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Official Star Trek Site Updated With Additional ‘Dossiers’ + more April 14, 2009

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This morning the official site for the new Star Trek Movie ( was updated. The most interesting new thing was the second wave of ‘dossiers’, with three new entries, including Spock and one showing a cool space station and some ships. They have also added the three new clips (which were previously exclusives) and some new photos (which were sent to some international sites last week). More details below. 


There are some small modifications to the main site like a bigger ENTER SITE button, IMAX logo (and link to the IMAX site) and a link to the the new iPod Application. The video section has been updated with new navigation and it now includes the three recently released clips (see below), and the gallery also has added some recently released images (also see below). The big update is with the dossiers.

New Dossiers
There are three new entries in the Dossiers section at [direct link to dossiers]. Now there are a total of 8, with spaces for 17. The new ones are for Spock, Starfleet Academy, and The Federation. Each dossier image is also available as a downloadable wallpaper and has interesting tidbits about the characters.

Spock  (seen in Transporter room)

Starfleet Academy

Federation (showing station in Earth orbit)

Close-up on station, note the new ships
(click to enlarge)

Last week’s new images now available in higher resolution
Last week we pointed to some new movie images that were sent to international media outlets. These images are now on the official site and released to US media outlets in high resolution. Here they are again, click to see the high res. Now included with [spoilery] captions.

click images to see in higher res

Spock and Kirk on board Narada

Scotty after meeting Kirk and Elder Spock on Delta Vega

Uhura talks to Spock while shuttles being loaded to take personnel to ships headed to Vulcan

Kirk (blue chute) heads to Romulan drilling rig above Vulcan

Kirk and Sulu fire on rig

Uhura on bridge of USS Enterprise

Kirk sees Enterprise for first time, at Iowa Shipyard

Last week’s clips now at Paramount site
Also last week Paramount released three new clips from Star Trek as exclusives to Yahoo, MTV and Apple. These are now all on the official site. Two of them have also been made available as embeds for us and other press.

Kirk Meets McCoy

"Answer Me"

UPDATE: Availalable in HD at Apple’s Quick Time site here

"I’m Impressed"
(no Paramount embed, but here is YouTube version)


More ships at Enterprise Project
There are also some new ships at the ‘Enterprsie Project’ gallery of artist renditions of the new Enterprise ( Currently there are 16 of the total of 25 models on display, including a ‘Slusho’ Enterprise (a JJ Abrams reference from the Cloverfield) movie).

Full gallery of ‘Enterprise Project’

Slusho goes to warp at


1. Phasers On Stun - April 14, 2009

Wow, this just gets better and better. Can’t wait!

2. NCC-73515 - April 14, 2009

Spock is an instructor of phonology? And ethics?!
The founders of the Federation are listed as Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar. What about Alpha Centauri?

3. ety3 - April 14, 2009

Nice Starbase. Very Franz Joseph-esque.

I’m liking the modern-retro feel of the ships and technology.

4. Spock - April 14, 2009

The ships are very starfleet battles as well.

That station reminds me of Starbase 1 in the tech manual.

5. Matt by design - April 14, 2009

Is that a redress of the Sears Tower in the Academy picture?!

6. That Nutty Fanboy - April 14, 2009

@#2: Chances are that The Alpha Centauri Outpost (it was still called that way in 2152) was under the control of the United Earth Government. I simply doubt that a colony would be a *founding member* of an interstellar alliance.

7. Markus - April 14, 2009

The Space station looks incredible

8. Treklover - April 14, 2009

Is that shuttle’s name the Moore? Props to the former Star Trek producers?

9. Lou - April 14, 2009

Heh. that starbase design… Starfleet Battles, anyone?

10. Jordan - April 14, 2009

I think these are really awesome.

11. Dunsel Report - April 14, 2009

Yeah, #3, the return to a Franz Joseph-esque Star Trek is totally awesome. I’m excited to see this movie go back to a pre-“Motion Picture” sense of Trek, the kind of possibilities that the original Trek fans imagined during the decade between Janice Lester and V’ger, when the galaxy was still full of danger and the bridge was where you had your ass hauled by security guards so that Spock could threaten you with court martial to your face.

Check out how the Transamerica building has been dwarfed…

12. Steve - April 14, 2009

So, there’s a picture of Spock and Uhura having a “moment”, footage of them sharing a hug in the trailers, and with the debut of Spock’s dossier today, the knowledge that Spock is the current instructor of Advanced Phonology at the academy… the same class that Uhura’s dossier says she is an aide for.

Very interesting. I think Spock/Uhura could be the film’s most unexpected friendship/relationship.

13. Dunsel Report - April 14, 2009

That space station is straight out of Amarillo, TX…

14. Thelin - April 14, 2009

I have also been waiting patiently for decades for a Franz Joseph Star Trek world to come on the screen! Do I see a Dreadnought docked at the UFP in that photo??

15. Jim - April 14, 2009

#2, Enterprise pretty much confirmed Alpha Centauri as a colony of Earth and not a whole race of aliens like FJ had placed them at. The 4 signers of the Articles of the Federation as of Enterprise where the ones they listed.

16. Nikos - April 14, 2009

The space station is awesome!!!

17. ger - April 14, 2009

That space station does look great!

18. Sci-Fi Bri - April 14, 2009

the space station looks awesome.

19. Bill Peters - April 14, 2009

is that Utopia Planita shipyards?

20. Daniel Broadway - April 14, 2009

The Enterprise is docked top and center. Or at least, it looks like the Enterprise.

21. Aaron R. - April 14, 2009

Why am I not seeing the 9th dossier that is supposedly available? The X one referred to in the article????

22. Jonny Boy - April 14, 2009

Frakkin’ sweet! New ships! The first Star Trek book I ever got was the “Starfleet Technical Manual” by Franz Joseph. It was a present from my parents, probably about sixteen years ago. Nice to see a nod to FJ’s starship designs. The Constitution-Class ship (Enterprise?) looks beautiful, too. (I know, from that far away, its easy to look good, but I really do love this design.)

23. Colonel West - April 14, 2009

they kept the academy motto! well thank heaven for small mercies, one less thing for some to try and bludgeon everyone else over the head with… ;p

24. Daniel Broadway - April 14, 2009

I want a Dossier of the Enterprise, but from a different angle than we’ve seen before.

25. Colonel West - April 14, 2009

apologies for the double post..


it’s probably the outpost where Kirk talks Admiral Nakamura I think it was into giving him the Enterprise back in TMP, in orbit above San Fran if I remember correctly.

26. Sybok's Secret Brother - April 14, 2009

Starbase 1 Kicks A$$!!!!!!!

27. Jörg - April 14, 2009

Ex Astris Scientia is also still canon, yippie! :-)

28. Alexander - April 14, 2009

If you look at the Federation emblem there are three large stars within the starfield which represents each of the original founding members… Earth, Vulcan and Andoria..


29. Gareth - April 14, 2009

Can’t wait for someone like Furuta to make models of the new ships!

30. Jonny Bombastic - April 14, 2009

The music is on the official website is absolutely incredibly FANTASTIC… if you listen closely you can hear the undertones of TMP and TWOK. Great, great, great.

31. Tony Whitehead - April 14, 2009

Great to see so many lovers of the original Technical Manual around here. That single image of Starbase 1 is my favorite image so far! Thanks for giving us this Franz Joseph homage! Great to see the franchise in the hands of true fans…..

Rock on!

32. crazydaystrom - April 14, 2009

Utopia Planitia is on or above Mars. This station orbits Earth(as per the caption).

33. harris250 - April 14, 2009

UFP station looks like a Death Star with airport terminals attached….

34. Richard Daystrom - April 14, 2009

Looking good so far. I finally viewed the panoramas of the new Enterprise and I must say I would hate to be the one to have to change all those light bulbs. I see why there are so many lense flares in thehots they are showing us so far.

35. Selor - April 14, 2009

Wow I like that station! Those ships are nice too, would rather see more detailed pictures of them ;)

36. Richard Daystrom - April 14, 2009

the shots, the shots!!

37. Cornelius - April 14, 2009

#12 @Steve I couldn’t agree more. The trailer showing someone w/Uhura in make-out mode implies it’s Kirk (since the shots before/after are of him), but if you look closely, the character’s face in that shot is obscured and he has thick hair (more like Spock’s than Kirk’s).

38. Unbel1ever - April 14, 2009

I love the Spock and Kirk as well as the Uhura still. Looks really like them. The Federation station looks awful. Like a Trade Federation ship from Star Wars. But the production design was – apart from the uniforms – awful from the beginning, so I’m looking forward to the stories and characters.

39. Dr. Image - April 14, 2009

So the station appears as prior to the timeline being changed??
Or after? Because those ships are… waaay different.
Or are we talking more like post- NX01 era?

40. JeFF - April 14, 2009

YAY new SHIPS!!! How long I have hungered for some new designs… this is awesome!

I can’t wait to bury myself in tech manuals again!

41. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 14, 2009

Notice that the other ships have Kelvin-style nacelles rather than the ones for the Enterprise.

Spock/Uhura isn’t such an unexpected relationship…not if you’ve seen “The Man Trap” and/or “Charlie X” and know about the fanfics that have been floating around for the past three decades.

42. crazydaystrom - April 14, 2009

…lens flares in the hots? Hmmmmmm…. Okay. ;-)

43. taya Starr - April 14, 2009

I have a question, it might sound silly but were are any of you find out WHEN tickets are going on sale for this movie!?!?!?!?! I cant find anything and im going insane here! i dont want to miss out on mindnight showing tickets….any help would be great….
I live in michigan so if anyone form michigan knows it would be awesome but i will take any help!!!! thank you :D

44. Bill Peters - April 14, 2009

so what do you call the station right above earth Starfleet HQ?

45. ProperTrekkieUK - April 14, 2009

I think the Starbase is exceptionally well designed, and nothing I have seen so far, maybe with the exception of Scotty’s waterflume in engineering, makes me the slightest bit worried about this film! Love it!

46. BlackBirdCD - April 14, 2009

Oh yeah, the music is pretty neat. Any confirmation on whether this is the real beast or not?

47. Benjamin Luna - April 14, 2009

So is the spacedock image a “screen cap” from the movie?

48. DGill - April 14, 2009

That new Spock picture has me confused. Did he mistake the transporter room for the bathroom?? :D

That was a joke by the way. I know it’s supposed to tie into his being beamed down to Vulcan in the second act.

49. Matt - April 14, 2009

@21 – Aaron R. –

I had the same question. I only get 8 total dossiers, not the nine mentioned in the article.

50. Mike Ten - April 14, 2009

#46, I agree with you 100%. I hope that “waterflume” is on the planet they find Scotty on not the Enterprise.

51. Mike Ten - April 14, 2009

Sorry for double post, I meant that I agree with #45.

52. RetroWarbird - April 14, 2009

I’m of like mind that the water-pipes are on Delta Vega. Going back to the Original Series, the facilities on Delta Vega were pretty industrial looking, which fits with these heavy duty plumbing systems, which are not efficient enough looking for Enterprise.

At the same time – given the icy nature they’ve given Delta Vega for the film, it makes plenty of sense that that planet’s facilities have huge pipes, which would prevent them from freezing over from the cold – and if they’re warm water pipes, you’d want to have hot water piped around the place, to keep the ice from freezing any important electrical systems or even just structural integrity.

It’s also possible the entire Delta Vega outpost runs on geothermal/steam/water energy. It’s Trek – it could easily be all of those things.

53. ger - April 14, 2009

The Kelvin looks great, the Kelvin bridge looks great, the space station looks great. And all these things look pretty close to TOS, well at least they have this TOS movie feel, and that makes it even better.

What doesn’t look good is the Enterprise and the Enterprise interiors. I was hoping that by the end of the movie, the timeline would be restored, and the Enterprise design would change back to ‘normal’, to something like the Kelvin, to something that fits the design of the TOS movies better.

54. They call me Stasiu - April 14, 2009

It’s great that the site makes the dossier backgrounds downloadable for wallpaper whores like me :-)
That space station is what Spacedock of the original movies should have been- just practical. But then again there wouldn’t have been a great scene like stealing the Enterprise in The Search For Spock.

55. Ian Watson - April 14, 2009

For comparison, the Franz Joseph design for Starbase 37, seen in Star Trek: New Voyages’ “Come What May”

56. COOLPT - April 14, 2009

Is the center of that Space Station the Xindi weapon??

57. Enc - April 14, 2009

yeah i saw the same thing but i cant seem to figure out wwhy hes kneeling down. the shot of his arrival on vulcan didnt show anything overhead to force him to bend over like the first fed visit.
is he trying to get a better stance from falling down against the quake termoil on the planet.

I dont know about the station. Im sure why some people like it. i just dont see trek in it.
show me pic comparison. and 13 aint close enough.

58. captain_neill - April 14, 2009

Finally saw the bar scene where Kirk chats up Uhura. This feels so alien to me, it feels like something else entirely but not Trek. Not impressed with this clip.

It is making Kirk too unlikeable.

The Dr McCoy scene is so much better as I can see De Kelly in Karl Urban’s performance.

Its Star Trek Jim but not as we know it. LOL

I can’t wait for this film but this bar scene feels like it belongs in another film.

Does Pine make a good Kirk?

59. Hat Rick - April 14, 2009

The palm tree in the second image seems to be a real, not CGI, plant, and appears to be from the Oviatt Library vicinity of California State University, Northridge, where the Starfleet Academy exteriors were shot on location. In a sense, therefore, you can actually reach out and touch a part of Starfleet Academy, or at least its grounds, that is exactly what it purports to be.

Speaking of exteriors, I wonder where some of the exteriors, of the Long Beach City Hall, as I recall, appear in the movie.

60. Father Robert Lyons - April 14, 2009

I am going to have to chime in with an agreement on the ships appearing to be straight out of SFB (properly adapted, of course, but still…)

It seems that folks in the Supreme Court of Trek these days are really paying good attention to the fan material that kept Trek alive in many respects back in the mid 70’s…

Now, if only the new Enterprise didn’t appear to need, urm… nacelle support…


61. Spocked - April 14, 2009

I’m not liking the space station, or what I’ve seen of the Enterprise so far I’m afraid. Here’s why:

– The big spherical centre reminds me of a the Xindi superweapon from Enterprise or a borg sphere:

– The starships (including the Enterprise) all look too white, soft and blue.

– Warp naselles should have big, black, sharp grill patterns that look like they hum and roar loudly under their own vibrations/energy.

– When in space dock, starships warp drives should be off – Nacelles should not be glowing.

– On the subject of Nacelles – what is the facination with fat sausage shaped nacelles and this film!? They should be of a practical shape with slight curving around the edges to make them look pleasing. All the ones in this film look like they need a serious diet.

– I’m a fan of the Enterprise as it appears in The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country, where its presented with shiny metallic plating patterns on the hull. I want hard edges and lots of different practical details. Perfectly round shuttle/docking ports, sharp looking vents and lights that flash, with some being of different tints and intensities.

– The Enterprise should be slow and graceful – I love the scenes in the original films where its slowly creeping out of dry dock or a when shuttle takes a real 5 minutes to travel up its length. When stopping at a space station, there should be a deep bass of the thrusters/impulse drive acting as a breaking force. I bet they’re all zipping around like the Defiant in the new film :-(

– What happened to the talk about most of the ships in this film being actual studio models? Everything so far stinks of computer generated. Haven’t we learnt by now that even badly shot models look more convincing? It’s easier to convince the mind that something is real by filming something real (no matter the scale or to some degree, the quality) not by using computer graphics where there is much less sense of physics, texture and depth. The human brain sees through this sort of artificial deception very quickly.

I think this film will be a hit, but it wont be a proper Star Trek film in my eyes. I’m trying very hard to keep an open mind but they’re not giving me much to go on!

62. captain_neill - April 14, 2009

I am hoping this will be a good film and I believe I will enjoy it when it hits.

I am very this alternate timeline as seaparate from the rest of Trek, therefore i can accept these changes and not let it contradict the Trek we all love.

I am not a fan of the changes but if in a new canon from the rest then it wont ruin what has come before.

63. Capt. of the USS Anduril - April 14, 2009

Everyone who’s seen the movie has said that Kirk develops into the Kirk we all know. He’s a young man coming into his own.

64. Aaron R. - April 14, 2009

Is the article blatantly lying about this magical 9th pic or am I off the deep end? plus if you look at the small pics at the top of the stills posted on here they only show 1-8 ….. WTF someone explain please?????????????????????????????????????

65. Robert - April 14, 2009

Anybody notice that the Enterprise is actually docked at the station in the far background?

66. Anthony Pascale - April 14, 2009

that was an error, there are only 8 currently. hoping a ninth shows up soon.

67. DGill - April 14, 2009

I actually like the new space station. It kinda beats what Mike and the ‘Bots affectionately refer to as the “S.S. Dradle”. :)

68. SHCone - April 14, 2009


Wait, so it won’t be STAR TREK “proper” because…

…. of nothing to do with the characters or story?


69. Aaron R. - April 14, 2009

#62 — I love the idea of a universal reset button because of time travel. It will be interesting to see what they do next…. Could you imagine the next movie the second film in the new universe being the 1st encounter with with Khan’s sleeper ship? How events might unfold differently with many of our original series episodes in this new slightly different universe? The planet killer is now unstoppable because Decker is on a different ship? Maybe the first encounter with the Romulan cloaking ship from Balance of Terror goes very differently because our characters where introduced to Romulans way earlier??? Think of the possibilities for the familiar story lines or concepts but in a different universe… how different would it be by TNG era???? Endless I say… Endless… Canon is great but as a writer myself its not great when it stifles your creativity like a bag of potatoes tied around your feet while you’re trying to swim……..

70. Brad - April 14, 2009

It’s it me or am I the only one who things that the new space station looks both cool and lame at the same time? I’ve been a huge supporter (non-athletic) of everything I’ve seen thus far, but that space station just doesn’t feel Treky to me. Not sure what it is. Don’t worry, I’m still going to see and enjoy the movie like 40 thousand times. lol

Oh, and is it also me again, or did something take a soft-serve poo on the bridge of that Slusho Enterprise model and paint it blue??? (LoL, just joking)

71. Dennis Bailey - April 14, 2009

The Star Fleet Battles space station is just a representation of the Starfleet Headquarters designed by Franz Joseph. I expect that Joseph rather than SFB was the inspiration here.

72. Steve - April 14, 2009

@ 41

I think pretty much anything this movie does on the Spock/Uhura front will be uniquely its own; two episodes and some fanfics doesn’t constitute much of anything.

73. DGill - April 14, 2009


“Don’t worry, I’m still going to see and enjoy the movie like 40 thousand times.”

How do you know you’ll enjoy it that many times? It hasn’t come out yet! :D

74. Spocked - April 14, 2009


Admittedly I have been getting increasingly frustrated about the ships, technology and general visual environments.

I’m not sure about the ‘not your fathers Star Trek’ tag – but I can’t really comment on characters or plot yet as these areas wont be revealed until the film has been seen.

I’d say the balance for me in Star Trek films is probably 40% ships, technology & environments, 30% characters and 30% plot. Since I can’t make conclusions yet on the latter two, the only things I’ve got to go on are a huge disapointed so far.

75. RAMA - April 14, 2009

Love the ships, but way too small. :-)

The station is one of my favorites ever!

76. Commandr - April 14, 2009

Oh no!!! The Federation has assimilated the Borg!!!

77. Spocked - April 14, 2009


Or the Xindi superweapon?

78. Drew - April 14, 2009

#61 and others

This is a NEW movie with its own interpretation. Big, small, sausage shaped, with lights or without. People – Lighten up.

79. Drew - April 14, 2009


80. FS9/Sarah - April 14, 2009

78. Drew – April 14, 2009
#61 and others

This is a NEW movie with its own interpretation. Big, small, sausage shaped, with lights or without. People – Lighten up.

In addition: I love Star Trek, too, but there is life outside of Star Trek. I promise! Folks, life is short. Don’t let it pass you by from taking an element of entertainment so seriously. If you can’t have an open mind about what is new, then buy a bunch of books based on the old Trek, go home, make a pot of coffee, and have a ball.

81. Victor Hugo - April 14, 2009

It´s a real pity that these wonderful designs couldn´t belong to the original universe.

So Trek needed money and inspiration, but well, all these new designs by talented, inspired well paid designers, all the energy and advanced special effects could very well belong to a post Nemesis continuity.

And the new actors could very well be other new characters in the same pattern of those who came before.

I wonder what will happens in the publications like pocket books.
It books with the original “The Original series” still will feature Shatner as Kirk in the cover simultaneously with “The New Original Series” featuring Pine as Kirk.

82. JeFF - April 14, 2009

#69 – Agreed!!!

I was thinking… how amazing would this film be if at the end, we’re all warm and fuzzy on the bridge, just like old times… and new Spock goes “Detecting a metallic mass… moving….”

and the screen changes to show this old hulk moving towards the Enterprise with the letters “SS Botany Bay” on the side… and then it ends!

AHHH! I would die…. but I’d be sooo excited for the sequel!!!

83. Ben - April 14, 2009

On the lens flare, I have a theory…
JJ and co. have used this in their new Fox show, Fringe. This team likes to hide Easter Eggs in their work, and I highly suspect (read: hope) that these lens flares are something more. In all three clips released thus far, there is a “first time” meeting amongst the E-crew. Perhaps the lens flares signal some important rift (or correction) in the space-time continuum in this alternate universe; ideally, maybe these are key points in Kirk’s life where his senior crew begins to form (meeting Uhura, Bones, and Scott). Or maybe I’ve spent too many times looking over these clips. Of course, this certainly goes beyond the normal realms of Trek filming, but I am hopeful that this movie will be a welcome addition. Remember: Trek has existed before this movie and its release won’t destroy it, just add to it.

84. pock speared - April 14, 2009

#61 spocked

oh HA HA eeey ha heep hyah hahahahahaha. ” looks too much like a xindi superweap…” oh my god… haHAAAhe!!!
“warp naselles should have big, black, sharp grill patterns that look like they hum and roar loudly under their own vibrations/energy.”? HAAAGH! cough! cough! hemmorage!

you.. my..hehehehe…friend… have JUST CROSSED THE LINE into the sublime!!!!!

oh god… and this: “When in space dock, starships warp drives should be off – nacelles should not be glowing”

dude, YOU ARE the “nacelles monthly” guy!!

please never stop! post every hour! and make sure you remember your constituents! shout out! SHOUT OUT to mang and stanks and ger and hartman and the angry klingon! you guys rock!

because y’all are the really totally bitchin’ trueish most-ever-freakin’ fans! the rest of us is are fools for debating your… oh, my god, heh, hack hack, tee hee haha, WISDOM!

wow. thanks. i had started to believe you sweet freaks had a position. you totally cured me with your post. bless you.

85. Marv - April 14, 2009


Those who are for the advancement of Trek are for the movie and the amazing job the team is doing.

Those who want Kirk, Uhura, Spock, Chekov, Sulu and a digitally created McCoy attacking some unknown bad guy with the Enterprise D, E, C with DS9 and Voyager flying behind will nitpick to no end.

It’s an alternate universe. Deal with it. Original Trek is safe. It’s an exploration of an alternate timeline. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

86. pock speared - April 14, 2009

#85 marv
but wouldn’t a digital mccoy be great showing up in one of the stars wars spin-offs? or a david lynch film? or as your local weatherman? i, for one, would love it.

87. RD - April 14, 2009

Guys, the reason they REBOOTED Trek is so they could write all new stories based on NOTHING that ever happened in the old Trek universe.

The original Kahn story could never be a movie without a substantial re-write and plot changes as it was essentially a “bottle” episode. Meaning it all took place on the Enterprise, with no other major sets or locations. B-O-R-I-N-G on film terms. If they were going to re-imagine any of the original TOS episodes it would would be The Doomsday Machine, but again that story would have to be significantly expanded to make it more epic. Aside from the re-dressed Constellation, this was essentially a “bottle” show as well. “City on the Edge of Forever” would make a better film, but lacking everything the new Abrams’ franchise is going for: flash and action.

TOS was a cerebral concept which almost got it tanked. Abrams has no interest in cerebral because it does NOT SELL. Therefore, it is unlikely ANY of the original storylines will be revisited, except trivially to pacify the OLD Trek fans. However, if they could Make Casino Royale interesting then there is a chance.

88. fred - April 14, 2009

I wonder how anyone can stand on the transporter pads when they all have a dome in the middle. Seems like one would slip and fall trying to stand on it. Look at all the pads in the dossier where Spock is kneeling down! Not the middle one… the ones around the center all have a slight rise to them.

89. 750 Mang - April 14, 2009

The crew dossiers are awesome. JT was an instructor here too.

90. Admiral_BlackCat - April 14, 2009

That space station kicks butt!!

91. rm10019 - April 14, 2009

looks like the STO ship on the left docking pylon

92. Mac - April 14, 2009

I’d like to see a good romulan movie in the spirit of tng “the defector” or “balance of terror” where it’s not personal, the captains are just dedicated professionals fighting for their countries, and the captains use cunning and skill to outmaneuver eachother. Something like that master and commander movie or horatio hornblower tv series. It’s even be cool if it ended in a draw.

Or a star trek “hunt for red October.”

Or since we’ve rebooted, how about the tos crew against the Borg, or the dominion.

Or what about something with the chodak from final unity the game. The idea of a race for an ancient super weapon is cool. Or a concept that involves something from another galaxy.

93. Mac - April 14, 2009

I thought of more

Maybe the next movie can be something along the lines of “the enterprise incident.” that was a pretty good episode that could defintely be expanded into a more complex movie. this goes along with the theme of the enemy captain just being a competent professional, like a kirk or picard for the other side.

94. sean - April 14, 2009

Half of Star Trek fandom hasn’t even seen Enterprise, so I think confusion with Xindi superweapons is going to be a moot point for general audiences. That aside, the design is a treat for long time fans as it’s clearly inspired by Franz Joseph’s desigs. Anyone who says these guys don’t nerd out on this stuff just as much as we do is really missing the boat.

95. Binker - April 14, 2009

Umm, that ship on the top left, is that….the TOS Enterprise?

96. DGill - April 14, 2009


I have no idea what the story will be for the next film will be, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Klingons and even Carol Marcus factored into it somehow. I think they should drop the Romulans for a while…and no Khan! As tempting as it would be to reimagine the Khan storyline, I think moving forward and reintroducing new stuff would be better. New aliens, new ships, new stakes (leave earth out of it for a change), but a few touches of familiarity.

97. cpelc - April 14, 2009

Hey I thought it’d be cool to see what the green tunic alternate would look like in the new movie setting…see what you think

98. The Governator - April 14, 2009

97. cpelc

No offense, but it looks like Pine wrapped up in a Christmas tree! LOL. Pretty nifty idea though. :-)

99. The Governator - April 14, 2009

Or should I have said, Pine wrapped in pine? ooooooooo :-)

100. Daoud - April 14, 2009

#95 I might buy that idea. But it would be the Robert April’s NCC-1700 USS Constitution in this parallel… since George Kirk perished on the Kelvin. ;)

#93 How about “Return of the Archons” for the next movie, eh? You could have a flashback to the time after the NX-01, with a ship called the Archon under say… Reed, who crashes on Landru’s world… It has the potential for land-based scenes, and don’t forget Space Seed followed it. Put ’em together and whaddaya got? Flashback to Earth and use some of “Rise and Fall of Singh Noonien Khan….”

101. Dr. Image - April 14, 2009

Ok, we need some new terms:
For the traditional Trek era, “ST-prime,” and for the ST09 universe, “ST-alt.”
How’s that sound?
It’s only gonna get more confusing from here on, so the simpler the better!

102. S. John Ross - April 14, 2009

Well, I stand corrected :) I predicted that (in contrast with Kirk being specifically from Iowa, Pike being from Mojave, and Uhura being from “Africa”) Spock would be labeled with a simple “Vulcan” entry in his Origin, without any region indicated …

But he didn’t get an “Origin” entry at all. Finally, he has something in common with McCoy apart from their jock sidekick :)

It’s a little disturbing that Pike is boss-man recruiter, when (at least apparently) his methods include spouting cheeseball lines like “I dare you to do better” in remote Iowa watering holes.

103. Steve T in NY - April 14, 2009

I have to say that i LOVE the starbase 1 updated design. I used to make the franz joseph designs out of my AMT Enterprise kits when i was a kid, the destroyer/scout and tug. I always wanted a dreadnought but had to wait until a resin kit was made available a couple of years ago for the new polar lights 1-1000 E kit (TOS).

I am very pleased to see these designs, as well as the four engined ones that look like an earlier version of the Awahnee class seen in TNG. I think there will definately be some kitbashing my my future once the models for the new Enterprise come out. This gives me even more hope and desire to see this film.!!

104. YoJimbo - April 14, 2009


That was Admiral Nogura who gave Kirk temporary command of the Enterprise in TMP, not Nakamura ;)

105. DJT - April 14, 2009

hey, I’d like to see Nogura in this timeline. played by george takei! ha!

BTW, these pics look great so far. May can’t get fast enough.

106. darrksan - April 14, 2009

83. Ben – April 14, 2009

On the lens flare, I have a theory…
JJ and co. have used this in their new Fox show, Fringe. This team likes to hide Easter Eggs in their work, and I highly suspect (read: hope) that these lens flares are something more. In all three clips released thus far, there is a “first time” meeting amongst the E-crew. Perhaps the lens flares signal some important rift (or correction) in the space-time continuum in this alternate universe;
I think you are over thinking it. it is just bad lens flares.
95. Binker – April 14, 2009

Umm, that ship on the top left, is that….the TOS Enterprise?
Nope, it is not TOS Enterprise

107. Weerd1 - April 14, 2009

I adore the Space Station shot. Reminds me of the things you’d see in Starlog circa ’79…

108. Buzz Cagney - April 14, 2009

Oh dear- definitely NOT my Trek. Or are those clips just to lure the popcorn brigade in?

109. Hawaiowa - April 14, 2009

#5 It would almost have to be. On either side of it is what appears to be construction shots of the Aqua and the Streeter buildings, also in Chicago. Maybe a forum user from Chicago can confirm this. One can also see an exact copy of 2 Prudential Tower in Chicago directly above McCoy’s left ear next to one of the central spires. Also a redress of the China Bank Building in HK, in the far background. To the left of the central spire is a building that resembled the 2 Int’l Finance Center building in Hong Kong (remember Tomb Raider 2?).

I wonder what happened to Chicago? Attack by the Xindi in an altered ST timeline, instead of their attack on mid-Florida?

110. moauvian moaul - April 14, 2009

I don’t understand why anyone would like to see the old stories retold again. Nods to the original series or dialog and references and characters are great, but to remake the episodes or worse, previous movies? I think you’re missing the point of the films. We want MORE Trek. That’s what we’ve been waiting for. And in not considering the broader interests of most fans, I believe you will be disappointed.

111. tom - April 14, 2009

that space station is a total ripoff of the Trade Federation station in The Phantom Menace.
as is everything else in this film a ripoff of star wars

112. Z Remorca - April 14, 2009


113. captain_neill - April 15, 2009

I would not be up for them remaking the original episodes.

If there is one thing that despises me about Hollywood these days, its the rebooting and remakingof films and TV shows that to me do not need to be rebooted and films that don’t need to be remade.

Like The Day the Earth Stood Still is a classic, yet the remake with Keanu Reeves was pointless and depressing.

It is clear that Star Trek XI is a reboot and it is severing ties from the Trek we all love, meaning it will exist separately from the rest of Trek.

This can give us a reason to love because the changes in canon here are bigger than a Glaxy class starship but as its an alternate timeline we can accept it more. I know it helps me and allows me to look forward to the film more.

The sad part is that part of the Star Trek I love has died and is not coming back, but if this film honours what I love about Trek then this film will be u there but can’t shake the feeling that it will never be the same now.

If they re used ideas from the show then what JJ Abrams is trying to accomplish with the film will be lost, he would just be viewed as a hack writer stealing from better writers. Allow this ‘Supreme Court’ to carve its own niche in Trek as this was the reason they did this alternate timeline, to free them up.

I am still not keen on all these changes and that bar scene seemed wrong to me but I am still going on preview night to see this and I will see it again and again . I hope to like it.

It will be different but if its good I can love it. The new actors will never take the place of the originals but they should be good.

114. Paulaner - April 15, 2009


captain_neill, I agree with you. You express your concerns and criticisms with an open mind, loving the original TOS but giving the new TOS a chance. Enjoy the new movie :)

115. JPSaylor - April 15, 2009

Not too long ago someone said to me, “So Star Trek is finally cool?”

And I replied, “No, you are finally cool. Star Trek is always cool.”

116. strangelove - April 15, 2009

rip off?
your kidding:D?

117. Geoffers - April 15, 2009

#111… Tom, if you don’t like it, don’t bother seeing it. and stop bothering to check up on here on it!… I really don’t get you moaners.. if I don’t like something, I avoid it.. it’s what sensible people do!

118. captain_neill - April 15, 2009

115- I agree with you

Star Trek has always been cool

JJ Abrams has not made Star Trek cool, He has made people realise how cool it was to like Star Trek.

I always thought it was cool to love Star Trek, so it was always cool to me.

119. JohnWA - April 15, 2009


Yes. I’ve always thought the destruction of Central Florida was poorly executed from a VFX point of view. They should’ve showed the Xindi weapon destroying Disney World or some other recognizable landmark. If they wanted to get the audience riled up, that probably would’ve worked.

Instead, we get all that throw away dialogue about Trip’s sister (a character we’ve never seen before or care about). The CGI on Enterprise was laughably bad in general. The little animated sprites are often the sort of faceless, obviously fake creatures we saw in 1990s video games.

I’m glad they went back to ILM for this movie. Say what you will about Lucas, the man knows how to do digital eyelash rendering.

120. Geoffers - April 15, 2009

119 -And you have actualy worked with CGI have you?

121. Geoffers - April 15, 2009

Sooo… from the “fans”… we now have that this film is going to be rubbish, the new online game is rubbish, oh and Enerprise was rubbish.. wow… what counts as being a “fan” these days..

122. Doesn't Anyone Pee in the 23rd Century? - April 15, 2009

Although somewhat annoying, I think the lens flares give the movie a reality show look and feel. Almost a documentation of true events, if you will.

If that indeed was the intention – Brilliant film making.

123. Doesn't anyone pee in the 23rd century? - April 15, 2009

I aggree #113. The bar scene seems a little “off”. One of the things I truly enjoyed about Star Trek was the dialogue. I understand the need to make it relevant to a younger generation…but with this type of dialogue, what does that say about the younger generation?

I know one thing, they need more Shakespeare! ;-)

124. Adam Berna - April 15, 2009

– I like the new station…maybe because D.S.-9 was one of my favorite shows ever…..

125. Paulaner - April 15, 2009

Spock’s image is very beautiful.

126. Miles R. Seppelt - April 15, 2009

the size of those nacelles would cause any to blush!

127. old - April 15, 2009

Everybody who says the new movie, the new iterpretation oder the new design will serve star trek bad, really dont get what star trek and good story telling is about.

I will see it tomorrow in Berlin and im sooooo exited !!!

Welcome the future of our beloved franchise.

128. Jeyl - April 15, 2009

The U.S.S. Slusherprise!

129. Colonel West - April 15, 2009


;D cheers, i knew it began with N and ended in A, it was on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t remember! Also IIRC starbase one wasn’t built until after TMP (2270+) so i’m going with a birth of the federation style outpost station that will hopefully get the starbase treatment in the future!

as good as that outpost looks, and it looks fantastic, the original starbase design was amazing from an aesthetic point of view not to mention that the scale of it was enormous, remember in TSFS the shot of Kirk stealing the Enterprise and as it comes out the doors it looks tiny. It was always a favourite of mine.

130. DGill - April 15, 2009


That’s the best comeback line I’ve heard in a long time. Bravo!

131. Adam Berna - April 15, 2009

– ..Hey…where did mr. Munkey – x disapeared..?…

132. Chris Pike - April 15, 2009

Some truly great designing with the station, up there with the best in Trek. The transporter is also much better and probably the best looking of the interiors so far. It’s just the E exterior design, too much clutter and too many light sources in the bridge design, those horrific water pipes, other contemporay-lookin elements and un-Trek like corridoors that let the show down for me. The bridge detail such as some of the interfaces are great too, a welcome improvement on the overused backlit artwork and monitors-behind-plexiglass of previous Trek. Starfleet HQ/SF is also much, much better looking than before. Quite some contrasts in the success of the look of the film ultimately for me, not bad enough to ruin a great film but still rather disappointing in parts.

133. Nerdo 1 - April 15, 2009

Maybe its just me, but I hope in a future film that the secondary hull will end up looking a little more like the TV Show version, in terms of warp engines and basic shape. Maybe the secondary hull can get blown up real good in a sequel or something, and then replace with the more advanced “classic” design (one guaranteed way to sell more Enterprise toys! —- why buy more if they all look the same?)

134. Peter N - April 15, 2009

Is that a lens flare on the space station photo? I noticed a few of these on Fringe last night, this appears to be a signature “JJ effect.” I don’t mind them (so far), but I have been amused by those who will judge the new movie’s quality according to this cinematographic choice. I think that “lens flares: yes or no?” should be an aesthetic discussion, and while it may prove distracting to some moviegoers we should perhaps attempt to keep style separated from substance as we criticize this movie. Lens flares should not distract us from seeing the movie in the first place….

135. Peter N - April 15, 2009

I was unable to see the previous comments when I loaded the page to make my comment – there are some interesting theories on lens flares up there. I have not found them distracting on Fringe but find myself looking for them now. Why did anybody bring this up! I am not paying attention to the show anymore!

136. Chris Basken - April 15, 2009

I like the space station. The “giant atom symbol in space” has a fun retro quality to it, and frankly it looks nothing like a Trade Federation base ship. It’s a pretty good extrapolation of Franz’s Starfleet HQ station.

At this point my only complaints are the number of spotlights on the bridge (it would give me a headache to work in that environment) and the piping/tubing in the “guts” of the ship, not because of their existence but because it really doesn’t look like much effort was put into making them look like anything other than a contemporary plumbing facility.

137. JohnWA - April 15, 2009

120, 121-

If you think a summer movie audience wouldn’t find work of this caliber “second rate,” you obviously love Star Trek more than I do.

I am a fan, not a religious fanatic. There are measurable differences with regards to the quality of these television shows and movies. Some shows are simply better than others. Some movies are simply better than others. Some episodes are simply better than others. And no amount of “Trek is infallible” dogma will convince me that Threshold wasn’t rubbish.

138. Closettrekker - April 15, 2009

#137—-It *was* second rate. I don’t know how it could have been anything else. It was, after all, a B-level television series on the UPN.

There have only been two Star Trek television series which can be considered “A-level”—TOS and TNG. They were on real networks, with real network budgets (with regard to TOS, at least in the first two seasons). The effects were pretty much the best available on television at the time in both cases.

DS9, VOY, and ENT were all “B-level” productions—and accordingly relegated to a second (maybe even third) tier network.

There has also been only one big budget feature film—-TMP. And of course, the effects in that film were visually stunning in 1979, and that’s probably the one area in which the film was pretty much universally praised.

The other 9 previous films have been “B-movies”, with visual effects quality really all over the map—-very hit and miss.

B-level productions will usually end up with second rate effects—CGI or not.

139. Trekker chick - April 15, 2009


Large central core surrounded by docking stations..sounds like a variation of the c. 1975 Franz Joseph Starbase 1 concept from the Star Trek Technical Manual. 1975… Was that before or after SW:TPM?

140. Felix Sulla - April 15, 2009

138. TNG was on a real network? Check your facts: TNG was a first-run syndication show, it never had a network home at any point in its run.

141. Closettrekker - April 15, 2009

#140—-True. TNG was distributed by Viacom.

But at least where I lived, it was broadcast on FOX —which was one of 4 channels *anyone* could get without cable (and in 1987, there were still large numbers of people who didn’t have cable). I guess I just assumed that everyone saw it on FOX.

In contrast, I wasn’t even able to get UPN on cable for the first couple of years that ENT was on the air!

It wasn’t until I got Directv that I could even watch it. UPN had a limited audience, and therefore, so did the shows broadcast on it. Some cable providers had it, and others did not.

This wasn’t a problem with TOS or TNG. If you had a tv with an antenna—you could see it.

142. earthclanbootstrap - April 15, 2009

The design of the ships other than this Enterprise are great; I really love them. They seem to have really nailed a sort of pre-TOS vibe with slight overtones of Franz Joseph/ Star Fleet Battles.
This Enterprise, however, still makes my gorge rise a little bit. I just flat out think it’s ass ugly.
Bear in mind that I’m not saying the production designer is a war criminal or anything, it just absolutely fails to win me over and in fact inspires a little active dislike. And of course, aesthetic preferences are completely subjective.
BUT… the shape, proportions and detailing are just…bad. The warp nacelles are ridiculous and those wishbone support struts are even worse. The primary hull and neck are just ripped off of the TMP era refit. The secondary hull is too tiny for the rest of the ship. The bridge STILL looks like an Apple Store. It just… really seems ugly to me. Which is strange considering how much I like the other ships and the Star Base – it’s a shame they didn’t continue more in that vein, that would have really won me over.

So, what elements do those of you who love it actually prefer?
(I’m not trying to be a @#%$, I’m genuinely curious)

143. Felix Sulla - April 15, 2009

141. Well, that would have depended on the area you were in watching it. At the time TNG premiered, FOX was in its infancy, its programming schedule was small, low budget, and mostly confined to the “FOX Weekend.” Most of the FOX affiliates were not affiliates in the sense they are now, but rather local independent broadcast stations that made a deal with FOX to sell their lineup. Many of those stations in later years became full-on affiliates, and of course, FOX expanded out to be a fuil-fledged network…but this did not occur until near or after the end of TNG’s run. And TNG certainly did not run anywhere, at any time, with big network support or budgeting. Which makes what they did with it all the more impressive. ;-)

(Actually, I did then and still view TNG as a retread of TOS, and in many ways, the inferior product despite clearly better effects and generally better scripting. Nothing in Trek’s various incarnations has ever exceeded the true chemistry and dynamic between Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley as Kirk, Spock and McCoy. In my opinion. ;-)

144. Simon - April 15, 2009

#138 – DS9, VOY and ENT were B-class productions???

They had multi-million budgets, each were more expensive than the preceding series. DS9 followed TNG (also syndicated) in most markets and took TNG’s spot in my market when that show ended.

BTW: Paramount wasn’t under Viacom when TNG premiered. Viacom didn’t take possession of Paramount until 1993, even after DS9 had premiered. Viacom was the major force in getting the UPN created, and VOY was the major tentpole of that venture. So to be accurate VOY and ENT were Viacom’s children, and lavished with money as such.

Enterprise would probably have finished out its run if it *had* been a low budget show. As it was they cut the budget somewhat for the 4th season as an incentive for renewal, it ended up being shot on HD video rather than film which all TREK series have been since the beginning.

DS9 went CG in the 6th season. VOY went CG midway through its 3rd season. While some VFX were hit and miss, it greatly expanded the number of shots per episode, and it went from stock-shot city to something new and interesting in almost every show. We would also have not gotten the huge battles we saw in “Sacrifice of Angels” and “Tears of the Prophets”.

Star Trek IV was a big budget film. ILM is not cheap.
Nemesis was also big budget, and one reason Paramount wasn’t interested in another TNG film was because they lost so much money on it.

145. Christine - April 15, 2009

Oh, wow. Starfleet Academy looks awesome. 8D Can’t wait to see it on a HUGE SCREEN!!!!! ^__^

146. AJ - April 15, 2009


I thought the appeal of TNG was the supposedly freer hand that GR & Co. would have outside of a traditional network. IN NYC, TNG and DS9 were both on WPIX, the same independent that showed TOS in all its syndicated years.

However, it was annoying to have TNG or DS9 sometimes pre-empted by ballgames.

147. Jimtibkirk - April 16, 2009

Sorry if mentioned, trying to avoid spoilers …

There’s also this game …

148. Felix Sulla - April 16, 2009

146. Oh, I agree. TNG played on a lot of independent local stations, though a lot of those stations have since those days become FOX (and to a lesser extent UPN and other small network) affiliates or else disappeared entirely. I remember the days when just about every market had one or two fairly prominent independent broadcasters, which made first-run syndication much more viable back then. Nowadays, the reality is that everything has to be affiliated with a network — whether one of the big broadcasts or else a cable network — in order to go to series.

I’m not sure that is necessarily a bad thing, the proliferation of cable networks dedicated to quality series programming has made some truly great shows in the last decade or so. Omnia mutantur. ;-)

149. Mark - April 17, 2009

One of those buildings in San Francisco looks like an oddly modified Sears Tower,it shows.

The new spaceships certainly look interesting..I can’t wait how the time line changes effect the design of the ships.

Looks impressive so far.

150. Wanderer - April 18, 2011

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