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Review: “Best Of” TOS and TNG DVDs May 13, 2009

by Matt Wright , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Review,TNG,TOS,TOS Remastered , trackback

Along the release of the new Star Trek movie, the Original Series on Blu-ray a few weeks ago, and TOS movies on Blu-ray, this week CBS and Paramount Home Video also just released two “Best Of” DVD sets for the most popular Trek series, The Original Series and The Next Generation. See below for our review of these bargain-priced Star Trek starter kits.


Basic Trek sets for $10
These sets are not part of the ‘fan collective’ series and are much more basic (and less expensive). The TOS and TNG releases each contain four episodes to give newcomers a taste of Trek. These are basic sets with no special features (except previews, including the new Star Trek TOS Season 1 and TOS Movie Blu-ray sets). Sets are presented in full screen with English 5.1, Spanish Mono and Brazilian Portuguese Mono as well as English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles. Both are each one-disc DVDs with a MSRP of $14.99, and a street price of around $10. 


The Best of Star Trek: The Original Series


The set contains four episodes:

The navigation is pretty basic with limited options.

For the Original Series set, these are the Remastered versions with new computer graphics, which is fitting given the target demographic of new fans. The episode selections seem appropriate. The City on the Edge of Forever is an acclaimed episode and one that gives insight into Kirk and friendship with Spock. The Trouble with Tribbles is of course a great lighthearted classic that should accessible to anyone. Balance of Terror is another episode to show how Kirk and Spock both work. The writers of Star Trek (2009) have said Balance of Terror was a favorite episode. Lastly, Amok Time is a look at Spock’s culture from a time when we didn’t know much of anything about his mysterious background. It compliments what is put forth in the movie about Vulcan culture.

More information and reviews of these episodes can be found in our TOS Remastered section.


The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation



Same option as TOS set, but with TNG artwork.

These episodes are of course the same as those from the TNG season sets. So they look good, but quality varies by the season it was produced in. The episode choices here generally make sense. The Best of Both Worlds is a given, this two-parter propelled The Next Generation’s popularity through the stratosphere when it left us hanging while we waited out the summer in 1990. The Measure of a Man is an excellent episode from the second season and one that shows off how TNG tackled issues of ethics and morality with intelligent discourse. The only odd man out of the bunch is Yesterday’s Enterprise. While an excellent episode it requires the viewer to understand the significance of Tasha Yar’s sudden return to the bridge. I can see why CBS chose to put it on the disc, it deals with an alternate time-line where events have changed people’s biographies, which is a clear parallel to the new J.J. Abrams movie.


Bottom line – good bargain Trek starter kits
These DVDs are not aimed at the hardcore Star Trek fan. Given the wording on the back of the cases it is clear these are aimed to get those who saw the new J.J. Abrams movie and were impressed with it and wanted a look at the Trek that came before it. The actual street price is closer to $10 making the DVDs a perfect impulse buy, if the consumer doesn’t like what they saw, they’re only out about $10. It is also a great gift for a new Trekker to help introduce them to the rest of the Star Trek universe.

Available at Amazon for $9.99 each…



Coming Next: TOS Movie Blu-ray Collection & Galaxy Quest!
Our next Star Trek home video review will be for the Star Original Motion Picture Collection on Blu-Ray. We will also be reviewing the new deluxe edition of Galaxy Quest, the great Trek parody starring Tim Allen. Look for those later in the week.





1. Devon Richards - May 13, 2009

The measure of a man is NOT a better episode than “The Inner Light”!

Though it is very “Star Trekky” is you’re just looking for a “lesson of the week” episode, but not one of the best episodes of the series as a whole.

Why not –
Arsenal of Freedom
We’ll always have Paris
Final Mission
Sins of the father
The Chase
1000111 ( whatever the hell the Binars episode is called)
The Nth degree

Hell, I can think of many that are better than Measure of a Man

2. MC1 Doug - May 13, 2009

I beg to differ, “Measure of a Man” is an excellent choice about the morality of man, and it is far from just an episode of the week…

3. The Gorn Identity - May 13, 2009

So are the “Fan Collective” sets no longer produced now? I was fully expecting a ROMULAN Collective to be released in conjunction with the new film but that never materialized.

4. DavidJ - May 13, 2009

Always thought Inner Light was a bit overrated myself. I agree though there are probably much better episodes than Measure of a Man they could have included.

5. bigby bananaman - May 13, 2009

#1 – “Rascals”?


6. Matt Wright - May 13, 2009

#1 — I think Yesterday’s Enterprise should have been taken off and Inner Light put in its place. I disagree (and many others too) with you about Measure of a Man.

#3 — I don’t know. Remember these aren’t replacing anything per-say, these are for new Trek fans who only know the Abramsverse (AKA nuTrek)

7. JoBlo - May 13, 2009

What’s so great about Measure of a Man. Boring, season 2 episode. All of season 2 was terrible.

8. cagmar - May 13, 2009

Yeah, why would they choose Yesterday’s Enterprise over, say, Parallels or even Tapestry? Tapestry wasn’t even on the timetravel DVD – what’s up with that?

Orci, Kutzman et al really could have done a lot more exploration of STXI’s ideas in ST XI – so I guess they’re trying to get out some DVDs that will explain it for them. Just hope this doesn’t mean they’re going to try to redo Best of Both Worlds (and make it worse)… ?

Oh, on a side note: I’m frustrated the production team is explaining things from Star Trek on Lost and Fringe now. Don’t explain Star Trek to me on some other show, guys! One or two sentences from Spock could have added so much depth to the movie. Anything Jack said in the tent to Kate last episode, or some of the clips I’ve seen of Fringe where crazy scientist guy is talking to bad actor kid… that stuff really makes you think and gets you. Written by others, though, I guess… Ridiculous.

9. cagmar - May 13, 2009

#1, #2 – Better than Measure of a Man — but a far more complex idea, try The Offspring.

10. Trek Defense League - May 13, 2009

Balance of Terror instead of The Doomsday Machine? Strange choice.

11. Christine - May 13, 2009

I think for TNG they needed a Q episode. Q was amazing.

12. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 13, 2009

They should have had Q Who. That was a good one. Cause and effect was also a great one and of corse the Best of both Worlds 1 and 2. For Tos. City on the Edge of forever and Tommorow is Yesterday and Assignment Earth and Doomsday machine. Those would have been my choices.

13. Primogen - May 13, 2009

#10 — Not strange at all! I love Doomsday Machine too, but I hear far more Trek fans and production people mention Balance of Terror as a favorite episode. Plus, it introduced Romulans to the Trek universe.

14. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 13, 2009

If they do one for Ds9 then Trials and Tribbleations and way of the warrior 1and 2. and Sacrefice of angels.For Voyager Caretaker 1 and 2 and End Game 1 and 2. For Enterprise. In a Mirror darkley 1 and 2 and Shockwave 1 and 2.

15. Paul Walker - May 13, 2009

Unfortunately, no matter what episodes are released on DVD you cannot please everyone. Everyone around the world has their favorites…Someone chose these episodes as their favorites to put on the DVD’s . Any fan can create their own DVD disks of their favorite episodes. So nitpicking these choices is redundant…. and pointless…..

16. Mawazitus - May 13, 2009

I’d like to point out that calling these ‘bargains’ is, perhaps, a bit misleading. You’re getting 4 episodes for $10.00, so that’s $2.50 per episode. If you buy an entire season of TNG for $38.89 (, that’s $1.50 per episode.

I suppose you could argue that you’re paying a ‘premium’ for just buying very good episodes, and that a collection of mediocre episodes would cost less than $1.50 per episode.

17. cagmar - May 13, 2009

Capt Mike, any DS9 collection needs The Visitor.

18. cagmar - May 13, 2009

#15, True. But still fun to discuss favorite episodes.

19. Darkwing - May 13, 2009

i personally think Darmok is a great TNG episode, but it tends to be overlooked sometimes

20. The Original Spock's Brain - May 13, 2009

Measure of Man is one of the best in the spirit of Trek. Yes, Inner Light is better, but to high-brow for a casual audience, which is what these sets are aimed at.

21. MC1 Doug - May 13, 2009

I think one criteria should be has is been used eleswhere? Both the ‘Inner LIght’ and ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ have been used on other collections.

22. The Original Spock's Brain - May 13, 2009

#21 Good point. I don’t like double-dipping.

23. RTC - May 13, 2009

Have to chuckle at the back ‘n’ forth. No way that anyone could pick ‘the best of…’ from Trek and have everyone agree! :-) [I’m waiting for the ‘Spock’s Brain’ fans to pipe up any minute now….] That said, these are good episodes and a nice intro to TOS and TNG.

24. MC1 Doug - May 13, 2009

I really don’t like funny SF, but have often thought that the fan collectives should do a boxed set on the lighter side of TREK.

TOS pulled off humor quite well, the best of the franchise (even exhibited nicely in the current movie… there’s something about Roddenberry’s first crew that lends itself to poking fun, usually without doing it to itself).

TNG not so much. What few attempts of humor attempted by TNG fell flat on its collective face (i.e.,, ‘The Outageous Okuda,’ arguably the worst Star Trek episode ever).

DS9 admirably pulled off a couple light hearted episodes. ‘Little Green Men,’ for example.

VOY also pulled off a few good funny episodes, usually centered around the ‘Captain Proton’ stories.

ENT, like TNG, lacked a sense of humor. for the most part.

25. cd - May 13, 2009

I don’t see a ‘Best Of’ for Voyager. I guess that make sense: they couldn’t get away with selling an empty box…


26. GarySeven - May 13, 2009

#23’s logic is sound.

27. Millennium Vulcan - May 13, 2009

All of you are mentioning great episodes. It’s good to see people still passionate about TNG. I have too many “favorites”.

28. Millennium Vulcan - May 13, 2009


Don’t be hatin’ on Voyager :(

29. MC1 Doug - May 13, 2009

#25: oh contrare, Voyager had quite a few excellent episodes.

While I do view VOY as the weakest of the TREKs, but even a weak TREK is superior to a lot of the other schlock out there…. and the fourth incarnation had a good deal more good episodes than one might think.

Recently, I did a VOY marathon (being currently unemployed I don’t have much else to do), watching the entire series again. I found it much much better than I originally recalled.

But that is just my opinion, which is worth no more, no less than the rest of you.

30. Jake - May 13, 2009

Why the heck would anyone have a problem with funny trek.. Humor helped star trek seem more human more real. not a bunch of boring robots in space. The cast had great humor on all the shows and it brought life to the series. And EXCELLS the new movie!

31. Thorny - May 13, 2009

I’ve always considered “Measure of a Man” one of the best TNG episodes. “Inner Light” is better, but “Inner Light” is almost entirely Picard with very little of the rest of the cast, so I can see why Paramount didn’t put it in the set.

cd… They could easily do a Best of Voyager set. Voyager had fewer good or great episodes than TNG or DS9, but it still has plenty to choose from. “Living Witness”, “Deadlock”, and “Scorpion Pts 1 and 2″, for instance.

32. EFFeX - May 13, 2009

Voyager was a great show with some VERY memorable episodes.

33. Sybok's Secret Brother - May 13, 2009

#25 – It would contain “Counterpoint”, “One Small Step”, “Message in a Bottle” and “Endgame”

34. Mark T. - May 13, 2009

If you do not own and love Galaxy Quest then you are taking your Trek far too seriously! I’m looking forward to the review on this one.

I think this movie is responsible for my wife laughing at inappropriate times during Trek episodes.

35. sebimeyer - May 13, 2009

The way I understood it when these sets were announced was that these were intended for “new” fans who want to explote the other shows and movies after seeing the new one.

If I was a Trek-noob it would confuse me quite a bit to see Amok Time as it is almost entirely set on Vulcan, which I saw destroyed.

For that reason Amok Time is a bit of an odd choice, although it IS one of the best episodes.

36. Maximus - May 13, 2009

I wouldn’t have included “Measure of Man”. Maybe would have put in “Conspiracy” instead. Or one of the Q episodes.

Now if only we could get a “Best of Deep Space Nine” collection.

For me, it would include :

The Way of the Warrior (pts. I and II)
Trials and Tribble-ations
In the Pale Moonlight

37. Larry Spock - May 13, 2009

Balance of Terror is usually sited as a favorite due to the parallels it draws to the classic submarine/destroyed battle in the Pacific as depicted in The Enemy Below starring Kurt Jergens and Robert Mitcheum. If you want to see the origin of the idea for Balance of Terror, this movie is a must see.

38. Jotin - May 13, 2009

What about the other series?

39. Jeff - May 13, 2009

I”m pretty sure that everyone knows that this is a different Kirk and Spock compared to the new movie. It was practically the whole plot!

40. Michael Hall - May 13, 2009

Watch the DVDs–skip the movie.

41. jas_montreal - May 13, 2009

I think they REALLY NEED too release dvds with 20 BEST EPISODES OF THE NEXT GENERATION. And sell that for like 25 bucks. Now thats a good sell. Just 4 episodes seems very short. TV episodes go by really quickly. I sometimes even catch a star trek episode on my way to school on the bus on my ipod touch. They need more bigger dvd’s then that.

42. Dunsel Report - May 13, 2009

#36 I agree about “Conspiracy.”

43. MC1 Doug - May 13, 2009

#36: There’s no need to include any ‘Q’ episodes on any collection, not when there is a fan collective ‘Q collection already.

Again, I’d prefer new collections include episodes not already used.

Just my 02

44. VoR - May 13, 2009


The movie rocks Michael. Stop being a pill.

45. Daz - May 13, 2009

Mmmm… Best of Voyager:
– Memorial,
-Flesh and Blood Pt 1 & 2… actually there’s too many.. arghs!!!

Altho it’d be easy to do Funniest of Voyager:

-Bride of Chaotica,
-Author, Author,
-Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy,
-Message in a Bottle

46. SPOCKBOY - May 13, 2009


47. SPOCKBOY - May 13, 2009

Does anyone know if these DVD’s have their own 5.1 version of the restored 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio sound tracks that the new Blue ray’s have?

Wow….talk about treknobabble!

: )

48. Michael Hall - May 13, 2009


Sorry, you’re entirely right. I don’t like killjoys, don’t like being one myself. But after almost three years of coming here and sopping-up every rumor connected with this film on an almost daily basis–not to mention all the hype of the last few weeks–it’s hard, in my profound disappointment, not to vent just a little bit. Hope you can understand.

You think this movie “rocks,” fine. But the sad truth is, there’s more genuine wit and substance in the first fifteen minutes of any of these modestly produced TV episodes than the entirety of J.J. Abrams’ megapalooza extravaganza. And that’s a crying shame.

49. Enterprise - May 13, 2009

Is it me or is Tribbles on every box set? How about Doomsday Machine?

50. ken1w - May 13, 2009

“Balance if Terror” was certainly a good episode, but it was one of the earlier Remastered efforts, before the team got on a roll with how to do it right. In some ways, I thought the original effects were better for that one (compared to the remastered version). I would have gone with “Doomsday Machine,” which is a a better Remastered episode; the new effects make a big difference.

However, since the other three choices are as good ones, I can’t really argue with the choices. I would have included both Balance of Terror and Doomsday Machine, but the other three are too popular to include two “space battle” episodes.

As for TNG choices, “Inner Light” may be my favorite episode of any Star Trek series, so it definitely deserves to be there instead of “The Measure of a Man.” The other three choices are excellent ones.

51. Skippy2k - May 13, 2009

Looking at the screenshots, thats Vektor’s (from the trekbbs) Constitution 1700 model on the Set Up page.

52. cap10kirk - May 13, 2009

spock prime has nine years to set up new vulcan in the orciverse according to the prime universe chronology.since kirk was 34 in season 2 i wonder if we see t’pring in spock’s love triangle in st2011 which would be 7 years before amok time if time is fluid. also kirk prime made a baby in 2260/61

53. neonknights - May 13, 2009

Balance of Terror being the favourite episode of the Abrams-Trek writers?? It seems unlikely that they’ve ever seen it. The new movie totally forgets that there was no contact between the Federation and the Romulans between the 2160s and 2266, and no visual contact at all, prior to Balance of Terror. Humans didn’t even know they were the descendant of the Vulcans, and it came as a big shock in BoT.

54. VulcanNonibird - May 14, 2009

Yesterday’s Enterprise is a great Ep – but in comparison to the movie previous stories always returned to the original timeline in the end.

I kind of suspected it in the movie for a moment when the Enterprise was breaking free from the black hole and travelling in the “white-out” warp-transfer – and when they return only the people aboard Enterprise know the Nero-episode – and a scene á la Amok Time: Spock seeing his mother alive and hugging her widely smiling….but well, you can’t have all….(-:

Balance of Terror is my fav TOS show – even if it is an submarine battle in space – but the acting is superb.

Two other eps I would’ve added:

“Errand Of Mercy” – John Collicos is the best Klingon to date, Quote: “It would’ve been glorious!”

“Journey to Babel” – Here we have Spock and his parents again – and Spock butting heads with his father driving Amanda furious….

55. Paul - May 14, 2009

Weird choices. What sort of “Best of” is it without the The Doomstay Machine?

56. David B - May 14, 2009

Has anyone other than me bought the remastered sets for Seasons 1-3 in the UK in the new style packaging?

These have four episodes per disc similar to the original season box sets but I have noticed that episodes aren’t grainy but tend to have a lot of digital noise. The kind you get if you use a low compression rate or not a decent compressor.

If you look past the film and compare the DVD image with the original season box sets there seems to be more digital noise.

Has anyone in the UK noticed this?

57. Covus - May 14, 2009

@7: TNG Season 2 is with Season 6 my favourite TNG Season.

58. Jim Smith - May 14, 2009

@ 23 ”Spock’s Brain” is enormous fun. Every season of every Star Trek show has at least one episode that is worse than ‘Spock’s Brain’. Most seasons of ‘Voyager’ have more than twenty! : )

59. catchupwiththesun - May 14, 2009

inner light, yesterday’s enterprise, the offspring and darmok would probably be my four faves… measure of a man is good though.

60. Rico - May 14, 2009

I was most curious on how the TNG shows look on Blu-Ray. Have they been remastered?

61. Of Bajor - May 14, 2009

Any DS9 compilation needs “in the Pale Moonlight” and “Far Beyond the Stars”

62. Scott B. here. - May 14, 2009

Re: 48 – Michael, you’re speaking to my heart, man. Is there a place people like us can go to commiserate? I’m not so much “hatin'” as massively “disappointin'” on the new movie.

As for these cherry-picked boxed sets, does anyone agree with me that they need to do a set featuring all the spin-off show episodes where actors from TOS reprised their roles? “Encounter at Farpoint,” “Unification,” Relics,” “Blood Oath,” etc?

Scott B. out.

63. U.F.P. - May 14, 2009

THIS IS A DISASTER!!! I think these picks , while not what I would choose are fine. These sets are not for us but folks who are just getting started in Trek. Buy some for gifts, I also like the fact there are only 4 episodes, give someone a short story and they may read it and want more, give them War & Peace and watch it collect dust. If these are successful I’m sure we’ll all see more of our personal fav’s. BTW I am surprised at how many think “Inner Light ” is one of their fav’s , mine too! Ohh…it’s me isn’t it ?

Also I don’t have any re-mastered so I may buy the TOS one…

64. Mr Lirpa - May 14, 2009

@53, go watch Balance of Terror again, there may have been no actual contact with Romulans for a hundred year (which i’ve always found hard to swallow) but the whole B plot is about the hatred habored by the crew towards Romulans, Lieutenant Stiles hates them because his relatives died in that war and along with the Neutral zone shows that there ws still a great awareness of the Romulans in the TOS era.

65. They call me Stasiu - May 14, 2009

I think these “Best of” sets contain great episode choices, featuring a good mix of humor, action and drama.

66. Jorg Sacul - May 14, 2009

how about a cross-series “Mirror Universe” set?

67. pinky - May 14, 2009

yeah, you know, i stopped watching Voyager after the second season and then returned to it for Endgame and watched all the re-runs in chronological order when it began to re-air… And I’ve realized Voyager isn’t that bad. The characters were the weakest of all ST, but the stories were astounding at times. A good story with an intriguing premise is sometimes SO wonderful. DS9’s religious and political episodes (eck!) were easily worse than anything Voyager did – take your pick. And that from me, a guy who loved DS9 in a way that’s indescribable. Just give Voyager a break. Maybe go back to it and watch the series again… smart shows usually improve upon rewatching. Unlike loud, noisy, boom-banging ones.

68. John from Cincinnati - May 14, 2009

Not just the ‘Inner Light’ but I also think ‘Lessons’ is one of the best Star Trek episodes of all-time.

69. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

All 4 episodes on the TOS “Best Of” set fall in my top 20—-so no actual complaint. I don’t think I can rank them behind what’s in the top twenty and what isn’t.

“The City On The Edge Of Forever”
“Where No Man Has Gone Before”
“The Menagerie, Part. I”
“The Menagerie, Part II”
“Balance Of Terror”
“Space Seed”
“Errand Of Mercy”
“The Doomsday Machine”
“Friday’s Child”
“Mirror, Mirror”
“Amok Time”
“Journey To Babel”
“The Trouble With Tribbles”
“The Tholian Web”
“Day Of The Dove”
“The Enterprise Incident”
“The Ultimate Computer”
“The Changeling”

Any four off that list would have been acceptable to me. My own personal favorites among them vary by mood, but those are all great and worthy episodes to me.

What might be even more fun would be to select four from the category of “so bad they’re good” episodes:

“The Way To Eden”
“Spock’s Brain”
“Plato’s Stepchildren”
“A Piece Of The Action”

Can you imagine the sales on :)

70. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

There aren’t many TNG episodes that stand out as much for me, but I love “Yesterday’s Enterprise”….great story (and probably could have been a better feature film than any of the ones from the TNG-era, IMO), and it’s the only one I will go out of my way to watch in syndication.

71. ML31 - May 14, 2009

I said it before and I will say it again.

“The Measure of a Man” was crap.

“Tapastry” or “The Inner Light” would have been better choices.

72. U.F.P. - May 14, 2009

71 moam isn’t crap in my eyes and it is a decent charater study. IL is one of my favs but you have to be emotionally involved with Picard for it to work well. Remember this is an introduction for newbies.

73. U.F.P. - May 14, 2009

71 ditto tap, good episode but to picardcentric for new folks,imo. They will be able to enjoy these episodes to thier fullest after a more rounded intro to TNG.

74. U.F.P., $Version=0 - May 14, 2009

to too two 2

75. King Zooropa - May 14, 2009

Wow. It’s funny to see all the vitriol spewed toward “Measure of a Man.” Personally, it’s one of my favorite episodes precisely because it’s more than just your typical one-hour shoot-em-ups.

In fact, I remember one of my college professors using it in one of our philosophy classes to talk about the nature of sentience and humanity. People who never experienced Star Trek — let alone TNG — were fascinated and sat in rapt attention. I’ll never forget one girl in particular standing up and saying “I never thought Star Trek was about anything except silly aliens and cardboard sets.”

For several days, our class used the episode to debate the finer points of deep philosophical questions. It makes you think, doesn’t it? There’s not a very long line, I guess, from Descartes to Roddenberry (and Melinda Snodgrass, the episode’s writer).

— KZ

p.s. Of course the ironic coda to the story is that we later used a M*A*S*H episode (“Preemptive Medicine”) to frame a debate about situational ethics and the nature of morality. That episode transformed me into a total M*A*S*H geek.

76. cagmar - May 14, 2009

#75 and others, Nice to see some defense for the quality hour of television known as Measure of a Man. That was an excellent episode and well worth praise. The Offspring was in a similar vein and similarly astonishing. (Now I can see where all these ridiculously glowing reviews for the new, brain-damaged movie are coming from!)

As far as philosophy classes, that’s very cool they showed Measure of a Man to your class. At my university, we were shown Darmok during a communications lecture and questions about it came up on the exams. Star Trek is huge in the universities. (But I can guarantee they will NEVER show STXI.)

77. Matt Wright - May 14, 2009

76 — oh man Darmok that would make a great Com Studies example. Yeah nuTrek isn’t exactly up to academic standards.

78. U.F.P., $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0 - May 14, 2009

75/76 I find it f@&ing hilarious that my trek is part of your education…i watched it for free! so long suckers…lol

79. King Zooropa - May 14, 2009

#78 I should clarify that this was in 1997. It’s not like I’m a young pup. *grin*

But the larger point still remains. Star Trek is mainstream enough that it’s now used in education settings. It was always popular on college campuses, so this is just a natural evolution.

#76 I have heard of classes using Darmok, too. It’s a brilliant episode, and works on so many levels. More people probably went out and bought a copy of Gilgamesh in the years following its airing than at any other time in history.

80. cd - May 14, 2009

#46 – >;>}

81. cd - May 14, 2009

#48-Disappointed pretty much sums it up. My reaction to Star Trek was much like my reaction to Superman Returns, only magnified. The actors did a fine job, with what they were given, but the writers really seemed to miss the mark. Disappointing. (But do look for cloud cities and forests with teddy bears in the sequels!)

82. cd - May 14, 2009

#76 – Measure of A Man was really a very good example of a good Star Trek episode. When Picard (and the audience) realize the fate of Data is about the larger issue of slavery: it is one of those ‘a-ha’ moments that reveal how great Star Trek can be.

83. RD - May 14, 2009


**The City on the Edge of Forever – Perhaps the best of all the Trek films, particularly for the ladies, and deals with the ideas of time travel and alternate universes in a very real way for the average audience (what if Hitler won WWII, it doesn’t get any more basic than that).
**The Trouble with Tribbles – The most fun of all the episodes and features Scotty in a real and humorous way to which he was depicted in the film.
**Balance of Terror – Clearly a better choice over Doomsday because it introduces us to the Romulans, the protagonists of the new film. While Doomsday is a better space battle, it explores human elements that have nothing to do with the film (I mean Dekker is supposed to be on OUR side).
**Amok Time – Helps define Mr. Spock, arguably the most difficult character for new audiences to embrace, as well as a really good look at the complicated an warm relationship between McCoy, Kirk & Spock.

84. Bobby - May 14, 2009


“I”m pretty sure that everyone knows that this is a different Kirk and Spock compared to the new movie. It was practically the whole plot!”

Except that the back cover blurb of the DVD set seems to be going out of its way to imply otherwise: “You’ve met Kirk and Spock as young men on the big screen, now join them on their later journeys …” I could see that being a bit confusing if you’re a noob.

85. Holger - May 15, 2009

I think this Best-Of is a nice service for newcomers. Of course us fans could debate endlessly about the choice of top episodes. But anyway, newbies get a good picture of TOS and TNG from these sets I think.

70 Closettrekker: Yesterday’s Enterprise “probably could have been a better feature film than any of the ones from the TNG-era”

I agree 100%. The trouble would have been that the viewer has know who Tasha Yar was. But that backstory could have been worked into a movie somehow.
The cheapest way: just show a clip of Tasha’s death at the beginning of the movie, like in STIII.

86. ChristopherPike - May 15, 2009

I still can’t help feeling a “Star Trek: Beginnings” box set would’ve done great business.

TOS: The Cage, Where No Man & The Man Trap (Premiere) plus 1st Animated Series episode… can’t remember if that’s Tribbles or Beyond the Farthest Star, whichever.

ENT: Broken Bow, TNG: Encounter At Farpoint

DS9: Emissary, VOY: Caretaker

87. DJ Neelix - May 15, 2009

@42 Michael Hall
@62 Scott B
@76 cagmar

Thanks for not making me feel so alone concerning my feelings towards the new, dumbed-down Trek.
I was looking forward to the new movie yet with a very open mind. I wanted to like it and thought it was going to be pretty good after all.

But to me it was pure muscles and no brain. For me it felt like the death of cerebral Trek.

I didn’t hate it either, I just felt very sad this is what has become of Star Trek.

If there was a special forum for us who doesn’t think the new movie “rocks”, then I would definitely sign on, haha.

88. Closettrekker - May 15, 2009

#85—-I think that Tasha’s significance is actually well-conveyed within the episode itself (without knowledge of the episode which depicts her death), but you’re right. A 90 minute movie could only have endeared the audience that much more to her, making her sacrifice all the more impactful.

I’m not much of a TNG fan at all, but I still found this episode to be a fantastic story—certainly a highlight of the spinoff era for me.

89. Closettrekker - May 15, 2009

#87—“But to me it was pure muscles and no brain. For me it felt like the death of cerebral Trek.”

I suppose I can empathize… I found the 24th century spinoff era to be the death of “fun Trek”.

It turned out to be just a long slumber instead.

90. Scott B. here. - May 15, 2009

Re: #87 – DJ – Surely there are more of us out there. I started off with a great deal of hope for the new movie. I thought the casting news was fantastic, and still think the best part of the movie was the performances. 95% of the rest of it was bitterly disappointing however. I’m particularly troubled by the conscious reboot of Kirk as the parody version of Kirk that has arisen over the years, rather than the soldier/scholar Horatio Hornblower type he really was in the original series.

Sure would be nice to have a forum to delve into all this therapeutically, without being labeled a hater.

Scott B. out.

91. Closettrekker - May 15, 2009

#83—-That’s a pretty solid analysis, except that “Journey To Babel” might be even better for delving into the Spock character, if relating this to the film were some sort of criteria, particularly since Sarek and Amanda (as well as Spock’s relationship to them) are introduced in that episode as well. We really sees what eats at Spock in JTB. It highlights the inner conflict.

92. Krazy Joe - May 15, 2009

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