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Star Trek Soundtrack Cover & Tracklist + New movie images + AMC promo video April 9, 2009

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: Music,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

We’ve got your first look at the cover art for Michael Giacchino’s official soundtrack to Star Trek (and track list as well). Also there are five brand new images from the film, a new IMAX poster and an update to the official model website. [UPDATE: Plus a new promo video with a bit of new footage]



Soundtrack details
Courtesy, Varese Sarabande, here’s your first look at the cover of the soundtrack from Michael Giacchino, TrekMovie has an exclusive high resolution image.

Soundtrack cover front (click to enlarge)

Soundtrack CD cover back
[note we are trying to get a larger version of this image]

Here’s the track list:

1. Star Trek (1:03)
2. Nailin’ the Kelvin (2:09)
3. Labor of Love (2:51)
4. Hella Bar Talk (1:55)
5. Enterprising Young Men (2:39)
6. Nero Sighted (3:23)
7. Nice To Meld You (3:13)
8. Run and Shoot Offense (2:04)
9. Does It Still McFly? (2:03)
10. Nero Death Experience (5:38)
11. Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns (2:34)
12. Back From Black (:59)
13. That New Car Smell (4:46)
14. To Boldly Go (:26)
15. End Credits (9:11)

Pre-order your Star Trek soundtrack now.

New Images
Four new images for Star Trek have been released by Paramount Internation. to a number of sites overseas, giving us new looks at Kirk, Spock and Scotty. Click images to see bigger ones at

(click above images to enlarge)

…and here’s a new IMAX poster for the film (which is just a riff on the regular US poster).

Click to enlarge

And finally, Paramount has updated their "Star Trek: The Enterprise Project" website with three new models.  Click the image below to visit the site, which will continue to be updated with new ships.

One of the new artist Enterprises

UPDATE: AMC Gift Card Promo
Shortly after this article went up, Paramount sent out a new video promo for AMC giftcards. The promo is almost entirely previously seen stuff, but there are brief glimpses of a bit more footage from some moments.


1. markk - April 9, 2009

For those who have seen the movie, which font did they end up using in the credits? Classic Trek, or the font seen in the international posters?

2. MvRojo - April 9, 2009

Is that shuttle named “Moore”? If it is…nice!

3. lnx - April 9, 2009

Haha dig the yellow

4. Sallah - April 9, 2009

Loving that first shot!

5. indy4fan - April 9, 2009

I can’t wait to listen to the great Giacchino! This gonna be amazing!

6. Phasers On Stun - April 9, 2009

Can’t wait! The excitement is building.

7. markk - April 9, 2009

It appears that the first enterprise is painted like it will appear in the movie.

8. The Governator - April 9, 2009

Oh boy, that track list is very revealing. Didn’t know I was in for some minor music spoilers. Is that an image of Spock and Uhura? Hmmm…. interesting.

9. Telly - April 9, 2009

The end credits font, as far as i could tell from the footage of Nimoy and writers posted on here earlier this week, is something called Bank Gothic. Its the same font used for the titles on “24” and many others.

I like it. The actual TOS font is neat and all, but damned hard to read.

10. BrF - April 9, 2009

Oof. Who’s idea was it to make a track list full of puns and clumsy cultural references?

11. markk - April 9, 2009

Thanks for the response. What I meant to ask though was what font they ended up using for the main “STAR TREK” at the beginning of the movie.

12. That One Guy - April 9, 2009

Enterprise 10:
Who Enterprises the Enterprise?

13. Q - April 9, 2009

I can’t wait to buy the soundtrack, I love some of the track names. I think I like the IMAX Star Trek poster better. Love the new shots, as well. This is going to be the best movie EVER.

14. Jordan - April 9, 2009

11. Giacchino does that quite often. It’s cheesy, but it’s just titles.

15. Xai - April 9, 2009

3rd movie shot above with Spock and Uhura… what is the shuttles name?

16. fizzben - April 9, 2009

wow, more cool stuff. It’s like Christmas!

17. Datalore - April 9, 2009

Hahha A little light shed on what Quinto said about how Spock “Already HAS Uhura” in that one pic. I don’t know the actual episodes, but I do remember Uhura flirting with Spock a number of times. I think what he means by that is she probably has a huge crush on him, and he doesn’t reciprocate the way she wants. But she does get that hug from him, which for Spock is a huge step!

18. Schultz - April 9, 2009

Notice the asterisks behind the last two track titles? Sure as hell this means “contains ‘Theme from Star Trek’ composed by Alexander Courage”. :)

19. Dan - April 9, 2009

Please no more spoilers from now on till May 8th, it’s really hard to not being able to come here being a Star Trek fan.

20. The Governator - April 9, 2009

Nero fiddles, Narada burns

For anyone familiar with history, you would know Nero is based on Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire. And if you know a lot about him, then it will make sense to you that whoever came up with this title is a genius.

21. Andy Patterson - April 9, 2009

After clicking on that thing it makes me think and say for the first time..”.those is some big nacelles”.

22. pinky - April 9, 2009

#20 –
Yes, thanks for that! Fascinating. I’m interested to explore this

#15 –
Indeed! Looks like there’s enough space between the M and the O to fit another letter…

23. 750 Mang - April 9, 2009

Nice shot of Kirk and Spock.

24. spockatatic - April 9, 2009

OMG. Sorry, but the names of the the tracks are horrible. Nice to meld you?? Oh, well, they do reveal a lot of spoilers. Which makes me happy. Idont think I can wait one more month. And the new images are awesome. Kirk and Spock, woo-hoo! And Uhura! And Scotty!! I love Pegg as Scotty, his accent’s hilarious. Perfect. Just perfect.

25. SerenityActual - April 9, 2009

I don’t care for the regular U.S. release poster, but that black in the IMAX poster really changes things and I like that one alot. Might have to shell out the $$$ for that one.

26. The Governator - April 9, 2009

Nice to meld you?

That’s a little cheesy.

I hope he writes his music better than he writes his titles.

27. OneBuckFilms - April 9, 2009

26 – These are more groad-inducing that Lost or M:I:III track listings.

Kind of typical for Giacchino. :-)

28. Chris Basken - April 9, 2009

26: “I hope he writes his music better than he writes his titles.”

Typically, he does. His Incredibles soundtrack is, well, incredible.

29. SPB - April 9, 2009

Worst. Soundtrack titles. EVER.

I’m sure the music will be wonderful, but Jesus H. Christopher Pike, those track titles sound like they belong to a TREK spoof, a la, GALAXY QUEST. “Nailin’ the Kelvin?” “Nero Sighted??” “Nice to Meld You???” “Does It Stll McFly?!?!??!”

Egads, Michael.

30. starfall42 - April 9, 2009

Like the Bettie Page on Enterprise #10!

31. U.F.P., $Version=0 - April 9, 2009

I agree the nacells are large but I like this design. I notice from the clips that you really will be able to appreciate the size of the big E.

32. Starman - April 9, 2009


Oh, my Lord. I despise that word. I think I’ll be renaming some tracks in iTunes :D

33. Star Trek: New Clip, Photos and IMAX Poster @ Your Entertainment Now - April 9, 2009

[…] here’s the IMAX poster — via TrekMovie (click to […]

34. Adam E - April 9, 2009

2. MvRojo – April 9, 2009
Is that shuttle named “Moore”? If it is…nice!

Maybe I should know, but, what significance would the name “Moore” have?

35. The Governator - April 9, 2009

28. Chris Basken

Oh, I know he does. I have heard his work before. As a musician and someone who knows what it takes to write a soundtrack, I have nothing but admiration for his work. I think what I meant to say was, I hope the cheesiness of these titles doesn’t translate into the music for this film. Choosing song titles is very difficult and something I spend lots of time pondering, and like I said, his title, “Nero fiddles, Narada burns” is brilliant. But the rest is a little silly, that’s all. To be honest, I have no worries whatsoever that he has created an exemplary soundtrack.

36. cpelc - April 9, 2009

I don’t know I still like my version of the soundtrack cover better….

At least I was close when I posted it a couple weeks ago….

Here it is for your consideration

37. Gert Jan van Waterink - April 9, 2009

Why is no one asking stuff about the music score?? I want to know if Jerry Goldsmith’s theme is in it !?!?

38. 750 Mang - April 9, 2009

34. Adam E – April 9, 2009

“2. MvRojo – April 9, 2009
Is that shuttle named “Moore”? If it is…nice!

Maybe I should know, but, what significance would the name “Moore” have?”

Trek and Galactica writer Ron Moore.

39. Valar1 - April 9, 2009


Ron Moore- writer of TNG, DS9, one episode of VOY, and then show runner of Roswell Season 2, then creator/showrunner of Battlestar Galactica.

40. Adam E - April 9, 2009

Ah yes, Thanks guys!

41. tribble farmer - April 9, 2009

I can barely wait to hear the soundtrack. I’m always almost as excited about the score to a movie as about the movie itself.

42. Carda - April 9, 2009

The titles of music have SPOILERS. (WARRY)

43. Nero=Bitch - April 9, 2009

#20…i caught it LOL… maybe next film they could get an alternate Nero to go back in time to ancient Rome and attempt to save the Roman Empire by doing something akin to what Ra did in the original Stargate movie…after its revealed that Romulans founded The Roman Empire…LOL

44. Grammar Slammer - April 9, 2009

37., I’m guessing that if tracks 14 and 15 are listed with an asterisk, it refers to inclusion of other composer’s music, and we’ll see what those references are in the full liner notes. My take is that tracks 14 and 15 will use parts of the Alexander Courage theme, and with the time of track 14 being so short (and so “boldy” named) it’s probably the horn fanfare from TOS that’s frequently quoted in all the movies. I doubt there would be references to Goldsmith’s music here.

45. enterprise1965 - April 9, 2009

#15 M O O R E

46. Kempec - April 9, 2009

It’s like I have previously stated…. If the music is even close to his work on the Medal of Honor series of games….It will be an absolute masterpiece.
I personally cannot wait to hear it.

47. Colonel West - April 9, 2009

As much as I want to hear Giacchino’s score i REALLY want to hear that tune by Cyrano Jones! :D

48. pinky - April 9, 2009

#45 –
Moore… Sounds reasonable.

#34 –
Significance of MOORE? Ronald D. ? I’m from the crowd that believes he saved Star Trek at a point, and then gave Star Trek so much to be proud of for many years more.

49. Enterprise - April 9, 2009

Wow, once again soundtrack titles have to be the most crappiest things ever. Yuck.

50. Century - April 9, 2009

you people are complete morons.

you REALLY don’t get the point, do you? His titles are SUPPOSED to be cheesy! that’s his style. he KNOWS they’re cheesy.

this reminds me of the time i tried to watch monty python and the holy grail with my grandfather. “a killer rabbit? why, boy, that just doesn’t make any sense! there’s no such thing as a killer rabbit! oh… wait… a holy HAND GERNADE?! why, that’s just ridiculous!”

*ahem* DUUUUUR!

51. Sci-Fi Bri - April 9, 2009

me want. me want now!

52. Kevin Dilmore - April 9, 2009

#18 Hellz to the YEAH! I was thinking the same thing and was gonna post but you beat me to it.


53. Jim - April 9, 2009

Hahahaha Jesus has been teasing that model on Gizmodo for weeks now (hes a blogger there)

Guess you guys spoiled it now.

54. critch - April 9, 2009

45 minutes of music out of a 120 minute movie. *sigh*

But a Back to the Future reference makes me happy :-)

55. Third Remata'Klan - April 9, 2009

“Does it still McFly?”


56. Weerd1 - April 9, 2009

25- Yes! The negative of the actual poster completely changes the dynamic. Oddly enough, I really like that version.

57. Jai1138 - April 9, 2009

Most composers of film scores title their pieces with silly, ultra descriptive throwaway names, even John Williams. Usually the soundtrack’s producer or a publicist, sometimes in conjunction with the artist, will re-title them for an album but if you look at Mr. Giacchino’s previous work, notably M:I III and the collections for Alias and LOST, he prefers to list his goofier first impulses.

No matter.

I expect the score to be wonderful based on that theme over at the official site

58. Steve - April 9, 2009

Wow, I’m really shocked they would give a nice shout-out to Ron Moore like that (assuming that’s who the shuttle is named after). Just a really nice gesture by Abrams, et al to pay tribute to those people who were stewards of Star Trek before them. Very nice.

59. Enterprise - April 9, 2009

Kirk’s Death? What?

60. Christine - April 9, 2009


That was epic, epic, epic win. I noted that Kirk hollers “DO IT!!!” not twice, but thrice. (Oh, gawd, only someone who’s watched the trailers too many times could notice that. x___x I feel like I’ve been assimilated into some whack-job Borg collective!!!!!)

And okay, I’m really sorry, I’m an idiot::


Please, I’d like an answer. ^__^;;;

61. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 9, 2009

#60 … TNG writer/Galactica re-booter.

62. Nero=Bitch - April 9, 2009

#58…no steve it was a shout out to Mary Tyler Moore….OF COURSE its a shout out to Ron Moore LOL

#54…ahem…for all we know theres only 45 minutes of music in the film itself, minus whats playing in the bar scene…

still it wouldve been nice to intermix the score with clips of actual songs… and pop out a ‘songs inspired by’ disc too.. such things really heloed amp up the Spiderman films

63. Nero=Bitch - April 9, 2009

—typo…i meant helped not heloed

64. Lt. Ricky - April 9, 2009

I’m SO tempted to put an appropriate hit mark on the Jesus Diaz Enterprise… Especially the top, if you know what I mean…

65. Datalore - April 9, 2009

hahahah On an unrelated note, looks like EVERYONE is trying to capitalize on the return of Trek! Check out Eminem’s new video… It’s worth it!

66. Red Shirt - April 9, 2009

In the AMC Gift Card promo video…I like how Gorignak from “Galaxy Quest” appears to make a brief cameo at about :23. Nice touch Roberto and Alex!

Red Shirt OUT

67. c0mBaTkArL - April 9, 2009

#55… clearly a tongue-in-cheek reference to a time-traveling ship sequence, a l’a Back To The Future.

68. Simon - April 9, 2009

#32 – ITunes?

Lossy compressed classic music? Blechh.

69. Mikey M - April 9, 2009

Looking forward to the music and the movie but this blurred Enterprise image was a big mistake. I thought they were trying to sell this to Non fans???

70. Daoud - April 9, 2009

Speculation time?

1. Star Trek (1:03)
2. Nailin’ the Kelvin (2:09)
3. Labor of Love (2:51)
4. Hella Bar Talk (1:55)
5. Enterprising Young Men (2:39)
6. Nero Sighted (3:23)
7. Nice To Meld You (3:13)
8. Run and Shoot Offense (2:04)
9. Does It Still McFly? (2:03)
10. Nero Death Experience (5:38)
11. Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns (2:34)
12. Back From Black (:59)
13. That New Car Smell (4:46)
14. To Boldly Go* (:26)
15. End Credits* (9:11)

71. Val Jean - April 9, 2009

hey if anthony wants to put this up there’s 2 inteviews on australian radio with jj. abrams and eric bana abiut star trek on :

72. Daoud - April 9, 2009

Aaargh, what I was going to do was comment on a couple of those.
#1 is the car chase? Eh? James Siberious Kirk?
#2 is obviously Nero’s attack upon the ol’ O514
#3 is clearly the Birth of James T. Kirk.
#4 is obviously the Hittin’ on Nyota sequence
#5 Are these the young men going off to the Academy??
#6 Is this is little San Francisco Bay fry? (I understand he’s decided to fry up some humpback whales.. oh wait, they’re not back yet ;) )
#8 Is this the Kobayashi Maru test?
#9 Sounds like Jellyfishin’
#10 Old Spock’s the one experiencing, eh?
#11 Burns into Vulcan, no doubt
#12 Kirk Puts On The Yellow Shirt
#13 The Enterprise Leaves Drydock after repairs?? How does this movie end, anyway?
#14 26 seconds is long enough for “Captain’s Log. Stardate 0010.3. To the Aldebaran Colony we go to pick up crew. It should be a rather uneventful mission…

73. Jai1138 - April 9, 2009

A bit off topic but…

my brother and and I are going to prep his girlfriend, a relative Trek innocent, for the new movie this weekend with episodes and motion pictures from the original cast. Here’s what I’m thinking: Balance of Terror, Space Seed, The City on the Edge of Forever, Amok Time, Journey to Babel, The Trouble with Tribbles and movies II, III, and IV (maybe throw in either TMP or VI if we have time — probably we’ll just wind up watching an episode and a couple of movies).

Any thoughts on how to introduce someone new but interested to the whole damn thing? (Of course, in the larger sense, I’d include the best of TNG, DS9, etc. but the new picture’s obviously wrapped up in TOS).

74. Harry Ballz - April 9, 2009


Maybe point out to the young lady that the three main characters of Kirk, Spock and McCoy were always meant to be viewed as a triumverate…..where Spock was intellect/logic and McCoy was emotion/compassion and Kirk, after listening to both sides of that ID, would be the action/hero archetype who would demonstrate a rare balance of the two in his actions/response to a situation. This is what made it fascinating to us fans all these many years!

Does that help?

75. Driver - April 9, 2009

The total music time seems a bit skimpy, Approximately 46 minutes for a two hour film. That’s a lot of silent time unless there are parts where themes are repeated.Or there is incidental music not worth putting on the CD.

76. Jerrad - April 9, 2009

I’m surprised by how short the songs are on the soundtrack. I suppose The Dark Knight’s soundtrack spoiled me a bit (particularly the special edition) when it comes to track length.

Very interesting song titles as well.

77. RetroWarbird - April 9, 2009

73 … those sounds like good choices. Balance to set up Romulans … Space Seed to set up TWOK just to show the best of the best … City on the Edge to show that there was some emotional meat to early Trek … Amok Time for the Vulcans … Babel for the politics and Tribbles for hilarity – sounds as good as you could want. Naturally the better movies make for good intros as well. That’s plenty without overloading it with non-essentials.

Tribbles and the movies should cover Klingons very well, although Errand of Mercy wouldn’t be a bad extra just to shore up the Klingon introduction.

Oh, and better throw in TNG: Unification 1 & 2 for good measure!

78. Dak - April 9, 2009

So Spock wears the black shirt too. Looks like another action figure candidate.

79. Jai1138 - April 9, 2009

77. I was thinking about Errand of Mercy — yes, it introduced the Kingons and in some ways (like Friday’s Child) it is Trek in a nutshell: action and adventure (or the suggestion thereof, at least on the epic scale) but really scaled down to its core characters, their decisions, a sense or moral ambiguity, and a science fiction-based mystery.

I know some people think Unification wound up being too talk-y it it remains a favorite TNG for me. When Spock deals with Picard and Data in terms of referencing his past, it gives off some effective chills.

80. Jai1138 - April 9, 2009

74. I’ve always viewed that tri-umverate as the heart of TREK, even in all the subsequent spin offs when it has taken different forms and been embodied by different combinations of characters.

I was watching part of Court Martial the other night on Canada’s Space Channel and in just a few fleeting scenes and even in the last beat of te episode, one realized that that early on the producers, writers, and actors understood what was going to make the show work on even the most basic of levels, this three part harmony.

81. Harry Ballz - April 9, 2009


Hey, Jai1138, I live in Toronto… about you?

82. Chris J - April 9, 2009

Watching that AMC card video thingy, I am really impressed by the visuals we see of Earth from space. I love pics like that, and even from the brief shots we have seen the actual “beauty” SFX shots seem really good.

Seeing the Enterprise in drydock above Earth will make people’s jaw drop.

83. DGill - April 9, 2009

“Nailin’ the Kelvin”? LMAO


84. Jai1138 - April 9, 2009

Hey Harry Ballz

I live in good old downtown metro T.O. On Spadina.

85. JohnWA - April 9, 2009

73 –

If you want to delve into TNG, DS9, and VOY, then you probably want to watch “The Undiscovered Country” first. It isn’t the best movie in the franchise. But it isn’t bad either. Personally, I think it is above average. And it is perhaps the most important to the in-universe transition from the 23rd (TOS) to the 24th century (spin-offs).

Pretty much everything that happens with the Federation, Kingons, and Romulans flow directly out of the Khitomer Accords. The Romulans going into isolation, the UFP-Klingon alliance, the long period of relatively peaceful Federation expansion (pre-Borg and Dominion), and so forth. In terms of continuity, VI is probably referenced more than any other single movie.

86. Harry Ballz - April 9, 2009


Yo, I live in Thorncliffe Park, near Leaside! Good to meet ya!!

87. Jai1138 - April 10, 2009

85. JohnWa

I agree with your take on VI — it’s a kind of self-conscious linchpin between the original cast’s films all the subsequent Trek.

What I sometimes thinks gets overlooked is what a flat out good movie it is — beautifully shot, scored, paced, for all its budgetary limitations. It’s basically a political thriller that’s given unique substance by what we know of Kirk’s relationship to the Klingons (and ours, for that matter).

88. arcadians - April 10, 2009

Nice little acknowledgement of the great works of Ron Moore. I’d like to think it’s also a nod to that grand old stargazer Patrick Moore.

89. jas_montreal - April 10, 2009

13. That New Car Smell (4:46)

oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby !

90. arcadians - April 10, 2009

I know there’s a lot to deride Trek V for, but I always felt that it captured the feel of the triumvirate well. I don’t imagine the rest of the crew were too impressed though!

91. SciFiMetalGirl - April 10, 2009

It seems skimpy because they are sure to have either a Pt.2 , or an enhanced extended “special edition” version coming out soon.

Haven’t you learned anything about Paramount marketing techniques yet? Sheesh!


92. RD - April 10, 2009

“Hella Bar Talk” – Really? Hella? Even Giacchino is too old to use that word. Sends a clear message where the mindset of this film is based. You’d never see a title like that on a Goldsmith, Horner or WIlliams score.

93. sebimeyer - April 10, 2009

I highly doubt that this is all the music from the movie.

94. Paulaner - April 10, 2009

We are discussing about… the titles? I mean, seriously?

95. Sci-Fi Bri - April 10, 2009

“Any thoughts on how to introduce someone new but interested to the whole damn thing?”

don’t show them anything, just go to the theatre on may 8th.

96. ucdom - April 10, 2009

Mmm, I’m not so worried about the track titles, it’s just they seem a bit short (especially for a CD which is costing me £18).

I hope there’s an extended version coming down the pike (*cough*) in the future – like the LOTR FULL versions, which had every squeak of a violin string ever recorded… Does MG tend to release longer versions…?

I have to admit, I LOVED Ratatouille, but MI3 was a bit, well, meh, to quote the youth of today.

97. CaptainRickover - April 10, 2009

This movie is so much aiming for the younglings out there, they even can’t stop using stuipid jokes in the soundtrack list ! Horrible !

Very short tracks BTW, the most of them are just 3 min. long (except the End credits), like the tracks of kid-movie-sountracks (like Shrek, Madagascar or The Incredibles).

98. Jai1138 - April 10, 2009

95, I’ve thought of that too. And it’s intriguing, especially in seeing what they think of it “cold”.

But everyone’s had that thing where they’ve read the book, seen the movie, heard the album that means so much to them that they want to introduce it to their friends in just the right “calculated” way. It’s difficult — especially when one is originally introduced to that thing in a fairly open, natural way.

99. Selor - April 10, 2009

I especially like “Nero fiddles, Narada burns” such a nice reference to emperor Nero and the burning Rome…. ^^

100. Oto początek przyszłości | - April 10, 2009

[…] Oryginalny plakat na […]

101. lwr - April 10, 2009

“nailin the kelvin”?
“does it still mcfly”?

what is this LOST cliffhanger lingo?

102. Darren - April 10, 2009

Sorry if this has been brought up before, by why in that picture presumably of Vulcan is the sky blue? Shouldn’t it be red?

103. Telly - April 10, 2009

i’ve never seen so many people tweak over the freaking names of instrumental title tracks. Those titles are just there to differentiate between lyric-less score, not to make profound statements about the compositions, the film, and the world around us. Were it not for the soundtrack album, we’d never know the names of these tracks.

It does seem like a short soundtrack, but just like television, albums are getting shorter and shorter. But if Star Trek’s track record proves anything, it’s that there won’ t be a longer version of the soundtrack until some fan either (a) finds the original scoring session recordings, or (b) digitally removes the dialogue and sound effects from their DVD copy of the film itself. (Don’t laugh, I have a complete score of “Star Trek V” that someone just that to, and it’s only spotty in a few places).

As for the spoilers… takes me back to 1999 when John Williams score for “The Phantom Menace” came out about a month early with a track called “Qui-Gon’s Noble End”

And Vulcan’s blue sky is most likely still a pre-FX shot. Trailers are usually full of them.

104. Tiberiuscan - April 10, 2009

I loved Giacchino score from The Incredibles which evokes the original James Bond Scores by John Barry. Regarding Jerry Goldsmith’s theme from Star Trek it is possible but the Star Trek signature theme was written by Alexander Courage and the opening fanfare has been used in all the Star Trek Movies. J.J. has however has already said how much he was influenced by Star Trek TMP so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jerry Goldsmith Theme is used though I would think it would be a mistake. Since this is a reboot of Star Trek as the original characters and Enterprise the music soundtrack should reflect that. I’m not surprised about the McFly reference (Track 9). Maybe there is an Ensign McFly on board ? :)

105. Telly - April 10, 2009

and given all that stuff I said about the track titles not mattering and whatnot… those are some cheese titles. I’ve seen worse on film and TV score albums. Just look at some of the TOS track titles.

106. Tiberiuscan - April 10, 2009

Sometimes the track titles have more to do with the compsers sense of humour than the actual film or TV show itself. I almost forgot that Giacchino’s score for Mission Impossible III featured other music from the original TV score composed by Lalo Schifrin. My vote again is that he will use the original fanfare by Alexander Courage and not Jerry Goldsmiths Motion Picture music.

107. U.F.P. - April 10, 2009

I agree that Ron Moore is deserving but the shuttles in TOS have been traditionally named after astronomers. My vote is Sir Patrick Moore. Ron Moore can get an admiral or starbase named after him!

108. Jeff - April 10, 2009

72. Daoud – April 9, 2009
Aaargh, what I was going to do was comment on a couple of those.
#1 is the car chase? Eh? James Siberious Kirk?

It actually sounds like ‘T’ibrerious in the movie. Put the ‘S’ down to trailer quality. The ‘S’ sound is a merge from ‘James..’

109. Tiberiuscan - April 10, 2009

The composer for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek prequel revealed that he intends to keep the original theme music from the original Star Trek television series, composed by Alexander Courage. In an interview with SCI FI Wire, Giacchino said “I think that the thing to do would be to hold on to the only thing that does speak-that says Star Trek: The Motion Picture -universally, which is the [opening theme from the original series].”

Regarding James Siberious Kirk :) I have the trailer and it is most definitely James Tiberius Kirk

110. Marian Ciobanu - April 10, 2009

..-Yellow …..?.. ! ..?…yellow….O.M.G. ..yellow…?!?..why..?!?…

111. Yojimbo - April 10, 2009

Enterprise, Watchmen edition?

112. Dude - April 10, 2009

Those title listings… I dunno… “Does it still McFly?” WTF? “Nailin’ the Kelvin”?

With all that backstory about “making it hip and cool for a new generation”, those titles have a very bad taste to them.

113. The ice wall - April 10, 2009

– I like the flames..

114. C.S. Lewis - April 10, 2009

Track names from “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

1. Star Trek Theme (Main Title)
2. Doctor Bartender
3. Survivors
4. Prime Specimen
5. Bottled
6. Probed
7. Monster Illusion
8. Monster Fight
9. Kibitzers
10. Vena’s Punishment
11. Pike’s Punishment
12. Picnic
13. True Love isten
14. Vena’s Dance
15. Torchy Girl
16. Under the Spell
17. Primitive Thoughts
18. Wrong Think
19. To Catch a T.
20. Going Up
21. Max’s Factor
22. Star Trek Theme (End Title)
23. Where No Man Has Gone Before [Main Title from Star Trek]
24. Star Date
25. Episode Titles
26. Force Field
27. Silvery Orbs
28. Crippled Ship
29. Speedy Reader
30. Hit the Button
31. On Delta-Vega
32. When Your Eyes Have Turned to Silver
33. Instant Paradise
34. End Title and Credits
35. Additional Credits

115. jason - April 10, 2009

Thanks Trekmovie…I can always count on the idiots in the comments to complain about something.

116. Simon Belfast - April 10, 2009

I’m hoping the * in “14. To Boldly Go* (:26)” denotes

” * Contains “Star Trek Theme by Alexander Courage.”

117. DIGINON - April 10, 2009

@ 108: Maybe they had the poor kid come in and reloop it after the fan outrage caused by the trailer :-)

118. jonboc - April 10, 2009

The Incredibles soundtrack is amazing. Can’t wait to hear Trek’s…I just hope his technique is a little more TOS-like and a little less Trek movie. Part of the signature of TOS is it’s music. Movies of this nature have been overdone in John Williams style, I hope he went in a different direction.

119. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 10, 2009

Yeah, the track titles are a little bit… eccentric. All the same, every report I’ve heard regarding the soundtrack has been overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer over at AICN claimed that it reduced him to tears within ten minutes.

So I’ll chalk it up to the composer’s offbeat sense of humor and not worry about it. At all.

Less than a month to go!

120. steve2 - April 10, 2009

Interesting track names.

121. Dude - April 10, 2009

If that reviewer was Harry himself… that baby cries about everything. ;)

122. ScottDS - April 10, 2009

“Hella Bar Talk” is actually a play on words – it’s a reference to composer Bela Bartok.

As for the other track titles, Giacchino always uses bad jokes and puns for his albums. Just from looking at the Mission: Impossible: III soundtrack, we have tracks like “Helluvacopter Chase,” “Disguise the Limit ,” and “Shang Way High.”

And if this score is half as good as his Medal of Honor scores, I don’t think we’ll have anything to worry about. :-)

123. ScottDS - April 10, 2009

And as for the length of the album, most score albums are 30-45 minutes long these days because it would cost too much otherwise.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t be getting expanded Star Trek scores anytime soon. Paramount doesn’t seem to be as cooperative in that regard as some of the other studios. (Like Warner Bros. who worked with Film Score Monthly to release an 8-disc Superman set featuring the complete scores to the Chris Reeve films.)

It’s my hope that one day, Intrada or Varese Sarabande or Film Score Monthly will be able to make a deal and we’ll get the complete Star Trek scores (and expanded albums of other Paramount film scores like Explorers).

124. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 10, 2009

Here’s the review at AICN — it avoids spoilers as far as I can see, and focuses primarily on the soundtrack. It is not Harry, although ScoreKeeper may have been chopping onions while he watched the film… ; )

125. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 10, 2009

I felt the music in the film was strong, but I was hoping for more recognizable cues! As the tracklisting suggests, THE fanfare doesn’t appear until the very end. :-(

I know this is a “prequel” and perhaps the logic behind that decision was…’This is before they’ve become the familiar crew, so no familiar music.’ But c’mon.

And those track titles? Ewww (holds nose).

126. Kirk's Girdle - April 10, 2009

No offense. But what’s with the goofball music titles? Is this common for Giacchino? I got the Bartok reference immediately, at least we’re both assuming it was a Bartok reference.

127. Kirk's Girdle - April 10, 2009

Puns are alive and well in the 23rd century.

128. Brandon - April 10, 2009

#18 and #44:

Yes, you’re correct, the asterisk designates reference to Alexander Courage’s original theme. The Varese official website listing for the soundtrack offers an image of the back cover:

129. FarDreaming - April 10, 2009

These track titles make me NOT want to buy the soundtrack!

130. Felix Sulla - April 10, 2009

20. The Governator said:

“Nero fiddles, Narada burns

For anyone familiar with history, you would know Nero is based on Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire. And if you know a lot about him, then it will make sense to you that whoever came up with this title is a genius.”

Other than having the same name, I really fail to see how Nero from this movie is based in any way on the historical Emperor Nero. Of course, I have not seen the movie and am only generally familiar with his background via the excerpts and reviews I have read of Countdown, so I may be missing something. However, naming him “Nero” does not equate to basing him on the Roman emperor of the same name any more than naming a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory “Augustus Gloop” means he was based on the Emperor Augustus.

131. ScottDS - April 10, 2009


Yes, this is common. I included a few of his M:i:III track titles in my post (#122). He’s also done this for his Alias and Lost scores.

132. Shadowcat - April 10, 2009

I pre-ordered the soundtrack from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I were laughing out loud at the titles of the tracks. My husband has the soundtrack for MI3 and those titles are pretty tongue-and-cheek. The composer has quite a sense of humor.

The new pics of the actors are awesome. My husband now officially has a major crush on Zoe Saldana. Of course I have a crush on Simom Pegg so we are even. LOL! The pic of Scotty in his lab on Delta Vega is my favorite. Delta Vega must be pretty old and drafty for Scotty to wear so many layers of clothes. You would think there would be some sort of efficient heating system in the 23rd century. Wow, Scotty must have really pissed off old Admiral Archer to get such a miserable duty station!

133. Lu Crane - April 10, 2009

Nero is the emperor who “fiddled while Rome burned” and is generally associated with the fall of the Roman empire.

That is what the title is a play on :)

134. Locke for President - April 10, 2009

I thought I heard that this Nero was actually named after Ronald H. Nero, a collections supervisor for a box company in Cleveland, Ohio.

135. Out of the blue - April 10, 2009

– Yellow ….bleah….

136. AJ - April 10, 2009

Some of those ship models suffer from major nacelle sag, especially number one. Too bad none of these are on the east coast. New York is the ‘chopped liver’ of the Star Trek universe despite “COTEOF” and “Assignment Earth.”

137. James Tiberius "my cabin in the Nexus hasn't depreciated" Kirk - April 10, 2009

Because railing on the shape of the corridors, sound of the turbolift, and barcode scanners is, like, sooooooo last week…



94. Paulaner – April 10, 2009
We are discussing about… the titles? I mean, seriously?

138. Balok - April 10, 2009

Enterprise 11 gets my vote, could it be I’m getting use to the new E design… Never!

139. Dr. Image - April 10, 2009

Giacchino has no doubt wrought a classic score. The question is, how much was omitted from the cd release?
I have a couple of extended “bootleg” releases, one from First Contact, that I paid fifty bucks for at a con that were well worth it. Not only is the sound quality superior to the “officicial” versions, but the content quantity blows away the originals. Guess we’ll have to wait.
Love the cover. That poster is the best artistic decision made on this film as far as I can see.
And hey, lighten up! (#129) As far as the track names go, doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor? (Oh yeah, sometimes I forget where I am…) McFly? Come on, that’s great!
#134 Great handle. I’d vote for him in a second.

140. Paulaner - April 10, 2009

#137 “Because railing on the shape of the corridors, sound of the turbolift, and barcode scanners is, like, sooooooo last week…”

You forgot lens flares… ;)

141. Felix Sulla - April 10, 2009

133 Lu Crane said:

“Nero is the emperor who “fiddled while Rome burned” and is generally associated with the fall of the Roman empire.

That is what the title is a play on :)”

I understood the play on words there, it happens I know a few things about the Roman Empire. Referencing a (likely) apochryphal anecdote about Nero in the title to a track on the movie soundtrack, again, does NOT mean the character Nero in this movie is based on the Emperor Nero. By the way, Nero is generally associated with the decadence of the early empire and persecution of the Christians, not the fall of the empire. The fall of the Western Roman Empire occurred literally hundreds of years after Nero reigned from 54 to 68 A.D. The Eastern Roman Empire continued for over a thousand years after Nero. And the greatest geographical extent, wealth, and grandeur of the Western Roman Empire occurred during the reign of the so-called “Five Good Emperors,” said period ending with the death of Marcus Aurelius in 180 A.D.

So again, please explain how Nero in this movie is based on the historical Nero. Noting that they are both named “Nero” or else noting that someone somewhere referenced this fact is not sufficient. ;-)

142. Chadwick - April 10, 2009

There are so many great scores of music when it comes to Star Trek I am happy that this movie will have its place as well. Honestly it was the story as well as the music that would squeeze some tears out of me, without the music is would not have been as emotional, music always take you over the top. Lol I am not embarrassed to shed some tears, its healthy and feels good. With regards to music my favorite will always be the TRUE Star Trek theme from The Motion Picture, nothing fills me with more pride and joy. But there are tear jerkers moments, when Decker and Ilia join together, Spock dying in engineering and Scotty playing amazing grace, the Enterprise burning up in the sky in trek 3, the end of Star Trek 6 where they are signing there names is a great little piece, Kirk passing in Generations “Oh my.” Data’s death was jerker, but there was no music with it. Even in a few TV episodes, there was some great music, I mean watching the unedited versions with no music you realize just how important the music is. There was a DS9 episode where at the end Vedek Bareil is dying and Kira is by his side telling him the day she fell in love with him, the music they play there just rings your heart like a wet cloth, the way the bow pulls across the strings of a violin, it was well done. The music for Star Trek has always been a testament to what it is and what it represents, it can make you feel sad and it gives a sense of great pride.

143. TBW - April 10, 2009

It seems more likely that the use of the name Nero is simply influenced by the obvious parallels (at least in terms of proper names) between the Romulan and Roman empires. I doubt the Romulan is based in any significant way upon the Roman, so much as they took his name to keep that parallel tradition alive.

144. Paulaner - April 10, 2009

#141 “So again, please explain how Nero in this movie is based on the historical Nero. ”

The Emperor Nero was an alien from the planet Romulus. The entire Roman civilization has been created by romulan explorers stranded on Earth.
Umh…. ;)

145. AJ - April 10, 2009


I have to agree with you. The track titles are great…wonderful afterthoughts.

146. Paulaner - April 10, 2009

Just for the sake of curiosity, I’m wondering how will Nero be called in the italian version of Star Trek. The italian name for the Emperor Nero is “Nerone” and, you know, ancient roman names may sound pompous, rather than exotic, to italians. On the other side, leaving the english name “Nero” would drop the parallel between Trek-Nero and Roman-Nero.

147. BrF - April 10, 2009


“you people are complete morons.

you REALLY don’t get the point, do you? His titles are SUPPOSED to be cheesy! that’s his style. he KNOWS they’re cheesy.”

We know that they’re supposed to be cheesy titles. And we know that he knows, and we know that you know. So that’s not the point. The point is, not everybody likes that much cheese.

148. Christopher Lee - April 10, 2009

Quinto still looks like Syler with pointy ears. Not sure if I can get past that. It’s too weird.

149. AJ - April 10, 2009


Why don’t you ask Roberto Orci? The film is coming around to release, and it’s hardly a spoilerific reveal. Maybe we can catch him.

Roberto: Why did you and Alex give the bad guy the name “Nero?”

150. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 10, 2009

As I said, I would’ve loved to have heard more recognizable cues from the rich musical legacy of TOS. In a TOS movie, I was kind of expecting it. A hint of the famous fight music…a variation of the introspective bass guitar Spock theme…the main theme. There was none of that. It was all new, until the last scene. Goldsmith’s scores for TMP and TFF are still my all-time favorites.

One thing Giacchino did do that was kinda neat was insert a noticeable “Duh-duh!” musical sting for dramatic effect when the Vulcan nerve pinch was used. Just as they did all the time in TOS.

151. sean - April 10, 2009

Personally, I applaud MG if he’s moved away from the traditional Trek themes. They’d grown stale and were incredibly overused. That’s why I enjoyed the score to TUC so well – it was different, and sounded nothing like any of the previous films. TFF may as well have been scored with the same music as TMP, and Horner simply rearranged Trek II for Trek III (then he did it again for Aliens, and again for half a dozen other movies). I won’t get into the TNG scores, which aside from Dennis McCarthy’s Generations score weren’t memorable at all.

152. Chadwick - April 10, 2009

Ah I forgot, the opening theme to Star Trek First Contact was one of the most moving pieces I have ever heard in Star Trek, ever. Imagine that song used in a TV commercial or presentation to show the suffering of humans or animals, or the destruction of our forests and coral reefs and it becomes immeasurably moving!

153. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 10, 2009

#152 … “the opening theme to Star Trek First Contact was one of the most moving pieces I have ever heard in Star Trek, ever”

Agreed. Awhile back, someone did a fan edit of the opening credits of Enterprise, with that piece of music replacing the crappy pop song, and it made those credits immeasurably better!

154. sean - April 10, 2009


I think the sound of a trash compactor would have been more pleasing to the ears than that ‘Faith of the Heart’ adult alternative contemporary shite!

155. Dr. Image - April 10, 2009

I dunno. The FC theme always sounded to me like something played at a graduation. Never liked it much. It occured during a period when Goldsmith was getting as repetative as Horner.
TUC’s score was refreshing and appropriate. Most of Goldsmith’s INS score was far superior to FC’s.
McCarthy’s GEN score was simply depressing.
A thought: The best genre music these days has been from the newer Dr. Who eps., IMO.

Attention QMX: HOW can you guys post a pic of your model with such horrible nacelle droop?? Makes your work look like CRAP!!
Reminds me of an old AMT model or Unobtanium’s E.

156. AJ - April 10, 2009


Sean: You’re absolutely right. Goldsmith recycled themes a bit too often. But, as Chadwick (152) mentions, he did manage to shine with new themes (FC, and Voyager IMHO).

I give James Horner a pass on theme repetition between ST 2 & 3. He was a newbie at the time. But “Stealing the Enterprise” still gives me goosebumps. And he definitely recycled Trek as he went bigtime into “Aliens,” etc.

Cliff Eidelmann definitely did a stellar job with TUC, but it was apparently done when they couldn’t get the rights to Holst’s “The Planets.” (If someone has better facts, please correct me!)

157. Kirk's Girdle - April 10, 2009

In fairness to Horner on Aliens, Cameron gave him so little lead time to score the film he swore he would never work with Cameron again. Og course, if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have gotten those Oscars for Titanic. But in general, Horner is very repetitive in using his own themes and the themes of others. And while I was impressed with Wrath of Khan’s score, I was disheartened when I saw the film Wolfen (1981) and realized that the entire Reliant attack sequence was lifted from the climactic wolf attack almost note for note.

I actually was never a huge fan of Goldsmith’s Trek work. I didn’t really take to the new theme in 1979, although it’s grown on me since and I understand why he did it – the TOS theme is nearly impossible to update and is best suited for use near the end of a film as it was in Treks IV and VI. I also recall my disappointment at the premier of Voyager when I was hoping for a rousing exciting intro and we got another slow DS9 style theme.

158. sean - April 10, 2009

#156, 157

You can go even farther back to things like Krull (not that anyone actually chooses to watch Krull) and you realize Horner REALLY never writes anything new. Hearing the same score in 15 other movies does lessen my appreciation for it a bit, but on its own it is a great score.

I think TMP theme is gorgeous and the rest of the score as well, but they used it for TFF, then for TNG, then for FC…it just became a very stale piece of music, and I’m looking forward to something new.


You’re right, the Generations score is very somber. I think that’s why I liked it, though. I also liked the bizarre mood lighting in that movie, even though it made no sense, contextually. The rest of the movie I could do without.

159. Dunsel Report - April 10, 2009

You can’t really touch “Ilia’s Theme”

160. boborci - April 10, 2009

149. AJ – April 10, 2009

Why don’t you ask Roberto Orci? The film is coming around to release, and it’s hardly a spoilerific reveal. Maybe we can catch him.

Roberto: Why did you and Alex give the bad guy the name “Nero?”

RO — We wanted to get backto paying homage to the Roman elements that inspired the Romulan’s themselves. Also, if you’ve read countdown, you know Nero was an ordinary citizen/blue collar worker. We wanted him to have an imperial name to act as counterpoint to his humble origins.

161. Jorg Sacul - April 10, 2009

nah… look at the track titles on the TOS discs. Full of puns, etc, because they weren’t written to be singles for the Radio. Just something to keep track of the tunes, actually. This looks like an homage to that sentiment.

162. Spock - April 10, 2009

Does it still McFly???

Is that supposed to be a Back to the Future reference?

163. Dave - April 10, 2009

I LOVE some of ttitles to these tracks! lol. Nailin Pailin, erm, I mean Kelvin. Star Trek has a relevant up to date sense of humor again. Instead of all that nerd crap. :D

164. Daoud - April 10, 2009

#108/109 I was just trying to reference the point in the film where I was guessing the music lay… the chase leading up to James… ‘iberius Kirk moment. I know the phonology stuff… it’s a non-dental alveolar [t] with a bit of frication [s] due to the metathesis of the [z] at the end of James.

#160 Any thought to giving him a “Duane-esque” spelling in the Romulan alphabet, like the Nhirrhaufv which would “sound like Nero”?

Bob, I”m also very curious how much Marc Okrand ended up helping out with Vulcan and Romulan since it was visible in the end credits….

165. Spock - April 10, 2009

Why does Vulcan have a blue sky?

166. Titan2010 - April 10, 2009

Question: The song you here on the star trek movie official website.. Is it the opening sequence to the movie.. I think its really beautiful.

here it is:

167. Daoud - April 10, 2009

#165 Rayleigh scattering. Really. Even Vulcan:

Of course, because there’s dust in the sky, you get the Martian effect, where Mars also up high in the atmosphere, the sky would look blue, but on the surface, it’s butterscotchy:

Even that Martian sunset has a bit of blueness in it.

Vulcan probably has enough dust storms that most of the time it’s reddish butterscotch. But if the sky is settled, it would be blue.

168. Titan2010 - April 10, 2009

152. Chadwick – April 10, 2009
Ah I forgot, the opening theme to Star Trek First Contact was one of the most moving pieces I have ever heard in Star Trek, ever. Imagine that song used in a TV commercial or presentation to show the suffering of humans or animals, or the destruction of our forests and coral reefs and it becomes immeasurably moving!

Agreed! I to can never get enough of hearing that score.. very beautifully done.

169. colonyearth - April 10, 2009

If you guys actually believe these are the true track titles, you’re crazy. This is a fake list to avoid spoilers. Do you really think Giachinno and Abrams would name tracks like this? Come on.

170. colonyearth - April 10, 2009

Oh and by the way, yes that shuttle does appear to be named the Moore. That’s a nice homage.

171. NCC-73515 - April 10, 2009

Great Scotty… this is heavy!

172. Maltz - April 10, 2009

So, Shatner_Fan_Prime, you have seen the movie…and you have heard the new Star Trek Theme (which is Track #1 on the soundtrack so far as I can tell).

What is it like? In musical terms, can you suggest any other themes that it evokes?

Or, can you equate it to composers? For instance, we know that Horner borrowed heavily from Prokofiev (Alexander Nevsky) and Williams borrowed from Holst and Stravinsky, among others.

173. John from Cincinnati - April 10, 2009

I would’ve thought the 23rd century would have better technology hangar bays.

174. NCC-73515 - April 10, 2009

The website music is 1:41 long – is it not on the CD?

175. William Kirk - April 10, 2009

The track titles are fun, I like them. Nice to meld you LOL. The cover is ugly. I think the track titles are / will be better than the music itself. Hope I´m wrong, but I didn´t like any of the previous Giacchino soundtracks. I can imagine Hans Zimmer´s music to the parts I know from trailers.

176. NC Trekker - April 10, 2009

To me, the whole “Nero being a blue-collar worker” thing is a stretch. This guy is supposed to be a villain on a cosmic scale. At least Khan was a genetically augmented superman. Nero is just a guy who just happens to get his hands on a powerful weapon. How does he even know how to use it? That is a like the captain of a merchant ship being handed an aircraft carrier. Sure he might be able to navigate and steer but he could not possibly use it to its best capabilities.

177. Dr. Image - April 10, 2009

Yes- anyone who has seen it- what’s the damn music like?
Hopefully NOT what we’ve heard before.
Although I wouldn’t object to a little Fred Steiner influence, at least.
Who elses head has that website music been stuck in? I like it. Very Lostian.
Tidbit: Goldsmith’s TMP score was recorded with the largest orchestra ever assembled for a film at the time. Compared to the later Trek films, you can really hear the difference.

178. Crusade2267 - April 10, 2009

Is “Does it still McFly” a shameless Time travel joke? Perhaps Nero ends up in a pile of tribble dung shouting “I hate manure!”

179. Andy Patterson - April 10, 2009

Have tried to post here three times on this subject. Not sure what offensive words I’ve used that have caused the filter to stop them.

180. Andy Patterson - April 10, 2009

Evidently those were’nt some of them.

181. Imrahil - April 10, 2009

This movie clearly wasn’t meant for me. Even the soundtrack, my last bastion of hope, has “stupid” written all over it in big, Shreklike puns.

182. ucdom - April 10, 2009


Have you even *heard* ANY of the music??

183. Andy Patterson - April 10, 2009

Then I’ll say it like this…

what 150 said.


And ah a fellow comrade in the area of dislike for the Shrek genre.

184. AJ - April 10, 2009



Are you ready to accept the superlative “Countdown” as canon? We all are, but we need someone with a mandate from Corporate to allow you to say “yes.”

185. Daskill - April 10, 2009

Glad the Alexander Courage theme is in there, but please tell me, where the hell is the jerry goldsmith theme??? It’s not Star Trek without that!!!

186. Dude - April 10, 2009

184. I hope not. Because wasting Romulus in a comic is just stoopid.

And why accept it as canon when there’s never ever gonna be a TNG movie?

187. Felix Sulla - April 10, 2009


Precisely my point, as illuminated by Mr.Orci’s commentary. ;-)

188. John from Cincinnati - April 10, 2009

That picture of Quinto and Pine…

It’s Kirk and Spock!

189. Gold_Shirt_1 - April 10, 2009

to post 185.

Hey, I love the Goldsmith theme just as much as the next guy but I honestly always thought of it as the Next Gen’s theme (although it was used in TMP and TFF). Besides, I think others feel the same when I say, that theme doesnt make Star Trek. It just makes me think of my love of TNG and TMP. Nuff said.

p.s. May 8th is going to be amazing: my last day of college EVER and the movie I’ve been waiting for finally comes out!

190. S. John Ross - April 10, 2009

#162: Yeah, I would assume so.

But if there’s a Huey Lewis cameo, I’m outta there :)

191. Scott - April 10, 2009

Bleh! .. looks like yet ANOTHER CD I’ll have to wait until the Limited edition .. (Meaning the one with ALL the music tracks) comes out to enjoy it. Cos you just know that this’ll be maybe 35% of the actual score.

Still .. looking forward to it none the less.

192. Brandon - April 11, 2009

By the way, eagle-eaged web surfers will notice that on the back cover image of the soundtrack, Jack Hayes ( ) is credited as an orchestrator. He’s worked on a number of Giacchino movies, but there’s some “Trek” connection there too – he also served as an orchestrator on James Horner’s “Wrath of Khan” score in 1982. Maybe more amazing is that he’s now 90 (!) and still actively working!

193. Comic Book Guy - April 11, 2009

190. “Do iiiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!!!”

“Hold it, Jim. I’m afraid you’re just too darn loud.”

194. Andy Patterson - April 11, 2009

Okay,…tried a 4th time. And interesting that the names of composers from TOS seem to be on the filter list. Not quite sure what that means. Not really worth the effort.

195. Cervantes - April 11, 2009

Quick smug comment here which some may learn from in the future, that may have missed the ‘SPOILERS’ alert….

I’ve just scrolled down to the bottom here without reading ANY of the soundtrack’s ‘track title’, NOR any of the subsequent comments about it.

Having been looking forward to this aspect of the Movie’s production very much, I’ll be interested to see what people wrote here….AFTER I’ve seen the Movie….as I’ve learnt from bitter experience that reading the ‘track titles’ of any soundtracks that are released before a Movie comes out, can TOTALLY GIVE AWAY the whole structure and events of the Movie in one fell swoop!

So if you don’t want the contents of a Movie revealed beforehand, then DON’T read it’s soundtrack listings!!

I can wait to hear this in due course though…. :)

Thankyou, this has been a public service announcement.

196. AJ - April 13, 2009


No spoilers, and even a Back to the Future reference!

197. SarahJM - April 14, 2009


I think technically it should be blue. The blue wavelength scatters the easiest, making it look like blue light is coming from all directions, while the other wavelengths are powerful enough to punch through without scattering.

The only way Vulcan would have a red sky is if there were enough particles in the atmosphere to scatter red light. This could be from a thicker layer of atmosphere (like you see when the sun is near the horizon during a sunset) or when there is a lot of dust that reflects red in the air (like on some pictures of mars).

I think Vulcan is a pretty dusty place, and I think the dust is red. but maybe it is not always blowing around to the same degree every day.

Anyway that’s my take on it.

198. Emi - April 20, 2009

FYI: The music playing in the movie trailer is called “Freedom Fighter” by Two Steps From Hell.

199. dana - April 27, 2009

doesnt the new linkin park video ” leave out all the rest”
kinda look like an omage (and omage might be spelled wrong) to star trek……..

200. Basem - June 8, 2010

When Spock reject the ministers request to join the Volcan Science Academy .
After that scene there was a song that plays in Iowa what was it’s name is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.