mediocrity. A lite version of a Star Wars prequel? Are you sure the Klingons did not use a mind-sifter on you? I submit to you that until this point, we have not truly seen Star Trek in the awesome incredible way that such adventures would be processed by the human eye. From what I have seen, this motion picture will take us so much closer to experiencing what it might actually look like while being engaged in mortal combat with 23rd and 24th century vessels that are armed with technology that we are still probably centuries away from truly obtaining.

“And so far I have not seen one scene which shows any emotional depth to it. Without this it is just another easily forgotten summer popcorn movie. I think the overall fan enthusiasm must be due to either lowered expectations or joy at the fact Berman is nowhere near this!!”

Let me get this straight: so 90% of us have had our minds sifted, while you and an outsoken vast minority are truly enlightened, and since we don’t agree with your goofy assessment, we must have lowered expectations or are just glad to rid of Berman? Well, maybe it’s just that you are unable to see this for what it likely is: an incredible continuance and elevation of Star Trek which likely will guarantee the franchise’s exploration of unknown galaxies for years to come, and in ways that before were never possible.

I hate to be redundant, but: This IS Star Trek. It WILL BE canon. Deal with it.

Did anyone mention anything about canon? Who is this James R. Kirk anyway?

532. WillM - March 6, 2009

Absolutely amazing trailer, I was already excited but this has just doubled it, Star Trek on a scale that’s never been seen before! Love the bit with the Enterprise visible between the wreckage as it sails past.

533. Eric Holloway - March 6, 2009

I love it!! I love the progression of the trailers and in this one when Bones is asking who’ll replace the Captain you can just feel the power of that moment. March and April better fly by quick, me engine can’t take much more of this!

534. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - March 6, 2009

I hate the Irish Government. Why? Because they sit on their arses above in Dublin, and won’t give us “savages” outside Dublin Broadband, so I’m stuck looking at the pictures til I get to Watchmen on Monday.

Rat Bastards.

535. David P - March 6, 2009

I must have blinked during Shat’s cameo


536. Holger - March 6, 2009

454 time: I have always been very critical of the new movie in this forum and not once did any moderator curb me.

537. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#481—“I think I would characterize more as a morphing of Star Trek into something else.”

I suppose that you should then characterize TNG and the other spinoff series as a “morphing” of Star Trek into something else as well.

Evolution is quite the natural order of things—at least if survival is the goal.

You may not like the state of Star Trek after this stage of evolution. Quite frankly, I didn’t like 24th Century Trek for the most part. But I do like what I have seen so far of this latest incarnation.

It’s exciting!

538. Elise - March 6, 2009

Has Orci been muzzled? He should have commented by now. :-/

539. lee mcfarlane suitably impressed - March 6, 2009

this could well be the star trek we have all been waiting for

540. Quarksbartender - March 6, 2009

I went to Watchmen last night hoping to see the trailer and it didnt play at the Theater (Rave Motion is Las Vegas) when I got home about 3:30 I watched online simply amazing thank you JJ, Robert, Alex. The hardest part is going to be the agonizing wait for these last 2 months.

P.S. Did anyone think the music from the tralier sounded like it was from the Dark Knight

541. screaming satellite - March 6, 2009


im getting a Khan (“FIRE!”…”AFT TORPEDOS FIRE!”) & Kruge (“GET OFFFFF! GET OUTTA THERE!!”) vibe to Nero…hes gonna kick some serious BOO-TAY!

(lets not mention the Insurrection and Nemesis villians)

542. Unbel1ever - March 6, 2009

Damn, I knew it. Business trip and when I come home there’s a new trailer out. Really epic trailer. Easily the best one so far. The pace is much more what I would expect from a Trek trailer and for the first time a trailer has made me optimistic towards the film.

543. Commodore Lurker - March 6, 2009

Decloaking . . .

I wish this would have been the first trailer we saw; if it was, I might still be interested in this film. }:-|>


544. screaming satellite - March 6, 2009

This will be 09s DARK KNIGHT…T4 will be 09s Indy 4…yeah thats about right..(oh and thats no slur on T4 as i thought Indy 4 was the best of the IJ sequels)

Wolverine will be 09s Incredible Hulk

545. Commodore Redshirt - March 6, 2009

Why is the UK version different?
I think I like it a little better than the US version…hmmm
…I think I’ll watch each one about two-dozen more times and compare them to find out which one I like more…;-)

546. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#454—” the above questions really hold no relevance as any who are skeptical or not impressed will be subsequently phased out.”

Actually, I think that the 8% of the 195 participants in the poll who currently identify themselves as “skeptical” are quite well represented. There are skeptics who have been posting here since I first visited this site 18-24 months ago (I’ve lost track). They haven’t been “phased out” at all. I’m not sure where you got that.

547. Selor - March 6, 2009

I think that Kirk isn’t saying “Yeah we do…”, that does not make any sense… and it sounds more like “Hell, we do!” and than he sits down…

548. Jordan - March 6, 2009

Ok, holy holy holy f*ck.
That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.
Any worries I’ve ever had are GONE GONE GONE.
BRILLIANT. God, Star Trek is back. Period.

549. robwill80 - March 6, 2009

About the trailer music – Two Steps From Hell’s Facebook page says that the track is called “Freedom Fighters” from “Legend”:

And it’s a great trailer. I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie. :D

550. nephron - March 6, 2009


Time travel to the future has got to be real easy for anybody with FTL drive. In fact, it would make sense of FTL ships have to go out of their way to NOT travel into the future. As you approach the speed of light, time slows down for you relative to the outside, ie forward time-travel. In Star Trek terms, we could say Nero accelerates to close to the speed of light (say .999999 .c, which one would think would be no problem with Star Trek impulse engines to reach….just leave the impulse engines on, the ship continues to accelerate) using impulse (or whatever) drive, and twenty years would only take 10 days.

Fun relativity calculator at:

551. OneBuckFilms - March 6, 2009

499 – The best way to test our heroes dramatically is to stack the odds against them.

The Enterprise D crew defeated and outsmarted the Borg, a vastly technologically superior group who could adapt to changes faster than humanity could.

The Doomsday Machine was pretty near indestructible, yet Kirk and crew found a way to destroy it (with some help from Commodore Decker).

Without the possibility or likelihood of failure, success is boring and ordinary.

552. ucdom - March 6, 2009


Whoa there chicken… different how???

553. nephron - March 6, 2009

EDIT: I was talking to 472

554. screaming satellite - March 6, 2009

I just had a thought on the Federation logo – isnt that the TNG one?

the original movie one was different as was the TOS one was it not?

555. OneBuckFilms - March 6, 2009

547 – He says “Yeah we do”, but there is a lot of dialogue that is probably missing. This is a trailer, not the movie. We get the idea anyway.

556. BodgeOfEngland - March 6, 2009

O-M-G!! That look’s awesome!!!! Can’t wait till May 8th!! But it will defiantly be worth the wait!!

557. AJ - March 6, 2009


The UK Trailer has a small exchange between Uhura and Kirk:

Uhura: “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Kirk: “So Do I”

558. Selor - March 6, 2009

@555 If I find the German Trailer than we see what he says ^^

559. Paul - March 6, 2009


If you think the VFX are stunning then you obviously never saw the battles in Star Wars Eps2+3 which are the equal of what this trailer has shown me here. If 90% of ST fans like this then good for them. I am very happy to remain in the 10% who are unsure as I have been burnt so many times by trailers which promised everything and delivered nothing as nowadays trailers can be made to easily give that impression. Look at Nemesis with its stunning trailer=dire movie.

TOS to me died in 1991 with ST6. Berman ensured it remained that way by blocking Shatner’s attempt to get his The Return novel made with the original crew whilst they were all still around.

Canon does not matter that much to me anyway as its all only a fantasy sci-fi universe. But what does matter to me is whether or not something which uses the beloved TOS characters is true to the spirit of the original. So far nothing I have seen or heard makes me believe this (alternate timeline or not) and the complete lack of Nimoy is highly suspicious indeed when we have been told more than once he is integral to the movie just like we were told a few years ago that they were looking to include Shatner as well!

I really want to love this movie and would see it (like the others) @ least 10 times but nothing so far has convinced me its worthy of my money. Thats obviously very unlikely to change now in the next 2 months is it!!

560. SirBroiler - March 6, 2009

Finally – all the haters can stuff it.

This is going to rock. No denying it now.

561. Johnny - March 6, 2009

GREAT trailer however i still don’t like the time travel plot and having Nimoy in this movie. I would have preferred clean reboot movie. This movie still feels deja vu for me. Time travel=TVH, GEN & FC. Nimoy in it= Kirk in GEN. Crazy villain seeking revenge= Kahn,Soran,Shinzon= Nero.

On the positive side. This movie looks great and it feels like a big motion picture.

562. AJ - March 6, 2009


Nimoy IS in the movie. He is absent from the trailer.

The “buzz” is out there that the film is quite good.

563. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 6, 2009

@559. Paul – March 6, 2009

“I really want to love this movie and would see it (like the others) @ least 10 times but nothing so far has convinced me its worthy of my money. Thats obviously very unlikely to change now in the next 2 months is it!!”

Unless we subjected you to the agonizer booth. That may be the only thing that would make you come around.

Other than that? Yeah, you’re pretty much hopeless. So – just don’t waste your money.

In fact, I am wondering why you even visit this site.

Move on people, nothing to see here. All of MY instruments tell me that the katra has been restored, but this man Paul says the franchise is dead, Jim. Shoot, I was starting to get excited over nothing I guess.

564. S. John Ross - March 6, 2009


That was a good trailer. It inspired me with hope-like stuff.

Unlike, say, the previous trailer, which made me wince in pain at the wretched triteness.

This one was GOOD. And that confuses me. But in a good way. I guess? Yeah.

Good trailer. Huh.

565. Jerome - March 6, 2009

It looks like the Federation ship shown at 1:49 might be called the Lowell.
I assume that was the Kelvin bridge we were seeing in the trailer, was kind of hoping for a TOS bridge, but it’s not really a big deal to me either way.

566. Selor - March 6, 2009


Some people just don’t get the concept of “I hate something so I don’t want to have anything to do with it”…
They still hang around to “express their opinion” which is every time the same, the same words, the same reasons… they are just here for the sake of nitpicking and hating…

567. S. John Ross - March 6, 2009

#563 sez, (to #559): “In fact, I am wondering why you even visit this site. ”

It may come as a shock, but some of us visit here for information to help us _decide_ if we’re going to see the film.

If you’ve already made up your mind, the same could be said of you. Why visit a site devoted to providing information, if you don’t need any?

The answer, of course, is that this site is both for information and celebration. Some of us are here for the former, some for the latter, and many for some blend of the two. Hope that helps.

Like 559, I _want_ to love this movie, and like 559, I’ve been hanging around in hopes for some sign that I might be able to. So far, not much. The only difference I see is that this new trailer is finally something that’s beginning to work for me (I think this is a good trailer, it gives me a faint but genuine ray of hope).

568. AJ - March 6, 2009

Look at the size of that primary hull-type disc in the “debris” scene. Almost looks like a Galaxy Class hull.


Selor, The naysayers here are true fans, and prefer to be in the company of other true fans. It’s tough to express a negative opinion when 90% of your peers here are awestruck by something like this trailer. Many have come around to loving the idea of this film, so we should be tolerant of a diverse pool of opinions.

569. thorsten - March 6, 2009


He says “Doch, haben wir!” in the german trailer.

570. Selor - March 6, 2009

Ah… okay that doesn’t really help :D

571. Newman - March 6, 2009

I love how its a prequel and a sequel.

Very clever.

572. hoochahoocha - March 6, 2009

You know, I’ve been a fan of Star Trek basically since conception. And after the so-so nature of Voyager, the derailment of Enterprise, and the barfy outcome of Nemesis, I was among the first jumping up and down with excitement over Abrhams taking us back to Kirk and Spock. And the “Under Construction” teaser made me jump for joy as well.

But the more promotional material that comes out, the more skeptical I’ve become. I grew up on Next Gen and DS9–I liked the edge that latter DS9 put on the series. I also understand this is a different line of continuity; a new starting point for the franchise. But honestly, this new trailer doesn’t feel anymore NEW and EXCITING to me than any other decently edited sci-fi film trailer. And while I truly wish I had the optimism of you Kool-Aid drinkers, if not for the title cards and uniforms this could just have easily been the trailer for “Halo: The Motion Picture” or “Space Rangers: Go!”.

I have high hopes for the outcome of this film, I’m just not left with a good feeling by this trailer; and I don’t think I should be flamed for it.

573. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 6, 2009

#567 – It may come as a shock to YOU, but having one’s mind set in no way means that one doesn’t need or want information; in fact, I never said that I didn’t need or want information. To the contrary, I want to learn all that is learnable about this movie. if I had made up my mind and sealed the deal that it sucks or is just mediocre, why would I want to know any more about it? Why would I waste my money going to see it if I already had decided that it was certainly going to be a waste of my money?

It may come as a shock to YOU, but Paul said his mind is quite unlikely to change at all about this movie, and in the process, he insulted the rest of us (some 90% or so) who are excited about it; so, one could infer from his statements that it is pointless for him to come to this site. By his own admission, he is past the point of having to _decide_.

574. Chaya - March 6, 2009

Waiting for this film for 3 years and reading virtually every article posted on this site for the tiniest bit of news, all I could say is that my expectations have been fulfilled.

575. thorsten - March 6, 2009


and the voices suck.
Totally strange when Pike talks to Kirk, and calls him “Sie”, not “You”.

576. Scott - March 6, 2009

Star Trek V had a great trailer, too, if anyone recalls. Just sayin’.

577. I'm dead Jim - March 6, 2009

588. He (Bob) did already back there somewhere.

578. Anthony Pascale - March 6, 2009

lets stop picking on people and no more ‘why do you even come here’ stuff. All Trek fans are welcome here. Opinions vary but as long as people are civil they are welcome. Plus this site is about more than just the movie. some people like the celeb news or the book, comic or toy news, etc, etc.

579. ShawnP - March 6, 2009

#572 hoochahoocha

I hate, hate, hate when people refer disparagingly to people who are excited about something (e.g., Star Trek or Obama) as “Kool-Aid drinkers”. It’s so insulting, like one’s excitement or endorsement hasn’t been preceded by some thoughtful consideration.

580. Aaron - March 6, 2009

@499 – I had the same thought after watching this trailer…even with a fleet of Fed starships during this time period, Nero’s ship should be able to wipe out all of them…this is why I think Nero’s ship won’t be destroyed.

581. Selor - March 6, 2009

@575 Not generally sucking voices… but… Original is always better :D

582. OneBuckFilms - March 6, 2009

559 – Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3 were superb from an effects perspective, and so is this move from what I’ve seen. Both by ILM of course.

Berman blocked Shatner’s novel from being made because it would not have made a movie good enough to get return on investment.

I think it was simply a refusal to make in all probability.

Kirk DID return to Trek, in Generations, and that was less than spectacular.

The Novel “The Return” may be a good read (I haven’t read it), but would it have made a good movie, when there were further TNG Movies to be made?

The TNG cast were the A cast at that point, so yes, TOS ended with The Undiscovered Country (a worthy farewell IMHO).

Nimoy not appearing in the trailer is a reflection of the fact that he is not central to the movie, though he seems to be pivotal to the movie’s plot.

He came out of retirement for this, so I believe he sees something there.

What exactly IS the spirit of Star Trek in general, or TOS specifically? What does it really need to be Star Trek?

– Kirk/Spock/McCoy? It has those.
– Action and Adventure? It has those.
– The Enterprise? I think I see her in the trailers.
– Strange New Worlds and New Life/Civilizations? Well, that Ice Planet, and the creature on it meet the New World/New Life, and the Romulans are definately a different civilization, though not new to fans.
– Sense of Optimism? More of a TNG/Roddenberry thing than TOS, though it has been hinted at in non-trailer publicity that this is an Optimistic Movie (JJ Abrams Quote).

So far, it looks like it’s got what it needs to be Star Trek.

May I ask, what exactly ARE your suspicions raised by the absense of Nimoy in the trailer?

583. wilj - March 6, 2009

#435 “About all the obvious canon violations, destroying Vulcan or the possible murder of Pike: I still hope that our heros can repair the timeline and defeat Nero completely. Everything else would left a bad taste in my mouth.”

If your heros can repair the timeline (or as many people refer to as canon), then suddenly some of them will be pre-teens.

As some said before, this is not the story as how the TOS characters came together despite the fact that the writers say so. You can change the way characters come together, facts and stories occur, but you can not change their birthdates. And they are known of each of them.

This is completely a reboot, get used to it. In future, when mentioning Kirk et all, you wil have to mention also if you mean the TOS or rebooted one.

It is the same as with Galactica. I never understood, re-imagined or not, why they changed Starbuck from a guy in to a girl. But I like the new Galactica show.

To me Kirk will always be Shatner, TOS will always be the series and movies, and the reboot will be this JJ movie.

I can not say if I am going to like this movie (have to wait for May ofcourse), but I do not care about canon violations, this is a brand new show, and it is different, meaning the first of something new, and if it is new, then there is no canon at all.

Just wished Mr.Orci had said that it was a rebooted StarTrek, instead he said he had done his homework and this is the story as how the TOS crew came together.

Now it looks like the haters have their points, and the likers have their points, very confusing seeing them butchering eachothers here.

Oh yes, btw, the CG looks very good, do not understand some of the above posters think otherwise, it sure does not look ST, but it is very good done.

584. Captain Calhoun - March 6, 2009

Man I am soooooooooooooo excited. It just felt good to see the orginal characters again wow. It is going to be an amazing ride. I like the connection to the TNG era. It will expalin a lot. Was that planet imploding Romulus?

585. hoochahoocha - March 6, 2009

Fair enough, Anthony. In that spirit, let me say on the big positive side, I think Zoe, Zachary, and Karl look AWESOME as their characters in this film!

586. AJ - March 6, 2009

The proof will be in the finished film, and the flood of reviews on this site by Trekkers of all types, as well as in mainstream media. As for me, I am the type of Trekker who will pay to see it once. If it stinks, at least I saw it and added to the gross.

587. Jon - March 6, 2009

583, could you please point out the episodes in which every character announces their date of birth, thanks.

588. S. John Ross - March 6, 2009

#573: If you’re capable of taking _insult_ (!!!) from someone daring to have different tastes than you, then … well, it’s going to be awfully easy to insult you :) You people crack me up.

589. Jai1138 - March 6, 2009

I have no special inside source but I’m 99% sure that the music playing over on the Official Site IS music from the film’s score. I love Michael Giacchino’s work and can most distinctly hear his sound in the music on the Site — notably resonances of his great scores from Alias and, particularly LOST. His score for MI:3 cannily incorporated the sound of the original M:I serie’ scores and in the piece on the Oficial Site, you can hear TOS’ bongos (from the opening theme) softly driving the piece near the end.

Also, why bother putting music over the Site if it wasn’t from the new score?

That’s what I think, anyway.

As for the music over the exciting new trailer, I’m not so sure.

590. Jon - March 6, 2009

572 your argument is a fallacy used often by those who really have no argument.

If it didnt have XX and YY it wouldnt be ZZ. Wah Wah.

You could apply this redundant argument to anything- its a fallacy.

591. S. John Ross - March 6, 2009

#576: That’s a worthy point of caution, to be sure. But it is nice – very nice – to finally have a trailer for this film that makes me feel hopeful. I’m basking in how nice it is :)

592. Phil Smith - March 6, 2009

I like this trailer. Nicely done. I still fully expect this to fall into the category of “popular science fiction” rather than cerebral science fiction, but the bottom line is that I will spend money on a ticket.

593. Ian B - March 6, 2009


I love that bit.

594. Alec - March 6, 2009

That’s a very good trailer indeed. Great action sequences. More importantly, there was a lot more ‘heart’, more emotional content, than we have seen in the past: an indication of substance to the obvious style and glitzy special effects. And it’s this heart, this optimism, this philosophy, and this family feeling that is distinctly Star Trek, which is not to be found in many other action-sequence heavy films.

I also loved the music. Star Trek has always had great music, even in distinctly sub-par films. I’m glad that this tradition is being maintained, by the sounds of things. And now, with the colossal budget, a budget that probably comfortably exceeds that of all six TOS films combined, Star Trek is finally getting the kind of (financial and marketing) treatment it deserves, the kind of treatment I have been praying for, for decades. I don’t see why Star Trek cannot now be as big a hit with the mainstream as Star Wars is. I would add that, of all the trailers and ‘big game spots’ we’ve seen so far, this distinctly felt like Star Trek, just with a modern twist and update. I also liked how the original show and characters were honoured. For example, Nero’s comments about ‘our’ James T. Kirk being a great man…

I’m more excited about this film than ever before. And, up till now, I’ve been fairly sceptical.

595. CLSUSMC - March 6, 2009

I have no idea if anyone posted this and if they did I apologize as I am not reading every single post, however if that isn’t the score for Batman Begins and the Dark Knight I’d be stunned. I did a side by side listen and in certain parts they were identical. This is meant to completely remind people of Batman Begins and I approve. This is “Star Trek Begins” and I couldn’t be more excited.

596. Cenobyte - March 6, 2009

I have no idea how to describe how happy this trailer makes me.


597. Jon - March 6, 2009

595 I wouldnt be surprised if it borrowed some cues, trailers often do.

598. AJ - March 6, 2009

I think someone already flagged the music as being from “Legend”

599. Kirk1701 - March 6, 2009

I’m actually afraid to watch it on the big screen. It’s great on the website. I can keep my emotions in check. This trailer is so effective that I’d be unable to enjoy Watchmen after it. I’d be choking back tears like I was in “Fellowship of the Ring” or both Narnias. I can keep it all in perspective and enjoy it, rather than be bowled over by the emotions. Trailers are designed to pump you up and I’m at my limit.

600. Kirk's Girdle - March 6, 2009

What do Quantum of Solace and Watchmen have in common?
They’re both movies that I went to expecting to see a Star Trek trailer, and didn’t.

601. AJ - March 6, 2009

Any opinions on that scene where the Narada is emerging from a watery-looking energy blob into a fiery blob? (0.54m into the trailer). Could it be some kind of slingshot effect, or just a de-cloak?

602. Harry Ballz - March 6, 2009

For those who think only Shatner can be Kirk and are quickly dismissing Pine, allow me to share an observation; Growing up I watched the old Sherlock Holmes movies starring Basil Rathbone. Loved them! Thought Rathbone was brilliant in the part and that nobody could ever supplant or better him in that role. Then, many years later, Jeremy Brett played him on TV. Brett’s performance was brilliant, with a subtlety and nuance that eclipsed Rathbone’s efforts. So, let’s try to approach Pine’s performance as Kirk with an open mind, shall we? I’m not saying that he will better Shatner’s performance, just that it might be equally as good!

603. Paul - March 6, 2009

My suspicions are that Nimoy only has a small extended cameo so they cannot show him as it would spoil the movie plot points as his role is so small that all his scenes are pivotal. This is not the impression I was given by how his involvement was crucial to the movie which from more than 1 interview I understood to mean he had a more than extended cameo role as that is how it was perceived in the context of the interviews given.

I realise that what most people on here are saying is that they are willing to accept & trust what they have seen so far as being promising & it has raised their hopes. Good luck to you I hope your rewarded with a movie which exceeds your expectations.

Well guess what having been a TOS fan since the 70’s and having financially supported all the movies/episodes many times over on a variety of formats I am perfectly entitled to have my own opinions and remain on the negative side. I have never ever said I hate it but can freely chose to be cautious or abstain as I have seen it happen so many times over the years that a highly anticipated fanboy favorite is lacking & sometimes even very disappointing. In fact its easier to say that in the past 10 years very few movies have been eagerly anticipated & not left a sour taste in the fanboy masses. Either our expectations are too high or the pressures to create these types of movies for mainstream audiences mean they have to be (like this appears to be) tailored for the mainstream masses as that is the only way to make it worthwhile for the studio to invest the money required to make it.

I really hope I’m wrong and this is the Casino Royale remake/reboot which is universally praised but sorry absolutely nothing I have seen so far is giving me that vibe.

604. Drapera - March 6, 2009

The music in the background on the official site has a “nautical” feel to it, like Paul Smith’s score for Disney’s “20,000 Leagues under the sea” (on itunes, BTW).

That take on the flavor of the score would be very WOK….

I do hope this is a taste of what is to come…

605. T'Cal - March 6, 2009


606. Chris Basken - March 6, 2009

568: “Selor, The naysayers here are true fans, and prefer to be in the company of other true fans.”

Uh oh, it’s the dreaded “true fan” monster. It’s back! Kill it! Kill it!

AJ, you do not have the authority to declare who is or is not a true fan.

607. Admiral_BlackCat - March 6, 2009

Still love the part when Kirk takes control of his own destiny and assumes command of HIS SHIP. From aimless punk to confident commander. Nicely played Orci & Kurtzman. I wonder which of them came up with that because it is brilliant stoytelling.

608. THX-1138-The Horn Xpressionist - March 6, 2009

I am a True Fan. It says so on my True Fan Card. jk

I still like the trailer. I’m still excited and silly with excitement to see this new movie. But at the risk of getting torched by all the other Tru Fans I submit the following:

When this movie was first announced around 3 years ago I was excited at the prospect of re-visiting the TOS characters. I knew that FX and visuals had to be updated. But I didn’t really count on the story to take place in a different time-line than what I was watching for 40 years. I understand the principle, and I get why the writers decided to go this way in order to be able to tell stories in which the outcome wasn’t quite so “decided” as it were. But I wish it weren’t this way.
Nothing to do now but enjoy what I’m getting. I would be willing to wager that nobody here that has been following from day one was expecting or hoping for an AU storyline, though. So on some level there is bound to be a measure of disappointment.

Again, the trailer is very shiny. I await the film and hope it “bowls me over.”

609. boborci - March 6, 2009

607. Admiral_BlackCat – March 6, 2009

“I wonder which of them came up with that because it is brilliant stoytelling.”

Like the Borg, Kurtzman and Orci are one.

610. AJ - March 6, 2009


You have valid points. But right now, a film which was made strictly for fanboys, “Watchmen,” stands a good chance of being the first flop of 2009. Mainstream critics don’t get it, it’s not a family film or a date film. I won’t see it because I did not read the comics from which it was adapted, and I watched the trailers and read the reviews.

Star Trek cannot always be the same. As with “Watchmen,” the passing of time and the changing of tastes, especially amongst younger viewers, is something filmmakers must understand before being given such high budgets.

What’s good here is that Nimoy is in fact in the film. He is the Easter Egg of Easter Eggs for us fans, but his character as an old man is not meant to grow or change as the younger characters are.

He is passing the baton with a good reason, and there is nothing wrong with that.

611. AJ - March 6, 2009


Chris: Sorry. I meant it for all of us.

612. Captain Alex - March 6, 2009

Wow. I feel like I just got stunned by a phaser, that trailer was amazing! It made me feel a lot better about the movie. JJ isn’t ignoring the Star Trek universe we know and love and the proof is in here. Nero: “James T Kirk was a great man, but that was another life”. I think that’s my favorite quote so far. I must be going insane because I’m starting to like the big E! : ) And to think I hated this movie just a month ago.

613. Harry Ballz - March 6, 2009


Yes, well the trailer looks great so I’m now confident that we, the audience, will not become one with the BORED!

(winces at own pun)

614. New Horizon - March 6, 2009

559. Paul – March 6, 2009
So far nothing I have seen or heard makes me believe this…

Then you are holding your eyes shut, and plugging your ears. The spirit is there, beneath all that is different. This latest trailer finally revealed it. You just have to open yourself to it and you’ll see it. You won’t see 60’s TOS, but you’ll see the spirit of Trek very much alive I think.

615. weerd1 - March 6, 2009

Hi Mr. Orci! So, will the Chain of Command transfer be logical in the film? It’s my last hold out nag in the back of my military mind…

616. John Ozdundar - March 6, 2009

Trailler is good, I liked it! I am hoping the film lives up and isn’t contrieved…

However I agree with many ppl here that it does see like it could be a trailer for any modern day sci-fi movie/michael bay flick…

BTW… did anyone notice the old-spock time travel ship in the trailer?

1:27 – 1:29 It looks like he sets a collision course w/ Nero’s ship. That is his ship isn’t it? Could they be setting up old-Spock for another heroic sacrifice ala TWOK?

Interesting twist if it is…

617. boborci - March 6, 2009


Most logical.

618. IBScott - March 6, 2009

Anyone else think there are way too many humans graduating in that Academy class? Where are the other Federation species? With such a big budget I expected at the very least to see one set of blue antenna and maybe a few pig faces. I count two aliens from a quick look, but both are species that I’ve never seen before. What gives?

619. weerd1 - March 6, 2009

617- Excellent, thanks!

Off topic, everyone- I love the fact we see the Enterprise acting like there’s no up in space. The scene where we as a view are “under” the “top” of the 1701 makes me a little giddy.

620. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#606—I think he meant that all fans are true fans.

621. AJ - March 6, 2009

I wonder if Spock gets that “Immunity Syndrome” psychic headrush when (if) Vulcan is destroyed.

Come to think of it, if he does, all the “StarWarsistas” will claim it’s a rip-off of Ben and Alderaan.

We were there first!

622. jim - March 6, 2009

I think i just creamed myself! Looks bloody brilliant.

623. lynise esprit - March 6, 2009

Best trailer I have ever seen…..FIRE EVERYTHING!!!!

624. AdmNaismith - March 6, 2009

This was an exciting trailer, but you can make an exciting trailer out of just about anything (The Shining as romantic comedy, anyone?). Trailer editing is the ultimate evolution of everything Eisenstein’s ever thought of doing with film.

My favorite moment was Uhura turning to Spock for what looked like badly needed comfort. It is the only thing so far that has given me any sense that all of these characters are people that know and rely on each other.

625. OtterVomit - March 6, 2009

Its a great trailer, no doubt.

This move though feels like an “elseworlds” tale – to coin a phrase from comic book lexicon. It seems completely disconnected from established TOS lore and thusfar I am struggling to connect the two.

I will watch it and enjoy the story as best I can, but I can’t understand why I am supposed to care about any of the characters in this timeline (save old Spock, who jumped from the Prime Timeline). To me, this is akin to making a movie about some adventure of the war-happy 1701-D crew from Yesterday’s Enterprise – interesting to a point, but ultimately why should I care and what bearing does it have on the Star Trek saga I have watched for the past 30 years?

Still, I will give it a chance.

626. Mike Ten - March 6, 2009

Saw Watchmen this morning in IMAX just outside Philadelphia in King of Prussia and the only trailer was for the new Harry Potter movie.
I was robbed, no Trek trailer!

627. Daniel Broadway - March 6, 2009

Fantastic Trailer. Bob, you guys should be proud.

628. Ian B - March 6, 2009


“I won’t see [Watchmen] because I did not read the comics from which it was adapted”

That’s a strange reason not to see a movie. Lots of movies are adapted from novels, and so on, and there’s no obligation to have read the novel first. I read Watchmen as it came out in the 1980s, but that means I’m kinda spoiled for the movie and wish I could see it without knowing the story.

You’re perhaps right that it may flop because it’s not a family movie or a date movie, but if so that tells us something rather disappointing about where movies are in our culture and time; that the only ones worth making will be those that can be watched by children, or that young men can take young women to in the hope of displaying their provider skills sufficiently to get laid.

629. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#621—“I wonder if Spock gets that “Immunity Syndrome” psychic headrush when (if) Vulcan is destroyed.

Come to think of it, if he does, all the “StarWarsistas” will claim it’s a rip-off of Ben and Alderaan.

We were there first!”


A couple of my favorite exchanges from that one:

Kirk: “Spock – you’re alive!”

Spock:”Obviously, captain; and I have some fascinating data on the organism.”

Spock: “Insufficient information…”

Kirk: “”Insufficient information” is not sufficient! You’re the science officer, you’re supposed to have sufficient information all the time!”

630. bmar - March 6, 2009

boborci –

Wonder if you might answer a question (although I have a sneaking suspicion you won’t answer as it would be telling) :)

On repeated viewings of the trailer, it seems that the line everyone is talking about “James T. Kirk was a great man…” is being delivered by Nero, but I’m thinking that it just doesn’t SOUND like him and the lips don’t match the line at the tail end.

Is this line actually delivered by Nero?

Anyone else think this might be a little trailer-editor magic?

631. Valar1 - March 6, 2009

Kirk’s dad appears to be wearing a TNG Season 1 uniform except all gray in color.

632. screaming satellite - March 6, 2009

$400 million domestic

$350m overseas

$750m total

just sayin

633. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - March 6, 2009

Awesome, just…awesome.

634. Montreal Paul - March 6, 2009

630. bmar

It IS nero saying that line.

635. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#628—“…that tells us something rather disappointing about where movies are in our culture and time; that the only ones worth making will be those that can be watched by children, or that young men can take young women to in the hope of displaying their provider skills sufficiently to get laid.”

I don’t think it tells us that at all—only that studios are rolling the dice with lesser odds when putting too much money into a project that might only appeal to a smaller demographic, which is obviously the case when more adult material affects the MPAA rating.

This is why massive-budget films usually aim for PG/PG-13 ratings. That’s just smart business.

But that hardly means that big-budget films are the only ones worth making. Not even close.

636. screaming satellite - March 6, 2009

Just noticed theres no ‘From the writers of MI 3 and Transformers’ or ‘From the director of MI 3’

that’s the kind of thing used to help sell a movie to audiences isn’t it? I realise it might be sort of different in star treks case but wonder if it was considered?

637. Michael Longstreet - March 6, 2009

Holy crap, this gave me chills. I was skeptical when I heard about the reboot and all this. I’ve been a fan my whole life (32 years) and I can’t remember the last time that something from Trek moved me as much as this 2 minute trailer did. I cannot wait for this film, and I will be there opening day. Even if the movie does mess with canon or they change things, I don’t really care. I will be entertained for the film as it is. Trek as we know it is over (since there will be no more TNG/DS9/VOY era films). This is a fantastic start to a new era in Trek and I hope others feel the same way. The music used in this trailer and the editing makes this one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. Thank you for keeping my hopes up J.J.

638. AJ - March 6, 2009



McCoy: “Shut up, Spock! We’re rescuing you!”

Spock: “Why thank you, CAPTAIN McCoy.”

Great exchange.

628: IanB:

I have read largely negative reviews of the film by critics whom I respect, so I will wait until it’s on HBO. “Watchmen” criticism is strictly divided into fans and non-fans. Great vs. Godawful. It’s been described as “excrement,” “a mess” and “irrelevant,” with poor acting and bad FX. I just don’t want to see it.

639. Montreal Paul - March 6, 2009

Anyone know who Kirk is bedding in the trailer? She isn’t green.

640. boborci - March 6, 2009

630. bmar – March 6, 2009


641. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#628—McCoy: “Vulcan dignity? How can I grant you what I don’t understand?”

Spock: “Then employ one of your own superstitions—wish me luck.”

Even if the plot wasn’t the best, that episode had some great ‘Big Three’ banter.

642. bmar - March 6, 2009

634 – Montreal Paul

Your “IS” seems quite confident. You have inside knowledge?

643. Ian B - March 6, 2009


I understand that. But science fiction films (of this type anyway) need big budgets for the eye candy. If those big budgets can only be supported by kiddies and necking teenagers, it doesn’t bode well for thoughtful adult science fiction in the cinema. If that’s the way the market is, well, that’s the way the market is. Bit of a pity, though.

644. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 6, 2009

#641 “Even if the plot wasn’t the best, that episode had some great ‘Big Three’ banter.”

Same can be said of … wait for it … Star Trek V.


645. Valar1 - March 6, 2009

Youtube has a slightly different verison of the trailer- in it Uhura asks Kirk in the captain chair “I hope you know what you are doing” He says “so do I”. Note- the HD version of that same trailer is the same as the official/Apple site version, but the low res version is the one with the extra uhura scene.

646. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#643—I’m not familiar with “Watchmen”, so I don’t presume to say this applies directly to that story… but I do not feel that subject matter which warrants an “R” rating is usually necessary for thoughtful storytelling—sci-fi or not. I find that, much of the time, such material is gratuitous.

647. AJ - March 6, 2009


And later, at the edge, Spock says to McCoy as a follow-up, “You should have wished me luck.”

I hope Bob and crew managed to cram in some good banter, at least a taste of what’s to come.

648. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#644—Not in my book!

“The Immunity Syndrome” had–IMO–an average quality plot. It was nowhere near the “turd” that is STV (wait for it…aka The Great Trek Turd Of ’89).


649. Admiral_BlackCat - March 6, 2009

You and Kurtzman would make excellent Borg drones. :P
That Kirk taking command was a nice, subtle yet powerful moment from the trailer and revealed alot for me about the character development ahead.
Also the brief Uhura/Spock hug. Spock looks confused and conflicted, like he wants to let his emotions out but knows logic must prevail. And Quinto looks to be an excellent Spock, especially if I can get the conflicted between emotion and logic vibe from a split second image.

650. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#647—And with all the promoted emphasis on Kirk and Spock, I hope that McCoy gets his due share of the pie!

651. RD - March 6, 2009

#637 – One of the most annoying things about this site is that very few seem to be objective. Most are polarized so that reboot=bad and further that this film is NOT a reboot (which=good). All I can do is roll my eyes.

This film IS A REBOOT. It looks DAMN GOOD. I have yet to see anything JJ ABRAMS produce turn out truly bad. “Fringe” is dreadful, but I enjoyed watching the pilot, i.e. it was not a waste of time.

So in summary, the producers LIED to us: it is a REBOOT. It is well cast, likely well written with super-high production values and canon or no, it will be a LOT OF FUN.

Whether you are a hard-core canon-observing fan or not, this film is worth a look. I actually think the producer’s made a HUGE MISTAKE by not being honest about it up-front. The fact is, this is NOT the Jim Kirk you all know and love, it’s not even the “right” universe. But in a way, isn’t that better? Nothing will ever replace William Shatner and company, so why try. This is as much a version of Trek as doing a spin-off series in the Mirror Universe … and who among the faithful would skip that experience? Not me, I would be mesmerized. Obviously, if Abrams and Paramount have screwed the pooch with this one, it will die quickly. We’ve already seen it with Enterprise, a dismal adherence to the underlying philosophies of the Trek franchise and it died quickly.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when it comes to CANON, let’s all agree on what is happening here. It’s a REBOOT and it’s worth a look and maybe it’ll work. But there’s no going back to 1966, or even 1991.

652. Jon - March 6, 2009

Hi Bob. I know you know your own work, but I love this trailer, I love nero more and more with every new word he utters. I grew so tired of one dimensional alien races, never seeming to waver from the single accepted archetype, thanks so much for busting that apart- and you know, bringing new aspects to the personalities of those we’re already familar with. I can’t accept the school of thought where people say ‘that character wouldnt say that, he wouldn’t do that!’- People aren’t one dimensional through their lives, just like every individual of a supposed empire shouldn’t be.

Bana’s Romulan seems so intense, and well played, we’ve been waiting so long for a decent villain, with a real story… he’s as far from the effeminate parisian model that was shinzon as we could wish.

Bring it on, I cannot wait to see this film, and this franchise re-ignited.

653. Jon - March 6, 2009

651- How can it be a reboot if the entire plot relies on events in the existing canon continuity? Yes, semantically it is in effect a reboot as the alternate universe created by the time travel will give a new canvas, but to say they LIED to us is just not true, orci has already explained quite clearly how this fits into and is driven by existing continuity.

654. mateo - March 6, 2009

lol…i literally almost started crying – and that’s not a typical thing for me to do

655. Chris Pike - March 6, 2009

617. boborci – March 6, 2009

l…….ogic, logic, logic……

656. oztrek - March 6, 2009

A great trailer… I’ve really enjoyed reading the the commenstwhich are overwhelmingly positive.

The music was majestic and powerful though perhaps a little out of context as the trailer really raced along and the music was certainly not doing that.

However when that music is playing in the right scene I reckon it will be goosebumps time.

Based on the little bit of dialogue we’ve heard from the all the trailers we’ve seen I reckon the right stuff is on the page.. it is a story around powerful characters, which is what made Trek so great. Based on the visuals there are momentous events combined with exciting action

Powerful characters, momentous events, great action, goosebumps music, & spectacular effects. How can this movie not be a hit?

657. AJ - March 6, 2009

I think “Watchmen” deserves some special treatment. It’s taken such a long time to get it on film that it’s now more of an ’80s Cold War period piece. It is for adults, and has many admiring, thoughtful and intelligent fans.

Since Superman (1978), superheroes on film have always been “good.” Let’s face it, we all idolized Superman, Spiderman and the others as we grew up, and I love sitting with my kids in front of the better hero films, and watching them totally believe in what’s happening on screen. The messages are timeless, make my kids smile, and give me a nostalgia kick.

I used to collect Marvel comics, and for me, it’s about seeing Stan Lee’s origin stories updated faithfully than swathing everything in “gritty” darkness and cynicism.

“Star Trek XI” seems to be a ‘feel good’ movie, and I think my kids will love it, as will I. And that’s important to me.

658. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#651—“…when it comes to CANON, let’s all agree on what is happening here. It’s a REBOOT.”

Why would we all agree that previous continuity is disregarded (the criteria for a “reboot”), when clearly that is not the case (since that very continuity is required to lead the story to this point)?

It still isn’t a reboot, and posting words in all caps will not change that.

“the producers LIED to us”


No—they did not. They told us that they would honor canon and that this was not a reboot.

They have honored canon (the possibility for the creation of an altered timeline within the Star Trek Universe due to interference with the past is initself canon), and previously established continuity is not only intact, but is essential to this story.

Have you no character at all? How is it that you feel so comfortable falsely accusing others of lying? You have done so repeatedly on this site.

659. aries127 - March 6, 2009

Hey Anthony,

Quenstion for you (if you read this far down). I’m trying to convince an old friend of mine (a fellow Trekker) that the experience of the trailers is worth it. He’s holding out for the full blown experience on May 8th.

I made the argument that the best Trek I’ve seen (The Inner Light, The Visitor, ST:VI) has always been better on the second or third viewing. So I’m open to all JJ has to offer en route to the big bang.

He’s compelled and is willing to watch them if I can tell him with some certainty that JJ has final cut approval on those trailers. Your word would provide that certainty… Do you know if JJ holds the veto pen on those traliers?

Thanks for all you do,

660. dalek - March 6, 2009

Awesome trailer.

BLOOPER ALERT: Anyone else notice the camera reflections when Kirk is looking at the Enterprise on his bike? To the left of the scene there are various camera distortions 33 seconds in. Hope ILM are going to remove them :)

We know the Kobiashi Maru test features Bob at the academy, is that a recurrent theme in the film, the no-win scenario?

661. JD Moores (you'll be sick of seeing my name in the e-mail and the url... I know I am LOL) - March 6, 2009

To those of you remembering Kirk’s past as a “bookworm,” you’re thinking of the first episode Shatner filmed, which had a different doctor and was about a crewmen Kirk knew a long time being given extra-sensory abilities. Kirk walks into sickbay to see him and he jokes that he used to have books under his arm all the time and that in Lt. Kirk’s class, “You either think or sink.”

I think I know why things are different here, just from a narrative perspective. It all has to do with Nero’s line, “James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life.” He means it literally – his ship doesn’t just attack the Enterprise, it attacks the Kelvin, which George Kirk captained for those 12 minutes Pike talked about and, unless I’m mistaken, George Kirk dies saving those 800 people. That’s probably what changes Kirk’s backstory and is in some way why he doesn’t enlist in Starfleet sooner. Old Spock was never the only time traveler – why do you think he goes back in time to begin with? Because he’s following Nero and I’m guessing his presence in the movie will be little more than damage control since he really couldn’t interfere too much.

All this makes me wonder if we’ll see Spock react in some way to seeing a different version of his past and the friends which probably died of old age hundred years before Spock goes back in time to save them. It’s not in the trailer and probably won’t be obvious in the movie (if even in existence as subtext), but it’s incredibly moving to me to think of Spock as a man that tried so hard to be the perfect Vulcan and keep his feelings in check, including feelings for friends, only to have lost everyoone he knew and loved just at the time he’s beginning to feel comfortable with his “human feelings.” He’s probably 200+ years old in this movie – as a logical being, since even Vulcans die, he could just let things change around him because he won’t live long enough to see the consequences. Instead, I’m betting this is a last ditch attempt to see his “family” one more time, even if it’s not the family he remembers.

662. Spock's Brain - March 6, 2009

660. dalek – March 6, 2009 BLOOPER ALERT: “Anyone else notice the camera reflections when Kirk is looking at the Enterprise on his bike? To the left of the scene there are various camera distortions 33 seconds in.”

I think you’re on to something….

663. Jon - March 6, 2009

660-apparently the camera distortions are there on purpose.

664. harris250 - March 6, 2009

My god!…can you imagine Uhura giving Spock a hug after the loss of the Intrepid? This is an essential difference in the sensibilities of these productions. Also, Spock and Bones have a great scene in sick bay after Spock has his attack on the bridge. I doubt this movie will have dialog like that. “Doctor, you talk about the objective hardness of the Vulcan heart”.

665. Spock's Brain - March 6, 2009

651. RD – March 6, 2009
“This film IS A REBOOT.”

No it is NOT. By mere definition of reboot or re-imagining. This is neither.

666. Elise - March 6, 2009

After the loss of his planet maybe.

667. dalek - March 6, 2009

#663 interesting perhaps someones behind him then!

668. weerd1 - March 6, 2009

664- Maybe Spock is unable to save Sarek and Amanda… that warrants a hug I think more than a ship full of stangers.

669. OtterVomit - March 6, 2009

Just like I enjoy thinking that all of the Next Gen movies are actually a result of Picard’ never really leaving the Nexus and his fantasies kept on playing out (The greatest Captain in Starfleet history dying at his feet, Getting a grand new battleship with no children, blowing away Borgs and killing their queen, saving planets, getting laid, fighting his own clones, etc) , I could also see this movie as Spock having gone into the Nexus intent on “saving James Kirk” and this is his strange fantasy playing out.

670. weerd1 - March 6, 2009

668…or strangers.

671. harris250 - March 6, 2009


A hug?! on the bridge?! ya I can see it now…Mr. Spock, you look like you need a hug.

I think I’m getting one of my head aches.

672. Admiral_BlackCat - March 6, 2009

666 Elise
Thank you, I was trying to determine when it would be appropriate for Uhura to give fellow officer Spock a hug. It was a toss up between Capt. Pikes death or the loss of his homeworld.

673. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#672—As long as it’s not in front of the Klingons!

674. Closettrekker - March 6, 2009

#673 was for you—Shatner_Fan_Prime!

675. harris250 - March 6, 2009

There is no excuse for giving a fellow officer a hug in what appears to be on the bridge and on duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What have we become…

I’m sure George Patton or Douglas MacAurther got hugs, I’m sure their subordinates got hugs…..

what have we become?

676. AJ - March 6, 2009

I imagine “James T. Kirk” was a great man..But that was another life!” is spoken either over hailing frequencies, or aloud once Nero realizes whom he’s up against.

677. AJ - March 6, 2009


Maybe the military has changed since the mid-20th century. Maybe Starfleet has random hug drills.

678. old - March 6, 2009

14. april coming folks !

679. harris250 - March 6, 2009

@667 LOL!

680. Zotz - March 6, 2009

Excellent trailer. Like some have noted, the “yeah, we do” clip of Kirk is probably spliced together of non-contiguous bits to suggest he will become captain in a moment of dire need.

Anyone notice the final clip of the Kelvin? IT’S MIRRORED (or backwards, some of you might say). I cannot see this would have been necessary.

681. TrekkieJan - March 6, 2009

I saw Watchmen in Imax in Knoxville last night and was really disappointed that they were only showing the old Star Trek trailer. It’s one of the reasons I made the .two hour .. er.. trek to Knoxville.

682. jim - March 6, 2009

Has anyone found out what the name of that track being played over the trailer is by Two steps from hell?

683. understudy - March 6, 2009

Looks like “The Life and Times of James T Kirk”

I am disappointed.

684. Blake Powers - March 6, 2009

Can someone tell me why i just saw watchman and there was no F****G trailer?? I swear to god i almost raised hell with management. Rave Motion Pictures in Little Rock, Ar For the LOSS!!!

685. Christine - March 6, 2009


I like when Spock gives Uhura a hug. Awww! :3 ♥ And his expression there made me laugh a little.

And Nero is FREAKIN’ EPIC. Greatest villian since Khan.. Or, uh, the Borg Queen. But Nero seems really, really awesome.


686. Open Maw Productions - March 6, 2009


Narratively, yes it is absolutely a reboot. From here on out they can do just about whatever they want in this new universe.

687. Jon - March 6, 2009

664 harris… there is a difference in scale between losing a ship of a few hundred crew and losing a planet of billions.

688. ClassicTrek - March 6, 2009

Absolutely breathtaking.

I had to fight back the tears when watching it. This is going to be MASSIVE. I havnt been this excited about a movie since Trek 6.

I notice that the writing on screen above says ‘where no MAN has gone before’. Thats the icing on the cake for me.


689. McCoy - March 6, 2009

I think perhaps the people that really are excited about this film have disavowed any need for it to fit with what came before. I can see a sci-fi fan excited about a new space action flick, with a new cast liking this (the effects are great; although the textures on the ships seem more like welded concrete panels than futuristic starship material).

I can also see how Trek fans would be excited about a new Trek film. However, this film ‘feels” like it moved forward in the timeline—not back to TOS.

690. pock speared - March 6, 2009

just so those of you who missed it can see uhura doubt young james (and i think a new shot of chekov with some different pacing) here’s the uk link again:

kirk’s “yeah we do” seems a bit out of sequence to me and i imagine the script builds that chair-taking moment considerably more than the trailer shows.

i’ll say it one more time; korctczi will not betray anyone, kids.
when the credits roll, “our” kirk will be sitting there.

691. P Technobabble - March 6, 2009

Call it re-boot, re-imaging, re-vamping, re-whatever, none of that matters… this looks like it’s gonna be a great film.
Nitpickers, naysayers, and critics will go on, even if the film turns out to be one of the biggest blockbusters of all time (and, as someone mentioned, the “buzz” for this movie right now is extremely high).
Obviously, the majority of fans posting here think this film is going to be something special. I also know fans and non-fans whom I’ve showed the trailers to, and everyone says, “That movie looks awesome.”
So, what more needs to be said beyond that?
Look, I’m not a big fan of the latter Star Wars films, but I never posted anything insulting toward Lucas & Co, nor anyone who liked those films. People that keep bashing JJ & Co, and this film, really piss me off. Sure, it’s a free country… too bad some people think that means they are free to be insulting…

692. ThePhaige - March 6, 2009

What an exiting time for Trek! The trailer was magnificent….

I saw it on the big screen and I was holding back all kinds of emotions. I would make a terrible Vulcan.

693. pock speared - March 6, 2009

also, uhura is not hugging spock in that scene, as that would confuse and outrage canonsuckers who imagine they own the franchise.

she is merely giving him a vulcan spinal-bowel adjustment as he is a bit constipated from scowling at the viewscreen all day.

694. Adam E - March 6, 2009

Does anyone else have the website open in a background window/tab just to listen to the music while doing something else on the computer?

695. John from Cincinnati - March 6, 2009

This movie is not about the “haters” vs. “the Kool-Aid drinkers”

Get over yourselves.

Your self-importance outweighs reality.

If this movie succeeds, then all Trekkers will be winners.

696. COMMANDER KEEN - March 6, 2009


Here’s a vote for ILM!

697. The Invader (In Color!) - March 6, 2009

Best Trek trailer ever!

I’ll be there opening day…IMAX.

698. Christine - March 6, 2009

#693 :: Hahahaha! Oh, man. xD Come on, even the most pure of the TOS purists couldn’t have helped but smiled at that. Watching TOS, I start giggling like a 12-year-old (er, well, that’d only be 4 years younger than me) whenever the /slightest/ emotion would cross Nimoy’s face on the screen. And believe me, I can recognize ’em.

#694 :: YES. MOST EPIC MUSIC EVER. I should record it and put it on my MP3 player. Just so I can hear it… over and over and over… 8D

#695 :: Uhm… Exactly what do you mean by that? O.o My undersized brain is unable to comprehend.

699. robwill80 - March 6, 2009

# 682

I posted it earlier on (# 549). It’s called “Freedom Fighters”.

700. Shawn - March 6, 2009

Somebody ANYBODY upload the song from the trailer!!

Sorry Two Steps From Hell but it’s just too damn good!

It’s like crack…I needs it…the precioussssss……………..

701. Check The Circuit - March 6, 2009

Seven hundred and FIRST! Great trailer!

702. Xplodin_Nacelle - March 6, 2009

This looks awesome!

703. Jamie - March 6, 2009


I really have no idea why everyone is going so mad on this trailer.

What exactly does it show us that the other trailers didn’t? It’s basically just the same scenes we’ve already seen with a few little extra tidbits here and there.

Don’t get me wrong, I have thought all along that this film is going to be great. I just don’t see why this trailer has been so much better received than the last one, when it doesn’t really show us much more.

It might not help that I can’t see it in good quality. The official website is a load of total rubbish and simply does not work for me, nor does the apple site. Yet again, I have to go to YouTube to see it, so I have a tiny low resolution video that keeps stopping and starting while it loads.

I might have had a better impression of this trailer if I could actually watch it, but for all the money Paramount have spent promoting this film they have clearly forgotten about the website. Apparently it was designed by monkeys who tested it on their own machine then went home.

704. Ensign Jack - March 6, 2009

I think James Cawley’s Great. But Pine is too, Jim Kirk wasn’t about being conservative. He was about taking risks, to blazes with the consequences.

HEY think about this, what if they’re on a training cruise and pick up a distress call? That would explain why kirk could take command so easily. Pike is dead/captured, Spock is too. No one wants to take command cause they’re all Cadets. So Kirk does and scotty let’s him cause of what spock prime told him.

705. Christine - March 6, 2009

#703, Jamie :: I think it’s because this trailer not only shows Vulcan going KA-BOOM (HOLY —-!!) but also a look into how these characters are going to be. And let me tell you, there was something really epic in how (A) Kirk sat down in that captain’ chair and (B) Nero screaming, “FIRE EVERYTHING!!!!” at the top of his lungs. For a moment, I thought Ricardo Montalban had risen from the grave and taken over that actor’s soul. xD

Ugh! I’m searching everywhere for a download of that song… “Freedom Fighters”. GAH. D: I can’t find it!

706. Elise - March 6, 2009

Could be for Vulcan and Pike, but I’d rather that both survive. We know a planet implodes at least.

707. ML31 - March 6, 2009

Is it just me, or does Kirk’s 23rd century motorcycle sound like it uses the same motor that powers the Jetson’s flying car?

708. mntrekfan - March 6, 2009

The trailer was incredible! I almost had tears in my eyes! lol! The scene of Vulcan imploding is pretty thrilling. I can’t waito see this on the big screen. Now, if I can get thru these next 2 months…Warp speed… now!

709. OM - March 6, 2009


…700+ responses.

…And Dom isn’t even involved in a banal flame war in the middle of it all?

Definitely something wrong with the universe today, kids….:-P

710. GR - March 6, 2009

Beautiful, you make us feel proud to be Star Trek fans JJ and Team!

Star Trek is Back!!!

I hope Stuart Bird lol is taking notes.

How are they gonna top this one with part 2?
Who would you like to see as the villain in the next one? Klingons? Khan??

711. CMX54 - March 6, 2009


“I gotta agree with the minority here, this does not feel like Star Trek. I too am getting that creeping Phantom Menace vibe with this trailer. It had the Star Wars stamp but not the intangible, the magic that made it more than the sum of its parts. … This is the New Coke of Star Trek.”

My sentiments also, #204.

712. OM - March 6, 2009

“I really have no idea why everyone is going so mad on this trailer.”


713. SpocksINNERconflict - March 6, 2009


” However, this film ‘feels” like it moved forward in the timeline—not back to TOS.”

There is an important “narrative” reason for this. The filmmakers didn’t just change the style arbitrarily or because of their taste (like Tim burtons Batman, which could make a close comparison since, aside from the ongoing comics, it was the first motion-picture-medium change since the old tv show)

Consider, you may have to concede that, as of right now, you just don’t know yet how it “fits in” to what came before.

It’s not about not caring.
I know hard core Trekkers like to see star trek cannon as future history, but it is just FICTION. That the 23rd century looked like it did was a CREATIVE decision, made by a few people. The filmmakers could have just radically changed everything and faned ignorance or ambivalence about it. Instead they wondered “What if?”, which is in the great Trek tradition.

714. SpocksINNERconflict - March 6, 2009







715. OneBuckFilms - March 6, 2009

603 – Sorry if I came off as being overly critical, I just wanted a clarification on your Spock suspicions.

On Nimoy’s role being an extended cameo, you may essentially be correct, however it has already been stated that his role is pivotal to the story.

It has been stated that the movie would not work without his involvement, and I believe this for multiple reasons.

I guess we can agree to disagree as to what we see, but the Teaser trailer suggests that the spirit of Star Trek is intact.

Neither of us can say for sure without seeing the movie for ourselves, and we may still disagree on our opinions of it :-)

703 – Actually, most of the trailer uses different shots that the previous trailers from what I can see.

And the new material looks great.

Also, your inability to play the QuickTime videos tells me something on your system is outdated or incorrectly installed, since most people who view the site can see all of the trailers fine.

Perhaps if we knew exactly what you see when you vitsit the site, it might shed light on exactly why you cannot see the video in a satisvactory way?

716. Kev-1 - March 6, 2009

Urban looks pretty good. Nice effects. Nero registers. Greenwood too. Not sure about the rest but can’t judge without seeing more.

717. Chris Basken - March 6, 2009

re: It being a reboot. It is.

Just because they explain the mechanism behind the reboot doesn’t mean it’s not a reboot.

718. Trek Fan - March 6, 2009

I was one of the many who were skeptical of this “re-imagining”, but after seeing this preview I am ready to plunk down the cash for two movie tickets.

I am hopeful that this movie will live up to the expectations of the new trailer.

719. Alec - March 6, 2009

I must have watched the trailer 10 times now. I can’t get enough! This is, in my opinion, by far the best trailer of all the Star Trek films; in fact, I can’t remember a better trailer for ANY film. Amazing.

720. SpocksINNERconflict - March 6, 2009

Reboot is a buzz word. I think it’s a bit dangerous to default to these superficial noun/verbs every time something may fit the definition. It just seems too much like making something fit into a box.

It’s a new Star Trek movie that takes place in more than one time period AND time line.

721. fred - March 6, 2009

If the music playing on the site is a track from the score, I sincerely hope it’s just a track from some odd scene and not indicative of the theme. It’s quite forgettable in that respect. Hopefully the actual main theme will be a knockout with some elements of the series I’m very hopeful/

722. Hawaiowa - March 6, 2009

Okay, I’ll throw in my two cents…and a stew of stuff…

Nero: “Kirk was a great man, but that was another life…” is the key to this movie.

TOS was a great series, but that was another life. What I hear is “this isn’t 1967, this is 2009.” TOS and ’67 was a whole lifetime ago, in terms of world culture. We’re fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, not Vietnam. The top entertainers aren’t Hendrix, the Beat-less, Stones, J.Airplane, etc. Trek-tech is already an emerging reality. Our beloved TOS cast was great and is deservedly immortalized, but that was two generations ago. Move it or lose it, because times have changed. So what is this movie?

This is a translation.

It is a translation of the Trek ethos, directed towards the 2009 cultural paradigm. It *has* to be thus, because it is being introduced to a society that thrives on illegality, mean-spiritedness, avarice and usury (the true cause of the econ meltdown) and getting loaded (gray economy being the largest employer in the US). Negativity, antiheroes and hypersexuality have become the entertainment staples, (remember Bakula’s speech about Baywatch?) Unfortunately, that TOS era’s ‘hippie innocence’ and “introspection” no longer fits the times. Trek is dead…long live Trek.

In a sense, I heard these same arguments 20 yrs ago with TNG: “It doesn’t follow canon, the cast will suck compared with the TOS cast, blah blah woof woof.” A new generation had taken the Trek ethos and placed it within the Duran Duranish 1980s. It wouldn’t have held the same meaning if it was simply a rehash of TOS. It was different. But what was really cool about TNG was the fact that it confirmed that Trek had become deeply-embedded enough in the world superconscious to be rendered transcend the cast and the creators. I daresay that Trek is as entrenched in US culture as Batman, Basketball and Bowling. It had..and has become a genre with an almost religious significance to it’s audience. Wanna know why so many of us cried during this trailer?

It’s the Trek spirit.

That spirit has clearly been reborn in this translation; this movie isn’t cyborg, but is an avatar. In the case of James Bond, to take an example, four or five actors have performed the role, but James Bond isn’t any one of the actors, or the movies, or the artists that create the movies. Bond is culturally explicit within each era, but Bond also transcends the eras by being translatable. If you were to watch, say the 1940s Batman serials alongside the DK movie, you would probably have a difficult time finding a concordance between the ‘message’ and the entertainment value. So is this new movie off-message in terms of conveying the spirit of Trek?

I’d argue that it is firmly on-message. This isn’t a mere “Elvis Impersonator’ treatment of the TOS. They could have done that, but it would have been a Austin Powers approach that would be a mockery to itself (pseudo Trek, like AP was pseudo 60s). So instead of impersonation, this generation’s creators of cinema decided upon translation. Win7 is visually stunning compared to Win 2.1…but both are the same as they rely on a windowed GI. This Trek accords that balance with it’s new look, new style in cinematic presentation, new dynamics between characters, and more. But it’s the same essence, only evolved. So much for being static and wishing “gee, I want everything to never change.” This movie doesn’t fulfill…or is intended to fulfill…that obligesse.

How does Trek ‘read’ in this new movie? The difference between the Wiley translation of the Genji Monogatari and the Seidensticker and Tyler translations are significant, but in the end, each tells the same story. Reading it in the original Japanese renders a beauty that is lost in translation. Those who don’t know Japanese will never get to enjoy the poetry in quite the same way. The Trek franchise in 2009 is faced with the same dilemma: there are a lot of people who aren’t able to ‘read’ Trek because they don’t know the language. As a result, they get mired in buzzwords like ‘canon’ and ‘reboot’, and fail to balance the path and take their courage. Move outside fandom to the general public audience who aren’t fanboys and fangirls, and the translation problem becomes even more sticky.

So they need an epiphany to be converted and catch the Trek vibe.

What is really amazing for all you Trekkies (yah, you folks who watched TOS in the 60s) is that we’ve lived long enough to see yet another reiteration of Trek…and it has improbably come full circle back to the TOS mythos. What an amazing 40+ years that journey has been! Of course, Trek today has to be viewed through the lens of StarWars/Babylon 5/Stargate/Farscape/BSG II/etc. So how much has changed?

Everything and nothing.

This movie, based on the the first 3 minutes we’ve seen (remember, the movie starts with the first trailer, so we’ve already been engaged in the process of watching it) is replete with TOS imagery, concepts and such…as best as it can be delivered within the rubric of 2009 culture. What is readily apparent is that Abrams, Orci et. al. have tried really hard to be faithful to the original in their ‘translation’.

Star Trek was…and is…one of the greatest Sci-Fi phenomenons ever. Period. Star Wars and X-Files don’t even come close. You cannot remake history. We, the fans, wouldn’t let Trek die. Remember that? That kind of devotion is a tribute to Trek’s greatness; people saw Star Wars 70 times when it came out, but people who saw Star Trek on NBC wrote 70 letters to keep it on the air. That’s the difference.

Given that difference, does this movie deliver the goods? This movie is like the stimulus package/Recovery Act, only geared towards Trek. It’s big, bold and risky…because it has to be. Let’s be honest…Trek has been in a dry spell for a few years now. All that aside, my heart tells me that they got it right this time, and I know that a lot of you (but not all) will agree with me on this.

My prediction: this movie is gonna kick ass at the box office, re-energize Trek fandom, and introduce yet another generation to the Trek spirit that bonds so many of us. Let’s welcome them, and praise ourselves for our steadfastness through the thick and thin of Trek.

A sleeping giant is gonna awaken!

723. 221b - March 6, 2009

Definitely agreeing with people above that the music on the official site is by Michael Giacchino. I’m loving it. Can’t wait till the whole thing is available.

724. Cody - March 6, 2009

Why is he on his knees on the captains chair?

725. Hat Rick - March 6, 2009

Thanks to everyone for their replies/comments relating to my post 167.

I respect everyone’s opinions about whether this is truly Star Trek, but my own is founded on the idea of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations — yes, something of a marketing ploy originally, but also something that grew into something more.

At a minimum, if anything, IDIC means that you should give the benefit of the doubt, whenever there is any dispute, to those who would in good faith carry out a vision similar to yours. It is this vision that convinces me that this movie is, in fact, Star Trek. The vision is clearly the same as Roddenberry’s.

Roddenberry believed in a better future — not necessarily a utopian one. His original Star Trek was full of people with foibles (remember Matt Decker?) who were put in situations that tested them to the limits. Sometimes those limits got the better of them. Despite this, the future was optimistic, and the concept of humanity he espoused was one in which petty differences based on superficial differences were completely eliminated.

We see in this new movie a very similar construct. The (beta?) future seen here is not perfect, either, but it’s clearly better than the present. Technology has improved vastly from today, and equally importantly, it appears that differences between groups have been eliminated, just as in the original Trek. We see, as well, the the personal trajectory of our favorite characters is onward and upward: Kirk, now a rebel with a cause, rises to the challenge. Spock grapples with his emotions and, presumably, conquers them for the greater good. We see that Starfleet officers are still noble, that they still sacrifice even themselves for their cause.

In fact, it is difficult for me to point to any significant differences philosophically and literarily between the original Trek and what I have gleaned about the new movie.

That being so, while I respect the opinions of those who differ, I must come to the conclusion, as follows:


(And how could it be otherwise?)

726. CaptNeo - March 6, 2009

I think I have found a new starfleet ship in the debris field: U.S.S. Mayflower (from looking closely at the wreckage markings at the end of the trailer)

the cut scenes between Uhura and Kirk can be seen in the German cut of the Trailer at,vv=P5.html

The transcript is pretty the same as posted by 325.

Great Trailer by the way.

727. TOY - March 6, 2009

My, how things have changed since the first rumors of academy trek to now. Some many positive responses. In the early days I couldn’t imagine the originals being replaced, or another trek movie being made to barely moderate takings. But somehow, we get this mega budget spectacle, a real chance for Trek to not be like just any other sci-fi film but stand up against them very boldly. I can see now that the TOS crew are not being replaced, it’s because of what they did in launching trek decades ago they deserve totally to take us aboard the Enterprise again and be shown to old fans and what crew better to welcome in the new. Oh and seriously pause the shots of the Enterise in the new trailer..amazing, she has returned, and for anyone’s opinion, for which we are all entitled, nothing will stop the fact this is it, it will be at the cinema, and I so hope it will deliver.

728. Hawaiowa - March 6, 2009

725: What you wrote was beautifully stated, and faithful to the IDIC and Trek. Indeed, TREK LIVES!

729. jiat2001 - March 6, 2009


730. pock speared - March 6, 2009

If this is a reboot, then so was TMP.

731. TOY - March 6, 2009

Hmm, Enterise is not a new ship, apologies for the omission of key letters.

732. The Galactic Battleburger - March 6, 2009

Am I the only one who thinks the music sounds awfully similar to that from “the Dark Knight”?

733. jiat2001 - March 6, 2009

What music did they use for the third trailer? That was beautiful and strong.

734. JeFF - March 6, 2009

Finally…. it’s back. That feeling… it’s actually back. It’s like I came home after 10 years away.

My Trek is back!

735. Jay El Jay - March 6, 2009

He [Kirks dad] is not kneeling on the Captains chair, he is being flung off it and that shot is of him in mid air, COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!

As I’ve mentioned above there is nothing wrong with us seeing Kirk take command, as explained above, Spock is not fit to command, his emotions are all over the place, especially after an attack on his homeworld, so he cant be in command, Pike isnt there, maybe he’s dead or MIA…. Who’s left?? Cadets and Scotty (Scotty being at least a Lt at this stage) Kirk is a born leader, he has shown his talents with the KM test and is the most charismatic person available. Scotty and Kirk (when on the Ice planet) have spoken to Spock-prime who has informed Kirk and Scotty that Kirk must “piss Spock off” to take command, thats why Scotty lets Kirk take the chair, thats why Kirk is in command…. its canon and its logical.

Why put a load of cadets on the Enterprise??? hmm let me think…

a) The Enterprise hasnt finished being re-fitted or retrofitted yet so cant assit the rest of the fleet in an attack against Nero therefore there are no officers left to be on board, with the exception of Pike and Spock


b) TWOK??…. Red squad anyone??…. Nog??? Cadets do have their place and are often called upon in times of grave need, DS9 showed this alot!!

There are no issues with anything shown in the trailer, it is tighter than a Scots wallet!! (no offence)


Jay :) (UK)

736. Blowback - March 6, 2009

#732 – Yes! I loved the music of The Dark Knight and this has much of the same texture…. Excellent…

Trek Lives! And I am happy to be here for the rebirth!

737. SChaos1701 - March 6, 2009

You know something McCoy. I am sick and tired of you constantly posting negative crap here. If you hate the move so much, here’s an idea…..STOP READING AND POSTING HERE! Better yet, if you think you can do soooooo much better, why don’t you write us a script for a new movie. Hell, just write a premise and see if people here would actually watch a movie based on it instead of the new film. Then maybe, just maybe you can be justified in what you say. If you can’t….then stop talking crap. I’m not the only one that feels this way. I’m just the only one that will call you out on it.

738. John from Cincinnati - March 6, 2009

Hey Bob Orci-

Any chance of getting a U.S.S. Cincinnati in the next film?

739. rag451 - March 6, 2009

#62 – I noticed the same thing when I watched it. That would be interesting… sad… but interesting.

I’m still excited about the movie. A few times I’ve coiled back a little and thought, “Eh, I’ll keep the ’60s so-called “corny” version,” but I can’t help but like what I’m seeing.

740. Marco - March 6, 2009

#162 – I think it is Earth also. If you watch the preview carefully (i.e., quicktime frame by frame) you can see Nero firing on San Fran right before the shot of the planet dissolving.

Also, there is a tiny blue hallow on the planet’s edge that is being wiped away by the dissolve effect.

741. Blowback - March 6, 2009

I can’t stop watching the trailer…. Amazing….

742. SChaos1701 - March 6, 2009


Same here. :-D

743. Saavik001 - March 6, 2009

What a great trailer. I can’t wait to see this in IMAX. Even my parents are excited about this movie now after seeing this trailer. I hope Vulcan isn’t destroyed though.

744. Tarrax - March 6, 2009

Bob, it would appear you, JJ & the crew have truly created all that the spirit of Trek means to me. Thank you.

I decided to bite my tongue & go check the comments on AICN (even though I personally hate the site). I have now witnessed the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on that site. Almost every comment is praise. :O

745. Sam Sandoval - March 6, 2009

Just change the Enterprise and you just might have a hit.

746. Wil - March 6, 2009

YO! anyone remember the Nemesis trailer? Yah: I do. It was pretty sweet!
Not saying this will be bad, I believe–just saying.

747. Rainbucket - March 6, 2009

Down here in the 740’s, where no one will ever see it, I will post my crackpot theory about the film based on the trailer.

In the panning shot of Starfleet cadets, we see Uhura, Chekov, McCoy and Sulu all side by side. Does this imply they all graduated together?

Granted, they don’t have to all be the same age. We’ve already established that Kirk’s enlisting at 25. If Chekov was a prodigy and enlisted at 16, that gives Kirk nine years.

But! Here’s my theory to explain Chekov being older than he was in TOS. Maybe, in the altered timeline caused by Nero, Chekov was BORN EARLIER. Perhaps his parents were Kelvin survivors, and its destruction motivated them to have children sooner rather than later. The result, Chekov is now closer to Kirk’s age.

We’ll see if I’m right!

748. Jon G - March 6, 2009

Holy Shit… Awesome trailer! Is it just me, or is Capt. Pike the coolest character of all time in this movie?

749. USS TRINOMA - NCC-0278 - March 6, 2009

This is the MOTHER of all Star Trek trailers!!!! This franchise resurrection will be greater than the resurrection of the Superman and Batman franchises combined!!!!


750. AJ - March 6, 2009


Jon G.

Captain Pike IS the coolest

751. Chris Dawson - March 6, 2009

I like it! I think it was the trailer editing and the music, which I see here is not necessarily from the movie.

But I’m liking and accepting this movie very much now that I have read the first two comics . . . . .

It doesn’t seem to be the reboot in terms of throwing everything else out, which I can accept . . . .

watched it over and over and over . . . .

752. AJ - March 6, 2009

I’ve never seen a trailer reviewed by a major paper before, but here is the NY POST:

753. Adam E - March 6, 2009

748. JON G
I think Capt. Pike is going to be awesome in this. I love how we see him in Gold in the Captain’s chair in the previous trailer.

754. PATRAVISETRA - March 6, 2009

What is the smoky thing behind the Narada?

755. TrekFan79 - March 6, 2009

RE: Message #55

Are you truly that ungrateful for all Mr. Cawley has done to keep Trek alive, as per Roddenberry’s original vision? Are you that lacking in maturity and understanding, that you feel the need to put someone down so publicly? Think about how you would feel, if you put your heart and soul into something, only to be denigrated in such a way. Walk a mile in his shoes, before you come out with something that juvenile again.

756. TrekFan79 - March 6, 2009

Now, back on the (hopefully) more lighthearted topic of this site… I am truly intrigued by the soundtrack, and certainly look forward to seeing the new movie in its entirety. :-)

757. KJTrek - March 6, 2009

HOLY SH*T – Why didn’t JJ Abrams release this right away?????????

Although I still remain a bit detached from this movie because I don’t think it will be “Star Trek as we know it” I am now very excited that we will get an amazing cinematic experience, and I am definitely getting opening-night seats!!!!!!

758. VOODOO - March 6, 2009

Trek Fan #755

I agree 100% about the passion James Cawley has brought to “Star Trek”. Mr. Cawley’s episode with George Takei was as good as any Star Trek of the last ten years.

759. S. John Ross - March 6, 2009

#757: That’s where I’m heading too, I think … being able to (at last) look forward to the possibilities of this as a fun summer sci-fi action romp made to (hopefully) a high standard of quality, and if it happens to be kinda-sorta related distantly to a cousin of somebody that knew a guy that sat next to Star Trek on a train once, then that’s a bonus.

Either way, I’m just happy to finally have a trailer I can enjoy and feel good about.

760. NoRez - March 6, 2009

That is a GREAT trailer, and I’m really hoping someone out there can cut a version that has TOS music swapped in…. I really want to hear the fighting music over some of that, lol.
da-da DAH DAH DAH, DAH da da da da….. More brass and fluttering flutes, less Omen-meets-Eps1-3 choir stuff.

761. boborci - March 6, 2009

432. I’m dead Jim – March 6, 2009
“JJ, are you going to be home this weekend so I can come over and watch your Star Trek movie? I just can’t wait any longer. I’ll check with Bob if I don’t hear back from you.”

Matinee ok with you?

762. Rick - March 6, 2009

Stunning trailer! And wow the music is GREAT!

763. Pat Payne - March 6, 2009


Sorry for shouting, but this trailer is so made of awesome that I don;t care about canon quibbles. The movie looks like it’s gonna rock, no matter hat universe it’s set in ;)

764. Thorny - March 6, 2009

Count me as loving the new trailer. The music is a little too “Lord of the Rings”, but I like it.

765. matt - March 6, 2009

Un-freaking-believable! It’s gonna be a long two months – ugh!
I’m totally diggin’ the throttle control stick on the helm – much like the one from STTMP.
This’ll be the Star Trek flick to end all debate about which one rules – Star Trek or Star Wars.

766. Jeyl - March 6, 2009

#765: This’ll be the Star Trek flick to end all debate about which one rules – Star Trek or Star Wars.

And with their last film being a ‘going nowhere’ Clone Wars episode, it’ll be like raptors on goats.

767. Jefferies Tuber - March 6, 2009

Bob, I think you and Alex have pulled off some serious Kung Fu with this movie. You’ve taken the liabilities of this project and turned them into something that bonds the audience to the character.

These actors can’t be Shatner and Nimoy etc, just as these characters literally aren’t the same people that Kirk and Spock were in the first timeline. The nature/nurture argument is perhaps the greatest philosophical and scientific question of our emerging genetic future, so it’s a fitting theme for our new heroes.

768. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 6, 2009

Does anyone else notice how Bones seems to be protesting when Kirk sits in the Captain’s chair? His voice can’t be heard, but watch his face and mouth. He looks like he is grinching about something in classic Bones style.

I’ve now watched this thing probably 25 times or so.

It still moves me. Especially when:

Captain Pike tells James Kirk that his father died saving 800 lives, including James Kirk’s, and then he challenges him to do better; enlist in Starfleet. That was pretty freaking powerful to me.

When Nero says, “James T. Kirk was a great man….but that was another life.” That put a lump in my throat.

And then when George Kirk is shown dying or being launched from the Captain’s chair, that got me really good, especially when taken in the context of Pike’s words to James Kirk.

Star Trek Lives!

769. Matt - March 6, 2009

I like Sulu’s reaction when Kirk sits in the chair … your kidding right … your not gonna let him get away with this.

770. JD Moores (you'll be sick of seeing my name in the e-mail and the url... I know I am LOL) - March 6, 2009

Am I seeing things or did the small ship we already know to be Spock’s time travel ship fly straight into Nero’s ship and explode? Death of Spock… Again.

771. Chingatchkook - March 6, 2009

So I just woke up from a nap on the couch and decided to check in with Wow, if there ever was a definition for “visual caffeine”, this is it. Incredible trailer, I am just amazed! May can’t come soon enough.

772. Robert Saint John - March 6, 2009

#498. KeepingScore: “The music is from the Children of Dune soundtrack, like the last trailer.”

I don’t think so. I have that soundtrack, and the track that’s in this trailer is not on that CD. Yes, the second trailer definitely used “War Begins” from CoD, but I don’t know where this track is from. Are you saying that it was in the miniseries, but not on the CD? Or perhaps you’re thinking of another Tyler score (because, yes, it totally sounds like Tyler’s work)?

773. Fansince9 - March 6, 2009

771: 63 days away, and counting (impatiently). :)

774. Open Maw Productions - March 6, 2009


…It’s a reboot. That’s what they did here. No amount of twisting or turning is going to change that.

Whether it’s the right choice or not is what most people are debating now. I don’t have a problem with the idea. We’ll have to see how the nuances of it all play out in the film.

775. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 6, 2009

Beep Beep Beep Beep

776. wilj - March 6, 2009

#587 “583, could you please point out the episodes in which every character announces their date of birth, thanks.”

Star Trek Timeline
Early to mid 23rd CENTURY (prior to Classic Trek)

777. Iso - March 6, 2009

Whoa, if the music is indeed from “Legend” then that means it was composed by Jerry Goldsmith! That would be very fitting!

778. The Quickening - March 6, 2009

Can anyone who follows this movie religiously tell me if other than space battles, there are anymore action set pieces in the film besides the drilling platform sequence? Space battles are pretty banal to me and I’m beginning to agree with some of the criticism a month ago from a few journalist who suggested that the drilling platform set up seems to be all this movie has to offer in the action arena. I vaguely remember reading something about a phaser gun battle, but that’s about it.

779. AJ - March 6, 2009

I will take a guess and say that Kirk and Sulu dive off the drilling platform together in order to be beamed out before the thing activates.

Not sure if their Rommie friends get out.

780. Cajuntrekker - March 6, 2009

I’m so glad most of you love this but for the others your missing the point we all know how kirk becomes the man he is a book worm, excel in star fleet, pass the no win scenario test and become captain in record time! Now that that and turn it around like what nero did, kirks like is now not so straight forward, he is a trouble maker as a kid, always getting into fights, does poorly in school so does he become the captain we all know and love YES that’s what this movie is doing so yes canon is being messed up for a reason. This movie will rock so go see it OK!

781. The Quickening - March 6, 2009


Roger Ebert gave WATCHMEN a good review, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your POV.

782. Cajuntrekker - March 6, 2009

Oh and for those who say Trek is dead..To me it’s not dead not while I’m still alive Trek will always be alive it’s alive in each and everyone of us on this board even the ones who say Trek is dead no my friend it’s alive in you because you won’t let it die just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

783. fred - March 6, 2009

Anyone know where the trailer can be saved and downloaded? I want to watch in on my tv but all I’ve found online are enbedded videos.

784. AJ - March 6, 2009


I like Ebert.

I like the fact that he wants to see it again.

785. lostrod - March 6, 2009



786. SChaos1701 - March 6, 2009


Even in TOS, Kirk said that he was a trouble maker when he was younger.

787. bender - March 6, 2009

so what we have here is a piece of fiction where a villain by the name of Nero decides to take a ‘bathroom break’ on the ‘wagon train to the stars’ and our hero James T Kirk is the only one who can repair the damage..

it sounds like a good Trek Story to me

788. Robert Saint John - March 6, 2009

Guys, the music is not from the movie “Legend” (either of the soundtracks). It’s from a stock/library music collection called “Legend” by Two Steps from Hell.

So, not from the movie, not Michael G. :( And, sadly, not something we can buy.

789. lostrod - March 6, 2009

The thing about trailers …

You can’t trust them. :)

I mean, you might get the impression from the trailer that whatever planet is the subject of “the laser drill” is then destroyed. You see the drill aiming down and then the planet imploding.

However, it appears the drilling scene is above San Francisco. So is the planet imploding Earth?

Just a cautionary note that marketing is moving scenes all over the place for the purpose of creating a visual look, not necessarily an acurrate depiction of the film itself. :)

Pardon me, but I’m a little giddy watching the live streaming video of the launch of the Kepler space telescope. This space mission has the potential of proving if Star Trek’s vision of a Federation is even possible.

Love this site and all who visit. Even if I disagree with them sometimes …

790. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 6, 2009

So where is the UK version now?

When clicking on the embed on this page, it’s the same trailer that I’ve been seeing, with no exchange between Kirk and Uhura except for her sexy smile when Kirk salutes her on what appears to be a shuttle of some type.

791. elmachocombo - March 6, 2009

It’s been…Ooh, yeah! 24 hours…Uhh, huhh! And I’m still dancin’! Woo-hoo! Can’t wait!

792. jiat2001 - March 6, 2009

#788: I’ve been to that page myself but what I don’t understand is that according to the site, they wrote and composed the music for the second STAR TREK trailer but most of the people know that it was actually written and composed by Brian Tyler for the CHILDREN OF DUNE mini series. Confusing, isn’t it.

793. Dennis Bailey - March 6, 2009

#568:”Selor, The naysayers here are true fans, and prefer to be in the company of other true fans”

As opposed to the company of grown-ups. Understood. :-)

794. The Gary - March 6, 2009

793 – por el pecho, or by the chest!

good one!

795. Jefferies Tuber - March 6, 2009

789. lostrod

Are you paying attention? Per Countdown, Romulus is destroyed by a Supernova. Vulcan is destroyed by Nero. Earth is at least targeted and the weapon engaged.

The trailer features the Enterprise coming upon a Starfleet debris field and a saucer much larger than a single ship–like the Starbase we saw in earlier footage.

796. Shat Hands - March 6, 2009

I am loving Nero in that!!

797. Smitty™ - March 6, 2009

Oh the true fan card has been played!

What does that make those excited and enthused about the movie? Faux fans? Fair weather fans?

Oh wait I know STINO fans!

Btw has that term yet entered the lexicon? It’s gotta happen sooner or later.


798. Daniel Rodgers - March 6, 2009

Just my opinion but i have no doubt of the greatness of this movie. What concerns me is will it be a good Star Trek movie. The movie itself has given me little *next to none* reason to be skeptical. Abrams on the other hand has given me many reasons to stop and think about the validity of this as a Star Trek movie.

799. Garovorkin - March 6, 2009

Simply marvelous, Looks Like Abrams may have pulled it off.

800. Can't Wait for May 8th 2009 - March 6, 2009

I don’t think this has been posted yet with the over 700 post on here right now. But the music is from 2 Steps from Hell
I have probably watched this trailer at least 50 times today and still gets me everytime!

801. brady - March 6, 2009

#747…MY God man you’ve Done it…you’ve broken the STAR TREK CODE! Nero somehow does something that causes every being in the galaxy to have sex prematurely thereby having the wrong sperm/egg combination which explains why NOONE looks like they did in TOS. BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ;)

802. Valar1 - March 6, 2009


you asked how to save a copy of the trailer- download Itunes from, go through Itunes to the Apple movie trailers page, there you will see you can download a copy of the trailer for free.

803. Byron - March 6, 2009

Uhm. It’s just frustrating that everyone is complaining about the movies action plot. Wasn’t Wrath of Khan an effects laden action romp? Wasn’t First Contact? What are the movies that anyone else remembers? AHem. You know, those two?

804. AJ - March 6, 2009



By the presence of your smileyface, I assume you are being facetious. The statement, in context, and already vetted today, means that we are all true fans, regardless of our opinions.

And it is difficult in this forum to have a dissenting opinion about this trailer when one comes in seeking kinship with others who love Star Trek just as much as you do.

I love the trailer, and I was simply trying to blunt the edge of criticism of dissenting opinions.

As for whether or not we are “grown-ups,” that was never in the job description ;-).

805. AJ - March 6, 2009


Not sure about the existence of all those complaints. I am looking for Kirk karate chops, Vulcan neck pinches, ripped shirts, sword fights, rip-roaring space battles, and a message, and that message is clearl from the looks of this trailer.

806. G-Trek - March 6, 2009

first post ever—can’t stop watching a trailer! When the movie comes out on DVD, I am going to have to take a week’s vacation! It looks like everything I ever wanted out of Trek and 10 to the 10th more.

807. Peter N - March 6, 2009


“Why are you talkin’ to me, man?” I’m glad you’re here! The voice of the 60s.

P.S.: Sorry to hear about your awk-Ward email exchange. You know what… you know what I mean.

808. Captain Presley - March 6, 2009

I refrained from watching the trailer until I went to see Watchmen tonight (Fri). To my great disappointment, NO STAR TREK TRAILER!!! So I rushed home to watch it online after the movie. Great trailer! I sure wish I could have seen it on the big screen for the first time as planned. Be sure to check with your local theater.

809. Carlg - March 6, 2009

Oh. My. GOD.

Is it May yet? Please??

810. Harry Ballz - March 6, 2009


over the last two years I had some doubts, but what can I say………..

(clap, clap, clap)


811. Jim Nightshade - March 6, 2009

Is there any way to download the damned trailer?? I have gotten all the other trailers downloaded but the flash player only lets you download save as a quicktime movie if you buy the deluxe version of the product!

HELP! Any other sites that let you download it??

812. Quatlo - March 6, 2009

Never doubted the team behind this film could do it right. Just hope outside influences don’t interfere like they have with the new show seen on Tuesdays every sixth new moon.

813. TrekTwenty - March 6, 2009

I got to see this wednesday night at a “quality screening” of Watchmen. If you haven’t seen it on the big screen yet, you’re missing out!

And Watchmen is pretty good too!

814. Mr. Fanboy - March 6, 2009

Trailer looks awesome. Too bad I couldn’t see it on my local Ultrascreen. I had to watch it online as I got suckered again by Marcus Cinemas. Just returned from Watchman showing, and no Star Trek trailer was attached. But thank the lord, they showed the trailer for Observe and Report. I mean, c’mon, that’s exactly the type of genre action movie trailer they should attach to Watchmen, not Star Trek… b@st@rds!!!

815. Bill Peters - March 6, 2009

I love the Trailer!!! I am looking forward to the movie!

816. TrekTwenty - March 6, 2009

Oh… and you can download the trailer through the itunes music store. You don’t need to be registered to download it, either. But i’m pretty sure you can only access the store via an iphone or the music player.

817. Chad N. - March 6, 2009

I think the music might have been done by “Two Steps From Hell”, as they definitely scored the last trailer.

818. Don Farnsworth - March 6, 2009

Doesn’t feel like a trek movie? Given that most recent one were crap that is a good thing.

In fact it was later trek that didn’t really feel like star trek anymore. The great lesson in that was Galaxy Quest which captured all that great sense (comedy aside) that was only ever part of the original series and not part of any later attempts.

This movie reclaims that sensibility in spades while bringing it into line with what a current movie should feel like.

Those who don’t think this feels like trek should just go download some phase2 episodes off of the net. You’ll be happy then.

The rest of us feel that finally Trek has been done right for the big screen.

819. John Ozdundar - March 6, 2009

#770…. thank you! Finally someone else saw this!

I completely agree (as I said back @ 616), I definitely think that looks like old-Spock’s time travel ship ramming Nero’s ship dead on. You can see it @ 1:27-1:29 that he is in the fight and the rams it, pressumably in a last ditch attempt to save the galaxy… at least that is my prediction!

Hopefully they will handle the death in an honourable way (ala TWOK) and not like Data’s death.

See ya on May 8th!

820. Fubamushu - March 6, 2009

if the actual scene in the movie plays a few reference notes to the classic Star Trek theme, I may get misty eyed when Kirk takes the center seat. Other than that, scene itself and the set up to it in the trailer, are regrettably unemotional for me.

821. Emotionally Logical - March 6, 2009

I dunno if anyone else has had this issue but the Trek trailer did not play with Watchmen at the theatre I went too.

822. Montreal Paul - March 6, 2009

746. Wil – March 6, 2009
“YO! anyone remember the Nemesis trailer? Yah: I do. It was pretty sweet!
Not saying this will be bad, I believe–just saying.”

Yeah, I saw the Nemesis trailer and I didn’t like it at all. It didn’t sell me on Nemesis and I was lucky I even saw the movie after that. The only reason I went to see Nemesis was because it was Trek.

823. Mike - March 6, 2009

Re. 821

Same here, it didn’t play in front of Watchmen for me either which I was really disappointed about.

But at least the movie was good

824. danno - March 6, 2009

what an amazing trailer!!! is that the enterprise approaching the destroyed kelvin?

825. The Vulcanista }:- | - March 6, 2009

Wow! Just … wow!

Star Trek lives! Lives long and prospers!

The Vulcanista }:- )

826. The Vulcanista }:- | - March 6, 2009

And I’d like to add that I haven’t been this excited about a film since The LOTR Trilogy. Ever.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:- |

827. Quatlo - March 6, 2009

Trailer version with the Kirk-Uhura dialogue is up at IMDb.

828. anthony - March 7, 2009

if they had showed this trailer in november i would have died waiting for this movie. now i just have to wait two months. EEEEEK

829. Paulaner - March 7, 2009

Trailer in an italian theatre, before Watchmen. It’s a miracle.

830. John - March 7, 2009


Star Trek has always suffered from the limitations of a low budget. Does anyone seriously believe the Romulan Senate Chamber in “Nemesis” or the Fed Council Chamber in “The Voyage Home” could really be the nerve center of an interstellar government that controls vast stretches of space and hundreds of inhabited worlds, colonies, and space stations?

Seriously, the House sub-committee for agricultural policy has a better looking meeting room than those sets. I love the old Trek movies. But there was always something missing in the visuals. Visuals without a script doesn’t make a good movie. But even the awful “romance” dialogue in the Star Wars prequels didn’t change the fact that it was a thrill to see Coruscant, Naboo, and all these other environments. So, yeah, the (lack of) special effects do matter.

I’m hoping this movie finally breaks through the “mental block” among fans that Trek has to be dingy to have “soul.” You can have grandeur on a scale that we would expect of a major player in galactic affairs and still have a great story to tell.

831. Devon - March 7, 2009

“But i’m pretty sure you can only access the store via an iphone or the music player.”

Yes, you will need itunes.

Free download!

832. Andy - March 7, 2009

It’s awesome that people love this trailer. And for those that don’t. Whatever. If you don’t you don’t. I just don’t understand the logic of bashing “poor writing” for a movie YOU HAVEN’T SEEN YET. There are what? 10? 11? lines of dialog in the trailer and you’re already throwing in Bob and Alex’s towel for writing? C’mon guys. Spock would be disappointed in your lack of logic….if he were a real person.

833. Cobalt 1365 - March 7, 2009

#811, 783

Download the free version of RealPlayer, has a tool that allows you to download any normal embedded video (youtube, etc).
Once you do that, go to the apple trailers site, right click on the version you want to see and click ‘open in new window/tab’ then once the video is loaded, download with realplayer!
Much better than mucking about with iTunes (shudder)

834. Chris Pike - March 7, 2009

Just seen these GR quotes from the past and I do remember reading these years ago after being reminded of them.

“I think it would be wonderful years from now to see Star Trek come back with an equally talented new cast playing Spock and Kirk and Bones and Scotty and all the rest. As they say, tomorrow’s things to tomorrow’s generations…”
Gene Roddenberry

“I feel that we’ve got such good people in Hollywood, and will in future as well, that I would be happy to have a Star Trek come on in 15 or 20 years where people say, ‘Now that is good! That makes Roddenberry look like nothing!’ And that would please me!”
Gene Roddenberry, 1989

Remarkable how forward thinking he was in everything…

835. Jote - March 7, 2009

I extracted the background music from if anyone is interested

836. Harry Ballz - March 7, 2009


Vulcanista, I like it when you get excited!

837. simonkey - March 7, 2009

1:12 well definetelly a shatner position….
james t kirk was a great man but that was another life..

well i shit my pants.!!!!
καβλα καβλα!!

838. Jamie - March 7, 2009

So… does anyone know anywhere where you can actually download this trailer other than YouTube? (The official site and the Apple site do not work on my computer.)

So far, I have had to watch every trailer on YouTube, in tiny resolution, with stopping and starting while it loads. The official movie site is one of the worst-designed sites I’ve ever seen, and that’s comparing it with thousands of home-made sites. It’s just a complete mess and I don’t think I have ever felt so frustrated using any kind of GUI.

839. Jon - March 7, 2009

Get a better browser.

840. Jamie - March 7, 2009

Can I also ask… what is going on with the Apple site?

How come such a big computer company like Apple can have a trailer site that doesn’t work? Or is it just me who can’t find the trailers on their site?

You click on any of the trailer links and you just get a page with a “go back” link and nothing else. (And that is after having to turn javascript on, which you should NOT have to do just to download a movie!)

If anyone could just give me the actual URL of the movie, so I don’t have to mess around with Apple’s website, I would be most grateful.

841. SebiMeyer - March 7, 2009

First! ;)

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Enjoying all the comments here.

842. JB - March 7, 2009

Anyone know why the “official” version of the trailer is missing the Kirk-Uhura exchange? I thought it added a lot and reminded me of the Kirk I remembered from TOS.

843. Jamie - March 7, 2009

“Get a better browser.”

Any site that requires a specific browser is a very poor site.

It is the responsibility of the Web designer to test sites on all the most popular browsers (and screen resolutions, and connection speeds) to make sure everyone can view them.

Trust me on this, I was a web designer for years. If your client pays you to advertise their services via the Web, and you filter out a significant proportion of that Web audience, then you are not doing what you are paid to do, and you are a poor Web designer. Simple as that.

For any commercial website, THE most important thing is compatibility, and reaching the widest possible audience.

I love Firefox, and I absolutely could not live without several of its add-ons, which I have come to depend on over the years, and are not available on other browsers. I am not going to give all that up just because some lazy Web development team can’t be bothered testing their site properly on all the most popular browsers.

844. JB - March 7, 2009

786: “Even in TOS, Kirk said that he was a trouble maker when he was younger.”

Where did he say that?

845. Selor - March 7, 2009

Tested with every Browser I have (FF, Opera, IE) nothings wrong there, I can get everything must be something wrong with your Settings or Browser…

846. cugel the clever - March 7, 2009

179. McCoy

“This movie is not being billed as “boldly going where no man has gone before.” It’s not billed as hopping planet to planet and exploring. Finding something new and working through problems while examining the human condition as it relates to potential other life forms.

It’s billed as action-packed bad guy on a mad dash through time (vengeance). Now, granted, the real film may be different. But that’s what they’re counting on the get the tickets sold.

If seats are sold, it’s not the same Trek. Sorry.”

McCoy, you have such a pathetic, slavish devotion to the quaint, archaic, cardboard show called TOS; that you ignore what it really was. Let’s see how many of TOS films actually fulfilled your idyllic (and totally inaccurate) memory of the TOS mantra “Finding something new and working through problems while examining the human condition as it relates to potential other life forms.”………

STI – Huge alien monster attacks earth and kirk rushes to stop it.
STII – Crazy human threatens the federation and kirk rushes to stop him.
STIII – Crazy klingon threatens the federation and kirk rushes to to stop him.
STIV – Huge alient monster attacks earth and kirk rushes to stop it.
STV – Crazy vulcan threatens the federation and kirk rushes to stop him.
STVI – Fascist human/klingon allies threaten the federation and kirk rushes to stop them.

Duh – how many of these plots fit your never-actually-existed criteria for “real” Trek?

The new film is doing exactly what all the TOS films did – setup a grave threat to the federation and then write an action driven story that depicts kirk’s attempts to stop it. The only difference is that the new film has a bigger budget, better studio support, better marketing, a better director, better writters, better SFX, and mostly better actors than TOS films.

847. EnsignJulka - March 7, 2009

I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

848. Devon - March 7, 2009

I believe it is in “Miri” or an episode dealing with Children that he said “I was a rebel in my youth.” I just know it was pointed out, been ages since I watched the thing myself.

849. JB - March 7, 2009


I think I may have found it (courtesy of – you might be thinking of “The Way to Eden.” Kirk says, “I used to get into a little trouble when I was that age, Scotty, didn’t you ?”

Thanks for the clue!

850. AJ - March 7, 2009



Have you actually seen the TOS films?

ST 1: The human condition of finding one’s place in the world is explored on many levels via the metaphor of an intelligent machine seeking out its creator, and Spock, Kirk and Decker.

ST2: Kirk explores his own life, and realizes that age need not bring decrepitude or uselessness. Both Khan and David are vestiges of a younger Kirk which the older Kirk must now confront.

ST3: The bonds of family are explored and strengthened through shared adversity.and sacrifice.

ST4: Mankind’s 20th Century environmental excesses yield an unknown consequence centuries later

ST5: Man may find answers by exploring his own soul, using past experience as a guide, rather than relying on false gods to provide them.

ST6: Peace is achievable with a combination of a sober head, knowledge of “the enemy” and its hopes/motives, and admission that what you do will be the legacy you leave to future generations.

STXI: All men are capable of achieving their dreams. All we have to fear is fear itself.

Have another look at these films. Star Trek is not in the monster-movie business, and “the Human Adventure” gets full coverage in all of them.

851. cugel the clever - March 7, 2009

850 AJ

I have seen all of these films many times and enjoyed each of them immensely (well maybe not so much STV). I agree with all of your points. I have been a huge trek fan (including of course TOS) for the past 40 years, since I was in high school in the 60’s and watched the best show on TV (TOS) and wrote a letter (along with thousands of others) to NBC which helped keep TOS on the air for a third season.

The point of my post is that, as usual, McCoy (and a small minority of TOS fanatics) has not even seen the movie and is reducing it to a simple hollow action movie that bears no resemblance to his idyllic vision of “real” trek. The new film could very well have the same types of themes of personal growth, honour, and wisdom as the TOS films. Let’s give it a chance before jumping to superficial conclusions.

852. Rick - March 7, 2009

I’m sold. Okay I am hard to buy. Of course seeing the creators and most of the main cast with their enthusiasm last week helped a bit.;) Who knows I may not like the film over all in the end, but hey this trailer rocks for me!

853. AJ - March 7, 2009



So you were “dumbing down” the original TOS films to portray them as simple action flicks as an exercise not to “judge the book by its cover.” Makes sense.

854. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 7, 2009

Yes – I see what Cugel was doing. If one wanted, it could be said about each of the earlier ST movies that they each involved a common, simplistic theme (as he spelled out for each of them); however in reality, as AJ pointed out, each of the earlier movies had something much deeper to them, which actually, in my mind, further strengthened Cugel’s point.

I would imagine that this Trek will be similar. To me, it is Sarek’s line that hints at something much deeper for this movie; telling Spock (presumably) that he is fully capable of deciding his own destiny. I suspect that this message probably applies to James Kirk as well, who was clearly on the path to nowhere, but after having encountered Christopher Pike, took control of his destiny. Later he meets the elder Spock, which likely seals his destiny as the future Captain of the Enterprise.

To me, only proceeding based on the trailers I have seen, and considering conjecture I have read here on this site, this movie sounds like it is replete with classic Trek philosophy where lessons are learned about friendship, leadership, honor, sacrifice, and serving others.

Star Trek lives!

855. Garovorkin - March 7, 2009

This film is going to be one of the biggest hits of the year. I think it is going to go well beyond the core trek audience. Should be interesting to see how it does play out at the box office. aybe is successs might mean a new trek tv series perhaps?

856. Schultz - March 7, 2009

The music on the official site has one little chord progression that’s (about) the same as in the TOS main title. So I guess it’s from the new score or at least based on it in some way. Some really nice moments in there, but it’s often a bit generic, if you ask me—nothing special in terms of melody, harmonies… then the usual percussion/sample rhythm. Any half-decent composer can come up with something like that in an afternoon.

2) The music in the trailer is probably from one of those trailer music libraries. It seems to have been music-edited at some points… not very well, I have to add. But itself it’s a very good piece, much better than the music from the previous trailer.

857. JB - March 7, 2009

I noticed the trailer has some revealing new shots of the E – hopefully Tobias Richter will use these to update his fantastic mesh.

858. TrekFan79 - March 7, 2009

#765 — Hee hee hee… being on both sides of the fence in the ST vs. SW debate, I personally prefer to take each at face value on its own, rather than get into the middle of a fight. All debate aside, even I have to say this trailer looks promising, and I fully intend on seeing this as many times as reasonably possible with my fiancé.

With all due respect to Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith, and the rest who have composed music for ST, it’s refreshing to hear something a little bit different. Though I do hope that, at some point, the current composer has a little bit of respect for his predecessors, and “quotes” their work (think of the Enterprise anthem here).

#789 — YES, I do believe that ST’s vision of a Federation is possible. Maybe not in our lifetimes, or our children’s, or their children’s… but it IS possible. Just let’s not forget IDIC here!

859. Selor - March 7, 2009

I rather think that we don’t turn into a Federation but into the Terran Empire… at least it is more likely a Terran Empire Future than a Federation ;)

860. Jote - March 7, 2009

#843 – FYI: most webdesigners use now “we target only the newest current versions of IE, Fx, Opera etc. If you want IE6 compatibility you pay extra” clause :)

861. Don Farnsworth - March 7, 2009

are you suggesting the human condition is not touched on in this film? Clearly the opening remarks demonstrate otherwise.

Clearly 846 was responding to a foolish comment that this is not really trek.

I’m sure those who don’t think this film is real trek would be happier watching phase2 on the internet.

862. Curtis - March 7, 2009

Does anyone know if this trailer is in front of the IMAX version of Watchmen at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto?

I’m going to see it tonight. THANKS!

863. Devon - March 7, 2009

#849 – That may be, I am not sure. Though I seem to recall a specific quote was cited which he actually said “I was a rebel in my youth” or something similar. Though keep in mind this was a few months ago and the accuracy of that quote is in the air, tthough I have no question about my accuracy in recounting what was posted.

864. Closettrekker - March 7, 2009

#717—“re: It being a reboot. It is.

Just because they explain the mechanism behind the reboot doesn’t mean it’s not a reboot.”

Then perhaps you have another definition of “reboot”.

A reboot (in fiction) disregards previously established continuity. This story does not. It, in fact, depends upon that continuity to advance the broader story to this point.

I suppose you might call it a “visual reboot”, but storywise—by definition—it is not.

865. Devon - March 7, 2009

^^ I’m sure someone at the theater might! ;) (hint hint)

866. Beck - March 7, 2009


Way way up in the forgotten regions of this thread, I mentioned something about that too, but Harry reminded us of an interview with Nimoy in which he states there’s nothing keeping him from returning. Thus insinuating that he doesn’t die.

But, ya know… it IS science fiction. He could survive or come back to life somehow (they’ve done it before).

867. John from Cincinnati - March 7, 2009

This film is a reboot even if they explain how or why it is.

I wished they would’ve just done a straight reboot and left Kirk’s backstory intact. I think Kodos the executioner story would be great drama if done right and it looks like this film makers know how to make a good movie so why not? Come on, the Governor of a planet decides to murder thousands of people to save hundreds of thousands.

I do like Nero and this Eric Bana and Karl Urban are going to be great in this movie.

868. Chris Basken - March 7, 2009

864: “A reboot (in fiction) disregards previously established continuity. This story does not. It, in fact, depends upon that continuity to advance the broader story to this point.”

No, a reboot RESETS previously established continuity. It may or may not disregard it.

When you reboot your computer, you’re not pretending your computer never ran before that moment. You’re RESETTING it. You could pretend your computer never ran before or you could acknowledge that you’ve reboot it many times — it’s all the same in the end. Everything got reset.

If this story is what it seems like it is — Nero goes back in time and alters the past to the degree that just about everything changes, and the timeline doesn’t get “restored” at the end — then it’s just a reboot where you can see the process happen in front of you.

At the end, when original Spock is gone and we’re now in the new reality with no surviving connection to the previous continuity, what’s the difference between a traditional reboot where there’s no in-story explanation and the approach taken by this movie?

869. Closettrekker - March 7, 2009

#774—“…It’s a reboot. That’s what they did here. No amount of twisting or turning is going to change that.”

Actually, no amount of twisting and turning is going to make the definition of “reboot” fit this film.

The story does not discard previous continuity. It acknowledges it from the beginning (since the story begins in the post-Nemesis era). The altered timeline, which results from interference with the past (itself a ‘canon’ concept) is an addition to that continuity.

This is nothing more than an unconventional sequel. By definition—this is not a reboot.

870. Closettrekker - March 7, 2009

#868—-The only definition for “reboot” (as applied to fiction) exists at wikipedia, and was entered long before this debate began.

Here is the definition of “reboot”:

“Reboot, in serial fiction, means a discarding of much or even all previous continuity in the series, to start anew. Effectively, all previously-known fictive history is declared by the writer(s) to be null and void”

Obviously, previous continuity is not neither discarded, nor effectively declared null and void. It is essential to this story ever taking place.

As with many terms, “reboot” has multiple applications.

You are describing its application to computers. Obviously, we aren’t speaking of computers. We are talking about serial fiction.

871. NeedMyPain - March 7, 2009

Enough with the casual shots at Phase II/New Voyages, please. Those folks brought back “Star Trek” out of a labour of love with no financial expectations whatsoever. Armchair quarterbacking is easy, but you certainly can’t group them as being motivated by profit. Cawley and his team have given us more stories to consume in the Classic Trek tradition, and it’s sad to see fans of a show that espouses tolerance and understanding be so snide about someone who has worked so hard to keep the stories coming. Unless you’re adding something to the Trek universe yourself, please temper your comments about a man of action who so obviously is — and who, as has been demonstrated, is hurt by your callousness.

872. Closettrekker - March 7, 2009

#868—“…when original Spock is gone and we’re now in the new reality with no surviving connection to the previous continuity, what’s the difference between a traditional reboot where there’s no in-story explanation and the approach taken by this movie?”

That’s easy. Those of us who remain familiar with previous continuity are aware that there were 5 live action television series and 10 previous films worth of storylines which led to this. Even those who were not already aware will have watched the process of steering the Star Trek franchise into another timeline play out in STXI.

The stage was set for this way back in the very first season of TOS, when the possibility and potential for altered timelines being created as a result of interference with the past was first made a part of Star Trek’s canon.

If this were what you describe as a “traditional reboot” (or what I would simply call a “reboot”), then no explanation would be needed or forthcoming.

That is the difference. In this case, the changes are explained “within” continuity, as opposed to without (or with no regard for) it.

873. CardPri - March 7, 2009

New Trailer in HD with spanish subtitules:


874. Shat4ever - March 7, 2009

Kick ass

875. lostrod - March 7, 2009

#789 Jefferies Tuber:

“Are you paying attention? Per Countdown, Romulus is destroyed by a Supernova. Vulcan is destroyed by Nero. Earth is at least targeted and the weapon engaged.

The trailer features the Enterprise coming upon a Starfleet debris field and a saucer much larger than a single ship–like the Starbase we saw in earlier footage.”

Are YOU paying attention? :)

I’m talking about the trailer, not the comic book.

The point I was making is that the editing of the trailer shows (what appears to be Earth) targeted by Nero’s laser. Then next cut is a planet imploding – perhaps giving the casual movie viewer that Earth is destroyed.

This is common with trailers – manipulating the sequence to imply events that the editors hope will shock or intrigue viewers into seeing a film. Same with those “Next week on …” tv episode teasers.


876. Refridgerator - March 7, 2009


877. khwj1 - March 7, 2009

Anthony, has the UK trailer been changed? i saw it yesterday and it had Uhura saying ‘i hope you know what you’re doing” to Kirk. Today that seems to have gone, and been replaced by the trailer available everywhere else

878. William Kirk - March 7, 2009

Finally it is a trailer that doesn’t look like the mix of Starship Troopers and American Pie…

879. Chris Basken - March 7, 2009

Okay, okay. It’s a FUNCTIONAL reboot. Which means “a reboot that even pedants can acknowledge.”

In other words, reboot is as reboot does.

880. Chris Basken - March 7, 2009

875: “This is common with trailers – manipulating the sequence to imply events that the editors hope will shock or intrigue viewers into seeing a film. Same with those “Next week on …” tv episode teasers.”

Which is why I’m still not convinced some of those Kirk-on-the-bridge scenes aren’t simply his Kobyashi Maru test. Didn’t Orci or someone say we’d see that?

881. ucdom - March 7, 2009


Sure, but wasn’t the Kobayashi Maru shot on a redress of the Kelvin set?

882. kirk_archer - March 7, 2009

In the Trailer when you see the saucer and Neros ship. I think they have reversed and turned upside down the image. There is no Registry on the underside of the Primary Hull in any of the released stills, and you would have to reverse the image to get the lettering correct.

I was pulling the frame for my desktop when all of a sudden it didn’t make sense.

I may need to get a life.

883. Schultz - March 7, 2009

Found the new music here:

884. Selor - March 7, 2009


But then why do McCoy and Sulu sort of protest against it? You can see that McCoy says something (his mouth is moving) and Sulu points at Kirk and looks like “WTF? Did he really take command?”

885. G - March 7, 2009

I hope that music from the YouTube link wasn’t the main theme/cadence. That was pretty weak, unless it’s just for a mood/dramatic scene.

886. Chris Basken - March 7, 2009

881: “Sure, but wasn’t the Kobayashi Maru shot on a redress of the Kelvin set?”

Oh, ok, I didn’t know that. Thanks.

882: “In the Trailer when you see the saucer and Neros ship. I think they have reversed and turned upside down the image. There is no Registry on the underside of the Primary Hull in any of the released stills, and you would have to reverse the image to get the lettering correct.”

You’re correct. Note that “U.S.S. Enterprise” is written upside-down behind what appears to be the sensor dome (but is probably actually the bridge).

884: “But then why do McCoy and Sulu sort of protest against it? You can see that McCoy says something (his mouth is moving) and Sulu points at Kirk and looks like “WTF? Did he really take command?””

How do you know that they’re protesting something, and if so, what? They could be saying anything. They might not even be initially paying attention to Kirk until he starts to sit down. Keep in mind the “Yeah, we do” line doesn’t necessarily have to happen here. Trailers stick things in from all over.

887. JWM - March 7, 2009

Seriously, the new trailer rocks. Frigging awesome. I have tried to keep my hopes and anticipation in check, and they keep giving things to elevate them both.

The music sounds great, the effects look great and nothing fails to impress. You can tell that this movie was made by people who love the material.

888. Closettrekker - March 7, 2009

#879—“Okay, okay. It’s a FUNCTIONAL reboot. ”

I do think it has some of the attributes of a reboot—like the potential for more “surprises” and enhanced “dramatic jeopardy” for the characters.

I just cannot see that it meets the primary criteria to fit into that category—which is that previously established continuity is discarded.

We are either altering/expanding the definition of the term, or we should find another one to apply to this story.

Batman Begins is a reboot. The filmmakers discarded the previous films’ continuity and started over.

Star Trek (2009) is a sequel, albeit an unconventional one. The potential benefits often associated with a “reboot” are achieved by utilizing continuity— not by discarding it.

IMO–this makes ST09 worthy of something more than an asterisk next to the term “reboot”. Am I overthinking this? Probably. But what can I say? I’m a Star Trek fan!

889. Thorny - March 7, 2009

788. Robert Saint John… “Guys, the music is not from the movie “Legend” (either of the soundtracks). It’s from a stock/library music collection called “Legend” by Two Steps from Hell.”

Thank heavens! The music in the trailer is pretty good, but it in no way says “Star Trek” to me. It is reminiscent of the Cloverfield end-credits score, so I thought it might be genuine.

890. Jote - March 7, 2009

I have just checked “Legend” by “Two steps from Hell”

The NEW trailer music IS NOT THERE.

891. Harry Ballz - March 7, 2009

Bob Orci

are you, or your writing partner, buried somewhere in that crowd scene at Starfleet Academy?

892. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 7, 2009

In the context of computer terminology, reboot literally means to restart; but even in this context, it does not seem to work when describing the approach or plot of this movie.

This movie does not involve a restart; it involves an attempt at a “system restore.”

In computer terminology, it might be said that Elder Spock makes an attempt to do a “system restore” after the timeline has been gravely damaged by a malicious and nasty bug (Nero). The story is obviously connected to the main timeline with which we are all familiar, since elder Spock is integral to the storyline, so there appears to be continuity.

Whether Spock succeeds or not remains to be seen.

Now, in my opinion, perhaps Paramount, Abrams and company are attempting a reboot of the franchise with this project, because they are attempting to resuscitate or restart the franchise.

But the movie itself does not at all seem to be a “reboot.”

893. Chris Basken - March 7, 2009

My point with all this reboot stuff is that 99% of the audience — longtime Trek fans included — are going to consider this a reboot. As far as anyone concerned, this is a do-over for Trek.

They cast Nimoy as elder Spock as a bone to the old fans. They could have just as easily cast Hugh Laurie or someone.

894. Harry Ballz - March 7, 2009

Hugh Laurie as old Spock? OUCH!

895. Blowback - March 7, 2009

To be honest I am fine with considering this a reboot. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the gang have a special place in my heart and I am excited to have the spotlight turned back on them…

No offense to the TNG crew of course, loved them also….

896. Harry Ballz - March 7, 2009

So, if we blend TOS and TNG do we get, “make it…was…so much…fun!”?

897. Blowback - March 7, 2009

Is the music used in the movie or was it just lifted for this trailer? It is very reminiscent of the soundtracks to the recent Batman movies. Don’t get me wrong I love the sound, I’m just wondering if it is actually in the movie somewhere…

898. BK613 - March 7, 2009

Nope the camera is just rotated (looks like the E is at the top of a barrel roll)

899. Fallen_62 - March 7, 2009

Goosebumps from start to finish. I so can’t wait. I do believe that was the best trailer yet. “Yea we do” is all I have to say ;) If I had any doubts they are completely gone and can’t wait til May 8th!

900. AJ - March 7, 2009


I think there is no “up” in space, so some shots may show ships rolling, or appearing upside-down.

I suspect that final shot of the Kelvin is from the discussed “torpedo cam” effect, and that the torpedo is rolling as it gets to its target.

901. Chris Basken - March 7, 2009

I think Hugh Laurie would make a great Vulcan.

902. Schultz - March 7, 2009

#890 The new trailer music is a modified version of “Freedom Fighters” from “Legend” (Two Steps from Hell; composer: Thomas J. Bergersen).

903. Jimtibkirk - March 7, 2009

With over 900 comments I’m sure someone else caught this, but I don’t want to read all of them and get spoilers.

Kirk skidding across that platform. Young Kirk skidding towards the cliff. Coincidence? I think not. Nice symbolism.

904. Closettrekker - March 7, 2009

#893—“My point with all this reboot stuff is that 99% of the audience — longtime Trek fans included — are going to consider this a reboot. As far as anyone concerned, this is a do-over for Trek.”

Well—I agree that many people are going to call it that (especially at this point), but I think that there will likely be far more than 1% who actually think it through and realize the difference.

I don’t think it is that difficult to see a difference between a story that ignores previous continuity altogether (like Batman Begins) and one that not only acknowledges previous continuity– but depend upon it (like ST09).

Many more casual viewers probably will not realize that differences in the backstories of characters even exist between TOS and ST09, and will only identify it as a “visual reboot”, since they probably will realize that the setting looks very different.

And I think that, in the end, most Trek fans will (having seen the film) understand the concept that interference with the past can occur in the Star Trek Universe. The only difference between this and most past time-travel stories in Trek will be that this one may not end with everything back to normal (the old timeline), and thus tied up with a neat little bow.

But that isn’t a violation of any continuity. It’s simply a break from tradition. It will be the latter that some more narrow-minded fans will struggle (and are already struggling) with, whether they confuse that with continuity or not.

“They cast Nimoy as elder Spock as a bone to the old fans. They could have just as easily cast Hugh Laurie or someone.”

It doesn’t sound that way. The writers have made it very clear that the “go-ahead” for them was completely dependant upon Nimoy’s involvement and approval of the script. According to them—there was no one else they would have cast. They simply wouldn’t have done it at all.

905. Chris Basken - March 7, 2009

905: “It doesn’t sound that way. The writers have made it very clear that the “go-ahead” for them was completely dependant upon Nimoy’s involvement and approval of the script. According to them—there was no one else they would have cast. They simply wouldn’t have done it at all.”

You would expect them to say anything otherwise?

906. Dan - March 7, 2009

I’m thinking Kirk has a rank that his other crew members aren’t aware of. Him still not being sure whether he wants to serve in the Starfleet, Pine dies/injured he has no other alternative but too, being that the ship needs a captain. Just me being hypothetical.

907. Time Travel Makes My Head Hurt - March 7, 2009

If this film takes place in an alternate timeline, then why do J.J. et al, in every interview, sell the film as the origin of the TOS crew from the “prime” timeline? Every piece of publicity and info I’ve seen (other than at this site) presents the film as the the beginnings of the TOS crew as well.

Is it like Admiral Morrow’s trimming 20 or so years off the age of the Enterprise, trying not to confuse the casual Trek fan? I have a feeling that the film will never actually make it clear that the action is not taking place in the same universe/timeline that we’ve been working in for the past 40 years.

908. barrydancer - March 7, 2009

As to the reboot discussion, while it’s true that the film doesn’t technically throw or disregard previous continuity (as everything we’ve seen for 40 years did have to happen for Nero to make his choice to time travel), it effectively does disregard it all. By creating an alternate timeline , the film gets to ignore that continuity in constructing its new universe. Previous happenings are only relevant to the point in which they cause the time traveling, then the rules and continuity of the new timeline take over, ignoring the old.

At least that’s my $0.02. :)

909. SpocksINNERconflict - March 7, 2009

908- I would like to see a straight quote from you regarding the TOS reference.
I have been reading every interview since the films inception, and all i’ve heard them say is “We get to see the family coming together,” and “we never got to see this story before, how the crew came together.”

It’s AN origin about the crew, not necessarily the TOS origin.

910. SpocksINNERconflict - March 7, 2009

I’ve said it before: What’s with this rigid insistence on pegging this film as a “reboot”, “restart”, “re-imagining,” Buzz word, blah, blah. Buzzboot, rebuzz.

It’s a new star trek film.

I know the whole alternate time line thing is throwing folks off, or something.

When episodes like “yesterdays Enterprise” and “Mirror, Mirror”, or “Parallels” show up are people dumbfounded about what they are and where they fit in and what “new” word can we use to associate it with?
Not usually.

I know it’s a big film, and the first in a long time but…when Star Trek: Generations came out did everybody freak out and wonder what we should call it…a “Forwarding” perhaps?

I’m not dissing on anyone hear, just the idea of needing to square peg…anything. It seems anti-trek to me.

Not saying the folks doing it are Anti-trek.
Just not sure if anyone’s considered it.

911. Time Travel Makes My Head Hurt - March 7, 2009

910: “I would like to see a straight quote from you regarding the TOS reference.I have been reading every interview since the films inception, and all i’ve heard them say is “We get to see the family coming together,” and “we never got to see this story before, how the crew came together.”

It’s AN origin about the crew, not necessarily the TOS origin.”

And do they every say it’s the origin of an “alternate” crew, “alternate” family? Never. And I would argue it’s a deliberate omission. When they says things like “This story has never been told” without qualifying that, of course it’s never been told as it’s an alternate universe, people are going to think it’s the TOS crew.

Family coming together, Kirk and Spock, Star Trek. Say those things together in a sentence to someone and I’d be willing to bet my house they think TOS. They don’t think, “Oh, it’s an origin of Kirk and Spock, etc. Wonder if they’re really the same dudes I grew up with?”

912. Steve - March 7, 2009

I have to say that I am definitely pumped for this movie. The trailers have been great as well as the marketing; much better than any other trek movie in recent memory. I know a lot of people say this, but I am one of the biggest fans ever of Star Trek. The whole time travel thing is cool as it always has been in Star Trek movies, i.e. IV, and First Contact. This movie should be good. I have to say a few things I have questions/concerns about, I don’t know, it might be stupid, but here goes:

1.) The trailer shows Kirk taking temporary command of the Enterprise, but he is still a cadet. There are a handful of officers on the bridge in that moment that would take command before a cadet. In DS9, when Nog was a cadet and asked Chief O’brien if people would call him captain if he would take over the chair, O’brien replied “Cadet, if you had to take command, no one would be alive to call you captain”, something like that, so I am questioning that.

2.) Is Kirk 18 or like in his early to mid 20s in the bar scene. I am just curious at what age they have him entering the Academy.

3.) Will we get to see Kirk graduate the academy and move up in the ranks to become captain like it is talked about. He was the youngest officer to ever become captain, but it would be nice to see the movie show his career, or will it all be bypassed b/c of the timeline change, and if the timeline does get restored based on Nimoy’s Spock’s actions, then how would all of that past of Kirk be restored if he’s already captain.

I don’t know, I am so excited, and they say the are sticking to canon on just about everything, I just hope they know what they are doing.

913. Matias47 - March 7, 2009

Now THAT was a good trailer.

(If only I could get the original one,with the dumbass Corvette scene, out of my head.)

Expect nothing — hope for the best.

914. danno - March 7, 2009

has anyone noticed that the enterprise is face to face withthe destroyed kelvin?which means they go back in time sort out the timeline disappear and are never heard of again.thus leaving the canonistas happy!!!

915. Harry Ballz - March 7, 2009


Gawd, I HOPE that’s NOT the music for the new movie!! Boring!

The music they slapped on the new trailer is far superior! Use that instead!

916. Chris Basken - March 7, 2009

916: “Gawd, I HOPE that’s NOT the music for the new movie!! Boring!”

Well, I doubt they’ll be using that for the action scenes.

I love the music. It’s very bittersweet, a texture I haven’t really felt in a Trek movie since Wrath of Khan.

917. Sci-Fi Bri - March 7, 2009

not that anyone will read this since its comment 900+ but:

the planet destroyed probably isn’t Vulcan.


Spock might not be kirk’s teacher at star fleet, but might be giving the keynote address since he’s like 1st in his class.

that is all… see you 5/8 IN UNIFORM!

918. SpocksINNERconflict - March 8, 2009

I’m sorry Time Travel, I don’t see how any of that matters.

When people are watching the movie, they’ll understand what’s going on.

And I’m sure the film makers omit saying “Alternate crew”, or “Alternate Family” because it’s clumsy semantics. No one would know what that meant without a long explanation, so why not just wait for the film.

919. JB - March 8, 2009

“James T. Kirk was a great man, but that was another life.”

I wonder: since the film is intended to appeal to a general audience as well as the fans, what will they do to establish that JTK was a great man in another life? Or do you just assume that everybody, even a non-Trekkie, knows how shatnerific the original was?

920. Selor - March 8, 2009


Maybe they hope that those who watch the Movie will eventually caught by the Trek feeling and definitely want to know which life Nero meant and buy the DVDs to watch the whole Trek :)

and for 918
Of course in uniform, there is no other way than in complete Starfleet Uniform! (getting mine in mid April wohooo!)

921. spark-17.1 - March 8, 2009

Wow I think I’ve watched the trailer over 20 times, but I just watched the 1080P version with headphones and blasted volume. All I can say is I was gitty, on the verge of crying, and hysterical at the same time. TOS IS BACK!!!!!!

You may notice also in Pine’s perfomance a definite homage to the Shat. My biggest biggest worry was that he would ignore WS’s Kirk, but Chirs and J.J., Bob and Alex done me proud! You guys seem to really know your Trek, especially TOS. Its very impressive consdering Bob and Alex are originally TNG fans.

I never thought I could have that same Kirkian feeling of being against the odds and overcoming just in the nick of time.

I haven’t felt good about a Trek movie since ST:6. I was so worried about Pine’s interpretation of Kirk but, daham did he nail the character! I never thought it was possible, but here it is.

I’m a former bring back kirk guy and I was skeptical about this movie until this trailer. Nero could contend with Khan for all time best villan, we’ll have to see of course. “FIRE EVERYTYHING!!!” omg freaking brilliant.

Leonard Nimoy still seems to have a nose for good trek writers. Bless him and this project, this is abosolutey AMAZING!!!!!

This trailer put all ofm y fears to rest, and the British version scene with Kirk and Uhura was like reliving my childhood watching ST re-runs in the 70’s (yes I’m an old geek), and of course waiting in line overnight to see ST:TMP. Thanks to JJ, the writers, and the entire cast of Star Trek. In the true spirit of TOS, you made the impossible happen. You “turned death into a fighting chance to live” (sniff, Iove that line)


922. JB - March 8, 2009

I have to admit, this whole alternate timeline/universe thing seems like a great way to provide a fresh take on ST, without stepping on anyone’s own conception of how the original TOS backstory evolved, or getting tripped up by all the (often contradictory) historical references in the series.

923. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 8, 2009

#923. JB – March 8, 2009, wrote:

“I have to admit, this whole alternate timeline/universe thing seems like a great way to provide a fresh take on ST, without stepping on anyone’s own conception of how the original TOS backstory evolved, or getting tripped up by all the (often contradictory) historical references in the series.”

Yes, and it allows us to have our old crew (not old actors, but old crew), but yet allows their story to evolve with mystery; that is, we don’t know how their story ends (we won’t know how Kirk or Scotty dies in this timeline, etc.). I think it has the potential to provide for some great stories that we will know nothing about beforehand.

924. JB - March 8, 2009

924: Good point. In some ways, the concept seems reminiscent of this reboot pitch from 2004:

925. Alex Rosenzweig - March 8, 2009

#855 – ‘This film is going to be one of the biggest hits of the year. I think it is going to go well beyond the core trek audience. Should be interesting to see how it does play out at the box office. aybe is successs might mean a new trek tv series perhaps?”

If I were Paramount, if this film is a huge success, I’d go straight to…another film. *No* TV series. Trying to do TV and film simultaneously is what cut the legs out from under the Trek film franchise the last time.

#888 – “#879—”Okay, okay. It’s a FUNCTIONAL reboot. ”

I do think it has some of the attributes of a reboot—like the potential for more “surprises” and enhanced “dramatic jeopardy” for the characters.

I just cannot see that it meets the primary criteria to fit into that category—which is that previously established continuity is discarded.”

I tend to agree with Chris. A functional reboot is exactly what this may be. Yes, it’s cleverly done, and uses the backstory and existing continuity to achieve its end, but the fact remains that if this film ends in an alternate continuity, with no further link to the original, and the potential exists to treat this version of Star Trek as if all the rest never happened, then in practice, how different from a conventional reboot is it, really?

#908 – “I have a feeling that the film will never actually make it clear that the action is not taking place in the same universe/timeline that we’ve been working in for the past 40 years.”

That will be an interesting question. The degree to which it’s explicated that this is an alternate world will be important. If it never is, then fans and other interested viewers just paper over the differences and move on. But even from the few snippets in the trailer, there is a pretty strong sense that it will be specified that Nero’s actions do change things, and the only remaining question is whether or not the final resolution brings us back to a world functionally identical to TOS.

926. Shawn - March 8, 2009

For anybody wondering… “Freedom Fighters” by Two Steps from Hell (song from the 3rd Trailer) is available on the net… just google the torrent file, I’m listening to it as we speak…and it gives me the chills! :)

FIRE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!($&*@(#@()&#

927. Doug is home (at long last) - March 8, 2009

gives me goosebumps!

928. trekboi - March 8, 2009

all the trailers were awesome- this one was thee most impressive.

929. CmdrR - March 8, 2009

Pushing towards 1000 posts. Ya think the excitement is building?
I’m betting it is.

930. James Kirk's Unknown Son - March 8, 2009

#925. JB – March 8, 2009, wrote:

“924: Good point. In some ways, the concept seems reminiscent of this reboot pitch from 2004:

Thanks for that link. This sounds very much like what JJ, Bob and Alex have done (based on the limited data we now have).

Well, this devout fan since September 1966 thinks it’s ingenius.

Bring in the old with the new, and buckle up.

Or as Jean-Luc would say: “Make it so.”

931. Mav' - March 8, 2009

Just to let you know, in the French version of that trailer, there is one scene that is not present in the US version. This scene features Uhura and Kirk. Uhura says to Kirk that she hopes he knows what he is doing when taking command of the big E. Kirk answers by saying that he hopes so.

Anyways, so looking forward for the film.

932. SpocksINNERconflict - March 8, 2009

Not that a lot of people are hating on this post, since the new trailer but…

I’ll never understand how the optimistic, open to change trekkers and Trekkie’s are being accused of selling out or not representing the “real” fans.

Do the people on this site and others, making those statements, even realize the position they’re taking?

It’s like a christian saying love thy neighbor and then being okay with war and bigotry.

Oh wait, that happens all the time.

I suppose humans are fallible; usually when strong emotions are involved.

That’s why I’m all about my man Spock.

933. SpocksINNERconflict - March 8, 2009

926- Your statement about simultaneous TV and movie trek being a bad thing, I don’t think it’s so cut and dry.

For me, the peak of treks success and popularity was the late 80’s and early ninties, circa TNG and Star Trek 4-6.
It seems to me, it wasn’t until they went nuts with the mutiple tv shows that treks popularity started to go down hill. I think the pour quality later films helped the downturn but was not the cause.
I really think it was too much TV, though that’s even simplifying it too much.

Really, i just want this new film to green lite a new, well made, Tv series. It can be done, and i don’t see why we can’t revisit TNG (not a remake, a new show), even as a mini-series.

I”m telling you all: The Titan AND the Enterprise on an important duel mission to the edge of the galaxy. (The two big ship idea worked great in 2nd season BSG with the Pegasus. of course they had to destroy THAT ship…we could destroy the Titan half way through the run of the show).

934. AJ - March 8, 2009


I wouldn’t take offense to the few naysayers on this site.

Empathize with them. They are Boston Red Sox fans watching their team play the Yankees in new Yankee Stadium on opening day, and they realize their opinions will be drowned out.

They also look at Trek as a solid reliable tentpeg of linear fictitious events and characters/personalities which fire their imaginations and trigger feelings of nostalgia.

The quality of the fiction is subordinate to whether or not an ep or film was ever filmed. If Archer had a six-hour episode arc on ENT exploring Pakled spirituality, then, no matter how crappy it was, they must accept it.

I think the vast majority here are craving this film because it takes the original iconic characters and revitalizes Trek straight to the message of the “Human Adventure.” Apart from ENT, it wipes clean known canon, and gives Trek the chance to start fresh with a butt-kicking film.

And hopefully, we’ll get something on TV while the features continue to be made.

935. JimJ - March 8, 2009

Concerning the offical movie website’s music: if it is from our new Star Trek composer, the thought just occured-wouldn’t it be cool if that music was used as “prologue music” like that sweet suite Goldsmith wrote for TMP? I think I’d already have that “epic” feeling before the actual Paramount logo/Bad Robot popped up and the “actual theme” started playing (or the action began, whichever comes first)!!!!

936. SonofKirk - March 9, 2009

The music on the site is truer to Trek’s musical origins than anything in any of the trailers. It has the wistful longing of Courage and Goldsmith and put a big smile on my face. Giacchino gets it. He has already shown how well he can take up existing themes and put a fresh spin on them in Incredibles. My only slight gripe is with the electric timpani at the end.

937. S. John Ross - March 9, 2009

#935: Your argument makes the (alarming) presumption that the naysayers are the franchise loyalists, which seems not only silly but almost exactly 180 degress opposite the apparent truth. The franchise loyalists are doing exactly what they always do: they’re being loyal to the franchise.

938. SpocksINNERconflict - March 9, 2009


I’m saying: They’re calling themselves the Loyalists.

Being loyal to the franchise can mean different things to different people no?

Unfortunately for some it means taking a rather rigid stance, a rigidity i find antithesis to the Trek. Right now i’m not just talking about the folks who don’t like this new films. I’m talking about the so-called loyalists questioning other Trek fans loyalty just because some are showing a positive, open mind about the film.

Just to clarify.

939. someone - March 9, 2009

Music details from:

“This Star Trek Trailer features the custom score ‘Down With The Enterprise’ and the musical theme begins after the boy says “My name is “James…Kirk””

940. Alex Rosenzweig - March 9, 2009

#939 – “Unfortunately for some it means taking a rather rigid stance, a rigidity i find antithesis to the Trek. ”

But part of the problem is that this whole thing is being painted in rather absolute terms: either one must accept *anything*, or one is being rigid. that’s not fair to folks who have exhibited a wide range of opinions and feelings.

Speaking just for myself, I feel I can accept a great deal (recasting, changing the look of things, etc.), but I have to admit that throwing away the established fictional world is about the only thing I have a real problem with. I’ve embraced more than a dozen different Star Trek series, of wildly varying styles and tones and approaches, in multiple media. Does the fact that I don’t enjoy reboots that run away from a fictional world as it already exists, and instead change it into something different, make me rigid, even in the face of all the rest? I have to question that.

OTOH, if it does, then I shall plead guilty to rigidity. I don’t like continuity-trashing reboots/resets/etc. That’s my personal bugaboo. I think others have expressed their own in, again, varying terms.

941. New Horizon - March 9, 2009

Yes, but it simply means you’re rigid in terms of fictional worlds. ;)

I personally don’t have a problem with what they’re proposing…the episodes still exist, and I think it’s time to wipe the slate somewhat clean and explore some new adventures with these classic characters.

Resets are something Trek became notorious for during the last few series. I hated that…there were never any reprecussions. So if this reimagining manages to get rid of the reset switch, that would be great. I could handle a ‘B’ universe for that. haha

In the end, it simply comes down to whether or not a great story is told. That’s what matters most to me, not whether they try to paint themselves further into the corner with 40 years of established fictional history.

942. Alex Rosenzweig - March 9, 2009

“Yes, but it simply means you’re rigid in terms of fictional worlds. ;) ”

[chuckle] Maybe so.

“I personally don’t have a problem with what they’re proposing…the episodes still exist, and I think it’s time to wipe the slate somewhat clean and explore some new adventures with these classic characters.”

My thing is, I don’t think it’s even remotely necessary to do any slate-wiping in order to have more adventures with the original characters.

“Resets are something Trek became notorious for during the last few series. I hated that…there were never any reprecussions. So if this reimagining manages to get rid of the reset switch, that would be great. I could handle a ‘B’ universe for that. haha”

That, in my mind, is why Trek should really be avoiding stuff like time travel stories. Tell a straight-up story in which the characters have to deal with a situation, and learn or grow as a result of it. In the case of an origin story, there are so many ways this could be told on-screen without the whole time travel schtick and consistent with what little has been established, it wouldn’t have been necessary to even concern oneself with resets.

“In the end, it simply comes down to whether or not a great story is told. That’s what matters most to me, not whether they try to paint themselves further into the corner with 40 years of established fictional history.”

I agree to a point, but part of my personal definition is that in any given fictional world, be it Trek or something else, a story which requires breaking continuity is de facto not great. Part of greatness comes from working within the parameters of the universe in which one’s playing. But, again, of course, that’s just MHO.

943. Brian Matthews - March 10, 2009

Personally, there had better a one of two what one might call ‘monsters’ in TREK, or it ain’t science-fiction. The Doomsday Machine was a ‘monster’… he Horta is a ‘monster’… the mugato is a ‘monster’…
‘monster’ meaning unknown lifeform with challenging attributes.’ That’s all. Alien animals as well as alien aliens. Better find them once in a while on TREK, and like the Doomsday Machine BE the center of the story.

944. Claudio (Sat'Rain) - March 10, 2009

The Italian version trailer has a new scene with Uhura and Kirk at 1:28.

945. Speed - March 11, 2009

I have watched the trailer no3. I am finally going to admit that this is Star Trek.
I say this because up until now I had been trying to make the new fit with the old some how. This trailer has opened my eyes. The chapter of James Kirk, and crew have only just begun. I will not look for inflections of “prime” Kirk. I will not compare the voices of Prime Spock to Spock. I will not even listen for the familiar tones of the classic tv movie theme. I do not want to let my bias ruin what could be a good film, a fun film.
I agree with the purists , cannon fodders, and the followers of the church of Roddenberry. This film is not classic Trek.It does not even remotely feel like it. In some cases it does not even look like it. It should be that way but alas, it is not.
I also agree with the JJ enthusiasts,open minded,save trek fans. This movie looks exciting. I want Trek to live on. Through this vehicle it might.
Will it sacrifice what I grew up enjoying in Star Trek through out all of its incarnations… It might. Should I just embrace this as Trek even if it loses its intimate hold on me.I like most of you have been intimately affected by Star Trek. I used to watch it religiously when I was a child. I grew up hoping that one day humanity would work together for the common good. I believed that one day I as African American would have a place in the new order only imagined in this little fictional tale.
The only thing that ever made me lose faith in that vision of the future was reading the Watchmen when I was 20 years old in 1990.
I realized that the only way humanity can pull together , would be if there were a bigger threat that would harm all.Since then I have watched Star Trek for the viewing of “enlightened” entertainment. I have enjoyed and disliked many stories, I am now going on 40. I do not want to forget the past. However I do not want to ruin the future with old notions. For all who agree or not ,this movie Star Trek. Based on the trailer, this film get my support. Not as a fan of what was, but a fan of what is going to be.
It will be hard at times not to compare characters , timelines ,even ship designs. However as of now I want to enjoy the excitement of just wanting to see it. I swear I thought I would not be genuinely excited for a sci – fi movie again. But god help me, I cannot help it I am EXCITED!!!

946. Harry Ballz - March 11, 2009


you said a MOUTHFUL!!

947. Mark Lynch - March 12, 2009

@ Everyone else: Apologies if anyone else has already mentioned this…

TMP was not a bloody reboot!!!!
TMP took place several years after the end of the original five year mission of Kirk and crew.

We can argue the real world reasons for the changes. Enterprise needed to look good on big screen, original uniforms too bright for big screen, Sets needed updating. Blah blah etc.

But the fact remains that as far as fiction is concerned, TMP took place in the same universe as the original 79 episodes and it occurred after those 79 episodes. All right, 80 if you want to be picky.
Changes to the ship are explained due to the upgrades/refit. Uniforms did not need an explanation, because as we could see they were different, therefore Starfleet must have changed them.

TMP was not a bloody reboot!!!!

TMP was however, the best Star Trek film ever and as far as I am concerned, one of the best Science Fiction films made.

BTW I thought the Perscan devices in TMP were a stroke of genius. anyone know who originally thought that up?

People, check your facts before making such sweeping statements. Go to the library and get a book about it. Google and Wikipedia are not gods you know…

948. Closettrekker - March 12, 2009

#906—“You would expect them to say anything otherwise?”

I don’t assume they’re lying, if that’s what you mean. What would be the reason for that?

949. Alex Rosenzweig - March 12, 2009

948 – “BTW I thought the Perscan devices in TMP were a stroke of genius. anyone know who originally thought that up?”

Probably either Roddenberry or Bob Fletcher, or both working together.

950. SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Launch Trailer (Deutsch) - December 14, 2009

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