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First Details on Star Trek Movie Burger King Promotion April 10, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

In 1979, the very first Happy Meal of a feature film ever was released. The film? Star Trek: The Motion Picture. 30 years later, it is Burger King that brings Trek back to restaurants with the promotions for the new Star Trek film. TrekMovie has some early details about the promotion in this preliminary report.


Star Trek and the King
Beginning on May 4th, fans thirsty for either a drink or more ST09 collectibles could visit their local Burger King which will be decked out with Star Trek posters and banners celebrating the new film (BK stores have already been issued a promotional poster). 

BK promo poster

With the help of Adam, a store manager and other sources, TrekMovie has put together a preliminary outline of what you can expect to see for Star Trek and Burger King in May.

Collector’s Glasses
One of the promotions from Burger King will be four collector’s glasses. The glasses feature Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Nero with an image of the Enterprise or other characters inside a delta shield behind them. While details are still being confirmed, it is likely these are available with adult meal deals if Burger King follows their traditional marketing strategies.

Star Trek glasses coming to Burger King (from promo poster)

What is most interesting is that Burger King has chosen to offer this updated retro-kind of item for an updated retro-kind of movie which seems a perfect fit. Promotional drinking glasses used to be a mainstay of movie items. Many fans remember getting Star Wars glasses at restaurants such as Burger Chef during the 1970s. In 1976 and 1978, Dr. Pepper offered glasses based on the original television show. Star Trek III had four glasses from Taco Bell. While the trend during the 1980s and 1990s was to feature promotional plastic drinking cups (such as what was done for Star Trek IV and Generations), Burger King has made a very nice choice here with the glasses styled like the retro-design.

1984 Taco Bell Star Trek III glasses promo commercial

Details are still not available yet, but there will be Star Trek toys included in Burger King kid’s meals during about four weeks of a promotion that start May 4th. These toys are included with a kid’s meal purchase. Currently, Burger King is promoting Sponge Bob Square Pants, yet the website does include a teaser that "Star Trek" toys are next.

Notice on BK toy site

Trek-ified food
TrekMovie has also learned that Burger King will likely Trek-ify one of the kid’s meal with a Star Trek shaped food (apparently there will be ‘Chicken Tenders’ shaped like a Star Trek delta shield logo). It is possible there will be other Trek-themed meals.

Kid’s Club Magazine
When in the store, be sure to look for a kid’s club free magazine that is available at most counters. These are usually tied to the current promotion and TrekMovie sources tell us that the May issue will feature Star Trek images and games.

TV Commercial
TrekMovie has previously reported that Burger King filmed a commercial on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. These commercials will start during the week of the promotion in restaurants. To give you an idea of what it might be like, here is a BK commercial for last year’s Indiana Jones movie.

2008 Burger King Indiana Jones commercial

Other possibilities
While details are still uncertain, if Burger King follows previous promotional strategies, it is possible that everything from fry containers to placemats will also feature Star Trek at some restaurants. It is also very possible that there will be a Burger King Star Trek website.

All hail the King
While this isn’t always true, McDonald’s tends to have Happy Meals from "G" or Disney films and Burger King tends to skew a bit older with their promotions. Yet, this often means Burger King gets the promotions for some of the biggest blockbusters. Burger King had the promotions for Revenge of the Sith, Superman Returns, Transformers, and Indiana Jones 4. What is nice is that Burger King is including in the Star Trek promotion items that appeal to a variety of fans. It looks like the new Star Trek movie will have the best fast-food tie-in since that first one, back in 1979.

1979 McDonald’s Star Trek: TMP Happy Meal commercial

Look for more articles about Star Trek at Burger King in the coming weeks.



1. Johnnie F - April 10, 2009

Cool glasses – First?

2. steve2 - April 10, 2009

The Burger King creeps me out.

3. sean - April 10, 2009

Oh man, can I admit I have 2 of those Taco Bell glasses?

4. Mr. Fanboy - April 10, 2009

Th glasses look pretty sweet actually!

5. Captain Quail Hunter - April 10, 2009

Can’t wait to get the glasses. Its 1979 all over again.

6. richpit - April 10, 2009

dang…I wish I could stomach BK’s food.

7. Markonian - April 10, 2009

I hope the BK-toys will include the Kelvin and/or other ships from the movie!

8. screaming satellite - April 10, 2009

will the BK promo thing be in UK too??

9. Starman - April 10, 2009


The Star Wars collector in me just kicked into hyperdrive. I’ll collect these along with the full sets of SW/ESB/Jedi glasses.

10. Devon Richards - April 10, 2009

Nice. I always get the weirdest looks from the foreign kids when I get to the counter and ask for one of each toy.
“You no want no food?”
“No – just one of each of the toys.”
“No food?”
“Again – No, just one of each of the toys.”
“No food?”

Surprisingly, I have had that conversation several times in my life. Basically, my collecting philosophy is simple – If a kid can destroy it the first time they use it ie fast food promo toys, pencil crayons, coloring books etc, then that’s what I collect from movies etc. I have tons of stuff, in pristine condition that most people threw away when it got wrecked 20 years ago.

Might open my own store, or at least table at a Con one day.

11. dfinn - April 10, 2009

This looks like a lot of fun — TrekGlasses! :)

And, toy starships with a kids meal? What more could a growing boy need?

12. garen - April 10, 2009

lately BK movie tie-in toys have been more complex than usual. I mean, they are like small action set pieces or little working diorama type things.

I’d much prefer a simple stylized figure or statue of characters and vessels.

Kids today need their toys to “do” something. Gimme a solid sculpt figure!

13. RTC - April 10, 2009

So much for my diet…

14. Valar1 - April 10, 2009

13- same here, I just freaking lost 15lbs this month, bustin my ass every morning on a treadmill and doing weights every night. Now this.

15. Brad - April 10, 2009

While I remain convinced that the Burger “King” is a known sex offender and a pedophile, I will thus relent and eat at Burger King to collect my series of Star Trek glasses. I’ll have to get a couple of sets though. I had the set of Taco Bell glasses, but I think I only have one left, the lame Klingon one. I think all the others broke.

16. naHQun - April 10, 2009

Yes! Those glasses will look great next to my TSFS glasses and my TOS plastic mugs

17. garen - April 10, 2009

“I remain convinced that the Burger “King” is a known sex offender and a pedophile, I will thus relent and eat at Burger King ”

ah…the the sacrifices and compromises we must make!

18. Scott - April 10, 2009

I used to have one of the Taco Bell glasses from ST:III. Got broken in a move several years ago. It had a picture of the E entering the atmosphere. Hard to believe it was so long ago.

19. THX-1138 - April 10, 2009

Anyone else see the “See the Future” promo on ESPN’s Sportscenter? And don’t tell me geeks don’t watch sports. Or that sports fans don’t watch Trek.

The tip is in AP.

20. Alex Prewitt - April 10, 2009

I hope the glasses will be made of glass.

21. Locke for President - April 10, 2009

Most people don’t know that the Burger King is a younger version of the Federation President from Star Trek IV.

Nice way to tie this all into the continuity!

22. garen - April 10, 2009

#19 i sent in an ESPN related tip months ago. was blasting me with TREK banner ads.


23. garen - April 10, 2009

lol #22 (myself) i just noticed the search term in the yahoo top right on my screen cap!

“american idol bikini”

24. DaveM - April 10, 2009

I still have a complete set of the Taco Bell glasses from ST3. Stored them in a special sized box made for keeping glasses safe. It has 4 compartments and keeps them totally safe in each move. YAY!

25. Sci-Fi Bri - April 10, 2009

19, 22:

yeah, i just saw a MLB / Trek promotion on ESPN called ‘future week’ no new footage, mostly stuff from trailer 2 from quantum of solace

26. The Original Spock's Brain - April 10, 2009

I’m getting a kick out of promotions when I least expect them. I’m watching syndicated reruns of Family Guy at 11:30 p.m., and that esurance Star Trek ad runs multiple times an hour.

27. Jefferies Tuber - April 10, 2009

This is awesome: STAR TREK you can eat:

‘Chicken Tenders’ shaped like a Star Trek delta shield logo.

28. ShatPine - April 10, 2009

I want a triple whopper with the federation logo on the meat!

29. boborci - April 10, 2009

21. Locke for President – April 10, 2009
“Most people don’t know that the Burger King is a younger version of the Federation President from Star Trek IV.

Nice way to tie this all into the continuity!”


Whoppers were the thing that ended my five year run of being a vegetarian after college.

30. AJ - April 10, 2009


Burger King franchisees in the northeast are dismal in terms of honoring the current promotions. At the height of last year’s Iron Man-and-then-Hulk promotions, my kids got Indiana Jones IV stuff with their meals. This was in NYC, so I would expect the same this summer.

Wendy’s is worse.

31. Jorg Sacul - April 10, 2009

I’ve got all the promo glasses from over the years, and darn proud of it!

The food tie-in?? Tribble Tenders!

32. jeffery wright - April 10, 2009

great, so even in the future they’ll be chompin’ down on artery clogging, greasy junk food?

do they have a veggie burger for vulcans?

maybe the transporter cleans out the circulatory system every time you use it…

that would be handy!

33. Michael - April 10, 2009

I like the elder Spock themed glas..but alas, no BK within miles of where I live anyway. They closed down the KFC, Taco Bell, Jack in the BOx near me to make way for a many year task of building light rail station here in Seattle up on Broadway.

34. jamesmctrek - April 10, 2009

bob you are the man but tbh t shoud have been big macs haha here in scotland all burgers are like a quater of the size they are in the states

35. lwr - April 10, 2009

I worked as a crew person then Mgr For Mcd’s from 1977until 1986 and remember the STAR TEK MEAL very well.
acually it was the very first ” happy meal” of any kind not to be branded with the traditional ” happy meal” theme.
it was the first license of any kind, movie, toy or otherwise.

i have the original translights( the menu board displays) of kirk and spock facing toward the meal and the ” prizes” inside.
the prizes, had nothing to do with the movie or star trek at all and were sort of silly.

36. jamesmctrek - April 10, 2009

sorry about the double post but im hopeing bob will anser a question of mines. im really stoked about the new film and it comes out on my nineteenth birthday, but are there any premiers in scotland, or is it only the london one? have you ever been to glasgow? you should haha give me a shout and ill show you all the great geek hang outs:)

37. Locke for President - April 10, 2009

#29 Mr. Orci,
I swear, it’s the same dude. Burger King goes bald, his hair grows white, and he takes up a career in politics:

Burger King (before he was Federation President):

Federation President (after too many Whoppers):

(Sorry if those links are too long to work correctly, I tried at least.)

I can also make a case that Harry Mudd from Classic Trek is Mayor McCheese gone rogue.

38. Daoud - April 10, 2009

#29 I recommend the Mini-Me version of it, that there Whopper Junior. Much better for the waistline….

Of course now, perhaps we need some Trek-ified versions of the old Burger King jingle… I”ll offer up the

“Canon Whopper Song” (to the Have It Your Way Theme)
Oh the phasers! Blue nacell-essss?
Holy canon, don’t upset us!
All we ask is that you let us have it OUR way…

I just want to know…. what is the Burger King in the Mirror Universe? Perhaps a cross dressing leather (think Intendant Kira) Burger Queen??

39. Chadwick - April 10, 2009

With regards to todays poll, are you kidding me, there is no way in hell I am not going to see the Star Trek movie opening day in IMAX, there is no other way to see it! The first time Star Trek is in IMAX and some of you are going to pass this up? Are you nuts?

40. Thorny - April 10, 2009

Wow. “Burger Chef” is a name I haven’t heard in eons! Anyone else remember the “Super Chef” and the “Big Chef”?

41. ShatPine - April 10, 2009

Mr. Orci if you were on a deserted island, which would you want staying there with you?

A. Spock Prime

B. Bea Arthur

C. A box of honey comb cereal

D. A bottle of shave shampoo

42. marvin - April 10, 2009

star trek now has 8.4 rating on IMDB, and 100 on rotten (granted, with only 4 reviews counted).

of interest is breakdown of votes, with 10% giving it 1, most if not all coming from disgruntled trekkies. schade

43. trekboi - April 10, 2009

i will have them all…

44. Selor - April 10, 2009

@39 Sadly, there is no IMAX in range… the next one is up to 10 hours away per train… either Nürnberg or Amsterdam (I never can handle dutch subtitles I’ll die from laughing when watching Trek with Dutch subtitles)

45. Magic_Al - April 10, 2009

I wonder if the TMP McDonald’s commercial counted as a canonical example of spoken Klingonese in the subsequent construction of a formal language.

46. Xplodin_Nacelle - April 10, 2009

Re: #35

Do you remember a flying saucer shaped Happy Meal that came out in tandem w/ TMP tie-ins, or shortly therafter?

They were made of plastic, (red,blue,green, & yellow).You took the lid off, & ate your lunch out of a plastic dish.

I remember my mom, & my buddies’ mom ordering “Star Trek Meals” for us, & the dumbass clerk serving us these multi-colored saucers. Even at 6yrs old I was pissed! LOL

I can’t for the life of me remember what they were called. Do you recall?

47. Rastaman - April 10, 2009

I remember my parents rented a beach house for a weekend when I was a kid and in the cabinet they had one of those Star Trek III glasses. I wanted to steal it soooo bad! Fortunately for them, I was a sweet Catholic boy at the time. But today I’d snatch it in a second–thanks to Nietzsche.

Anyways, this time around I think I’ll get one of my own. The Spock one is obviously the one to get since it has the likeness of the original Spock on it as well. Pretty cool!

48. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - April 10, 2009

Well. LKooks like Ill be eating a lot at Burger King. hey. It’s another reason Why i can go there now. Lol.Looks to be a big hit on the promotuon side of things.

49. Dr. Image - April 10, 2009

OMG, I still have Star Trek Meal boxes and a display somewhere.
I remember it all smacking of desperate marketing on the part of Paramount, because the movie was so NOT kid-friendly.

50. mark pau; - April 10, 2009




51. PF - April 10, 2009

Didn’t Burger King go out of business, like ten years ago? Or was it just all my local BKs that went away?

52. Captain Kathryn - April 10, 2009

Well I do eat at both Burger King and Taco Bell. Glad McDonalds isn’t promoting it, don’t like their food anyway. Good promotional for both restaurants. This ought to bring in us long lost Trekkies (oops, sorry, I mean Trekkers!)

53. Shadowcat - April 10, 2009

I work in the same office park in Miami where Burger King has their headquarters. I want to collect those glasses.

@ James

My company is transferring me to Edinburgh in June. I hope that Burger King is doing the promotion in the UK.

54. John from Cincinnati - April 10, 2009

Nice promotion. Too bad I hate Burger King.

55. Sheryl - April 10, 2009

Do they actually let you buy just the toys? It’s never occurred to me to ask. If so, that’s definitely what I’ll be doing (fast food and I have never really gotten along)!

56. fizzben - April 10, 2009

ah, the memories. I actually remember the ST III Taco Bell commercial

57. jamesmctrek - April 10, 2009

im sure they will be here and were your going is full of burger kings lol

58. Closettrekker - April 10, 2009

I can’t remember the last time I went to BK.

Not my kind of thing. If I want fast-food, I’m a “Sonic” guy, although I do like “Whataburger”–a more regional FF joint here in Texas.

BK, McD, Wendy’s=yuck.

59. Carlos Teran - April 10, 2009

Burger King has been featuring Star Trek toys in the happy meals here in Mexico for weeks now. I already have 3 of them, so I wonder why those aren’t available in the US already.

60. John Gill - April 10, 2009

I can’t stomach BK’s food, but I will dish out the bucks to buy the glasses.

61. THX-1138 - April 10, 2009


Ok, Carlos. Show us the goods.

62. AJ - April 10, 2009


Sonic uselessly advertises themselves here in the New York area constantly,, but we have no stores. Maybe they’re looking for franschisees.

I am sure BK in New York will drop the ball with the Trek Happy Meals. The Trek stuff won’t be available ’til Christmas.

63. Captain Presley - April 10, 2009

I have my TSFS glasses. I remember that TV ad running, when the movie first opened. I worked at the movie theater that was showing TSFS, and people were mad that the Taco Bell commercial had spoilers that Spock Lived and Enterprise Destroyed. Hopefully the Burger King ads won’t spoil this movie.

64. Locke for President - April 10, 2009

I think that girl in the Taco Bell ad was one of the girls in the dorm in the early seasons of Facts of Life. Not Tootie or Blair or one of the main ones, but one of the Molly Ringwald-ish extras.

I don’t know which is more sad . . . . that I remember this, or that I used to watch Facts of Life.

65. THX-1138 - April 10, 2009


Stalker. jk

66. SciFiMetalGirl - April 10, 2009

I still have and cherish my TSFS glasses, and I am amazed that they have proven so resilient over the years!

And I can’t wait to be able to eat a trekified meal at BK! I love the King! He creeps me out, in a good kind of way!

67. Rick Moyer - April 10, 2009

Oh, my. I must make it so.

68. Locke for President - April 10, 2009


I’m not a stalker. It’s merely a coincidence that I’m sitting outside of Mrs. Garrett’s retirement home right now.


69. Locke for President - April 10, 2009

P.S. I found the Taco Bell girl. She was indeed on The Facts of Life, and her bio says she did Taco Bell commercials.

About halfway down the page:

You all can sleep better now, lol.

70. Phill - April 10, 2009

God, I work at BK, this is going to be awesome yet hectic all at the same time…

Least I get first crack at the new glasses :D

71. Anthony Thompson - April 10, 2009

“Come to the place with the King on the bun and where the eating is fun. Burger King. Number one. A real nice place to eat”.

72. captain_neill - April 10, 2009

What do people think of the new transporter effect

I am not keen on it, why did they not keep the sparkles? Why change it with swirls?

73. Kim - April 10, 2009

french fried tribbles
or fuzzy food

74. Kim - April 10, 2009

# 40
Do you remember Kenny’s Burgers with the special sauce???

Hey, if you don’t want the eat the food, give it or throw it away? The’re always a bunch of teens hanging out at the BKs here? Wait for May 8th!

75. Christopher Lee - April 10, 2009

Wow. First. Cool. Will I be the only adult who feels like a tool ordering kids mieals for the toys? I’m guessing not.

76. Christopher Lee - April 10, 2009

Ok, I wasn’t first. Comments just weren’t showing up. Sorry about that.

77. sean - April 10, 2009

Oh god, the Taco Bell commercial is just priceless.


Haha. Too much. Not a BK guy myself, so I’m not sure I’ll be picking any of these up. For me, it’s either Wendy’s or Del Taco if I’m forced to fast food.

78. Brown - April 10, 2009

really hate this new transporter effect. Looks like a child scribbling all over the poster with a white pencil.

79. enterprise1965 - April 10, 2009

69 Cents for a taco bell glass???????

80. Pat Payne - April 10, 2009

I still HAVE some of the RotJ glasses from ’83… Guess I’m going to have to go back to BK at least once.

81. T Drake - April 10, 2009

Here in Massachusetts, we weren’t allowed glasses…just some lame substitite. Wonder what we’ll get this time.
I hate this state.

82. Mr. Zoom - April 10, 2009

This is not the first time this decade that BK has used actual *glasses* for a movie tie-in promotion. They also did it for the first Lord of the Rings movie in 2001. Whether there are others I don’t know, but I bought 2 of the LOTR glasses.

83. S. John Ross - April 10, 2009

Local BK has been “decked out” with that poster for some time now, hanging right above the booth where I tend to park my laptop. I stare and I want. And not just at Uhura.

I particularly like the Spock glass, for the groovy picture of Leonard Nimoy (plus the new Muppet Baby Spock in the foreground, of course) ;)

84. Gen - April 11, 2009

burgerking is better than mcdonalds so i consider this epic win.

85. Project - April 11, 2009

– I observed a general tendency of my fat relatives and friends : they are always try to make a normal person to eat much more than i started to hate eating…

86. Phil 123 - April 11, 2009

hopefully nutritionally useless fast food outlets will be gone by the 23rd century.

has anyone read some old TOS Book where there are Coke vending machines?? how un-star trek future can you get than that??

87. Carlos Teran - April 11, 2009


There you go. The BK Star Trek talkie toys. :)

88. Shadowcat - April 11, 2009

LOL! I haven’t seen a Sonic since I left my hometow in Ohio. Their hot dogs were petty good. I don’t care for McDonald’s and KFC and Taco Bell give me the runs. I don’t eat burgers because I have to watch my cholesterol. I guess I will be eating a lot of BK salads to collect those neat glasses.

Yes, the Burger King creeps me out too. His face is plastered on a tractor trailer sitting outside of their headquarters. I drive past it on my way to work and he looks sort of freaky.

89. ManicA - April 12, 2009


Those are neat. I like them. They seem to be the same type of super deformed figures as from Burger King’s Star Wars and Spider-Man 3 promotions.

90. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 12, 2009

51. PF:

Not a chance. Burger King is the second biggest burger franchise behind McDonalds. They did have some trouble back in 2001 and one of their biggest franchisers had to close a ton of restaurants. I assume some of those were the ones near you.

91. The Smoking Cudgelnaut - April 12, 2009

That King is creepy.

I’ll bet Tenuto likes him though. LOL!!!

Turning serious: I like the glasses. I think I’ll get em all!

#88 TMI about the Taco Bell. LOL!!!! Gah-ROSS!!! You’re probably eating those several layer thick things that would give anybody the runs! Scale down to a simple burrito or taco and maybe you’ll have better luck with your digestive system.

Don’t worry about cholesterol. Who wants to live forever? Besides, I predict eventually they’ll come out and say cholesterol is good for you and they really don’t know for sure what causes heart attacks.


Anyway, I’d be willing to be Burger King would sell you the glasses even if you just go through the drive through and get a diet Coke or something…

If they don’t, just go ballistic on their asses and call 9/11 and demand the cops come over and force BK to sell you a glass because they are making your blood pressure go up…or something like that.

92. KC - April 15, 2009

I’ve just received the full set of Burger King promotional toys for the Star Trek movie.
They are really quite good. All have noises that are activated by a button on the back.
You have the crew, two communicators, the bike seen in the trailer and 4 ships.

93. - April 15, 2009

can you elaborate ?

which crew ? these are action figures ?
which ships ?

got any pictures ?

94. KC - April 15, 2009

there are the Enterprise Crew inc Old Spock, The Enterprise, Klingon Battlecriuser, Eric Bana’s ship, Another Federation ship, Federation Shuttle, Future cops bike, Two communicators,
The characters are in a bobble head style (dont wobble) ie their heads are larger than the bodies. They are not action figures and approx 3inches high

95. KC - April 15, 2009


96. mars396 - April 15, 2009

thanks KC

you are THE BEST

looks like I am headed for BK on the 4th !

97. mars396 - April 15, 2009

more more more !

98. KC - April 15, 2009

I have to check tomorrow to see if i can post pics of the rest.

99. mars396 - April 15, 2009

typically, these items change each week; i.e. week one will be Kirk & Spock, week two will be Enterprise and Communicator, etc. How did you get the entire set today ?

100. Jerry Copeland - April 15, 2009

beg to disagree with you mars396 if you mean the kids meal toys. they change every day at least here in this part of California. if they are doing every major character. Thats how it was with the Lord of the Rings set and that was a nightmare to snag! If you figure about 15 figures at about 4 bucks each = $60! at the least!!
Not in my budget nor do I have the time to hit BK daily either. There was a guy in NY who get complete sets and sells them. Will have to find that link if he is still in business.
Hey KC Much thanks for the image of the Spock looks cool. Reminds me of the super morphed SW figures of a few ? years ago.

101. Shadowcat - April 15, 2009


LOL! Sorry about the TMI moment. I only had a bean burrito and it didn’t agree with me at all. I can’t handle those layered things. KFC is just too greasy. Burger King and Wendy’s are the only fast food places I will eat at. Oh, I saw the Star Trek poster at the BK by my office. I hope to collect all of the glasses before I move to the UK in June.

102. John - April 16, 2009

The toys will be Spock, Uhura, USS Enterprise, and USS Kelvin

103. Jerry Copeland - April 18, 2009

Only 4 toys! Hard to believe!! But I did find that site that sells the fast food toys. It is
fastfoodtoys dot net

104. Stephanie - April 21, 2009

This is FANTASTIC! I can’t wait to get those glasses. I haven’t eaten at Burger King in over 3 years but I’m there May 4th. :)

105. mars396 - April 23, 2009

106. Jerry Copeland - April 23, 2009

Looks like I was wrong at my post (#100). There are 16 toys!!!
Well, do aim to snag soime of them!

107. Jerry Copeland - April 24, 2009

To make it easier to track the significant Star Trek XI figure and related promos I threw up this webpage. It is not entirely refined but it works.

108. BK KING - April 26, 2009

you guys do relize you will not get the glasses with your value meal. you buy them extra like the lord of the rings goblets and the x-box games

109. Jerry Copeland - May 2, 2009

Trek will be here soon! There are several promotions with some cool websites. I have refined the special page and added links to those sites.
Click the link in 107.
Also someone has posted the entire set of Burger King kid meal toys
on eBay but will not be available until May 25. Price to buy is at about
$25US. After market value on these is very IFFY.
If you are looking for appreciation check out the Playmates weapons and tricorder.

110. Mike in FL - May 4, 2009

Love the Glasses! As a Star Wars fan primarily I waited through 3 prequals to be disapointed that no glasses were ever made. What goes better together than Star Wars and Burger King glasses. Nice to see Star Trek getting this one very right! The design is both modern looking w/a nod to the 80’s ” )

111. Captain Cohen - May 7, 2009

Very sad to say we don’t seem to have the glasses in the UK,

..but this is hilarious from BK .. …

Hopefully the glasses will finally cross the seas.
No Kelloggs promotion, No glasses.
BUT at least the little kids toys are here.

Live long and enjoy the carbs!

112. Doyle - May 10, 2009

In the words of that dark lord “Impressive, very impressive…” I have watched TOS since the early 70s ( yeah I’m that old…) and this movie has caputured the true spirit of those episodes ( oops, did I say episode?) ,unlike ANY of the previous Trek movies! It was fresh, intense, funny, and moving, truly a Sci-Fi classic. I am looking forward to the next episode.(there’s that word again!) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.