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Another TV Spot For Star Trek w/ new shots! May 8, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Marketing/Promotion,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Did you think Paramount was done promoting this thing? Not a chance.  Today Paramount made available the latest spot which again pushes the positive critical response the movie has received. And it also happens to contain a few shots not shown before. See below for video and our usual screenshots & analysis.



"Irresistible Review"
For those keeping count, Paramount numbers this one as ‘Spot 12′ but it is more like 17 or so if you count commercials they have not made available online.




Screencaps & analysis
The following are caps of what is new in this commercial.

Click images to enlarge

Cadets scurry about at Starfleet Academy

McCoy thinks something is poetic

Uhura smiles

Sulu fights Romulan on drilling rig over Vulcan

Kirk talks to Spock on the Jellyfish

Kirk is happy to be in the chair

More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

NOTE: numbering updated to match official Paramount scheme





1. Mark - May 8, 2009


2. NCC-73515 - May 8, 2009

Will it ever be explained how the blades work? :D

3. AJ - May 8, 2009

The least action-packed trailer yet! What a great film.

4. Drew - May 8, 2009

love it!

5. JML9999 - May 8, 2009

Sitting in the Chair

Kirk: Captain of the Enterprise, huh?
Picard: That’s right.
Kirk: Close to retirement?
Picard: I’m not planning on it.
Kirk: Well let me tell you something. Don’t! Don’t let them promote you. Don’t let them transfer you. Don’t let them do *anything* that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you’re there… you can make a difference.

6. The Galactic Battleburger - May 8, 2009

Don’t need to see the commercials or the still – I just got back from seeing the movie and was completely blown away. Can’t wait to see it in IMAX!

7. JML9999 - May 8, 2009

#2 Shape memory alloy

8. matt - May 8, 2009

Saw the movie on IMAX this morning. Great film. Does it have flaws? Yes but so what? There is no such thing as a perfect movie yet alone a perfect Star Trek movie.

Im very very pleased and I look forward to a re-energized franchise.

BTW – Interesting to see Pike in the wheelchair again but not in the
way we all remember. = )

9. Driver - May 8, 2009

Star Trek was, is and ever shall be about the Enterprise & Kirk & Co. What a mistake it was to have ever veered off that.

10. Darkowski - May 8, 2009

Just saw the movie.
It’s great!
Emotional, funny, action-packed.

11. MC1 Doug - May 8, 2009

You know, hating to be a prig or anything, but Paramount has known since way back when this movie would be released, so why is the novelization, soundtrack and magazine not yet out? (I was just out at Barnes & Noble and even they don’t have any release information).

Paramount, get your act together!

Oh. Still love the movie (!) and am going to see it again tomorrow + a friend and I are also planning to find it at an IMAX theatre (the closest being a hundred miles away) and seeing it there too.

12. Navy - May 8, 2009

I just watched it.

i defiantly feel the star trek vibe, but the story felt hollow. I’m going to see it at least once more, probably twice but if the supreme court is reading this… give us a much stronger story next time.

I appricate that it was not as much about the technology but the people, that being said… more substance to the story.

Everything else is excellent, Pine is Kirk, Urban is bones, everyone fits their roles nicely.

Also Scotty needs to do some work to the enterprise to bump warp efficiency… you know to make the collectors red.

Transporter effect was excellent, but I think more thought should have gone into the distance they were able to transport…

The D7’s were spot on, beautiful. The Enterprise is a handsome ship, she didn’t bring tears to my eyes like the TMP refit did… but close.

I like how the enterprise was visible when taking off from the dry dock but was clearly a background shot.

So you’ve opened it up for a sequel, time to really give us a good story as everything else is in place now!

13. MC1 Doug - May 8, 2009

#9: and your point?

If you’re referring to the other segments of the franchise I would respectfully have to disagree, but do think the others lend themselves better to the small screen.

14. JML9999 - May 8, 2009

#11 Releasing early. Presumably so as not to impact ticket sales by “spoiling the Ending”. I’ve seen some stores put out the Novelization a week a head of the movies both Trek and Non Trek.

15. Chadwick - May 8, 2009

I don’t want to say the story felt hollow because I don’t want to downplay anything because it was fantastic but it did feel like there was something missing but I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was that the movie goes by so fast that is “seems” hollow which does not mean that it is. I think the second time around might be different, it always is.

Its weird how that is, TMP still brings tears to me eyes when they show that ship in space dock but that did not happen with the new movie. Yes a huge sense of pride, a warm fuzzy feeling, but not like TMP.

16. lodownX - May 8, 2009

Just saw the movie myself… and I really enjoyed it. Been coming to Trekmovie for the past two years and contiributing occasionally…

really … the only thing I could say after the credits rolled was…. “is that it.?” I just wanted more….

I enjoyed it. It was delivered well (acting and directing, etc.) I just wanted al little more character and time. I know it probably wouldn’t have worked in the film… I guess I just want the sequel next week… rather than two summers from now. I hope they get this thing on the go like Transformers and have it on the screen this time 2011.

thanks again Anthony and crew for this site… appreciated from a long time reader…


17. Jeff - May 8, 2009

I noticed that they never mention that the jellyfish was designed by Geordi La Forge like they did in the IDW “Countdown” comics. That would have been a nice easter egg.

18. Shaun Bryer - Morrisville, Vermont - May 8, 2009

No 11: The Soundtrack came out the other day and was available in some stores. I had mine sent directly from Amazon.

The novel is due out very soon, but careful martketing means that it isn’t out to spoil the movie before you see it.

I would advise you, and everyone, to get Star Trek: Countdown – the prequel comic series that connects the post-Nemesis Star Trek that we know with this new movie. It helps to make parts of the plot a whole lot clearer and is available in one volume now.

…can’t wait to see the movie again!

19. bman - May 8, 2009

Both the novelization and the soundtrack have been out for a few days already.

I saw the novelization at Books-a-Million on Tuesday, though I haven’t seen the soundtrack in stores yet.

20. Eduardo Cordeiro - May 8, 2009

This is HUGE, It´s a good time to be a Star Trek Fan.

Trekker for sure, and proud of!

21. Paul Fitz - May 8, 2009

Seen the movie and I have a question?

SPOILER? Maybe. . .

Winona Ryder, possibly the biggest hollywood actor in the film, gets one of the smallest roles.
And is disposed of in an oddly curt manner. . .
Why get a good actress, and then not use her to full potential?
I liked the film, its just that it just an odd thing to me.

Also is there any chance of an interview with her, and some of the other support cast?

22. Harvey Smith - May 8, 2009

” The only thing I could say after the credits rolled was…. “is that it.?” I just wanted more….”

This sums the movie completely. The trailers don’t do it justice

Don’t like to nitpik but……… The thing from Nero’s ship was hanging on a very tenuous coupling, wasn’t there a ship on either planet with phaser capabilities that could have……..

23. TREKKIE369 - May 8, 2009

Bob Orci, If you happen to read this, THANKS! You, Alex, JJ, and everyone else brought Star Trek back. Thank you.

The one suggestion that I’d like to make is to PLEASE find some way to restore the timeline. You and Alex are brilliant writers, so I have comeplete faith that you’ll find some way to do this.

Just a note of caution. If you end up not doing this, I think that most fans if not all would decide that you all are worse than Khan, Nero, and every other villain from Star Trek. This isn’t a threat, it’s a warning. I’m peaceful, the Klingons aren’t.

Oh, and did I mention, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m planning on watching the movie 20 times.

@#20–That’s TrekkIE to you. And yes it’s a great time to be a TrekkIE.

24. CardassiaPrimera - May 8, 2009

Star Trek’s future is in our hands. Please see the movie.

25. Mr. Anonymous - May 8, 2009

WHOO! Bring on Star Trek 2!!

26. Thasc - May 8, 2009

To everyone involved in the film, thank you. You’ve made Star Trek awesome again, and somehow you’ve done it without alienating most of the original fanbase. Mission accomplished. Now go make us a sequel so we can give you more money. ;)

27. Jim Nightshade - May 8, 2009

I just saw the movie at noon at the seattle center IMAX with my two brothers…Ive been dragging them to movies and events(like Roddenberry speaking) since they were kids and I am now 53…Something for us to share again that was awesome. All three of us loved it…8 out of 10—not a perfect movie but a fantastic fun fast paced thrill ride of a movie….Best Trek movie? Maybe….or at least tied with Khan—and First Contact—It is the BEST LOOKING trek movie…I think it even equals or slightly surpasses Star Wars in looks and sounds-Awesome Epic Scope! Thanks to ORCI PRIME, Alex, JJ and all who made this movie for us fans and for movie fans. Its just right! Lets hope it starts our fave franchise up again! Hopefully the next movie will be even better!
And I am glad Paramount is promoting the hell outta it. I hope it can equal or beat Wolverines Box office!

28. Commodore Redshirt - May 8, 2009

My revue is shooort and to the point:
“JJ’s Trek is everything I had hoped for and way better than I expected! I can’t wait to see it again!”

I saw the Frtiday morning 3AM IMAX show at the Pacific Science Centre at the base of the Space Needle in Seattle. I’m still in awe 15 hours later!

29. Jim Nightshade - May 8, 2009

Oh yeh I have thanked him and his staff before over and over elsewhere but thank you yet again ANTHONY for the most awesome Trek Related Site on the net! And for years of rumors, news building up to our ultimate trek! I do feel slightly sad because now that its out no more anxious news and rumors and heated discussions!! Or will there?? Soon as movie number two is in pre production it will begin again wont it?
Thanks Anthony you and your staff rock!!!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ANTHONY!! I especially loved all your coverage of the Experience in Vegas…Hopefully news will get better with that sooner or later as well!

30. Emotionally Logical - May 8, 2009

Off topic but did anyone see the new EA Star Trek game for the iphone (not the phaser app)? No reviews yet

31. JimJ - May 8, 2009

#15-My reaction was the same way, but I know why. I have always viewed the Enterprise through the eyes of Captain James T. Kirk. I love that ship the same way he does. “That’s why they call it….SHE!” Anyway, I’m sure at that point in his life, he stared at her with wonderment of what’s to come, as did I when watching this movie. Later, in TMP, he knows damn well what she means!

32. Andrew C - May 8, 2009

The novel is out next week. Look on Amazon.

33. BRAM - May 8, 2009

It was a great movie. I think i expected a little more, but I guess that will come in the 12th movie!

34. richpit - May 8, 2009

21. Paul Fitz

Really? Do you think Winona Ryder is currently a bigger movie star than Eric Bana? I was telling folks at work today about the movie and when asked “who’s in it?” I immediately said, “well, the biggest name in it is probably Eric Bana, not counting Leonard Nimoy.”

Just my opinion, I guess…

35. USS TRINOMA NCC-0278 - May 8, 2009


The destruction of Vulcan makes it perfectly clear that we are in a total different timeline. The alternate timeline actually began with the destruction of the USS Kelvin. So is with the death of Amanda Grayson. It is just with the fate of Vulcan, the Supreme Court wants all of us not to be confused of which timeline we are in. This is Abram’s Star Trek!!! Romulus was destroyed in the original timeline, according to the Star Trek: Countdown. Vulcan was destroyed in the alternate timeline. And all of this is governed by Mr. Orci’s best explanation, “QUANTUM MECHANICS!” There is no need for a timeline “restoration” because there is none. What is amazing about the GENIUS of the Supreme Court is that we are constantly reassured that the original timeline is intact by the presence of Spock Prime. Spock Prime is the embodiment of the original timeline.

So one would truly ask, “Is this a sequel, prequel, or a reboot?”

IMHO, this is really a sequel! It is not a prequel or even a reboot. If this was a prequel, then we are in the assumption that we are in the original timeline, as we are seeing this movie. But, we are not in the original timeline. We are in an alternate timeline. And with the destruction of Vulcan, the franchise is on a fresh start. There is no canon to abide because canon exist in the original timeline. Also, with the presence of Spock Prime in the ALTERNATE timeline, this is truly a sequel.

In addition, I do not consider this a reboot. Again, we are in an ALTERNATE timeline. Mr. Orci explained about quantum mechanics. It is very interesting to note that the so called “red matter” that would create an artificial black hole would be actually a portal to another alternate universe.

In short, Romulus is destroyed in the original timeline, whereas Vulcan is destroyed in the alternate timeline. Canon is preserved and yet, we are able to witness the original crew making new adventures. No prequel. No reboot. Just a very complex sequel that allows us to experience a whole new fresh start with the original crew in another universe. Fascinating! Now that’s Star Trek being “born again”!

36. Darkwing - May 8, 2009

ok, so what is this with everybody thinking the story is hollow, like, define hollow for pete’s sake! like what are you expecting, so many plot twists and turns and events and all kinds of things that in the end you are just so utterly confused that you think it’s a great plot because you haven’t the faintest clue as to what happened? if this is so, then i have no idea why you;re watching movies! for a movie, it had a great plot in my opinion, creating in depth characters that you could believe, and that fed to the plot and the plot fed them. that’s what it’s all about in my opinion!

37. MegaFan - May 8, 2009

What a load of crap.
Nice to look at but let the euphoria wear off, people!

It’s a cartoon full of action dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. I know I in the minority here but in a few years people will realize this film for what it is. All gloss and no substance. Bummer.

38. Darkwing - May 8, 2009

again, PLEASE DEFINE!!!!!!!

39. Chrispikeswheelchair - May 8, 2009

YES!!!…I made it into the movie!!!!

40. Brad - May 8, 2009

21, There are way bigger names that Winona Ryder in the movie. Leonard Nimoy anyone?

41. Paul Fitz - May 8, 2009

I had no idea who Eric Bana was lol. I actually had to google him.
Maybe its just where I live, though all my friends and family know Winona, nobody had a clue who he was, until I mentioned incredable hulk. . . not many fans. . . Maybe after TREK, it’ll all change.

(and in case anyone starts on me, i am not a winona obsessed freak, its just that i know a lot of her movies).

42. Clinton - May 8, 2009

Interesting commercial. I believe this is the first one to feature a narrator. I wonder why the change of strategy?

43. fred - May 8, 2009

I just saw Whoopi Goldberg on Larry King, and he asked her about the new Trek film. She gave it very high praises, it was great!

44. JimJ - May 8, 2009

I am utterly amazed that people can’t seem to find a message in this movie (the critics of it, I mean). Come on people, this is about growing up (maturation), friendship, what things motivate people, terrorism, genocide, caring & love.

Lord people, there are examples of each of these things throughout the movie, but I’ll pick caring and love: Spock & his mother, Spock & his father (and brilliant that he has a good relationship with Sarek in this version), perhaps Spock & Uhura (though if I were in Spock’s shoes, I’d be thinking it’s more on the lust side), Spock Prime and his friend, family, and planet, etc. I can keep going on…but most of all, George Kirk. My Lord, people, if you can’t see that….well, “a blindman could see it with a cane”.

45. JWWright - May 8, 2009

where are we on the spoilers front? is it safe to assume everyone here has seen the movie by now?

46. Michael Hall - May 8, 2009


Nice try, but that’s a laundry list, not a summation of what the theme of this long-awaited film was supposed to be. I saw it about 24 hours ago, and have yet to figure it out myself. So, anyone else? Aside from explosions, noise, CG gloss, pretty faces (with admittedly genuine acting talent), and audience-pleasing one-liners, what was Star Trek 2009 supposed to be about, exactly?

I’m open to suggestions (really)–but in the meantime, a la Seinfeld, my best guess is that it’s about nothing. Nothing at all.

47. JWWright - May 8, 2009


I agree somewhat.

Saw it on a digital screen tonight.

The movie made very clear that this is an alternate timeline.

Was it ever established that Jim Kirk was born in Iowa and not on the Kelvin, as would have been the timeline we’re supposed to be familiar with?

That would have been the case if Nero did not destroy the Kelvin, still an alternate timeline to established canon?

That said, I was expecting a fun, superficial glossy romp and violations of everything “Trek” that I know and love.

I am going to see this new picture a few more times (and pre-order the DVD) but my first impression is that the movie is very very good.

May even be my favorite so far, displacing Undiscovered Country and First Contact on my list.

I thought this was a really quite good Star Trek movie, the actors portrayed the characters very well, though I think Uhura and Sulu could be better developed.

Pike, Kirk, Spock, Scotty (Pegg’s da man) Mccoy are all in very capable hands.

I still have some reservations about some of the minute details, but really, this motion picture was quite an installment. I had my doubts, all pretty much have vanished.

The idea of “Red Matter” is kind of silly, but a necessary device for the story. Much like the “Nexus” in Generations, and “Proto Matter” in The Wrath of Khan & The Search For Spock…

Now, about the ejection of the multiple warp cores(?) to escape the singularity… when they flew away, were they at warp?

Great and soon to be classic moments in this movie, can’t wait to see it again, which will be tomorrow.

I am guessing that the next movie will somehow restore Vulcan to the universe, I am oddly unsettled to think that there are so few Vulcans now.

And what of the planet Remus? Gone, too, apparently…

I liked the reference to Admiral Archers dog, but was that a jab at Enterprise or homage?

48. Indianasmith - May 8, 2009

William Shatner’s Captain Kirk should have announced “Space the Final Frontier” at the end of the film. With alternate spock saying it, it just didn’t feel right/

49. JWWright - May 8, 2009


Like Wrath of Khan, this movie is about revenge, rising to the occasion to meet challenges and delivering the goods when everything is counting on it…

And like WoK, smashing special effects don’t hurt the entertainment value at all.

50. LoyalStarTrekFan - May 8, 2009

I just thought that I’d let everyone know that I posted a review for the film in the TrekMovie film review boards. The review is organized in the following manner:

First Paragraph: My initial mixed feelings going in and my very positive feelings coming out and what I liked about the film including an interesting personal connection that I made to the film.

Second Paragraph is about what I disliked about the film which is the premise of a reboot/alternate reality. That is discussed in more detail in the review.

The Final Section of the review is a complex breakdown of scores, starting with scoring each aspect of the film and the final score which is an average of the scores listed. I will post my final score here and hopefully everyone will read my review for more details.

Final Score: 8.4 out of 10. Not the best Trek ever, for gripes discussed in my review, but still an excellent one. (Final Score is computed by average of scores.)

51. Gigastazio - May 8, 2009

“So one would truly ask, ‘Is this a sequel, prequel, or a reboot?'”

It’s a sprequeboot!

52. LoyalStarTrekFan - May 8, 2009

My new updated list of all STAR TREK films, from favorite to least favorite.

STAR TREK FILMS (From favorite to least-favorite)
1. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
2: Star Trek: First Contact
3. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
4: Star Trek
5. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
6: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
7: Star Trek: Insurrection
8: Star Trek: Nemesis
9: Star Trek: Generations
10: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
11: Star Trek: The Motion Picture

53. JimJ - May 8, 2009

#46-OMG, so you are saying as Star trek fans we aren’t brilliant enough to have several themses rather than one biggy to hit us on top of the head? What an insult to our intelligence! I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Frankly, if I had to pick one that rang BIGGER (just for you, mind you)….it is: what inspired/motivated Kirk & Spock…their parents and their love of their children and each other. That is also the glue that brings Spock & Kirk together….but whatever…….

54. JimJ - May 8, 2009

Themes, excuse me…frankly, I see so many messages and themes in this movie, I think it’s part of what made it even BETTER for me.

55. Captain Dunzel - May 8, 2009

RIP big brother, Sam Kirk. Unless he was born prior to Kelvin’s destruction; though I doubt it. I think his existence from TOS was just ignored altogether.

56. Fortyseven - May 8, 2009

Urgh. Not digging “Spot 12″ at all. The voice is rather weak for what is supposed to be an exciting presentation… sterile… simple… no ‘life’ in the reading (so to speak) at all. :P

57. Jorg Sacul - May 8, 2009

George “Sam” Kirk was walking along the roadside when Jimmy shot by in the Corvette. He’s still with us.

58. Jorg Sacul - May 8, 2009

Unfortunately we can’t have The Voice do the narration…

“In a world turned upside down by time travelers from yesterday’s future, farmboy James Kirk is called to a higher destiny…”

59. Marshall McMellon - May 8, 2009

#45- Not safe to assume just yet. I won’t be seeing the movie until the 21st (my B-Day). But, to be safe, I’m staying away from the spoilery stuff where possible. So until then… I might be hanging out here a bit less JIC. :)

60. Fortyseven - May 8, 2009

@58: I was just doing that at work today. :(

61. G - May 8, 2009

Saw it today (SPOILERS)

I liked it. It was entertaining. But, at the same time, I was disappointed with some things. And, no, I don’t think I’m nitpicking. My disappointment is based on things that were said (or implied) by B.Orci, and also by people who gave reviews saying that “everything that was changed” in canon is explained “perfectly”..

1. Everything was NOT explained. The change in simple things (like the look of the communicators and phasers, Kirk driving a Corvette with a Nokia and playing Beastie Boys, Spock’s romance, etc) was in no way explained by the time travel/altered time line scenario.

2. It was said by Orci (on here, as I recall) that they really studied up on time travel, and talked to all kinds of theorists on the matter. That left me expecting a pretty sophisticated time travel plot. However, I found the introduction of elder Spock, and the story that he told, to be very rushed, and pretty darn sloppy. I wasn’t left with the feeling that much thought was given to it at all. Disappointing

3. Spock/Uhura romance. While I’m not opposed to it, again, there was really no reason for Spock to approach her any differently than he did on the TV show. Nothing that happened in the movie would explain why Spock is more ‘romantic’ and undisciplined. AFTER the incident with Vulcan, maybe. You would expect that he might embrace humans more. But, the romance was already in motion before any of that happend.

4. Not one, but TWO references to “Admiral Archer’s dog” (By Scotty, then by Kirk). Why is that disappointing? On it’s face, it’s not disappointing. However, Orci often posted here that they could not worry about ‘canon’, and all the little things like the phasers and communicators and the ship looking the same, etc, etc, etc. Yet, Scott Bakula’s DOG had to get 2 honorable mentions???? Again, that just disappoints me. We would rather hear that familiar communicator “chirp”, see a better Engineering, or see Finnegan or Carol Marcus, than hear about Admiral Archer’s dog. It just wasn’t necessary, and the nostalgic impact was weak. They just ‘couldn’t’ please all of us psycho Trek nerds with all those little canon details. Yet, they felt they just had to get that dog in there?? And, it only ended up having the opposite effect, anyway.. Why? Because ONLY the Star Trek “nerds” are going to even know who Archer and his dog ARE! LOL “New audiences” won’t have a clue.

5. Didn’t like Scotty’s back story, and his little “jar-jar binks”

6. Kirk asks elder Spock if (Shatner)-Kirk ever talked about his father. Elder Spock answers yes (but, I can recall nothing about Kirk’s family, other than his brother)

7. The Elder Spock scenes with both young Spock and young Kirk were good, but only good.. could have been written much better (they didn’t ‘wow’ me)

8. The rapid (instant) promotion to Captain. Just not believable (not in the real world, or in a even in a make-believe world)

Now, I DID enjoy the movie! Don’t think that I’m bashing it. It was a fun ride. Why am I disappointed? Because I was led to believe that everything was given a lot of thought in the writing of the alternate time line, but it really felt kind of sloppy and rushed to me. The cast was great. The FX were great. The movie WAS fun. It was certainly bold. But, no, I don’t feel that the changes were satisfactorily ‘explained’ at all. Plenty of holes, even for a non-fan.

62. tribble farmer - May 8, 2009


Just got back from my second time and it was actually even better this time.

63. Son of Surak - May 9, 2009

# 61 “The rapid (instant) promotion to Captain. Just not believable (not in the real world, or in a even in a make-believe world)”

A number of people have been bringing this up. But consider: the youngest U.S. Navy captain in history, Stephen Decatur, attained that rank at the age of 25. And Britain’s legendary Admiral Lord Nelson was a captain by age 20. So we shouldn’t let the regimented careerism of contemporary navies be misleading — in a future age of exploration, extraordinary heroism or ability might result in very swift advancement, just as it did in the past. After all, Kirk’s heroic leadership did save Earth from Nero.

Harder to swallow than Kirk’s advancement to captain is his being offered command of the Enterprise — a brand new, presumably highly advanced and valued ship. But perhaps Spock Prime was instrumental in getting that decision made.

64. SChaos1701 - May 9, 2009

# 61 “The rapid (instant) promotion to Captain. Just not believable (not in the real world, or in a even in a make-believe world)”

It’s FICTION. Try to enjoy the movie instead of nitpicking it like a maladjusted her. Jeeze.

65. ENGON - May 9, 2009


A dramatic theme is not a vague generalization but rather a philosophical position. “Growing up,” “friendship,” “terrorism,” etc…are not themes; They are subjects.

The themes of the original “Star Trek” films are pretty straight forward:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – “Logic is not enough.”
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan – “Youth is a state of mind which can be renewed.”
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock – “Some things are worth losing everything for.”
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – “What is thought lost may be recovered.”
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – “Paradise is an illusion. Suffering is part of life.”
Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country – “Do not fear change.”

A film’s theme often finds expression in several different story threads. “The Voyage Home” is not just about the “recovery” of whales, but also about Spock’s recovery of his mind, Kirk recovery of his command and even concludes with the “recovery” of the Enterprise (A) which was lost in ST:III.

I hope there is some such theme in the new film because it is dramatically important for a story to have one.

66. Valar1 - May 9, 2009


Kirk passed by his older brother when he was driving the stolen corvette.

67. Sovak - May 9, 2009

Personally i hope that they do not change the time line back again! This new time line will bring all new adventures with the crew we have all come to know and love. SPOILER……. I loved the fact that spock and Uhura were romantically involved and spock showed a little more of his human side which was nice.
I didnt like Amandas death scene or the fact that Vulcan was destroyed .
I however did like the new bridge set and the new transporter effects. Also the phasers were cool and i love the fact that they flip!
Also, i absolutely loved chekov in this film. In the old series he was kinda boring but i hope in the next movie they really use him more!

68. Paulaner - May 9, 2009

Spock fighting his emotions, struggling to find his way. Kirk, the same. Was Trek09 a dumb action movie? Not at all!

69. Paulaner - May 9, 2009


As for themes, my girlfriend found this movie deep, emotional, moving and touching. What else can we expect by a Trek film? :)

70. Paulaner - May 9, 2009

it was #65 in my previous post.

71. Chris Fawkes - May 9, 2009

I loved it the first time and loved it more watching it the second time.

The film provides a deeper understanding of what bonds these characters, particularly Kirk and Spock.

I’m a fan but hitherto these characters have always been under developed and this film rectifies that through clever storytelling.

Not without fault but this movie surpasses all previous trek movies on every level.

Thankfully there was a great base to build upon but now we’re are seeing Trek at it’s real potential.

72. Dom - May 9, 2009

21. Paul Fitz: ‘Winona Ryder, possibly the biggest hollywood actor in the film, gets one of the smallest roles. And is disposed of in an oddly curt manner. . .’

There was obviously a good deal more material shot with her that was left out. Also, there’s a valid comparison with Janet Leigh’s role in Psycho. I know I never saw Winona’s departure from the film coming!

# 61 G: “The rapid (instant) promotion to Captain. Just not believable (not in the real world, or in a even in a make-believe world)”

I suspect Christopher Pike pushed for him to be given the job and will probably be personally responsible for overseeing Kirk’s early days in command!

73. Captain Dunzel - May 9, 2009

#57, #66: Thanks. I completely missed it. I guess young Jim called out his name when he yelled to him? I suppose I was just too overwhelmed by the IMAX immersion :).

“Coming of Age” or “Taking Steps Toward Your Destiny” was the theme I took away from this. In a lot of ways, this was more of a Star Wars movie than a Star Trek movie. As young farm boy Luke is told by a wizened soldier of the importance of a greater world (“You do know what Starfleet is, don’t you? It’s important.”), he must overcome the shadow of his father to become the man he was meant to be (“Your father as a captain of a starship for 12 minutes. I dare you to do better.”).

Then overcome impossible odds with the help from new friends to achieve a great accomplishment.

Oh, and did I mention the non-light saber sword fight?

Or winning a medal at the end? Was that Chewie I heard roaring in the Academy stadium seating?

For all the fans who wanted to see Star Trek meets Star Wars, this was it.

Oh, and aside from the chemical plant engineering deck, loved it.

74. JimJ - May 9, 2009

I agree with the following things:

1. Pike and Spock prime both probably had a lot to do with Kirk’s rapid rise to the captaincy (oh, and that little matter of saving Earth plus all other Federation planets Nero was gonna destroy).

2. The overall theme of this movie is to trust your feelings and follow your heart, even if it means showing emotion. (especially in the cases of Kirk and Spock)

3. This movie truly does deepen, strengthen, and give us a true understanding of what binds these characters together, even if this is an alternate timeline.

4. Everything is boosted in this thing: drama, action, special effects, you name it. It’s almost like Star Trek spent the last several years working out and has now unveiled itself as a familar…yet now healthier, bigger, stronger, faster, etc. entity.

5. It is not a perfect movie, but I have never ever seen a perfect movie. IMO it is the BEST of the Trek films.

My order of preference of Trek films, now redone:
1. Star Trek (Star Trek rises from the dead)
2. The Wrath Of Khan (“KHHAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!”)
3. First Contact (“The line must be drawn here!”)
4. The Voyage Home (“My friends, we’ve come home!”)
5. The Undiscovered County (“Guess who’s coming to dinner!” The last of the stronger ones)
6. The Search For Spock (I still hate them blowing up the ship, though)
7. Nemesis (I still like it better than a lot of people. Though it has bad moments, I blame most of that on the lousy director)
8. Insurrection (Good idea/story, just not the greatest execution)
9. The Motion Picture (This movie still has my favorite sequence of all time, the shuttle flying all around the newly refitted Enterprise. Last of the average ones)
10. The Final Frontier (Great music, great title, fantastic character interaction of the big 3, ok idea. Sybok was a mistake, the special effects were hideous. “What does God need a starship?”)
11. Generations (The beginning of what was almost the end. Can’t believe they killed Kirk that way, utterly stupid move, not bold at all, just lazy writing)

Sorry about my commentary on each movie, couldn’t resist.

75. enterprise1965 - May 9, 2009

#8 but is Pike in the wheel chair forever? the movie didn’t tell us if he was parilized.

76. bman - May 9, 2009

55. Captain Dunzel – May 8, 2009

Jorg is correct. That’s Sam Kirk hitching along the road in the Corvette sequence. Jimmy even yells out his name as he drives by.

77. spiked canon - May 9, 2009

To all that don’t understand how the hanging drill could avoid being shot down…….

yes it would’ve been ncie to have a throw away line that said “all attempts to fire at the chain have been neutralized…” but can we just pretend that is what happend?

ok, that was solved…now the Lens Flares jeez

78. Bob - May 9, 2009

The movie sucked and all you Obama types who are like sheep so easily lead need to wake up. It was a cartooniosh 90210. It was an insult to TOS and anything B&B ever did is pale in comparison. Screw the new crew.

79. SirBroiler - May 9, 2009

This is simply the first act. You all need to chill.

80. Spockish - May 9, 2009

I will not be able to make it to see the movie until Monday, and the screen is even bigger than IMAX and their digital Projection hardware is said to be a third better than IMAX.

My brothers son and 3 of his friends went and saw it last night. Their review ‘OK’ but to them Sci-Fi is not Sci-Fi unless it’s got Obi Wan. Shows how these 9-10 year olds have such a small inexperienced mind. I asked them if any of them have seen even ‘As the Earth stood Still’ and one has seen a review of the 2008 version and most thought Planet of the Apes was silly.

Just shows how their minds need to be opened to the vast world of Sci-Fi films.

But translating their ‘OK’ to grades means it got a B++, would have gotten a solid A from the if it had a light saber. Such narrow minds.

81. Harry Doddema - May 9, 2009

Isn’t it “Iron Man” instead of “Ironman”?

82. DGill - May 9, 2009


Having seen the film two days ago, I have to agree with your assessment of it. Before the release, I was one of its biggest optimists, and now…I want to forget what I saw. It wasn’t just a bad Trek film, it was a bad movie period. That makes me quite sad.

However, the people who liked it shouldn’t be insulted. If they liked it, that’s their right.

83. Lighten up! - May 9, 2009

Sucks to be Bob, apparently. Sorry, dude.

84. Larkir Kusakurin - May 9, 2009

Did anyone ever take notice of how Sulu flipped above the Vulcan planet – doesn’t Volcan have higher gravity, therefore rendering Sulu’s superjump unusable?

Either way, loved the movie :D You go, JJ!

85. Captain Kathryn - May 9, 2009

The movie itself was excellent dealing with the action scenes. Extremely fast paced. I think I know what it feels like to be on speed now. You had to be afraid to take your eyes off the screen for fear of missing something. Very Star Warsy. But I can deal with that. It was worth the money just to see the Enterprise crew again. However, I would have liked to see more dialog between the characters. It was so good to see the crew of the USS Enterprise back in action and form. The young actors, Pine did a remarkable job as Kirk, as well as Quinto as Spock and the others with the exception of Yeltin as Chekov. He was way off witht he accent, and sounded like a girl. I am looking forward to the next movie and hopefully will see character development in the relationships of the young crew. I think this movie is the beginning of the new frontier again. Hope is continues and “lives long and prospers”>

86. spockatatic - May 9, 2009

I LOVE the movie!!
I even LOVE Spock/Uhura! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I do!
The lens flares were annoying, but I could live with them.

87. darnold - May 9, 2009

I don’t remember seeing James Cawley from Phase 2. Did anyone see him in the movie or was he cut out?

88. G - May 9, 2009

re: #61

Oh, and the time change didn’t explain AT ALL why the ship was built in Iowa, and not the San Francisco shipyards. I distinctly remember that being posted and/or published by Orci (that all those things would be explained). It was not.

89. BigRedBri - May 9, 2009

I am very happy with the movie 9/10 not perfect but pretty damn close. Pine is a great Kirk. Spock I felt was too emotionally. Unsure yet with the romance. Spock prime, always nice to see.

I am planning on seeing it again.

90. Darkwing - May 9, 2009


It didn’t happen after vulcan was destroyed. i think it was heppening to spock and uhura before, note the part where uhura says that she should have been assigned the enterprise and spock said that he didn’t show preferential treatment. i took this to mean that they already had a relationship going. and i’m sorry but i’m a very bad typer!

91. Mike - May 9, 2009

For those concerned that this movie “deletes” the entire Star Trek history we’ve known, don’t worry. This is an alternate timeline that deviates off the timeline we know. Both timelines “exist.” It’s actually a very good way to not replace the existing Star Trek canon we know, but also not be restricted by it. I’m looking forward to many new movies. (And, btw, this also opens up the concept of the elder Kirk also appearing in a future movie, because in this timeline, he doesn’t necessarily die as he does in the timeline we know.)

92. Gary the Gorn - May 9, 2009

J.J. Abrams and crew. Thanks for breathing new life into Star Trek.

I saw “Where No Man Has Gone Before” in 1970 on reruns after an Apollo splash down and I’ve been hooked on Trek ever since. I’ve like all the iterations of Trek.

Thanks for bringing Star Trek back. I saw it tonight in Colorado and loved it. The theater clapped at the ending.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

93. Chingatchkook - May 9, 2009

Just saw it for the first time tonite, it was indeed fantastic. If I had one complaint/criticism, it would have been that I would have loved to see just how they got the Enterprise off the surface of the Earth and into orbit. It’s a pity that we didn’t see that.

All of the performances were great, the one that was the most interesting however was Karl Urban. There were a couple of scenes where he was saying his lines off-camera…I could have sworn that he was channeling the spirit of DeForest Kelly. The resemblance was amazing.

94. G - May 10, 2009

90. I know. That’s exactly what I said (that they were involved BEFORE it was destroyed). The point I was making was that it only would have made sense AFTER (for him to physically/emotionally embrace someone like that). I think you misunderstood what I typed.

95. G - May 10, 2009

p.s. I actually thought Chekov was great! Not sure why people weren’t liking him. But.. to each his own.

96. Mark Achterberg - May 10, 2009

This is an open letter to People Who Live In The Same Universe As I Do And Apparently Miss What’s Going On Around Them So Much That They Think They’re Seeing It For The First Time – Or Worse Yet, ACT Like They’re Seeing It For The First Time:

You know what? I think I’ll stop right there.
Except to say:
#The Answer To The Question of Life, The Universe and Everything.

97. StarTrekker - May 10, 2009

ah really, you mean like people did more abou 20 years later with star wars 1978?

Dammit man, this is trek with its best elements and by the way the first time in history star trek managed to blow george lucas’ creation away. This Trek Sequel/Prequel/Reboot what ever you may call it, is better than everything lucas created after his original star wars. This Star Trek Movie is carring the spirit of Gene Rodenberry and I’m pretty sure that even he would be very glad about where Star Trek is standing now again. On the Top of world wide people interests, so that it can transport a very deep message with the second movie, like Dark Knight did.
Even the background of this movie is so more complex than everything or because of everything that has been before but the clue is that this movie works without knowledge of the backgrounds.

Nobody cared about the worse final plot in voyager in the end, just to have it back home. That had been a mess.
Spock and Neros is a far more interesting plot and the whole things looks and feels much more epic than it ever was before. I think we now get the chance to have real developement in trek again.

In the End I just have to say one thing:

Dear Mr. Abrams, Bob and Rob,
pls give us back Archer again, there is still a gap to fill which I think should you tell. Berman had his chance. So I really would like to keep Kirk going and let Archer finalize his mission. May be in the next Star Trek movie, you can spin a connection between a mission which nx01 and later the Enterprise will have, so that Kirk would solve a problem which Archer faced first but may have failed.
So and there is still one thing left in this movie. Has the parasite really been removed from Pike or will there possibly be a bad surprise in the next movie? Might be interesting to tell that further. I’m very sure that Star Trek XI and XII should stay close connected in some way of story telling.
But whether or not what ever you do, you have created so many plotlines which you can continue, so that these are just some ideas by a fan.
This Movie was great, but I’m pretty sure that the next one will blow up all our minds straight to heaven.
Oh and please fill up the engineering with a few more crew. It looks a little strange to see scotty and his alien mate to do the whole stuff all alone. Wasn’t that bad but it’s a detail.
Ok and Nimoy might be in it once again. He still has a future in this new
past present.

Live long and prosper Trek United all arround the world!

98. Darkwing - May 10, 2009


Oh sorry, yes, I see that I did, my apologies. and i agree, chekov was great, he was smart but it was so funny listening to this teenage kid, oh man good stuff.

99. DGill - May 10, 2009


Are you talking about a “Godfather Part II”-esque film?

100. Gary Evans - May 11, 2009

@87, yes James Cawley, Jeff Quinn, Chris Doohan and Randy Pausch all had scenes in the regular edition I saw Sunday 10 May!

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

Doesn’t mean its is perfect nor does it change my personal preference for classic ST: TOS!

But, I can accept the story, even if it has faults.

The real key here, folks, is the fact this movie and its promotion, have breathed new interest into this 43-year-old phenomenon! For that alone Abrams and Paramount deserve our thanks!

$76.5 million in Domestic Box Office Thursday – Sunday and another $35 million outside the US during the same period seem to indicate Star Trek will be a $$$ winner for Paramount. Not even counting merchandising revenues!

Star Trek is in the news and often in a positive light! This, too, should be good news for Trekkies everywhere and all the new Trek fans this movie is likely to initiate!

While the story may be average, the presence of too much lens flare and some clunky scenes this movie is action-packed, generally gets and holds one’s attention.

It has scenes provoking laughter, jaw-gaping action, a couple spots to weep BUT overall I exited th theater having injoyed my two hours six minutes.

My kudos to JJ, his team and the fans around the world who are newby trekkies due to Star Trek Eleven!

Anthony, as always, thanks for keep us up-to-date!

101. bman - May 11, 2009

100… “yes James Cawley, Jeff Quinn, Chris Doohan and Randy Pausch all had scenes in the regular edition I saw Sunday 10 May!”

Any clues as to where to spot them? I figure that was Chris Doohan sitting next to Scotty when he beamed 3 from 2 onto 1. But I have no clue where the others were, and I have seen the film three times already.

102. Kraten - May 11, 2009

Since this is the praise Channel :) I must also say Thank you to JJ and Court, Great job 100%No, But Nothing is to everybody! I laso want to make note of the score, I miss the Org Trek Score, But I can’t get this one out of my head… :) It’s stuck and I love the how large and full it is.

Thank you Again for all of it, When to we start the the countdown to the next one.

Also since I am talking .. Thank you Anthony and your Crew for all you have done for the last 2 yrs +

103. Kraten - May 11, 2009

James Cawley, Jeff Quinn, Chris Doohan and Randy Pausch < Seen it twice now can’t find them – Need an article to ID the the Players .. :)

104. Pike Fan - May 11, 2009

Good people,

Strictly out of curiosity, and warm feelings for the original series, I want to see this movie. …but the “alternate timeline” gimmick ran sour years ago. I find that alternate timelines have become a crutch for writers who cannot figure out how to continue an established narrative. Jumping through “multiverses” is all the rage, and rewriting an established vision of how the future is to look is hack. For example, the best thing that happened to “Star Trek Enterprise” was the appearance of the Defiant from the original Star Trek series. The “NX” Enterprise looked too much like the ships in the modern Trek movies & series, even though it was “the original” Enterprise. The original Defiant was supposed to be the decendant of ships that looked simpler, and “old-school futuristic”, not ships that were “modern futuristic”. The NX-001 Enterprise should have folowed the old patern of design, instead of a re-imagined plan.

I long for a new Star Trek. I would love a “beginnings” prequel with the look, feel, ideology and good storytelling of the original series’ first dozen episodes, but with the appropriate older-looking, period-correct costumes & ships.

…still, I will go see what all of the fuss is about, with this new Trek…

105. Jim Nightshade - May 12, 2009

I hear you Pike Fan but it just is not going to happen that way due to audiences sophistication with modern looking visual efx etc. This new Trek set in the old times is the closest you’re going to get. Whoopi Goldberg said just go and see this movie without expectations-go with it and let go and have fun…It is worth seeing unless ALL you care about is old school ships and efx-if so then don’t go and your only choices are reruns or the various fan based new shows like Cawleys New Voygages-yet even those shows borrow newer elements at times-This new movie is a new old trek and closer to that than many of us thought it would be.

106. Jim Nightshade - May 12, 2009

And if you are a Pike fan, bruce greenwood is Great as Capn Pike!

107. Can Special Effects Lenses Be Used Multiple Times Or Are They Only Able to Be Used One Time? - May 13, 2009

[…] Another TV Spot For Star Trek w/ new shots! | […]

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