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First Look: Preview for Star Trek Remastered “The Cage” Airing Next Weekend April 22, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: TOS-R Preview , trackback

In the first weekend of May, the final new episode for the Star Trek Remastered series in syndication will finally air. Just in time for the buzz around the new Star Trek movie, comes the remastered version of the first pilot for the Star Trek TV series, "The Cage". CBS has given TrekMovie a first look at the promo trailer, check it out below.



Before Kirk, there was Pike — Before Greenwood, there was Hunter

[hit ‘HQ’ button to see in higher quality]


"The Cage" airs first weekend in May – full TrekMovie coverage
The digitally remastered version of Star Trek’s first pilot airs the weekend of May 2nd & 3rd. Next week TrekMovie will bring our final episode coverage for the Remastered project with an exclusive interview and our final episode review by Jeff Bond (with screen shots and video).



1. Pontihog - April 22, 2009

Can’t wait to see this!!

2. Ian Watson - April 22, 2009

About time! I hope it’s worth the wait. (:

3. Swollen Ballz - April 22, 2009

I always loved this episode. Cant wait too see Pike explored more fully in a few weeks.

4. Andy Patterson - April 22, 2009

Cool. I miss the days when this was part of the site.

5. Scott Macy - April 22, 2009

First? Hey – I will set the Tivo for sure!!! Can’t wait. I may show this at a Trek party right before the movie!!

6. Raphael Salgado - April 22, 2009

Wow, that commercial trailer made the episode 10x more exciting than I ever remember it being. At least we’ll have lots of Trek stuff to do right up until the release date. Now, if I can only get to an IMAX theater instead of the crappy AMC cinema I bought my tickets for…

7. Andy Patterson - April 22, 2009

Also…something that’s not talked about very much….the music in this, I believe, is all Alexander Courage in this original pilot. There’s some really good stuff that no one seems to talk about much. Some ooky, spooky, atmospheric stuff.

8. trekboi - April 22, 2009

it is ok- but they could have done more with the opening and closing shots of the Enterprese- more constructed sequences.
they stuck to the original effects too closely.

9. Anthony Pascale - April 22, 2009

putting up a TOSR preview makes me feel like 2007 all over again

10. Swollen Ballz - April 22, 2009

#9 Mr. Pascale

It’s funny you said that! I forgot entirely there was still one more remastered episode out there! LOL!

11. Enterprise - April 22, 2009

Nice. It looks decent. I saw it in theaters a few years ago.

12. LordCheeseCakeBreath - April 22, 2009

The uniforms in this episode are really cool. The bridge is also really cool. Way better than the Kirk TOS one. I can’t wait!

13. Star Trackie - April 22, 2009

#8 Agreed. I think it was done early on inthe process, when they were working on the new version of the Menagerie, before they started taking more liberties with certain shots.

14. Bill - April 22, 2009

I really wish there was a place where I could get all of these remastered trailers. They stopped posting them on the website when everyone was fired.

15. Will - April 22, 2009

Too cerebral, try something more like “Wagon Train to the Stars.”

16. Kevin Rubio - April 22, 2009

Where’s Leslie Nielson and Robby?

17. Swollen Ballz - April 22, 2009


I forgot to ask. Was there ever an interview on Greenwood’s thoughts concerning Jeffrey Hunter’s portrayal of Pike and which direction he will take it in now? Dont remember reading anything like that (not implying you did not post it) of course :)

I am curious that MAYBE we might see the accident that crippled him, perhaps? Forget it: May 8th will answer.


18. ety3 - April 22, 2009

Since the original pilot didn’t have the traditional opening credit sequence, I’m curious to see what they do with it. Certainly they won’t keep Shatner’s “final frontier” monologue.

19. Illogical - April 22, 2009

Would be nice to finally see, however, they pulled TOSR from the line up this year on the only network that ran it, so unfortunately I won’t be able to see it. Bogus.

20. Sybok's Secret Brother - April 22, 2009

Excellent timing… as though it were a part of a plan… ;-p

21. Telly1138 - April 22, 2009

if it’s a rebroadcast of what’s on the “Remastered” edition Season 3 DVD, it’s breathtaking.

22. Telly1138 - April 22, 2009


Courage composed the scores for “The Cage” and “Where No Man…” before the producers started “tracking” music to be reused.

23. Ron_Tracey - April 22, 2009

As #20 asked…ISN”T THIS ALREADY ON THE SEASON 3 SET? I already watched this…

24. Chadwick - April 22, 2009

I have been waiting a while for this. Even that first shot that pans in through the dome of the bridge. I can’t wait!

25. Duncan MacLeod - April 22, 2009

14. The Remastered DVDs have all the trailers, but they are the original 1960’s trailers unfortunately.

BTW i thought the Cage was restored very nicely. I watched for a few minutes, but then decided to wait and watch the same effects on THE MENAGERIE

26. Mr. Zoom - April 22, 2009

Oh man, I will be in Arizona but I will definitely have to record this.

27. Holger - April 22, 2009

15: LOL!

28. Rat Boy - April 22, 2009


29. Telly1138 - April 22, 2009

#14 – I don’t think there are trailers for all of them. does have the trailers for a bunch of episodes (can’t remember how many). If you have a purchased version of Quicktime, you can right-click download them once they’ve played all the way through.

If there’s another site out there that has them, I don’t know about it.

#18 — If this is the same version that came out on the Remastered DVDs this winter, then there’s nothing like an extended credit sequence or anything. Just like it was in the original version.

Someone correct me if I;’m wrong, but isn’t the episode reviewed somewhat in the season 3 remastered DVD review on this site?

30. MC Doctor - April 22, 2009

Some day, not as far away in the future as you’d think, SAG and producers will come to an agreement that will permit full CGI reproduction of actors’ images.

Remember the “younger Patrick Steward” in X-Men 3?

Imagine that technology used to impress a young Bill Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, et al, over the physical actions of the new Star Trek movie cast.

Because of the strong, almost severe fandom, of canon loving Star Trek fans, you could sell a pile of direct-to-DVD movies/episodes.

As for me, just the snipet of Bruce Greenwood lecturing a split-lipped Kirk has me wondering about Bruce in THE CAGE.

31. John from Cincinnati - April 22, 2009


No, but I’m sure Nero has a Gamma ray chamber on the Narada to dispose of his enemies.

32. mars396 - April 22, 2009

20. Telly1138 – April 22, 2009
if it’s a rebroadcast of what’s on the “Remastered” edition Season 3 DVD, it’s breathtaking.

agreed: this is easily the best looking episode on that DVD set. They did an excellent remastering job on this one, so much so, that I wish the other episodes in the set looked as good.

33. Enterprise - April 22, 2009

If you have tunes, look up Star You can download all the trailers that are out so far.

34. John from Cincinnati - April 22, 2009

The commercial is wrong. Anyone who knows Trek history knows Robert April was the first Captain of the NCC-1701, NOT PIKE!

35. sean - April 22, 2009


Ick. Leave me out of that. Stewart and McCellen looked creepy, and if they do that after Shatner or Nimoy pass away I’ll really be creeped out. Leave the acting to the living.

36. sean - April 22, 2009


Cartoons don’t count ;)

37. ronsalon - April 22, 2009

Wasn’t this already shown in its remastered state? You can watch it on cbs for free.

38. Knut - April 22, 2009

@34: April has never been part of the canon. He just apeared in Non-Canon-TAS and Non-Canon-Books.

39. TrekkyStar - April 22, 2009

Why was my comment deleted? :(

40. DavidJ - April 22, 2009

Cool news.

it’s just a shame that the only ship shots come at the very beginning and very end of the episode.

Unless the remastered folks inserted a couple of others, which I doubt.

41. Mr. AtoZ - April 22, 2009

#36 sean
Better check ur facts again.
It’s not the animated series, check the Star Trek encyclopedia, page 13. April, Captain Robert T. First captain of the original Starship Enterprise.

42. DWanderer - April 22, 2009

To Telly1138…

I don’t own the DVD set… but I’m GUESSING that you might be confusing the two part episode: ‘The Menagerie’ with this … the original pilot episode. No SPock on trial here…. just the full-on original pilot, that NBC didn’t pick up, but asked for another pilot instead.


43. SpocksinnerConflict - April 22, 2009


They remastered Menagerie, which means they have re-mastered a lot of this episode already. I guess there’s still, somewhere around 60 % of the remastered Cage yet to be seen.

The Robert April issue is tough. On the one hand, he’s in TAS, which i really think should be cannon (it’s on TV, anything on Tv or film right?).
Since the novels and comics aren’t considered cannon, I’ve always thought they belonged in some alt-universe anyway (similar to the new film).

44. JB - April 22, 2009

Where it all began. Pretty heady stuff for 1964.

45. John Hazard - April 22, 2009

See it now before Abrams hits the history eraser button and Spock’s 11 years with Pike on the Enterprise vanishes in a puff of reboot!

P.S. I miss being more about the remastered TOS than about the new movie. Ah well, there’s always Phase II.

46. desertrat - April 22, 2009


Believe it or not..

We have TV in Arizona. We’re just getting this fancy thing called “cable tv!” Can anyone tell us more about it?

47. THX-1138 - April 22, 2009

#42 (and others)

My season 3 DVD has The Cage in both remastered and unmastered form. Not to be confused with The Menagerie. The new FX and remastering is superb.

But can anybody tell me why the DVD’s don’t have the new episode preview commercials on them? It’s great to have the originals, which were on the OTHER set of DVD’s I already bought but the new previews were really cool and fit with the idea of the modern take on the FX with a new and exciting tease.

48. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009

I still own “The Cage” on VHS…it came out in 1987, and it contained an intro by Gene Roddenberry himself (looking very old!) I got it when I was around 10 or 11, so it must have been in 1995… I remember waching it over and over again, I was FASCINATED and so proud that I had the VERY FIRST EPISODE of Star Trek!! I used to stump my friends…”Who was the first Captain of the Enterprise? Kirk! WRONG!” And I remember Spock smiling in the show!! Great stuff…I’m actually excited to see Pike fleshed out a little bit more in this film…I know its a reboot and its an alternate timeline or whatever, but I always thought this character was such a mystery

And maybe we’ll see Number One again!! (Not Riker, the ORIGINAL Number One!)

And the ships doctor prescribing martinis!!


49. Todd - April 22, 2009

#43 Spock’s Inner Conflict — it’s “canon” (as in canonical), not “cannon”. Spread the word.

50. Jefferies Tuber - April 22, 2009

This episode is the ultimate. It’s cerebral, geeky, romantic, tragic, cold, just brilliance in every way. I can’t frieken wait.

With KO trying to make space for Carol Marcus, we’ll probably never see Number One again. Uma Thurman was born to play Number One.

51. Jim - April 22, 2009

#41 The encyclopedia doesnt count either. In Roddenberrys vision of Trek there has only been two captains Pike and Kirk.

Robert April was the original name of Pike on the VERY first draft of the show. While they used it again for the animated series, only Yesteryear counts from TAS as being a real part of canon, the rest no.

52. Spectrum of the Spock - April 22, 2009

i think Bruce Greenwood will do Pike justice in the new film, but for a look alike i know a lot of folks were clamoring for Ray Liotta. i still say it would have been hard to beat Rob Estes for a good match…

53. Smitty™ - April 22, 2009

Dear thorsten do a Photoshop of Bruce Greenwwod’s Pike in post Delta ray burns!

Ray Liotta would have been good, “Every since I was a kid I wanted to be a starship captain! I’ll never go from rags to riches…


54. The Last Maquis - April 22, 2009


55. DGill - April 22, 2009

Why the heck did it take them this long to syndicate the episode other than the fact that it could give the movie an added boost?

56. steve2 - April 22, 2009

#15 – LOL.

57. Drew - April 22, 2009

I look forward to it

58. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - April 22, 2009

Hulk Smash annoying new Trekmovie PopUp ads!!!!

59. C.S. Lewis - April 22, 2009

Missing Hitch 1969 so I’ll say it for him too.

C.S. Lewis

== THE WOMEN! ==

60. Mr. AtoZ - April 22, 2009

#51 Jim
I think they both count, the encyclopedia and the animated series. Just because it’s not in the series or movies doesn’t rule them out. After all the first captain of the Enterprise was Gene.

61. Daoud - April 22, 2009

#43 I think the new retcon for the retcon for the retcon on April in the Prime Universe is that he was in charge of the Constitution Class 1700 series project, and never technically *the* billeted captain of the Enterprise, but merely taking it out for test runs. It would require a few rewrites in some of the books, yes; but Pocket might want to reissue some of those with “changes” after the new movies come out. If we take Pike to be in the Prime Universe the first “planned” captain of the Enterprise, this works.

In the new OK universe (or JJverse, or Punk Universe, whichever you like, I like OK today) April’s easy to retcon. George Kirk died on the Kelvin due to Nero. Therefore George Kirk couldn’t be “borrowed” along with Drake Reed by Robert T. April to take the Constitution test vessel out in 2240. Ergo, no George Kirk, the test bed can’t be named Enterprise. It was George’s idea to use it. So, April ends up with the NCC-1700 USS Constitution as planned. Thus, the next test bed, NCC-1701 project is a different project in this universe, under the guidance of Fleet Captain Pike, and the April issue is completely “solved”.

62. Telly - April 22, 2009

The Cage is perhaps the most beautiful remaster they’ve done. They respected the original shot composition of the creators and that dip down in through the bridge dome is UNBELIEVABLE!

And 42, I am aware that “The Menagerie” and “The Cage” are separate episodes, but that the former uses scenes from the latter. TOS REmastered SEason 3 has the Cage remastered in its original broadcast form.

63. Captain Spock - April 22, 2009

I actually prefer Pike to Kirk. He was a more interesting character and Jeffery Hunter’s performance was more nuanced. It’s too bad his wife had to gripe about her husband being a “movie star” not a TV actor. If Hunter had stayed with Trek, he might still be alive. He would have never taken the gig in Spain that ended up costing his life. We wouldn’t have William Shatner’s crazy antics either.

64. Jeyl - April 22, 2009

TV SPOT: “The Enterprise’s first captain…. wasn’t Kirk.”

It wasn’t Pike either!

65. Brett Campbell - April 22, 2009

63 – I never realized “nuanced” is a synonym for “wooden.”

66. frederick - April 22, 2009

I too wish they had gotten Liotta, he’s not too old. Oh, well…

They could have packed that promo with a lot more action from that episode and made a rockin’ commercial that matched the movie!

67. Darrell Kaiser - April 22, 2009

I just want to see The Cage on the Third Season’s Blu-ray, with the original effects.

68. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 22, 2009

#63 “We wouldn’t have William Shatner’s crazy antics either.”

And where would be the fun in that?

69. frederick - April 22, 2009

Also, I just WISH they had seen fit to put Number One somewhere in the new movie, I mean, how can they leave her out completely?

70. Jason - April 22, 2009

#60 Mr. AtoZ

Actually because it’s not in the series or movies DOES mean it doesn’t count; Roddenberry considered only the TV shows and the films to be canonical, and he even had issues with some aspects of ST:V (leading the Okudas to say in the Encylopedia that some events of The Final Frontier were in fact “apocryphal”) and ST:VI.

71. Jorg Sacul - April 22, 2009

If they did have Number One, would that same actress later play Nurse Chapel?

If they ever recast Vina, they’d better use Kirstin Bell. Or BONK BONK on JJ’s head!

72. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 22, 2009

TrekMovie, you have hit a Grade Slam with this article!

I have been waiting io see this episode ALL OF MY LIFE!

73. El anterior Capitán « El Holodeck - April 22, 2009

[…] Lo vi aquí. […]

74. Jim Smith - April 22, 2009

The Cage – a personal favourite of mine and, I think, it is oddly underrated by fans. Like a lot of Gene R’s scripts are. It really is only only me who loves The Omega Glory isn’t it? And I’m not even American!

75. SPOCKBOY - April 22, 2009

cool stuff!


76. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - April 22, 2009

#74 The Cage – a personal favourite of mine and, I think, it is oddly underrated by fans. Like a lot of Gene R’s scripts are. It really is only only me who loves The Omega Glory isn’t it? And I’m not even American!

Count me in on The Omega Glory. Gotta love that one.

77. Dennis Sisterson - April 22, 2009

This the episode where they couldn’t break through the metal doors on the planet with their big phaser gun, because it wasn’t cannon.

78. Cousin Itt - April 22, 2009

The Cage rocks! Imagine what TV was like in 1964, and think of GR and his team making that pilot. Awesome.

79. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 22, 2009

Omega Glory is fine with me. Especially when Old Glory came in at the end.

As cool as the end of Bread and Circuses.

80. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 22, 2009

77. Dennis Sisterson

I think that was an illusion, Dennis.

81. Mr. AtoZ - April 22, 2009

#70 Jason

Yes but, the Enterprise was launched in 2245, Pike didn’t take command till 2250. Enterprise didn’t sit around for five year waiting for a captain.

82. C.S. Lewis - April 22, 2009

Me three.

C.S. Lewis

76. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. – April 22, 2009

#74 The Cage – a personal favourite of mine and, I think, it is oddly underrated by fans. Like a lot of Gene R’s scripts are. It really is only only me who loves The Omega Glory isn’t it? And I’m not even American!

Count me in on The Omega Glory. Gotta love that one.

79. TrekMadeMeWonder – April 22, 2009

Omega Glory is fine with me. Especially when Old Glory came in at the end.

As cool as the end of Bread and Circuses.

83. Marshall McMellon - April 22, 2009

Okay, is there a site I can go directly to to see this. The hotlink isn’t showing up here (and I live in the US).

84. The Last Maquis - April 22, 2009

Dude, if They Got Ray Liotta as Pike In the Movie Nero Would’ve been Whacked.

85. Houston - April 22, 2009

What about Captain Robert April?

86. Jefferies Tuber - April 22, 2009

Liotta Schmiotta.

87. Christine - April 22, 2009


I love Pike so much. People always ask if you like Kirk or Picard.


Awesome, awesome, awesome. I will totally tune in for this.

88. Stanky McFibberich - April 22, 2009

The Cage is a superior example of Star Trek. Glad to see something on this site not related to the “movie.” Kind of harkens back to the good old days of Remastered news of a couple years ago before the dark times. :)

89. ENGON - April 22, 2009

Back when Spock spoke like this:

“If we start buzzing about down there…”

90. ENGON - April 22, 2009

…and when he limped across the planet surface because the boots they gave him were way too small.

91. CAPT CRUNCH - April 22, 2009

Robert April
Christopher Pike
James T Kirk
Willard Decker
James T Kirk
James T Kirk
and probably some temporary captains from the books and so forth I have missed!!
Before Kirk there was Pike..before Kirk there was Decker,,before Kirk there was Spock!!! After Pike there was Kirk, after Decker there was Kirk, afther Spock there was Kirk!! JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK!!

92. tman - April 22, 2009

I don’t understand Ray Liotta for this role. There’s something kind of Tony Curtis like in Liotta, that makes it hard for me to believe him as a Starfleet Captain let alone Captain Pike– okay, I can see him in the box with the beeping light, but not as young fit Pike.

Regarding Hunter vs. Shatner, I don’t think Star Trek would be anywhere near as iconic with Jeffrey Hunter as the lead. Shatner is pure charisma and narcisism and his facial contortions, dramatic pauses, and amped up performance really made up for alot of scenes that couldn’t be carried by the script or the visuals.

93. Telly1138 - April 22, 2009

Christ, I thought the “Star Trek” canon debates were done and over with when the majority accept that JJ is doign with the new movie!

(buries head in sand)

94. raveoned - April 22, 2009

Cool! Looks like in my area (Philadelphia), the station that ran TOS-R before is going to start showing it again!

Although it’s Sunday at 2am, I can still record it and watch it when I get up on Sunday!

This is a great way to get prepped for this movie!

95. Andy Patterson - April 22, 2009



I’m slowly beginning to understand through the little research I’ve done that Sony has set it up so that their best player/features etc….is the Playstation so you’ll have to buy it. I’m still not going to do it. If there’s an alternative I’m looking into it.

96. I am not Herbert - April 22, 2009

EXCELLENT!!! I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this one!!!

97. Dom - April 22, 2009

Rodders didn’t count much of season three of Trek, TAS or TWOK to TUC as canon and also gave the TNG team carte blanche to contradict TOS, so I think we can leave his opinions safely to one side! Richard Arnold’s opinions have also been comprehensively dismissed by David Gerrold.

End of the day, the first captain to be featured in a Star Trek production was Chris Pike. In the new movie, he’s the first captain of the brand new Enterprise. So the ad is valid.

TAS is pretty much seen as canon these days: it’s referenced visually in TOS-R, it’s referenced in the spin-off shows and it’s got its own section on It had Gene Roddenberry’s name on it, included work by a bunch of TOS writers and all the original actors’ voices. I think we can safely call it canon if we’re a touch flexible about these things! It also has a DVD release in a similar style to the TOS releases!

Given the design changes in the cartoon series, it’s really a ‘missing link’ between TOS and the movies. Also, it’s the closest visually and storywise we’ve had to the style of TOS until the new movie!

Anyway, now the ‘Prime’ universe stories have come to an end, there’s never really been anything portrayed that contradicts Robert April’s existence, so we might as well accept him. Plus, I read Final Frontier and thought he was way cool! ;)

98. McCoy - April 22, 2009

I don’t understand why anyone wants to see this. We know what happens at the end. It can’t possible be exciting if we know which characters survive.

Plus all the sets are so 1960’s. Did you know some are mad from wood?

99. Dom - April 22, 2009

What was in the wood? LSD? ;)

100. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009

81 if it makes any difference in ST09 enterprise launches later than it normally would have


When Original Spock and Kirk meet, Spock asks Kirk if he’s captain of the enterprise yet, kirk says no, and Spock realizes that Nero f***ed up the timeline bad…reaaaalllly bad

Thus, Abrams is able to give the finger to canon again

In a kind of cool way

101. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009

By cool of course I mean lame, in a Marvel Comics kind of “you cant change the past so if you go back in time and change something you create a new alternate universe which will invariably be assigned a random number like Earth-616″

102. Bill Peters - April 22, 2009

Me four! I love all those episodes of TOS!

I love Omega Glory and Bread and Circuses.

I am really looking froward to the movie!

Can’t wait to taste the Cereal!

103. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009

I have my doubts

Remember the Batman cereal from 1989?

Worst…movie-tie in…cereal…ever!

104. Magic_Al - April 22, 2009

Cool! I almost forgot this was coming. Anthony, is this going to air in a one-hour slot or 90 minutes? “The Cage” is 63 minutes uncut and the thought of a one-hour slot with commercials is pretty ugly.

I too look forward to the opening title. Most likely they will be faithful to their appearance in the pilot film, not the series. The theme music is a question because all TOS-R episodes used new recordings of all three arrangements from each season. Did the orchestra cover the distinct pilot arrangement while they were at it?

I enjoy comparing “The Cage” to TMP and TNG to see what ideas appeared “before their time”. In particular the muted blue-gray-brown color palettes of “The Cage” and TMP stand together and apart from TOS and TNG and suggest familiar bright primary colors were someone else’s idea. Or, perhaps the difference merely reflects a conscious adjustment for big screen vs. small screen, “The Cage” being big screen in so much as the intended audience was studio and TV executives watching the film in a screening room.

Among Roddenberry-produced Trek landing party jackets appear only in “The Cage” and TMP. “Cage” scenes of crewmembers dressed casually while off-duty made only a sporadic comeback on TNG, although the idea was expressed in TMP by making uniforms appear to be many styles of soft, comfortable pajamas.

As for Roddenberry’s characters, the term Number One is just one of several ways “The Cage” seems as much a pilot of TNG as of TOS.

“The Cage” is my favorite single work of Star Trek. It’s not the first episode of TOS, it’s a separate generation unto itself. It’s the superpilot of the entire franchise.

105. U.F.P. - April 22, 2009

97. i don’t think Chekov was in TAS. Although Koenig did write a n episode…

106. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009

105 Koenig was not in TAS because they could not afford all of the actors so they had to cut somebody, but yes he did write an episode

I am not kidding by the way, seriously, the couldnt afford him

Thats just sas

107. Weerd1 - April 22, 2009

I love “The Cage.” I love nearly everything about it. Really looking forward to this and this is a neat trailer.

108. Darkwing - April 22, 2009

other than the menagerie, i don’t think i’ve seen this

109. U.F.P., $Version=0 - April 22, 2009

106. Shatner could have given some of his geeter to him…oh well..

110. cd - April 22, 2009

I liked how they phrased it: “The Enterprise’s first captain wasn’t Kirk”. That phrase does not dispute the possibility of April being the first captain. Someone was paying attention.

111. Naver Drol - April 22, 2009

Ray Liotta does NOT look like Jeffrey Hunter. (He looks like Glenn Corbett).

112. Miles R. Seppelt - April 22, 2009


113. cd - April 22, 2009

106 – And, if I remember correctly, they were only going to have Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley, and have actors other than Doohan, etc. do Scott, Uhura, Sulu, and Chapel. Nimoy insisted they be in it. So, then we get Doohan and Barrett and occassionally Nichols doing a lot of the guest voices, which I thought was pretty cool. (Cool of Nimoy and cool to have Doohan, Barrett, and Nichols doing the other voices.)

114. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009

110 In the Abrams version, Pike is the first captain…that’s pretty set in stone in the film (you will see what I mean if you watch it)

In the non-retarded REGULAR Star Trek, then yeah, from I’ve heard, April was one of the names Roddenberry wanted to use first

He also toyed with Winter, and he wanted to call the Enterprise the Yorktown

Sigh…so many possiblities now gone…and the Vulcans, well, they’re screwed!

Damn you Abrams!! You blew it up!!!

115. U.F.P. - April 22, 2009

108. You are in for a treat. New Trek is always so exciting but frequently a let down. I look forward to watching this remastered. BTW is there ever going to be new animated series? Now would seem like a good time…anyone?

116. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009

yes that would be fantastic!

And if 09 rakes in the money, they cant possibly claim they dont have the funds for every member of the cast

117. cd - April 22, 2009

101-or they could Star Trek like Earth-2149.


118. starfall42 - April 22, 2009

As far as I know, there was a 30 second promo produced for each of the TOS:R episodes for local stations to use, but they quit putting them online when everybody at got fired.

I really enjoyed the reviews. Any chance of going back and reviewing some of the TOS:R episodes that got missed? The first half of the second season of TOS:R didn’t get any reviews.

119. U.F.P., $Version=0 - April 22, 2009

113 Yeah Nimoy rocks. Ive never heard anyone disparage his character.

120. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009

117 THat is exactly how this film feels to me..comic-bookish

On the one hand, I LOVE IT!

On the other hand, it’s taking me some getting used to…you really have to sit back and take it in

It’s almost surreal…its Star Trek, but its not, but it is

Thats my only concern, that ST fans will fFEEL like this is an alternate universe, that it wont be a smooth transition

121. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009

119 Which is why more than any character, Nimoy’s Spock deserved a role in this film

122. cd - April 22, 2009

Robert April was the captain’s name in the first draft of The Cage. I am not sure why they changed it to Pike. When it came time to pick a new captain for the second pilot, here is the list of names they looked at:

123. HesDeadJim - April 22, 2009


124. Anthony Thompson - April 22, 2009

28 and 59

Where is Hitch, anyway? Being “rehabilitated” again? He is so cool!


125. JACathcart - April 22, 2009

#63 “We wouldn’t have William Shatner’s crazy antics either.”

That, sir, is blasphemy. I smack your face with a white glove and call you out to a duel…with phasers of course!

126. Paul - April 22, 2009

>90. ENGON – April 22, 2009
>…and when he limped across the planet surface because the boots they gave him were way too small.

No, that was acting. What you don’t realize is the backstory to this episode – shortly before the Enterprise crew came across Talos IV they endured a violent encounter on Rigel 7. Several crew were injured, including Spock, and two of them died. Pike is remorseful about it in the episode.

127. Commodore Kor'Tar - April 22, 2009

I am looking forward to seeing the HD treatment on this episode , I’ve got the old VHS , so this should be good.

128. MC1 Doug - April 22, 2009

#51: “Robert April was the original name of Pike on the VERY first draft of the show. While they used it again for the animated series, only Yesteryear counts from TAS as being a real part of canon, the rest no.”

pish posh! Roddenberry considered the TAS as canon for a very long time. I don’t know what brought about his change of heart (and don’t really care either). I stand by Roddenberry’s original comment “if it was filmed, it was canon.”

You cannot have it both ways saying some episodes were canon, some not. A great deal of the tenants of TAS have been incorporated into later TREK, and not just “Yesteryear.”

Personally, I think some of TAS episodes were quite good, quite innovative and some quite adult for Saturday morning TV (for example, in two separate episodes a female character was heard to make sugggestive sexual comments and we had an episode that treated Satan as a sympathetic character– just try and see if that would happen today).

Sure, the animation was crude, but some of TREK production alum regrouped for the series, and of course we had 99% of the original cast reuniting to provide voices. I think it is time TAS got its due.


oh… There is enough reference material and TAS to indicate Captain April was the first…. which also lends credence to the argument that the Enterprise was probably close to, if not exceeding, 20 years of age prior to Kirk taking command… so by the time “The Search for Spock” comes around, the Enterprise was actually much closer to being 40 years old (not so unbelievable when considering the US Navy’s USS KITTY HAWK was just decommissioned last year and she was brought into action in 1963).

I loved Pike, always have. Have always thought “The Cage” and probably the first 10-15 episodes aired of TOS were the finest examples of what TREK could be. The cinematography, the lighting, the camera work, the scripts all displayed superior production values that seemed to diminish somewhat as the series progressed.

One thing I don’t understand in today’s world of science fiction movies/TV is why are not science fiction writers not being tapped to write the scripts like TOS did (Sturgeon, Ellison, Bloch, Bixby, for example)?

What about?



129. Matt Wright - April 22, 2009

95 — I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Sony also takes very good care of their stand alone BD players as well.

130. Matt Wright - April 22, 2009

88 — Good to see ya Stanky. I told ya we’d have more TOS-R soon!

131. Andy Patterson - April 22, 2009


Hey man,

I’ve always loved “Omega Glory”. Never understood why people diss it. “Oh,…it’s not believable that there’s a planet that has an American flag”….Our suspension of disbelief stops on this point? From all the other far out things the show did?! Ron Tracy….one of the greatest villains EVER! The fight(s) between he and Kirk…classic. And Kirk in the cage with Cloud William.. How did those not make the Kirk Fu countdown?!


And Matt,…I am obviously ignorant about the whole process. I feel like I learn more on these boards than from the salesman who are on a changing technology learning curve just like me. Wish I knew the right answer. Again,…she may come home just like when I got the piano…

132. TOG - April 22, 2009

Capt. April never actually commanded Enterprise, he was stripped of his command for sexual misconduct before Enterprise left port. I believe he was sentenced to 2yrs at Gitmo Moon Correctional facility, where he died from STTD? Sexually Transmitted Tribbles Disease! You might want to check the facts with Memory Alpha…

133. Commodore Redshirt - April 22, 2009

A New Trek Remastered!
There IS time travel!

Just like old times…(*sigh…)

134. Chris M - April 23, 2009

That looks awesome! The Cage is the perfect epsisode of Star Trek to watch before seeing the new movie!!

I’ve always liked Jeffrey Hunter’s Captain Christopher Pike! :)

135. noirgwio - April 23, 2009

I literally just got done watching this, (3:47AM, 4/23/09 – and yes, the remastered version on TOSR S/3.) and come on to see this headline! Cool, man! I’m reading D. C. Fontanna’s Vulcan’s Glory, which really made me want to see it again.

136. ENGON - April 23, 2009


“No, that was acting…”

“That’s the official story, eh”? – Trelane.

Pretty sure I heard about the tight-boots when they broadcast the 90 minute episodes of “Star Trek :The Special Edition” on the Sci-Fi channel several years ago. As I recall, they showed a clip of Spock limping while Nimoy mentioned something about tight boots. But, perhaps Nimoy was merely describing how he deliberately achieved the limping effect by wearing painfully tight boots – but I dont’ recall him going into the backstory of it at all. On the other hand, maybe I’m hallucinating again.

137. captain_neill - April 23, 2009

Pike was the second captain of the Enterprise

April being the first captian I believe Rodeenberry made this part of animated series canon

138. Jim Smith - April 23, 2009

131 – It’s not just me then. Cool.

I like that episode a lot. I like the ‘future shock’ aspect of it and the disorienting idea that (if you add up the maths of everyone’s ages, how long it has been since the nuclear war) this parallel planet must have had its US constitution/flag before ours’ did. Which is an interesting spin on the ole ‘Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development’ thing. Maybe it isn’t they who are parallel. Maybe it’s us who are… Quite TWILIGHT ZONE-y.

Tracy is an excellent villain and you’re so right about the Kirk Fu. Like I said, a lot of Gene R’s actual scripts for the series are underrated. ‘Datalore’ is another example. Also ‘Assignment Earth’.

139. trekboi - April 23, 2009

#25 Duncan Macleod- they used different effects shots from THE MANAGERIE with a different planet.
They also replaced the shot of the planet loming into view with a orbiting shot of the enterprise that doesnt match the planet on the viewscreen a second later- the dark side of the planet looks wrong- but it was a nice surprise- the last shots are clunky- just the ship ziping around in different directions for no apparent reason- should have done something- went through a nebula or around the sun or just pann around the ship at warp- or going to warp.

Anthony- can u ask them why they did not show the ship go into warp when the script required it a few times- instead the ship just sat there on impulse.
we did see it go faster once but no warp flares or trailing lights…

140. Daoud - April 23, 2009

#138 Indeed, and Assignment: Earth could make for a very interesting series still. Especially if done to fit in the “Star Trek” universe. Gary Seven and Roberta’s adventures in the comic series were a great read.

I’ve often wondered if Orci & Kurtzman considered having Robert April in command of the USS Kelvin before going with Robau. That would have “solved” this April/Pike Constitution/Enterprise timeline mystery quite neatly. I still go with my comments at 61.

141. Jim Smith - April 23, 2009

140 – They could do an Assignment Earth TV series now, making the first episode an updated remake of the TOS episode, with Pine and Quinto. That would be awesome.

Those of us (you, me, others on this board) who like to ‘play’ with continuity ideas will certainly find ways to smooth out and over the rough edges. Since seeing the new movie I’ve watched half a dozen episodes of TOS (I’ve been in a Trek mood) and none of them would have any problems fitting *after* the movie. (Which isn’t to say that there aren’t others that would). That’s provided you squint at the aesthetics, naturally. (Same way we accept that Enterprise has different battle damage at the start of SFS than at the end of TWOK, despite them ostensibly being continuous).

142. I-Am-Zim - April 23, 2009

Cool. I’ve got this episode on disc 7 of season 3 TOS-R. It’s really good. The remastering is excellent. Great effects and some slightly different scenes. And the Enterprise is different enough that you know it’s Pike’s ship and not Kirk’s. I really don’t plan to watch it on TV because it will be cut to pieces for syndication. Think about it: This episode is over an hour long on the DVD. And that’s without commercials. They are going to have to cut about 25 minutes of fottage out of it to fit it into a one-hour simeslot on regular TV. That is going to suck. The last time I saw The Cage on network TV was when G4 was running Star Trek 2.0. And one of the things I remembered was that the entire “warm martini” scene with Pike and Boyce was completely cut out. Along with many more pivotal scenes. Just to get the commercials in. That is absolutely rediculous! So get the DVD. If you have a account, you can rent it online. Just rent disc 7 of season 3.

143. Nate - April 23, 2009

They probably mean “first captain” as in “first aired.” Remember Archer…

144. marbpl - April 23, 2009

To #104: There were casually dressed crewmembers (wearing the same outfits as THE CAGE) in the opening scene of WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE as well.×03/wherenomanhasgone013.jpg

145. Andy Patterson - April 23, 2009

140, 141

Yes…Assignment: Earth is primed for a return. I feel like IDW is testing the waters with the release of the Gary Seven collection. For whatever that’s worth.

146. Jeyl - April 23, 2009

&143. “Remember Archer…”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Archer is the worst Star Trek Captain out there. He’s a jerk who gets away with the dumbest things.

147. Spectrum of the Spock - April 23, 2009

Talosians = Buttheads

148. Spectrum of the Spock - April 23, 2009

i never claimed to be the sharpest toll in the crayon box, so maybe i missed something.

In one of the trailers Bones says “we’ve got no captain and no first officer to replace him.” So, in the new film, Spock is not first officer yet? That would be consistent with his Science Officer only status in ‘The Cage’.

so who is/ was the first officer in the film. did i miss that? was Chief Engineer Olsen the first officer or something?

149. Spectrum of the Spock - April 23, 2009

i kant evin spelll.

i meant ‘tool’ not ‘toll’…

150. Markus McLaughlin - April 23, 2009

I’m looking forward to seeing it in High Definition Blu-Ray or TV!

I saw the Menagerie last year when it was in the theaters.

I sure hope all the early reviews of Trek XI will translate to
major BUCKS so a Trek XII can be made!!!

Live Long and Prosper!

linuxglobe @

151. Roger Paris - April 23, 2009

I wouldve liked to see Tim Daly as Pike. Good looks,speaking voice.
Also has a connect to TOS. His dad played Flint I think.

152. Will - April 23, 2009

#28 LOL. I love early LOUD Spock!

As for “Omega Glory” I have a problem with the flag and the constitution being identical. Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development can only be stretched so far. But the basic story is good, and watching Captain Tracy go from competent Ship’s Captain to completely freaking bonkers is great fun.

153. Jefferies Tuber - April 23, 2009

Not enough has been made of the fact that Kirk is drinking from a flask with the Bones in the “danger and disease” clip from the new movie.

From “The Cage” [Pike and Boyce] to TWOK’s Romulan Ale scene, the three-way relationship between the Captain, his doctor and their alcohol is a grand Trek tradition.

It’s one of the more clever nods to tradition in the promo footage.

Pour yourself a drink for “The Cage” and enjoy.

154. Alex Aslanidis - April 23, 2009

Ray Liotta is a near perfect match for Jeff Hunter IMO

155. Spectrum of the Spock - April 23, 2009

Rob Estes methinks

156. Spectrum of the Spock - April 23, 2009

… but it looks like Bruce did a good job…

157. Roger Paris - April 23, 2009

Have you seen Liota lately?
He looks a little bloated and has had bad cosmetic surgery.

Estes always radiates frat boy duchery……..imo

158. tranchera - April 23, 2009

Remastered blows chunks… replacing dated practical models with soon-to-be-dated CGI… and at the same time leaving in cheap cardboard sets.

159. Robert Bernardo - April 23, 2009

O.K., where is Yeoman Colt in the preview? :)

160. Closettrekker - April 23, 2009

#128—I disagree.

“Yesteryear” has more legitimacy to me because elements of it are repeatedly referenced in subsequent live action Trek.

You can have the rest of TAS. It isn’t canon to me—including “The Counter-Clock Incident”.

IMO, Robert April is just a character on a subpar quality 1970’s Saturday morning cartoon version of Trek.

The only quality production in those 22 animated stories is Dorothy Fontana’s “Yesteryear”.

Live action Trek=canon (IMO).

161. Ron_Tracey - April 23, 2009

#74, #76,

Omega Glory = MY ATF episode!!!!!!!!!!

PURE GOLD!!!!!!!!

Not only did we get Kirk-Fu, But we got Ron Tracey-aikido, too!!

“Leave medicine to medical men, Captain…these people live longer because its natural for them too!!!”

162. Jeyl - April 23, 2009

^160: “The only quality production in those 22 animated stories is Dorothy Fontana’s “Yesteryear”.”

Ya, “And the Children Shall Lead” and “The Way to Eden” were prime examples of quality production that the animated series could never touch. Never mind the nice continuation of the Tribble story, the actual ALIEN looking bridge crew members or the fact that Uhura got to command the Enterprise.

I don’t think anyone in the story telling department would ever consider working on a project if they were told their works wouldn’t matter. Why would anyone want to do projects like that?

163. Andy Patterson - April 23, 2009

“Freedom?” You speak of freedom? You will not speak it. Yang worship word”

“Captain Ronald Tracy….”

“I-ee, Plegli-ian
for come, to come
tu pep
like for stand”….

164. Sam Belil - April 23, 2009

I always LOVED the Cage as a “stand-alone” episode, it contained all of the components of what made TOS great, as well demonstrating great story-telling with a message. Jeffery Hunter’s Pike was outstanding — actually all of the characters were outstanding. You can see the genesis of the Kirk/McCoy relationship early in those scenes with Pike/Boyce — the music needless to say CLASSIC TOS at its best!!!! I think it’s not fair to compare Shatner’s Kirk to Hunter’s Pike — lots of similiarities LOTS of differences. Lets give Shatner some slack here, in season 1 he was not the “comical meladramatic character” that we saw in seasons 2 and 3. He was a very serious leader (yes confident, not cocky) he showed emotion and frailties. That is why to me season #1 for pure drama was Star Trek at its absolute best!! I’ve read more reviews about the movie, all HIGHLY POSITIVE — I’m SO EXCITED!!!!
Thorsten!!! If you’re out there — BEST REGARDS!!!!

165. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - April 23, 2009

Can Trek be any hotter then it is now. Wow. can Trek be any Hotter then it is now. Can’t wait for May 7th at 7pm to get here. I have my Ticket and im ready.

166. BK613 - April 23, 2009

No harm no foul at this point anyway. The Prime Universe is closed; might as well include TAS as canon for all the difference it will make…

167. Ron_Tracey - April 23, 2009


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, was

A) The Vengeance of Capt. Tracey???

B) Or…The Rage of Lord Garth of Izar!!!????

“The Yang lance, doctor…………”

168. Andy Patterson - April 23, 2009

“Spock,…how long…?”

169. Andy Patterson - April 23, 2009

an article on

“The 43 year old director says he went back to the beginning to look for inspiration for the latest installment. ”


How can Abrams be 43 and not have been a fan of the original…to begin with?

170. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 23, 2009

#153 “Not enough has been made of the fact that Kirk is drinking from a flask with the Bones in the ‘danger and disease’ clip from the new movie. It’s one of the more clever nods to tradition in the promo footage.”

I was just thinking that earlier today! Don’t forget, Kirk & Bones also shared a flask at the campfire in Star Trek V!

171. Spectrum of the Spock - April 23, 2009

… and Bones brings him Romulan Ale in STII…

172. Matt Wright - April 23, 2009

131 — Hey Andy, I wouldn’t ever walk into a random big box store and take the random salesdude’s advice. They typically have little to no actual knowledge, just marketing material from the vendors.
Home theater is a hobby of mine and I read multiple A/V forums and magazines and so I have a pretty darn good idea of what is actually worth while and what isn’t. The sales guys sure as heck don’t do that. The ones that do, either get fed up with having to push mediocre products and quit, or get promoted into more elite positions.

I’m going to have some Blu-ray articles up here pretty soon. I’m also lobbying to get Tony to allow a Blu-ray chat section for a while here on the site so you guys can get questions answered, etc.

173. BK613 - April 23, 2009

And let’s not forget McCoy’s famous Finagle’s Follies…

174. Matt Wright - April 23, 2009

167 — It would have been cool to see more exploits of those two classic Trek madmen :)

175. Closettrekker - April 23, 2009

#170—“Don’t forget, Kirk & Bones also shared a flask at the campfire in Star Trek V!”

You just had to do it, didn’t you?

176. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 23, 2009

#175 … Here, I’ll save you the trouble:


177. Closettrekker - April 23, 2009

#162—-Like I said, IMO, live action Trek=canon.

“Yesteryear” is the most memorable entry in the animated series, and perhaps that is why it is often referenced in some manner or another in susequent live action Trek.

As for throwing out “And The Children Shall Lead” or “The Way To Eden” as counter-examples, you take the good with the bad in TOS. I can think of about 20-25 great episodes out of 79, and the rest range from decent to awful.

With TAS, there isn’t enough good (IMO) to justify giving canonical legitimacy to the whole thing. One out of 22 isn’t very good in my mind.

But again, look at it how you like.

I don’t see Robert April as a canonical figure in Star Trek.

178. Closettrekker - April 23, 2009


I wasn’t going to do it.

179. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 23, 2009

#178 … Btw, Closet, I have promoted you. Report to tomorrow as CAPTAIN of Canon.

180. planettom - April 23, 2009

Here in Atlanta, it seems to be airing Sunday, May 3rd, from 1am-2am, on WATL.

So…63 minute show in about 43 minutes, plus commercials, so I guess they’re going to trim out 20 minutes of stuff?

Incidentally, I recently rewatched Disney’s THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE. Pretty good Jeffrey Hunter movie!

181. SHCone - April 23, 2009

If you really need to reconcile it to yourself, you could say that in the new timeline Robert April captained the Enterprise’s “shakedown cruise” before moving on to other assignments. That way he was the first CO, but completed his assigned tour and moved on before Pike took command for her initial missions.

There was a cool TNG era book… “Ship of the Line” or some such where they brought back Morgan Bates to command the Enterprise-E’s shakedown. It was a fun book.

182. Will - April 23, 2009

It was on NBC, it had Gene Roddenberry’s name on it, it starred Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, Takei, Barret, Nichols, and Doohan. Oh, and it was called “Star Trek.”
It’s canon.
Just like ST:V is canon, despite Gene Roddenberry’s claim that it was “apocryphal.” If we could pick and choose canon based on perceived quality, I’d veto most of Voyager, Enterprise, and the first season of ST: TNG.

183. Jon B - April 23, 2009

Yes, we’re finally getting The Cage. Can’t wait.

184. planettom - April 23, 2009

So, my first time seeing THE CAGE:

It was 1978 or 1979, I was 12 or 13. The Ohio Theater in Columbus, Ohio. Gene Roddenberry was doing a lecture tour, “An Evening with Gene Roddenberry.” He did some Q&A, played the blooper reels.

Then he showed a preview from STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. They didn’t have the right type of projector though, so the picture was elongated. Meaning Persis Khambatta looked like a Conehead.

I think the part they showed was when the asteroid gets caught in the Enterprise’s warp slipstream. “Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee phaaaaaaasers.” “Beeeeeeeelaaaaaaay thaaaaaaaaat ooooooooordeeeeeer!”

Then Roddenberry showed THE CAGE. Only, he didn’t have a color print of it, so it was in black and white. And behold, Mr. Spock is Mr. Shouty!

185. John Sullivan - April 23, 2009

Would be nice to see the totally screwed up upcoming Movie version of the starship Enterprise in this remaster, and then I won’t feel so bad about what they’ve done to my beloved 1960’s TOS Matt Jefferies Enterprise, knowing that after a trip or two for modifications in the yards, it will eventually become our beloved Starship … in 15 years or so when Kirk is scheduled to take over the ship. There is also a rare 2nd pilot which isn’t the same one as what ended up in the series as “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” and would be nice if someone would release that on DVD sometime, too. It has never been aired, to the best of my knowledge, but I’ve seen it. Let me see … season 2 Kirk asks Chekov how old he is … “Tventy-Tvo.” That means that in this movie, Chekov should be about 8.

186. BK613 - April 23, 2009

Did you know some are mad[e] from wood?

A tradition carried right up to the very end:

187. dep1701 - April 23, 2009

One criticism is that in the remastered shot of the Enterprise maneuvering up for the shot through the dome, you can see the rear edge of the saucer THROUGH the dorsal, as if it were made of glass!

A disappointing FX goof in an otherwise decent remastering effort.

188. MC1 Doug - April 23, 2009

#160: and I would add to TAS’s list of episodes I would rank as quite excellent to very interesting:

“Yesteryear, The Magicks of Megas-Tu, Beyond the Farthest Star, The Slaver Weapon, Jihad, How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth, The Pirates of Orion, The Ambergris Element” and “Albatross.”

The rest, I posit, are merely okay (and “The Practical Joker” ranks with “Spock’s Brain” as truly bad)…

If the TAS has any failings, in my opinion, is that they displayed a flaw of that era’s Saturday morning cartoons– they were overly preachy.

but that is just me… and even though the majority of the animated episodes are “just okay,” that does nothing to change my opinion that TAS belongs in canon.

189. Jim Smith - April 24, 2009

188 – SPOCK’S BRAIN is so much fun. Every season of every STAR TREK show has at least two episodes worse than this.

190. FredCFO - April 24, 2009

Please accept my apologies, Anthony….

191. Andy Patterson - April 24, 2009


Cool Matt,

You’re my man. “He’s our guide, Spock.”

I’ll pay you a consulting fee.

192. Scarpad - April 24, 2009

I also think if it ended up being Hunter and Not Shatner we would’nt even have the last 40 years of Trek. Star Trek and it’s Legacy owes alot to William Shatner, love him or Hate him you have to admit that.

193. Andy Patterson - April 24, 2009


I definitely agree with that. I’ve always said that. He’s not all of it . . . there’s so many elements to it….Gene Coon, etc…..We could have a whole thread on that subject. But to me he has always been A LOT of Trek. I’ve always said that. Always felt it.

194. Jim Smith - April 24, 2009

192/193 I think the brilliance of Shatner’s Kirk, which is a key part of the success of STAR TREK, is that he finds the line between integrity and parody and walks it like a tightrope. It’s a magnificent performance in so many ways and yet the credit eludes him because he makes it look easy. And easy it ain’t.

195. Closettrekker - April 24, 2009

#182—It was still a Saturday Morning Cartoon.

I don’t care what channel it was on.

Live action Trek=canon to me.

As far as I am concerned, there is no such person as Robert April, so long as he isn’t referenced in live action Trek.

The TSFS retconning of the age of the Enterprise (which was admittedly the intended purpose on the part of Harve Bennett and Leonard Nimoy with Morrow’s dialogue) makes the whole 2245 launch date and April’s TAS-suggested command moot anyway.

It leaves time only for one five-year mission prior to Kirk’s command.

Even if you considered “The Counter-Clock Incident” to be canon prior to 1984, it wouldn’t hold up subsequent to that.

As with all timeline retcons in Star Trek, the precedent has always been to defer to the later canonical entry.

196. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 24, 2009

#195 … Captain Canon Strikes Again!!!

197. Browncoat - April 24, 2009

78. Cousin Itt – April 22, 2009

The Cage rocks! Imagine what TV was like in 1964, and think of GR and his team making that pilot. Awesome.

I don’t have to imagine….I was there……as well as “Forbidden Planet” Trek owes a lot to Rocky Jones:Space Ranger

198. Shatner_Fan_Prime - April 24, 2009

Re. “The TSFS retconning of the age of the Enterprise”

I’ve always considered Morrow’s line an approximation at best. TSFS takes place 15 years after TOS. And in TOS, we learned that Spock had served aboard the ship more than 10 years earlier with Pike. Therefore, the Enterprise was over 25 years old. Morrow was just guesstimating…

199. Closettrekker - April 24, 2009

#198—I can’t buy that for a few reasons.

1) Morrow has indicated that he just participated in the decision to decommission the Enterprise, and it makes no sense that he wouldn’t be familiar with her age;

2) If his objective was to emphasize how old she is, why round down instead of rounding up?;

and 3) Both Bennett and Nimoy claim it was their intention to retcon the vessel’s age to 20 years at that point.

I agree that it is contradictory to the dialogue in “The Menagerie”, but to me, that’s no different than the retconning of the movie era’s time period to the “late 23rd Century” in TVH.

The measurement of time passage has always been the shakiest element of Star Trek canon. But the precedent in such matters has always been to defer to the later entry. I rationalize it that way because I can always say that the method of dealing with it is consistent.

I think that’s better than cherry-picking which dialogue we will accept as canon, and which will be discarded or explained away.

200. U.F.P. - April 24, 2009

181 ship of the line is one of my fav novels. great tie-ins and has Scotty ! Turns out he was a freind of Bulldog Bateson.

I’d like to see another TOS/TNG crossover book with both of them.

201. U.F.P. - April 24, 2009

@181 Also I guess Batson could have been friends w/ Kirk. Maybe Batson is in the new movie ?

202. Matias47 - April 24, 2009

Okay, I haven’t read all of the posts here tonight, but I’m willing to bet that this little tidbit of information hasn’t been touched on. (Bear with me, this is cool.)

Let me give you the background — late last summer I was working on an episode of CSI (this is not about me — I promise) and I happened to ask a friend of mine (an FX make-up artist) a question. You see, In my biz (FX make-up) it’s widely accepted that make-up FX genius Dick Smith invented the use of bladders (basically hand made balloons used for breathing and swelling effects) on the movie The Exorcist. But, thought I, what about the pulsing veins in the heads of the Talosians in the original pilot of Star Trek. Well, my friend tells me to ask my boss, who’s been around for a while and also knows his film history. So I follow my bud’s advice.

My boss thinks for a while and goes, “You know what? You’re absolutely right. That effect had to be done with bladders, no doubt. And you know who did the make-up fx for that show? Johnny Chambers.”

John Chambers.

For those of you not quite as intimate with make-up fx as I am — John Chambers did the make-up for the original Planet of the Apes.

How cool is that?

203. Cervantes - April 25, 2009

Ah, a FINAL taste of ‘proper’ timeline Trek, complete with a cerebral edge.

Now if only this whole effort can be RE-re-mastered to a higher standard where new effects are concerned the NEXT time!

204. Matt Wright - April 25, 2009

202 — That’s cool if true, I dunno how to verify it though. The official credit for makeup is of course Fred Philips.

205. Andy Patterson - April 25, 2009


That’s a cool bit of trivia.

I always thought that was wicked genius of them to make the alians that way. And using petite woman to build all that on was perfect. Highly advanced brains, with diminutive frames and bone structure.

206. Marshall McMellon - April 26, 2009

Okay. I finally saw the clip. It just gets blocked by my firewall at work.

207. dep1701 - April 27, 2009

“The TSFS retconning of the age of the Enterprise (which was admittedly the intended purpose on the part of Harve Bennett and Leonard Nimoy with Morrow’s dialogue) makes the whole 2245 launch date and April’s TAS-suggested command moot anyway”

I always explained it to myself as perhaps meaning 20 years from the refit seen in “The Motion Picture”. In the movie, they said took “18 months of redesigning and refitting the Enterprise”, meaning just about 2 years from the finish of Kirk’s 5 year mission. Then in “TWOK” kirk says “there’s a man out there I haven’t seen in 15 years who’s trying to kill me…you show me a son who’d be happy to help him…”. To me that indicated quite a bit of time between “TMP” and TWOK, so in my mind, the line could still work with established Trek history.

208. quacks5 - May 16, 2009

“As with all timeline retcons in Star Trek, the precedent has always been to defer to the later canonical entry.”

I guess everyone is free to believe what they want about canon. Roddenbery/Paramount/the Franchise/now J.J. Abrams will have to promote whatever view will keep the cash cow going. But I favor earlier rather than later. Otherwise, you can dismiss anything at any time. (Oh, wait, that’s what the new movie did.) To me, TOS is canon. TOS is the sine qua non. If TAS fits in then good, though I’m quite okay with dismissing most of it. I certainly think that Yesteryear should count. ST:II, ST:III, ST:IV are certainly canon, though I have concerns about some of the sillier stuff in IV. Unless they contradict the original show I’ll accept anything in the first six movies (though I’d like to forget V). Generations was heresy because of how it treated Kirk.

The first problem with TNG is the retconning that is done to put it in the 24th century. If TNG had just told their own stories without trying to tie back to the original universe they could have avoided a lot of continuity problems. If you don’t accept TNG as canon then you have considerably fewer contradictions.

V’ger (the series) was just a horrible mistake. Enterprise was interesting, but after all the canon violations that had gone before it was impossible to drop in a prequel without adding to the contradictions. I think DS9 probably was the best of the Trek spinoffs regarding quality of storytelling. In some ways its retcons may have hewed a bit closer to TOS than TNG did (for example, I appreciated that the Tribble remix didn’t “remaster” the Klingons’ foreheads).

As much as I hate what Abrams did to my favorite characters, considering what a mess the TNG-centric Trek timeline has become, did he really have any other choice to keep the franchise running? Well, yes, he did–he could have taken TOS as canon and based the new movie on that and ignored all the discrepancies introduced by the various spinoffs.

Of course, there’s the obvious: there is no “true” canon, all of it, yes, ALL of it, is FICTION. Shocking, I know. But for me, TOS is the established Trek universe, everything else is non-canonical embellishment. Some of that embellishment is entertaining and thought-provoking, some is schlock–kinda like TOS. Though IMHO the good/bad ratio of TOS is higher than any of the spinoffs, which is probably why it’s easier for me to take TOS as canon and take the rest with a grain of salt. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.