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Star Trek Box Office Still Strong + Abrams Fan Q&A + More ST09 Tidbits May 13, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Great Links,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

For its fifth day Star Trek continues to show box office strength as it approaches the $100M mark in the US, and Paramount is already making money in the home market as well. We have those details and some more ST09 Tidbits including an Abrams fan Q&A, the Star Trek ARG in video, and more…even a look at how TOS would look in the hands of Star Trek’s cinematographer.


Box Office Watch: Trek stays strong
Star Trek continues to stretch its legs with a $6.51M showing on Tuesday domestically. For comparisons, Wolverine made $4.63M on its first Tuesday and Batman Begins brought in $5.40, so Trek continues to show sustainability with a domestic total of $93.3M so far domestically. For some interesting ‘showdowns’ at Box Office Mojo, check out Star Trek vs. Wolverine & Iron Man and ‘Franchise Reboots.’

FX buys TV rights
Are you too cheap or too broke to go see Star Trek in theaters or on DVD or on pay TV? Well mark your calendar for the 2011 holiday season, when Star Trek will air on the FX cable network, for which they just shelled out $24M according to Variety. For pay TV, you will be able to see Star Trek exclusively on a new channel called Epix, which should premiere later this year. Epix is partially owned by Paramount and will also be making films available in HD over the internet. 

Abrams talks to Memory Alpha
About a month ago, we announced that Wiki community leader Wikia was hosting a user-generated interview with Star Trek director and producer J.J. Abrams on Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki. The community submitted nearly 150 questions, 15 of which were submitted and 10 of which were answered by Abrams. Here are a couple:

Did the vast Trek canon help or hurt your work to make this film? 31dot

Well, it was hugely helpful because it gave us parameters. We knew that within that framework we could create, explore, and experiment. It’s actually nice when you’re given a box…. when you’re given parameters that you have to honor because it gives you limits and then you know that within those boundaries you can be creatively risky.

Being that this is a movie that involves time travel, if you could go back in time and change one aspect of this film, what would it be? JerryJoe216

That’s a tricky one. I guess that the answer really is a million little things. Its so hard to think of one thing that I would change. All I see when I watch the movie are all these little things. I think "Ah damn it, I could’ve done that better, or I blew that". I’m incredibly proud of the work that everyone did, but I always find there are things. I’ll think, "Oh my god I should’ve had it look that way instead of that way…. I should’ve done this, should’ve done that." So its not just one particular thing.

Go to Memory Alpha to see the full Q&A

Star Trek ARG in 4 minutes
Yesterday the alternate reality game tied to the Star Trek movie came to an end, with Leonard Nimoy handing out some prizes. We have been tracking this game all along the way, but the detailed updates could be a bit complicated. Now that the game is over, ElliRico has summarized it in a nice video.

The Spill Review
Popular site Spill have put up their enterainintg and animated round table review:

TrekMovie in the news
Over the last couple of weeks members of the TrekMovie team have been making comments to the press regarding fandom and the new Star Trek movie. Yesterday I was a guest on The World Tonight on Canada’s CHQR (should appear in their podcast soon). I am also quoted in a new article at Globe and Mail. And since I didn’t feel like going to a TV studio at 4AM, our own Toronto boy (and comics editor) appeared Alex Fletcher appeared on CTV’s Canada AM last Friday (video not online). Speaking of Canada TV, if you caught the recent Star Trek movie marathon on the Space Channel, you may have caught clips of me talking about the various Star Trek films. Also our merchandise maven John Tenuto is quoted in an article in Toy Collector Magazine. And finally our science gal Kayla Iacovino was interviewed by her local Fox affiliate while in line for the Star Trek movie, watch that one:

MSM again misunderstand TrekMovie commenter
Regular readers know that I have a bit of a pet peeve when it comes to those in the mainstream media who continue to push stereotypes, especially when they use this site to do it. It has happened again with an article in Reuters, which quotes TrekMovie community member James Heaney talking about the recent appearance of Chris Pine and Zach Quinto on SNL. Here is the section:

Then Pine, who plays Captain Kirk, tried to explain how the movie portrays the famed Star Trek transporters.

“I swear that the transporters on this enterprise utilize the Heisey … Oh God I have no idea what I’m talking about,” Pine said.

Well, the “Trekkers” have noticed the jab they took on “SNL.” On the fan site, one commentator using the name James Heaney wrote, “Oh my Q… Chris Pine doesn’t know what a *Heisenberg compensator* is? We’re all screwed.”

The article was trying to make the point that Trekkies don’t have a sense of humor and are nitpicking losers, but the irony is that they again missed that the commenter was being ironic. James even wrote ‘this is a disaster’ in his comment.

To be honest, I really am not fond of the fact that the MSM are trolling through the comments of and looking for examples to fit into their stereotpyes. Keep that in mind next time you want to go off on the size of some nacelles.

Finally: Star Trek done like Star Trek
A lot has been said about Cinematography of the new Star Trek. A fan has decided to see what TOS would look like in the hands of JJ Abrams and Daniel Mindel.



1. Adam Cohen - May 14, 2009

Lens flares!

One good thing about them is that if the new crew came across Vin Diesel’s character Riddick, he would be rendered incapacitated by the Enterprise’s interior lighting!

“The goggles! They do nothing!”

2. cagmar - May 14, 2009

LOL That video “Star Trek done like Star Trek” is awesomely right! Awesome! … because it’s true. LOL

3. Illogical - May 14, 2009

Love the TOS vid done JJ style!

4. captain_neill - May 14, 2009

I wish to god the mainstream media would stop pointing out the trek fans as sad losers

It sickens me when they try to give us a bad name, this is worse than misunderstanding us.

5. MC1 Doug - May 14, 2009

100 million before the week is over?? Unthinkable! but quite possible!

6. trekkerguy - May 14, 2009

“…that Trekkies don’t have a sense of humor and are nitpicking losers…”

Doesn’t sound too far off actually…

7. JJ_roddenberry - May 14, 2009

HA HA HA!!!!

Nice lens flares video. I hope it’ll prompt him into finding a better ‘trademark’… Hitchcock had the reverse dolly zoom and Tarantino has a foot fetish. Surely Abrams can come up with something more memorable than ‘point torch at camera. shake well’.

8. Jordan - May 14, 2009

This film deserves every success it earns. It is by far and away the finest Star Trek film I have ever seen, and I’ve been a very discerning Trek fan for years. I am eternally grateful to JJ Abrams and crew, for they have delivered to me and every other fan the film we all have been wanting for years but have never been given. I have seen this film 3 times and plan to see it as many times as I can whilst it’s still in theaters!

9. trekkerguy - May 14, 2009

“Surely Abrams can come up with something more memorable than ‘point torch at camera. shake well’.”

Except it adds a nice look and real feel to the film, since we see “lens
flare” in real life and nobody is on a steady cam…

10. cagmar - May 14, 2009

Woah, #8 Jordan, cool your jets man. Save some money for the next one. There has to be better Star Trek still to come.

11. Sci-Fi Bri - May 14, 2009

the MSM is a bunch of jocks, so w/e…

12. Dan - May 14, 2009

This movie is well made, but I hate that it erases the TOS and TNG timelines as they were/are!

13. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 14, 2009

Looks like they will get more of my money. Trek is good enough for a second viewing. Pehaps a third.

14. S. John Ross - May 14, 2009

Lens flare video = Perfect, true, and yet more perfect.

Now that the film’s done, I’d really like to see Abrams speak more candidly on how the Writer’s Strike affected the film. There was a lot of talk and speculation at the time, but if he or the writers have ever come clean in any detail, I missed that post :/

15. JonBuck - May 14, 2009

Great movie, but next time…

Less shaky cam, less lens flares.
Build a much better Engineering set.


16. ety3 - May 14, 2009

#12 —

It doesn’t. If it did, Nimoy’s Spock would have the same memories as Quinto’s Spock. Remember, Uhura said, “Alternate reality.” TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, etc., all happened as we saw in a different universe.

17. Hat Rick - May 14, 2009

That video is so bright, I think I need to see an eye doctor now.

18. Sogh Ho'neH jorDe' taI-VamPyr - May 14, 2009

JJ Abrams just needs to bring the Klingon Empire into the mix, if he wants to make a film with a lot of Action.


19. Dan - May 14, 2009

Q: Why do some things appear different in the new Star Trek movie?
A: There is an alternative timeline created by Nero traveling back in time.

Q: Is everything different in the alternative timeline?
A: No, some things remain the same.

Q: Does this alternative timeline wipe out the original timeline (from TOS -Nemesis)?
A: No, quantum theory says they both co-exist.

Q: Does the original timeline continue?
A: Yes, again as explained by quantum theory.

Q: Does this quantum theory approach conform to ‘Trek science?’
A: Depends on the episode, but it is explicitly cited by Data in the episode “Parallels.”

20. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 14, 2009

Too bad they did not realize Engineering had problems. Perhaps the Writer’s strike was a problem. I can just imagine Scotty’s first comments.
Hey, come the thnk about it, I don’t remember a Scotty-meets-Engineering scene at all. I have to take care of that this weekend to be sure.

Careful… S P O I L E R A L E R T !

It was so nice that JJ nailed the core characters. I must admit, as a movie goer who is not afraid to let a tear roll when it feels right. There were three moments. Geroge Kirk’s sacrifice and their naming Jim. Kirk doing his magic in the Koby ashi maru simulator. That was real nice to see played perfectly. And Uhura’s moment with Spock on the Turblift.

The movie does have a real nice way of moving the story as a very fast pace.

Now that I think about it, I guess there are many quallities that are being missed, or dismissed. I have not commented on the lens flares, but I am sure they are there for a reason.

21. Dan - May 14, 2009

While watching the movie, no where was it mentioned or infered that the film was an alternate timeline. With Nero following through with his revenge he believed his actions would restore his future timeline. Even Spock was surprised to see that Kirk wasn’t captian yet, as he believed he was in his own pasts timeline.

22. Shunnabunich - May 14, 2009


Q: Why do some things appear different in the new Star Trek movie?
A: J.J. Abrams has an unhealthy degree of affection for lens flares.

Q: Is everything different in the alternative timeline?
A: No, the characters’ names remain the same.

Q: Does this alternative timeline wipe out the original timeline (from TOS -Nemesis)?
A: No, the movie is an entirely separate “what if” take on Star Trek which has only the necessary connections to the original canon.

Q: Does the original timeline continue?
A: Not bloody likely, considering Enterprise (such as it was) got canned back in 2005 and nobody’s heard anything since.

Q: Does this quantum theory approach conform to ‘Trek science?’
A: Data said so, and he is a pimp, so don’t you be mouthing off. He will smack a b*tch.


23. Charles Trotter - May 14, 2009

12. Dan

“This movie is well made, but I hate that it erases the TOS and TNG timelines as they were/are!”

No, it didn’t. See link below:

24. Charles Trotter - May 14, 2009

Oh, I see people have already answered with that same link. Good good. :)

25. Jack - May 14, 2009

#20 — I think they totally realized engineering had problems (although I still think it worked in the film — definitely more convincing than the neon reactor on TNG) — they chose the beer factory route because they couldn’t afford to build engineering sets.

26. Geoffers - May 14, 2009

6 – I think your right mate!

27. M-BETA - May 14, 2009

21 – There was a big discussion on the bridge regarding the alternate timeline.

Spock told everyone his theory on the matter and Uhura chimed in with

“an alternate reality”

Also, we know that both timelines exist due to Prime Spock keeping all his old memories.


Regarding a paradox, if Vulcan was destroyed then the Jellyfish wouldn’t have been built, red matter wouldn’t have been collected and Prime Spock wouldn’t have the means to create the black hole that caused the time travellng problem. So if all that is true then then this MUST be an alternate timeline/reality.

Otherwise time and space would just implode or something equally terrible.

28. Dyson Sphere - May 14, 2009

We already know there is the “Evil” mirror Universe so now there are three universes in Trek Canon.

Now if JJ’s crew were to meet their evil counterparts? Or would that be a fourth universe?

29. M-BETA - May 14, 2009

28 – I personally would theorise that there are an infinite number of parrallel realities. Each with a difference to our own. The black hole that the Narada came through was just a doorway to that specific reality.

Hence why in Yestrday’s Enterpise, they only affected their own reality and changed their own timeline, yet in this film the original timeline co-exists with the new alternate one. It depends on which rift in time/space you go through.

30. James - May 14, 2009

‘Point torch at camera. Shake well.’

LOL! New monitor was nearly required!

31. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - May 14, 2009

Hi folks, I’ve been away from this site for 2 weeks avoiding spoilers of all kinds, but I saw the movie tonight in an IMAX theater and I loved it! Not only that, but the whole audience totally dug it, start to finish, too. So, I have seen for myself how well it is doing, and I have to say, amen to the rebirth of Star Trek!

This is the new canon, and it in no way interferes with the old one. Yes, we’re going to have to keep our timelines separate, but that’s no more difficult than specifying that one thing happened in the Mirror universe as opposed to the normal one. Now, we just have to specify, prime timeline versus reboot timeline. I can live with that. Context will often suffice anyway.

32. I, Mugsy - May 14, 2009

Hahaha that’s a superb video – J.J. would be proud hehe!

After all this talk about lens flares it wasn’t QUITE as bad as I was expecting in the new film, but still a tad too over the top. I hope with the sequal J.J. reigns it in a little. Handheld for first person scenes, or scenes that demand a bit of disorientation, but not ALL the time. Lens flares don’t happen all the time either, and I still think cgi lens flares suck. I’d like to see a return to more traditional/timeless type filming for the sequal. Let the camera be more stationary, and let us be able to focus more on the actors and take in the surroundings/sets a little more please.

Still jazzed about the film – cannot wait to see it again. Thoroughly surpassed my expectations!

– Mugz

33. I, Mugsy - May 14, 2009

P.S. I’d LOVE to see in the sequal a first person view of being transported somewhere else – not sure if we’ve ever seen that before? I never watched Voyager or Enterprise so quite possible that it HAS been done. Just thought it would look cool on the big screen and would add to the realism…

34. jjjjjjjjjjj - May 14, 2009

A bit like going to the optician. I’m just going to shine this light into your eyes.

35. Doug L. - May 14, 2009

oh yeah… the lens flare clip is HYSTERICAL!

36. SB - May 14, 2009

Is the entire ST09 like the “old” Trek done as “new” Trek video? That made me nauseous.

37. JimJ - May 14, 2009

#37-No, it’s not like that. Fankly, I think the video is pathetic and isn’t even close to the style and artistry that JJ used in the movie via lens flares. Are there too many? Probably, but this little 1 minute+ video is pathetic. It doesn’t even actually look like lens flares. Sorry, but I think it is a poorly made video (no offense to the person who put it together for humor). It is funny, but it is NOT a true representative of what the movie was like at all.

38. Josh - May 14, 2009

5 – almost certain we’ll hit $100 million by the time Thursday’s numbers come in (Friday afternoon) at the rate it’s going. I doubt we’ll get over $100 million after Wednesday’s numbers, but we might if we get a bump (though most movies don’t usually go up very much from one day to the next mid-week)

28 – yeah, I kind of like seeing them as thus:

Timeline alpha – the timeline we see through all he previous shows and movies

Timeline beta – the mirror universe

Timeline gamma – this timeline

39. Sprout - May 14, 2009

Question (SPOILERS):

Pike tells young Kirk that his father saved 800 lives on the Kelvin, but the wide shot shows like 15 TOS era shuttle craft (which seat 8-ish) escaping before he rams the Narada. And the Kelvin didn’t look twice the size of the Enterprise. So, where did all those lives come from? Just wondering.

40. C.S. Lewis - May 14, 2009

4. captain_neill – May 14, 2009

I wish to god the mainstream media would stop pointing out the trek fans as sad losers

It sickens me when they try to give us a bad name, this is worse than misunderstanding us.

Dear Captain Neill,

In the cinema behind me were perhaps a dozen fat, middle aged fanatics of all genders laughing, nay cackling! at every possible, socially inappropriate moment in the film.

They cackled at emotional tension, they cackled at emotional release, they cackled when something new showed up, they cackled when something old showed up. They cackled when Leonard Nimoy showed up!

These are the people that give Star Trek fans a bad name. I paid $18 for the IMAX ticket, $12 more for junk food, and three hours’ hooky from work to see Star Trek! Eons before “IDIC” it was considered common courtesy to be quiet and unobtrusive in consideration of others when in public. Why is it those most vociferous about the so-called “evolved” ideology of IDIC and absolute tolerance are the most offensive (and annoying) nuisances in real life?

C.S. Lewis

41. TB - May 14, 2009


I’m with you. Not only that, but Shatner’s Kirk was always fretting about the responsibility he had for the lives of his 450 crew members. Also, would any charaterization of Spock–unless it’s the one from the mirror universe–abandon a starfleet officer, unarmed, on a hostile planet? Wouldn’t Kirk be the one eliciting Bones to figure out a way to get him on the ship intead of the other way around? Wouldn’t Bones have made some effort to stop Spock from seemingly trying to kill his friend? And how about the suggestion that Kirk called McCoy “Bones” because he said that’s all his wife left him? Really? Kirk was fond of all things 20th century & I always assumed this was just a shortened version of the term “sawbones,” a widely used nickname for doctors, especially in the military.

42. Capt Krunch - May 14, 2009

I can see a Klingon story line..they must be pretty pissed at the Romulans for destorying all those warbirds…

39.. good question. on my third viewing .I counted 20 shuttles which would have to be carrying 40 in each?!?……but just how many crewmembers do these starships carry?

I still want to know why the E is being built on the ground in Iowa?

8…I’m with you…seen it 4 times and plan to see it a couple more times…the power of TREK!

43. Chris Basken - May 14, 2009

9: “Except it adds a nice look and real feel to the film, since we see “lens
flare” in real life and nobody is on a steady cam…”

Lens flares are caused by light bouncing around multiple lenses before hitting the film. Unless you have a similar lens setup in your eye, you don’t see lens flares in real life. Don’t confuse seeing the reflection of the sun in a window (and the afterimage it puts on your retina) with a lens flare.

You might see something akin to a lens flare if you wear glasses and the light hits you just right, but it’s rare and usually requires you to be in an otherwise dark environment.

As for the steadicam, of course we do. It’s called our neck. And that our eyeballs will move involuntarily to steady our view almost exactly the way a steadicam does it. The only time you experience the “handheld” effect in reality is when you’re in a bouncy environment (like a moving car) and you’re trying to focus on your fingers, and even then your head/eyes do a lot of motion-compensation for you.

44. Star Trackie - May 14, 2009

Speaking of making Star Trek seem “real”, A great deal of my day in the real world goes by without witnessing lensflares, so yeah, a few less of those during my visit to the future and outer space would have been nice. They didn’t bother me, but if I had a choice, it’s a filmaking style that I’d rather see handled with a little less saturation.

45. Duncan MacLeod - May 14, 2009

42. Capt. Krunch.

I cant remember where i read this, but i believe the Shipyard was built in Iowa (riverside!) to honor the sacrifice of George Kirk.

Also in regards to the Kelvin having 800 people saved… I wonder if they were on some kind of convoy mission to transfer personel to/from a colony (thus why Winona Kirk was on the ship) Those certainly could have been 40 person colony transports…

46. Jorg Sacul - May 14, 2009

#43, you beat me to it. If we didn’t have built-in “steadicams” in our brain, we’d have never evolved past tree dwelling lemurs. That’s why I hate the handheld motif. I don’t want my movies or TV to look like it was shot on a rental camera by a palsied cameraman.

I don’t experience the blur of the rapidly moving camera that slams to a stop on the subject I turn my head to. It is way too overdone as an effect.
I don’t experience lens-flares (see above post), and who could work in that environment, especially with glossy and see-thru displays??
I don’t see things in real life like hand-held “cinema verite’, except when extremely drunk, and even then it’s not that bad.

I loved the movie. LOVED IT. LOVED IT. LOVED IT! Just wish some of the above was toned down.

47. Duncan MacLeod - May 14, 2009

Additionally, if you have to evacuate that many people in an emergency, no doubt they would CRAM THEM IN THERE with just the pilot having a few inches to maneuver

48. AdamTrek - May 14, 2009

39. Sprout – May 14, 2009
Question (SPOILERS):

Pike tells young Kirk that his father saved 800 lives on the Kelvin, but the wide shot shows like 15 TOS era shuttle craft (which seat 8-ish) escaping before he rams the Narada. And the Kelvin didn’t look twice the size of the Enterprise. So, where did all those lives come from? Just wondering.

Maybe Pike was thinking 4th Dimensionally. Perhaps 150 to 200 crew members were actually saved and adding future offspring to the mix up to that point of Pike’s comment were at 600 to 650. Starfleet has a different way of counting afterall (e.g. Stardates). It’s a stretch, I know.


49. lt1701e - May 14, 2009

does anyone realize that this is not a prequel but a sequel. this movie takes place about 10 after nemesis. but it happens in the past. so the star trek timeline actually isnt gone, its just now they are on an alternate timeline. think about it old spock still has all the memorys of things that happened on the original, but now young spock is experiancing differnent memorys. so to make a long story short you have to watch this movie after nemesis not before where no man has gone before. I also recomend you read star trek countdown. it adds to the movie eminsley

50. Denise de Arman - May 14, 2009

Lens flare video – Funny!

51. Crusade2267 - May 14, 2009

My wife is a trekkie too, and she doesn’t know what a heisenberg compensator is either. Or how to form a stable warp field. Or the difference between a wormhole and a quantum singularity.

Of course that doesn’t matter, since we’re able to carry on completely wonderful conversations about Star Trek together. We were both English majors in college, so we attack the show from that angle. Roddenberry always said it was about the charicters. The mechanics of the technology are just gravy.

If SNL wants to poke fun at Trekkies who take the whole thing too seriously, great. I’m laughing along with you. I know, “for crying out loud, it’s just a TV show,” and I know I look vaguely ridiculus to the outsider for my obsession. But this treatment is prejudice. Perhaps by the 24th century we will have conquered racism, sexism, homophobia, and trekkism.

As Chancellor Gorkon said, “Well… I see we have a long way to go.”

52. Andy Patterson - May 14, 2009

“A fan has decided to see what TOS would look like in the hands of JJ Abrams and Daniel Mindel.”

That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen already today.

53. crazydaystrom - May 14, 2009

Kayla’s kute!

54. paul - May 14, 2009

want to see a Star Trek Titan Series as a Spin off of Nemesis.

And two more TNG Movie featuring the whole cast expect maybe Riker and Trio because there series Star Trek Titan there should be two more Star Trek tng movie possible 3 and the next one should be data returns and finaly become first officer and picard at the end gets married to doctor crusher.

in the next Star Trek TNG should focus on a battle which is the starting point for the prequal 2009 film which give the fans a much more believeable storyline for the 2009 film and for fans like me to see Picard in command of the 1701-Enterprise-E gets my heart pumping the his ship should have a huge upgrade in the next two films because of what happed in Nemesis Showing that the enterprise need more power so the put the new chair on the bridge and upgrade the bridge as a whole new look to the ship and increase the ships speed and size b4 should in my mind stay himself it’s not fair that data take s B4 life to save his own i sugguest that the remans beemed him out of the ship before it blow up and that he’s lost his memorys and the remans make him there leader to take down federation and the Romulans but b4 gains the ability to learn and doesn’t become data.

But keeps data memory stored in his neurtal net but when they find out that data is with the remens B4 goes against Captain Picard orders and goes to save his brother from the remens and restores data’s memory so that data return to the enteprise to take the first officer post and B4 wishes to go the titan to become secord officer

55. Duncan MacLeod - May 14, 2009

49. lt1701e – May 14, 2009

That is a valid point. I really actually like that idea and THUSLY my star trek yearly review of all episodes (APPX. 2 eps a day) and yes… i have a girlfriend.

Enterprise (Prime)
TOS (Prime)
TAS (Prime)
Movies I – VI (Prime)
First 10 minutes of Generations (Prime)
TNG/DS9/VOY/TNG Movies in correct simultaneous stardate/airdate/character arcs (still havent quite worked these out)
Countdown Comic (True sequel to Nemesis in Prime Universer)
Star Trek 09 (Beginning of New Continuity)
Star Trek 11
Star Trek 13

At that point I would hop in my time ship and travel back to the beginning of the Enterprise Era.

56. Gilbert "Bud" Brazil - May 14, 2009

Guys, a different timeline created for saving Earth or something important IS part of Star Trek. We´re full of that, from Star Trek IV and First Contact for example. The “right ” timeline in First Contact has the whole Earth being BORG! Who wants that? Different timelines IS Star Trek CANON! Period.

57. Adam - May 14, 2009

The movie was awesome. My only question ois when is the sequel comming out? and will they bring in the alternate Matt Decker??

58. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

Hey MSM. You are a bunch of jerks. Great numbers for Trek. I think Trek will hit over 200 million and make about 350 to 400million worldwide.

59. Duncan MacLeod - May 14, 2009

Capt. Mike.

I agree, and since a lot of the sets, developement (CGI, costumes, etc) are already paid for, the second movie should be a go for launch.

Bring on 2011!!

60. Jorg Sacul - May 14, 2009

…there USED TO BE a Matt Decker, but not anymore!!

no, j/k.. but if this is a mirror universe, then are there all the threats out there waiting for Jim Kirk to stop them?

Planet Killer
Space Amoeba
Flying Parasites
Miramanee’s world
Gem’s people

Kirk has to be at all these places at the right time, or things will go to ShaKaRee in a handbasket.

I know one thing… the contractors building starships are going to be busy after that little incident over Vulcan!

61. spock - May 14, 2009

What was it with the whole black hole thing? First of all, how could have spock and the other ship gone through without being destroyed? Wouldnt the gravity in a black hole crush them? And why would they time travel somewhere anyway?

Second, in that case, Vulcan shoud have just time traveled somewhere, like spock and nero did. Why does the same have two different outcomes?

A little bit more sense would make the movie better.

62. Demode - May 14, 2009

Maybe in the next “remastered” series, they should add “lens flares” to the fight scene between Kirk and Khan, to help hide the fact that its a stuntman playing Kirk :)

63. tman - May 14, 2009

I think they chose to talk to your science advisor in line because she actually looks photogenic and normal. By then interviewing the guy right after her you get a good cross-section of the Trekker crowd, from mostly normal, though potentially fettishist (costumes) to near-disfunctionally misanthropic.

64. P Technobabble - May 14, 2009

I am very happy to see Star Trek doing so well at the box office, since, in the end, this is the measure of success that matters to the Powers That Be. This will insure that Star Trek will, indeed, have a future, and give new ground for all of our bickering over what Star Trek is/should be about/etc.
I agree that the media has always tended to make Trek fans look like a bunch of freaks, but what do you expect from those pompous, arrogant twits?
If we ever reach a higher level of enlightenment, we’ll just put them all out of business (and their misery), and simply spend all of our worthwhile time here at Trekmovie.
Meanwhile, I’m sure the overwhelming response and popularity of this film is bringing great joy to JJ & Co., and they deserve a huge round of applause. I can sympathize with JJ when he says, “I could’ve done this, or could’ve done that….” Every artist looks back at his work, more critical at times than even the worst critic. But he has every reason to be proud of this film, as does the rest of the team, the actors, and all. Let history never forget the name Star Trek!!!

65. TyanaZai - May 14, 2009

I feel alone here… I’ve seen the movie 3 time in IMAX and I failed to notice and/or be bothered by those lens flare (except in that scene on the bridge where Spock asks Kirk/Scotty how they beamed on the ship)… Am I so anormal??

66. Dalek - May 14, 2009

55 enterprise was not prime. Even daniels said this was not the way the timeline was supposed to go. From the moment klang showed up on earth it became an alternate timeline.

First contact was not prime either. Brannon braga stated as much that it permanently altered the timeline.

67. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

#59. I agree. But any chance for a 2010 movie. Oh ok. Ill wait for 2011. This is the best of times for Trek. A great Movie and a very Bright future for Trek. Also the Music of Trek was the best music for Trek Movie since Trek 6. Now that berman is no loner in charge we have some great music to go with the Movies and the music in this one realy helped the movie seem more epic. The opening sequence after the Kelvin was destroyed and when Kirk and Mccoy see the Big E for the first ime in Space was simply fantastic and the End credits was just simply the best and the way Michael payed homage to Courge was very hart felt and hart warming. I hope they get Michael back for the next Trek Movie.

68. Paulaner - May 14, 2009

#65 “I failed to notice and/or be bothered by those lens flare […] Am I so anormal??”

No, you are not. Lens flares? What are these “lens flares” everyone is talking about? :)

69. baroner - May 14, 2009

I want to see Finnegan try to cockblock Pine’s Kirk. Good luck getting away with it against this alternate reality, “I had no daddy so I’m delinquent badass” cadet Kirk.

70. The Original Spock's Brain - May 14, 2009

JJ answered the question I submitted!!!!! I Won the Lotto! Next to last (about Memory-Alpha). Cool!

71. Paulaner - May 14, 2009

Hey, don’t tell anybody. Could it be that the whole alternate timeline is a simple plot device to reboot the franchise? Now, keep the secret…

72. paustin - May 14, 2009

LOL wow that video is great

73. frederick - May 14, 2009

If someone had filmed an episode like that back on the oringinal show, they would have been fired immediately for incompetence, Now, it’s a fad.

74. Duncan MacLeod - May 14, 2009

66. Dalek – May 14, 2009

I guess i was referreing to “Prime” as the original continuity as laid down by Roddenberry/Brannon + Braga. This “Orciverse” is the first time since 1964 that there has been a break in the “Supreme Court”

Roddenberry —> Berman and Braga = Prime Universe so to speak.

Otherwise we have to start breaking down each movie and each Time Travel episode into their own continuities… and justnt that just invalidate all these peoples arguments about how it is not the same timeline and everything else was destroyed? Cuz obviously time has been F**Ked with plenty.-

75. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 14, 2009

43. Chris Basken – May 14, 2009
“9: “Except it adds a nice look and real feel to the film, since we see “lens
flare” in real life and nobody is on a steady cam…”

Lens flares are caused by light bouncing around multiple lenses before hitting the film. Unless you have a similar lens setup in your eye, you don’t see lens flares in real life. Don’t confuse seeing the reflection of the sun in a window (and the afterimage it puts on your retina) with a lens flare.”

I guess no one understood my post #20. When your eyes are tearing up and you look at bright lights you tend to get the same visual effect as the lens flares.

Perhaps that is why J.J. used them so frequently. Purely to evoke a pavlovian emotional response in the viewer. I know it worked for me!

76. frederick - May 14, 2009

After hearing the Courage fanfare in the end credits, I felt it was an unforgiveable crime not to have at least used that simple theme when Kirk saw the Big E in space for the first time. What was he thinking? If EVER there was a moment that DEMANDED that fanfare (not the theme music), it was that moment, and he blew it.

77. frederick - May 14, 2009

If the Kelvin held over 800 people, then how many are on the new Enteprise? 1,200? I would think the Kelvin would only have had 200 or so on it.

Maybe he’s saying 800 lives in the sense that each person was different things; son, brother, father, mentor, mother, sister, etc. Yeah, right!

I think it was the same sloppiness that caused the Enterprise to have 78 decks in ST V.

78. Raphael Salgado - May 14, 2009

I guess I’ll be the first to say it – the girl in TWOK uniform interviewed by FOX10 is cute, and her outfit is awesome. I think it’s the best uniform in the entire franchise, I’d buy one for Halloween, and would love to see the Star Trek XII make an updated version of that.

79. The Last Maquis - May 14, 2009

That Old Trek like New Trek Vid was Brilliant…..No really!!

80. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

#76—-I don’t recall feeling as though Giacchino committed any crimes in the scoring of this film.

81. OneBuckFilms - May 14, 2009

71 – Shhhh … they m,ight hear us ;-)

82. frederick - May 14, 2009

#80… as a longtime fan, I felt it was a crime of omission, not commission.

83. Raphael Salgado - May 14, 2009

Personally, I’m glad the two Spocks did the hand salutation instead of shaking hands. The same matter cannot occupy the same space and they would have been pulled together, turned into a grotesque red blob, and melted into the floor.

Yes, I’m a dear fan of Timecop, and looking forward to a cool remake of that as well.

84. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 14, 2009

77. frederick

Perhaps most of the Crew was pregnant and on a Re-population mission?

85. Paulaner - May 14, 2009

#77 “If the Kelvin held over 800 people, then how many are on the new Enteprise? 1,200? ”

A modern heavy cruiser has a complement of about 700 crewmen. 800 people on a starship doesn’t seem so strange, to me.

86. frederick - May 14, 2009


true, or maybe one of the shuttles held 500 embryos in stasis…

87. RD - May 14, 2009

ANTHONY – A point of clarification. FX DID NOT SHELL OUT $24 MILLION according to Variety. They COULD shell out $24 million if the box office tops $200 Million, but at this point, they have only inked a deal – no money has changed hands. Now hopefully this $200 Mil BO is going to happen, but this is one of those cart-before-the-horse optimism things that bug me about the site. All of the reporting is clearly biased, and slanted in an overly-hyped way from the reviews to the box-office projections. Obviously we’re the supporters of Trek, you can be straight with us. Besides, Trek doesn’t need any help. It has proven it has legs and even if Angels and Demons strips it of it’s box office excesses this weekend, it will continue to earn significantly.

Also, in reporting that FX already paid the $24 Mill, you fail to temper that number with the fact that SUBSTANTIAL residuals will be triggered by that first Cable TV sale, which negate that $24 MIL substantially – it is hardly all profit going toward the bottom line. Trek still needs to clear over $400 MILLION at the box office to be successful considering the HUGE budget and marketing and marketing costs.

88. Josh - May 14, 2009

87 – Obviously this is dependent on how much Angels & Demons and Terminator slow it down, but at the rate it’s going, Star Trek looks like it will pretty easily pass $200 million. We may even be looking at a figure closer to $250 million before it’s through.

89. Shatner_Fan_Prime - May 14, 2009

The soundtrack worked in the context of the movie. But playing it on it’s own? I downloaded it, and I find I have no use for it except for the ending credits track, which is awesome. The remainder of it is just derivations of what you’ll find in that long track.

90. frederick - May 14, 2009


True, hearing those themes from the old show in the end titles was the most that I enjoyed the score. While I was sitting the theater enjoying that, I wondered why they only used them there, when it would have been so much more powerful within the movie itself, even if only at certain points to elicit a deeper emotional reaction.

91. CmdrR - May 14, 2009

Does the original trailer really say “conquistidors?” HA!
Too bad they didn’t add in ginormous plumbing in the Enterprise’s basement.

92. LordCheeseCakeBreath - May 14, 2009

That JJ does TOS was hysterical!

93. The Optimist - May 14, 2009

I think the Vulcan that we see later in the Trek timeline is not the “original” Vulcan. That is the only way I can explain the paradox that exists. The Jelly fish could have still been constructed and Old Spock could still be there because what we see in future treks, including movies, is the “new” Vulcan. It would also explain why the sky is red in those episodes and movies. Also Spock did seem to think that Kirk should have been in command of the Enterprise when he meets him. The “5 year mission” happens in 2264-2270? In the Star Trek Chronology Pike’s tour of command ends in 2260 or 61. There is time for a 5 year mission that we did not previously hear about. So I have no problem with Kirk commanding the ship before 2264. And I don’t care what ILM says the ship can’t be as big as they claim it is!

I guess what I am trying to say is I don’t believe in a alternate reality. In my mind this is all the same universe. Yeah some things are different, that is find, this is the 2009 not 1966. If you want to believe in a AU thats your call and that is fine. But, I think with a little imagination this movie can fit in the “prime” universe.

94. David_Marcus-Kirk - May 14, 2009

out of curiosity, was the FULL interior of engineering onboard the enterprise (in TOS) ever shown? or was the camera pretty much in that tiny space where the control panel was. i’m not looking at an episode right now so i cant say for sure but it always seemed like there was some giant section of engineering that was down a partially grated corridor and never seen (though it looked like there were tons of conduits, pipes, etc. and i was reading memory-alpha’s profile of the prime universe’s enterprise and i noticed it said that when the ship got it’s TMP refit, the ship was fitting with a drastically different VERTICAL warp engine that connected to the nacelles. so with all that being said, can engineering room in JJ’s movie be THAT disputed as long as the E hasnt recieved her major refit yet? not trying to spark an argument, but im honestly curious… and i have a lot of free time here at work today

95. sebimeyer - May 14, 2009

Oh no! The Mainstream Media™ is reporting on nonessential topics in a bad way while ignoring the big important stories for years! This is a disaster!

Actually, it IS a disaster. The main reason why I am no longer running around with press credentials.

96. The Optimist - May 14, 2009

#94 Sounds about right to me!

97. dalek - May 14, 2009

#74 gotcha! Yeah it has been screwed with so many times, that the new Supreme Court can never be accused of being the first overseers to change the Trek timeline.

9 million wiped out by the Xindi or Vulcan destroyed? Both equally immeasurable changes to the timeline which invalidate key events and players from the Trek universe.

The possibility of Tuvok existing anymore is unlikely.

98. RD - May 14, 2009

#88 Josh, the point is NO MONEY has changed hands, yet Anothony presents it like fact. We’re not even at $100 million yet.

In order to hit $200 million any time soon, Trek will have to keep earning at the same pace. It’s fine to be optimistic, but put it into some context. There are no demographics to explain who is fueling Trek’s meteoric success. While I’m certain this film has a broad mass appeal, honestly ask yourself how many non-Trek fans are beating a path down to see Trek mid-week? Now this is sheer speculation, but from reading thee boards, I think the majority are likely Trek fans being unified over fantastic word of mouth and repeated fan viewings. So this film is not only getting a healthy average-person audience, but a substantial Trek fan audience. So the question is, what happens after A&D opens which has much broader appeal than Trek, followed by Termintaor, which also has a much broader appeal than Trek?

Personally I think it is a stretch that Trek will hit $200 million domestically by the end of its run, but it is likely given it’s big opening, and I hope to see it happen because it means Paramount will continue to take Trek seriously, even if all it has done is rekindle and unify it’s built-in substantial fan base. But let’s stop all this misrepresentation of facts simply because we are hopeful something will happen.

99. dalek - May 14, 2009

#76 I actually agree with you, altho not with the same passion.

Giacchino’s score was fantastic. But the shot of the Enterprise, the cue he used just didn’t fit.

When Kirk saw the Enterprise for the first time, I thought the only thing that was missing was not the Alexander Courage theme, but the Jerry Goldsmith cue.

Giacchino’s choice of music at that moment didn’t fit the emotional intensity of the scene.

However, the rest was fantastic. I particularly liked the choice of a chinese violin for the older Spock moments. It really served to connotate age and wisdom.

100. Josh - May 14, 2009

93 – there is no paradox. This star trek is in a different time line than the original. The original still exists, but in a different timeline, ala the mirror universe

101. Duncan MacLeod - May 14, 2009

93. The Optimist – May 14, 2009

I can unapoligetically say ‘I LOVE YOU”


102. roberto - May 14, 2009

Did anyone ask Abrams if he heard if Pres. Obama has seen it and what he thought of it?

103. Josh - May 14, 2009

98 – well I don’t necessarily care about the FX thing, but looking at recent $200 million movies, Star Trek is outperforming probably 3/4 of them. Star Trek is most definitely on the path towards $200 million domestic, at least.

104. David_Marcus-Kirk - May 14, 2009

#76 …um, Giacchino didnt blow it by not using Courage’s theme during that shot. The theater I was in errupted in cheers, some said “awesome!” and I could hear someone behind me say “there she is!” and that music was perfect in that scene. It was bombastic and screamed “adventure” it conveyed the emotion of seeing her for the first time and stepping onto the bridge for the FIRST TIME. Courage’s theme is great but using it at the end was where it needed to be. It was used as the ribbon to tie it all together and say “okay this is where we’re going now” (kirk’s 5 year mission).

and #99 i LOVE Goldsmith’s cue but it wouldnt make sense in this film at all. Most people tie that theme to TNG crew/era (although it originated in TMP) but more importantly that song and clip from TMP was supposed to be a “welcome back enterprise crew & fans”. Go back and listen to it and it’s very sweeping and warm, it’s supposed to make you think “ah, i’ve missed this ship”. Giacchino’s score is epic and fresh, and it marks what this Star Trek film is supposed to be. Kirks on this ship for the first time, he isnt coming back to it after being taken away from her

~I love the debates in here, keep it lively everyone, and remember, everyone’s oppinion is just that, an oppinion.

105. Locke for President - May 14, 2009

Thought I’d take a break from this heated debate I’m having with some friends to comment on this article . . .

Joe thinks that the deflector dish can produce a gergametrix pulse at 1.21 gigawatts, but I responded, “You’re an idiot, only a fool would do that. You’d have to reroute the deflector protocols through the tertiary positronic compensator and allow for anti-graviton fluxuations, or you would blow up the whole ship!”

So, anyhow, I digress. The reason I’m posting is to say that I don’t know what the MSN means about us nerdy Star Trek fans. I mean, we’re all pretty ordinary people——

Oh, I see here I just got an email from Stanley in Australia with a slam on the new movie . . . . Something about the heads on the phaser arrays being .73 centimeters out of alignment in the final space battle in the movie, rendering the weapons off target and the whole ending of the movie ruined.

I’m thinking that .73 is within tolerances according to page 64 of the tech guide, but he’s saying to throw that book out the window due to the new timeline . . . Of course, Stanley almost killed himself over certain gaffes in continuity in the past, he almost did himself in when they came up with the Borg Queen. So excuse me while I talk him down from the window ledge.

Maybe sometime when I have more time I’ll take a picture of my cool Uhura fluffy slippers and show them off to you guys, but duty calls.

Sorry for interrupting, but I wanted to get my two quatloos into the debate. Live long and prosper!

106. Exocomp 4 - May 14, 2009

Hehe, that Star Trek: Lens Flare Edition was the bombzelah :-D

Anthony, don’t sweat the MSM…it’s highly unlikely they will ever ‘get it’…at least most of us here do.

107. Josh - May 14, 2009

Wednesday estimate: $5.775 million, a 12% drop from yesterday, putting Star Trek at an estimated $99 million after 6 full days. Actuals usually come out between 3:30 and 4:00pm

108. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

#93—“If you want to believe in a AU thats your call and that is fine. But, I think with a little imagination this movie can fit in the “prime” universe.”

Actually, it is clearly stated in the film that this is *not* the previous timeline (in which Spock Prime claims that Kirk’s father lived to see him take command of the Enterprise).

And if this were not an altered timeline, there would be no way to reconcile the film’s story with “WNMHGB”, “Balance Of Terror”, “Obsession”, “Court-Martial”, “The Conscience Of The King”, “A Private Little War”, among others.

It was never “our call”. It was the choice of the film’s producers/writers/director (and a canonically legitimate one at that). Your use of “a little imagination” would have to include ignoring much of the film.

109. frederick - May 14, 2009

I still grouchily grouse that hearing the Enterprise fanfare (not the whole theme, just the trumpet fanfare) would have made the Enterprise big reveal even MORE effective. (grumble grumble) Was it too much to throw it in?

“Would it have hurt us, I wonder, just to have gathered a few laurel leaves?”

110. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - May 14, 2009

1. NO BLOODY ST:TNG, DS9, OR TITAN MOVIES – except as direct-to-DVD releases. None of them would have any box office appeal. We all need to keep in mind that Paramount isn’t making movies just for us.

2. Do not remake any TOS episodes. No matter how much you try to shine “The Apple” up, it’s still gonna stink.

3. NO KHAN! Some things in life can be improved when remade, like “All Along The Watchtower.” But ST:TWOK isn’t one of them.

4. No Borg.

And Finally…

Be original. A movie which deals with some social issue of the day yet has a spirit of adventure would be a treat. The new movie nails the personal relationships, so build on the foundation that this film has created and you’ll have another monster hit in May 2011.

111. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - May 14, 2009

109 – I was hoping that the end shot would have mirrored the end shot of the Big E in ST:TMP. But alas…

112. John from Cincinnati - May 14, 2009

I find it HILARIOUS the mainstream media are trolling to put Trekkers in a bad light. Does everyone realize why they are doing this? It’s because Star Trek has brought out the coolness in itself we all knew was there. So now that Star Trek is cool again the media is mining for the negative stories so they chose the fans. The media are the real losers now.

113. Josh - May 14, 2009

Just a note on how much Star Trek has earned so far….as I noted above, based on estimates, Star Trek will be at just shy of $99 million after 6 days.

No movie has ever – EVER – hit $100 million in 6 days (or made at least $103 million in 7 days) and NOT made at least $200 million, with the median number for those who hit $100 in 6 days being Jurassic Park: the Lost World at $229.1 million

For movies that hit $100 in 7 days, 5 of 7 have made $200 million – Superman Returns ($200), I am Legend ($256.4), The Da Vinci Code ($217.5), Rush Hour 2 ($226.1), and Bruce Almighty ($242.8). The two which didn’t make $200 million are The Simpsons Movie ($183.1 million) and The Day After Tomorrow ($186.4).

There is an 8th movie which hit $100 million in 7 days – Wolverine – but it’s run is still obviously ongoing.

Indeed, one has to go all the way down to movies which took 10 days to reach $100 million for at least a majority of those movies to not make $200 million total.

114. ShatPine - May 14, 2009

That stinks they didnt use that seen with the shat. Would have been a nice way to tie up the movie.

115. James Heaney - Wowbagger - May 14, 2009

Being quoted out of context by Reuters totally just made my day. Did NOT see that coming when I logged on.

#93: As the founding member of the Continuista party, I spent the whole first viewing of the movie trying to find some way to squeeze it into continuity. It doesn’t work. Too much dialogue proves the altered timeline, and too many episodes are overrun by chronology changes and altered circumstances. To say nothing of the fact that Vulcan exploded.

I’d love to get this into the Primeverse, but it ain’t happening.

Still an excellent movie. I’ll have a fan review up shortly.

116. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

I am also a big fan of the Music of Trek. From the Tos through the Movies. I though the Music in the new Trek was fantastic. I love the main theme that was used. It to be brought a Big time epic to the movie.

117. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

#115. Carefull James. Or they will miss quote you again. That what they do. They misquote people to make there story look better. But congradulations on being misquoted in the National Media.

118. THX-1138 - May 14, 2009

I’ve added my comments to that reuters article. I suggest that we all do likewise and let them know that they might be stirring the wrong hornets nest. The “author” of the article is trying to fabricate a controversy that isn’t there by misquoting the people on this website.

I take this as a personal affront.

119. Pat Payne - May 14, 2009

@95: Pretty much the same here, Sebimeyer — I have a J degree from the University of Oregon, but I’m getting pretty rapidly disgusted with the media as it is. This is worse than irresponsible. But then again, “worse than irresponsible” pretty much sums up their reporting on everything, particularlay the issues that they blatantly don’t agree with.

120. Carlos Teran - May 14, 2009

Personally, I love the lens flares in the new movie… but to be honest, some times I found them distracting… just as I find them in most current TV shows.

121. Shaun - May 14, 2009

it is kind of funny that the star trek episode done “j.j. style” is “space seed.” while watching lost last night, i told my wife i thought nestor carbonell (lost’s richard alpert) would make a great khan in a sequel to j.j.’s star trek.

122. cagmar - May 14, 2009

Check out TNG, #33. The POV transporter effect was in “Realm of Fear” from Season 6.

123. Red Shirt - May 14, 2009

Here’s something for us tech nerds! Enjoy…

124. S. John Ross - May 14, 2009

#113: “No movie has ever – EVER – hit $100 million in 6 days (or made at least $103 million in 7 days) and NOT made at least $200 million”

All true, but I think the real question that lingers is: will this Star Trek movie finally put the franchise into the big leagues with the Star Wars films, the Spider-Man films, the Pirates of the Caribbean films, the Indiana Jones films, etc … and to hit that league, with ticket sales in the 40-50 million range and up, it needs to cross the $300 million line at a jog in modern movie dollars.

In adjusted-for-inflation/actual-number-of-tickets terms, we’ve already had a couple of Star Trek films cross the $200 million mark, but no amount of adjusting or number-crunching can launch the franchise into that rarified league next to (wince) Men in Black, or that Grinch movie thing … or Shrek 3, even :/ (Or Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Terminator 2, etc …)

It’d be cool if it really did break the $300M barrier; I think it would let a lot of fans relax. Plus, I’d love to see anything knock Shrek 3 off of the 100-highest-grossing (adjusted) list of all time. But time will tell …

125. Josh - May 14, 2009

124 – It’s not going to hit $300 million unless it has Finding Nemo type legs – something which is going to be hard to achieve with Angels & Demons and Terminator coming out, but I suppose it still has a shot.

Though, I’m not sure anyone was expecting it to make $300 million domestic, and I’m not sure why it’s essential that it does.

126. tribble farmer - May 14, 2009

Going back for the 4th time tonight. And I’ve only just started. This is what I’ve been saving up for for months. Bwahahahahaha I love this movie. >8D

127. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

#125—It isn’t at all essential that it does, and no, no one was expecting it to cross the $300 million barrier. It could, but I don’t think anyone was counting on that.

A&D and TS will cut into Trek’s numbers for sure. But if ST09 is #2 this coming weekend and #3 the following weekend, who knows?

Recent trends seem to indicate that a sequel could potentially do even better BO. I think that is how Paramount will view this—-what they think they can do with three installments—-not just one.

One of the successes that ST09 has already had (which will be compounded by the time a sequel is released) is the weakening of the barriers built by years of inaccessibility to Trek for mainstream moviegoers.

There should definitely be fewer preconceived notions about Trek among the average joes the second time around.

I remember feeling no more than lukewarm about “Batman Begins” when it hit theaters. The previous Batman films had been nothing to write home about. But after seeing it on dvd, I was in line on opening night for TDK. I think alot of people reacted similarly (and to the buzz about HL’s performance).

I don’t know if ST09 will do as well as BB, and I certainly don’t believe that a sequel will produce TDK-like numbers—-but Trek doesn’t have to on either count. On so many levels, this is already a win for Star Trek and Paramount. This has so far been a week that no one could have realistically predicted, and the positive buzz is still coming in from all directions.

128. Odkin - May 14, 2009

It continues to amaze me that people who accept the Mirror Universe cannot grasp the concept that TOS has not been erased. Just the act of Nero going back in time created an alternate universe, in which he destroyed the Kelvin and created the sequence of events since then.

TOS continued on, and that universe/dimension theoretically still continues into the MMO universe and beyond.

The new movies will simply document the new universe and it’s doppelgangers of our beloved TOS crew.

I think they should build on the multiple universe/dimension idea with a Mirror, Mirror theme in the upcoming sequel. Maybe something Nero did created that universe also!

They MUST AVOID introducing yet another new alien race, boring Klingon Empire machination, renegade maniac, Borg, or the other useless Cardassian/Dominion/Whatever leftovers from TNG. These antagonists are what fans will scream for, but MUST be avoided!

I want to see EVIL versions of the new crew! So will the public. Quinto goatee, FTW!

129. Lyle - May 14, 2009

The success of this movie has got me thinking about what could be in the future…

You know, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing Pine and Quinto explain the rules of Fizzbin.

Or see Quinto tell Norman that “Logic is a pretty flower that smells bad!”

I can definitely see Pegg and Yelchin punching out the Klingons for saying the Enterprise should be hauled away as garbage!

Or see Pine, Quinto, Pegg, and Urban deal with the Kelvans…

Or see Pine explain to a policeman how Quinto got his head caught in a rice-picking machine in China as a child…

So many other possibilities…

However, I could do without seeing Pine extol the virtues of the E Plebnista…

130. frederick - May 14, 2009

I’m hoping that we see completely new adventures, rather than retreads of our favorite episodes. There are enough days in a five year mission that more can happen in between what we saw before without contradicting or remaking them. I want to see stories and huge challenges we’ve never seen before… truly make it new.

131. Vince - May 14, 2009

Finally get to go see it tonight!(I know, I know, I’m not a trekkie) All the non-fans I know that have seen it, loved it. The bad reviews seem to come from the older 50+ crowd who grew up with Star Trek, who have called it “dumb”, which I guess it was intended to be compared to what we’ve come to know Star Trek as. Regardless, I’m really excited…, too bad the IMAX release is so limited geographically.

132. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

#130—-I would like to see new adventures, but also with “throwaway lines”/eater eggs that reference events common to both timelines just for fun for those of us TOS fans from way back.

The thing is, the original timeline’s five-year mission ends in 2270 (canonically, according to VOY “Q2″). ST09 (presumably) leaves us in 2258.

In what year will the sequel begin? Will it take place prior to 2265-66?

Will other familiar characters be introduced? Chapel? Rand? Kelso? Kyle?

133. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

#131—Welcome, Vince!

134. Rick Sternbach - May 14, 2009

#123 – From the article: For Holcomb, the scale of the work was most challenging. “The Narada was six miles long and the Enterprise is 2000 feet. When they fly into camera, we always had to do something to make them look that big in CG.”

Well, that pretty well nails it for sizes. Not my idea of a plausible Enterprise. Ah well.

135. Josh - May 14, 2009

134 – That’s only twice as long as the Aircraft Carrier Enterprise. I don’t find that improbable.

136. baroner - May 14, 2009

115 – totally with you on wishing we could get back in the prime universe somehow, but knowing we won’t. We seem to be in the minority, though (about wanting back in). Most people have been saying that the new timeline allows such a breadth of new stories to be told, so why go back. My answer is that there are SO many “new” stories that can be told in the old timeline, and with this awesome cast, they would be great indeed (e.g. the early days of the crew in the academy or right after, or the early days of Kirk’s command, or the rest of or even the last hurrah of the 5-year mission, etc. Also, there is so little on the Romulans in TOS and before TNG – only Balance of Terror and The Enterprise Incident dealt with them, and those episodes provide such fantastic building blocks for an epic movie in the TOS timeframe….).

137. baroner - May 14, 2009

The Constitution Class Enterprise was 288.6 meters long, according to the original tech manual (wow – how the hell do I remember that???). I always thought that was too small, since it is about the same size as an aircraft carrier (good call, 135). So, I’m with you, 135: 2000 feet is cool.

138. Josh - May 14, 2009

Wednesday Actuals: $5,790,449

Star Trek total now up to $99,002,539. So close!

139. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

There are a lot of stories that can be told. If they do do something from a Tos epp the make it about the doomsday machine except go beyond what we have seen. Like where did it come from. Spock did say it came from outside our Galaxy. But who made it and who desgined it and what is it’s real purpose. Theres a lot that can be done there and I think that Orci and the Court can have a lot of fun coming up with a great story.The action would be incredable and the drama and story can be emotional.

140. Loran Alan Davis - May 14, 2009

Come on, gang. Let’s not give in so easily to Angels & Demons. Get out to the cinema this weekend and make Trek #1 for the second week in a row!

141. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

#136—-Well, it’s debatable as to whether any more stories could plausibly be fit into the existing five year mission in the original timeline.

As it stands, the crew of the NCC-1701 was involved in an “episode-worthy” tale on an average of about once every 18- 20 days (accounting for some of the 79 stories taking place over more than just a day).

Where there *was* ample room for such gap-filling stories is in the years between TMP and TWOK and between TFF and TUC.

However, the real benefit to opening up the door for this altered timeline is, IMO, the idea that none of the destinies of these characters (or that of the UFP, for that matter) are set in stone anymore. Since we no longer know their fates, there is the element of enhanced dramatic jeopardy which would otherwise not be so great. Fewer restrictions on storytelling only means more potential for better stories, for this writing team or its eventual successors.

In essence, we no longer know how the story ends. That can only be a good thing.

142. Josh - May 14, 2009

I should also note that Star Trek is now virtually tied with Wolverine after 6 days (Wolverine had about $150,000 more after 6 days), despite Wolverine’s opening being $6 million more than Star Trek, even including Thursday.

143. Josh - May 14, 2009

141 – just find some unusually large gap in the stardates between episodes and stick in a movie adventure there or something.

144. frederick - May 14, 2009

I’m looking forward to seeing the deleted scenes that explain where Nero was for 23 years after arriving. I figure that after George crippled his ship, is when he was captured by the Klingons, which wo do know happened.

I postulate then that the ship gradually repaired itself using it’s borg technology, while Nero was on Rura Penthe. How he escapes all those years later and gets his ship back ought to be interesting.

145. frederick - May 14, 2009

And I would dearly love to know WHY the Narada interrogation room was flooded.

An offhand comment by Ayel could have explained it; “Sir, the toilet is overflowing and the plumber can’t get to this part of the ship for two more days.” :)

146. mazzer - May 14, 2009

#68, Paulaner: I don’t think it’s so much the simulated lens flares themselves that are the problem, but rather the more general style used in the movie to shoot into the key light source (albeit computer-generated), causing the overall scene to look hazy and shadowy. It’s like taking a photograph with the sun in front of you. Obviously it’s intended to add drama to the imagery, but they do it so often that it just takes all the beauty and clarity away. Coupled with the jerky-cam, it’s just horrible.

I’m glad many others were bothered by this too.

147. NC Trekker - May 14, 2009

Does the FX deal mean that the movie will not play on the premium movie channels such as HBO and STARZ?

A few comments:

The lens flares did not bother me.

I loved both the regular and the IMAX version.

It is a very entertaining movie.

148. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

#142—So it’s still ahead of the pace of Wolverine and Batman Begins for the weekday figures after opening weekend.

That’s remarkable for a Star Trek movie. I’ve still only seen it once (although I’ll see it in IMAX this weekend).

There is no getting around losing the top spot to A & D this weekend, but this has been a huge week for Trek. It should easily blow Wolverine’s 7 day pace out of the water after the Thursday numbers roll in.

149. S. John Ross - May 14, 2009

#125 says, inexplicably: “Though, I’m not sure anyone was expecting it to make $300 million domestic,”

Nor do I. I don’t understand this comment in relation to my post.

“… and I’m not sure why it’s essential that it does.”

Nor do I. I don’t understand this comment in relation to my post.

150. Josh - May 14, 2009

148 – Yep, it’s been pretty consistently been beating Wolverine by about $2 million a day weekday. ($7.5 vs. $5.5 on Monday, $6.5 vs. $4.6 on Tuesday, $5.8 vs. $4.0 on Wednesday).

It’s closer for Batman Begins. It beat BB’s Monday by about $1 million, but only beat it’s Wednesday by about $200,000, and BB had a smaller weekend-to-weekday drop than Star Trek.

At this rate we can probably expect a number around $4.9 to $5 million for Thursday, pushing it to about $103.9 to $104 overall. Wolverine was $102.6 after 7 days while Batman Begins was $94.9 million after 9 days (it opened on Wed.)

151. The Original Spock's Brain - May 14, 2009

129. Lyle – LOL! Good stuff!

152. Galileo - May 14, 2009

39 – The ships are HUGE in this movie. Judging from the size and number of shuttles in the hangar scenes, the Enterprise would have to be around 900 meters long. As seen in the starship graveyard scene when the Enterprise first arrives at Vulcan, there is half of a Kelvin class saucer which they almost hit and scrapes the nacelle. This saucer is quite a bit larger than the Enterprise’s saucer. For comparison the Narada is supposed to be like 8KM!

153. sean - May 14, 2009


Inside and outside are two different things. The rubble of Vulcan might have time traveled, but the black hole opened INSIDE the planet. Much as it opened inside the Narada and thus destroyed it. Starships have structural integrity fields and shields and all sorts of things to protect them from severe gravimetric stress, but from the outside in, not vice versa.

As far as traveling through black holes/time travel, yadda yadda…some scientists have theorized that if you traveled through a black hole you’d end up in another universe. That ships in Trek can travel through them without being destroyed is a whole different can of worms, but keep in mind that both the Narada and the Jellyfish were extremely advanced and experimental ships. Presumably, the Enterprise would have been destroyed had she gone in.


If you were listening closely, the opening notes of the fanfare are used several times in the film. When the shuttle takes off for Starfleet Academy and again when Scotty beams Kirk, Spock & Pike aboard.

154. Dr. Image - May 14, 2009

#144- I really wish something of Nero’s imprisonment was depicted in the movie. If they shot it, what’s a couple more minutes?

Also, it would have added to the story to mention something of the Borg-tech enhancements to the Narada. One shouldn’t have to go backwards to the comic to get that full explanation.

Yeah- I know- the general movie-going public could care less, but that doesn’t totally justify them leaving it out.

Many plot holes can often be patched by one simple line of dialog.

The lens flares as a stylistic choice didn’t really bother me, but the shaky-cam in the bar scene did. Very self-conciously overdone.

155. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

#143—-Why surrender the storytelling advantage created by the altered timeline? I would much prefer a story told to me for which I do not already know the ending.

This opens avenues for far more unexpected twists and turns for both these characters and the universe around them.

Think about what the destruction of 47 Klingon warships alone would do to the balance of power and the structure and strength of the Empire.

We could actually meet a race conquered by the Klingons in the original timeline but still independent in this one, for example.

We could also see the Romulans become more active in this timeline since the two most threatening bodies to them have been significantly weakened by recent events.

The possibilities are essentially endless without the restrictive nature of 40 years worth of established continuity in the way of ideas, both with characters we know and ones we have yet to meet.

Perhaps the 23rd Century will shift altogether from the Cold War allegories and racial politics of the original timeline and present us with something more relevant to our own evolving World.

I like this timeline….it’s exciting!

156. sean - May 14, 2009


Rick, I’m curious – why do you find the idea of a 2000ft long E so implausible?

157. Jtrekker - May 14, 2009

147 – All the FX deal is secure the rights for network television. It does not effect Pay-Per-View or premium channels. However, according to the story, Paramount is starting a new premium channel “Epix”. Since Paramount has their money in that channel, that’s where it will get it’s first TV run. Epix will most likely join the ranks of HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax on most cable/satellite TV lineups, but since it’s a new channel, it will probably be included free of charge for most subscribers of any premium channel when it launches.

After the initial run which will last through 2010, then FX will have exclusive rights for non-premium network TV which means they will be the only ones to have the ability to run it (other than Epix). But, those kind of contracts don’t last very long, so it might show up on other next works by 2012. And, since FX is part of Fox’s properties, the contract most likely allows them to air it on any of FX’s sister stations, including the actual Fox network. But the “first run” contracts are usually obtained as a stunt to boost ratings. Chances are, they will run this either in November during sweeps, or closer to Christmas to pull in people during the holiday. My bet is they will do both.

158. frederick - May 14, 2009

Strange, no-one seems to know what “Enterprise fanfare” actually means.

It’s not the four notes that the show opens with. It’s the trumpet notes that you hear over the Enterprise, before the main theme kicks in. And we never hear it as far as I know until the end credits.

159. S. John Ross - May 14, 2009

#155: “Why surrender the storytelling advantage created by the altered timeline? […] Think about what the destruction of 47 Klingon warships alone would do to the balance of power and the structure and strength of the Empire. [etc]”

For my own part, I think if we spend much more time mired in things like the state of the interstellar empires, that would be an example of surrendering the storytelling advantage created by the altered timeline. If we want to see political upheavals and a Star Trek mired in its own mythology we can just pick up where Deep Space Nine left off.

I’m still holding out for space once again being the final frontier, new life and new civilizations, stuff like that. Out there. Thataway!

160. Original Trekkie - May 14, 2009

I called it long ago. Trek 11 will make 100 million in it’s first week.
Yay ME!

161. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

160. Original Trekkie – May 14, 2009
I called it long ago. Trek 11 will make 100 million in it’s first week.
Yay ME!

Ok. How much will it make worldwide and how much will the next movie make in it’s first week. Lol

162. Trekkie16 - May 14, 2009

According to Box Office Mo Jo: Trek is at 99mil; did just under 6 mil on Wednesday. Woo Hoo I am very happy this movie is such a success. I hope it does well this weekend. I plan on going to see it again on Saturday. I think everyone should go again and bring a friend or two or three. :-)

163. Closettrekker - May 14, 2009

#159—-I think that’s missing the point.

I didn’t mean any of that as a suggestion for what should in any way be the focus of a sequel, rather I meant it as an example of how the path ahead for future Trek mythology is beneficially uncertain, as opposed to being confined to working within the broader boundaries of what was already established in the original timeline.

164. K. M. Kirby - May 14, 2009

I like this film because it makes a very important statement about time intervention. In FIRST CONTACT and CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER, the characters seem convinced that any slight alteration by a “time traveller” causes utter disintegration of the original timeline.

However, as we ourselves know, energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Therefore, a variant timeline can continue on its course without thereby removing another entire universe from existance. It sounds a bit like ‘branes and String Theory, to me.

To pose another time travel question:

What if Genesis-spock (the guy created in Search for Spock) goes back in time yet again, thinking to rescue Vulcan–and his own timeline–from the “interventions” of Nero?

Would this new Enterprise, all its crew and universe, then be in jeopardy of complete dissolution themselves?

I think not. It would imply negation of matter & energy, a physical impossibility.

165. Trekker chick - May 14, 2009


He might be thinking about the relationships between ‘doubling each dimension’ (since the proportions appear roughly the same) and the resultant volume.

166. Chaos Prophet - May 14, 2009

The Pro Consul from Bread and Circuses was a very sophisticated and nuanced villain. I just watched that one again today. Too bad the whole Romulan – Roman Empire thing has been used so much lately. I’d have loved to see this story retooled.
Maybe for Star Trek XIX.
Let’s have Klingons next for the main plot but please don’t make them two dimensional fodder for the Enterprise crew to fight….there should be some sympathetic Klingon characters introduced as well, and perhaps a plot B which can introduce the beginnings of a Khan storyline for Trek XIII. Then XIII can be all about Khan (hopefully Javier Bardem) and crew vs. Kirk and crew.
The Klingons should reappear in Trek XIV but this time they can finish up a Federation Klingon war and maybe at the end they can become allies in the face of an extremely powerful common foe that shows itself right at the end. The Borg perhaps? dun dun dun….Trek XV.

That’s the beauty of what they did with this movie…it opens up a nearly limitless potential.


167. S. John Ross - May 14, 2009

#163 – Fair enough.

I did misunderstand your point; I took your term “storytelling advantages” to mean you thought there should be stories told, taking advantage of the possibilities you cited.

I gather instead that your point was the broader “anything goes” point for the direction of the story as a whole, followed by joyous wandering through some mythology points which happen to pique your interest on a more personal level.

That said, I hope it might also be obvious how I’d make the assumption that I did (by not mentally separating your first two paragraphs from your remaining ones in terms of how they related).

168. Julio - May 14, 2009

Regarding the next movie… I actually think the Klingons are sort of played out. I hated the way they were presented in TNG onward and never cared much for the episodes that focused on them.

I much prefer the old style Klingons from TOS. They were more fun, for me, and presented a very well-defined “bad guy” for the show. Sure, they were one dimensional, but I liked it that way!

169. S. John Ross - May 14, 2009

#166: “That’s the beauty of what they did with this movie…it opens up a nearly limitless potential.”

Of course, in fairness, there was already absolutely limitless potential. The movie simply opened up an _alternate_ limitless potential :) Infinity plus infinity still equals infinity.

170. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 14, 2009

“#144- I really wish something of Nero’s imprisonment was depicted in the movie. If they shot it, what’s a couple more minutes?”

How about scrapping the klingon prison idea altogether. Its kind of lame to think Nero could lose the Narada to Klingons. The Klingons would use that ship in some way, if they did’nt tear it apart looking for its secrets.

A better idea may have been to just have the Narada, Nero and his crew trapped at the heart of the Singularity for twenty-five years.

Kind of like Khan’s imprisonment.

Then we could really understand his pain.

171. SPOCKBOY - May 14, 2009

I absolutely LOVED the movie, but their was something FAMILIAR about it…
I still love it.

172. sean - May 14, 2009


Sorry, I misunderstood. Still, I have no problem with them holding off until the credits. I can’t imagine any other point in the movie where it would have been appropriate, as the crew weren’t yet assembled. Giacchino’s score was excellent throughout and a welcome departure from the formulaic music we’d been subjected to for the last 16 years (if I had to hear Goldsmith’s score recycled for the opening credits one more stinkin’ time I think I’d have gone mad).

173. Dr. Image - May 14, 2009

And how about those cool closing credits!
That montage is great.

Giacchino’s score theme is NOWHERE near as repetative as Goldsmith had gotten in the last movies.
The new score has been stuck in my head, and I don’t mind it at all.

#170 Good idea. Yeah, and in the comic the Narada kicked the Klingons asses.

174. Greg2600 - May 14, 2009

Damn, what is this Epix nonsense? It’s hard enough to get cable companies to add channels that have existed for 10 or 15 years!

175. Rick Sternbach - May 14, 2009

#156 – I suppose “implausible” wasn’t the word I was searching for. Without knowing exactly what all has changed in the timeline since the Kelvin was destroyed, it’s difficult to understand the design and construction philosophies of Starfleet in that era; i.e., what made them go for such a big vessel. Sure, it’s about the same size as the Ent-D, but even the Galaxy class felt too big at the time on TNG. Anyhow, no biggie. But I’ve heard that there are invisible forces at work that would have us simply sit and enjoy the film and not analyze it. That’s okay. I’ll wait until the DVD comes out before I start measuring things off the screen. Hello? Who’s at the door? Mmphh- ;)

176. TrekMadeMeWonder - May 14, 2009

Thanks for the Link #123

177. Remington Steele - May 14, 2009

Right Lads and Lassies, we gotta trick the media intentionally-they ain’t screwing around with Star Trek fans and getting away with it.

Come on Anthony, lets get a bit of payback on the media’s ass!

178. Trekker chick - May 14, 2009


The MIB from Paramount?

Look away from the flashy-thingee when you open the door!

179. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

Could it be true that Fox news is actualy right and that they are fair and ballenced and the rest is just makeing it up as they go. Is this possible.

180. Geodesic - May 14, 2009

I want a good Q story in movie form.

181. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

Well the Breen could be a villian and since we no very little about them they could make for an interesting villian. Or of corse the Doomsday machine and who built it and where it came from. We do not need another time travel movie though as we have done that in Treks 4 and 7 and 8 and 11. We need something big and kool and something that will make our mouthes water like it has done in this one.

182. Remington Steele - May 14, 2009



You’re a goddamn LEGEND man……

I’m humbled to be even on the same page as you.

And no, I’m not being sarcastic-Your work has always been nothing short of phenomenal.

183. Remington Steele - May 14, 2009


I spelled the surname wrong…..Bugger!

184. David - May 14, 2009

I don’t really care about politics but fox news is much better at least in a lot of aspects, Obama is gonna ruin this country for anyone who works hard and the people who don’t will prosper for a couple years till we go bankrupt . I just don’t see the obama thing, and y he is so loved, he just promises and never delivers, to bad nero can’t go back and take out his father b4 he came to america

185. Rick Sternbach - May 14, 2009

#178 – Heh heh. Never mind; it was just a salesman shoving a flyer in my face. And besides, I’ve got my shades.

Anyhow, for the rest of the gang, I’m not going to go overboard trying to reconcile physical measurements or story points, but I am thinking about them because it’s interesting. Star Trek has, I firmly believe, always prided itself on giving people compelling stories and characters as well as terrific looks at future technologies, and getting the viewers to think deeper, as I said before. It’s not nerdy, it’s being a reasoning human being. Regardless of whether it’s fans or production people asking me to just enjoy it and -not- think so hard about it, I get amazingly suspicious. Is the emperor naked?

186. tman - May 14, 2009

I think anything that is repackaging content from the shows or twisting on characers from the original timeline will have the same tired, in-bred feeling that much of Enterprise had.

I love Q as a character, but I think it would be really dumb idea to bring him into the next film.

I think that bringing back nemeses like the Klingons and showing them in HD would be cool if presented in a way that blows your previously concieved notions of them. All previous incarnations were very stereotyped, and never quite brilliant. The Dr Who episode “Dalek” comes to mind as a template, not in terms of it’s pacing or story line but in terms of how much of a Mother-F***** that thing was compared to what you expect. I would say “The Mummy” is another example of doing this and the depiction of Star Fleet captains in this new movie is a third.

But the story really should be original. A friend was posting on her facebook page that she missed the humanism of the original series in this new incarnation of Star Trek. I think the story writers should think about that aspect as well.

I don’t think with T2 around the corner, you should expect Pirates of Carribean-like numbers from this movie. I think you should expect Transformers like movies and expect a bigger take the 2nd time around. I do wonder, though, whether the bleakness of T2 will make movie turn around and see Star Trek afterwards to get the dose of Escapism they need to get through this depressed year.

187. Riker'sDad - May 14, 2009

184. Maybe you should just move, man. I hear Iran is pretty conservative. As far as the U.S., I think we’re gonna give this Obama guy a chance before we declare that, “he’s gonna ruin this country.” Oh yeah, I’m sure McCain would have things hummin’ right along right now. Oh wait, you’d better’re missing Glen Beck.

188. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

#185 for dissing the Emperor of the Terran Empire you will get 24 hours in the Agoniser Booth. Ok. I do not get into Politics unless it is the Federation Council or in my case the council of the Terran Empire but any and all news Orginzations Producers and reporters should be shot for missrepresenting Trek and the wonderfull people and bloggers of

189. RD - May 14, 2009

113. Josh – I’m thrilled ST is doing so well. However, this cart-before-the-horse thing is annoying. First, this site is continually trying to force a competition among other top box-office grossers. There’s no point, there’s no competition and who cares who gets to $100 MILL 1st? Second, these numbers are being bandied about with no frame of reference. How can you compare daily numbers without an exact number of theaters attached to each movies daily-gross? How can you compare a film that did a $100 MILL a year ago, or two years ago, etc. without adjusting for inflation and the other variables that affects which film really hit the $100 MILL mark when.

Also, there seems to be some implied suggestion that by hitting this milestone it’s going to continue to do even better. As Closettrekker points out, Trek is definitely going to drop to number 2 against A&D. I doubt it will fall below Wolverine, but you never know. However, if Trek is REALLY doing so well thanks to a general mass audience and NOT REPEATED viewings by Trek fans who are also turning out in record numbers, then expect Trek to drop substantially. If that happens, then Trek will likely continue to underperform as other mass audience favorites continue to flood the box office. Hopefully it makes 200 MILL, but it is far from a shoe-in. As I pointed out in another thread A&D is currently #5 on the NYT Bestseller list, an unlikely coincidence with the movie opening this weekend. Don’t kid yourself there is a lot of interest, regardless of the reviews or one’s personal feelings about that franchise.

I am seriously curious what the demographics are for the people who are seeing it. It’s doing far too well for a Trek film, but perhaps this is the turn around the corner the franchise needed. Nevertheless it still needs to gross over $500 Million worldwide to recoup it’s costs and justify an equitable sequel. Even if the film doesn’t make that figure, it is unlikely Paramount wouldn’t produce a sequel, they would just likely keep a tighter lid on a more modest budget and curb the advertising. As Closettrekker points out, the positive experience for this one will no doubt fuel even greater interest for the sequel.

190. dayxday - May 14, 2009

I have never bought in to the notion that shaky, hand-held camera work makes things seem more real. It has its place as a tool for filmakers to use conservatively, but I find shaky live action sequences and shaky special special effects to be disorienting and overwhelming on a giant screen. I don’t feel that the story and characters are somehow more real because of it either. If anything, the technique seems trendy and I think we will have a laugh in a few decades at the dated look of these types of shows.

191. U.F.P. - May 14, 2009

184 doesn’t fox or limbaugh have a blog for you to be among friends? I’m just wondering what you political tripe has to do with trek…

192. Rick Sternbach - May 14, 2009

#182 – Hey, I’m just this guy, you know? -Zaphod

193. Remington Steele - May 14, 2009


No Way Mister Sternbach.

Call it hero worship if you like, and I know you don’t want a fuss made, but it’s just mad that the man who designed so much for the Star Trek universe is just leaving comments on this and just being a normal fan.

It’s Pretty cool and I just wanna say thanks for all you put into the Star Trek Universe.

And I’m guessing you’re a fan of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”!

194. RD - May 14, 2009

#139 – actually Doomsday Machine would be the only ST episode I think is worth revisiting. The reason for this is, archeological-oriented mystery stories have great appeal for general audiences, as evidenced by the National Treasure and Indian Jones films. I would put the Stargate Franchise into that mix as well and stand alone films like the high grossing “Knowing”. Plus if told correctly, the plot can originate on Earth, connecting the origins of the Doomsday Machine with us and make it far more meaningful. Then the crew can reach out into deep space, further than ever before with plenty of space battles along the way.

195. TOG - May 14, 2009

Opportunity missed! “The mind meld” Future Spock should have had something to say or share with dear old dad. I think that would have been more touching. Nevertheless I loved film, I actually enjoyed the Industrial look of engineering. My only other bitch is the pace of the film, It felt like I was watching a condensed 4hr epic movie. Opportunity missed.


196. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

#194. You have some valled points. Theres so much they can do with the doomsday machine. yes we would see great battles and such but in finding out where it came from and who built it and in referenceing about the current affairs of 21st century earth and of corse the human drama could make for some fantastic viewing and a mega blockbuster.

197. U.F.P. - May 14, 2009

191 I’ll blast myself because I had no trek in my post. Postulation matbe n ero was only out for spock but when he found out the the vulcans had spent x amount of time to create/manufacture a great big ball of red matter instead of the one drop they needed to save his planet. Also there is enough there to destroy the entire star empire…hmmm i think i might be a little pissed myself. Maybe even enough to start destroying my enemy one planet at a time with their own “weapon”. does that help explain the 26 years w/o rura pentha ? which i am looking foward to on dvd release. yeah i said dvd not blueray. Please don’t correct my spelling i’m on a kindle amd drunk ! wooohoooo….

198. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

#197. Have you been hanging out with Scotty and drinking the Scotch again.

199. U.F.P., $Version=0 - May 14, 2009

cmotte . I am of scottish (desent) but I am drinking US whiskey today. Its time for all of us to ‘buy american’ including going to see the new m ovie. I will go back to the single malt when we recover! Keep working hard we cant all be on the bridge….

TNG. 38 min in there is an actor in one of those kilt uniforms that looks like beta sulu/ a little bit…
BTW I think Scotty would be happy to have some US whiskey instead of synthahol given the choice…lol

200. rosequartz - May 14, 2009

Great to read your comments, Rick. I also am a big fan. You and Mike did fabulous work. Kudos…

201. U.F.P. - May 14, 2009

ooops I assume (ass of u and me ) that you are from m y country. no offence intended , the best wine com es from Picards cou try and the best whiskey comes from the highlands IMHO !

202. U.F.P., $Version=0 - May 14, 2009

192 I thoughy you were a poser if yopu are the real RS then …many thanks to you and your great work .You deserve more kudos than you will ever see in these posts.

203. U.F.P., $Version=0, $Version=0 - May 14, 2009

198 Thanks for noticing… how do you ‘reckon my take on Neros motivation? am i just covering ground that has already been done?

204. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - May 14, 2009

#203. You have some good insights. But what is American. Is it a domestic brand that has parts and such made in other countries or a forign brand that is made in America. So what is American. Is it a Toyota that is made in America or a Chevy or Ford that has parts and such made in other countries. Could it be parts of Starfleet Shuttles made by the Ferengi or vise versa.

205. Trelane - May 14, 2009

Ha! Now I know what a lens flare is. As a TOS lover and a casual movie-goer I now have a better understanding of what you guys were referring to–not that I noticed them in the new movie. I guess I was too taken in by everything else.

I’ll be on the lookout for them in my next viewing…

206. dep1701 - May 14, 2009

Geek Moment:

Got back from seeing the movie for the second time. Noticed another cute little touch – SPOILER:

In the Narada, as Younger Spock takes off in the Timeship ( aka the Jellyfish ), one of the platforms beyond the ship as it turns and maneuvers away has the Vulcan ship from the movie “Star Trek- First Contact” parked on it!!

207. U.F.P., $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0 - May 14, 2009

you are correct. for US funded products in my business it has to be 50 % or m ore . for US military ( bases , housing ect. ) it must be US made only. I only offer my opinion to buy US as a stop gap to help us through a tough time. m y comments were to open peoples eyes to the availability of US made products… not to bash other countries wonderful products… including SCOTCH!

208. U.F.P., $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0 - May 14, 2009

205 The fact thatyou did not notice thsm speaks volumes . m e included. good movie/ bad spelling

209. cagmar - May 14, 2009

#205 Trelane … LOL, you’re kidding right?

210. U.F.P., $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0, $Version=0 - May 14, 2009

209 cagmar.. I was not 100% happy w/lens ect. but it did not ruin the moxie for me..haha moxie is made in maine

211. Rick Sternbach - May 14, 2009

#200 – Thanks for the good words. We sure did what we could.

Something else that just occurred to me while yakking over on Facebook; regardless of how big the ship is or why JJ & Co. built the thing on the ground, it would have been amazingly cool to see it lift off to big music and impulse thruster noise. I think they missed a great opportunity there, and could have been as dramatic as the fly-around in ST:TMP. Though I suppose if Kirk and the gang weren’t actually there at liftoff, it might not have had the same impact. Still, the image makes me think.

And if boborci is watching, I don’t know what those little nodules were being ejected, but they didn’t feel like warp core components. Deuterium tankage, maybe, and one would hope they saved enough to get home. I never saw a big glowing thingie that made the Enterprise run, so I’m wondering what the core was. Perhaps (and the first one’s free) they were banks of lightbulb tokamaks? ;)

212. David - May 14, 2009

184 191, I don’t like iran or limbaugh or mccain. I was replying to another post, but again u are blinded by ur hatred. Most positions are scum and do what benefits them, not the public. But u probably blame bush for everything. Even though its all of them. I just want this country to be great again. By the way have u ever met a peaceful peace advocate i haven’t.

213. Robman0908 - May 14, 2009

The lens flares did not bother me a single bit. The large size of the Enterprise was not a big deal either.

I am just pumped about the prospect of new adventures of Kirk, Spock and the others. There are soooo many new stories that can be told. Exciting!

214. RD - May 14, 2009

#211 – I’m with you. But since we first learned of the Enterprise being built on the ground and what I perceived as JJ’s defensive response that a starship is not some fragile thing, but rather has to exist in a warp gravity well, I have been wondering how the thing was going to get off the ground.

How indeed. While one could argue the Enterprise is aerodynamically designed, it has none of the control surfaces required for atmospheric flight and maneuvering thrusters would be mostly useless. Further, while it has an enormously powerful impulse drive, since there is nothing about the enterprise that suggests it might provide enough lift, I find it hard it would be able to take to the air in a conventional manner, though being built in Iowa such as it is, I imagine the entire open plains could serve as a runway, if it had the proper airfoil to support lift for its tonnage. That leaves some kind of massive anti-gravity generators which would be totally unnecessary once in space and an enormous waste of space and resources for the purposes of the ship. Perhaps like an actual ship in drydock it was built on an anti-grav platform that allowed it to ascend to the proper altitude before igniting its impulse drive and literally powering the ship like a rocket into space.

The last solution would be to actually engage the warp engines and literally bend space from the surface of the planet into orbit. Seems like you’d have to evacuate everyone in the area to do that, but heck who knows. It might be only a “wink” out on Earth and a “wink” in space.

Once I start imagining exactly how it would get into orbit, the actual event seems to be less spectacular that the one you imagine. Nevertheless, Kirk could have easily been home during Summer break in which to watch it and further motivate him to achieve success. Can’t you see him drinking a beer with McCoy sitting under a tree on the Iowa plains, watching the Enterprise lifting off and telling him someday he’ll be the captain of that ship? Imagine how much more meaning the scene would carry where McCoy is assigned to the Enterprise and Kirk is not.

I suppose that given the unknown airflight capabilities of the Enterprise in the alternate reality that we might likely see the Enterprise land and take-off in a sequel. Unfortunately that smacks of Voyager, but it’s not like they haven’t borrowed many other ideas from other Trek properties in this film either. In any event I’m sure they’ll do it much more effectively than Voyager should they ever choose to o there.

Personally, I think JJ painted himself into a dramatic “Hollywood moment” corner and seeing he had no good way out after defending his choice, simply intentionally skipped it.

215. SPOCKBOY - May 14, 2009

This is the way I look at the lens flares.
There’s an old Twilight Zone episode where a scientist (Russell Johnson-professor from Gilligan’s Island) builds a time machine and inadvertently brings back a cowboy who was about to be hanged. When the bad ass cowboy inevitably kills the scientist, he runs outside and is completely blind sided by the flashing lights, cars and sounds of 1960’s new york, remember this guy is from the 1800’s where things are dark and quiet. Now imagine “us” going over two HUNDRED years into the future. It would be overwhelming! Even now when I look at CNN with 20 different things running on the screen at once, 50 years ago that would have been too much to handle. Therefore for me, the lens flares artistically represent a visual reminder of how we would actually feel in the future, by overstimulating our current frame of reference with overly flashing lights and gadgets.

: )Paul

216. tribble farmer - May 14, 2009

They could have done without a few of the lens flares, but in general I like them. ;D

217. Rick Sternbach - May 14, 2009

#214 – The basics to getting off the ground is contained in the TNG Tech Manual, which I’m sure Orci and Kurtzman must have at least glanced at. The simple answer is that if the impulse drive of most any Starfleet ship (even non-warp vessels and shuttles) can normally achieve 1/4-1/2 lightspeed, that acceleration is many, many g (inertial dampers means we don’t get turned into chunky salsa). So, 1g to rise above Earth is no sweat at all. But it would still be amazing to watch.

218. RD - May 14, 2009

#217, you’re kidding right? If that’s the case, then the Galaxy Class Starship would just land on planets anytime it wanted. At least Voyager had adjustable engines to allow it to distribute the thrust like a Harrier jet. And just how would the Enterprise direct its thrust? Or would it just plow across Iowa blowing roofs off buildings until it achieved enough velocity that even a brick could fly? I haven’t read the TNG Technical manual, but given that most of those shuttles were essentially boxes, also incapable of traditional air-flight, especially at low-speed maneuvers where sheer velocity couldn’t lift them, there essentially had to be some kind of anti-grav technology going on. Many are depicted as lifting straight up like a helicopter without any obvious air disturbance (as with a Harrier), not to mention hovering maneuvers, etc. Can’t really figure a way to otherwise tap into the impulse engines for traditional flight without violating the laws of physics.

The only way to get the Enterprise off the ground without looking like Star Wars is to tilt it up on end and shoot it off like a rocket. But I admit that would have been cool.

219. RD - May 14, 2009

One more thing: Wouldn’t it have been far more efficient to land the Enterprise back on Earth to pick up the cadets, if it were so easy to take-off and land? Why send shuttles?

The more I think about it, it was just one more bad Hollywood idea that just creates canonical plot holes that have to be explained away, especially in this ST culture.

220. Keep the Faith - May 15, 2009

I miss the flying Kirk Fu kicks to the chest

221. Schiefy - May 15, 2009

The MSM is just doing to Trek what it has been doing to those of us who consider ourselves more politically conservative!

222. Bryan - May 15, 2009

Loved the “Star Trek done like Star Trek” clip I have to say i nearly peed when I saw it, oh how it made me laugh…. If there is one thing I hated about the movie, it was the amount of lensflares used, which even Abrams admitted was overkill. Hopefully Star Trek (2011) will not have that problem.

223. Rick Sternbach - May 15, 2009

#218 – Impulse engines, at least by the time we examined and detailed them in TNG, aren’t simple rocket thrust devices. There’s a more exotic space-time driver coil component to them that allows for directing the fields to push in any direction, even backwards. The impulse exhaust is used for thrusting and can be vectored, and is the end product of the fusion reactors powering the coils. After talking with some respectable rocket scientists in 1987, we calculated that even deuterium fusion thrust alone could not accelerate a starship to the velocities required for standard impulse flight (goodly percentages of c), and so the driver coils were added to the mix.

Theoretically, the Ent-D could dip down to a planet and hold itself up against gravity, but aside from the saucer, it couldn’t land as designed. One might assume that the driver coils could disrupt the local environment if powered on above the planet for too long.

Voyager, like all Starfleet vessels since the 1701 Refit, have RCS thrusters, and those are used for maneuvering, but they aren’t the things holding the ship up during landings and liftoffs; it’s the driver coils.

Fun, eh?

224. Rick Sternbach - May 15, 2009

#219 – “Easy” perhaps, in terms of overall flight capabilities, but power intensive nevertheless. Shuttles are a lot more efficient; better MPG? :)

225. RD - May 15, 2009

#223, I stand corrected. That’s what I love about Trek, there’s an explanation for everything even sloppy writing.

Sadly it’s more often than not because the writer’s decide to break their own rules and conventions (though in their defense there are so many of rules they often forget), to get out of a plot trap. While I think this is far more common in a TV series due to budget and time constraints, I generally expect far more from a $160+ million film, and this one steps all over its own feet.

226. Zodrack - May 15, 2009

– I still don’t like the ‘new romulans’ and the new ‘warbird’..

227. Darkowski - May 15, 2009

Love that last video. So true!

Lens flares aren’t the best for a movie theater screen. They are just too annoying and disturb too much for a screen of this size. I’m always sitting in the last row. I can only imagine the pain that the viewers in the first row went through :-P

Overall a good movie, but… the music feels weird. Doesn’t fit the movie that well – it’s too weak for a movie of this stature…

228. RichR - May 15, 2009

Just a few random points:

1. In the TOS Evil Empire episode, wasn’t it stated that Kirk assumed command of the ISS Enterprise after assassinating Capt. Pike? Which would be an interesting indication that the two could have served together in alternate realities.

2. Were my eyes deceiving me or was Adm. Pike wearing the same white with gold trim uniform as when we initially see Kirk in ST: TMP (in the early shuttlepod scenes)? If so, that was a very nice continuity touch.

3. As for the believability of Kirk taking command at such a young age…I’m thinking that this Kirk lost a few years bumming around aimlessly in Iowa…AND that a deleted scene at the end probably would have shown Spock Prime having a word with the Admiralty and pulling strings on Kirk’s behalf (“You have to give him a ship…NOW! He has to save the galaxy!”). Why else would he be standing up on that balcony overlooking the Academy auditorium?

4. And finally…is John Cho really 37 YEARS OLD?!? Because George Takei was only 29 back in 1966!

229. Shaun - May 15, 2009

from a critical standpoint, star trek seems to be doing quite well:

top three star trek films @ rotten tomatoes:
star trek – 95%
star trek: first contact – 91%
star trek ii: the wrath of khan – 90%

all star trek films covered @ metacritic:
star trek – 83
star trek: first contact – 70
star trek: insurrection – 64
star trek: nemesis – 50

230. Chris Basken - May 15, 2009

134: ‘From the article: For Holcomb, the scale of the work was most challenging. “The Narada was six miles long and the Enterprise is 2000 feet. When they fly into camera, we always had to do something to make them look that big in CG.”’

So… Ent-D/E size?

231. Bob Tompkins - May 15, 2009


Uhhhh, hold on a sec, bucko….. Enterprise is now the only canon left, since it took place long before Kirk’s birth; Scotty references Admiral Archer’s prize beagle. How old would Archer be now? Well over 100, but having McCoy help kick off TNG at around 140 years of age doesn’t make that impossible.

Abrams and Company also borrowed heavily on Enterprise’s vision and portrayal of the Vulcans- arrogance, even barely supressed racism against earth humans.

232. Anaya - May 15, 2009

i am just reading this site for the first time – so please let me know if this post is better suited for a different forum – but here goes…

I have an idea that i think could bring the ST universe back to TV (I love the movie, but its not weekly!).

#1) does anyone know if the PTB want this?
#2) anyone know any writers that know how to pitch story ideas?
#3) here’s my idea: GG meets ST! A fabulous teen drama that takes place at Starfleet Academy – in the FUTURE – post TNG, post DS9, with lots of experimental sex between teenage humans and aliens!
#4) Can;t you just picture it? A rollicking good time to be had by all!

I’m SO serious.

233. Anaya - May 15, 2009

oh, and re: #217+, why not pick up the cadets in the Enterprise itself…

Just because its the future doesn’t mean you can use starships whenever and whereever. They need a much bigger space to land, more crew to man them, and presumably a lot more fuel to move around, esp thru the atmosphere. Its more realistic to me that cadets would travel in a shuttle because it would be cheaper for the military to shift a crew that way. That’s how we do it today. I didn’t see it as a plot device at all – just the way things would more logically get done.

234. S. John Ross - May 15, 2009

#215: Bravo.

I’ve always said that apologetics and rationalization were the true art forms of the serious fan, and your post belongs in the Louvre :)

235. Adam Bomb 1701 - May 16, 2009

The “Epix” channel may be stillborn, as (AFAIK) few, if any, cable companies have signed on to carry it. Including mine (Time Warner of NYC.) “Epix” is a partnership between Paramount, Lions Gate and MGM; it was formed as a reactionary move to Showtime’s (which has had exclusive rights to the three studios’ output for years) wanting more money for the pay cable rights to their films. In this tanked economy, spending millions in start-up costs for a new channel is not the way to go. Plus, with cable companies drowning in pay-cable channels such as HBO, Starz, the aforementioned Showtime, plus all their side and partner channels, there may not be room for any more. Especially another pay one. Time Warner won’t carry the NFL Network due to a money dispute; I doubt they’ll be that eager to sign up for another pay channel.

236. Kevin Gaskell (Australia) - May 17, 2009

The new Star Trek movie is … a LOT to accept. As an orginal Trek fan who grew up in the 70s and 80s and being with it throughout, I honestly WANTED to like the new movie but it is a LOT to ask for. I am sure many people have many views on this but when I think about it now .. it was NOT good. The film was poorly edited and it was shallow. It was obviously a creation by someone who was not a part of the Star Trek world. As a movie by itself it was good. But don’t call it Star Trek. Itwas a bit of an insult to us long term fans since WE ARE THE REASON IT SURVIVED.

237. Paul - May 17, 2009

when i saw star trek 2009 it felt at the begining when nero came and attacked the starship uss kelvin it looked like the enterprise e was coming to the rescue but i was thinking in the next one they could or third one the enterprise e could travel through time to save the day and come to bring spock prime back to the 23rd centrenty

238. RD - May 17, 2009

#235 – either way, as I understand the deal between Paramount and CBS, Paramount does not recoup 100% from any TV deals as CBS is currently the exclusive distributor of Paramount’s films, in the same way Paramount is the exclusive distributor of CBS TV on DVD. However, I’m certain that both companies receive some percentage of the profits from the respective sales of their own properties.

239. JA - June 2, 2009

Someone mentioned earlier the concept of the mirror universe. Wouldn’t it be wild if this were a trilogy that eventually gets us back to the original timeline when it turns out that this event is what created the universe from Mirror Mirror. Without the logic of the Vulcans and with a paranoia developed from the Nero attacks Starfleet moves the Federation to the Empire. Movie two would end with the empire firmly established. Movie three has the mirror mirror events that get us back to the original timeline…somehow there is still a minor tweak tha allows some plot freedom the original timeline. I think it would be interesting to find out in the third movie that we’ve been pulling for the wrong guys all along. I know this is insane…but Lost is much stranger.

240. Joey - June 7, 2009

I consider this new movie, the worst of the series… I love that the movie created a new time line parallel to the old universe I enjoy alternate universe stories, I felt the actors did a good job of playing the roles presented, and I was very interested in the fact this movie was going to treat (some of) the novels as if they had canon value…

But, come on, I don’t understand how this movie can get good reviews!?! The most important plot points are pure coincidence, the decisions made the the crew (be it marooning, or the words the Scotty chooses to let out of the mouth) … The Kirk of time line 2’s arrogance was a bit annoying… Very little of it felt dramatic, even the loss of Vulcan (an iconic Star Trek world) did NOT come off one-percent as dramatic than the loss of the original 1701 in other movies… Even the excuses novel tie-in adds still makes the story seem almost as unintelligent and unimpressive as the movie it’s self…
I’d compare it to Star Trek V, but Star Trek V had less plot holes, and better character moments.

241. Joey - June 7, 2009

The Mirror Mirror idea is pretty cool, but Star Trek Enterprise already showed us the origin of the Mirror universe, from Mirror First Contact right up to a time Warped (regular Trek universe) USS Defiant (Constitution class) being recovered by Mirror Archer in a Mirror 2155.

However, just having fun with the idea, Maybe at the end of “Star Trek” when Nero falls into the black hole (again) maybe this time he goes back in time long before First Contact, crashes his wreck of a ship on Earth, then causes humanity to go down a dark path… is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.