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The Collective: Update On New Diamond Select Star Trek Figures & Toys March 16, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: DS9,Review,TNG,TOS,Toys , trackback

Much of the merchandise attention lately is on new licensees and Star Trek movie related products, but over the last weeks Diamond Select Toys has been shipping long-awaited Star Trek toys based on TOS, TNG, and DS9, with many more planned to be available in the next few months. Today TrekMovie takes a look at what’s new with DST.


This following are newly available items from Diamond Select Toys.

New Deep Space Nine 7" Action Figures
The DS9 line continues to add characters with the release of Colonel Kira Nerys in Starfleet outfit from the last episodes of the show (the first ever Kira from DST), Julian Bashir in "First Contact era" Starfleet outfit, Miles O’Brien also in Starfleet uniform, and the first ever Martok action figure.

New DS9 DST figures – four pack (click to enlarge)

[DS9 Series 2 four-pack available at Action Figure Xpress for $38.39]

New Star Trek: The Next Generation 7" Action Figures
Fans waited a great deal of time (more than a year) for these action figures from the TNG era. The action figures include Doctor Beverly Crusher, Nurse Alyssa Ogawa (a Star Trek action figure first), Miles O’Brien (in TNG television era costume), and Ensign Ro Laren (a first for DST).


New TNG DST figures (click to enlarge)

[TNG Series 5 four-pack available at BigBadToys for $44.99]

New Retro MEGO-style Action Figures
EMCE Toys and DST continue their excellent line of retro cloth action figures, with four newly released figures, including some interesting surprises. The Sulu and Chekov figures are original designs which where never made in the 70s, but are styled in a perfect imitation of the MEGO designs. The Gorn is a reimagining of the original design, with better detailing (the 1970s MEGO Gorn wore a Klingon outfit and was brown!). Also, there is Cheron, an alien inspired and named after the characters from "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield." When the EMCE Toys Enterprise bridge playset is available next month, TrekMovie will provide a detailed look at the retro items.

New EMCE/DST Chekov & Cheron two-pack (click to enlarge)

[TOS Retro Series 6 two-pack available at Action Figure Xpress for $30.39]

New EMCE/DST Sulu & Gorn two-pack (click to enlarge)

[TOS Retro Series 7 two-pack available at Action Figure Xpress for $30.39]

New Deluxe James T. Kirk with Electronic Captain’s Chair
A newly painted Captain Kirk figure and a very nice electronic chair are the bonuses of this new edition of what we at TrekMovie call the "motionless figures" or "figures that sit" collection from DST. Included are phrases and sound effects from the show.

New DST electronic Kirk in chair

[TOS Kirk Deluxe Electronic Chair available at Entertainment Earth for $29.99]

Ultimate scale Captain James T. Kirk
At 18" tall, the Ultimate Kirk is more like adopting a new child than getting an action figure. The Ultimate Scale Kirk features 25 points of articulation and William Shatner’s voice as Captain Kirk.

New DST 18" ‘Ultimate’ Kirk

[TOS Ultimate 1/4 Scale Kirk available at Action Figure Xpress for $63.99]

Electronic Tribbles
Speaking of big, so are these Tribbles, the largest ever released. The electronic version of the Tribbles is available in three varieties. The triblles make sounds and vibrate in both "agitated mode" and "calm mode" (depending on if there is a Klingon near you).

New DST electronic tribbles

[Set of three tribbles available at Entertainment Earth for $67.58]

[Also available at EE individually at $24.99: Beige, Brown, & Gray]


The following are Star Trek items that will be available in the coming months from DST (note dates are subject to change).


Long-awaited Enterprise D ship coming soon


Art Asylum has just released this video showing off their new tricorders.


Command your den this summer

NOTE: The previously announced Star Trek III Kruge & Maltz two-pack has been cancelled due to poor pre-sales.

Look for more updates and on new DST items as they arrive.


1. Nick - March 16, 2009

This is all thrilling news. Is there any word about Toys R Us carrying reissues of the rest of the TOS crew, like they have a current Kirk and Spock?

2. Javi Trujillo - March 16, 2009

I really hope the paint is up to par, the TOS figures I have seen at TRU all look like the paint is about to flake off!

Can’t wait to complete my ship collection with the Ent-D!

3. Gabriel Bell - March 16, 2009

Want. It. All.

(Especially the tricorder.)


4. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 16, 2009

Too bad that huge Kirk figure doesn’t look ANYTHING like Shatner…much less a normally-proportioned human being!

The Tricorder looks cool – I may have to shell out some cash for that. :)

5. joe - March 16, 2009

GO 1701-D

6. Aaron R. - March 16, 2009

I cant wait for the three nacelled enterprise what about that one?

7. Devon - March 16, 2009

Ahh, so I see that Diamond Select also do inaccurate renderings of characters in their action figures. Nice!

8. saavik001 - March 16, 2009

No Kruge and Maltz? Bummer.

9. SirMartman - March 16, 2009

Re #4

yeh, I argee, it looks nothing like Mr Shatner at all,,

but its got “his” voice,,

doesnt he get a say,,to what products they put his voice too ?

At least the ST : TFB figures look ok,,

I cant wait to see the offical poster for ST : TFB, I thought it would of been out by now.

10. elmachocombo - March 16, 2009

Big Kirk frightens me.

11. OneBuckFilms - March 16, 2009

Trek II Phaser and TOS Tricorder. Science one for me !!!!

12. naHQun - March 16, 2009

I’m going to get Martok, and I’m still upset that they cancelled the ST:III 2-pack. That was my one “must have” this year.

13. Chris - March 16, 2009

I’m sorry… “DST?”

14. SerenityActual - March 16, 2009

What is up with Nurse Ogawa’s face…that smile is downright scary….lol

15. Rick Moyer - March 16, 2009

I wonder how comfortable that chair is?

16. Brett Campbell - March 16, 2009

I dunno about the 18″ Kirk. He was never a pencil-necked geek!

TNG action figures: pull the strings and listen to them talk … and talk … and talk ….

Gorn to be w-i-i-i-i-ld!!

17. Clay "Still hoping for red nacelle caps" Farrow - March 16, 2009

Nurse Ogawa looks like she got dosed with Joker Gas.

18. enterprise1965 - March 16, 2009

sounds like that medical tricorder has some sound bites from “city on the edge of forever” watch out Art Asylum harlen elison might sue.

19. Paul-Fitz - March 16, 2009

I just wish there were voyager figures, (for us Voyager fans). Hard to find any good ones.
Alyssa Ogowa is wired looking.

Happy Saint Patricks Day to all, From Ireland.

20. Izbot - March 16, 2009

Why do the largest action figures (like the Ultimate scale Captain James T. Kirk) always look the absolute worst?! This looks like Kirk after being stranded on an asteroid for a few months with no food! Fer godssake, Wesley could kick his ass!

21. Izbot - March 16, 2009

17. Clay “Still hoping for red nacelle caps” Farrow –
“Nurse Ogawa looks like she got dosed with Joker Gas.”

Really!! I mean, she was always cheerful but seriously! That pic scared me!

18. enterprise1965 –
“sounds like that medical tricorder has some sound bites from “city on the edge of forever” watch out Art Asylum harlen elison might sue.”

Lol, they should just make a Harlan Ellison-at-his-typewriter-writing-the-City-on-the-Edge-of-Forever-script action figure and let him keep 100% of the profits! Nah, he’d still find something to yell about…

22. Jack O'Neill - March 16, 2009

That 1/4 scale Kirk looks anorexic.

What’s it say? “Damn Bones and his salad diets!”

23. OneBuckFilms - March 16, 2009

13 – DST = Diamond Select Toys. Their toys are designed by Art Asylum, and their role play Trek Tek toys are fantastic (TOS Phaser and Communicator). :-)

24. Cobalt 1365 - March 16, 2009

Wow lots of new stuff to drool over, too bad I’m not much of an action-figure collector

What I want to hear about are the Trek-licensed apparel and ST09 Soundtrack, yumm!!

25. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - March 17, 2009

Finally , after all this time my ship is coming in!!!!

Enterprise D!!! :D

26. OLLEY OLLEY OLEY - March 17, 2009

are the TNG and DS9 ladies poster girls for Anorexia???????
their waists are Far too small.
And wtf has Nurse Alyssa Ogawa been smoking? That jokeress grin wouldnt be appropriate for caring for the dying, I think she only EVER smiled once in TNG and it certainly wasnt a hearty laugh that this doll is demonstrating..

btw when did O’Brien get buff?
pumped chest abd tight waist, YEAH – RIGHT!!!!

27. Requiem1971 - March 17, 2009

Sorry guys, this is SO retarded. To think that these manufactures need to make the figures so darn big, just to get the detail is absolutely pathetic. There’s no one who can tell me that they can’t do figures with that much if not even greater detail on a 3 3/4″ size. In fact, when you make these dolls in other words, you only end-up seeing their imperfections and their dull plastic quality. Thumbs down on this line of toys. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best I rate this toy line a big fat ZERO. What are they for preschoolers, toddelers? Maybe there ok for that age but PLEASE. No thank you.

28. Devon Richards - March 17, 2009

I want that chair!!!

29. Excelsior! - March 17, 2009

I want my U.S.S. Excelsior! :)

30. Rastaman - March 17, 2009

Dunno about the Bashir or Kira figures. I think they accidentally gave Kira Mr. O’Brien’s jowls.

The tricorders look nifty though!

31. thorsten - March 17, 2009

Yes, a Michelle Forbes action figure!

32. fred - March 17, 2009

That so-called “ultimate” Kirk is the ultimate is fandom ripoff. I could hardly conceive of a worse figure.

33. eprom - March 17, 2009

How come Martok has such small hands compared to the oversized ones of Bashir n O’Brien? Nurse Ogawa looks likes she’s been ‘using’ meds. But, it is nice to see how they show characters when they dont have the laser scanned actor faces as a source

34. Jeyl - March 17, 2009

Is the Star Trek II phaser still going to talk? I hope it doesn’t talk. Why would a phaser talk?

35. Kirk, James T. - March 17, 2009

Looking forward to the Enterprise D but the figures, well the re-use of bodies is ripe!

The Original FC Data body used for –
FC Data
TNG Data
AGT Data
TMP Kirk
TMP Spock
TMP Alternative Spock
TMP Alternative Kirk
DS9 Sisko
DS9 O’Brian
DS9 Bashire
Half Borg/Human Drone
Season 2 Sisko (2pack With dukat)
Season 4 Sisko (With Command chair)

Regent Worf Body used on:
Regent Worf
Kruge (Canceled)
Maltz (Canceled)
Gowron (2pack with Season 4 worf)
DS9 Martok

Crusher Body uses:
TNG Crusher
NEM Crusher
AGT Crusher
Nurse Chapel
DS9 Jadzia Dax
TNG Ro Laren

Troi Body reuse –
TNG Troi
NEM Troi
DS9 Ezri Dax
DS9 Kira

the only new DS9 figure was Odo! thats appalling.

Don’t even get me started on that anorexic James T Kirk UQS.

The figures are lame, i hope DST do a better job with the Borg wave as we are promised an entirely newly sculpted wave. (although that FC Data body is still in use even in that wave). Otherwise i would just urge DST to focus on their really well done props and ships.

36. Kirk's Girdle - March 17, 2009

Random Thoughts:

What’s with that Ultimate scrawny Kirk? He’s looking for an ass-whoopin’
Anyone else feel bad for the decidedly feminine outfit the Gorn has to wear? What with the hood of the “Cheron”? Is that officially their species name? Nurse Ogawa looks very happy but Crusher just sucked on a lemon.

37. Kirk's Girdle - March 17, 2009

Re: Martok’s hands. That’s a personal issue and he doesn’t like the insinuation.

38. Max - March 17, 2009


39. Daoud - March 17, 2009

#36 It’s how the original MEGO figures were back thirtyplus years ago. Same reason the Mugato morphed into something out of Planet of the Apes. That it seemed they hadn’t watched the show is what made the dolls such fun. They seemed to have conflated the Cheron with the Gideon people seen in the window of the NCC-17-faux-1

40. Captian Cameron goes Berserk!! - March 17, 2009

I don’t collect these kinda things, but I guess It’s Nice to see the DS9 peeps get some more recognition.

41. Weerd1 - March 17, 2009

I have been hit and miss on my feelings about the DST action figures. Their Spock’s are generally very good, but their Kirk’s are always a bit off. I saw teh 18″ Kirk in my comic shop last week, and frankly, I passed. It’s poorly sculpted, the body is way too thin, and the hands for some reason were colored like Jar Jar Binks. No really, a weird pinkish fade on the hands.

I did pick up the majority of the DS9 figs, but was disappointed in the head sculpts for O’Brien and Bashir. I really like their Kira in Starfleet uniform though. Their Starships have always proven very good, and their props- been waiting for the tricorder for some time now…

Just my two cents.

42. Big JB - March 17, 2009

To heck with the figures…tricorders!!! There be TRICORDERS!!! The moire is spinning!!! THE MOIRE IS SPINNING!!!

switching to decaf…

43. thebiggfrogg - March 17, 2009

Boy the TNG figures SUCK: Crusher looks like a corpse and Ogawa looks like a Stepford Wife. And that 18″ Kirk looks emaciated, like Kirk after a serious bout of anoerexia (I know he had a weight problem, but don’t let Spock’s fat jokes get you down, Jimmy boy!). May start a round of Kirk has AIDS or cancer rumors–just ask Steve Jobs.

Retro Mego stuff cool as usual and brings me back to my childhood. The tech stuff looks okay.

44. jas_montreal - March 17, 2009

gosh… i miss martok from ds9. He was really fun to watch.

45. krikzil - March 17, 2009

I was bummed about the Kruge and the Amazon exclusive Tribbles Kirk Electronic Chair has been delayed (according to Amazon) until October.

“That 1/4 scale Kirk looks anorexic.”

I thought the same thing when I first saw both large figures. What a girlish waist you have there Jimbo….

“Why do the largest action figures (like the Ultimate scale Captain James T. Kirk) always look the absolute worst?! ”

I thought the Playmates 1/4″ scale figure had a nice Kirk sculpt. (Not the Spock however.)

46. James - March 17, 2009

Feminine? Are you crazy thats what the Gorn wore in TOS, a gold tunic style uniform. Shit the original mego Gorn was a brown lizard with a Klingon uniform.

47. Chadwick - March 17, 2009

Don’t get me wrong all the expensive “toys” are great like the captains chair and there are some nice tricorder and phaser replicas out there but to waste money on that crap, and action figures. But for me there is only one item I buy and that is the space ship models. They have always taken the cake, the vehicles that protect us and carry us. Diamond select have made the best ready built models to date, playmates never quite cut it, they are toys you play with not look at. I must say I have been awaiting the 1701 D for a while, AHH the delays.

48. EFFeX - March 17, 2009

I really don’t want to “hate”, but that’s the worst collection of Trek figures ever. They look nothing like the characters they are portraying.

Why does Bashir look like Carson Daly!?

49. Art•Rob - March 17, 2009

Jeez – when I first saw the headline, I thought it said: ” . . . Neil Diamond Select Star Trek figures . . .” >shudder<.

50. Cenobyte - March 17, 2009

1/4 sized Kirk… someone @ Diamond Select made a crappy executive decision on this figure. If it was proportioned properly I’d be there buying it, a figure which looks like a 6’2″ anorexia victim with a mediocre giant Kirk head screwed on is a bad choice and they’ve lost a sale in me… and I’m guessing if I’m not buying it, other fans aren’t buying it… so I guess that means the largest amount of sales will be to people who don’t know any better. Sad.

In my opinion, as of late this company’s figures have gone wayyyy down hill… I haven’t bought one in ages because of it. Only saving grace are the props and ships, for some reason they continue to be of decent to good quality products.

51. thorsten - March 17, 2009


yeah, you are right.
I need them too!

52. eidylon - March 17, 2009

The only DST figure i’ve found that looks like who it’s supposed to be is the BSG Cylon Centurion. None of their actual PEOPLE look like the people.
They really need to get new sculptors.

53. max - March 17, 2009

The Kruge/Maltz set were the figures I was looking forward to most of all. I can’t believe poor pre-sells. It even included the Klingon dog!

54. Loskene - March 17, 2009

I haven’t been excited about a toy since I was 12, but damn I want that Enterprise-D

55. Scott - March 17, 2009

It all looks good except the Kirk figure, which looks exactly like Charlie Sheen.

56. Norm - March 17, 2009

Voyager figues anytime soon???

57. John Tenuto - March 17, 2009


Hello Norm,

DST and Art Asylum consistently argues, incorrectly in my opinion, that there is not enough interest in Voyager action figures (other than Seven of Nine). They are wrong in my opinion, as a Captain Janeway or Doctor figure would be characters enough fans would be interested in to justify their availability.

58. Kirkunit - March 17, 2009

Is that the “Robot Chicken” edition of Nurse Ogawa?

59. James - March 17, 2009

I have a Generations version of Ent-D, complete with battle damage. My kids think it is awesome.

I want the full set of all the Enterprises, plus a few others – Voyager, Defiant, Excelsior and Reliant.

The figure of Martok looks nothing like him, however.

60. Cenobyte - March 17, 2009

Julian Bashir looks like Gaius Baltar

61. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - March 17, 2009

I’ve been waiting 7 months since I pre-ordered the Ent-D and the AGT Ent-D. I want them now!!!!

I also want the Enterprise -B, Enterprise -C, Excelsior, Voyager, Defiant, Reliant, Grissom and the Akira class……..
Is that TOO MUCH to ask!??!?

62. Daoud - March 17, 2009

#60 Curious that Ron Moore recently named Gaius’ father “Julius,” isn’t it? :) If he’d gone with Julian it would have been too transparent.

63. Andros - March 17, 2009

How come most of these action figures have their proportions all wrong? Huge heads with chicken legs. This is a DISASTER!

64. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - March 17, 2009

I want the Ships and i realy want the Capts chair. Ill pay for it.

65. Cenobyte - March 17, 2009

/62: I hadn`t made that connection… good point though! hehe

66. Jordan - March 17, 2009

It’s really cool they did a Nurse Ogawa action figure but it bugs me that she’s smiling. Ogawa was a happy character on the show, I suppose, but a perpetually smiling action figure just seems…. wrong, somehow.

67. Iowagirl - March 17, 2009

Somebody feed ultimate scale Jimmy, please!

“Electronic” Kirk’s cool, though.

68. NCC-73515 - March 17, 2009

Too much. Look where Sulu has his Communicator.

69. Enc - March 17, 2009

Im sorry but…
Did the price of the chair change again ? $**99.99
wasnt it suppost to end in $**17.01

70. Newman - March 17, 2009

Ok I have a couple issues with these action figures.

Nurse Ogawa’s grin looks ridiculous. She looks like Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. Second…O’Brien was never that slim.

71. THX-1138-Star Trek: Timmy! - March 17, 2009


Whaere the heck did you get a Generations D? That had to be Johnny Lightning or Corgi, not DST.

OK, so I’ve been waiting for about 34 years for DST to finally ship the tricorder and it looks great. And it does appear that the moire is spinning. But where is the promised medical scanner? And not the blinky light scanner that comes with the science tricorder, I mean the spinny scanner that Bones used and was said to come with the Medical tricorder. THAT’s the reason I ordered this when it was first announced.

Also, I wouyld like to know if the Enterprise D has any aztecing and how come they always make the windows black? I built my model of the D with a matching pattern of lit windows I got from a screen cap.

72. Planet Pandro - March 17, 2009

#71. It was playmates that did a generations D w/ battle damage. I’m not one to talk too much about it b/c back then I was young and wanted one very badly and never got it. I think it had some scorch marks and plates that popped off to reveal damage below.

73. The Bear - March 17, 2009

I’m glad to know the DST tricorders are full scale. I’ve got both pre-ordered. Kinda bummed they have Voice Clips though. That’s illogical. I wish they just had sound effects. I hope the “Khan Phaser” doesn’t talk either! But, bitching aside – I’m glad DST has done the Tricorders and Phaser. They do incredble stuff.

Bummed also that the Kruge and Maltz figures were cancelled. I wanted those!! Maybe they’ll try and release them later.

74. mntrekfan - March 17, 2009

that 18″ Kirk is horrendous! No thanks

75. The Bear - March 17, 2009

Amazon had an exclusive Tribble? Didn’t know that…

I’ve got a grey DST tribble. I love to hear the thing in ‘scared mode’. No one has mentioned that these things are also Sound Activated!

76. THX-1138-Star Trek: Timmy! - March 17, 2009


Thanks for that. I wasn’t even thinking old school. I know that JL and Corgi like to mess up their ships with battle damage. I had a roomate that owned one of the Playmates D’s and I had my model of the D that I spent all that time detailing. His made sounds and had buttons and stuff and mine just looked AWESOME.

77. LodownX - March 17, 2009

Charon.. mego figure stinks. sorry. Gorn… rules.

78. Star Trackie - March 17, 2009

Wow..that ultimate Kirk looks sickly. Stick to sculpted uniforms DST. In an age where MCfarlane and others are putting out top notch 18″ figures why does the Trek versions have to suck so bad? Is it too much to want a good supersized Kirk?

The tricorders are rockin’ though. Although I’d rather have a blank screen than a permanent graphic…but hey, at least it’s coming, it’s full scale and it’s NOT going to cost me $500. I can live with that.

79. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - March 17, 2009

I used to the DST figures, but I just don’t think the likeness are that good anymore.

In Ireland, the only place I have seen DST figures are in Forbidden Planet in Dublin, and they charge €25 for them. In my opinion only €15 would justify the quality. Walk in a the right time, and you can get them on sale for €8 to €11!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Starship Legends and Trek-Tec range are things of beauty, but they need to buck up on the action figures.

But no way am I getting those figures unlees they are on sale for €8…

80. Crewman Darnell - March 17, 2009

Nice previews of the Tricorders. Of course the voice clips are unnecessary but the other sounds and details are spot-on. The hand-held scanner is a bit disappointing but all in all it’s a good deal for only 40 credits. Soon my TOS landing party gear will be complete!

Those action figures are quite lame at best. The lameness only works for the retro Mego figures.

As for the the “Ultimate Kirk” parody, I’m guessing it’s supposed to represent a horrific transporter malfunction.

81. Paul - March 17, 2009

Is it sad that i am contemplating mule-hauling some booger sugar to buy that captain’s chair?

82. THX-1138-Star Trek: Timmy! - March 17, 2009


It’s only sad if you are the mule. Unless you like that sort of thing. I would think you could more money by claiming to be a failed corporation.

83. Dr. Image - March 17, 2009

Ultimate Kirk???
I’ve seen bad convention costumes better!!
(I mean- I think we’ve ALL seen…)

84. Lt. Bailey - March 17, 2009

Life size TOS cpts chair…..I can only dream.

I actually sat in the model at the Vegas CON last year. It works for me and I would find room for it, if the powers that be grant my wish. Although my wife would wonder I an constantly hitting the RED ALERT button.

I ordered the electronic Cpt Kirk in chair last July from the Star Trek Store and they had it delayed until Jan 09 and I got it by mid Jan. Not sure why Amazon would have it not available now.

The TOS Med Tricorder and STII Phaser I boght from EE first were listeed as shipping 1 Jan 09. I got emails stating shipping is March, then it is pushed back to April. Go figure.

85. Kathryn Janeway - March 17, 2009

OMG, what’s wrong with the Gorn?! Does he always look that goofy as an action figure? He looks like a drag queen! LOL!

I want the Enterprise D and the Tribbles *purrs*. And maybe Martok simply because he’s the only Klingon I like aside from Worf.

86. will - March 17, 2009

That anorexic Kirk body is also being used for their upcoming Terminator 18″ figure. Arnie — who is even more massive than Shatner — is depicted as having a body thinner than Kate Moss.

DST doesn’t have much eye for detail.

87. NoRez - March 17, 2009

18″ Kirk looks like a broom inside a halloween costume.

88. Gep Malakai - March 18, 2009

Ships and props: awesome.

Action figures: ewwwww. Looks like AA’s standards have really gone downhill as of late.

89. Curveball - March 18, 2009

Wonder what
would look like if
was directing it?

Here’s the Trailer for DARK TREK:

90. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 18, 2009

#86 … “who is even more massive than Shatner”

C’mon. No one is more massive than Shatner. :-)

91. krikzil - March 18, 2009

“Amazon had an exclusive Tribble? Didn’t know that…”

It was supposed to be an Amazon Exclusive Kirk Electronic Chair w/Tribbles but Amazon has taken down the page for it and I was notified it was pushed back to August (first email said October?).

92. The Bear - March 18, 2009

#91 krikzil

Thanks for the clarification.

93. The Collective: Update On New Diamond Select Star Trek Figures … « EverythingTrek - March 18, 2009

[…] View original here: The Collective: Update On New Diamond Select Star Trek Figures … […]

94. krikzil - March 18, 2009

#92–You are welcome. We must be kept apprised of our future shopping needs….;)

95. William Kirk - March 19, 2009

29 Yes, me too :-)

96. 40 year old Star Trek fan - March 19, 2009

the Klingon looks good! Want one of those

97. Agentm31 - March 30, 2009

Ent D won’t be out until May 20. What’s going on DST?!?!

98. Mike - April 6, 2009

The figures of Kira and martok look EXACTLY like them. Easily some of the best sculpts Asylum has done. The Bashir and O Brien are…okay..not bad I guess…

99. Michael - June 6, 2009

DST TOS Entertainment Earth’s Excl. Medical Tricorder Review

I “was” excited when my postal carrier rang my bell and my toy had arrived. That joy, extended to seeing the outer pkging, very nice. However that feeling faded as I popped the toy out of it’s tie downs and ejected it from the backing panel.
The body shell is adequate, but not not thick enough to take rough play or god forbid, be dropped.
The black texturing is fair, but it’s silver accent paint ops will soon rub off with much use.
The faux-leather/pleather strap is a form of thin rubber.

The medical scanner unit is for the most part a complete let down. The sound aspect is controled by depresssing a thumb button, you hear a very low-level audible familiar sound. The spinning center action is achieved by a very lame thumb wheel you must rotate sideways to achieve motion. This cannot be accomplished in tandum w/ the sound at the same time. very dissapointing to say the least.
On to the static display screen of the Tricorder you have a depiction of the sick bay vitals readout w/ a poorly done light up effect which can only be described as a very sml. light bulb to the extreme right of the frame corner. Thus only an 1/8th of the display has any sort of illumination, and the rest is left dark. What the heck?

My toy did work on sample mode, nor play intially. After opening the faux face front memory disc panel, and playing with the on/off/Try Me switch/battery compartment, I got it to work. My toy seems to have a gliche where it will/will not work momentarly, unless I fiddle w/ this switch.
The drop down bottom drawer has a very lame node/recessed shallow hole hinge-like design that did will come apart/away and can easily be broke,unless cautious care is taken. This will drop open completely downwards to facilate access to the battery/power/disc area, and allow you to tilt the unit towards you to have the scanner drop out, unless you have smaller fingers and can pry it out. The battery well, has a micro-screw panel to cover, but I find it un-necessary and after opening it once, the screw was easily stripped. My suggestion is remove it and leave off and save yourself the grief of it’s removal.
This drop down door has 2 side niches to barely keep the door in 3/4 open mode, and again, design so poor and shallow, it’s guaranteed to fail or break unless you take great care.

The middle drop down door does so completely forward and down(unless bottom door closed, then it stops 1/4 way from fully down) to reveal the star moire that does move and look great, but does make a modest hum when activated but the 3 action button on the top hood section.
And now the most sadest aspect deal killer for me. The sound of Dr. McCoy(DeForest Kelly’s) voice sped up to a laugh-out loud speed to make the playback a complete and utter dissapontment!
The far right button activates 5 phrases from the tv series. The middle and far left you’re treated to 2 different diagnostic scanning sounds that are correct and true and at the correct playback speed! Each must be pressed & depressed to activate, and cannot be accessed by simply pressing each back and forth randomly. Each sound does sustain until disabled. If you wish to to sustain your playablility, you can relish the Tricorder’s actual sounds, and sadly avoid the McCoy voice option if you want to make this toy a hit for your next con, halloween party, or showing friends & family. While unit is on, light up left/right blue remain lit, and middel/yellow light blinks untill you switch unit off.

Design: C-
Sound Phrases: 1/2-A+/1/2-C-
For $40.00, it’s great batteries are incld. But, when Hallmark can make a Communicator ornament that so tiny,I t fits in the palm of my hand w/ multiple sound phrases in the correct playback speed mode for far less than 1/2 that price, somethings wrong w/ DST’s R&D team and production in China. I soon will get the science version of this tricorder from New Force, but now I’m less-excited knowing the voice phrases may also have Spock sounding like an Alvin- Vulcan chipmonk. *sigh* I have to contact EE and return mine, as it mostly doesn’t function and may appear to have a bad wiring/connection issue that prevents continual consistant use, and has ceased functioning before I actually finished this review! 6/6/09

100. Michael - June 6, 2009

Follow up thoughts on DST EE Excl Med. Tric.:
My battery compartment after only carefully unscrewing it once, and threading it back only partially, the screw was forever stripped and my entry ever again was prevented for eventual battery replacement. I could have sent it back to EE, but I chose not to.
I have just used 2 thin knives and pryed the panel away from sides and bent it and twisted it permantely off and breaking it around screw hole. Did I wished I’d hadn’t had to do that, yes. But, I’m fine with it, as the battery panel was superfulous and being’s as it is hidden by the faux drop down memory disc panel, it’s unseen. I did additionally notice the power/lights do come on when the hood is opened, when switched on. My power faliure issue seems to be with the right side battery contact spring and it’s having to be tucked in better to touch the battery’s bottom contact point. Your milage may vary…ahhaahahahahahahahha. The very fact you have to first drop down the bottom door completely down, open the faux disc panel every time to turn on/off the unit’s power is highly annoying..but unless you want dead batteries, this is necessary.
Still not used to Chipmonk McCoy’s voice..arrrrrggggg

There also seems to be an annoying intermitant contact issue w/ hood power as it flips open….I have to repeatedly open.close it until it functions, which I believe is in regards to the bad battery contact spring. Seems to be no end to production design issues w/ this toy.

101. dep1701 - June 6, 2009

I can’t seem to get the hood closed on mine. I’m afraid to try pushing it too hard. Any tips on how it closes?

102. dep1701 - June 8, 2009

Update on the troublesome tricorder hood: I popped off the side panel
( shown in the instructions as how you adjust the strap ), and took out the screw at the top and applied pressure. I was finally able to get the the hood loose. Apparently, either some glue or paint got in between the hood and side, and caused the hood to be stuck open.

Unfortunately, one of the leds in the screen went out during the procedure, but I can live with that.

I am disappointed in the medical scanner not being motorized. The instruction page even claims that it spins when the button is pushed. No mention of a manual thumbwheel, so I’m guessing that they planned to have it motorized and changed it at the last minute.

103. Lee Hubbard - June 9, 2009

Has the Seven of nine figure been cancelled as well as Kirk and Spock from The Voyage Home? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.