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The Collective: Exclusive First Looks At Hallmark Ilia and Uhura 2009 Ornaments June 9, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Feature Films (TMP-NEM),Merchandise,TOS,Trek Franchise , trackback

Hallmark Star Trek items have been, well, a hallmark of collecting and family fun since the first USS Enterprise ornament in 1991. This year, Hallmark has many surprises for fans and TrekMovie has been given all the exclusive details and first photos for two new 2009 ornaments.


First Image of Limited Ilia Ornament
This summer Hallmark is offering a limited edition ornament to their regular 2009 Star Trek ornament line. The Ilia ornament helps celebrate not only the holidays, but the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. TrekMovie has the exclusive first look at the ornament (which features Ilia in her infamous "V’Ger" probe version).

Hallmark 2009 Ilia Ornament

This marks the second time Hallmark has featured a limited edition Star Trek ornament (the first being the very popular 2007 Uhura ornament). To get your ornament, be sure to stop in at your local Hallmark store during Keepsake Ornament Debut Weekend (October 10th & 11th). This is the weekend when many (although not all) of the Hallmark ornaments are first available for purchase. I recommend getting there on Saturday October 10th as early as possible because the limited Ilia ornaments will likely sellout quickly.

First Look at Uhura Comic Con Exclusive
TrekMovie also has the exclusive news about an exciting Comic-Con International 2009 exclusive ornament from Hallmark. The Comic-Con exclusive is a Keepsake Ornament of Lt. Uhura wearing a command-division gold uniform from the episode "The Corbomite Maneuver." There will only be 450 of these ornaments produced which is a repainted version of the 2007 limited edition Uhura from Keepsake Artist Anita Marra Rogers.

Hallmark 2009 Uhura in Gold SDCC Exclusive

To purchase your ornament, stop by the Hallmark Booth during Comic-Con on July 23-26 (with a special preview night on July 22nd) which is located within the Lucasfilm Pavilion. The ornaments will be on sale each day of the convention until supply of the Uhura ornaments becomes as depleted as Klingon crystals after time-travel.

The Hallmark Booth will also feature all the 2009 Star Trek ornaments, exclusive Star Wars ornaments, and prototypes for the Star Trek ornaments planned for 2010, so stop by to get your own sneak preview.

The July 11-12 Ornament Premiere Weekend Event
As previously mentioned, Hallmark Keepsake ornaments will premiere at local stores the weekend of July 11th and 12th. During this weekend, fans could buy two of the three "regular" ornaments available this year.

The Klingon Battle Cruiser (also a TMP 30th Anniversary Item) is sculpted by favorite Lynn Norton and retails for $32. The ornament features lights that are coordinated and timed to each other so it appears the ship is blasting V’Ger. The Hallmark website features a video and details.

"The Menagerie" ornament features lights and voice effects and sculpts by Anna Marra Rogers. The ornament will be retail for $28 and there are detailed videos and pictures at

While both of these ornaments are available this July, there is one more ornament this autumn. Complimenting last year’s communicator ornament is the "Starfleet Phaser" ornament. This "stunning" ornament (don’t blame me, that’s on the Hallmark website!) will be available this October from Hallmark and retails for $18.50, featuring authentic sounds, buttons, lights, and voice effects. More info at

Your 2009 Ornament Checklist:
Here is your checklist to the five Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments available this year from Hallmark. Many stores accept "pre-orders" on wish lists available either online or in the Keepsake Ornament catalog you could get at local stores.

That’s Not All – More Hallmark 2009
There are some Hallmark items that are already available for party and holiday needs. Hallmark has released paper napkins, cups, plates, invitations, and thank you notes from the 2009 Star Trek feature film. [see previous article] These are available online only from retailers such as Birthday Direct. Also, there are two new Father’s Day sound greeting cards featuring effects such as the Star Trek theme or Kirk’s voice and were written by fellow fan and Star Trek author Kevin Dilmore. Especially good is the lenticular cover of the Enterprise themed card and these are available at local stores.

One of Hallmark’s new Star Trek cards

More to come
TrekMovie will report on the July premiere ornaments and continue to bring you all the details of Hallmark’s array of items available this year and next.


1. Lore - June 9, 2009

This is terrible. Uhura’s uniform is supposed to be red not gold. Brush off the picket signs and lets hit the streets.

2. paustin - June 9, 2009

Oh I’m all over that Klingon Battle Cruiser

3. sherlockfreak - June 9, 2009

Excited about the ornaments!

And… am I first?

4. Alex Prewitt - June 9, 2009

Woopity doo–repaints! New year we’ll get the Star Trek VI Kronos One repaint of the Klingon Battlecruiser–it will never end.

5. CardassiaPrimera - June 9, 2009

Excellent Toy. Big details.

6. Dom - June 9, 2009

1. Lore

You’re right: THIS IS A DISASTER!

(What’s the betting we just got ourselves into an article in a newspaper somewhere?!) ;)

7. CaptainRickover - June 9, 2009

# 1
Do you really have seen every episode from TOS?

8. Brian Tobin - June 9, 2009

She started in gold number 1.

9. Blusilver7 - June 9, 2009

As stated in the “Corbomite Manuever” Uhura wore the Gold Command Uniform. Then they switched her to to the Red uniform.

10. James Rye - June 9, 2009

Uhura wore a gold shirt in 1st episodes of season 1.

And you call yourself a trekkie. (Shakes head).

11. Blusilver7 - June 9, 2009

Please forgive the spelling and punctuation!

12. John Tenuto - June 9, 2009


Hallmark has very nice products this year. Most films, such as Indiana Jones, get one ornament. Trek is getting four brand new ornaments, and an exclusive variant. I am not sure what the problem is with that as the exclusive variant is very cool and of a character who often doesn’t get that many items. Thank you for the reply to the article.

13. Kevin Dilmore - June 9, 2009

Hey! I wrote that online description for the phaser myself!

14. CmdrR - June 9, 2009

Klingons n’ Khan…
Klingons n’ Khan…
One Christmas Eve soon I’ll see…
Klingon n’ Khan decorations…
Hung from my Christmas Tree….

(helps if you know I have the Reliant… and the A. This will go nicely, thank you very much!)

15. Captain Krunch - June 9, 2009

I hope the Klingon cruiser is the same scale as the Enterprise..I can fore see some interesting battles around the tree next Christmas!

16. Christopher L. Bennett - June 9, 2009

#7-10 inclusive: I think #1 was being sarcastic.

17. Star Trackie - June 9, 2009

The Klingon ship and Pike will be on my tree for sure.

18. Kevin Dilmore - June 9, 2009

#4 I get that, Alex, and I promise that our decision was not because we’ve run our of ideas for Star Trek ornaments. But our fans and collectors seem to enjoy our doing some variations on a theme (at least sales indicate their interest). We don’t do repaints of licensed ornaments much at all—or we’d have that battle-damaged U.S.S. Constellation I’ve wanted since 2006! (“I’m gonna ram this thing right down that Christmas tree’s throat!”)

And as John mentioned, we looked at it as a cool chance to offer a product that doesn’t get a lot of attention from other licensers. At least, I don’t recall an action figure or much of anything else featuring Uhura in her yellow scant.

I hope to see you all at Comic-Con this year. I think you’ll dig the Star Trek ornaments we have this year (if you liked last year’s communicator, wait until you hear the quotes our phaser plays!) and the ones we have planned for 2010. Can’t wait to show ya.

19. Kevin Dilmore - June 9, 2009

#15 indeed it is, Cap’n. I guarantee that sculptor Lynn Norton takes that kind of consideration very seriously. His prototype sculpt was phenomenal—the most detail in a K’t’inga-class miniature I’ve ever seen.

20. CaptainDonovin - June 9, 2009

Ilia looks half naked to me. Love the Klingon battle cruiser, will be getting one of those.

21. Quarksbartender - June 9, 2009

Hey Kevin there you go teasing us with next years figures again, just a hint please. These sculpts are great and I cant wait to have that Klingon cruiser on my tree this year.

22. medlab1701 - June 9, 2009

so, kevin, that means that for hallmark completists, there will now never be more than 450 of them. aren’t you really hurting the franchise by telling all those other collectors that they will never be able to own the whole set?

23. medlab1701 - June 9, 2009

just to follow up on my last post, playmates toys did this with the infamous ‘1701’ series of picard, yar, and barclay, as well as the ‘tri-fold’ borg. This was the beginning of the end of the original playmates toyline, once the vast majority of collectors realized they could not have complete sets of the toys.

24. Start Wrecker - June 9, 2009

Whats the tri-fold borg?

25. medlab1701 - June 9, 2009

See link for a pic of the tri-fold borg:

26. RM10019 - June 9, 2009

#1 = Epic FAIL

27. Peter - June 9, 2009

The Uhura figure is a ripoff. It’s not in scale with the previous Kirk, Spock and McCoy figures. Or TNG figures. Hallmark is cutting corners and charging the same price.

28. Trekkie16 - June 9, 2009

Yeah I am going to SDCC and I will be there for preview night. Thanks for this article and letting me know. I will be at the Hallmark booth when it opens to purchase an Uhura ornament.

29. steve2 - June 9, 2009

Might that Christopher Pike ornament scare little kids?

30. Kevin Dilmore - June 9, 2009

#21 I’m a big tease, QB. You follow me enough on Twitter to know that. Honestly, I’ve been asked to keep details of 2010 under my Vulcan bowl haircut—but it’s just another month. Tell ya what, I’ll leak a couple of details on Twitter later today, so if anyone wants to see them, follow @kevindilmore – and for good measure, follow @Quarksbartender, too.

#22 I truly don’t think we’re hurting a franchise—Star Trek, Keepsake Ornaments or otherwise, no more than does any licensor producing limited-edition Comic-Con exclusive products each year (and there are a lot of them). If you want one and are unable to find one at Comic-Con, I’m guessing some will be available on the secondary market. Now if it’s available but not at a price you’re willing to pay, well, that’s a separate issue. :)

#27 You’re right, there is a difference in scale among those ornaments. There’s a difference in scale between the Uhura ornament and the Klingon Battle Cruiser ornament, too. ;) Just teasing, but I appreciate your pointing it out and I’m sorry if that doesn’t work for you. There are many factors in determining an ornament’s size and functionality. Worth mentioning, however, is that the Uhura ornament was released a decade after the TOS ornaments you mentioned, which came out in 1995, 1996 and 1997 respectively, and was not promoted as a continuation of a series. McCoy’s not depicted as being on the bridge, so he doesn’t quite fit in, either.

31. Dr. Image - June 9, 2009

A disaster this is.
And yet another use for the HMS/AA/DST phaser design.

32. Kevin Dilmore - June 9, 2009

#29 No more than Santa does.

33. D.J.Thorn - June 9, 2009

Am I the only person here,, wondering WHY the heck there isn’t a 2009 Hallmark U.S.S. Enterprise ship (from the new movie) ornament?

34. steve2 - June 9, 2009

#29. LOL

Beep. Beep.

35. steve2 - June 9, 2009

Argh. I meant 32.

36. medlab1701 - June 9, 2009

well, i still think that 450 is a very small number to limit an item with a multi-national pool of collectors to. and, just so you know, playmates tried to rectify ‘1701’ figures by releasing them as a boxed set, but the collectors had already had it with playmates, and the license never recovered (until 7 years later with the new movie).

37. Rick Sternbach - June 9, 2009

#33 – They don’t know how big to make it. ;)

38. Jorg Sacul - June 9, 2009

Actually, I kinda laughed myself silly last Christmas when unpacking the ornaments. McCoy is on the Transporter, the last place in the galaxy he’d want to be. What cruel genius thought that was the proper way to immortalize him? :-)

Kevin, nice of you to post here and chat with us– does Hallmark openly take suggestions for ornaments?

#37 Rick.. did you have to open and dump that can of worms on us??? ;-)

39. MC1 Doug - June 9, 2009

I knew someone would complain about Uhura’s uniform… so predictable some people are. LOL

I love Hallmark Christmas ornaments, though I pretty much limit myself to the ships only.

#33: uh, well this is the 30th anniversary of ST:TMP,which whether people like to admit it or not, was the successful rebirth of “Star Trek,” to which none since would have likely have happened without.

AND since no one can agree just how big the new Big E is, how can you make an ornament (I jest) of it?

40. MC1 Doug - June 9, 2009

” TrekMovie has the exclusive first look at the ornament (which features Ilia in her infamous “V’Ger” probe version).”

John, what was infamous about Ilia as the V’ger probe (aside from she was a digitized version of the real flesh and blood)? I am sure some of the guys in here *loved* Ilia in her white robe.

Personally, I wish we could see another Deltan on TREK.. male or female… Based on what we know about them, there has to be a fascinating backstory (and no, I don’t mean in the slash fictional stories either).

41. AdamTrek - June 9, 2009

13. Kevin Dilmore – June 9, 2009
Hey! I wrote that online description for the phaser myself!


BTW, I only collect the ship ornaments every year and not the character/scene ornaments. However, last year I did receive the Kirk/Tribbles one. Awesome.


42. John Tenuto - June 9, 2009


The difference is that Playmates Toys was sold in units of 200,000 during those days for some of the figures, and a limited edition of 1701 for a line that many people wanted to get every action figure from was a mistake. This isn’t. There isn’t as much of a completist demand for Hallmark Ornaments.

43. RM10019 - June 9, 2009

#37 Rick – Good one! At least no one could argue it wasn’t to scale with the other ships :)

44. TBonz - June 9, 2009

Well great. Unless I find a grand to fly out to San Diego and go to Comic-con, I have no chance of getting this ornament.

I do collect all of the Hallmark ornaments. And I don’t feel like paying a couple hundred when the new limited one inevitably shows up on Ebay.


45. Captain Krunch - June 9, 2009

Just an update…TREKs first day below 1 mill at the box office…slipping to @ 950000 for Monday, but still 6th just below T4 and all of the new releases!

46. donwhite - June 9, 2009

Wow Uhura almost looks it will never End!

47. Enterprise - June 9, 2009

Lol, Illia? Who would want that?

48. John Tenuto - June 9, 2009


What wasn’t infamous about Ilia as the V’Ger Probe?

49. WW - June 9, 2009

I think Uhura’s uniform was gold in “Mudd’s Women,” as well as “Corbomite Maneuver.”

50. QWERTY - June 9, 2009


These were being sold at SHORE LEAVE XXIX during the auction on Saturday 14 July 2007. A total of 500 were held back by the artist to raise money for charity.

And now they are being comicon exclusives.

51. Kevin Dilmore - June 9, 2009

#49 Yes, five of these ornaments were auctioned in July 2008 at Shore Leave in Hunt Valley, MD. They were donated by Hallmark to raise money specifically for the National Marrow Donor Program in honor of Robbie Greenberger, a friend of mine and a friend of the Shore Leave convention.

No, nothing else about your statement is accurate.

52. Alex Trebek - June 9, 2009

Little trivia question. What insignia did Uhura’s gold uniform have on it? The command star, the engineering/services lightning bolt, or the sciences eye?

Google “Uhura in gold uniform” and see what comes up.

53. bill - June 9, 2009

i will stop collecting star trek hallmark if this is how they treat collectors I cant get to the comic con to get one and like I would be able to get one anyways there will be people buying them just to sell on ebay for Big $$$$ so no more star trek hallmark for me

54. Rick Sternbach - June 9, 2009

#43 – Heh. A JJ-prise ornament might work out to something like what, 1/8700 scale? Although, if Lynn Norton does the sculpt, it should sell pretty well. I must second the motion, he is an amazingly talented guy who works 1:1 to the final molded sizes of the ship parts. I saw some of his original parts in progress, and they’re very, very detailed, using some of the same basic styrene stock that we use for models, and worked using lots of teeny weeny tools and emery paper.

55. Lynn A. Norton - June 9, 2009

#18 Hey Kevin, I can get you a battle damaged U.S.S constellation. One of my NCC-1701 ornament prototypes flew off the lathe and got sucked into my dust collector a few years ago. It’s perfect!
#19 Thanks for the plug. The K’tinga class cruiser was one of the most challenging sculpts I’ve done, with the exception of the DS-9 space station ornament. I put as much surface detail on the ship as the cost managers could tolerate. But, now if anyone at a convention asks me to autograph it, there’s no room! Klingons would probably prefer it that way.
#33 & 37 Hallmark actually had preliminary permission to make an Enterprise ornament from the new movie back in February “08. We waited and waited and waited for resource materials from the licensor until news of the delayed movie release came. I sculpted the Klingon battle cruiser as an emergency back-up. In a way, I’m happy about the circumstances because I’ve had the cruiser on my “short list” for many years. I hope you will all be pleased with the result.

56. demetrius morrison - June 9, 2009

didnt she wore gold in the original series one time? i wish they made the new Uhura out of an ornament

57. Lynn A. Norton - June 9, 2009

#54 Getting praise from you is one of the highlights of my sculpting career. Thank you. I’m glad I had the opportunity to show you my original work at the 30th convention. Most people don’t realize the craft that goes into developing these ornaments. I get an extra kick out of it because I’m also a fan. My only problem is that I get early glimpses of new designs and have to keep my mouth and mouse under lock and key. A small price to pay for the privilege of playing in your galaxy.

58. Rick Sternbach - June 9, 2009

#57 – Hey Lynn! Good to hear from you. Anthony simply -must- get pictures of your master parts and your tool box up on the site. People will be astounded. The Voyager and Delta Flyer and DS9 ornaments are still among my favorites, for obvious reasons!

Anthony! Wake up! :)

59. Lynn A. Norton - June 9, 2009

#58-Good to hear from you too, Rick. I am retired from Hallmark, but still work for them from my home studio. Most of my original sculpts of Star Trek ships are housed in my portfolio, but for all intents and purposes they are Hallmark property. Any photographs or publication would require Hallmark (and maybe licensor) permission. I’m confident that such an opportunity would be well received, but we would have to run it through channels before proceeding with anything.

60. Cyberziggy - June 9, 2009

Ilia is… Zippy The Pinhead

61. Kevin Dilmore - June 9, 2009

#58 and #59 Okay, witnessing this exchange is one of the coolest things I’ve done in awhile. I’m big fans of BOTH of you!

62. SPB - June 9, 2009

So Hallmark beats Johnny Lightning and Hot Wheels to the punch by finally releasing a miniature TMP Klingon Cruiser. Hel-LO, people! Get with it! How about a TMP Vulcan Shuttle while you’re at it…?

63. Lynn A. Norton - June 9, 2009

#62-If I live long enough, I hope to be given the opportunity to make ornaments of every ship in Star Trek universe. We’ll just have to wait for Hallmark and CBS-Paramount to warm up to the idea.

64. Robert - June 9, 2009

The K’tinga-class battlecruiser is one of the best ship ornaments to date since it is so ubiquitous in the Prime Trek universe but the Federation ships always seem to take center stage. Thanks to Lynn for a wonderful sculpt.

And to Rick Sternbach, in regards to this new Trek reboot…your talents are sorely missed.

Prime Trek FTW!

65. Lynn A. Norton - June 9, 2009

#64-You’re welcome, Robert. I’m grateful to get positive comments from you and everyone else who appreciates quality Trek merchandise. I also miss seeing Rick Sternbach’s fingerprints on the new material.

66. Pyork (JE) - June 9, 2009

Oh come on a Klingon Battle Cruiser? I want the “New” Enterprise

67. Michael - June 9, 2009

66.Pyok….well if you want the new ship that bad, by the Playmates toys with lights, sounds and voice clips at any online, amazon or ToysRUs.

68. Rick Sternbach - June 9, 2009

#64/65 – Thanks. That means a lot to me. Maybe if we all click our heels together three times…

69. Jim Nightshade - June 10, 2009

yah i have to add my dismay at the uhura comic con exclusive-i never got the chance to get the original and being outta work for 2 months i cant go to comic con either or afford the high ebay costs-sigh–sniff-pout-anyone wanna volunteer to save 1 for me at regular price? ohwell i can dream–

70. Jim Nightshade - June 10, 2009

also ilias ornament hook would have looked better maybe on her back shoulder? It sticks out too much on her deltan head-the one who mentioned zippy-haha-or maybe Neros new girlfriend?

71. Taylor - June 10, 2009

I would be a lot happier with the ornaments if they would stay lit thanks to the plug in as opposed to the darn button that lights them for a few moments.

But the Klingon ship is on my list. I was drooling over the Reliant last Xmas..but I lost my job (like so many others) a week before Xmas and couldn’t afford any extras. When it’s a choice between your kids presents or your ornament….you just sigh and move on. But it’s time to save up (also hoping to be back to work soon) because I can see a few of these Klingon ships all over my tree!

Bring on TOS Romulan Bird of Prey!

Also, I want to thank Hallmark and the talented sculptors for their skill and hard work. The ornaments I have gotten over the years make the holiday that much more special. Watching the kids play with them and hang them in “just the right spot” is the highlight of the holiday.

72. Lynn A. Norton - June 10, 2009

#71-The battery power vs. plug-in issue has been a hot topic for Star Trek enthusiasts and ornament collectors alike. Some prefer the lights to be on all the time while others are elated to be able to display their ornaments throughout the year without having to fuss with a light string. As a sculptor (and a fan) , I’m delighted to be able to render more realistic ships without having to compensate for the larger electrical enclosure that is required for UL approval of the plug-in versions. The debate goes on.

Thank you for your kind words about Hallmark. I’ll relay your message to the crew.

73. Taylor - June 10, 2009

You mean in this day and age they cant make a wee button that will turn it on and stay on till the button is pushed again to replace the cord? I had promotional badges and buttons from Coca Cola products that flash a tiny red light continuously till it is pressed again. Why not a similar contraption for the ornaments?

BTW…does anyone else want a Doomsday Machine/Planet Killer ornament? Imagine the cornucopia from Hell on your tree!

74. Lynn A. Norton - June 10, 2009

#73-Yes, it would be easy to make a button that would keep the ornament lights on, but that would result in rapid battery depletion. Most of the ornaments are lighted with multiple, super-bright LEDs. The “time out” feature is programed on the control chip to extend the functional life of the batteries. BTW, the blinking light you referenced is also a battery conservation strategy. If someone would invent some matter/anti-matter batteries, we’re in business.

Cool idea! We could put the hook on the leading edge of a Planet Killer ornament and fill it with candy canes and little Teddy bears. Merry Christmas…your planet is doomed! I know, what else is new?

75. Jim Nightshade - June 10, 2009

Hey Taylor I have 1 or 2 extras of last years Reliant-would u be going to comic con this year-if so id be happy to trade ya a reliant for the limited edition uhura-or if not, send ya one for shipping charges only? Let me know-maybe anthony can e mail you my email address?

76. Lore - June 10, 2009

Please everyone. Uhura wore red for every episode except one, and they put her in gold. What up with that.

77. Captain Dunsall - June 10, 2009

Kirk was a terrible father! He left his son for the excitement and glory of Stafleet. Carol Marcus gave him an out and he took it. For Kirk to be on a Father’s Day card is like having a dead Santa on a Christmas card.

78. QWERTY - June 10, 2009

51- Kevin, from my memory, i recall hearing that 500 were made by the artist, most of which were held back for other auctions to go to charities. A number (i believed to be two) were sold during auction for the Shore Leave charity, MC’d by Bob Greenberger (i believe). My max bid for each auction was $100 which would have gone to my friend who has one of every one. It was at Shore Leave in Hunt Valley, MD but im pretty sure of the date since Uhura came out in 2007, not 2008. And it will be a Comic-Con exclusive sold at the Hallmark table.

So what exactly is inaccurate? I see nothing in your statement, except the date, which was off by about a year, that contradicts anything in my statement. The only information i didnt state was the location of the con. The information i didnt recall was what the raised money was for.

The article says nothing about the money coming from the 450 going to any charities, which was supposed to be the idea that i recall. I do believe its a ripoff since its going to be a “common” convention exclusive instead of being auctioned off for charities over the course of time. If the money was going to a charity or children’s hospital it would be different but its not. Hallmark will pocket the money and instead of raising funds for something of use. Like i said, its a RIPOFF.

Most believe that the authors (KRAD, Bob, Howie, Terri, Peter, Dayton, Marco, etc) are actually more liked and respected at Shore Leave (and FarPoint) than most of the guests because they are more personable, approachable, and friendly. Claudia Christian, Nichelle Nichols, and Marina Sirtis are great bad examples.

76- Its called collectability. You modify something and its an alternate version (or in some cases a production error). You modify something, limit its production run, and make it an exclusive. People collect things for that reason: because its fun and because it takes forever to complete (a hobby).

79. Lynn A. Norton - June 10, 2009

#38-You’re correct. A transporter pad is the last place in the universe that McCoy would want to be. I was on the planning team at the time the ornament was developed and I can assure you that it was a deliberate decision to place him there. It was hoped that Star Trek enthusiasts would enjoy the “insider humor.” It worked! You noticed!

80. RIP Porthos 10, rest ye in that Big Transporter Buffer in the sky... - June 10, 2009

LOL makes me wonder… There was talk about Adding another female character to the mix next film…. Hmmmm… Alternate reality Ilia maybe? Which brings up the question, who does every1 think would make a good Ilia if they did include her? Firefly/Stargate SG-1’s Morena Baccarin? Summer Glau? or maybe Britney Spears? (don’t hate on the Britney choice, as Zoe Saldana was Britney’s costar in Britneys atrocious ‘Crossroads’ film several years back… Also: Britney didn’t look that bad when she shaved her head a couple years ago… moving on… The Ilia ornament does look weird with the hook holder in her head… I WANT ORNAMENTS from the new movie! Gimme a Narada or a Kelvin or a new Enterprise ornament! How about Nimit Sock and Quinto Spock in the poses together from the end of the movie?

81. RIP Porthos 10, rest ye in that Big Transporter Buffer in the sky... - June 10, 2009

Sorry… Typo… I meant Nimoy Spock and Quinto Spock together…

82. Rastaman - June 10, 2009

YIKES! That Ilia ornament is almost too indecent to hang up for Christmas. Like Uhura in the Gold (equally leggy I might add).

83. Taylor - June 11, 2009

But why Ilia?

I would be interested to know how the ornament selections are made. I can’t imagine Ilia would be more desirable over say a Khan or Scotty or even a Klingon.

Still drooling over the battlecruiser though.

84. Lynn A. Norton - June 11, 2009

#83-Ornament selection for any given year is a dance between marketers at Hallmark and CBS/Paramount. First, one has to have a contract that allows licensed products to be developed in a given category, i.e. ornaments, toys, collectibles, party ware, etc. The planning teams at Hallmark then develop and submit their concepts for each proposed product. After some deliberation, there is usually a conference call, with all the players present, to discuss the pros and cons of each idea. In some cases, the licensor has reasons to believe that “this or that” character or ship will be more successful based on marketing research or the timing of a Star Trek event. At other times, Hallmark may nudge the negotiations one way or another based on their own collective instincts. All in all, the idea is to develop items that have the widest possible appeal for all concerned. In the end, it’s a guessing game and it’s always hoped that the results will be well received.

85. Comic Con Swag Round-up @ Geek Swag - June 12, 2009

[…] reports that Hallmark will be featuring a limited edition Lt. Uhuru ornament. The run is limited to 450 pieces and will only be at San Diego Comic Con 2009. […]

86. Lynn A. Norton - June 12, 2009

Lynn has to keep his workshop at home very clean so he can stop
yelling at his wife to stop walking around in bare feet. Tho, nothing
like a toe print on the top of the Enterprise. DIstinctive.

87. QWERTY - June 12, 2009

RE: 80, 81

I hate to break the news but Porthos didnt die.

Read ADF’s adaptation of the movie. Its explained in there.

Hint: Think USS Jenolan.

88. Star Trek updates from « Moniqueblog - June 12, 2009

[…] -Hallmark is going to offer a limited-edition Uhura Christmas ornament this year. The ornament, featuring Star Trek: The Original Series Uhura in a gold command divsion uniform, is expected to sell out at this year’s Comic-Con. For a full list of other collectible ornaments availablet this year, go to […]

89. SciFiMetalGirl - June 12, 2009

I guess I have to go against the flow here to say that I like both Ilia and gold-uniform Uhura! In fact, I like them all!

Now if I can just find someone to go to Comic Con to stand in line for me!

90. Taylor - June 13, 2009

#75 Hey Nightshade, a most generous offer but right now even the shipping charges might do me in. Needless to say, no ComicCon for me. i am going to be sweating it to scrape together the gas money to go for a interview out of town next week…lol. But I appreciate the sentiment!

91. Jim Nightshade - June 13, 2009

ok Taylor i hear ya bud-also scifimetalgirl i also feel the same way u do sigh

92. Taylor - June 14, 2009

Thought i had a way in…one of my best friends lives in San Diego. I thought maybe he could do me a favor and stand in line and get me some exclusives.

He said no.

He is out of my will.

93. Ngagecloak - June 18, 2009

Hi Lynn,

Thank you & Hallmark for enriching my Holidays! I have every Trek ornament except for the 1991 Enterprise ( & now the Comic-Con Uhura) I started out just with the ships & then got into the characters & dioramas. (Yes, even the stamp ornament)

My only peeve? I wish Hallmark, whenever multiple Trek ornaments are released during a given year, would branch out into the spin-offs instead of just the Original Series. I still want more TNG, DS9, Voyager & even Enterprise ornaments!

With that said… Put me down for one of those Doomsday Machine Ornaments! (It will look great with the 1701 mini) ;-)

How about a 3D perspective Scotty in Jeffries Tube? :-)

94. Lynn A. Norton - June 19, 2009

#93 You’re welcome. Sculpting the ship ornaments has been a joy, especially since I’m also a fan. Sorry you missed the 1991 Enterprise. That was the first ornament I sculpted and (like a proud father) I gave away 18 of them to friends and family. The strange ornament was received with polite gestures at the time, but now it is regarded as a trophy. Some of the ornament collectors have lowered their prices in recent years, so you may want to take a fresh look at the auction sites to find one.

Branching out into the spin-offs is always on the table, but it’s been difficult for them to compete with the “stellar” sales statistics of TOS. For the near future, I’m guessing that the successful ’09 movie is likely to jettison everything else out of the airlock. Thank you for your comments. I’ll relay them to the Hallmark crew.

95. Rob - June 20, 2009

How much will the Uhura ornament cost at San Diego Comic-con? Has a price been set yet? (sorry if its answered above already, I don’t see it).

96. pat - June 23, 2009

oh, please, for those of us on the east coast, and unable to travel – currently in my third week flat on my back with severe spine injury, why torture us with such limited releases of these ornaments? i have been a trekker since the ’60s, have all but the first ornament released, and now won’t have these two special ones either. thanks for depressing me even further. 8-(

97. Trek Warrior - July 7, 2009

I must echo the sentiments of those voicing their displeasure with the EXTREMELY limited nature of this Uhura ornament. As a lifelong Star Trek and Star Wars fan, I make the effort every year to acquire one of each of the Hallmark ornaments in these series. Sure, it gets expensive and I have to budget accordingly to prepare for their release, but I do it because I consider the effort to be worthwhile. I also go to great pains to acquire my ornaments in mint-condition boxes. Not because I want to later sell them for profit, but because I also value the condition of my collectible items. As such, I can’t rely on the secondary market to acquire my collectibles, since condition of the packaging is usually less than desirable.

Like other posters above, I too have one of every ornament released thus far (in my case, both Star Trek and Star Wars). This is part of what sustains my collecting efforts — knowing that I have everything and that I’d like to keep my collection complete. The recent practice of issuing special “premiere week only” ornaments (like the Ilia above and the original red Uhura) is NOT something I appreciate, primarily because it makes it that much more difficult to maintain said completeness. Heaven forbid I can’t make it to a Hallmark store when it opens that Saturday morning, to grab one of the 4-6 copies they will ever have for sale! Even for those who are not completists, this practice makes for an unnecessarily frustrating wrinkle in acquiring the desired items. Nevertheless, I adjust my plans and hope for the best.

But now Hallmark has taken the extraordinary measure of offering ornaments SO limited — as likened above to Playmates Toys’ 1701 figure fiasco — that they will fall FAR short of fulfilling demand. As pointed out above, there are WAY more Star Trek / Hallmark fans worldwide. There are easily thousands (likely tens of thousands) who collect the Star Trek Hallmark ornaments every year, most of whom will want this exclusive, yet VERY few of whom will get one.

Personally, I live in NJ and do not have the means to travel 3,000+ miles to the San Diego Comic Con. As a collector, I face this dilemma every year, when companies create collectibles exclusive to the SDCC. To their credit, most offer the items for sale on their respective websites on the Monday following the event. Hasbro, Mattel, Sideshow, etc. There still may not be enough to go around, but making them available via the web goes a long way towards smoothing the ruffled feathers of many thousands of pissed-off fans.

In this case, we have ornaments from two very popular (and very long-running) collectible Hallmark lines, offered exclusively at one event, with such low production runs that they have no hope whatsoever of meeting fan demand (450 for Star Trek and 700 for Star Wars). They are limited not only in quantity but also in availability, since nobody but convention attendees will be able to acquire them at face value. Even if one were to consider the option of seeking them out on the secondary market, their availability will still be so limited that it will likely have the same exclusionary effect that Playmates’ 1701 series did. In other words, it will give collectors their “out.” If they can’t have them ALL, then they won’t want ANY. Why go to the trouble of continuing to acquire all the ornaments when there will always be one or two that they can never have? For better or for worse, this is the so-called “collector mentality” at work, and it’s about to happen to Hallmark’s many loyal Star Trek and Star Wars fans.

Okay, end of rant.

I realize my little tirade will likely not get Hallmark to change their mind or policies in this regard. If nothing else, I suppose I’m just hoping to raise my voice on behalf of those collectors who care about such things (but who don’t have a half-hour to kill on a Tuesday morning, as I did today).

I thank you for reading my words and I hope they resonate with at least a few of you.

98. naHQun - July 11, 2009

Man I’m behind.
Going out today for the Klingon ship.
It (they?) will look great with my fleet of Birds-of-Prey.
Or at least I hope they do. What’s the scale differance?

Bring on the Klingon ships!

Can we have another commercial in Klingon like for the BoP ornament?

(And I prefer batteries to cords. The Galeleo (no, I can’t spell) no longer plugs in and the BoPs look weird chasing after the Enterprise with a “tail”.)

99. DavidSpalding - July 11, 2009

Lynn (and Rick), enjoyed reading your comments here. Lynn, I have a whole bunch of your past years’ ornaments, bought up many in 2007, and each time I unwrapped one, I thought, “Damn, the artist really nailed this.” Some of your creations are in my display curio, hanging on “Every Kid’s A Star” stands (ideal for Trek ships, BTW), and get swapped out regularly … I think they’re some of the most accurate renditions of these wessels around. Thank you for all the effort you put into them.

I know you’d do the 2009 “New Coke Trek” Enterprise just as accurately, but ee-gads … what an unbalanced and inconsistent monstrosity that’d be to produce. They didn’t even do surface detailing consistently from the primary and secondary hulls. I can imagine you in your workshop, grumbling as you progressively refined it, “Dang, give me another Jeffries, Probert, Sternbach design to work on again.

I, too, prefer the battery models to the cords, but some of these (Runabout, Delta Flyer, 1701-E) clearly needed the voltage and current required by a light string. Some don’t even yield a way to incorporate sufficient LR44s or LR43s. It’s not hard tie-wrapping the cord up out of the way for curio display, anyway….

Wait … are my searches deceiving me? Have you not yet done Wah Chang’s TOS Romulan Bird of Prey? Woah. Done to scale with either of your Enterprises (1701, 1701-A), that would be a beauty. Please consider short listing that. Please, please, please….

100. Lynn A. Norton - July 12, 2009

#98-I hope you enjoy the Klingon Battle Cruiser. Scale is always problematic when making ornaments. For example, the shuttles and scout ships would be the size of peas compared to their mother ships. Ornaments are usually going to be sized somewhere in the range of 4-6″ in length or diameter. After all, most people are going to hang them on their trees or wreaths for holiday decorating.

There may be a way for you to adapt your older ornaments to fit your newer light string. If you still have the original box, there is a folded paper inside that will instruct you on how you convert the plug on the ornament to fit the socket on your light string.

#99-Thank you. I always try to sculpt something that I will be proud to display in my own home (especially when another Trek fan comes to visit). The TOS Romulan Bird of Prey has been on my short list for many years. However, I suspect that the successful ’09 movie will be the “elephant in the room” in the near future.

101. The Black Flame - July 28, 2009

Greetings. Mr. Norton, I wanted to add my own compliments to the rest. I also have many of the ornaments you sculpted, and love them. As a blind person, I naturally rely on touch to tell me what’s going on, and there is always lots of tactile detail on your ornaments. You, Dill Rotus and Christina Klein Gaucron (sorry if I butchered any names) are my favorite sculpters. If you ever see Christina, please inform her that I absolutely adore her sculpts of the 2008 Final Confrontation and this year’s Deadly Duel diorama. PLEASE keep the SW dioramas coming! Thanks for all your work, it’s really worth it.

102. Taylor - July 29, 2009

While I do appreciate the skill involved in creating these ornaments, I was really (and I know I will sound naive here) shocked at the $32 sticker price at the Hallmark store. Seems to me the last one I bought was around $22.95 (could be wrong). But $32 seems fairly high in this economic time and a big jump. Even the Hallmark store employee who directed me to the display choked when she saw the price.

Sadly, being unemployed due to plant closer and starting school again in August….this ornament will go the way of last years Reliant.

103. Taylor - July 30, 2009

BTW…I do realize that when I read the article I should have paid closer attention to the price listed here. I must have glossed it over. Still…to me $32 is expensive. I am sure more others are going to be like me and prioritize the needs vs. the wants and say no to this beautiful piece.

104. Chris D. - August 9, 2009

I have all the Hallmark ST ornaments…but I will not be getting the ‘retro’ Uhura. I look forward to Ilia, though I already have her on my tree.

I have a Christmas tree (a small, nontraditional, silver holographic one–very Star Trekkie) that I hang all my ornaments on. A few years ago, I became disenchanted with Hallmark and their lack of creativity and willingness to recreate odd characters.

So, I started making my own ST ornaments. I use the small Playmates figures, so I have many to choose from: Ilia, Mugatu, Gorn, Sarek, Harry Mudd…the list goes on. I’ve got my eye on some of the new ones, as well: Hengrauggi, Keenser, Nero, etc.

I use the smallest drill bit I have (1/32″?) and screw in the eyelets for hanging pictures. A good place is between the shoulder blades or back of the head. I also use Smith & Hawken heavy duty ornament hangers (expensive, but sturdy, durable, and attractive).

I also use found items, sometimes actual Christmas ornaments, that seem Trekish to me: snowflake for the Crystaline Entitiy, small black balls representing Black Holes, etc. I just use my imagination.

My tree is spectacular, unique, and everyone just loves it! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.