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TrekInk: Review – Star Trek Countdown #3 – Reveals Big Backstory Points For Star Trek Movie [UPDATED] March 18, 2009

by Alex Fletcher , Filed under: Comics,Review,Star Trek (2009 film),TNG , trackback

The countdown to the Star Trek movie continues with the third issue of the prequel comic "Star Trek Countdown." And wow, but is this issue just chock full of major back-story for the film and some surprise guests as well. Find out how it all works out in our review below [SPOILERS]. Plus we have news on how you can get Countdown (and other IDW Trek comics) on iTunes.
[UPDATE: Countdown teaser trailer + follow-up announced]



Romulus is dead.
At the end of the last issue, we watched a star go supernova and Romulus suffered some seriously bad after effect (Specifically… it went boom). As Nero states, quite elegantly, to open issue #3, “I watched it die… and I died with them”. And thus begins a big dose of Nero’s motivations and his turn for the worse and descent into questionable sanity. In issue three we finally glimpse the villainous Nero seen in the trailers for the new Star Trek movie.

Nero no longer trusts the Federation and he is especially pissed off at Vulcans. He isn’t too happy with the rulers of the Romulan Senate either, after they ignored the warnings from Issues 1 & 2. Even though each issue of Countdown has been overly short, writers Tim Jones and Mike Johnson have taken us step by step from a thoughtful concerned mining captain in issue 1, to a steely-eyed and determined avenging killer in issue 3. And this thirst for vengeance turns out to be the reasoning behind those tattoos, which we see applied to Nero and his crew in this issue. 

Nero and crew burn their grief right onto their faces

Typical of this series, and indeed any prequel comic series, the exposition continues. In addition to the tattoos, issue three also reveals where Nero got his cool staff/sceptre thing and gives us more details on ‘red matter’ (something that plays a part in the new movie). Most interestingly, the book reveals the origins of Spock’s ‘Jellyfish’ and the nature of Nero’s Narada, both of which have some intriguing TNG era connections [HIGHLIGHT INVISOTEXT TO FIND OUT: The Jellyfish was designed by Geordi LaForge and the Narada was modified with Borg technology developed by the Romulans at their secret ‘Vault’ facility].  Having said that all that, this issue is primarily one of action with a very fast pace that brings the end all too soon with the focus mostly on Nero’s turn towards revenge, with flashes back to Spock working with Data and Picard on their plan to thwart the danger presented by the Hobus supernova. Alas there are no more glimpses of Kirk for this issue, but Spock does cite an old friend when talking about ‘following his gut.’

Again David Messina’s art lives up to its typical high standards, with only a minor exception or two. The story continues to be shrouded in shadow, with the moments of light saved for Spock’s story segments. The colors really bring out the look, and the art bounces off of the page.

The destruction of Romulus starts Countdown #3 in a dark place

After three issues, Countdown continues to take us into unexpected territory with this mix of sequel to the TNG era and a prequel to the new Star Trek movie. Even though Countdown #3 is full of fun back story tidbits with a fast-paced sequence of settings, it feels the least complete of the three issues so far. This issue is really a set up for the big Nero/Spock showdown that you see coming for issue 4, with this one feeling like those boxing movie training montages of the two fighters preparing for their big bout. While the story is intriguing, the dialogue continues to be a weak points for Countdown. I get the impression that the writers are trying to befriend those out there that just don’t read comics, but trying to get them to read this one. This is similar as seen in the IDW Transformers movie prequel and the new GI Joe prequel.

Like the two previous ones, this one ends with another big cliffhanger — and another TNG cameo [HIGHLIGHT INVISOTEXT: General Worf – of the Klingon Empire]. The final issue should be most interesting, and I’m definitely curious to see how some of the revelations in this one play out there and in the movie.

Regular and photo cover for Star Trek Countdown #3 (click to enlarge)

Countdown #3 hits comic stories today and if you want it, you should go quickly before it is gone. This issue (and the first two) have already sold out at, but you can still reserve #4 (a good idea if you haven’t yet). If you haven’t started on Countdown, you are better off waiting a month to pick up the trade paperback collecting all four issues (available for pre-order at Amazon).

Countdown #4

Countdown TPB
@ Amazon


(Pre-order – April. 29)

Countdown & other IDW comics on iTunes & Android
There is another way to read Star Trek Countdown, you can pick it up in the Applications store of iTunes for your iPhone or iTouch. You can also buy the comics for your Google Android phone as well. Each issue is a separate app and they cost $0.99 each. All three are now available on iTunes and for Android (and will be available on Amazon Kindle soon).

Buy Countdown for your iPhone/iTouch or Android

Countdown #1

Countdown #2

Countdown #3







Here is a screen shot of what the comic looks like on the iPhone.

Screenshot of Countdown #3 on iPhone

In addition to Countdown, the recent ‘Best of Peter David’ collection is also available electronically. More IDW Trek books will be made available electronically soon. The electronic versions of the comics are created by iVerse Media. If you want to see what comics are like on your mobile device, there is a video demo at YouTube.


UPDATE: Countdown Trailer + Follow-up series announced
Today IDW Editor Chris Ryall posted a teaser trailer for Countdown made by Countdown artist David Messina. The trailer includes some images from Countdown #3 (reviewed above).

Ryall also announced that Messina will be doing a follow-up comic to Countdown, that will come out in July.


Also out today Crew #1 – review coming tomorrow
Countdown isn’t the only Trek comic hitting stores today. IDW also have the first issue of "Crew," The pre-TOS era series from John Byrne. TrekMovie will have a review of that tomorrow.  


1. BK613 - March 18, 2009

Looks interesting but I am waiting for the collection.

2. Almighty - March 18, 2009

Ok i have to find this and read it right now !!!!

3. Selor - March 18, 2009

GNAR! Can’t wait to get the whole thing it in April!

4. Commander K - March 18, 2009

I actually feel sorry for Nero..evil bastard or not!

5. jotin - March 18, 2009

Im waiting for all 4 together as well.

6. Almighty - March 18, 2009


The tragic villain is always a goos choice

Makes much more sense than the cardboard comic book villians of the last two movies

7. DJT - March 18, 2009


8. Almighty - March 18, 2009

Obviously i meant Good not goos lol

9. strangelove - March 18, 2009

is the staff some klingon-thing:)?

10. SirMartman - March 18, 2009

I cant wait for ST:TFB,, its sooo hard not to read anything with a hint of a spoiler in it.

So far Im proud to say that Im ST:TFB spoiler free!

(and yes,,its killing me!)

11. Dyson Sphere - March 18, 2009

Kindle?? The shades of grey will not show the beauty of the art.

I have my TPB already ordered via Amazon.

12. Brian - March 18, 2009


Only go if you are SURE you want to know some crazy spoilers!!!

13. strangelove - March 18, 2009

what is the STAFF:-D?
r this klingos starships this 42 that kirk talk about in the movie???
ARG …plz can somebody just scann the hole comic =D

14. Brian - March 18, 2009

***Huge spoilers***

Both Invisotexts are wrong!!!

In the first invisotext, it is not called the “forge” facility, it is called THE VAULT. This whole “forge” rumor has got to stop, it probably happened by accident, when somebody along the line typed “forge” instead of “LaForge”, who is a surprise cameo in issue three.

In the second invisotext, replace Admiral with GENERAL.

Just wanted to set the record straight if a bunch of people are reading the invisotexts, they are inaccurate. I also have to disagree that this was a weak issue, personally I think this was by far and away the best of the three issues so far. Two awesome surprises, great action and IMO the best dialogue so far, #3 is easily my favorite so far. If you know TNG, you’ll love the perfect way they talk to each other. Fantastic issue.

15. Brian - March 18, 2009


@13: The staff has a crazy Romulan name and is the oldest symbol of the Romulan Empire. One event leads to another and it ends up in Nero’s hands.

16. thorsten - March 18, 2009


What are you talking about?

Everybody who checked out the spoilers:
Alex Fletcher is correct on all counts,
Brian is not.

17. Brian - March 18, 2009

@16: NO, I am right. I have the frakkin comic sitting right here in front of me. I’ve read it three times. Trust me. There are two errors, one in each invisotext. I’m sorry but it’s true.

18. thorsten - March 18, 2009


It has no “crazy Romulan” name.
Stop spreading incorrect rumors.

19. Brian - March 18, 2009


Are you nuts? I HAVE THE COMIC in my front of my face. The spear that Nero has in the movie is called the DEBRUNE TERAL’N and he grabs it from the Praetor who beams aboard the Narada and impales him with it, kills the others, and keeps the Debrune Teral’n for himself.

Don’t come at me if you have no clue what you’re talking about dude.

20. thorsten - March 18, 2009


First of all, Brian: Language.

What is the name of the romulan commander on page 11?

21. Unbel1ever - March 18, 2009


So the Narada is infused with 24th century Borg tech, yet she doesn’t blow a 23rd century starship like the E out of the sky ?

22. strangelove - March 18, 2009

thanks for the infos…here in germany we dont have da comics yet:-(

cmon someone just scann it:-D`

23. strangelove - March 18, 2009

@ you meen out of the space;-)
i think the narada will blow the klingons ships to smithereen?

but guy, why he wants to kill kirk, i dont get it?

24. Brian - March 18, 2009


@20: Her name is Commander D’Spal. She is assigned to the secret Romulan base “The Vault”, also known as “the empire’s last hope”. D’Spal agrees to let Nero use the Narada as a prototype for Borg/Romulan hybrid technology and weaponry. Any more pointless trivia questions thorsten, or are you going to accuse of something for no reason again??

@21: The Enterprise-E is currently in orbit around Vulcun. The Narada is farther away, destroying any ship it passes, Federation, Klingon, Cardassian, an encounter with E seems inevitable for Issue #4.


25. thorsten - March 18, 2009

That was an easy question, Brian…
I am waiting.

26. Curveball - March 18, 2009

Wonder what
would look like if
was directing it?

Here’s the Trailer for DARK TREK:

27. thorsten - March 18, 2009


Happy now, dude?

28. Brian - March 18, 2009

@thorsten, so I can assume we are both in the Issue 3 club already then?

29. thorsten - March 18, 2009

Well, Brian, let`s say your issue appears to be from another timeline ;))

30. Brian - March 18, 2009

Well what issue do you have lol! We have the same one, come on now, pulling my leg. Also, you don’t think “Debrune Teral’n” is a crazy Romulan name? I do!

31. thorsten - March 18, 2009


I have the same info as Alex Fletcher.
If you are correct, I apologize.

32. yoyoyoyo - March 18, 2009

Hey Brian,

What’s the deal with that ‘Thorsten’? What did you do to her to make her so paranoid about your posts? Ahh I guess that doesn’t matter, she’s probably some chick you stiffed at the pub, and is trying to provoke you online. I wouldn’t strees about it, I agree with everything you said, and any one else who is reading these posts and has not read the comic yet should listen to Brian. The invisible spoilers do appear to have some typos.

Also for all those asking to scan the comic online, just spend the $1 and download it off of itunes. I’m in Australia so the Issues are a bit hard to get your hands on in print, but itunes allows you to view it right away.

Ohh and Thorsten. Try and relax and don’t come across so mental, there are plenty of guys out there. You’ll meet the right one some day.


33. yoyoyoyo - March 18, 2009


Just playing around with ya aswell. Trying to raz you up. So don’t take it seriously. We’re all trek fans here.

34. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 18, 2009

26. Curveball

I could not get throught that video. Sorry.

As for the article.
How is the general audience gonna be up on all of this?

35. JB - March 18, 2009

Anyone else wondering how they intend to cram all of this backstory into the movie? Without the core elements, the moviegoer wouldn’t know what motivates Nero. Should be interesting.

Also, if you’re Nero, once you discover you’ve travelled back in time, why not use your advanced technology to take out the Hobus star before it can threaten Romulus in the future? Or at least warn the Romulans about it?

I also had some difficulty believing the setup in issue #1 where not a single scientist in the entire Romulan empire sees a threat from the Hobus star, only Spock. That’s not very plausible. The Romulans must never have heard of Krypton!

36. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 18, 2009

24. Brian

Got a copyright on that font?

SyFy would.

37. galaxy quest 2 - March 18, 2009

Spock seems to die again in this movie.
His jellyfish timeship is shown crashing into Nero’s ship.
Spock as kamikazi pilot?

38. galaxy quest 2 - March 18, 2009

…in the trailer.Check it out.

39. Alexander - March 18, 2009


Just to clear a few things up…

It is the VAULT not the FORGE and Worf is a GENERAL not an ADMIRAL.

I downloaded the comic to my iPhone via the App Store (which I must say, was excellent!) and read #2 and #3. The story is quite entertaining and it’s only giving me more of a reason to watch this movie over and over again when it comes out in May. :-)

After what I’ve read, I have a feeling that someone’s gonna take a nice little trip to Rura Penthe in #4.

40. ShawnP - March 18, 2009

Wow, I can’t believe I just wasted valuable minutes of my life reading that back and forth between Brian and thorsten…

Anyway, I can’t wait till this becomes available on the Android Market. I own the first two, and they only cost me 99 cents each! For those who are weary of reading it on your G1 or iPhone, it’s actually a good medium for the comics and very readable.

41. Stephan - March 18, 2009


I have two questions:

1. Is it important to read the comics? What about the general film audience. Will they understand Nero’s motivations and backstory and all those revealings in the comics by just seeing the movie?

2. What about the fans who have read the comics. Are they so much spoilered that they won’t be suprised when the movie reveals that Romulus has been destroyed? I mean could it be that comic readers already know to much?


42. Frederick - March 18, 2009

I wonder if Romulus stays destroyed, along with another certain Vulcanoid homeworld, or is the timeline restored by the end of the movie? Big questions.

Also: NEWSFLASH: “Star Trek Returning To TV” says Shatner!
See for article!!!

43. Alexander - March 18, 2009

1. If your a fan of Trek, do read it. If you’re not a fan of Trek, read it. :-)

2. I don’t think the spoilers in the comic will affect fans one bit (it certainly hasn’t spoiled anything for me…). On the contrary, it’s giving me more reason to go out and see this movie on day one.

One thing is for sure, this comic certainly is a nice homage to TNG and, dare I say it, a proper farewell to them as well. I hope that one day Countdown can be made into a movie of sorts….

44. Flake - March 18, 2009

It must be an accident that sends Spock and the Narada back in time or else why wouldn’t Nero go back in time and save Romulas instead…?

45. Selor - March 18, 2009

@44 He’s gone mad and seeks for revenge… and probably he goes back in time to destroy Vulcan, Earth, Kirk, Spock and the Federation and then spend the Rest of those 150 years or so trying to rescue Romulus (and Remus apparently)

46. Holger - March 18, 2009

Looks very interesting.
I’m wondering if some parts of this backstory will make it into the novelization as well.

47. krikzil - March 18, 2009

Hope my issue is in the mailbox tonight!

48. Spock - March 18, 2009

Again with the over used borg. UGH.

49. Stephan - March 18, 2009


I really do hope that Nero’s motivation is not revenge because it has been overused and is a cliche. I am hoping his character is a little bit more-dimensional!

50. Scott Xavier - March 18, 2009

Yippee maybe next they can leave the over used borg plot alone and maybe try and inject some of that wacky time travel anticts that b & b used to make star trek oh so relevant and original…

51. Mirror Jordan - March 18, 2009

iTunes doesn’t have the third comic yet.

52. Mirror Jordan - March 18, 2009

Disregard that last message. Didn’t show up in the results at first…

53. Chadwick - March 18, 2009

Nope I am reading them as come out to take it all in, reflect on it, start to put the story together. Why would I only read the TPB a week before the movie, it being released on a monthly basis for a reason, read it, reflect, digest.

54. T'Cal - March 18, 2009

I haven’t had any luck finding these in stores. This morning, my son downloaded the first three on his iPod Touch for $0.99 each! It’s very cool in that it shows one panel at a time. I’ll be confiscating it from him when I get home tonight and locking myself in a room.

55. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - March 18, 2009

I really don’t see this evolving into a full-blown “Borg plot” as some people fear. At least, I hope not.

56. Chadwick - March 18, 2009

I actually like the other Star Trek comics from IDW, like the original series year four, alien spotlight, and the TOS era comics. I never liked the Star Trek comics from Marvel back in the 80’s and 90’s. It was this Star Trek countdown series that got be back into comics, now I check out my comics store every two weeks. Comics of today vs. the 90’s or 80’s comics are far better in quality in every way.

57. TrekInk: Review - Star Trek Countdown #3 - Reveals Big Backstory … « EverythingTrek - March 18, 2009

[…] Continued here: TrekInk: Review – Star Trek Countdown #3 – Reveals Big Backstory … […]

58. THX-1138-Star Trek: Timmy! - March 18, 2009


Dude, what are you smoking? That “newsfalsh” is from 1976.

59. cinemadeus - March 18, 2009

49. Stephan:
“I really do hope that Nero’s motivation is not revenge because it has been overused and is a cliche. I am hoping his character is a little bit more-dimensional!”

I hope that something of the backstory made it into the movie so that the movie loving audience (just to use Mr. Abrams words) gets an explanation for Eric Bana’s character going wild. Otherwise Nero would be another ordinary loose cannon as seen a thousand times before.

Remember “Set a course for Earth. Kill everything!” That was Shinzon with his bad mothereffing childhood attitude in Nemesis. That was really bad and I don’t want this again – in any kind of MOVIE…

60. Chris Basken - March 18, 2009

My only issue with all this motivation being developed in the comic is that means it won’t be in the movie. We’ll end up with a 2-dimensional hammy bad guy.

I hope to be wrong.

61. sean - March 18, 2009

#48 & 50

The Borg element is a minor plot point, at best.

62. OneBuckFilms - March 18, 2009

This series is seriously fast paced, and I like it.

I’m not a Comic-Book guy, I think this is actually the first Comic Book I’ve ever read. But this is a great story, and it really works for me.

Even with the slightly clunky dialogue, and the occasional spelling mistake, this is really getting me in the mood for the movie, and is a very nice link up.

I have a feeling that for dramatic purposes, most of this is not necessary to get the gist of Nero in the movie, but for us Trek fans, this looks like it was made to answer the basic question of how everything in the new movie can be Canon, and how it fits into the overall scheme of things.

Orci and Company, so far, very nicely done.

63. Daddy Todd - March 18, 2009

Nobody seems to have commented on this tidbit from Chris Ryall’s blog:

“David Messina, artist on our STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN movie prequel series (and artist of an as-yet-unannounced follow-up project launching in July)…”

This sounds like there will be a sequel to ST09 from IDW starting in July. Sweet!

64. Steve - March 18, 2009

I was wondering if the Borg would have a little bit to do with it- kind cool to know that 24th c. Borg tech is going into the hands of a mad Romulan to eventually use against the 23rd c., Nero’s gonna be up there with the best Star Trek villains. Khan… Chang… now Nero.

All three have cool villainous names too I must add!

65. Chadwick - March 18, 2009

What makes you think the comic is out today? Its out next week on the 25th, ever four weeks and the last week of each month. You have been covering the new movie and comics for months and you cant get the dates right, getting everyone excited and hyped?

66. OneBuckFilms - March 18, 2009

65 – Some people have had the comic delivered to them already. I haven’t gotten part 3 yet, but I’m sure it’s on its way.

IDW’s own web site has Today’s date as the release date for Countdown #3.

67. Jay - March 18, 2009

Regarding the Narada Refit…

Caught this online… kinda neat.

68. OneBuckFilms - March 18, 2009

67 – That image has been floating around for a while.

It’ll be interesting to see what it looks like on release.

69. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 18, 2009

Does anyone know when the toys are hittin’ the shelves? I’m ready for action (figures)!

70. Frederick - March 18, 2009


Of course it is… I never said anything otherwise! :)

Gotcha… but it’s still fun to look back and see where we’ve come from.

71. Jeyl - March 18, 2009

Pages 10-11 from Star Trek Countdown #3.

That’s……..That’s no “Vault”. That’s an M-Class Star freighter!

AKA The Nostromo from ALIEN.

72. Gary 7 - March 18, 2009

Hmmmm…. So Nero is basically “Darth Khan”. Interesting.

73. Anthony Pascale - March 18, 2009

the article invisotexts have been updated…everyone calm down

74. Anthony Pascale - March 18, 2009

RE: when the comic is released
it has been released, however it will sell out quickly. If you are not a subscriber or have it pre-ordered you will have trouble finding it. You can buy it now on itunes (for iphone and itouch) and also for Android phones…see links above.

75. Frederick - March 18, 2009

Nero’s ship looks like a spiney tribble that has been genetically altered by Klingons… or a sea urchin in a strong current.

76. Anthony Pascale - March 18, 2009

RE: image of Narada toy & toy news
Long ago this site reported that image was a design sketch and not the actual toy. The date also has not been finalized for that. We will have more on the future waves of Playmates toys in an upcoming article. We will also be doing advanced reviews of all of wave 1 from Playmates. The first wave hits stores on April 20th

77. Closettrekker - March 18, 2009

#60—“My only issue with all this motivation being developed in the comic is that means it won’t be in the movie. ”

It isn’t supposed to be. The film’s story isn’t about Nero. It’s about Kirk and Spock.

“We’ll end up with a 2-dimensional hammy bad guy.”

Will the character’s impact in ST09 be the same to those who have not read the comic? Probably not, but I don’t believe that is any different from experiencing TWOK without first having seen “Space Seed”.

I can hardly imagine an absence of dialogue within the film that basically brings the rest of the audience up to speed.

78. KirkPicard Forever - March 18, 2009

I really wish that we would see an appearance of an older Riker and Troi on the U.S.S. Titan…maybe in the 4th issue??? Either way, I cannot wait for issue #3 to come in the mail!

79. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - March 18, 2009

Im waiting to read the whole thing and Ill readt it about 2 hours before the movie opens so everything will be fresh in my mind. In fact I may read it at the theater while Im waitng. Buit everything looks good and We all will have agreat back story to the movie. So it is gonna be cool.

80. doubleofive - March 18, 2009

Got them on my iPod Touch this morning and read them during lunch. Not bad. Kind of corny how all of TNG is getting involved, but the last few movies were like that too. Interesting to see why Nero thinks traveling 100 years into the past and ruining Kirk’s life will fix everything…

81. Anthony Pascale - March 18, 2009

Article has been updated to include new teaser trailer created by Messina

82. Joel - March 18, 2009

Great issue yet again! This has been the perfect set-up for the movie and remains the most engaging thing I’ve seen from Star Trek in a long time.

Glad to hear there will be a comic sequel coming this summer!

83. Mirror Jordan - March 18, 2009

I’m glad that there will be a follow-up as well. Look forward to seeing what they do with it!

84. Frederick - March 18, 2009

That trailer REALLY makes we want an animated movie based on it for DVD release. If Watchmen could get an animated Frieghter movie on DVD, why can’t ST get this done in time for the movie’s DVD release?

Would someone with contacts PLEASE suggest this to Paramount? We would buy it!!!!

85. gazzacanuck - March 18, 2009

around 1:31 on the trailer……the face at the bottom looks alot like picard….and the body behind is wearing a gold starfleet unifrom.Or am I seeing things?

86. ShawnP - March 18, 2009

Just read it on my Android phone. Awesome. Can’t wait for #4.

87. Jarod - March 18, 2009

I hate the fanboyism in this. The comics are loaded with TNG cameos, and the movie is all this “they were all together from the very beginning” stuff. Why does the Klingon fleet have to be commanded by Worf? What the heck is he doing there? Why does it have to be LaForge who designed that Jellyfish ship?

Universe is NOT such a tiny place!

88. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - March 18, 2009


That’s eerily Picardesque, actually… but I can’t imagine that they’d kill Picard off in a comic book leading up to a Kirk-era film. I mean, that’d be like killing Janeway off in a TNG novel.


89. Jarod - March 18, 2009

Stuff like that already made the TNG movies bad. Worf always happen to be there although he should be on the other side of the quadrant. When Picard gets contacted by an Admiral, it happens to be Admiral Janeway.

Some cameos are nice, but they also make everything seem so small.

90. Daniel - March 18, 2009

Now… I refuse to read any of these BACKSTORY comic book stories to the new trek movie as i am a FIRM believer all this “backstory” should have been included in the movie or subsequent sequels making for a huge EPIC TREK trilogy possibly (Original Series Trilogy Trek 2,3, and 4 anyone???). But i REALLY REALLY do hope that some of this backstory is EXPLAINED in the movie!!!

91. Daoud - March 18, 2009

Since O&K crafted the backstory for Countdown, I’d love to ask them after May 8 if Geordi LaForge (and Levar Burton) was part of the “backup plan” were Nimoy not to have agreed to reprise Spock….

#87 Having Worf leading the fleet ties in with the other materials in the current post-VOY TNG-led novelverse… Plus, given the TNG episode “Parallels” we known canonically that Worf is crucial to every parallel universe. ;)

92. RememberVash? - March 18, 2009

@87: I think it’s fantastic. The fact remains that the veteran crew of Enterprise-D are among the best leaders and individuals in the galaxy. It makes total sense that they are doing what they’re doing. Geordi rebuilt Data with Seven of Nine, he’s clearly one of the best living engineers anywhere, so it fits that he was the one to build Jellyfish. We also always knew Worf would end up going back to the Klingon Empire, and being a General is WAY cooler than being an Admiral or an Ambassador like in AGT. In Issue 3 he is ready to crack Nero’s head open. It’s awesome so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

93. Captain Quail Hunter - March 18, 2009

Is the jellyfish ship Spocks timeship???

94. RedShirt - March 18, 2009


@93: Yes and no. It’s not a “timeship” per se, we still don’t know how the time traveling will occur. The importance of the Jellyfish it is built to withstand sheering speeds and conditions. Think of it as the perfect ship Dr. Soran wish he had. He could’ve just flown right into the Nexus!

95. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 18, 2009

#91 … “I’d love to ask them after May 8 if Geordi LaForge (and Levar Burton) was part of the ‘backup plan’ were Nimoy not to have agreed to reprise Spock….”

Somehow I seriously doubt that.

96. Frederick - March 18, 2009

92… “Geordi rebuilt Data with Seven of Nine, he’s clearly one of the best living engineers anywhere.”

He’D HAVE to be, to put 7 of 9 together with Data! Now, THAT would be some story! :) I’d pay to see it. Woo, woo!

97. Devon - March 18, 2009

# 60 – “My only issue with all this motivation being developed in the comic is that means it won’t be in the movie. We’ll end up with a 2-dimensional hammy bad guy.”

How do we know that? How do we know that that the things we’re seeing in the comics actually aren’t elements that are being expanded upon from the movie?

One of the things I find interesting is that Nero has a wife in the comics.. she’s gone, yet she’s also a character in the new movie. Hmm, wonder what that could be.

98. Lazar - March 18, 2009

@21: It doesn’t blow the E-nil out of the water because the E-nil has got James Tiberius flippin’ Kirk! It’s the overwhelming odds (or as Spock puts it, “certain death”) that make the confrontation so exciting.

99. Paul World's biggest TNG fan - March 18, 2009

I am a huge fan of star trek and iam glad they have made a new film but i hope they make another TNG movie and a tv series in the TNG timeline possibly turning the titan into a 5 year series

100. Captain Roy Mustang - March 18, 2009

Got one an two of the countdown getting three an four

101. Closettrekker - March 18, 2009

#87—I have never been much of a fan of TNG or its characters, but their appearance in the prequel comics do not bother me. A lot of Star Trek fans do like TNG, and their appearance in something like this probably appeals to more fans than not.

As for the all-too “convenient” involvement of Geordi LaForge, Worf, Dr. Crusher, Data, and Picard (to varying degrees)—-I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

Is this really any more ridiculous than the notion that Kirk’s Enterprise is always “the only starship in intercept range”, “the only ship in the quadrant”, etc. whenever something huge is at stake?

In my opinion, if you’re looking for plausibility of circumstances in a Star Trek movie, then–historically speaking, you’re really barking up the wrong tree.

102. Closettrekker - March 18, 2009

“does not bother me”—please excuse the typo…

103. thereare4lights - March 18, 2009

Oh, the Borg…. Honestly. Was there anyone who didn’t see this coming after seeing Nero’s tentacled Death Star and hearing the rumors about “an enemy not encountered by Kirk”?? As for Nero’s motivations, they don’t go beyond the old “villains abhor logic” cliche.

104. Thomas - March 18, 2009

To anyone who downloaded Countdown to their iPhone/iTouch:

Can it only be read on your iPhone/iTouch, or can it be read in the iTunes player itself? I’m thinking about downloading it but I don’t have an iPhone or an iTouch. Any help would be appreciated.

105. Newman - March 18, 2009

I can’t wait for my copy of the trade paperback to get here. But did they have to change the uniforms? I like the First Contact uniforms.

106. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 18, 2009

42. Frederick

Thanks for that link!!!!!!!!!!

The thing that ASTONISHES me, is that the producers of Trek do not see the brilliance of the original series. Done correctly, a redo of the series as it was in the 60s, would be perfect!

Sorry, I just had to say that.

107. cpelc - March 18, 2009


I’m thinking that when Spock attempts to implant the red matter he runs into Nero and the Narada. Spock is successful in creating the black hole, but it effectively sucks both his ship and Nero’s in throwing both into the past.

Nero, with his plans to destroy Vulcan in his present thwarted, decides to destroy Vulcan in the past. In the movie he is trying to drill and collect decalithiumin hopes to recreate the red matter and return to his own timeline.

108. Mr Lirpa - March 18, 2009

Just read the first three on my iPhone, this is an excellent leader in to the new film and will add a little extra depth to Nero for me at least.

@106, get a grip, of course they see the brilliance of the original series, thats why they’ve made this film! the characters are pure gold.

…As to whether its been done correctly, I’ll reserve my judgement until i’ve seen the new film, although i have a feeling I’m going to enjoy it a lot.

109. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 18, 2009

108. Mr Lirpa

I agree, Mr Lirpa.

I agree.

110. Matt Wright - March 18, 2009

The more I read about the Countdown comics the more I’m interested to actually read them. I haven’t read Trek comics (or really any comics) since I was a kid. I’m now strongly considering picking up the completed graphic novel version that has all 4 issues when it’s released.

111. DGill - March 18, 2009

#97- “One of the things I find interesting is that Nero has a wife in the comics.. she’s gone, yet she’s also a character in the new movie. Hmm, wonder what that could be.”

What? Please explain.

112. DGill - March 18, 2009


Hahahah, I agree. Something tells me the writers should have found a way to put Nero and Shinzon in the same room:

Shinzon: “Hey.”

Nero: “Hey.”

Shinzon: “We’re both bald you know.”

Nero (annoyed): “I know.”

Shinzon: “I hate Captain Picard, you know. Which captain do you hate?”

Nero: “Kirk.”

Shinzon: “Awesome. By the way, that’s a cool tattoo you’ve got.”

*Nero impales Shinzon with spear*


113. NCC-73515 - March 18, 2009

A question: Why does the Narada have LCARS panels?

114. cpelc - March 18, 2009

Furthering my spoiler theory though…

perhaps this showdown at the end of this leads to Nero’s imprisonment on Rura Penthe?

115. NaradaAlpha - March 18, 2009

#103…while it was very probable, the term ‘an enemy not encountered by Kirk’ couldve meant any number of villians… the Xindi, the Dominion, the Breen, the Remans, the Suliban, the Hirogen, or any number of other villians

116. Check the Circuit - March 18, 2009

I’m sure a kid. When will I finally mature? Not for awhile I hope. I was at the local comic shop today as it opened at noon. Their books had just arrived. I waited while they poured through 15 boxes to find me a copy of Countdown. I left the store and read it in my car. I only live 10 minutes away…but I just couldn’t wait!

I’m really pleased with the series so far. No doubt Orci was a TNG fanatic. It wouldn’t make sense to include any characters in the movie given the dwindling box office of their era and the need for the perception of a reboot. But I think Countdown is his fanboy dream…the way he’d have set it up in the movie if he had complete creative control (and unlimited $). As it is…we at least get the homage to TNG through the comic book backstory. Pretty darn cool!

117. The Governator - March 18, 2009

* * * * *
I have the same question as #104. Can the comic only be read with iPhone, or can it be read with the iTunes player? I am really curious.

118. Dunsel Report - March 18, 2009

I was hoping for a link to the interstellar financier Brack and his scheming on Holberg 917-G.

119. Sybok's Secret Brother - March 18, 2009

I can’t wait to get to my subscription box on my way home from work!!! I haven’t had this much fun since I was a kid…

Don’t know why I did this, but here is the real title of ST09:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture of the Wrath of Nero Searching for Spock on his Voyage Home to save the Final Frontier of Romulus from the Undiscovered Country of previous Generations making First Contact with the Insurrection focused on his Nemisis, James T. Kirk…

(Perhaps I should not write down things that seem funny in my head…)

120. ProperTrekkieUK - March 18, 2009

Just bought mine on iphone (don’t know if it works on itunes…sorry guys)!

For all those complaining about TNG character…TNG went on for how long? They were the key characters and got involved in how many near death experiences? They explored how many new worlds? Guys come on…they are all the leaders in their field, as we know because we’ve seen them through their careers! Thats why they’re all there! Because they’re all amazing! Plus it is a way of getting the fans involved in something their a little apprihensive about!

As for the borg…they are the ultimate enemy, and their tech is sooo advanced that its bound to be used, modified and stolen! Come on guys, fair enough complaining about using this stuff, but its common sense a little isnt it?

The only problem I have is that the Romulan commander gave Nero that new tech preeeeeetty damn easily! So much for a secret base huh!

Looking foward to seeing how they all end up back in time, and why Nero decides to try and kill Kirk…he has barely been mentioned yet!

( the trailer Nero says he has been looking foward to this day his entire life…this day of reckoning,even though Romulous blew up a few days ago…or so…or something, is it possible that there is an alteria motive, after all he did look Kirk up on the computer…could it be a plan he has been working on for a while?? – just speculation)

121. boborci - March 18, 2009

119. Sybok’s Secret Brother – March 18, 2009

like that!

122. Devon - March 18, 2009

119 – Clever

123. DGill - March 18, 2009


I have no idea how they’re going to drag Kirk into this either. It looks like Vulcan’s destruction is going to be Nero’s main agenda at this point. However, I do agree with you that there could be more to those panels in issue 2 (Nero going through the database) than people realize.

124. Sybok's Secret Brother - March 18, 2009

Thanks, Bob!

Let me know if you need help naming the next one.


125. ProperTrekkieUK - March 18, 2009

@ 124 – Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea love it :D

126. Jefferies Tuber - March 18, 2009

I like the way the new Starfleet uniforms and the new Klingon uniforms sync up. Same form, different materials.

Those new Romulan uniforms must be in the movie, because they’re so bloody specific.

Best issue yet. Great dialog.

127. JB - March 18, 2009

120: “ the trailer Nero says he has been looking foward to this day his entire life…this day of reckoning, even though Romulous blew up a few days ago…”

I was wondering when someone would pick up on that. If Nero’s motivation is revenge for the loss of Romulus, why would he say he’s waited his whole life for a “day of reckoning?” He’s clearly an adult when Romulus is lost, and he doesn’t look much older in the ST trailer.

128. Jefferies Tuber - March 18, 2009

The one thing that doesn’t make sense so far is the way that the Narada is the only Romulan ship in the area.

Wouldn’t they have had their equivalent of Starbase One with a fleet of home planet ships? Wouldn’t there be a swarm of refugee ships headed for another planet in their Empire? Instead it’s just the Narada and they’re waiting for the fleet to reassemble. What the hell are they waiting for?

129. Brian - March 18, 2009


@113: The Narada has LCARS panels, because after the ship left The Vault with borg/romulan tech, Nero went on a rampage destroying any ship he came across, including Federation vessels, and, like a Borg, he “assimilated” salvaged parts from the ships he destroys, into the Narada.

@114: Yes! This is my theory as well! It would explain why Nero is wearing Star Trek VI-style Rura Penthe wooly rags in the second ST:TFB trailer.

130. Richard Daystrom - March 18, 2009

I really don’t know why this comic couldn’t have been made into a movie in it’s own right making all the various ST fans happy. I believe they could have made the whole story arc into a 2 movie TOS reboot possibly 3. It would have been cool as hell!

131. Michael Foote - March 18, 2009

I wasn’t expecting this til the 25th. Less than a month this time.

132. DGill - March 18, 2009


ST: TFB? Man, that NBC announcer really opened up a can of worms that day, didn’t he? Look at what he started! :P

133. JeFf - March 18, 2009

awesome.. I had been wanting the comics, just hadnt had a chance to order them. thank god for my ipod touch

134. grabthar's hammer - March 18, 2009

He’s not gonna be in the new star trek movie
So naturally there’s folks who think that Captain Kirk is through
Just because he died o­n Veridian 3
Doesn’t mean he’s gone away from you
And while there’s a part of James T.
In every hu-man being
well that doesn’t mean
He’s not in Trek no more
And I wish I knew if he’s in the sequel to
Star Trek 90210 for sure
But it really wouldn’t be that big a deal
Sorry to disappoint you
that’s how I feel
I’d love to see Bill Shatner solve the new trek’s problems
But JJ ran it right into a brick wall
So the next time there’s time travel or A Romulan disaster
Shatner might still be Captain Kirk
But he’s not the o­ne to call
And while there’s a part of James T.
In every hu-man being
well that doesn’t mean
He’s not in Trek no more
And I wish I knew if he’s in the sequel to
Star Trek 90210 for sure
But it really wouldn’t be that big a deal
Sorry to disappoint you
that’s how I feel

135. DGill - March 18, 2009


That would be nice, but Paramount doesn’t have that much faith in Star Trek. Remember that this film is mostly aiming for the non-fan demographic; given the combined failure of “Enterprise” and “Nemesis”, Paramount can’t trust the fans to alleviate their fears anymore…at least for the time being. Someone in another thread suggested they should make an animated film based on “Countdown” with Nimoy, Stewart, Bana, Spiner, etc; providing voice talent. I would go apes**t happy if they did that.

136. Dan - March 18, 2009

Is Nero’s plan to save Romulus, is killing one man, Kirk, to save bllions on Romulus?

137. RD - March 18, 2009

Thank god this is the back story and not in the movie. It’s pretty lame as far as stories go.

All anybody needs to know in the new Trek is that Nero is insane and hell bent on destroying the federation for all Romulans everywhere, not just fixing his personal problems. I hope that’s all the movie imparts to anyone.

This is what happens Bob Orci when you start messing around with temporal mechanics, you get LAME stories that don’t make any sense.

GOOD RIDDANCE TO CANON, which doesn’t help tie these franchises together anymore than killing Kirk in a lame-o fall from a bridge did in Generations.

138. boborci - March 18, 2009

137. RD – March 18, 2009

“This is what happens Bob Orci when you start messing around with temporal mechanics, you get LAME stories that don’t make any sense.”

Something not making sense?

139. Carlg - March 18, 2009

Nero sounds like he’s shaping up to be quite the epic tragic villain. I love it!

@138: I’m not sure what he’s getting at either, Mr. Orci.

140. The Governator - March 18, 2009

138. boborci

Well, if it makes you feel any better, Bob, it all makes perfect sense to me. You’ve made an Orci fan out of me. Can’t wait for more!!!

141. TOS/TNGforST:XII - March 18, 2009

@137: Countdown is INCREDIBLE, and I am also all for an animated film or even sequel to TFB with some TNG cast in it, how awesome would that be. The story so far is very intricate and involving, I don’t see what your complaint is. To say good riddance to canon is disturbing. What kind of Trekkie fan are you? The kind who watches Star Wars?

142. Stephan - March 18, 2009


Still hoping, Nero’s motivation is not only revenge! This has been overused. I am hoping for a more-dimensional villain, whose actions are in a way understandable. May I hope for this, bob?


143. Phil - March 18, 2009

When you understand the intensity (to Nero) of his own personal losses, it’s easy to see how the destruction of Romulus was the final straw. I think Nero is a great villain, much more complex than Shinzon, a bitter clone.

144. The Governator - March 18, 2009

142. Stephan

Considering the circumstances, revenge alone seems very plausible. Think about it. He lost his wife, his child, everyone he loved, his planet, and his own civilization. Put that into context. What if Earth was destroyed and only you and a dozen others were the only ones left. That would be enough to drive me mad. Look at Shakespeare and take one of his tragedies, Macbeth, for example. It only takes the act of killing the king by his own hand to drive him to insanity and cruelty. And that was only one small death. Even in one’s own life, when someone loses someone dear to them, can they be taken on an emotionally distorted roller-coaster ride. Multiply that scenario by millions. In the case of losing just one person, for many, there is the need to place blame on someone and seek revenge against them. This is no different.

145. Corinthian7 - March 18, 2009

I have to confess to being somewhat baffled by poster 137’s little rant about the plot presented so far in the comics. I am forced to conclude that 137 may have Star Trek: Countdown confused with some other kind of countdown like say the British TV show also called Countdown. The latter being a word anagram show I dare say that 137 may be left scratching his head if he was looking for insight into direction of the new trek movie when tuning into that. Anyway, I can understand Mr Orci and co being a little coy with answering specific questions regarding the movie plot or any potential sequels or trek spin off’s but I hope were not going to have to wait to long after the movie is released to hear Bob’s thoughts on these matters! So what do you say Mr Orci, any chance you could come on here once the movie has been released to answer some fans questions?!

146. DGill - March 18, 2009


Three years ago, I had the misfortune of losing my grandmother on a Sunday and my father on a Monday. It was an emotionally and mentally disorienting experience, but I still kept things in perspective. Now, if the entire earth and all of my loved ones were destroyed in one fell swoop, I would probably top myself instead of running around blowing up other planets. LOL

However, that’s just from a realistic standpoint. This is, of course, fiction. It should be accepted in that context. As long as Eric Bana makes a compelling Nero, I’ll be happy.

147. Captain Joe - March 18, 2009

Mr. Orci, if you are still online, please talk to Paramount about making Countdown in to an animated direct to dvd movie. I’m sure it would be profitable. I hope I’m not out of line for requesting this. If I am, I sincerely apologize. Also, I remember the interview you did for Trekmovie where you said the canonical status of Countdown has not been discussed among the “Supreme Court”. Has this changed and if so, what is the verdict?

148. DGill - March 18, 2009


I second that. If they can put out a “Tales of the Black Freighter” DVD, they can certainly put out a “Countdown” DVD.

149. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - March 18, 2009

For those who’re wondering about reading the comics via the iTunes download without an iPod:

I managed to do so by opening the .ipa files as one would a .zip or .rar archive, using the free 7-zip utility ( The file directory inside the .ipa file should go something like payload/countdown/images. I extracted those images to a folder and then viewed them as a slideshow in the folder.

I hope that’s helpful and isn’t in violation of any Terms of Service. I figure that the money goes to the right places in any case.

150. Anthony Pascale - March 18, 2009

RE: iTunes
the IDW comics are ‘apps’ in the itunes ‘app store’ so they only work on iphones and itouches. iVerse Media are working on a desktop App, but that wont be out for a while, long after the TPB comes out in April.

151. Boborci - March 18, 2009

145. Corinthian7 – March 18, 2009

“Orci, any chance you could come on here once the movie has been released to answer some fans questions?!”

Will be here for sure!

152. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - March 18, 2009

Well, let me amend that. The money might not necessarily go to the *right* places, but it goes to the places that Apple originally intended.

153. Boborci - March 18, 2009

147. Captain Joe – March 18, 2009

Not wrong to ask at all — will pass it on. Good idea!

Nothing’s changed in terms of our verdict. We don’t feel it is our place to make declarations regarding the canon value of the comic.

154. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - March 18, 2009

Oh, and definitely add my voice to those inquiring about an animated DVD. That would really be something.

155. Anthony Pascale - March 18, 2009

Hi Bob

and if not your place then whose place is it? Rick Berman is Gone, Gene has passed, you guys are it. The ‘if it is on screen it is canon’ rule is somewhat arbitrary, and not how lucas does it with Star Wars. I say wave the canon wand and be done with it! If it is to be argued by the court I would be happy to send in a amici curiae, or argue the case myself.

the canonization of COUNTDOWN completely solidifies Star Trek 2009 as a true sequel to Nemesis, involving the characters of Nemesis.

Any declaration of canon could include the caveat that future filmed canon could violate it. The only downside is that it could require future comic, game and book Trek set in the post Nemesis era to not conflict. This would be most problematic for the books which have already charted their own post-NEM continuity, but they have yet to get as far in the future as COUNTDOWN

156. Captain Joe - March 18, 2009

Mr. Orci, thank you for your response. It is incredibly cool and awesome of you to talk to fans and answer questions here on Trekmovie. If an animated version of Countdown is made, I, for one, hope it will be canon. Once again, thank you.

157. USS TRINOMA - NCC-0278 - March 18, 2009


If Romulus is destroyed in this comic book, then I am for sure that in the latest trailer, it was Vulcan that was destroyed. Think about it, why was Spock helping his parents during one scene, and what was Spock’s mother looking at on the horizon? Vulcan is going to explode everybody! And “canon” as we know it is preserved through “Quantum Mechanics!” Kirk, Sulu, and the other guy was trying to stop the drilling of Earth, as we have seen the scene of all three of them falling off toward the drill. And as for the suicide mission, it’s Elder Spock! Elder Spock will sacrifice his life, for “the needs of the many, outway the needs of the few, or the one!”

The crazy thing is that Spock’s sacrifice is much greater, much better, and more noble than Kirk’s sacrifice! I mean, Kirk jumped off a cliff, whereas Spock rams right through the Narada! Now, that’s a way to go!

158. DGill - March 18, 2009


I don’t know, what we saw in the trailer could be misleading. We don’t know for sure if Spock will die, but it’s worth speculating about til the movie is released.

Man, that brings me back to “Generations”. I was so pissed when Kirk died…by falling off a cliff! God, could they have found a worse way to screw that up? Oh, that’s right, they did. :D

159. USS TRINOMA - NCC-0278 - March 18, 2009


Who would you think drove that timeship into the Narada? There are only two people that could drive that jellyfish: It is either Spock or Geordi. And there is no one from the Next Gen cast that will make a special guest appearance on the movie.

Also, do you think that was Vulcan that exploded? I strongly believe that was Vulcan. I remember way way back when Mr. Orci was making a big deal about “Quantum Mechanics” to reconcile this movie and the rest of “canon.” The destruction of Vulcan and the death of Spock will be epic. Brace yourself. Star Trek, the 2nd Edition is coming to a theatre near you.

160. Boborci - March 18, 2009

155. Anthony Pascale – March 18, 2009
Hi Bob

and if not your place then whose place is it? Rick Berman is Gone, Gene has passed, you guys are it. ”

I would say it is the audiences place to decide. In the words of Marcus Porcius Cato, ” I would much rather have men ask why I have no statue than why I have one.”

To paraphrase for our purposes, I would rather people ask why the comics are not canon then why they are.

161. Boborci - March 18, 2009

156. Captain Joe – March 18, 2009
Mr. Orci, thank you for your response. It is incredibly cool and awesome of you to talk to fans and answer questions here on Trekmovie. If an animated version of Countdown is made, I, for one, hope it will be canon. Once again, thank you.

Perhaps if it’s made into animation, there will be a better case for its canonization.

162. USS TRINOMA - NCC-0278 - March 18, 2009

Mr. Orci, is Quantum Mechanics the very solution to appease the die hard canon fans when they see this movie on May 8th?

163. Jeff C - March 18, 2009

The Starfleet uniforms are based on the Star Trek Online ones.

151–Mr. Orci– at this point, I don’t think that it would be a spoiler to say if there will be any kind of a recap of the Spock/Nero story in the New film. Can you confirm or deny this? There is too much backstory in the comic for it not to appear in some form in the new film. I don’t mean that we need the TNG guys physically in the film, but if we are going to see Nero’s wife, than will we see the destruction of Romulus?

Personally I am not a fan of taking half the story and pushing it into other mediums–The film should be able to tell the whole story–but I recognize that this comic serves a very specific purpose: to reinvest old fans in the new reality by showing the end of the old timeline.

Any thoughts?

164. TrekDude - March 18, 2009


Could be I’m completely nuts… but wasn’t it already mentioned that old Spock is not going to die in this movie?

165. Boborci - March 18, 2009

162. USS TRINOMA – NCC-0278 – March 18, 2009
“Mr. Orci, is Quantum Mechanics the very solution to appease the die hard canon fans when they see this movie on May 8th?”

I feel like ‘appease’ has a slightly negative connotation. It’s more than that… it’s the fact that time travel in Trek the movies has been done before using similar classical physics rules that can lead to lazyness in story telling. We wanted to use the new rules implied by quantum mechanics, which as you all know IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SCIENTIFIC THEORY IN HUMAN HISTORY;)

166. Boborci - March 18, 2009

163. Jeff C – March 18, 2009

The story is complete in the movie, however it is told differently than in the comics, obviously, for the reasons you mention.

167. USS TRINOMA - NCC-0278 - March 18, 2009

165. Boborci – March 18, 2009
I feel like ‘appease’ has a slightly negative connotation. It’s more than that… it’s the fact that time travel in Trek the movies has been done before using similar classical physics rules that can lead to lazyness in story telling. We wanted to use the new rules implied by quantum mechanics, which as you all know IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SCIENTIFIC THEORY IN HUMAN HISTORY;)

You are the best, Mr. Orci. You are using THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SCIENTIFIC THEORY IN HUMAN HISTORY, which means you are putting back SCIENCE in science fiction! Star Trek is not fantasy. It is science fiction! Thank you for your response. (Wow, I just experienced an epiphany with Mr. Orci!)

168. Jeff C - March 18, 2009

165–But doesn’t that change how time travel works in the Star Trek universe? Time Travel has basically been following the classic linear/tangent/repair/return to the baseline model forever–also reinforcing the predestination paradox principle.

So, are Physical rules different in this new fictional universe?
Or was it more that you wanted some freedom in the new universe?

169. Jeff C - March 18, 2009

166-and thanks for anwering, by the way!

170. Boborci - March 18, 2009

168. Jeff C – March 18, 2009

“So, are Physical rules different in this new fictional universe?”

As has been mentioned before, TNG covered quantum mechanical style physics, so we aren’t the first to do it. Rather than saying he rules are “different” I prefer to think of the rules as being “current.”

“Or was it more that you wanted some freedom in the new universe?”

In terms of freedom, even classical physics time incursions would have freed us up.

171. USS TRINOMA - NCC-0278 - March 18, 2009


Where did you see that Old Spock will not die?

172. Jeff C - March 18, 2009

170–Thanks again for answering.

When it comes to opinionated fans, there is nothing quite like a Star Trek fan is there? When we show our excitement, joy, fear or even anger–it is all a sign of out passion for this world, franchise, property or whatever it is called. Has it been a little daunting dealing with all of us fanatics?

I hope it hasn’t been too bad. I know some of us get rather heated (myself included) but just want you to know that it is not meant to be a personal attack. My disliking the new design of the Enterprise takes nothing away from what you are trying to do with renergizing the franchise.

173. Boborci - March 18, 2009

172. Jeff C – March 18, 2009

totally understand the passion! No need to ever explain — we know it is never personal and we truly appreciate and more importantly LEARN FROM genuine honest opinions, no matter how insultingly worded!

174. Jeff C - March 18, 2009

173. Well, i try not to be too insulting…
Although, I can feather my hair with the blowdryer engines–and don’t think that won’t become a cartoon!

175. Sean4000 - March 18, 2009

As far as I’m concerned, since the comic is directly tied to a major motion picture, it is canon enough for me! I LOVE it thus far.

Man it feels good to be able to type correctly again after my recoup from punching my fist through a window.

176. SirMartman - March 18, 2009

Re #119

so instead of ST:TFB, we will now refer to the new Trek adventure as,,,



177. Thomas - March 18, 2009

150. Anthony

Thanks for answering my question.

178. Paul - March 18, 2009

I have a small twinge of fear in the pit of my stomach tho i cannot wait for the 8th of May!

179. The Vulcanista }:- | - March 18, 2009

Love the Invisotext featured in the articles!!

I’m also one who’s on board with seeing this graphic-novel series brought to some sort of animation/live-action presentation.

Is May 8 really less than two months away???

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:- |

180. Paulaner - March 19, 2009

Countdown is the direct prequel to a major motion picture, by the same writers, so I consider it definitely canon. Will future Trek writers acknowledge it? I hope so.

181. Tuvok - March 19, 2009

Thanksfor the reviews guys. They are really helpful.

182. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - March 19, 2009

I whole heartedly agree! Please Bob Orici , see what you and TPTB can do to get us an animated version of this story on a DVD , it would help lend credence to the cannon of the story , and it would be a nice send off to the TNG cast , maybe even leading to a new animated Trek set in post Nemesis , post ST: TFB , timeline , I think a cartoon aimed at trek fans that can be taken seroiusly , not to say that ST:TAS wasn’t .

It would be interesting I think to set it in either century , in 24th you can deal with guest stars a plenty from all the TNG and beyond era casts , and with the 23rd century you can show us missions our New Enterprise crew go through , and because of the altered time line , some encounters might be similar to TOS , and some might be vastly different , and you could even throw in all new adventures as well , plus it’d be a way to set up the story for Star Trek 2 .

The future is bright in any case .

If a Star Trek cartoon is brought to the airwaves that is based off of this film and added to the staurday morning lineup and cartoon network , “SyFy” *sighs* , or some other willing network picks them up , then the eyes that will be turning to star trek will be increased , cause kids will see the cartoon and say “Hey that looks pretty cool!” then you’ve got their radar open to Star Trek , and they see a listing for TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, or ENT on the guide channle and they decide to check out live action Trek for what possibly could be the first time .

Then they beging buying the comics , action figures , DVDs , games , shirts , cookies , friut snacks , underoos , etc .

I’m telling you , make a trek cartoon or new TV show after the movie and you’ll have a cash cow on your hands !

Then again we all know that Star Trek is going to smash all box office records already !!! {{{:>D>

183. AJ - March 19, 2009



I think many fans here feel that you now have been passed the Trek “torch,” and can make decisions with regard to canon.

As a fan, you would feel more comfortable seeing “Countdown” on film as a prelude to its “canonization,” but, as Anthony mentioned, you and Alex are now effectively running ‘Star Trek.’ Make “Countdown” canon by repackaging it as the “official prequel to STAR TREK” and you’re there.

184. CaptainRickover - March 19, 2009

Perhaps, they’ll (TPTB) include a COUNTDOWN animated movie (with 20 – 40 minutes runtime) on the Special Edition-version of the STAR TREK DVD set? That would be great! I think the wizzards from STO could do it and create an 3d-animation adventure in the same quality like THE CLONE WARS, with voiceovers from the entire TNG-cast and Eric Bana and his romulan crew…

So, no I start dreaming again…

185. CaptainRickover - March 19, 2009

# 184

Of course I was meaning:
NOW I start dreaming again.

186. Andrew - March 19, 2009

It’s an excellent story. But what I can’t understand is why they didn’t FILM it as a direct-to-dvd live action or even animated feature to tie in with the new movie.
It’s quite common these days (i.e. The Animatrix, Batman: Gotham Knight) to do these movie tie-in DVD’s.
I can’t help but feel that an excellent opportunity to OFFICIALLY (comics are not canon after all, no matter how cool the story is) tie the post-Nemesis timeline with the new movie timeline has been wasted.

Why did’t Paramount/CBS have the foresight to actually produce this story ?

187. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 19, 2009

I understand everyone wanting an animated Countdown DVD, BUT … even something like that would take time to put together. I was reading about tie-ins like Batman: Gotham Knight and Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter for at least a year before the movies came out.

Star Trek ’09 will be on DVD by fall, so there likely is not enough time, unless Countdown was done as a more static, “storyboard” style presentation using panels lifted directly from the comics. Even then, though, it’d be a tall order to have it ready in time to coincide with the DVD release.

188. Jote - March 19, 2009

Has anyone noticed Data wearing First Contact-type uniform in about 1:09-1:10 of the Countdown teaser?

189. New Horizon - March 19, 2009

186. Andrew – March 19, 2009

Why couldn’t or wouldn’t this story be Canon? It’s meant to lead up to the movie and give us some back story. Not only that, it’s written by the same folks who wrote the movie.

190. David Messina - March 19, 2009

“Perhaps if it’s made into animation, there will be a better case for its canonization.”

“I was reading about tie-ins like Batman: Gotham Knight and Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter for at least a year before the movies came out.”

The animation movie of Countdown could be really cool, and don’t forget that there’s some comics (like Darwin Cooke’s Frontier) that becaome an anime years later their release like comic book!

…and I would THANK YOU ALL for the beautiful words and compliments!

I’m really flattered…

191. Max - March 19, 2009

Sounds better than the actual film.

192. Joe - March 19, 2009

@ Bob Orci: over the course of the many Trek shows, we’ve seen the Prophets, who live outside of time, Q, who is omnipotent and then Federation timeships which are supposed to stop timeline violations.

How do you think each of them would react to what happens in the new movie? ;)

If the events and outcome of the new movie are explained with Quantum Mechanics and parallel universes, why would Starfleet even bother with tracking timeline violations when it has no influence on the original timeline?

And what would a being like Q do if humans tempered with the timelines on a major scale? Would be interesting to see actually.

193. I'm dead Jim - March 19, 2009

I love Countdown #3 but have to ask why is the Romulan “Vault” an almost identical cleaned-up version of the Nostromo from Alien? Did the artist run out of spaceship ideas or does this have some sort of “easter egg” significance to it?

194. David Messina - March 19, 2009

@ 193

“…or does this have some sort of “easter egg” significance to it?”

This is was the reason, because in the Vault they are at work on this Borg/Romulan technology, and I always seen the Borg cold,unstoppable, (with the same hive- structure) like the “Aliens” in Star Trek universe…

195. AJ - March 19, 2009



I think Trek XI represents a step change in how Star Trek deals with time travel “Parallels” excluded.

Rather than going to the past to affect or correct something within one’s own timeline, the effect of time travel creates a jumping-off point into a new timeline.

In this case, Nero and Spock leave a timeline where Romulus is destroyed, and the ‘Hobus’ doohickie is left to the Federation to deal with. That universe/timeline is not altered in any way by their incursions into the 23rd century. The incursions DO create a starting-off point for a new parallel timeline

This means that the ideas of the Federation “timeship” or the “Temporal cold war” now become implausible. A timeship would leave its own timeline, and assumedly return to the future of the timeline created by its own incursion into the past, and not the one it originated from.

196. I'm dead Jim - March 19, 2009

Thanks David. I knew there had to be some significance. I have always thought that the Narada in the trailers had a sort of HR Giger look to them.

197. Closettrekker - March 19, 2009

#195—“This means that the ideas of the Federation “timeship” or the “Temporal cold war” now become implausible.”

That’s a good point, but is this theory on QM really going to be a part of the story, or is it just fanboy talk—outside the lines of “canon”?

“Parallels” does present a problem in the way Star Trek depicted time travel before, and continued to do so afterward.

If “The City On The Edge Of Forever”, First Contact, “Yesteryear”, and the entire ENT story arc involving the “temporal cold war” is canon (and I think it is), how do we reconcile that?

IMO, unless Spock is explaining the ins and outs of QM to someone within the dialogue of the film—the more classical interpretation of the effects of time travel is still the dominant application in Star Trek.

198. Joe - March 19, 2009

195: and it also makes the motives of anyone who wants to change time kind of implausible, too. The Borg in First Contact for example. If time travel only creates a parallel universe, there’s no point for them in going back in time (unless they said “We don’t care about our original universe, let’s just create a new one.”). And for Picard no reason to prevent them from going back in time. They wouldn’t even have noticed any changes the Borg made in that alternate past.

199. Joe - March 19, 2009

197: well, it kind of is fanboy talk, but Bob Orci brought it up. ;-)

200. Jefferies Tuber - March 19, 2009

Messina – I really admire your work on Countdown.

Your renderings of Data ‘capture’ him and give him a Captain’s nobility. Geordi looks the coolest he’s ever looked and I really liked his middle-aged heft. The books are beautiful all around and just too damn short.

When I was a boy, they called art like that “cover art.” But you bring quality to the whole book.

Thank you!

201. Closettrekker - March 19, 2009

#199—He did indeed, but my point is that I won’t personally consider that to be “canon” unless it is applied directly that way in the film.

202. Joe - March 19, 2009

Nimoy-Spocks motivation needs to be the key. Why would he care about a parallel universe when he knows that his own universe will still exist? Unless stuff Nero does affects his own universe, too (by kind of causing all parallel universes to collapse or something).

But it still doesn’t change the fact that this movie would be a Mirror Universe movie. And while those were fun in TV shows, I’d have preferred a story in the ‘real’ universe, or a complete re-imagination of Star Trek (BSG style).

203. Closettrekker - March 19, 2009

As for TNG’s “Parallels”—if I’m given the choice of either accepting *that* episode as canon, or every other Star Trek story that has ever dealt in time travel as canon, well—you probably don’t need me to tell you which way that’s going to go!

204. AJ - March 19, 2009



“IMO, unless Spock is explaining the ins and outs of QM to someone within the dialogue of the film—the more classical interpretation of the effects of time travel is still the dominant application in Star Trek.”

Yes, the future created by their incursion is a new one, and the “classical” interpretation can apply. I think we’ve glimpsed in the new trailer how the Narada emerges through a Borg-type time vortex, ostensibly attained at the Vault, so canon is preserved.

205. Joe - March 19, 2009

203: Parallels, and every other episode involving parallel universes.

206. Joe - March 19, 2009

Trek’s use of parallel universes and time travel was like this:

1. mulitple universes (mirror universes) exist.
2. time travel in one universe only affects THAT ONE universe.

207. Chris Pike - March 19, 2009

197. Closettrekker – March 19, 2009
Taking this quantum multiverse view, I would guess that in the case of “The City On The Edge Of Forever” the alternate universe would have only been created if McCoy had indeed managed to save Edith Keeler, and a new alternate future universe would have started from that point on with the crew trapped there with no Starfleet 200 years hence and Nazi Germany winning etc etc. That is the one reason why that story is so powerfull, and my personal favourite Trek of all, ever!
Just thought how much do I owe in residues to HE for that!!

208. Closettrekker - March 19, 2009

#206—I don’t see the depiction of “parallel universes” (like the Mirror Universe) as being the same as how Trek depicted time travel effects.

Entering the “Mirror Universe” was initially the result of an accident caused by an ion storm. It had nothing to do with time travel.

I see the Mirror Universe as an alternate dimension—not an alternate timeline.

In COTEOF, for example, the MWI of QM would suggest that McCoy’s prevention of Edith Keeler’s death would not have resulted in any change to the timeline for Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Uhura, etc.

It would simply have resulted in the birth of another timeline which would not affect them at all.

It wouldn’t have mattered whether Captain Christopher returned home with knowledge of the Enterprise and her crew, or if Gary Seven was really a good guy or a bad guy.

The MWI would also suggest that travelling back in time to acquire two humpback whales for transport to the 23rd Century would do nothing to stop the alien probe’s assault upon Earth in the timeline which Kirk/Spock/McCoy/ScottyUhura/Sulu/Chekov left behind—rather the 23rd Century to which they travelled to with Gillian Taylor/George and Gracie would have been another timeline altogether.

Nor would the Borg’s incursion into the 21st Century have had any effect upon the timeline in which the Borg had just been defeated by a Federation fleet.

I could go on and on…

The MWI of QM simply does not mesh with the fictional universe in which Star Trek stories are told.

It isn’t just how it plays out in each story, but how the characters have viewed time travel and its consequences as well.

“Parallels” is the anomaly, and IMO, not one worthy of surrendering the canonical value of every time travel story before or since depicted within the realm of Star Trek.

209. Skeptic - March 19, 2009

Why is there a Federation ambassador to Vulcan if Vulcan is part of the Federation? I could perhaps understand there being a separate Vulcan and Federation ambassador to Romulus, if, for example, the Federation were a political organization more akin to the present-day European Union than the present-day United States (there being separate ambassadors to the US for every EU country, as well as an ambassador for the Union as a whole). But having a Federation ambassador to Vulcan would make little sense given than Vulcan has members on the Federation council which serve as intermediaries between the two (as silly as having a US ambassador to Indiana). Has anything similar ever been mentioned in any of the shows or movies?

210. AJ - March 19, 2009


In the case of COTEOF and ST:FC, their is wiggle-room for QM.

The Guardian (R) must have the ability to move our heroes around timelines. We see that the Enterprise “disappears” after McCoy jumps through, and we hear it explain that “everything you know…is gone.” The landing party is still there, so they are somehow immune to the change of timelines which has occurred. There cannot be a timeline where a Starfleet landing party is stranded on the Guardian’s world without Starfleet existing.

Kirk, Spock and McCoy go back and actually create the “jumping-off” point which results in their own timeline, and the Guardian then sends everyone back home. An exercise in futility at the end of the day.

In ST:FC. the Borg time vortex simply pulls the E into the Borgified Earth timeline, even before Picard orders pursuit. Why the other ships weren’t pulled in is a mystery. The result of FC is the creation in the past of the “jumping off” point for the universe in which TNG takes place.

TVH is explainable this way as well. “Tomorrow is Yesterday” and “Yesterday’s Enterprise” unfortunately require more imagination.

211. Closettrekker - March 19, 2009

#209—What has been depicted before is more of a general ambassador than one assigned specifically to one world. For example, Sarek was the “Vulcan Ambassador”—not specifically ambassador to one particular planet. His job seemed to be representing Vulcan’s interests anywhere and everywhere they existed.

But remember that Vulcan, although a full-fledged member of the UFP, also has its own government. It seems reasonable that there would be some sort of liason between the Federation Council/President and each one of its members. Perhaps the complexities of Federation politics are such that, in addition to a Vulcan representative on the Federation Council (on Earth), there is a need for an additional representative of the Federation who resides on Vulcan (the Federation Ambassador to Vulcan).

212. Chadwick - March 19, 2009

Yup sorry I am a big douche….the comic did come out yesterday March 18th. I went and grabbed two copies today. OMG this is a great one, I cant wait for the last one.

213. AJ - March 19, 2009


I think the Federation is more akin to the UN than the EU. In both cases, however, member nation-states participate in multinational councils and standing committees.

No one has ever said that Federation membership implies the removal of borders or planetary self-determination, so embassies would make a lot of sense.

214. Closettrekker - March 19, 2009

#210—“The result of FC is the creation in the past of the “jumping off” point for the universe in which TNG takes place.”

But what, then, is the point (from the perspective of the Borg) of doing it in the first place—if nothing can be achieved in the timeline in which the rest of the Borg exist, and all that can be hoped for is that another “parallel” timeline can be created in which the Borg have prevented first contact with the Vulcans.

The even bigger question is—why do Picard and company even care? Why would they be concerned at all with ensuring first contact, instead of just getting back to their own timeline, where the Borg have already been defeated?

What becomes their stake in any of it if it is not the existence of their own timeline which is threatened?

215. Closettrekker - March 19, 2009

Like I said, it isn’t just how it plays out—but how the characters perceive the effects of time travel as well.

216. AJ - March 19, 2009

To your point closet, the story involves the “classic” time travel interpretation, to ‘repair the damage’ caused by the Borg.

217. Joe - March 19, 2009

209. Skeptic:

I don’t understand that either. A Vulcan ambassador to EARTH (and the other way round) would make more sense.

What I also don’t understand: Data representing STARFLEET has to ask the VULCAN council to give them a weapon to save Romulus. Wouldn’t that be a decision of the FEDERATION Council? Especially when the use of the weapon to prevent he star from going nova is conducted by a STARFLEET ship and when that use has influence on interstellar relations between the Romulan Empire and the Federation?

218. Joe - March 19, 2009

They present the case about the Hobus star/super nova that could threaten the entire universe to the Vulcan Council and leave the Federation completely out of that. That doesn’t make any sense.

219. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 19, 2009

The only sissapointment I can see is that this movie’s 2 1/2 hours will be over WAY to quickly!

I so hope Trek 2 (or whatever) will be made very soon. Hopefully as a new TV series.


220. Joe - March 19, 2009

Wait! Completely missed that:


A follow-up? Meaning in the TNG timeline?

Maybe there’s still hope after all for a huge TNG era movie after this one?

221. Joe - March 19, 2009


I was referring to: “Ryall also announced that Messina will be doing a follow-up comic to Countdown, that will come out in July.”

But somehow that quote vanished from the previous post. Sorry.

222. Unbel1ever - March 19, 2009

What I really would like to know is, what does happen in the original TNG timeline after Spock leaves ? Is it affected by the changes in the past or a different quantum universe ? Since this would make a really interesting story with Romulus out of the picture.

223. Jeff C - March 19, 2009

208-222… Everybody–
What if Leonard Nimoy is NOT playing the Spock we know and love, but the future version of Quinto’s Spock? What if this really is a total reboot, but is just starting with a time-travel story out of the gate to honor the 43 years of the previous universe’s Star Trek?

If this was indeed the case, I would actually like it more than I do.
I am more open to a total reboot a la Galactica than connecting the new universe to the old one.

And, I for one, think it sucks that they are destroying Romulus. I like the Romulans, and think that it is always good to have more than two major superpowers in the Star Trek universe. It means that someone can always team up with another power to disrupt the balance of power–like when The Romulans teamed up with the Klingons in The Enterprise Incident or when the Romulans tried to ally themselves with the Federation during The Undiscovered Country.

Although, upon thinking about a total reboot–it wouldn’t need any time travel in it–other than to explain how this tangent universe started–but once again, The Kelvin is significantly different from any other TOS ship that it would explain why things are different even before Nero gets there.

So, maybe this is indeed a completely different universe, Nimoy and all.

224. Alexandros - March 20, 2009

So, after reading (SPOILERS!!!) SPock’s plan to collapse the Hobus star, I am inclined to believe that the crumbling planet in the trailer is indeed the Hobus star, not Vulcan. If you watch closely, you will see a black hole-y effect coming form the center of the planet.

225. Closettrekker - March 20, 2009

#223—-“I for one, think it sucks that they are destroying Romulus. I like the Romulans, and think that it is always good to have more than two major superpowers in the Star Trek universe. ”

Romulus is being destroyed “post-Nemesis”. I think it is clear that new Trek stories will be set in the 23rd Century for the forseeable future, so it really doesn’t matter.

Furthermore, we are far from certain that–given the obvious implications of the time travel involved in this story–Romulus will remain destroyed at all. The Countdown Comics seem to indicate that Spock (Nimoy) is concerned with the threat to Romulus, and why shouldn’t he be? He has lived there for many years.

He does have a history of travelling to the past to save a planet’s future.

“What if this really is a total reboot, but is just starting with a time-travel story out of the gate to honor the 43 years of the previous universe’s Star Trek?”

Your question is inherently contradictory.

What makes this *not* a reboot is the fact that previous continuity is not being discarded or ignored. In fact, it is that very continuity which leads the broader story to this point.

“If this was indeed the case, I would actually like it more than I do.”

Not me—and not by a long shot!

What comforts me about this story going in another direction is the fact that it is set up so that everything we know from ENT-NEM still happens (abeit most of it in another timeline).

“What if Leonard Nimoy is NOT playing the Spock we know and love, but the future version of Quinto’s Spock? ”

That wouldn’t really make sense, given the fact that ST09 begins in the post-Nemesis era, as well as Nimoy’s Spock’s references to his old friend Jim Kirk and Scotty’s future as well.

It seems rather clear that Nimoy’s Spock (like Nero) is a product of the timeline with which we are all so familiar.

Moreover, what would be the point of casting Nimoy to portray him? The fact that this is the same Spock as the one we have seen evolve over the past 4 decades is the most tangible connection to the previous timeline and the history of Star Trek. If this were not the *same* Spock we see in both TOS pilots, then they might as well have simply put heavy makeup on Quinto.

226. Bill Lutz - March 20, 2009

..blowing up Romulus……
….too too easy a storyline…….
…this whole movie and its prequel comic just feels wrong…

227. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 20, 2009

#225 … Agreed. It is comforting to know this is THE Spock who’s been keeping it real since the days of The Cage. I’d be less enthused for the new movie if not for him.

1964-2009 – simply amazing that we are getting new Nimoy Spock after all these years! By the way, Closet, you may not recall me mentioning this, but Nimoy was here at the MFAH in November of 2007. As you can imagine, meeting him (in practically my own neighborhood) was quite a thrill! He even had Spock length hair, explaning that he’d recently been on the set!!

228. Closettrekker - March 20, 2009

#227—I did not recall that, but that’s terrific. I would like to have been there too.

I think I owe you a pitcher or two in a matter of weeks.


229. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 20, 2009

#228 … Aye, lad. It’ll be time for a wee nip, as Mr. Scott might say! :-)

230. harley3k - March 20, 2009

As far as animating Countdown, the thought occurred to me how easy it would be to do a quick animation with the existing art, with voice-overs reading the dialog. Move through the frames in a Ken Burns style slideshow.

It would violate all manner of copyright, but I’m sure some fans here could put something together by the end of the day ;)

231. Gav - March 21, 2009

So they really killed off the Romulans?!?

God damn it. They murdered one of the coolest core races of the Star Trek mythos for this pissant little movie?!? I knew this movie was going to be the death of everything TOS and this is stone cold solid proof. Everything Roddenberry worked so hard for is getting flushed straight down the crapper in favor of this new history.

My childhood has now been murdered.

232. harley3k - March 21, 2009

Re: 231

Your post almost sounds satirical, if so ignore this – if not:


They haven’t killed off the entire race, just the home-world. The Romulan Empire spread itself very far and wide – there are plenty of Romulans left.

233. Kinston - March 22, 2009

@232: No no no! Not at all. The going theory (from Path to 2409 and Countdown combined) is that Donatra’s fleet had literally every ship in it, and within Romulan space (for the most part) they too would’ve been destroyed by the Hobus Star Supernova. When you factor in D’Spal from Countdown saying The Vault was literally “the Empire’s last hope” she meant it.

234. Praetor Niral - April 20, 2009


Crush the Praetor’s enemies!

235. Logan Liljenquist - April 21, 2011

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236. Anastasia Paynes - April 21, 2011

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