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Rumor Control: No Current Planning For Shatner In Star Trek Trek Sequel April 1, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,Shatner,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Less than 2 days after it was announced that Paramount is moving forward on development of a sequel to the new Star Trek, and already the rumors are starting. And leave it to a British Tabloid to bring back granddaddy subject of all Star Trek rumors, William Shatner. As usual TrekMovie sifts through to find the truth.


The Shat back in 2011?
This latest rumor comes courtesy of the UK’s Daily Express, who are ‘reporting’ that "industry insiders say moves are afoot" to get Shatner into a sequel, and they quote one saying "there are hopes he’ll make an appearance:" Not exactly saying much, but this this subsequently got picked up by the notoriously unreliable entertainment news service WENN, which got it picked up by mainstream news outlets and other genre press, including another Star Trek site.

So TrekMovie checked with our always reliable sources, (who have helped us debunk many rumors in the past), and this one is just another to add to the mix. There are currently no ‘moves afoot’ related to the sequel and Shatner. In fact work really won’t really begin on the script for the sequel until after the first movie comes out. Of course it is theoretically possible that Shatner (or just about anyone) could end up being considered down the road, but there is nothing going on now on that front.

Discussion of Shatner being in this May’s Star Trek was a huge topic in the press for a couple years, starting at Comic Con in 2006 when JJ Abrams first mentioned they were looking for a way to include him on the movie. In the end Abrams says they felt it would be ‘forced’ and also felt that since Shatner’s character was dead, it was not workable. The debate on if he should be in, if he was offered a role and more ended up being played out in the media and elevated to to the level of a ‘feud’, at one point prompting JJ Abrams to say to an interview ‘when did my life become watching William Shatner talk about me on the Internet?’

Do we want cameos?
TrekMovie is currently conducting a poll on possible cameos for the sequel and the winning choice right now is ‘no cameos’ with 36%, with Shatner coming in second with 31%.

It is likely that there will be more rumors of casting Shatner and other Trek (and non Trek) celebrities over the next couple of years, so we should just get used it. Maybe early on the filmmakers can make a blanket statement on if they are even considering these kind of guest spots for the film. If not, they say so and save some trouble down the road.


1. Jeyl - April 1, 2009

I bet some fans wish his was an April Fool’s joke. :P

2. Paul - April 1, 2009

Hmm, it would depend on how his character was involved in the storyline…

3. Ensign Ricky - April 1, 2009


4. max - April 1, 2009

Sadly, Shatner decided long ago to become a punchline. If he did show up in the Star Trek sequel people would only laugh at him.

5. Captain Archer - April 1, 2009

Here we go again!

6. Dan - April 1, 2009

I want a TNG movie…please.

7. Hat Rick - April 1, 2009

Well, it’s disappointing that Shatner might not be in the sequel. However, it really is too early to talk about the sequel at all.

We first need to see that ST09 is such as success that it justifies (financially) a sequel.

Cart, horse, eggs, counting, and all that.

8. ProperTrekkieUK - April 1, 2009

I think that I speak for everyone from the United Kindgdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland when I apologise for the Daily Mail, and remind everyone that it is there for comedy value/mocking only and provides no news, only sources of annouance and disappointment!


On another note, after the cameo of Nimoy in ST:TFB, I think it would smack of fanboy-ism if there was to be a cameo in the sequel too, would just be a bit cheap, in my opinion anyway!

9. Remington Steele - April 1, 2009

Welcome to April Boys and Girls, the last full month we have to wait till the release of Star Trek…

Thanks be to Jesus too…

10. Kirk's Flying Wig - April 1, 2009

Anthony, it’s the Daily Express that made the report, but it’s easy to confuse it with the Daily Mail. The difference is the Mail would blame immigrants for Shatner being left out of new Trek, whereas the Express would speculate on whether he would be in it if Princess Diana was still alive.

11. Harry Ballz - April 1, 2009

Hmmmm, I see your headline reads, “No Current Planing For Shatner In Star Trek Trek Sequel”

Well, now that you’ve confirmed that the Shat won’t be performing carpentry in the next film, can you check if he might be ACTING in it? :>)

12. ety3 - April 1, 2009

Oh brother.

I had a fairly decent idea for older Spock to flashback to the last time he saw Kirk alive, but that would only have been a cameo and Shatner said he wouldn’t do cameos.

According to our precious canon, he’s dead. Let him stay dead.

13. Izbot - April 1, 2009

“Rumor Control: No Current Planing For Shatner In Star Trek Trek Sequel”

“Planing”? Isn’t that a construction/carpentry term?

14. Elwood - April 1, 2009

I have generally read with interest and intrigue on this site, but I have to say, how the general majority of the ST09 naysayers who hate the time travel story and “quasi-reboot” elements of this movie can WANT SHAT TO RETURN is beyond me. Kirk died. It may not have been the best death on screen ever (no worse than Data at least) but it’s better than bringing him back in some backwards silly way that will make things even less consistent (like Shat’s “The Return” where the borg revived Kirk…ugh).

(I’m totally willing to chalk up minor continuity differences to the time travel and the aesthetic differences to the fact that NOBODY wants to pay $9 to see the 1960s enterprise model and sets flying about the screen…Matt Jeffries your design was truly awe-inspiring at the time and still makes me happy to see now, but some updating had to be done even if it looks a bit like the iBridge as some have dubbed it…anyway, if they didn’t update the look then so-long trek franchise)

15. Craig - April 1, 2009

Who cares about Kirk I’d rather have Picard back or Riker I’d luv to see the Titan oh and the EMH would be great too

16. Izbot - April 1, 2009

8. ProperTrekkieUK –
“On another note, after the cameo of Nimoy in ST:TFB, I think it would smack of fanboy-ism if there was to be a cameo in the sequel too, would just be a bit cheap, in my opinion anyway!”

First, Nimoy isn’t doing a cameo in the film, it’s an actual role. A cameo would be analogous to Robert Picardo in ST:First Contact”. Second, please (everyone) stop calling it “ST:TFB”. It’s just dumb.

17. John from Cincinnati - April 1, 2009

Shatner! Shatner! Shatner!

Bring back William Campbell as the Squire of Gothos too!

18. Commodore Z - April 1, 2009

“No current planning”? But this early in the game, surely they can craft a storyline that brings back the most beloved captain of them all?

19. Craig - April 1, 2009

An Excuses me but the Poll is 63% in favour of cameos, personally I don’t agree with cameos for cameos sake the characters must be on equal footing with the rest of the cast IMO

20. The Quickening - April 1, 2009

This is an April Fool’s joke, right? If Shatner did have a substantial role in ST 12, more than likely there would probably be time travel / alternate universe elements yet again. Please, no more. It’s bad enough the upcoming movie is a retread down that road.

21. Lt. Bailey - April 1, 2009

Why not have any former ST actor/actress appear in the next films. It’s just nice to see them again. After all, they started in this and this new cast should intertwine with the old in some way. If Lenord Nimoy can do, so could Patrick Stewert or Scott Bakula or Jeri Ryan or Jolene Blalock.

22. SirMartman - April 1, 2009

I would love the chance to see William Shatner as Kirk one more time


He didnt make it into ST : TFB, but I hope hes in ST : ???

23. A. .S.F.33 - April 1, 2009

“Maybe early on the filmmakers can make a blanket statement on if they are even considering these kind of guest spots for the film. If not, they say so and save some trouble down the road. ”

i would love to see Bill play Kirk one more time however, I totally agee with the above statement.. I still haven’t gotten over the way this same issue was handled for THIS film and the thoughts of another two years of this cr*p is almost more than I can take. Say it ONCE and be done. Yes he’s in…No he’s not. Just don’t go on and on with vague offers and conflicting stories
Bill Shatner and his fans deserve better than that.

24. Dennis Bailey - April 1, 2009

#18:”But this early in the game, surely they can craft a storyline that brings back the most beloved captain of them all?”

Stewart’s actually pretty busy these days. ;-)

25. SirMartman - April 1, 2009

Shatner Back,,,

26. lukas - April 1, 2009

Did anybody notice that there will be a ten minute preview of trek on April 6 in Texas?

Or is that an April Fool’s joke?

27. Kaiser The Great - April 1, 2009

I don’t really even want Nimoy in this movie, forget about Shatner or other cast members. I like when new ventures stand up by themselves. Generations anyone? Bleck.

28. Harry Ballz - April 1, 2009

If they really want Shatner to appear as Kirk one last time then send him off to a “fat farm” to lose about 30 pounds, have him get one supreme nip/tuck facelift to look as young as possible, and then instruct him that his acting must be of the calibre displayed in ST:TWOK, with none of his silly fluff/bufoonish performing antics as witnessed in ST: IV-VII…..if they’re going to have him back, at least do it right!!!

29. tman - April 1, 2009

Cameos in remakes have been done well enough in movies like Cape Fear, Lost in Space, and BattleStar Galactica. You’ve seen people just walk through scenes as a nod to the original and play against type. It’s very hard to see Shatner in Star Trek and NOT see Kirk unless he were heavily sedated, under several inches of latex and voiced over.

30. ClassicTrek - April 1, 2009

Max #4

Thats totally not true. why do you think people would laught at the Shat? thats a bizarre comment. there are a lot of people out there who wanted him in Trek 11 never mind 12.


31. Check the Circuit - April 1, 2009

He won’t be in it as James T. Kirk for the same reason as ST:TFB…his character died in Generations. Like it or not, it was filmed, shown in theaters and Shatner cashed his big fat check. There’s simply no reasonable way an octogenarian William Shatner can appear in the next film….as James T. Kirk.

32. JimJ - April 1, 2009

What in blazes is TFB?

33. Elwood - April 1, 2009

ditto, what does TFB stand for?

34. Harry Ballz - April 1, 2009

The Future Begins

35. JimJ - April 1, 2009

Last I knew the movie was called Star Trek. Why can’t we keep the name they gave to it?

36. SirMartman - April 1, 2009

lets call it what it it is ,,,,



37. Plum - April 1, 2009

possible… Capt. April. ;p

38. John Sullivan - April 1, 2009

When William Shatner is as dead as Kirk the rumors will end … we hope.

39. Chain of Command - April 1, 2009

Oh my God. Can people please let the Shatner thing go already?!!

He’s not in it. He’s not going to be in it. He doesn’t NEED to be in it.

Sometimes I really wish they had just gone for a cold restart of the whole thing and not had ANY of the old cast in it (Nimoy included). ….Especially with all the changes they’ve made to the back-story of the characters, appearance of the Enterprise, the overly annoying trek time-line, etc. Would have been nice to see a true REBOOT.

But, anyway, back to my original point: Shatner isn’t in it. LET IT GO!

40. led - April 1, 2009

life’s too short,,,,,what the hell,,,,,,put him in the next movie.

41. sean - April 1, 2009

Do you guys think if you use ST:TFB enough it will somehow stick?

The movie is called STAR TREK. Live with it! :)

42. Tony Whitehead - April 1, 2009

To me, the most disturbing part of this article is the sentence:

“Discussion of Shatner being in this May’s Star Trek was a huge topic in the press for a couple years, starting at Comic Con in 2006 when JJ Abrams first mentioned they were looking for a way to include him on the movie.”

That seems like only yesterday when they trotted out Quinto and Nimoy. To all those who’ve been complaining about how much of an eternity it was gonna be when they moved opening weekend from Christmas ’til May ’09, “time flies when you’re reading!”

43. Mammalian Verisimilitude - April 1, 2009

> Anthony, it’s the Daily Express that made the report, but it’s easy to confuse it with the Daily Mail. The difference is the Mail would blame immigrants for Shatner being left out of new Trek, whereas the Express would speculate on whether he would be in it if Princess Diana was still alive.

It would be funny if it wasn’t true.

44. Lancelot Narayan - April 1, 2009


Brilliant! And so, so true….

45. vorta23492392932939230 - April 1, 2009

But they could easily make the ENTIRE MOVIE about saving Kirk in the future if they wanted, ala “search for spock” — Young Pine Kirk stumbles upon the Guardian of Forever and sees when he dies so he and the crew can stop it, easily done, and a great addition to the legend of Kirk – cheating death even after he dies. Or something better, but honestly, if the entire movie is with the new crew mostly, and then Shatner pops out at the end on Veridian III, or something else entirely, I’m sure people would go crazy.

46. ProperTrekkieUK - April 1, 2009

@ 43 – Yeaa exactly, what a sorry state of affairs British tabloids are in!

47. SirMartman - April 1, 2009

And this from IMDB,,,

Its going to be interesting to see how ST : TFB leads into the next Trek,, ST : ???

48. Jeff - April 1, 2009

Old Spock meets young Spock in the first movie.

Having Old Kirk meet young Kirk in the second movies seems pretty unimaginative.

49. Christine - April 1, 2009


I want Shatner to have some kind of cameo. Maybe as like an older relative of Pine’s Kirk. SOMETHING.

But, it may never happen. -siiiiiiiigh-

50. EFFeX - April 1, 2009

If they can work it into the storyline I’m all for it!

It’s almost mandatory!

51. VOODOO - April 1, 2009

Bring back the Shat.

52. EFFeX - April 1, 2009

BTW… I take the last comment back, don’t include Shatner if he is not playing Kirk, it wouldn’t be right.

If anything I still think it’d be great to see Patrick Stewart in ST one more time on the big screen. However, only as Picard.

53. The Original Spock's Brain - April 1, 2009

38. John Sullivan – April 1, 2009
“When William Shatner is as dead as Kirk the rumors will end … we hope.”

That’s just inappropriate.

54. The Original Spock's Brain - April 1, 2009

WENN is a gossip site. Junk!

55. David P - April 1, 2009

Those poll results are insane! what no cameos? then what about a starring role for Shat??? I think that is appropriate, deserved and best for the franchise!


56. Bob - April 1, 2009

How could Shatner appear in the next ST movie even though he died in his last reprise of his role?

Just have this Kirk sighting sometime before he took he took that last 3 hour cruise in Generations.

The whole movie could be set as how the old Kirk remembered some incident while talking to biographers. The last scene of the movie could mention that he now had to leave to go to that last 3 hour cruise.

There. It’s done. Simple.

If someone thinks that having Shatner play Kirk one more time will be worth the money it will cost to bring Shatner “out of retirement,” they will spend the money. If not, they won’t.

As much as some of us appreciate Star Trek, and how it has inspired us, made us think about things, and entertained us, for those that own the franchise it is about whether they can make a profit creating another movie. Ultimately, it is about Ferengis making decisions about what to film, not about our wishes.

57. Joel1245 - April 1, 2009

I agree with Abrams. Kirk would need to be an integral part of the story or he needs to be left out. There was no way to put him in without destroying what Star Trek fans love most – continuity – so he’s out. It’s consistent so we need to be happy with that. I wouldn’t be happy with a cameo and if Kirk died in Generations then that is now a part of the Trek timeline.

58. Green-Blooded-Bastard - April 1, 2009

Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing Riker and the Titan. That would be a hell of a cameo.

59. Krik Semaj - April 1, 2009

Hey maybe while they are at it they can get Kelly & Doohan for the sequel too.
I’m fine with Nimoy in this upcoming movie, but wish they could have done it without him and avoided the whole time trravel issue. Personally I am tired of this plot device. Let the new crew take over and leave the old baggage behind.

60. the_law - April 1, 2009

William Shatner can show up at the end of the 2009 Star Trek film. After the credits are done rolling, Shatner can come out of a turbo lift or something and say, “you’re still here? It’s over. Go home.” a la Ferris Bueller.

anther idea is to have Shatner rush onto the bridge, grab Zach Quinto and say, “Spock! You (Shatner pause) gotta come back with me.” Quinto will ask, “where?” and Shatner exclaims, “Back (Shatner pause) to the future.”

and they can ride off in the Priceline Negotiator Van/Time Machine.

and/or finally, the credits can roll and some dude is sweeping the Enterprise’s shuttle bay. As the credits finish rolling the camera can go in tight to the guy sweeping. He turns around, it’s William Shatner. He smiles, winks, and then fade to black.

what? oh, this is why I don’t work in pictures.

61. Kev-1 - April 1, 2009

If this one does well, they’re done with him. Not saying that’s good. His Kirk doesn’t fit the new “juvenile delinquent” interpretation anyway. Wasn’t ShatnerKirk’s idea of mischief “putting little girl’s curls in inkwells” or something?

62. Thomas - April 1, 2009

10. Kirk’s Flying Wig
43. Mammalian Verisimilitude
An interesting quote about the British press from the program Yes, Minister:
Jim Hacker: “I know exactly who reads the papers: the Daily Mirror is read by people who think they run the country; The Guardian is read by people who think they ought to run the country; The Times is read by people who actually do run the country; the Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country; the Financial Times is read by the people who own the country; the Morning Star is read by peole who think the country ought to be run by another country; and the Daily Telegraph is by people who think it already is.”
Sir Humphrey: “Prime Minister, what about people who read The Sun?”
Bernard: “Sun readers don’t care who runs the country, as long as she’s got big tits.”

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

63. SChaos1701 - April 1, 2009


Best line by far.

Cadet: There’s 4 of us and 1 of you.

Kirk: Then why don’t you get a few more guys and it’ll be even.

That was AWESOME!!!!

64. Mark - April 1, 2009

The next movie will have a hint at the end of this upcoming movie…Bank it

65. tomodedadio - April 1, 2009

4 sleeps to go, and ill be watching the world premier in sydney………………………………IM SO HAPPY!!!

66. Richard Martin - April 1, 2009

NO Shanter please!

67. dalek - April 1, 2009

#66 I agree no Shanter.

Get Bill Shatner instead!!!

68. Spock of Ages - April 1, 2009


69. Spock of Ages - April 1, 2009

Roll/role intentional

70. Scott - April 1, 2009

Do they even have a story idea yet for the sequal? By the time Star Trek II-B comes out The Shat might be using a walker.

71. T Drake - April 1, 2009

He should have been in this movie. Find a way to put him in the next one!

72. Christine - April 1, 2009

#63 :: Haha, great April Fool’s joke, but very, very uncreative. Ho-hum.

#38 :: Hey, now, that’s not nice. William Shatner is a talented actor and well-loved by Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike. He’s lucky to have prospered and lived long, and I for one hope that continues, rumours and all.

#57 :: “..There was no way to put him in without destroying what Star Trek fans love most – continuity – so he’s out. …”

Hahaaaa, I don’t think that can be possible. Star Trek has never had flawless continuity — EVER. I mean, they did a nice job explaining a few things (like why the Klingons didn’t have ridges in TOS, as explained by the 4th Season ep. of ENT) but.. come on. I find it funny how many people are ranting about “continuity” in the new movie when… well, what I said previously.

73. Ben Tiberius Kirk - April 1, 2009

I’m secretly hoping that JJ has a super secret Sharner appearance at the end.. Cos think about it.. Spock going back in time IS going to change the timeline, which I’m all for. It means JJ can then veer away from canon (because all bets are off once they change their own future), and it means Kirk didn’t necessarily die the way Generations depicts it. I’m hoping JJ pulls a fast one on us and ends the film with Nimoy returning to a rewritten future where my main man James Tiberius Kirk is still alive and well and all Shatner about it.

74. Christine - April 1, 2009

Oh, and #59 ::

I rather liked the idea to put Nimoy in, and not just because I’m a big fan. I loved to DEATH the two movies that involved time travel (TVH and FC, you know) and every episode that involved it in the franchise. It’s just this really cool part of ‘Trek, in my opinion… Without Time Travel, I’m not sure I’d be as into it as I am!

75. Andrew C - April 1, 2009

Here’s the end of ST09

Kirk, Spock and McCoy are “debriefing” on the Enterprise bridge after successfully stopping Nero. Kirk and McCoy exchange remarks, but Spock remains silent. McCoy asks him “What in blazes is wrong with you? We just saved the Galaxy!”

Spock, looking reflective, answers, “I was thinking of something my future self said to me. Whether or not we were successful in our mission, there would be consequences to the original timeline. We have no way of knowing what those consequences mean for us, but we do know that they will be significant. Perhaps even a difference between life and death.”

Long shot of Kirk contemplating this.

End of scene.

Exterior shot of Enterprise cruising through space, with voiceover by Kirk (Pine), ship shoots into warp, credits roll, movie over.

This sets up a second movie as a companion piece (think Casino Royale & Quantum) where the second movie, rather than being a blatant rehash, is a continuation of the first as the crew of the Enterprise deals with the consequences of the altered timeline. In the course of these events, we discover James T. Kirk alive and well in the future. Maybe there never was an Enterprise B. Maybe it launched at a different time. There are a million possibilities. There are always possibilities.

76. SChaos1701 - April 1, 2009


It’s no April Fool’s joke. I’m absolutely serious about this. There was a new TV spot after the 1st hour of UFC Fight Night Live.

77. MC1 Doug - April 1, 2009

#38: “When Shatner is dead….”

That really wasn’t very funny.

78. Sean4000 - April 1, 2009


79. Daoud - April 1, 2009

#38 Well, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

80. Chadwick - April 1, 2009

Honestly its Star Trek I care about, not William Shatner. When I hear the words Star Trek I immediately think about the original series, Will, Nimoy, DeForest, Doohan. No disrespect to Will but if its one or the other, I care about Star Trek going forward not if Will is in the next movie. I am down for a Will cameo but its not the end of the world if it never happens. He had his role or “large cameo” in Generations, we all wanted the two captains to meet one day and they did, done, game over, next please! Rather then a Will cameo we all wanted the DS9 cast and the Voyager cast to make a film, never happened probably never will.

81. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 1, 2009

Shatner still has all the charisma he always did have.

I voted for Shatner!

82. fred - April 1, 2009

Young Kirk will find an envelope in his pocket after meeting with future Spock that says :Do not open until you are about to go onto the maiden voyage of the Enterprise B.”

83. Balok - April 1, 2009

I hear that the E will jump forward in time in the sequel. Heavy plot involving Captain Takei and the Excelsior. Of the course the Excelsior will look different as the timeline has been altered and look like Voyager …

84. Chris M - April 1, 2009

Right now I don’t think we should even be thinking about casting for ST2011. My only focus is May when ST09 hits the big screen! The perfect timing for Paramount to come out with any information, apart from already saying we want more Star Trek and we’re aiming for 2011, would be later in the year when Star Trek is released on DVD! Having said that I am really excited that the immediate future of Star Trek is secure! :)

85. BK613 - April 1, 2009

Well, if you ever wanted to say, “this is an alternate universe and all bets are off, ” write a story that has Kirk as an octogenarian and let Shatner play the part.

86. The Governator - April 1, 2009

76. SChaos1701

New tv spot w/ new footage = No joke? Hmm… Anthony, any thoughts on this? I’m somewhat skeptical but I hope its true if there is some more new footage.

87. Maltz - April 1, 2009

Meh. ST:TFB is the funnest thing I read in this string. What does it mean? “The Future Begins”?

Then why don’t we retitle ST:TMP as ST:THAIJB???

88. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 1, 2009

I second The Governator’s call for an investigation into the possibility of a new TV Spot. I hope that SChaos1701 is really on to something…

89. spockatatic - April 1, 2009

I’m sorry, Bill, but I’m against the idea of putting you in the new film…
William Shatner has turned into one of those “desperate actors” in recent years, the kind who know their time I’d passing and refuse to let go. I mean, come on! He’s everywhere now days; comercials, Discovery Channel, books. He’s fighting a losing battle for attention. Putting him in a Star Trek sequel would be a horrible decision.

90. RD - April 1, 2009

He’s definitely in it. It’s about Kahn and they’re already shooting footage:

91. SChaos1701 - April 1, 2009


No joke. I swear. The first part showed a bar in the middle of nowhere and then a cadet in kirk’s face.

Cadet: There’s 4 of us and 1 of you.

Kirk: Then why don’t you get a few more guys and it’ll be even.

Part of it showed Sulu’s sword folding out. It had a cool guitar riff. I’m telling you it was a pretty cool ad.

92. Third Remata'Klan - April 1, 2009

Oh God, let it go. Let Shatner’s Kirk rest in peace.

NO CAMEOS in the next movie! Heck, NO TIME TRAVEL!!!

This one will be great, but next time, do a different Trek story, please.

93. Baroner - April 1, 2009

How can you not want Shatner to play Kirk one last time??? He’s going to croak, people. I get it – lots of you say, “good. We don’t want to see him as Kirk again.” I just don’t understand why. It doesn’t have to be in a time-travel storyline. It can be a tie-in with later events in Kirk’s life, it can be a reunion years later with someone he shared an adventure with in the Chris Pine era, etc. OK, this is more of a cameo, but it can be done well. Really, I just want him to get the props. He deserves them, and we deserve to see the real Kirk one more time – but this time, our last memory will be one of dignity (not some crap-ass death not even fitting for a B-character).

94. ooba joagfjie - April 1, 2009

“How can you not want Shatner to play Kirk one last time???”

We did. It sucked but we did. Get over it.

95. Julio - April 1, 2009

Oh, for God’s sake why would anyone seriously think that Shatner was going to be in the 2011 Star Trek movie. ..

96. Notbob - April 1, 2009

You know, I was for Shatner being in this movie in some form–old Spock recalling something that happened before Kirk was pulled into the Nexus or whatever it was called–but if he’s in the sequel, that would probably mean more time travel and that would be pushing it with the time travel. To have time travel in the second movie might get the new viewers for this movie to equate the Star Trek franchise with time travel.

So, while I still dig Shatner as Kirk, I would hope there are no more cameos or time travel–with characters from the original show or the next gen, or any other story– for at least two more movies. That’s with the possible exception if the writers could somehow have a flashback to fix the crappy end of Trip Tucker.

But I do hope they at least consider Philip Seymour Hoffman as Harry Mudd. Give him the mustache and brown hair like in Charlie Wilson’s War and let him have at the character. The more I think about it, the more I can see Philip Seymour Hoffman in the role of Harry Mudd.

97. S. John Ross - April 1, 2009

I say give him a new character, make it the main villain (NOT a cameo) and let him get in a fist-fight with Young Kirk.

98. thebiggfrogg - April 1, 2009

My God! Let this die! If this movie is successful Trek will be in the hands of a new cast and crew (whether we fans like it or not is another matter entirely). If this movie flops NObody will be in the next Trek flick for a good long time (and, IMHO, in that eventuality Trek should remain dormant for a couple decades until fresh and creative approaches arise). Either way the next step in Trek doesn’t involve Shatner or any other member of the old cast, much as I love ’em. God knows Trek doesn’t need another convoluted time travel resurrection story in its corpus.

99. lostrod - April 1, 2009

This topic certainly gets old. Typically deteriorates into personal insults of the actor who has given a lot to Star Trek.

Plus a lot of rationalization as to why Mr. Shatner cannot appear in a new movie “because he died in Generations”. However, the current reboot of the ST universe has made that a moot point.

Since so many events of TOS have now been altered due to the time trip/reboot why would an altered timeline in which Kirk didn’t die in the Generations scenario so difficult to accept?

Oh well.


100. Buzz Cagney - April 1, 2009

As long as they don’t try to force Picard or any other lightweights in I can live with no Bill. If on the other hand they put Stewart in i’ll probably give it a miss. Next Gen has been done to death.

101. SChaos1701 - April 1, 2009

Here is the new TV spot with a little message for you naysayers. :-P

102. Chris Fawkes - April 1, 2009

I think Shatner is a legend but future cameos of any type will be completely out of place.

It won’t happen for any of the star fleet characters from any of the shows.

103. Thomas - April 1, 2009

103. SChaos1701

Yes. I do.

104. Bill Peters - April 1, 2009

I think at least Gunian should make an aperance in the next movie, she is older then any of the others from TOS or TNG!

105. Iowagirl - April 1, 2009

It really makes me chuckle – they announce a probable sequel and people start jumping at the Shatner issue right away…Makes you almost feel sorry for Abrams & Co. :D

106. Jeff - April 1, 2009

Seriously, people – get a grip – Kirk is DEAD!!!

107. ENGON - April 2, 2009

It’s an alternate timeline/universe everybody! Things will be a little different but still recognizable…

Kirk may have died, but Shatner can still play the part of Shahna the drill thrall!

108. Odkin - April 2, 2009

A firm NO to any cameos EXCEPT Shatner. The public wants to see him play Kirk one last time for real. The public could not care less about seeing Whoopi Goldberg or frankly any of the TNG cast who could barely sell movie tickets to anyone outside of fandom.

Although the TOS cast is beloved and it would be charming to see them again, anything but an epic return of the One True Kirk would just seem lame.

109. SpocksinnerConfict - April 2, 2009


That was great!!

Maybe Pascale is busy looking for another copy

110. spark-17.1 - April 2, 2009

106. Jeff – Dude, I think you need to get a grip. This is Star Trek and anytying is possilbe. Countdown seems to have brought back Data in a respectable manner, why not the Shat

111. Kirk Lives - April 2, 2009

The Shat just celebrated his 78th birthday. Who knows how much longer he has left before joining James Doohan, Majel Barrett, and Deforest Kelley into that great galaxy up in the sky. Who knows? He might actually outlive the cast of TNG, DS9. VOYAGER, and Enterprise but still if there was ever a time for him to be Kirk one more time, it’s now, and if he doesn’t appear in this one or the next one to come, it will be a greatly missed opportunity, right up there with Q not being in any of the movies and TOS and Enterprise not being allowed to go for 7 seasons (with the Shat possibly making an appearance on Enterprise ANOTHER missed opportunity). somebody needs to step up to take charge of the whole thing and say, TO BLAZES WITH THE CRITICS AND WHINERS! FIND A WAY TO GET WILLIAM SHATNER TO PLAY JAMES T. KIRK ONE MORE TIME! In the words of another Enterprise Captain on Generations, MAKE IT SO! JUST DO IT! IF IT HAS TO MAKE SENSE, THEN JUST FIND A WAY TO DO IT SO THAT IT MAKES SENSE! IT’S NOT THAT HARD! JUST USE YOUR HEAD! In the words of Spock from Star Trek II, It was a mistake to have Kirk die in the first place. And they need to fix it however they can cuz their decision to have him killed was the easy way out. Now they need to do some real thinking so they can have him be Kirk one more time. No shortcuts! No excuses! They need to do this!

112. Geoffers - April 2, 2009

Bring in the SHAT!

113. Paulaner - April 2, 2009



114. Paul - April 2, 2009

Lol – they are teasing us with possibilities. It’s true, Kirk could return but it seems unlikely that they’d do another time travel story and a flash forward cameo is something in which Shatner seems uninterested.

Personally I’ll be happy if Chapel and Rand are brought in. If they can bring Rand back as equivalent female lead, I’ll be very happy. I still say the Captain’s Yeoman should be a fully-trained security expert so she can defend him as well as supply him with coffee. A martial arts expert Rand would be awesome.

Chapel is tougher to give anything more than a cameo – her role on the ship bears little reference to her training as a biologist and exo-archaeologist so she’s only going to get more than a bit part if they need a med-tech on an archaeology mission – unlikely in a big screen outing.

115. Jim Smith - April 2, 2009

Shatner should be in the movie. If he isn’t it’s a missed opportunity. It really is that simple.

116. Jim Smith - April 2, 2009

12 – the idea that ‘dead’ has any meaning at all within the narrative conventions of STAR TREK is entirely artificial.

117. Cygnus-X1 - April 2, 2009

I have to concur with 111. Kirk Lives .

Orci, Kurtzman, Abrams et al can use Doppelgängers from an alternate universe in lieu of the entire, prime-TOS crew, but they can’t go to an alternate universe to see an alternate Shatner-Kirk?

Sorry, I just don’t buy that excuse. Doesn’t make sense.

It really seems like there’s an unspoken motive for not including Shatner.

118. Tiberiuscan - April 2, 2009

Since it has been established that the new Star Trek Film is in an alternate Timeline (or even Universe) as Spock has said, “There are always possibilities.” Since Nero has obviuosly failed to kill Kirk in the past he may yet survive to become Commodore Kirk and be a real pain in the but to some future Enterprise Captain.

119. Kirk Lives - April 2, 2009

4. max – April 1, 2009
“Sadly, Shatner decided long ago to become a punchline. If he did show up in the Star Trek sequel people would only laugh at him.”

I remember going to a Star Trek convention and the Shat was the guest star that night. I also remember that the moment he showed up on that stage everybody stood up and started chanting KIRK! KIRK! KIRK! I’m telling you the roof in that room was ready to explode. I have been to many Star Trek conventions and have seen many Trek players on that stage and I respect them all but never have I ever witnessed such a huge crowd reaction as when the Shat was there. I mean he was The Man of the Hour that night and if you really think people would laugh at him in another Star Trek movie then you really have no idea how iconic he has become in that role. No disrespect to Chris Pine whom I hope does an awesome job as Kirk but even he will not be able to put as much life into Kirk as the Shat was able to. I mean his portrayal of Kirk might be outstanding but still be a notch below Shatner’s Kirk. Dr. McCoy once said that Captain Kirk was one of a kind. Well that includes the man that made Kirk a legend, the Shat himself so it is absolutely imperative that Shatner be included in either this movie or the one that follows. It must happen! It WILL happen!

120. Tiberiuscan - April 2, 2009

To bring Kirk back there must be a logical reason (pardon the expresion). Shatner would not be happy with just a ‘cameo’ and shoudn’t be. His part would have to have meaning. Remember the flack over the meaningless death of Kirk in Star Trek Generations? If they could bring back Kirk to die more a hero’s death in this alternate universe it would please both Shatner and Star Trek fans. How poetic would that be to have a Future Kirk sacrifice his life to save his beloved Enterprise without the knowledge of his earlier self.

121. Kirk Lives - April 2, 2009

or just not have him killed at all. Seriously why must all our heros die? The Incredible Hulk, James T. Kirk, and now Superman? I’m sorry to say this, but since when did we become a society that embraces death as a good thing? We’re human beings not Klingons for goodness sakes! And to kill off certain characters is to completely close the book on them. The problem is there are still plenty of stories to be written about them and if the book is closed then it becomes almost impossible to write those stories, hence the Shatner-Kirk problem that we’re facing right now. But it’s like what I said before. They screwed up by killing off Kirk in Generations now they need to undo that screw up by finding a way to bring him back for whatever logical reason there is. They have to find a way to bring him back. That’s all there is to it.

122. Tom Welling For Superman - April 2, 2009

Bring the shat back! Bring the Shat Back, heck the Return book that shat wrote was great!!! I still say the end of this new movie could have ended with one shot of spock and kirk together in the 25th century with a glass of romulan ale, heck with the timeline all messed up now, who is to say that Generations, Soran, the nexus even happened.

123. Commander K - April 2, 2009

Bring Sisko back!

124. steve2 - April 2, 2009

#7 – Cart, horse, eggs, counting, and all that.


Bird, hand, bird, bush.

125. I am Kurok! - April 2, 2009

Okay, so Shat as Jim Kirk is out, what about:

Shat as Pine/Kirk’s long-lost grandpa?

a mustachioed/bearded Shat as the Governor of a Federation Colony?

In the words of Dr. Evil, “Throw me a freakin bone here….”

126. Kirk Lives - April 2, 2009

I got a better idea. Shat as Jim Kirk is not out. Case closed.

127. Tom - April 2, 2009

i hope we don”t hear the same reasons for not including him. “not organic” “forced” “shoehorned”. As Bob Orci once said “wit a year left who knows”. well now there is more time.

128. P Technobabble - April 2, 2009

I have been, and always shall be, a Shatner/Kirk fan. And, sure, it would be cool to see him on the big screen again.
But I don’t think it is fair of the fans to be so adamant, or putting pressure on the writers to bend to our whims… although I’m pretty sure they are NOT going to compromise their vision, nor should they.
If the Supreme Court feels that Shatner/Kirk would be important to the story, so be it. I, personally, am hoping they are not going to be doing a trilogy of sorts, where each movie leads into the next. I think this is very restricting. It worked for TWOK thru TVH, but I do not feel the writers should be tied to ANYTHING that has already been done.
This is a new Trek, a new lease in life, and deserves every opportunity to establish itself as modern Trek. Mr. Orci explained (rather clearly) that this movie is a “Spock-centric” story, and it was un-doable without the participation of Leonard Nimoy. If the next story is un-doable without Shatner, then great. If not, LET IT BE.

129. freddy - April 2, 2009

To all you test tube cry babies:
Kirk is dead – let him stay dead. He is tooooo old and fat to be in a commercial let alone a feature film.. Plus his ego won’t fit a 2 hour movie..

130. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 2, 2009

Regrettably, having him in XII seems too remote a possibility. The CURRENT one was their chance to utilize him.

And #119, I agree. Well said.

131. P Technobabble - April 2, 2009

129 – freddy

Really no need to be insulting…

132. Spectrum of the Spock - April 2, 2009

maybe Shat could appear as a spokesperson for a company that books space travel at extremely low rates…

133. Tom - April 2, 2009

#24 Dennis Bailey

hope he has time for X-Men cause that is all that matters..

134. freddy - April 2, 2009

Just stating facts. By the time the next movie comes out he’ll be in a wheel chair!!!!!!

Wait, wait, I got an idea – He can play a very old and fat egomaniac Captain Pike who try to sell you a vacation and has mad cow disease……..

135. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 2, 2009

‘Hey, maybe Shat can appear doing the Priceline thing!’

That’s so clever & original only about 10 of you have come up with it. Keep up the good work, guys!

136. WolfTrek - April 2, 2009

If this next Trek movie is a hit in May, then there will be no need for any of the previous actors that played parts in the Trek franchise. I think they needed Nimoy to tie the old with the new, and now that this is done . . . .
I think TNG, VOY, DS9, & Enterprise have all played out and now it’s time to do new and exciting things.

137. Tom Welling For Superman - April 2, 2009

I say let the angry video game nerd have a cameo

138. Tom - April 2, 2009

i bet george, nichelle, and walter want in as well. The Supreme Court can take a break. They have been so busy. We can write the script for them.

139. Spectrum of the Spock - April 2, 2009

135 –

looks like there’s at least 10 of us with a good sense of humor… grumpy!

140. freddy - April 2, 2009

People, look, the old actors are Not going to be in any of the movies, period. Think of Nimoy being in this one as something as Generation II but after this on more. So all you old farts stop think of way that this one and that one can get into the next film – not going to happen.

Next all of you will be b*tching they’re not using the exact same cardboard ugly ship from the 60″s……..

141. ML31 - April 2, 2009

I think the window of opportunity to include any surviving original cast members closed after ST09. The new guys need to go at it completely on their own after what might amount as their opening act. Sorry, Bill. Although I would like to see one last hurrah, your days of playing Kirk are over.

142. Locke for President - April 2, 2009

Second Star Trek Movie Rumor:

Redshirt #4 from Episode #23 comes back from the dead to exact his revenge on Kirk for taking him down onto that God-forsaken planet, only to be killed.

Justin Timberlake is in discussions to play the roll. Word is he studied the Wilhelm Scream of the original actor who played the character, and believes he can bring his own take to the role.

Sources say that this will appeal to the non-Star Trek fans, and is sure to be a big hit.

More will reported as the details come in. Stay tuned . . .

143. Tom - April 2, 2009

How about all surviving TOS cast plus CGI Mccoy and Scotty. Maybe the new guys will make cameos.

144. Ensign RedShirt - April 2, 2009

Kirk has been my fave since childhood, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to drop Shatner in the next film. Let this new group seek out new life and new civilizations their own way.

145. krikzil - April 2, 2009

“Regrettably, having him in XII seems too remote a possibility. The CURRENT one was their chance to utilize him.”

True, that. I think the ship has sailed, sadly. And I do hope we don’t have a replay of this last go around. Once they start working on the sequel, they need to just say, he’s not in it if asked. No more drawn out drama.

146. Frederick - April 2, 2009

You know, if Shatner looked like he did a few years ago, I’d think it was a great idea. But I just don’t want to see Kirk looking like Denny Crane does now. I prefer to remember him as he was.

147. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 2, 2009

This whole movie is “not organic,” “forced” and “shoehorned”. They have no logical reason for giving Shatner the cold shoulder time and time again – seriously, what do they have against the guy? There’s no reason to spite him like this, especially considering that he’s one of the main reasons Trek is so iconic. He MADE Trek. Show some respect, “Supreme Court.”

148. makingthesequel - April 2, 2009

It wouldn’t be hard to make a sequel that both the mainstream and the fans would freak out over. For example:

Pine/Quinto Crew are visited by Q who takes them into the future (Generations era) when he reveals to them that Kirk and Soran’s deaths on Veridian III and the continuing existence of Kirk’s soul in the Nexus are creating irreversible tears in space and the space-time continuum, perhaps so devastating that Q’s true motive is to save the Continuum, which is threatened along with the rest of the universe by this paradox. Then you bring in the TNG crew as cameos somehow. I mean, this is just a random idea, I’m sure there are a million ways to do this.

But you have to have Picard in the sequel. And Kirk. Both of them at least.

149. freddy - April 2, 2009

Hey #147 look at my answer from earlier:

Kirk is dead – let him stay dead. ‘

He is tooooo old and fat to be in a commercial let alone a feature film..

Plus his ego won’t fit a 2 hour movie..

150. freddy - April 2, 2009

And on more thing to all of you whom want cameos in the next movie – You all sound worst then Berman & Moore put together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

151. TOSandTNGfan - April 2, 2009

Dude, what is with the poll?!

Are you all INSANE?! Patrick Stewart is going to DIE if we do not put him in the very next movie, what is the matter with all of you?!

Trust me, none of us will ever live it down if his last moment in Nemesis is “it” for Picard. He, along with Shatner’s Kirk should be integrated into the sequel in a way that please everyone. Period.

152. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 2, 2009

#148 … A sequel to Generations? The Nexus again? Yeah, that’ll happen. Riiight.

As I said, their chance to use Shatner was NOW. They didn’t. They will not repeat themselves and use an old cast member next time.

153. ensign eddie - April 2, 2009

Enough with the “Kirk is dead” thing, lord have mercy.

Characters can die and come back in Star Trek with ease.

Shatner himself wrote The Return, which rocks. If direct ressurection of his body is not possible, come up with something else.

You can’t honestly believe in this cast to hold their own sequel before THIS film has even come out!!

154. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 2, 2009

#149 … “Hey … look at my answer from earlier”

Why? Reading something dumb just once is enough for me.

155. makingthesequel - April 2, 2009

@152: The Nexus rules!! I would love to see The Nexus used again!!

You wouldn’t?? The Nexus is the way to bring Kirk back to life!! He’s IN there!!

156. freddy - April 2, 2009

Kirk is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let his enourmous dead body lie in peace.

157. ensign eddie - April 2, 2009

@156:He can be brought back to life with EASE. Didn’t I just say that?!

Anyway the poll is hugely in favor of a cameo between one or both of the captains, so, you lose.

158. Spectrum of the Spock - April 2, 2009

151 (and others)

They tried that scenario. It failed.

They are moving on… period.

159. freddy - April 2, 2009

This is not the trek from yester years, it going to new from ship to actors – can you imagine having all original crew for this movie that would be Lost in Space Bad……..why don’t the hard core fans understand that cameo crap like that is part of the reason that trek died.
JJ & crew have put a look into this – why would they cheapen it by putting guest star of week crap in each movie. Cameo crap and reusing stuff is Berman & company emmo.
So all you hard core fans go watch reruns of the show or play with your action figures but fans would want Trek to continue should go and pay and see this movie so that they continue the adventure.

160. section9 - April 2, 2009

Let’s cut the crap here, okay ladies and gentlemen?

Star Trek isn’t Star Trek until Mugatu and Kelso are brought back to life. Spock needs to go back to Delta Vega to keep Mitchell from strangling Kelso, number one. Number Two, we need Mugatu to save this franchise from being turned into Trek 90210.

No Kelso, no Franchise. No Mugatu, no Soul!

161. Andy Patterson - April 2, 2009

4. max – April 1, 2009
Sadly, Shatner decided long ago to become a punchline. If he did show up in the Star Trek sequel people would only laugh at him.

I disagree. I’ve never been one of the ones who said he should be in the movie. But I’d like to see him in the next one. Shatner’s Kirk is always it for me. If they could bring back Spock……

162. Closettrekker - April 2, 2009

#151—“Are you all INSANE?! Patrick Stewart is going to DIE if we do not put him in the very next movie, what is the matter with all of you?!”

As if his aging is a reason to put him in a sequel.

Who would you have him play?

Certainly not Picard–I hope. The man would not even be born yet, and there is no indication or reason to believe that all of these TOS-era characters would be recast like this, only to return the story to the 24th Century in a sequel.

#153—“You can’t honestly believe in this cast to hold their own sequel before THIS film has even come out!!”

I think that Paramount obviously does. What I *cannot* believe is that a cameo by a past Trek star (Shatner or anyone else) is going to assure success where it otherwise would fail. If the cast is good, then there is no reason to believe they can hold their own in a sequel. If they are not—a cameo isn’t going to save it.

I don’t believe that Shatner’s appearance in Generations made *that* a better movie, and it isn’t just because the character of Jim Kirk was killed. Everything about it—including William Shatner’s performance—was awful, IMO.

I think he had about a 20-year run of churning out performances as Kirk that ranged from good to great, and 3 more performances that were a mixed bag.

William Shatner as James Kirk? I loved it.

James Kirk as William Shatner? Not so much.

I don’t need to say goodbye again. We’ve done it twice already.

#155—“The Nexus rules!! I would love to see The Nexus used again!!

You wouldn’t?”

I certainly wouldn’t. The “Nexus” is right up there with Sybok and the “Vulcan Princess” that bore him, IMO.

163. Closettrekker - April 2, 2009

#151—“He, along with Shatner’s Kirk should be integrated into the sequel in a way that please everyone. Period.”

But that’s just it. Tailoring a story to accomodate a role for either of them is *not* going to please everyone.

Just tell a good story.

164. Bob Dobalina - April 2, 2009

I don’t think anyone can count Shatner in or out now, just literaly days after Paramount announced that they MIGHT greenlight a sequel.

But IF the movie is a huge success and IF the writers craft a sequel that suits Paramount and IF the writers can give Shatner a meaningful appearance and IF Shatner then agrees to do it…..I’m all for it!

165. Harry Ballz - April 2, 2009

…and IF Shatner can give a meaningful performance after behaving like a clown for the last ten years!

Case in point: Leslie Neilsen…..once a serious actor, but after the Airplane and Naked Gun movies, nobody and I mean NOBODY would ever buy a serious performance from him……..but at least he knows and accepts this fact, unlike Shatner!

166. Closettrekker - April 2, 2009

#165—Ah yes…

Harry never has a second cup of coffee at home…

167. Harry Ballz - April 2, 2009

“Elaine, we have to get these people to a hospital!”

“A hospital? What is it?”

“It’s a large building with patients inside, but that’s not important right now…”

168. Closettrekker - April 2, 2009

“I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.”

169. Harry Ballz - April 2, 2009

“This plane is going to crash!”

“Surely, you don’t mean that!”

“I DO mean that and stop calling me Shirley!”

170. Closettrekker - April 2, 2009

Harry, do you like movies about gladiators?

171. Tiberiuscan - April 2, 2009

Since we’ve delved into Aiplane don’t forget Shatner played up his own image in Airplane II The sequal.
“Buck Murdoch”?
“No Buck Murdoch.”
Loved those whisper activated doors.

And for all you ney sayers out there Shatners Kirk Books following “The Return” have all been best sellers. So someone out there would certainly like to see Shatner/Kirk again. The only problem it can’t be just a cameo as with Koenig and Doohan in Generations. Don’t forget the entire cast was asked to be in Generations but most sais no as the parts were just that Cameos. I am glad to see the movie series will start fresh but you have to remember they still wanted an attachment to the past. Nimoy did not have to be in it. That is a deliberate nod to those who love the original series and movies with the original cast. A passing of the torch so to speak. Card board sets indeed. It was the stories that made Star Trek an icon for over 40 years and counting.

172. moauvian moaul - April 2, 2009

I know it’s kind’a late but wouldn’t Ray Liotta have made a good Captain Pike?

173. Iowagirl - April 2, 2009



174. Admiral_Bumblebee - April 3, 2009

Many fans wanted to see Shanter in Trek 11. Even in the media people said they wanted to have him in another movie. It was a huge letdown that he won’t appear in Trek 11. But now that JJ and Paramount know that there is huge demand for Shatner to be in another Star Trek movie it would be much worse if they chose not to include im in the sequel.

And if they don’t put Shatner into the next movie this clearly has to be about his person. Now they have time to write a great story with him in mind, they know that people want to see him… what excuse could they now have for not including him?
“We want to tell a great story”? Then tell a great story WITH Shatner!

175. trekker77 - April 3, 2009

hey, here’s a crazy idea: As Shatner once suggested, we could all “GET A LIFE”!

nah… fake life is more fun.

176. a real Star Trek fan - April 3, 2009

141. ML31 “I think the window of opportunity to include any surviving original cast members closed after ST09. The new guys need to go at it completely on their own after what might amount as their opening act. Sorry, Bill. Although I would like to see one last hurrah, your days of playing Kirk are over.”

Sorry ML31, that is not for you to decide because you are not the one making the movies so unless you plan on making one in the near future, I suggest you shut up.

149. Freddy “Hey #147 look at my answer from earlier:

Kirk is dead – let him stay dead. ‘

He is tooooo old and fat to be in a commercial let alone a feature film..

Plus his ego won’t fit a 2 hour movie.”

Freddy, the next time you wanna talk about old fat people that should remain dead, save it for when you go to your mom’s funeral, that is assuming her abdominally oversized body can fit into the casket.

177. freddy - April 3, 2009

# 176 – are you related to Shatner or something…..

He looks terrible now which is only natural….but to force his character down us is wrong…if you stuck him in a sequel 75% of the people would not know who he is or would care because the fan base is old and dying…..

Paramount should NOT cater to the old fan base period because if you did you’ll get crap such as same crappy ship and crappy dial and switches with cheap stunts like crappy cameos…..

178. Trekmonk1971 - April 3, 2009

come on old kirk died saving the crew of the enterprise D etc.Shatner played the part and got the paycheck!ENOUGH SAID!

179. Iowagirl - April 3, 2009


Crappy post! :D

180. freddy - April 3, 2009

#177 – why do you think that

181. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 3, 2009

#180 … Because you have the vocabulary of a Horta.

182. freddy - April 3, 2009

wha? go play with your pointed ears.

183. Closettrekker - April 3, 2009

#174—“But now that JJ and Paramount know that there is huge demand for Shatner to be in another Star Trek movie it would be much worse if they chose not to include (him) in the sequel…Now they have time to write a great story with him in mind, they know that people want to see him… what excuse could they now have for not including him?”

The most obvious reason would be that this film does not leave the story at a point where a sequel would take place within a time period where Shatner could reasonably portray Kirk.

If the story, as I suspect, leaves us in the era of the 5 year mission—then Shatner’s appearance as Kirk makes no sense. Given the fact that Pine, Quinto, etc. are signed on for more movies, there is no reason to believe that the story will suddenly progress to the end of the 23rd Century (or beyond, for that matter). I don’t think that this series of Star Trek movies will become the new “Quantum Leap”. This is probably about it for time travel in Trek with this cast, at least for the forseeable future.

And I object to the notion that a story should be written to accomodate Shatner. The writers should come up with the best story they can. Period. Requiring that they tell the best story which includes Shatner’s Kirk is an unnecessary handicap.

Shatner’s best days as Kirk are long gone. It is time to look to the future of the franchise—not its past. We’ve said goodbye to Shatner’s Kirk twice. After May 8th, we’ll have said goodbye yet again to Nimoy.

Let’s move on—shall we?

184. Closettrekker - April 3, 2009

#181—“Because you have the vocabulary of a Horta.”

That’s a new one.

#182—“wha? go play with your pointed ears.”

That’s not very nice.

185. krikzil (aka Lixy) - April 3, 2009

“Shatner’s best days as Kirk are long gone……Let’s move on—shall we?”

Some of us disagree with this assessment, mourn the missed opportunity of this movie and while I personally don’t really think there’s any chance he will be in the next film, I don’t see anything wrong with others keeping hope alive if they wish to. I’m glad it’s all ok for you but please realize that isn’t true for everyone and being dismissed out of hand like this isn’t very helpful. It’s all just harmless speculation.

186. A real Star Trek fan - April 3, 2009

Add to the fact, Paramount should not be catering to the likes of mindless boobs like Freddy and Closettrekker who have no appreciation for the people that gave Star Trek a life. Possibly because these 2 jerkoffs never had a life to begin with. I say get one and shut up. Shatner should be in one of the upcoming Star Trek movies and that’s the end of it. No discussion necessary…idiots

187. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 3, 2009

#186 “…mindless boobs like Freddy and Closettrekker”

While I can’t speak for Freddy, you are wrong about Closettrekker. That boob definitely has a mind.


188. Anthony Pascale - April 3, 2009

‘real trek fan’
wow a trifecta of trolling by claiming you have the ‘right way’ to be a fan combined with double flaming.


189. THX-1138 - April 3, 2009


And Closet is really a poor excuse for a boob.

190. Mindless Boob (aka CT) - April 4, 2009

#185—“Some of us disagree with this assessment…”

I don’t think life would be much fun if everyone agreed with me!

#187—“…you are wrong about Closettrekker. That boob definitely has a mind.”

I love it when you get ‘all sentimental’.

#189—“And Closet is really a poor excuse for a boob.”

Yeah. Boobs.

191. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 5, 2009

Closet … so can I assume your wife clipped your balls on the Austin trip? I think I might be goin’! :-) Unfortunately, there is still no guarantee I’ll get in.

e-mail me at, and I’ll give you more details.

192. John Sullivan - April 5, 2009

I feel like I have to defend myself here … nothing new I admit.

William Shatner knows this already by my private conversations with him, but I have long felt that Star Trek was not his best gig. It was by far his most commercially successful gig, give or take an opinion or two about how Parkay Butter or Priceline have treated him in the long term, but I have long felt that the best movie he has ever starred in was not anything with Star Trek on it, but rather Judgment at Nuremberg, a 1961 film when Shatner joined a cast of true peers and contemporaries all as great as he was to make what has been far better than any Star Trek movie – including the next one out of Paramount’s assembly line. As a matter of fact, Shatner’s best gig to date on TV wasn’t Star Trek, either, but in my humble opinion Boston Legal. In my opinion, if the powers that be “TPTB” want to come up with a new Star Trek and bring on someone from the old school way of doing things, such as bringing DeForrest Kelly on to Encounter at Farpoint or Doohan later or even Nimoy as he was trying to “sell” what is by far the best Star Trek film to date this side of Galaxy Quest .. then okay. Let’s bring on the gimmic. But William Shatner and I have had this conversation before, and I THANK GOD that he finally turned his own personal webpage into something more than Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek … by bringing onboard Boston Legal tie-in’s to GREAT success both for David E Kelly and William Shatner … but the bottom line is this. Star Trek doesn’t need William Shatner, and William Shatner doesn’t need Star Trek. Bringing Shatner onto the project won’t make Chris Pine any more legitimate as Kirk as Zazk Q is made more legitimate as Spock by Nimoy’s desparate journey In Search Of a paycheck. If the stars of this new movie stand on their own – and I really think they will, then they’ll be their own legitmate (altererd) Star Trek universe.

now so when I say “the rumors will stop only when Shatner is dead – we hope” please don’t call my comments inappropriate, because it’s up to Paramount and the writers to bring us Star Trek, and actors are just horsemen (shatner) or painters (Nimoy) brought in to play someone else in a future space ship that may or may not ever become reality.

Will these writers come thought? I don’t know, because I have to say every time I watch “LOST” I’m truly lost. After all of these years I still don’t have a clue what this show is about but for Gilligan’s Island via an airliner and not the S.S. Minow. I don’t watch it, because the few times I dared to visit an episode or two I don’t like it. Does this mean that JJ Abrahms will suck as a Star Trek producer? I don’t know. Everyone I know in the business who used to work on the other Star Trek movies and series – whether they have a job or role in the new movie or not – most do not – all say this is really a great movie. Even people involved in making the movie have assured me that this will be a great movie – Despite the temptation to call it “Lost – in Space.”

I was really in a financial bind when my Dad died last summer, and who came through to pick up the COMPLETE tab of my travel expenses via Continental Airlines so that I could fly from Tampa to Tulsa and back – for free? William Shatner. He is greater than Kirk ever was. Star Trek doesn’t need him, if the insiders are correct … and if Shatner is playing the audience for the undertow of mounting pressure believing that somehow his worth is connected to his involvement with Star Trek, then I would humbly say to Mr. Shatner “get a life – go out and make the next Judgment at Nuremberg.”

193. Vexx801 - April 7, 2009

so i havent rlly read much of the above comments, but imo i think it would be cool if they found a frozen Captain Archer or in the start of the Star Trek 12 had like T’Pol dying, Spock meeting her, etc.

yes, its kinda dumb, but i think it would be cool if we started off with spock in st12 saying goodbye to t’pol even tho he never rlly met her… idk… ideas anyone? buller?

194. Wulvaine - April 18, 2009

No Shatner. Ever again. Seriously. He was HORRIBLE as Kirk and anyone who says otherwise is delusional. This is coming from a serious Trekkie who loves the franchise. He made a laughingstock of what another actor could have made a great sci-fi hero of. Which it certainly looks like Pine is doing.

It’s a reboot. Let the new cast have their roles and stop trying to shoehorn your washed-up old mascot into this. Let him keep doing his Priceline commercials and whatever.

It’s a NEW frontier, and for all Shatner has done (which I can’t deny even though I disliked his portrayal of Kirk) for the franchise as a whole, he has no place in it now.

195. Greg A Otto - May 8, 2009

Star Trek 2 2011

196. ACM - May 17, 2009

I am sure I am repeating what others have said, here, but I couldn’t get through all 195 previous posts to check. So if I am repeating, so be it. Kirk’s death in “Generations” was way too poorly done to be allowed to stand as the definitive end to the character’s life. The “Trek” films and TV shows have toyed enough with time travel and Genesis devices to be able to find a plausible way for Kirk to be “reborn”, and I think it would be more of a fitting send off for the original Kirk and Spock to fly off into the sunset together, perhaps in search of Scotty (who set out for the great unknown in some old TNG episode 20 some years ago.) Bring Kirk back and invalidate the garbage that was “Generations” once and for all.

197. Erik - May 17, 2009

At no point in any of the original star trek show/movie did Shatner end up in any time vortex’s or anything like that prior to the nexus in generations. And, in that movie HE DIED!!!!!! and i quote kirk “if history records me as dead,…..then who am i to argue with history” end quote. then he dies. and bekard then stops sorren from launching the rocket into the amigosa star. thus not altering the path of the nexus ribbon!

so there is no way shatner can be in this posible sequel.

i am sorry about any speeling erros.

198. Paul - May 18, 2009

i want more tng films based on star trek countdown and at the end of star trek 2011 i want picard to travel through time to save th old enterprise and bring spock prime back and fix the timeline back to what it was.

199. Vulcan Ears - October 10, 2009

well, it WOULD be cool if Shatner could come back…. but really, TWO characters coming back from a future that doesn’t exist anymore? It would be a bit of a rip-off… I’m glad they brought Spock back, and I hope Leonard Nimoy is going to be in the sequel, but bringing Kirk Prime back would be a bit too much. Especially considering that he’s dead. (*sobs*) I think they should focus more on the young versions of Kirk and Spock, with maybe Spock Prime stepping in now and then. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.