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Star Trek ARG Report 10: Alert Vulcan! May 5, 2009

by Aliotsy Andrianarivo , Filed under: Star Trek ARG , trackback

As we enter the final days leading up to the domestic release of “Star Trek,” the ARG also appears to be approaching a dramatic finale. But even as the game reveals the world-saving mission of the Romulans, many questions remain.




NOTE: if you are new to the Star Trek ARG see ‘Quick review’ at the bottom of this article

April 30 Progress: Most valued follower "Raphael" labels stars, contacted directly by Contain The Threat
Noticing that the Location Signifier on ties specific systems to a specific numeric sequences, "Raphael" began an effort to record all of these sequences.

While doing so, he received an email from "Thad Gruber" of Contain The Threat:

Dear Raphael, our most valued follower

We believe this star arrangement relates to our objective here on earth, but do not understand in what way. You must assist us.

Being the "most valued follower" of the presumed bad guys is sort of a dubious honor, but that didn’t dissuade Raphael from identifying the constellation (Eridanus) and finding some hidden text in the image with a little Photoshopping:


May 1st Clue 1: The Chat Gang decides to ask for help
While community members mulled over the new video from Malak0, Fe and O again rendezvoused on viral chat site

PHPChatUser5: You there?

PHPChatUser4: He estado esperando oír de ti. ¿Viste que conseguí que el niño protegiera la onda?

PHPChatUser5: Yeah, yeah – look, I’ve made up my mind, I’ve added 3 inputs to the generator, I’ll send them to it, and if they can help get the research, they can enter

PHPChatUser4: Lo podemos resolver juntos.

PHPChatUser5: Oh great, you’ve lost it, too. We NEED help!!! Nero’s lapdogs can see that, why can’t you?

PHPChatUser5: Sorry, listen – I’ll send you my specific location, but I’m not far from my original coordinates.

PHPChatUser4: Solo tardaré un par de días en llegar. Te dejaré saber cuando esté cerca para que nos podamos encontrar. Esto es la jugada apropiada, esto nos dará la mejor oportunidad de mandar el mensaje…. Nuestros primos lo recibirán y tu los habrás salvado a todos.

PHPChatUser5: We can only hope.

____PHPChatUser5 has disconnected____

____PHPChatUser4 has disconnected____

And a translation, left by "SlayNest" in the comments:

PHPChatUser5: You there?

PHPChatUser4: I’ve been waiting to hear from you. Did you see I got the kid to protect the wave?

PHPChatUser5: Yeah, yeah – look, I’ve made up my mind, I’ve added 3 inputs to the generator, I’ll send them to it, and if they can help get the research, they can enter

PHPChatUser4: We can solve it together.

PHPChatUser5: Oh great, you’ve lost it, too. We NEED help!!! Nero’s lapdogs can see that, why can’t you?

PHPChatUser5: Sorry, listen – I’ll send you my specific location, but I’m not far from my original coordinates.

PHPChatUser4: I will take just a couple of days to arrive. I will let you know when i get near for us to meet. This is the right thing to do, and will give us the best shot to send the message…. Our cousins will receive it and you will save us all.

PHPChatUser5: We can only hope.

____PHPChatUser5 has disconnected____

____PHPChatUser4 has disconnected____

"Matt" and others noted the overt reference to Nero, tying the game even closer to the new Star Trek movie. It’s fairly evident that this is a group of Romulans that are trying to save Earth (and other planets, see below…), and that Nero wants to stop them.

May 1st Clue 2:, new viral site
Shortly after the new chat, "O" sent out a tweet pointing to a new site:

PLEASE! Help if you can. I know some of you are watchig. There’s no time!!!!!!!!! appears to be an interface for some sort of transmitter.

Community members who’d previously recognized waveforms in Malako’s video started trying to replicate them.

magnified still from Malak0’s last video

Symbols similar to those at the Curbridge crash site also led players to suspect that the proper input for the lower left of AlertVulcan is "2 3 2".

After playing with the transmitter and clicking "GENERATE," users are prompted to enter their email address. After doing so, they receive the following email:

from: WeMust <>

For scnners to pick itup, we MUST broadcast the wsarning message as often as possible!! Play it as many times as you can in as places as possible. Get others to broadcast your transmission itwill increase amplification! I’m sure the Vulcans will REWARD! our efforts!!!RememberEarth has NO chance fighting alone only Vulcan has the technology to stop him.

Transmission ID: 6JCS1

Each email receives a unique transmission ID. Clicking the link takes users to a widget that shows a video of a waveform. Sharp-eyed users have picked out interesting stills, including a star-gazing monkey!

[thanks ‘kosmopol’]

May 2nd and 3rd Clues: Contain The Threat attempts to sabotage the Chat Gang, helps with Vulcan Location Signifier
While players continued to experiment with, the Thad Gruber of Contain The Threat (who the "Chat Gang" linked to Nero) sent emails to share a Google Document spreadsheet:

I’ve shared a document with you called “eridanus”:

We have the data and we are sharing it, because we know that you will do your duty.

with appropriately sinister instructions (users got variations of the following email):

Your duty is clear

Offer this data to Kaleh, this way she will trust you.

The spreadsheet contains data about stars in the Eridanus constellation. Not exactly getting warm and fuzzy vibes from Thad, most players have opted to share the data with Kaleh (aka "O") with a warning about who it’s from.

A follow-up email was sent the next day, with a link to the same spreadsheet:

data set now partially complete. incorrect location signifier not yet identified, or corrected. you must assist.

At about this time, a new background image was posted on

When held up to a webcam, the new background triggered an image of a solar system that matches canon descriptions of Vulcan’s home system. Although not canon, various online resources point to 40 Eridani as Vulcan’s home star. Players noted that 40 Eridani is listed in the eridanus spreadsheet, and saw that Contain The Threat included familiar headings: DE, T, and DI. "CptnValdez" tied those back in to the star system clue sent earlier to Raphael:

l / di / t = de

Realizing that de represents a concatenation of the DE column, t corresponds to the letter representing a star’s type, and that l must represent location signifier, "CptnValdez," "WarpTube," and "jamesintucson" did some quick math using data from 40 Eridani:

l = de × di × t

l = 738404 × 16 × 11

l = 129959104

"Matt," "LtPiper," and "Raphael" verified that entering 129959104 as a location signifier on revealed:

including this interesting snippet:

The symbol corresponds to the last unidentified piece of the interface on

"natenaterson" has posted a video showing the process of bringing up the Frequency Code (also referred to as the OR, based on the alien letters in the diagram):

Although I’ve named specific individuals who helped solve this puzzle, it was very much a wide community effort, with significant contributions from "ATVPNF," "hitching," "Mescad," "kitty," and "Dani."

Current status: Continued work on improving the signal at
So now what? Most of the community’s efforts have been focusing on improving the signals at, as instructed by "O." Beyond the obvious intent to alert the Vulcan High Command, there’s no indication what the specifics of the message being sent are—nor what advantage Nero and Contain The Threat were seeking to gain by divulging so much helpful information that’s contrary to their purposes.

Specific signals are being highlighted in gold on the monitor on, and community members are fairly certain they represent the most viewed signal widgets. What exactly this means is undetermined. But "O’s" message focused on spreading the widgets as far as possible, and they include a "Share" option to put them on various social media websites. They have so far received over 50,000 hits.

"Alice" and "bevbrecher" (both considered in-game) have highlighted the comments of "Gigastazio" from the last ARG update as being particularly useful for this portion of the game, so they’re worth highlighting:

Regarding the tones: There are only two pitches – G and D, but they cycle through three different waveforms, specifically, square, sawtooth and sine.

I’ve extractred the loop and amplified it for your dissection, and I’ve also transcribed the loop exactly, along with my interpretation of what waveforms are being used. I have the page posted on my personal web site:

Square notehead = Square wave
Hollow notehead = Sine wave
Triangle notehead = Sawtooth wave

At least that’s how I hear it. I might not be 100% on the waveforms. Feel free to improve on my “research.”

Oh, and it also occurred to me to break the pitches down into their frequencies. Perhaps there’s a clue in these numbers:

High G: 196.998 Hz
Low G: 97.999
D: 293.66 Hz

If anyone has better numbers for these, feel free to offer them.

By playing with the phases at, community members have identified probable settings:

Square Phase: 0.5

Sine Phase: 0.0

Saw Phase: 0.5

"hitching" and others have noted that 0.5, 0.0, 0.5 resembles "SOS."

"O" has also tweeted twice, encouraging players to keep using

think some of you may have found correct imputs!!! Is the signal clear? My attempts come out static

Putting in the 3 inputs seems to work. Transmit it as much as you can!!!! I know Vulcan will reward us for warning them!!!

"Matt" and others speculate that the 3 inputs "O" refers to are the waveform, the Fr, and the OR.

What this latest stage of the ARG leads to is still unknown, but with the imminent US release of "Star Trek" just days away, we should probably know soon.

Star Trek ARG – A quick review
The Star Trek Alternative Reality Game began a couple of weeks ago after some fans spotted URLs on the walls of ‘Star Trek Dance Party’ photos up at, these clues led to more sites, which in turn led to more clues. Here are the previous TrekMovie articles on the Star Trek ARG:

Also, all TrekMovie articles regarding this are now in a single Star Trek ARG Category.

What do you think? — and A NOTE before you comment
Before you post clues or speculation in the comments below, check the previous TrekMovie articles (including comments) to be sure they haven’t already been covered.

Star Trek ARG Forum
TM community member "Tom" hosts the very active ARG chat where much of the problem-solving is taking place. He has set up a forum for posting clues and speculation. It also includes links to the chat.

Other resources

Any new clues or theories? Let us know!
but again, be sure to check previous posts to make sure they haven’t been covered. If you really think you are on to something, send in a clue to tips [at] trekmovie [dot] com. However, please keep tips to new (at least semi) verified clues, and not just speculation, that is what the comments are for.


1. Megg - May 5, 2009

Wow. This has officially gone completely over my head. Interesting…wish I could understand some of it. Have fun guys!

2. MrData - May 5, 2009

wow. It’s getting crazy.

3. Andros - May 5, 2009


4. Mike - May 5, 2009

W a y t o o c o m p l i c a t e d . . . .

B r a i n h u r t s . . . .

D i







5. Pragmaticus - May 5, 2009

I’ve enjoyed following this.

6. PZE - May 5, 2009

Crazy … :)

7. NX01 - May 5, 2009


8. Allister gourlay - May 5, 2009

not got a clue – have fun!

9. Admiral_BlackCat - May 5, 2009

So what is the link between ContainThe Threat and Nero???

10. Matt - May 5, 2009

@9 – Excellent question.

Also, why/how are they here in the 21st century?


11. Admiral_BlackCat - May 5, 2009

“Thad Gruber of Contain The Threat (who the “Chat Gang” linked to Nero)”
So what is the link? Or just speculation right now?

12. D for me. - May 5, 2009

New update and I’m more lost now than I was before!

13. Spork - May 5, 2009

Star Trek has totally invaded MTV. I just saw a clip of John Cho playing pool with the troops (from when they showed them the film) and Karl Urban and Chris Pine joking around with a few soldiers. As a Marine it made me feel good, but it definitely solidified the fact that Paramount is seriously pimpin this movie!

14. captain hamster - May 5, 2009

The more i hear the less i care

15. Mel - May 5, 2009

The transmission video you get from the alertvulcan site look by the way like this:

16. Jamziz - May 5, 2009

Aliotsy – nice update eh. I have a suggestion, run a poll here on trekmovie to see how many people are engaged by this Star Trek ARG.

I’m curious to see how many people actually are enjoying this. I myself am always keeping up with the latest ARG updates, but honestly this is not inclusive to the average fan.

Was a great idea – makes for an interesting read – however fails to actually get you involved.

17. D for me. - May 5, 2009

Every time you feel invoved and engaged, the PM’s take a dump on your face.

18. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 5, 2009

It occurs to me that “O”‘s recent tweet, combined with the fact that we know the PM’s fixed the “alertvulcan” email page late yesterday (aka the Hitchings Hack), may suggest they want to try and weed out videos that were linked and clicked via that method……

19. NCC-73515 - May 5, 2009

The Whale Probe Sensor is in the background image?

20. THX-1138 - May 5, 2009

Holy Crap!! Use your powers for good folks. Go build a warp drive or something. This is a bit complex for this old country jazz/soul musician.

21. Anthony - May 5, 2009

Wow. SuperNerd.

22. caseylee4ts - May 5, 2009

#17 – LOL!

23. Matt - May 5, 2009

Another new tweet:

“PHPChatUser5 I’m the threat??/Don’t listen to them. They don’t care who they kill anymore”

I’m assuming she’s referring to the CTT crowd. Not quite sure who she’s talking to, though.

24. WolfTrek - May 5, 2009

snooze button

25. Jim - May 5, 2009

Anyone else starting to feel a little let down with all of this?

26. Jenni Generation - May 5, 2009

Oh wow, it’s gotten really interesting. Shame I can’t follow this more closely…

You guys rock. ;)

27. caseylee4ts - May 5, 2009

#25 – Let down… confused… brain-numbed… all of the above…

28. Robert Gillis - May 5, 2009

Stephen Hawking just called — he has no idea what any of this means.

29. Robert Gillis - May 5, 2009

Commander Data called – he has no idea what any of this means.

30. subatoi - May 5, 2009

So… What will be the end? Will we get a link to a secret scene? Will we see something related to the movie story or related to the ARG story? Maybe a short movie showing the chat gang on earth, or showing the Vulcans coming to our help in space (without us knowing about it), or something like this. Who knows…

31. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 5, 2009

I just talked to Scotty and he says and i quote. ( Are you Daft!!!!)

32. Karl - May 5, 2009

I thought at first it was fine for me, but this is way too hard!

33. Andros - May 5, 2009

What end result could this “hunt” possibly accomplish? The movie opens in roughly 2 days so why keep this going now? I could understand this hunt 6 months ago to get people excited and interested, but now it just seems terribly “unofficial”.

34. Mark from Germany - May 5, 2009

Is this still fun?

35. Mel - May 5, 2009

User 5 or Kaleh is writing a lot of comments on twitter:

# PLEASE! Help if you can. I know some of you are watchig. There’s no time!!!!!!!!!

# think some of you may have found correct imputs!!! Is the signal clear? My attempts come out static

# Putting in the 3 inputs seems to work. Transmit it as much as you can!!!! I know Vulcan will reward us for warning them!!!

# Something’s wrong. I think it only amplifies when individual signals are played repeatedly….

# I’m the threat??/Don’t listen to them. They don’t care who they kill anymore

# I’m no communications expert. Karnis said the more singals transmitted, the more it amplifies. It has to work.

Karnis is user 2, the Romulan man who lost the device which MalakO found in Paris.

I guess they want that a lot of people watch the transmission videos. For example this one:

Or they want that those transmission videos are posted on many different internet sites like Facebook, MySpace, and so on.

36. caseylee4ts - May 5, 2009

I don’t know if anyone’s done this or not, but just for kicks, I sent a reply email to to see if I’d get a personal response… we shall see…

Here’s what I said…

“Do I need to have different people play this video, or do I need to put all the inputs in multiple times? It put in the same inputs in about 10 times in a row and received different Transmission IDs each time. Do we need to generate as many different Transmission IDs as possible or have one particular one played many times?

Please help us to help you,

I will let y’all know if I hear anything…

37. Matt - May 5, 2009

@36 – Nice idea. Let us know!

38. Jamziz - May 5, 2009

ARG = Epically unexciting.

39. LtPiper - May 5, 2009

I’ve not gotten any responses by emailing them. Maybe you will have better luck.

With the new line of thinking (that’s total crap if you ask me) it’s a matter of taking the embed code from the video such as from and putting it evrywhere.

embed code looks like this.

40. LtPiper - May 5, 2009

Well it didn’t like the code. :/

41. Harry Doddema - May 5, 2009

I’m looking forward to a easily digestible summary of all this. Sounds pretty interesting.

42. Mel - May 5, 2009

A summary for everyone who want to get the right transmission video from .

Square Frequency: 300
Square Phase: 0.5

Sine Frequency: 100
Sine Phase: 0.0

Saw Frequency: 200
Saw Phase: 0.5

Low left side: 232
Low right side (at the circle): V160574_A

Then click generate and submit your email address. You will get then an email with a link to your personal transmission video. The Transmission ID is each time different.

The email will also include the following message:

“For scnners to pick itup, we MUST broadcast the wsarning message as often as possible!! Play it as many times as you can in as places as possible. Get others to broadcast your transmission itwill increase amplification! I’m sure the Vulcans will REWARD! our efforts!!!RememberEarth has NO chance fighting alone only Vulcan has the technology to stop him.”

43. Daoud - May 5, 2009

I think we have to send more than one big signal. 6JCS1 seems to have already “walled” out.

As to those not following this all, especially #20 and #28/29…. it was fun to interact with a lot of people from around the world. That was the interesting part of this, and I must say I saw some things (Mark Hunter’s The Cobrasnake pictures) that I’d have rather not seen.

Someone at Paramount clearly is expendable though: whoever approved and then didn’t monitor all this! I’m still amazed by the “photobooth” photos that they didn’t monitor and were on the real site.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been slugging away at this. Now if we could harness our group to solve some more interesting ARG mysteries. An ongoing Star Trek ARG well-designed could have been a lot of fun.

However, I know all who now know who Johann Bayer is, and where Chamaeleon, Eridanus, Apus,… are in the sky have at least learned some real astronomy! I still think the declination * number of the letter corresponding to the spectral classification * distance was pretty crappy, in that the distances aren’t known to high precision. Oh well. Not like the *PM*s really knew a lot of astronomy. They had the wrong Johann Bayer, and a picture of Flamsteed in place of Bayer! :)

44. caseylee4ts - May 5, 2009

I’m not sure if anyone posted this newest Tweet from our favorite Twitterer… Tweeter….

@PHPChatUser5: I’m no communications expert. Karnis said the more singals transmitted, the more it amplifies. It has to work.

45. caseylee4ts - May 5, 2009

…and now I see where it was posted before… nevermind! :)

46. FrylockRocks - May 5, 2009

Three things, has anyone else thought the “typos” in the email might be a cipher, what if the square, sine, and saw frequencys might have to do with the harmonics of the frequencys listed above (high G, low G, and D), and what if we are supposed to play the video backwards?

47. jamesintucson - May 5, 2009

frylock and others, the gang could always use creative ideas on solving the puzzle. It’s been a long few days and we’re at wits end, fresh minds could help push this forward!

48. Mel - May 5, 2009

Alice has written a new message on twitter:

“Hitching has solution here . Everyone make a signal and send to increase signal to Vulcan. Increase views for reward.”

I guess they want to send the reward per email to everyone who input the correct numbers at the side and submit their email address.

For the correct input numbers to the site, just read my comment number 42 on this trekmovie thread or read hitching comment at unfiction.

49. Mel - May 5, 2009

@ 46

I think we already have solved the alertvulcan site. Now they just want that a lot of people use it with the correct numbers. I think they are collecting email addresses now.

50. Flake - May 5, 2009

They should have done this in early 2008 when we where totally starved of news then we would have all been joining in, personally I haven’t been interested in this.

51. FrylockRocks - May 5, 2009

Also what about the new Romulan characters from

52. MistySteele - May 5, 2009

Whoa. I followed this for the first week or so, but now… I’m totally lost. I commend those who have both the dedication and brainpower to keep up with this thing, and I hope you get a great reward for your efforts. I only wish it had been more accessible to the majority of Trek fans (especially this “younger generation” at whom the film is supposedly aimed (myself included ^^)).

53. mscottr - May 5, 2009

I, for one, have (mostly) enjoyed following this ARG — particularly the elements of amazing international cooperation that have resulted from it. We have had a great team working on this, and I hope that we exceeded the puppetmasters’ expectations. Or at least met them.

Hopefully we’ll be able to stop beating our heads against the wall once this is all wrapped up. Great work, everybody.

54. Matt - May 5, 2009

@51 – Good eyes. Unfortunately, those aren’t Romulan characters. It’s the logo for some band (can’t think of the name right now).

55. hitching - May 5, 2009

new tweet from @aliceforrest700;

“Hitching has solution here . Everyone make a signal and send to increase signal to Vulcan. Increase views for reward”

– i guess this refers to the last post on that page, and suggests we need more people (with new email addresses!) to enter the correct answers on to amplify the transmission, rather than focus on the existing ones.

– and with disclosure: this video below was generated by myself. i believe it was the first video created from the correct answers;

56. Matt - May 5, 2009

@55 – Yeah. But that is totally bizarre. Also, not sure how that ties into “increase views.”

And none of that is to take away from your work, of course!

57. LtPiper - May 5, 2009

The Alice tweet is about 2 days late. We have been “transmitting” for two days now and generated a LOT of hits. We are poised to break 90,000 in the next update in a few minutes.

58. Admiral_BlackCat - May 5, 2009

59. Mescad - May 5, 2009

I wrote to right after we started receiving the first emails. It bounced back as a non-existent address.

What does this mean?

60. Matt - May 5, 2009

Seems to me that there are people going after prizes posting here. :-p

61. Jake2k - May 5, 2009


62. Tom - May 5, 2009

Be real funny if the final message is “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

63. hmich176 - May 5, 2009

I haven’t enjoyed this at all. I don’t mean to be down on the subject, although I know I am, nor am I posting here to make a stink. No, I’m not going to ignore it, because it does get my interest a little bit, if only because I have no idea what the hell’s going on.

Is there ever going to be an update where once the game has concluded, it explains what happened? I just don’t get it.

64. hitching - May 6, 2009

@12 @24 @25 @27 @34 @38 @43 @63 etc.

there’s some grumblings going on here by some, so i want to add that this has been an *awesome* experience for me.

i was assimilated into this star trek alternate reality game after my friend sohail asked me to present at the Australian Film & TV School about “Mobile Social Technology & Alternate Reality Gaming”. i know a fair bit about the former, but not much about the latter. it didn’t take me long to get hooked.

i believe these interactive games will be getting bigger and better, as new technology enables new forms of story-telling, and as audiences demand more interactivity, and as economics demand: unlike movies and console games, alternate reality gaming is not vulnerable to piracy, so making it a more central part of the overall experience makes economic sense.

i also believe that social media (things like twitter and facebook) will play an increasing part in all this; it’s the best way for people to share the experience, and is also highly measurable. measurement helps the creators work out what worked and what didn’t, and do it better next time.

what’s my personal view of what worked and what didn’t in this game?

:) i loved piecing together the QR code from the Berlin bluetooth video. and despite what some others have said, i liked playing with that 3D immersive star system plugin.

:( i got the hump when the QR grrrid was removed before anyone solved it, only because it encouraged impatience.

overall, this game for me has been a good mix of: entertaining, challenging, confusing, educational, and exhausting. lots of fun, and amazingly collaborative. i suspect the creators underestimated the degree of community and collaboration that has built up around this. these forums and the wiki and the IRC chatroom and twitter are all full of people helping each other through the journey.

so my thanks to the creators and to everyone playing.

as we approach the end of the game, as we await the arrival of Vulcan technology to save us from Nero (i think), as the lights dim for the first screening of the movie (just six hours to go here in sydney; midnight at the IMAX), it would be great to hear from some others about the good and the bad of their journey through this.

65. Commodore Redshirt - May 6, 2009

Well, this game is almost over and it’s been a fun thing to watch.
I just wish it would have been more inclusive. And more dynamic.
I was enthralled enough to stay with it, but more frustrated than engaged.
I hope the end result is better ARG experiences in the future.
The surface has only been scratched with this kind of ARG.
In this case, I believe there could have been more intended to the game that we never discovered or “opened”, and thus parts may have been missed by everyone. Perhaps we messed up.
But more likely this ARG was not thought through well enough.
The game seemed to drag for those engrossed in it wile at the same it was too complex or repetitive for those outside.

Unless the finish is huge and exciting, I’ll have to give this ARG a “C”.

It could have been an “A”!
…the players were so willing to go along…
but poor execution, a lack of dramatic pacing, and a weak plot crippled this ARG.

The other players were wonderful and deserve a reward for their cooperative spirit and tireless energy. The community that developed was wonderful and I’m happy to have been a part of it.
To all I’ve had contact with these last few weeks I say:

66. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - May 6, 2009


I’ll take you upon that, Bob…although I’ve been in SW deveopment for over twenty years, and thus a self-proclaimed nerd, I’ve never participated in an ARG before. I think to design a game like this is a massive undertaking in coordination on the part of the “authors,” if you will, and considering we all paid nothing to participate, its pretty hard for me to complain too much.

Its been a wonderful time of coordnation and cooperation. The chatroom has simultaneously been a place of corroboration, discovery, and silliness, which most chatrooms are. Realizing the game is near its end is kinda sad if for no other reason than the prospective loss of that alone.

For me, I’m probably outside the target demographic of these things – 44 years old, and really no time to devote to it. Once the Monday 8-5 repetition starts, my ability to participate is limited to the occasional post here on TM – no chatting, grid solving, and certainly no social networking. Alas.

What worked and what didn’t? The Bayer grid puzzle would have been fabulous if there had been *some* margin for error or ability to “save and retry,” and I realize time and resources probably limited it. I think there was an underestimation of the difficulty associated with getting the DFusion plug-in to install, and a surprising # of people that don’t have webcams. When the problem arose, I think the game lost some people – possibly quite a few. We’ll obviously never know for sure.

The PM’s obviously did not take into account the possiblity of compression artifacts and other defects emerging in the various “hidden” QR codes – an ingenious tool nonetheless. The error with the released QR for, I think, Phoenix, was a critical problem that really took the edge off that puzzle.

The mock-up of the Curbridge landing sight was absolute genius – to me, clearly the highlight of the game from a “lets make it real” perspective. It added a delightful slice of fun and authenticity to it.

The end game, presuming we’re in it, wasn’t nearly as much fun. Fill out a wave form and spam it everywhere? That’s not a puzzle on the same level with The Bayer Grid, although it might eventually make me need to*take* a Bayer to get past the headache of figuring out how many times the vids are supposed to be seen.

I think the game needed some sort of boundaries or feedback to give the participants a sense of where things were going – the game had way too many deadspots that turned some folks off. It was fun trying to figure out who was and wasn’t IG.

If I never have to see another Cobrasnake photo, it’ll be too soon.

I don’t know that I’ll ever play an ARG again, but I made an exception this time because its Trek, and this Trek “revival” is an unexpected good time for me. I enjoyed it, even if there isn’t a prize to be had in the end.

I’m still waiting for the actual endgame, so we’ll see what happens.

67. DS9 Rocks - May 6, 2009

Did someone say that the image with user_ids on alertvulcan (the frequency bar graph) changes as certain user_ids are transmitted more than others?

If so, can it be that we have to make THAT frequency bar graph look like something? This would be fairly complex, as you’d need large numbers of people to send specific messages (but not too many)…. but maybe that’s the point.

68. D for me. - May 6, 2009

67. DS9 Rocks – May 6, 2009
Did someone say that the image with user_ids on alertvulcan (the frequency bar graph) changes as certain user_ids are transmitted more than others?

If so, can it be that we have to make THAT frequency bar graph look like something? This would be fairly complex, as you’d need large numbers of people to send specific messages (but not too many)…. but maybe that’s the point.

The point is; what’s the point?
Alot of effort by alot of people so we can spam the planet to death?

69. D for me. - May 6, 2009

If you’re not a PM you feel lost, confused and cheated, even if it was free to participate.

If you are ingame or a PM you should feel disappointed and ashamed to have anything to do with it.

This ARG is too hard for Steven Hawking, Einstein and Data let alone “normal” fans like us.

70. caseylee4ts - May 6, 2009

#68 – “The point is; what’s the point?”

I’m afraid I’m starting to agree. I haven’t always enjoyed seeing the negative comments regarding this game, but at this point… well, there really doesn’t seem to be a point. PHPChatUser5’s tweets have seemed to be little help. The alertvulcan site hasn’t changed (except for the meter). But if only one person is to get a “prize” for having the most views, then I’m not very interested if I don’t get to see the fruits of everyone’s labor. For only one person to get this “prize” seems unfair when so many people put a lot of time and effort into this.

With all that being said, I’m still curious to see where this game goes and if we are truly at/near the end. I’ve been following this game with some excitement to see where it will lead. If it leads nowhere… [sigh]

Regardless, I’m totally stoked to see the new movie. I’m planning on going Friday after work and then sometime next week I think I’ll drive down to Dallas (I live in Denton, TX) to see it in IMAX.

The disappointments of this game won’t spoil the movie for me… it will just destroy any faith in future ARGs (especially ones associated with Star Trek).

71. DS9 Rocks - May 6, 2009

@68 & 70. Oh I agree re complexity and time-sink. My involvement has been to throw out ideas (all of which failed btw, unless movie opened in Japan earlier today…?… ), and then see if it helps the folks who are actively working on this. I definitely would not spend as much time as others have solving these things. Some solutions were downright Data-like. I still applaud those who tried and am curious to see what happens. I think if all you do is read TrekMovie updates (or ATVNPF’s updates), it’s not THAT confusing. It’s when you try to follow along with the solvers that you get lost…

72. Matt - May 6, 2009

Apparently Gene LaBarre (the guy who “solved” the Bayer grid) has been busily tweeting some hints and ‘encouragement.’ For some reason I neglected to follow him on Twitter, so who knows how many clues I’ve missed? Oh well. For those interested:

It’s more of the same, really. We’ve done what we can, so there’s no need to keep urging us for more. *shrug*

73. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 6, 2009

Just “make more videos?”

Good grief. Disappointing end to this seems harder and harder to deny…unless they’re putting $1 a hit into the prize kitty….yeah, right :)

Thanks for the note, Matt…

74. thecapn - May 6, 2009

I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this or not, but did anyone catch Fringe last night? The main characters visited a conspiracy theorist who claimed that the “upcoming war” that the characters have been investigating would be with the Romulans, that they’ve come back in time to attack Earth. He also claimed to be Spock. Was this just a throwaway gag, or is it somehow connected to all this? I don’t claim to know what’s going on with this game, but I’d like to throw it out there that maybe there was some clues in that scene…

75. aliotsy - May 6, 2009

@65 @66

The first half or so of this game was exciting: finding the binary sites, finding the chat site and seeing it activate, confirming Malak0’s participation and seeing his video, discovering QR codes, the Curbridge crash site, the giddiness over WarpTube’s (ultimately failed) expedition, and discovering the locations of the Madrid and Berlin events. It was amazing, inspiring, and fun to see the community come together, especially in the palpable excitement of the chatroom.

But then, the Johann Bayer grid really killed the momentum, and even the admittedly cool 3D augmented reality plugin in the latter half of the game couldn’t regain it.

There were specifically three things that went wrong with the grid:

1) The user experience was awful. There was NO feedback on how close one was, and NO option to save results. Missed what you intended to put in by one square? Too bad, you have to restart from scratch. Now granted, since in-game it was a security system, it SHOULD be unforgiving. But nothing drained the morale of even the most ardent and engaged players as clicking hundreds of little dots in a concentrated effort for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes straight only to have the attempt result in failure.

2) The inputs we received were flawed. Having QR codes with built-in error protection was kind and thoughtful of the PMs, but it backfired. It was a good thing when we were trying to determine the message embedded in the codes, but it was a very bad thing when we needed to enter a compilation of those codes into a grid that required (as far as we can tell) perfect codes. This was particularly frustrating for the code we got from PHPChatUser4, which included JPG compression artifacts. There was no way we could find that would definitively identify if certain squares were actual parts of the code or just noise. I could be wrong, of course: perhaps the grid WAS forgiving; if so I apologize for misrepresenting the PMs. But every indication we had was that it was not.

3) As Hitching noted, the PMs pushed us past the puzzle too soon. Given the frustration I expressed in 1 and 2, this may seem counter-intuitive. But it actually HURT morale even more when, after several days-worth of effort, all of a sudden the puzzle was just removed. All that work (yes, it was WORK) ended up being a wasted effort. Speaking for myself, I was fairly close to the right solution the day before, only having two QR codes swapped. The time and effort to come up with the solution and to enter it that was enough to have me quit the game for the remainder of the day. BUT, overnight, I realized my error and intended to come back the next morning and enter what turned out to be the correct solution. So you can imagine my disappointment when I found it had been solved by someone who was almost certainly in-game. It didn’t have to be me — I’m certain that any number of players would have come to the same conclusion I had hours before or after I would have tried it. But we never got that chance. And of course, if I was right about the grid being unforgiving, it wouldn’t have mattered if we DID have the right solution, because we had the wrong inputs.

76. D for me. - May 6, 2009

I think Paramount should send us all something for this fiasco.

77. caseylee4ts - May 6, 2009

Such as a signed and certified prop from the movie?? :-D

78. D for me. - May 6, 2009

How about a T-shirt;

I spent two weeks of my life trying to solve the Star Trek ARG and all I got was a headache and this LOUSY T-SHIRT!

79. Mario - May 6, 2009

its not about the prize dude… you have to play, it’s just fun,
we meet other people, talk, joke, even trash douchbags at the cobrasnake but the prize isn’t important

80. D for me. - May 6, 2009

It was a joke Mario, relax. I had a good time being totally stumped. It was interesting. Just alot of people (myself included) got their hopes up after seeing the crash site pics. Hope there is a big finish for this. Maybe JJ’s “lifesize” Enterprise?

81. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 6, 2009

Just for myself, let me make it clear I didn’t go into this with any expectation of a prize, so any jokes about expectations are just that – jokes. The problem/puzzle solving were their own reward. The glitches certainly tempered the enthusiasm along the way, that’s all.

I figure we’re going to hear the “official” resolution tomorrow, as that’s apparently now the film’s release date…our local theater that was only running 1 show tomorrow night is now running two full theaters (ten shows)….

82. Matt - May 6, 2009

I didn’t get into this for a reward. But if they’re going to offer them, then I’m amazed that it will not be based on commitment and participation in the game, but instead on spamming.

I’ve sent my video to some people, a few of them watched it, I’ve posted it on my Facebook page so it wouldn’t irritate others. But I’m not going to use my youtube account, for instance, and spam comments. I’m not going to join Myspace just to post this. To expect that of us is REALLY, well…. it leaves me speechless, actually.

83. Mario - May 6, 2009

in peru is today, crap…

84. D for me. - May 6, 2009

Australia already happened didn’t it?

85. CptnValdez - May 6, 2009

I am really disappointed in this ARG. It started out as a fun ride, then went to strange, and finally it is now just bad. Why do we need to spam to become a “winner”?. We played the game as a group and shared frustrations over things that were not really game quality or the IG people had to change.

When this ends, I hope there is a feed back from the players to the PM’s.I hope there is not an individual winner based on the amount of “spam” they put out. It will tarnish not only this game but other ARGs as well.

I guess we will see by tomorrow or whenever this ends!

86. Matt - May 6, 2009

A little while ago another email was sent to some (but not all) of us from Thad Gruber (of the CTT gang):

“Some of your co-conspirators gave us information about the human in Paris, France known as Malak0. We have easily eliminated this threat, as we might crush a beetle, and the device is in our possession. You may continue to attempt to send your message to Vulcan but if the efforts are feeble you will not succeed. We will continue our mission.”

It’s just the same as the hints we’re getting from the guys and gals over on Twitter.

If the goal is hits, then we did what we could. If the goal is actually sending it to people and posting it places, well we did what we could there, as well. And if that’s still not enough and they want us to actually spam-bomb the internet with the video, then this sort of gentle pushing from the PM’s is not going to give them any different result than what we’ve already given them.

87. caseylee4ts - May 6, 2009

Even though it seems (from the WeMust email) that we need to show “our own” video to as many people as possible, I’m still wondering if the trick is to put the inputs into and generate as many user_id’s as possible…

They’re obviously pushing for a reason… well, maybe not “obviously”…

88. caseylee4ts - May 6, 2009

Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi… you’re our only hope!!

…oh wait…

89. Admiral_BlackCat - May 6, 2009

Something new on the front. The user_id video show sometihng new now!

90. NotAVulcanButWantsToBe - May 6, 2009

I’ve been following this ARG. Though I couldn’t figure out a single clue, but I applaude the ones that did. I found this to be an interesting exprence to just follow. What I could follow, was that the Bayer Grid did do a lot of people in.

What has happen so far, makes me believe that we haven’t figured out the secret to the alertvulcan code.

Now I’m just guessing here, but if there is to be a prize, it should be a video. That way, everyone that helpped solve this ARG can experance the “prize”.

Anyways, I congratulate all those who put time and effort into this ARG. So, people like me can atleast watch and enjoy it. Thank you!

91. DS9 Rocks - May 6, 2009

Nice Admiral! Looks like response from Vulcan or something.

92. DS9 Rocks - May 6, 2009

is someone unscrambling?

93. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 6, 2009

We must have passed an important click threshhold :)

94. caseylee4ts - May 6, 2009


95. Admiral_BlackCat - May 6, 2009

New Twitter activity from PHPChatUser4 as well.

96. Jim - May 6, 2009

89. Admiral_BlackCat

Is that a video of a vulcan or a romulan?

97. mscottr - May 6, 2009

I see only the original video.

98. Admiral_BlackCat - May 6, 2009

For those that only see the original video either force refresh or clear your cache.

#96 They do a Vulcan salute near the end, logic dictates they are Vulcan.
Or they could be Romulans possing as Vulcan? Hmmm.

99. caseylee4ts - May 6, 2009

Here’s what I can make of what the Vulcan is saying…

“…our scanners have yet to locate the… …working together will increase our chance of survival… …our gratitude to those [creative?]…”

That’s all I can make out.

100. Matt - May 6, 2009

Thank goodness for this.

101. DS9 Rocks - May 6, 2009

does it look like Sela to anyone else? :)

where are our tech wizards with decoding?!

102. Mario - May 6, 2009

yes Matt, finally, now we are progressing

103. NotAVulcanButWantsToBe - May 6, 2009

Okay. I just realised someone mention the date in the video as being 5-12-09. If it is set up as American, then on date I know they are releasing Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trilogy.
That is the only thing I can think of that happens on that date, dealing with Star Trek.

104. WarpTube - May 6, 2009

My attempt at a summery/notes on what’s happened today:-

The ‘clear’ transmission videos have now changed to include an audio and visual reply from vulcan. You can view it here: any other user_ID with a good signal OR on youtube:

In the chat room we noticed the most obvious clue embedded in the new video is a date “05-12-09″ (or 12/05/09 in the more logical format) 12th May 2009. A close up of the date:

There are other things in the video of interest. An image of the Narada, The Vulcans thanking us, and some Vulcan script which appears to be impossible to decode due to the lack of official documentation. Click here for a close up:

In other news, PHPChatUser4 twittered to PHPChatUser5:

“PHPChatUser4Can’t wait to see you.
about 2 hours ago from web

PHPChatUser4I’ll be there tomorrow – hope you haven’t changed your mind.”

105. caseylee4ts - May 6, 2009

#101 – I thought the same thing. It definitely looks like Sela (with the blond hair), but it kind of sounds like a male’s voice. Then again, that could be the distortion… also I think its a Vulcan.

106. Commodore Redshirt - May 6, 2009

To all my new friends
I have enjoyed getting to know all of you and I love the way people from all over the world came together to solve this puzzle.
I have already posted my thoughts on the ARG above (@65), but I’d like to add that I did not get involved in this to “win a prize”, be it Onion Rings, T-shirt (XL btw) or Runabout.
I like the idea of solving a mystery and I think we did well given what we had to work with.

To the PMs:
I understand how much time and effort went into this and despite the criticism from many players (myself included), I hope you work to do something like this again. With a few refinements it would have been mind blowing!

…thanks again to all involved.


107. Daoud - May 6, 2009

I’ve never seen a standard Vulcan alphabet identification… Vulcan language yes. I think only Dr. Marc Okrand would know, and I wouldn’t want to call him up and bother him unless it’s about a KLI qep’a’ convention.

Whatever it must say, I’m sure it has a lot of Apostrophes. :) Vulcans love Apostrophes. ;)

As David says above… the mystery itself was interesting. I had tech issues so I could only watch from the sidelines after we went to 3-D imaging (although THANKS! to those who youtubed it!!! that was cool!).

I’m not as forgiving as he is though, because although WE didn’t pay for the ARG…. Paramount did. I think they could have done better. Something special. ;)

108. LtPiper - May 6, 2009

3 New tweets from PHP5

I’ll be there.

I can’t believe it worked!! I can’t believe so many of them helped!!!

But we can’t celebrate yet – why can’t the Vulcans locate the Narada???

109. LtPiper - May 6, 2009

And another tweet.

How could he be hiding from their scanners!?!?!

110. freakshowmonkey - May 6, 2009

I know I’m kind of getting in on the end here, but did anyone notice that has now gone to a screen where you can enter 11 characters, and then click on the last one to enter?

111. hitching - May 6, 2009

i haven’t seen the movie yet, it opened in sydney last night but i want to wait until the weekend so i can take my wife.

i am sure there will be plenty of “reward” in watching the movie, hopefully lots of plot points that refer back to the game. some of the movie reviews mention a certain Vulcan and time travel, which would align with what is happening now in the endgame.

maybe this whole ARG is pre-plot to the movie.

meanwhile, back in the endgame, @phpchatuser5 is tweeting that the Vulcans cannot locate the Nerada; do we have to disable Nero’s cloak using the device that containthethreat has now taken from malak0? do we need to send another different message to the Vulcans? how exciting.

112. Matt - May 6, 2009

Anyone here live near downtown LA?

113. JamesinTucson - May 6, 2009

freakshow, thanks for the post but that’s old news. That was cracked over a week ago.

114. Admiral_BlackCat - May 6, 2009

RE: prize
It is the journey not the destination that matters.
However, maybe a discount on the new Bluray and DVD sets being released on May 12th. Like half off. :P
That would be a nice prize.

115. Mario - May 6, 2009

guys, we are still on the chat, the mibbit server died but not mIRC, you should install an IRC client

116. kitty - May 6, 2009

mibbit is back!

117. Author of The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers - May 7, 2009

So I guess we’re waiting for Chat4 and 5 to meet somewhere, eh? And we presume they’re going to end up meeting somewhere near LA…so until then………we cogitate the possibilities :)

118. subatoi - May 7, 2009

I hope we’ll get a special scene of the Vulcans making the Narada run away from here and now, and than 4&5 beaming up, or going to hide for the rest of their lives on Earth.
And a title “dedicated to the late malak0″ at the end :)

119. bettinac - May 7, 2009

I wouldn’t want the game to end without an explanation of some things….

What happened to PHPChatUser1 (Si) and PHPChatUser3 (Al)?
What really happened in Berlin and who was killed?
Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys and what are we contacting the Vulcans for?
What is the significance of the monkey with the telescope?
Which ones among us are really in-game?

120. caseylee4ts - May 7, 2009

I was watching/listening to the video again last night and where I put [creative?], it think he’s actually saying “primitive” which would coincide with the Vulcans’ feelings of humans (especially at this point).

“…our scanners have yet to locate the Narada… …working together will increase our chance of survival… …our gratitude to those primitive…”

121. freakshowmonkey - May 7, 2009

#113–Oh, sorry about that. I was reading over the previous posts to catch up, and I guess I must have misread that part.

122. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 7, 2009


We believe Chat1-3 are all dead. Chat 4 and 5 are the only ones of The Chat Gang to survive.

It appears the Chat Gang is a group of Romulans coming to present-day Earth to warn them of a threat from someone called Nero. ContainTheThreat appears to have been a faux group pursuing these “rogues” on behalf of Nero, which was essentially proven to be true when they (apparently) caught and killed malak0 and regained the comm device Ca dropped in Paris (when this all started).

We believe the monkey with the scope was a bit of an “homage” to some of the chatroom folks working on the earlier puzzles and had found a reference to an adopt-an-orangutan website in the source code of a decompiled Shockwave flash movie used in the 39×39 square grid for the Bayer puzzles.

As for who is and isn’t in-game, your guess is as good as mine…but then again, “My guess…would be valueless”

123. Matt - May 7, 2009

We have new activity on Twitter. But before anyone gets too excited, it’s pretty much a rehash of what we already know.

I’m really shocked they’re still pushing the signal thing. I was surprised to read that.

124. Matt - May 7, 2009

@117 – Yup. My prediction: Today at 4pm (local), near the Los Angeles city hall. We know it’s happening today, and we’ve long assumed that O was based in LA. The previous two drops, Berlin and Madrid, happened at 4pm. The coordinates from the crash site were for city hall.

It’s just a theory, and not a strong one. But it’s the best I can do to piece together what we have, and how we might learn more about this meeting that’s taking place today.

125. Daoud - May 7, 2009

Did we ever pick up a Los Angeleno to monitor things in LA? We had that advantage I guess in England, Berlin, and Madrid. Someone playing along was close to the action…

126. caseylee4ts - May 7, 2009

#123 – I notice the bevbrecher tweet is the same exact one as the GeneLaBarre tweet from May 6… iiiiinteresting… :)

127. Matt - May 7, 2009

125 – I’ve not heard of anyone yet who will be in LA. Of course, it’s all guesswork anyway, and I’m not sure that anybody nearby would take some of their valuable time for something that may not happen at all.

I’m thinking something similar to what happened in Madrid may happen today. In Madrid we actually didn’t have anyone there, so a PM stepped up with the info. Not nearly as exciting as the first hand accounts we got from Berlin (but that’s nobody’s fault).

128. D for me. - May 7, 2009

So are we going to get the next piece of the puzzle today? Anyone have any luck with the writing in the video?

129. Matt - May 7, 2009

128 – I’m not sure anyone knows how to read Vulcan. So far, only thing (besides the audio) that we’ve taken from that video is the date, 5-12-09.

As for another piece of the puzzle… I’d like to *think* that we’ll get something. 4 and 5 wouldn’t tell us about their meeting unless something is supposed to come of it.

130. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 7, 2009

I’m guessing the urge to keep playing the videos may be a clue that the next piece of the puzzle will be revealed in a “clearer” Vulcan transmission….after we’ve hit another hit threshhold.

131. D for me. - May 7, 2009

5-12-09 is definitely a marketing push by Paramount. A little research will show you that.

132. wab1701 - May 7, 2009

I’d be sorely disappointed if all this led to a simple DVD release that any Trek fan knows is already coming…There must be something special at the end of the road. Right?

133. Mario - May 7, 2009

guys, just to leave an idea, there is a new album in cobra, called: KICK OUT JJAMZ and, being cobra the JJAMZ was like J J AmbraZ, only an idea, there are some pics that make me believe could contain clues:

134. Daoud - May 7, 2009

No, it’s just more pictures of heroin addicts, etc. Which picture do you think has a relevant ARG clue in it?

135. Matt - May 7, 2009

Our Romulan chat site is no longer a chat site. Remember the LA rendezvous? We can see how that went down, now.

136. kitty - May 7, 2009

Got another email from Thad:
It does not end with malakO


137. caseylee4ts - May 7, 2009

#135 – Interesting how its from the viewpoint of Camera 47… nice Trek reference. :)

138. kitty - May 7, 2009

I replied to the email from thad:
ohhhhh we’re taking you DOOOWWWNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you suck!
He replied:
You will not be so brave when our ship arrives

i replied that he was pants….

139. aliotsy - May 7, 2009

Speculation from the chatroom:

— the woman is “O” (no surprise there)
— the man she hugs is “Fe” (again, no surprise)
— “Fe” is a traitor, and is with Contain The Threat (notice he doesn’t help “O” when she’s attacked)
— “Fe” is a Vulcan (looks like he uses a neck pinch to subdue her)

140. aliotsy - May 7, 2009

Also … different people got different emails (and oddly, some people didn’t get any at all). Mine said the following:

We are not concerned

Do not believe the Vulcan response

141. Mescad - May 7, 2009

Received an email from Thad today saying simply, “Where are you?”

I have been attempting to play that CTT assistance/sympathizer angle and had previously asked for their status re: taking out the rogues.

I replied with my gps coords, so if I turn up missing, you’ll know that was a bad idea. :)

142. Daoud - May 7, 2009

“O”Kaleh Is Kidnapped… and nobody gives a flip at this point? ;) Looks like she can’t even count on “Fe”rdinand any more! Will there be a ransom demand? Probably not. Looks like the Romulan Final Five are all dead now?

I’d rather hear about Geoff’s ferrett! That’s the more important part of this ARG, I think! :)

143. Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers - May 7, 2009

Nice known’ ya, Mescad…

144. Admiral_BlackCat - May 7, 2009

Here’s my CTT reply to an email I titled “The Vulcan’s have made contact” and I gave CTT a link to the new video.
“Nothing will happen – they throw out dates to stall. They are as helpless as you are.”

145. caseylee4ts - May 7, 2009

Is it possible that the 3 that showed up to capture “O” are PHPChatUsers 1, 2 & 3??

Also, just because “Fe” gave her a Vulcan neck pinch doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a Vulcan… Romulans and Vulcans are very similar physiologically. He could have learned it from a Vulcan or even posed as a Vulcan at some point.

Regarding Geoff’s ferrett, could it be the mastermind pulling the strings in all of this? Could the ferrett really be the reason that Nero is so pissed off? Screw the events of Countdown! I’ll bet you that Geoff stole Nero’s favorite pet ferrett and now all hell is breaking loose! …I’m just saying…

146. subatoi - May 7, 2009

So… malak0’s dead, O is gone, Fe isn’t with us, who will update us now?
The Vulcans? CTT guys? Or do we need to search for new sites now?
And why wasn’t the ARG over with the movie’s release? What do they plan on the 12th that’s worth missing the release peak?

147. caseylee4ts - May 7, 2009

I think it’s actually kind of cool that they’re extending past the release of the movie. It makes for greater anticipation even after most of us have already seen it. Perhaps to get us to want to see it again?

148. Matt - May 7, 2009

New stuff from Bev:

One message is about the new video, and the other one is about….

….wait for it….


The alertvulcan video. What’s the point? I don’t understand. We’ve spread them, already.

149. caseylee4ts - May 7, 2009

Perhaps the more these ones get watched the clearer the signal will get?

150. Matt - May 7, 2009

More changes at After giving us a few hours with the ‘surveillance’ video, looks like the website has been committed to the annals of history.

Ok, I guess that’s a bit overly austere. Point is, it’s gone.

(for now?)

151. KJ - May 7, 2009

damn, now we finally know what happened to O.


152. KJ - May 7, 2009

Backup Video for the Cam47

153. Matt - May 7, 2009

Scratch what I said earlier. The chat site’s back up. The video is gone, though.

154. kitty - May 8, 2009

Entertainment Weekly did a story on our ARG…

155. Admiral_BlackCat - May 8, 2009

Thanks for the link kitty.
Very interesting read, a short, sweet and overly simplified version of the ARG, but a nice summary non-the-less.

156. LtPiper - May 8, 2009


Okay which one of you wrote that. I know it has to be somebody in the chat. Spill it.

157. Matt - May 8, 2009

Chat participant ‘Sarah’ passed on some information a little while ago to us in the chatroom that fits in nicely with the emails that Thad Gruber was sending to us yesterday:

“It was two emails. The first one said ‘you will help us destroy your planet.’ The second said ‘be ready on the 12th’ but with the first quoted underneath.”

He didn’t say anything so overt to other emailers yesterday, but he did seem very interested in that date.

158. Trigger Blog » We Get Our Hands on Part of the STAR TREK ARG and Love Every Nanosecond - May 13, 2009

[…] Although only a component of the full Trek ARG, had respectable complexity. You can read about it at this great report from […]

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