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Abrams, Pine & Quinto Depart For Australia + Prelim Global Premiere Schedule April 5, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Celebrity,Marketing/Promotion,ST09 Cast,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Today in Trek (future) history is First Contact Day. On April 5th 2063 Zefram Cochrane will make the first Human warp flight and greet the first Vulcan visitors to Earth. And how fitting that today Star Trek director JJ Abrams and his Kirk and Spock (Chris Pine and Zach Quinto), all boarded their first flight to greet fans (new and old) across the world, in their global Star Trek tour. See below for details including a preliminary schedule of the events.


And so it begins
Today in the wee hours, JJ and the boys boarded a flight for Syndey Australia, where they will kick off the Star Trek gala premiere tour on Tuesday April 7th. Celebrity site Just Jared was at Los Angeles International Airport to catch photos of the team as they departed.

Abrams, Pine (being asked to sign ship toy) and Quinto at LAX this morning
(click to see more photos at JustJared)

JJ Abrams, Zachary Quinto, and Chris Pine are headed on a multi-city tour of gala premieres that starts in Sydney, Australia this Tuesday. Along the way they will be joined by more stars. Each premiere will be invite-only, but some cities also have made tickets available or have contests. Below is the best information we have so far on the tour, but it is not complete.

April 7 – Sydney, Australia
Opera House – Concert Hall – 7:00 PM (red carpet sarts 5:30)
Celebs: JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban. Eric Bana
More: Website (sold out)

April 9 – Auckland, New Zealand
Sky City Cinema 7.45pm
Celebs: JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto & Karl Urban.
More: Theater promo contest to win tickets + Charity contest to win tickets

April 15 – Brussels, Belgium
Tour & Taxis Theater – 6pm (part of Belgium Film Fest)
Celebs: John Cho and Karl Urban (maybe more)
More: BIFF site

April 16 – Berlin, Germany
Sony Center – 7:30 PM
Celebs: JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana, Karl Urban and John Cho
More: StarTrek.de

April 20 – London, UK
Empire Theater – Leicester Square
Celebs: unknown
More: Paramount UK (tickets available for £70), Virgin Contest, Mirror Contest

It should be noted that these dates above are solely for the gala premieres and not for the public premieres. For a full list of those, go to the official Star Trek site.

Other international stops may include Kuwait City, Madrid and Paris, but these appear to be just press events and not gala premieres. After the stops in Europe, the team will head to the US. There will be a press event in NY and a final pre-release gala premiere in Los Angeles at the end of April. Later in May Abrams will head to Tokyo for a gala premiere (Star Trek opens to the public in Japan on May 29th).

TrekMovie will provide an update on the above schedule as more info becomes available. We will have coverage from some of the above events, and when we don’t have someone there we will provide links to other coverage.

Live Blogging Sydney Premiere
Paramount is working with Picture Production Company to bring live video and pictures from the Sydney premiere, including getting stars to answer questions. Questions can be submitted via Twitter by using #asktrek hashtag. More info on this liveblogging can be found at theppc.com.

Video responses to a selection of these questions will be published to a dedicated Star Trek channel on the social multimedia network Phreadz startrek.phreadz.com, alongside a live Twitter feed and photos served via Flickr.


1. Schultz - April 5, 2009

Oh… Sony Center… Little Tokyo… have fun! Maybe I’ll be there.

2. Demolition Derby - April 5, 2009

See you in London guys !!!!

3. Sarah - April 5, 2009

Wow, it’s great to see Trek being marketed globally this way. I hope this movie kicks butt at the box office.

4. Balok - April 5, 2009

Even Pine seems to be in awe of TOS E… oh well…

5. screaming satellite - April 5, 2009

im assuming there will be MAJOR spoilers from the 7th onward..hopefully TM.com will continue with the big SPOILER warnings before clicking on the main stories…don’t wanna risk getting spoiled by someone whos seen it or someone whos read all about it so will be avoiding all those big review threads where all is revealed and talkbacks in general (ive noticed some like to delight in revealing little nuggets and stuff in spoiler free threads..almost like people will be impressed with their knowledge) …it would suck being spoiled so close to seeing it after managing to stay (relatively) spoiler free up till now

6. screaming satellite - April 5, 2009

that photo of the dude getting him to sign an TOS Ent has me LOL….its just the way the hand is in there at the side with the Ent and Pines expression…just when you thought trekkies couldnt get any more nuts…

pretty ingenious idea though – get your ships signed instead of a dvd or book

7. Bryan - April 5, 2009

That “Uh oh, busted” look on Pine’s face as he’s being asked to sign the toy is priceless.

8. fred - April 5, 2009

The picture of Pine is iconic… the shock is setting in….

9. Brendan - April 5, 2009

They’re going to be rather jet-lagged by the time they get down here. Still looking forward to being fanboy-y on the red carpet and then going in and seeing the film.
2 days to go!!

10. screaming satellite - April 5, 2009

OT but apparently Fast + Furious has had a $72.5 million opening!!

I bet studio estimates were probably around $30m at most!

if the 4th part in a seemingly redundant franchise can do that what kind of openings will this summers films have? – maybe Trek will have a $100m opening….

11. Toothless Grishnar Cat - April 5, 2009

Quinto signing Enterprise model-

“Those nacelles are so tiny!”

12. MC1 Doug - April 5, 2009

What I’d give to be in Sydney with this crew and for this event!

13. Toothless Grishnar Cat - April 5, 2009

11- I mean Pine instead of Quinto.

14. Estel - April 5, 2009

Hi, anyone knows if there is a way to get your hands on some tickets for the german gala premiere?

15. Schultz - April 5, 2009

#14 Could be that they will start selling tickets soon, but the Sidney event cost $100 bucks.

16. urbandk - April 5, 2009

Botany Bay… Botany Bay? Oh no!

17. The Governator - April 5, 2009

I’m hoping for the best, and I can’t wait to check here for the latest on what’s going on in Sydney. There are going to be a heck of a lot of spoilers flying around here in the coming weeks. Don’t know if I want to read them or not. Probably won’t be able to resist. :)

18. The Governator - April 5, 2009


Just a heads up. 7.00 p.m. in Australia is 5.00 p.m. EST.

19. NCC-73515 - April 5, 2009

It’s also fitting that the US release date is Federation Day.

20. Captain Dunsel - April 5, 2009

So, World Premiere, April 7th in Sydney… Does that mean there’s still time for them to edit Shatner in?

21. Captain Dunsel - April 5, 2009


With folks in various parts of the world getting to see ST before we in the colonies are allowed, do you think you might be able to post some coverage that is CLOSED to comments, so that you can give us a bit of spoiler-proof news?

22. Newman - April 5, 2009

Hindsight being 20/20, it seems that moving the release date from December to May was a very good idea. Could Paramount have generated this much of a buzz in time for a December opening? I’m not so sure.

23. Messianni - April 5, 2009

That look on Pine’s face is priceless. It just screams, “Oh god, *this* is what they were talking about”.

24. Andy - April 5, 2009

Woopwoo!! I’m flying to Syddo tomorrow from Wellington New Zealand to go to the premier!! I am very much looking forward to this and know how lucky I am to be going, I have followed ST from a very young age (I was 7 when TNG came out) and I have a very understanding girlfriend who is just as much a geek as I am (although she is going for Karl Urban more than ST!!).

25. SaphronGirl - April 5, 2009

Looks like these two are swapping glasses: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/events/ALO-059373.jpg


26. RenderedToast - April 5, 2009

So no premiere in Netherlands after all?

27. harris250 - April 5, 2009

I’m going into the cone of silence starting April 7. After two years of waiting for this movie I don’t want to learn about the plot and “how it ends” before May 8!

I like this world premiere thing and I think it indicates the studios interest in the movie and reviving the franchise but I want to walk into the theater with no real idea of the ending.

28. pizza - April 5, 2009

Trying to avoid being spoiled after April 7th, might require fewer visits to this site. Or at minimum keeping one eye closed when visiting. Sorry Anthony, you guys here are doing too good of a job posting news. Can’t take the chance of any hard spoilers between now and May 8th.

Going into stasis!

29. Nomad - April 5, 2009

I’m with you there Pizza & Harris… I’m planning to see the film with an old Trekkie friend from way back, which could be a whole week after the release… it’s going to be hard to keep my paws off this site till then but I want the film to have a few surprises.

30. Jon - April 5, 2009

hmm, will TrekMovie ever reveal full spoilers for this film? If a detailed write up of the plot became available, would it appear here? How would that affect the positive relationship this site enjoys with the production staff?

31. The Real Stanky McFibberich - April 5, 2009

In another sense of the word, the biggest spoiler was the initial announcement of the recast/prequel idea.

32. joel - April 5, 2009

I’ve got tickets to the Sydney showing. Can’t wait!

33. Captain Cameron goes Berserk!! - April 5, 2009

Pine is like…..”Whoa!! What the HELL is That Thing!!? is that from Starwars???”

34. VOODOO - April 5, 2009

The net is going to be on fire with reviews of this film on Tuesday night.

They must be pretty confident that the movie is a winner. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be showing it to the world this early.

35. Captain Cameron goes Berserk!! - April 5, 2009

…”That’s one of those X-tie fighter things right??”

36. SaphronGirl - April 5, 2009


My thoughts exactly. Look what bad advanced WOM has done to Wolverine’s chances. OUCH.

37. MrAtoz - April 5, 2009

Funny how all three of them wear chunky retro govt. issue 50’s glasses.

38. section9 - April 5, 2009

Pine probably doesn’t know what he got himself into. Quinto even less. Abrams, if he does what I think he has done to this film, realizes (along with the suits) that he has a Star Wars ’77 level hit on his hands. I don’t see Paramount doing this for ANY of the other films.

Every cast member in this film will become part of history. They don’t understand yet what they have become. Pine isn’t just Chris Pine anymore. He’s about to become James T. Kirk, Captain of the Enterprise.

Only the Star Wars people from Episode IV have this level of cinematic mythology.

39. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 5, 2009

16. urbandk-

I LOL’d. Well played!

40. The Governator - April 5, 2009

I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next several weeks. I want to come to this site, I really do, but I don’t want to get spoiled. At the same time, I want to know everything there is to know about the movie. I don’t think I will be able to resist. I can picture it now:

“Just one click and all will be revealed. No, No!!! Save it for the theater!!! But its so easy, just one click with the mouse and all will be revealed!!! WAIT! NO! STOP! NOOOOOO!!!!!! . uh-oh.

41. Clinton - April 5, 2009

I think that, like some others, my visits to the Trek sites might drop off now that the Austrailan premier is upon us. I’ve been happy to get a few spoilers, but want to avoid someone posting the entire plot. That would not be cool. As Monty Python said “I wouldn’t want to know everything. It would take the mystery out of life.”

42. jas_montreal - April 5, 2009

@ 38 . Exactly… their going to be type-casted for the rest of their lives.

43. Dr. Image - April 5, 2009

#38- The only one who knows what he REALLY got himself into is Pegg, I’m willing to bet.
No new “Trek Stars” get it at first. Only after a few cons does it set in.

44. Elise - April 5, 2009

I love this site, but I just deleted trekmovie.com from my bookmarks toolbar. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the next few weeks, maybe focus on school? I’ll add it back May 9th.

45. Nikos - April 5, 2009

AH WTF! there’s no premiere for Italy!!!

46. Lurker - April 5, 2009

#25 – Yep, funny. Was Pine trying to go in disguise as Quinto? Kinda looks like it… Quinto’s shot seems in amusement at that as well, although it’s likely just Quinto being amused at Trek fans in general, and whoever came out to greet them there at the airport… Either way, great stuff, and the first of many such shots, I presume…

Anthony, I might have to stay away from this place and any other website reviews after Tuesday as well, no offense!! ;-) I feel like I already know too much…

47. The Governator - April 5, 2009

Hey, listen everybody, I’m right there with you. I don’t want to get spoiled. But don’t stop coming to the site!!!! There’s going to be plenty of other news about the movie that is not spoiler related.

48. galaxypest - April 5, 2009

Any word on an “Iowa premiere” only fitting seeing how
they went out of there way , to give a one horse town in canada

49. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 5, 2009

I actually wouldn’t put it past Pine to disguise himself as Quinto, perhaps to gently jibe his co-star. Not a bad imitation job, actually…

50. The Real Stanky McFibberich - April 5, 2009

“Every cast member in this film will become part of history. They don’t understand yet what they have become. Pine isn’t just Chris Pine anymore. He’s about to become James T. Kirk, Captain of the Enterprise.
Only the Star Wars people from Episode IV have this level of cinematic mythology.”

Flash in the pan

51. SaphronGirl - April 5, 2009

49. They’re Quinto’s “disguise” glasses that he used to hide his eyebrows while they were shaved during filming. He probably let Pine borrow them so he could go unrecognized at the airport. Looks like that didn’t turn out as well as they had hoped. ;)

52. mayday - April 5, 2009

Love that the “big three” are center for the world premiere (Pine, Quinto, Urban) along with the villain (Bana) and director JJ. Hopefully this will dispel concerns about McCoy’s presence in the film.

53. enterprise1965 - April 5, 2009

in the new movie now that the timeline is different (reboot) should their still be a “First Contact Day”?

54. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 5, 2009

Love that TOS E being handed to Zach!

55. The Governator - April 5, 2009

Wow. Chris looks a lot like Zach in that photo! I thought it was Zach and just a typo!

56. Captain Dunsel - April 5, 2009

#47 “There’s going to be plenty of other news about the movie that is not spoiler related.”

I understand that. And the webmasters can be carefuk about what THEY say, but not about what visitors post. That’s why I asked my (as yet unanswered) question at #21, about whether or not tyhere will be some “closed” posts.

I really don’t want to be reading through a page where Anthony has carefully avoided spilling the beans, only to read down three clicks and abruptly discovered that BillyTrekNut has decided that we all need to know the big secret that (remainder censored by Starfleet Security)

57. The Governator - April 5, 2009

56. Captain Dunsel

Funny. Of course, no one is forcing you to read the comments.

58. Jovan - April 5, 2009

37: It is funny, but they look hot. I’ve never cared for most “modern” frames.

59. Bob Tompkins - April 5, 2009

Is anyone but me royally POed that this movie is being released overseas before it is released here?

How soon before it’s available on any BitTorrent client?

How much will this hurt US ticket sales, the base upon which any sequels will be built?

Come US premiere date, how many are not going to rush to all the theaters to buy a ticket because they’ve already seen it on youtube?

What was the idea behind all of this ‘Abrams wall of secrecy’? That’s all gone now, and to what end?

Is there going to be something different about the US release?

What has the point been?

60. SPOCKBOY - April 5, 2009

I have a theory.
Perhaps one of the reasons they are premiering Star Trek in Sydney is because they could build the “life sized Enterprise” JJ Abrams mentioned (probably a blimp or something)
in relative secrecy in Australia and keep it under wraps better than they could, building it in the U.S

any thoughts?

: )

61. Chris Fawkes - April 5, 2009

I tried to get tickets for the opera house but they had sold out.

62. cd - April 5, 2009

Why is this premiering in Australia?

63. Mawazitus - April 5, 2009

62: I would say that they wanted to fit in as many ‘big’ premieres around the world as possible, with the ‘finale’ being in Los Angeles, right before the film is actually released to the public. Does that make sense? I think so.

Plus, the Sydney Opera House is an awesome venue for a movie premiere.

Of course, they could have just thrown darts at a map, for all I know.

64. Mark Lynch - April 5, 2009

How are we going to be kept spoiler free from now until general release?

65. Durd - April 6, 2009

I cannot believe it! I’m going to Brussel to see Cho, Urban and the new movie!! YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!

66. Club Star Trek de España » Archivo del Blog » Visita de JJ Abrams y el reparto de Star Trek a España - April 6, 2009

[…] presentación se realiza dentro de la gira mundial que reportaba http://www.Trekmovie.com esta […]

67. Cheve - April 6, 2009

¡Thanks for the transcript in the post above! XDDD

(I’m the president of Club Star Trek de España)

68. Schultz - April 6, 2009

New info: The German premiere is apparently not open to the public. There are no standard tickets available directly from the cinema. It’s hosted by Paramount. Only by invitation, guest list etc.. That’s what the people at the cinema told me.

69. Brendan - April 6, 2009

As someone who’s going to be going to the premiere in Sydney tomorrow ( *flails* ) and as a spoiler-phobe myself I won’t be posting any spoilers on this site, or any other.
I got spoiled for Serenity by some cow called Jacquline Passey when it had it’s pre-screenings and still desire to inflict great damage to her person over it!

As for why the premiere is being held in Sydney… Well, it’s the greatest city in the world, so why wouldn’t it be held here??? ;)

70. Brendan - April 6, 2009

#68 That’s what the original information for the Sydney premiere said. And then they released some for the general public to buy… So maybe later down the line some could be released.

71. elodie - April 6, 2009

Apparently, the Star Trek cast and crew will be in Paris next week (I think they’ll come in the beginning of next week as they’re promoting the movie in brussels on april,15; berlin on april,16 and apparently Madrid on april,17) for the promotion. No news yet for premiere (I highly doubt it, as a lot of french people are not Trekkies).

72. Brendo - April 6, 2009

If this isnt first im gonna quit the internet

73. SaphronGirl - April 6, 2009

Awwwww… they even work out together!


Bromance. :D

74. Jarod - April 6, 2009

section9… Superman Returns made 400 million worldwide, more than any Star Trek movie could dream of. And who is Brandon Routh today?

75. Estel - April 6, 2009

“New info: The German premiere is apparently not open to the public. There are no standard tickets available directly from the cinema. It’s hosted by Paramount. Only by invitation, guest list etc.. That’s what the people at the cinema told me.”

Damn! Thanks for the info, anyway!

What i’ve been wondering, will the movie be shown in english or german?

“That’s what the original information for the Sydney premiere said. And then they released some for the general public to buy… So maybe later down the line some could be released.”

One can only hope…

76. Anthony Thompson - April 6, 2009

Don’t quite understand why – when Abrams was so concerned about plot leaks – that they would premier the film a full month before it’s release! From now on (until I see the movie) I’ll be reading trekmovie.com very selectively, if at all.

77. Estel - April 6, 2009

Dunno where the problem is. You will know there are spoilers in the news before clicking on it. I’ll still come here, for non spoiler news of which there will be a lot me thinks…

78. Christine - April 6, 2009

Augh, that means I can’t go on here for a WHOLE MONTH. xD


79. Tiberius1000 - April 6, 2009

On the German Wikipedia site they write that their will be an gala premier with cast in Vienna(Austria).
Has anybody more information ?

80. sébastien - April 6, 2009

YOu people should come visit brussel and the BIFFF on april 15. Tickets for Trek are only 5 bucks !!!!

81. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 6, 2009

Zephram Cochrane is not from Earth, he was from Alpha Centauri. “First Contact” isn’t canon (I’m not kidding around or trying to be satirical).

82. T'Cal - April 6, 2009

These early premiers show a lot of confidence in this film. If a film is expected to suck, it’s not shown to critics the day before opening night. But here, they are showing in a month early several times. Wow! Can’t wait!

83. Jarod - April 6, 2009

Hm… TOS Purist…

How exactly was Zephram Cochrane supposed to be born on Alpha Centauri, when humanity didn’t have Warp drive to get there in the first place?

84. Tanner Waterbury (HUGE PINK FLOYD FAN) - April 6, 2009

lol that pic with Pine looking at the enterprise reminds me of the Lolcatz

“I can Haz Enterprize?!”

85. Bob Tompkins - April 6, 2009

I’ve got a pool going with my friends and relatives as to how quickly Trek 09 will show up on a BitTorrent client or in snippets on youtube..

I’ve got April 10 and I also predict someone really ballsy will record it in Sydney, right under Abrams’ nose…..

86. wholesale hair weave - February 23, 2011

turning him into a key asset for the CIA. The show has had some connections to Star Trek in the past,

87. wholesale hair extensions - February 23, 2011

my friends and relatives as to how quickly Trek 09 will show up on a BitTorrent client or in snippets on youtube..

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