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Star Trek Invades MTV Movie Awards + Pine (Jokes?) About Khan In Sequel [UPDATED] May 31, 2009

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The annual MTV Movie Awards was held tonight in LA, and even though the new Star Trek movie wont be eligible until next year, the film still made its presence known. Star Trek appeared in a couple of skits, Chris Pine presented an award, even JJ Abrams made a cameo (on keyboards!). Plus Zach Quinto showed up on the red carpet and Pine (joked?) about Khan in the sequel. [UPDATED: More video clips]


Star Trek comedy: opening skit + Starf Leet Clown College + JJ on keys
Tonight’s MTV Movie Awards kicked off with a parody skit featuring host Andy Samdberg popping in and out of various movies, including the new Star Trek.

MTV Shows

And then there was ‘Starf Leet’ Clown College

MTV Shows

Another Star Trek related moment was a cameo by Star Trek director JJ Abrams, playing synthesizer during a song parody.

MTV Shows

Pine Presents + talks Khan
That was not the only Star Trek element of the show, as presenting the first award (for Breakthrough Female Performance) was the new Captain Kirk himself, Chris Pine, who was joined by Anna Faris. The winner was Ashley Tilsdale of High School Musical 3.

Chris Pine presenting at the MTV movie awards

Chris wasn’t spotted on the red carpet or doing interviews, but MTV did have this on their live blog:

9:21: Approached a very cordial Chris Pine who is begging off interviews today. Still, when I told him Khan HAS to be in the next one, he laughed and said, “absolutely.”

UPDATE: Video of Pine presenting

MTV Shows

Quinto and Collins rock the leather
Zachary Quinto was spotted on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, also sporting the scruffy look. 

Quinto on the red carpet at MTV movie awards

The MTV Fashion Blog noted how Quinto (along with fellow Star Trek actor Clifton Collins, Jr.) had ‘rocked leather’ for the event.

Collins on the red carpet at MTV movie awards

Next year…
Of course Star Trek was not eligible for any awards this year, but next year it will surely be getting some attention from MTV (and who knows what other award shows).

More on the 2009 MTV Movie Awards at



1. Illogical - May 31, 2009


2. Illogical - June 1, 2009

But…that was not Old Spock!

3. cagmar - June 1, 2009

Well, I’ll put my two cents in here. Khan in the next movie? Khan’s already been done and done well. How about we make a movie where nobody’s trying to get revenge this time? Make a movie with some kind of challenging idea? Something totally new (as far as story and idea, not ibridges, thanks)? Might be cool. I don’t know. Just saying.

4. markg1701 - June 1, 2009

Ok, so maybe a stupid idea but……… we never actually see Nero die, which has been pointed out somewhere…..and knowing that the Narada was made with Borg tech, I think it would be cool, if the wreckage of his ship came out through the blackhole and then started to repair itself and in the process assimilated Nero into a half borg mad Romulan after revenge.

It’s never going to happen but anyone else think that would be cool?

5. Geodesic - June 1, 2009

Or make Khan the B villain/plot in something grander thus setting him up for the 3rd movie.

6. S. John Ross - June 1, 2009

#3: “How about we make a movie where nobody’s trying to get revenge this time?”


7. Josh - June 1, 2009


8. Hat Rick - June 1, 2009

What is it with MTV and nudity, anyway, these days?

Can anyone remember when we were explorers?

Oops, wrong line.

9. Ian Fee - June 1, 2009

Hey guys, any chance of a link or a mirror site that can be viewed outside the US? MTV really bug me with this. Prediction for next summer’s MTV awards – Star Trek, best movie!!

10. Rod of Rassilon - June 1, 2009

All new Star Trek

All of the Time!

Khan DIED!


11. Prentice of Borg - June 1, 2009

Please no Khan! Head in a new direction, a new story. Maybe some Klingons or some such aliens from the original series, but please no reboot of Khan.

12. MiniKirk - June 1, 2009

@ 3, 6: initially, Kahn hadn’t met Kirk. It wasn’t until “Space Seed” in the first season of TOS that the two met. Kahn wasn’t out for revenge until many years later, during the events of the second Trek film. So to introduce Kahn, would be to introduce a bad guy who poses a serious threat to Kirk and crew, but otherwise has no emotional ties to Kirk and Co.

13. Nivenus - June 1, 2009

I have to agree with MiniKirk here.

While Khan may or may not be a good idea for the next film his motive, if he were in it, would be anything but revenge. I don’t understand why people keep on forgetting about that, particularly in a place where so many self-proclaimed canonistas exist.

14. Your Friendly Neighborhood Mobile Emitter - June 1, 2009

His last name is Samberg, not Sandburg.


15. Darren - June 1, 2009

No Khan or any other remakes/rehashes of previous episodes or movies please. This is the time for new big ideas to surface, so let’s not get lazy by reheating up some villan from the past.

16. thebiggfrogg - June 1, 2009

15. Ha, this is Hollywood. You don’t expect lazy reheating, rehashes, remakes, and reboots? Maybe in the Mirror Hollywood! As much of a Trek fan as I am it opened a Pandora’s box of lousy TV remakes, so we get the Brady Bunch movie, The Beverly Hillbillies movie, Land of the Lost plus movies based on toys and videogames. It is amazing the drek that the studios will deign to reproduce. Perhaps I’ll shave my goatee and pop on over to the mirror universe where they value orginality and creativity. Meanwhile, gear up for the Khan meets the Borg in a Klingon lollapolallooza battle (lets hope this drek remains fanboi imagining).

I’m with the guys who hope for a Trek movie that isn’t driven:
1. A bad guy, who wants revenge or not
2. Time travel
3. The unstoppable alien foe dujour

All of these have been done ad infinitum, well and poorly in Trek, how about boldly going where no scriptwriter has gone before and dreaming up some challenging, though provoking scifi that entertains as well.

17. ss - June 1, 2009

Note for the next film: Nobody should die by falling off a bridge. Seriously, not Kirk, not an alien fighting Riker over an inexplicably deep hole in the middle of a space ship… Nobody.

18. Mikey - June 1, 2009

I total agree with those who says let the revenge stories have a rest in Trek, Science Fiction gives the opportunity to explore so many interesting ‘what if’ ideas but it seems that very few film-makers get that.

Is it very hard to see the difference between Ben Cross and Leonard Nimoy?
I don’t think so.

19. Valar1 - June 1, 2009

Khan wouldn’t want revenge, Kirk hasn’t done anything to him yet. Khan seemed like an arrogant and ambitious guy but he wasn’t simply an revenge crazed loon like in the movie version. Heck, if there was a serious threat to humankind I bet he’d help Kirk defeat it simply because he would want someone around to rule over.

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[…] Star Trek Invades MTV Movie Awards + Pine (Jokes?) About Khan In … […]

21. cap10kirk - June 1, 2009

if khan was in it he would be picked up by another ship and successfully take it over then the enterprise would have to stop the renegade starship so you get a cross of spaceseed and twok

22. locutus - June 1, 2009

it might be cool to see Khan but in this new timeline things could be diffrent. Kirk doesnt maroon him on Ceti Alpha and he joins Starlfeet? The Klignons find the Botany Bay and he joins with them to attack Starfleet? If Khan is used I want to see it play out completely diffrent than in the normal universe.

One thing I would love to see in Star Trek is World War 3! Time travel back to WW3? That could be cool and intresting story! there is soo much that could be done with that time period between present day and Enterprise.

23. Mike Stivic - June 1, 2009

I think a re-envisioning of Khan in the new timeline may someday be a good idea. But not yet!

Please let us have a movie that doesn’t have an evil villain.

“Does anyone remember when we were explorers?” -Jean Luc-Picard

How about something mysterious and scary and intriguing that isn’t about beating the baddie?

24. captain_neill - June 1, 2009

No Khan period for next movie.

It will just be a remake of not only one of the best Trek movies but one of the best Sci Fi films ever.

I still believe Wrath of Khan is a much better film than the latest outing so to remake Khan would not do the film justice.

They did a parallel universe/timeline to avoid canon inconsistencies so don’t use it to make new versions of the past.

I treat the whole film, including the Kelvin scenes in a mirror universe.

Why not bring back the human condition, the exploring of the galaxy.

I do love the film but I do feel that part of the Trek I love is gone, but I am glad the new movie will allow it to continue.

25. Paul - June 1, 2009

Anna Faris for Yeoman Rand? Bet she makes damn fine coffee.

26. Steve - June 1, 2009

Save Khan for a load of years, and lets have an original villain in an original storyline- i.e. more of the same in the sequel. A Klingon villain wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I bet the writers are going through every TOS novel for some inspiration.
Suffice to say, Star Trek’s sequel has to be as amazing (to me at least) a sequel as The Dark Knight was to Batman Begins. It has to do more of the same but simultaneously up the ante!

27. Star Trackie - June 1, 2009

Everybody wants Khan and I’m sure, form a business point of view, it makes sense, since Wrath of Khan is so familiar. Also, I’m sure the writers would love to put Khan in this alternate timeline where anything can happen. And as much as I think it might work, just as much of me wants something fresh and new.

Space Seed is great, Ricardo was great, but we’ve been there, done that. Surely there are more imaginative threats out there…and I DON’T mean Klingons!!

28. ger - June 1, 2009

“Or make Khan the B villain/plot in something grander thus setting him up for the 3rd movie.”

You mean like making Khan the villain when the plot is actually about something else of a much grander scale? Yeah, that would work. For example it could be about Starfleet researching a device that can reform a lifeless asteroid into a planet with atmosphere and new life. They could call it “Genesis device”, and in the 3rd movie, they would show the outcome of that story.

29. Rod of Rassilon - June 1, 2009

how about brining back… the monster from cloverfield?

lest drop kirk and co on its planet, or does it hop from planet to planet like some kind of space locust.

I realise something similar was done before, but it would be better than a Khan revisit.

Khan is dead, he died in the movie, just like Kirk.

no Kirk, no Khan

30. Rod of Rassilon - June 1, 2009

well, no SHATNER no Khan.

I love how we can edit our posts and not look like idiots.. oh yeah, thats right, we can’t!

PS has anyone got a like to those videos on you tube? because they don’t seem to work outside the US.

31. MP - June 1, 2009

uh……back to MTV. Abrams tore the roof off the sucka on the keyboards!

32. Gibnerd - June 1, 2009

can i just mention JJ Abrams on the keyboards was brilliant?

33. Trek Nerd Central - June 1, 2009

What about putting KAHN in the new movie? The franchise could use some deli meats. Wasn’t Scotty always asking for a sandwich. . . ?

Sorry. I just had to.

Serioiusly, I’d be okay with seeing Khan again — especially in his younger, non-vengeful form. But why not use Trelane/Q? That’d be a kick.

34. Brian from OR - June 1, 2009

#32 I thought JJ Abrams on the keyboards was hilarious! The next movie could use some more keyboard playing.

35. VOODOO - June 1, 2009

I know it’s a cliche to say that MTV sucks these days, but I will say it anyway. MTV sucks.

The only remotely funny part was when Sacha Baron Cohen made a fool of Eminem. It seems the tough guy can’t take a joke.

36. VOODOO - June 1, 2009

I don’t know how wise it would be to have Kahn in the next film. Kahn’s return doesn’t seem necessary to me. I think you are playing with fire trying to re-cast the role.

Granted, the new cast is great, but why tempt fate by trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice with Kahn’s return when there are so many other ways they could go? I’m not saying it couldn’t work, but I think there are other routes that are less risky.

I think it would be far more interesting to see how Kirk + Spock would handle the Borg. And by the Borg I don’t mean the dumbded down family friendly versions we saw in later Star Trek. I want Kirk + Spock to battle the nasty Borg of “The Best of Both Worlds”

37. Steve - June 1, 2009

The writers purposely positioned themselves, with this new movie, to be able to move forward in a new direction and I thought they did it well. I’m a long time fan and I thought the movie was awesome, done with affection and respect to what Star Trek is.

Bringing characters like Chapel and Rand, for example, into the next movie is one thing. But I, for one, would not like to see them retread Khan, Prime Kirk, or anything else that’s already been done. Another time-travel movie bringing Kirk back would be cheesy now.

To the writers: Boldy Go! You’ve earned it. Regardless of the next plot, remember the heart and remember the characters and relationships and you’ll be fine.

38. CAPT KRUNCH - June 1, 2009

Please no Khan, Klingons, whales, or doomsday machines!..
These guys can surely come up with something new!, something we have never seen before!!!

39. New Horizon - June 1, 2009

There is no need to rehash Khan. It was done very well twice already. I thought the whole point of this was to rejuvenate the series and find new ground? I want something new, original, exciting and inspiring.

40. Chris Rod - June 1, 2009

Pine just answered the media man with agreement.. the way you talk to someone at work when you pass by and they yell at you in the parking lot, “hey! next year i want to see you in a new Cadillac CTS-V!” and you say , “absolutly!”
lol, its just pine answering , not orci!

lighten up jerks!


41. ster julie - June 1, 2009

Here’s my vision of the Star Trek Sequel:

1. The Enterprise finds a really old ship, a DY1000.
2. Kirk remembers something from his meld with Spock Prime.
3. After searching for the ship’s registry number, they see the name S.S. Botany Bay.
4. “Shoot it!” Kirk screams.
5. Opening credits. On with the real story.

Whaddya think?

42. Stan Winsone - June 1, 2009

Khan works in the original Star Trek II because you have the backstory of the 5 year mission and Space Seed. That his vengeance is born out of Kirk’s neglect is the perfect metaphor for aging- the crew is getting old. It would be premature to trot that storyline out with a brand new crew, wouldn’t it?

43. Admiral Waugh - June 1, 2009

One word: nexus.

Not quite as bad a joke as 33 but…

44. New Horizon - June 1, 2009

Bah. None of the videos work in Canada.

45. Stan Winsone - June 1, 2009

How about they give us a nice epic Klingon war story for the next one. It’s something we haven’t seen in the features save for a bit of action in ST III and the simulator scene of ST II.

46. New Horizon - June 1, 2009

” 33. Trek Nerd Central – June 1, 2009
Serioiusly, I’d be okay with seeing Khan again — especially in his younger, non-vengeful form. But why not use Trelane/Q? That’d be a kick.”

Or maybe something new that we’ve never seen before?

47. spiked canon - June 1, 2009

amen 46

48. dalek - June 1, 2009

Doesn’t matter WHO is the villain in the next film, Khan, or even The Gorn.

That the villain is new or old doesn’t make a great Trek movie.

New Villain: Ruofa, Shinzon, are a prime example that NEW doesn’t mean good.

It has to be a decent script and a well written role. Then you have to have a decent actor.

New never equates to quality. If it did Star Trek Nemesis (the first feature film with the Romulans) would have been a bona fide hit. It wasn’t.

The quality resides in the script. Judging by Trek XI, its in the best hands.

49. Bart - June 1, 2009

Bob Orci…….I BEG YOU!!!!!!

NO KHAN! Please Please!!!!

No uber-villans.

I LOVED this movie.

On the next one….

Please write a story…..NOT ABOUT REVENGE!!!

Let the Enterprise do some exploring for a change.

50. AJ - June 1, 2009

The Clown School video was priceless.

51. Jefferies Tuber - June 1, 2009

rebooting Khan only makes sense if the Botany Bay is rescued by another ship and we see what hell the superior intellect can raise without Kirk’s interference. raise a genetically engineered army, conquer a world like Apollo?

…and putting him in the second film is textbook case of jumping the shark. this movie is 5y before TOS and they pick up Khan’s sleeper ship about a year in to the 5y mission.

52. Jefferies Tuber - June 1, 2009

most posters are missing the point. it won’t be about revenge unless and until the events of “The Space Seed” play out as they did in the prime timeline, which they almost certainly will not.

53. Mother Wore Tights - June 1, 2009

“MTV video cannot be viewed outside the US due to copyright reasons”


54. trekboi - June 1, 2009

an original star trek movie with no stereotypical bad guy like STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE & THE VOYAGE HOME would be novel- just wait werent thoes 2 the biggest money earners? counting inflation ect ect

55. LCDR T'PAU - June 1, 2009

I had heard the rumint before about the follow-on to STAR TREK involving a Khan-plot. I am happy to embrace an alternate-timeline based series of movies for STAR TREK — to try and redo Gene Roddenberry’s work would be rediculous. SO NO KHAN NOONIEN SINGH — while TOS presented some background to the enmity between the Klingons and the Federation, there remains much to be revealed, explored. And — I whole-heartedly agree with those who want to see some exploration vice a revenge-focused plot — and a plot that features some examination of the human condition — of our foibles and prejudices (which unfortunately still exist) and how humans and the Federation fight to overcome them. Otherwise — this new iteration just becomes an action movie set in space.

56. Bart - June 1, 2009

54- Correct.

Although TMP had problems with pacing and lack of character development. The actual plot was one of the strongest of any of the movies.

I just finished re-reading the book “Prime Directive”. Great story. That’s the kind of thing I want to see on screen..a story in that style.

57. sean - June 1, 2009

Ha! Loved JJ on keyboards. The only thing better would have been Bob Orci on keytar.

58. Geodesic - June 1, 2009

If they do Khan again, maybe the could actually have him played by a Sikh actor.

59. dalek - June 1, 2009

# 58 maybe, its not crucial to the role tho. Star Trek barely ever has people playing the correct nationality of their characters unless they are American.

They had an Englishman playing a Frenchman, an American playing a Scotsman (Now an Englishman playing a Scotsman) and those were main cast members.

As long as the actor is good enough and looks the part.

60. dalek - June 1, 2009

#59 Apolgoies, I might be in error, Jimmy Doohan might have been Canadian.

61. richpit - June 1, 2009

They need to do a totally new story with no rehashes of old episodes, old movies, old villains, etc.

Let this crew stand on their own with no more “cameo” parts either

62. sean - June 1, 2009


I think you’re being kind. TMP was essentially ‘The Changeling’ tweaked a wee bit.

63. Mat - June 1, 2009

How about this.

Spock Prime knows he had to die to stop Khan and since everything is different, he says to himself. “Let’s see if we can do it right this time.”

So Spock Prime plots out a course to intercept Khan’s ship BEFORE the original five year mission, deeper out in space. He finds the ship and visits it by himself. ((SOMETHING UNEXPECTED HAPPENS))

OR maybe he takes the new Enterprise crew. and it’s all differnet.

What would happen if Spock changed his own experience so that he didn’t inexorably have to die.

Khan as played by THE ROCK.

Kidding or Not? I have no idea.

64. The Governator - June 1, 2009

Here’s the real challenge:

No Revenge

Revenge offers many outlets in storytelling which is why I think its been used so many times by so many people. It should be interesting to see how Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof approach this. After all, Orci and Kurtzman wrote the new Trek which involved revenge and isn’t their latest Transformers titled “Revenge of the Fallen”? hmmm…

I think a non-revenge story that still has a very memorable villain and an intriguing and fast-paced story is ideal and really going to be a challenge. Nevertheless, I have faith that such a good trio of writers can pull it off.

65. Evan - June 1, 2009

Silly MTV people confusing Sarek and old Spock.

66. Dr. Image - June 1, 2009

JJ. PLEASE- no Khan.

67. Geodesic - June 1, 2009


How about a rogue captain?

68. The Governator - June 1, 2009

67. Geodesic


69. Aeolis14Unbra - June 1, 2009


70. Captain Dunsel - June 1, 2009

Well, I guess I’m officially “old and out of it”. I didn’t recognize any of the movies Andy Sandburg “jumped” into (except ST of course).

BTW, I have no idea who Andy Sandburg is either.

71. JML9999 - June 1, 2009

Khan and his superfolks crash land on New Vulcan?

72. Blake Powers - June 1, 2009

Why is Zachary Quinto not being covered in milk in these pictures…….Waste of my time.. Thanks for the article~ :-)

73. Bart - June 1, 2009

62- Mom told be to always find the positives.

I did like the story of TMP though. Would like to have known more about the machine planet that tinkered with VGER.

64- Spot on. A challenge to the them….”No Revenge”.

How about a real Prime Directive dilemma? Some life or death drama that will spark some great Kirk,Spock, McCoy discussions/arguments?

74. Geodesic - June 1, 2009



75. toddk - June 1, 2009

A re-telling of space seed would be acceptable…and guess what? Khan will meet chekov, and never forget his face, I don’t want to see a wrath of khan movie remake, that would be Illogical . I can see it now…as the paramount and bad robot titles dissolve, we see the caption: “for ricardo”………(you know which ricardo i mean) oh, and shatner would again not fit into the story, anyways star trek 12 would be a companion piece to wrath of khan and TOS space seed, boosting sales of both the original series as well as the earier films, how could paramount say no to that?

76. Spock Jenkins - June 1, 2009

Khan in the next film won’t be a remake of WRATH OF KHAN ( as if bettering it were even possible )….but a re-imagining of Space Seed, albeit against a wider story canvas could be wonderful, and could dovetail nicely into WRATH OF KHAN.

I don’t imagine it would be wise to create a story that CONTRADICTS WRATH OF KHAN, but one that can be construed equally ( and ambiguously ) within the parameters of this new universe as well as fitting in with the framework of the original Star Trek movies, would be a clever way to introduce Khan Noonien Singh.

Or even, only have Botany Bay only discovered towards the end of the next film, thereby seguing into a third TREK movie…

77. toddk - June 1, 2009

oh and the klingon/khan idea? khan and his followers would concider them and any other race to be inferior.

78. Geodesic - June 1, 2009


So rather than taking over the Enterprise like in Space Seed, he takes over a Bird of Prey?

79. markg1701 - June 1, 2009

How about a Vulcan bad guy (NOT SYBOK!)

They just lost their planet…that must have tipped someone over the edge.

I think they should do Khan one day as well, but how can you do Star Trek, with Kirk and Spock and not have the Klingons as the bad guys?!?!?!?!

I personally loved General Chang…and Kor, Kang (Koloth not so much), Kruge was ok.

But the idea of Q/Trelane is too alienating for the general public.

I think Bob and Alex realise what constitutes a good film story as opposed to episodic television. To be Insurrection just felt like an over inflated episode.

80. grover sald - June 1, 2009

What if they start off on OK terms with Khan in this film; maybe he’s thrown into the mix during some new and interesting conflict. Then later (ST13 or 14) he turns on us. Kinda like Harvey Dent, but not so much in the foreground right away, and not turning ‘bad’ til a later film.

81. The Great Barrier - June 1, 2009

Orci —

Read my lips: If you guys put Khan in the next film there will be at least one ticket not sold. Please give us something new and fresh!

Don’t listen to the little fanboys who have to keep seeing the same things over and over again!


82. Dunsel Report - June 1, 2009

Chris Pine vs. his evil Mirror Universe twin.

83. Geodesic - June 1, 2009

@80 I was thinking the same thing.

@82 So is this a parallel universe to the other mirror universe?

84. Liz - June 1, 2009

I love Bruce Greenwood. He was so funny!

85. harris250 - June 1, 2009

atta boy #81, start the bitching now…

I love it….

86. GaryS - June 1, 2009

To all those who say Khan shouldnt be in the sequel because died in the original,

87. Smitty™ - June 1, 2009

About the Khan concerns, keep in mind this would Space Seed Khan and not TWOK Khan!

Seeing the lovely Anna Faris with Mister Pine I say Anna as Janice Rand in the sequel for the win!


88. Smitty™ - June 1, 2009

Starf Leet Clown College, NOT CANON!!



89. cagmar - June 1, 2009

No, no, no, don’t do the borg either. They had their movie and it was done extremely well. In fact, I’d argue the borg had 2 movies (including The Motion Picture?). No khan, no borg. No searching for a dead character. No time travel. No alternate dimensions. No probes sending messages.

Think of something original!

And throw in Cardassians. I love those guys so much.

90. Chaos Prophet - June 1, 2009

Wow MTV sucks.

All kinds of ultimate retards. These are the people that lost their jobs working at the little local tv station, botching the telecasts of ballroom dancing and the retirement home bingo jamboree.
They filter through the cracks, wind up at MTV and the fact they are retarded ends up spinning into being “hip” or “edgy.”

I had no idea things had gotten this bad. “No one did…until it was too late.”


91. Brian Kirsch - June 1, 2009


Yet another discussion on this topic!!!

NO Khan (again)!! NO revenge aspect (again)!! NO time travel (again)!! SOMETHING NEW!! That was the whole purpose of the re-birth and re-boot of this old, tired, dead, franchise.

Sorry for shouting, but I can’t believe the numbers of fans that want to go BACKWARD, rather than FORWARD!!

Sure, the Klingons would be cool, but do it in a fresh and bold style. NO retreads, no repeats, no remakes.

To boldly go where THIS Enterprise needs to go………..

92. non-freak-outlandious - June 1, 2009

Khan… it was a Joke.
Don’t get all freaked over an off-hand comment.

93. Brian Kirsch - June 1, 2009

OK, one last time – For all of you Khan-ites that flood this site. It ain’t gonna happen. Accept it, move on. It’s illogical, if nothing else. Unless you see the original Khan of Space Seed as a character that would befit a blockbuster Hollywood movie, rather than a one time character on a tv show from the 60’s.

94. Christine - June 1, 2009

No Khan… No Khan. xD There won’t be a Khan, guys, because no one else could ever play Khan. And you know I don’t make such a statement lightly. I really mean it. That, and they were all just messin’ around. It’s like saying Sybok would come back to be a villian in ST11. xP

Other than that, pretty hilarious videos. Nice~!

95. Baroner - June 1, 2009

It’ll never happen but I’d like to see a Star Trek war movie. Not just some battles, but a 120 minute war movie. Maybe bite off Balance of Terror just a little, to provide the spark for the Second Romulan War. Romulus sends an experimental ship across the neutral zone as a precursor to an all out invasion. The Federation discovers the impending doom, and reacts like the Israelis in 1967. All out carnage ensues. We see grand strategies, combat tactics, fleet battles like in the Dominion War, Kirk at his best, secret commando missions behind the lines (infiltrating Romulus by way of Remus perhaps), old Spock helps using his knowledge of Romulus (even though it’s 129 years young, he still knows where all the key buildings are), code breaking a la WWII, a grand freakin’ battle fest. The Klingons try to sit it out but eventually take the Federation’s side. The Tholian go with the Romulans (those bastards). We also get the Gorn to come aroung. Even Balock pitches in. Hey, I expect no real stories out of JJ and company, so we might as well get an opening to closing thriller. In addition to being the best all around captain, Kirk is also supposed to be the best starship commander ever – let’s see him in action for more than just one or two scenes. Rheinhold’s Pirouette for everyone!!! I know that this isn’t really Star Trek’s thing, but the few episodes like this have been enjoyable.

Oh, and then they get pulled into the ribbon and miraculously land on Soran’s planet, just in time to save old Kirk from that ridiculous bridge scene and finally set things right again for all of us.

96. John N - June 1, 2009

JJ on keyboards was hilarious!

JJ… if you’re reading this, my hats off to you man. :)

97. Daoud - June 1, 2009

How about Khan being found this time by some of those Klingons mad that they lost 47 ships. And when they find Khan’s DNA matches their own augmented DNA…. they might either blow up the Botany Bay…. or they revive him and have HIM as the new Emperor….

Or the Romulan Commander from BoT as an ally.

With this alternate universe, any appearance of an “old” 66-69 era character should be serious *twisted*.

How about Captain Janice Lester of the U.S.S. Lexington, a perfectly sane version?

How about Kodos being not the Executioner, but Kodos the Miracle Worker?

Or New Vulcan being located on Ceti Alpha V, and Prime Spock knows how to keep VI from blowing up.

98. Jason P Hunt - - June 1, 2009

I, for one, would like to see a STAR TREK that actually tells a science fiction story. Something thought-provoking and inspiring us to be greater than who we are now.

Why does there have to be a villain?
Why can’t we get a story about exploration? That’s what this whole thing was about in the beginning… right?
And let’s get some input from science fiction authors, for a change. Like the original show did. What if we had a sequel with a story by Diane Carey or A.C. Crispin or Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore or Greg Cox or David Weber or John Ringo…

There are always possibilities, and almost anything’s better than what we got this time out.

99. Anthony Thompson - June 1, 2009

Star Trek is now about freshness, not staleness. Khan would be a mistake; a step back.

100. Baroner - June 1, 2009

98 – as I said, I expect no storytelling from JJ and co., so you shouldn’t, either. It’s the era we live in.

101. thebiggfrogg - June 1, 2009

No Khan, but, if so, seems like the guy who played Captain Robau would be a good pick. But, please, no Khan, no uber villains, no uber alien threats, AND no time travel! Let’s do some ‘xploring. Certainly some talented writers can write some thrilling stories that don’t involve aliens or bad guys killing each other. That is Star Wars territory. This is Trek!

102. Buzz Cagney - June 1, 2009

#3 yeh, good luck with that!

103. dalek - June 1, 2009

Khan is Kirk’s arch nemesis.

Kirk HAS to fight Khan again in this new history. But it doesnt have to go down the same way, in fact it won’t, history has been altereed.

As those are demanding it not to happen i say YES DO IT. KHAN PLEASE KHAN! DO KHAN.


104. TOG - June 2, 2009

Star Trek 2 Plots

1. Kirk vs Kirk – A small band of mercenaries led the by Evil Admiral Kirk come through the Guardian capture a vessel and seek revenge against the Enterprise crew that was responsible for the civil war unleashed in the alternate mirror universe.

2. Pike & Veena parent a new race of humans trained by Talosians. A Female name Rand leds a rebellion against the Talosians Human government, she and her cohorts are exiled from the planet. When rescued by a Federation vessel they begin their quest to alter there time line by killing the Vulcan Spock who’s responsible for their plight…

3. With help from Spielberg, Michelle Obama travels back in time and kills Nichelle Nickols takes her place, there she would take be part in the first televised interracial kiss. Michelle and Williams relationship continued and results in a birth of a child Rosie” O’Donnell she would – you can fiqure the rest out…

105. toddk - June 2, 2009

There should be a poll taken about whether khan would be a good idea or not, Count me in on the Khan bandwagon! and Antonio Banderas was born to play khan!

106. TOG - June 2, 2009

With all the universe to write about why do you need trek stories that involve time travel or the results of!!! Sorry I was disappointed with the movie, it was visually stunning, acting was fine, plot sucked.

107. RaymondJ - June 2, 2009

#103, 105:

WHY do we need to see Khan again? We saw him in the best Star Trek film ever made. Why waste the next movie on an old, already told story? We get a Star Trek film maybe once every three years. Do you really want to wait three years just to see Khan again? Or would you like to perhaps see something new, exciting and original?

Khan has been told already. Star Trek needs to look forward. I agree with the poster who said to give us a true science fiction story, something we haven’t seen before, with some imput from some reputable science fiction writers.

I would like to see other familiar crew members (Rand, Chapel, Gary Mitchell). But to have Khan in a story would just be wasting a golden opportunity to tell a new, never-told story. I believe Bob Orci is better than this and can and will come up with something stunning.

108. Paul - June 2, 2009

Give us Khan. Give us Khan AS KIRK’S ALLY against a common enemy.

Come on, it makes sense. Khan is strong, likable man who is not inherently evil. And augments really deserve to be redeemed, after the disservice they got in “Star Trek: Enterprise”. After all, they comprise the best of the best amongst humanity, they don’t really deserve to be niched as cheesy, mentally unstable villains.

109. Outtamy Vulcan Mind - June 2, 2009

MTV News is reporting that Enrique Iglesias was offered the part of Khan over the weekend.

110. Caaaan - June 2, 2009

#109, I heard that too. I am curious too see the CGI representation of Hervé Villechaize in the role of Khan’s comedic sidekick. People doubted Ledger until Dark Knight came out; I expect a lot of Enrique haters will be speaking up about this ‘outrage’ as well.

Bring on ST2 Pt 2!

111. Trek Nerd Central - June 2, 2009

43. Not *quite*? Mine was worse by far.

46. Sure, someone new would be fine, so long as he/she/it/they is really, deliciously compelling. But the backstory is so rich with interesting villains, it shouldn’t be necessary to invent a new one. “The Dark Knight” recycled the Joker, didn’t it? And what a revelation that turned out to be.

112. Trek Nerd Central - June 2, 2009

110. Ohhh, Caaaan, I posted before I saw your reference to the Joker. Eerie psychic link between us.

113. Shatner_Fan_Prime - June 2, 2009

YES to Khan!!! He’s what a lot of my mainstream friends who like ST hope to see! I really don’t see what the problem is. Khan last appeared on screen over 25 years ago. Since then there have been 9 movies and something like 700 hours of televised Trek. How is that being too repetitious?

114. Seany-Wan - June 2, 2009

Because the Narada was shot back in time (and the Narada was chock full of Borg technology), perhaps the Borg become aware of the Federation much sooner? On route to Earth, the Borg find the Botany Bay, assimilate the crew and that group goes after the Enterprise on its 5 year mission. Think about it: Kahn would truly be super-human!

115. JohnnyMoo - June 2, 2009

Has there been a poll here about Khan being in a sequel? I’d be very interested in the results. Personally, I think it’d be a terrible idea. A completely original plot would be much better and much more worthwhile than remaking something that can’t be improved anyway.

116. therealtrekfan - June 2, 2009

#21 I agree that we should not have Khan in another movie and we should come up with something fresh and new now that it is a new timeline. However, if for some reason they decide to go with Khan, perhaps the writers can come up with a reason for the Klingons to find him before Kirk based on this new timeline. Khan, like he did with the Enterprise, takes over the Klingon ships and manages to cause the Klingons to go to War with the Federation.

Keep in mind, there were also some deleted scenes from Rura Penthe in the recent movie. I think we’re setting up nicely for a Klingon Based movie this next go around which would be nice.

Also, if you’re going to bring in elements of TNG (specifically Picard), the destruction of the Narada (using Borg technology) could somehow get the attention of the Borg a lot sooner than expected. We could somehow see Picard get involved based on his experiences with the Borg. Hell, take elements of Shatner’s book and bring the Shat back again. There are so many directions the writers can go now. Like I said, Trek can survive now without the original characters. But this recent movie opens up a whole new realm of possibilities to go both ways!

117. dalek - June 2, 2009

#107 I didn’t say we needed to see Khan again. We don’t need anything. We don’t NEED a sequel. But there will be one, and I want to Khan in it.

The idea that Khan could be an ally facing a superthreat is one I’ve already thought of also. He would of course cease becoming an ally once said threat is dealt with.

118. Ramulon - June 2, 2009

NO KHAN!!! Been there done that.

Why not some mirror universe stuff which has never has proper movie treatment. That would allow Trek to go really dark and possibly create some great moral dilemmas for the crew.

119. Mr. Fanboy - June 2, 2009

For god’s sake. Can the next movie please include some plausible science. I like my Star Trek to be in the realm of Science Fiction, not science-fantasy.

No more “supernovas that threaten the entire galaxy” (which is not possible), “red matter” (which is just silly), “black holes” that are designed to plug problems in the story, “transwarp beaming” or warping from planet to planet in mere seconds. And please lay off the alternate reality time travel gimmicks… Leave Spock prime and Kirk prime out off all “future” events. I wouldn’t mind Khan returning some day, he would still be a power-hungry exile (he tried to take command of the Enterprise and kill the bridge crew even without any revenge motive). But it would be interesting for there to be a twist on the situation.

I’d be much more interested in seeing the return of “Mudd’s” Androids from Andromeda, or the Doomesday Machine, the swarm parasites from Operation Annihilate!, or even a Gorn retaliation to Federation Colonization! So I guess, I do think the next movie should incorporate (at least partially) some major character/threat from TOS. But with a realistic twist rooted in some sense of plausibility.

120. MC1 Doug - June 2, 2009

For all those clamoring for a rematch with Khan, a Doomsday Machine, Harry Mudd, a killer tribble, etc, I’d say remember these words: “to boldly go where no one (or man) has gone before…” How about we do that.. for once…

I don’t want to see a rehash or a time travel story… or someone mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore… I’d like to see Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof take us somewhere we’ve only dreamed of… or never dreamed of would be good too. I think we deserve that.

121. MC1 Doug - June 2, 2009

#36: “I think it would be far more interesting to see how Kirk + Spock would handle the Borg. And by the Borg I don’t mean the dumbded down family friendly versions we saw in later Star Trek. I want Kirk + Spock to battle the nasty Borg of “The Best of Both Worlds””

No! No! No! No Borg!

Something new…

122. Mr. Fanboy - June 2, 2009

#120. emember these words: “to boldly go where no one (or man) has gone before…” How about we do that.. for once…

Yeah, but that’s kind of a meaningless sentiment. Going “boldly” does not preclude revisiting trek history.

TWoK is probably the most “bold” Star Trek movie of them all and it’s the most direct link to TOS… a continuation practically. That was a bold move and it paid off.

First Contact (by far the best TNG movie) also takes greats lengths to explore continuity with TOS in the form of the Borg interfering with Zephram Cochrane and the nascent birth of the Federation.

I think, well written, a continuation to a TOS situation could easily have a lot of draw. has could easily be a bigger asset than some made up new situation.

I do hope they stay away from another Romulan, Klingon or (heaven forbid) Borg threat, and decide to flesh out some other adversary we are already somewhat familiar with, but with a twist…

123. Kirk's Toupee - June 2, 2009

As far as an idea; what has changed the most in this alternate universe/timeline? There is no more Vulcan. A movie that has the Klingons trying to wipe out what remains of the Vulcan race would be an idea.

For those that want to go back to a story that focuses more on science or explores political issues in a thoughtful way, etc,…umm, the new Trek is summer blockbuster fare. There’s no way a movie like that is ever going to happen. It has to have lots of action and that tends to lead to having protagonists and antogonists. If this “new Trek” is to be a three movie arc (as I’ve heard), then a continuation of the story where it was left off makes the most sense.

The next movie has to be similar to this one — fast paced, action filled and an enemy/nemesis to defeat. Paramount’s not going to spend another $150 million for a thoughtful movie about space exploration.

124. tlh1138 - June 2, 2009

With all the story ideas being posted here, and Bob Orci reading (most) of the comments, I wonder if he keeps them in mind when suggesting ideas for the next film. By that I mean, not that they should incorporate an idea posted here, but to make sure they do NOT use an idea posted here, lest the poster scream “They stole my idea!” when the next film is released.

125. TholianFan - June 2, 2009

Count me as another person who does not want to see Khan in the next movie. I’d like to see something original, and have a strong science fiction element to the story. I’d rather not see the Klingons since so much about them has been explored in TNG and DS9. The Tholians are a potentially very interesting “blank slate” to develop a film around.

126. Captain_McCloud - June 2, 2009

The Starf Leet Clown skit was super-Unfunny…..I actually felt embarassed watching it…it was not funny at all.

127. Kirk's girdle - June 3, 2009

Re: 73. According to Shatner’s “The Return”, the machine planet was actually the Borg homeworld. At that time, they were living machines and had not yet begun assimilating organisms into their makeup.

The Borg Queen even says to Data in First Contact, “We were once like you – synthetic”

128. Kirk's girdle - June 3, 2009

Re: 71 Vulcans would wipe the floor with Khan’s supermen.

129. Jon - June 3, 2009


130. 'Trick - June 3, 2009


Er, i think it’s the other way around. They were organic and included the synthetic.

“Humans: we were just like them. Flawed, weak, organic. But we have evolved to include the synthetic, and now we use both to achieve perfection.”

That doesn’t preclude that world still being the borg home–but V’ger’s tech was pretty out there, even for them.


131. 'Trick - June 3, 2009

Also, put me down for no Khan UNLESS it’s done is some super spectacular way that no one has yet thought of. Like the new movie, and love Orci, but I’m not sure I’d like their take on Khan.

Something new.


132. the Quickening - June 3, 2009

If the filmmakers are looking for an antagonist for the next film, I would suggest it be a renegade star fleet officer–something that has never been done before in any TREK movie series. The closest was the Admiral played by Anthony Zerbe in INSURRECTION, but he wasn’t the main opposition.

I’m looking for a lot more thought, original creation, intelligence and adult sensibilities in the next movie, and re-treading Khan, in my opinion, isn’t the direction to go.

133. P Technobabble - June 4, 2009

Participating in the Star Trek Universe (imagining stories, writing screenplays, etc.) is really like living in a “Cage.” There are all these memorable characters, villains, aliens, etc. from the past, and, as I read many of the suggestions for sequels, some people tend to want to use elements that are contained within the cage. The same 4 walls, the same floor and ceiling, the same furniture… just move it all around, and you have a nice, safe, familiar Star Trek.
I believe this is the sort of perspective that gradually brought Star Trek to its knees, by not being able to think outside the cage.
IMO, Star Trek needs to be freed from its own mythology, which Orci and Kurtzman managed to a great degree. But now that many of the “rules” have been altered, Star Trek is free to go wherever… it does not have to be constrained to using all the same old villains, aliens, or other McGuffins found in so many previous Treks.
So, what is there outside of Khan, and Klingons, and Borg, and Doomsday Machines, and Tribbles, etc? I think this is a legitimate question, since it is really asking, “What else can you do with Star Trek?” Do you want to see Star Trek always falling back on its past, or do you want to see Star Trek doing something that’s never been done (within Trek mythology)?
And what would that be? Didn’t Arthur C. Clarke once write, “The universe is not only stranger than we imagine… it is stranger than we can imagine.” The key to future Treks, I believe, is NOT in bringing back previously viewed material, but rather in putting all that aside and then pondering “What’s out there?” Imagination, unchained from “used memorabilia,” is the first step of the new journey. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.