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BSG Preview: “Daybreak, Part 1″ – Series Finale Begins Tonight March 13, 2009

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: BSG , trackback

The final chapters of "Battlestar Galactica" are at hand. Tonight’s episode, "Daybreak, Part 1", is the first part of the series’ two-week/three-hour series finale. We have previews for that, plus the latest frakkin links and more, including details on a United Nations panel about the show. [UPDATE: new comments from Ron Moore]


“Daybreak, Part 1” [Season 4 Ep. 19]
US: Airing March 13th on SciFi at 10 PM (9 Central)
Canada: Airing March 13th on Space at 10 PM (7 Pacific)
UK: Airing March 16th on Sky1 at 9 PM

Synopsis: With Galactica on the verge of falling apart, Admiral Adama readies the ship for what could be its final mission, as Baltar’s Six warns that humanity’s final chapter is near.

New images (from the three hour season finale) 

Lee and Gaius

Adama is flanked by Starbuck, Ellen, Tigh and Lee

[more photos]

Preview (SciFi – USA)

Canadian Preview (best available)

Sneak Peek Clip


Last Week’s Episode ("Islanded in a Stream of Stars") Roundup

The episode is not yet available for streaming, but here is the recap:

Also check out Ron Moore’s podcast for the episode, it is enlightening.

Ratings analysis
Last week’s episode, "Islanded in a Stream of Stars" drew 1.57M viewers, basically flat from the 1.66M viewers who tuned in for episode 17, "Someone to Watch Over Me". Eight episodes into what will be a second-half season of 11 episodes, season 4.5 is averaging 1.71M viewers (-19% from the season 4.5 premiere).

UPDATE: Moore on Finale, BSG-TOS movie, and more
Shortly after this article went live a new interview with Ron Moore appeared at THR. The interview covers a lot of ground but here are some highlights.

On anticipated fan reaction to the finale

I don’t know. I’m sure there will be a lot of discussion. They have a lot of different expectations for what they think it’s going to be, and a lot of opinions about how it should be. All of us who worked on the finale feel good about it, that this is the ending of the story we wanted to make.

On what he would have done differently

Probably we rushed into the Lee and Duala romance too quickly and didn’t lay the groundwork for that. “Black Market” was an episode I wish I had a second crack at. We probably played around with Lee’s character and his direction a little bit before settling into a good track with him. On the other hand, I don’t know that’s entirely a bad thing, because it added to his quest and trying to figure out his own place on the show.

On possible Glen Larson TOS BSG movie

More power to them. I don’t know anything about it; they didn’t talk to me about it. I’ve always said if somebody wanted to do a continuation of the original, that’s fine by me. It doesn’t have anything to do with what we’ve done.

More Moore at THR.


Four Nominations at Saturn Awards
The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films awarded the show with four nominations for "The 35th Annual Saturn Awards". The show received nominations for best Syndicated / Cable Television Series, best Actor (Edward James Olmos), best Actress (Mary McDonnell) and best Supporting Actress (Katee Sackhoff).

UN Panel on Battlestar Galactica 
No, you’re not reading that wrong. On March 17th — three days before the show’s two-hour finale airs — the United Nations (together with SCI FI) will be holding a special panel discussion on the show examining "human rights, children and armed conflict, terrorism, human rights and reconciliation and dialogue among civilizations and faith":

The "Battlestar" contingent on the panel will consist of executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, as well as stars Mary McDonnell (who plays president Laura Roslin on the show) and Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama).

UUN representatives on the panel are Radhika Coomaraswamy, special representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict; Craig Mokhiber, deputy director of the New York office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights; and Robert Orr, assistant secretary-general for policy planning, executive office of the Secretary-General.

The invitation-only panel, moderated by ‘Battlestar’ fan Whoopi Goldberg, will take place at 7 p.m. in the U.N.’s Economic and Social Council Chamber.

TV Guide Cover

Covers of TV Guide (went on sale March 11th) [behind-the-scenes images at TV Guide Magazine]

Preview of issue at Chicago Tribune

Cover Shoot Video

Battlestar Galactica: The Last Frakking Special (airs Monday, March 16th)

Frakkin links

Even more BSG
If that isn’t enough for you, keep track of all your Frakin needs at our favorite BSG site, Battlestar Sitrep.


1. thorsten - March 13, 2009

Frakking Great TV!
I’ll miss it.
But I will buy the huge complete DVD Galactica hull steel box in summer!

2. sean - March 13, 2009

That article in Slate is interesting, but she’s taking A LOT of liberties with context.

3. Jorg Sacul - March 13, 2009

I’ll be watching tonight. They won’t resolve anything, but I’ll be watching…

4. WVTreker - March 13, 2009

Can’t wait. I do wonder, was that Jupiter that Boomer passed last week?

5. Ryan Spooner - March 13, 2009

I think the Galactica will be reborn just like Starbuck’s viper was.

6. Chingatchkook - March 13, 2009

Without a doubt, best frakkin’ show on TV. It will be missed when it is gone…I hope that Caprica is half as good.

7. Capes - March 13, 2009

I will miss this show alot.

So say we all……

8. steve-o - March 13, 2009

eh. I am just voicing an opinion here. but i get so disappointed when i do my “10 min update” and see something about BSG..
Can this not be lumped into the weekly update that is done for all movies, and t.v. shows?
if it is done for BSG why not do it for “DollHouse” on fox, or “Heroes”, and especially have one for “Gossip Girl”.

9. thorsten - March 13, 2009

I just hope there will be no Bear McCreary sitar version of
“Don’t Stop Believing”…

10. Doug is home (at long last) - March 13, 2009

I haven’t seen the show since season 1 (the same with ‘Heroes’).

Do I have some catching up to do! Fortunately, I have it all on DVD,

11. Anthony Pascale - March 13, 2009

looking forward to tonight’s episode, thanks for the update Russ

and before anyone asks, we haven’t forgotten the Trek news, a new ‘ST09 Tidbits’ is on deck and being prepared as we speak.

12. Dennis Bailey - March 13, 2009

#8:”eh. I am just voicing an opinion here. but i get so disappointed when i do my “10 min update” and see something about BSG..”

A lot of us here are science fiction fans.

I suppose when and if “Dollhouse” (which I like, being a Whedonite and all) or “Heroes” or “Gossip Girl” does a single episode addressing anything of sufficient importance for them to be taken seriously by the U.N. or *any* organization dedicated to more than building toy spaceships and arguing over Trek canon, that might be worth an update all its own. :-)

13. Spot the cat - March 13, 2009

are not not capable of skipping a story? you konw it isn’t mandatory to read them all don’t you?

i love bsg and love that they do it here as it is a quick reminder with all the info

14. Mike Ten - March 13, 2009

Love this show, I hope Sci-Fi can come up with something new that is just as good. Maybe a remake of the old Buck Rogers TV show or a remake of Space 1999 (2099)?

15. Devon Richards - March 13, 2009

Who cares?

16. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 13, 2009

The UN.

et tu, Katie?

17. Spock - March 13, 2009

BSG’s worst episodes are far better than anything they did on TNG, Voyager or Enterprise.

18. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 13, 2009

I need me some Trish goodies

19. Eric - March 13, 2009

The UN head, Ban-Ki Moon just called the U.S. a deadbeat nation due to the fact that we didn’t pony up 1 billion dollars, can’t imagine why (last year we gave them 5 billion). I think Moore needs to give that UN panel a taste of what Zarek gave the quorum.

20. THX-1138-Star Trek: Timmy! - March 13, 2009

#8 and #15

Bugger off. As to who cares, ummm…..the frakkin’ U.N., that’s who.


Readers of are astounded to learn that if there is an article they don’t like to read they can move to a different one. Also coming as news to them is that there are things happening in all of science fiction and that the owner/operator of this site is a Battlestar Galactia fan. As such he does as he pleases.

Now back to your regularly scheduled ranting.

21. Locke for President - March 13, 2009

I used to love this show. But since the middle of season three, it’s been a plodding, brooding mess. With plot points not making a whole lot of logical sense.

I’m watching to the end because I have too much time invested in stop watching now.

If you go to the message boards at, you see a lot of the same sentiments. Fans who expressed negative comments used to be vilified. Now, it seems like there are more of them than the hardcore loyalists.

And most of the discussion in those forums are what they call “shipper threads,” where the discussion has nothing to do with the show.

22. SirMartman - March 13, 2009

Cant wait to read the new ST: TFB Tidbits


23. karanadon - March 13, 2009

Gotta agree with #8, I’m afraid. I swear TrekMovie polls showed that more TrekMovie readers watched Stargate than BSG, and yet Atlantis was never given this kind of treatment here, and that always gnawed at me a little.

#15, on the other hand, I don’t agree with – sweeping statements like that aren completely unfounded. I’ve heard great things of BSG but it’s just that I’ve never found the time to watch it…

Apologies. It pains me to criticise this site in any way, but I felt steve-o needed some backup…

24. Dennis Bailey - March 13, 2009

#19:”The UN head, Ban-Ki Moon just called the U.S. a deadbeat nation due to the fact that we didn’t pony up 1 billion dollars, can’t imagine why”

For the same reason that if you don’t honor financial commitments *you make* your creditors will rightfully call you a deadbeat.

Why does that confuse some people?

25. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - March 13, 2009

I have been a fan of this show from day one. I hate to see it end, but am glad that the writers have written an actual ending to the series. And thank goodness for the internet because I currently do not have the Sci-Fi Channel and am forced to enjoy their programming online. At least I have a new computer and 19″ widescreen monitor. ;-)

Great article…and I look forward to the behind-the-scenes special as well.

26. steve-o - March 13, 2009

23. karanadon – March 13, 2009
Gotta agree with #8, I’m afraid. I swear TrekMovie polls showed that more TrekMovie readers watched Stargate than BSG, and yet Atlantis was never given this kind of treatment here, and that always gnawed at me a little.

Why thank you :)
I love, and i meant no malice by making that observation.
just seemed to me that random things NOT trek related should appear in the weekly posting of all things not trek related

27. Ben IV - March 13, 2009

“Love this show, I hope Sci-Fi can come up with something new that is just as good. Maybe a remake of the old Buck Rogers TV show or a remake of Space 1999 (2099)?”

They already did Buck Rogers. He was played by the guy who played Whitney in Smallville.

28. Anthony Pascale - March 13, 2009

polls have shown that the majority of readers are bsg watchers Like the current poll shows 70%

and RE: Stargate…only 29% said they watched the finale of SGA
* Yes – fan of the Gate (26%)
* Just to see Bob Picardo (3%)
* Not interested (55%)
* Not available (17%)

I will make no more excuses about reporting BSG (and by the way we are goin to cover FRINGE some more as well). You dont like these areticles, skip them. They do not stop other articles from being done, they are ‘extra’ … i really don’t understand why you even bother commenting about them. Nothing is going to stop them and you are not required to read them and they will not reduce the amount of other trek news and that is final

29. Ben IV - March 13, 2009

“BSG’s worst episodes are far better than anything they did on TNG, Voyager or Enterprise.”

No, that statement is incorrect.

BSG’s worst episodes are slow, hackneyed, convoluted and filled with psycho mumbo-jumbo, and hold no candle to episodes like “Best of Both Worlds,” “Endgame,” or even “In a Mirror Darkly.”

BSG’s best episodes are pretty good.
I wonder if the CG animator will learn to hold the camera steady in the finale?

30. Yammer - March 13, 2009

You know why BSG gets more play here? I’m thinking it is because Anthony really, really likes it.

So do I. In Ron Moore, BSG has a major Trek connection that is absent from (say) Atlantis, not to mention is arguably the best show on TV and certainly the most critically hailed speculative fiction on TV in recent memory, perhaps ever. It is a landmark series in the genre, and in the tiny subgenre of “ship-based military SF” it is defining what can be delivered in terms of FX, acting, and thematic ambition.

31. steve-o - March 13, 2009

lol anthony geez. as i said there was no beef with the post it was just an observation.

“i really don’t understand why you even bother commenting about them. Nothing is going to stop them and you are not required to read them and they will not reduce the amount of other trek news and that is final”

perhaps coming off as a little heated for someone just voicing their opinion- no?

32. sean - March 13, 2009


BSG is made by Ron D Moore, a former Trek alum. Atlantis isn’t. Seems pretty straightforward in terms of Trek-related information. It’s why the site also often covers JJ Abrams-related projects that aren’t Star Trek.

As for Steve-o, he’s registering his complaint in the wrong place. The feedback section of the site is easily accessible to anyone that wishes to express criticism. Putting that aside, it’s a simple matter of using your scroll button. I don’t read every single article on here, either, but I don’t get bent out of shape when they cover something I have no interest in.

Ultimately, this is Anthony’s site and as such he can cover or not cover anything he wants.

33. steve-o - March 13, 2009

sean i understand that but i wasnt voicing a complaint. i was just asking the question of why. and i suppose i got my answer
which is – People get pretty bent out of shape when questions are asked in a non abrasive manner. sooo sorry.

34. Anthony Pascale - March 13, 2009

any more comments on site policies to

this thread is for discussing BSG….period

35. OneBuckFilms - March 13, 2009

I am awaiting the next 3 hours with anticipation, excitement, and a tinge of sorrow.

This is the last 3 hours of Galactica.

Caprica looks very interesting though.

36. sean - March 13, 2009


I didn’t mean to come off as nasty to you, Steve. It’s just that given the fact that we are now 1 week away from the show wrapping up forever, it seems a bit daft to raise the question at all. Even if you somehow convinced Anthony to combine this with another feature, it would only be for a week anyway.

And come on Steve, you aren’t be just a teeny bit disingenuous when you say you were ‘only asking a question’? However passive it might have been, you were making it known that the column’s existence ‘disappointed’ you. I’d argue that’s a complaint.

37. sean - March 13, 2009

Getting back on topic, tonight’s episode (and next week’s finale) will really have to cram in some major developments in a short time span. I’m crossing my fingers for the writers that they can do this in a way that won’t disappoint!

38. StarQrtrs - March 13, 2009

BSG is one of the few reasons I check out this site on Fridays. I’m a trek fan, but not near as much as some of you. Maybe Anthony is just a BSG fan and since he runs the site he can post whatever he wants. He could start posting recaps of next month’s playboy if that’s what he wanted… and honestly I wouldn’t have a problem with that either. hehe

Steve-o, I don’t understand how hard of a concept this is for you or anyone else that voices the same voice. If you don’t like what you see, then don’t look at it. It can’t possibly be more simple then that. I don’t know why people find it so hard to do something so basic. I skip headlines all the time that I don’t like because you know what? IT’S A WASTE OF MY TIME TO LOOK AT IT! Sigh… really, it’s just that simple.

39. Lyle - March 13, 2009

I’m both excited and very sad to see the ending of this incredible series. Thank God for DVD’s – already watching Season 1 again.

This time a year ago I was so very certain that either Felix Gaeta or Dualla would be the final Cylon… kinda blew that didn’t I?

40. Commodore Lurker - March 13, 2009

Defrakking . . .

I, for one, have always appreciated Anthony running this thread. It’s one of the reasons I’ve stuck around. Also in appresh to Rosario for excellent reporting and info links.

Additionally, I hope this thread continues with “BSG: The Plan” articles followed by “Caprica.”

Given the fan and critical acclaimfor this show, I seriously doubt that this is the last we will see from BSG. Just as Trek did not die in 1969.

Anthony has run threads on Trek links to Heros, SG: Atlantis and other shows. Bottom line is pretty much everything else labelled Sci-Fi these days is lame, juvenile, poorly produced, or just plain dumb.

BSG (and this thread) stand alone as intelligent, brilliantly wrtten and produced, ADULT Science Fiction.

I can only hope that the future of Trek can measure up.

Refrakking. }:-D>

41. Enterprisingguy - March 13, 2009

I also have to agree that BSG isn’t far better than the Trek shows mentioned. While it has it’s moments BSG has bored me to tears with all of the religious elements. Baltar hasn’t been relevant to the show in two seasons. He’s become the most annoying component.

Now that things are wrapping up they’ve picked up the pace and it is the must see show it started out as. If it had dragged on another season at the pace it’s been I would have dropped it

42. Andrew Swant - March 13, 2009

UN Panel on Battlestar Galactica?! Amazing!

What am I gonna do when the show is over?!

43. Jax Maxton - March 13, 2009

28. Anthony Pascal

You have to wonder if these people that complain about non-Trek stories on here also l write to magazine editors when they include articles they don’t care for. You wonder if when Time magazine includes a story not actually related to TIME itself if they write a letter such as, “This article about the economy mentioned NOTHING about clocks or watches or time travel. I read time magazine to learn about one thing – TIME!”

44. Daoud - March 13, 2009

If only a Trek series could end with such flair. Okay, DS9 came pretty close….

BSG is turning out to be a much better “novel for television” than Babylon 5, that’s what I like most about it.

And in the finest Asimovian tradition, ONLY humans, NO aliens. Robots, yes, but built first by humans. That is, unless the ending is something like “everyone’s some form of Cylon”, which I decree will be the “Soylent Green” ending….

45. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 13, 2009

I’ve never been a big fan of Ron Moore’s BSG but I wish them luck tonight and next week on their series finale. Hopefully it will give BSG fans a satisfying conclusion to the series they love.

44, I respectfully disagree. B5 is the second best sci-fi series ever created (Star Trek being the best) and was an excellent “novel for television” series. Some of the reasons I believe that B5’s better than BSG is because while they had many dark moments, they also never had soap-opera relationships, there was always hope in the end, for once humanity wasn’t the most important people in the universe, and there were bright moments along with the dark and gritty. In BSG there are soap-opera relationships, there is no hope whatsoever, humanity barely exists, and everything is dark and gritty. I don’t thing I’ve ever seen anyone in that show smile unless they’re plotting some revenge mission. They’re always crying, drinking, and hitting things and each other. In short, life as a whole is hell in BSG. It was fine for a short while (i.e. seasons 1 and 2) but I got tired of it. I never got tired of B5. Further I cared about what happened to the characters of B5 and I never cared what happened to the BSG characters. That’s why I’ve got the complete B5 franchise on DVD (right next to the Star Trek franchise).

DS9 had the best series finale of all time.

In any case, let’s hope that the Series Finale answers all the questions and is a satisfying conclusion to the series.

46. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 13, 2009

40, for a “dumb, poorly produced show” the Stargate franchise ran for 14 years consecutively and uninterrupted. Why, because Stargate is an excellent sci-fi franchise that doesn’t rely on doom and gloom to tell the stories they want to tell. Just like Star Trek. Both can comment on the human condition without relying on dark story lines like BSG does. That, and many other reasons, is why Stagate is the third best show of all time (after B5 and Star Trek) imo.

I don’t watch Heroes so I can’t comment on that show.

I won’t argue that BSG was well produced. It was indeed.

I hope you enjoy tonight’s Part I of the BSG series finale. From the previews it looks more and more like humanity is doomed. In the BSG universe it would be mercy to kill off humanity. It would put them out of their misery.

47. Lennier - March 13, 2009

Spock’s comment (#17) is… Well, just watch “Black Market”, “Hero”, “Sacrifice”, “The Farm”, “Litmus”, “The Woman King”, and “The Passage” and then try to make logical sense of it.

48. thorsten - March 13, 2009

@45, 46…

I agree, B5 is the second best SciFi show…
I see it there together with Farscape, which ended before it’s time and was then replaced by BSG. I was thrilled when I saw “Babylon Squared”, and understood with Zathras the first time what JMS was doing there…

Stargate was surprisingly successful if you think that it comes from a Roland Emmerich movie. But I really liked O’Neill.

49. Dennis Bailey - March 13, 2009

B5 isn’t even in the top *five* all time best sf shows – not on American TV, certainly. It wouldn’t make my personal top ten.

50. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 13, 2009

“Babylon Squared” was an excellent episode and a pivotal one to the story.

Col. Jack O’Neil is also my favorite character of Stargate. Whenever Col. Carter got into her technobabble explanations I was always happy whenever O’Neil wanted to hear it “in English.” He also was very good at his job. The Stargate pilot movie wasn’t as good as it could have been but the series was excellent. As was Stargate: Atlantis and I hope for many great things in Stargate Universe.

I never really saw Farscape. I hear that it was a good show.

51. King Of All Blacks - March 13, 2009

I think Slick (Starbucks dad) is also the father if Baltar.

which I think explains why they can see him & his “angels”.

52. McCoy's Gall Bladder - March 13, 2009

I like this site

I found it from a buddy, and I was dying to see the Enterprise, but I stayed for the BSG.

I also like the other BSG site that links from here

Anthony seems to be a top notch guy

53. sean - March 13, 2009

Why is it that whenever a science-fiction show deals with the character’s interpersonal relationships, it’s derided as a ‘soap opera’? I’d have to question whether any of you folks tossing that term around have ever actually *seen* a soap opera. If you had, I assure you you’d find little common ground between The Young & The Restless and BSG.

54. Partially Bigoted Zealots - March 13, 2009

Seriously, the end of Battlestar makes me tear up. About as much as I did when DS9 went off the air. It’s gonna be great, but suck.

55. Jax Maxton - March 13, 2009

54. Partially Bigoted Zealots

I’m with you. I’ve got real mixed feelings about the end. On one side, I’m giddy with glee about getting the answers I’ve waited so long for. On the other, this might be my favorite TV show of all time and I hate to see my favorite characters go. And you know there will be no opening to continue these characters after the end of the series. That’s just the nature of this show.

Unfortunately, I don’t get Sci-Fi, but my cable company puts it up on on demand and round midnight. So I gotta wait an extra 2 hours.

56. D - March 13, 2009

My reaction from what I’ve seen, the whole “Pre-Holocaust” scene really hasn’t sunk it, but the pre break “Tearing out the catapults” scene, I now know how the crew of the CV-6 felt when that Enterprise was scrapped.

57. McCoy's Gall Bladder - March 13, 2009


I feel ripped off…

Just have to wait for the DVDs then

58. Enterprise - March 13, 2009

Well, uh, that was, uh, weird.

59. Weerd1 - March 13, 2009

The sense of impending finality was palpable in this episode. As much as I loved the end of DS9, this Alamo like ending is where I thought they were going there, and did not. Perhaps RDM is looking to fix his mistake.

All they have done, the continuing cycle of war, all comes down to the Galactica’s final mission. When Gaius Baltar leads the last remnants of humanity to a new home, will he tell them stories of Adama, Roslin, Starbuck, Lee, Tigh, et al, the new Lords of Kobol? Two hours left. I can’t wait.

60. THX-1138-Star Trek: Timmy! - March 13, 2009

I really liked that episode. I cannot wait for next weeks two hour series ender.

And I dread it.

BSG=Best Show Going (But not for long)

61. McCoy's Gall Bladder - March 13, 2009

I thought it was supposed to be 2 90 min eps?

Baltar is a weenie as per his nature.

Hear that Sean?

Six probably killed his dad.

What was that with the bird?

62. martin - March 13, 2009

If Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis show up in next week’s 2 hours, I will be very pissed, but if they stay out of it, I will be ok.

It is starting to seem pretty obvious who Daniel is, at least to me. Which means I will probably be wrong.

Think that Adama will throw himself and Cavil down a hole in the fire caves?

63. THX-1138-Star Trek: Timmy! - March 13, 2009

Did anyone else hear Baltar drop the F bomb on tonight’s episode? I’ve watched it twice now and I swear he says it.

He must know Christian Bale.

64. THX-1138-Star Trek: Timmy! - March 13, 2009

I listened to it again. I SWEAR he is saying “I need this like I need a f***ing hole in my head.”

Wish I had some way to link to this so that you all could get me to stop obsessing.

65. Requiem1971 - March 13, 2009

Tonight’s episode was a real tension bringer, causing me to sit on the edge of my couch with anticipation of what was to come. I liked those flash back scenes. Caprica City looked neat. A wide look at the galactic plain and planetary over view was fantastic. It’s down to Baltar giving himself in a selfless act. I just thought he’d have chosen to go with the crew. Don’t think this was a time to cower down like always. Look forward to Monday’s show detailer then the final episode on Friday.

66. SciFiMetalGirl - March 14, 2009

I thought tonights episode was awesome! It reminded me of some of the best episodes of seasons past. But it sure seemed odd that they would choose now of all times to show flashbacks when it seems that they have so much more to try to wrap up in a short period of time!

It was cool to see Zach, and even cooler to see Adama ready to kick some serious cylon booty one more time!

As for next week… I have no idea what they have in store for us! Unlike some shows, such as Voyager, where you pretty much knew ahead of time that they were going to make it home ok, this one has me baffled!

67. King Of All Blacks - March 14, 2009

this was a really good episode!

everyone is saying their goodbyes to each other & to the Galactica.

it was kinda sad when they were tearing down the memorial wall and they didn’t know who some people were anymore. :(

Adama will be living on Deck 79 on the Cylon Baseship.

very good scene with Laura putting on her fighting gear, er, wig one last time!

the flashbacks will most likely serve a bigger purpose next week. I’m thinking that through the flashbacks we will find out they’re all connected somehow!

these past 4 seasons have been a great ride and I tip my hat to the cast & crew.

68. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 14, 2009

53, unfortunately I have seen a soap-opera before and one thing they all have in common is that everyone is scheming against one another, something BSG fell into during the second, and what I saw of the third season (I have not watched any of the fourth season so perhaps they are passed this). First President Roslin and Adama were scheming against each other, then Adama and Roslin against Admiral Cain, then the Human-Cylons scheming agiainst humans, etc. It gets old.

Star Trek, B5, Stargate, and non-sci-fi shows like NCIS, JAG, etc. have all done interpersonal relationships without it feeling like a cheep sci-fi “no one does this to me, no one” hokey scheming relationship.

So, in short, I do know what I’m talking about.

Besides, that wasn’t the only reason I stopped watching. That list is in post 45. I simply think Ronald Moore over did it with the negativity. Now I will point out the things I like about the show: excellent acting, production (including lighting, design, costumes, etc.), and directing. It is obvious that the cast and crew put a lot of effort into this show and should be commended for it. It may not be my cup of tea, as the expression goes, but it was well-made.

69. thorsten - March 14, 2009

After the cancellation of Farscape, I was really miffed at SciFi.
Farscape was for me what TOS was 30 years earlier, it went boldly where no SFTV dared to go before, even with the help of muppets in space.

When I heard that SciFi planned to have another go at BSG I expected nothing good, but was totally amazed at what Ron Moore and company pulled of.

70. Jorg Sacul - March 14, 2009

I’m not so sure we needed the Caprica flashbacks in this episode, so late in the game, they’d have played better early on, so maybe we would have had a little more insight into the characters… it seemed like filler to me, something to remind us that these people were once more or less normal people like any of us. Yeah, we get that. We’ve watched their remnants of society erode into near-feral gangs of thugs and cultists. The problem I’ve had with the show since “earth” was found is that the show has no hope, no direction. There is no “something more to seek”, just abject hopelessness. The finale better be a whiz-bang ender for the series, or else it’s going to be the deal breaker for Caprica before it ever airs. Nobody wants to see (and devote interest into) a prequel series about a pathetically and eternally doomed people and their equally pathetic and eternally doomed enemies, after all this waiting for BSG to plod through epic saga arcs that all wind down to the same whimpering end.

Of course, all of the above is just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

Oh.. the thing with Lee and the bird? Sometimes, it’s just better to wonder.

71. spock - March 14, 2009

Galactica demonstrates how rotten and stale modern star trek has become. I am glad jj went back to the orignal to give the franchise a reboot. Gets rid of a lot of the baggage.

72. tman - March 14, 2009

70- I think you are 100% right. It almost seems like the actors are too relaxed as the series is winding down, even when they are emoting. — As though there were another ending when they hit earth, but they were contractually obligated to make another season anyways. I hope they are trying to add some other contextual information on who the characters are and what demons they have buried deep to try to feed a meaningful ending, but I think you’re 100% right that they’re more likely throwing in filler and this kind of insight would play better much earlier. Personally I think the writing on Lost is better this season than the last part of BSG, which is sad because not having watched every episode, there’s no way I can get back into Lost. What scares me most is Baltar’s father showing up this late. I am still scarred by the Russian film version of Solaris and how they destroyed the ending. After that and Full Metal Alchemist, I’m wary when someone’s dad pops up toward the end of a saga.

73. sean - March 14, 2009

I think the flashbacks brought us full circle in that they reminded us of the ‘normal’ lives they led before all that death and destruction. For me, it re-grounded the story in a really significant way. Can’t wait for next week!

74. sean - March 14, 2009


I suppose we simply disagree on definitions. I find the use of the term ‘soap opera’ incredibly, incredibly hyperbolic. It’s not as though character loyalties simply turn on a dime or that the entire point of the show is ‘who is screwing who’ this week. What with the end of civilization and all, I think it’s not entirely unreasonable to assume some might have a ‘me first’ attitude, and do whatever they could to stay alive for as long as possible.

75. TonyD - March 14, 2009

Another week, another largely forgettable, directionless episode where all the really important bits where shown during the previews the prior week.

I’ve not been much of a fan of BSG but this final season has seemed – other than a very few revelations – particularly depressing and pointless to me. Most episodes could be comfortably condensed to about 20 minutes if you get rid of all the throwaway scenes of people drinking, sighing, lying in hospital beds, questioning their choices, being maudlin and generally wandering around like they’re on some heavy medication. I just don’t see the point of it all.

I’ll watch the finale next Friday (I’ve stuck with it this long, what the heck) but I’m really not expecting much of a payoff. Moore has played this final season much too close to the vest and to try to wrap it all up in two hours (minus commercials) leads me to suspect we’ll either get a top heavy episode that will try to do too much, or a Sopranos-like conclusion that leaves too much up in the air.

I laugh at Ron Moore’s comments that TNG ran out of ideas by its seventh season whereas BSG is ending right on cue. If what we’ve seen so far is anything to go by, it seems to me that Moore ran out of ideas for BSG after only three seasons.

76. sean - March 14, 2009

“we’ll either get a top heavy episode that will try to do too much, or a Sopranos-like conclusion that leaves too much up in the air.”

I’m hoping we’ll get a combination of both, as too many answers will simply disappoint and too few will frustrate.

77. thorsten - March 14, 2009

Let’s get to work…
Amazing ep. Perfect setup for the showdown at the black hole.
And nice touch with the flashbacks in a week without Lost…

78. LifeLessOrdinary - March 14, 2009

When Trek is ready to come back to television (and I hope it’s not for a while, I want people to miss it first) I hope they take the same risks the staff at BSG did in bringing their show on air. BSG was never pretty, or PC, or “technology solves everything”, nor did it engage with the alien of the week bullshit that ruined Trek – BSG was visceral and real… I’ve often compared it to “The West Wing” in space.

The only word I can think to phrase the last 4 years of BSG? BRAVO.

79. SHCone - March 14, 2009

Alright, listen, do half you critics understand anything about writing? BSG doesn’t “rely” on “doom and gloom” or “darker” storylines – as if it used them merely as a gimmick.

Have you a literary cell in that brain?

Clearly, the show is an exploration of a post 9/11 world. It’s honest, and honesty sometimes begets darkness. Quite a bit of great sci-fi goes to dark places, indeed that is arguably a task of any genre purporting to explore humanity.

BSG is dark and gritty because that’s the place RDM wanted to go. You don’t have to like it, but you also look stupid when you try to degrade or devalue it by insulting it. It was a choice. I mean, we’re talking about an award winning show – some of those awards having to do with how it’s handled serious social issues.

Not liking it is fine. Taste is taste. I have no problem with that.

But getting pissy because it’s not the positive, humanist-fest that Trek is is short sighted. Both in terms of what Trek and BSG have to offer and in terms of the history of science fiction in general.

80. SHCone - March 14, 2009


Is that the only Moore interview you’ve read? He decided to end BSG at 4 because he had a plan and was getting to the end of it. Instead of choosing to drag it out for seven years just because the ratings were there. There has been a plan, a story, IN PLACE since at least the beginning of season 3, probably earlier. He didn’t run out of ideas – he hasn’t even finished his story.

81. TonyD - March 14, 2009

#80 – This is all just my opinion of course but one of the points I was trying to make is that this 4th season of BSG seems dragged out to me, as just about all the episodes presented have been rather thin on plot and long on repetitive imagery – Adama’s pain at Galactica falling apart and subsequent alcoholic binges; Roslin’s losing battle with cancer and lingering shots of her lying in that hospital bed; Starbuck’s uncertainty over who or what she is; Baltar’s uncertainty over…everything. Nearly every episode has presented those same themes and images over and over again ad nauseum, and if you go back and look at just how much stuff actually happens in each episode, you’ll see that it isn’t much.

I also don’t understand people getting all riled up every time somebody mentions that BSG is too downbeat or all “gloom and doom” (which it has been, especially lately). I get all the post 9/11 inferences but to my way of thinking a good episodic show is one that touches on ALL emotions, not just the negative ones: TOS did that in spades; Babylon 5 did that; Lost has been great in that regard. A little hope now and then isn’t a bad thing. BSG on the other hand has been something of a one trick pony, emotionally speaking, and quite frankly that isn’t particularly good or memorable television in my book.

82. Locke for President - March 14, 2009

SHCone, you’re coming across as though you are insulting the intelligence of people who happen to not like BSG.

Like I said in my original post, I used to LOVE this show. But since mid-season three, it has been a plodding, slow crawl to the conclusion. If people think this is still a great series, that’s fine by me. But knowing when the series is going to end should have opened up the writers to going out with an exciting bang. But that’s not we’ve gotten, and a lot of people are disappointed.

But I concur with TonyD, the show has become a charictature of itself. It is gloomy for the sake of being gloomy. The writers think that being gloomy is innovative television. It’s not. You can be innovative being gloomy, or being exciting, or being anything.

The gloominess is not what made the show great. They’ve forgotten that. What made the show great was hope in the face of gloominess. They’ve lost that.

But for over a year now, a lot of people I know think that the show has become a nonsensical mess. They, and myself included, are watching hoping that somehow they pull it all together and there is a payoff.

I don’t think there is going to be one, though. After seeing all of the promo’s that say, “All will be explained,” I think we’ll remember that as a big joke when all is said and done.

I hope I’m wrong. But like they say in every Star Wars movie, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

83. sean - March 14, 2009

Maybe I’m just watching a different show, or I’m seeing things through my own special lens, but I see a great deal of hope still in place. Otherwise, these people would just stop. Why do anything, why do your job, why not flush yourself out an airlock if you have nothing holding you together? These people are looking desperately for hope (and have been since day 1) despite reality being pretty frakkin’ grim. Despite the desperation, at the end of the day these people always try to do the right thing.

The mission to rescue Hera, for example, is pure, unadulterated hope in its purest form. It’s Adama recognizing that everyone is losing it, they’re in danger of becoming numb to it all. If they’d just gone back to life as normal after finding Earth – the one beacon, the one glimmer they’d all been holding on to no matter how ridiculous or far-fetched – as a burning cinder, I’d have lost all respect for the writers and belief in the characters. You simply don’t snap out of that kind of darkness in a day. You don’t see humanity wiped out and then visit the casino planet. Ya know?

84. Jax Maxton - March 14, 2009

I think the gloom in this show, especially since finding Earth, has been justified. These people have lived threw the destruction of their planets, another “war” with the Cylons, and their only hope, Earth, proved to be a bust. Remember Dee shooting herself? Remember the rebellion? And they live through ALL that just so the Galactica, the very symbol of hope in the fleet, can fall apart. The characters have every right to be written gloomy.

Where I think the real problem people have with the gloom is they tend to forget that the 12 colonies were totally destroyed. That all the things in those flashbacks virtually mean NOTHING with what they’ve gone through since, even though at the time they were the most important thing. Zack dying, Roselyn’s sisters dying, Adama’s reluctance to cooperate with whatever is being asked of him; these are all small things compared to the destruction of the human race.

I really think people need to look at this episode in the context of it being hour 1 of a 3 hour finale. I think (and hope) that the writers have a reason for all the flashbacks and we’ll learn more about them in the coming 2 hours. I really have really enjoyed this season and was disappointed last night only with the fact that there were still 2 hours to be told.

85. Daoud - March 14, 2009

There’s also “The Plan” coming… that’s yet another 2 hours.

Earlier when I brought up B5… well… all I can say is that when I watch Bruce Boxleitner in B5, I see Bruce Boxleitner. And a number of the other actors just don’t ring as true characters, but as actors portraying characters. Plus, B5 relies on aliens for the angst. BSG only uses humans and the creations (and machinations if you will) of humans.

When I see Eddie Olmos, I see William Adama. etc.

86. Weerd1 - March 14, 2009

A lot of people want to complain about the “directionless” nature of 4.5, and how the actors seem more subdued, and I have to respectfully respond, “Of course.” We’re following the story of the last remnants of a people who had their very identities ripped out from under them. They spent three and a half years with no goal in mind but finding the 13th tribe. The fought desperately, and gave into temptation a couple of times, only to be cast back into the wilderness again. Then finally, FINALLY after their faith, spiritual and personal has been dissected and re-examined, after they had survived so much, and taken huge leaps of faith, they found Earth.

And it was ashes.

These people barely managed to drag themselves back into space, barely managed to find the will to keep moving. They HAVE no direction. They HAVE no will. It is all falling apart.

Notice the difference in Adama when he accepts the endgame. Suddenly, for better or for worse, there is direction again, not for everyone, but for those who realize they must see the journey through to its true end.

I understand the discord, but I respectfully ask, if it makes you feel like they’re wandering aimlessly, then you’re feeling exactly what you’re supposed to be.

87. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 14, 2009

TonyD, I agree with everything you’ve said 100%. That’s why I stopped watching long ago. Ronald Moore did great things for Trek but I wasn’t impressed with his BSG.

I also agree with you, Locke for President.

As I tried to point out in my previous posts, DS9, TNG, B5, Stargate, etc. have all dealt with dark, serious issues and dealt with doom and gloom but never relied on it for an entire series and never forgot to have fun along the way. They always had hope that tomorrow would be better even during the darkest days of the Dominion War, Shadow War, or any other conflict that they were dealing with. BSG forgot that and become a negativity-fest. It’s a shame, they had great potential and they squandered it.

To all those who say that BSG is an analogy for the post 9/11 world: last time I checked we’re not all wallowing in self-pity and drinking ourselves into a stupor every night, we’re not killing ourselves because we’re having problems and we don’t sit around crying over what we’ve lost. No, we pick ourselves up and move on with our lives. That means we fight back, we go to college, we get great careers, and we just elected a President who wrote a book called “The Audacity of Hope.” Remember that? The post 9/11 world is not the hell-hole that BSG is. No you don’t forget a disastrous attack over night, you never forget it at all, but you learn to live with it, try to ensure that it never happens again, and move on.

88. LoyalStarTrekFan - March 14, 2009

86, and interesting point.

I will point out however that we (the United States) never wandered aimlessly after 9/11. We fought back. We didn’t give in to despair, we made our enemies regret their behavior. It’s still a work in progress but hopefully we will continue to fight the terrorists. So, if this “wandering aimlessly” is another analogy for the post-9/11 world then it’s way off base.

Real life is not as hopeless as BSG. It’s that simple and therefore I find it hard to believe that BSG can be an acceptable analogy for the human condition, the post-9/11 world, or anything else.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion. I still with them success on their series finale.

89. Jax Maxton - March 14, 2009

I think BSG may end with a spiritual message about the human condition. People who watch BSG seem to forget that there is a deeply religious performance being played out here. One of the main themes is polytheism vs. monotheism. I think this theme will play a major role in the end, and I think our favorite characters will be left with hope and a bright tomorrow.

Maybe I’m completely wrong, but the writing on this show has been excellent. I continue to have faith that the show will end well and we’ll all be talking about how good it was next week.

Or the writers screw the pooch. One or the other.

90. McCoy's Gall Bladder - March 14, 2009

The Cylon base is in orbit around a black hole?

Just drop something into the hole, increase the mass, increase the pull, Cylon base gets sucked in.

LIkely, Galactica will crash into the base exactly mimicing Sisco and Ducat in the Fire Caves.

Roslyn is exactly Kai Wynn. “the gods speak but not to me” aww how sad.

But you know they rescue Hera, jump away to a fresh planet and there is the Opera house and yadda yadda yadda

91. Rocket Scientist - March 15, 2009

85. Daoud

I liked B5 enough to buy the entire run on DVD, but I hear exactly what you’re saying. I really respect the epic scope of the series. Yet as good as the big picture was, the details sometimes didn’t stand up to close scrutiny. Don’t even get me started on the dialogue, which was often cringe-worthy.

BSG’s characters acted more naturally and spoke much more realistically, IMHO.

92. sean - March 15, 2009


I think our post-9/11 world is open to interpretation. Have we really understood what led to that day, or are we just happy there hasn’t been another one?

Real life aside, there’s a MASSIVE difference between a terrorist attack or a lengthy war (such as the shows you mentioned) and humanity being all but DESTROYED. That’s a major distinction that you seem to ignore or dismiss too easily. The idea of genocide didn’t even factor into DS9 until the very last episode, and it seemed to manifest as a symptom of mental illness in the female Founder (rightfully so).

Besides, a commentary on a post-9/11 world doesn’t mean a literal mirror of events. No one is saying that BSG is a fact-for-fact recreation. But it does address many of the philosophical and societal issues raised by those events, filtered through a science-fiction premise.

“last time I checked we’re not all wallowing in self-pity and drinking ourselves into a stupor every night, we’re not killing ourselves because we’re having problems and we don’t sit around crying over what we’ve lost.”

A lot of people did, immediately following the attacks. Society as a whole didn’t and isn’t, that’s good. Neither is society as a whole on BSG. There are 39,000 people in that fleet besides Cylons and our main characters. But the limitations of a 45 minute episode every week means we aren’t going to live life with all those 39,000 other people.

Also remember that our main characters are almost entirely comprised of people in positions of authority. They are responsible for the lives of everyone else. People in those positions do shoulder more burdens than your average citizen, and will typically be more susceptible to depression. Considering the fact that billions are dead and they’re in a perpetual run for their lives, I’d say they’ve held together remarkably well.

93. Steven - March 15, 2009

Friday night’s “Galactica” started out slowly, but built up to a good conclusion that makes one wanna know how it Frakkin’ ends next week!

God bless!

94. Allan - March 16, 2009

I don’t think there has been a better written Sci-fi to this day. I will truly miss this show when it concludes. But at least it gets to have a proper ending, and that counts more than anything.


95. Roger Paris - March 16, 2009

Sackoff cleans up nice…but Id go for Helfer anyday.

96. Roger Paris - March 16, 2009

64. THX-1138-Star Trek: Timmy! – March 13, 2009
I listened to it again. I SWEAR he is saying “I need this like I need a f***ing hole in my head.”

Wish I had some way to link to this so that you all could get me to stop obsessing.

Thats the way I heard it as well.

97. JohnSmallberries - March 16, 2009

Can I buy Adama’s referee stand?

98. sean - March 16, 2009


I thought that at first myself, but upon repeat viewings, he clearly says ‘frakking’.

99. McCoy's Gall Bladder - March 18, 2009

I watched the big frakking special last night finally

Come to think of it, in 5 years I never missed an episode.

I cant think of anything on any other network that I watched.

BSG was really the only show I’ve watched in more than 5 years.

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