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Another Star Trek TV Spot – Star Trek Is Reborn May 2, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Another day and another commercial. Paramount has another spot out that touts the early critical response to the new Star Trek movie, and it also happens to contain some new bits. See it below with our usual analysis [note: commercial contains spoilers].



At this point you can start to lose count of the Star Trek commercials but Paramount consider this one ‘TV Spot 9′ [it is also on their Facebook page] But it is really the 14th or 15th depending on how you are counting. It is a variant on the ‘critics’ commercial with quotes from movie critics about the film. The tagline is "Star Trek is Reborn" and it contains a few bits of new footage.

[note spot contains spoilers]

Screencaps & analysis

Click images to enlarge

Kirk plays with salt shaker shaped like the USS Kelvin in Iowa bar

Sulu uses his auto-retracting parachute harness to pull himself back up to drilling rig over Vulcan

Drilling rig falls

USS Kelvin (small object on right) faces down the Narada


More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

NOTE: numbering updated to match official Paramount scheme

(Video cap thanks to  Salvor)


1. Megg - May 2, 2009

Hmmmmm….I kinda want that salt shaker.

2. Karl - May 2, 2009

First comment! I think it’s interesting how the drilling rig splash lands in San Francisco…
Going to destroy Starfleet with it’s big beam-thing?

3. James Cameron - May 2, 2009


Damn thats sweet. Can’t wait!

4. SunnyD - May 2, 2009

So JAZZZZZZZZZED for next weekend!!

5. Selor - May 2, 2009

I want that shaker too!

6. Bob Bobberson - May 2, 2009


7. spiked canon - May 2, 2009


8. Mike Stivic - May 2, 2009

Still surprised that not a single TV spot made any mention of Leonard Nimoy’s presence in the movie.

9. Wishing it was May 8th already!!!! - May 2, 2009

I booked my tickets! Can’t wait to see it!

10. Jon - May 2, 2009

An object of that size falling from orbit into Earth would sure make a bigger splash than that…

11. thorsten - May 2, 2009


12. AJ - May 2, 2009

I guess the drilling rig falling into SF Bay just gave away the ending.

13. JohnWA - May 2, 2009

First shot of the drilling rig: You can clearly see a new artificial island right next to the bridge. It certainly isn’t Alcatraz (which is much further away). I guess that pretty much explains the geographical issues people had with the trailer.

14. Pomeranc - May 2, 2009

I was lucky to see the movie on early showing in Prague few days ago. It’s realy unique Star Trek movie. So much fun on this big thrill ride. Now I just enjoying these new spots. Frankly it’s better not to see them before the movie. The level of surprise drops rapidly, when you watch all of them. But I now, resistance is futile. :DD

Can’t wait to see it second time. Star Trek lives!!

15. Sarah - May 2, 2009

8. Mike Stivic – May 2, 2009
Still surprised that not a single TV spot made any mention of Leonard Nimoy’s presence in the movie.


I agree, I’m not happy about that either.

16. Roll on 7th of May ! - May 2, 2009

11. AJ – May 2, 2009

I guess the drilling rig falling into SF Bay just gave away the ending.



17. TrekkyStar - May 2, 2009

The Narada is quite creapy.

18. Nathan Tjoa - May 2, 2009


Salt shaker shaped like the USS Kelvin?

19. Troubled Tribble - May 2, 2009

As far as giving away the ending I think I already safely assumed that they would win, Starfleet and Earth are saved, and they continue on to the next movie… where they will defeat the next villan and, in all likelihood, save Earth again… and again… and again… LOL Not too spoilery I think.

20. On May 8th Star Trek is Reborn | - May 2, 2009

[…] informacji jak zwykle na TrekMovie. Cieszy mnie zaś, że nie tylko ja nie mogę się już doliczyć ile to już właściwie tych […]

21. SciFiMetalGirl - May 2, 2009

I don’t get how you all think that the drilling rig falling in to the bay is the end of the movie? Isn’t there still the Narada and Nero to contend with? I would think that Nero is the major antagonist of the movie, not the drilling rig.

22. Allister Gourlay - May 2, 2009

Sky movies special in the UK has a number of unseen scenes, if your in the UK check it out is on every day!

23. OlderFan - May 2, 2009

And I think it’s on Sci-Fi channel now that they’re running an ad promoting more (new?) Star Trek clips/footage during Thursday’s WWE (or whatever that wrestling stuff is called)

24. GreenBloodedSonofaBitch - May 2, 2009


25. 'Jean-Luc' - May 2, 2009

I want that shaker. Now.

26. SciFiMetalGirl - May 2, 2009

Could this be another subtle nod to TOS when they originally used salt shakers as Dr McCoy’s medical instruments? If so, awesome!

27. fwise3 - May 2, 2009

I’m so freakin’ excited… I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!!!

28. Kirk's Girdle - May 2, 2009

Yeah, it spoiled the ending. I really thought Nero would destroy Earth too.

I imagine Kirk’s Riverside has a shitload of Kelvin souveir memorabilia.

29. Kirk's Girdle - May 2, 2009

Yes, that was sarcasm (the first part)

30. AJ - May 2, 2009


With the drill rig gone, it’s just Nero’s bony ass and some henchmen aboard an ugly ship with phasers and photorps. Easy-peasy for Kirk and the gang.

31. Kirk's Girdle - May 2, 2009

I already saw this on Facebook. I actually just took Star Trek off an a Facebook friend or whatever because they have been carpetbombing my page for the past 7 days.

32. Sci-Fi Bri - May 2, 2009

i’m planning on seeing wolverine its second day, if there is one.

33. Mike - May 2, 2009

I just came back from the free preview premiere of Star Trek here in Jacksonville, FL and all I can say is WOW that movie rocked…I will actually pay to see it again.

34. ABQ - May 2, 2009

Maybe I just don’t watch enough TV, but I’m amazed by the number of spots and this site is the only place I’ve ever seen any of them.

35. SciFiMetalGirl - May 2, 2009

Yeah, but that ugly ship looks freakin’ HUGE!

36. SciFiMetalGirl - May 2, 2009

Has anyone else seen the new cover of Entertainment Weekly? It is beautiful, even if Quinto is a tad bit airbrushed once again!

37. Jim Bob Jones Jr - May 2, 2009


Hence the [note: commercial contains spoilers]. at the top of the page…

38. spock - May 2, 2009

I’m sure they will be showing clips during the nascar race tonight. They have been showing commercials during most of the races the past couple of weeks

39. FIRST comments are annoying - May 2, 2009

How many different TV spots and trailers are they gonna make? This has got to be a record.

40. Aqua - May 2, 2009

You forgot to include the screenie of Uhura taking off pants :p

Given how much attention has been paid to the top :) lol

41. Plum - May 2, 2009

The BAD – Spoiler with the drill thing. Bad! The ads and clips were so great right up until now.

The GOOD – Uhura wears tighty whities. ;p

42. cdp - May 2, 2009



The number 12 car is being sponsored by Star Trek for tonights race.

43. Danny E - May 2, 2009

just saw the film……..remarkable. absolutely done the right way to re-energize the series… great job Abrams!

44. Blake Powers - May 2, 2009

#42…. YOU SUCK!!! But i do have tickets to the 7:30imax on May7th… I wish i was a reporter so i can see the movie early :-)

45. S. John Ross - May 2, 2009

#8: I think it would undermine a lot of the marketing. If the goal really is to sell it to audience (A) as a rejection of existing Star Trek (“not your father’s”) but to sell it to audience (B) as a celebratory reinvigoration of existing Star trek, then it follows that you flash your Nimoy only toward audience (B), where he’ll make folks cheer, instead of toward audience (A), where he’ll make eyes narrow and people go “heeeyyyyyy … wait just a gol-durn minute …”

46. Hat Rick - May 2, 2009

I love this commercial.

Rock ‘n’ roll!

47. Yammer - May 2, 2009


Just saw it!!! (Tinseltown Vancouver, 1030 am)

Trek is indeed reborn. Enthusiastic audience reaction, spontaneous cheering… plenty of spectacle, humour, and for us…easter eggs galore.

I look forward to discussing it with people after it officially opens to do the nitpicky thing, but…I think you can be pretty assured that it IS Trek, just prettied up to today’s action-movie FX and production standards. And even though it is brand-new, it feels much more like the Trek I loved as a kid than any of the Next Generation era sequels.

48. Dennis Bailey - May 2, 2009

Nimoy is not an actor who will put many butts in the seats other than folks who already intend to see the movie – the same would be true of Shatner. There’s no virtue to featuring him in this kind of advertising.

49. Michael - May 2, 2009

The USS Kelvin salt shaker is in true Trek tradition – remember that half the surgical tools McCoy used in TOS were – salt shakers.

Got the whole family set to see this in IMAX format 7PM Friday night at the AMC 16 in Tukwilla WA (didn’t even know they had IMAX there until this – thought I’d have to hoof it down to the Seattle Science Center for an IMAX showing)

50. CAPT CRUNCH - May 2, 2009

I like the Kelvin salt shaker as well!.. maybe they can sell it as a set with the spock spork!…
I guess Vulcan is not red!

51. tribble farmer - May 2, 2009

Less than a week to goooooo.

Fortunately I got the OST a few days early so that’ll help pass the time.

52. Jorg Sacul - May 2, 2009

I saw it at 1100 AM this morning, thanks to a friend who threw his back out.

OMG. OMFG. OMGOMGOMG!!!! Stunning! Amazing! BLEW ME AWAY!!

I’m going to see this again and again, then I’m going out to buy my Blu-Ray player for the November release.

SPOILER ALERT!! (I have to tell you all this!)

They’ve made Spock a female in this version!!!


53. immortal redshirt - May 2, 2009

Hahaha yet another hostile space-device crashing into San Francisco Bay. Now if we can get a Borg ship down there with the Klingon Bird of Prey and the Romulan drilling rig they can all have a party.

54. Former Trekologist - May 2, 2009



55. OR Coast Trekkie - May 2, 2009

I do think there should be one commercial ending with Nimoy saying, “Live long, and prosper.”

56. Brian - May 2, 2009

Wow, that picture of the salt shaker sure makes the Kelvin look sleek… I’m beginning to love the design.

57. --Mandalore-- - May 2, 2009

I knew Nero’s ship was big but, damn…. either that or the Kelvin is really small…..




58. Unbel1ever - May 2, 2009

I just finished reading Alan Dean Foster’s novelization, which was in the mail this morning. Since Foster’s already seen the movie earlier this year, I think it’s mostly accurate. From what I’ve read, the characters and chemistry are all there. It’s an exciting story and it certainly captivates. It’s not the epic comeback, I had wished Star Trek to be, but it is good entertainment and it’s also very Star Trek in many ways. There are quite a few logical errors in the plot, which Foster tries to explain and suceeds most of the time. These explanations won’t be there on screen, so I’m happy to have read the book beforehand, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the movie as much on Wednesday. In my opinion the story could have done without the whole “youth” part and focus more on the academic days, since the beginning of the story is quite “jumpy” and somewhat unsatisfying. Several times you have to stretch a bit, to accept certain things. I won’t go into detail, but a few things are just a little too convenient, in my opinion. Also it should be noted, that the novelization contradicts the Countdown comics in two points (**** If you haven’t read Countdown, skip to the closing bracket ********* 1. Spock was on his way back from the Horbus system, when Nero intercepted him and that caused them to get sucked into the past 2. The jellyfish is a Vulcan ship, not designed by LaForge ************). As a whole, I think the characters and story do work. I really want to see this movie. It’s not the Star Trek we know, that’s for sure. The story loses some of the high morality of the original in favour of a more Jack Bauer style approach as well as a less idealistic daily life. I can live with it, it’s a parallel universe after all and there are known to be evil ones.

As for the novelization itself, I think Foster has done a good job in what little time he had to write the book. It is rather short, but that was to be excpected. He tries to make the story and characters feel more like the original characters. If the actors display them in such a way as Foster describes their thoughts, I’m not worried. Typical of movie novelizations, the book lacks descriptions and only gives basic hints, how characters and scenery look like, since most people will know already. It’s not a big masterpiece, but certainly an easy read, that provides valuable insight into the story of the coming movie.

59. SpocksinnerConflict - May 2, 2009


Interesting, the Book sounds quite a bit different, mostly in tone, then the film I saw.
I would also assume there is much more “youth” stuff in the book, as it pretty much flashes by you in the film.

each kid has one quick scene and that’s

60. Garovorkin - May 2, 2009

The wait is very nearly over, May 8th we get to see the finished product, I would say they clock watching is going to be a popular activity in this final week before the premier . It should have quite an opening week end.

61. Unbel1ever - May 2, 2009


How’s the tone different ?

The book is limited to what’s on screen. I think, there aren’t any real additions, except for some scenes maybe that were cut after Foster had seen the movie. So in terms of a book, the youth scenes flash past as well, just a few pages with a bit of insight, what young Kirk/Spock thought at the time. They may be only a few minutes long, but I’d rather have seen them dropped in favour of a little more time of character/relation development for the adult crew. At some parts the book feels rushed. It feels like: Well, we need to get them there. Just put them there and omit the explanation, nobody cares anyway. I guess, that’s even more so in the movie.

62. Lil' black dog - May 2, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to those of you who have seen it already and are giving it good press! After so many months of negativity and whining here it’s great to finally hear something positive. If you’re posting here, I think it’s safe to assume that you have a vested interest in this movie like the rest of us, and to hear that it works and it is Trek is just terrific. Alas, no IMAX or May 7th showings in the rural area where I live, so I’ll be waiting until May 8th, and it sounds like the wait was definitely worth it! JJ, Bob and Alex, if you’re reading this, heartfelt thanks for bringing TOS back for this Trekkie!

63. Battle-Scarred Sciatica - May 2, 2009


San-Francisco Bay is a veritable Sci-fi junkyard. What with the Bird of Prey and the drilling rig and Atlantis the Coastguards must be having a bloody nightmare keeping the fans away trying to find little trinket or two

64. Mo - May 2, 2009


Add that to the space weapon on Mars used in the Enterprise series with those radical ‘humanist’ terrorists hitting the Bay unintentionally (was meant to hit Starfleet HQ)

65. fred - May 2, 2009

Yeah, I would think a piece of metal that size falling from orbit might destroy half the city.

66. Craig - May 2, 2009


The movie was fun to watch. Quick question…I have scene people mention a parallel universe. Is this story in another time line so it does not affect the timeline of the original series, TNG, DS9, Voyager? I ask this since ***SPOILER*** Vulcan was destroyed. Every show has utilized Vulcan and the Vulcan race in key moments of the federation time line.

Please let me know if the book mentions this or if this basically reboots the entire franchise.

67. Red Shirt - May 2, 2009

So is this why we have the Riverside shipyards, ‘cuz the SF yards were destroyed by the Romulan drilling rig? Will we see a glimpse of the Original Series 1701 design being engulfed in the destruction…? That would be interesting. Maybe.

68. Steve - May 2, 2009

Idiots. I have not seen the movie, but WHY would they show the drilling rig falling into the bay like that?

I am very disappointed I saw that. I know that’s the risk you take when you see these things… but still, that’s a little much.

69. Joe Cocolo - May 2, 2009

That salt shaker? I’D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!!!!

70. Unbel1ever - May 2, 2009


It’s a parallel universe. The book mentions that, too.

71. TheWon - May 2, 2009

67 if they showed the real Enterprise getting destroyed while being built. Like you pointed out. I would personally find JJ and others and kill them where they stand.

72. Unbel1ever - May 2, 2009


You won’t have to.

**** Minor Spoiler ****

The book says, they chose Iowa, because it’s relatively isolated. Wide fields with nothing around. If something was to go wrong in the construction of the E like REAL wrong, there wouldn’t be any danger to many people

73. Unbel1ever - May 2, 2009


I just reread the scene.

*** Minor Spoiler ***

Sulu asks the very same question, you asked, in the book. Some babbling ensues.. Kirk puts an end to the speculation by saying “I’m not sure what it means or if we can even make things go back to the way the were – the way they’re supposed to be….” He just makes a point, that he isn’t concerned with all that stuff, but wants to save his future.

74. Rhett Coates - May 2, 2009

Hmmm….. a salt shaker in the shape of the USS Kelvin. I wonder if they’ll also have some in the shape of McCoy’s Starfleet-issue medical instruments? (LOL)

75. ShawnP - May 2, 2009

Actually, I thinks it’s one of the Burger King toys, not a salt shaker, haha.

76. I'm dead Jim - May 2, 2009

#16 Yeah, I wish I hadn’t seen that. Can’t be many more surprises left. I don’t think I’ll look at any more spots, pics or anything until after Thursday night.

77. Chopper2Chipper - May 2, 2009

The rig crashing into the ocean is almost an homage to Cloverfield. There were theories (and you could see something fall into the ocean) that something from space awoke the monster. Pretty cool!

78. Ryan H - May 2, 2009

#77 – When did that happen? I kept looking at the last scene over the ocean, and I couldn’t see anything.

79. The Beezer - May 2, 2009

I love all the fools who write “FIRST” despite being anywhere from third to fifith from the top.

80. Dr. Image - May 2, 2009

Nitpicks, shnitpicks.
I am SO up for this!
As long as this thing makes TONS of money, this purist is on board.

81. David_Alexander - May 2, 2009

@ 65. fred – May 2, 2009
“Yeah, I would think a piece of metal that size falling from orbit might destroy half the city.”

The drilling rig is rather oddly scaled. On its own, it looks freaking huge, I mean MASSIVE – but, actually, if you look at the scenes where Kirk & Sulu are stood/fighting on it, you can see it’s actually ‘only’ about 100ft across, if that.

Also, it would only be falling from a few thousand feet up, not all the way from orbit – evidenced by the fact that Kirk & Sulu could breathe on its surface whilst it was being used against Vulcan, which has(/had) a thiner atmosphere than Earth. Therefore, it could probably only be used from a range of ~10’000ft – or less – from the surface.

82. KMKProd - May 2, 2009

I’ve been hoping against all hopes that Vulcan’s demise was a red herring and that it was implied to “possibly” be destroyed but not really happen. IMO it is a pretty f’ed up thing to destroy a major planet in the Star Trek universe–alternate reality or not–it is BS. I will still watch the movie, and will probably enjoy it for what it is: entertainment; but I do think I will look on this as real Star Trek in any sense… I will stick with the prime timeline.

Destroying Romulus was pretty ballsy and hard to take, but Vulcan too… I am pretty pissed off at JJ and the gang for this. Of course, why stop there? Why not have the moon get obliterated too, or even Mars for that matter? Maybe have Earth get half of the planet vaporized before the drilling rig is destroyed, leaving the human race to rebuild from the ground up. Wouldn’t that be a great angsty backdrop for more new Star Trek to follow with? First we get Time Trek with Berman, etc. Now we get this. Ugh.

BS, man! BS!

83. MC1 Doug - May 2, 2009

Just got home from a trip to Barnes and Noble…. still no movie novelization or movie soundtrack…


84. M_E - May 2, 2009

“Destroying Romulus was pretty ballsy and hard to take, but Vulcan too…”

Well, remember that Vulcan “prime” still exists in the original timeline…
While I´ll surely enjoy this movie, I start failing to see the need of the timetravel plot… small changes in the timeline is one thing, erasing an entire important planet is something completely different… in the end, this is a serious rebbot, no matter what they call it… on the other hand, for those with hope, this also lets the chance of a crossover with this timeline with the original, maybe if only in book format…

85. Yammer - May 2, 2009

82 and 84

I feel your pain but I welcome the addition of guts to Star Trek. After years of jeopardy-free storytelling, bold moves are awesome.

86. gil - May 3, 2009

Reborn as Star Trek: The ADD Generation, maybe….

87. Driver - May 3, 2009

It’s The ADD Gen type films we will see from now on. Trek can’t go back to being laid back.

88. OtterVomit - May 3, 2009

Every thing I learn about this movie disappoints me more and more. So now I see Romulus is destroyed in Time Line Prime and Vulcan is destroyed in the new Bizzaro Time Line. Seems like JJ the Star Wars fan is finally getting to make his version of Star Wars – planets blowing up and characters driven more by destiny than anything else. This with all the other odd changes – Riverside Shipyards, moving planets around in the name of “easter eggs,” Chekov should be 14, Kirk & Pike are bosom buddies, etc – all makes it really difficult for me to connect this to anything I should care about. I want to be able to enjoy this – I really do – but the grumpy old man (aka long-time fan) in me can’t shake all these flippant changes.

Well…I explain away all the ridiculous TNG movies as Picard still being stuck in the Nexus dreaming of his adventures as JEAN LUC PICARD: ACTION HERO – so I guess I will have to find a way to blame all this foolishness on the Nexus too.

89. Chris - May 3, 2009

After watching this I feel rather spooked out, yesterday I was talking to my fiance (not a Star Trek fan and doesnt like scifi what so ever…except for BSG) and said how does she feel about the fact that her birthday will be the date for the rebirth of Star Trek…she oddly didnt appreciate the comment and Im looking forward to this add being on UK TV now :)

90. SciFiGeek - May 3, 2009

88. Simple solution to your problem.


Honestly all this whining is giving me a serious headache.

91. P Technobabble - May 3, 2009

I’m a long-time fan (I’m 52), but hardly grumpy…
While some people seem to find nothing right about this film (which they haven’t seen yet), I find nothing to be negative about (I haven’t seen it yet, either). So far, those who have seen it — including major reviewers such as the LA Times, etc. — have had only POSITIVE things to say. I, for one, do not need to be hit over the head with a sledgehammer…

92. Craig - May 3, 2009

I would have been fine with the move if it was not for the fact they destroyed Vulcan. I was just glad that I was able to get free passes to this movie and watch the sneak peek of it on Saturday. I am not sure I will buy this when it comes out on DVD/Blueray. I own ST:TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, and all the movies. However, now that they have moved this franchise to entertainment value only, I do not need to continue my collection at this time.

I hate when shows try to “jump the shark” in order to increase viewers and change things around. Kinda like the show seaquest….the first season was great and could somewhat be realistic…but then they changed the series and it became totally unbelievable. I have a feeling Star Trek is going down this route as well. However, I do like the casting decisions and the acting is really good in the new movie…I just do not care for the direction they took it by destroying a prime world in the Star Trek universe (even if it is a alternate universe).

I am glad the reviews are positive for this movie and that it might create a new brand of fan. I just think that this “new fan” will be a casual fan just like every other movie and not share the passion as the original groups of fans (hopefully I am wrong on this). If this movie continues to do well after the first two weeks, that will be great. If it dies off quickly after a big weekend…there could be trouble. Bottom line, all that really matters is the money (which ironically enough is not important in the Star Trek Universe–Federation wise anyways).

93. ElwoodJD - May 3, 2009

Jeez, this is literally only the second time I have posted to this site (long time reader…especially, the comments. Also, as long as I am doing this, Anthony THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RUNNING THIS SITE, YOU DO A HELL OF A JOB).

To everyone who is complaining that JJ, Bob, and Alex are just us with “movie industry talk” about this not being a reboot to promote the film and keep up feeling better, seriously, just relax. JJ can do his thing, I don’t truly think he is a Trekker but I will say that he has done us all a great favor by bring Trek back to the fore. As for Bob and Alex, they are Trek through and through. Furthermore, why can’t you accept that time travel has altered reality a bit. Like a temporal resonance, minor facts have changed and some of their adventures are a bit different, but overall each character makes its way back to the right spot being the person they are supposed to be (I haven’t seen the film, but most who have say they’ve nailed the characters pretty close). In 10 years from this film in the timeline, these characters will be on their five year mission interacting with Harry Mudd, Khan, the Gorn, General Chang, and all the rest. A hundred and some years later Q, Tomolak, Weyoun, (and unfortunately even baby Q, the Omega particle, and the rest of the crap in Voyager). Yes, the Dominion War will still occur. Yes, even Wesley will go on to join the Traveler. It’s call a mutable time (see Wikipedia, Time Travel Type 2.1 at ). No matter how much you change specific events when you go to the past, the timeline straightens itself out. Sure Alex and Bob are going to write a couple more films about the young Trek crew. In the end, all the stuff on your TOS DVDs will still come true (or you can at least tell yourself that if the idea of a reboot is too painful for you).

I just don’t understand how, utilizing comics to explain how the Spock of the TNG era leads to events which cause the past of the Star Trek timeline to change can bother you when the James Bond franchise literally rebooted and decided to ignore all that came before (and even the die-hard Connery fans recognized the value of the new Bond films). I don’t understand how you can complain that Star Trek and James T. Kirk + Spock + McCoy are back in a big screen movie with a larger budget than ever.

*Also, frankly this kind of timeline change has precedent. Enterprise did it when they had a Borg episode. In fact, despite the episode itself being mediorce, the concept was kinda sweet. We all saw ST: First Contact. The Enterprise went back in time and changed history; dead Borg ended up on Earth and Zefram Cochran experienced all that. It was different than the original ST timeline where the borg had never been encountered. However, in the end it the timeline mended itself, and things in the TNG era were practically not different when Picard returned. However, the people in Enterprise encountered Borg despite the original timeline depicted in TNG saying they never had (also made reference to in Voyager because there was some knowledge of the Borg by 7 of 9’s parents even though the TNG crew had never heard of them the first time around under they went in First Contact and changed the timeline). When you go back in time, things change, and though t he overall scheme of the universe stays the same and certain small facts change, I just don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to see facts that were never depicted on screen, only mentioned in non-canon sources or casually spoken from time to time (like Robert April, Kirk on the Farragut, etc) being a huge deal breaker???

I think the worst part here is you’ve made me sound like a crazy Trekker when all I am is a devout enjoyer. But really, this movie should be great, fits right into the canon that has previously existed (has a time travel event changing factor to explain the differences which are so minor it doesn’t matter), and you can still assume that in a few years even if Robert April wasn’t the first captain of the Enterprise in the new timeline the same events in TOS occur for the most part (and plus, secretly you know things that the new timeline versions of characters don’t know…it’s like your the time police or something monitoring changes in the timeline).

Four final thoughts…

1) Enterprise is still canon in this new universe ***SPOILER ALERT*** There is a reference to Archer in the new film (as far as I have understood, at least) **** END SPOILER and since the time changing event takes place after Enterprise there is no impact to that. Those of you who hated Enteprise may not love that fact, but hence it can’t be considered a total reboot.

2) I have had at least 7 friends either buy or borrow ST Season 1 on blu-ray as well as some of my films on DVD to see the original characters and learn the adventures of the real James T Kirk already in preparation for this film. These are guys who said ST was old as recently as a few years ago, and now that JJ & Co have revitalized it they want to know what the deal was in the first place. 4 of them have bought it on blu-ray for themselves, and the rest have started picking up TNG at my recommendation. Don’t worry, this new film is already helping to keep the great original stories alive. The CANON THAT WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE may have just found a way to engender itself into a brand new group of fans (they age from 14-37). And frankly, that is the most important thing this movie could have done…

3) DS9 did a similar thing with their Trials and Tribulations…now in the new timeline when Kirk and Spock enter the rec room Sisko and Dax are sitting at the table playing 3D chess. If y ou watch the TOS DVDs its two other guys (also the scene where O’Brien and Bashier are dressed down after the bar fight…etc). Does that make your DVDs broken??? No, it just means the timeline has been altered. The changes there are less drastic, but it’s the same principle.

4) Alex and Bob call it an alternate universe/alternate timeline…I call it a mutable timeline, no difference in the grand scheme of things because it is all the same issue. There is no reason the same events of a mutable timeline don’t occur in the alternative reality either way.

5) **SPOILER ALERT** Yeah, Vulcan being destroyed is kinda sad. Romulus less so, because their senate had already been destroyed by Picard-2 or whatever that whole movie was about. But, presumably (I have not seen the film) it will have an emotional impact for the trek Vets and be a motivation that everyone can understand for Spock prime. Furthermore, I imagine there will be Vulcan refuges so it’s not like they will be completely gone or anything. The Vulcan related stories can still happen, just not o n planet Vulcan but on other planets that the Vulcan’s have colonized. Sad? Yes. End of Trek? No. Plus, to behonest, before the awesome three-part Enterprise ep on Vulcan, how many times did we actually see it. I think once or twice in TOS, *brief* stopover in 2 movies, once or twice in TNG, never in DS9 or VOY. I would hardly call it critical to the franchise, even if its loss will have consequences for the Federation itself (gee, sounds like that could be part of future movies…the loss of a major power in a multilateral world) **END SPOILERS**

94. AJ - May 3, 2009


Vulcan has its place as a spiritual center for all Vulcans. Mt. Seleya, Gol, etc. are all part of Vulcan ‘mysticism.’ Did T’Pau manage to leave with Surak’s katra? We don’t know.

What the detsruction of Vulcan shows is that this creative team is not going to put the characters at risk, only to have them right as rain 46 minutes later. They’re willing to take big chances for greater dramatic impact.

Knowing that “Enterprise” is still part of canon, I am sure they will simply bury it.

95. Ty - May 3, 2009

I’ve been reading the comments..and I am wondering is it worth reading the book before the movie? It comes out tuesday the book does.

96. ElwoodJD - May 3, 2009


I am unsure if you are pro- or con- the result of Vulcan from this film? You seem to be saying that they’ve recognized the need for some changes while respecting the ethos of Trek. That’s sort of my feeling as well. There are huge impacts to the ***SPOILER** destruction of Vulcan (hopefully this team and those that follow will deal with them in intriguing ways). It’s simply not the end of Trek as we know it to lose it. ***END SPOILER***

I agree that it is unlikely we will see T’Pol even if she were alive, or have m uch of the events of Enterprise mentioned (thank god, for instance, the Temporal Cold War unwrote itself from history…I thought the concept was fun but the execution, especially its final two parter, was sub-par). However, minor references to Enterprise keep it part of Canon, and frankly despite the existence of previous shows none of the later ones did a lot to bang you over the head with canonical references. Sure, TNG showed us Scotty, McCoy, and Spock, as well as referenced Kirk (“Naked Now”) and some events, but overall they were the Next Generation and didn’t rely to heavily on it. Any mention of Archer, etc, is something to take away from the film and it does mean that whenever they want to reference something they can. I don’t expect them to utilize it every movie multiple times (wouldn’t want them to), but I don’t think its fair to say they’ve ‘buried’ it.

97. AJ - May 3, 2009



That is what I am saying. Trek has had wonderful moments when it takes well-written chances with its own iconic symbols: The death of Spock, the destruction of the Kirk’s Enterprise, the death of Sarek, etc.

It has also mucked up the same, with Kirk’s stupid death, and the destruction of the Enterprise D (who cares?).

Now, going forward, Trek can acknowledge a Vulcan “diaspora,” and bring the Romulans into more focus. A Romulan destroyed Vulcan, and nearly destroyed Earth. It makes sense that the Federation will now be pro-actively focusing on them instead of hiding behind its outposts.

I think Orci and Kurtzman can throw in ENT references for fun, but I just don’t see them worrying about steamrolling that show’s contribution to canon. I think they’ll stick to the here and now. Yet, if they do Klingons in XII, it will be interesting to see which face design they choose ;-).

98. Richard Martin - May 3, 2009

I want that Kelvin shaped salt shaker.

99. USS Dauntless, NCC-78508 - May 3, 2009


You do know that if Vulcan gets destroyed in the new timeline, that timeline’s Spock will be unable to regain his Katra from McCoy, as depicted in “Star Trek III,” thus killing both characters shortly thereafter. Without Spock in that timeline, peace will not be achieved with the Klingons (STVI) and that stupid whale-probe will obliterate all life on Earth (STIV).

I can’t believe no one thought of these repercussions. Thanks a f*cking lot, JJ.

100. The First Son of Krypton - May 3, 2009

Its gotta be said… I am LOVING the new Uhura

Damn fine, even from a Kryptonian stand point

101. KMKProd - May 3, 2009

Okay, get ready for a bit of a rant. My apologies but I want to get this off my chest:

Something keeps knawing at me whenever I read the “explanations” of the timeline changes as being “Quantum Theory” and that the original timeline remains as this one progresses forwards separately. Can’t everyone see this is a total BS line? It sounds like they decided to completely abandon the TOS, TNG, etc, and start over from scratch, but once they realized (via this site and others) that the fandom would not stand for such a thing, they quickly came up with this total BS line of “it is a different timeline, and the original remains intact and untouched, that way we aren’t erasing 40 years of Trek history.” How convenient.

What complete BS! This does erase all 40+ years of Trek history. No matter how they try to package it or deny what they are doing… they are sh*tting on the past 40 years and telling us to go f*ck ourselves if we are strong believers in the original canon. Like we will ever see any more of the “Prime” universe ever again on screen or on TV. They ended that universe and have reset to do the whole thing over again. A great big f*cking mulligan. Star Trek: The Mulligan Picture, or Mulligan Generation…
man I am getting p*ssed now.

And for those that say big deal that **SPOILER**

Vulcan was destroyed… **END SPOILER**

well why don’t we have Earth destroyed, that way we can have an armada of Starfleet vessels and survivor ships making their way to a Class M planet somewhere to restart the human civilization? I mean we were only at Earth a handful of times during all of the series and movies, how important is it really? Let’s also go ahead and have them use energy swords and mystical powers of telekinesis and other stuff too.

I’ve been teetering on this movie back an forth for a while… and I am not so sure about it anymore. I’ll see it, but I want so bad to raise the BS flag on this. Mayve I’ll make a sign that says “B*llsh*t!” and when the event happens in the theater, I’ll raise it up and wave it proudly!

Sorry– end of rant! I’m just frustrated now. I hate hollywood.

102. Spock's Spinners - May 3, 2009


There really is no point in writing ***SPOILER because it doesn’t hide anything. Anyone scrolling to through is going to sight read what you’ve put up. Seriously. You have a MAJOR SPOILER less than 1 CM from your spoiler tag.

Thanks for nothing.

103. M_E - May 3, 2009

Don ´t blame #101… The other guy somewhere up there should not have posted that even if most of us already suspected that…

104. cd - May 3, 2009

103 – Agreed. Typical spoiler warning etiquette means you give enough space for someone to avoid reading it. Let people enjoy the movie (or not) without knowing what may or may not happen.
101 – It took me a while to get past this being a reboot or rewhatever. They may completely change a lot of things. It is the equivalent of DC’s Elseworlds or alternate earths in DC and Marvel. It is not just an alternate timeline, it is an alternate universe compared to the TOS universe. It is similar in many ways, but possibly not in many other ways. Stuff happens in this new alternate universe but the TOS or TNG universes are not (necessarily) affected.
But I will say the changes that I have heard they are making, they had better be for a good reason. So far, however, it sounds like a Star Trek/Star Wars mashup (i.e. a joke at the expense of Star Trek fans).

105. Capt Krunch - May 4, 2009

First it is not red…now they have destroyed Vulcan all together.. wow!!!
Why do I still expect to see Shat in this movie…they have thrown everything else out of the window…in this alternate universe prime Kirk need not have died…Shat wins!!!
Bring back Shat…he would be the ultimate easter egg!!!

106. Geodesic - May 4, 2009

Displaced Vulcan’s are always welcome to veg out on my couch in Seattle. They’ll probably fit in here.

107. Mark - May 5, 2009

I wish they didn’t show the drilling rig falling, that spoiling the movie for me.

That’s like giving away the ending before even seeing the movie!!!!!!

it’s a cool scene though.

108. RySpikes - May 7, 2009

has anyone considered that the next film might be about getting vulcan back?

after all, 6 billon lives at stake, i’m sure they would want to do something…

This would also solve a lot of the issues…

i don’t mind if they all get to where they were supposed to be in a different way, but i don’t like the idea that all that has happened in previous incarnations is irrellevent and a whole new history is being formed, just feels like a bit of a cop out

we will have to see, after moving house and changing jobs in the past couple of months i feel like i’m living my own alternative timeline, weird times indeed!

109. Andy Thomas - May 16, 2009

i used to watch a star trek when i was younger but grew out of it, i went to see the film and thoght it was great! very differant to any other star trek movie less stogy and weid down with technical talk, allows more people to absorb whats happening and enjoy the story and action. I guess its paramount drawing a new line in the sand, as (dont read this bit if you’ve not seen it yet!!) they erase all star trek after the date in which the romulan mining ship travels back in time, each person who died from the begining would send ripples through time altering everything that would/should have happend, especially when 6billion die!

this means that all star trek after the first incdent in the film is erased, since 6billion+all those starfleet ships and officers who dies+kilngon fleet destroyed would have an irreprable dent in time. does this mean that any new star trek series would be a remake of the old seriesin the new timeline? if its made in the same fasion as the new film id watch it, more action and great CGI, some fans may be let down by this revelation but i suppose you can view it as a series being reborn in a way that will draw more and more people to the series because of its re-imaging and style in which the show would play out. embrase the change and hope that there is a follow up of the film made in the same fasion, and a show that will mimick the films great action sequances. CGI, creative scripting and great casting! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.