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New Star Trek Ice Planet Clip (Officially) Online + Paramount LA Premiere Video May 4, 2009

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Last week viewers of Lost (co-created by Trek producers JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof) were treated to an exclusive NEW clip from the Star Trek movie. We put it up, but it was removed due to copyright claim, however today Paramount has officially made the clip available. Check it out below, plus Paramount’s official video from the LA premiere. [note that the clip below is a spoiler]


CLIP: Ice Planet

All the clips in one place
TrekMovie has uploaded the Ice Planet clip and all the previously released clips on one convenient page (and we put them in the order they appear in the movie). Check it out here. We will be uploading all the trailers and commercials and more media from the electronic press kit later on.


SPOILERS – What is going on?
The Lost clip is from when Kirk is on Delta Vega after Spock has had him ejected from the Enterprise. The first monster that is chasing him is called a ‘polarilla’ which gets eaten by the lobster monster.


LA Premiere Video
Paramount has also released their official video from the Hollywood Premiere last week.


1. Todd F - May 4, 2009

114th! Oh drat.

Ohhh that’s why i couldn’t find the LOST clip last week.

2. Bill - May 4, 2009

Neat. I don’t want to see too much more though.

3. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 4, 2009

Ok. Enough already. Im seeing to much. I need to hold out for 3 days and 3 hours and 45 minutes. But loved the clip though. So and i mean so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Capt Krunch - May 4, 2009

I don’t care if its like Phantom Menace or not, “always a bigger fish”

It’s pretty dang cool!!!!
Not since the Ceti eels have we seen monsters on Trek!!

5. Capt Krunch - May 4, 2009

I don’t care if it’s like Phantom Menace or not..”always a bigger fish”
It’s dang cool!!!
Not since Ceti eels have we got monsters on Trek..for better or worse…
though I see some Star Wars and Star Troopers as well… whatever though..whatever gets butts in the seats!!!!

6. Jorg Sacul - May 4, 2009

Oh, Capt… THERE be monsters here!!

7. Captain Roy Mustang - May 4, 2009

Nero: I been waiting for this day for my whole life
Me: I kno u aint the only. Helmsman set course to may 8th maixuim warp

8. T'Cal - May 4, 2009

I stopped watching trailers after the second one. Too much info. I have been rewarded by winning 2 tickets from one Chicago radio station for tonight’s special screening and another two from a different station for tomorrow’s at an IMAX theater. I am blessed!!

9. NCC-73515 - May 4, 2009

What sort of animal is the monster? The polarilla looks like a mammal, but what is the red one?

10. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 4, 2009

Is it Thursday Yet!!!!!. So close. Kool Monster scene. Can’t wait to see how that one ends.

11. mscottr - May 4, 2009

9 — I’m not sure that terrestrial biological classifications will really work for life on Delta Vega, but it looks like it has elements of a reptile, an insect, a mammal, and some other funky things.

I’ll just go ahead and call it scary. I think Kirk would agree, based on his reaction…

12. frederick - May 4, 2009

I hope there’s a whole lot more happening plot-wise than what we’ve seen and glimpsed so far. I mean, I wonder if the big finale is something we’ve already got a look at and are now spoiled?

I’d hate to think that the mine platform fight is the last big scene. There has to be something much bigger and more exciting, I hope.

We’ve seen too much, I’m afraid.

13. Mot - May 4, 2009

4 – The monsters on Delta Vega remind me of an old Ray Harrihousen classic.

14. Sci-Fi Bri - May 4, 2009

some people ask “why does the monster chase kirk when it already caught food (the first animal)”

to which i suggest: the big monster is yet another alien female which is seduced by kirk and must mate with him.

15. Beda of Borg - May 4, 2009

This Ice-Monster sounds like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park xD

16. D.J. - May 4, 2009

I just want to say thank you one more time to What an incredible job this site has done to keep us fans up to date and in the know.

This is one of the first websites I check each morning while drinking my first cup of coffee.

17. Stef* - May 4, 2009

#14 – perhaps Kirks smells better, with “Tiberius” after shaven ;)

to frederick:

Yes, there are some things bigger and it’s fascination to see the scenes as a whole, not cuttet in little snippets – some things are quite different from what I thought before and some are stunning and shocking in a very emotional way – so “buckle up” ;) …

18. ShawnP - May 4, 2009

14. Sci-Fi Bri

I think that’s probably going to be the most plausible answer.

19. McCoy - May 4, 2009

Starship Troopers + Empire Strikes back + Phantom Menace

20. Dom - May 4, 2009

The music on the clip reminds me of the old scores for TOS!

21. British Naval Dude - May 4, 2009


Tha’ finale of tha’ film includes an all-Mugatu dance number. Here’s a taste, mates:

Now with these new fangled special effects
We actually look feirce with fury and full of furry
No more like an albino Dr. Zaius with defects
Just ta’ see us dance you’ll pray for the film to hurry

We’re the deadly biting unicorns
That you want to see with your popcorn
Who cares at all about old Spock and new Kirk
When the last scene you’ll see is all Mugatus berserk!

Bite! Bite! Deadly bite!
You’ll need a shaky root to make you alright!
What you’ll see at the end is out of sight
You just gotta get past Kirk and Nero’s fight!

Uhhhhhh… mayhaps JJ left that bit on tha’ cuttin’ room floor?

Dunna think I wanna see apes dancin’ their private little warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…


22. Driver - May 4, 2009

To some, all the cliches may be new – big catches little, dumps that for our hero, hero falls, slick escape, it’s Ray Harryhausen’s monster and Sinbad.

23. dayxday - May 4, 2009

I just bought my tix for Imax! I’m ready for a geektastic weekend!

24. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - May 4, 2009

We are truly a funny lot we Trek and genre fans. First there was kvetching about not enough info or pics or vids or what have you. Now it’s too much. I think the word is persnickety. :)

As for the monster. So we can’t have any monsters anymore? Or a bigger monster killing a smaller monster? It’s not what it is folks, it’s in how you do it. As Driver points out, Harryhausen and O’Brien were doing these things long long before ILM or their ilk did them.

And I loved the ‘alien world’ sound effect. We haven’t had that in Trek in forever. Made me smile.


25. Sting - May 4, 2009

The way this movie is being marketed by Paramount is, as Spock would say, fascinating. In addition to the ice planet clip above (which looks great) check out this MTV clip (MTV being part of the Viacom family, so Paramount has been using the connection to advertise Trek).

Given that almost 40% of the attendees for Wolverine were women, this appears to be an attempt to reach out to that under 25 year old demographic that, a few weeks ago, Variety reported Star Trek was trailing behind Wolverine in.

Then there is this new review from the Boston Globe. Ty Burr is pretty tough, and I rarely remember reading reviews from him where he raved about movies. But he loves Star Trek, calling it, in his byline, “the best prequel ever.” NOTE: there are spoilers in the review, so don’t read it if you want to remain spoiler free:

Could it be that we might have our first $100 million dollar Star Trek opening weekend?

26. OlderFan - May 4, 2009

Is it just me being an old fart or is all that “give us the Vulcan sign, look left, look right, take off the sunglasses” stuff annoying as hell? No wonder some stars dislike the paparazzi so much. Guess I’m not cut out to be a celebrity.

27. Andy Patterson - May 4, 2009

Lobster monster. I know this is Trek and scifi but why would such an awful creature exist?

28. cpelc - May 4, 2009

It’s a Rock Lobster!

29. freddy - May 4, 2009

Got tixs for Saturday for IMAX, can’t wait.

Thank God that Berman & Moore didn’t make this film – would have been nothing but crap including Will Wheaton cameos – total garbage…..

30. Mike in Iowa - May 4, 2009

#27 – Because the Boulder Monster was already signed to a sequel of Galaxy Quest.

Just a guess. :)

Can hardly wait for Friday … my wife and I are cutting out early from work before all the kids are out of school. Heh!

31. Chris Miles - May 4, 2009

Was this filmed in Iceland or no?

The Only problem I have with Iceland is that they still hunt Whales there.

Very UN- Star Trek IV.

Hopefully a little CGI spared the filmmakers and moral dilemmas.

32. pock speared - May 4, 2009

this creature gives me castration anxiety… vagina with teeth.
thanks mr. orci, i was almost over this, and nearly out of therapy.

33. Captain Spock - May 4, 2009

Kirk running from a big, rubbery looking monster…How much more Trek can you get. Some people have asked: How could such a thing exist? It exists because the forces of natural selection have caused it to exist. It fits some ecological niche on that planet. It is probably chasing Kirk for the same reason that sharks chase surfers. In his cold weather gear, Kirk probably looks like the creature’s usual meal the same way surfers in wetsuits look like seals to sharks who have notoriously bad eyesight. However, the creature will be surprised if it catches Kirk, human meat probably tastes terrible.

34. RD - May 4, 2009

#30. Mike In Iowa, LOL, right on man, that is exactly what I thought when I saw it. So much for not making this a parody.

No doubt the movie will be a fun ride, but, seriously, Lobster monster!? LOL C’mon!

35. Kaiser The Great - May 4, 2009

Everyone knows the real Kirk could kill those beasts by constructing a rudimentary lathe of some kind. Oh well.

36. Christian S. - May 4, 2009

@29: I am positive that Moore would have delivered a KICKASS script with all the freedom that Orci and Kurtzman were given with the source material.Bring on Virtuality!!!

37. MrData - May 4, 2009

May the fourth be with you.

38. AJ - May 4, 2009

For the Shatner die-hards, MSNBC has a relatively informed ranty article up:

39. matt - May 4, 2009

i noticed when listening to the planetary background – a very TOS feel to it.


40. Third Remata'Klan - May 4, 2009

Very kewl.

It’s amazing how, before Trailer #2 was released, people were crying out, “Show us something! Show us something!”

Now, some are saying, “We’ve seen too much!”

Funny how that goes….

I thank guys like J.J. Abrams who want to save us from ourselves and hide away the spoilers. It’s inevitable that they have to show something, but the way I figure it, I’ve seen five minutes of a two-hour movie. I’m sure the best is yet to come!

41. smarkey - May 4, 2009

19. McCoy – May 4, 2009

“Starship Troopers + Empire Strikes back + Phantom Menace”

Yes; and eggs + flour + sugar + heat = cake!

Different things can combine to create something new.

42. Check the Circuit - May 4, 2009

Four Stars from the Boston Globe?! Holy Frak! The raves just keep coming!

(Hey…has anyboy noticed…the Talifans have gotten awfully quiet.)

And on a separate note, if a medicore (at best) movie like Wolverine can pull in $87mm, I wonder how much a critically praised tent-pole movie can deliver the first weekend..and the second…and the third….

Star Trek Lives!

43. Captain Charbles - May 4, 2009


No it’s not just you. The media is really annoying. I wouldn’t be able to stand it! haha

44. AJ - May 4, 2009


Check the Circuit:

“if a medicore (at best) movie like Wolverine can pull in $87mm, I wonder how much a critically praised tent-pole movie can deliver the first weekend..and the second…and the third….”

Unfortunately, it means that the reviews mean nothing. I spent lots of time on the weekend lurking forums and reading poor reviews of Wolverine, with Harry on AICN boycotting it, and then relenting. It’s all meaningless.

Just like last year with Indy IV, a hot brand draws the moviegoers more than a good film. I think Trek will sock away lots of cash, but if you look at all the extra work that’s gone into promoting it relative to Wolverine or Terminator, you begin to understand why they’re doing it. Thank God it’s a good film.

45. The Bear - May 4, 2009

Really awesome action scene. I just don’t think though that the Kirk I knew would be yelling like a sissy though as he was running.

I hope Playmates makes these critters to go along with the 3.75 figures.

46. Daoud - May 4, 2009

Perhaps it’s some of Mr. Scott’s transporter experiments gone bad!

Why that monster could be Porthos XVI! :)

47. SaphronGirl - May 4, 2009

I found the first “meh” review (2 1/2 stars out of 4):

The “twist” thing they keep harping about makes no sense to me.

48. THX-1138 - May 4, 2009

Still like the clip. I think it’s a great scene. I shelled out my $$$ to get my whole family in to the advance screening on Thursday and I like to get some action for my money. Besides, I like the big bug movies too, so the more monsters the better.

And it seems ridiculous to have to point out to the intelligent Star Trek fans out there that it’s all made up. The reason that there is a large red animal that lives under the snow is because it’s not a National Geographic documentary. Maybe the things made of ice crystals. Or it’s a great big carnivorous red ice lichen. Chances are though you won’t find it in any book on terrestrial flora and fauna. Because NONE OF IT IS REAL.

49. jonboc - May 4, 2009

Now THAT sounds like a TOS alien world. Bravo!!!

50. NimoyDog - May 4, 2009

#47 –
I read that same review. It’s from AP… whoever wrote it just doesn’t seem to like the plot twist involving Nimoy in the film.

You know what? Star Trek has always been hit and miss, even within the same movie. If you recall, Gene Shalit LOVED Nemesis. He may have been the only one. Take this review with a grain of salt. It’s really only as good a review as the reviewer.

51. RD - May 4, 2009

#47 There are numerous reviews out there that have less than the unequivocal, ebullient enthusiasm shown on this site and elsewhere (It’s a conspiracy I tells ya!).

Seriously, though this review in particular which contains 100% SPOILERS really made me sit up and take notice as it details the story very clearly, allowing me to deliberate based on actual story:


I have already decided the movie is going to look great, sight unseen. How can it not be – it will be a spectacle! We all know how we feel one way or the other about the new art direction, much of which I personally think does not serve the franchise or the film. So that leaves, the acting and the directing, for which I will need to see the film and evaluate as a whole, and the music, which I have heard enough of to know will be one of the weaker aspects of it. But the story is paramount (no pun in tended) and a weak one cannot be overcome merely with showy effects. However well the movie does at the box office will have little to do with the reviews. But for my money this film is going to come in just about where I thought it would – a decent effort, but not worthy of adding to the DVD collection.

52. Chris Basken - May 4, 2009

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film

53. Fansince9 - May 4, 2009

Ugghh! I would hate being in front of screaming camera people, like that. They seem to be kind of aggressive, and I really can’t blame some of the actors (P & Q included) for looking deer caught in headlights! That didn’t look like fun, at all.

54. THX-1138 - May 4, 2009


“Sullies the vision of Gene Roddenberry; some hack who created the world of Star Trek in the 40’s or something.”

You gotta love the Onion. That’s good stuff there.

55. Scott Gammans - May 4, 2009

Good lord, what the hell happened to Chris Pine? Where and when did all of those huge scars on the left side of his face come from?

56. RD - May 4, 2009

“17-year-old supergenius Chekov”

Really!? I thought we were done with Wesley Crusher forever. Or should I say, Lieutenant Laredo.

And I thought JJ was trying to do the OPPOSITE of “Galaxy Quest”.

Well, at least that explains how Checkov ended up on the crew with a younger Kirk, when he should be in high school (at least).

What’s next, a male Nurse Chapel?

57. TyrannicalFascist - May 4, 2009

Great clips!


There’s always a bigger……monster.

58. gatetrek - May 4, 2009

woah, what a crazy scene! looks cool though!

59. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 4, 2009

More news I cannot bring myself to read.

WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY to post these things!!!!

60. Terence T - May 4, 2009

Funny clip. :)

It reminds me of an Indiana Jones sort of moment.

61. saint-antoine - May 4, 2009

This is NOT Star Trek… load of crap to me…

62. SaphronGirl - May 4, 2009

61. (saint-antoine)

Yeah, because they never had the budget to do a scene like that before.

63. saint-antoine - May 4, 2009

They certainlay had the budget in the recent motion pictures but they didn’t because ST was NEVER about scenes like this…
Here is the long awaited STARSHIP TROOPERS sequel folks…
What an awful mess…

64. Alec - May 4, 2009

63: Stay home, stay off this site, find the places on the internet where people share your opinion and enjoy. Avoid the movie at all costs because we wouldn’t want you to have a terrible heart attack once you realize that the uniforms aren’t the exact same shade that they were in the original series.

Bye bye! :)

65. SaphronGirl - May 4, 2009

//They certainlay had the budget in the recent motion pictures but they didn’t because ST was NEVER about scenes like this…//

You did see the episode with the Gorn, right?

66. saint-antoine - May 4, 2009

64. Alec

Wow… you clearly do not get what Trek is all about kid… everyone is entitled to an opinion and this happens to be mine… forum are about sharing points of view and not about agreeing with one another.

Now, I think that Mr. Abrams just did an awful thing to Trek and this clip is a vivid exemple of this. It is not about uniforms of spaceship configuration.

A sad footnote in the book of a incredible world and philosopĥy created by Gene Roddenberry that not Mr Abrams or you seem to get…

67. saint-antoine - May 4, 2009

65. SaphronGirl

I seem to recall that the Gorn/Kirk fight scene from ARENA was not a chase scene between Kirk and an carnivorious insect in which Kirk was running away screeming like a little girl from a thing intended on eating him… It was about two intelligent alien species brought together in a physical conflict in hopes of them finding an intelligent and peacefull resolution in which both species can find coexistence possible… this thing here with the creature from Starship Troopers does quite capture that kind of concept or spirit it seems…

68. SaphronGirl - May 4, 2009

67. (saint-antoine)

For all you know, that ice planet scene could be a Jungian exploration of Kirk’s sense of isolation from the rest of the world, an id-driven reaction to his being thrust in atavistic conditions beyond his control, and the realization that he wormfood to a GIANT FREAKING MONSTER that he can’t reason with or perform Kirk-Fu on.

69. New Horizon - May 4, 2009

67. saint-antoine – May 4, 2009

You don’t like it. We get it. Move on.

70. SaphronGirl - May 4, 2009

One of the best reviews I’ve read so far:

71. Chris Basken - May 4, 2009

63: “They certainlay had the budget in the recent motion pictures but they didn’t because ST was NEVER about scenes like this…”

72. TrekTwenty - May 4, 2009


Before this movie (budget of ~150 million dollars) the most expensive movie was Nemesis (budget ~60 million dollars). 60 million does not buy you an amazing CGI monster chase scene…but it does buy you shitty latex/rubber Reman costumes. Not hating on Nemesis or anything…because I liked it (don’t hurt me!) but seriously… things like this just realistically weren’t in Trek’s budget before.

As for why you think this is particularly like Starship Troopers… as far as I’m concerned, the general shape of the monster is similar to the monsters in StTr? And that’s really about it. As for Kirk running away and screaming? He’s essentially stranded on an ice planet with no equipment, no knowledge of his surroundings and virtually no experience – being fresh out of the academy – against an enemy that is stronger and faster than him.

You really just can’t compare this to anything that’s come before because we’ve never seen Kirk this young. Except maybe in books. Which don’t count.

73. Jorg Sacul - May 4, 2009

It is a great example of Kirk’s “Human Adventure just Beginning”.

When you see the scene in context, it will make sense.

74. Charles H. Root, III - May 4, 2009

He runs like Cap’n Jack Sparrow in space.

75. KJ - May 4, 2009

Am i the only one who thinks some people around here just watched too many episodes with Q and began thinking they are the one and only with “their” star trek? Come one, wake up. Someone is going to reanimate it and they suck at it without seeing it. Paramount release the old TOS and Movies on Bluray for them and they just mentioned it.

Maybe they can make “another” crappy MiniDV 4:3 Youtube Fanboy Movie walking along the “Kitchen with StarTrek-looks-alike-equip” and talking sixty minutes about holodeck singularitys with a “never saw the makeup on horizon” guy to show what fans they are, fighting against new canon and ideas. Geez… (we can really find some of this horrible movies on youtube, just search)

Otherwise, kick it like JJ. Buy some Greenscreen, learn something about storytelling and 3D Animation..make something new for the community and yourself! We are living in the Future, its 2009, not 1970. There are many good untouched storys from books and brains out there. Dont sit around in your Trek-Treasure-Room with more yellow-than-white plastik-toys and rumble over something you never saw before.
You can buy merchandise for over 1000$ but cant efford a state of the art fan-movie? Bullshit.

Even when you hate the new movie..didnt you learn from Starfleet to respect each other ? I´m a long time fan and are excited to see the movie that mades the old spock whine while watching it.

my 2 cent
(sorry for laggy english or explicit content words, i´m from germany)


76. Daoud - May 4, 2009

#63 Bonjour, saint-antoine. I think Asteroid Besixdouze just called. They’re missing their “little” prince. ;)

Good try at trolling. Starship Troopers? You’re funny.

77. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 4, 2009

63. saint-antoine

I am so worried about that being the impression I receive from the movie.

But I’ll still call a spade a spade, if I see that.

Thanks for your post!

78. Daoud - May 4, 2009

#51 RD. That so-called “review” you bring up is a piece of trash. It has major errors in it, it’s just some fan I guess being angry and cutting the film. Why in the hell do you seem to need to draw attention to it? There are hundreds of canonista type reviews…. I quote from it:
“Spock abandons him on a Vulcan moon.” Vulcan moon? Guess someone’s not paying attention. Maybe he dozed off.
“The Federation know who the Romulus are before Nero appears…”
I knows who the Romulus are too, because in 2233, we already knew about them in 2153, eighty years before. Hell, there was something called the “Romulan War” somewhere about 2160ish.
“Physics goes out the window.”
Ummm, it’s *fiction*. The fisics (fictional physics) is sound enough. Star Trek already postulates warps, anti-matter, exotic matter and wormholes. Throw in quantum mechanics, and it’ll work just fine. I don’t go see Star Trek for insight into Einstein, I read Einstein’s Relativity for that. Even Stephen Hawking agrees about enjoying Star Trek for itself.

Anyhoo… love the trolling! Keep up the efforts, they’re funny!

79. Barry - May 4, 2009


I’m beginning to think this film is too big to fail now, even if it’s not good…y’know, the ‘like it no matter what’ mentality. A lot of folks are going to risk heart failure if it’s bad (to admit it that it’s bad that is). Please try and watch it and not be afraid to come out with an honest opinion. But, call it as you see it.

80. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 4, 2009

63. saint-antoine

By the way, I still will not watch the clip.

Friday, hopefully.

81. Craptain Amerika - May 4, 2009

@ 29.

Sorry, have to take issue. It was Berman and BRAGA that ruined Trek. Ron Moore cut his teeth on some of the finest episodes of TNG and helped make DS9 the Trek series with the most relatable and three-dimensional characters. And then he went on to make the second best sci-fi series of all time. :)

82. Iowagirl - May 4, 2009


Glad you posted it, so I didn’t have to…:))

And no, Ree Hines is *not* one of my aliasas…:D

83. One-eared Vulcan - May 4, 2009

Am I the only one who thinks the basic plot of this movie has too many similarities with Star Trek Nemesis? A brooding, rogue romulan bent on revenge, a spider-looking ship, a plot to destroy earth with a super weapon?
Personally i think Star trek is not star trek without Klingons. ANd i think a plot involving Klingons as the anagonists would have been more consistent with Trek canon, and a lot more entertaining!

84. USS TRINOMA NCC-0278 - May 4, 2009


I do not mind the Uhura and Spock romance. I do not mind the way the USS Enterprise looks. I do not even mind of how Kirk came to be Kirk. But, the fate of Vulcan. I do mind about that! The Supreme Court really needed Spock Prime to be in this movie because Spock Prime symbolically represents canon. This movie is in an alternate timeline. And as for canon, it lives and dies with Spock Prime.

85. S. John Ross - May 4, 2009

#47: That review reads like a heavily-qualified positive to me, and that’s like many (maybe even most) of the reviews I’ve read so far … if you read the text of the reviews that currently comprise the Rotten Tomatoes 100% score, you’ll see a lot of the reviews saying “this movie is a LOT of fun and a good night out, BUT …” followed by a dose of damning the movie with faint praise or praising it with faint damns, in much the same way as the review you link to. So far, it’s holding an average of 3.9 out of 5 stars at RT, which is quite good (on par, in fact, with Wrath of Khan) … but 2.5/4 isn’t a huge deviation from the existing range.

86. Illogical - May 4, 2009

Oh, and glad to see that the Cousin of the monster from Cloverfield made it into the new Trek!

87. Yammer - May 4, 2009

Sorry for the long post. This is a review:


As a kid whose first legible drawing was a picture of the starship Enterprise, I was devastated when this movie was pushed back from December 2008, ostensibly to attract a wider audience. I now realize that I have been waiting much, much longer for Star Trek. Because this is the real deal, the Star Trek that stopped production in 1969. Not as it was, but as I remember it: bold, glorious adventure.

There have been many shows called Star Trek. They have had good casts, occasionally interesting stories, and much better special effects than the original. What they don’t have is the great group of characters, that team that loved and fought together. Kirk, suave on shore, invincible in battle. Spock, icon of logic and cool. McCoy, empathic and hot-tempered. Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, masters of their trades. The finest officers in space, on the only ship that matters.

Subsequent Trek shows were like Bond movies with no Bond. They might be worthy productions on some level, but who is that interested in 008?

So, inevitably, Trek has gone back to where it needed to go: the beginning.

It seemed like a risk to recast the original characters, but, like pretty much everything about this new Trek, they’ve done it right. Zachary Quinto looks if not sounds eerily like Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. An even greater weight falls on Chris Pine, because this is essentially Captain Kirk’s story – Kirk Begins – and because William Shatner, in all his over-the-top magnificence, is utterly identified with the role that he made into a pop-culture staple. Pine doesn’t look or act like Shatner, but pulls off the cockiness, charm, and tactical genius that is James T. Kirk.

No doubt to ease newcomers into the myth, the movie starts on Earth, futuristic but comfortingly familiar. We meet Kirk as a civilian, and an underachieving lout. The plot hastens him into Starfleet and into a remarkable set of coincidences, but I don’t think one really expects consistent plausibility in their space operas. Instead, JJ Abrams brings us a thrill-ride blockbuster with more heart and fidelity to the spirit of the original than one might have expected. Trekkies may quibble over certain style choices, and thoughtful fans of science-fiction may bemoan the revival of Trek’s hegemony over the field. But even they will have a great time boldly going where Trek has gone before.

88. thereare4lights - May 5, 2009

God, that lobster looks like it just came out from a Star Wars freak show.

89. toddk - May 5, 2009

sweeeeeeet! nicely done!!!

90. Crewman Darnell - May 5, 2009

I think the Ice Monster should have provoked Kirk into an impetuous, angry lunge, resulting in Kirk emitting a howl of pain – and the Ice Monster saying: “You find my body heat distressing?”

{{Klak! Klak!}} “Behold!”

91. Star Trackie - May 5, 2009

#61 “This is NOT Star Trek…”

It may not be your version of Star Trek, but with those cool TOS planet sounds, Kirk’s running for his life from deadly outher worldly creatures, it certainly is TOS….oh wait…TOS IS Star Trek. So there ya go, case closed.

92. Daoud - May 5, 2009

#91 Amen. His Star Trek died in 1968, because he probably also discounts the Freiberger year as “not canon”. ;)

93. BrF - May 5, 2009

I see the touch of Harrison Ford that was talked about earlier in that moment with Kirk and the monster(s).

Second monster looks like a plucked chicken with joint problems, though. I would think it would be cold with all that exposed skin. I’m sure someone has already written up all the anatomy specs and the explanation, in excruciating detail, etc., but, still.

94. the ice bear strikes back - May 5, 2009

– it’s a pretty cool clip…i like that ice planet….

95. Chris Basken - May 5, 2009

#91: “It may not be your version of Star Trek, but with those cool TOS planet sounds, Kirk’s running for his life from deadly outher worldly creatures, it certainly is TOS….oh wait…TOS IS Star Trek. So there ya go, case closed.”

Wow, I didn’t even catch the TOS “wind” sound at the beginning of the clip. Me likey.

And for those who decry it being a mere “monster” scene, imagine this instead…

SMALL CREATURE: Hey! Hey Human! Come here! You’re going to freeze to death on this planet!
KIRK: Uh? Whoa! [runs]
SMALL CREATURE: Hey! Stop! What’s the matter? Isn’t your universal translator working? I’m trying to help you before you freeze to death, you silly endotherm!
KIRK: Whoa, whoa, etc [still runs]
SMALL CREATURE: Jeez, who knew Humans were so superficial? Am I going to have to bark it in morse code or some… WHOA!
BIG CREATURE: Billy! How many times have I told you not to go chasing animals? You’ll get a disease! He’s from space, and I told you, space is death and disease wrapped in silence and darkness.
SC: But mom, he’s scared!
BC: Yeah, because you’re chasing him. This is for your own good, young man [slams SC against ice]
KRK: Huh? [turns and looks]
BC: As for you, Human. GET OFFA MY LAWN!
KIRK: Whoa, whoa, etc [runs]
BC: If I ever catch you coming back here, I’ll call the cops! Go on, get out of here!
KIRK: Whoa, whoa, etc [falls down hill]

96. Peter N - May 5, 2009

Not a bad pair of monsters! The “polarilla” reminds me of the weird dogs (?) they had on Rura Penthe. And the “lobster monster” (boil ’em alive and dip ’em in butter looks pretty realistic for a far-fetched alien monster.

97. Peter N - May 5, 2009

Oh, and – no lens flares! Yay!

98. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - May 5, 2009

For those that had an issue with Kirk yelling and running. What the heck show did you guys see that you thought was TOS? Kirk yelled and emoted all the time. It was part of the signature way Shatner played him. (which albeit was missing a lot from the movies)

This trailer for Dagger of the Mind has a good example at the end.

Kirk was a great man as Nero said,. He isn’t a superhero.

99. Donn - May 5, 2009

I’m not generally in with the nitpickers, but it rankles me that in the post bar-fight clip, Pike refers to the _Federation_ as a peacekeeping armada. Sorry, wouldn’t that be Starfleet that’s a peacekeeping armada? The Federation is a group of planets, or species if you like. Was this a flub, or can somebody rationalize it?

100. Donn - May 5, 2009

83. “Personally i think Star trek is not star trek without Klingons.”

The film widely regarded as the best Trek film had no Klingons. Kobayashi Maru test doesn’t count.

Just sayin’.

101. LordEdzo - May 5, 2009

Cheese ‘n rice, I am so *frakking* stoked to see this movie. In the “Space Jump” clip, how gorgeous was that aft close-up of the Enterprise’s hangar deck and the “glittering” red impulse engines?

Why the frak did Paramount release that first shitty picture of the Enterprise (with the shuttle blocking the secondary hull)? Did no justice to how fine the ship looks.

It was probably intentional … just to see how many of us would be onboard, no questions asked, from the beginning.

Pretty sneaky, sis.

102. Buzz Cagney - May 5, 2009

Loving that Ice Planet clip!!!

103. starnut - May 6, 2009

i think its nice scene

104. capt.bill - May 6, 2009

i think that creature is elasmorf
a type of parasitical life form

105. RD - May 8, 2009

I think it was the first incarnation of this thread in which the heated debate raged about how much this scene looked like The Empire Strikes Back opening scene on the ice planet Hoth in which Luke is attacked by a monster and dragged back to its cave.

I came across this bit of VINDICATION for those who think it looks just like a rip out of Star Wars. Sorry to all those who were so upset that some thought this, and maintained that just because it was an ice planet didn’t mean it was a rip-off of Star Wars. JJ Abrams evidently admitted that he was paying homage to his favorite film franchise. So Kudos to all of you who were unfairly persecuted when you were right.

106. Even Trekkies Love Polar Bears - May 28, 2009

[…] If you would like to see a trailer that features this strange hybrid – try Polarzilla Clip […]

107. TZ - May 28, 2009

I did not know that LOST PLANET had made a movie from the Game. A Total Rip.

108. JJSucks - September 2, 2009

JJ Douche-Abrams even admitted he preferred Star Wars over Trek, and those us with high IQs (Not people who liked the new movie) can clearly see it when you watch this pile of trash movie. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.