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‘Star Trek’ On Track For $70M+ Weekend in US & Int’l Looks Good Too May 9, 2009

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Going into the weekend, tracking services, including Paramount’s internal expectations, pegged Star Trek to gross between $50-60M.  Well, while we don’t have a final number just yet, based on strong Thursday ($7M) and Friday ($24M) showings, Star Trek looks poised to far exceed those initial expectations. Details below the fold.


A big Friday
According to studio estimates, Star Trek brought in an impressive $24M on Friday. Add in the Thursday 7:00-midnight screenings and the film’s total cume stands at $31M through 29 hours. Most prediction sources now expect the movie to surpass $70M for the four-day frame.  Here’s a round-up of those predictions:

Early indications for Int’l sales look good
A big test for Star Trek will be how well it does Internationally. To date Trek films have around two thirds of their their money domestically, while most tentpole films today try to achieve at least parity. For now there aren’t hard numbers for Star Trek, but Deadline Hollywood had this tidbit

"I hear the studio is celebrating international figures already: how "it’s pretty spectacular" that Star Trek’s Friday debut in the UK, Australia, and Germany made almost the same as Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s in those territories last weekend. Star Trek opened day and date in 54 countries Friday, and the goal of this new pic was to finally attract more filmgoers overseas. "Remember, this movie franchise has never done $100M international before," an exec reminds me last night.

Of course UK, Australia and Germany are territories where Trek has traditionally performed well. The biggest test will be to see how it does in other non English-speaking European countries, and also in Asia (where Star Trek opens later in May).

Crushing Franchise Records
While the weekend is expected to come in below what X-Men Origins: Wolverine pulled in last weekend ($85.1M), there is no reason to be disappointed.  Put it this way, in just three days and a few hours (from the Thursday sneaks), Star Trek will have pulled in more money than 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis achieved during its entire domestic run.

Star Trek will also shatter many other franchise records:

Even adjusted for inflation, Star Trek will very easily be the highest grossing Trek film ever, surpassing the opening weekend of Star Trek: First Contact ($49.9M, adjusted). 


TrekMovie will continue to monitor the performance of Star Trek, but so far so good.


1. David - May 9, 2009

I just hope this film has legs

2. Alex - May 9, 2009

Do we have adjusted numbers for TVH? Didn’t find any on bom.

3. lukas - May 9, 2009


4. sebimeyer - May 9, 2009

So how much money does it have to make for us to get a new TV Show? <one can dream

5. 750 Mang - May 9, 2009

Money make the world go ’round, the world go ’round, that clinking clanking sound…

If it beats Wolverine will someone explain why the Enterprise was built in Iowa?

6. Datalore - May 9, 2009

It’s gonna be hard to keep the great numbers up with Angels and Demons, and Terminator coming out consecutively, but I still think it’ll do the best of ALL Trek movies, and the ratings are an award unto itself.

7. Trekmatt - May 9, 2009

sounds promising to me :)

8. David - May 9, 2009

I think this film will do the opposite of wolverine which happened to lose over 76 percent of last weekends gross. That is a horrible drop and the reflection of a disappointing film. I say star trek has a 40 to 45 percent drop next week and will be a steady earner based on word of mouth. If for some reason star trek has the same type of drop as wolverine i think the franchise is finished for at least a decade.

9. jmralls2001 - May 9, 2009

Isn’t it strange that TrekMovie.com is always up to date but StarTrek.com, the official site of Star Trek, is woefully behind.

10. jmralls2001 - May 9, 2009

Great site by the way, TrekMovie.com. I check it out everyday.

11. Steve T in NY - May 9, 2009

Well all, go see this movie again if you liked it.. I saw it twice already and expect to see it a third time before it leaves theaters.. i just saw it again this morning after seeing the first show on Thursday night.. It actually got better the second time around.. while yes there are some time holes, the movie is so entertaining.. that you just don’t care.. Karl Urban’s Dr. McCoy is AMAZING. It’s like he’s channeling DeForest Kelly, without it being a direct copy. I really enjoyed this film, and look forward to more adventures. I just hope they can translate some of this to a new TV show :)

12. WinnipegFan - May 9, 2009

You know, the Enterprise being build in Iowa bugged me at first but arent there multiple contruction yards for current military hardware? Perhaps Iowa’s shipyards are one of many…

Maybe the Enterprise being build there to help entice a young Kirk to go to Starfleet is part of the timeline trying to fix itself! Destiny at work…

13. Pat Payne - May 9, 2009

@9: Startrek.com no longer is being updated. Hasn’t been since 2007, IIRC.

14. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

It’s tough to compare apples and oranges, but I’ll try.

Going into this weekend for me, TWOK was not only the best ever Star Trek movie, but probably the best “B-Movie” of all time.

Well, it’s still the best B-Movie of all time. But as for Star Trek movies in general, I have got to say that ST09 is #1.

That is not a slight to TWOK, as they were never on equal ground. It isn’t fair to Nick Meyer’s 1982 classic, but such is life.

Both are great films, although both utilize contrivances and overly “convenient” scenarios that set up the drama. But as thrilled as I was in the theater in 1982, (and as hard as it is to imagine) I was even more thrilled at this triumphant return.

I’ve thought about this all night. I went into it pretty sure that I was going to enjoy it, but I fully expected to say afterwards that it was my second favorite (surpassing TMP and TVH) Star Trek movie.

I was wrong. It is my favorite. I may not say that after years of repeat viewings and retrospect, but right now—-that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Bring on the next one. And in the meantime, I am going to watch this one again and again.

15. Andy - May 9, 2009


Startrek.com is no longer being run full time. It hasn’t been updated since Startrekmovie.com came up laster year. I think the forums might still be active on tht site though.

16. boborci - May 9, 2009

5. 750 Mang – May 9, 2009

Shortly after the heroic death of George Kirk, the Iowa shipyards were erected by Starfleet to honor and commemorate the sacrifice. Hence, the Kelvin salt shaker in the diner, etc…

17. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 9, 2009

I have seen it 3 times and once at Imax. I will be going again Tonight. I work at a dealership and i know of at least 25 people who are going to see it tonight and or Sunday. Also a lot of my custermers are going to see it as well. So the word of mouth is realy strong here in Austin. I even seen one teeshirt that said Live long and Weired with a Cartoon pic of Spock. For those of you who do not know Austin has a saying. Keep Austin Weired. it just got changed a bit. Lol

18. trekfan09 - May 9, 2009

GREAT MOVIE! I even got my twitter page STAR TREK’d up, lol. There was only 4 backgrounds at http://tweetcustom.com but nice looking. Hope yall liked the movie, the special effects have caught up to the tech era. The whole theatre was loving it, packed like sardines in there!

19. Alex Aslanidis - May 9, 2009

Loved the movie and since in has a strong story
And just all around amazing I feel like that is what
It needs to have long lasting legs. It will have other
Shows to run against and that will be the true test
To see how it’s leggs work.

20. Randall - May 9, 2009

How would I go about submitting a review? Just enter it here in the comments, or do you have a special section for this?

21. jonboc - May 9, 2009

#16 boborci : “Shortly after the heroic death of George Kirk, the Iowa shipyards were erected by Starfleet to honor and commemorate the sacrifice. Hence, the Kelvin salt shaker in the diner, etc…”

That’s exaclty what I told friends at the theater. Well, maybe… not exactly. But I was thinking it. Sorta. Ok…had no idea…but it works for me!

Great job Bob, I’m already in line to go again tomorrow. One question though, if you see this, how do crewmembers work the turbo lift? I kept expecting them to say “bridge” or push a button but I don’t think they ever did. Did I miss something?

22. Chris Pike - May 9, 2009

16. boborci – May 9, 2009

fascinating….both me and my brother (mid 40’s long time TOS fans demo!) were blown away by the film, and so much a richer experience for reading Countdown. These backstory elements of yours are so satisfying.
Far exceeded expectations, and more reverence to TOS than I had expected. All the actors spot on. Only downer was the dreadful brewery/20th century practical set work – please give Scotty a worthy engineering for the next one!

Much more of the same please…!

23. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#5—“… will someone explain why the Enterprise was built in Iowa?”

Only if you explain why it makes any difference…

Why are Admiral Kirk (who is bound to a desk job) and the rest of the familiar characters from TOS aboard “the only ship in the quadrant” at the same time that Khan makes his escape from exile and wrests control of a starship with the sole purpose of exacting revenge upon Kirk?

Why do the primary scientists who have created the Genesis Device and are participating in its testing happen to be the former lover and illegitmate son of Jim Kirk?

Why is Admiral Kirk conveniently unable to treat the Genesis Device in the same manner in which he dealt with Nomad (set the transporter on “maximum dispersion” to render it non-threatening)?

The answer to all of these questions is the same.

24. Maurício - May 9, 2009

I saw it yesterday and I can say this much: I CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE IT IN DVD!!!!!

25. kfir - May 9, 2009

These are critical times for star trek..
BTW it’s one of my favorite movies now liked it very much!!

26. David - May 9, 2009

Bob Orci can u please tell me why pike was in the wheel chair at the end of the film, was he paralyzed, i love the movie and have to see it again but i feel like i missed something about pike.

27. boborci - May 9, 2009

1. jonboc – May 9, 2009

Great job Bob, I’m already in line to go again tomorrow. One question though, if you see this, how do crewmembers work the turbo lift? I kept expecting them to say “bridge” or push a button but I don’t think they ever did. Did I miss something?

Wow. A repeat viewer. Thanks a ton!

As for the turbo lift… uhmm… let’s see…. floor optically selected by eye movement?

28. boborci - May 9, 2009

26. David – May 9, 2009
Bob Orci can u please tell me why pike was in the wheel chair at the end of the film, was he paralyzed, i love the movie and have to see it again but i feel like i missed something about pike.

The creepy thing they forced on him damaged his spine.

29. Thorny - May 9, 2009

6. Datalore… “It’s gonna be hard to keep the great numbers up with Angels and Demons”

Maybe, maybe not. I offhand can’t think of anyone who actually liked “The DaVinci Code” movie, and I don’t see a huge amount of interest in “Angels” (even though it is the better of the two books, in my opinion.)
“Wolverine” has sunk a lot this week against “Star Trek”, but “Wolverine” had poor reviews and poor word-of-mouth whereas “Star Trek” has great reviews and great word-of-mouth (congratulations, Mr. Orci!)

30. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#27—I think it is safe to say that there will be alot of repeat viewers.

31. Loran Alan Davis - May 9, 2009

Hey everyone – do you think word-of-mouth will keep Trek at No.1 for the next few weeks? Or at least keep the numbers significantly high?

32. David - May 9, 2009

Thank you very much Bob I appreciate it and me and my wife are seeing it a second time tomorrow.

33. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#28—-Beep……beep beep.


34. Me - May 9, 2009

Join Starfleet. Next weekend go see it again. We need to make sure it doesn’t suffer the dreaded ‘second weekend dip’.

You’ve got your orders, cadet. Hop to it.

35. Daoud - May 9, 2009

#23 Well, answer’s the same except for #5’s question. We have the film’s author on record. It’s a paean to George Kirk, that the shipyards were setup near Riverside, Iowa is believable, because the boborci quoth. :)

However, noting it was a ‘scar zone from the Xindi weapon of 2153′ is good too.

And did I hear McCoy barking an order to “Nurse Chapel” in there?

36. Pragmaticus - May 9, 2009

28 – So is he paralyzed for good or what?

37. jonboc - May 9, 2009

#27 “floor optically selected by eye movement?”

I knew it! That’s what I told my friends at the theater…sorta.
Well…maybe I didn’t exactly say that…ok, I didn’t say it all. But it works for me!
And the TOS ship acceleration sound from Naked Time…BIG thank you for that! (or whosever idea it was to use it!)

38. phil - May 9, 2009

For those wondering why the Enterprise was built on the ground as opposed to in space…

Did it ever occur to any of you that because of the Kelvin incident in which no explanation was figured out as to why a black hole anomaly occurred with a ridiculously powerful ship, it made starfleet a bit more paranoid about building their ships up in space exposed to the dangers that could occur up there?

I’m noticing a lot of people aren’t using their heads for figuring out plot devices of this film. Many are questioning how a mining ship can be so powerful lol Ahhh hello, did you catch the ridiculous amount of Borg colored power channeling through ever panel of that ship? I’m not expecting people to get that it’s Borg technology but come on people, use your imagination. It’s obviously not just a mining ship!!

Great movie, I’m going to see it for my third night in a row.

39. Thasc - May 9, 2009

boborci, I have a question, [which is spoiler for anyone who hasn’t seen the film so stop reading right *here* if you haven’t] that scene where the Enterprise jettisons capsules into the final black hole, were those multiple warp cores? Because that makes so much sense for a starship to have it’s amazing that it hasn’t been done before.

40. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#35—“And did I hear McCoy barking an order to “Nurse Chapel” in there?”

I didn’t catch that, but I hope that both she and Yeoman Rand are introduced in the sequel.

41. TREKKIE369 - May 9, 2009

@Bob Orci–THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I’m planning on seeing it 20 times in the theater.

Also, I’m hoping that you’ll find a way to restore the timelines and bring back Vulcan and Romulus in the ‘hopefully’ trilogy.

I LOVE this movie, and can’t wait to see what you guys do for the next one.

Oh, and have you considered going to any conventions? (I have tickets for Las Vegas, and would love to see you and Alex there.) Just thought I’d mention it.


42. cpelc - May 9, 2009

28 – boborci

I have come up with a name for the Vulcan who has the statue fall on him.

It came to me on opening night – I turned to my friend and said

“His name was Splot”

What do you think? Is it worth canonizing?

43. Gavvo - May 9, 2009

43: Everyone knows it was Solkar

44. matt_uk - May 9, 2009

Bob Orci thanks to you and the “supreme court” for a wonderfull movie. Going again for the 5th time tonight. Can’t wait to see what you bring with the new Transformers film and Star Trek XII

May I suggest that the next Trek film just be called To Boldly Go

45. Gavvo - May 9, 2009

I mean Surak…

46. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

To Anyone..maybe borborci….Does the movie state any reason why Kirk was projected by Spock to exactly the location at Delta Vega that he ended up on?
I mean..what a coincidence….or did how young spock know where Old Spock was? I really haven’t found an answer in the movie to tah question..

47. TREKKIE369 - May 9, 2009

#35–Where did McCoy call to Nurse Chapel? I’ve seen the movie twice, and would like to catch that the next 18 times I go.

#40–NO ONE can replace EVER replace Majel Barrett-Roddenberry!!! May she live long and prosper in her next life.

48. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

by the way…..Wonderful movie….great Star trek, no matter what the answer

49. rwoodcock01 - May 9, 2009

You did indeed hear “Nurse Chapel..”

My wife and I saw it at the first morning showing at the pictures today in the UK.

My wife shed a tear at the begining to the death of Kirks father, and laughed as the film progressed, so many homages to the original that we both came out smiling and wanting to go back and see it next weekend just to re-watch it again.

To everyone that worked on the film, if you read this, from an old fan that was very worried about this film, I was wrong to worry.

Thank you for a wonderful character driven film that rekindled the excitement Star Trek always gave me.

50. Danya Romulus - May 9, 2009


Indeed…and much like Quinto was meant for Spock, I believe there is only one clear choice for Rand: 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub.

51. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#41—-“I’m hoping that you’ll find a way to restore the timelines and bring back Vulcan and Romulus in the ‘hopefully’ trilogy.

I LOVE this movie, and can’t wait to see what you guys do for the next one.”

I certainly hope they don’t restore the old timeline (and thankfully, Damon Lindelof has indicated that they are done with time travel). Why would you spend $150 million opening up all of these new doors, only to end up reversing course?

This new timeline offers alot of great storytelling opportunities, without having to jettison from the iconic characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc. for a long time.

I have been waiting twenty years to see them recast in younger form!

52. Nate - May 9, 2009

I plan to see it at least once more. Will any home blu-ray system be able to come close to the IMAX version? Probably not right? Even more of a reason to see it again.

53. rtrj - May 9, 2009

Fantastic, we need the next installment!

54. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

@51 I agree with yo completely….the recast is what makes this movie so special….it was time for that…..an JJ did a great job with this movie. We got our heroes back…finally…..

55. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

But where was the Tribble?????? I didn’t catch it in the movie

56. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#47—“NO ONE can replace EVER replace Majel Barrett-Roddenberry!!!”

Of course not, but just as with all of these wonderful characters, her legacy in Star Trek can be built upon.

I cannot think of a much better tribute to any of the original cast than to have the legacy of the characters they so wonderfully portrayed carried on in their absence by a new generation. I cannot imagine any reaction from her over such news other than an approving smile, and I bet her sons would agree.

57. TREKKIE369 - May 9, 2009

#51–They don’t have to restore the old timeline, just merge the two to get Vulcan back. It’ll still be a different timeline, but Vulcan will be back. And there can’t be Star Trek without Vulcan. Just like there can’t be Star Trek without Spock. I have no problem with Spock being killed of in TWOK, but they brought him back. Vulcan needs to be resurrected.

58. SChaos1701 - May 9, 2009

People need to keep quiet about “restoring the timeline.” Canon has changed from a good guideline to a rope that smothered the life out of Star Trek. We needed the slate to be clean.

59. TREKKIE369 - May 9, 2009

#55–The tribble was in Scotty’s lab.

#56–Maybe, but still, they’ll need to find one great actor.

60. danpaine - May 9, 2009

#49 – exactly. Well put. I’m 42, and have been a devoted Trek fan in all its forms since the 70’s, and I had serious concerns.

Unfounded. It was excellent. Mind-blowing. Poignant. Loved it.

Naysayers….you are WRONG.

61. Blake Powers - May 9, 2009

Bob, Thanks for the movie saw it 3 times already. The biggest complaint I heard about the movie were plot holes in the delta vega scenes. I think that was touched upon in “pro” reviews also. Was that intentional? To me it seemed like that was material that was touched in the comics so it didn’t bother me much. Just wondering your opinion on that.

62. OneBuckFilms - May 9, 2009

@BobOrci – Absolutely fantastic job all of you.

I’ll be seeing the movie for the 4th time today (fan club event in Ontario, CA), and I was happy to see it at the Hollywood premiere on 30th.

I might be a little in the minority though on one issue: Engineering.

I actually _like_ that it has pipes and equipment where it can be directly accessed and worked on in Engineering.

And the idea of the Enterprise having multiple warp cores, rather than the single core we see from TMP onwards, makes sense as a way to provide redundancy and maintainability.

The movie made me teary eyed a few times. Especially whenever George Kirk and the Kelvin come up.

63. Blake Powers - May 9, 2009

I said touched too much… Maybe this new “cool” trek love will get me more action.. If so thanks for getting me action B.Orci!

64. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#57—“They don’t have to restore the old timeline, just merge the two to get Vulcan back. It’ll still be a different timeline, but Vulcan will be back. ”

Sorry, but….WTF?

“And there can’t be Star Trek without Vulcan.”

Why not? It is not as if Vulcans are now extinct.

From what I gathered from the film’s dialogue, 10,000 Vulcans were able to heed the warning to evacuate the planet. Add to that number those who are likely to have been off-world already, and (as indicated by Spock) Vulcan culture has been preserved.

Those people (presumably with the aid of Spock Prime) will be resettled on a new planet.

But obviously, every 7 years is no longer going to cut it… I’m sure that “logic” will dictate the need to pick up the pace!

65. TREKKIE369 - May 9, 2009

#58–We definitely DO need a clean slate, which is why I’m proposing that they merge the Prime timeline with no Romulus, and the Alternate timeline with no Vulcan, to create a third timeline with both Planets and a clean slate at the same time. This way there can be more Vulcan/Romulan stories, AND we have a clean slate for our young heros! What’s the problem with haveing everything, instead of one or the other?

66. SB - May 9, 2009


Lovely job, sir. I’m another of your repeat viewers; I saw it twice last night: once in the late afternoon for myself, and the following show to see how it played with a packed house (very well indeed, by the way).

My compliments. I’m not the first person to observe this, but there are a million different ways this movie could have stumbled and fallen flat on its ass. There’s no way it should have worked…. but to paraphrase McCoy: good god, man… does it ever.

67. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009


Thank you….I will have a look for the tribble there next time I see the movie…..which will be soon :-)

@61 I haven’t read the comics…do the tell us WHY Kirk was stranded exactly near the place where he could meet Spock Prime?

68. D. A. Harrison - May 9, 2009

“27. boborci

Wow. A repeat viewer. Thanks a ton!”

You’ll be pleased to know then that I watched it TWICE on the 7th!

(both tickets booked a week before it opened)

Once at midnight & then again at 10.20 the same morning & I’m planning to go see it again tomorrow, or Monday if there’s no tickets for tomorrow left…

You’ve made one hell of a movie! I’m not done with watching this one yet & I’m already buzzing with excitement over seeing the next one!

Kudos! (To you & Alex & JJ)

Live long & prosper – you’ve made sure that Star Trek will!

69. anti-matter - May 9, 2009

this movie is terrific and i really hope it does well. I had a smile on my face from the first musical note.

70. TREKKIE369 - May 9, 2009

#64–If multiple timelines can be created from one timeline, then logic dictates that multiple timelines can be merged to create a middle ground between the sibling timelines.

Also, if the Vulcans are busy picking up the pieces of their culture and world, then they wound be as strong an influence in Starfleet, the Federation, and the quadrant. Vulcans have always been a powerful part of the Federation, and now is no time for that power to be diminished.

71. Dr. Image - May 9, 2009

#60 Yeah! And I’m fifty-friggin’-one (!!), a Trek “purist,” and someone who’s been skeptical all along, and I gotta see it at least two more times, because I LOVED it!!

Bob O.- You guys really hit on the formula. I’m so blown away.
In the words of Spock- “remember.”

72. thorsten - May 9, 2009


are you asking about the countdown comics or this one, Mark?


73. AJ - May 9, 2009



Please tell everyone else.

74. Valar1 - May 9, 2009

I’m glad they didn’t waste gobs of money making an Engineering set- it was only on film for a total of 20 secs for crying out loud. Better that they used that money for the rest of the movies sets/effects.

75. JMAN - May 9, 2009

It’s a great movie, and I already plan to see it again in theatres… which is not something that I said about any of the other Treks over the last 20 years. My guess is that it was have good legs. I know a lot of people who are eager to see it but who haven’t gone yet.

76. Blake Powers - May 9, 2009

67. Mark from Germany…

No, I was more so thinking backstory. Which is what is awesome about the comics, it’s a much more detailed version of the mind meld scene.
I didn’t really see that as a Plot Hole, more of a “wow, that’s convenient.” But then again if we didn’t have “wow, that’s convenient” moments in movies they would invariably suck.

77. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

This movie was NOT my Father’s Star Trek… It was


Just like TOS since I first saw it in ’72 in Germany. And now MY STAR TREK ist back..

Thank YOU Bob, JJ, Damon, and the whole Cast and Crew….

Wow..I am still very exited about this wonderful movie

78. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#65—-The destiny of everyone is no longer set in stone…even the fate of Romulus.

Spock Prime is the obvious variable in that.

And stories involving Vulcans and Romulans might even be more inriguing now than they were before, especially when taking into account Spock Prime’s devotion to “reunification.”

That’s not a theme I would necessarily like to see explored in the next one, but down the road? Perhaps.

The destruction of Vulcan and the resettlement of its surviving people also affords an opportunity to look at terraforming as a concept, the effects of attempted genocide, and so on.

A third timeline? Destroying Vulcan only to take it back?

No thanks.

79. AJ - May 9, 2009


When will you drag JJ Abrams up here to take a bow before what could have been his most vicious critics?

As a “non-Trekkie,” he got it. Please don’t pass it on to Irwin Kershner for No, 12! Please!

80. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

Blake…I have to read the comics… :-)

But I am still wondering…..did I miss a plot point about Delta Vega? Or will they keep the answer for the next movie?

81. thorsten - May 9, 2009


Spock Prime may be the Variable, CT…
but you are the Constant!

82. Star Wars is DEAD (",) !!!! - May 9, 2009

AMAZING FILM !!!! 5 ***** !!!!

Will be going to see it again and again. They did a much better job than Lucas did with his dreaded Star Wars ressurection.

This film wipes the floor with Star Wars (which is so dead now).

Thanks JJ & team and Trekmovie.com

83. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#70—-Just because they can doesn’t mean they should. And let’s not kid ourselves here. Earth is, and has always been, the driving force behind the Federation. The most influential Vulcans are still surviving—-Spock, Sarek, T’Pau (whom I suspect was the old lady), and add to that now Spock Prime.

I thought the destruction of Vulcan (although it wasn’t a surprise to anyone who had payed attention) was a very powerful and effective part of the story, and reducing the Federation’s Vulcan population to what amounts to an endangered species could make their status even more legendary/mythical in the Star Trek universe.

84. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

Hi Thorsten….since I think you may have seen the german version of the movie…..What do you think of Spock Primes voice? For me, this was the only thing that almost ruined the Star Trek experience for me…in the Greman Trabnslation he sounded boring, dull, uninspired..dreadful…not just old, but dead

85. Colonel West - May 9, 2009

A quick point that maybe Bob hopefully can clarify if I’m wrong or not…

The Constitution class ship we see in the Riverside Shipyards wasn’t actually specifically mentioned as the Enterprise, if I remember correctly. The first mention of the big E wasn’t until Spacedock, so for the uber canonistas you still have some leeway there!

Also the point I made previously that a ship can be built and commisioned in two seperate places which is perfectly normal in today’s world never mind the future!

Bob, just want to say thanks to everyone involved on a job brilliantly done and remember to take a holiday before starting the next one to recharge the batteries!


that idea pretty much doesn’t hold water, that’s the whole point of alternate realities/ Orciverse’s, things happen slightly differently so they branch out in different directions. If the universe’s merged then you’d have two of everything bar Romulus and Vulcan!

Do I stay in bed an extra half hour or do I get up earlier and get hit by a bus? Big difference in that one choice means I’m probably dead.

Google Schrodingers Cat, it’s probably the most well known theory.

86. NightWatcher - May 9, 2009

I saw it thurs at 7 at the IMAX I will be going again tonight and plan to go tues. Hell might as well see it every week in theatres until it hits blue ray. and for the pirates out there (you know who you are) this movie is worth every cent that’s spent on it please don’t illegally download it would be sacrilidge to a wonderful movie. THAT IS ALL AT EASE GENTLMEN.

87. Selor - May 9, 2009

I saw it 3 times already and going to see it tomorrow with my family :)
And many more occasions will follow (as long as I have enough money :P)

88. thorsten - May 9, 2009


Mark, the positive surprise in the german dub version was for me the way they handled Bones’ nickname… was so close to the original that I wondered if Bob wrote it ;))

89. spiked canon - May 9, 2009

To ClosetTrekker: Dude you speak for me. (always have) I have been waiting 20 yrs as well for Trek to make that left hand turn. Through it all I still can’t believe that it has finally happend. Now let’s come up with a kick a** story in the mold of Inner Light or Where No Man Has Gone Before. Let’s get dark baby! ….and stay away from Earth for a while. It’s better out there alone.

90. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

Thorsten..agreed :-) nothing against the German translation in general

…But Spock Prime….uuuuuh…… :-(

91. Son of Surak - May 9, 2009

Thanks, Bob Orci, for doing a great job. You guys successfully packed a lot into two hours. Plus, you’ve left us with some interesting new puzzles to speculate about (which is great fun).

For instance, why so few Vulcan survivors out of a population base of six billion? The 10,000 survivors figure appears to mean that a maximum of approximately one in half a million Vulcans was already off-planet at the time of its destruction. Yet Vulcans achieved interplanetary travel before humans — did they not establish colonies, outposts, or at least be driven by their inquisitiveness to visit other planets in substantial numbers?

Perhaps Vulcans have some sort of hajj-like tradition, and Nero waited until the hajj so as to kill the greatest number.

Or perhaps Vulcan psychology is averse to isolation from their home world, and thus their space exploration is largely done by drone craft, or by craft with very small crews, which might explain the size of the Jellyfish, Spock’s shuttle in ST:TMP, and the craft seen in First Contact.

Other possibilities, anybody?

92. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

Thorten..I haven’Ät seen the original yet…what is ther original explaination for “Bones”

93. thorsten - May 9, 2009


In both cases the divorce. She got the planet and everything, I just kept my bones…

Sie hat den Planeten bekommen. Das war eine bittere Pille.


94. tribble farmer - May 9, 2009

I’m going for the third time this afternoon. And I’m just starting. I saw The Dark Knight eleven times last summer, but if I don’t run out of money I think I can easily beat that record with Star Trek. ;D

95. spiked canon - May 9, 2009

Son of Surak: I believe that will be what Spock is heading out to do. To find the expatriots and colonize a new world

96. tribble farmer - May 9, 2009

I think the Spock/Uhura relationship is stupid, though.

97. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

Thank you very much….yeah….great translation work…at least they put some thoughts into this

98. cugel the clever - May 9, 2009

To JJAbrams, BobOrci, and crew………. THANK YOU!

This is a great movie and a tremendous kickstart to a new franchise. I saw the movie last night and besides the fact that it was a kickass great film, the thing that most impressed me was the packed movie house and the relative age of the audience – most were teenagers and young adults. It was clear from comments I overheard and the applause at the end of the film, that most of them loved it! This bodes very well for the start of a new and successful run of films (and hopefully TV).

I sat with wide (and sometimes watery) eyes through the whole film and even my wife who enjoys star trek but is by no means a super fan like me, loved it and was teary eyed at the scenes when the major characters, including the big-E, first appeared.

99. Mark from Germany - May 9, 2009

96. I don’t think so….they should explore this further in the next movie…it seems so logical :-)

100. Snowy Brighton - May 9, 2009

I have already seen the movie twice (once at the Imax in London, once in a ‘normal’ cinema) and I am going again on Tuesday, with a fellow Trekkie and two non-trekkies who have seen the TV Spots and thought the film looked like “a blinder!” (thats UK speak, for really rather quite good) so fingers crossed that the opening weekend is good and that it doesn’t lose too much for the second weekend…

101. Jon1701 - May 9, 2009

Saw it at the IMAX saturday afternoon in the UK. The theatre was packed out.

Sold out.

A big mixture of fans. There was a dodgy looking hurley/comic book guy-type at the front of the line, but there was a big mix in the crowd.

Certainly not sci-fi fans!

102. spiked canon - May 9, 2009

tribble–not sure where I saw it but someone stated that we know Spock has emotions but why should we only see the anger that came out during TOS? Why can’t we see the softer side of emotion with him. There is still room for the conflict. In fact this heightens it.

103. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 9, 2009

Bob Orci. Have you started writing yet for the next Movie or are you waiting a bit. Hope to hear from you on that.

104. Torcflaed - May 9, 2009

they have a Vulcan planet, it’s a new colony world populated by the survivers and Lenard Nimoy/Spock.
probably be named the vulcan word for new vulcan.
I don’t know what plans may be in for the next movie but it seems to me the Klingons attacked by Nemo are going to blame romulans no matter how much they deny it, and the klingons would be trying to get the romulan planet destroying tech even as the romulans claim they do not have it, may I suggest the next Klingon war be with Romulas and drawing in the federation instead of just between the federation and klingons?

one little comment I have about the movie itself, Vulcan had no ships of it’s own to attack Nemo with the fleet?
and there are no vulcan colonies out there at all? vulcans had star flight before humanity but they have No colonies anywhere?

105. thorsten - May 9, 2009


Yeah, I was surprised by the lighness of that line. Did not feel forced.
But I would have called him Bones.
Because we all live in the Orciverse now.

Everything is possible!

106. cugel the clever - May 9, 2009

It was like coming home from a long and lonely trip.

107. rob - May 9, 2009

god what a piece of shit film it is…you people are delusional if you think it is good in anyway…horrible script, confusing and terrible plot, loud, dumb, and full of ridiculous and pointless scenes….is this what star trek is now?

i am done with star trek…just as i finally clued in when revenge of the sith came out..star trek is dead….

i CANNOT understand the universal positive reviews. has every reviewer been bought out? surely i cannot be the only one who feels this way

108. saw-it!! - May 9, 2009


from argentina, thankyou all for A GREAT ride!!!

i just saw it once and i´m loving it more and more with each passing hour LOL… i´m going again next week for sure!!

109. spiked canon - May 9, 2009

torcflaed–who said there were no Vulcan colonies?

110. Son of Surak - May 9, 2009

# 77 Mark from Germany: “This movie was NOT my Father’s Star Trek… It was MY STAR TREK…. :-)”

Amen to that! But the “Not your father’s Star Trek” line is accurate in a second sense — for the younger audience members, this new film (and TOS) is truly not your father’s Star Trek, because it’s your grandfather’s Star Trek.

Think about it. TOS was made for the Baby Boomers. A Trek fan born in 1946 was 20 when the show premiered. If he had a kid in 1970, who then had a kid in 1995, well, that last kid is fourteen now. So, by George, this really is his grandfather’s Star Trek. His father’s Star Trek was TNG, which was always a poor cousin to TOS, in my opinion.

111. spiked canon - May 9, 2009


horrible script, confusing and terrible plot, loud, dumb, and full of ridiculous and pointless scenes….is this what star trek is now?

—-we’re delusional? and I guess the 90%+ national reviews are too?

i am done with star trek…just as i finally clued in when revenge of the sith came out..star trek is dead….

—–Rob, see ya, Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

112. Hat Rick - May 9, 2009

111, I would venture to say that I’m of the generation that loves all Star Treks! :-)

113. danpaine - May 9, 2009

At the end, the audience cheered at the IMAX in Neshaminy, PA this morning…

I’ll definitely be seeing it again. Maybe this time, I’ll catch the opening scene a little better….got a little……misty……the first time ’round. Great stuff. My wife loved it, too – non-Trekkie.

Then we went out for beers. Has there been a more perfect day? Not lately!

I want the DVD right NOW.

114. OR Coast Trekkie - May 9, 2009

I like those numbers. Let’s hope they stay true.

I saw it for a second time last night, and I’m not one who goes to see movies in the theater a secone time around. I’m excited to see where this new Trek can go.

I really like the set up for how the characters meet. Some people say it is too convenient, but, really, when it comes down to it, haven’t we met most of the people we know in convenient ways? How many of you got to be friends with your college roommate, or married the chick/dude you met at the laundromat?

115. Colin - May 9, 2009

Bob, Alex, JJ, Mike G, Chris Pine, Zach Quinto : WELL DONE. Thank you very much.

My spoiler-free analysis of why I think the movie works here :

116. danpaine - May 9, 2009

Rob….open your mind up, Dude. Were there inconsistencies? Sure. Were there stupid cringe-worthy moments? Absolutely. Did I miss the original cast? Sure.

But overall, a very worthy production. And most importantly, it RESPECTS what came before it.

Well done, Gentlemen.

117. Gigastazio - May 9, 2009

Mr. Orci:

Young man, is there some reason you’re wasting time around here and not working feverishly on that next Star Trek script?????

118. Son of Surak - May 9, 2009

96. tribble farmer – May 9, 2009
I think the Spock/Uhura relationship is stupid, though.

It could have been a disastrous element if mishandled, but I didn’t mind it at all. In fact, I thought it was well-executed, and the scenes really allowed Zoe Saldana to add depth to Uhura. The relationship didn’t upset my expectations of the Spock character, either, because you can infer from the TOS episode “This Side of Paradise” that Spock had another romance with a human female back on Earth.

But I hope this romance fizzles out in the next movie. I can’t see keeping it around. Spock needs to find a Vulcan babe and repopulate the species.

119. Flint - May 9, 2009

I had been harping for months that I could not except the cast change (only Shat is Kirk). I even stated that I would wait for the DVD. But resistance was futile. I was a little choked up for a least the 1st hour of the film. Spock ‘s mother during the evacuation was unbelievably intense, and the scene with Sarak in the transporter room was beyond words. I was blown away by this film, (as I am constantly with Lost) but I have a more intimate relationship with Star Trek since I have been watching it for almost 40 years. The Sulu sword was a real cool touch and the silent space sequences were awe inspiring. Sorry I doubted you guy’s, but that perhaps is the trick, if we get all worked up we may only be let down. If we go in thinking that I don’t know if I can accept this and see a film of this quality then the only thing that can come of it is pure enjoyment.

I have been and always’ will be a Star Trek fan, no mater who is at the helm (JJ, and the rest). 5 stars

120. Shatner_Fan_Prime - May 9, 2009

Congrats on the success, Orci! Star Trek has been gone a long time and it’s good to have it back. I went last night with 5 friends, and it was unanimous – everyone loved it. Going again tonight.

121. rob - May 9, 2009

‘it RESPECTS what came before it’

that really kills me if you think that…if you are under 20 yrs old i forgive your innocence ..but that film was about NOTHING, but taking your money..star trek used to be about ideas, the human condition etc…this was nothing but about explosions..loud rock music, violence, sex…dumbing things down and cgi. This movie with the huge budget, is no worse than the worst star trek films..and you guys are falling for it

i really think Roddenberry would be ashamed

122. rob - May 9, 2009

i mean t to say “without’ a huge budget

anyway im off….feel free to flame me…im not here to convince you of anything.. and im not going to read your flames.

star trek is dead guys. this is really the beginning of the end

123. Troubled Tribble - May 9, 2009

My dad and I went to see it last night and the first thing I said is it would be great to see them start going on the actual mission in the next movie. No more “Save the Earth/Romulus/Vulcan/Kronos, etc. Let’s go meet somebody new. I wouldn’t even mind if they rehashed some of the TOS episodes. These could be fresh and unpredictable now with a new timeline. Tell me that the Doomsday Machine couldn’t be a kick ass movie! Or the Organian treaty… Khan’s still out there floating frozen in space you know. The list is endless… you could have some completely new stuff mixed with cool amounts of what we know should happen. Just please, at least for a while, let’s spare the only ship in the quadrant close enough to save Earth thing. If I remember correctly, the entire 3 year run of TOS they never once got called back to Earth. (Assignment Earth was a history mission, Tomorrow is Yesterday and City on the Edge of Forever were accidents.) Let’s see our guys out there on the fringe of known space. Seriously, how can they even still use the tag line “Where no man has gone before” when in 40 years they only place they usually go is back and forth between Vulcan and Earth, which is the space equivalent of driving to work and back. Not very ‘exploratory’. As much as The Final Frontier blew goats, at least they tried to go somewhere, albeit somewhere stupid. ;-)

That said, this movie set the stage and it rocked! Easily the best made, most fun Trek ever! Maybe one of the best Sci Fi epics ever. Will see it again and no doubt I will buy the DVD!

124. Daoud - May 9, 2009

Oh, and #boborci…. I cried there with George/Winona. Good job, because that doesn’t come easily! That part of the movie was so well executed by all. Now if only we could have another flashback to where Lt. Kirk and Winona were coming from… maybe leaving Deneva for Earth?

Also… have fun with the sequel and use more Star Trek: Enterprise cues. Having the Vulcans establish their new home on P’Jem would make hella sense. Already have a “monastery” ready to go. :) Prime Spock needs a bride — Jolene Blalock as an older T’Pol works. Surely she’s been on P’Jem all this time… Kolinahrring or something like that.

125. thorsten - May 9, 2009


Rob, why should Roddenberry be ashamed?

Storytelling is part of our culture since the dawn of mankind, when the tribe huddled around the fireplace and listened to legends told again and again, changed a bit from one generation to the next.

Just compare the black and white, silent version of Ben Hur with the colored Charlton Heston retelling. Same story, different technology.
J.J., Alex, Bob, Damon, Bryan and the rest are storytellers, and they are masters of their trade.

They made Star Trek great again.

126. Hat Rick - May 9, 2009

I will be seeing the movie a third time later today. :-) I only do repeat cinematic viewings for Trek movies, and this one is no exception.

In fact, since I had purchased a movie ticket for an afternoon showing yesterday afternoon I was not able to attend, in a monetary sense, I’ve already “seen” it three times, not just two. (The one I paid for but missed would have been my second time watching the movie. I ultimately paid for and attended a later showing at a different theater yesterday evening for my second viewing.) In a box office sense, therefore, the viewing I will attend shortly will be my fourth, not my third.

127. danpaine - May 9, 2009

Ok, Rob. No sense in arguing with you…but it would be fun to sit down with a case of beer and discuss it with you….best wishes.

Shatner will always be ‘my’ Kirk, too. To his credit, Pine did have some classic “Kirk” moments, though. Well done, (and my wife thought he was ‘hot,’ which may work out for me later).

128. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#91—“For instance, why so few Vulcan survivors out of a population base of six billion? The 10,000 survivors figure appears to mean that a maximum of approximately one in half a million Vulcans was already off-planet at the time of its destruction. Yet Vulcans achieved interplanetary travel before humans — did they not establish colonies, outposts, or at least be driven by their inquisitiveness to visit other planets in substantial numbers?”

Well, it has been made clear that Vulcans do not inherently possess the same drive to seek out new life and new civilizations as do humans, but I honestly took the dialogue to infer that 10,000 Vulcans were able to heed the call to evacuate the planet—not necessarily that there are only 10,000 Vulcans left alive in the galaxy. There could be many more who were already off-world. But I have only seen it once, and perhaps upon another viewing I might interpret it differently.

129. spiked canon - May 9, 2009

gosh what would Scotty say about Rob pacing on his apparent ledge– “Get down from there!!!”

don’t care what you say Rob because you will be there the first weekend next time too to watch even if it’s called Star Trek:2 Electric Boogaloo :-)

130. Doesn't anyone in the 23rd century pee? - May 9, 2009


Saw the movie last night…still churning it over in my head. Been doin’ that all day.

I’m a pretty big fan of ST:TOS. I wasn’t sure how I would accept the new characters, but the cast was amazing, in fact, I would almost say the cast made the movie for me.

The special effects were a bonus, but not necessary to make a good movie in my books. They WERE great, though.

I’ve heard complaints about the story, in that, there were so many coincidences to bring the crew together. Given the nature of the movie, and what I feel the writers had to accomplish (introduce several key characters, yet keep the action moving), I was fine with it. I had to remind myself that Nero was not Kahn. Initially, I had been looking for something a little more personal between Kirk and Nero, but the way I see it, Nero is the vehicle that brought the crew together. From that perspective, I think the villain works as is.

Opening sequence: Excellent. Almost brought a tear to me eyes.
Kobiashi Maru (sp?): classic! loved that scene.
Spock kicking butt (twice) – loved it….twice
“…Hobgobblin.” – Loved it.
Kirk/McCoy friendship – great writing.
“You can hear me breathing?” scene – loved it.
Ben Cross rocked as Sarek.
Spock/Uhura thing was great.


I gotta say, the camera worked bothered me. My wife complained of getting dizzy at the first of the movie. It was a little too shaky / jumpy for my liking. I prefer a clear, steady shot so I can see action…and reaction.

Kirk promotion to First Officer. A little backgorund would have been nice to see in the movie as to why…that one seemed to come out the blue.

Again, this is a by-product having to introduce meaningful key characters, but I think Spock/Kirk need to be more clearly set apart as the heros.

These are my first reaction thoughts. I’ll be watching this movie again (…and again…and again…), maybe throw some more thoughts out there for y’all to read.

All in all, I loved the movie.

131. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#124—” I cried there with George/Winona. ”

So did my wife, who wasn’t a Trek fan by any means.

Ok…so I had a wet eye too. But I think there might have been something caught in it.

132. Ian B - May 9, 2009

#28 boborci-

Many thanks for a fabulous revitalisation of Trek. I’m eager for the next one. But-

“The creepy thing they forced on him damaged his spine.”

Oh, heavens no. Please. It’s entirely feasible he was just convalescing in that chair. Not only is it implausible that they don’t have the medical facilities to heal his damaged spine, Pike has turned out to be a wonderful character. You’d be mad to trap him in a wheelchair back at Starfleet HQ or whatever for subsequent outings.

It isn’t yet “canon” that he’s paralysed. Don’t make it so.

133. spiked canon - May 9, 2009


Kolinahrring or something like that.

that’s a good one, nice

134. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#121—“i really think Roddenberry would be ashamed”

If he read your post, he might very well be.

135. Alex - May 9, 2009


I really liked the film but could someone (Bob Orci?) explain to me why Nero didn’t just wait until his time period (around 100 years right?)) and use the red matter to stop the chain reaction that destroys Romulus?

Then his family and people would be saved. If he can wait 25 years for Spock, surely he can wait another 100?



136. spiked canon - May 9, 2009

he couldn’t get back Alex

137. Ian B - May 9, 2009

In fact Bob, here’s a story idea. Have Pike fitted with a neural synapse implant thingy, then have the Platonians as the antagonists in the next movie. Pike is onboard ship, and they use their powers to take control of his neural implant thingy, and make him do a Mexican Hat Dance. It’ll be the best Trek ever, trust me.

“I, Ian B, hereby relinquish any and all rights and claims in perpetuity to the concepts expressed in the above paragraph”.

138. Phasers On Stun - May 9, 2009

Saw it this morning IMAX. I’m still trying to process it all. What a great Trek film. Not sure I understand all the groaning about Uhura/Spock. I thought it worked really well and loved that Kirk was trying to find out what Uhura’s name was through-out the film (it took us decades). I loved all the characters in this movie. The E looked breath taking as well. Can’t wait for the sequel!

I never see movies twice, but will go see this one again soon.

139. Son of Surak - May 9, 2009

#107 rob: “i am done with star trek…just as i finally clued in when revenge of the sith came out..star trek is dead….”

Rob, you have definitely joined the Dark Side. Either that, or you’re under the influence of that pinwheel creature from “Day of the Dove.” Get the hell out of here. :-)

“i CANNOT understand the universal positive reviews. has every reviewer been bought out? surely i cannot be the only one who feels this way”

I’m surprised by the extremely strong consensus from the reviewers, too. I would have guessed positives from 70%-85% of the critics, but not 96%. No way. This film is good, but it is not in the same league with The Matrix or Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars Episode IV. It’s not going to become a classic. If the entire film were as poignant and riveting as the Kelvin prologue, it might have been, though.

# 121 rob: “this was nothing but about explosions..loud rock music, violence, sex…dumbing things down and cgi.”

There is some truth in what you say. Some. A little bit. Maybe.
In the car chase scene, for example, that Beasty Boys garbage, the plug for Nokia, the cell phone ring tone — that did NOT work. Kirk being a horndog did work, though; it’s in line with what we see in TOS. The CGI was great, too. And the violence was appropriate — redshorts die, phasers kill bad guys, Kirk and Sulu engage in hand-to-hand combat –what else do you expect from TOS?

140. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - May 9, 2009

16: boborci

Don’t believe a word jonboc said, he said no such thing. But I did! I called it. And further speculated that the reason the ‘delta shield’ insignia is used fleet wide.

Remember the Alamo!

Remember the Maine!

Remember the Kelvin!

Great job by the way Bob, and tell yer partner too.

141. thorsten - May 9, 2009


Alex, Nero was an angry, frustrated man that ended up in the past by accident… and we don’t know yet how he ended up in Rura Penthe and how he managed to escape from there (maybe a hidden map in his tattoos)

So long term strategy was just not part of his portfolio…

142. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#135—-Perhaps he didn’t have enough red matter (or the necessary knowledge to use it) to get the job done, and since he believed that the Vulcans and Spock betrayed him, he wouldn’t seek help in doing so.

143. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 9, 2009

#107 Rob. It must be lonely being you. You are of your own opinion and no one elses. Im a Trek fan hard core since 1975. So off with you to the Agoniser Booth for at least 24 straight hours. Then you can speak again. Maybe

144. thorsten - May 9, 2009


dead redshorts!

145. Dif - May 9, 2009

Well, I’ve seen it twice now. Cried both times during the opening sequence and the ship reveal. =p (Saw it Thursday night and had to see it in IMAX this morning. Preferred the ‘normal’ theater to IMAX – too much action to follow for that large of a screen.)

I saw it at 7:00p.m. on Thursday – apparently the local Trek club was unaware of the early showings because the article about them in our newspaper the next day stated they didn’t go to the early midnight showing because they have jobs. Of course my mom and I were wondering how there could be a club of uninformed Trek fans…they’re not geeking out properly, apparently.

But – omigosh – I love this movie. My mom could relate to the characters when they were her age – and now they’re my age. And I can crush on Kirk all night long. Its really just a dream come true. No nitpicking from me! We’ll be seeing it again next weekend, too. We haven’t had enough yet! =D

146. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 9, 2009

Bob Orci. Any word if you are starting to Write the next Movie!!!!. Come on we are dying here. By the way. Great Job on the current Movie. This is from a hard core fan since 1975.

147. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 9, 2009

Hey. Did anyone out there go to the Movie wearing the Cologn. Like the Red Shirt. or Tinerious.

148. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#139—” it is not in the same league with The Matrix… ”


“In the car chase scene, for example, that (Beastie) Boys garbage, the plug for Nokia, the cell phone ring tone — that did NOT work.”

Why not? It was an antique.

I actually thought it worked much better than I would have guessed. Why would Nokia products and rock music not be in line with that?

149. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 9, 2009

Sorry. Tiberious. No i did not.

150. Dennis Bailey - May 9, 2009

#122: “star trek is dead guys. this is really the beginning of the end”


I’ve been watching this thing since 1966. This is the beginning, again. :-)

151. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#122—“anyway im off….”

Yeah….way off!

152. SChaos1701 - May 9, 2009

107 rob

Could you be anymore ignorant. Jeeze, people like you give TRUE Star Trek fans a bad name. I don’t care what anyone says. You are NOT a TRUE fan. Take your ignorance someplace else and let the TRUE fans enjoy the resurrection of our franchise.

153. S. John Ross - May 9, 2009

I’m happy to be wrong. I really did think that $60M would have been the ceiling the movie wouldn’t punch through, but I guess adding Thursday gave it a nice boost.

#140 sez: “Remember the Alamo!”

Yeah, Leonard Nimoy totally showed up with the movie.

154. Hat Rick - May 9, 2009

I think that everything points to the next sequel’s being made. (Let’s not count our chickens too early, however. I’m about to leave to see the movie again, and I hope others do, too!)

If so, then the question may be could the next Trek movie have an even bigger budget than this one. Let’s all hope that this one makes enough money so that the next movie’s budget will exceed even this one’s.

Paramount spent $150M for this movie and many millions more, apparently, marketing it. That’s a lot of movie tickets to sell.

Let’s do our part, if we can.

Trek is worth it.

155. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#123—-“As much as The Final Frontier blew goats, at least they tried to go somewhere, albeit somewhere stupid. ;-)”


There is no doubt that televised Trek and feature film Trek have always been two entirely different animals. The planet/commentary of the week formula doesn’t lend itself to the big screen very well. It would be interesting to see some more thoughtful ideas and themes explored, but this film accomplished what it set out to do—-reintroduce the characters and set the stage for a 5 year mission in which their fates are not yet written (and they didn’t just open the door….they kicked it down!).

And by the way, even in The Great Trek Turd Of ’89, they started off hanging around on Earth.

156. AJ - May 9, 2009


The same “league” as ‘the Matrix?’

‘The Matrix’ was a great dark little film which had the Unique Selling Proposition of giving Keanu Reeves 2 hours as an intelligent human being.

It’s rep is severely retarded by two horrid sequels, and the Wachowski Brothers’ inability to revive anything of value. After “Speed Racer,” maybe they’ll get Tennesee Tuxedo, Ricochet Rabbit, or whatever else resides at the bottom of the barrel. Maybe they should separate.

157. JACathcart - May 9, 2009

To Bob Orci…

You and the rest of the Supreme Court are my new best friends. As a 46-year-old fan of Trek (and yes, I even liked Enterprise…particularly season 4), I know more about these shows than I do almost anything else. I don’t wear rubber ears or have a costume, but man, I love this stuff.

You plot device of creating a new reality for Kirk and Co. was absolutely brilliant. It shows reverence for the original series timeline, while freeing you up to now create your own stories.

I loved this movie, and am grateful to you and Damon for helping JJ, Alex and the others to understand the finer points of Trek.

May you live long, and prosper…although I suspect the latter is a forgone conclusion…and justly so.

158. Son of Surak - May 9, 2009

144. thorsten – May 9, 2009
@139–dead redshorts! LOL

What’s so funny, Thorsten? I wrote a story about gay redshirts, and yes, they have redshorts. You see anything funny about that?

148. Closettrekker – May 9, 2009
“Why not? It was an antique… Why would Nokia products and rock music not be in line with that?”

Whoa! I see your point. Slipped right past me — I thought the Nokia device was supposed to be a 23rd century product. Okay. so the uncle had a fascination with 20th/21st century American cultural artifacts, not just cars. And so Kirk gets his “fondness for antiques” from his uncle. Makes perfect sense.

Still don’t like it. Would have probably liked it just fine if the Corvette was a later model. But that 60s Vette going over the cliff seemed to signify a rejection of TOS (which was a concern discussed since the trailer came out). I found it repulsive from then on; perhaps that prejudiced me against accepting the scene.

159. opcode - May 9, 2009

Bob Orci: Thanks for the movie. I have seen it twice so far with my wife (a non-fan). Enjoyed it more than I was expecting the first time, and even more the second time. I think a lot of people will be seeing it multiple times. I know that I plan to go see it again at least once more. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a movie this much… :)

160. Skagen - May 9, 2009

Saw the movie last night for the first time. I am one of the biggest trekkies out there and this movie brought tears to my eyes on several occasions. I can’t wait for more to come!

161. Ian B - May 9, 2009


I took the Nokia and Bud Classic, and the recognisable bar setting as well, as indications that at last we have a Star Trek again set in a future with a working economy, instead of the post-TOS drivel about no money and everyone being a soviet man dedicated to the greater good of society.

That whole thing never made any sense anyway. Picard’s brother had land, and vineyards. Who gets to choose how he gets that nice lifestyle? Who apportions land to people?

No, give me Nokia and Bud and owning and running a bar and owning private vehicles every time over that.

162. jas_montreal - May 9, 2009


Does anyone know the name of the small alien that was with scotty on the delta vega station ? That little guy was REALLY cute.


163. S. John Ross - May 9, 2009

#155 “There is no doubt that televised Trek and feature film Trek have always been two entirely different animals.”

The most important difference, IMO, is the (frequent, if thankfully not universal) focus on villains.

164. Peter N - May 9, 2009

I have put together an even bigger crew for viewing #2 in about two hours than for the advance screening on Thursday – just trying to do my part to help the sequel happen!

Re: the Spock/Uhura romance

This did not bother me as much as I expected, although at first I felt that it was coming out of left field a little bit. But I (vaguely) remembered the song that Uhura sang to Spock’s vulcan lyre accompaniment on Charlie X, and one can certainly read a lot into those lyrics! Check it out at Memory Alpha. Well, I have a feeling that their relationship will be tested in the next movie. And I’m all for them going out to explore a little bit in that movie. Reminds me of Picard: “Can anyone remember when we were explorers?” Let’s not forget this founding tenet of Star Trek.

165. bob - May 9, 2009

Well….for you cannon geeks I will be interested to see what you think…

I think if CBS/Paramount do this right the franchise will have another 40 year run. The film was very well made and the story reinvents Star Trek with the changing of the time line opening up an entirely knew opportunity for not only Kirk and Spock but right through all previous incarnations and programming.

I will be interested to see the gate from this weekend but this could become a incredible franchise again if the studios want to continue not only the movie but the TV route.

166. RLRstartrekfan - May 9, 2009

I saw the movie last night. When you remember that this movie is a NEW timeline, which started the day that Kirk was born and his dad died saving 800 people, what JJ has done is opened up a new timeline to do any stories line that can “go where no writer has ever gone before”. Which explains the new update look of NCC1701, what spock does, and scottie, and bones, and all the rest. I will say that it was not another “LOST” or copied any of the movies tha JJ has already done, which I have NEVER watched, and never will, for I do not like that kind of movie. Yes, I am a very star trek fan, and have been ever since 1966. I can say that even if this was a new timeline this movie still held true to the Star Trek that I have always loved and will always hope to see more movies and TV show. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

167. The Optimist - May 9, 2009

Maybe Vulcan getting destroyed in this movie explains why future the vulcan looks more volcanic and with a red sky. Thats a cool thought. The vulcan that we see in Amok Time and Star Trek III is actually “new” vulcan that the old spock helps establish.

168. redshirt96 - May 9, 2009

Bob Orci – To you and the rest of your team – Thanks! I have been a fan of TOS since I watched it in it’s original run. I was amazed at how different and how much the same this movie was. You certainly honored what has come before. I’ll be seeing it again in IMAX in a couple of days. Is it 2011 yet??

169. P Technobabble - May 9, 2009

I found myself replaying scenes over and over in my head… so much so that it got into my dreams…
This film had a lot more emotion in it than any other Trek film (apart from Spock’s death in TWOK), and this is what really got me. I’m looking forward to seeing it again and again…

As for Trek’s future, I’m kinda hoping it will remain solely on the big screen. Personally, I think Trek on television again, week after week, would be a mistake. What could such a series possibly do to bring something new to the table? Yes, the Star Trek Universe has been twisted out of shape, but, ultimately, what would happen week after week that we haven’t already seen in some form, whether we liked it or not?
Brannon Braga really took a lot of heat, but he was trying to bring a weekly Trek story to tv for how many years…? I wonder if Bob Orci would ever want to get into those shoes? I can’t imagine anyone envying Braga’s position…

By keeping Trek on the big screen, we won’t suffer from Trek overload, and we’ll be able to better appreciate the Trek we do get. Surely, on the big screen Trek would be better able to be fresh and adventurous, considering the time allowed between films, the budget, etc.

I am, however, totally in favor of continued fan-produced programs, like James Cawley’s work, because of the novelty of these shows. I find it very impressive to see what people can do without a budget. I think Paramount/CBS should continue to follow the lead that Gene Roddenberry started when he insisted that Paramount allow the fans to “play with” the Star Trek universe. Consider how much enthusiasm and loyalty the Grateful Dead used to evoke by allowing their fans to record shows, and so forth. And it never hurt any of their “official” sales. Letting the fans participate in the Trek universe is the best way to keep them happy and always coming back for more…

And, once again, CONGRATS to the Supreme Court on successfully making Star Trek legitimate again.

170. braxus - May 9, 2009

Any ideas on how the IMAX viewings are doing, especially compared to Dark Knights IMAX presentation last year?

171. Laura - May 9, 2009

I am severely bummed out here. I hardly ever see movies more than once. It’s a real rarity with me; I have to enjoy a movie a LOT to want to go back and see it again.

Consequently, I only pre-ordered tickets for one showing of Star Trek — 5pm last night. I loved it so much, I decided to go see it again this evening…but everything is sold out! I could go to a late showing, probably, but my daughter wants to see it again too. Every pre-9pm showing within 15 miles of my house is sold out. And I’m severely bummed out.


172. Chain of Command - May 9, 2009


I agree with you. Star Trek needs to stay on the big screen and away from TV for a while.

173. RD - May 9, 2009

Paramount officially spent $150 million (which means they likely spent $160+ million). From what I have seen they have spent easily half that amount of marketing and advertising in the US alone ($75+ million). This does not include the millions of dollars interest owed on the money borrowed from investors.

Based on those numbers the film must gross a minimum of $250 million to recoup the studios original investment.

Assuming this movie has the mass appeal it appears to, that should not be a problem over the course of its entire worldwide theatrical run. Add to that the positive reaction by the core fans, the DVD sales are guaranteed to boost it over the top should it fall short. The merchandising and toys should do well for Paramount’s bottom line as well.

However, the only REAL guarantee is that it looks like the majority of Trek fans will do similar repeat business that saved the previous films. But a $100 million dollar weekend is being overly optimistic.

Good word of mouth will help drive general ticket sales, but it will be a real miracle if this film recoups during the first half of its theatrical run. It is still a sci-fi movie and the Star Trek name alone still causes some average moviegoers’ eyes to glaze over, whether your father’s Trek or not. Repeat fan business will push the numbers as higher than they ever have been, but numbers should fall off by next weekend when Angels and Demons opens. That film appeals to a true WIDE audience and will instantly pull that audience away from Trek.

$250+ million is a lot to achieve to guarantee a sequel of equal magnitude, but I think Trek will achieve it before it finally leaves the theaters, though not likely before.

174. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 9, 2009

171. I feel your pain. But hang in there. You will get in. it is after all. Only Logicle.

175. awd - May 9, 2009

I am part of the second weekend…Next Saturday in IMAX!!!

Had a photo shoot this weekend…

176. Jax Maxton - May 9, 2009

What I think angry Trek fans are missing is that this is Star Trek 11, not Star Trek rebooted. If it was rebooted, there would be no Spock Prime. Also, Vulcan wouldn’t have been destroyed and Spock would spend the sequels struggling with his emotions, much like Spock Prime did with the original cast in the movies.

In other words, it would be like Batman Begins having Michael Keaton come back in time to save a young Bruce Wayne. That doesn’t make any sense without Keaton’s Batman existing in history, period. Spock Prime could NEVER have done what he did without the 40+ years of canon behind him.

Now, if you don’t like this as a sequel to Trek, I think that’s fine. But the argument that it wipes out 40 years of Trek history just doesn’t hold water. Spock Prime had to have the 5 year mission, the movies, and the Ambassadorship on Romulus to make this new movie happen the way it did. And, besides, we have no idea as to where the franchise goes next, Perhaps it deals directly with these events in restoring the old timeline with the help of Spock Prime. We’ll just have to wait and see.

177. Ruthless Nate - May 9, 2009

Awesome. Let’s just hope sales don’t drop off too much next week. It needs to stay strong if it’s going to make bag it’s whole budget and make enough profit for Paramount to greenlight a sequel.

178. Mike Stivic - May 9, 2009

The key to doing another TV Trek is investing in the characters. Enterprise had dull characters for the most part. The only character on Enterprise that wasn’t a cookie-cutter cutout was Doctor Phlox.

If Star Trek were able to return to TV in a series like Deep Space Nine– which focused on the very interesting and diverse characters and not repeated stories with new names.

I’d like to see a series set on a space-station in the 23rd century, with a pilot that brings in the Enterprise crew. This could be similar to the Vanguard series Pocket Books has been doing.

179. Pragmaticus - May 9, 2009

162 – His name is Keenser.

180. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - May 9, 2009

162. jas_montreal: His name is Keenser.


181. Refuge5 - May 9, 2009

I’m a life long trek fan… I grew up during the TOS movie era. Kirk Spock McCoy those characters are dear to me – this movie was perfect to me! Can’t wait to see it again

182. John mac - May 9, 2009

Everyone gets fussy about the fact that enterprise was built in Iowa! Maybe they always started off building ships on Earth and launch them on Utopia Planetia or maybe the kelvin getting destroyed changed things!! All I can say is great film and all star trek fans will love it!!

Well except if you’re one of these guys that argue and are a little bit sad!! Give me an email johnbmac@live.com so I can explain the finer things if you want!!!

183. John mac - May 9, 2009

Also glad to hear all the positive views from fans! For me it is Star Trek, its what Star Trek has been missing!! Loved it so much!!

184. Mike5150 - May 9, 2009

Bob, loved the film. Had reservations about Scotty though as well as “brewery engineering”.
My wish list for a sequel – more of the Kirk/Spock/ McCoy dynamic; an original voyage – no Klingons, Romulans, Borg, etc, go somewhere NEW; and please – give us an engineering set!
Thanks again!!

185. Mike Ten - May 9, 2009

#173, I would be very surprised if Trek doesn’t make over $250 million. I went to see the movie today (SAturday) in Pennsylvania at the 11:00 AM showing and an hour before the movie started the line for Trek was running out to the street and around the outside of the theater! I haven’t seen a crowd like that since I went to see Star Trek The Motion Picture.

The people that were in line were all over the place: young children to senior citizens and easily as many Females as Males.

Things are looking great for Trek.

186. Late8 - May 9, 2009

Here in the UK my local cinemas were not sold out and pretty emty at 9pm Friday night- I was suprised. I have found there seems to be a bigger fuss in the US. There’s virtually no marketing going on here compared to other upcoming summer films. Those films like xmen and terminator have had TV specials running and items during kids/teen TV. Although reviews have been good, Trek still has a geeky tag here, It also looks like a lot of the people going are fans.. It needs to push in the mainstream bigtime to do well but I fear after a good weekend it won’t have legs.

187. krikzil (aka Lixy) - May 9, 2009

“But obviously, every 7 years is no longer going to cut it… I’m sure that “logic” will dictate the need to pick up the pace!”

Hmm…Pon Far cologne is out just in time then!

188. Mike Ten - May 9, 2009

Sorry for the double post.
#184, I loved the movie but what I had minor problems with was the huge picture window on the bridge instead of a viewscreen and engineering looking like a 20th century factory.

It makes sense to have a viewscreen, look what happened to the window in the movie at the end, it cracked!

I can live with the bridge, it makes sense to have a large number of people on the bridge, the command center of the ship. This is similar to the setup on Navy ships.

Other than my minor nitpicks, the movie is a 10+ and truly is Star trek 11.
My big question is, what does the next generation era look like, or is this truly a alternate universe/timeline like the mirror universe?

189. Scooter - May 9, 2009

Just got back from seeing the movie. WOW! Far better than I expected. I little disappointed with engineering set but otherwise fantastic! Can’t wait to see it again!

190. jas_montreal - May 9, 2009

@ 179, 180. Awesome ! Gotta say… jj Abrams response to Jar Jar Binks was incredible… Keenser was cool ! Really classic movie. I love the old trek and the new trek. Gott say its just mesmorized me at the Imax cinema. I was literally shocked for a few hours after. Gonna watch it soon in a regular cinema this time around, but loved it soo much. Gotta say… Chekov was my surprise pick of the movie. He was a really awesome character in the movie. And what an awesome way to start a movie !!!!!

P.S: Before the new trek started for me… i saw the transformers 2 trailer which was awesome too.


191. Ralph - May 9, 2009

Thanks J. J. Abrams, Bob Orci and team. The next 40 years will be yours.

192. Gregster - May 9, 2009

I saw the movie last night. Loved it! We can all debate about it til the cows come home home but the fact is…the franchise had flat-lined with Nemesis. The defibrilator paddles were attached with this movie and the patient was shocked back to life! I loved everything about this movie except, perhaps the “red matter” stuff. It was loads of fun!!!!!!!

193. Juan De La Fuente - May 9, 2009

I’m a very sad fan of star trek, in my city there is no theater or cinema and the nearest i`ts abaut 450 km. I will wahit for the DVD realase.
Live Long and Peosper from Argentina.

194. JohnSmallberries - May 9, 2009


Sorry, I’ve been away from the computer for a few hours…
Dead solid… “Chloe” is Janice Rand. That pout and those real tears the other night when she learned Jack was terminal… I just wanted to squeeze her.

195. Commodore Kor'Tar - May 9, 2009


Thank you for a thrill ride!! I look forward to the next adventure! Just please let the next adversary be Klingons with bumpy foreheads!!!!


196. fatman bruno - May 9, 2009

Just got back from the Manchester IMAX showing, fantastic film, highly recommended!!! but choosing IMAX over normal showing was a mistake, the fast action sequences (the kelvin explosions/kirks barfight or any fast action sequence) just didn’t work, it was just a blur of colours.
very sore eyes now!!!

197. Juan De La Fuente - May 9, 2009

I’m a very sad fan of star trek, in my city there is no theater or cinema and the nearest it is about 450 km. I will wait for the DVD release.
Live Long and Prosper from Argentina.


198. EFFeX - May 9, 2009

#184, I agree we need those dynamics between Kirk, Spock and McCoy, this movie was missing some important dialog and lessons. However, this movie, like many have mentioned really was just to get them in the right “seats”.

I disagree that there shouldn’t be Klingons, I really am looking forward to Klingons appearing in future installments. They are just as important to the Trek-universe as Vulcans and Romulans. Although it made sense that JJ left them out of this film, I DID miss them.

199. Ian B - May 9, 2009

#50, 194

Rajskub is way too old for Rand. She’ll be 40 by the time the next movie comes out. Indeed, looking back, Grace Lee Whitney was “pushing it” for a glamour girl agewise 36 when they started the series; again, if they’d done the “5 year mission” she’d have been 41 by the end. Hence half a tub of vaseline on the lens every time she had a closeup.

I know this sounds harsh and “ageist”, but the development of movies is slow- they are years apart. We watched the TOS crew decay before our eyes in the original movies, or in Doohan’s case expand at a frightening rate. Glamorous parts need to be cast young enough for them to have few good years left in them, frankly.

At 43, I may feel “young at heart” but I know young people see me as old, just as I saw people in their 40s as old when I was young. Part of the major appeal of this new Trek is the young, dashing Kirk instead of Shatner (who I hasten to add I admire enormously) fighting the Battle Of The Bulge, in that infamous toupee. I’d like to see Rand in the next movie, but it needs to be somebody young and glamorous. Certiainly not over 30.

200. Mr Phil - May 9, 2009

Just saw the film on digital Imax. Packed out cinema, everyone enjoyed it, everyone chuckled at the expected character lines “dammit Jim…”, massive kudos to Bob et all. The pre-title sequence got me a bit teary, if I were in my lounge there’d have been a massive weaping mess of a man.

Definately going to see it again. That’s a first for any film for me since…well, Generations. And I only saw that twice ‘cos I couldn’t believe it took THAT long for the Enterprise to crash. But minutes did seem like hours…
Loved the little details, great part for Mr Nimoy showing great respect for him and the role. Loved the big budget feel.
Few niggles here and there, but cripes. Nail massively hit on the head.
Live long, and make sequels.

201. Mike5150 - May 9, 2009

#198, Thanks for agreeing on the Kirk + co wish. As for the Klingons – I love their stories. It’s just that we’ve had years and years of great stuff already (especially on DS9). If the new films are to move foreword from this film they need to have vision and tread new ground.

202. M_E - May 9, 2009

Impressive, most impressive!!!!!

203. The Realist - May 9, 2009

It will have legs, some sessions in Sydney have been sold out (at the Goerge Street Greater Union Complex) I know of at least 20 people who have never seen a sinlge trek movie or episode going today….for mothers day! My office arranged a Trek Day out just because of the hype and the movie went down very very well with all of them (it was a mandatory day out) even those who hated Trek before.

As for canon, well for me it is explained perfectly well why thing are different, ad there is nothing stopping more adventures in the (A) timeline, that is a Titan movie or series etc, while we still explore this new reality, which I think is damn exciting!

204. Pragmaticus - May 9, 2009

If there is one thing I wish they would write into the next Star Trek, it’s the addition of a chief security officer. The role would be a perfect way to add a Latino or a Middle Easterner/South Asian to the main cast. Gene Roddenberry wanted a truly global crew. If Sulu represents East Asia and Uhura represents Africa, I think it’s about time we got Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia represented with major characters.

205. Mr Phil - May 9, 2009

Biggest bone of contention I guess for the movie though…
…is Kirk being jettisoned to an alien planet, and happening upon old Spock. Oh, fancy meeting you here. Odds are 1 in 58 trillion.

And also, the main cast fitting snugly into their new roles… but in the original timeline, if old Spock hadn’t given Scotty the transwarp info, how would he have got to the Enterprise, and, and…oh.

These are minor irritants though. On the whole, for me, 8/10. Next movie needs to balance in a bit of a cerebral quality and visual elegance which some of the original films had.

206. Son of Surak - May 9, 2009

161. Ian B – “I took the Nokia and Bud Classic, and the recognisable bar setting as well, as indications that at last we have a Star Trek again set in a future with a working economy, instead of the post-TOS drivel about no money and everyone being a soviet man dedicated to the greater good of society.”

I’m with you 100% on that, Captain America, believe me. Whoever came up with the notion that the 23rd century had abandoned money was an economic illiterate. I love signs of economic freedom in Star Trek. Let’s hope all those San Francisco high rise buldings around Starfleet Academy aren’t mainly housing government bureaucrats.

But it’s important not to overdo it with too many currently existing brands. However, I just found out that Lowenbrau dates to 1383, and Guinness dates to 1759, so Budweiser and Jack Daniels could certainly still be around in 250 years. I just hope they still have Coca-Cola (but no Pepsi).

207. CaptainDonovin - May 9, 2009

162. jas_montreal – May 9, 2009

Does anyone know the name of the small alien that was with scotty on the delta vega station ? That little guy was REALLY cute.

I saw somewhere his name is Keenser. Not sure if it’s correct but it works for now. I liked him too, looks like he gets his jollies giving Scotty trouble.

Bob Orci, if you get this we (or at least I) am in need of specs on the various ships we briefly saw when the E failed to go to warp (parking break or something). Like Scotty I have to read my technical journals & those were pretty sweet.

208. bolianbob - May 9, 2009

Wow. Just wow. This movie far exceeded my expectations. I got misty eyed myself; especially when Spock’s mom died. I swear I felt his grief…and then the transporter scene with Sarek…wow again, such subtle emotional awareness.

209. fizzben - May 9, 2009

So, Bob Orci, are we busy brain storming for the sequel yet? Looks like you got work to do. lol

210. EFFeX - May 9, 2009

#206, Well said.

I wasn’t bothered by Nokia or Bud Classic appearing in the film either. It allowed us to relate more to the future. It gives us a feeling of what life on Earth is REALLY like in the future. We always had tidbits here and there, but never really got to TRULY connect to the culture. As long as they don’t overdue it, it should be fine.

211. Mr Phil - May 9, 2009

Did anyone see an Apple logo on the bridge?

212. boborci - May 9, 2009

103. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire – May 9, 2009
Bob Orci. Have you started writing yet for the next Movie or are you waiting a bit. Hope to hear from you on that.


Can we just take one weekend off?

213. Mr Phil - May 9, 2009

Sequel options:
(by process of elimination)
Can’t do planet creation (ST2)
Can’t do planet destruction (ST3 & 11)
Can’t do time travel (ST4 & 11)
Can’t do long lost brothers/sons (ST2 & 5)
Can’t do mysterious aliens intent on detroying the earth for no good reason other than useful plot device (ST1, 4, & 11)

Title suggestion for next film:
Star Trek: The Search For Plots

214. Ian B - May 9, 2009

206, 210 there seems to be a tradition in sci-fi of not thinking of commerce properly. Virtually all goods we buy these days are branded; I’d like to see “imaginary” branding more used in sci-fi settings. I’m not suggesting they stamp a logo on everything. Or maybe they should :)

It seems corporations only get a look-in in sci-fi when they’re evil megacorporations up to no good. That’s too much of a cliche. It’s nice to see that Nokia and Budweiser survived the Third World War (as they did the Eugenics Wars in the 90s, heh) but hopefully they’ll have some new competitors in the future too. Why is Earth beer branded, but Cardassian beer isn’t?

215. Jax Maxton - May 9, 2009

The bridge wasn’t NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be. Except for being overwhelmingly white, it really looked like a futuristic submarine set, which is what it should look like. I especially loved how busy the screen graphics were on the ship. Instead of going full screen when there were announcements, the announcer just appeared in a box in the corner. That had a very real feel to it to me. Overall I thought the technology was the most “real” feeling technology of any Trek show or movie.

Although I’m sure in 20 years we’ll look back and laugh.

216. Emotionally Logical - May 9, 2009


Take 2 if you need it LOL

217. Mr Phil - May 9, 2009

Re: 212
“Can we just take one weekend off?”

Shore leave is cancelled. Get to work.

218. Trekkie16 - May 9, 2009

I was just at the mall by my house that has a theatre next to the food court. I have been going to that food court for over 8 years and I have never, ever seen a line for any movie. I am usually there once or twice a month. Star Trek started at 4:30 and there was a line for almost 30 minutes. Demographics was all over the board: young, old, men and woman. So I walked over there and starting asking folks if they were fans. Only one person was. So then I asked, why were they going to see the movie. Answers ranged from ” The reviews were fantastic” and “All my friends are raving about this movie” to “We don’t want to be the only ones in school on Monday that haven’t seen it”.

This movie will make 175-200 mil domestically because it has penetrated mainstream America.

Thank you Supreme Court for bringing Star Trek to the masses and elevating us fans from geek to cool.

219. Spock Grokker - May 9, 2009

212 boborci – May 9, 2009

Can we just take one weekend off?

Bob, you guys deserve at least TWO weekends off!!

But not much more- tooo excited to see what comes next!!

220. boborci - May 9, 2009

197. Juan De La Fuente – May 9, 2009

Oh, no!
Don’t worry. You will see it on DVD before you know it!

221. fred - May 9, 2009

It’s hard to talk since I saw the movie becuase my jaw is still dragging around on the floor!

222. Thorny - May 9, 2009

213. Mr Phil… “Sequel options…”

Make it topical about the energy crisis… the discovery of a potential revolutionary subatomic power source on a remote planet in unclaimed space draws the interest of both the Federation and the Klingons, whichever side gains control of the planet and its unique power source will control the quadrant. Aboard the Enterprise for the mission is a young molecular scientist named Carole Marcus…

223. harley3k - May 9, 2009

I finally saw it last night. Amazing.

Boborci, JJ, Alex; 2 words: THANK YOU!

This movie will be my first Blu-Ray purchase ever.
I hope you all got points – defiitely deserved ;)

224. James Kirk's Unknown Son - May 9, 2009

My wife and I just returned from seeing Star Trek again (2nd time). I didn’t know it was possible, but it was even better this time. In fact, this movie is just an incredible movie. Incredible.


The first time, I immensely enjoyed it, but during that showing, I was trying to catch everything and focusing diligently on things that were being said and done. During the second time, I was able to sit back and just watch the spectacle. And man what a spectacular spectacle.

My God man, what an adventure. The drama and interaction among Kirk, Spock, Bones and the crew is such a fascinating thing to watch.

I can’t say thanks enough to the creative team (Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof, etc.). You have done it.

By the way, the theater was packed. The showing before was sold out; I assume that ours was as well, judging from the crowd. I could tell the crowd really enjoyed it. There was applause at the end. And then 80% of them just sat there, stunned as the end credits played out.

Wow. I am just blown away.

225. T'Sal - May 9, 2009

@ 212. boborci : Can we just take one weekend off?

Absolutely! You’ve earned your trip to Risa. (wink & a nudge)

Thanks for a Fanastic New Movie! …going to see it again tomorrow, Mom’s Day, y’know. :)
p.s. my 12 year old daughter has a bit of a crush on the new Kirk — was upset he didn’t have a ‘steady girlfriend’, had to give her the ‘crushing’ news that Kirk was historically quite the… um, horndog. She argued that it is a NEW (spoiler) and that he COULD have a steady in the sequel. So, there you have it. Your 12 year old demographic wants Kirk to have a true love. (*note to self: when did Kirk meet Carol Marcus?) THANKS AGAIN!!!

226. Josh - May 9, 2009

I saw this 7:00pm on Thursday and the theater was basically full a full half hour ahead of time. I want to see it again, but will probably wait until Monday or so so that I don’t have to battle the lines again.

And Bob Orci, thanks for answering some of those questions. The Enterprise in Iowa was one I had seen a lot of people ask, and even though it wasn’t answered in the movie, I’m glad you took the time to answer it here.

So, um, Bob, can we have the Gorn, Tholians, and Breen in the sequel? lol

227. Travis J. Richard - May 9, 2009

WHY was my comment deleted ?????

228. Josh - May 9, 2009

221 – Hmm….I like what you’re thinking, but it almost sounds TOO much like Star Trek III, unless you used someone other than the Klingons (see my post just above)

229. James Kirk's Unknown Son - May 9, 2009

#107. rob

I am not going to flame you, just tell you that — YOU are a frikkin’ idiot.

And I am 20 years old twice plus seven (that’s 47 in case you’re too slow to figure it out). I’ve been watching, reading and ingesting Star Trek as long as anybody else on the planet, and don’t tell me what is and isn’t Star Trek. Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s rainin’. This movie was Star Trek at its essence.

There’s a reason, numbnuts, why the acclaim is universal.

Did it ever occur to you that you’re just not quite with the program?

The movie is an incredible movie. End of story.

230. Neal - May 9, 2009

Sequel thoughts.

What always bugged me about the star trek movies is that we never just had the regular, fully-functioning, full-power Enterprise doing its stuff out in space. Right? Instead, it’s refitted but needs a shakedown and isn’t working properly, or it’s crewed by a bunch of cadets, or it’s stolen and hotwired so’s it can be flown by 2 guys, or some other such nonsense that hobbles the full potential of the big E.

So for the next one, how about the E on regular patrol, with phasers fully charged and a full load of photon torpedors, with full complement of crew well rested and ready.

And then the starship adventure can begin.

231. Josh - May 9, 2009

213 – “Can’t do mysterious aliens intent on detroying the earth for no good reason other than useful plot device (ST1, 4, & 11)”

You forgot Nemesis. Shinzon and Theleron anyone? Or how bout the first one? And how bout 8? First Contact?

Then again, people like big stakes, and in a movie like Star Trek, I’m not sure how pumped people will get about saving Random Planet #3 (probably a reason why Generations and Insurrection aren’t necessarily seen as the best of the films).

232. fizzben - May 9, 2009

Oh I want to see the Klingons in the next movie, but canon be damned, I want the ridgy headed Klingons not the fu man chu look. Geesh, look at this, the first movie isn’t out of its first weekend and I’m already getting excited about the next one 2-3 years away!

233. Josh - May 9, 2009

229 – I’d say we had a “fully functional” Enterprise in The Undiscovered Country, Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis at least. Of course, 3 of those 4 movies are, well, not seen as the best of the movies, but we have seen it, with Nemesis being the top example.

The one thing I liked about Nemesis, and in First Contact to a degree, is that we got to see kick ass space battles. There was some fighting in this, but it was either very short or very lopsided (or both). What we haven’t seen some battles like we saw in DS9 where we threw fleets at each other and watched what happened.

234. Blowback - May 9, 2009


This old Trekkie is happy to see Star Trek is in good hands. I am thrilled to go back to the original characters (no offense to TNG) and a Federation that still has a bit of the “wild west” feel.

I was also concerned that Star Trek was getting dumbed down a bit but there were solid themes running thoughout the movie and even callbacks to TOS… Bravo

Overall a fantasic movie…. The most fun since First Contact… However there were a few things that distracted…

– The engine room… Looked like a brewery, was that an attempt to save money?

– Shaky cam… It’s not a crime to hold a steady image for more than two seconds, ya know what I mean?

– Lense flares… Enough already!

– Kirk’s promotion to captain… A little too fast…

– Building the ship on the ground… Still seems wrong but it’s not a big deal I guess.

Giving it a 9 outta 10 and will be seeing it again!

235. Navy - May 9, 2009

Bob Orci,

Is there going to be any possibility of submitting ideas or being part of the creative process for the next movie (fans as a whole)?

236. Josh - May 9, 2009

231 – Easy, most of the Augment Klingons were killed in their battle with Nero! Voila! They have to send out ridged Klingons!

237. Josh - May 9, 2009

234 – While asking for things in the sequel is a fun thing to do, in reality, and those of us who pay attention to anime have seen this well for some series over in Japan, excessive fan input into a storyline is typically a one-way ticket to massive suckage.

I suppose “submitting’ ideas isn’t a bad idea…as long as the creative writers, etc. are ultimately the ones to decide how and whether to use any of those ideas or not and there isn’t an expectation by fans that any popular idea will actually make it into a film.

238. konar - May 9, 2009

Rob (whatever you number is) I won’t flame you mut I have to disagree when you say that this trek isn’t about anything. Thinking maybe you weren’t at the same movie I saw.

Here’s a quick list:

1. Coming to terms with parental/societal expectations
2. Losing one’s “home” and being cast adrift
3. Embracing the flaws that make us human
4. Exposing the “lie” about Vulcan emotional control (in a benign way) — that they really do feel emotions and that much of the stoicism is a put on.
5. It’s about a real and immediate way we — the people we are today — can get to the kind of world that ST portrays in the future. It says, “look, this really is us,” and change is possible and about choice, not chance.

I think that is just the tip of the iceberg. Admittedly it’s not a direct allegory to anything, but that’s not the only way to tell a story.

239. Spockish - May 9, 2009

So the movie is making the banks happy, who is going to be the one to make a parity film with the Vermont Teddy Bears. I bet the company would love that movie.

Any guesses on the final total. Then on the DVD sales amount this fall.

Rumor has it that it will come out on DVD Nov. 18th. And at the price of $30 (actually the $29.95) price truth the penny’s difference is only a pricing gimmick to make you think your saving money)

240. Chadwick - May 9, 2009

Those numbers are great news. Even here in Canada the IMAX was packed opening night. I can’t wait to see the opening weekend numbers.

With regards to comments on the movie, wow there is so much to say. I saw it thursday night at the IMAX and we were sitting about half way up so there was so much going on in my peripherals it felt like I was in the movie and missing some of the scope.. As well as those lens flares, the movement of the camera, and the face passed style….I am still digesting it till this day. I plan to see it again Sunday in a regular theatre and sit a few rows down from the top therefore the entire screen is in view, which in my opponion is the best way. The first time is still the first time and what a ride it was, just wow, I was just blown away. It was also fun waiting in line and talking to other fans. As much as the first time is a thrill ride, you always absorb and discover more the second time around, and I can’t wait! I have enjoyed reading everyones comments and until I see it a second time I don’t want to discuss specific pros and cons. This movie was superb, its was perfect in more ways than one, but had one or two things that could be improved, but still perfect. In the end that just means that I expect more from the second movie lol.

241. T'Sal - May 9, 2009

Ok, I just read through all the posts — takes a moment. :)

Since there are numerous comments on what folks would like to see in the sequel (foregone conclusion) …thought I’d add mine.

My personal desire would be ALOT more character to character development. Y’know, those original series ethics discussions, moral dilemmas, and ultimate tests of friendship. Unfortunately, the wham-pow factor is what sells tickets to the youth, but I’m happy to share ‘my Trek’.

Actually, I think sometimes new media/movies underestimate the younger generation’s ability to be engaged in deep-ethical-topics. I propose that the key is: they must be emotionally invested in the character. (We older fans already are) Which goes back to my “hope” that the next story will have a boat-load of scenes where the principal characters are –just being friends, before they’re cast headlong into another major crisis.

What that crisis is? …..hmmmm…will have to give it some thought. I loved how Roddenberry chose to interweave current events…OR…a mystery. (Clint Howard reprising his role as Balok…hahahaha!) jesting, jesting.

242. Check the Circuit - May 9, 2009


You know, I really expected that Vulcan and Spock’s mother would somehow be saved with a final black hole/red matter time anomaly. A “reset button” finale if you will. And you know why? Because that’s what I’ve been trained to think by the Trek team of the last 8-10 years.

The beauty of this sequel/prequel is that….no one and nothing is safe. A real sense of dread and drama is actually possible in a Star Trek film. I was shocked by Amanda’s death. Genuinely shocked. Can’t remember the last time that’s happened in Trek lore. TWOK maybe? The appearance of Locutus in Best of Both Worlds? Well, in any case it’s been a looooooooonnnnng time.

The unfolding of the new Trek timeline is brilliant….just brillant! Congratulations to the Supreme Court!

243. Check the Circuit - May 9, 2009

Anyone know what was cut from the movie? I thought there was a Rura Penta sequence and some Klingons. What about the scene with Spock’s birth we saw in the trailer?

I’m hopnig there’s an extented edition Director’s Cut coming. I have a feeling a lot was cut.

You know what would be really cool, IMHO? Take the Countdown comics series and turn it into a motion comic and add that on to the DVD BEFORE the actual movie starts. Great story that fills in a lot of the background on Spock Prime and Nero!

244. Chadwick - May 9, 2009

And OH WOW I loved the opening music when the word star trek appear before that beauty of a delta shield. In the music you have a clicking sound very remenicent of wrath of khan music, I loved it. You have a very powerful opening with the Kelvin and then that theme music and its like BAM….THIS IS STAR TREK!!!

245. Rob - May 9, 2009

Sorry if this one’s been asked before..

Why did Trek open at fewer screens than Wolverine ? Given the reviews, marketing, Paramount’s clout and JJ’s reputation I’m just curious why the two movies didn’t open in a similar number of theatres.

246. Blowback - May 9, 2009

@244 – Fewer screens? Really? Every theater in my area had it running… How big is the difference?

247. Trekkie16 - May 9, 2009

I would like to see Bruce Greenwood reprise his role as Admiral Pike. I loved every scene he was in. The next movie will be written by Damon Lindeloff and his LOST episodes are always my favorite. His writing style is very character driven and he always has these little twists and surprises that blow me away. Now that the backstory and how the crew got together has been established, my guess is the next one will delve more into fleshing out their characters.

Based on this movie, I trust the writing team to make a good movie and provide a strong story…just as long as there are no polar bears or smoke monsters. :-)

248. Rob - May 9, 2009

@245 – Wolverine was on 4,102 screens -v- Trek’s 3,849 – a 6% difference. I guess those numbers don’t necessarily tell the whole story but I’d be interested to know why the difference was there.

249. Josh - May 9, 2009

245 – According to box office mojo, Wolverine opened in 4,099 theaters (now up to 4,102) on approximately 8,300 screens. Star Trek opened in 3,849 locations on 7,400 screens (so about 2 screens per theater for Wolverine and 1.9 screens per a theater for Star Trek.)

Not sure why the difference.

One possible plus for Star Trek – and we obviously won’t see this until next week, is that it may have better “legs” due to good word of mouth. Wolverine dropped 75% from last Friday, which is nothing short of cataclysmic for a movie. It’s still going to do well do to it’s strong opening, but it fell off a cliff afterward. If Star Trek can stay sub 60% dropoff, it may actually finish better than Wolverine by the time it’s all said and done.

250. Oztrek - May 9, 2009

Well I am doing my bit.. for this fantatsic film.

I have seen it twice – once with the wife, once with family and then organised some buddies to see it again.

One close friend said she was only coming so she could sit next to me and make snide remarks.

A party of 16 went to IMAX in Perth, Western Australia, the theatre was chockers (i.e. full) and my snide friend… gave it 4 STARS!!!

I suspect this movie will get good word of mouth reviews and will consequently run longer and prosper.

ps I am organsing another group booking with some more friends .. my way of saying thanks to Parmount, JJ, Bob. Al etc… and my reward is I get to see it AGAIN!

251. Brock - May 9, 2009

Just got back from seeing the movie. Wow was that lousy! And I had such high hopes. I really did. But the holes in the plot were just too big to be forgiven. Good cast, great production values, but what a lousy story.

I will say, they did capture much of the spirit of the original series. The humor was nice, if a bit campy at times. But they also captured much of what wasn’t so good about the original series. The unnecessary endangerment of the captain, the pointless death of the red shirted crewman, the improbable scenarios of people who are the only ones who can possibly do the job.

Ultimately, the real failing of this movie is the pure popcorn nature of it. There is no substance here. Rather, it is an attempt to force all of these characters together, and do so in a way that supposedly makes us believe that any of them could die at any time (of course, despite the weak-ass plot point that’s supposed to make that happen, no one believes for a second that any of the main characters lives are really endangered). It’s meant to be a roller coaster, not a great science fiction story (or even a great story, period). The entire focus of the movie is on style, not substance.

This was worse than Nemesis. At least that movie asked some interesting questions about the nature of the self. This movie is all emotion, no brain.

252. fred - May 9, 2009

Um… I think someone saw a different movie than I did. Glad I missed that stinker!

253. That Nutty Fanboy - May 9, 2009

Congratulamutations on a job well done. I have never, I repeat, never seen a fully packed theater when a Star Trek movie played here in Austria. This time it was sold out. The crowd cheered when the credits rolled (and generally had good reactions throughout the movie).

To put it this way: A non-scifi-fan girlfriend of a friend of mine went into the movie skeptical she would enjoy it. After the movie she said her goodbye with a hearty, non-ironic ‘Live long, and Prosper’.

For some reason I couldn’t help but feel proud of the entire team.. and it makes me sad, as a fellow film maker, writer and visual effects artist, that I will probably never have the chance to work on a Star Trek movie or series in either role.. as much as I’d wish for it to come true. (care to send JJ my way? ;))

You all made one Nutty Fanboy very, very happy. And I’ll drag some more non-scifi-fans into the theater come this week..

254. Closettrekker - May 9, 2009

#251—-Yeah. There is no accounting for taste.

255. James Kirk's Unknown Son - May 9, 2009

A few thoughts on suggestions for sequels:

A little more Bones giving counsel to Kirk (like he always did).

A juicy argument between Bones and Spock (like they always did).

I know that Archer was mentioned in this one. I wonder how old he is in this movie. If he is alive, and Scotty wasn’t mentioning him posthumously, it would be cool to see Scott Bacula as an old Admiral Archer, along with his beagle (is it Porthos or did Porthos die and the Admiral get another beagle with a different name?).

The character of Yeoman Tonia Barrows from the episode “Shore Leave.” Not only was she gorgeous, but her presence might make it a little difficult for Bones, who definitely had a thing for her in “Shore Leave.”

The Federation surely lost a huge chunk of its scientific core, with the near total genicide of the Vulcans, and only 10,000 survivors. Surely they lost some brilliant minds and talents. That would be very difficult to overcome. A sequel might deal with that somehow.

256. Trekwebmaster - May 9, 2009

I know where the TRIBBLE IS!!!

LOL IF you look for it, you won’t see it….YOU HAVE TO LISTEN FOR IT!

Do you really want to know? Here is ONE word I will give as a hint:



257. Rob - May 9, 2009

My wife, two kids and I saw the movie last night at a packed theatre and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a lot of things I didn’t like about it, mostly to do with styling but the Trek at the heart of it was OK and, boy, was it good to see the franchise back at last.

It’s probably a sign of getting older but I struggle with the fast and handheld camera work and the general editing. This seems to be fashionable at the moment but I guess I like to digest what I’m seeing a little more. I’d throw these comments at a fair few movies I’ve seen recently and the criticm certainly isn’t limited to Trek.

I generally loved the casting and can certainly live with Pine, Quinto and Urban. Quinto was an acquired taste and played his own Spock – not bad at all just different.

Sulu was great and the character was loved by my 12 and 10 year old kids. They loved Chekov, I didn’t and we all loved Scotty although I felt the role was a little too slapsick at times.

Pike was awesome and held the first half of the movie together.

Uhura was OK but I didn’t warm to the actress or character as much as the rest. Nichelle Nichols was as strong a character but feminine too. OK, she’s got all the right assets but I found the new Uhura a little too tom-boyish for my liking.

My single biggest complaint, other than the edit, that bloody engine room. Hated it. Couldn’t give a s&*t about the i-bridge, the nacelles on steroids or the fact that the Enterprise can hold 500 shuttlecracft now. The old engine room/engineering had that permanent throb that suggested pure power. The new one looked like the local plumber’s merchant. Changing that look was probably the only disasterous call in the entire movie.

I’d give the move 8/10. Ironically my wife and kids probably enjoyed more than I did – I’m the purist, they just came to be entertained, which they certainly were. I’m happy they left the theatre having seen an enjoyable movie and they’re already talking about the sequel.

If I

258. Daoud - May 9, 2009

#212 Bob, take a month off… but then you guys script out both sequels and film ’em back to back. ;)

But I think you and Alex and Damon already have a boatload of great ideas from all your work on this one. I know you’re waiting to see what works. Heck, almost all of the *script* side works.

Just got back from seeing it again. The last time I saw a movie twice on opening weekend, was never. I’m 45, and I didn’t even see Star Wars until the third weekend (and that’s the only other one I’ve seen twice on the same weekend…)

Now if only you guys had scripted the ARG!

259. Trekwebmaster - May 9, 2009

Hey Bob…thanks for everything…I really love this film!

It is the most stunning and fun Star Trek film I have ever seen…geez I feel like a kid again….this time I won’t scotch-tape my necelles together until the glue dries…lol.

Thanks to you guys…wonderful fun and the dedication to Gene and Majel was very touching….I sat and watched the credits…awesome.

Great Job!


260. JimJ - May 9, 2009

Saw it for the first time at 7 p.m. Thursday night-regular screening. Saw it twice today-IMAX screening first with a couple of friends and regular screening with my family for the 2nd. The smallest crowd I sat with was the one on Thursday evening. the largest was the IMAX crowd (looked like it was almost completely sold out). My friends (one aTrekker, the other a Star Wars fan) both LOVED it!!!

Interesting to be a part of (and witness) the crowd reactions. The Thursday night crowd seemed to be loudest (even though they were the smallest). Laughed out loud a lot and reacted out loud to the drama. Clapped a bit at the end. The IMAX crowd was a bit more subdued, but got a lot of it. Coolest thing was how much they applauded at the end. The 3rd screening I saw was a medium sized the 3/4’ths of the way full crowd. Pretty quiet group, but they all seemed to enjoy it. No applause, though.

My reactions: the first viewing, I was in shock & awe. All I could say was WOW, what a ride! Second viewing (the IMAX experience) was incredible. I’m glad I waited until the 2nd time for IMAX though. It was much easier to follow it’s rapid pace and take it all in. 3rd time I just sat back with a grin on my face, thinking about how I am going to afford the dozen to 2 dozen times I want to see this thing in the theater.

Best Trek movie ever, in my opinion, with my favorite characters. Everyone fit the bill playing these icons, IMO. Gotta give a special holler to Urban’s McCoy, though. He just nailed it!!! Pine is going to make a fantastic Captain Kirk!

261. Trekwebmaster - May 9, 2009

I do have wonder about something…Did Romulus explode due to the supernova in the old or current timeline? Ironic that Spock has some sort of “reunification” of sorts.

Depending on the “path” that he chooses (Spock Prime) that is. I love the parallels this presents. Alot of conflict there…depending on which Spock’s perspective you look from…and there is Kirk, knowing about both time-lines. I love the tension of that.

Wonderful stuff!

262. Trekwebmaster - May 9, 2009

@259 I agree…I wished I had seen it at the IMAX the second time…too much to take in on that HUGE screen. It seemed much more “relaxed” on the traditional Stadium Theater (small scaled IMAX)…easier to follow….a smaller screen allowed me to FIND THE TRIBBLE…lol.

263. hmich176 - May 9, 2009

Hey boborci:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve seen this movie THREE times this weekend (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). I wanted to see it three times, I had three groups of people to see it with, and I got to see it three times. I’ll be back again next weekend I have a feeling!

Bob, you’ve written MY Star Trek. DS9ish with a nice healthy dose of Roddenberry. It feels real, not unfathomably distant. It doesn’t feel like a caricature of Star Trek (or TNG) like Nemesis did.

My question is this: would you ever consider turning the Countdown series into a movie, a la The Clone Wars movie from last summer. I would love to see that, and it would keep my appetite for another movie down. I don’t want to wait three years for another movie because I love this one so damn much – I want to see so much more. And I think Countdown is a solid story, and I’d love to see that adapted into something more.

Of course, I hope this only plants a seed. You certainly deserve a weekend off. By the way, I love the little music cue when Kirk, Spock, and Pike beam onto the Enterprise at the end of the film. It’s great.

Oh, and one more thing. A friend of mine was complaining, “Why would Kirk get a command so quickly, even despite these circumstances, especially the flagship of the Fleet!” What do you think about that?

264. Josh - May 9, 2009

260 – according to the Countdown comics, Romulus was destroyed in the old timeline (though, unless someone does something about it eventually, it will be destroyed in this timeline as well)

So yeah, they basically blew away two races in this one. Not bad for a 2 hour movie I guess.

265. VOODOO - May 9, 2009

Paramount has to be beyond thrilled with the numbers “Star Trek” is generating this weekend.

To put this in perspective take a look at the opening weekend of similar reboots/prequels to ST.

Casino Royale $40.8 million
Batman Begins $40.5 million
Superman Returns $52.5 million

If the numbers hold “Star Trek” will have dwarfed all of these films with between $70-$75 million dollars over it’s first weekend. Plus, inital reports have the international box office numbers looking great. Reviews and word of mouth have been spectacular which will give this film legs unlike Wolverine which is down around 70% this weekend.

“Star Trek” will have made more in it’s first two days than “Insurrection” made over it’s entire run. It will have doubled it by it’s 4th day of release.

Not bad for a series that most people considered dead only a very short time ago.

Star Trek is cool again for the first time in a generation.

266. Trekwebmaster - May 9, 2009

Star Trek is pretty hot in Little Rock, Arkansas. I saw it at the IMAX on Thursday night…they had a line as long as the building for the 10pm showing…too bad the leader on the film broke and made us start late…but still IMAX packed them in like sardines.

Tonight I saw it at the mega theater complex they had like 4 auditoriums running Star Trek at 30 minute staggered showings…I bet there were only 30 seats not filled…at the front. This film is best seen sitting at the back, especially in a HUGE IMAX theater.

Everyplace I saw a theater the marquee said “STAR TREK!” I don’t think I have ever heard this much “buzz” about a Trek film, the theater guy even mentioned that they had the soundtrack available…to purchase. Everyone is a Trekker and that’s good!

Yes indeed, you guys hit the nail on the head. We should all make “away teams” of our friends and beam in to see this film over and over and over and over, then the only thing I will regret is eating too much popcorn…lol.

267. Sprout - May 9, 2009

The think with Kirk being promoted so soon doesn’t bother me. He obviously had Pike behind him from the start, blew through the Academy in 3 years and did “captain” the Enterprise in saving Earth and defeating Nero. Kind of earned it, I would say.

268. Trekwebmaster - May 9, 2009

@263 Thanks Josh, I was wondering how those two polar “time-line” opposites meshed together. This kinda makes Spock Prime a modern-day Surak, doesn’t it?

Either way, it does open up alot of opportunities for both Spocks. It’s funny Spock Prime re-invented Kirk’s “cheating” when faced with having to reveal himself to his younger version.

Spock Prime is indeed the only elder Royal Vulcan, outside of Sarek…and THAT IS IRONIC!

269. S. John Ross - May 9, 2009

#264: “Star Trek is cool again for the first time in a generation.”

Star Trek is making money again, anyway.

I think only time will tell on “cool.” Star Trek is deeply ingrained as (in the words of one of the reviewers) a pop-culture punchline. I personally have real doubts about whether this one film has the power to change the timeline _that_ much ;)

But we’ll see. Here’s hoping for the best (maybe it’ll take TWO films …) :)

270. Eddie - May 9, 2009

Did anybody just catch “Weekend Update” on SNL? Chris Pine, Zach Quinto , and Leonard Nimoy himself were on for a few minutes good-naturedly ribbing us fans! Followed up @ the break by a commercial for the movie. Nice to see that the promotional juggernaut hasn’t stopped!

271. Trekwebmaster - May 9, 2009

Well to all y’all folks that knit-pick about this and that in the new movie, you really don’t know what juicy screenwriting this movie gives us….oh well you would have to have been a “trekkie” to become a “trekker.”

I see it…and I really like this new universe…IT’S EXCITING!

:) Bob and Alex…you guys are PURE GENIUS! JJ keep on weaving magic gold :)

272. Eduardo Cordeiro from Sao Paulo Brasil - May 9, 2009

To Bob Orci: Thank you so much for respecting us, the fans.

What a great Movie!

I have been a fan since 7 years old , and have loved every series and movies in this incredible saga to date.

I can say that this movie is a hit for sure.

Yesterday I went with my mother on the first session. She is a long time trekker, and I was influenced by her when I fisrt watched TOS back in 91.
She simply LOVED this Trek (she cried for George Kirk….the needs of the many….) and at the end of the movie she was just….WOW!

Today I went again with my girlfriend, who is not a Trek fan with little knowledge about it.
I was worried at first on what would be her impressions……and she LOVED Star Trek!
She said to me that now she understands WHY I love Trek universe so much! (she want to see my dvds of the series and the other movies).

Bob, again : Thank you so much for this wonderful ride!

Great work from JJ abrams too and everyone involved in this project.

I´m planning to the Trek again tomorrow and at least twicw during the week.

273. Thomas - May 9, 2009

There’s no reason to merge the timelines in future movies. Both timelines exist in the Star Trek universe. Just as there are alternate dimensions (Mirror, Mirror) where variations of Star Trek exist, we now also know there are alternate timelines. The Shatner Kirk exists in one; the Pine Kirk exists in another. Neither one is more real, or unreal, than the other.

274. Valar1 - May 9, 2009


” according to the Countdown comics, Romulus was destroyed in the old timeline (though, unless someone does something about it eventually, it will be destroyed in this timeline as well)”

I just thought of something- according to “countdown” Vulcans invented the method to make Red Matter. Spock prime used Red matter to destroy the supernova that “threatened the galaxy” so if the Vulcans are pretty much wiped down to a few refugees, does that mean no Red Matter in the future? Does that mean 129 years in the future the galaxy will again be threatened and no solution is now possible?

275. Navy - May 9, 2009

I believe that the answer to Kirk being promoted to Captain immediately is Spock Prime. He was at the presentation, it is safe to assume he communicated James T Kirk’s full potential to them and considering his recent actions it would be a no brainer to put him in command of the Flagship.

276. hmich176 - May 9, 2009

@ #274

No, because that’s the prime time line. Perhaps in the “alternate timeline” (as Memory Alpha is running with) because Spock Prime is there, they are able to avoid this disaster. Perhaps because of these events, this brings the Romulans and the Vulcans closer together than in the prime universe, considering Vulcan was destroyed. Perhaps these events moderate the Romulans, antagonizing the Klingons, and the Khitomer Accords never happen because the Federation and the Klingons go to war at a point before the Organians have cause to interfere. Since Khitomer doesn’t happen, Worf ultimately never ends up on Earth and never ends up in Starfleet. Then, the Dominion War is completely lost because the original powers are never united to defeat the Dominion.

Wow. Where did that come from!?!?!

277. Finding Nimoy - May 9, 2009

No, absolutely not. It is proof that in order for the new universe to exist, the Prime Universe must exist the way we know it. For example, when QuintoSpock asked for the commissioning information of the Jellyfish, the computer gave information that could only have existed in the Prime timeline.


274. Valar1 – May 9, 2009


” according to the Countdown comics, Romulus was destroyed in the old timeline (though, unless someone does something about it eventually, it will be destroyed in this timeline as well)”

I just thought of something- according to “countdown” Vulcans invented the method to make Red Matter. Spock prime used Red matter to destroy the supernova that “threatened the galaxy” so if the Vulcans are pretty much wiped down to a few refugees, does that mean no Red Matter in the future? Does that mean 129 years in the future the galaxy will again be threatened and no solution is now possible?

278. Jim Nightshade - May 9, 2009

Thanx Orci prime! I cant believe how many of you have already seen it twice or more times already! I will also see it and bring what family ans friends I can and I lost my job a few weeks ago but oh we do need to try to keep its legs so I will try for next week!
Where was Majels voice heard the most,didnt seem to be much computer voice in it?
Maybe in the Jellyfish ship? Was the dedication at the end of the credits?I loved the jellyfish ship it seemed much more futuristic than the Enterprise etc like it was supposed to-wish we saw more of it-Cant wait for the next movie bob-u guys get going on it-Thanx for fulfilling our trekkies ultimate dreams-Characters we love with epic scope action and better effex than star wars! Wow! I am still recovering from the Imax trip I took yesterday at the seattle center! Star Trek Lives thanks to you guys! Now get the experience in vegas back up and running too Paramount!

279. Hat Rick - May 9, 2009

Majel Roddenberry’s voice was heard in the scene with Chekov’s “victor victor” authentication. I didn’t hear it elsewhere. Maybe others did, however.

I don’t think she was the voice of the Jellyfish’s computer.

I want everyone to go see this movie, and if they have already, see it again!

For all my nitpicking, this movie is one for the ages and a memory to treasure.

Thank you, JJ Abrams, Bob Orci, and all the rest, for making STAR TREK.

280. JimJ - May 9, 2009

Just gotta say it again! I love this movie…the new theme is running through my head, the old theme at the end was just a superb arrangement, the famous lines are ringing in my ears, the “reveal” of the Enterprise and the music with it just makes me swell with excitment! Orci & company, better than I ever imagined, and I was imagining something pretty damned good. Well done!!!

281. SerenityActual - May 9, 2009

Just got back from seeing ST tonight for the first time.

Besides my dislike of the new E, I just don’t care for her design, and there seems to be a bit of a TARDIS effect going on with her shuttle bay being a little too big for the secondary hull, I loved the movie.

The cast was top notch, the effects and music were wonderful, and I walked out thinking that the future of the franchise is in wonderful hands.

Great job everyone!

When is the next one? ;)

282. Jonathan - May 9, 2009

I have seen Star Trek 3 times all in IMAX and it just gets better the more you see it. It is now my favorite of all the Trek films. I plan on seeing it as many times as possible. Way to go guys. Can’t praise this movie enough. My wife and I actually cried during the prologue when Kirk was born.

283. Hat Rick - May 9, 2009

However spectacular the box office take is, my affection for Trek is such that I still wish it were more. Thus, if the take is $65M this weekend, I wish it were $75M; if the take is $75M, I wish it were $85M, and so forth. Because, the more the take, the better it is for Trek.

I guess I’m just hard to please.


Also, let’s not count our eggs, as I’ve said. I’ve been telling people I meet — total strangers — about how great this new movie is. I’m doing my part both by seeing the movie numerous times in the theaters and drumming up even more buzz than there is already. It’s my way of repaying Trek for promoting an optimistic vision of humanity and the possibilities of our brilliant future in space.

Also, I’ve purchased all four BK glasses and I’m starting to collect the little toys in its children’s meals. So far, I have the Kelvin. :-)

284. P Technobabble - May 9, 2009

I’d be willing to bet a few quatloos that Bob already has the next movie in his head…. nudge nudge wink wink say no more

285. Navy - May 9, 2009

I’m glad I’m not the only person that had a minor leak in the eyeial area when kirk was born…

286. Hat Rick - May 9, 2009

I’ve noticed something about the merchandising. I, myself, have purchased the new USS Enterprise from this movie as well as the phaser. Today, I scouted around to see how well the merchandise is selling and I’ve seen people come around and look at Trek toys the way that I’ve never noticed before.

I wish I could say that all the Trek toys were sold out, or nearly so, since this would indicate an incredibly high level of interest, but this was not the case. Things could change rapidly, naturally.

There was a good selection of toys at the Toys R Us I visited, and a much smaller selection at Walmart. Walmart was devoid of any USS Enterprise or phaser toys, even though they were there when I bought them from it last week. Walmart may have run out of them, but even the price stickers were missing. In retrospect, I should have probably asked if they were going to get any more in stock.

The Toys R Us, on the other hand, had both sizes of action figures from the new movie, Trek keychains, diecast Enterprises (A and D version), the large USS Enterprise with the lights and sound that John Tenuto reviewed a fews ago, the new phaser, the new bridge, and some other Trek-related products, including the snap-together Enterprise-A by Polar Lights. The stock of these items was also ample.

287. Hat Rick - May 9, 2009

Correction: I said, “Walmart was devoid of any USS Enterprise or phaser toys, even though they were there when I bought them from it last week.” I mean that Walmart was devoid of the USS Enterprise reviewed by John Tenuto and the new phaser toy; Walmart still had a selection of the new Trek figures (both sizes). Walmart also no longer had the new bridge or transporter sets, or the price stickers for them.

I’m gonna buy more Trek stuff later this weekend. :-)

288. Joelist - May 9, 2009

Spock Prime probably has enough knowledge to help the Vulcans have both Red Matter and the Jellyfish ready by the time they are needed. In fact, in this timeline they may save Romulus because they know which star will have the problem and when it will happen.

The other after effect of the timeline shifts will probably be a Federation with more advanced technology than was the case in DS9. Again, Spock Prime can warn about the coming problems (Borg, Dominion) so that some portions of the Federation can be working on solutions.

Finally, remember Kirk was made XO of the Enterprise by Pike’s direct order – in effect a field commission. I have little doubt that when Pike got his Admiral’s rank he personally recommended Kirk as Captain.

By the way, excellent film! It made Star Trek not only epic to watch but fun again as well. Kept the optimism and had many very Trekian moments (like the Enterprise offering Nero assistance at the end).

289. Hat Rick - May 9, 2009

288, I do indeed concur, wholeheartedly. ;-)

On the question of how Kirk could have leapfrogged all those ranks, you’ve explained it quite well, and also the explanation offered by others (that Spock Prime would have told Starfleet about how truly great Kirk was “in another lifetime” (in Nero’s words)) seems a reasonable rationalization.

After all, if someone from the future who was believed could tell you that a young cadet has the unique ability, demonstrated in another timeline, to save the universe again and again and again, wouldn’t you consider that very seriously — particularly if an admiral such as Pike would also recommend him?

Furthermore, gauging from the use of relatively rountine, or at least imminent use of, time travel as a means of historical research (most famously seen in “Assignment: Earth,” TOS) Starfleet in the 23d Century, I believe, should be more credulous about claims regarding time travelers from the future than we are in the 21st. (This also makes the reaction of the new Scotty to claims that Spock Prime is from the future a bit more interesting to me. It’s not clear to me that Scotty really believed Spock Prime’s and Kirk’s story until the demonstration of the transwarp equation, and it’s not entirely clear to me, either, why he seemed so incredulous. To an engineer of his caliber, time travel, in the 23d Century, should not be so exotic.)

290. Chris Fawkes - May 9, 2009

I’m heading out to see it for the third time. Great movie.

What has really surprised me is the level of excitement amongst my non trek friends. There is a huge buzz for Star Trek that extends well beyond the normal fan base.

I expected this to some degree but the ball is out of the park here. JJ and team appear to have succeeded far beyond what was reasonable to expect. I hope the figures over the run of the film conclude that.

291. Alex Rosenzweig - May 10, 2009

I’ve seen the film twice so far, and enjoyed it a bit more on the second viewing. But that moved it up to a letter-grade of C+. There were a few things I just really disagreed with, creatively, and a different few things that I simply couldn’t believe, and that kept kicking me out of the story. I just kept saying, “No way. Not gonna happen. Ever. No matter what change in timeline happened.”

(I’ve been busily taking notes for the rewrite I’m working on, for my own fun and that of anyone who’d like to see it when it’s ready. Yeah, this is the one I promised months ago. ;) )

I actually liked a lot of the VFX and production design, but one decision really leaped out at me as just horrible: the use of the brewery (and were there any other, similar locations?) for the lower decks and engineering on the Kelvin and Enterprise. All that looked utterly unbelievable to me, both in size and that it looked like what t was, a building, not the interior of a ship. For the next movie, please spend some money on building a real engineering set.

On the up-side, I thought the cast were phenomenal. They were all excellent, especially Zach Quinto, Karl Urban, and Bruce Greenwood. My compliments to all the performers, and to Mr. Abrams as director for them. The character stuff was largely very, very good, and I really enjoyed that aspect.

292. Trekwebmaster - May 10, 2009

Interesting…about time travel….in the “new” timeline, the only 2 people that have direct knowledge it can be done is Kirk and Spock Prime.

Kirk can access this with or without help due to the meld, he probably cannot assimilate the knowledge in its full potential, this could explain the “cold sweat of awakening,” with a deluge of emotion…with knowing, comes the grief. He probably would need guidance to find anything specific, which makes Spock Prime even more of an asset to young Kirk.

There is a third, young Spock, but Spock Prime seems to want his younger version to go through certain things to develop further and avoid the torment of trial and error. It seems logical.

What I want to know is who will carry Spock Prime’s Katra if something, the universe forbid, happens to Spock Prime. Could we be looking at TWOK-like situation with the sacrifice of Spock Prime or would Sarek carry Spock Prime’s Katra and take McCoy’s place? Or could this have already taken place with young Kirk on the Narada during the meld? I guess we will have to wait until the next sequel.

Now I am going to be wondering for TWO TIMELINES…LOL!

P.S. My very close Starfleet Academy RP friend, btw loved the movie and we are striking up arguments of what this and what that….like McCoy and Spock sparring with logic vs emotion arguments wondering about this and that….and he is a very hardcore Trekker. He loves the new movie and all it represents. And that coming from him is very high praise indeed.

293. Jordan - May 10, 2009

I’ve rewatched “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” and the rift that enabled the Enterprise C to come into the future unknowingly looks eerily similar to the rift or black hole that enabled Nero and Spock Prime to travel into the past. Obviously visual FX were limited during Next Gen’s early years, but nevertheless, it almost looks as if they patterned the black hole in the new movie after the look of the rift in this episode. I feel I can make this connection, because Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman referenced that episode in an interview with trekmovie.com and noted that it, as well as other episodes like “Paralells” were key in shaping their script’s direction toward an “alternate timeline.” Thoughts anyone?

294. Trekwebmaster - May 10, 2009


Hey Alex, the one thing my DigiFilm professor told us about film is you can “fudge” on film continuity, the audience is very forgiving, or should be, UNLESS you really screw up with CHARACTER CONTINUITY. IF you mess the characters up continuity-wise, it really blows suspension of disbelief out of the water.

As far as I can tell, the “brewery” anti-matter pods are just that…but who knows…they could also be Scotty’s secret SCOTCH replicators…lol.

The characters are solid in their continuity, in the new time-line. That is the genius of great writers. They successfully integrated story, a reboot, and widened Trek from 1960’s geekdom into very cool and most excellent storytelling in today’s new media. I think JJ and company have shut the door on the ongoing new media paradigm shift while raising the bar for succeeding films.

and also marks the return of fantastic Hollywood EPIC film and moviemaking.

I think Gene would understand just exactly what JJ has accomplished. I can see it even if the world needs time to realize just exactly what has just happened.


295. TheBigCW - May 10, 2009

Would have been nice if this thread was marked with SPOILERS on it – have the posts here are SPOILERS – and I haven’t seen the film yet … thanks alot folks.

On another note,anyone have the ajusted Box office for ST:TMP?

296. magnumpc - May 10, 2009

Short Review: Loved it! (Will have much more to say after I digest it a bit more).

Question: On IMDB, Star Trek 2009 is listed as having an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. I’ve only seen it in IMAX (twice! and in different locations!) which has an aspect ratio of 1.43:1. Has Star Trek been cropped on the sides for IMAX or am I actually seeing more of the film frame (top and bottom) relative to 35mm?

297. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

I read somewhere that it had indeed been cropped for IMAX. I believe John Sullivan, who posts here, said that he found that the IMAX version had been cropped on the sides.

I, personally, have seen both the IMAX and regular versions. I saw the IMAX version first, and then the regular version twice. I cannot say that I really noticed a difference, although in retrospect, the non-IMAX showings did seem to be on wider screens, so I guess the IMAX version had to have been cropped.

298. bgdrewsif - May 10, 2009

saw it friday night for the 7:10 show at the AMC 30 Deer Valley IMAX in Phoenix… Packed theater with a lively audience throughout the film: Laughing, cheering, and even crying… Standing ovation of 700 People at the end and then everyone sat right back down to see the credits… FANTASTIC FILM…. I was truly amazed by the awesomeness of this movie… now when does it come out on Blu-Ray????

299. JohnWA - May 10, 2009

I don’t see anything amiss about Kirk’s promotion. He did save the planet after all. That’s not something that happens everyday. And even in today’s military, “leapfrog” promotions aren’t unheard of.

For example, a person who has been appointed Surgeon General by the President becomes a Vice Admiral (the highest rank for a medical officer) upon their confirmation by the Senate.

Similarly, a Judge Advocate General must be a Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General by law. Thus, any person below that rank who’s appointed JAG receives an instant promotion.

300. Paulaner - May 10, 2009

* spoiler *

You know, I really liked the industrial look of the lower decks of Kelvin/Enterprise. I felt a sense of realism when Robau reaches for the shuttle. Command decks: shiny and polished. Lower decks: all the dirty work . Long distant are the days of LaForge’s lounge engineering.

301. Simon Belfast - May 10, 2009

Some thoughts..

1) Uhura/Spock – When you watch their “Vulcan has no moon” scene together in The Man Trap, there is a definite chemistry between the pair, Uhura’s informality with Spock on the bridge in that episode lends itself to the idea that the pair once had a relationship.

2) To quote Scotty, “This is exciting!!” – The remapping of history in the film means that Kirk potentially didn’t die at Veridian 3.. Which means its concievable to have Bill Shatner playing his now older self in the sequel…

302. Ian B - May 10, 2009


although I liked the industrial look of the engineering section, especially as I’ve worked in maintenance engineering myself and thus feel very at home with forests of pipes and valves :) I had two quibbles with it. Firstly, it didn’t really feel like a ship’s engine room (not that I actually have experience with *marine* engineering, I admit!). Concrete floors, and it didn’t have any sense of conforming to the shape of a hull. The Enterprise isn’t *that* big. It did look too much like, as others have said, “a brewery”. We ought to have seen, or one expects to see, some rather more specific items of plant that the pipes attach to like, well, engines and things. I certanly like the idea of getting away from everything being magic plasma and impractical looking “tools” as with old Trek- sure, let’s see some electrical distribution and spanners and things. But I think this realisation of that idea could have been done better.

I admit I’ve only see the film once, but for instance the warp core, or warp cores, since so far as I can remember there were a bunch of ’em, just CGIed themselves out of the bowels of the pipework/factory set. Because there was no indication of where they are. Could have been done better, I think.

The other thing was I felt they’d overdone the “dirtying down” to some extent. One thing that jumped out at me early on was Robau’s shuttle- it has peeling paintwork and corrosion. While that perhaps made it more “naturalistic”, I don’t believe a good Starfleet captain would be happy with that. There ought to be some bored crewmen keeping things like that shipshape. I’d certianly expect a Kirk of old, or a Picard, being unhappy with a grotty shuttle like that. The Kelvin was operating in peacetime, presumably not under unusual stress as in a desperate war. Keeping the shuttles in good condition ought to be some kind of priority.

Nice idea, but a bit overdone then, IMHO.

303. tom - May 10, 2009

I hope it does well. I think this weekend was a given to make some money. No way will it stay #1 when terminator is released. Which means only one more week at #1. It probably would not make as much as it did this weekend. The problem here is that they have to overcome the big budget. I hate to rely on international dollars but at least that seems to be going well.

304. george matthias - May 10, 2009

Seen it three times here in England, I’m doing my ‘international’ bit.

305. UK Tony - May 10, 2009

In the UK saw it yesterday – all I can say is fan-bloody-tastic, it took me ages to calm down afterwards! Effects were brill, McCoy as my favourite by far though everyone puts in great performance. Engine room, mmm, not sure apart from that, no complaints here. And great to see elder spock on the screen once more.
The first 15 mins had me enthralled (and slightly weepy it has to be said!)

306. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 10, 2009

167. The Optimist

You are the Optimist! Optimistic about continuity.

Now it’s time for the official review from…TrekMadeMeWonder.

I saw the movie Saturday at a local theatre and was fortunate to get my favoriite “center seat”, front on the balcony (so I can put my feat up!). The 1:30 showing only drew about forty moviegoers.

I was as excited as any Trek fan to see the new movie and I am happy to report that delivered on many levels. On others, it was lacking.


The Good:

The entire cast and thier performances – PERFECT! The selection of all the talent was exceptional. With key performances by Zach, Pine, and Zoe.

The special effects. No complaints here. AWESOME throughout! BRAVO!

The Music. Very nice score! But glad to see they included a more recognizable arrangement just after Kirk makes Captain. I really liked that theme.

Scope. The movie had plenty of that.

Action. I really enjoyed that the characters seemed to be roughed up a bit early on. Glad to see Kirk taught the Romies a lesson too. We may be weaker physically, but we can also take a beating.


The Bad:

The Plot. Kind of. First let me say that I did enjoy the movie. I’d give it a 7 out of 10 rating. But while watching I began to become concerned about the Time Travel and the in screentime it takes to tell, and here is why.

Unfortunately, and I have thought much about this, so don’t kill me on this one. Unfortunately the bad (as it relates to the plot) is the past forty years of Star Trek that seemed to have an undying need to be tied directly to this new movie.


And I am only asking why?

I am certain in my thought that with the new cast – as stiking as they are here – would have played just as well, or probably even better, without the convoluted time travel tale in the mix. Cupcake’s antaginism toward Kirk was more of an impact (to me) on Kirk’s character than was Nero.

What it comes down to it, the Nero storyline really ONLY serves as a vehicle to tie-in the past 40 years of Star Trek (& older Trekies) directly. Especially the Nimoy-Spock tie in. It seemed a strech fit to me. To me the whole Time Travel plot and some B stories (Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock/Scotty) seemed squeezed into the movie.

Now if that seems harsh, I’ll go back to my original point. Why is there a need to include all the Time Travel and Nimoy-Spock backstory? It added way to many questions right out of the gate. IMO a poor decision to include. Could’nt Nero just have been from Kirk’s early timeline? Certainly a character like an evil Romulan overlord that threatens Vulcan, Earth and the Galaxy would have been more imrpessive a foe. HIs father’s death could have been on Nero’s erly rise to power. Perhaps that is where Nero and the Romulans get Warp Drive technology. We all know they needed it Could not Kirk have then lost a few Cadet friends to his him in early campaigns? Again, it addes to the eventual Kirk vs Nero fight scene and is so much less of a Trek continuity error than a new Timeline. Plus it creates a clean break for Trek. Nero would have been much more iconic and intimidating. Without the Time Travel plotline the new movie would have stood more firmly as “Star Trek” or as others have described “Star Trek Begins.”

A clean break is way easier to understand than the Time Travel and all the questions that arise. For starters, how did Nero convince his crew to stay together for so long (25+ years)? No mention of Nero or his crew going back to thier homeworld Romulos? Surely thier future tech and knowledge would have been very important to his homeworld. The Time Travel is just unnescessary and does not diectly compliment the main characters or overall sotryline enough to warrant its inclusion. Sorry, I did not read the comics.

The Bridge, Engineering and the Warp Core(s). Sorry to say I predicted this irritant long ago. Star Trek has ALWAYS had the best sets of any of the big Sci-Fi productions (sorry Star Wars, your fantasy), but in this movie the big E’s interiors are sadly lacking. I can look past Trek’s early years, but when your a big budget Star Trek movie, you had better deliver. And it showed that they were cutting corners. For as litte time as those engineering sets were onscreen, a digital substitution would have provided better satisfaction. Engineering appeared, as I feared it would, a brewery with big boilers and plenty of steam pipes everywhere. What’s up with the multiple warp cores? As explained in the TM Science review article, an explosion in space would do little to propell the E away from the singularity and disaster. I thought that too. But it looked like the FX carried the impression well, that the E was on its way to freedom. A bit of a cheap shot on the Core ejections. I would have liked to have seen where they are emitted from on the ship. Petty, I now.

The Bridge seemed to be much smaller than I had seen early in previews. However it looked a bit better onscreen. The mainscreen looked great! Loved the graphics. However the many many lights all over was way too disco for my tastes. At one point, toward the end, I was noticing these thin horizonal strips that really seemed to do nothing except glow. To frilly a design concept. Sadly, no explaination for the hand scanners. Nice use of the partition dislays by Yelchin. The cracking main screen was a horrible idea, or at least should have been cut until after the cores explosion.
No prize today for Transporter set design as well.


The Ugly:

All in all I was pleased about the movie. I especially liked the character dynamics. The inner conflict Spock had to carry throughout was well written and performed (great Kirk vs Spock fisticuffs). But just when young Spock may have a moment to reflect, he is confronted with his older self. Weird scence but played, like all others, quite well. It was nice to have Nimoy in the role, and that like guaranteed the Star power, but Nimoy’s Spock really does not fully serve the story. I mean, I’d still really prefer to see Trek with a real cadet crew, on a full mission, and not have all the previous baggage. This ws about dropping the baggage right? That was part of the relief seeing Kirk do his thing. Knowing that of any of the characters onscreen he would get the job done. His comment to Spock about whyhe was asking for Neros surrender was a bit self serving and the camera angle made it seem like he was being recorded by one of the barcode holo-cameras.

Quinto’s Spock played a good strong loner in this movie throughout. I liked his performance in that regard. And that also is what made his relationship with Uhura much more interesting too.

I would pay to see another movie with this crew and in this alternate timeline, although it would be nice to know there is forethought enough to get Nimoy in front of camera now, for a few key Kenobi-style scenes that would provide an arc that brings us back to a TOS style universe. Then all the Time Travel contamination would make make perfect sense to me – as a trilogy.

I will see it again soon too. Again, good movie! But right now, I am more eager to see another New Voyages episode! I looked for ya onscreen Cawley, but I could na see ya! Where’s Cawley?

307. cugel the clever - May 10, 2009


There is no paradox caused by the alternate timeline – you guys are misunderstanding the whole concept of the “multiverse”. The “original” timeline with Vulcan existing through to the 24th century, the dominion wars, the kirk/spock we knew from TOS, etc – all of this still exists and continues to exist and evolve in its own timeline/universe. Nero, when he went back in time, caused the creation of a brand new timeline/universe which will evolve on its own. There is no such concept as “prime” timeline – there are infinite numbers of timelines, each equally “worthy”….. IDIC.

Go and buy the NextGen DVD set and watch “Parallels” again. Data explains the concept very well.

308. mscottr - May 10, 2009

I totally spotted Cawley — He’s in a gold shirt near the turbolift when Spock returns from his conversation with Sarek in the transporter room and says that he can confirm Chekov’s telemetry. I caught that during my second viewing last night — if you blink, you’ll miss him.

309. Blowback - May 10, 2009

@301 – 2) To quote Scotty, “This is exciting!!” – The remapping of history in the film means that Kirk potentially didn’t die at Veridian 3.. Which means its concievable to have Bill Shatner playing his now older self in the sequel…

Yes, I was thinking that myself… Different reality or new timeline or whatever… Maybe Kirk doesn’t take the dive… I’m not necessarily looking for Shatner to return but Kirk’s manner of death always left a bad taste in my mouth…

310. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 10, 2009

308. mscottr

Thanks! I’ll look next time.

311. Blowback - May 10, 2009

I suspect that the fans seeing the film two or three times is going to have a significant impact on the box office numbers. Remember it’s been many years since there has been a good Trek movie and this fan base is hungry to be entertained after a long drought…

312. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 10, 2009


Okay, sorry bout all the caps, but I really loved it! I even liked the “brewery” engineering, and that’s not just because I love beer. It make the bowels of the ship look like a… well.. a real ship! I think the dressed the set up enough to make it look updated. Dunno, I just thought it worked. Yea, there were some hokey things in it, but EVERY episode/movie had those. I thought the new cast did a fantastic job, and the story was compelling.

Good job Bob, J.J. and crew. I’ll be seeing it again.

313. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 10, 2009

man.. i should look for spelling errors before i post.. sroory boit taht :)

314. cugel the clever - May 10, 2009

Here is a direct quote from Data:

“For any event there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. Our choices determine which outcome will follow. According to a theory, everything that can happen does happen in some other quantum reality.

315. Blowback - May 10, 2009


If you’re worried about the typos then try visiting this site using the Safari browser… It flags typos as they happen. I think Firefox has a plug in to do that also…

316. Blowback - May 10, 2009

Meh, I’m still not loving the brewery style engine room… Just a nitpick though, I can live with it…

317. cugel the clever - May 10, 2009

My daughter, who is 25, has never liked star trek, would never be caught dead watching star trek, and always called trek fans “nerds”. Yesterday, she and her boyfriend reluctantly saw the movie, probably because i convinced her that “it wasn’t her dad’s star trek”.

She absolutely loved it.

I loved it too and will see it many times at the theatre and will buy the DVD as soon as its on sale.

This is fantastic news for the franchise. JJ and crew have accomplished their mission – they have created a film (and hopefully a new franchise) that both old and new fans will love.

Thank You, Thank You to everyone involved with creating this wonderful gift.

318. thorsten - May 10, 2009

Question for Bob…

Bob, what came first, the decision to shoot in the brewery,
or Scotty in the pipes?

319. Blowback - May 10, 2009

My boys are 14 and 12 and to their generation Star Trek is just and old sci fi show that only a nerd could love…

This movie changed their mind, especially for the younger one!

320. mscottr - May 10, 2009

317 —

I had a similar experience with my fiancee, her college-age sister, and her sister’s best friend. After seeing it, the sister shook her head and jokingly lamented the fact that “the best movie [she’s] seen since The Dark Knight was a Star Trek movie.” Suffice it to say, there are three new converts who want to see it again.

That will be next week’s project.

I’d also like to extend my sincere thanks to the cast and crew. This film is such a wonderful creation — it’s clear that it was a labor of love, and that the filmmakers truly ‘get’ Star Trek. It’s like meeting an old friend for the first time in many years. They look better than ever.

321. Blowback - May 10, 2009

Anyone notice if the music from trailer #3 appears in the movie or the soundtrack?

322. thorsten - May 10, 2009


No, just Sabotage and Giacchinos soundtrack.

323. JimJ - May 10, 2009

#306-I respectfully disagree with you on the the time travel stuff. Frankly, I think you had to change the timeline to get rid of all the whining fans that would say “that and that and that aren’t supposed to happen, or didn’t happen…” This frees the writers to have the entire “creative canvas”, if you will, to paint on in future movies. I’m with Scotty, “I like this ship (movie, timeline, and crew), it’s exciting!”

Brillant work on the opening. Frankly, I feel the REAL beginning of the ALMOST end to Star Trek was the day Moore and Braga killed Captain James T. Kirk. As much as I can admire some of their episodes and work, they were just too young and too rushed to write that movie (heck, the show was still going on while they were trying to write the damned thing, while working on the show). Back to why the opening was so brilliant (besides the obvious GREAT drama): Kirk’s death almost killed Star Trek. “How poetic” to start the rebirth of the franchise with his birth! Fantastic creative choice and sort of a slap in the face to those who killed him to begin with. Though it’s obvious they like Moore’s work, hence the shuttle being named after him, but still……just brilliant to start with Kirk’s birth.

Regarding engineering: I seriously didn’t think it hurt the movie, but, I think we are all just flipping out because it’s so unfamiliar. We couldn’t get our bearings straight in the bloody place. I do hope that in the next movie, Scotty speaks up early and says that after their “shakedown cruise” and before the 5 year mission, he DID get a chance to “get his hands on her ample nacelles” and then a new engineering set is shown that has familiar aspects yet some parts from this movie. Heck, maybe keep the water as one part of engineering and explain it as being for the crew’s use (plumbing, as it is) and cooling of several engine functions. I don’t know….trying to find a happy medium here that makes it more realistic (as they were trying to do) yet more familiar to us die-hards.

The new ship looks great to me except for one thing…I just wish they’d give it a bit more of an “ass”. (I like big butts…a cannot lie-lol) Nacelles, no problem, hull and other parts of the design (including the shutle bay), no problem. The skinny “ass”, a problem-lol!!!! Maybe if you give her a little more of a “trunk” there would be more room for the “junk”? (Hence, maybe the shuttle bay bitchers would stop complaining about the size of the shuttle bay) Speaking of that, the shuttle bay size felt like a homage to TMP shuttle bay to me.

To sum it up, I obviously LOVE this movie. Looking forward to my 4th and more viewings!!!!

324. jonboc - May 10, 2009

#320 “I’d also like to extend my sincere thanks to the cast and crew. This film is such a wonderful creation — it’s clear that it was a labor of love, and that the filmmakers truly ‘get’ Star Trek. It’s like meeting an old friend for the first time in many years. ”

Agreed. After 20 years of spin-offs that, for the most part, seemed to relish the fact that they steered clear of the old ways of TOS, its very refreshing to see what happens when the powers that be do just the opposite, embracing it with open arms, recreating it to the best of their ability and reaping huge rewards for their effort. Good for them. The DO “get it” , thank God. Star Trek is in good hands now.

325. David - May 10, 2009

Movie was great. Not perfect, but considering the fine line that had to be walked this could have gone completely the other way. I think it’s managed to keep the majority of the fans from what i’ve seen. From a financial standpoint the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” (losing a few hard-core star trek fans to gaining a bigger and potentially younger mainstream audience).

QUESTION: My friends and I didn’t get the bit about the attack on the Klingons and why that was important or how it factored into everything. Could someone explain that? Thanks.

326. thorsten - May 10, 2009


Uhura intercepted the message that 47 Klingon ships were destroyed by a singular romulan ship. This was part of Neros escape from Rura Penthe I guess, but important was the fact that Kirk realized the threat because he remembered the connection with the Kelvin… energetic storm in Klingon space.

327. JimJ - May 10, 2009

#325-I’m definitely not sure about this, but somewhere I thought I read that Nero ended up stuck on Rura Pente (sorry about mispellings, if any….that Kilngon prison camp planet). I wonder if they “broke him out of jail” with the Narada? Perhaps that was what happened over the 25 year time period. Maybe he messed with the Klingons and paid for it. Perhaps his crew armed the ship to the teeth (not that it wasn’t already) and sprung him at the correct time so he’d be waiting for Spock’s arrival. I don’t know. Probably a question that will be answered on the dvd.

It was significant because when they showed up in Klingon space, the same “lightning storm” arrival happened PLUS one Romulan ship kicking a whole hell of a lot of Klingon ships points to that ship being from the future and being the same one that attacked the Kelvin. Just my thoughts….

328. David - May 10, 2009


Ok, good so far. Now explain “escape from Rura Penthe”…. how did he get captured? Wasn’t he in an advanced ship? Who broke him out? Am i missing something here?

329. thorsten - May 10, 2009


David, if you remember the trailer when Nero says “The wait is over”, that is his escape from the Klingon prison planet (where Jim and Bones were in ST VI) JJ edited that part out of the movie, but it will appear on the DVD.
It is possible that the Narada was damaged enough by the collision with the Kelvin that the Klingons could capture Nero and his crew in the aftermath.

330. JimJ - May 10, 2009

BTW-to anyone that is interested: I was looking at “The DaVinci Code” and it’s numbers 3 years ago. VERY similar opening weekend numbers to the ones predicted for Star Trek. It ended up grossing $217,536,138 in the US alone. Let’s hope Trek has legs like that, or even better!

331. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

Question: Why was there a lightning storm in space at the time of the destruction of the 47 Klingon ships? Was the Narada capable of creating its own time traveling phenomenon? Did the Narada do a dry run using the red matter? What causes the lightning storms, anyway?

332. Laura - May 10, 2009

To Mr. Orci, if you’re still out there and haven’t grown bored with all the naked adulation here :-) —

If there’s one thing I’d like to see in the next movie, it’s this: A woman who is a strong, independent character like the guys in this movie. Virtually every woman we saw or heard about was defined by her relationship with one of the guys: As a Mother (Amanda, Winona), lover (Uhura, Gaila) or blood-sucking ex-wife (the former Mrs. McCoy). Don’t get me wrong, I absoultely loved the Spock/Uhura thing; it gives both characters more depth. And she was a strong character in her own right as well. But what folks are going to remember is that she was Spock’s girlfriend, primarily because that role is different from the one we remember her in.

So please, next time around could we have a girl who kicks ass as much as the guys? It would make this long-time Trekkie (and martial artist, thank you very much) very, very happy. It would also be a great thing for my ten-year-old daughter (also a martial artist) to see. And it wouldn’t hurt some of the guys to see it, either!

Loved the film. And I’m actually going to get to see it again today for Mother’s Day! (See comment #171 above for my sob story of last night!) Keep up the good work — but include a woman next time, please!

333. Laura - May 10, 2009

Addendum to my #332 above:

But not a villain! Please, not a villain! A female Starfleet officer who is smart, independent and kicks butt.

That’s not too much to ask, is it? :-)

334. thorsten - May 10, 2009


The first storm was the the Narada passing through the event horizon in 2233, the second was Spock Prime in 2258…

335. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

About the lightning storm in space; I just realized that there was no lightning storm in space during the Klingon incident.

JimJ wrote, “It was significant because when they showed up in Klingon space, the same “lightning storm” arrival happened arrival happened PLUS one Romulan ship kicking a whole hell of a lot of Klingon ships points to that ship being from the future and being the same one that attacked the Kelvin. ” I misinterpreted that to mean that a lightning storm had happened right before the Klingon incident. I don’t believe that it did. There were only two lightning storm incidents: 1. Before the Kelvin incident, as a result of which George Kirk died; and 2. Right before Narada destroyed Vulcan..

However, the question still remains: Why was there a lightning storm associated with the arrival on Vulcan? Was the lightning storm created by Narada, or was it the result of a black hole? If so, was this the result of the creation of an artificial singularity by the Narada to get itself to Vulcan, or what?

336. liz - May 10, 2009

I seen all TOS episodes several times. In many ways, how this movie and Quinto portray Spock makes more sense than how TOS did.

But that isn’t totally unexpected. TOS was still figuring out who and what this guy was. Nimoy has had 40 plus years to mull this over and the advice he gave JJ and Zach really shines through.

In TOS, Spock had to be infected or drugged to let his feelings about his mother and about the women around him come out. That is way too contrived for today’s audiences. It was good 1960’s character development in the era of Bonaza and Gunsmoke. How to express emotion was an issue all men faced back then (in western cultures, at least.) This was the result of the way children were raised to be seen and not heard and never cuddled. Now, in the age of Berry Brazelton, that seems insane. So, of course Spock was loved as a child. Of course he seeks out physical comfort when his is stressed or facing death. To do otherwise wouldn’t just be alien, it would be emotionally handicapped.

337. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

334, our messages crossed in the posting!

I figured that the second could have been Spock Prime, but this would have mean that (1.) Spock Prime entered this timeline near enough to Vulcan so that it was less than one day’s travel away from Vulcan, which is quite a coincidence! and/or (2.) there were 47 Klingon Birds of Prey near Vulcan and/or (3.) Vulcan is located very close to Klingon space and/or (4.) the BOP were stalking the Narada somehow (but how)?


338. thorsten - May 10, 2009

Good questions, Rick…

When the Kelvin encounters the Narada passing through the rift, Robau reports the storm to Starfleet… so I guessed that the storm phenomenon was created by the black hole, not the Narada. The next time we see the Narada Nero somehow managed to calculate date and time of Spocks arrival… captures him and on to Vulcan we go.
Cut to Kirks Maru 3. Cut to Kirk in trouble. Cut to the hangar and liftoff.

Could the “storm” be related to the Naradas drill, or warp drive? They did not use the drill while facing the Kelvin, and warp is not local enough.

My guess is that Spock Primes arrival creates the anomaly.

339. 750 Mang - May 10, 2009

16. boborci – May 9, 2009
“Shortly after the heroic death of George Kirk, the Iowa shipyards were erected by Starfleet to honor and commemorate the sacrifice. Hence, the Kelvin salt shaker in the diner, etc…”

Wow, I didn’t get that postcard.

Saw it for the third time yesterday. I’ve done my bit for King and country.

340. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

Thorsten, I would concur that the Narada probably did not create the lightning storm; it seemed that it was the victim of it as much as Spock Prime was, since Spock Prime said that both the Jellyfish and the Narada were sucked in by it as Spock Prime was trying to escape.

The lightning storm was probably caused by the supernova-black hole.

I’m thinking aloud here. Here’s how it probably went down (and this is taken in large part from Spock P.’s mind meld with Kirk): Spock P. races to the Hobus system from Vulcan in an effort to stop the effects of the soon-to-be Hobus supernova. He is too late. He arrives anyway to create the singularity (black hole) before it can cause further damage. THIS, then, must be what creates the lightning storm. Narada pursues the Jellyfish. Both are sucked into the Hobus supernova (now black hole). Narada, for some reason, is sucked into it first and arrives somewhere (let’s call it “Trekverse B”) at an earlier point in time, 25 years early to be exact. Narada destroys the Kelvin, therefore making the events in Trekverse B significantly different from the events in the original Trekverse that we’ve all become familiary with (“Trekverse A,” a.k.a. “Prime Reality,” a.k.a. the “original timeline,” a.k.a. the “alternate reality” mentioned by Uhura in this current movie). Nero realizes that he is in the past and looks forward to the date when Spock P. will appear. (Query: How does he know this? He’s not particularly smart, and this is a unique event. Spock P. could have slipped through anywhere and anywhen.)

In the meantime, only seconds have passed for Spock P. Somehow, he has arrived in Trekverse B within a day’s travel from both Vulcan and Klingon space and/or the 47 Birds of Prey. When Spock P. arrives, the changes to the Trekverse created by the destruction of the Kelvin are substantial, yet Spock P. still remembers the events of Trekverse A of the last thirteen or more decades. He obviously remembers that, seconds before, the Narada had been pursuing him. There is thus no temporal transformation a la Marty McFly (as others have mentioned) and therefore Trekverse A still exists in an “alternate reality” … unless, of course, the black hole had somehow protected his (and Nero’s) memories by acting as a temporal shield, in which case Uhura’s statement is wrong and no such alternate reality exists.

The coincidences I mentioned prevously (concerning how the Jellyfish arrived so close to Vulcan and/or the Klingons) still remain unsolved.

341. Drew - May 10, 2009

Nero just sits and waits for 25 yrs to capture Spock… Its interesting that if it was Nero’s plan all along to destroy Vulcan as well as the Federation, why not just start doing that after the destruction of the USS Kelvin? Go from one planet to the next.

How did the rura penthe deleted sequence fit into all of this? Was Nero and crew captured by the Klingons to serve as prisoners for 25 yrs only to escape?

I realize that Delta Vega was an error on the writers part. Since Vulcan has no moons its safe to assume that Delta Vega was just a close by ice planet to Vulcan and you could see the destruction from there as elder Spock did.

One thing that i couldnt get.. perhaps I missed something, When Kirk was marooned on Delta Vega, he meets old Spock after being marooned by young Spock. A coincidence?

342. Chris Basken - May 10, 2009

212: “Can we just take one weekend off?”

Ok, one.

But if you’re looking for sequel inspiration, I suggest you rent and watch Hunt for Red October over and over a few times.

343. Duncan MacLeod - May 10, 2009

I really liked Pike’s “KIRK” admiral uniform at the end. And my girlfriend who is NOT a star trek fan laughed at all the right parts.. That means something.

344. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

One more thing: Someone mentioned that the lightning storm appeared similar to that seen in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (TNG). In that episode, the intervention of the Alt-Enterprise-D (the Battleship Enterprise-D) helped the Klingons deal with a battle in such a way that the events that caused the Alt-Enterprise-D to begin with were eliminated, thereby doing a “cosmic reset” (or Marty McFly) which “restored” the “prime reality.” As I recall, after the reset, Picard did not remember even the existence of the Alt-Enterprise–D. This could or possibly would mean that the Alt-Enterprise-D never existed at all, since if it had, Picard would have realized that the Alt-Enterprise D was the same one that had intervened in the Enterprise-C’s battle at Narendra III as a matter of historical record. Since Picard never, in the episode, makes the connection, despite its obvious nature, such intervention possibly never occurred or was never recorded — or, if it was recorded, was “cosmically reset.”

If the type of rift seen in “YE” is indeed the type seen in this movie, then the consequences could be that the universe WAS “cosmically reset” — only this time “reset” to Trekverse B (where George Kirk dies on the Kelvin fighting Nero, etc.). This would mean that it is Trekverse A that is, to use Uhura’s words, the alternate reality — that disappears forever.

345. thorsten - May 10, 2009


Rick, Narada passes the rift… arrives in 2233.
George Kirk is killed.

Orciverse created.

The Primeverse is unharmed by this, the Orciverse is branching off from it.

346. Teriminator Predator Star Wars Dominion - May 10, 2009

– Although i didn’t saw the movie yet, , i think this movie has one great mistake – just like the other trek movies : the main trek alien races (klingons , the ordinary romulans , cardassians, andorians , ferengi…)are completely missing..and.. i don’t think this movie will be a succes in the other countries because the trekkers are considered just a bunch of stupid womanized geeks..sorry..

347. 750 Mang - May 10, 2009

345. thorsten – May 10, 2009
“Rick, Narada passes the rift… arrives in 2233.
George Kirk is killed.

Orciverse created.”

Orciverse! LOL! Best!

348. 750 Mang - May 10, 2009

Variety is reporting 76.5 million.


349. thorsten - May 10, 2009

Yo, Mang!
Great to see you!

350. cugel the clever - May 10, 2009

@345 thorsten

…….. and since the Orciverse is going in a different direction, there is no reason to assume that the events of Generations occur and that Kirk is sucked into the Nexus or that he’s killed by Soran.

i.e………. the field is open for Shatner to appear in future films as an older version of Kirk/Pine.

Maybe this will calm some of the Shat Lovers who need another fix.

351. cugel the clever - May 10, 2009

@346. Teriminator Predator Star Wars Dominion

You must be in an alernate universe, buddy.

Attendance for the new film has already proven you wrong.

Go away.

352. 750 Mang - May 10, 2009

Yo, thorsten!

Thanks! My wife had to see what was going on, I laughed so loudly at your Orciverse term.

Bob should be happy, not many people have an alternate reality named after them.

I want one! Mangverse.

353. therealtrekfan - May 10, 2009

Two questions that I still haven’t resolved yet (although I’ve only seen the movie once):

1. Why didn’t Nero and crew age over 25 years. What exactly happened in that time period between the destruction of the Kelvin and the destruction of Vulcan? How many years were they on rura penthe? Any insight to this?

2. After being marooned on Delta Vega, where did the Enterprise go and how were Kirk, Scotty able to find the Enterprise in Warp and beam to the ship? Where was the Enterprise in relation to Delta Vega when the beaming took place? Isn’t there a range where you can beam regardless of whether you’re in warp or not?

354. Canon Schmanon - May 10, 2009

Well, I think this puts a big “shut up” on those who kept predicting the death of the Trek franchise because of a non-canonical film.

I laugh at the inferior intellects.

355. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

Latest: Nikki Finke’s website says that ST2009 is on track to make $75M this weekend. He also says that the fact that Saturday’s take was actually more than Friday’s — 9% more — is a surprise and indicates that the fanbase is growing.

As someone else said in another thread, Variety says the figure is around $76.5.

Links: http://www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com/ , variety.com

The Nimoy/Pine/Quinto skit on SNL was also covered by and is also available via Finke’s website.

356. thorsten - May 10, 2009


hehe, say hi to your wife, Mang!
And by our interaction here we created your own ‘verse already ;))

357. bolianbob - May 10, 2009

Did anyone else notice the subtle emotional differences in Lenard’s Spock? It seemed as though he had finally come to peace with his human/vulcan heritage. I can’t explain it; i just felt so much more sentimental emotion flowing from Spock prime. Yes, he is still very much the logical Vulcan, yet, there is an acceptance to his underlying emotions that accumulated when he told his younger version to, ‘…do yourself a favour, and do what feels best.” (paraphrasing there) Just such a growth in character.

358. Paulaner - May 10, 2009

#353 “Why didn’t Nero and crew age over 25 years”

Romulans, like Vulcans, age at a slower rate than humans.

359. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009


“1. Why didn’t Nero and crew age over 25 years.”

They did, but Romulans, like their Vulcan cousins, age very differently because of the much longer lifespans.

“What exactly happened in that time period between the destruction of the Kelvin and the destruction of Vulcan? How many years were they on rura penthe? Any insight to this?”

Good question!

“2. After being marooned on Delta Vega, where did the Enterprise go”

Toward the Laurentian System to join the primary Starfleet, per Pike’s orders as implemented by Spock Beta right before his fight with Kirk on the bridge.

“and how were Kirk, Scotty able to find the Enterprise in Warp and beam to the ship?”

Spock Prime brought his knowledge of advanced (transwarp) beaming from 129 years in the future. 129 years is the era of TNG or even thereafter (I haven’t done the math).

“Where was the Enterprise in relation to Delta Vega when the beaming took place?”

At maximum warp (presumed), probably more than several light-years away by then. I’m just guessing. However, transwarp beaming is powerful enough to cross that distance.

“Isn’t there a range where you can beam regardless of whether you’re in warp or not?”

Good question. The normal nontranswarp beam range is probably measured in the hundreds of kilometers, as I recall. Transwarp beaming could be effective out to dozens of LY, for all I know. (Yes, this would reflect a new capability on the part of 23d Century Federation.)

360. Paulaner - May 10, 2009

#357 “Did anyone else notice the subtle emotional differences in Lenard’s Spock?”

Definitely, Spock has changed a lot through the years. The elder one is calm and peaceful, as you say. No more struggle between the human and the vulcan halves.
Quinto’s Spock, on the contrary, is a tormented man. This theme is very emotional and well done.

361. thorsten - May 10, 2009

My line of the day:
Kirk on DV, dictating into his Tricorder…

“Stardate 2258.42… four uh, whatever.”

362. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

360, true. But did you notice the difference in Quinto’s Spock right after he was told by his father that the real reason he had married Spock’s mother because he loved her? Spock, the Younger, seemed very much more relaxed, more like the Spock we know from TOS, as he strolled into the conversation between Scotty and Kirk about warping into the magnetosphere of Saturn’s rings.

363. 750 Mang - May 10, 2009

“warping into the magnetosphere of Saturn’s rings.”

Trek lives.

364. Paulaner - May 10, 2009



You are right. And the final scene, with the crew reunited on the bridge, has Spock quite comfortable and ready to do his best to serve the new captain. Man, this was so Trek :)

365. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

Oops — in 362, I should have said, “between Chekov and Kirk.” Scotty was present but I had in mind Chekov but wrote “Scotty.”

363 — yes.

364 — thanks. Agreed. :-)

366. SevenOfThirteen - May 10, 2009

AP reports: “Star Trek” beamed itself up to the top of the box office, earning $76.5 million in its opening weekend.

367. iliayako - May 10, 2009

I watched/cheered/cried and every emotion in between on Thursday (IMAX). The movie is much better than I had dared to hope for. The nods to the past were absolutely wonderful for this Trekkie. But the bright future that this movie begins is fantastic. When I saw it the second time on Saturday, I noticed new things that I must have been to emotional to see the first time. I will read the reviews and comments, so that I am looking for the scenes/answers next weekend and every weekend that it remains in the theaters. Looking forward to the DVD.

368. 750 Mang - May 10, 2009

This is a good article…


369. Forrest - May 10, 2009

“This movie will make 175-200 mil domestically because it has penetrated mainstream America.”

Adjusted for inflation the first one did about 220M domestically.

370. Blowback - May 10, 2009

Hey, did anyone notice that the actor who was the head of the Vulcan Science Academy also played the warden of Rura Pente in ST: TUC?

371. Blowback - May 10, 2009

@369 Adjusted for inflation the first one did about 220M domestically.

Not sure that’s correct. As I recall ST:TMP grossed $43 million in 1979 and adjusted for inflation that works out to $125,000,000..

Try it yourself: http://www.westegg.com/inflation/

372. Clinton - May 10, 2009

I held a bit “Star Trek” event yesterday, with a big group of Trek fans & their families. Some of these folks, like me, have been fans since 1966. We all went to see the movie and then had a great party in the evening. At the party I took an anonymous poll. I asked people to put a token into one of two containers. Container 1 was labeled “Warp Speed Ahead!” (I am feeling good about the movie and future of Trek) and container 2 said “It’s dead, Jim!” (I am thinking Trek has gone off the rails).

The results: “It’s dead, Jim!” 2; “Warp Speed Ahead!” 33.

373. 750 Mang - May 10, 2009

370. Blowback – May 10, 2009

“Hey, did anyone notice that the actor who was the head of the Vulcan Science Academy also played the warden of Rura Pente in ST: TUC?”

W. Morgan Sheppard, also played Ira Graves in TNG episode The Schizoid Man.

I wonder why he wasn’t billed in the crawl.

374. 750 Mang - May 10, 2009

Oh, and Sheppard was also in a Voyager episode (Bliss) but I don’t like to talk about Janeway and the gang.

375. loengard - May 10, 2009

The movie is good, of course, but what this really shows is the franchise can appeal to a larger base with a good story, which a few of the other movies had as well, but primarily can do anything with good studio support and the right opening date.

376. Teriminator Predator Star Wars Dominion - May 10, 2009

-To Cugel…: Old fa**t’s answers…i hate old people..they are so stupid…

377. thorsten - May 10, 2009


What is a Teriminator?

378. Smike van Dyke - May 10, 2009

Last October I decided to write down my most optimistic guess for the Star Trek opening weekend after I had seen the first pictures. I considered myself completely nuts being that optimistic:

Those numbers were:
Opening day: $ 27.8 million
Opening weekend: $ 65.1 million

I never actually thought these numbers could really be achieved then. I though I was dreaming.

Now the real-life estimates are:
Opening day: $ 30.8 million (!!)
Opening weekend: $ 76.5 million (!!!)

It’s exciting!

As for the German numbers: thumbs DOWN! Sometimes I really hate my people!!!
425.000 viewers…Heck…even NEM opened at 480.000 !!! The article compares the numbers to Germany’s Wolverine numbers but that’s bull..

You have to know that in Germany most comic book movies are not even in a year’s top ten list. All but Spider-Man are regularily ignored but the majority of people. So even though those numbers are a bit better than Wolvie, they are sh*t!

Well, there is nothing I can do about it. Sorry for these horrible numbers. I went to see it FIVE times and plan to see it another five times but this is something I don’t share with most of my people. :((

379. thorsten - May 10, 2009

Smike, where are you from?

380. Smike van Dyke - May 10, 2009

Ingolstadt near Munich

381. thorsten - May 10, 2009

And you went 5 times already since Thursday? Wow.
At different times in the same kino?

382. kfir - May 10, 2009

very strange smike, i thought germany was star trek num 1 fan..

383. Smike van Dyke - May 10, 2009

Wednesday preview, once on Thursday, twice on Friday, once on Saturday, today, it was time for a break but tomorrow I’m going to see it undubbed the first time :) Two different cinemas so far…

384. AJ - May 10, 2009


I am disappointed by those numbers because a crap film like Wolverine did 87m in the USA last weekend. Trek will hopefully fare better than W over the next few weeks before T4.

I thought Germans were into Trek, generally. I’ve been to Germany about 20 times, and it always seems to be on TV, and I’ve read that it has a good audience there.

385. Smike van Dyke - May 10, 2009

The TNG movies were very popular over here. But none of the TOS movies grossed a lot. TOS is considered a children’s series by most Germans. TNG and VOY were quite popular.

German audience numbers for Trek movies:

TMP 1.1 million
TWOK 0.5 million
TSFS 0.3 million
TVH 0.5 million
TFF 0.2 million
TUC 0.5 million

GEN 1.8 million
FC 2.4 million
INS 2.4 million
NEM 1.3 million

So you can clearly see the difference between TOS and TNG movies.

386. Smike van Dyke - May 10, 2009

Also the characters of Kirk, Spock and Scotty were popularily ridculed by a very very successful spoof called “Traumschiff Surprise”…

When German kids see Kirk, Spock and Scotty, they instantly think of Kork, Spuck and Schrotti (translates Cork, Spit and Trashy)…

“Traumschiff Surprise” was more aggressive and disrespectful than “Galaxy Quest” and over 9 million Germans watched it in 2004…So it’s almost impossible for non-Trekkers to take TOS seriously…and that’s sad.

387. thorsten - May 10, 2009


looks like we need to do somethimg about this, AJ.
If these numbers hold, it is unacceptable.

388. thorsten - May 10, 2009

Don’t worry, Smike, they’ll come around.
After they learn that Obama is Vulcan, that is…


389. AJ - May 10, 2009

Rosario, Anthony & Crew:

We’ve been all told that “ST09″ cost $150m to make. As it was with “Wolverine.”

Can you tell us what the flick needs to make to recoup all expenses and actually be profitable for the stakeholders (Paramount, Bad Robot & Spyglass)

We all hear about box office grosses, but the cinemas have their cut, the distributors get theirs. Marketing has to be in that budget as well, and Trek is being marketed worldwide like never before.

What does this flick have to clear so that studio execs get their bonus, and a sequel is green-lit?

390. AJ - May 10, 2009


Make room on your couch, thorsten.

I’m coming to Germany to pad the numbers.

391. Smike van Dyke - May 10, 2009

Around 400 million I guess to cover for production, advertisment and partners’ interests. But that includes DVD and BD releases as well as TV contracts. So it might break even with a worlwide gross of 300 million.

392. thorsten - May 10, 2009


you got it, AJ.
I was on my way to JFK anyway ;))

393. kfir - May 10, 2009

i think that Wolverine did well in the opening weekend because it’s x-men, but it’s losing viewers very fast because it’s a bad movie.. star trek start good and hopefully will rise because a strong good opinions by many..

394. Jaz - May 10, 2009

Where are these German numbers coming from?

Firstly, Germany is a strong Trek country. HOWEVER, promotion of Trek was far less in Europe than in the USA.

395. Jax Maxton - May 10, 2009

389. AJ

You can generally accept double the production costs for the studio to make their money back. Thus, Trek really needs to make $300mil for everybody to make something.

396. Jax Maxton - May 10, 2009

When you are looking at box office, what I’ve learned is you can pretty much ignore opening weekends, unless they are off the charts in either direction. What you have to do is compare the long-term success to movies similar to or were previous franchise films.

If you compare this Trek’s open to any other Trek movie’s total, it is a huge success already in its opening weekend. It is right now guaranteed to make more money than any Trek movie before.

If you compare it to any other summer blockbuster-type film, its results are very middle of the road. It’s not a phenomenal success, yet it’s not a failure at all, and it made more money than expected.

You can’t compare this to Wolverine yet, at least not for another week. Wolverine, even with a big opening weekend, is beginning to look a little like a flop. With a production budget of $140mil, it probably won’t make $200mil in worldwide box office, but it will probably make a profit on DVD.

Considering Trek was only tracked to make about $65mil over the weekend, it pulled in a wider audience than just Trek fans, it is attracting both a younger and older audience alike (which also means it isn’t as front-loaded as something like Wolverine, since opening weekends for summer movies tend to be younger crowds and older audience members tend to go in later weeks), and it is the best reviewed movie of the year so far, Trek looks like the first hit of the summer. It will probably have some legs, so we’ll have to watch the numbers over the next week to get a better gauge on its success.

397. Jax Maxton - May 10, 2009

Whoops, meant to say Wolverine won’t make $200mil domestically, not worldwide. Sorry.

398. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

Also, merchandising is pretty important as well, 396, as an indicator of new fan interest. I want to see some empty (out-of-stock) shelves in the Trek section of local retailers, dammit! (Empty, that is, only to be refilled within hours.)

A wider variety of distinctly Trekkian toys would be neat for merchandising purposes. I think that the Jellyfish would be a cool ship to introduce because it is quite playable. It’s got the swirly little warp engine that you’d be able to rotate, and you’d abe to see the little play figure inside. I haven’t seen it on the shelves at all, and I have a feeling it’s because it hasn’t been made (…yet?).

The Narada is neat, too, and I haven’t seen it offered.

i think kids want to have a whole big selection of toys they can play with and show off to their friends, just as with the Star Wars line.

(Naturally, my fave is the Enterprise, which I already have from the movie.)

They already have the Terminator: Salvation cybernetic skull with glowing red eyes that only others can see when you put it on. (It works using periscopic principles — the red lights are projected onto a 45-degree-angled plastic lens that is clear for the wearer, but that reflects the lights to those outside the mask for the appearance of glowing eyes.)

399. AJ - May 10, 2009

The German numbers don’t sound great, for sure.

I’ve had a talk on this site with a Polish fan “Jean-Luc” who says that the promotional machine seems to have ignored his country of 39 million. He’s on a local Trek site there, and he was talking about the total lack of attention of the local film distributor. No PR. No posters even. Their trailer has subtitles. The only one that does.

While I think the “Trek” marketing machine has been on the right track, their focus on “Vulcan, Canada,” as opposed to Eastern Europe just rings wrong to me. Every dime spent on marketing requires a certain return. The five bucks Paramount spent in Vulcan, population 1,940 as a stunt would have brought in thousands of viewers in Poland, which has multiplexes and IMAX cinemas all over the country.

Here’s to hoping this film does the biz. It’s great.

400. AJ - May 10, 2009


Thanks for that.

It’s funny Tracking Trek with numbers this high.

$300m? I think Trek will outperform worldwide.


401. Brian Kirsch - May 10, 2009

Wolverine had 3 immensley popular X-Men films within the last 10 years, so there was a built in audience waiting for it, plus it was in slightly more theaters. The reviews and word of mouth have hurt it though. I see the oposite happening with Star Trek, the reviews and word of mouth will help it have legs for at least several weeks, if not more. Wolverine also had that hunky, hottie, Hugh Jackman, conveniently shirtless and sweaty…..

I’m just saying…… ;-)

402. Dr. (Who wants to see Star Trek one more time?) O'Reilly - May 10, 2009

OK, Spock and Kirk on the icy moon…

Here’s how it works…

Nero gets his ship trashed by the Kelvin colliding into it.

Nero spends 25 years fixing his ship, hunting Klingons, and just hangin’ out waitin’ for Spock Prime to show up.

Spock Prime shows up and Nero offers (one that he can’t refuse) to give him a lift to Vulcan.

Nero gets to Vulcan, drops Spock off on Delta Vega (Vulcan’s moon) and immediately starts to drill into the planet core of Vulcan.

Kirk and Spock have their debate interrupted by news that someone’s drilling for something on Vulcan, and its not oil shale.

Kirk’s entire cadet class gets assigned to ships and immediately heads to Vulcan to intercept Nero.

Kirk’s entire cadet class gets killed by Nero who has equipped his ship with 24th century Borg tech according to ST:Countdown.

Finally, the Enterprise shows up, the movie continues, then Kirk and Spock have a tiff and Spock drops Kirk off at the same moon in orbit of Vulcan, Delta Vega. Now, both Kirk and Spock Prime arrived on Delta Vega within a short period of time and they were dropped off near the ONLY building on the entire moon, the Starfleet facility where Scotty is currently stationed.

The magic, you ask? In whatever universe the crew of the Enterprise may exist in, their fates are shared with each other in a common destiny with each other and a Lady called Enterprise. Elegant & Beautiful!

One more time! I’ll take you home again Kathleen…

403. Dr. (Who wants to see Star Trek one more time?) O'Reilly - May 10, 2009

Lightning storm near Vulcan…

Remember, Vulcan and Romulus are not that far from each other. Spock’s wormhole instance could have had a different exit vector in time AND space. Nobody said it was a STABLE wormhole. ONLY the Bajoran wormhole is stable. Even the Barzan wormhole had random exit vectors, as the Ferengi discovered.

404. Dr. (Who wants to see Star Trek one more time?) O'Reilly - May 10, 2009

Vulcan has a moon?

Alternate universe, alternate star charts…

405. Elrond L - May 10, 2009

Just saw Sunday’s box office est. of $72M+!! This is the greatest . . . I never thought I’d see this kind of success for Trek, but it is totally well-deserved! I think we’re in for a nice, long run with the killer word-of-mouth.

Thanks Bob, Alex, JJ, and everyone involved with the film. This is the movie I’ve waited decades for — it’s the proudest I’ve felt to be a Trek fan in 30 years! (and I’m only 42 BTW). :-) We saw it Thursday and Friday, and are planning an IMAX run next weekend. I can’t get over how much fun and moving it is… good thing I had tissues ready both times. :-) The coolest thing is hearing from our kids’ friends who all saw it this weekend and said it was “amazing.” Just a few months ago they thought Trek was lame. Ha!

406. boborci - May 10, 2009

Thank you so much to everyone who supports this movie. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

And special thanks to Anthony,


407. Brian Kirsch - May 10, 2009

#404 –
As I get older, the memory gets fuzzier. And I was was never a canon freak, just a fan. But I think I remember in TMP several moons in the sky in the Vulcan scenes ….. but I may be totally wrong. I’ll have to look again.

408. SerenityActual - May 10, 2009

If I recall correctly, Vulcan doesn’t have a moon, but a sister planet which does not come into view for some years.

409. Hat Rick - May 10, 2009

Bob Orci, I think I speak for the vast majority of those who patronize this site when I say, it was genuinely our pleasure.


410. Jamie - May 10, 2009

My review

Having finally seen the film after all this anticipation, I just wanted to give my two cents (in case anyone is interested)…

Overall, I love this film. Everything was absolutely perfect and exceeded my expectations. That is, however, with the following FOUR major exceptions (and one minor one)…

1. Enterprise Interior
The Enterprise interior was too “chaotic”, with lights and controls everywhere. Sure, it has to be practical, but it also has to be comfortable enough for people to live on it, and with this ship I got no sense of it being home to these people. This Enterprise desperately needs some feng shui! (And that awful engineering deck is utterly horrible — especially for an “optimistic” vision of the future.)

2. Soundtrack: main theme
Although the soundtrack was generally excelent, perfectly accentuating the action and drama — the main theme was bland and forgettable, and sounded like the work of a much lesser composer than Giacchino. I really hope this theme is scrapped for the sequel. We need something like Jerry Goldsmith’s amazing theme from First Contact. (Actually, I’m a musician myself and have some ideas if anybody is interested?)

3. Scotty’s personality
No disrespect to Pegg (I think he’s a good choice), but for me, Scotty just didn’t work, and here’s why I think that was: Before we can find a character funny, we first need to respect them. But Scotty spent so much time acting the fool, it was hard to find that respect. Also, before we can find a “grumpy” character endearing, we first need to know that they mean well underneath it all, but this guy was grumpy from the outset. So, in my opinion, the sequence should be: 1. First show Scotty’s integrity and authority 2. Then show Scotty’s big heart 3. Then, finally, you can have some funnier moments and show him being grumpy, because we know where it’s all coming from.

4. Pacing at the end of the film
I think the film sufffers because of the pacing right at the end. After the massive action-packed climax — and before building the energy back up for the big ending and the TOS theme — we desperately needed some “winding down” time: a little bit of quiet emotion and reflection (ideally showing Kirk alone, bringing closure to a story that started off with just him). But we got none of this “winding down” at all. (The scene with the two Spocks doesn’t count because although it was “queit”, it was a very important and exciting moment, brimming both with emotion and plot, so is in no way a winding down moment.) So I would say the ending was badly paced because I felt we were rushed straight from a big battle straight through to the big moment of two Spocks meeting straight through to a big finish without any kind of punctuation a bit like this very sentence which is crying out for a comma or a break but just keeps on going and then suddenly stops abruptly.

5. Closing monologue
This isn’t a major criticism, but a criticism nonetheless: I don’t think the closing monologue (“Space, the final frontier…”) was handled properly. To me, it came across as slightly cheap and tacked on. We were jumping from the end of an epic contemporary film, to a 40-year-old iconic piece of music that begins quietly representing the quiet stillness of space. Admittedly, an almost impossible transition to make. But for one thing I think it needed more “breathing space” between the end of the movie and the start of that music. A face to black, or to silence, or a very clear bit of punctuation in the music that says: “here is a big change in pace”. I also think it needed more ambitious direction to signify how special the moment was. I would have had the monologue set to a really unusual shot or angle of the ship, done very slowly and profoundly, maybe even in black and white or something, or with no stars visible, just to make it highly distinctive for the monologue.

If all these issues are addressed for the sequel (and they all could be), it would surely be a perfect film. But this was an amazing film anyway! :)

411. JPSaylor - May 10, 2009

Ok, I just saw the movie yesterday…


My only peeve is what happened to Vulcan…

(if you haven’t seen the movie, read no further)

I hope in the next one they bring the planet back. I mean that’s a HUGE part of Star Trek. I can see an awesome movie of going back in time and saving Vulcan.

412. Jamie - May 10, 2009

Eek — just realised Bob is active on this thread, and the guilt is setting in about saying anything remotely negative!

To clarify: my reaction to this film is overwhelmingly positive. It’s a dream come true for Trek fans of all generations, not to mention a fantastic piece of cinema in its own right. The above five criticisms are the only ones I can come up with — it’s far easier to list this film’s faults than merits!

My best friend never liked TOS and now he cares about these characters. My mother has never seen a Trek film before but I took her along confident that she would enjoy this — and she was captivated throughout, right from the opening sequence (who wouldn’t be?).

Kudos to all involved!

413. First - May 10, 2009


4. Pacing at the end of the film

I think that is an expectation from the old Trek movies. Quiet reflection etc etc.
There was way too much of that. Especially in Nemesis.

414. First - May 10, 2009

TO NUMBER 411 JPSaylor

“I hope in the next one they bring the planet back. I mean that’s a HUGE part of Star Trek. I can see an awesome movie of going back in time and saving Vulcan.”

Why do that? Star Trek became boring becuase there was no risk. YOu knew no one would die, and if they did they would come back.

Finally we have a movie where the risks are real for our characters. Vulcan is gone…at least in this timeline…and we have a movie where our jaws drop.

Previous movies…no risk, all will live, all will come back from the dead…blah blah blah. Thats why I liked Kirks death…people die…and not in the way we want them too.

However, I bet they are going to end the Pine and Crew movies with a re set that will fix the timeline…lol

415. First - May 10, 2009

When I was watching the movie I was already predicting the outcome. because unfortunately Trek had become predictable especially with this time travel business. Half way through I was like yeah yeah they will go back and fix the time line blah blah blah …they always do. But as it became clearer that was not going to happen I was really enjoying it.

Trek had also become safe, there never seemed like there was ever any true peril and none of the characters we loved would actually die. This seems to have changed with this new alternate timeline. This brings me back to Undiscovered Country and that they should not have pandered to hardcore fans with the death of Kirk and just killed him with a true hero’s farewell instead of the crap death he got in Generations.

There are to be sequels to come and it also got me thinking maybe this will still play an important story arc for a series of films. Also they could still come up with and or use a reset button later on fixing the timelines etc.

Another thing that got me thinking is wow I want to see what was happening in the TNG era with Romulus being destroyed? That is crazy to think about.

416. Blowback - May 10, 2009


Thank you and thank the team for bringing back the Star Trek characters from my childhood. As much as I liked TNG and its spinoffs I never felt that Kirk and company every got a completely fair shake…

In the 60’s the budgets were tight and the effects could not completely do justice to Gene’s vision. The cast finally got an opportunity to spread their wings with the movies but we only ended up with six adventures. While the roles have been passed to a new generation it’s good to see the vision is still intact…

417. TC Jones - May 10, 2009

Bob, will there be ST11 scripts available? How could film students get hold of one?

I really would love to study it, as a film student. Also are you available for academic lectures? My professor is teaching a SCI-FI Film Topics class this summer about classic sci-fi films and also current film…I have been nagging him to include any and all details about ST11…lol.

Would love to have any input you could give us on it…great stuff.

TC Jones
Digital Film Student
University of Central Arkansas

418. TC Jones - May 10, 2009

OH, I forgot to mention….a friend of mine and I are debating whether Romulus was destroyed in Spock Prime’s Universe. When Spock Prime entered the singularity, did it collapse or is it still there threatening the region near Romulus. I really commend you all for writing this the way you have, it is VERY good storytelling.


419. TC Jones - May 10, 2009


I agree…I did notice the new addition of the “real” viewport screen. Actually, if you look at the original pilot Enterprise, there was a rectangular window in the front just like the one in the movie. I assume it was designed that way from the beginning? I assume budgets prevented alot of things in the 60’s.

420. anthony - May 10, 2009

i wonder if tuvok survived.

421. Gilbert "Bud" Brazil - May 10, 2009

Some people don´t see Brazil in the Trek movies, but on this I could: When Uhura mentions Budweiser. That company is owned by a brazilian guy!! Beer Long and Prosper!

422. Emotionally logical - May 10, 2009


Thank you for making Star Trek cool again. The same friends that last year were telling me to shut up everytime I brought star trek up are now asking me about Kirk’s backstory LOL.

423. Paul - May 11, 2009

OK, I still don’t understand this Delta Vega thing.

It’s pretty much clear that Nero dropped Spock on Vulcan’s sister planet – the very same one we see in TMP and TAS:Yesteryear. That’s a cool idea and I’m okay with that. However, how can it be called Delta Vega?

Vulcan is in Eridanus constellation, namely in the system of 40 Eridani. Vega is a star in Lyra constellation. How can Delta *Vega* (which would be a fourth planet of Vega system, judging from the name) be in the system of 40 Eridani?

424. Capt Krunch - May 11, 2009

Does Trek still have legs to break 100million or even the elusive 200 mil that no Trek has done before…..
I guess I over estimated in my mind what the weekend numbers would be…I was really hoping for 100 million +…I really didn’t figure Wolverine in the quotient, which did take a hunk out the weekend numbers…
I sound like a spoiled brat complaining about nothing, but I have seen it 3 times now, and I guess I am taking it personally now…
Enough ranting now…the movie was exceptional..be it any of the mistakes, or plot flaws, or poor set designs (engineering)…I was very entertained, and will see it again…and that is the true measure of any great film..

425. opcode - May 11, 2009

Boborci: I have two questions, if you don’t mind (but first of all, thanks for this wonderful movie. I saw it twice already and plan to go again. I am sure that I will be entertained for the next couple of years at least, while I wait for the sequel)
Ok, for the questions:
1) I read somewhere in this website that Marc Okrand is listed in the movie credits as a Vulcan and Romulan consultant. However not a single line in alien language is heard in the movie(or did I miss somthing?). IMHO that’s too bad because I always thought that the use of alien languages in ST movies increased realism (though I understand that some dramatic moments are better left in English). Anyway, what happened? Were the alien lines recorded but never used (I understand that most ST movies inserted them during post-production). And in case they were recorded, any chance of adding them to the movies when it is finally released on Bluray?
2) I read that a sequence showing Nero escaping from a Klingon prison was cut from the movie. That changes the open question “what was Nero doing during his 20 years wait for Spock” to “how did the Klingons manage to capture him (considering that the Narada seems indestructible)”. So, in the original script, were we going to see how (or why) the Klingons ended capturing him or was that left open?
Thanks a lot for your time. :)

426. Brad - May 11, 2009

418 – If you read the countdown comics, Romulus was indeed destroyed.

427. Chadwick - May 11, 2009

@359. Hat Rick …..oh god that is so easy, the Romulans have way longer lifespan than humans, after all they are a Vulcan offshoot, so 20, 30, 40 years..its nothing to them, nor will they age.

428. Chadwick - May 11, 2009

@ 370. Blowback – May 10, 2009
“Hey, did anyone notice that the actor who was the head of the Vulcan Science Academy also played the warden of Rura Pente in ST: TUC?”

Yea I noticed that right away lol, he also played the character Qatai in the Voyager episode “Bliss” where he was hunting down that bioplasmic organism “telepathic pitcher plant” which was manipulating everyones perceptions. You can always pick out the actors who have been in other star trek movies or episodes, even when they change their voice and appearance, its the voice that ALWAYS gives it away.

@373. 750 Mang – May 10, 2009, lol yes…Ira Graves.

429. Chadwick - May 11, 2009

…but Spock said Vulcan has no moon in “the man trap.” Uhura should have made out with him right there.

430. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 11, 2009

The Movie in general was good. However the astounding amount of inconsistencies is irratating and should not have ever been an issue.

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