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Playmates Week (Day 4): Review Of New Star Trek USS Enteprise Vehicle Toy April 16, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film),Toys , trackback

The USS Enterprise is a Star Trek icon, and it gets a redesign in the new Star Trek feature film, so it is appropriate that Playmates first ST09 toy ship is for the big E. Today TrekMovie’s week-long coverage of the first wave of new toys from Playmates takes a look at this new electronic USS Enterprise with a review and also video and pictures..



The USS Enterprise toy features lights and sounds from the film, and it comes with a presentation base that attaches to the lower hull and allows you to actually change the ship’s position. It requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) and retails for around $35.

Packaging: (4.5 out of 5 stars)
If there was an award for the most enthusiastic toy packaging ever, the Enterprise would qualify. "DISPLAY STAND INCLUDED!" "WORKING LIGHTS!" "AUTHENTIC MOVIE SOUNDS!" "DETAILED REPLICA OF THE USS ENTERPRISE!" And that is just the front! The back of the packaging includes helpful images of the ship and its features, especially important for those who do not open their toys.

Packaging for Playmates USS Enteprise

To paraphrase Sarek in the new movie, "the question is" does the toy deserve this enthusiasm? Yes, in fact, it is perhaps the best item in the Playmates Toys line.

Playmates USS Enterprise on stand

The Toy Version of the USS Enterprise (5 out of 5 stars)
I have a confession. I have never paid much attention to the technology of Star Trek, as I have been more interested in the characters and narratives. It never mattered to me if they changed the Enterprise or not, although I recognize this is an important issue for many fans. Indeed, I admire those fellow fans who know the blueprint and specification details of every ship and the engineering requirements because that kind of trivia takes real work and intelligence to glean. So, when deciding what order to review the toys, the ship was last on the list because I cared more about the characters. How exciting could the toy ship be?

Playmates Star Trek USS Enterprise (side, top and bottom views)

I was wrong. The Playmates Enterprise is not only a nicely detailed toy version of the film’s Enterprise, it has some truly fun lighting and sound effects. When I showed the ship to my wife with all the lights, she, also being a serious fan, yet like myself one who isn’t that concerned with the technology, said it was "beautiful." I agree. The toy ship lights are bright and bold. The sound effects are linked perfectly to the lights and the quality of the sound is almost like listening to a home theater system. Photographs do not really show the beauty of these effects. Think "Tron" costumes when the characters are in the computer world and you get an idea of the stylism of the lighting.

Playmates USS Enterprise w/ lights on

Also cool is the delta insignia display stand which allows for the ship to be pivoted in many cool "poses." The Enterprise would look great on a desk or shelf. However, how fun is it as a toy? Well, our six year old son Nicky loves it, pressing buttons and using his imagination to command the Enterprise. That is what it is all about, isn’t it? The imagination and having fun.

Playmates Star Trek USS Enterprise (w/ lights on – various angles)

VIDEO: See and hear USS Enterprise in action
Here is a video showing off the new USS Enterprise with lights and sounds (not light dimmed in video to show off lights off the toy). This includes authentic dialog from the movie.

Playmates Enterprise Toys officially go on sale this Sunday, although some stores are selling Star Trek Playmates items already. They will be available at Toys R Us, Wal-mart and Target as well as other retailer. You can order the USS Enteprise and other toys now at Entertainment Earth:




Role Play Toys:

Next up: 6" & 12" figures
Tomorrow TrekMovie finishes our coverage of Playmates new Star Trek movie toys, with a look the big action figures from the Warp Collection (6") and Command Collection (12").


1. Scirocco - April 16, 2009

Wow – top heavy, man!

2. CardassiaPrimera - April 16, 2009

Excelent. Toys.

3. armalarm - April 16, 2009

thats epic man!

4. Sisko is my dog - April 16, 2009

Very cool. Anyone seen it in store yet?

5. Can't Wait for May 8th 2009 - April 16, 2009

Good Review. I’ve been waiting all week to pick this up and I was lucky to find one at my local wal-mart! The only problem I have experienced with the Enterprise is sometimes the button will get stuck. But besides that Im very happy with it.

6. Jesse - April 16, 2009

It seems a bit odd that the glow would flicker with the alert or phaser sounds. Also, why do the backs of the nacelles glow?

7. Will_H - April 16, 2009

Looks kinda dumb honestly, especially the saucer section on the edge looks more like the TOS enterprise than the one from the movie. Hopefully someone will make a model of it, no need for useless sound effects.

8. YUBinit - April 16, 2009

Top/bottom views of the E look nice. The side view it looks just plain awkward. Front view the nacelles looked pinched together.

Was Apollo around? No wait that was the saucer section he grabbed wasn’t it? LOL

9. Jake 2K - April 16, 2009

I checked our walmart today. and we had 4 enterprise ships and an abundant of all 6 and 3.75 in figures.
Had no cash today so had to walk away.
Man i cant wait till PAYDAY!!

The figures look great, and the ship cool.
However the box was really really light.

Either way I can wait to get my hands on them.
The enterpise sells at our walmart for 29.99
here in Southern Colorado

10. JohnSmallberries - April 16, 2009

Some people might be worried about the “thickness” of the saucer section. But I’ve always thought that if Franz Joseph was right, it would have to appear taller. I’ve always thought the shot of the Enterprise leaving space dock, with the guy waving, was disproportionate. The ship should be bigger. Also, I saw “Generations” tonight on HBO, and the sequence where the Enterprise-D’s saucer section crashes into the planet is way off… the D’s saucer section, supposedly almost 1200 feet wide, cuts through the bushes – not trees – like it was the Jupiter-II. You almost expect to see Riker shimmy through the hole in the bridge ceiling, take three steps and jump off the side of the ship.

11. JonWes - April 16, 2009

Great review! I really love this toy. It’s great fun and the lights are amazing. I would have liked just sound effects and no dialogue and more then just one button to choose what effect you set off, but overall I was really happy with this one too.

12. Colorado_Gamer - April 16, 2009

I just bought my Big E tonight at the Toys “R” Us in Westminster, Colorado for $29.99. They have figures, phasers, tricorders and communicators also…

13. SciFiMetalGirl - April 16, 2009

I want one…just because!

14. Jack - April 16, 2009

I am excited to get mine tomorrow (thank you FedEx tracking number), but I gotta say I really dislike the inclusion of dialog in these toys, all the way back through the Diamond Select ships and earlier Playmates ones. I like it when my ships just make ship sounds.

15. Aaron R. - April 16, 2009

Wal Mart in Vegas has one… Hmmm might be worth the investment. I think I will wait to see her in the movie before in my hands though…

It is interesting that my nephew who is 10 called me from Wal Mart yesterday to let me know about it being there… He said and I quote “Oh my god you would not believe what I just saw at Wal Mart it was sooooooo cool!”

16. vice1986 - April 16, 2009

grr seems in the US all the stores have them already, but I havent found any here in Calgary yet :(

17. Aaron R. - April 16, 2009

I like the dialog I wish they would make them so they could talk back and forth… The STII ship is so cool with the Kirk Khan banter… just imagine the two ships bantering back and forth so you could reenact scenes in order and such… Love the dialogue!!!

18. ThunderChild - April 16, 2009

Does anybody know, when this toys will be available in Germany? I´d like to have the Enterprise and the Kirk/Spock/McCoy 12″ figures. They make the 3 3/4″ figures look like crap (well, actually they DO look like crap in my eyes)

19. Aaron R. - April 16, 2009

time to move to the U.S. vice1986… J/K


20 days for me!!!!!

20. Jake 2K - April 16, 2009

Oh yeah our walmart
also had these BARBIE versions of characters.

Uhura looked ok i guess.
but spocked looked horrible.
Definately stay away from those.

Looking foward to seeing the 12in ones.

I have the old voyager, enterprise D and E ship

Im still surprised at how light the whole package was for the new Enterprise.

Does It Hold up to The old Ships?

Still getting it anyway LOL

21. Binker - April 16, 2009

How big is it?

22. garen - April 16, 2009

when i saw it on the shelf in my store…i did not like that you couldnt see the actual item through the packaging. The front should be clear plastic…so that you can see the item…not just a picture of it.


23. Jake 2K - April 16, 2009

come to think of it
i hope those barbie ones arent
the official 12 in set.

I agree to that the box wouldve been nice
with a clear view of it.
oh well just nit picking i guess.

24. z - April 16, 2009

Can one turn the lights without those (annoying) sound effects?

25. Ryan - April 16, 2009

So when you open the package, are the logos, text, etc. already on the ship right out of the package or does it come with a sheet of stickers to apply to the ship? And if they’re already on the ship, are they just stickers or actually painted on?

When I was a kid I played with the Playmates ships and always dreaded having to attach the stickers in just the right spots, which were never positioned perfectly and peeled off later anyways.

26. Mischaar - April 16, 2009

I don’t like her. She looks in my Opinion Terrible. I’m too much used to the TOS Enterprise. This new Enterpris doesn’t fit in. At least to my Opinion.
Don’t throw Stones at me, it’s just my two Cents.

27. Penhall99 - April 16, 2009

I still think the nacelles look like crap.

*cue the “Stop being an anal fan-boy and get over it!!!” responses*

28. Capt. Roykirk. - April 16, 2009

Since the New Enterprise got a lot of bashing in other forums, I’ll forgo that for this one.

One thing I do like is that the impulse engines actually light up as we haven’t gotten to see that before. But does the ship have to be so blue? Is that how it is in the movie? I don’t think the bridge dome should light up either. But it is a good rendering of the movie ship. I don’t plan on buying this one though.

29. Toy Collector - April 16, 2009

Let’s face it… What we REALLY want is a Reliant toy model with authentic sounds and lighting. ;) To go with the upcoming release of the Excelsior and Enterprise-B toy models.

Count me in on this new 1701 redesign, though. It’s taken a while to digest, but I’m onboard with the changes. It’ll fuel my memory between May 8th, 2009 to the arrival of the next movie. :)

30. darrksan - April 16, 2009

Chris Pine’s Kirk voice sounds like trip from ST:ENT.

The ship is OK from top and bottom, but from the side is a nightmare.

Today, I saw the toys at Toys R’ US, but the only one I like was the Tricorder. They did not have the Ship in.

31. Jonny Boy - April 16, 2009

One thing that’s deceiving about the toy is that the Nacelles are actually positioned forward a little more than they are on the actually ship. From the top, bottom, or side it looks like they are damn near touching the saucer section. I hope they make a more accurate model later on. Man, I wish Art Asylum/DST had taken the job. According to them, Paramount offered it to them first, but they didn’t think they could meet Paramount’s production output requirements or something. Too bad. However, Playmates seems to have outdone themselves with this one. I have about 80% of the ships they made, and this is definitely miles ahead of those.

32. JonWes - April 16, 2009

Just to answer a few questions that have come up:
Everything is painted on. No stickers (thank god!) I remember on the Ent-D from Generations that I got the darn sticker for 10-Forward would always peel off because it was on the side of the ship.

There’s no just-lights mode. I don’t know why they don’t do that. You’d think kids might want to play with just the lights on and not annoy parents with constant sound effects.

33. Chadwick - April 16, 2009

Meh, its a toy, too many screws on the underside to hold it together take away from the aesthetics. I would much rather wait for the Art Asylum version, a nice fully build, highly detailed accurate model, WITH NO SCREWS!

I don’t know if I agree, the technology is a big part for me, granted as I grew up I realized it’s a character driven show and how important that aspect is. The basis of the show is morality, it’s the waffle cone that is the basis, the foundation that holds everything together. The characters are the ice cream, all different flavors, and the technology, that was the hot chocolate sauce, whip cream, sprinkles and cherry. The characters may affect us, we may relate to them, but it was never the characters I would daydream about, it was the technology. I would day dream about being on a starship, traveling to other worlds, meeting new…… get the picture.

Funny lol…..ah….only a trekkie…with regards to technology how we day dream and let our minds wonder off. One of my most memorable dreams belive it or not was one I was transported in. Either I was in the future or beaming technology was recently invented either way I experienced what it was like (or at least what my unconscious brain thinks it feels like) to be transported in star trek terms. The sparkling vision all around and literally the sensation of tingling all over, it was a wonderful feeling, not that creepy feeling of insects, then a moment of blackness before I rematerialized in a new location. I did it two or three times in that dream, it was an exhilarating experience to say the least. My brain gave every little detail with regards to sensation and the way the beaming process felt. Even as I was materializing I could already feel the temperature and humidity change from one place to the next. I mean my unconscious went all out on that one. I woke up and hade to take a minute there, awake I could still feel what it was like to be transported. Lol no I did not smoke or drink anything, just one of those random dreams that felt real.

34. Charliebob - April 17, 2009

It’s really cool, but there’s one thing I’d really like to change about these ships they’ve been making (I’ve got the Ent NX-01, Ent A and Ent TWOK). I remember on one of the Old Ent-D toys I had as a kid, they had four buttons down the spine of the ship. One for each noise. And it was functional noises only. Phasers, Photons, Warp and Impulse. If kids wanted to role play, this would be a bit more fun I think.
I agree there should be a lights only function too.

35. pinky - April 17, 2009

By far the most awkward of any of the ships because of those super-sized nacells and that slouching saucer with the beer gut underneath — but what the heck, lights are fuuunn.

36. Clay "Why oh why can't there be red nacelle caps" Farrow - April 17, 2009

Grr….friggin’ blue nacelle caps…stupid.

37. Tiberius1000 - April 17, 2009

Star Trek was at firts about the Charakters and than about the technology. In Tos the Technology Like Beaming and the Warp Drive was only developed tho help the story telling. I think it should stay by that. I said this as a Treky who loves and knows all these Technical ditails. But i would prefer a slihgtly technology incorect Star trek film rather than a boring one.

Well i also think that the desing of the old new Enterprise is Ok, as longer i watch this ship as better it looks, but i really dislike the new Nacelles they just look starnge and unesthetic.
But all this design deatails will not hinder me to enjoy this Movie

38. Chris Pike - April 17, 2009

Not for me at all, this Ugliprise!

39. Sci-Fi Bri - April 17, 2009

the red alert sound sucks.

40. Valar1 - April 17, 2009


“How big is it?”

It is 14.75 inches long, and 3.5 inches tall. It is about the same size as the Bandai Ent-A. It’s a little big for a desk, but a little smaller than the AMT models.

Another thing- it is thick plastic, you can tell this was made for rough play. It takes 3 AAA batteries and the lights and sounds are very bright and loud.

41. Kirk, James T. - April 17, 2009

awesome ship – makes the last one look like a petting zoo, wait….

42. ety3 - April 17, 2009

I have it and love it, too. The lights are gorgeous.

But I also wish Playmates had gone with their earlier light/sound schemes and had the separate buttons for different effects. Perhaps just two: one for randomized sound and light effect and the other for a character phrase.

43. Dennis Sisterson - April 17, 2009

Where’s the model kit? I wanna model kit!!!

44. Smitty™ - April 17, 2009

I just picked it yesterday at my local Wal Mart $29.97.

I have it on display next to my Playmates Classic Star Trek Enterprise way I got way back in 1994.

Loved the old E and love the new E!

Great all around.


45. Binker - April 17, 2009


Could you do a size comparsion with a picture?

46. S. John Ross - April 17, 2009

“[…] especially important for those who do not open their toys.”


Valuable Cinema Lesson #2208: Unopened toys kept as “collector’s items” or “investments” become EVIL and get Kelsey Grammer’s voice.

Those who do not remember Toy Story 2 are doomed to repeat it.

47. RayWen - April 17, 2009

Found it in Walmart early one morning

48. S. John Ross - April 17, 2009

#47: Sweet TARDIS.

49. Binker - April 17, 2009

Ignore what I said (post #45).

If you go to youtube, and search “Playmates Enterprise”, you’ll find more reviews of this great Starship. I’am NOT bashing trek movie’s review, but on youtube the best video review would probably be this one:

It gives a size comparsion, which I wanted, and it’s great to get more views of this thing. Same goes for all videor eviews too.

50. Forrest - April 17, 2009

It wouldn’t look so bad if the nacelles were situated under the saucer.

51. captain_neill - April 17, 2009

Although I have warmed to this design a little, if the characters are done right in the film then I can accept this Enterprise.

But this Enterprise is still no where near as beautiful as the original Enterprise and its refit version.

The nacelles are off for me and the neck is wrong to me but at least it is the same look, but I am not the biggest fan of this design.

It is a very cool toy though

Once I see it in motion I will probably like it better but it will never take the place of the original Enterprise. Sorry

52. captain_neill - April 17, 2009

THe more I see it the more I am warmingto the design.

If the movie gets the characters right I can get use to this Enterprise

But I prefer the original Enterprise and the refitted version as well.

This version is no where near as good, but glad they kept the same look.

53. Valar1 - April 17, 2009

“It wouldn’t look so bad if the nacelles were situated under the saucer”

That’s the one thing I hated when the ENT-D came out. Took me 3-4 years before I warmed up to that ship, then they went and blew her up, and I’ve never gotten into the ENT-E.

Overall I like the design of the new ENT, but I still think the engineering hull shouldn’t be so thin in the back. If it was thicker like on the TMP-ent or even the TOS ent, then I think this ship would look perfect.

54. silverplated - April 17, 2009

are the bussard collectors blue in the movie too?

55. trekboi - April 17, 2009

man can playmates make anything that doesnt have visable screws everywhere?
havent they learnt anything from art asylum?
that goes for the phasers too- man 15+ years and they have the same design flaws.

Is anyone going to produce an acurate replica toy or model?

56. Valar1 - April 17, 2009


“are the bussard collectors blue in the movie too?”

Yeah, sucks but true.

57. John Tenuto - April 17, 2009


There are no stickers to apply!

58. April Roberts - April 17, 2009

Art Asylum’s TOS Enterprise is a lot better

59. mee - April 17, 2009

Dont be fooled, it sounds nothing like a “High quality movie theater”

Looks a lot like TOS on the bottom and TMP on top. A little small but kinda neat.

60. Chris M - April 17, 2009

OMG the Big E looks freaken AWESOME!!!!!! :)

61. mee - April 17, 2009

I hated this design but now I can see how at some angles it works. I still miss the red nacells though.

I did find it strange the ship is so small you have to put 2 batteries in the secondary hull and a 3rd in the saucer… I would have been a bit more thrilled if it was just a tad bigger.

Its great for a desk however.

62. Captain April - April 17, 2009

I got mine Yesterday at Walmart, overall not bad, but I do think that Art Asylum did a better job with their line of ships. They took the time to figure out how to hide the screws,and had a really nice paint job.Also the packaging of this toy is deceptive(reminds me of the old ERTL model kits:Huge box,small model.), you could fit two Enterprise’s in that box, and finally for $30 bucks they could give you batteries!!!!

63. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - April 17, 2009

I personally dont like the design at all.
To me it just isnt the Enterprise but another Starfleet ship.

It hasnt stopped me ordering 3 of them for my collection. :-)

64. fred - April 17, 2009

Pretty cool alternate reality ship! I’ll have to get one. I still pine for red or orange nacelle cap lights. too much dang blue.

65. Jeyl - April 17, 2009

I wish it had an “All Lights On” feature like the classic Enterprise from Diamond Select.

66. TonyD - April 17, 2009

This was the toy I’m most interested in and based on the pics and vids it looks like Playmates did a good job on it. I’ll be hitting the toy stores this weekend; hopefully I’ll be able to find one.

Aesthetically, the ship does grow on you. Like all the previous models it has its beauty angles as well as those that don’t show it in as flattering a light. I miss the red strobes of the main nacelles and wish the model had a little more color to the lights than just blue but those are nitpicks and overall I’m looking forward to putting this beside my TOS 1701 and TOS movie 1701-A.

67. Valar1 - April 17, 2009

Well, at least the impulse engines are red

68. WhatInBlueBlazes?! - April 17, 2009

You know, this ship is really beginning to grow on me. Nice review, John!

69. Jorg Sacul - April 17, 2009

From the early, early morning
To the early, early night
You caught Miss Uhura rockin’
At the ship of blue lights!

70. Star Trackie - April 17, 2009

..not sure if it’s the detailing, or lack of detailing or the paint job but it looks very “plasticky” (is that a word?) I guess I’ve been spoiled by toys that don’t look like toys. Don’t much care for the blue blue blue lights everywhere either. I’d love to have one to set up next to the TOS E and movie E, but the jury is still out on this one until I can see the detail in person.

71. Agentm31 - April 17, 2009

So I was playing with the new Enterprise all week and I thought I’d display it next to the original ship and the refit.

Uh oh…

I thought the original’s nacelles were too small and too far apart…

72. JT - April 17, 2009

I have the Toy Enterprise. I bought it in the hopes it would make me like the new design. The toy is very well done. It failed to make me like the new design! JJ’s Enterprise has one major flaw, its warp units are to close together!

73. Sovak - April 17, 2009

I picked up the ship at toysrus about a week ago and i was excited because the box was kinda large but when i got hom and opened it i was shocked how small it was for being in a box that size!
As for the sound effects i have to agree with some of you, they should have made it to were you press one or two buttons for ship effects and another for character sounds!
I,m still getting use to the fact that the pylons and nacelles are so close to the primary hull. I bet going to warp is a b*%#h..hehe!
I have the other ships that Playmate has come out with and this new E looks soo small next to them!

74. FloridaTrekBoi - April 17, 2009

Am I the only one who was shocked at how small the toy actually was in comparisson with the packaging it came in? Even the picture on the back of the box is bigger than that actual ship inside. I was ticked about that.

I was a big naysayer about the new ship but it’s starting to grow on me…but as someone said in another post, the ship still looks…I dunno…odd from the side angle. The nacelle struts are too far forward. But all in all, the toy has helped me appreciate the design of the new Enterprise a bit more.

Now…let’s talk about the iStore…I mean, nu-bridge…

75. Kirk's Girdle - April 17, 2009

Still don’t love the design of this ship. although it does have some good angles. It just doesn’t appear as sleek and graceful as either the previous TOS or movie version. Oh well, it is what it is.

It does seem a little disproportionately blue as well. At least the impulse engines are still red.

76. FloridaTrekBoi - April 17, 2009

#73…guess we posted at the same time! LOL

77. Weerd1 - April 17, 2009

Does it only have one activation button? That was Playmate’s advantage over DST, their ships were always slightly disproportionate, but they had several buttons so you could pick the effect you wanted.

Saw a picture of the Hot Wheels version of the new ship- Hot Wheels gave it red nacelle caps, at least in prototypes.

Got the full line of 3.75 inch figures. They are really poorly done compared to Hasbro’s Star Wars or GI Joe line. My wife randomly grabbed one of each figure, and I have to take two of them back because there are huge paint flaws on the faces or heads. Their detail is sorely lacking, and they are actually smaller even than the 1987 Galoob Next Gen figures I have in the same scale. Not impressed.

78. Adam - April 17, 2009

Well the Walmart her in Bemidji has not put out there trek toys yet, but Target did and I was able to get myself a Enterprise, however it was a little smaller than I had hoped, especially considering the size of the box, however I still am happy I bought it, looks good.

79. LordCheeseCakeBreath - April 17, 2009

I’ve been so confused as to weather or not I like the design of the new E. I have to admit this toy looks very cool. At certain perspectives it looks very much like the original.

80. Rey D Miami - April 17, 2009

You know I don’t mean to be negative, but I have all the toys from Playmates from 1992 to the end, DST came out with their line of Trek toys and I find theirs to be so much better than Playmates. Honestly Playmates to me have made nothing but crappy cheap toys. This Enterprise looks like major crap. The Enterprise was about the only thing I was gonna buy but seeing this review I am not even gonna bother. Just not worth it.

81. Father Robert Lyons - April 17, 2009

I’m sorry, but the more I see of the new Enterprise, the less and less I like it. The nacelles look terrible… I could cope with the rest of the changes, but the nacelles just ruin the thing for me.


82. DanTHEman - April 17, 2009

Another good review, although for me Star Trek as a kid was all about the ships. I think this one keeps growingon me.

Could the nacelles be a little wider apart? Sure.

On the bottom view it looks like the secondary halll is too far forward…nit nit nit nit nit pick I know.

I remember the 01-D in the 80’s that thing lokked like it was top heavy and would tip end over end if it could. Playmates has done alot worse, and this one looks pretty good.

83. DanTHEman - April 17, 2009


84. TonyD - April 17, 2009

In looking over the pics more closely, one thing I don’t care for (and this applies to most toys in general, not just this model) is all the copyright trademarks and logos that are stamped into the toys. I can’t make it out clearly from the first picture but it looks like there’s even one on the dorsal column connecting the primary and secondary hulls.

I also wish Playmates had done a better job at hiding all the screws and making the battery compartment in the primary hull a little less noticable.

This ship’s side profile is definitely its weakest angle as the disproportionately sized nacelles and the odd relative shape and proportions of the secondary hull and connecting dorsal realy stand out. They give the ship a squat, flatter appearance that thankfully isn’t as pronounced from other angles. I like the design better than most of the TNG Federation models (especially the hideous 1701-E) but in terms of TOS and the TOS movies, it definitely brings up the rear as it fails to capture the elegance and sleek proportions of those models. The 1701-A still continues to be the high-water mark of Trek design in my book.

Still, this is ultimately a toy and not a museum replica so for that pricepoint it still looks good enough to warrant a purchase. I only hope Art Asylum or some other company gets a crack at doing their own version somewhere down the road.

Now if only somebody would make a electronic USS Reliant….

85. I'm dead Jim - April 17, 2009

I like it but do think it’s kinda funny that the line “Engineering reports ready for launch” is followed by what sounds like an explosion. “Oops! Perhaps not so ready, Captain.” ;-)

86. SerenityActual - April 17, 2009

The more I look at the toy, the less inclined I am to buy this one. I think I will wait until DST gets the license to do a copy. Might get this on clearance when it finally gets there.

87. Starfleet06 - April 17, 2009

The new Enterprise toy is…wait for it…LEGENDARY!

Sooo cool true believers.

88. Nodar08 - April 17, 2009

I got mine yesterday at Toys R’ Us…absolutely amazing. I thought the packaging was a little much for the vehicle itself, but other than that, this piece of movie merchandise is one of the best!!!!!!!

89. Daoud - April 17, 2009

Wonder how it’ll burn. Can I make an NCC-1017 Constellation? ;)

Also, anyone planning a kitbash? Of course, you’d have to cut it up… but could be fun. You could make a Reliant type ship, perhaps with some effort… or a Dreadnought or 4-Naceller.

Perhaps the next issue of Nacelles Monthly can get around to that!

90. David_Alexander - April 17, 2009

I still think it looks like the illegitimate child of the original USS Enterprise & the NSEA Protector.

Actually, no, on second thoughts (and watching Galaxy Quest as I type), that’s unfair on the Protector, as *she* actually looked like a Star Trek ship! (Albeit a rather unusually-shaped one!)

This thing looks like a Fisher-Price kid’s toy to me… (and I don’t just mean *this* toy, I mean the actual ship in the movie, judging from what I’ve seen in pics & trailers)

I like my WOMEN chunky, not my starships! ;-)

That said, I am one of those fans who (while being quite a technophile) isn’t too concerned about the appearance of the ships & tech, so long as the story’s good!

91. Rick Sternbach - April 17, 2009

So what’s the scale?

92. Raphael Salgado - April 17, 2009

I seriously haven’t been this excited since the first iPhone was announced back in 2007. What are we down to, 3 weeks now? Ugh. Anticipation sucks.

I plan on buying a Blu-Ray player later this year, probably to coincide when this bad boy comes out on disc.

Oh, JJ, you really got your marketing teams in order. Even though McDonald’s fries are the best, I’d probably buy my fries from Burger King just because of a Starfleet insignia on the carton.

93. Red Shirt crew member - April 17, 2009

The ship looks awsome

94. David - April 17, 2009

As with the communicator and phaser, this toy is lacking in overall quality and function.

It has only 3 sound effects: “Launch”, “Red Alert” and “Phasers” (2 of which are accompanied buy voice clips) and 1 voice clip with no sound effect.

Production quality is poor. There are paint streaks, dots, and smears all over the hull. The NCC-1701 on the underside of the deflector dish is blurry and smeared. The back tips of the nacelles are misaligned. There are 2, yes 2 battery compartments. One of which is in the front-underside of the saucer section that sticks out like a sore thumb and does not sit flush. And finally, there are speaker slits in the underside of the saucer, that remind me of the 1979 Mego/Grand Enterprise.

I own all of the Playmates and Art Asylum/Diamond Enterprises and this is worst of the bunch. It does feel solid and I have no problem with the new design, but I would only give this ship 2.5 out of 5 stars.

95. Julio - April 17, 2009

You mean it doesn’t shoot ACTUAL photon torpedos?

96. Ryan - April 17, 2009

Just out of curiosity, are the nacelles fixed to the rest of the ship? Or do they come unattached? The old Playmates version of the Next Gen Enterprise required you to stick the nacelles on yourself, and I could never get them to sit correctly because they wouldn’t snap on very tight.

It’s probably a nitpicky thing to most people but it’s the kind of thing that bugs me to the point where I would probably pass on this toy if it had a similar setup.

97. Anthony Thompson - April 17, 2009

The side profile of the ship looks clunky. From other perspectives it looks OK. I had liked the redesign previously but if this model depicts it accurately, I’m changing my opinion!

98. Matt Etter - April 17, 2009

The original enterprise will always pone all of it’s predecessors and subsequent remakes like this one. Plus the new movie should still at least lokk 95% like Matt Jeffries original design. This one scarely does it justice!!!

“she’s dead Jim”……

99. sean - April 17, 2009


IN extreme nerd voice:

“This is the Star Track Enterprise. This is very nice. This is also very nice. And this is very nice.”


100. Requiem1971 - April 17, 2009

Ship looks great, but the lack of red bussard collectors still doesn’t settle right with me. By making them blue distorts the image of what I think a Starfleet ship should look. But like I said… all is is good by me. I’m still going to pass on this toy though.

101. sean - April 17, 2009

The Playmates version of the original TOS E had saggy nacelles too, so that’s not a new problem. Actually, the nacelles were always the tricky part, even on AMT models. As a kid, that was easily the most frustrating moment of Enterprise kit assembly. My mom and I would come up with all kinds of wacky rigs just to keep them together long enough for the glue to dry.

At the end of the day, these are toys, not models. Playmates never put massive effort into making these look just right. Does anyone remember the first model for the Enterprise-E? The nacelles were off, details were wrong…still bought it. Haha. I will say that the Playmates Bird of Prey from Generations was a tough little sucker. Your kids could throw that thing across the yard and it would be just fine. This Enterprise looks a wee bit more delicate,.

102. Paul B. - April 17, 2009

Great review, and thanks for the video to show the details of this model.

I have to say, though, that I’ve never understood people who dismiss the Enterprise as just part of the technology. Yes, the characters are more important, but Enterprise IS a character. She is their home, not just a machine moving them around.

My mom once described it perfectly: We already have the people who would go where no one has gone before; we have the drive and desire. The only thing we lack is the technology–the ship–the Enterprise.

And, after all, Star Trek is “the voyages of the Starship Enterprise,” right? Kinda makes the ship more important than just “technology.”

When Kirk destroyed the ship in Star Trek III, it was almost as devastating to some of us as Spock’s death. After all, without the ship, there are no voyages. (And that’s why, as much as I liked the 1701-A showing up in TVH, I still think of “real” Trek as ending pretty much with the death of Enterprise.)

But beyond Enterprise, I don’t care much about the ships or technology. Yes, I’d like phasers to look like phasers (without the idiotic spinning barrel), and I’d like other sounds and FX to feel like Trek, but as long as the Enterprise feels like the ENTERPRISE, I’ll be okay with other tech changes.

103. THX-1138 - April 17, 2009

OK, so I have seen the youtube clips and John’s clip and I notice the same thing in both of them:

The nacelles are wonky. Out of alignment. Screwy. This is the kind of thing I was afraid of with Playmates. I know that a lot of people won’t notice but I do. And I hate the exposed screws. I was really excited to get this and now not so much. My kids will still get one but I don’t feel like going to the trouble to make it “shelf ready”. Of course my kids will end up taking it apart to see how it works because they can get to the screws. Out of sight, out of mind.

Dear God,

Please let the license go to AA/DST on some sort of a limited basis. And let a reputable styrene model company have a crack at producing this ship.


104. Tenacious MC - April 17, 2009

If not for the screws at the bottom, I would get it.

I’ll wait years for the Art Asylum/DST version, if it ever happens.

105. Paul B. - April 17, 2009

10. JohnSmallberries – April 16, 2009
Also, I saw “Generations” tonight on HBO, and the sequence where the Enterprise-D’s saucer section crashes into the planet is way off… the D’s saucer section, supposedly almost 1200 feet wide, cuts through the bushes – not trees – like it was the Jupiter-II. You almost expect to see Riker shimmy through the hole in the bridge ceiling, take three steps and jump off the side of the ship.
Well, it was very Jupiter II like, I admit, but the crash was clearly showing the saucer wiping out forests, taking off hilltops, etc. Those weren’t bushes, they were trees–or they were supposed to be. The saucer wipes out a huge swath of very tall trees–taller than the saucer in some places.

I hate Generations (and Ent-D), but I had to defend the film on this point. The crash scene was very Lost in Space, but it wasn’t inaccurate as you state.

106. richpit - April 17, 2009


Agreed. AA / DST needs to get this license and do some justice to this ship and the “exploration set” items.

107. Cervantes - April 17, 2009

A truly fantastic toy.

Just a shame about the actual re-design…..

108. THX-1138 - April 17, 2009

#105 and #10

I feel the need to further defend Generations here. I don’t see how the saucer crash could be too “Lost in Space”- like as Generations was released 4 years before Lost in Space. Also Generations used ACTUAL filming models in that crash sequence. It was realy well done and I still watch it on my big screen and am sold by the effects.

109. Ralph F - April 17, 2009

I swear the explosion sounds actually sound like someone making them with their mouth.

110. Navy - April 17, 2009

#96 I had the Enterprise D as well, eventually I attached the nacelles with epoxy so they would stop falling off from vigorous use.

111. Paul B. - April 17, 2009


You do know that Lost in Space was a 1960s TV show long before it was remade into that movie, right? Aired around the same time as Star Trek? Featured a saucer-shaped ship called Jupiter 2 that crashed into hilltops and such? The movie Jupiter II wasn’t a saucer, so a comparison would make no sense. We were referring to the original Lost in Space, not the movie.

And if you read my post, *I* was defending the crash scene. Post #10 said is was inaccurate, and I was defending the crash scene as being accurate and impressive. (To be honest, I loved the crash scene mostly because I hate the Ent-D, which I think is the ugliest version of an Enterprise ever.)

112. Chain of Command - April 17, 2009

Not to sound all nerdy: but the TMP Enterprise is still the best version of the ship.

The redesign looks kinda like it’s trying to squeeze through a door or something with the nacelles all “bunched up”. If this Enterprise was a person, I’d say that it looks REALLY uncomfortable.

Yeah, they may have gone a little too “weird” and “George Lucas” with this redesign. Hopefully it’ll look better on screen.

In any event it’s just a film, and hopefully it’ll be a good one. I’m kinda getting tired of all the hype myself. Let’s get on with it! LOL

113. AJ - April 17, 2009

The front shots in the video look like Jar-Jar getting poked from behind, and the rear shots show that the model used is obviously defective. As THX said, the nacelles are “wonky” and “out of alignment.” THX is an experienced modeller (hi, THX!).

John, I don’t want to piss you off as many have (including me) these past months. But get your money back on this one. Be a consumer advocate for us, and tell Playmates that the product sucks. To mess up the ship is despicable. Please return it, and tell us what Playmates has done to rectify the situation.

Like THX, the ships, to me, are inviolate, and I have many AA models. The “toy” vs. “collectible” argument doesn’t apply here, as 8-year olds will be even more vicious critics if the ships look like crap.

114. James Morris - April 17, 2009

I so want to get this. Only, when is it out in the UK and what will it cost over here?


115. Craig - April 17, 2009

wish you could turn on lights without the all the talking/noises.

separate buttons for the sounds would be nice.

116. Rey D Miami - April 17, 2009

Man looking at the pics over and over and yes I have to say it, THIS IS CRAP, I mean TOTAL CRAP. What a crappy job PLAYMATES really, with the whole product line. DST has done such a great job, great figures and ships and then this crappy mom and pop toy line Playmates come around and totally screws the whole want of buying and getting these toys all to hell. I wish I could send Playmates an email and just tell them they suck ass!

117. AJ - April 17, 2009


118. Commodore Kor'Tar {U.S.S. Kahless NCC-76108} - April 17, 2009

I just picked this ship up from TRU about 30 minutes ago . It was a bit smaller than I had expected but looks awesome , no paint streaks , a few minor seam gaps in the engineering hull, and whoever glued the nacelles on looks like he was on his way to a hot date cause there are some sloppy drips but they are barely noticable unless you look for them . I love the lights and sounds . The red alert sound is awesome , and it caused quite a funny accident , a pretty actress was being interviewed on one of the morning talk shows and she happened to be walking out as i sounded the red alert lol .

Anyways , great ship , looking forward to the Enterprise D from DST and the Narada later on .

119. DanTHEmaN - April 17, 2009

#118 As a fellow broadcaster (radio) I can only imaging the looks you got from those on the air.

120. JT - April 17, 2009

DST does do agreat job with their stuff! I still hate the Uglyprise!

121. Trek Fan Forever - April 17, 2009

Now that I have the Enterprise in my possession and repeatedly viewing Thorsten’s pictures, my love of the ship has dramatically increased. I think she’s awesome and I can’t wait to see her in action on IMAX!

Even with my love of the new E, I will say that nothing can beat The Motion Picture refit, that will always (IMO) be the greatest rendition of our beloved NCC-1701.

I do wish that Playmates would have had more sounds and less talk (or at least a special button for speech). I would have like to heard warp drive, impulse cruising and photon torpedo fire. Oh well, it’s still a great ship and I like her.

COME ON MAY 8th!!!

122. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - April 17, 2009

39. Sci-Fi Bri: I loved the red alert sound.

70. Star Trackie: I like the blue lights…they are very…wait for it….special.

That just goes to show how your millage can vary.


123. Valar1 - April 17, 2009


“I swear the explosion sounds actually sound like someone making them with their mouth.”

lol, so true.

124. Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film - April 17, 2009

When do the Excelsior and Enterprise B toys get released? Should be soon right?

125. DanTHEmaN - April 17, 2009

Playmates at least in the sound dept. have taken a page from the DST playbook. The WOK refit 1701 has one button and 25 sounds. I always liked the old playmates with a button for each sound. I dont care much for quotes, all’s I need is Impulse Warp Phasers and Photons, I can take care of the rest! ;)

By far the best job at making a ship “true to from” I think for playmates was Voyager w/ pivoting nacelles.

I agree with everyone who says it should have a “display mode” switch or lights only mode.

126. Ralph F - April 17, 2009

Love the new TREK toys article, commercials for the old toys — I had most all of them, but no more (thanks, Hurricane Katrina) — can be found at that link (if it shows up).

127. WarpTube - April 17, 2009

I have a window full of a ‘chat’ on the site, but it seems to have stopped updating now. Taking screenshots now (Can’t copy and paste)! Interesting!

128. WarpTube - April 17, 2009

wups sorry wrong discussion!

129. S. John Ross - April 17, 2009

#53: “That’s the one thing I hated when the ENT-D came out. Took me 3-4 years before I warmed up to that ship, then they went and blew her up, and I’ve never gotten into the ENT-E.”

I still haven’t really warmed to the D, myself (despite allegedly being a part of the Next Generation “Generation,” watching TNG as a kid when it first aired … I had already seen TOS as a kidlet and couldn’t be sold on PajamaTrek). I do like the D’s crew, though.

I think Reliant was the last cool-looking Starfleet vessel.

130. Valar1 - April 17, 2009

I just read an article on interview with ILM about the new ENT- they designed it to change shape when it goes to warp. That brings back awful memories of Voyager to my mind. I hope this thing turns out well.

131. THX-1138 - April 17, 2009


Easy cowbow. Get defensive much? I wasn’t attacking you at all. Read a bit closer and you will see that I was agreeing with you. I know; a novel concept here on Trekmovie. Anyway, sorry to have upset you. I didn’t see anywhere in the preceding discussion that we were talking about the 1960’s version of Lost in Space, because frankly, who would want to talk about that? At least here? I might have seen the logic of comparing Lost in Space (the flick) to Generations. But compare it to the series? Allllrighty.

AJ, my man!
I have got to agree with you. I know that I defend AA/DST around this toy/collectibles forum of John’s but it’s because they have the superior product. Yes they are horribly plagued with endless delays, but I actually talk to the people who make their stuff on the feedback site and in emails. I also have been treated rather nicely as a “frequent buyer” if you will. I doubt Playmates will do any of that for the folks who have shllled out big bucks for the stuff they have bought so far. I don’t like the quality of this toy, even as a toy. It aspires to be of the same ilk as AA/DST but it falls short. The phaser is odd but that isn’t really Playmates fault. I just don’t like the design. I can fix it’s inaccuracies. But the communicator looks flimsy and it will probably be the one toy that get’s the most play out of the Exploration Set. And I don’t want to replace it every week. Of course, I have to have one in my hands first. The tricorder looks good, but is it in scale with the rest of the set? And indeed, is it in scale to the filming prop?

Anybody have the answers to this?

132. Ian - April 17, 2009

I want this… Badly!

133. SPOCKBOY - April 17, 2009

The red alert sounds like a cop siren (lol)
and whoever designed this ship is SERIOUSLY in love with the color blue!

: )

134. Matt Etter - April 17, 2009

well, i guess J.J Abrahams want a star trek that looks more 21rst centuryish- sorry for the bad english. As long as there is room for a refit of the ship before 2266 when the events of the show begin…………

135. Matt Etter - April 17, 2009

As long as the new star trek doesn’t erase the old timeline. I THINK THIS MOVIE WILL BE AWESOME

136. SPOCKBOY - April 17, 2009


; )

137. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - April 17, 2009


Great review though!!!

Looks good from the front and a front corner angle


138. THX-1138 - April 17, 2009


Hmmmm indeed.

139. TheWon - April 17, 2009

Ya I’m staying away from that thing, great review though.

140. thomoz - April 17, 2009

I was unable to get the little door off the hull, so I can’t light mine up.

I did however manage to destroy the screw and scratch up the door . . .
so it’s going back as defective. The door on the saucer came off
without incident. The screws are too damn tight!

I do have the proper tools for this btw.

141. tranchera - April 17, 2009

Looked okay from behind. From the side it just looks like it’s been melted.

It’s a real lost opportunity, this ship, and because it’s so visible we’re probably going to be stuck with this design for the remainder of this series. I hope Kruge blows it up again >:)

The nacelles themselves have grown on me ; I don’t care if it has red domes at the front or not, that’s bunkum. I think the blue glowing bits and the general shape look great. But the proportions and the placements of things.. it’s woeful. Looks like someone’s left it over an open fire.

142. Eking - April 17, 2009

I had to do it, I got one. I don’t expect to buy and of the figures though.

143. Sue - April 17, 2009

does this model come already made up or do you have to build it?

144. Valar1 - April 17, 2009


“does this model come already made up or do you have to build it?”

Both the model and the stand are already assembled, already painted. all you do is unscrew two compartments, place in 3 AAA batteries, screw shut and it’s ready for play.

Second, don’t mistake this for a model. A model is unassembled, unpainted, made of flimsy plastic meant for display only purposes, but a model is more highly detailed. This item is a toy- pre assembled, pre painted, made of sturdy plastic for lots of rough play, but it is not as detailed as it could be.

145. Valar1 - April 17, 2009

Correction to post 144- not “lots of rough play” but it is sturdy and will survive some accidents, much more than a model would.

146. Millennium Vulcan - April 17, 2009



I agree. However, I might be able to explain where they were coming from (at least in terms of the color scheme [or “lighting”] aspect of the nacelles).

From what I have read about the production design, their main points of reference for the Enterprise re-design were TOS and TMP. So, because the TMP era Enterprise did away with the red bussards, both designs are similar in this aspect. Now, even though the MAIN inspirations for the revamp were TMP & TOS, it seems to me that they were also inspired by TNG-style “neon blue” nacelles. In short: they went with TMP-style dual color scheme nacelles, but with a TNG-style twist (white/blue instead of white/black).

While I do have an affinity for TNG era starship design, I can somewhat understand how Chambliss & Abrams thought that the red/blue motif was too TNG specific.

Still, I would have preferred red bussards.

147. MC1701B - April 17, 2009

10. Little waving spaceman in foreground. Enterprise in background. Enterprise looks smaller because she’s farther from the lens. It’s called “perspective.”

148. MC1701B - April 17, 2009

116. Speaking of “sucking ass,” how ’bout that NX-01 with the weakest nacelles in the history of Enterprise replicas, or the Nemesis figures with the (in scale) five-foot-long torsos? Or the Nemesis Picard with two left feet?

How about the fact that DST can’t seem to ship any TOS figures to any TRU in the state of Florida except the “Amok Time” two-pack? Or that I’ve never, ever, seen the TWOK Enterprise anywhere but a comics store in Merritt Island?

Playmates is making mass-market toys for children. DST is (supposedly) producing quality collectibles for adults. Based on that reality, DST sucks many, many more asses than Playmates.

149. Mark - April 17, 2009

My dad got me one for my Birthday it arrived a few days ago, it is GREAT!!!!!

the Red Alert noise is certainly different.

Sort of heavy but kind of light. The design is great, I’m impressed how accurate Playmates got it.

I’m impressed.

150. THX-1138 - April 17, 2009


Really? Because you can’t get stuff in your part of Florida? Just because there is crap everywhere doesn’t make it good.

The list price for this Paymates Enterprise is $34.95. The list for most of the Trek ships from DST is $47.95. At many of the stores in my are the DST Enterprise can be had for $39.99. The quality is worth it. And remember, the T in DST is for TOYS. Even though we collectors have latched on to them as shelf worthy collectibles, they are toys. Now, that doesn’t mean you can throw them across the yard or tie a string to the and spin them around your head but they can be played with. I know this because I have some that my kids actually play with. Yeah, you probably don’t want to leave them laying around the yard overnight, but you probably can’t get away with that with the Playmates ship. And your kids should know better than to abuse their belongings anyway.

The comparison I would make would be with guitars. You can find a Mexican Srat almost anywhere. It is a decent, functional guitar. But you know that if you go to one of the smaller, custom guitar makers you will probably have to wait but you will get a much better instrument.

Playmates makes an Enterprise shaped toy. DST makes a replica toy Enterprise.

151. Jotin - April 17, 2009

Ya know, I bought this ship because i saw it and gasped. I was like holy crap star trek stuff! It wasn’t expensive either. I bought the Kirk 6.5 along with the Nero 6.5. I must say i rather like the Nero and the ship. Kirk is meh, but i really like Nero’s outfit. Also the more I look at the ship it gets better and better. I know its a playmates so its not that great, but Id like to have it until the high res model comes out (I really want the one that the artists have been playing around with). I’m happy with my purchases. They’re toys, but very cool toys.

152. Dr. Image - April 17, 2009

Too glossy, but at least the nacelles don’t sag like QMX’s model!

Those “phaser” sounds are way too Star Wars. (Oh, yeah, Ben Burtt..)

“Playmates makes an Enterprise shaped toy. DST makes a replica toy Enterprise.” #150. Yep.

153. ChucksterNCC-1701 - April 17, 2009

I just got back from my local Wal-Mart and picked up the Enterprise for $29.97 and 4 of the 3.75″ figures for $6.47 each.

154. thomoz - April 17, 2009

Got the replacement ship, this one opened up easily –
batteries are in it and WOW this toy is loud if it’s sitting
on the stand on a table. I love when the
impule engine lights come on the the sound BLASTS!

I like this toy, the voices are pretty cool IMO.

155. Razorgeist - April 17, 2009

I have to agree with Sean Long in the Youtube video I was expecting more for the price. I was at least expecting it to be in scale with their previous release of the 1701 and instead its significantly smaller.

“I did find it strange the ship is so small you have to put 2 batteries in the secondary hull and a 3rd in the saucer… I would have been a bit more thrilled if it was just a tad bigger.”

My thoughts exactly and the extra battery compartment is very annoying and sticks out too much. Strangely enough if look on the box the prototype version dosent seem to have it. Also the copyright and serial number that are stamped onto the ship are glaring and obvious. I’ve already written a letter to Playmates and i hope we get a different mold for the next movie.

156. ALLAN ROSE - April 17, 2009

The Edsel was ugly too but i guess if it gets you where youre going thats alright.

157. T Drake - April 17, 2009

The Nacelles make it look like a cartoon (not in a good way).

158. Spaceman Spiff - April 17, 2009

I think it sucks! The ship design that is.
It’s really hard to tell the quality of the toy from the photos and the video but since I don’t even like this ship I doubt I’ll go out of my way to get one.

They should have gone with Gabriel Koerner’s design.

159. John Sullivan - April 17, 2009

“26. Mischaar – April 16, 2009
I don’t like her. She looks in my Opinion Terrible. I’m too much used to the TOS Enterprise. This new Enterpris doesn’t fit in. At least to my Opinion. Don’t throw Stones at me, it’s just my two Cents.”

I’m with you 100% on that. But then again, the ship does in some way resemble some of the crappy art of the Star Trek ship like we all remember from the ORIGINAL 1970’s Ballentine covers of the James Blish Star Trek Logs, so maybe this bad design as the precursor to the one we would come to know as the “real” one is all part of the plan.

160. CharleyP - April 17, 2009

So I picked this up. It isn’t bad at all considering the price. I’m sure the pro modeling companies and toy companies will release a better version in about a year or so.

As for the design, I think the ship wad meant to look more nimble, more compact. I recall reading that the battles were meant to be fast with the ships making much more intense maneuvers than we ever saw in the movies. SO while the design is different, I don’t think it is bad.

Pick one up, they aren’t horrible for $29.

161. craig - April 17, 2009

Toys In Target Friday night!
All of them!

162. Capt. of the USS Anduril - April 17, 2009

Okay, I haven’t got mine from Entertainment Earth yet, but everything I’ve seen proves that it is one of the best Playmates starships. Everything that should essentially light up does. Previous ships suffered all kinds of problems. The 1701-D only had light up nacelles(but it’s the best out of the whole Playmates line up to now), the TOS 1701 had poorly fitted nacelle pylons and no guide lines on where to place the stickers, Voyager only had a light up deflector dish(but the moving engines were cool), the Enterprise B was almost as good as the 1701-D but had a crummy nacelle pylon connection and the “Excelsior” was the same ship just with the Excelsior decals. The Defiant had that very odd moving deflector that was red. And don’t get me started on the very, VERY bad Enterprise E’s.

All in all, Playmates did better with this, but I sincerely hope that Art Asylum gets license to do a version. Also, I hope that the Hot Wheels version has some good detailing, and I will probably be enough of a sucker to buy the Enterprise as an ornament when it comes out.

163. noirgwio - April 17, 2009

I just went nuts at Toys R Us… Got that beauty of a movie “Big E”, it’s sitting next to my original TOS E, not that new, smaller one, the nicely sized one frow the late 90’s-ish… And the 6 inchers of Kirk and Spock, as well as the communicator and phaser. I am 30yrs old, yet still love toys etc., though am picky. I had anticipated that the communicator would be the more fun between it and the phaser, but no! That phaser is a delight! It’s tricked out with that flip mechanism to change frow stun to kill, I dig it! Best two movie toys out of the lot, the Enterprise and the phaser! Cool man!

164. Dr. Cheis - April 17, 2009

Hmm… I’m not sure I like the lines from the movie being part of the toy. It somewhat limits your ability to put the ship in scenarios to those in which the characters will say those lines. I liked the older toys that had the sounds but no voices better that way.

However, the sound and light quality seems to be much improved.

165. Michael - April 17, 2009

Ok, so I visited my TRU this evening. Full product avail. Plenty of 12″(inclding Elder Spock), but not supposed exclusives. I found them to be pretty good in looks. Spock(older) is a bit uninspired and devoid of much facial color, eye detail-whereas the crew/alien were colorful and nicely done. But they were sadly shelved in the STAR WARS section!
I inspected the 3.75 & 6″ as well. I found them to be overpriced, but not too bad, mostly fair to ok. If I still had the figure bug and had avail. credit might have been tempted had I had an emotional tie to this new crew. I was able to pass on elder Spock in all 3 sizes.
I didn’t have my reading glasses on so I didn’t see the fine detail to decern sloppy paint ops, but from a casual glance, they looked fine.
I spied 3 full pegs of each figure line and not a single Uhura to be had. 2 Pikes in all 3 lines as well as Elder Spock in the same ratio.
After I bought 1 ea. of the 3 role play, that left 3 ea. left. I bought 1 ship, leaving 7. They had the playsets at around 4 or more ea.
Yes, if you buy the bridge, you need to buy figures with bridge pieces from the first wave AND the second(if sales warrant another!)wave to complete the entire playset. So if you have to buy one, get the transporter, it’s complete.
And Now my review:
The ship:
DST can LEARN BIG TIME about how to design a display stand(aqua) that pivots 360 and is not guaranteed to fail like Diamond/Art Asylum! Sturdy and will NOT fall over if you bump or breath! This toy is ultra sturdy like days of ole’. Tight pivot/ball-socket.
The markings are modestly applied applique and that’s a blessing! No freakin peel and tear and yellow and wear stickers!
It does suffer from a insufferable number of screws holding it together. Thank gooddness these are all underneath and not visiable as the ship sits on it’s display stand. And what design major put 2 AAA batteries in the engineering hull and another sideways underneath the belly of the main saucer? Huh?
The detail is pretty minimal and is essentially light and medium grey tones.
The engine strut/nacelles design is tough and will not suffer from breakage very easily.
It has 4-5 sounds with dialogue from Spock & Kirk(except 1)The ship has multiple light-up points with bleed. Engine pylons-bottom, bridge/lower dome, top saucer circumference/windows below bridge, 2 pin-point’s near the “N” & 1″ on ship’s registery, nacelles, and impulse drive on 2 of the 4 sounds(red), and dish. All other lighting is blue.
Engines lit up do have a cool inset blade look. Takes 3 AAA batteries(NOT incld.) has on/off button 3/4 near back end of lower hull underbelly.

The Phaser:
I kinda like the chrome look. Does it have any of the charm of the old school TOS phaser…no.
It does have a flip/rotate-spring action site, that goes from a staticy sounding stun sound(blue) to an abrupt sound kill setting(red), by pushing on release button on side.
It also has a back/top upper thumb wheel that when rotated down lights up yellow and gives a 3rd sound–overload? The stun/kill sounds can be sustained be keeping pressure on trigger button. Has on/off slide button under neath back of gun underbelly.
The quick-release button will only allow you to go from the stun to the kill site, not the reverse. Takes 2 AAA batteries(incld.)

The Communicator:
The belt holster is sloppy loose and is meant to thread through your belt.
The unit has only 3 sounds. A flip open frequency, with brief middle globe(blue) flicker and 2 lower face plate lights(clear).
The other two sound are coupled with dialogue, 1 ea. from Spock & Kirk. Back of unit has off/on button.
Takes 2 AAA batteries(incld.)

The Tricorder:
This one is a mix of chrome and matte black. The left side has a lid/front release spring action button. This opening enables a sound and red/green/yellow lights on front & top sections.
2 buttons, when depressed, make several sound variations. Top panel is a static unremarkable sticker/panel.
This of all 3 role play items seems the most child-sized.
takes 2AAA batteries.

It would have been nice if all three toys could have had belt clips/straps/belt holsters.
These are essentially children’s toys and must not be mistaken for collectors items.
They do have modest to simple playability, but lack the imagination and style of the TOS series props.
At 15.99 for the props, I say 9.99-12.99 would have been a better price point for the play/wow factor.
The ship @ 29.99 is overpriced, and should have come in at 19.99, epecially having no batteries installed for test play.
All toys have loud enough sound w/o suffering from too high end crackle or distortion from an overdriven speaker.

166. Captain Pike - April 17, 2009

I decided I had to get one. $50 here in Canada. Phasers $25 here in the Great White North. And this is at TRU not some small-time collectible store. Curse you Playmates Canada.

167. Ian - April 18, 2009

I picked one up last night at Walmart. They had a bunch out on display. I got it home last night and so far I’m pretty impressed (forgot batteries though).

I’m going to touch it up with model paint referencing the various pictures and renderings available. It’s no where near the quality of DST/AA ships, but it is good. Damn screws!

Only real complaint, and I’m seeing others here saying the same thing: the nacelles are too closely pinched together and way too close to the saucer section.

168. Xander - April 18, 2009

I sent an email with the tricorder prop from this film and got back the following:

C’est pas le votre.
(It’s not yours.)

Yet others who have sent the email have had better responses.

This seems truely random.

169. Xander - April 18, 2009

ignore that post.. wrong thread

170. Valar1 - April 18, 2009


“Only real complaint, and I’m seeing others here saying the same thing: the nacelles are too closely pinched together and way too close to the saucer section”

The ILM guys said they made the nacelles so they pinch together or splay apart depending on whether the ship is in warp or on impulse. It wasn’t clear which mode is the pinched one-we’ll have to wait for the movie to find out.

171. elmachocombo - April 18, 2009

“Captain, engineering reports ready for lunch. Bwoooooooop Bwoooooooop.” Who new the enterprise had a lunch bell.

172. CarlG - April 18, 2009

Man, I wish I was a little kid again :)

Are they still coming out with a Narada toy?

Personally, I’m holding out for a ERTL/Polar Lights – style glue together model.

173. COOLPT - April 18, 2009

While I like the new E, I was disappointed that it was smaller that Playmates previous ships, and too many exposed screws. Seems to be a common issue here with what I have read.
If anyone is going to TRU tomorrow when the exclusive 12″ Pike and Sulu are suppossed to come out, grab me a set huh…!!!

174. Hướng dẫn post hình bằng host riêng | Hot Blog Vietnam - April 18, 2009

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175. elmachocombo - April 18, 2009

I just got home from the WalMart (Sacramento) and the new figures looked awful! The paint aps were worse than on the Indiana Jones line which I would have thought impossible. All of the Spocks were cross-eyed and kirks hairline ran down to his nose!!!!!! Terrible.

176. dep1701 - April 18, 2009

Well, i’m still not thrilled with the new design( which looks like an anime drawing, but the toy itself is okay. Knew from past Playmates experience that it wouldn.t be spot-on, but to at least have a toy available to get used to the new ship before the movie comes out is great.

The last time I remember that happening was the Milton Bradley/South Bend Electronic Enterprise that was released two months before “Star Trek – The Motion Picture” hit theatres… and that was based on an earlier design before Andy Probert went back and added all the extra art-deco detailing, and finishing touches. So, in a way, that South Bend toy ( as out of proportion as the component parts were ) was worth having since it showed the refit Enterprise as it might have appeared in the film ( and as it actually did appear in several publicity stills and bubble gum card photos ).

177. Blowback - April 19, 2009

I don’t collect many Star Trek toys but I did pick this up yesterday. I have to say the new look is growing on me…

178. Mike - April 19, 2009

I love the blue engines.

179. MC1701B - April 19, 2009

150. Nowhere in my post did I say anything about my kids tossing the NX-01 about. (Which is because they don’t.) I also didn’t mention how both nacelles and part of the engineering hull regularly fall off the Enterprise-A. (They do.)

You also conveniently ignore my comments re: Insectosaurus Data and My Two Left Feet Picard.(Because they’re true and undercut your point.)

You’re correct in saying that the T in DST stands for “Toys.” I don’t have credit cards and thus can’t shop online. If an item can’t find its way into a TRU in THREE separate areas of Florida, it’s not a toy, it’s an image on the Internet.

180. MC1701B - April 19, 2009

150. Oh, and by the way, what exactly is a “Srat?” My older son plays, and I’m always on the lookout for a bargain, but I’ve never heard of a “Srat.”

181. Aaron - April 19, 2009

I can’t understand why people are (still) complaining about the blue Bussards on the nacelles. The Ent.-A didn’t even have glowing bussards, and it’s one of the best designs so far.

Anyways, this looks cool, but I’d much rather spend $30 on a DST version. The two that I have are top-notch.

182. Ron Motta - April 20, 2009

I saw this at Target when I was with my 3-year-old looking for more Infinite Heroes (I knew I should’ve nabbed the Joker and Scarecrow for me – er, him when I saw them two months ago). He was immediately fascinated by it (loves “rocket ships”) and I thought if I’d be able to convince my wife that he just HAD to have it and that it wasn’t REALLY for me, so the $30 was worth it. No dice.

183. TonyD - April 20, 2009

Walmart put out a modest Trek display today – mostly 6″ figures and a few Enterprise toys. I picked up the new ship and am quite happy with it.

In terms of size, it actually is almost the same size as the Art Asylum NCC 1701-A. The lights and effects are nice (although I hope Chris Pine puts a little more emotion into his lines than what we get here) and even though the model is very light, it does have some decent detailing. The nacelles were lined up on mine and the lid at the bottom of the primary hull that holds the battery closes up flush with the rest of the saucer. Overall, much better than I expected and not deserving of some of the complaints about quality that I’ve read here.

BTW, upon seeing the new design as an actual 3D model, it does look much better and definitely has quite a few beauty angles to it.

184. dep1701 - April 21, 2009

I ended up buying another ( had to go to two Target stores to get them – only one each in both stores ), As usual, i opened up both to inspect and decide which was the better sample ( with the DST toys, I also open them to take the batteries out for storage ), The first one I got had the nacelles just barely askew from each other, but on the second one the engines were perfectly aligned, so maybe I just got lucky, but it does prove that they do exist!

Neither is completely and utterly blemish free, but neither was I expecting that they would be…they are toys. But I’m glad that Playmates has graduated from decals to painted lettering, as it looks much better ( and there are no air gaps under the decals from ‘grid lines’.

I still can’t say that I love this new design…it looks more like a scul[ture than a functional ship to me. What I will say is that being able to study the ship from all angles, and look at it in 3-D will be helpful in allowing me NOT to be distracted by trying to get used to the new design while watching the film. I find that at certain angles I’m liking it better, and I can even appreciate that first released angle better – the toy looks pretty darn close from that angle.

I too will miss the red bussards ( for contrast with the blue lights if nothing
else ) but I do like the subtle flower petal pattern behind the domes, which is very reminiscent of the pattern in the original series engines. It would have been nice if DST had done the same on their production version of the classic Enterprise, instead of painting on red pinstripes.

185. Spacecraft Guy - April 21, 2009

Got mine from Toys R US, the ship will not stay in the stand – the ball on the top of the stand is too small to tightly fit into the socket on the bottom of the secondary hull.

Anybody else have the same problem?

186. AJ - April 21, 2009

I got my “E” today. No electronics. I’ll have to buy batteries in the morning to see if that’s the cause. It looks much better than John’s model, which I, and others, trashed for its bendy bits.

185: Fits right on the stand with one go. No issues there.

It reminds me of a 1970’s Conair hair dryer a bit, but, she’s still the Enterprise, perhaps in need of a ‘thighmaster.’

I’d just like to get the lights and sounds working, or I have to repackage and send to Amazon ;-(.

187. Nick Hubert - April 22, 2009

I bought the new Playmates movie USS Enterprise and was terribly disappointed in the craftsmanship. The paint details were horrible. It must have been produced on a Monday or Friday. I took it back to Toys R Us to exchange it for another but found that at least two other ships had similar paint problems. What’s up with this? Playmates needs to review their quality control issues and check their products closer before they leave the manufacturer.

188. Steven - April 22, 2009

Like the Art Asylum model of the TOS Enterprise, if you hold the bridge down do the lights stay on?

189. RoobyDoo - April 27, 2009


Agreed $50 is pretty steep. However, I too was unable to resist. Looks more like the TOS E than I had expected. I like it.

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200. Captain Miller USS Santa Fe - May 30, 2009

I am really disapointed that there is not a lights only mode. I am an electrical engineer, so I took the saucer apart. Inside there is a small printed circuit board that controls the lights and sounds. I am sure one can jerry rig or hot wire the lights to the batteries, thus creating a lights only mode. I plan on experimenting with this soon. If I figure it out, I’ll post instructions of how to do it.

My worry is that without a schematic of the circuitry, that I may reverse polarity the LEDs and blow them. Yikes!

201. andrew - May 31, 2009

Brutal Pike paying $50 in Canada. I presume you bought it at Toys “R” US.
No way I was patying that price. I went to Legends Action Figures in Montreal, QC Canada who despite being a specialty toy shop, are selling it for a much more reasonable $34.99 CAD which I paid.

I really think its the best Playmates ship. They clearly borrowed from Art Asylum with the stand though at least the stand fits. I always had to shave the pivot ball for AA ships to get it in the hole. They also used the single brisge dome button for sound effects. I had hoped for the classic individual sounds buttons but this will do. The lighting is vastly superior to any ship Playmates made in the 90’s. If they made this back in the 90’s, only the bussard collector’s would have lit up. I suppose we have AA again to thank forcing Playmates to up their game to get the movie license.

Mine unfortunatelt has some paint slop on the saucer including a annoying blotch of grey but its minor and not noitceable from afar. I’m not taking a long 2 hour bus and metro to exchnge it over minor imperfections. Even my AA ships suffer from paint slop anyway so lets not get into quality control here. As for the screws, I don’t mind them. Unless you enjoy staring at the underside of the ship, you’ll never notice them when its on display.

If all goes well, Playmates will be releasing a 12 inch X 20 inch long Narada mining ship in September.

202. Dilan - July 28, 2009

onehi there when do u by it and were i would like one

203. REAL trek fan - December 13, 2009

It’s absolutely amazing just how stupid many so-called “trek fans” are.

You buy into anything & everything just cause it’s called “star trek”, & in the process encourage hollywood to do more bastardizing!

It’s a shame there’s so many of you drooling idiots out there. If you had any brains, & held paramount accountable for this garbage instead of blindly following, Star trek wouldn’t be heading down the toilet!

The new movie, & ALL the toys & merch, dishonors
Majel Barrett, Roger Carmel, James Doohan, Dorthy Fontana, DeForest Kelley, Mark Lenard, & Gene Roddenberry – & as far as I see it, if you don’t know who those people are then you’re not a REAL fan & need to GTFO!

204. Arthur - January 10, 2010

@ ‘REAL trek fan’

I’m fifty two years old and was a “real fan” when you were a naught but a glint in your mother’s eye, sonny jim. Not only do I know the people you mention, but I’ve personally met some of them…several times. I can also tell you for a FACT that Gene wanted new bood to take his vision into the future, and beyond, and that he would have approved of Mr Abrams putting his own stamp on Trek.

JJ Abrams needed to make the kind of movie he made to put it back into the public conciousness, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he was to honour us with a more Roddenberry-esque tale in future instalments, now that it is back where it belongs. However, if you don’t understand that if he had made the movie most of US would have wished for, there wouldn’t be a future for Trek – as there would have been just us, the dwindling established fan-base, sat in an otherwise empty cinema – then you don’t understand the movie business. It may be something akin to a religion to the likes of us, but to *CBS* Paramount, Trek is a commercial license. Think about it.

As far as I can tell, the only “stupid” person in this thread is you. You have no understanding of the business, or economics. Perhaps when you move your spotty ass out of your mother’s basement, into the real world, you just might start to get a grip on such concepts.

205. - January 30, 2010

My son and I found this at Wal-Mart after Christmas for $9.00 on clearance, so I picked it up. When I opened it, I was shocked to see how small the Enterprise was compared to the size of the box. I truly felt like this was an obvious case of deceptive packaging.

The actual toy colors looked very different from the prototype pictured on the box. The box does actually say that the pictures are of a prototype, but the pictures look FAR, FAR more attractive than the actual toy inside.

Also, 4 or 5 of this toy could have easily fit inside that box. I also noticed that nowhere on the box did it show a picture that could have given the customer any idea of the scale or how small the actual product was compared to the box size.

Despite being small, in a deceptive package, and a different color, the actual Enterprise itself is well made and is display worthy. Even knowing everything above, I would have paid up to $15 for it, but had I paid the full price of $29 (US), I would probably have returned it to the store. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.